SJWs Shame One Of The World’s Smartest Men For Wearing His Lucky Bowling Shirt

Scientists are not famous for their social tact. Granted, I do not know how often the “nerd who is a genius but can’t figure out people” stereotype is true, but I imagine it applies to several people in the field. These people are more concerned with knowledge and discovery than they are with hitting the club, and I commend them for that. Whether looking for a cheap hook-up or serious wife material, getting laid involves a lot of time and effort, and this minority chooses to prioritize other things, even if they do get around with the chicas when they get the chance.

Humanity has recently landed a rocket on a comet 300 million miles away. Considering that we’ve done precious little space exploration since the Cold War, this is exciting. Comets obviously move very fast, and this must have been very difficult to pull off. A driving force of this feat known as the Rosetta Mission is an English scientist named Matt Taylor. On Thursday, his day of triumph, perhaps the greatest day of his life, he wore a goofy shirt that a female friend had made for him. It had women in very sexual clothing and poses, including bondage.


Social justice warrior-ing women let all hell loose. This man with his y chromosomes and male anatomy performed a miracle of human ingenuity, and women complained. Yes, I’ll agree that his shirt was in poor taste. Taylor should not have worn it on a public interview. But women, consistently being outdone in the STEM fields, chose to focus on the incidental.

Like the attention whores that are modern women, they immediately rushed to Twitter with a #ShirtStorm and #ShirtGate. They compared wearing a tasteless shirt to Richard Nixon committing a felony. They even made Taylor cry when he apologized the next day. Have they no compassion or mercy for such a deserving man?

Nick Denton once said that “Hypocrisy is the only modern sin,” but I would argue that being seemingly prejudiced is more accurate. These people preach the importance of a woman’s self-esteem, but they have no concern for a man’s.

And what did the women complain about? “This discourages women from entering science fields!” It appears that equality and comfort is more important than achievement and innovation. One of the world’s smartest men is made to feel stupid and evil for an oversight.

This man is not your ROK breed of male. He seems like the type who is genuinely concerned about fairness and cordiality. Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society Nick Howes said, “Matt is a decent guy, and from time spent with him, no misogynist.” I kind of admire Dr. Taylor, considering my friends’ constant complaints that I’m intolerant and elitist are answered with a resounding “meh.”

Taylor has no reason to apologize with the sorrow he had, weeping and calling it a “big mistake.” Myself, I would be flipping the world a bird and daring them to put a rocket on a comet, but there’s a reason they don’t allow me on tv. I cannot fathom why he would feel such shame at the instigation of others. He has accomplished greater things than most people ever will.

Also of note is that women often claim that they should be able to wear whatever they want wherever they want. Woman wearing a low cut top and booty shorts in a dark alley in the Bronx? No problem. Feminist with a shirt denigrating men? Fine. Man with a t-shirt depicting sexual fantasies women indulge in? Hang him!

Taylor 4

50 Shades of Grey is a #1 New York Times bestseller, much to the accolades of women everywhere, but as soon as they see it in real life on a shirt, suddenly they are all chaste and pure. Far more people read 50 Shades of Grey or whatever feces is on the magazine stands than follow groundbreaking scientists. Ironically, the world would have largely ignored Taylor’s achievement had he not worn the shirt.

One woman actually said that she did not think Taylor was a misogynist.

This is why feminism is important…I’d like to think that if Taylor were a bit more knowledgeable he would have known the demoralizing message he was sending to young female scientists with that shirt.

Are young women really that sensitive? The other day, a young girl bragged to me that women were smarter because they have more college degrees. I could have felt demoralized and went home, deciding to give up on career success due to the hostile nature of the world. Instead I laughed her down and tried to explain to her why she is wrong before she turned away to start a conversation with someone else.

You see, if young female scientists had any real drive and ambition, they would not let a shirt hold them back. Even if the science community was as hostile towards ambitious women as they claim, they would still fight and claw their way up, because that is where their dreams are. If you really want something, you do everything in your power to achieve it and then prove your value by being awesome.

If women want respect in the science community, accomplishing amazing feats of human ingenuity would be more effective than trying to ban shirts and make men cry. Marie Curie did not have a large lab in a university. She was working in a tiny shed with a leaky roof because science was her passion, and she would not allow any glass ceiling to keep her back.

But there is a good sign in all this. In addition to the numerous retweets of Taylor’s friend who made the shirt, there are many writers on the internet drawing attention to this misfocus of women. Props to USA Today.

It seems to me that if you care about women in STEM, maybe you shouldn’t want to communicate the notion that they’re so delicate that they can’t handle pictures of comic-book women…Thus, what should have been the greatest day in a man’s life — accomplishing something never before done in the history of humanity — was instead derailed by people with their own axes to grind.

USA Today also wrote that this is why fewer and fewer Americans are claiming to be feminists.

When you act like what pioneer feminist Betty Friedan once called ‘female chauvinist boors,’ you shouldn’t be surprised to lose popularity.

Feminists and other social justice warriors, drunk on hubris, continue to fly towards the sun. But as we are seeing with GamerGate, the closer they get, the faster their wings melt. In due time, their ideology will sink into the sea.

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  1. I want to buy a copy of his shirt. If I were in Matt’s shoes I’d “throw it out”, make sure it lands on the front porch of a good friend, have the friend churn out copies and put them up on eBay. Make variations with little comets and rockets on them. He’s got a 12 month window here to make a million.

      1. Fuck yeah I’d wear it and walk around the yuppie parts of town in front of all the oversensitive white girls

  2. Jesus Christ, who seriously gives a fuck about SJW? Who the fuck even came up with that term?
    Honestly, when I see all this online fighting, it reminds of a couple of 5 years old fighting each other.
    Instead of moaning about SJW, be a man and develop your own life, focus on your own personal goals and avoid talking about these cunts and assholes. The more attention you give them, the more reason you give them to exist.

    1. Wrong. I would love it if we could all just say, “Ignore them and they’ll go away.” You don’t realize that thanks to social media, “all this online fighting” is actually effecting real change. It is a real problem, a real threat.
      This is not a symptom of the problem, it IS the problem, right here, staring you in the face. It won’t just go away. Roosh is right: They need to be fought directly. How many more of your freedoms are you going to allow them to take away?
      First they came for the scientists with loud shirts, and I did not speak up, because I am not a scientist with a loud shirt …

    2. Maybe we will forgive you and help you out after they witch hunt YOU and you learn the why’s and wherefores of SJWism

    3. Problem is, they have real power. They can get you fired with no chance of finding another job ever. Can hardly ignore that.

    4. Perhaps one could “be a man” and simply ignore the injustice. However, men have naively ignored these political movements for a number of years (outside of a select few) with serious deleterious results to not only ones freedom but even the intellectual and emotional health of our offspring. Feminists, SJW’s, and other political crusaders have acquired considerable politico-economic power. The results have been a significant increase in anti-masculine laws and prohibitions. One can either foolishly ignore the problem or fight against it. Ignoring it for decades has already proven extremely unwise.

  3. – “You see, if young female scientists had any real drive and ambition, they would not let a shirt hold them back.” –
    Girls and will never accept responsibility for their failures, but will always have an excuse ready on hand. Can’t get into the college you want? Can’t get hired by the company you want? Can’t earn the same as your male piers? Must have been discrimination.
    However, there is one thing they DO have ambition for; finding excuses for their failures.

    1. All I can say is: thank God this didn’t didn’t all happen BEFORE the mission took place. Feminists would have been more than happy to disrupt/endanger/abort the mission as long as it meant that this guy had to apologize or get fired.

    2. “if young female scientists had any real drive and ambition”
      That’s a *big* “if”. Their drive and ambition in the sciences reaches as far as affirmative action and favoritism allows, it seems.

      1. I want to be hired and seen based on my abilities, not my genitalia =P I don’t see how you could live happily knowing that a big chunk of the reason you gained your position is due to affirmative action or whatnot. And I’m a feminist~

        1. I have two daughters. It’s unbelievable how easy STEM has been made for them. Both have even had free one-week girls-in-STEM programs (Tech Trek). There is a steady stream of girls-only STEM opportunities in my email inbox.
          Neither one wants to do anything technical, even though both are excellent academically in those subjects. I respect that and let them choose their own paths.
          My son, who is deeply interested in science and engineering and math, gets no such opportunities.
          The anti-male gender bias in STEM is unreal.
          Western women have unbelievable advantages.
          Check your privilege.

        2. Or maybe it has something to do with centuries of women being discouraged from entering the sciences? It’s not “anti-male” so much as it is “pro-girl” gone extreme. It should be corrected and neutralized, I agree, but it originated from an attempt to get more girls into the sciences, not exclude boys.

        3. Give to one is the same as taking away from the other. Dollars spent on encouraging my girls to go into STEM are dollars taken away from encouraging my son. The bias is sickening.

        4. I don’t comment much on this site, but I’ll give you credit for getting in the mix here on this topic.

        5. “I want to be hired and seen based on my abilities, not my genitalia .”
          Nobody wants to see your genitalia, honey.

        6. “Nobody wants your out-of-context response, honey”
          Nonetheless, keep the tuna shack at home.

        7. Women have not been discouraged. They have simply not been encouraged because the vast majority of women are simply much more interested in, well, anything except STEM.
          I’m a father of a daughter as well. Again, I see all the STEM promotion that is forced at her and her peers.
          I rarely use caps but I just don’t know how to get this through feminist’s heads.
          The ones that are go into STEM with no issues.
          The tragedy is that some girls go into STEM because they were ‘told’ that’s what they should do (wonder where they got that idea from?) and leave after a few years to do what they really wanted, which is usually some sort of service or caring profession.
          It’s a waste of time effort and money that we as a society can ill-afford.

        8. Unfortunately you are mistaken.
          Feminists see the world as a zero-sum game. The vast, vast majority of feminists do not seek equality by going out into the world and besting nature or competitors, by engaging is healthy competition, standing or falling on their own merit. By being judged by their peers on what they achieve.
          The vast majority of feminists seek ‘equality’ by running to a higher authority (be it daddy, their employer or the state) to ‘impose’ equality. Usually by granting women special privileges (grants for female businesses, ‘take your daughter to work day’, etc) whilst putting road blocks in the way of men (absurd definitions of ‘harassment’ in the workplace, affirmative action etc).
          This only works where there is a pre-exisitng ‘pie’ to share out. If women are gaining, men are losing. The reality is that in the vast majority of cases Feminist really does equal IDGAF about young boys futures. That matters.
          Because increasing numbers of those young men are growing to live their lives without regard to what women want. The resultant plummeting marriage rate, the 28 million US women on foodstamps, and the 1 in 4 US women on psychiatric meds is testament to that.
          No one wins in this wonderful feminist utopia.

        9. Cadders typed up 2 excellent posts addressing your comment(s) and you ‘oh-so-conveniently’ skipped over them like a typical vagina-carrier to sling some shit like a monkey elsewhere….

        10. They originally sought “higher authority” because men were in control of literally everything beyond housework and children, and there wasn’t a way to physically dominate them(otherwise we wouldn’t have a history of oppression to begin with). I agree that the government handouts have gotten out of hand, but you have to understand that it’s basically an over-extended reaction to those centuries of absolute societal control by men. In an effort to equalize society, government has over-stepped in favor of women, to the point that now some get hired or accepted to schools more because of their genitalia than their abilities, which is sad. Actual feminism(AKA equality) isn’t about this, but feminists began supporting it because they saw no other way to readily immerse women in male-dominated fields.
          The problem is that, despite all of this, when one guy wears a provocative shirt, it signals to the more radical feminists that “our work isn’t done yet” so we should go into over-drive on the gov. benefits and favoritism towards women. Yes, he’s an accomplished man, and he has every right to wear what he “damn well pleases” as I’m sure some “alpha” readers would put it, but his choices created a huge trickle effect that’s, in reality, setting men back more than forward(“just because you CAN, doesn’t mean you SHOULD”).

        11. Nope, she’s a good mother, unlike most of you feminazis dressing your boys in tutus and getting them sex reassignment surgery. LOL!

        12. I have learned from experience that whenever a women believes that women were ‘oppressed’ that there is little point expecting her to ever change her views because denying this belief tends to destroy the very foundation of her entire worldview. And nobody likes that.
          So, Ms Haze, this response is not really for you, but for the lurkers that may have a more nuanced view of the history of the relationships between the sexes.
          Women were not oppressed, they were, at worst, repressed. And to understand why we need to consider what women’s liberation actually liberated women from.
          They were liberated from the ancient social contract – where women traded their fertility for the man’s utility. The women provided sexual access and reliability (mostly) that any children produced were the man’s, and in return, the man worked to provide for his children and the woman for the rest of his life. But the contract came at a cost for both men and women – for women constraints were put on their behavior and freedom, for men, they had to work themselves to death.
          Women’s liberation broke this contract. It is clear that woman have embraced their new freedoms, earning their own money, choosing how they behave, sleeping with whom they choose. And for a while it worked. Because whilst women were playing by the new rules, men were still, mostly, playing by the old.
          But that’s over now. Men are playing by the new rules as well. And what does this look like? Simply that for the first time in 2000 years men are free to live their lives without regard to what women want, and free of any social expectations to do so.
          Today’s generation of women are finding few men that they consider marriage worthy, because many men are not putting the effort into becoming marriage worthy. Why should they – they don’t want to, don’t have to and find they have better things to spend their time and money doing. Significantly they are not producing a surplus to fund the state.
          I see increasing numbers of ’empowered women’ articles popping up extolling the benefits of being a single woman and even more lamenting ‘Where have all the good men gone?’
          I haven’t seen a single one from men moaning that they wish they could find a women to marry to save them from their world of hobbies, buddies and a ‘good enough’ job.
          Nor do I expect to. Men are having their first taste of freedom from the ancient social contract for the first time in 2000 years.
          This is what equality looks like.
          But….the bigger question is WHY were women’s choices constrained. Not just here and there, but in every culture, every society, in every continent, across all of time.
          The feminist boiler plate would have you believe it is because in every man there lurks a misogynist beast who seeks to subjugate all women. For most rational people this doesn’t survive first contact with reality.
          So if not rampant, ubiquitous misogyny then why? Well, ironically feminism itself has provided the answer. By freeing women from men’s control for 50 years the results are in.
          When men had the ‘power’ – the ability to throw their wife out on the street, default child custody etc. divorce was very rare and most children grew up with both parents. Now women have the ‘power’ we have a 50% divorce rate, 1 in 3 children growing up in the US without a father, plummeting marriage rates with 40% of children being born out of wedlock. And all these trends extend every year. They produce a whole host of social pathologies that no amount of money can ever address. When men had the power, most of those 28 million women on food stamps were married or part of a close family and were provided for.
          For whilst it pains me to say so (I have a mother, wife and daughter that I love very much) it is clear that when women, as a group, are freed from their dependence on men, society starts to unravel. Everybody’s life gets poorer.
          Even with all of the above pathologies, feminism *might* have worked if women, as a group, had stepped up and started delivering like men – able to provide both for themselves and produce the surplus required to maintain a modern advanced society.
          And women are clearly capable of doing so. Check out this link;
          “In the U.S., an estimated 8.6 million women-owned businesses contribute $1.3 trillion to the economy and employ 7.7 million Americans, according to an April report commissioned by American Express OPEN, the credit card giant’s small business division. What’s more, the number of women-owned firms with $10 million or more in annual sales has increased 57 percent over the past decade.”
          Sounds great doesn’t it?
          The latest figures from the World Bank puts the annual GDP of the US economy at 16.8 trillion dollars. The link celebrates that female owned businesses are contributing 1.3 trillion dollars or 7.7% of this.
          The latest figures from the US Department of Labor puts the number of civilians employed at a whisker under 144 million. The link trumpets that female owned businesses employ 7.7 million or 5.3% of this.
          This is all that women, as a group, can bring to the table after 50 years of ‘equal’ opportunity, affirmative action in education, huge amounts of legislation to tilt the playing field in their favour and the complete re-tooling of the working world to suit their needs? 7.7% of GDP? After 50 years?
          Christ, after WW2 it took men only 20 years to rebuild the whole of Europe.
          But that’s not the worst of it;
          Pew Research Social and Demographic Trends found that in 2012, 49% of men and 61% of women had ever received payments from at least one the big six entitlement programs. The same report revealed that more women receive multiple benefits than do men, so the actual value of the benefits paid by sex will inevitably show a greater disparity. This figure is never published (wonder why!) but let’s say that by value, the benefits paid splits 35% male 65% female. The President’s FY 2013 budget allocated just around 1.7 trillion dollars to these programs, which means women are receiving approx. 1.1 trillion dollars.
          If we assume that female owned businesses in the link are paying 20% of their 7.7% of GDP to Big Daddy Government as tax (they’re not, female run businesses are significantly smaller and less profitable than male ones, but indulge me) then they are paying in about 260 billion dollars. Or about 850 billion dollars less than what women, as a group, are
          taking out of the pot.
          Women, as a group, are not even close to paying their way, let alone able to produce a surplus for anyone else.
          But it gets even worse.
          Whilst women, as a group, are being subsidised by men, as a group, to the tune of 850 billion dollars a year, every year, we are all supposed to be chanting the mantra that women are men’s equals, that they must be respected like men, that they can perform and deliver like men.
          It’s simply not sustainable. In fact it’s sickening.
          Because the cost of pretending that women are equal isn’t just measured in those 850 billion dollars.
          They are more truly measured in the broken men, exhausted lonely women, fatherless children, fractured families and ruined lives it takes to keep a handful of women at the ‘top’.
          And for what? Bragging rights?
          It has all been funded not by female empowerment and achievement but by charging the cost, first on to men, as a group, and then on to Big Daddy Government’s credit card.
          But now, both sources are tapped out.
          Feminism, like everything built on lies, is hitting up against an immutable law of nature; what can’t continue, won’t.
          Feminism is already a dead man (woman?) walking. It has enough residual energy left to keep stumbling on for a while yet, consuming the remaining wealth and destroying countless more lives.
          For all the lurkers out there I would advise you to study every one of the lovely Lilac’s posts, understand them and internalise them. And lead your life 180 degrees opposite to what she says.
          I used to hold the same beliefs that Lilac does. I wasted 40 years of my life before I saw through the lies. Ms Haze likely never will and for her it will not be 40 years but an entire life wasted.
          Don’t be Lilac Haze. don’t be me.
          Wake up.

        13. Something’s going wrong, but before your indulge your desires for condescension, consider the possibility that welfare in general takes down groups when spun out of control.
          My mom has been employed her entire life; my aunt has been a surgeon for decades, my female cousin creates medical prosthetics, and none of them are anti-feminists. The issue, as you said, is not merely “women can’t churn out as much” but that the government has allowed women to rely on it for too long and too much. Affirmative action, for example, discourages competency from job applicants. Food stamps offer more of a hand out than a hand up, except in the most dire and hopeless situations.
          Women have been oppressed since men discovered their usually superior stature and strength. This doesn’t exist in conflict with your explanation, which I agree with(but thanks for being unique and vilifying me to the users who are more likely to agree with you anyway). Personally I’m not concerned with marriage, but even if I was, I don’t see all guys as club “pump and dumpers” or “betas”. In general most seem calm and respectful towards women, despite the attitudes proclaimed in the bulk of the site’s articles about women. So no, I don’t think the dating market situation is as dire as described. I would rather men be honest and sleep with who they want than feign monogamous inclinations.

      2. A woman with drive and ambition – to take up time, money and resources….only to leave the gig, settle down, get married (to a beta provider) and have kids.
        A man could have used the slot to put together another trip to Mars.

    3. “You see, if young female scientists had any real drive and ambition, they would not let a shirt hold them back.”
      It is the ‘Curse of Eve’ – a massive resentment of male achievement.

  4. These same women offended by some cartoon pics of women on a shirt will angrily defend any woman’s right to dress like a prostitute whereever she wants to and love the site which has 5 year olds swearing like angry strippers who got shorted on a lap dance.
    Thankfully, Hoc quoque transibunt…someday.

  5. Lousy bitches. I hope they get mounted by rabid dogs.
    Seriously, this guy landed a robot on a comet. And these women cannot get over his shirt?
    Whatever happened to just labeling men like that as eccentric?

      1. Agree…and no mention of a woman….who actually made the shirt for him? Women didn’t attack her for making the shirt?
        I’m fucking shocked…lol…not really.

    1. “Lousy bitches. I hope they get mounted by [] dogs.”
      What makes you think they aren’t already?

    2. “I hope they get mounted by rabid dogs.”
      Maybe you should let a psychiatrist know about these revenge fantasies of yours, darling.
      I don’t know of any T-shirts for women with scantily-clad men decked all over them, much less any that have been worn by scientists for important interviews. If you can direct me to an example I’d be happy to gain the knowledge~

      1. “”I hope they get mounted by rabid dogs.”
        Naw, they prefer the dildo.
        “I don’t know of any T-shirts for women with scantily-clad men decked all over them, much less any that have been worn by scientists for important interviews. ”
        That’s right. Because we have decided that you are not mature enough. You can’t handle it. Another example of oppression. You should get your sisters to start kvetching. Maybe get Gloria Allslop to lead.
        “Hey, we want naked men on OUR t -shirts!”

  6. This could use a more click baity title: The one in RVF is good.
    “Insanity: Who cares that you landed on a comet, your shirt is offensive.”

      1. I don’t care if you men created modern society….blah, blah, blah..
        Who gives a fuck what you think…you’re a woman.
        We need to get bumper stickers made with that saying, Werewolf.

  7. The fact that he cried and apologized made me lose a bit of sympathy for the guy. When you give into sjw, you’re just giving them more freedom to fuck you over. He acomplished something most of us have never thought about, yet now he’s gonna be remembered for wearing a “sexist” shirt.

    1. Did Taylor apologise on his own accord or was he forced to do it by his superiors, I wonder?

      1. I’d expect on his own, good chance he’s a feminist-aligned liberal. A belligerent guy forced into an apology wouldn’t have been brought to tears like he was, those were tears from the shock of experiencing an attack from his supposed ideological allies.

        1. Nevertheless, I suspect some “coercion” was at play. Perhaps not in an overt way, but he must have know his career could be on the line if he didn’t cave to female sensibilities.

        2. The irony is that caving to female sensibilities tends to have the opposite effect normally, I’ve noticed those that refuse out of principle to apologise for ‘outrages’ tend to cling to their positions better than those who try to make the matter go away by apologising.
          I’d say Matt Taylor is rather lucky there’s significant pushback occurring against the feminist outrage machine this time.

    2. Correct answer would have been “I wear what I want, where I want”. Then never talk about it again, it simply doesnt exists anymore.

      1. I half a agree. He should never have brought it up to begin with. Only when asked he should’ve responded “Aren’t we talking about the Rosetta mission? – the shirt is not relevent.” then proceeded with the interview.

        1. Or what about “well if you have a problem, sue me and I will see you in court, otherwise, kindly remove yourself from my presence”.

        2. There’s a particular reason why you don’t light a cigarette at a gas station. The feminists will band together and countersuit cause y’know patriarchy.

    3. He was probably on an emotional spin because of the comet landing. In that type of situation, a small trigger can cause an breakdown like he displayed.

      1. He broke down in tears mostly because of his fears that the rover might run out of battery due to not having received enough solar energy, not enough to even transmit any data, and it would make all his dedication of years to this endeavour, efforts and sacrifice pointless. In comparison, the feminist thing is but a drop of water that causes the glass to spill.
        I agree he’s a typical weakened man. Having said that, maybe, maybe this incident will portray the feminist movement in a bad light, as a bullying and controlling force against men. Feminism ever-growing greed will eventually become its own enemy.

        1. IDK how many men haven’t woken the fuck up.
          I used to be blue pill, beta, nice guy…but through experience with females you should eventually wake the fuck up.
          There’s no excuse to not be red pill, its not some deep philosophy, its observable in everyday behavior.

        2. You mean you don’t see how much many males are conditioned, and in cases even drugged from a young age, to fit into the PC approved social behaviour?
          I don’t know what route led you to realizing the ugly truth, just want to make a point that the men who found the red pill, usually did so through different ways from one another – some always “knew” but festered in denial, others had some sort of coaching from a male figure during their growing up process, and others, possibly the majority, became disillusioned and jaded about relationships and women.

    4. I don’t think his apologizing would have changed people’s memories of his accomplishments. Also, as some users have suggested, he was likely pressured by the company, and feared losing his job/getting wiped out of the career he worked for so long to cultivate.
      As a feminist, his apology and crying made it clear that he didn’t want to offend or discourage girls from entering STEM fields. Now I have more respect for him than if he had just decided to allow his job to be terminated afterwards. That would imply more of a “women suck” attitude, which, sorry dudezz, isn’t well-respected by people outside of communities like this that hinge largely on criticizing women.
      Call me a feminazi cunt bitch queen of castration if that makes you less of a rage-monster, but this is my opinion.

      1. Only a feminist would think kowtowing to an irrational party is better than having dignity. Not only approving of it, but rationalizing it.

        1. If you read the article, you’d understand that the author approves of critical attitudes directed towards the scientist; he gets it. He simply thinks it was blown out of proportion in comparison to his scientific achievement, which I agree with. Judging someone’s self awareness based on their dress choices in a professional situation is a far cry from “kow towing to an irrational party”. There’s far more dignity in being able to acknowledge being incorrect or making a shitty decision, than continuing on with a nihilistic “fuck everyone” attitude.
          But sure, it’s just liberal/socialist propaganda. Tell yourself that if you need it to go to sleep.

        2. “There’s far more dignity in being able to acknowledge being incorrect or making a shitty decision, than continuing on with a nihilistic “fuck everyone” attitude.”
          There’s even more dignity in not acting like a big titty baby over a shirt!
          There’s nothing nihilistic about a fuck everyone attitude, esp when it isn’t everyone, but only cry babies to whom the ‘fuck yourself’ is addressed.
          More men are simply saying ‘fuck you’ to your kind.
          Be useful. Take cooking lessons. Learn how to fix a bike tire.

        3. Explain in logical points how acknowledging negative and positive points about the same scientist is equivalent to being a “big titty baby over a shirt”. Your scholastic language continues to amaze me.

        4. Wearing that shirt isn’t a negative thing though, so there isn’t anything to criticize in the first place
          Every comment you’ve made seem to be based on the faulty assumption that men and women are equal, or worse, should be treated or held to equal standards
          Once you remove the equalist worldview things become clearer

        5. Sorry I don’t subscribe to male domination. Wearing a shirt with women in skimpy clothes and sexual poses in a scientific, professional setting is negative, as it naturally draws people with vision away from his discovery and towards the unusual shirt.

        6. I’m sure ppl can appreciate his shirt and discovery at the same time
          Very poor excuse
          As to taking offense, offending feminists is a positive for the world

        7. “Sorry I don’t subscribe to male domination.”
          Male domination is not some kind of magazine, toots.
          We don’t want you to subscribe or even accept. We merely expect you to submit. You know you will. You comments are an effort to present yourself as strong and independent. But we know what you really want.
          Now make us a sammich.

        8. “He simply thinks it was blown
          out of proportion in comparison to his scientific
          achievement, which I agree with. Judging someone’s
          self awareness based on their dress choices in a
          professional situation.”
          So wait you agreeing with me only to then disagree with me. Or are you just contradicting yourself? Nevertheless a shirt is a shirt, if a bunch of overly sensitive people whine and bitch and create a whole tirade on an irellevant issue and that said violator of the dress code crys and begs for forgiveness to the offended party even though he hasn’t done anything wrong that is kowtowing, plain and simple. No doubt the shirt was in poor taste but so is a mother balencing whine glass on her ass on for publicity but no one is demanding apologies there. Just because apologizing for not doing anything wrong, then wheeping and trying to appease a party because they have your career by the balls fits your crap standard of dignity doesn’t mean it is in fact dignified.

        9. Plus idk where you’re getting this crap about socialism from. A political ideology shouldn’t dictate how one retains or conceptualizes their dignity.

        10. I don’t see dignity in him “kowtowing” to the company, but in realizing that the shirt was in poor taste and gave a bad image to the field. In regards the drunken mothers, society naturally holds them to a different standard than the far fewer scientists. Similarly, it cares less about some random douche pump-and-dumping women without forewarning because we don’t expect exemplary behavior from the general public.

        11. There is dignity in being able to recognize your own faults, no matter how intelligent you generally are.

      2. “As a feminist, his apology and crying made it clear that he didn’t want to offend or discourage girls from entering STEM fields.”
        How does what he said afterwards say anything about his motives? And why would you give a damn, anyway.
        Are you such babies that when someone says something you don’t like, you can only see it as an offense, and get your knickers in a twist?
        You are cry babies.
        And how could anyone imagine that the purpose of a shirt is to keep women out of a field?
        Another example of femodoofus irrationality.

        1. *Another example of failing to read my comment in favor of dissing feminists, tsk tsk. I give a damn about his actual motives because it shows that someone with national attention cares about not being a douche. Not only is he intelligent, but he wasn’t trying to go out of his way to be an idiot, which is nice.
          Plenty of people here say shit I disagree with, but I don’t take it personally until they make it personal, or try to generalize feminists.
          I’m a cry baby because I distinguished between holding entirely negative and mixed opinions of the scientist? I guess straying from the crowd here is the same as everywhere: invalid. So much for appreciating free speech =P but I digress.
          I haven’t heard anyone say they believe he wore that shirt solely to discourage women from entering science fields, but I wouldn’t put it beyond huge radicals. They’re afraid that it’ll make girls feel less comfortable and welcome in such fields, and shape their expectations of their future colleagues negatively.

    5. Good point about giving them a little and them taking more. So it goes and has gone with women through all of history and these past decades with feminism.
      But while a great scientist will be remembered for his shirt people will always notice what a rotten, petty society we’re living in. At least those without their heads up their asses.
      The comet will now be a shinning symbol to the world of feminist hatred and pettiness.

      1. “Why not get a robot or blow-up doll if women are such pains in the ass for you?”
        Because we are amused when you stamp your little feet and get all puffed up and spit.
        Moreover, there’s a big diff between being a woman and being a female.
        At a certain age, we want partners, not mere puss. And if it’s femipuss, no thanks.

        1. Size 9 feet, brah. I wouldn’t call’m “little” =P
          Sure there is. Not that you would care to acknowledge transpeople, because they’re the “bane of society” according to the site, but yes, they exist as well.
          Having a vagina =/= wanting dick. Sorry your health teacher didn’t explain that to you, but there’s a time to learn everything.

        2. Size 9 feet, brah. I wouldn’t call’m “little” =P
          Sure there is. Not that you would care to acknowledge transpeople, because they’re the “bane of society” according to the site, but yes, they exist as well.
          Having a vagina =/= wanting dick. Sorry your health teacher didn’t explain that to you, but there’s a time to learn everything.

        3. “Size 9 feet, brah. I wouldn’t call’m “little””
          Ronald fucking McDonald! Take those clodhoopers of your to the kitchen and get busy.
          “Not that you would care to acknowledge transpeople”
          We acknowledge, alright. Then we gag.

        4. Dear guest, I recommend you enhance your powers of observation before making assumptions.
          Sincerely, an evil feminist with size 9 feet

      2. Women aren’t a pain, feminists are.
        Very few women identify with feminism over egalitarianism.

        1. Feminists are a pain to men uncomfortable with women with just as much will as themselves.
          I identify with both, but I know a shit ton of happily married feminist mothers, as well as scientists, who have no qualms with men. You need to see beyond Big Red to get an actual well-rounded view of feminists.

        2. Not good enough
          How much of feminism would fly outside of liberal white bubbles? Feminists, no matter how nice, still ultimately believe that men and women are equal – that is the problem that needs to be rectified
          In other words, it would be more accurate to say that feminism makes people who believe in reality uncomfortable, and they should be so as to take direction action against feminists

        3. Oh, I don’t know, everywhere women are allowed to attend college and have prosperous, meaningful careers, or freely choose to be stay-at-home moms? It works when you can see beyond the caveman survival mentality. If two people want a job, whoever is more qualified should get it, not simply whoever has the “right” genitalia. That’s equality. If some people want to call themselves feminists/equalists and still support bias, that’s their issue, not actual feminism’s.

        4. in that case we already have equality and any further complaint should be dismissed as whining
          there isn’t any large of demographic of “happy feminists” outside of liberal white suburbia and we both know it – feminism is a white man’s disease and needs to be wiped out

        5. Feminist or not, people aren’t going to be as likely happy when they have to deal with poverty on a daily basis, or are so rich that they take EVERYTHING for granted(which applies to some upper-class suburbanites).

        6. you dont need to be poor to be anti-feminist
          it’s called being a decent human being
          but you bring up something important: White female privilege is the ability to unironically believe equality is a real thing

        7. “feminism is a white man’s disease” Full stop. Put it this way, if it had been a black guy wearing that shirt, feminazis wouldn’t have said shit!!!

    1. “Men take note. Feminism doesn’t exist anymore. Its cuntism.”
      Brilliant. That’s the new feminism.

  8. Truth is most “workplace sexual harassment” is instigated by women as discussed in the previous thread.
    “Time” had a joke reader poll on words that should be banned in 2015 and included “feminism”. Of course “feminism” won the poll by a huge margin. The SJWs swung into full outrage mode so Time redacted the poll and apologized, and is now running essays on how important feminism is and what it truly means :

    1. Yep. Complete victory for the feminazis. Until they are consistently challenged and defeated, nothing will stop them from terrorizing us with their political correctness.

      1. I’d love to see this as the straw that breaks the camel’s back in terms of beating back political correctness.
        Even people outside of the manosphere are looking up and saying “WTF this guy just landed a rocket on a comet and these women are bitching about his shirt?”

        1. “The only way a woman can succeed is to see a man fail.”
          Especially wallflowers that know darn well that men are better at everything.

        2. Hell…to see anyone fail.
          Women love to see other women fail (when man is absent from the equation).

        3. Tell that to female surgeons that bust their ass to get through college, grad school, and residency, all the while being screeched at by society that they’re “not as good” as men, or not “as worthy” despite their intelligence, because they don’t have a dick.

        4. ‘Tell that to female surgeons that bust their ass to get through college,grad school, and residency’
          how you even know that they busted their asses? with their superior female intellect i suspect they could have partied and rode cocks all nights long and still got good grades.
          ‘all the while being screeched at by society that they’re “not as good” as men, or not “as worthy” despite their intelligence because they don’t have a dick.’
          that’s why we need to rally the sisterhood and take it to the streets! let us fight to make it a federal crime if anyone chose to be operated by a male surgeon instead of a female surgeon. and while we’re at it, we may as well pass a law of a free dick-attachment operation for female surgeons.

      2. Not complete. Maybe feminism’s only real, consistent enemy, all these decades of its triumphant ugly slut walk through history, the main force to keep it in check, is itself. The natural public backlash against feminism should be fueled as much as possible. If, as disgusting as it is to us as men, the public, blue pill media especially, seems to respond most these days to “bullying”, passive aggressiveness and victim narratives, fire should be fought with fire. A great man making history crying IS disgusting to us personally as men but to much of the public it can show what cunts feminists are and anti-feminists might do well to always play up these “teachable moments”. Fight fire with a little fire against a movement committed to ends justify the means nastiness.

        1. Something we can do for men nowadays is keep documenting what we see via video and building the manosphere…
          If you saw this shit as a young person you’d become a teenager who gets it… take away the pretty lies and they really have practically nothing…

        2. Contempt toward male weakness is a universal. There is tension here. Personal ethics, standards of behavior, we have and rightly want to have as men entail a certain lack of sympathy for weak-ass “omega” displays from fellow males. It’s just gut level, beyond any ethical thinking. Thing is, this toughness and natural lack of sympathy that can serve us towards meeting the higher demands we place on our selves as men, vastly higher than typical women place on themselves, has been deftly exploited. Feminists and now social justice warriors depend on men taking their bullshit, depend on an exploitation of the male desire to “man up”, sacrifice for the tribe, take female bullshit. It’s so perverse because bending over to the demands of sjws will hurt society. Truly “manning up” he-for-she shit means stopping these bitches. Fighting them necessarily means documenting their bullshit and anti-male hypocrisy for all the world to see, especially young men that are so easily manipulated by Emma Watson style bullshit.

        3. MSM only recognizes “bullying” when it follows the narrative. They’ll never recognize “bullying” of white men.

        4. Society and the MSM will recognize bullying of men, particularly white, only a fraction as much as others because white men are at the bottom of the victim caste system, lol. Good to remember this and it should be constantly thrown in their hypocritical anti-white, anti-male faces because we recognize it, so do many others and more will in the future as whites become a minority and the great successes of white men like the Apollo program become a distant memory. We have a president now that tells the dorecotr of Nasa, “…to find a way to reach out to the Muslim world and engage much more with
          dominantly Muslim nations to help them feel good about their historic
          contribution to science, math and engineering”. Shit’s got its limits.

        5. Though our contempt for male weakness is well founded. We should not miss sight of the mortality,limitations and humanity of men. If all we are doing is kicking a man when he is down we are no better than our enemies

        6. The point isn’t to recognize bullying more often, but rather apply equal standards across all demographic groups which doesn’t happen.

        7. “Something we can do for men nowadays is keep documenting what we see via video and building the manosphere”

      3. He gave femtards fuel (like approving some spoiled brat to continue bullying and harassing other kids) and approved their “fight” “against patriarchy”. Anyway, sooner or later they will get appropriate answer, verbal bitch slap.
        And I agree with someone earlier in other comments, calling them Social Justice Warriors is not appropriate, it is pumping their ego by being “warriors”. They are Social Justice Creeps.

      4. I would say a small victory for feminists but maybe a battle lost in the bigger war.
        People are getting tired of feminists. They are showing us, daily, how much of an ass they can be with all their god damn “first world” problems.
        People are worrying about living (i.e. jobs, work, food on the table, etc..) and these bitches are just bitching.
        Fuck that…..a short battle won but they may have just lost the war.

        1. I don’t give the average person as much credit as you. I don’t think they are capable of independent thought so whatever MSM message is shown will be the message they accept. The loudest, most repeated messages will be the ones that resonate with the populace- not the most rational ones. When we have “Yes means Yes” legislation, fat acceptance, unequal wage, etc. stupidity running rampant, I find it difficult to claim the feminazis are retreating. If the populace were going to apply logic to this argument, they would have chosen sides long ago. Alas, I can only conclude they haven’t because they don’t.

        2. I agree. I think the problem with a lot of it is they’ve been kept “busy” for so long (more or less distracted).
          But, with issues like employment, housing, food, etc…starting to become a real problem in the U.S….it may be the necessary tool to “right the ship” so to say.
          We need something to balance it out. It’s become ridiculous.

        3. Exactly, just like the IRA killing a bunch of innocent children, in order to take out a few british soldiers.
          The soldiers are dead, but in the long run, these kinds of victories bring defeat.

    2. He was told to apologize or be fired, after which he would be blacklisted from his field. What would you do? He had a high level science career that likely took him decades to attain. It’s not like walking away from a job at Burger King.
      Yes, he’s a pussy. He’s also a moron for wearing that shirt on his big day. Fuck him. He’s a mangina to the core.
      Masculinity is dead. All we have now is political oppression. Life is great, is it not?

      1. He was told to apologize or be fired, after which he would be blacklisted from his field. What would you do? He had a high level science career that likely took him decades to attain. It’s not like walking away from a job at Burger King.

        I’d agree that if he were apologizing to save his job that might be a valid strategy.
        But as we’ve seen, even the most “heartfelt” and most “sincere” of apologies, especially if they are tear-filled, will NOT placate these attackers. They’ll demand more and more, and in most situations, the people involved get fired anyway.

        1. If he do happens to get fired, he could sue his employees. There is NO law that forbids a person to wear a shirt like that. We gotta remember to use the LAW. it’s still relatively sane..the law is not replaced by twitter mobs yet.

        2. “especially if they are tear-filled”
          You’re right about that. That will just make them go in for the kill.

        3. You can bet your bottom dollar they (the employer and their lawyers) will in such a case manufacture some other reason to legitimize the decision to fire him.

        4. He could be fired but it would be their loss not his. Such great scientist with his achievements could be easily hired somewhere else.

        5. Yep, he thought he was doing the right thing.
          But it would have been awesome to hold his press conference, wearing the same shirt, and just said … “You want an apology.. I’ll give you an apology… I’ll stick it up your ass”.

      2. So when he stood his ground, then was fired, he would have your invaluable respect and admiration.
        Then you cry “Masculinity is dead.” Get hold of your self. Maybe your masculinity is dead. Mine is just fine.

        1. America, and the West, is dead. At least as anything to bother with preserving, in any way, sense or form. Your “masculinity”, unless you are a truly rare and outstanding individual indeed, is no finer than crying to Alpha Gommiment if someone challenges you sufficiently. And then you’ll rationalize it, like a woman would…… Completely clueless that the same Gommiment that should “ban this, bomb that, sue this and make sure that”, will always and forever be better off creating and maintaining a system where promotion depends on supplicating to them. Rather than landing rockets on comets, or any other pursuit too complicated for them to be able to play judge and referee over.

        2. “America, and the West, is (sic) dead.”
          I know this is a popular refrain here at ROK. Pardon me if a skip the cry-fest. Like the girl who complained about the shirt, you are free fail now. It’s not your fault.

        3. Big fish in an ever shrinking pool has it’s appeal, I guess…
          And idiots are always rewarded primarily for their usefulness.

        4. “America, and the West, is dead” is completely correct.
          “America and the West are dead” would also be correct. It’s the commas.
          Also, if you want to insert “sic”, put it in brackets, not parentheses.

      3. why would he be told to apologize or be fired? I just don’t get it. Who cares if females are bitching and complaining about his shirt online…. the man landed a probe on a comet!
        The women complaining about his shirt did not contribute anything to this landmark, so why even listen to them? It’s just a shirt!

        1. Unfortunately that type of sense & logic is lost on those who currently patrol the corridors of power.
          It’s up to the rest of us here to counter & reflect the pettiness & vindictiveness of the Extremi-feminists & their slave herd White Knights back at them.

        2. that’s because our the world is so backward that political correctness and female pandering is more important than truth and genuine achievement – this is where we are at.

        3. Agree…but you have to remember that this country is fucked up.
          We have people here who look up to celebrities and athletes as though they have “all the answers”.
          I call these people stupid…and I call them stupid, often.

      4. This demonstrates that if you have a job, that job owns you. Or owns your freedom of expression, anyway. Let he who has ears take heed, etc.

        1. Entrepreneurship is the path out of political correctness… but only to an extent. People can boycott your business for your political beliefs and the MSM can sure do a number on you. Seems even if you do manage to become your own boss you must constantly filter what you say and do at all times, lest someone claim you are *drum roll* racist/homophobic/ THE PATRIARCHY!!!! *Gasp*

      5. See here’s the problem
        If one guy protests they can crack down on that individual
        What if a ton of guys protested? What they gon do, fire their entire work force? It’s the same logical leftists use when they stage walkouts, strikes, etc

      6. He is a mangina, but if you say “fuck him” then you’re giving feminists want they want, on a platter. Guys like this need to be taught about the world, not derided.

      7. Calling him a pussy is a bit rough. He did what he had to do to save his career, reputation, and 10+ years of hard slog in the books.
        Better to live to fight another day.
        I’ve never really understood why people shoot up schools. There are so many better targets for wrath.

      8. This guy landed a robot outside of our solar system. This dude could work anywhere, this is a huge leap in terms of technology and scientific advancement.
        To bad he was a beta phaggot from the core, honestly such a intelligent man letting these feminists get to him is sad.

    3. That guy is one great proof that having a fucktons of tattoos and a beard doesn’t instantly turn you into an alpha John Idontgiveadamn.

      1. People have tattoos specifically to influence how others view/judge them. It’s about as surefire a sign of “IDoGiveADamn” as you can find. On a brilliant Aspie scientist, it is more often than not and just like crying in public, a sign of trying to be seen as a bit less of an Aspie…..

    4. Agreed. If I were in his position I would’ve prepared a speech that made everyone’s jaws drop at the pettiness and hypocrisy in this situation.

    5. It’s disgusting, a grown man acting like that. I guess if there’s a positive side to it, it did make people angry and more disgusted with the sjw feminists. Bullying, internet lynch mob assholes, ruining what should be one of the greatest moments of his life.

    6. I felt the same way, but then I thought better of it. I would have spewed forth a huge, overdone apology, culminating in my vomiting on the podium. It would have left everyone wondering just what the truth really was.

    7. Never back down.
      Never apologize.
      the result is same anyway, you’re fucked. Better go down with dignity.

    8. Feminists have no mercy on weak men… they love seeing betas grovel and beg, their whole platform revolves around punishing and humiliating them.
      It should be our duty to do the opposite and lend a supporting hand. If you see a weak guy pushed around by feminists, get him over to this site, maybe he’ll change for the better

    9. Of course he should apologize, he offended so many people. What he did can really hurt women future in science. I even think he should be fired, so a minority can take his place.

      1. I know you’re just trying to wind us all up…. good one.
        In this day and age. A single white hetero man is the minority.

    10. He’s not the one to be pissed at: his career was on the line. It was a lose-lose for him and he wisely chose not to throw away everything he’s worked for over something so trivial. It’s his spineless bosses who deserve your ire.

      1. I agree with you but in almost all these situations, a person in his position would get fired anyway.

  9. One of the great ironies of all this is, if “Matt Taylor” was “Michelle Taylor” and her attire got attention (“too low cut” or “showing too much leg”) then the SJW would be in Full Freak-Out Mode b/c “she” was being judged on her appearance, rather than her accomplishments.
    And how many of the “Oh, but this discourages women!” crowd have 10% of the brains required to do what Taylor (and others) did? Their “talent” is limited to taking to the internet and whining about it….
    À bientôt,

  10. For once I’d like to see some backbone in one of the SJW victims where he stands his ground and tells them that he believes in male cognitive superiority in science, so shove it if you don’t like what he thinks.

    1. Guy has dedicated a decade to this project that is funded and controlled by the EU. In other words he knows one wrong word and he is out of there. He really really wants to be there for the payoff to the better part of his working lifetime. They have him by the balls.

      1. So you’d better make yourself “antifragile,” as Roosh says, before you take on these female idiots, like having academic tenure, multiple sources of income or financial independence.

        1. “like having academic tenure”
          Good luck at getting tenured being antifragile and questioning progressive/feminist dogma. Perhaps some of the old guard can afford to do so, but I wouldn’t hold your breath for it to happen.

        2. tenured professor’s who speak ‘out of turn’ will have student activists boycotting them or worse; liberal colleagues will denounce them directly, and the top brass, even if they drag their heels will eventually have to make at least some of the right noises.

        3. It’s why we still have global warming. With so many grants and careers on the line, honesty and courage are locked in the trunk.

    2. That might be easier said that done when you risk losing your job and become homeless. Dont forget, SJW will try to hurt you to the full extent of their power.

    3. It isn’t even necessary to go that far…
      He just has to tell them his shirt doesn’t fucking matter, he put a fucking space probe onto a comet. Case closed.

  11. I always like the comparison of the many women in the 19th and early 20th with lots of musical training never, ever using that to create new works of art vs. black men in the South creating things like jazz and blues despite having to scrounge for instruments.

    1. That is some real killer argument right there. And what about black boxers becoming world champions in a country where they couldnt even eat at same restaurants as whites ? Despite everyone furiously trying to hold them down in favor of white fighters. Despite being lynched for barely looking at white women.
      Now these stupid feminazies claim that a fucking T-shirt worn by a beyond clueless super nerd of a man is oppressing them !! This is truly comical.

    2. Look up Fiona Apple and Regina Spektor. They haven’t “created” genres, but they blend different aspects well(jazz, indie, folk) and tend to have lyrics that can be analyzed interestingly(mostly Regina’s older stuff; her newer stuff is more washed out and bland).

        1. Yes, women are really great at singing in all the new styles that men invented in the latter part of the 20th century.

        2. If you can point me to super early male singers that led to the styles they use, show me. But from what I’ve observed in the arts in general, no one person “created” anything. Everything is constantly evolving. Someone can introduce a style, sure, but it will be changed, improved, inverted, etc. throughout years to come. Their styles are not wholly inherited from “men”, but come from a blend of influences and personal expression.

        3. Taste is subjective, but I find much more depth in their lyrics and layering than most modern singers.

        4. Your personal findings about the depth in the lyrics of a couple of musical lightweights actually don’t matter.

        5. Actually opinions do, as we’re seeing the festering rage erupting in the comments section over previous rage against this guy’s shirt.
          You don’t have to agree with me, nor does the bulk of society, but it doesn’t change the fact that they hold more individual style and techniques compared to the bulk of modern singers. Most people aren’t crazy about them, which I supposed by your definition makes them “light weights” but again, they’re creative enough to blend styles in a way not common to modern music, proving that they’re not simply the byproducts of “male inventions”.

        6. No. Your opinion doesn’t matter. Sorry to have to be the one to break it to you. And a Molecular Biology Girl should know how to distinguish opinions from facts.

        7. Contemp women “singers” all sound like they are yodeling in falsetto.
          You need ear protection. They appear to believe that screeching is singing. But what they lack in talent they make up for in bad taste.

        8. “deciding that they “suck” because they’re female and a feminist recommended them to you.”
          We decided that they suck because they suck. And if they were recommended by a feminist, that suggests that the feminist doesn’t know the sound of suck, and should take cooking lessons.

        9. “Actually opinions do, as we’re seeing the festering rage erupting in the comments section over previous rage against this guy’s shirt.”
          What you have just demonstrated is in fact the opposite of what you tried to argue.
          The “festering rage” from hormonal middle-schooler femidoofs over a shirt shows that opinions do not matter.
          No one should take seriously the opinions of an hysterical feminidink (but I repeat myself) as these opinions are based on egoism, arrogance, and a history of being reinforced for deranged thinking.
          You feminumbnuts ought to be on your knees thanking all of the men who have made the world you life in. Without us, you’d be…. well, check Africa.
          Can’t wait to see you and your sisters delivering oil to Boston apartments when its 20 degrees out. No, you’re at home yacking about being offended.

        10. “femidoofs”, “feimimumbnuts” “feminidink”
          You creativity woos me once again. One more mature derivation of “feminist” and my ovaries just might burst with estrogen-fueled glee.

        11. Very vague. If you listen to Fiona Apple you’ll notice that she has a very pleasant, smooth alto voice. Can you give me reason to believe her style is “in bad taste”? Or is it easier to keep making general jabs at my preferences because you dislike my identification as a feminist?

        12. Not in the grand scheme, but as demonstrated by this thread and the cause of it, they can cause major societal action or inaction, leading to trickling effects in other situations. Opinions matter because they precede actions.
          Facts govern everything, you don’t need to tell me that, but understand that both are important when used certain ways(ex., the author writing an article about this topic to garner and enflame support for the scientist’s shirt. This comment section is helping people’s support of him to grow exaggerated, more radical, and more resilient). If this platform wasn’t opened, a lot of guys wouldn’t have as easy of an opportunity to high-five each other in large numbers and complain about the “feminazis” who disliked the shirt. It gives large groups of guys the power to go from being divided on it with a general consensus of “that sucked” to “THAT WAS THE EPITOME OF UNMANLINESS AND THAT GUY DESERVES NO SYMPATHY BECAUSE HE GAVE INTO THOSE DIRTY LIBERAL HIPPIES. ASOFJBshjab ZVCBj~~~!!!!!!”

        13. “You creativity woos me once again.
          That’s two woos, or woo woo.
          “my ovaries just might burst with estrogen-fueled glee.”
          I’ll bring a raincoat.

    3. Another interesting observation to be made is the rise of varying styles, personas, and lyrics from female artists as they became more liberated. There’ve always been nice female singers(ex. Julie London from the 50s) but around the latter half of the 20th century, it seems more diversity erupted from female musicians/singers.

  12. And feminists here are saying he “deserves” what he got because of what he wore. Does that sound familiar to anyone?

      1. Damn right. Its the best point so far.
        But anyone saying that in public would have been labelled… you guessed it.. a [email protected]#@$ blah blah blah… all the usual crap.
        Funny how these feminists never seem to accept the idea that its women who objectify themselves.

    1. I imagine their thought processes would be something along the lines of : “he was asking for it, the sexist ….”
      One day there will be an equivalent movie to ‘the Accused’ for men whose careers or reputations have been destroyed by SJWs.
      It won’t star Jodie Foster

      1. A bit off-topic, but I’ve read that ‘The Accused’ was a totally inaccurate portrayal of the events it was based on.

    2. “If only he had dressed more modestly he’d not have been attacked.”
      “We need to teach people not to attack others because of what they wear.”

        1. What an extremely relevant and intelligent response. You’ve moved me, obviously superior body of flesh with a dick. Now I shall retreat to the dark trenches of kitchen, with 80 children and a drunk, angry husband in tow, to submit to the ultimate alpha dream. Cheers!

        2. Yup, the gender that uses violence most often in place of logical explanation/refutation is obviously superior. How attractive, what an ALPHA!!! *swoon*

        3. [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]

        4. Lilac – 95.6% of Patent holders are men.
          Women are severely lacking in logic as they have contributed little to nothing to the advancement of humans. so stfu

        5. Tell me how the above responses from Thomas and the picture from “guest” are logical. Please. Or at least address my point. Otherwise all I’m seeing is “wahhh I hate feminism”.
          Do you think that rape and online backlash are equally psychologically damaging?

        6. Because history and expectations of women(such as those propagated by this site) have NOTHING to do with that. Right~~

        7. Colleges have been graduating more women than men for years. Your excuses are running thin. Why dont women start companies? You liberals vote for anti-business policies then complain there should be more powerful female business owners.
          Youre a dumb bitch, you think everything is ‘taught’ and ‘encouraged’ and can’t accept the fact that we aren’t equal and everyone has very different mental capabilities.
          You women want your hand held, ‘socialized, encouraged’, taught’ to achieve any level of success. Like you can’t fucking do it on your own. Liberals have the same views on blacks

        8. Slow down there, buddy. I know it’s fun to rattle off the keys on your computer and call everyone with a vagina you disagree with a “bitch”, but contain your uber-manly self for a second, could you?
          I’m a feminist, indeed. I’m also a libertarian, raised by Conservative Christian parents. I’ve seen both sides of the coin, hun. Women start companies. My mom runs her own business. Not sure where you’re getting that idea.
          I believe in nature and nurture, but I don’t agree that EVERY man and EVERY woman operate on such extreme psychological differences all the time, so it’s invalid. If someone isn’t doing as good a job as they need to be, fire them and hire someone more qualified. It’s simple. But thanks for revealing your intelligence once again through your impeccable assumptions.

        9. “Otherwise all I’m seeing is “wahhh I hate feminism”.
          Yes, I will stipulate that is all you see. You are blinded by cynicism. Posting a picture about violence “to prove you’re right” does make the men here batters of women.
          “Yup, the gender that uses violence most often in place of logical explanation/refutation is obviously superior. ”
          Yet another unfounded claim. You must be omnipotent to be able to witness all human interaction and tabulate the use of violence by gender. Care to give us the count? It must be in the trillions on each side. What is the split percentage wise? How many years you been doing this now?

        10. Every major innovation has been by men, even in this age where women outnumber men in college. If we relied on women we would be in caves still.
          Women can’t and dont build anything. Even a dumb man can lay brick and build something. Women can’t even do that

        11. Good point. I don’t KNOW which gender uses it more, but the fact remains that men naturally have more muscle mass, and men tend to be attracted to shorter/skinnier women than themselves, making them even more so the stronger one in the relationship. Hence, when using physical violence, a woman’s slap is much less likely to inflict serious harm than a man’s. However, historical acceptance should also be taken into account. People take domestic violence much more seriously and disgustedly than, say, 50 years ago. Back then, and especially before, it was very normal. Frowned upon in “high society” maybe, but definitely accepted.

        12. There are outliers in both genders. Just because the bulk of women don’t have as much brute strength doesn’t render them incapable of other traditionally “masculine” endeavors.

        13. You seem rather more obsessed with appearances than substance for a libertarian, Molecular Biology Girl.
          By default if you are a feminist you are supporting the present culture which is brutally misandrist in workplaces and biased in favour of women. Take your bullshit and empty proclamations of belief in equality and shove them up your arse.

        14. What leads you to think I’m more “obsessed” with appearances than substance?
          If you know anything about feminism, you’ll know that feminists have diverse opinions and stances. Personally I men get shit in the legal system, I’m well aware of that, nor do I support it. But I also don’t support misogyny, as this site(and many of the users) seem to. But yes, thanks for the truly enlightening and respectful comment. You’re giving the “manosphere” a very convincing representation.

        15. Oh wait a minute. Isn’t she the idiot that said that only prepubescent females have hymens? Hahaha!

        16. “People take domestic violence much more seriously and disgustedly than, say, 50 years ago.”
          Then why the contemporary (contrived) picture of a man standing over a women with a clenched fist?
          Not long ago in this forum I wrote that: “Any man who strikes a woman, not in self defense is a coward.” There was no opposition.

        17. Comments like these show that Purple Haze is basically an airhead. She decides what is proper dress for different occasions, and she sets herself up as someone who has the superiority to judge a guy whose accomplishments in one day beat what she and her sisters will do in their collective lifetimes. Who cares what she or any of them have to say?

        18. It doesn’t need societal approval to happen often. It was just more accepted and open in the 50’s.

        19. Neither brute strength nor brute brain, judging by the list of female inventors, mathematicians, philosophers, lawyers (Oh, I forgot Gloria Allred. She’s famous, alright. Reveals her brain power with every idiotic utterance.). Men are also better cooks. So, please stay out of the kitchen, too.

        20. “What leads you to think I’m more “obsessed” with appearances than substance?”
          Possibly the absence of substance in your remarks.

        21. “Otherwise all I’m seeing is “wahhh I hate feminism”
          You must be hallucinating. There are no “wahh’s”; only disdain. Your arguments barely rise to the level of middle- school-girl snark. You are an exemplar of the hipster femdoofus.

        22. “If you know anything about feminism, you’ll know that feminists have diverse opinions and stances. ”
          Which means precisely dick, because if you’re staying silent while extremist feminists practice misandrist policies against men, you are supporting them by default. Until you’re speaking out about it against your sisters, you are nothing but a beneficiary of that misandry, so, again, take your empty and beige support of equality and shove it up your arse.

        23. “People take domestic violence much more seriously and disgustedly than, say, 50 years ago.”
          I take it you’re familiar with the fact women are more aggressive and controlling in relationships than men?

        24. Honestly I’m not seeing much to rival my “middle school level” tactics. 90% seems to be “feminists suck, gtfo bitch” and “you’re unable to hold mixed opinions about Matt Taylor’s actions, either you support him 100% and are one of us, or you can only notice his shirt and we don’t approve of you”.

        25. In comparison to what? Maybe two people have made logical questions. The rest gives the air of embittered, single-minded “uber masculine” site devotees and impressionable 14 year old boys

        26. “Now I shall retreat to the dark trenches of kitchen, with 80 children and a drunk, angry husband in tow, to submit to the ultimate alpha dream. Cheers!”
          Yes, do.
          Make me a sammich while you’re at it.

        27. “Yup, the gender that uses violence most often in place of logical explanation/refutation is obviously superior.”
          You of course mean women.
          More abuse in lesbian relationships, toots.

        28. Who packs more punch? The guy that’s 7 inches taller and a 100 pounds heavier, or his wife?

        29. Dude, I highly suggest you do some breathing exercises. Tea, yoga, boxing, idk.
          Define “staying silent”. What do YOU think I should do to combat the hundreds of thousands of people in favor of those policies? If I post a feminist article, but forget to post one about men’s rights the same day, I’m anti-men? Save your BS. I can understand people being more concerned with men’s rights than feminism, as long as they understand the value in both. You can be aware of male genital mutilation and how shitty it is while realizing that the general circumstances are a million times worse for female victims. Calm down.

        30. What an accurate summary of my opinions. Apparently, as several kindly gentlefellows have noted before you, no one is capable of appreciating his scientific endeavors while criticizing his shitty, unprofessional shirt(but you can turn a blind eye to the author’s own acknowledgement of this, that’s okay).

        31. I thought this was a site only for straight manly men and their feminine, submissive girlfriends? Are we allowed to talk about homosexual relationships respectfully now too?

        32. But see the problem here is your framing
          You’re assuming women use logical explanation when they’re actually just rationalizing their feelings
          The violent male response is just a shortcut to an ends – why debate a woman rationally when she isn’t rational? The method has worked quite well throughout history – Patriarchy IS civilization

        33. That makes no sense
          If it works it should be used worldwide
          People who insist on being wrong and wasting ppl’s time with intellectual gymnastics deserve a broken jaw – and most on the receiving end are men – that needs to change

        34. By moving to the Middle East you can find like-minded “alpha males”, who’ll encourage the behavior and allow it to grow in power. Here you’ll be sent to jail and/or therapy.

        35. it shouldn’t be any more jail time than punching a guy out
          i thought you believed in equality or something
          and it would still be better to bring traditional masculinity from the middle east to america and the rest of the world
          you gotta organize your thoughts there

        36. History had expectations of men as well, to work themselves to death for their families and fight to the death for the state.
          Somehow men still found the time to create the vast majority of inventions and innovations. To the benefit of all.
          If you have the drive and the talent, you will find a way. Not always, but mostly.
          If you don’t have the talent or drive you won’t.
          If you are especially weak you will try to blame society, history, someone for your inadequacies.
          Fortunately nature understands the worthlessness of such individuals and they tend to unbreed themselves out of existence.

        37. Acknowledging obstacles to someone’s achievement isn’t indicative of “worthlessness”. The bulk of where you end up in life is up to your own will, but it’s also far from independent of circumstances. Consider all the children who wish more than anything to get out of ghettos. A few are lucky and work hard, allowing them to get profitable jobs and leave. But the majority, despite most effort, fall prey to gangs because they simply have no other way to defend themselves.
          When you’re born into a society that’s been shaped for centuries by the belief that women are only good for sex and children, your opportunities and expectations from peers/colleagues aren’t going to be high, supposing they don’t try to exclude you from the field altogether.

        38. “Honestly I’m not seeing much to rival my “middle school level” tactics. ”
          That’s because when it comes to middle school level tactics, YOU can’t be beaten. You are unrivaled.
          You win the Golden Tampon. And none to bloody soon!

      1. Lilac, your sisters in their comments are displaying exactly the same, judgmental, chauvinistic attitudes that they roundly screech at men for holding. Are you incapable of recognising hypocrisy, or is it just a nervous tic or something?

        1. Some feminists are men, so it’d be more accurate to say siblings xD Be more specific. Are you mad that they’re criticizing his shirt, but think women should be able to wear what they want?

        2. “Some feminists are men”
          Yes, I think I know where you are going with this. Just know that here, they are not though of as men, merely male.

        3. So masculine, so alpha, so male *swoon swoon* Seriously, your hatred of women and denigration of caring men is making my ovaries explode. Stop it or I might give up all my hopes and dreams to be a trophy wife and pop out 4 kids because it ensures I can’t cheat on you.

        4. “Are you mad that they’re criticizing his shirt, but think women should be able to wear what they want without judgment?”
          Strangely you seem to be criticising his shirt and promoting the idea women should be able to wear what they want without judgment.

        5. It depends on the context. Read the rest of my comment. I, along with(I think it’s safe to say) the bulk of society hold accomplished scientists to very different standards than average people or celebrities. They’re supposed to be models of integrity, respect, and intelligence. A T-shirt full of scantily-clad people of EITHER gender doesn’t communicate that.

        6. Are nerd/geek science types known for their fashion sense? You and the feminist freak hordes are criticizing this dude’s shirt in order to insert your inconsequential selves into this historical event. Bored , lazy and jealous you are.

        7. While your suppositions are shaped with incredible foresight, I don’t think you’re separating “fashion sense” from self awareness. He doesn’t have to look like a model, but someone smart enough to complete this mission is intelligent enough to know that people of all ages will see him on TV, including children, men, and women. Someone with his credentials should have had the brain capacity to adjust his attire to at least be appropriate.

        8. “Read the rest of my comment. I, along with(I think it’s safe to say) the bulk of society hold accomplished scientists to very different standards than average people or celebrities.”
          First sign of a narcissist is when she thinks the world has to think or operate the way she does.

        9. “Hence, he should have used discretion in realizing that children might see his interview, and hence notice his inappropriate shirt.”
          Shut up, cunt!
          You do not give a rat’s fuck about children.
          Or society.
          Or anybody but yourself and your bottomlessly selfish interpretation of the world.

        10. Obviously. That’s the entire reason I care enough to express my opinion in this extremely welcoming site.

        11. I would, but I don’t find either gender really attractive. I eat healthy, exercise regularly, and never been diagnosed with hormonal issues. Marriage never appealed to me, and this site (among other things) have compounded that opinion. I’d rather get old and wrinkly living close to friends and family than tied down to an “alpha male”, as hard as that is to believe.
          Sorry you can’t handle women as opinionated as yourself.

        12. Difference between *has to and assuming that others think the same way. I’m a narcissist because years of media exposure have shown me that celebrities are prized for their looks, not their scientific abilities/dignity?

        13. Whoops, I forgot: only cave men that don’t understand women are “real men”. My mistake.

        14. If you really think that if a female scientist did something similar to Matt Taylor that the reaction would have been the same, you are completely delusional.

        15. Not the same, but at least similar. You’d have one party wildly supporting them, while the general news would criticize them at least moderately, and finally sites like this that would seize the opportunity to denigrate a female scientist who did something unprofessional.

        16. ‘Are you mad that they’re criticizing his shirt, but think women should be able to wear what they want without judgment?’
          man and women should be able to wear what they want and have sovereignty over their bodies including if a woman consented to allow a man to utilize her orifices for a certain amount of time in exchange for dinner/flowers/gifts/cash/meaningful conversation/whatever.
          ‘If that’s the case, you have to realize that this isn’t an ordinary street-fashion/party situation. This man is an otherwise highly-intelligent, reputable scientist. It was a broadcast intended to be seen throughout the nation. Hence, he should have used discretion in realizing that children might see his interview and hence notice his inappropriate shirt.’
          it will only be inappropriate if their parents chose to teach those children that it is inappropriate but it does not have to be that way.
          ‘As I’ve noted throughout this comment section, it would be akin to a female scientist in his position putting on a shirt full of “sexy” men, or over-done makeup. Neither situation is appropriate for a formal scientific interview.’
          i am not insecure as some people apparently are, that top-ranking female scientist can put a shirt full of cocks and proceed to suck actual cocks on television for all i care.
          ‘If this was some random celebrity at a party I wouldn’t care much, because they aren’t held to as high standards.’
          and pray tell why must we even hold a scientist to different standards from a jihadist or a celebrity or a misandrist or a misogynist or a merchant? shall we all not endeavor towards true real ideal equality? to help keepin’ it real, please allow me to reprezent dat shylock dude da merchant of venice :
          ‘I am a Jew. Hath not a Jew eyes? Hath not a Jew hands, organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passions? Fed with the same food, hurt with the same weapons, subject to the same diseases, healed by the same means, warmed and cooled by the same winter and summer as a Christian is? If you prick us, do we not bleed? If you tickle us, do we not laugh? If you poison us, do we not die? And if you wrong us, shall we not revenge?’

        17. You honestly think it’s a good idea to hold celebrities to the same standards as doctors? Try getting that to happen for the public majority.

        18. yeah you got me there dawg, seriously, i only believe in equality when it suits me, gnomesayin?

        19. And women are supposed to be “models of integrity, respect and intelligence”. Much more than this scientist, because motherhood – THE most important job in the world.
          Failing miserably there…

        20. You hit the nail right on the fucking head. And the rationalization continues by women….
          It wasn’t ok for him to wear that shirt because…blah, blah, fucking blah.
          It is ok for her to dress like a whore, but men shouldn’t cat call her because more blah, blah..fuckety fuck, blah, blah…
          These bitches are really delusional.

        21. He’d just landed a probe on comet, the first human being to ever do that. I think his mind was probably more focused on that fact rather than ‘well should probably change now so I don’t offend anyone’
          I hope the history books leave out the part where irrational feminists complained about a shirt on the day humanity landed on a comet. At least relegate that detail to a footnote.

        22. That doesn’t excuse him from failing to dress professionally. You would be up in arms if a female scientist was on TV with a shirt full of dicks and overdone makeup.

        23. Oh dear god, my life is over because I can’t pop out some miserable guys’ child. I’ll warn my adopted children about you lovely gents, don’t worry.

        24. “Oh dear god, my life is over because I can’t pop out some miserable guy’s”
          Any guy who bags you WOULD be miserable.
          Who’s going to warn your adopted children about you?
          Now hush up and make us some sammiches.

        25. So since most women are completely worthless cum dumpsters, it’s OK for them to wear whatever I guess. Am I close?
          Your logic fails roundly, like your ass.

        26. Landing a probe on a comet 100+ million miles away does communicate respect.
          Keep your catty fashionista logic away from the doers of the world, thanks.

        27. He’s a scientist. He’s not a celebrity where his appearance and demeanor is really at issue. I’m sure you voted for Obama, where despite the obvious his skills with the teleprompter and lack of fro told you he’s someone inspiring. Style over substance means nothing in the real world, which is why you don’t get it.

        28. You hold doctors to the same standards as celebrities, ass-backwards to say the least. Don’t look pretty, must be a failure.
          Again, cattiness the likes of which are displayed from one woman to another. Especially picking on a guy that you KNOW isn’t good around women… Sad. Hopefully this opens the eyes of more people to this hamsteresque lifestyle you and your ilk lead. Stop destroying confidence over small issues.

        29. I didn’t like either candidate…but yes, assumption is obviously a logical argument tactic.
          Your appearance and demeanor is always being judged the moment you’re able to be observed by other people(in this case, the entire nation and beyond). No one is saying he should have strutted up in designer runway garb, merely that, as a person of such high mental caliber, he should have had the ounce of sense required to dress appropriately for a serious interview.

        30. Then choosing to use your moment of glory to wear a shirt full of women in BDSM garb? ‘Fraid not, unless you’re like the many blokes that jerk off to this site.
          He knew he’d be representing his colleagues and other highly professional members of the project on the interview; the least he could do was dress conservatively. As this site loves to tout, people are judged based on their appearances, and as the author himself mentioned, his outfit was in poor taste. So unless you find him “catty” as well, do the world a favor and shove it.

        31. Doesn’t want children=sterile=useless?
          Nice logic, bruh.
          I’d like to hear what your mom thinks of this, assuming she wasn’t discarded by your surely “alpha” father, or left.

        32. The clueless one is you, my friend.
          The logic has nothing to do with you or any woman being “useless” for not having children. It has everything to do with your obviously loudly ticking biological clock.
          The fact is, that I pity you. You have bought a lie and at a very steep price, I might add. You act tough, but we both know that you will be crying yourself to sleep tonight, all alone.

        33. Nice one bav, lilac isn’t even intelligent enough to know when she and her ilk is being subtly mocked.

        34. Gentlemen, stop responding to Lilac Haze. Heshewhatever other nonsense gender is a feminist, and a cunt, and therefore cannot be reasoned with. Give it the attention it deserves, none.

        35. ‘That doesn’t excuse him from failing to dress professionally. You would be up in arms if a female scientist was on TV with a shirt full of dicks and overdone makeup.’
          i am not insecure as some immature people apparently are, that female scientist has my blessings to garb herself in a shirt full of cocks and then proceed to suck actual cocks on live television for all i care.

        36. But freedom of speech and opinion is always relevant, or this site would have been annihilated by now. The mods can block me whenever they feel like it; in the meantime users of all intellectual levels are able to respond as they see fit.

        37. I can’t be reasoned with by male supremacists, no. But try some actual logic and respect, and we’d have an exponentially more productive discussion.

        38. It’s incredibly rare of me to cry without a jolt of hormones from PMS. Aside from that, I’m nowhere near menopause, so this “loudly ticking biological clock” is not only unfounded, but irrelevant.
          About these “lies” I’ve been fed: try to understand, brah, I was raised by Conservative Christian Republicans(AKA “good” people in your mental schema), with extended families pretty much in the same mindset. Yet none of them feel the need to degrade women, or see their only possible path to happiness as housewives. Clear the shit out of your eyes and take a look around. It’s not easy to believe after “swallowing the red pill”, I know, but not every woman is happy in life with an egotistical “alpha” dom male for a husband, bossing her around.
          In reality everyone’s a mixture of these “types” that game sites love to separate(betas, omegas, alphas). Yes, some women love jerks, that’s no secret, but in all of the happy, long marriages I’ve noticed, both spouses treat each other with respect, not this player “if you don’t do exactly as I say, I’ll leave your sorry ass” BS. If you’re actually concerned with “rebuilding” society to be better, open your mind and treat women like people.

        39. the bulk of society is insecure and immature, don’t join them, take my cock err i mean my hand and together we shall forge the brave new world order where equality reign supreme, where no patriarchy shall deny and oppress any little girl from sucking cocks if she feels like it.

        40. ‘I hope the history books leave out the part where irrational feminists
          complained about a shirt on the day humanity landed on a comet.’
          i’m a red piller misogynist but i’m with the feminist on this one because you see, i too have legitimate complaints about that shirt. what a fucking waste of fabric! instead of some lame images of scantily clad women, matt should have worn a shirt with images of stark-naked hot
          women sucking cocks and taking cocks in their pussies and buttholes!

        41. I want to remind you guys it is the policy of Return of Kings to not engage liberals, bitches, or faggots in discussion. Their brand of irrationality and inability to percieve the world from a masculine point of view is not welcome or necessary here on this site. Arguing with them is pointless. Thsy do not come here looking for rational discussion or a solution to the problems of our society. You’d just as much be able to argue a squirrel out of a tree then convince them of reality. Evolution did not see fit to equip them with the necessary faculties for problem solving and leadership, and thus should be ignored.

        42. Worry not; I have no trouble understanding the mindset. I see shades and aspects of it reflected throughout society: for better in some, when ignoring the misogynistic bits and emphasizing the personal discipline stressed, and for worse in others who spend their lives chasing after “fresh meat”, then whining about how shitty and useless women are who don’t succumb to their every desire. I’ve been surrounded mostly by traditionalists growing up, yet even the men in those situations lived blissfully with their wives, and held a positive, respectful attitude towards women in general. And guess what? They spend their days happily in companionship, rather than dashing to “manosphere” sites to rag on about how women are the root of all evil.
          I understand the site’s “pro-masculine, anti-everything else when it doesn’t serve my needs” mindset perfectly; the difference is that I’m not afraid to express an opinion different from the site’s majority fanbase.

        43. Remember men, feminism is ultimately an attempt by women to behave as they percieve men to be. It fails because women are incapable of understanding men as they have no point of reference. Imagine a mans small daughter walking around in her fathers workboots proclaiming that she too is a man, oblivious to how silly her proclamation is. Like children, female silliness is to be ignored.

      2. Well, I’m offline for the afternoon and miss all the fireworks! Looks like plenty’s already been said here but I’ll mention the original comment was merely a poke at the hypocrisy prevelant in so much of feminist doctrine… where the point seems to be to absolve women of any responsibility for their actions while piling on men for even the most trivial.
        What we’ve got here is a colourful shirt unearthing a complete shitstorm, when all the focus should have been on the amazing accomplishments the world just witnessed. The images barely qualify as controversial, unless one’s trying their hardest to find controversy, but the mass victim mentality can find a patriarchal boogeyman anywhere. Relative to absolutely anything current in the public eye, the sexual aspect here was tame, yet here we are in the midst of a huge, distracting fuss. An eccentric scientist dresses in something unusual during a historic moment, which could have been spun with a fun, cool angle for aspiring scientists, and instead there’s this insane uproar where a man’s career is suddenly at stake, based entirely on feelings. Feelings of supposed discomfort and oppression. Spare me.
        If the shirt a man wears upsets someone enough to avoid a career path in STEM studies, perhaps they don’t have the mental fortitude to make it in such demanding fields in the first place.

      3. “So rape and online comments are perfectly equal? ”
        That sounds like a trick question.
        I’ll go with Yes.

      4. Rape… the kind of rape reported 40 years after the fact and with utterly no evidence. That kind of rape ?

    3. Yep…just because she dresses like a whore doesn’t mean she’s a whore….lol.
      Sure it does.

  13. Becasue we have a superiority of the woman agenda in place almost everywhere they have to create fake problems in the first place. The louder they scream the less credible it is!
    Cant say what i wish those lousy fucks that attacked this genius and very humble man. If he would be my brother i would … yes thats correct guys :D.
    Now lets pretend this appologize never took place and lets focus on the bigger story or REAL deal. A MAN of pure genius did land a robot on a comet… no flabby fat shaby cunt of the Femifarters… NO.. they can only dream becoming just 1 % of what this guy has done. He is already a legend!
    And these hatefull disgusting pigs are only upset about the fact… man can do everything because they have something these woman will never have!

  14. I think Matt Taylor is now famous for taking trolling to a whole new level…
    Matt Taylor trolls all of North America AND Outer-Space all in one day!!!
    Just try and beat that!!! Not gonna happen!!!
    Matt Taylor is the one troll to rule them all!!!

  15. He could have been modern day Galileo but he succumbed to shrill femtards. He should at least have tried to stand his ground. I guess he deserves to be remembered for shameful display than this achievement.

    1. Even smart men aren’t immune to the (social) cues they get from their environment. The tentacles of progressivism and feminism extend to science.

      1. I know, I know but in such cases I’d like to ask the obvious question just like a little child would do.

      2. He was probably expecting nothing but admiration and accolades for his ground-breaking work.
        Probably put in countless hours of hard stressful work to make this happen… and this is what he wakes up to…

    2. “If he’s such a smart man, why did he feel he had to apologise?”
      Because Matt Taylor is also a gentleman, which can be a liability these days.

  16. The irony is, the shirt was hand-made for him by a female artist friend. He wore it, on his most important day, as a tribute to her.

    1. Women attacking other women. That should have been the focus of his argument. He should have taken himself out of it and made it about her.
      We (here) already know that in the absence of a man women will tear each other to pieces.

  17. It’s clear we men have a deep protective instinct to look out for women, combine that with some forms of Christianity and feminized society then you get the modern man who bows down to women whenever they complain. All their bullshit preys on your protective instincts. Its our natural impulse to assist them.
    You need to de-program yourselves and stop looking for ways to help women. They don’t deserve it, as soon as society become comfortably advanced the women revealed their wickedness….they don’t appreciate any of it.
    I only help old ladies, like my grandma, whose been married 58 years.
    Don’t help or save the younger ones in any capacity

    1. The first step in the deprograming is to realise that the women’s beauty is in fact … fake. They wear high heels, which gives them the look of being vulnerable and in a need of protection. Majority of women have knock knees but if you notice when they pose for pictures they try actually to emphasise that feature. They never stand straight as healthy, instead they twist their bodies to look weak and deformed. Strangely this is considered beautiful. You ever wondered why?
      Because female fashion tries to make them look in need of a protector. Men usually fall for it. Even more so, today’s women are encouraged to look skinny and unhealthy as a sign of being attractive. The skinny legs are called pins and are proudly displayed.
      When a woman actually does something positive for her physical appearance, she starts to display masculine features, which shows that the male physique is favoured by nature.
      Unless we realise that women are in fact sub-humans and stop worshiping their nonexistent beauty, we will never be able to overwrite the program.

      1. Women are “subhuman” because society tells us we should look weak and deformed to be attractive? Where is the logic in that opinion?

        1. There isn’t, because that isn’t what he actually wrote. Learn to fucking read, Molecular Biology Girl.

        2. You don’t have to ‘look’ weaker than men, You already are weaker than men. Even a fat lazy guy will have more muscle mass than a woman who strength trains for years. Don’t blame us, blame biology. Theres nothing you can do about it

        3. He talks in length about society finding “weak” and “deformed” looking women attractive because it activates the “protector” instinct in males. Then he concludes with “Unless we realise that women are in fact sub-humans and stop worshiping their nonexistent beauty, we will never be able to overwrite the program.”
          He gives no other reasons to presumably define women as “subhuman” to men. What else can we assume, from what he’s written, is the reason for women being “subhuman”? I read often and well; get off your high horse, hun.

        4. What do women buid Lilac? Nothing. Every great achievement by humans has been by men. Even a dumb man is expected to survive on his own. Women are given safety nets and legal protections specifically to help their natural disadvantages. That makes you subhuman

        5. So because some women want and/or need protections, all of us are useless slugs? I’ve stated it before and I’ll state it again: I want to get a job based on my qualifications, not my vagina. I didn’t make society the way it is, but be damn sure I wasn’t raised to wallow in welfare.

        6. I never said that women aren’t naturally weaker than men, so idk where you’re getting that from. But you can’t ignore drastically different body types: some guys are small boned and skinny naturally, while many women are medium to large-boned and more able to gain muscle by comparison. If the fat lazy guy in your example is say, 5’6 and 200 pounds, probably has less muscle compared to an athletic 5’10 girl at 140 pounds.

        7. Lilac – that’s why feminism’s alliance with democrats and socialism is bizarre.
          With more educated women in the workforce, one would think youd all want to keep your paychecks. Instead women tend to vote liberal and get higher taxes in return. Its like none of you intend to support a household on your own.
          Women should be doing well in the free market…you have opportunities previous generations of women did not have, and yet at the end of the day you just want more daddy gov ‘equality’ policies to supplant men.

        8. There are many reasons people vote democrat. For some women it’s because they can’t get behind an old white man supporting anti-abortion laws, or being against gay marriage. Others prefer Keynesian economics, or were raised with more liberal perspectives of the country. I believe in socialism to an extent, but I think that at this point it’d be wisest to gradually remove the gov. help in areas where it isn’t absolutely necessary(everyone’s definition of this will vary).
          “It’s like none of you intend to support a household on your own” I don’t know why they vote for these policies, so don’t group me with them. I plan to have my own house and sustainable income.

        9. “I believe in socialism to an extent,…”
          Further down the thread you said you were a libertarian. Can you even keep your own story straight?

        10. You can have multiple opinions and various sections of different parties that you agree with. It’s not forbidden. I believe in libertarianism to an extent, like many other things. I don’t think it’s healthy to force yourself to only align with one party, whether you disagree with some of their views or not

        11. “So because some women want and/or need protections, all of us are useless slugs?”
          Yeah, that’s pretty much it.

        12. Your striking intelligence baffles me. Yes, because some women are afraid of getting raped by macho guys, ALL women are useless. Nice logic there.

        13. “Women are “subhuman” because society tells us we should look weak and deformed to be attractive?”
          No, you ARE weak. One man could carry two of you off the battlefield. It would take three of you to carry one man, and you’d be bitching the whole time.
          And it’s you that makes you deformed. Tats, studs, and the personality of a Honey Badger on the rag.
          Not subhuman. Just sub man.
          Now make us some sammiches.

        14. “What am I missing here that indicates my inability?”
          That you are missing it is what indicates your inability.

        15. ” I want to get a job based on my qualifications, not my vagina.”
          What exactly CAN your vagina do that would get you hired?
          “It can fold slices of bread.”
          “You can use it to store stuff.”
          “You can train it to make duck calls.”
          blap blap
          Pretty much it, toots. Unemployable, I’d say.

        16. “Your striking intelligence baffles me.”
          Well, it would.
          “Yes, because some women are afraid of getting raped by macho guys…”
          Macho guys aren’t the ones doing the raping, toots.
          Macho guys are the ones who would like to track down rapists and cut them in half. Not that you’d appreciate that.

        17. You overestimate body size and height of men as a group. Women’s personalities are fine; it’s men like yourself who have trouble handling them when they’re as opinionated as you.

        18. “Macho” guys are the “alpha male” archetypes perpetuated on this site, who are convinced that all women have rape fantasies and want to be treated like shit. If you actually cared about women beyond sex, you wouldn’t be visiting this site.

  18. The mayor of London, Boris Johnson actually defended him in this article:
    I watched that clip of Dr Taylor’s apology – at the moment of his supreme professional triumph – and I felt the red mist come down. It was like something from the show trials of Stalin, or from the sobbing testimony of the enemies of Kim Il-sung, before they were taken away and shot. It was like a scene from Mao’s cultural revolution when weeping intellectuals were forced to confess their crimes against the people.
    Why was he forced into this humiliation? Because he was subjected to an unrelenting tweetstorm of abuse. He was bombarded across the internet with a hurtling dustcloud of hate, orchestrated by lobby groups and politically correct media organisations.
    And so I want, naturally, to defend this blameless man. And as for all those who have monstered him and convicted him in the kangaroo court of the web – they should all be ashamed of themselves.
    Yes, I suppose some might say that his Hawaii shirt was a bit garish, a bit of an eyeful. But the man is not a priest, for heaven’s sake. He is a space scientist with a fine collection of tattoos, and if you are an extrovert space scientist, that is the kind of shirt that you are allowed to wear.
    As for the design of the garment, I have studied it as closely as the photos will allow, and I can’t see what all the fuss is about. I suppose there are women with long flowing hair and a certain amount of décolletage. But let’s not mince our words: there are no nipples; there are no buttocks; there is not even an exposed midriff, as far as I can see.
    It’s the hypocrisy of it all that irritates me. Here is Kim Kardashian – a heroine and idol to some members of my family – deciding to bust out all over the place, and good for her. No one seeks to engulf her in a tweetstorm of rage. But why is she held to be noble and pure, while Dr Taylor is attacked for being vulgar and tasteless?
    I think his critics should go to the National Gallery and look at the Rokeby Venus by Velázquez. Or look at the stuff by Rubens. Are we saying that these glorious images should be torn from the walls?
    What are we all – a bunch of Islamist maniacs who think any representation of the human form is an offence against God? This is the 21st century, for goodness’ sake. And if you ask yourself why so few have come to the defence of the scientist, the answer is that no one dares.
    No one wants to take on the rage of the web – by which people use social media to externalise their own resentments and anxieties, often anonymously and with far more vehemence than they really intend. No one wants to dissent – and no wonder our politics sometimes feels so sterilised and homogenised.
    There must be room in our world for eccentricity, even if it offends the prudes, and room for the vague other-worldliness that often goes with genius. Dr Taylor deserves the applause of our country, and those who bash him should hang their own heads and apologise.

    1. But they sure want to take advantage of a good opportunity to get elected when they can. Piss off Boris you sly Fox.

  19. This is beyond cyberbullying. SJWs have shockingly low empathy for being such an emotional crowd.

  20. most of the time its a minor annoyance but this one really pisses me off. ‘drunk of hubris’ hits in on the head

  21. Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar came up with a mathematical theory for black holes in the 30’s yet his work was discredited partly because of his race, but mainly it was due to the threat his work posed to careers of others. He continued his work in astrophysics and was eventually awarded a Nobel Prize. Why? because he was a man and not a whining little bitch. He had to take on the greatest minds of the British Empire not a stupid fucking t-shirt.

      1. Reading about Chandrasekhar in Empire of the Stars truly humbled me. If feminists studied the lives of truly great men and women rather than the latest queen of whores on Jezebel perhaps they wouldn’t react so strongly to trivial issues.

    1. Equalists believe they are helpless and can never get ahead if anybody is above them. Which is why they’ve been losers since day one, and will continue to be.

  22. You’d think that STEM women would be too excited about landing a rocket on a comet to notice his shirt. Is it possible that women don’t actually like science?

    1. They just like being a part of science as a trend. Same with gaming. Real science would bore the shit out of them.

    2. I love science, but when you decide to wear a shirt flooded with provocative ladies when you KNOW you’ll be getting national attention, it shows a deficiency in social intelligence/self-awareness. Yes, the scientific achievement is 1,000,000 times more important, and yes the shirt ordeal is blown out of proportion, but it’s not irrational to notice and criticize, just as it wouldn’t be irrational to criticize a female scientist in the same position for wearing a shirt covered in sexy, shirtless guys.

  23. He should not have apologised. Just give the Kuntz the middle finger…. probably not in his nature but he’s gotta wise up. I hope he’s learned a lot from this incident.

  24. “This discourages women from entering science fields”
    And she did not have to back it up. The void of women in the sciences is now rationalized on a goofy shirt. Oh the humanity.

    1. It doesn’t discourage me; I just think he just made a shitty choice and revealed to the public that his intelligence isn’t well-rounded.
      He may be a genius in science, but it says something when he didn’t have the foresight to select a more appropriate shirt. In the grand scheme, however, it’s trivial. It’s more a symptom of an attitude than a cause of girls to retreat from the sciences. Lame shirts don’t extinguish true passion for a subject. Feminist here =P

        1. Yes, and you seem to be under the impression that women’s interest in the sciences DOES hinge on a T-shirt, so I wanted to offer a little perspective. Do you disagree with the quote?

        2. The statement can only be made by someone that knows the minds of all women. It’s false on it’s face.

        3. “Wahh, lies. No woman would stay in the sciences after this.” And yet, my female relatives are still happily employed, and my interest in molecular biology hasn’t diminished. Do you have a logical point to make, or just whining?

        4. “Wahh, lies. No woman would stay in the sciences after this.”
          Who are you quoting and what is your point? Your responses have been non sequitur, or at least misdirected.
          Save your “whining” trope for someone else.

        5. Save your generalities for 4chan. I’m telling you that I don’t know “every woman’s mind”, only my own, and I’m interested in science despite one guy’s fashion choices. Sorry that’s so difficult for you to swallow.

        6. “Sorry that’s so difficult for you to swallow.”
          I have a feeling that it’s difficult for YOU to swallow.

      1. “I just think he just made a shitty choice and revealed to the public that his intelligence isn’t well-rounded”
        Kind of like the woman who decides to dress in revealing clothing and then “wonders” why she was being catcalled by men on the street.
        It’s their fault, the man’s fault……they need to learn how “not” to catcall when a woman dresses like a whore on the street.

        1. Do you honestly think it’s feasible to expect society to hold professionals(especially doctors, scientists, etc.) to the same standard as everyday people?

        2. Do you honestly believe that it’s acceptable to hold men to a higher (or different) standard? Women want everything “the same” or equal to men until it comes down to comparing them – pound for pound – to a man (i.e. clothes, actions, etc…). Women want “selective equality”.
          Women do this, constantly, and without much thought to it. It’s like a knee jerk reaction and no one questions it for fear of reprisal.
          Fuck that…not on my shift.

        3. Depending on the person, some will hold women to ridiculous and narrow standards of acceptability(i.e. the bulk of authors and commenters on this site) and some will do the same to men(radfem’s, misandrists, etc.). I’m asking you if, independent of gender, you think it’s realistic to expect the bulk of society to magically decide to hold scientific professionals and media celebrities/the average person to the same standards.

        4. Yeah, more bullshit. The MSM, society and namely women are to blame for holding women to a higher standard (not men). Men take the heat for women instead of women calling out their own.
          You want to start a real moment? Start one where women start to call out their own for all of the nonsense going on, today. The black community started doing it years ago….women need to follow that lead.
          Women holding other women responsible for all of the bullshit (that they don’t need in today’s society). You may make a real difference.

        5. Still ignoring my question.
          No shit, women have the potential to be vitriolic towards each other given the right circumstances(as with men). However, men aren’t faultless; they aren’t the ONLY sources of conflict between women, but they’re often the root(for straight women),
          Not sure what’s giving you the impression that the media is being ignored as a cause; I heard it preached about throughout school, and much more than criticisms against men as a whole.

        6. “women have the potential to be vitriolic towards each other given the right circumstances(as with men)”
          No, sweetheart..and that’s where you don’t understand men vs. women. Men don’t do this kind of shit…only women. Women are this way towards others women (always). It’s always a competition thing where they “place nice on the surface” but can’t stand other women. I’ve seen it too many times and women won’t admit it because it isn’t the right thing to say in our society. I never hear women say they “want to be with an asshole or abuser” on a dating site…but there it is.
          There is no arguing with a woman because its all emotional shit (no logic). Women will go on and on (even when presented with facts). They’ll never shut up and accept the fact that – feminism has outlived it’s usefulness (much like Unions).

    2. Agree. Not that the field is hard or that they find it “boring”.
      The shirt made women stay away.
      Is it an “evil” shirt?

    1. Drat. I just posted about this without looking. I didn’t realize you had already posted about it.

  25. As a feminist, I don’t think his shirt is as big a deal as people made it out to be, but it isn’t appropriate given the immense scientific achievement. Sure some scientists fall under the “non-socially aware” stereotype, but you’d think that he’d be a bit more intelligent in his fashion choices, if he can make such strides in science.
    About the little photo comparing Jessica Valenti and his attire, I’ve seen hers going around le internetz for awhile now, so it has caused a stir. However she’s the founder of a site, not a valuable scientist, so public standards aren’t as high for her(Tl;DR she can get away with more because her job isn’t as immediately practical and “huge” in the grand scheme of the world.)

    1. He was busy flying a rocket 300 million miles to land on a comet hurtling through space.
      You do that, you can wear whatever you want.
      This is just more female attention whoring.

      1. Assume what you like. I don’t think it’s a crime to disparage an immature outfit choice when an adult knows full-well they’ll be broadcast widely. Similarly, it’d be silly for a grown woman to have hoop earrings and excessive makeup on if she’d been in his place.
        Just because you “can” doesn’t mean you “should”. He could have gotten on camera in a speedo; it won’t elevate anyone’s opinion of him.

        1. My opinion remains he flew a rocket 300 million miles to land on a comet hurtling through space. Something that has never before been done.
          Your opinion is he dresses poorly.
          One of those items is important. It’s historical. It’s a huge achievement that took an incredible amount of work and detailed preparation over the course of decades to accomplish.
          One is mindnumbingly trivial. It means absolutely nothing to anyone. He put on a shirt you don’t like.
          This is why it’s hard to take American women seriously about anything. You focus on the stupidest, most trivial shit imaginable and expect everything else to come to a halt because of it.

        2. And you, along with the article’s author, seem convinced that every feminist cares only about his shirt, yet I’ve mentioned multiple times the high level of scientific achievement involved. His shirt is getting focus because, coming from a guy who knows he’ll be getting attention, it looks like an attempt to flip off women. People are saying that it’s “discouraging to girls who want to pursue science” not because one shirt will somehow be the deciding factor of their careers, but because it sends a message of “this is a field for big boys, and we only see women as sex objects, so look pretty and get the fuck out”. While I’m sure you and many others here could sympathize with that sentiment, not everyone’s going to look past shitty choices, even if they’re not as important in the grand scheme.

        3. Even if you want to be hard-nosed about it, timing is everything…
          If you wanted to heckle the guy’s shirt it could have waited…
          What should have been the greatest day of this guy’s life is now a national joke.

        4. He could have taken an ounce of consideration to recognize that the media has a tendency to blow similar things out of proportion, and taken it into account. Scientists tend to be good observers.
          For the 100th time, no, the bulk of attention towards his shirt was not necessary, but I don’t feel sympathy for him to make such a stupid decision after spending years on a project he obviously cares dearly about.

        5. ” I don’t feel sympathy for him to make such a stupid decision after spending years on a project he obviously cares dearly about.”
          Typical woman. Thinks that how someone dresses on one day out of the ten years or so the fucking ship has been flying towards a comet is a decision that needed any thought or consideration. This is why feminism is a failed force.

        6. “He could have taken an ounce of consideration to…”
          Only an American woman would have such an exaggerated sense of self worth as to think he should have had his mind on you instead of his historic accomplishment. Thanks for giving all the employers in the field of science a warning what to expect if they hire you shitheads.

        7. I’m not supposed to be feeding you, but your comment is the comment of an idiot whose biggest project in her life has been putting her makeup on in the morning.

        8. “His shirt is getting focus because, coming from a guy who knows he’ll be getting attention, it looks like an attempt to flip off women.”
          Exactly how do you come to that conclusion except in the most oversensitive, faux-victimised state of mind?

        9. It’s not difficult to arrive at when you realize that he’s an adult with the knowledge that children and people of both genders will see his interview. It wouldn’t be appropriate for a woman to wear a shirt covered in dicks, so why is this okay?

        10. 12 year of classical piano practice, 9 A.P. classes in high school, sales jobs, now college. Get over your fucking self and talk to actual women.
          Address my point logically or go punch a wall. Your aggression isn’t useful here.

        11. Uh-oh. Someone’s grumpy no one’s kissing her ass. Daddy told you everyone thought you were special, didn’t he?
          You have no point to address logically. That’s your problem. You think everyone should be considering your delicate feelings all the time regardless of what they’re actually doing. People who spent 10 years doing historical work should consider what Lilac Haze thinks is an appropriate shirt.
          You went to high school, had a job, and started college. That’s an amazing feat. You’re like what, the 3 billionth person to do that? That almost gives you a resume big enough to question what someone who spent 10 years landing a rocket on a comet 300 million miles away wears for a shirt.
          I have nothing left to say to you and you’re just gonna repeat yourself so have fun with the last word.

        12. “It wouldn’t be appropriate for a woman to wear a shirt covered in dicks, so why is this okay?”
          Nice try, but the guy’s shirt was not explicit. Again: unless you’ve programmed your brain to be an oversensitive moron, how do you come to this conclusion?

        13. As my previous comments have explained multiple times, you can acknowledge someone’s scientific prestige while criticizing their moronic dress choices to represent the field on national television.
          I know you’re more interested in personal attacks, but try to let this sink in: people are allowed to have diverse opinions. You can see a person in both positive and negative lights. Chill the fuck out.

        14. You find it “oversensitive”, which is subjective, but taking it a step nearer, I doubt a female scientist in the same position with a T-shirt just covered in scantily-clad or even just shirtless men would receive good PR.

        15. Yeah, it would be silly for a woman to wear hoop earrings (see Anita Sarkeesian for more), but she wouldn’t be subjected to a firestorm of fury for doing so.
          Check your gender privilege.

        16. It depends on the extremity. Imagine if this guy had been wearing a shirt with just women’s faces, or modestly dressed women in non-sexual poses. He’d probably still get some back-fire and be labeled “eccentric”, but far fewer people would be screaming “misogynist”. Anita Sarkeesian isn’t held to the same standards as an acclaimed scientist, so she’s not a valid example in comparison. But if a female scientist in the same position as Matt Taylor was wearing hoops to her boobs, then yes, people would notice and mock her. However, even that wouldn’t be targeting men, as Taylor’s shirt does to women, hence it wouldn’t be viewed as sexist or as horrible. On the other hand, she would get a shitstorm if she wore a Magic Mike fan shirt for the interview(probably lots of jokes about female scientists being “thirsty” would erupt, surely from sites like this). There is an imbalance in reactions to female and male attire, of course, but it’s not as extreme as you seem to think it is. You have to consider all the factors.

        17. It’s plenty extreme. Were the women on his shirt displaying any nudity at all? Even a bare breast? No? Besides, I thought, according to feminists, breasts were non sexual because they are used to nurse babies … ah, the hypocrisy.
          A female scientist wearing corollary attire might be mocked, but there would not be shrieks of “Oppression!” I don’t care what profession she might be in.
          Misandry is so comfortably assumed. No one would pay the slightest attention to a man expressing discomfort at a female nurse wearing a shirt with hunk art on it.
          Check your privilege.

        18. Except they’re not being used to nurse babies on the shirt. They’re in leather BDSM costumes in sexual poses. A professional interview isn’t the place to objectify women with your clothes.
          There wouldn’t be shrieks of “oppression” towards a female wearing similar attire because men aren’t judged and limited by society by their appearances. An out-of-shape guy can wear a leather outfit and be “funny” or “a weirdo” for a day, not a “worthless slut”. And that’s if she’s attractive.

        19. Woman ^^ You are just an absurdity. You’re a joke. The shirt was made for this guy by a woman. He’s not fucking Ralph Lauren he’s a mad , brilliant scientist. I think his shirt is “edgy” and cool. You at your core are jealous of this guy cause you know men naturally , biologically are better at science. And you don’t like that a MAN is in the spotlight therefore you must ruin his moment of triumph like the spoiled brat you are

        20. Very well-thought out response, Gladius. There are just a few flaws: why would I have issues with men making achievements in science? The Rosetta mission is amazing. If you actually read my comments, you’d know that. If I truly wished to sever nads as you seem to think, why would I be lauding his work so much? Also, where is the proof that men are “biologically” better at science? I’m sure you can proof of higher spatial intelligence, which can be explained, but what peer-reviewed data is there on your claim of being “biologically better at science”? If you can pull up some unbiased data, I’d be interested to see.

        21. Au contraire. The woman would be lauded as “empowered”. And you’ve been spouting subjective horseshit across the thread, so please: spare us the hypocrisy.

        22. Jobs, Gates, Fermi ,Oppenheimer, Einstein , Da Vinci, Michaelangelo, Bach , Beethoven, Craig Venter, Voltaire, Sarte, Plato, Aristotle, Epicureus, Spinosa, Newton, Wright Bros, Goddard, Von Braun, Galen, Cousteau, Ford, Gallileo,Edison,Tesla, Alex Graham Bell, John Dalton,Archimedes, Pythagorus,Aldo Leopold, Alfred Nobel,Celsius,Carl Sagan,Copernicus, Hubble, Kepler, Descartes,Blaise Pascal,Robt Boyle,Robt Hooke, Von Leuwhenhook,Fibonacci,Ben FRanklin, ThomJefferson, Volta, Brahmagupta,Gregor Mendel, Alex Fleming,Andreas Vesalius, BF Skinner, Freud, Bill Nye, Darwin,Claude Bernard, E.O Wilson, Eward Teller, Enrico Fermi, Ernest Rutherford, Columbus, Magellan, Marco Polo, Euclid, Ohm, George Washington Carver,Gottfried Leibniz, Marconi, Henry David Thoreau, Rorschach, Pavlov, James Watt, Piaget, Carl Jung,John Locke, Karl Marx, Milton Friedman, Jonas Salk, Louis Pasteur,Max Planck, Neil deGrasse Tyson,
          Neil Armstrong, Neils Bohr,Paul Ehrlich,Robert Koch,Rudolf Virchow, Stephen Hawking, EDison, Roentgen, William Harvey, William Hopkins, Raphael, Van Gough, Ole Christiann Huygens, Gutenberg,
          Francis Crick, Bertrand Russell, Gustav Ludwig Hertz, Henry Cavendish, Sergei Brin, Steve Balmer, Joseph Lister, Harvey Cushing, Foucalt, Linus Pauling, Faraday,Karl Jansky, robert Fulton, Dawkins, Sam Harris, Adam Smith, William James, Alan Turing,Carolus Linnaeus,Siemens,Francis Bacon,Ibn Battuta, Joule,John Napier,Joseph Priestly,Lewis and Clark,LInus Pauling,Noam Chomsky,LaPlace, Rene Descartes, Chandrasekhar, William Harvey, Steven Chu,Max Born,Richard Burton, Livingstone, Francis Galton,Edward Jenner,

        23. Plenty of remarkable people, but where is the data? We can play name games all day, but peer-reviewed studies would be a little more convincing.

        24. Spare me the personal attacks, you’ve proven yourself perfectly capable of rubbish. Even if a woman was “lauded” on the surface, sites like this(and many others) would turn a critical eye and judge her. Having a vagina doesn’t make everything you do 100% okay to society; au contraire. Take this sites unending list of expectations and contradictions as to what a woman MUST do to be “ideal” or “worthy” in the eyes of the obviously superior male.

        25. “A professional interview isn’t the place to objectify women with your clothes.”
          Sez you. When did you become the global clothing czar.
          It’s a mind focused on trivia that keeps most females from being philosophers, scientists, etc.
          Everything you say makes the case for us.
          “Objectify women.”
          That phrase says it all. Woman ARE objects—as with other things that exist materially.
          Make me a sammich, woman.

        26. “it looks like an attempt to flip off women. ”
          What’s wrong with that? Women need a good flipping off.
          It keeps their glands in tip-top condition.

        27. From Bart Munson…
          “whose biggest project in her life has been putting her makeup on in the morning.”
          Don’t forget dragging those size 9s around. That will give you serous thighs!
          How about your thighs, Hazy? 1-10.

        28. At last you see the light, Hazy.
          Most female speech is an expression of either “I’m pleased” or “I’m displeased”–suggesting arrogance, as if anyone [trying to live his own life while leaving other guys in peace] ought to give a shit.
          Lacking sufficient vocabulary and logic, females express these two base and egoistic emotions with stock phrases that only the lowing herd of females understand.
          ‘That is offensive.’
          ‘You never….’
          ‘How could you…?’
          ‘You always…’
          and of course,
          ‘Boo hoo hooeeyy. Now look what you’ve done.’
          It’s no use trying to reason with them, using facts and drawing valid conclusions, because there are no objective facts and no compelling arguments—only her feelings, which are the paramount reality. Better to nod and say MMMmmmmmm or Errrrrrr.
          And send her for a sammich and a cold one.
          “Thank you. Who’s the pretty girl?”
          “Me? Am I the pretty girl?”
          “Only you, pretty.”
          [aside. ‘fucking airhead.’]

      2. You think it’s illogical for society to have different standards for a sundry site creator and a valuable scientist?

        1. I’ve seen enough of your kind to know the kind of double standards, misandry and sexism that you inflict on men in western society. There was once a time when I truly believed that open dialogue and negotiation was the best way to move forward. I was wrong. There can be no negotiation, no dialogue, no peace between us. Cut my skin, I’ll cut your flesh. Cut my flesh, I’ll cut your bones. Cut my bones and I’ll cut you down. My ultimate objective would be to see your sick ideology of hate and misandry ground into dust and regarded as akin to child sacrifice or murder by the next generation. The amount of rage and anger building up by both men and women towards feminists like you is increasing everyday and the day will come when you and your kind will finally get the due reckoning

        2. Yup, I must be the crazy one =P
          Take a chill pill and listen to what I’m actually saying, brah.

  26. I just found this. Women are apparently also unhappy when men wear plain grey t-shirts as well.
    Here’s the article by Allison Davis
    “Zuckerberg Explains His Gray T-Shirts, Sounds Pretty Sexist”
    This has to be close to a tipping point. Things can’t get much stupider than this without some people starting to finally wake up and go, “wtf?”

  27. I had a friend, a childhood friend in science. She did 4 years. She told me “It was nice, hard, but nice… but I prefer working with people” So, she got in education and started working with young children… The lie that women don’t enter in sciences because of misogyny is obvious.
    Female are endoctrinated before high school to choose sciences, because they can do it, and they are as good as men.
    Then, some of them do enter in sciences… and it just happen they discover they just DON’T LIKE IT.
    Whatever social engineering say, Mars and Venus or Allan & Barbara Pease explain it in their books on males and females relationships: men and women want different outcome in life, and different balances with work and personal life!

    1. Interestingly my ex, stereotypically, majored in anthropology and sociology.. She got a job in social work, only to discover that she didn’t give a flying fuck about other people and their problems.
      She changed to computer programming, where she never had a lick of trouble with ‘miss soggy knee,’ for the simple reason that her code was always on time, solid and for some strange reason that’s all her employers cared about. Go figure.

    2. I’ve never felt inclined towards children, and biology interests me. I also have a cousin(who’s definitely feminine) who enjoys creating/designing medical prosthetics. I have an aunt who has been getting satisfaction out of a career as a surgeon for decades. Tendencies exist, sure. But don’t allow them to dominate your view of ALL women.

      1. Stats. Look at the stats of women in child care or administration… and look at at the stats of women in sciences. Speaks for itself

        1. It speaks for a multitude of factors, but if you want to ignore those and only focus on pre-assumed gender roles, then they can choose whatever career/role they wish to have. I know personally, however, that not all women are inclined towards domestic lives and child-raising. It’s not that difficult to grasp.

        2. “then they can choose whatever career/role they wish to have.”
          Then quit blaming men for your choices.

      2. “I’ve never felt inclined towards children,”
        And children ain’t too hot about you, neither, toots.
        They see you coming down the sidewalk, they grab Mommy’s hand and say, “Mommy, I’m scared. Lets gtf out of here.”

        1. ‘They see you coming down the sidewalk, they grab Mommy’s hand and say, “Mommy, I’m scared. Lets gtf out of here.”‘ Damn, that’s funny!

  28. The guy landed a goddam space vehicle on a comet, most absolutely amazing
    science in our lives and they stole this guy’s moment to their cause and
    ruined one of his most significant moments in his life and used it to
    further their agenda. I was so mad. If I was that guy I would tell them
    to do it their damn selves next time wearing whatever they wanted.
    How is this even permissible? As an entire race we take a step forward toward the future and some bullshit like this makes the headlines and becomes more significant then an entire triumph for all of us. Social Justice? There is no Justice here.

  29. Everything social justice people care about is like a joke.
    Leave a bunch of feminists on an island and they’ll be eating each other in a month.

    1. Actually, by the “logic” suggested by this site claiming that feminists are undesirably manly compared to non-feminist women, wouldn’t they be more likely to have survivor skills? Especially if you consider the fact that a significant percentage are lesbians/bi, which are more likely to have masculine skills than your average girly-girl.

      1. “Actually, by the “logic” suggested by this site claiming that feminists are undesirably manly ..”
        Nothing manly about feminists.
        Men are defined more by character than body. And that character does not include whining, making big deals out of nothing, tattling, duplicity, unwillingness to take the consequences of shitty behavior, arrogance—all the while totally unable to survive for more than a few days if it weren’t for the ceaseless and often dangerous work of men.
        No, feminists are more like cockatoos. Always preening and never shutting up.

        1. Sorry your brain can’t acknowledge feminists who don’t fit your antagonistic schema. Lesbians have been found to have significantly higher fetal testosterone levels than straight women, and hence more masculine body structures/development.

        2. They’ve also been found to have a more highly developed part of the brain, called the “Carpet Munch Cortex.”

  30. It seems we have an ongoing feminist incursion in this thread. Initiate containment measures…

    1. Or bite the bullet and address points logically. If the mods want to block me, they’re able.
      What would really impress me is a respectful discussion without condescension, but then again, some dreams are too lofty to ever come to fruition. I need to grow a dick and be repulsed by women who don’t fit my mental schema of “femininity” before my opinion will be respectfully considered here, I suspect.

      1. Your validation is not required. Impressing you & having a back & forth discussion is just catering to your innate need for attention & therefore nowhere near the priorities of the fine citizens in this neck of the woods.
        You have made a few valid & interesting points. However,the rest of it is just your hamster on overdrive. You’re free to do so & free to read & explore the various nooks of this forest but were gonna go about our business.
        Feel free to ship yourself out if you find this space too hostile or unwelcoming for you. Not our problem.
        This is male space. The mods set the boundaries.This will be my last correspondence with you.

        1. I’m not seeking validation. I’m testing a hypothesis. Nobody’s required to respond or acknowledge it, but I find it interesting when I’m barraged with personal attacks and assumptions rather than logic, despite the users’ general groupthink that women’s intelligence is naturally and always inferior. Additionally, they harbor immense hatred towards radical feminists and tumblr users that *sometimes* create misandrist blogs and posts, yet they think they’re better because they do the same to women. Anyway, carry on.

        2. “I’m not seeking validation. I’m testing a hypothesis.”
          Yeah, because random talking on the internet amounts to data for a falsifiable proposition. Fuck off and stop pretending to be smarter than you are.

        3. “I’m not seeking validation.”
          The whole point of this comment is exactly that.
          “I’m testing a hypothesis.”
          Rigghhht. Testing Testing.
          “Nobody’s required to respond or acknowledge it,’
          And nobody will.
          “but I find it interesting when I’m barraged with personal attacks and assumptions”
          How can you be barraged by assumptions?
          “In-coming assumption!!!”
          “general groupthink that women’s intelligence is naturally and always inferior.”
          Yup, pretty much the story, toots.
          “Additionally, they harbor immense hatred towards radical feminists and tumblr users that *sometimes* create misandrist blogs and posts”…
          We’ll be coming into Hateful Harbor in five minutes.”
          “yet they think they’re better because they do the same to women.”
          Here’s an exemplar of how women don’t make those all important distinctions.
          See, it’s like this, toots.
          Misandry websites and their foremothers, such as Andrea “Hog” Dworkin and a bunch of other feminutcases, have been attacking men [all men] for 50 years.
          We’ve finally had our fill of being called oppressors, violent, exploiters, and in general the excuse that loser wymyn make for being fat, ugly, hairy, screechy toads. We are simply telling y’all to go fuck yourselves—-because we sure don’t want any.
          But not all women. Just the man-angry harpy cry baby fake women.

  31. Hi… I´m Lena cakepoo Dunham and i´m a femitard. I come here to demand my right to preach the femitards gospel to you – to you the man of the red pill.
    We the femitards of planet utopia are oppressed since 300.000 years and are sex slaves only to you… rape is not a joke … ask my mattress. She knows it, she is my witness.
    We the order of femitards hate on Mr. Taylor because science is man made and hence it´s evil and must be destroyed. Every invention and every man who works in the field of science hurt our war against the civilisation and that turned us femitards to what we are now. Completely bored and out of touch over privileged wymin who hate everything that you man of skills and dedication can do but we not.

  32. Trying to get a man to apologize is a woman’s ultimate shit test. Tell them you are sorry and they increase their shrieking with “well you SHOULD be sorry because you blah blah blah…”
    You failed. You did not hold your ground and they resent that.
    NEVER apologize to them or you’ll be sorry you did!

  33. I honestly don’t see how people give feminists and SJW’s any amount of power. The stuff they say, the fake issues they create, the videos they make, etc. are utterly the most idiotic, illogical, just straight-up dumbest things I’ve ever seen.
    When a group of people are as stupid and illogical as feminists, you’re supposed to tell them to STFU and then ignore them, not cave into their demands. This whole feminist movement is mind=blowing to me.

    1. If you can tell me what I’ve said that’s illogical, I’m all ears. Or you can keep making vague statements in favor of the mentality preached by the site’s authors.

      1. “If you can tell me what I’ve said that’s illogical, I’m all ears.”
        I thought you was all feet.
        Most of what females say is illogical.
        Women’s criticisms of men are a catalog of fallacies.
        Ad hominem. “He’s a man, so of course he says that.”
        False cause. “I can’t succeed because of the old boy network.”
        Overgeneralization. “Men are…” [I’ve known four.]
        Ambiguity and equivocation. Words mean whatever a woman wants them to mean at the moment.

        1. You realize that by making such generalizations about women, you’re being just as ignorant as those who use the phrases you’ve mentioned?

  34. One of the greatest scientific endeavours since the moon landing and people are worried about a shirt.

  35. Hey, this provides us with a wonderful opportunity to attack feminists for being anti-science.

    1. I’m pro-science. I’m just also anti-degrading T-shirts. This little incident was blown out of proportion, but criticizing his fashion choices doesn’t negate the ability to acknowledge his achievements.

      1. Are you anti sluts like Kardashian too? Of course NO!
        If men love women, men =pig! If women shows body, women strong. pff
        You are pro science Lilac? You mean your worked in it?

        1. I don’t care what people do with their bodies, as long as they aren’t harming other people. Nor, no matter how much shame you try to project through sites like this, really make all women want to be your personal virgin brides. If you’ve read 1984, you’ll understand the dangers of trying to control people’s bodies unnecessarily, including their sex lives.
          Nobody said the heterosexuality is piggish. It’s merely unprofessional and stupid for a scientist to choose to appear on TV in a shirt covered in scantily-clad women; not a hard distinction to make.

      2. Critique of fashion belongs nowhere near the realm of science.
        Keep your critisim to the realm of fashion blogs and do not at all support the slander of a man of science over it and we can agree.

  36. The scientist worked on this project for 9 years.
    I bet he has been fantasising about the succesfull project and his fame for years.
    He the man who achieved what noone ever did.
    After the shitstorm he didn’t care who won.
    After a decade of hard work and pushing human frontiers to a new high, he is getting humiliated.
    Thats why he apologized, to stop this nightmare.
    This basicly destroyed his purpose in life. Most men would have killed themselves.

    1. And a minority of men, hopefully a minority that’ll increase as the years go by, would have said “Are you fucking kidding? Go cry to Christian Dior over my clothing choices, you moron.”

    2. He’ll live.
      He’s a genius.
      His shirt will probably get bough and hang as a trophy in some Yale dinner club.

    3. Did you spell “noone” like that on purpose? It is a very unusual way to see it written. A blogger from the 90’s that I respected very much had the habbit of doing that.

  37. HOAX!!!
    Someone in the media posted that tweet to cause the other
    networks as well as theirs to have a topic to report. It’s all about

    1. Sorry, what part are you claiming is a hoax? Landing on a comet, wearing the shirt, the SJW outrage, other?

  38. ..and apparently that shirt is now sold out! Everyone is tired of the ugly, stupid, whiny dykes.

  39. “Feminists and other social justice warriors, drunk on hubris, continue to fly towards the sun”
    That was a brilliant pun even if you don’t realize it, given that this story is really about a comet and how hard it is to land on it !!
    (Comets being iceballs that hurl towards the sun, melt a bit (forming a tail), and then orbit back further out, repeating the sun-pass decades or centuries later).

  40. The dude is likely getting some serious pussy thrown at him by various uni’s and space agencies etc etc.
    Also: Englishmen have bloody good aim. The comet shot is like hitting a knat’s chuff at 25 miles with a flea’s cock.

  41. The average woman on the street wouldn’t have given two monkey balls about this guy’s shirt. They might have thought it’s a bit tacky. Sort of like a BDSM Hawaiian shirt. But as soon as the AL Sharpton equivalent of the feminist movement sees it it suddenly morphes from a nothing into a shit storm. The man cunts agitating about this are nothing short of over compensated gender hustlers. In another era, they would have been nothing but petty gossips in the local community. Today they are elevated as the voice of the feminine collective consciousness. What a farce!

  42. ^This
    Who cares if he landed a probe on a comet? Cuz MISOGYNY!
    The more the SJW piece of human debris do this the more they will lose popularity. How far thee have fallen. A shirt is not going to get women upset they dont join the fields of Space Exploration.

  43. Feminists and other social justice warriors, drunk on hubris, continue to fly towards the sun. But as we are seeing with GamerGate, the closer they get, the faster their wings melt. In due time, their ideology will sink into the sea.

    They’re so ridiculously hysterical and bizarre that even people who would logically be their natural allies are growing increasingly repulsed by their behavior.
    One of my friends, who for the longest time identified as a liberal, told me that he no longer really considers himself much of a liberal. He even cited this specific incident as one of the last straws.
    If liberals can be alienated by this kind of behavior, then one can only imagine the reactions of most people to SJW histrionics.
    SJW philosophy is deviant, especially from a global perspective. This type of lunacy only thrives in affluent Anglosphere and (to a smaller extent) Western and Northern European countries. The non-Western world would observe SJW antics with a mixture of shock and amusement.
    Even within liberal Western nations, most people regard SJWs as strange at best, and batshit insane at worst. SJW philosophy is a house of sand that requires constant upkeep in the form of support from the media and academia. Once the upkeep fades, so too will SJWs.

  44. If feminists are outraged by a shirt, then their work here is done. They should be packing up and heading to the middle east to stop the atrocities against those women, but they won’t because they’re cowards.

  45. This is why Feminism is objectively bad. It picks and chooses how “the female body” can be conveyed. Kim Kardashian can be fucking naked and be trumpeted as flaunting her sexuality. But a scientist cannot wear a shirt without being called a “casual sexist”.

    1. Exactly. You have to see and think the way they want you to see (and think). If you don’t, then you are wrong.
      I love this equality thing.

  46. An obviously intelligent & accomplished guy who wasn’t schooled in the dark arts of dealing with these screaming harpies.
    I’m not gonna be too hard on him.
    Many of us here in our pre Red Pill Enlightenment days would likely have reacted in similar fashion (well, probably without the breaking down & crying part).
    We need a wetwork team to bag & blindfold (or is it blindfold & then bag??) him & bring him here to our Red Pill Adjustment Bureau dungeon & work him over.
    Make him lose the blinkers & tell him, ‘You’re one of us now, buddy. If you can land a probe on a moving comet, how soon can you land a gargantuan transport worth of deluded, hardcore, agenda co-opting feminists & their satellite allies on that same comet or perhaps another one (when the heck is Hailey’s due anyway?)?

    1. He was crying because he was seeing his career and 20 years of hard work flash before his eyes. He was crying because he is fucking scared of losing what he loves.
      Excusable? Nah. Understandable though, like you said.
      These SJWs simply don’t have any capacity for shame. They are mental infants. The ability to have regard for this mans accomplishments, reputation or decades of hard work is impossible because they themselves have no such thing.

    2. Once he learns about reality, he will willingly design an EMP…then look at the skies for a new dawn.

  47. Meanwhile Kim Kardashian showing off her ass is lauded as female empowerment. The feminazis and SJWs along with the MSM is turning society into an utter pile of dog shit. How I wish I can spit into the face of that feminist harpy who first attacked Matt Taylor….

  48. And this is why feminism is fucking retarded, due to all these SJWs targeting and taking down anyone who goes against their totalitarian views. The shirt wasn’t even a bit offensive. How dare anyone ruin someone’s decade of hard work and dream over what they wear. The hypocrisy of these feminists is insane.

    1. There’s nothing wrong with offending a feminist – it just means you’re doing something right

  49. I hope this absurd event means the feminism has “jumped the shark”.
    What bothers me more is this guy’s sniveling, groveling apology.

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