The Roosh World Tour Begins In June 2015

As recently mentioned on my blog, starting in late June I’m conducting a lecture tour that will take me to Berlin, London, Washington DC, New York City, Montreal, and Toronto. Each city will have a 4-hour event that includes a speech by me, a Q&A, and also a meet & greet. For full details on what’s in the speech, the dates, and how to reserve your seat, visit Roosh World Tour.


When I visit the States I usually hold a happy hour, but I wanted to try something different this time. What I didn’t realize is how much work doing a tour of this magnitude actually is, and it has somewhat been a full time job for me in the past month. This experience will hopefully be a valuable experiment to see if a bigger manosphere conference is possible in the future.

Here’s a short video clip of me introducing the event:

If you’re near one of the cities I mentioned and would like to spend an afternoon in an atmosphere of knowledge and masculinity, check out Roosh World Tour to learn about the event and reserve your ticket. The first 30 tickets for each city is offered at a discounted price.

108 thoughts on “The Roosh World Tour Begins In June 2015”

  1. careful not to book Australia or UK… i expect the immigration dept. has already got you redflagged 🙂

      1. It’s the way European countries often work. If you speak out against the cult of radical egalitarianism, you are refused access to countries like Britain. Unless you are a Muslim, in which case you are welcomed to Britain even if you have said in the past that Muslims need to “slit the throats and smash the skulls of the unbelievers” for there to be peace in the world.

        1. How is your security detail, as there are lots of SJWs, white knights, and plain weirdo and degenerates clamoring for your blood?

        2. Roosh could always claim he’s a sheik. In that case, he would not only be granted access to the UK, but get assigned a security detail from Scotland Yard.

        3. Simple. Roosh just needs to convert to Islam before he starts his tour and then he’ll be untouchable.

        4. a lot of us plain weirdos would also just shake his hand and buy him a beer.

        5. Julien Blanc was denied entry because of 150,000 signatures petition ahead of his UK tour. This is not the case with Roosh’s tour?

        6. alternatively he could set out to seduce Home Secretary Theresa May.

        7. “Ah yes enfendi, I am Sheik Yerbooti, I demand access!”

    1. Fuck Boston.
      I hate that fucking city and everyone who lives in the Shit Hole of Massachusetts.
      I grew up in Maine ‘n went to college in Burlington, Vermont. My insane hatred of Boston ‘n Massachusetts developed in college when every POS in Burlington attending College from Massachusetts shat on that incredible college town because it wasn’t their “precious” Boston.
      Unlike the fucks in Boston who think they’re so “traveled,” I’ve been in 40 states and lived in a few major U.S. cities. People in Massachusetts “experience” with travel is 2 … maybe 3 of the 6 New England States. And their insecurity with anyone who doesn’t walk around in a various Boston Sports Shirt in New England is probably the most child like thing I’ve ever seen and demonstrates what meat heads you asses are.
      Fuck Boston. I HATE Boston and Massachusetts. Get over yourself with the stupid Boston Strong shit. More people are injured/ killed in train accidents, shootings and you don’t see cities where it occurred marketing the event via bumper stickers and shirts.

      1. Really? The most child like thing I’ve ever “seene” is someone who rants about an entire region of people. Especially if it’s over something as trivial as sporting events.

        1. You have no experience regarding what I’m speaking of. Travel around the country and meet others who moved from New England, 95% of them despise Boston, Massachuettes and cite everything I listed. People from Massachusetts are hands down the most miserable and child like of any I’ve experienced in the U.S.

      2. I can’t even relate the way you can but I feel the same way. Fuck. Them.

      3. In 2012 I was staying in Wall, South Dakota for Sturgis (about a 45 minute ride away). Some East Coast dude made the trip, with a trailer of course (“Ride? The whole way? OMG!”). I was walking to the corner gas station to pick up a case for me and my friends, open carrying my Ruger Blackhawk (.45 Colt, loaded with Critical Defense ammo), and he stopped me and gave me shit about open carrying.
        In South Dakota.
        Fucker thought his rules applied everywhere and that people who didn’t cotton to his rules were arrest worthy.
        I laughed as he started to really launch into a tirade, walked up real close (personal space violation close) so that he could stare directly into my chest (I’m 6’3″ 225lbs, he was about 5’9″ and maybe 160lbs of softness), told him in a low, slow voice to fuck off and grinned. His mouth stopped jabbering and eyes widened. He realized at that point that he was in a “foreign country” and beat a hasty retreat back into his room while making sniveling little pussy comments.
        Sad, snarky little bitch with a huge entitlement thing going on. Only saw him one other time after that the next morning, he looked at me, then threw his eyes down as he climbed into his car and towed his motorcycle out of town.
        Trailer, meh. Man, what a bitch. If you don’t ride the whole way, you’re a poser, stay home. Heh.

        1. That is some nerve. Honestly, I don’t think people like that belong in this country in any capacity.

        2. I lived in Rapid City for 2 yrs . Know exactly where Wall SD is . You of course were at the famous Wall Drug. How did you not pistol whip this hipster idiot????

        3. I’ve been in Wall, SD before. Popped in there when checking out Rushmore. The iconic Wall Drug of course.
          Not the least bit surprised reading your story. Everyone from Boston/ Massachusetts think all need to bow down and accommodate per their rules. Frankly I’m stunned someone from Boston even traveled to South Dakota. The vast majority of those from Boston MA don’t venture beyond New England. People from Massachusetts are the most abrasive, narrow minded POShits I’ve experienced in all the U.S.
          I love this other commentator calling me child like for shitting on Boston. I seriously have 0 tolerance for that city and the meatheads who love it. I will not contain my insane hatred for them.
          Even when I lived in the Pacific Northwest their arrogant loud mouths couldn’t keep shut. I recall being at a Trail Blazer-Celtics game in Portland and a few of them who moved to Portland from Boston couldn’t stop royally annoying local Portland fans and were stunned when I told them I was from Maine and wasn’t rooting for the fucking Celtics. There’s a difference between rooting for your team and being a complete DICK about it. People from Boston don’t get this. They’ll convince themselves people hate Boston teams because they’ve been winning. It’s the furthest from reality — people hate Boston Teams because of their fans.
          These things are like coach roaches around New England.

  2. Hey Roosh, would you ever go to Asia to tour and preach manosphere?

  3. I hope you go visit the Philippines but I’m sure there isn’t much of us that knows you.

  4. Roosh, I’m surprised there are no cities mentioned that are in the more western portion of the US. Is there a particular reason for this?

    1. Maybe it’s because hardcore Game is not really mandatory east of California and west of Ohio. Middle America is not nearly as sick as the coasts. A lot of us still have fathers to teach us the basics.

      1. West of Ohio? How about west of central Pennsylvania?

    2. The left coast has fallen. I stick around only to make $$ until the gun laws become so unbearable I have to leave (meaning no community involvement or investment while I’m here) but the longer I stay the more $$ I’ll have to buy a place in Texas or Florida.

      1. You have a much higher tolerance level than me, man. I couldn’t live in a no-carry state even if it meant I lose out on a million a year.

    3. Let me get this straight: there are people who want to stump up cash to hear this hairy middle eastern idiot rant?

  5. Uh oh, he’s coming to Toronto.
    Better get some body guards because the femtards here won’t have it!

    1. It’s going to be ok. I understand he’ll be leaving several boxes full of kittens outside the venue to act as a distraction for any feminists that show up.
      But god help us if the coatcheck girl sees a kitten, otherwise we’ll be left to find our own damn coats by the end of the night.

      1. This is the Summer and in none of those places will people be wearing coats. She’s the ‘hostess’ :o)
        Roosh should put off NYC until mid Sept when the weather is usually clear and sunny but still like Summer. He can set up his soapbox in Central Park(or Carl Shultz park next door to the mayor’s house) and give his hour speech and attract a lot of listeners, and some feminist hecklers to make fools of themselves with their antics. Showing these fugly man hating bitches will pretty much tell the story better than any speech.You also have a number of un PC types in the city who are sick of feminists and the other crap.Have your meet and greet in the park or if you’re being annoyed have a bar where you can all meet up. One of the better quieter ones where it’s not full of noise and crappy loud music and sit at the tables.PJ Clarkes, there are many others, is good and some of you nerds may even get lucky :o)

        1. But what about the skinny Feminists? If they’re vegan and eating gluten-free, you’ll need the kittens as back up. Always have a Plan B.

      2. have a big screen showing reruns of “The Bachelor” that will glamour and mesmerize the gals …

    2. I’d brace for this. There’s little to NO doubt they’ll be blocking doors and/or pulling fire alarms to disrupt this event.

      1. only we are smarter than warren farrell. we bring clubs and pepper spray. i wonder how loud they shout in face of true alpha power. sure, they act up against police – but they know police is trained not to go mad on them, hehe.

  6. Good luck. The SJW freakouts over this are going to be entertaining. Be ready for double standards in liberty where the same venues that hosted horrible leftists all of a sudden get some moral compass and try to bar you for being “too controversial” or “divisive”.
    And that will only prove your points.

    1. I also wish there was a dallas show. I’ll be in London one week too late also, darn! The stars just arnt aligning for me on this tour . Maybe the next one dallas will be in the itinery.

  7. Roosh, I want to know when you’re going to admit that stormfront and anti-science lunatics (which I suspect you don’t want around here) have taken over the community.

    1. I see a racist comment here and there but overall the people seem to be pretty decent. I could be wrong though, I’ve only been visiting the site for a few months daily.

        1. Man… makes me sad to read your comment. You feel that you have to hurt others to ensure your own “cultural survival”, whatever that is.

        2. I’m not particularly into racism, but how does freedom of association harm other people? What right do you have to demand access into somebody else’s group?

        3. That isn’t what you said in your original post. You said we need more racism, to protect a particular culture. Racism is inherently destructive and divisive. Wanting to be among your own is logical. Why does that require you to harm others to maintain your group culture?

        4. I would say Bias is a necessity but not hating a race. There’s a huge distinction to make there.
          To understand that all Tribes are looking out for each other is natural.

        5. Without Bias, a Tribe might let its guard down long enough for another Tribe to infiltrate it and ultimately influence it negatively.

    2. Anti-science? Do you refer to those who question the lies of the green communists or people who deny Newton’s laws?

  8. Protip: For all men looking to break up with your current girlfriend in a spectacular manner
    – Tell your girl you have booked tickets to the opera (or some fancy ass event that women cream over)
    – Let her get all dressed up and excited
    – Bring her to Roosh’s World Tour event
    – Laugh at her as she gets angry as fuck

      1. That’s true, he would have paid for her to attend. A complete waste of resources.

  9. If a woman paid to attend, would she be allowed in? it would be hilarious if you explicitly banned women, if that’s legal.

    1. It’s legal to ban anyone you wish.Females get a 10% discount if they give bj’s

  10. Actually… you are not coming to a city near me.
    I am so lonely in California 🙁

  11. Berlin is a little bit too far (600 km) otherwise I would have joined. I would love to meet some of your Dutch readers although I don’t think there are many.

    1. Definitely a psycho with a warped brain.You want these nuts to show their faces and act like fools so people associate feminism with wacky fugly females.

      1. Just look up “angry feminist” and you’ll quickly know who she is. You’ve been warned.

        1. I didn’t provide the best link above. But there’s one somewhere in Toronto where she’s going nutz outside a Men’s Forum. Some calm older male … I think there to talk about Male Suicide … gets tangled in her toxic web simply for being there. She’s yelling left n right with an F this n F that ever other word.

    2. Were these feminist bitches all created in a factory somewhere? They all look the same.

      1. Whenever you witness video of a feminist, Social Justice Wanker event it’s always the same: the cunts have brite dyed hair, are FAT and 99.9% of them are obvious drug addicts.
        When you move to a comment forum, man can you spot these people. They regurgitate the typical talking points n definitions — “Patriarchy,” “Hate Speech,” ” White Privilege,” etc … while every other word is F This and F That. Then when one is challenging them they resort to the “small penis, creep, scum” rhetoric. Sensible women are not immune to this either. The women who see what a joke these degenerates are and call them out are vilified as “poisoned by the Patriarchy.” The best is when these feminists supposedly so alarmed with RAPE flat out tell any woman that sees through their lack of logic that they “hope they get raped.”

  12. This is a glorious opportunity for the Manosphere to Network, create relationships that will aid our efforts, and ultimately further the cause in the Culture War by taking the lead.
    The Universe will be watching; make some noise and take no prisoners. I hope the Tour is a massive success!

    1. Do you think women would be allowed in? Not for protesting or anything, just to listen?

        1. No worries, I was expecting that we wouldn’t be allowed as well! I just think it will be interesting, but I don’t want to annoy anyone by being there. It’s nice that Roosh is open about it though, maybe shows what he’s saying isn’t wrong and doesn’t need to be hidden?

  13. Wonder if the infamous Red-Haired Dyke will show up at the Toronto lecture? lol
    Wouldn’t doubt if Canada or other countries have a similar reaction to this as they did with Julien Blanc (petitioning to cancel the event or ban entry).

    1. Of course she will. Her name is Chanty Binx, and she will alert the media about it too. She likes to see her ugly mug on TV.

      1. Oh right, sorry didn’t see that! Thank you 🙂 would you rather women not attend though? I wouldn’t want to be a bother that’s all? It would be the London one if that makes any difference?

    1. “Those outside the intended audience may receive less informative value.”
      Perfectly worded..

  14. I took the liberty of translating your principles to the larger audience of Facebook.
    “The ideas and beliefs here are based on neomasculinity. Here are a few of its principal tenets:
    1. Men and women are genetically different, both physically and
    mentally. Sex roles evolved in all mammals. Humans are not exempt.”
    Translation: Men have dicks and women have boobs and vaginas. Can’t you see that?
    “2. Men will opt out of monogamy and reproduction if there are no incentives to engage in them.”
    Translation: We don’t want to have to be socially responsible. We just want to screw anyone without consequences.
    “3. Past traditions and rituals that evolved alongside humanity served a net benefit to the family unit.”
    Translation: We shouldn’t question the social engineering and brainwashing techniques of our ancestors.
    “4. Testosterone is the biological cause for masculinity. Environmental
    changes that reduce the hormone’s concentration in men will cause them
    to be weaker and more feminine.”
    Translation: Sounds sciencey, doesn’t it? We must be correct, then!
    “5. A woman’s value significantly depends on her fertility and beauty. A
    man’s value significantly depends on his resources, intellect, and
    Translation: We only value women who are fertile and beautiful. We only value men who are like what we think we’re like.
    “6. Elimination of traditional sex roles and the promotion of unlimited
    mating choice in women unleashes their promiscuity and other negative
    behaviors that block family formation.”
    “7. Socialism, feminism, cultural Marxism, and social justice
    warriorism aim to destroy the family unit, decrease the fertility rate,
    and impoverish the state through large welfare entitlements.”
    Translation: We hate commie pinko socialists! Everyone should just do what **WE** say, cause we know better!

    1. I seriously fail to see what’s wrong with a man finding value in a woman who is beautiful, who takes time to look after herself and in this ‘acceptance’ era we have to put up with, its not as if those types of girls are in abundance.
      Also, traditional sex roles doesn’t imply women are powerless at all, they’re simply happier with it that way. They give control over willfully, it’s not taken. You should educate yourself and stop going out of your way to find articles to argue with.

      1. I don’t know if you are aware of Roosh V. and his “how to get away with Rape” seminars or not, but he is also into shaming women who are “over 150 pounds”, and says most men are sickened by women who are over 150 pounds. He actually has another organization devoted to fat shaming people, and was humiliated on TV for his views.
        This isn’t a simple matter of “old fashioned” values versus the “new hipster values”. This is about men, and an organization devoted to tricking women into sex (including the use of rufies to drug women into bed), and promoting the idea that women don’t deserve any attention unless they fit into a very narrow definition of beauty as defined by the men in charge.

        1. I’m aware of who Roosh is or I wouldn’t have read that article. He doesn’t hold a seminar informing men on ‘how to get away with rape;’ if that was common knowledge, I doubt he’d still remain to to be in the public eye.
          I am also aware of his view about women over 150 pounds and I agree with it, it’s just sheer sloppiness and pandering to their whims clearly isn’t working. You may call it ‘humiliation,’ I call it being invited under false pretences and being unable to have a word in edgeways between the four ‘strong’ women.
          Again, he isn’t advocating ‘tricking’ women by using illegal means. In terms of using ‘game,’ Dont all women ‘trick men?’ Hair extensions, eyelashes, tan, make up, heels – it’s the same principle.
          You’re blowing it out of proportion, I don’t see what you’re getting out of replying to articles you don’t like and go out your way to find. It’s rude and unnecessary.

        2. “how to get away with Rape” is not what he wants people to see his seminars as. He’s a “pickup guru”, who could charm the spines off of a porcupine, before he has sex with it. He’s the modern day version of the little books sold in the back of old comic books telling you the secrets that get men laid. It just so happens that sometimes, things like Rufies and underage girls may be involved.
          He’s one of the many men who think that all rape (especially if it is a public accusation) is fake, and that we should just make it legal.

          Of course, he wants to make rape legal — he’ll have fewer problems getting laid when he dates those women that he offends.
          Do all women trick men? I don’t know. All I know is that all of the women I’ve dates were pretty straightforward and honest. I’ve seen his “36 things about American Women” video, and it’s hilarious, because it’s like a man confessing all of the shitty dates he’s had. Instead of thinking that maybe his date walked out or got all sarcastic to him because he’s just inept, or talks like a douche bag, he blames the women. Hair Extensions, makeup, heels, eyelashes, are fashion accessories. They don’t fool anyone into believing anything that isn’t true. They are equivalent to wearing fancy clothes or jewelry.
          Do you think Roosh ever stuffed a pair of rolled up socks in his underwear?
          I’m ridiculing an asshat who thinks that he’s entitled to respect for advocating a sociopathic ideology.

        3. I don’t see anything wrong with him teaching men how to improve their ‘game.’ He isn’t advocating rape, yes he wrote an article about making it legal, but he isn’t telling men to rape when it’s illegal is he? You are aware a lot of what he may write is to get an audience, it’s exaggerated. Of course women wearing extensions etc fool men, because if a girl has a bob and puts extensions in on a night out, then it’s untrue that she has long hair! I couldn’t care less about his underwear tactics, it’s irrelevant. What I was saying that if women can make themselves look better than what they are, then men can have ‘game.’ Stop with the double standards.

        4. lol A little white knight just walked in trying to protect an ideology that has failed men (and himself) continuously for the past 60 years. Some people never learn.
          I bet David Irish also opens girls with “Can I buy you something nice?”

        5. I’d love him to cite articles on ROK/ Roosh advocating rufies.
          This Mangina doesn’t get it. How if he n a woman are equally tanked and the broad is begging him to rail her that night, the following morning when she regrets her actions she can claim rape n he’s on trial by media.
          There was a case like this at Brown I believe. The guy’s family had instilled in him Social Justice/ Feminist BS. And to “Never doubt ‘the victim.’”
          Then guess what? He got hit with a bogus rape allegation n suddenly him n his family — pushing the SJW/ Feminist crap — suddenly had a BIG wake up to how innocent men are RUINED by what they naively supported.

        6. If they’re lucky, white hetero male SJWs get bitten in the face by their own ideology and realize they’re advocating against their own self interest.

    2. Not only does your useless diatribe offer zero factual evidence, you’ve managed to use nearly every single feminist shaming tactic in the same post ( Congratulations! I especially liked how you completely disregard historical evidence that proves social constructs based on consensus driven “truth” always fail. Or how the welfare state is an entirely unsustainable model based on obvious and simple math. You get a trophy! A giant, beta dickstand trophy. Signed by Sarkeesian!

      1. “Diatribe”? I clearly stated that it’s a translation. What I presented was what the article is saying, in more direct terms.

    3. how can someone translate all 7 attempts incorrectly?
      protip: you’re not a translator, don’t try to be one.

  15. I hope you have a great tour. You will not be very close to me. Will any of the seminars be available on video?

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