Mad Max Is The Latest Offense In Hollywood’s Long Tradition Of Social Engineering

The backlash against Hollywood’s latest cauldron of coprolites (Mad Max: Fury Road) seems to have taken the mainstream media by surprise. Expecting the gullible (but reliable) male public to dine from Hollywood’s usual trough of trash, they were rocked back on their psychic heels by manosphere calls for a boycott of the movie.

(Personally, I’ll admit to a grudge against the movie from the beginning. No one, in my view, has any right to be behind the wheel of the “last of the V-8 Interceptors” except Mel Gibson. And I’ll bet you he could still have pulled it off in 2015. Where are ye, Mel? We still love ye.)


Only one man should be driving the V-8 Interceptor, and his name is Mel Gibson

They should have seen the backlash coming. It was inevitable. For years—decades—there has been a coordinated effort by Hollywood to portray women as unrealistically masculine, take-charge, virtuous action heroes, and men as character props, rogues, criminals, knaves, or cowards. Social engineering now emanates from glowing screens, whether they be movie, television, or computer.

Consider 1985’s Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome. An atrociously miscast Tina Turner is injected into the post-apocalyptic wasteland, sculpted legs and all, and cavorts as a cackling crone dictator in a remote desert “Bartertown.” For her amusement, pathetic male specimens fight to the death in gladiatorial combats.

She has no evident leadership virtues or qualities. But who cares, right? In Hollywood’s world, reality doesn’t matter, only ideology. She’s a strong, empowered woman, controlling her destiny and that of others. You go, girl!


Beyond Thunderdome. And beyond pathetic.

Mel Gibson, sleepwalking through most of his scenes, is reduced to being little more than a peripheral figure, basically a cab driver with brass knuckles. A weird tribe of feral kids only adds to the general confusion, and reinforces the notion that traditional masculinity has no place in this brave new world.

It feels symbolic, in a way. Max is forced by the screenwriters to surrender his best friends—the dingo dog and the Gyro Captain—in exchange for a mob of annoying little kids. The whole spectacle is one grand embarrassment.

The list of social engineering films spewing the same message of male disenfranchisement is nearly endless. Consider this small sample, out of nearly hundreds I could have picked:

Million Dollar Baby (2004): Heroic female boxer displays incredible virtue against all odds.

The Cell (2000): Evil male serial killer is only stopped when brilliant Jennifer Lopez gets inside his head.

Laura Croft, Tomb Raider (2001): Balloon-breasted, ass-kicking chick takes on the world of evil men and defeats them all. Whatever.

Aliens (1986): Kick-ass heroine fights it out woman-to-woman with an alien mother, with men lurking in the shadows.


Hollywood’s warrior woman fantasy, from 1986’s “Aliens”

Enough (2002): Helpless, abused Jennifer Lopez turns the tables on her horrible abuser, delivering the message that all men are potential (or incipient) beaters or rapists.

Charlie’s Angels (2000): An all-time high of utterly pathetic “you-go-girlism.” Giggling SoCal snarkbarkers defeat terrorists, meanies, and bad guys of all stripes with a few karate chops, wire-work, and creative CGI.

Sleeping With The Enemy (1991): The “all men are abusive” theme again. Ridiculously exaggerated abuse and control-freakism is here again, with a predictable finale. The only good male character is a neutered neckbeard beta orbiter who always seems to appear at exactly the right time to save the damsel in distress.

Pretty Woman (1990): Prostitution is just another cool career choice, and it can be truly empowering!

Hunger Games (2012): You-go-girl, kick-ass, empowered heroine overcomes all obstacles despite the evil world holding her back.

These are just a small sampling of the unrelenting message coming out of Hollywood. The message is: (1) men must be portrayed in a negative light; (2) men should be viewed with suspicion and resentment; (3) men should play second fiddle to women in everything; (4) women are superior to men in everything, including virtue.

You might say that such portrayals are harmless, and all in good fun. But you would be wrong. Over time, the constant denigration of male figures seeps into the popular culture and sends the message that men are of no value. This is the message, both overt and subliminal, that is pumped out to the masses. Over time, it has its effects. People begin to act out what they see portrayed all around them.

But every so often, a dose of truth slips past the Hollywood censor. Occasionally, the mask comes off, and we are allowed (accidentally) to see a realistic portrayal of how American women behave in a crisis. One such example is ironic, and instructive.

The scene I will discuss happened to involve Charlize Theron (the irony!). The movie was 2009’s The Road. This was a realistic and terrifying vision of what a real apocalypse might look like. This is the face of reality, not the face of Hollywood leather-clad make-believe.

There is a scene near the beginning of the film where the Charlize Theron character and her husband become aware of the calamity that has befallen civilization. She and her husband (Viggo Mortensen) also have a small child.

Charlize Theron stars in John Hillcoat's The Road, based on Cormac McCarthy's Pulizter Prize winning novel.

Charlize Theron in a realistic apocalypse movie, “The Road.” Weak and faithless, she collapses in despair and abandons her family. In other words, the real Western woman.

Theron, unable to handle the collapse of social order, abandons herself to despair. She wants to kill herself. And in an extremely disturbing scene, she simply abandons her family and walks out into the night, hoping to find a place to end her life. Lacking any character or strength, she abandons her family with unforgivable cowardice.

In other words, she is the typical modern American woman: lacking in character, tenacity, and endurance, and ready to sell out her man the minute that the shit hits the fan.

This has the ring of truth. And this is what makes the scene so disturbing. This is why no critic ever commented on it. If a real apocalypse were to happen, the response of nearly all American women would be: (1) curl up into the fetal position and die; or (2) seek out a male figure to protect her.

There would be no altruism. There would be no virtue. But of course, this reality is almost never portrayed. Instead, what we get is the bullshit feminist pipe-dreams of Mad Max: Charlize Theron as a bionic-armed, karate-chopping ass-kicker, able to take down bodybuilders and brutes of all types.

To be fair, it is possible for women to act with great courage. But this courage involves situations where they are protecting either their lovers or their children. Women rarely fight convincing for ideologies, causes, or principles. They care about themselves and their children. Women are specialists at vengeful retribution.

Our ancestors had a more realistic idea of the true nature of female courage. The ancients understood that vengeful retribution was the specialty of female heroics. In Euripides’s Medea, for example, we see the idea of vengeful retribution played out compellingly.

The plot is simple. Jason takes a barbarian wife, and has several children by her. He eventually grows tired of her, and leaves her for a Corinthian woman of noble birth. For this abandonment, Medea extracts a terrible revenge, killing Jason’s new wife and all of her (Medea’s) own children by Jason.

The same idea is on display in the medieval German poem called the Nibelungenlied. The story: the heroic Siegfried is murdered, and his wife Kriemhild plots a blood-soaked revenge. She eventually has an entire group of Burgundian men put to death, including her own brother, after which she herself is slain. It is a shocking drama of a woman driven insane by grief and hatred.


Kriemhild: Wreaks a terrible revenge for the death of her husband. This is the type of role model Hollywood should be celebrating.

Even these two historical examples are far removed from the current reality of female behavior in Western countries. There is no heroic retribution, no fighting for ideas, no altruism. The historical examples to the contrary (e.g., Joan of Arc) are the exceptions that only prove the rule. To be fair, most Western men (like their female counterparts) would also fail to pass muster in a real crisis situation. But far, far more women would fail than would men.

There is nothing inherently wrong with portraying women as strong and empowered: the old Greek and Roman myths did it, as well as the Norse myths, Icelandic sagas, and the classic novels from old China and Japan. But the difference between those stories and modern Hollywood is this: in the old myths, the story complements, and is faithful to, the true nature of women. In modern movies, the stories are utterly fanciful. They are attempts to ram a degenerate, socially pernicious ideology down our throats.

The real truth of Western female behavior is found not Charlize Theron’s role in “Mad Max,” but in her role as the despairing, cowardly wife in “The Road.” This is the reality.

Women are masters at vengeful retribution, but are conspicuously lacking in the virtues that Hollywood so desperately wants us to believe that they have. In real life, they’re not going to be joining Mad Max in all-out combat against marauding barbarians as a tanker truck hurtles through the wasteland.

Rather, they’re going to be cowering in the backseat, trying to make Max do all the work, and looking to save their own necks.

Don’t expect to see honest portrayals from Hollywood of how Western women truly behave under pressure. The truth would be far too uncomfortable for the public to handle.

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667 thoughts on “Mad Max Is The Latest Offense In Hollywood’s Long Tradition Of Social Engineering”

  1. This franchise has been utterly ruined to me. I knew it was going downhill when the first 40 minutes our supposed title hero Max does nothing but be tied to a car while Mad Maxine comes to his rescue. Then you have the BLATANT misandry throughout the entire film about how vile, disgusting all men are and only women are fit to rule.
    What was laughable was I actually thought the bad guy Joe was the only hero of this movie. He controlled the masses by rationing water and resources and setting up rule of law so society could function amidst the chaos. Meanwhile, the feminazi old women ran their own little green utopia into the ground.
    Then in the end they come to Joe’s home which he’s built on the blood, sweat and backs of real men and unleash all his water uncontrollably to the masses like a bunch of socialist idiots so this new society will inevitably waste itself away again.
    RIP Mad Max this franchise is officially dead along with a long list of movies feminists have now destroyed.

    1. ah, another man who understood the plot.
      gotta say, though, if you take away the plot, you still have an aggressive max who doesn’t hesitate to shoot at women, at least in the beginning. i like how he grunts, although it makes him look stupid.

        1. Guaranteed. But then again I never saw any of the movies listed above and trust me when I say I see loads of movies. Those never really appealled to me. That’s the sort of man I am. I walk out of the movie theatre if I feel the movie is taking the proverbial piss. But the titles above, why would any normal man pay in the first place?

    2. Yeah I’m waiting for people to pick up on this.
      I have a theory: I think that in order to get funding for the film, George Miller
      had to go with this feminist crap. It’s not so much “who makes the movies” it’s who funds them and that rabbit hole is well known.
      But look at how the story has TWO lines to read between!
      It’s an “action flick”. That’s the surface line. The mouth breathers will ooh and ahh over it. The social(ist) engineers expect the mouth breathers to be programmed by the next “line” of the story, as we are pointing out here.
      But there is in fact a very red pill line, the third and hidden line that only men who have the capability to see it can note. Joe is in fact the real hero here. And as a hero, he has flaws just like every other hero we have known. George Washington, Jefferson, and most of the founders had slaves and they did some crappy things as presidents too (GW crushed the Whiskey Rebellion and Jefferson crapped all over the natives). And that’s just the United States. How about Europe?
      I think that pushing Joe as the hero for the results of his efforts will shock the hell out of people and drive SJWs into chimpouts that would have them flinging their own shit.
      But it will make those capable of thinking actually consider it.

      1. it makes me laugh to consider that sjws may create a movie that is supposed to portray an evil man, but in reality creating a hero for those who can see it – without even knowing it.
        your interpretation allows to see the jewish (?) bookkeeper with the giant feet as the funder of the film who is just a pain in the ass.

        1. Thing is, we can go into almost every trope and defend the “villain”. Writers have been making mush of our perception for centuries. Charles Dickens for example was probably an early SJW (IMO). But in defense of Scrooge, I’m thinking that Joe could be defended in the same way:
          I’ve actually considered writing a “defense piece” for Joe in this style. (If you are looking to write an article here, and since Scrooge was created by an Englishman, feel free to do it first – I’m a bit busy these days)

        2. funny that you mention it. the ghosts of christmas made me almost puke when i moved towards red pill and i contemplated turning the whole thing around – that is, having the ghosts show some sjw the future of his sorry altruistic life.
          you should write that piece yourself; i share your sentiments, but i haven’t dug too deeply into the matter of harems and history yet to write a compelling piece. i do have other articles in the pipeline, though.

        3. Indeed. When the article first appeared at Lew Rockwell’s site it certainly brought a thought provoking perspective on the classic story.

        4. Mayby you’re not thiking laterally enough, to a leftist socialist eqaulist a guy like Joe is evil.

        5. What they have done is simply portray men as women see them. Authoritarians who won’t let women do whatever they want. Women cannot see that there is a cost involved in whatever you want to do, and it requires a man to determine if that cost can be paid. This is analogous to the way children view their parents (selfish and controlling) when in fact the actions of their parents are what keep the children alive.

        6. The English (and their ideological descendants- Americans) create the ills for which they promote the cure of “Social Justice.”
          To be fair to Dickens the Industrialism Capitalism of the English was brutal, cruel, and inhuman. Look at how much of their Empire was rocked by internal revolts.
          I can’t find the numbers by I would guess that they had as many if not more than the Roman Empire which lasted much longer.

        7. To the leftist cathedral, a guy even “halfway to Immortan” is evil. Leave out the violent minions and the harem even.

        8. Are you really and truly saying that women require a man to survive? And comparing women to children? Fuck the fuck off.

        9. Yes, we all depend on men. The majority of blue collar job holders are men. The majority of butchers are men. The majority of electricians are men. The majority of garbage men are men. The majority of mechanics are men. The majority of factory workers are men. The majority of road builders are men. The majority of the people keeping us safe, police officers, firemen, EMTS are all men. You’d be awfully foolish to say none of these men are needed for your day to day activity. Not counting the male business owner who supplies your daily income, or controls the restaurants you frequent, or man’s the public system of transportation you use daily. We can keep adding all of the things men do for which you say you don’t need men for. Men aren’t just for sex and inflating egos.

        10. I will put it to you this way, women are not complicated creatures. Most of them are not anyways. As a man you need to understand a few things about yourself and the situation you find yourself in with any woman. We complicate matters by allowing them that bullshit. Hollywood is funded mostly by man and they allow this to go on. Women are predisposed to following a man. That’s their nature and they can’t fight nature. Even the most hardcore feminist will in a one to one situation submit to a man who knows he is a man and behaves as such. Nature has made it that way hence man are the ones who fuck and women have to submit to be fucked. That is or rather should be the pervasive theme in all aspects of the male female relationship. I have time to listen to woman but i don’t let them define the agenda. If they don’t like it they can walk but most of them won’t walk because women innately like a strong man. The only time your woman will leave you is if you are financially and mentally crushed. There is a pro tip in there if you read between the lines. (If you want to leave a girl and can’t tell he straight up, tell her you have huge debts and attempt to borrow 10 grand off her. Make sure it’s too much money yet believeable. She will try asking a bunch of questions tell her you not interested in her advise because you didn’t ask for it. You made a specific request for 10grand can she or can she not. Sit back and don’t text or call her and watch the relationship disappear).
          Now dear friends, the lesson is not to fear the consequences but to embrace you duty as a man and treat women as women and not as equals because they are not. They are inherently different so cannot be equal. Once all men do that then this nonsense will stop.
          The problem is woman are up for a fight and man take the bait. Call me a dinosaur but my wife should be happy she gets to cook and clean for me. She is lucky I ain’t coming home everyday saying “thanks honey, already had something to eat I am good.” I had a girlfriend once complain that she never got to cook clean enough times for me. I totally understand that this could have been an attempt to tie me down but I commend her for going about it the tradition way. I never fell for it, gave her enough to keep her interested and excited but not too much to fill her head with garbage thinking she had me where she wanted me.
          The excitement for woman is in emotionally conquering a man. Just like it is when a man physically conquers a women and gets to sleep with her. After that the excitement slows dies down. So the trick is never to get emotionally fucked by any women. Play hard to get the way they do with their bodies and things will get easier for you. I am not afraid to put a bitch on notice.

        11. You’re typing on the internet and a computer invented by a man so go back to your barbies hoe.

      2. GeorgeKennedy?

        1. Wow, that was gold. What movie is that from? (And I don’t even care if Grant didn’t believe the words the character he was playing was saying.)

        2. I was already cringing at the apologetic fast-talking, fidgety demeanor grants character was displaying, but now that you brought up the point he probably didn’t believe the words he was saying. This clip is now rendered obsolete.
          This clip is nothing but covert hipster faggot male-shaming. It’s telling you guys with opinions like that deserve to be looked down on by the rest of the crowd as a looney.
          The first thing that should’ve changed in this scene was he should’ve checked that white bitch’s “stay in line boy” attitude. Hollywood is such a tragedy. I gotta make sure that when i watch movies with people i demonize the hell out of the hipster male-shaming scenes.

        3. What are you butt hurt about? Ironically you talk just like a woman. You passive-aggressively go “ok lady, whatever you say.” like people are supposed to be able to read your estrogen levels and figure out what you’re thinking. So i guess i have to prod you like a child. What are you thinking?

        4. That post was gold. Exactly what I was thinking but unable to articulate. Nice.

        5. Calling out that bitchy quip as “butt hurt.” Also, the comments about the clip are spot on too.

      3. A line of T-shirts with a picture of Immortan Joe.
        Caption “Immortan Joe for president 2016”

        1. :-O
          Ok guys, where can I get the best deal on bumper stickers custom designed?

        2. Possible campaign slogans:
          “Elect me and i’ll kill everyone in congress right now including my VP”
          “Join me in running over the competition…twice”
          “I’ll lower the cost of milk by passing a law milking pregnant females”
          “Vote for me and i’ll turn the middle east into the middle crater”
          He might have my vote based on 3 and 4 alone lol 😀

      4. This Joe sounds like a boss. I’ve got some friends at my gym who told me they saw it and also said that he had a harem. Immediately I told them that is the guy I’m rooting for.

        1. Yeah, I’m pretty sure the blonde in the front and the brunette behind her are models, solid 9’s.

      5. ” I have a theory: I think that in order to get funding for the film, George Miller
        had to go with this feminist crap. ”
        Meh. I think if that was true he wouldn’t be so quick to gush about hiring a feminist, or making CT look tough, or even calling himself a feminist in an interview.
        If they did hold a gun to his mouth, he ended up sucking on it given how enthusiastically he’s bending over for the feminist agenda.
        I’ve heard the theory that Joe is the hero…that does bear some consideration. I haven’t seen the movie (i refuse to pay for it) but when it comes out on cable i will keep your words here in mind.

        1. I could be wrong then.
          At the same time though, I think there’s more going on here. Thinking about how the film progressed and the outcomes in the course of it (not the final outcome) I think Miller is playing the fence.
          From Mad Max 1 onwards his tale is a parable of the fall of patriarchy to the results of it, with the final installment ending in some fantasy that breaks the paradigm of everything that was in place beforehand. THAT is the gross violation here. Mad Max 1 saw a bisexual gang leader with homosexual henchmen (read: paganism/perversion) destroy “the cad (Jim Goose) and the dad (Max Rockatansky)” buy burning one beyond recognition and for the other driven mad by the destruction of his family.
          Destruction of the family – does this look familiar?
          It’s the same story from the past being used to depict the future.
          And Fury Road seems to carry on what happens after that future depicting the past: back to strong men and harems. Strong men and harems is what the western modern patriarchy with Christian values have stood against and built civilization.
          There and back around again.
          But now this time they broke the rules of the paradigm itself. If Miller did not get hit on the head maybe the have something over him. Or maybe he cynically sees which way the wind blows and wants to sell out and cash in while there are still theaters standing.

        2. It could also be that when Miller wrote MM 1 and 2, he was red pill enough to see the future, but with his involvement in 3 he began a gradual shift to the blue pill left culminating with his deliberate blue pill feminist positioning at the heart of Fury Road.
          So basically he was writing about a future the fall of the prototype Man would result in (MM 1 and 2) whereas in 3 and FR he is writing from the perspective that the fall has already happened and he has surrendered heart and soul to it, because he himself is fallen as a Man.
          This is all conjecture that people go to film school to discuss, so despite our seemingly conflicting viewpoints it’s fascinating nonetheless.

        3. Bingo. Fury Road and the implausibility of it may be the huge sign at the end that everything depicted in MM1 and MM2 has reached fruition, and through the views of the creator of the genre.
          It’s typical of his generation though. From the 1970s onward the men became more and more pastel-wearing and mangina-ed. But admittedly the Cathedral has been working these men over for decades. I wonder if he know he was worked over and his views morphed so gradually it goes without notice?
          We don’t use “red pill” as a term for the hell of it.

        4. “I wonder if he know he was worked over and his views morphed so gradually it goes without notice? ”
          Probably not. When a change happens as gradual as his, he probably chalks it up to “enlightenment” or some other such feel good touchy feely buzzword.
          I just wonder what happens to a red pill Man to make him want to go back to the blue pill…It’s like a Man who enjoys and appreciates the reward and responsibility of creating/choosing his own meal wanting to go back to the womb in order for his bellybutton to suck on the masticated debris thrown down his momma’s gullet again.
          I can do naught but marvel in awe at the success rate of the pavlovian “Debarge” mind control effect.
          It does to masculinity what Lorena Bobbitt does to manhood:
          Remove it.

        5. “I just wonder what happens to a red pill Man to make him want to go back to the blue pill…”
          Greed, ever since women stated earning money by working the powers that be either wanted that spending power or their vote and had to conform to get it. You don’t because you don’t need either so don’t confirm. Stay strong.

        6. I’ll never conform. It’s cost me a few relationships but so be it.
          Even now my gf think i’m nuts because i go off on the tv whenever i see some feminist bs coming on. She’s like “you need anger management.”
          My response is: “no, i just need to live in a society that doesn’t have its head up its ass.”

        7. Thank you captain obvious.
          I am well aware he is being portrayed as the villain; but i have heard the theory that his portrayal can also be considered red pill of sorts in that, regardless of his brutality, Joe restored order to a world (or at least a part of it) that had none.

      6. Nah man I just don’t see, no way George Miller was intentionally trying to dupe people with a subtextual red pill message. The movie was blatant feminist propaganda, co-written by vagina monologue writer. I think what really happened was that in their manic state they didn’t even realize the vitriol was actually making their feminist message look bad when you looked at it from the other angle. Something they can’t do.

        1. You’re a fool. We all interpret the world / art / literature in our own way. This is because we all have different prejudices, psychologies and beliefs. This is perspective. This is what causes debate and discussion over meaning. Everybody’s mind warps reality to varying degrees because we each have our own fractured lens. They didn’t fail to look at it from another angle, you’re just assuming you’re angle is an obvious one. Joe has many unheroic traits. He manipulates the masses with his own bastard religion. He lies. He rapes. He enslaves men and women. The film also never said the women ran their utopia into the ground – it said the soil went sour which can happen for many reasons esp in the Australian desert which has cycles of long fertility and then infertility.

      7. I don’t think George Miller was forced to inject feminist drivel into the movie. As this article points out, Miller made “Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome” and it was full of anti men ideas.
        I think Miller has been in Hollywood for so long that he’s been warped into a leftist idiot. The same thing happened to William Shatner. The original Star Trek was great because Shatner’s manly, conservative views overshadowed Gene Roddenberry’s wussy utopian ideas. The Next Generation went full throttle socialist because no one was opposing Roddenberry anymore. Sadly, Shatner has become a leftist fool because he spent far too much time in that idiotic subculture called Hollywood.

      8. The only men who have the capability to see it are paranoid assholes like you.

    3. PitchPerfect2AlmostDoubledUptheSalesofMadMax…DidThe”boycott”Slow

    4. it’s kind like western society in general
      the competent and the successful are the bad guys because that’s so not fair!

    5. To be honest, it died with Beyond Thunderdome. They should have left it buried.

      1. All things considered, this shat all over Thunderdome. It was still corrupted by forced Hollywood femicandy but the Mad Max 2 vibe was all there.

    6. I am pleased you watched this movie so that we don’t have to. Your description of it is enough to make me puke. I don’t think I would have lasted the whole movie.

    7. Now i am socialist… But in the situation of water being purely the most precious and rare commodity… Then down with socialism n up with rationing!! So yeh technically Joe was the guy trying to get things done and some hippies ruin it

    8. See. This is how you do it. You see the movie, then report on what you have seen. Message is the same, but this holds far more credibility than some ramblings about stuff you have been told about a movie.

      1. Except that he obviously didnt see the movie since he got some pretty key points wrong (Furiosa rescuing Max from imprisonment for example, she didn’t and he rescued himself).

        1. I saw it you faggot, maybe you forgot the part where she has to rescue him like 5 times in the middle of battle or that part where Mad Max can’t shoot a gun and they have Maxine use his head as an arm rest like her little bitch so she can shoot and kill the bad guy. Max was neutered big time in this movie.

        2. Awwww cry more. You seem pretty obsessed with my sexuality (sorry but I don’t swing that way but it’s fine you do). You seem to be extremely selective about what you remember in the movie however.
          Forgetting how many times Max saved her too. Oh noes a strong male accepting a strong female!

        3. Strong female my ass go post on jezbel with the rest of the brainwashed mangina.

        4. I told you I don’t swing that way so please stop obsessing with my private parts.

    9. That reminds me of today, where the only “leaders” I can look up to are despots like Putin and Bashar Assad. In a world with no good guys, the bad guys become the next best thing.

    10. (also, p.s., max rescued himself from the car. remember the sandstorm? yeah. he rescued himself. did you actually watch the movie? i don’t think so. i think you were too busy eating your own shit.)

    11. Its funny that you obviously didnt see the movie if you thought Furiosa rescued Max from his imprisonment. Spoiler alert she didn’t. He did it himself.

    12. Im curious to know how people would react if the movie was instead about Immortan Joe and his futile efforts to protect and preserve the wasteland from Furiosa and her ilk. Joe would probably also have treated Max better and eventually given him a high ranking position with the warboys as opposed to treating him like some lowly personal manservant/driver. Now that I think about it, that would be a much better plot. I would definitly pay full price to see Mad Max:Immortan.

  2. Getting a propaganda film made in Hollywood is pay-to-play. Anyone with enough cash can get a film of their choosing made. Take Act of Valor, for example, which was made with the US Navy to boost recruits. Leftists are the most adept at turning their political agendas and theories into propaganda films, but others do it too.
    I’m surprised there was no mention of McCarthy, which is sort of a joke these days, but back in the 1950s fears of Communists infiltrating Hollywood was very real. I’d say those fears weren’t unfounded, based on much of the shit they put out. Every once in a while they’ll actually put something out that I like, such as Wolf of Wallstreet.

  3. Glad to see this article, so many male feminists were posting on the last few articles about this movie that there’s no social engineering or pressure to portray women in a certain way, but you can see it’s been happening for years with many different movies.

    1. They’re either liars or have no idea what they’re talking about. Even the people who made the film are talking about how it has a “very feminist” message.

      Vagina Monologues Writer Eve Ensler: How Mad Max: Fury Road Became a ‘Feminist Action Film’
      Here’s a surprise: Tom Hardy, a.k.a. Mad Max, isn’t the star of Mad Max: Fury Road. Charlize Theron is. An even bigger surprise? Vagina Monologues author Eve Ensler consulted on what turns out to be a very feminist film. …

      prop·a·gan·da (noun) 1. information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.

      1. Exactly it’s been happening for a long time, I noticed it years ago. Video games an comics are the now used for social engineering.

        1. we men should stop arguing that our viewpoints are biologically correct. just say: okay, patriarchy is a social construct. But it works damn well, bitches!

        2. No such thing as Patriarchy. It’s a conspiracy theory that cherry picks history. If we’re honest, and we have good arguments, we will eventually win. A lie cannot be sustained forever.

        3. A lie cannot be sustained forever.

          i’m not so sure about forever, but pretty certainly until the end of this civilization.

        4. That’s giving into their frame because they will pull out some skewered stats that it doesn’t work, stats can be manipulated but biology is fact.

        5. what kind of stats? look at history. look at what kind of mindset and morals have made us strong.
          it’s not their frame. their frame is that every single person on earth should and could be happy forever after in comfort. the right frame, though, is not the pursuit of comfort, but of strength. as an individual and as a person.
          the nature vs nurture argument is just a farce.

        6. I agree but you’ve got to understand that feminists an SJWs see the world from an emotional point of view same as all their theories are based on emotion. If we say patriarchy made the world strong they will say “but two out of every three women gets raped throughout history” or something equally ridiculous or they will say “the evil white cis gendered misogynists still make society hard for non white men so patriarchy is wrong”. Using facts that can’t be denied is the only way to debate theses morons.

        7. the problem is that biology can be easily denied. it’s yet impossible to say exactly how much is nature and how much nurture. it never mattered to me, anyway.
          if nature was an argument, you could go argue for rousseau’s noble savage.
          if two out of three women got raped, that would be unfortunate, but even if it were true, it wouldn’t really matter if men didn’t care. making it hard for minorities? well, the problem is that the majority identifies with them. you don’t really have to cater to the interests of a minority if you are a confident majority.
          think about this: would you argue the same way if you were in the majority? in power? if not, your arguments are also emotional, fueled by the need to convince the other side than by a desire for truthful exploration.
          do not lower your standards of logic just to win an argument. any victory thus achieved would not truly be in the spirit of what one was fighting about in the first place. the people who brought about the victory would sooner or later find the logical inconsistencies and rethink.

        8. I’m not talking about lowering of logic I’m talking about using facts that are proven that their straw man emotional arguments can’t dispute. Simply saying I don’t care, feeds into their victims narrative an justifies there world view.

        9. i don’t think that’s true. the victim attitude is fueled by weak frame. if somebody is straight about their intents and ruthless, the victim strategy is discarded in the long run. it only persists because it is successful. us arguing that it is great for them is a weakness of frame.
          if a confident man were to state that rape isn’t that bad a thing, a bystanding woman might very well agree. she may possibly think he’s joking, but it would confuse her. and even if she were not convinced, she would stop arguing.
          it’s us even arguing that validates them. don’t argue with a stupid bitch and she won’t argue with you.
          look what feminists are doing. they aren’t taking any action, they are just shouting around, crying for attention. deny that attention and they will stop. women are not the problem, the problem are the enablers of their stupidity.

        10. I get what you mean arguing with them just fuels their victim stance which is why I believe they should just be hit with the facts. Whenever I hit a feminist with the facts they’ve got fuck all to say.

      2. Feminists don’t even have to lie that they are feminist propaganda films anymore, due to how many men have become manginas. Real men is a rarity

  4. Passive entertainment should be avoided almost entirely. Read, go play sports, hike, just skip the left wing infotainment that passes for movies and tv these days.

    1. I agree but many people watch lots of movies an TV so it’s affecting how society thinks.

        1. It would be interesting to set up a completely separate system from Hollywood, from the ground up. Funding to production to distribution. That’s a hell of a lot of work for a product that kills brain cells, though.

        2. Typical feminist response use an insult because you have no logical counter argument to the points being made.

        3. So… do you have anything to add besides Ad Hominem attacks and lame shaming tactics?

        4. How many feminists are cultured you think? I don’t remember reading anything about Greek philosophy on Jezebel.
          GTFO with that bullshit already.

        5. You could try youtube but I’m sure the gynocracy will take that in their grasp too as it’s filled with beta manginas

    2. As much as I agree with this (for so, so many reasons), it’s important to note what everybody else is being exposed to. It’s not just passive entertainment. It’s propaganda.

    3. FUCK YEAH MAN! (Sorry for the excess emotion). I really couldn’t agree more. Use this Mad Max disaster as the epiphany and just let it springboard you way far away from post-millenium Hollywood/TV/Entertainment in general.
      READ. You want adventure then hit the books. Ten times better.

      1. “You want adventure then hit the books. Ten times better.”
        Got any recommendations?

        1. Get a kindle first. Then;
          H.R. Haggard,
          Talbot Mundy
          Harold Lamb
          Arthur Conan Doyle
          Charles Willeford
          Jim Thompson
          Frederick Forsythe
          Edgar Rice Burroughs
          Robert Howard
          Jack London
          Rudyard Kipling
          GK Chesterton

  5. The very first sentence calls the movie “Mad Mad: Fury Road”. May want to fix that. Otherwise, good article.

      1. Quintus, would be cool to do another article showing the movie from the red pill view point.
        The director may have been artificially forced to include femicandy by
        Hollywood against his will (just like Thunderdome) but he isn’t dumb and it’s still Mad
        Max underneath. An impressive 2 hours of real stunts, jacked up cars and
        straight up action with red pill reflections of reality staring right back at the viewer:
        Immortan Joe/evil dood with the resources has all the pussy.
        Max is a resources like most men and as a result of doing what needs to be done to survive has mental scars. You could even go as far as comparing him being a “blood bag” to being a tax slave. Also, being used by women for whatever stupid goals they have (only while benefiting himself). He also accomplishes the dirty work (goes and caves some heads in off camera, then returns like nothing happened).
        The old femenist hags are straight up man hating dykes who failed to develop a community/civilisation (as opposed to Immortan Joe).
        Femenist hero wants to be a man but still needs men to get anywhere. She is propped up into a position of power by a man. Man walks off at the end because he wants no part of it and has his own shit to deal with.
        War boys are beta boys working for “the corporation”, brainwashed and all, just like the real military.
        It’s all there, some eyes need to be opened tho. Hate blinds.

  6. I guess Tina did stick out like a sore thumb, lol. I’ve never seen the originals though. Whether someone likes a movie or not, it still never adds anything to their life.

  7. So, why do people have a problem with this film? Just because a woman rescues a man? IT’S A GODDAMN MOVIE, PEOPLE. You think men climb walls and shoot webs off of their fingers to save beautiful red heads? Grow some balls.

      1. I’ve been seeing that argument “on the street”. I’ve countered it easily by stating “a woman saves a man every day by being a woman and being a part of what he needs in life to sustain his effort to ensure the survival of his family” (or something to that effect).
        The farm thing for example. Women imagine the farmer farming and the woman barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. Well I did farming on some borrowed land for a year and the work required for a single man doing it all, taking care of a farm (even a small one in my case) and himself is extremely difficult. I had to choose one or the other and by the end of that year I was in poor health.

  8. great list. i went to see the movie and it’s not all that bad, if you take away the plot.
    caution, harsh spoiler:
    the plot being that the convoy tries to escape into the “green land of the mothers” – yes, that’s a place where only women live happily ever after without the brutal rule of men, laugh. when they arrive, only a few old hags remain. one of them tells one of the girls how she gives nice headshots, to which the girl replies: “more violence? i thought you women were farther than that.” in the end, the women go up into the citadel and finally grant the people access to water which the evil man previously has denied them. read: if we make women our rulers, they will finally give us everything that evil capitalistic leaders deny us. because they have a heart or something and are free of destructive male aggression. yada.
    socialism is no longer what we must fear, fellow men. female-lead socialism is what awaits. shudder.

    1. Yeah the “evil man”.
      Uh… Immortan was drilling for water and denying reproduction to men suffering from radiation sickness.
      Was he an asshole? Well, has any other type of fellow managed to get things done without being an asshole?
      Immortan Joe was IMO doing the very things that would save the human race in that situation. Brutish? Evil? A big meanie? Yeah all of the above.
      But let’s go back in time and find our ancestors who didn’t have royalty in resources… what will we find? We will find the men had the choice of soldiering (getting killed), hard labor (getting killed) or slavery (getting killed) but how many of us have a distant ancestor, like Great X 20 grandma, who was simply pretty and managed to hook up with a dude who had resources to protect her or put her in a harem?
      Yeah I’m defending the bad guy in Fury Road, for doing the very things that were done in the past. And the worst part is, a system DID come in that replaced this “harems for woman brutal short existence for men” situation, the so-called “patriarchy” that feminists despise. And by their actions, they will be bringing those days back.
      And then they will have real shit to bitch about.

      1. i loved the little guy who wanted to go to valhalla. the fighting and military stuff just speaks to me on some level. embracing death is such a powerful experience, even if difficult to get into. maybe it’s the genes that ride me there – male people in my family tree aren’t all known for having long lives.
        i’m not that opposed to the harem-idea, really. part of being pissed about having no women is that you grow up with a romanticized world view, believing you deserve love or something like that. take that childish notion away and more important things start to matter, women just being the reward for winners.

        1. I keep trying to tell people, if they think Harems are bad, keep killing the so-called Patriarchy. The Patriarchy is what replaced harems. But notice how, in the post modern, while marriage is a factor removed from the scene, we’re down to estimates of around 10 percent of the men (the “players”, PUA, etc) fucking 80 percent of the women. Remove the patriarchy and all of the trappings it had for family values and morality and it’s back to a few men having all the resources.
          Where have we seen this before? In history: rich powerful men with multiple wives and hordes of hapless men with short brutal lives.
          Women of course, maybe by instinct, know they have little to lose. Either it’s cock carousel OR live in a harem with eunuchs fanning them where most of the time it’s one dude who is busy and she’s gets to fuck once in a while and play “who is the favorite” games against the other wives. They can fuck this civilization right into Fury Road and it’s us who will suffer the most.
          (Yes those with no SMV will be suffering but don’t tell them that. Let it be a surprise)

        2. something tells me that pua tricks aren’t gonna make it once we arrive at fury road.
          i’m not so convinced about the suffering. people can adopt to the most unpleasant circumstances with the right mindset (that being, illusion of free will). just consider some people carrying really heavy baskets full of sulfur out of a mine for a minuscule reward, just to keep the family alive and, one day, have enough for a trip to the states or somewhere.

        3. If people weren’t fed up patriarchy would have arisen. If it weren´t for people’s apathy, we wouldn´t have gotten this far down to road….to completely being fucke up

        4. Yeah – in every place and at every time, it is men who have been the disenfranchised sex (save, of course, for the apex men). The fact that women are even allowed to cry “oppression” today is proof that society, through biology, exists to coddle them. Fury Road got some things right and one of them is that wombs are one of society’s greatest assets.

      2. This character sounds a lot like the Evil Bad Guy(tm) from “Tank Girl” who ran Water & Power …

      3. Peeps are seriously missing the “red pill truths” in this version of Mad Max.
        Immortan Joe/evil dood with the resources has all the pussy.
        Max is a tool/resource like most men and as a result of doing what needs to be done to survive has mental scars. You could even go as far as comparing him being a “blood bag” to being a tax slave for the welfare state or banks or whatever.
        The old femenist hags are straight up man hating dykes.
        Femenist hero wants to be a man but still needs men to get anywhere. She is propped up into a position of power by a man. The man doesn’t give a shit, he has other things to do (walks off).
        War boys are beta boys working for “the corporation”, brainwashed and all, just like the real military.

    2. The movie makes up what men want. What men want is sex and a feminine presence.

      1. have you seen the movie? because charlize isn’t exactly feminine and the other girls aren’t really big characters in there.

  9. The mistake they made here was to try and fuck with a legendary action movie character that is distinctly male. They got away with pushing the female hero trope so hard up till now because they weren’t directly shitting on the heroes of men. Men instinctively recognize male virtue, and Mad Max is practically the definition of those traits.
    I’d go so far as to say Mad Max became a male archetype the very day The Road Warrior came out in theatres.
    The femiNazism was too obvious with this Hollywood blunder…

    1. “The mistake they made here was to try and fuck with a legendary action movie character that is distinctly male.”
      Bond will be next.

      1. Bond will be next.

        bond dies and gets replaced by his cheeky and strong daughter who is all about bonding.
        in the first part, she makes sure not to hurt anybody’s feelings by being loyal to some beta boy at home – but the evil patriarch foe seduces (rapes) her. thus she is traumatized and sets out on a mission for revenge, cutting off his penis and drinking his blood.
        in the second part, she fights the secrecy of the mi6, because she doesn’t feel honored for her great work in part 1. she goes public and exposes the mi6. eventually, she gets an official medal and becomes a heroine of the masses.
        in the third part of the bonding-trilogy, she notices that she is pregnant from the first part, sues the mi6 for child support with the help of the press and finds out that the mi6 is secretly patriarchical. she kills everybody in mi6 and replaces the whole staff with women. then she lives happily ever after with beta boy, who takes care of the child.

        1. happily ever after until menopause hits and the absence of a strong male figure and rule of law allows for the rise of mob rule and neo-nazis who take over the world, raping anything with a vagina en-mass, until finally son of Bond who was raised in a foster home abandoned by his degenerate mother, rises up and restores masculine authority and the world is at peace once more….

        2. OverThePastSixMonthsorSo,IveBeenInMultipleBooksStores,

        3. OneOfTheseDays,IWillProveMyWorthToYouGuys,JammedSpace

        4. Me either, but I can’t help but believe the director meant to have Bond fall after “the fat lady sings” …

        5. The movie (“Skyfall”) starts out with Adele’s singing, and then Bond takes a fall, so technically he gets it after “the fat lady sings” …

        6. “and gets replaced by his cheeky and strong daughter”
          A couple of days ago I was in the house of a friend and he showed me Mortal kombat x(first time I saw it).
          Everything cool at first, Jonny cage saves the day and the bad guy is gone. Then he showed me part of the story, 20 years later. The protagonists are older now, and guess who is one of the main new characters? Jonny cage’s daughter, cassie(look at her haircut. Am I the only one or does she look like Miley cyrus in the versus mode?).
          In the last fights, she alone(yes, that little thing.alone) defeats several of the enemies including the biggest and baddest evil character, the corrupted shinook. And basically saves the universe.
          Maybe you already know this, but I thought it wasn’t just a coincidence…

        7. Not in the least. It’s a choice for most of us. We like our time, money, energy, and SANITY all to ourselves. Integrity is worth more than (maybe?) 15-30 minutes of mediocre, used-up pussy that’s been God knows where. It is no loss whatsoever.

        8. Female bond maybe but if there is a new Bond movie Bond will still be male played by shia beouf completely incompetent and his Bond girl would do all the buttkicking and gadget twirling

        9. That’s because she looks like a man and sub-consciously you think men are hot (just like lesbos who think the man-like dyke is hot).

      2. Eh, so what? Seeing the same MI6 agent fight the same redundant Russians hellbent on world domination/destruction for 50 years got tiresome to me about a half dozen films ago. Do what thou wilt with the character at this point, I no longer have emotional investment in him.

      3. “Bond will be next”
        Didn’t you watch skyfall? His homoeretic scenes with the main villain was the beginning of the end for Bond.

        1. Yes, you are right. The only Craig movie I liked was Casino Royale.

      4. Oh they chopped him long ago, with the female boss ‘M’.
        See! James Bond obeys a woman, so, that makes it ok for other doods. Absolves us from the responsibility of being male. Go along to get along.
        Real men don’t answer to females — whether the gyno-governments put them ‘in charge’ or not.

      5. I vaguely recall a moment in one of the Bond films some time ago where James bond (Peirce Brosnan) was referred to as a “misogynistic relic”. It was not particularly surprising given the era in which the film was created but it certainly was quite typical.

        1. Yeah, well, calling Brosnan’s Bond a “misogynistic relic” was just a ploy to try to convince us that this new Bond was the genuine old-school article.

      6. I’m almost certain that the next James Bond will be black. Not that I hate black people, but James Bond is white and many white characters from books and comics are cast as black men. Gotta fill that diversity quota!

        1. Idris elba is rumored to be the next bond. Craig has one more bond to film…theres still alot of time left before the decision is made. 10 years ago everyone thought clive owen would be bond and they picked craig out of nowhere.

        2. Fair point. And Idris Elba is great, I have no problem with his ability to play James Bond, but Bond is white.
          Make a white character into a minority and no one bats an eye, make a minority character white and people lose their fucking minds.

    2. I wonder if it really ends up being a “mistake” .. from their perspective, at least. We have to see what the box office tally is and how much money it ends up making overall… I suspect it will do quite well and Hollywood will see that as a green light to go ahead and make more “grrl power” movies that emasculate men.

      1. You’re probably right actually.
        By mistake I meant more that it is becoming more and more obvious to see how much Hollywood is just pandering to current trends. One-by-one every man who takes the red-pill is a win.

    3. It’s probably still gonna kill it at The box office simply because of The Mad Max name an all the advertising. I’m actually not sure how many men will swallow the red pill because of it, it may turn a few but I’m not sure.

  10. The problem with the movie is I think more along the lines that it’s just another stupid sequel or reboot because Hollywood has completely run out of ideas and they know it.
    In desperate, retarded attempts to stay relevant, they will squander the capital of beloved franchises just to make quick cash. This is what we’ve been seeing for a long time now.

    1. True that, Hollywood have been beating dead horses for years now
      Nightmare on elm street
      Mad max
      Teenage Ninja mutant turtles
      Die Hard
      (just from the top of my head)
      Great franchises that were obliterated by Hollywood via too many sequels/remakes

      1. Coming out next year…another endless supply of superhero movies for millennials stuck in childhood.

      2. First they’re going to make shitty remakes then make a remake of that but with female protagonists then remake that with gay protagonists

    2. Not so, Mad Max was supposed to have another sequel over 15 years ago (before this reboot rubbish even begun) but record rains here on location in Australia put a lid on that, then the director (original creator) got sidetracked on other projects.

  11. Spoiler, if you care. I yelled out, “This what happens when a woman tries to lead.” when she found out she screwed up. MM is done.

    1. Except the capital never would have been left unguarded if it weren’t for Furiosa’s bravery : )

  12. Aliens, the terminator, t2, the abyss, avatar…f’n james cameron has a sick fascination with these bitch women.

    1. This is a good point.. I remember reading or hearing a very perceptive comment by someone a while back that noticed this same pattern in James Cameron’s movies, i.e, a single mother facing “male violence” and kicking ass.

      1. Aliens had that horrible manly dike chick that couldnt follow orders and started pumping grenades into the coolant system. Ironically…its the one time cameron made a women a realistic failure.
        Funny thing is michelle rodriguez played practically the same character again in avatar. Cameron hired rodriguez after being amazed by the fight girl movie.
        And I forgot all about titanic. Dumb broad couldnt make room for leo on that board?

    2. Four divorces for him. Currently with his fifth wife.
      Some dudes never learn.

      1. Thats rough man. Im guessing its about time for him to give up that avatar money.

      2. LOL a divorce for each film. Every payroll per film given to an entitled bitch check the pattern and take a red pill

  13. “The real truth of Western female behavior is found not Charlize Theron’s role in “Mad Max,” but in her role as the despairing, cowardly wife in “The Road.” This is the reality.”
    Truth. This is why women are never shamed as cowards because instinctively we all know they are fucking cowards. It is in their very nature as the weaker sex to look out for number one and or her alpha offspring bastards at the very best.
    When a woman behaves like Theron’s character in The Road we can look at that and be like ” Duh, that’s what women do” and we expect no less of them. But if a man acts cowardly it is the absolute lowest level he could ever sink to.
    Conversely this is why shaming men as “sluts” does not work but shaming women as sluts does. Biological realities and all. This should go without saying but the cultural degeneracy and brainwashing has reached such a fever pitch that merely repeating these truths over and over again has become a necessity to stay grounded.
    Holy shit just seeing Theron try to look all hard with her fucking shaved head in that first pic is enough to make me want to puke the most rancid bile all over my monitor. Wtf is it with these hollywood films and the feMALE bad ass having a shaved head? Put some tats on her, some piercings and her best IDGAF selfie pose and guess what? She is still a cowardly fucking broad. You put a ribbon on a turd…’s still a fuckin turd.
    And you fucking asshole men need to stop giving your money to hollywood and help them profit spewing this gutter filth into your minds and your children’s minds. All of you who do so are part of the fucking problem and you deserve to be punched repeatedly in your bitch ass faces. STOP SUPPORTING THIS SHIT!!!! Turn your fucking tv’s off fat asses.

    1. Dude, OF COURSE nobody is going to expect a woman to be a badass physically. Are you stupid? We are physically the weaker sex, and we need to be protected by males, why the fuck would anyone ridicule as for that? It’s out of control. But if a male is a coward and unable to protect women, well, you’ll just be passed up for the alpha male, and he’ll protect. No biggie.

        1. I have no idea, but it might be those annoying spam fuckers. In which case annexing to them to the burning stench of hell is way too kind.

    2. true. Too add to that why not take it a step further, lets stop buying american products especially when it comes to media,fast food(good luck with that) and culture,

      1. Well you start by shaming people really hard for purchasing the products. I’m talkin fighting words here.

      2. Okay, so you’re not gonna buy USA stuff, fine, it’s mostly made overseas anyway. Just don’t go and buy Chinese shit. Those cunts are literally unable to invent jack-shit, all they know how to do is copy/steal from the west. And don’t buy Indian shit either, no need to support that culture (and I mean culture in the lab-swab-bacteria sense).
        So who are you gonna buy from? Oh, guess you haven’t thought that far ahead.
        How about we say, “fuck you global economy” and stop producing shit in sweat shops. Also start spending more money on sustainable sciences. Start manufacturing shit like flying cars and hover-boards like I saw in Back to the Future II. Sounds childish, I know, but the fact is if the US did do those things it would boost employment, increase the amount of cool shit Americans have and make the USA a country the whole world looks up to again, like they did back during the space race.

        1. well aware of it mate, no need to get all hyped up. Thats why its really hard to do. They maybe copycats but thats how alot of western invientions got started, copy another country and refine it. Like you want electronics go japanese, you want clothes, try avoiding the american brand(once again good luck with that), fast food should be avoided(again good luck with that), turn off the tv espically to western shows(doable since people are more internet savy but thats a problem of its own since they still get the influence)
          Go american when you absoulutly have to is basically the gist of it, pick local and other foreign imports then theirs. THey take a hit theyll rethink their trash culture that they promote. Plus feminism can only thrive in wealthy countrys that can afford a welfare state so thats a potential bonus. But its all speculation and theory right now on how to combat this.
          At this point now, with the idiot millenials, we wont be seeing many american inventors more like foreigners living in america using their money to invent…our generation is screwed

    3. just recalled Jack Donovan said something familiar. Men are judged on courage and while females are judged on sex. No matter the culture or religion we all react to these insults and try and prove them wrong.
      Ex: you see a saudi muslim couple and a swedish atheist couple, call both of the men pussys and their wives whores, theyll be pissed as fuck at you.
      But call the women sissys or the men sluts theyll just laugh it off.
      Why becasue no matter the culture conditioning no one wants to feel they havent measured up as a man or woman. Its natural since thats what our ancestors since the dawn of time valued.
      Like hell you can see this with young boys and teens when they egg their buddy on or insult another kid, they usually call him chicken pussy fag no balls scaredy cat yellow etc to get them to do some foolish dare.

    4. My opinion is that both of Charlize Theron’s characters are realistic. When faced with insane odds, people react differently. Gender really doesn’t need to factor into it. Both characters are fictional and are not representative of how all women would act. Anytime you say “all women” you are making a really silly generalization. If it seems like more men act a certain way and more women act a certain way, we also have to consider why these trends occur. Is it biological or societal? As rational beings, we are better than our bare bones biology. Testosterone and estrogen don’t control your personality by themselves. They don’t control reason and logic. They may control impulse, but that’s something we can learn to control…all of us. Societal trends, if they end up propagating inequality and sexism and racism, and are overall outdated and believed in for no reason, should be changed. If they aren’t, then people are brainwashed and holding onto stupid rules for no reason.

      1. Wow. Just. Wow.
        ” Anytime you say “all women” you are making a really silly generalization”
        Well bonnie I’m looking real hard to see where I stated “all women”…..can’t fuckin find it. So fuck you for making up things and putting them in quotes like I fucking said the shit.
        But YOU did say “all women” in reference to one of your own generalizations.
        ” Both characters are fictional and are not representative of how all women would act”
        You presume to know how “all women” would or would not act directly after you chided me for saying “all women” in a generalization which is something I never said. LOL you imbecile.
        “As rational beings” Hey bonnie how bout you stop making silly generalizations?
        Inequality will always exist and for the love of God why in the fuck would you ever want to get rid of “sexism”? Are you a pillow biting sjw?
        Be honest now bonnie.

        1. Your logic is so twisted. I’m sure it makes sense to you however. You wouldn’t be here otherwise.

        2. Why do you keep coming to a site you hate where the “logic is so twisted”? lol. Sorry you can’t have my autograph….that shit is only for hot broads.

        3. I was not directly quoting you. I was using quotes because I was approximating the argument you were making. Your actual quote is “When a woman behaves like Theron’s character in The Road we can look at that and be like ” Duh, that’s what women do”” That is a generalization. Happy now?
          What you quoted from ny response is where I say “NOT representative.” It is NOT a generalization to say “ALL WOMEN are NOT the same.” It’s an ANTI-generalization.
          “As rational beings” is a generalization about how I hope everyone has the potential to act. It’s a hopeful generalization, true. Clearly this is not a correct generalization though. Not all humans are rational beings… like you, for example! hahaha.
          The end of your argument is ad hominem, so I won’t respond.
          All your other arguments were based on misreadings and a lack of understanding. I hope this clears it up.

        4. “Well bonnie I’m looking real hard to see where I stated “all women”…..can’t fuckin find it. So fuck you for making up things and putting them in quotes like I fucking said the shit.”
          just because you did not actually say the phrase “all women” doesn’t mean you didn’t implicitly say that. benny has very good points.
          “When a woman behaves like Theron’s character in The Road we can look at that and be like ” Duh, that’s what women do” and we expect no less of them.”
          you are essentially saying all women are cowards here, “that’s what women do”. you make sweeping generalizations about “all women” throughout your frightneingly misogynistic comments

        5. You are at misogyny central. Can’t you read the sign fuckin queer?
          Now resume gettin pegged by your man.

        6. I’m having a hard time believing it’s real. I know people have the potential to be this misguided, but it just seems like a genius and elaborate hoax. An epic troll for the ages!

        7. “Misogynist” is a modern analogue of the word “heretic.” Call us what you want, we’re not going to believe in your religion.

        8. It makes me laugh inside when i hear that word.
          A few months ago my ‘go grrrl’ cousin and my soon-to-be-go grrrl sister were inviting me over suspiciously for days in a row. Turns out they were afraid the the mangina ex-husband (i fully support divorcing bitchasses) who is harmless in my eyes. All they knew was he wad male and not too happy with him and it freightened them.
          Fast forward 2 months and i come over and the go grrrl shit is in full swing. Having seen this a dozen times i can say its hard to see mad maxi happen unless the last real man has died and half the female population got sex changes… But then again the butch will bw forced to step to bat, sheepishly.

        9. “just because you did not actually say…”
          This is called a “Straw man”
          I guess putting words into peoples mouths to win arguments is what pussies and women do.

        10. And this is what is hilarious about your ideology. It is so voracious in its desire to silence dissent, that eventually no one will give their real opinion in public. Next thing you know you are surrounded by enemies who simply don’t speak of their political position, leaving you blind (because no matter how much you believe you can, you can not read people’s minds). This has always been the “just desserts” for tyrannical ideologues.

        11. Half of your arguments are strawmen and appeals to the populace, common logical fallacies peddled by the left as truth.

        12. I’m not sure how I used strawman argument. I was debating the actual points made by the poster.
          Give an example of a logical fallacy I used. I really thought I was calling out the fallacies of others, such as ad hominem attacks and misreading of quotes.
          I’m not really sure if your other comment was directed at me. I don’t want to silence dissent. If that’s what you think, then you’ve completely misread me. I want to encourage people with different beliefs from mine to have an active discussion about it. I want BOTH of us to challenge our views and hopefully end up better off. It’s literally the opposite of what you’re saying.

        13. You remind me of those creationists, who screech that evolution, science, and math are a religion!

    5. Pfft. Love to see you get your boxers in such a wad over a movie. This whole article and the comments are hilarious.

    6. captain obvious I couldn’t agree more with you. Its refeshing to see the kind of honest, anger inspired spiel you’ve posted at length here and elsewhere. They are successful primarily because there is deliberate intelligence behind them and that leads me to believe its not a smokescreen projection of real life inadequacy aka “posing.”
      Don’t ever let anyone tell you that anger is a sin, because Jesus got angry and was known to run around and whip people as well as toss over money tables and he was so hardcore he would call people names to their faces and walk away like a boss.
      I invite you to post more on here. Not just because I find your post hilarious, but also because we needed an informed “angry man” viewpoint to complement the other types of masculine viewpoints the veterans and myself routinely demonstrate. For some reason you remind me of patrick henry, and I hope you appreciate the comparison. (Fuck you if you don’t lol)
      When it comes to trash talking you sir are a motherfuckin michaelangelo.
      If no one else said it allow me to have the honor:
      Welcome aboard.

      1. Good to hear solid feedback from other MEN. Which means hey you mangina fuckin queers just because you pee standing up with your little wee wee you can’t say shit to me. Your a fuckin faggot and your word carries less weight than a fickle add college slut. Kill yourselves white knights and keep your bitches
        away from me unless you wanna know what my dick tastes like.

        1. chill bro. I don’t care if you have to pay for it, get laid stat before you hurt yourself or someone else.
          FYI – As a rage machine with little to no discernable ability to deal with your emotions in a mature manner, you’re not exactly a ringing endorsement for the righteousness/superiority of the MRA cause.

        2. Not an MRA douche bag. They are essentially the same thing as feminists except for men. They argue the same way and beg for government help for the “rights of men” The entire movement is feminism for men basically. You are a pussy pedestalizer and that is apparent in your comment as if “getting laid” is the cure lol you fucking ignoramus.
          You argue like a woman. That is probably why you are MRA.

        3. Hey faggot where do you live? I invite you to come to my gym and see how little I am and see what I’m made of if you wanna pop off at the mouth you are gonna get called on it.
          Let’s see you run that salad tossin tongue to me in person. Come on boy. Put up or shut up.
          Come to my shit motherfucker. I got 1000$ that says I whip your fuckin ass and you don’t land one clean shot on me. We can film it too and put the results on ROK for everyone here to see. Let’s go bitch I’m dead serious. Hell I will even pay for your ticket if you live in the usa. Just put up the fight money. We can fight mma rules with a nuetral ref. or Thai boxing rules whichever you prefer tough guy

        4. then they should be ashamed of themself for writing things like this:
          “….Your a fuckin faggot and your word carries less weight than a fickle add college slut. Kill yourselves white knights and keep your bitches
          away from me unless you wanna know what my dick tastes like…”
          his pathetically insecure, overreacting response to my post, which i’m not even going to bother quoting but which you can view below. what sort of mentally stable adult writes that sort of stuff? i can be excused for thinking it was a kid.
          if this (intellectual) kid is a friend of yours Quintus, you have my sympathy.

        5. That was the best way to phrase the difference between MRA and ROK members. Well said.

        6. Def heard of them. Are they considered death metal? I haven’t listened to that kind of music since I was in my early twenties listening to fear factory and pantera and Korn’s first album.
          If they are aggressive lyrically I will check them out.

        7. I can’t tell if this guy is supposed to be serious or taken as a joke…

        8. HAHA a simple mistake as I was posting that from my phone…but you wouldn’t know about making mistakes…obviously you’ve never made one in your life right? You seem to know a lot about fags too, takes one to no one, as the old saying goes….

    7. Thing is, we won… and it’s a Pyrrhic victory (cheers 187 for that apt word).
      #1 Pitch Perfect 2 $69.2M
      #2 Mad Max $45.4M
      But that could also be due to any non-fanboy-with-an-agenda telling it like it is, “This film is 1 long 90 minute chase. It gets real fucking boring. And they spend half the time driving away from the Citadel, only to turn around and go back. Fucking dumb script. And they sped up the action scenes to make it look cartoonish. And it’s barely R-rated, more like PG.”

      1. You seem to be confusing your opinion with consensus.
        Which pretty much everywhere from critics to audience ratings have disagreed with.

        1. I haven’t seen it. I’ve just been watching the comments section on IMDB, and the points I listed were said consistently by those that didn’t like the film. But considering Max Max 1 was utter shit (IMO) and Mad Max II was also shit (IMO) and I haven’t seen III, I’m gonna guess I won’t like this one either.

        2. Not liking Mad Max as a franchise is fine but it is rating very well on RT, metacritic and IMDB.

        3. But, you see, that actually means zip these days. What was the Latest Avengers initial rating? Somewhere in the mid to high 8’s. Pretty much every single blockbuster gets way, way over-inflated initial ratings. Reason: compliant critics. Most commentators on IMDB refuse to believe it (though I reckon they’re just shills for the very same marketing company), but studios ARE buying positive reviews. If you are someone who doesn’t think they are then you’d be unbelievably naive.
          Then there’s “other” reasons, e.g. Fast and Furious 7 getting around a 9.0 rating because of Paul Walker. In this case Feminists are voting in droves to support this film, don’t think they aren’t.
          P.S. I downloaded Mad Max II last night and tried to watch it again… it’s really not good, hey. And I’m not being biased. It’s badly acted, paced and edited and… It’s just not good. Then again, I only made it about 30 minutes in before I had to take a break. Will try again.

        4. None of the men here give two tiny rat turds about what androgynous, brittle boned, weak backed, soft fisted chump-lump turd bodies like you rate their goddamn movies lol.
          Go fuck yourself.

      2. oh yes because pitch perfect 2 is basically the patriachy in movie form.

        1. What? A Pyrrhic victory is one won at too greater cost. I’m saying Pitch Perfect 2 is an uber chick flick. The anti-feminist campaign helped a 100% chick flick about female singers and gay guys beat an action film. I just watched a CAM copy of Mad Max and, besides the feminist BS and crap script and crap dialogue and crap characters, had good action. I’d give it 5 or 6 out of 10.
          I also checked out Pitch Perfect 2 (CAM copy as well) just because I could. And, fuck, it’s not good. All you need to know is the fat chick (Fat Amy) has a guy ask if he can be her boyfriend and she says, “No, I gotta be free.” Then she later changes her mind and he takes her back and they make out.

    8. A beer for this guy, please.
      “STOP SUPPORTING THIS SHIT!!!! Turn your fucking tv’s off fat asses.

      Saddly American MSM has started to portray men as somewhat less than garbage.
      Instead of this Hollywood-baked crap, look at “Fist of the North Star”. It’s an anime, but a priceless work. The main character is a real man, who fights against bad guys in a post-apocalyptic world.

    9. Not supporting Hollywood is one of the reasons I only watch movies that either I downloaded for free (when a good quality HD Blu-ray or DVD rip comes out) or that I see in the theater with a free movie pass.
      Still, for most movies that’s two hours of your life you’re not gonna get back.

  14. my comment on one the articles about the film:
    “to all the beta cucks defending this film. i want you to understand,
    with true confidence and conviction, your reality is on borrowed time.
    every civilization that became feminized collapsed shortly after. this
    is no different.
    when the SHTF due to a new world war, virus or
    economic collapse your illusion will disappear in the blink of an eye.
    there will be no warrior women or neck-bearded betas to save you. you
    will look to the real men, hope and PRAY they will pull you from the
    piss puddle youre in to save your pathetic life.
    respond with your
    usual scripted sarcasm but when you wake up enjoy every hour you have.
    every single moment. its not gonna last.”
    boy do i mean every word of that.

  15. I get it but this isn’t nothing new, even in History you see women being put up on Pedestals, Troy, Henry the 8th, I tend to like historical films cos history doesn’t lie even if hollywood wants to make there own version of it they still have to play by the historical book at times.
    There is a scene in alexander the great, where the father tells Alexander “All your life, beware of women there far more dangerous than men”
    What I do find is there are few films that are so underrated but you see red pill truths in them ironically these films are never really those big hit blockbusters Alexander the great movie is a good example although there is some stupids things that hollywood decided to add.
    Whenever I see this sort of stuff in films I laugh it off and say oh who you trying to fool, all it does double confirms everything I’ve been aware of since understanding the truth.
    When I saw this scene in sin city 2 lol in my head I was like yeah thats pretty much what men face unless they are aware

  16. “(2) seek out a male figure to protect her.”
    And then she’ll be judged not for her ability to snark on social media nor her expertise in filling out TPS reports as a useless office troll.
    She’ll be judged on here usefulness, based on countless millennia of evolution: her ability to reproduce and her ability to complement a man’s existence in such that she can keep his house in order while he uses the strength of his back and his tenacity to ensure the survival of his offspring.
    But I’ll be kind: all the women who lack SMV and are too old to spit out anything more than sickly autists who won’t be able to work a farm or defend the homestead, and have no skills of any use, I am going to be building wagons from the hulls of old cars and trucks and since horses are expensive, I’ll give jobs to those otherwise useless women. It’s simple: they just need to get hitched (to the wagon) and pull. I think the average post modern feminist product can handle that.
    They won’t be getting any food, water, or protection from me otherwise.
    And of those who won’t pull…. I’ll give them shovels. It’s handy to have a shovel already by the body.

    1. I’m older but I know how to cook, clean and tend to the sick. These young guuurrrrllllls can’ t even pick up their own underwear off the floor.

      1. Good point.. If it happened today, it would probably be the 50+ crowd of women we’d find most useful for their domestic skills.
        But.. why oh why didn’t you teach your daughters, nieces.. etc.

        1. I don’t have daughters and I refuse to have contact with my toxic family. My eldest niece at age 17 started two years of pre-med at university. She is going to be a great woman.

        2. “My eldest niece at age 17 started two years of pre-med at university. She is going to be a great woman.”

          When I introduce myself as a physician who left clinical practice, non-physicians ask me why I left. They’re generally intrigued that someone who sacrificed many years and many dollars for medical training would then change her mind. But physicians, almost universally, never ask me why I left. Instead, they ask me how. They call and email me with logistical questions, wanting to learn the secret of how I managed the transition out of clinical medicine (read “escape”).
          Earlier this month I attended a conference on physician well-being at the Massachusetts Medical Society where I heard an alarming statistic: the suicide rate among women physicians is more than two times that of women in the general population. Diane Shannon, plagued by constant worry about patients, and fear of medical errors, gave up her career as a physician.
          It may be dramatic and self-serving to frame my career change as a way to avoid suicide, but I can attest that medicine was not conducive to my health.

          A 49 year old female doctor in Bakersfield, California pursues her estranged 58 year old man friend by climbing down his chimney, gets stuck in the chimney, and dies of asphyxiation.
          I see it as further evidence of the hyper egotism and aggression that sexual liberation and feminism have planted in the female sex, and that have made them lose their minds.

        3. It’s pre-med she might change her mind. And that’s Ok. Maybe she will be a scientist.

      2. The young “girls” of today have one thing going for them.. and that’s their pussy.
        They proudly proclaim their lack of domestic skills like not being able to cook… and at the same time demand men be able to cook.

        1. the young “boys” of this website have one thing going for them … and that’s their penis.
          oh, no, wait. my mistake. the young boys of this website have nothing going for them whatsoever.

        2. Pussy gets old. Clean house, nice meal, decent conversation and nice smelling bedsheets sustain a relationship. Oh yeah, trust and respect.
          Men should know basic life skills like cooking.

  17. This movie is not a problem. It is only a visible symptom of a much deeper spiritual rot that has infected the minds of Western Man.

    1. And that spiritual rot has been helped along by the media, the movie industry, and television. So no, it’s not blameless. It IS part of the problem. You need to understand the power of propaganda. People are influenced and shaped by what they hear and see.

      1. hmmm what ethnic group owns the media, the movie industry, and television? hmmm i am thoroughly perplexed. hmmmmm.

      2. It (this movie) is part of the problem the same as a glass of water is a part of the problem when you are stuck out at sea in the middle of a hurricane.

        1. Don’t try to downplay the effect of the media and modern propaganda. You will rightly be seen as a dipshit or a troll.
          You say it is a spiritual problem yet I am willing to bet you own a tv and you watch it. You are part of the fucking problem too in that case.

        2. More than you obviously.
          Marcuse, Hegel, Freud, Gramsci, Huxley, Hitler, Marx, Edward Bernays among many others.

    2. The entertainment industry is the true problem today. Too many BS political messages in the scripts.

    3. This movie and other shows just like it are the problem today. Young people are fed nonsense everyday through TV and movies.

        1. You do realize you’re talking to yourself. Nobody gives a shit about what you have to say, yes?

        2. funny, that’s the way the rest of the world feels about this whole web page

        3. Why are you here? You obviously care or are being paid to troll here. Otherwise, I don’t see the point in wasting your time unless you have some ulterior motive, which it seems that you do.

        4. I agree. The difference here….you’re comments won’t be deleted, you won’t get banned (unless it’s extreme) and you’ll have an opinion (as opposed to other sites)…you’ll be part of the conversation. Many of the other sites (where SJWs “live”) will gladly ban you if you don’t follow the echo chamber. I’ve tried having rational, adult conversations with questions….automatically banned (no bad, foul language..just banned).
          So, the truth hurts, I guess….but you are welcome.

    4. Looking at the responses to my comment I see the enlightened badasses here don’t get it. Alright you fucking morons.
      The media and entertainment industry is the gun, this stupid
      movie is a bullet. Blaming either the gun or the bullet is fucking stupid. The hand holding the gun and the finger pulling the trigger is responsible. Most people willingly put the barrel in their own mouths.

        1. No, C. Wright Mills wrote a book in the 50s describing what he considered to be the power elite is the US. The list includes the Joint Chiefs of Staff (Warlords), members of historically noble families, Celebrities, CEOS, rich landowners, rich corporate shareholders and a small (haha) group of the executive branch.
          This is definitely something I’ll be reading more about. I’ve come to appreciate books published before the 1960s and the socialist wave that came with that decade. There are a number of interesting facts and truths that haven’t seen print since.

        2. There have been a few changes in the structure of the elite in the US since the 1950s. After the civil rights movement a lot of barriers were taken down this allowed the Jews to take over institutions that they could not get into before. We once had an elite composed of people who had a genuine love for this country, we now have an elite comprise of people that only love members of their tribe. They are a hostile elite.

        3. so guys do you have to be racist in order to be a mennonite? what if you are a jewish man who hates women? do they have their own website or something?

        4. Very true. The old WASP elite respected the nation, our newer Jewish elite hate this country and everything it stands for.

  18. I’ll repost this:
    What the media idiots do not get is that some of us who are already several decades of age have had to put up with this insult since day one.
    By the time The Beatles split up this misandry had lost its shock value.
    It was 2002 when I read this online in a now-defunct website:
    Try this experiment: Go to your cable TV tomorrow afternoon around 4 PM (prime time female viewing hours) and jot down on a legal pad, one line for each channel, a summary of what you see. Just look for 15 seconds or so per channel till you get the gist. This is what consultants call a “Gilson snapshot” — typically, you will find over 80 percent of the channels portray abuse, devaluing, or demeaning of men. See if you experience highlights similar to these as you flip the channels, one by one:
    * An afternoon cartoon: the girls push around the boys, who somehow just can‘t get science. Barney appears afterward to say let’s all be friends.
    * A show on financial empowerment for divorced women
    * A wife in a movie discovers her husband is involved in an affair and sets out to kill him to everyone’s approval
    * A man is slapped by a woman
    * A woman screams at her son and calls him a loser. She is then praised by the talk show host for attending anger management class. The boy is told it is up to him to keep her calm by a guest therapist.
    * A man is shot by a woman
    * “The More You Know” series of ads warns abuse can happen to anyone, so call for help immediately when he, repeat he, does it
    * A man says he is wildly in love with a woman who just kicked his testicles and insulted his father
    * A news report on forced or fraudulent government castration of men in India — focus? The emotional effects on the women, unhappy with their subsequent sex lives …but who are learning they can now remarry, and many of whom targeted their unsuspecting husbands for such “radical birth control” to government bureaucrats in the first place. “Improvements must be made based on experiments there before this can be rolled out to America,” says the commentator.
    * A woman shoots her boyfriend for buying a stereo without consulting her
    * A woman throws off her wedding veil and abandons the groom to have what looks like a personal erotic moment while driving a car
    * Another abandons her boyfriend and steals his car after discovering a soft drink is all she needs in life
    * A court case is interrupted when a woman begins to shampoo her hair and is happily pursued by sex maniacs, cheer-led by a psychotherapist
    * A government panel determines more funds are needed for “violence against women”
    * A man bursts on the screen saying “There is a plot by the government to use women to take over the world!” That one made be pause. Alas, it was an old comedy — the man is soon characterized as mad
    * Barry Scheck is interviewed with his discovery that DNA shows, in apparently those few cases where the police did not screw up the evidence, that 1/3rd of those serving time for rape (in many states until recently still a capital offense) were falsely accused. The panel afterward speculates on the “growing problem” that this fact may discourage women from making domestic violence accusations. The commentator continues, “Of course there is the rare case as we saw with Barry Scheck, maybe one in a million cases, where the woman lies.” “Or much more likely just made a mistake because she was upset,” says the other. The two women both nod, satisfied with the math that turns one third into a million to one shot.
    * A rerun of Donahue. He says under no circumstances should you hit a woman, even if she attacks you or must fight back. This is followed by a news story of the pardon by the Governor of a woman who dug through several walls to beat her disabled husband to death while he repeatedly called police who felt his call was insignificant. She felt abused, said the Governor. It is a victory for women, said several women’s shelters and advocacy groups.
    * A man comes home to discover his girlfriend has cleaned out the house and run off with a lesbian. He sets out to win her back after she hits him over the head with a bat
    * A woman throws a drink at a man who says she looks better in the blue dress
    * In the final episode of Star Trek, Captain Kirk finds his body stolen by a sympathetically portrayed woman
    * A woman fakes a rape scene to frame her lover and makes off triumphantly with her husband’s money, whom she has just murdered. Her husband is bad as he deals drugs, unlike her, who wants a better life.
    * Boys are embarrassed by a smug teacher because they can’t give the birthdate of Susan B. Anthony or name when votes happened for women. They are not taught when, or by whom, votes were won for men
    * A man tries to help an eccentric and distressed visiting professor by inviting him to stay over. His wife leaves him
    * On a nature show, a female praying mantis eats the male while mating
    * In Afghanistan a desperate father whose home was destroyed by American bombing has his young daughters take in piecework. This, says the reporter, is a vestige of Moslem male dominance the US is trying to correct. The reporter patronizingly asks the wife why she doesn’t leave him since he won’t send the daughters to school and continues luridly on the custom of polygamy.
    The reporter has apparently forgotten she also reported the US bombs had pulverized the school to flinders.
    * A man is slapped and hit by his girlfriend and called an abuser because he did not tell her that he was adopted.
    * Psychologists discuss the “controversial” proposition that fathers are beneficial
    * A CNN reporter reveals the shocking fact that in Arab countries, women do not automatically get custody. Tune in tonight for the courageous story of a woman who kidnapped her son to America after leaving her husband to avoid the custom of the country where the boy has grown up.
    * A man gets twenty years for consensual non-vaginal sex with his wife. She gets therapy
    * A raped 12 year old boy is ordered to pay child support to the rapist, his teacher
    * A story on deadbeat dads features a man who must, under antique laws, pay support even though the child was by the man with whom his wife was two-timing him. “Women are fighting back against the many men who seek to avoid their legal obligations,” intones the reporter
    * “You worm!” a woman tells a befuddled Curly, slapping the icon of male power.
    This is from an article by Michael Gilson De Lemos in The Laissez Faire Electronic Times, Vol 1, No 45, December 23, 2002

    1. Interesting. I am glad that Oprah is off the air….what bullshit every day by this woman.

      1. Oprah finally had to admit she ate too much instead of continuing another decade of nutritional bullshit.

        1. I’ve seen Oprah without make up, just as she rolled off the bed. She is the ugliest most disgusting thing you can see.

        2. despite what you may have heard, mirrors are NOT the same thing as television. i hate to break it to you friend, but what you saw was no oprah.

        3. Oprah is the perfect example of why the pursuit of extreme wealth is a complete waste of time for a woman. How many men want to bang Oprah? It makes no difference to most men whether she is a billionaire or a middle income earner when confronted with the sheer ugliness of her baboon like countenance.

        4. I agree that money and status does nothing to raise the common woman’s SMV but Oprah isn’t some typical female doctor or business owner raking in 300k a year she’s literally worth Billions.
          Also she’s married to some dude so I doubt she gives a fuck if random people on the internet think she’s an “unattractive baboon”.

      2. Read the Wikipedia page on that cow to see how fucked up her life has been. It’s really weird!

        1. I’ve been around long enough to watch Oprah go from nobody (Color Purple) to a decent talk show host (back in the 80s and 90s…she used to talk about real issues)…to the bullshit she was pulling (selling) before she left for the west coast.
          The moving out to the west coast is when she pretty much jumped the shark (went insane). Nothing like moving to southern California (the narcissist capital of the U.S.) to make you go crazy.
          Oprah was smacked back into reality when she visited a store over in Europe (clothing store) and the woman didn’t recognize her (of course she cried racism because the woman wasn’t kissing her ass). It’s another example of a woman (rich, black woman…celebrity…trying to play the victim card).

        2. Wasn’t it that Oprah asked for an item at the European store and the store worker said that there was no way she could afford it and it would be a waste of time getting it?

        3. Something like that….not sure of the conversation. I just love the fact that the lady wasn’t gushing all over Oprah. She used to be down to earth….back when. Now she has her head up her ass. Must have been that move to Cali.

    2. Watch almost every add with a man an woman, you’ll see the male acting like a clown or doing something wrong an the female fixing the problem an/or giving him a look of pity.

      1. I’ve noticed that for a long time. Most consumer items are geared to women, imagine that. It’s just not necessary to make men look stupid I find it insulting.

        1. Yea it’s reached a ridiculous point now, to me proves firstly that men arn’t taken seriously in The West an secondly females are above criticism.

        2. i think you mean *you aren’t taken seriously in “the west” (or, you know, anywhere)

        3. I meant the male gender in Western countries. you can try to discredit my point of view by using insults but look at how men are portrayed in the media, movies, commercials an government policies, men are even the butt of most jokes nowdays. Women on the other hand get told how great they are in movies, commercials, media an by the government. Anyone looking objectively can see this, I noticed it even before I knew about the manosphere or even thought hard about gender relations, even as a kid I would ask my dad why all men in commercials are stupid.

        4. i, as a white dude, make a frankly ludicrous amount of money and have the general respect of my peers. you guys are the butts of the jokes because you’re idiots. have you read what the rest of the world is saying about you? it’s like the world’s saddest circlejerk around here.

        5. You make money…LOLOL.. get the fuck out of here.. What a loser telling everybody “he makes money”…

        6. The rest of what “world”? Loser middle-Americans who don’t deserve to be pissed on if they’re burning? Let them laugh; Russia, China and Iran will bury them in no more than two, maybe three generations. Do you REALLY think with the rapid rate of decline these pathetic vermin are nosediving at they will stand a chance against everything lying in wait licking their lips to decimate us?
          As a very savvy Word War II vet I know once said, “I fought against the most vile evil you could imagine for THIS?”

        7. That’s what I think too. China and Russia are going to double-down on their ‘patriarchy’ (which simply means not letting SJW idiots run the culture over) and they are going to bypass us in very short order. Already, feminists have tried to get some traction in both China and Russia….jailed. Those countries have the advantage of so easily observing how destructive feminism is in Anglo culture and they are electing to avoid it. Our feminized, HR machine education system is going to be left in the dust by the world’s males; China, Russia, India.

        8. You may be respected by your work colleagues an friends, I am too but you’re still in a society that portrays you as a bufoon or criminal or inferior to women or all three in media , TV and in other forms of entertainment like movies. The government still doesn’t care about your issues based upon your gender, being a white man with money doesn’t change that.

        9. dude: i have money. i’m white. i’m even relatively straight. if you haven’t noticed, 95% of government is all of those things already.

        10. You have money? Is that why you have to use “Go Fund Me” to get the cash to open a teahouse in a shack in a New Orleans slum? (Having fun with Google, I tell you. Don’t worry man, I’m done.) Don’t get murdered ‘1992 man’. (Oops, was I racist there?) You actually have some potential and good luck with the busty SJW girl you’re trying to impress with your leftist cliche dump on ROK. I’m reaching across the aisle here, friend. Good luck with her, honestly.

    3. I was angered just reading through the whole list. And to think I didn’t even recognize the bigotry upfront as I was typically smarter than most girls I knew and simply took it for granted that other guys didn’t compete for high grades. The signs were there that the MSM wanted men to be servile to women.

  19. Another horrific piece of misandry was Avatar.
    Some poor disabled marine gets sent to Avatar land. There, ball busting Sigourney Weaver (remarkably reminiscent of a bitchy HR supervisor) orders him around the facility. Then he gets sent to the blue planet, where he has to be rescued by some blue chick with a scowl on her face the whole movie.
    At one point, the marine even utters something like, “She has a name for me in her language. It means idiot.”
    Oh,boy…how is the misandry not obvious to people?
    From that point forth, I was rooting for Colonel Miles (the right-wing antagonist) to wipe those blue fucks off the planet.

    1. i hated that movie for it’s lack of realism and it’s hopeless romanticism. wasn’t really interested in gender issues back then, but it’s an interesting point.

    2. Have you noticed how same-y all James Cameron films feel since the first Terminator? Especially with his protagonists, their roles, how one ALWAYS dies, and how there is always some mousy double-crosser? He’s good for spectacle ONLY, not for substance.

      1. His movies are like a chocolate-covered fart. Good on the front end, but then the lingering odor catches up.

    3. I thought I was the only person routing for the Colonel he was awesome. He was the only person who stood up to her. The movie would have been perfect had he killed Sigourney Weaver.

    4. I was actually rooting from the very beginning. marines in power armor are friggin awesome. giant skinny smurfs that have sex with horses and pterodactyls? not so much.

    5. The villain was the most badass character I’ve seen in a cinema in a long time

    6. I waited until Avatar went to video and when I saw it, I was like thank goodness I didn’t waste 3 hours of my life or $10 of my hard-earned money to be indoctrinated by some hypocrite who wants society to go back to wearing loin-cloth and live back in the stone age for the sake of “global warming”.

  20. These people aren’t interested in reality. Like the fact that a quarter of women take anti depressant medication, like the fact that feminism hasn’t really done anything to reduce so called domestic violence, like the fact that there is a discontent amongst modern society that can’t be reversed now, like the fact that there is no rape culture, like the fact that corporations don’t care if your male or female as their only concern is money, like the fact that women aren’t really valued by men at all anymore except for their vaginas, like the fact that men are giving up on their country by the masses, like the fact that children growing up in single parent homes are more likely to have problems or the fact that despite our incredible wealth we have a population of people who are somewhat sad. Reality isn’t important to these people, because with this new found feminism comes power and that is what these people are interested in.
    No longer do people take responsibility for themselves and if they have a problem they work on it. The flavour of the day is to blame someone else for your shortcomings and have no restraint. This if it feels good, do it attitude will continue to get made into movies and the masses have already swallowed it up.

    1. “our incredible wealth” – this really makes me think sometimes, the quality of our lives regarding food/health/education/travel/shelter etc has increased significantly since the dark ages but our relationships with each other have deteriorated and become unnatural.
      whether man/woman relationships or local community or at national level many people just don’t ‘fit’ (high alcohol/drug use, anti-depressant use).
      no man should ever have to ‘discover’ the red pill, it should be natural.

    2. ‘rape culture’, like fairy wiccanism, is simply a fantasy that women wish existed, a way to channel their desire for a shades of grey/bodice ripper reality…
      At the heart of every rape culture protester there exists a woman that desperately wishes a dark, muscular man would throw her down and have his way with her in a way in which she is powerless to resist.

      1. Every woman wants to be raped. It is in her very DNA and responsible for the fact the most if not all women have rape fantasies. The problem begins when a woman is allowed to believe she has power and control. She runs from her true nature because it means she has to surrender to the knowledge that she is the weaker, inferior sex.
        So many false rape allegations are made precisely because a woman gave into her nature, often because she was intoxicated, and the next morning she is furious that she gave up her illusion of control and power to a Man.
        It is this constant psychological battle and because society is forced into this madness lives are being ruined by it. Yet, the women who are the happiest and most content are the ones who finally surrender to themselves and accept their place alongside their betters.

        1. So cool that you supported all those statements with ample psychological studies and scientific findings!

        2. “Every woman wants to be raped.”
          Most of them appear to enjoy a dominant male in the bedroom but raped? Of course not. No individual enjoys having their bodies, emotions, or mental state violated. However, false accusations occur due to the tendency of many women to avoid responsibility for their actions.

        3. It would be easier and more sensible just to put the lot of ’em in chains.

        4. Hey, here’s a thought.
          Since you SJW brain stems think everything is a social construct then that would mean that minding being raped is ALSO a social construct.
          So instead of trying to change a ‘rape culture’ why not just change your fucking attitude and be done with it?
          ha ha ha

  21. I used to enjoy going to the movies. It was a kind of occasion, looking forward to the movie, maybe organising a few buddys to go see it, getting the junk food, sitting down in the theatre as the opening credits unfurl, back in the day there used to be an opening short movie also!! On a rare occasion it might be better than the feature.
    Back to today. I go every now and again if I think there’s something worthwhile. After the first Avengers movie I said fuck it I’m not going to the next one. It was truly awful. It is quite the achievement to make a movie with incredible special effects and so formulaic and boring all at the same time. What did I do? Out of boredom I went to the second Avengers movie. Guess what? It was even more terrible than the first!!!
    Now with the reviews of the new Mad Max movie I am conflicted. I was a fan of the first two. Thunderdome, I watched it again last night on satellite, was the Horrywood take over of the franchise and it totally failed. “Walker…… Walker”….. and now Charlie Thereon is in on the act with her bionic wank hand. Watched the trailer and it looks good but as we all know that’s probably the whole movie right there.
    Knowing how bereft of ideas Horrywood execs are these days I am not giving them my money, even if the movie doesn’t suck. I have had enough Horrywood. I have wasted enough of my time and money on your lacklustre fare. It is Macmovies, fast food for the mind and you end up with an indigestible ball of sick in your Brian.
    I would advise the men of the Manosphere to forget about contemporary Horrywood, remember the movies of your childhood and youth. Practise all the things we have learned here over the past days, months, years. Your diet, your mind, read, write, walk, run, cycle, climb, breathe the clean air. Get the fuck out from in front of the TV and never darken the door of a movie theatre again……..
    Oh and Quintus well done. Another pertinent article….

  22. Somehow, Cormac McCarthy made his way through the Progressive power structure of literary fiction, all the way to the top. I guess he was sort of a Trojan horse–noone knew he had sensible social/political views until it was too late.
    He wrote a pretty damned good original screenplay–the director’s cut is good, anyway–with The Counselor, and it was absolutely savaged by the Progressive critics.

    1. He’s just such a genius. I don’t think he ever really delved into political stuff at all really. And his stuff is so dark that even if he tried to present a conservative viewpoint, it could be written off as just ‘Man, dark!’ But it is kind of amazing that the progs worship him too. I actually really liked The Counselor. I expected to hate it after the reviews. Watched it twice. It’s actually a favorite now because I really dig the Brad Pitt character ‘Westray’ Wears threads, plays the ladies and is ready to split whenever he needs to, just like the DeNiro character in ‘Heat’. Inspirational characters, Hollywood endings notwithstanding. I could watch The Counselor again and again over the years. Just so eerie. Cameron Diaz is absolutely TERRIBLE in it though. I have never seen an actor fail to that extent. Replace her with someone skilled and the whole movie changes.

      1. Well, she plays a Grotesque. I think she succeeded at that. I also think that he’s an artist first and foremost, and, yes, that transcends contemporary politics, to some extent, but not totally. In one of his few interviews, for instance, he said something along the lines of… destruction is part of the natural order of growth and evolution and “those antiwar types” (or something like that) are “dangerous” because they get in the way of that natural destructive change… or something. But it was no doubt a political position, philosophical as it also was.

  23. i like how everyone says “the media” like its a natural phenomenon lmao. who owns the media? anyone want to answer that? are we ignoring that massive elephant in the room? alot of people took purple pills. when you take the real red pill you’ll shed your PC chains and be truly free.

    1. I don’t think it matters really. Someone’s always going to be running the show and they’ll do shit that’s first and foremost in their best interest. Usually it involves money…

    2. and be racist i guess? way to go guys, your eyes are like SO totally open i can’t even

      1. “…I can’t even”
        The ultimate feminine verbal tic. Sooooo feminine. You are such a freaking girl I should be banned for responding to you.

        1. Yeah it really isn’t. Maybe because ‘irony’ was stale by 1995. I wasn’t going for irony anyway but leave it to you and your cool 1992 vibe to look for it and crow about being in command of it.

        2. ah yes, irony. invented in 1986, stale by 1995, like TOTALLY over by 1998, 1999 at the latest. unlike maninism, which was stale by no later than 2002.

        3. Hey it’s ‘1992 Man’ back for more banter. You’ve got the early nineties on lock down, man;
          -‘edgy’ leftism
          -supremacy complex (over people who see right through you more easily than glass itself.)
          Put on some Temple of the Dog and just rail against conformity, right?
          (Pssstt…Don’t ever stop to think about how extremely conformist you are or the jig is up.)
          Now where’s your Rage Against the Machine cd?

      2. Racist?
        “I can’t even”?
        Don’t they need you back at Jezebel?

    1. Same here. And the same is starting to happen to my video game collection.

      1. DUDE SRRSLY
        The new xcom is a joke. WHY WOULD THEY DUMB DOWN XCOM?
        At least we’ve still got Fallout 4 coming. Probably the last game I’ll ever play.
        I’m going to buy the Xbox at a pawn shop, buy the game when it’s released and sell them both when I complete the game.
        I have had both the privilege of being a child when NES hit (golgo 13, mike tyson, mario), being able to savor and enjoy all the innovative and captivating games that came along for pc and each console, THEN the tragedy of watching the decline of the gaming industry.
        I don’t care if the average dipshit they’re marketing to is too lazy and stupid to play what xcom used to be when I was 9. The last straw was when I bought a 360 and after being amazed by fallout and rof, going to the game store repeatedly and finding nothing good.
        Look at these new graphics blablablabla who cares. I’d rather play ring of red than this crap they’re releasing now.

        1. I have the privilege of being a child when Pong hit.

        2. Nothing like bouncing that ball back when it comes your way. One of my favorite games, really.

    2. Last new movie I watched a theater……
      St Vincent
      Time before that
      Time before…. I forgot

      1. Sin City 2 … that movie was not-so-subtly Red Pill.
        Especially when it came to how Eva Green’s character was portrayed …

      2. 300. A movie about a bunch of greased up men. Who in reality enjoyed the company of boys.

    3. Kind of that for me. I hate even old movies now. Movies in themselves are not enjoyable as they used ro been

      1. Once they murdered Kubrick for saying things they didn’t like (boo hoo), it all went downhill from there.

  24. I never get and never understand why women shave their heads whether it’s in movie or even in real life. It just looks weird and out of place. A women with natural long hair looks more beautiful and feminine. Movies never really depict reality anyways. A women can be a hero in movies all she wants but in real life, she is probably just another nobody woman in the background nothing more.

    1. They want to pretend to be men. It is penis envy. It is the same reason why broad shouldered power suits were all the rage with with business women.
      They know what it means to have a gaping hole between their legs and they psychologically run from it. Feminism has perverted the power structure and has told them they are something other than women. That they don’t have to surrender to being female.
      As a result we have been creating generations of cunts who walk around like they’re swinging dicks. And it won’t be long before they realize just what they are. It’s going to be painful for a lot of them. But necessary.

  25. Excellent article, Quintus. I was hoping someone like you would counter the shit-storm the initial article about avoiding Mad Max by Aaron seemed to generate by feminists and the SJW Keyboard-Commando brigade.
    As you very eloquently, intelligently and with some depth talk about in this article, this social engineering and feminist propaganda is more pernicious and damaging than simply about usurping the male lead role. I posted this comment in one of the previous Mad Max articles and I want to repeat it here again:
    “The very idea and notion of a “female hero” runs
    contrary to what is truth and reality. The idea of a “male hero” rings
    true on a primal level.. because men are the risk-takers.. the
    warriors.. the ones with the physical strength who are always the ones
    to sacrifice themselves to defend their tribe, clan or nation. No
    culture or civilization that wants to survive is going to send out
    “female warriors” to defend them. A society that allows its women to
    take risks and die will find itself demographically barren very quickly
    not to mention will lose every time against an army of male warriors.
    Women are the child-bearers and are physically weaker of the two sexes.
    This is the biological reality. A society can afford to lose men in
    battle and for all the risky undertakings.. but it cannot afford to lose
    “Secondly, and I’ve made this point many times before… it
    makes sense for a man to risk his life for glory and riches and status.
    because it allows him to rise in the male dominance hierarchy, and
    increases the number of sexually attractive women and mates that will be
    interested in him. For a man, the potential payoff and rewards, i.e,
    more pussy and women, are worth it. For women, it is the exact
    opposite.. in that taking a risk to achieve anything gives her zero
    advantages when it comes to finding a mate.. her mating prospects
    actually decreases.. because the more accomplished and high status a
    woman is, the smaller the pool of men she’s interested in. And
    correspondingly, men aren’t impressed by or interested in a woman’s
    accomplishments and social status. Men value women primarily for their
    beauty, youth and fertility.
    “And so male heroes who risk their lives to defend their clan and tribe and nation and to find new territories to conquer “makes sense” on a primal and fundamental level. It rings true. Female “heroes,” especially “ass-kicking” bitches who
    supposedly can beat up men twice as strong and powerful as her, are
    nothing but an artificial social construct of our politically correct,
    feminist culture and are phoney.. they just don’t ring true and will
    never carry the same mythic value and truth that stories and tales of
    male archetype heroes do.
    “This is why men here react so strongly and viscerally to these “ass-kicking” female feminist cunts. They are false. They are phoney. They are damaging to the culture and to masculinity. A society needs to cultivate its real male heroes and not
    non-existent “female heroes”.. because in the real world and not some
    Hollywood feminist fantasy of “strong,” “empowered” ass-kicking women
    like in Hunger Games and now Mad Max , it will be men and only men who
    will be ones to fight and deal with the real male psychopaths, brutes
    and savages. The real baddies, and they do exist, don’t give a shit
    about “female empowerment” and feminism. They will rape and take as sex
    slaves the women as they always have. A society that neuters its
    males and that doesn’t cultivate masculinity and men capable of
    administrating measured and just violence, and men willing to risk their
    lives against the real baddies isn’t one that is going to last very
    long. And the women and these deluded feminists will be the ones who
    will suffer the most when the real barbarians and brutes show up. Then
    they’ll know what “rape culture” really is. I’m starting to think this
    is exactly what they deserve for their feminist bullshit and attempts to
    emasculate Western men.”

  26. Unless I’m insane, is not “Imperator” a Latin term for a MALE Emperor, as in The Caesars???

    1. ahhh BDITM, my faithful delator. thank you for bringing this impersonator to my attention. this gorgon in mad max is a treasonous whore!

        1. his stuff takes some getting used to, regardless of what you think of him

        2. Sure, and at the end of the day he was a drug-addled sexual degenerate no matter how you look at it. There are plenty of other occultniks worth exploring as well.

        3. most of them seem to believe in some kind of self-deification though as far as I can tell

  27. Observe the movie “Ex Machina” for showing the true nature of today’s woman, even as portrayed as a cybernetic organism.

    1. I was about to bring that movie up. Watched it last weekend and thought to myself, fucking A. The writer clearly had a statement to make and did it through smart sci – fi.

      1. Yeah , the message is beware of the cunt, even if you are the creator. Even the Almighty once fucked up when he made Eve.

  28. I just shake my head and sigh at this shit now. Look at this video that came out just yesterday by Taylor Swift

    1. What? You mean the author of this poetry?
      “Blank Space”
      Nice to meet you, where you been?
      I could show you incredible things
      Magic, madness, heaven, sin
      Saw you there and I thought
      Oh my God, look at that face
      You look like my next mistake
      Love’s a game, wanna play?
      New money, suit and tie
      I can read you like a magazine
      Ain’t it funny, rumors fly
      And I know you heard about me
      So hey, let’s be friends
      I’m dying to see how this one ends
      Grab your passport and my hand
      I can make the bad guys good for a weekend
      So it’s gonna be forever
      Or it’s gonna go down in flames
      You can tell me when it’s over
      If the high was worth the pain
      Got a long list of ex-lovers
      They’ll tell you I’m insane
      ‘Cause you know I love the players
      And you love the game
      ‘Cause we’re young and we’re reckless
      We’ll take this way too far
      It’ll leave you breathless
      Or with a nasty scar
      Got a long list of ex-lovers
      They’ll tell you I’m insane
      But I’ve got a blank space, baby
      And I’ll write your name
      Cherry lips, crystal skies
      I could show you incredible things
      Stolen kisses, pretty lies
      You’re the King, baby, I’m your Queen
      Find out what you want
      Be that girl for a month
      Wait, the worst is yet to come, oh no
      Screaming, crying, perfect storms
      I can make all the tables turn
      Rose garden filled with thorns
      Keep you second guessing like
      “Oh my God, who is she?”
      I get drunk on jealousy
      But you’ll come back each time you leave
      ‘Cause, darling, I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream
      So it’s gonna be forever
      Or it’s gonna go down in flames
      You can tell me when it’s over
      If the high was worth the pain
      Got a long list of ex-lovers
      They’ll tell you I’m insane
      ‘Cause you know I love the players
      And you love the game
      ‘Cause we’re young and we’re reckless
      We’ll take this way too far
      It’ll leave you breathless
      Or with a nasty scar
      Got a long list of ex-lovers
      They’ll tell you I’m insane
      But I’ve got a blank space, baby
      And I’ll write your name
      Boys only want love if it’s torture
      Don’t say I didn’t say, I didn’t warn ya
      Boys only want love if it’s torture
      Don’t say I didn’t say, I didn’t warn ya
      So it’s gonna be forever
      Or it’s gonna go down in flames
      You can tell me when it’s over
      If the high was worth the pain
      Got a long list of ex-lovers
      They’ll tell you I’m insane
      ‘Cause you know I love the players
      And you love the game
      ‘Cause we’re young and we’re reckless
      We’ll take this way too far
      It’ll leave you breathless
      Or with a nasty scar
      Got a long list of ex-lovers
      They’ll tell you I’m insane
      But I’ve got a blank space, baby
      And I’ll write your name

  29. i was hired as a writer by a New York based entertainment production/management company that has created one mega hit NBC show and represents lots of celebrities in film, TV, and book deals. The property I created was written working closely with a manager who was developing the property to be sold to a major publishing house. We were happy with the first draft; we spent eight months on it. When it hit the major publishing house, the editor didn’t like it. he said it was too dark. Whatever. That happens in entertainment all the time. So I started the rewrite. I was told the whole story had to change. This was a sci-fi story about time travelers, and the lead was a gulf war special forces hero. THey wanted the therapist working with him to be “tough, and kick ass.” SHE was supposed to become the hero. They wanted the war hero to be lost, a shambles, not making it, and SHE was the one winning all the fights, saving everything. I stayed with up to the point where they wanted all these black vets in the ghetto out fighting to defend her. (my black friends would really not like one more story about black men taking the bullet for a white chick). I got disgusted with the whole thing. I got notes back saying my writing had a “whiff of misogyny” and “woman bashing”. (OK, I did have a subplot where guys were going back in time just to fuck chicks and disapear. AND a sexual slavery ring involving some twisted Lesbo erotica.) Not hard to guess the outcome: I got replaced by a female writer. The editor in question who didn’t like it was a gay guy who’s claim to fame was some Barbara Stanwyk biography. So I built this property for more than a year, two drafts, and got kicked off for some chick hack to turn into Go Girl shit edited by a gay dude. (I say she’s a hack because they’re paying real low wages at this point, having burned through budget on my writing fees. I can’t imagine who would work at that level of pay, and what she’ll get.) My sob story aside, point is that this trend is real. I was actually told to write the man lost and stupid, and the woman strong, capable, kick ass, clear headed, saving him and handling everything. Give me a fucking beak. I found the concept of time travel more plausible than that. what a bunch of fuck wads.

    1. As a writer, you’d be doing the world a favour if you could write an article to that effect for ROK or wherever (I presume you’d have to anonymise it, and make sure your gay editor wasn’t recognisable). The world needs to know what’s going on behind the scene.

    2. Fuck Hollyweird. Promote the script/story on kickstarter. Get your own private funding and make a kickass movie on your own.

      1. Equipment wise, it’s never been cheaper to get into filmmaking these days.
        The problem is that (good) filmmaking still takes time (that most red-pillers don’t have), work and talent (good acting, directing, photography, etc.).
        But if there was a way that red pill movies could be made and red pillers would PAY to see them then maybe something could get off the ground.
        But to get payed copyrights must be protected.
        But how to do that when even copyrighted BLUE-PILL material is pirated all the time?

      2. Raise what 50 grand from family and friends? Not exactly going to compete with 100 million budgets man.

    3. Damn…pretty interesting story, thanks for sharing.
      You can’t hide the trend, it’s pretty obvious at this point. Many of the TV shows, many of the commercials, the talk shows, etc….all pander to women (showing strong and independent) with the man being plain and stupid. Imagine the response if the roles were reversed?
      Equality my ass. This is about payback and control…not equality.

      1. This is about payback and control…not equality.

        It’s not about payback, but the perception of “payback.” Women would be living in caves if it were not for men. Rather than hatred and “payback” they should be honoring men for everything they’ve done for humanity. They owe every bit of modern comfort to our male ancestors. It’s about politics and control, plain and simple. They want more free shit. If they could have their way we’d be their slaves.

      2. What’s worse is that the ‘payback’ animus is purely contrived and based on feminist fantasies about ‘oppression’ that they (the feminists) never experienced—because no one did. Western culture has been about pedestalizing females for centuries now.
        Have you ever met an embittered eighty or ninety something female? Likely not, because they know they were treated very well and they respected gender roles (which they had an equal hand in creating).

        1. Right. Life is not perfect (men don’t have a perfect life as well..but people do realize when things are good. With SJWs and feminists…it’s never good (ever). There is always some bullshit reason to complain (first world problems) about how their coffee is not hot enough at Starbucks or their Iphone battery dies too fast. There is always something to bitch about (in their lives) versus taking life (as it is) and appreciating what they have in it.
          The well is never full enough for them. These are really signs of mental issues that no one really wants to address (the white elephant in the room). It’s the reason why society needs catastrophes (man made or natural) to keep this shit in check.

      3. We don’t have to imagine if the roles were reversed. We have before us an amazing amount of cheap, amazing technology that allows us to create our own media, including movies, on a shoestring budget, that look professional with just a bit of editing skill.
        It’s time to consider that we stop complaining about the Leftist feminist media, and create our own entertainment.
        What are they going to do when channels start showing up on the internet with highly masculine, hard core kick ass films? Shut down the interwebs? Heh.

        1. Hey man..I’m with you. It’s useless out there and I haven’t watched a lot of it in a while. I’ll pick up a little here and there but don’t watch TV at all any longer.
          I agree we should start up ROK productions and see how far we can get. I’m not so sure about shutting down the internet but I’m sure SJWs will do their finest work in getting us censored for hate speech (I mean the truth). Such a fine line, huh?

        2. I’m writing a story about a badass swordsman who saves a Princess, becomes the King, and defeats an inter-dimensional Demon Warlord. I’ll see if I can send a copy to you guys, if you want to read what I have so far.

    4. Welcome to the jungle, baby. There’s a reason why, by many accounts, 90% of contemporary fiction readers are women.

    5. I was actually told to write the man lost and stupid, and the woman strong, capable, kick ass, clear headed, saving him and handling everything.

      That’s the standard Leftist narrative. The worst thing you could possibly be is a white, heterosexual male. Anyone who turns on the television or watches any commercials can see the trend of men, and white men in particular, being portrayed as incompetent morons. It’s a big reason why I don’t watch television anymore. The overt anti-male propaganda got to be too nauseating. I don’t need some Californian or NYC Leftist fuckwad constantly telling me I’m a worthless piece of shit.

    6. Actually that show sounds awesome.
      That’s the real issue with this SJW politics. It’s own moral authority for it’s own religion. It’s in the same vein as the 1940’s movie and comic book codes. It ruins objective stories based on dogma and doesn’t allow the tale to live and breathe.
      It used to be the religious right that were the people trying to censor all the cool entertainment. After they lost that battle, now it’s the same type of wackos with the same type of mentality except they were happened to born in the North instead of the South/Mid West.

  30. Something that helps me see through the propaganda and almost enjoy watching modern films is by discerning the intentions of the producers. Charlie’s Angels 2 was pretty straight forward. The villain is a strong, self-driven ex-boyfriend and every other man in the film is flimsy and subservient to women, who are living in some kind of middle-school girl fantasy land. But other films, while equally outrageous and foolish, are actually deep in their subversive story-building. Joss Whedon’s recent Avengers is one example. The mythology of a gracious Redeemer overcoming his evil creation-god father comes straight from Babylonia and Sumerian creation myths. The imagery of a city being lifted into the sky comes from ancient Zionistic writings. But the whole thing was twisted into a fiercely anti-religion, anti-democracy message. Police and democratically elected authorities just got in the way. It took a self-appointed group of ubermensch to save the day for all of us inferior humans.

    1. sorry, but I have no faith in the cult of democracy. It is the single man who makes the difference between elevation and the abyss. with the exception of black widow’s bullshit, avengers stayed quite true to the entire superhero/demigod hero framework from which most masculine myths evolve.

  31. I would argue that Aliens isn’t a bad example of a Warrior Woman movie, since Ripley was doing everything she did to save her newfound child. In fact, I’m surprised feminists don’t hate the movie, since the main character was motivated by her motherly instincts (and if there’s one thing feminists can’t stand, it’s Motherhood.)

  32. The Road is a fucked up movie partly because its a plausible situation.
    Mel Gibson with is AARP membership can do a better job at Mad Max than this pile of dung beetles they call a movie.

  33. Meh. I am in China where things like copyright slide. I will download it and zone out for two hours without paying a dime nor succumbing to whatever feminist message is hidden in it. One more fart in the wind.

    1. Same here. I’m going to have to see it for myself, but there’s no way I’m paying to do so.
      …and I had been considering going to a movie theater for the first time in years to see this film until I heard Eve Ensler was a consultant.

  34. So well said. From the moment I saw the Trailer for this movie I was like, “Ohhh noooo. Not Mad Max…”
    I just saw a billboard today in Chicago. Also I talked to people who have seen the movie. NOT ONLY did they change the whole backstory, but Mad Max himself is pretty silent in this movie. The Chick does most of the talking and even is telling Mad Max what to do.
    Why I mention the Billboard is because they put the chick in front and Mad Max behind him looking like she’s the hero and he’s some gimp.
    Let me find it real fast… (posted so you can see it. Does that look like MAD MAX or does it look like Hunger Games? Who looks like the HERO in the picture??)
    Make no mistake, none of this is accidental. It is known if you look it up that incentives are offered Hollywood directors and producers if they include certain political narratives in their movies. They are selling out men, making women look like the true heroes and men weak and useless without women to save us.

  35. After reading this article I refuse to watch Mad Max: Fury Road ( Not That really planned to in the first place). Mel Gibson is the only true Max and although the third one Beyond Thunderdome was bad the original series was classic. Heck I’ll watch those Italian made rip-offs from the 80’s like Warriors Of The Wasteland before I watch this tripe.

  36. I always laughed at the young adult books that pedestalize girls.
    What is the evil government going to say? “Oh no, what can we do?! This rabble of high school kids is coming! And they’re lead by a girl who can do anything a boy can!”
    The Last Psychologist touched on this (but I find him hard to read). Half the Hunger Games movies are about what happens outside the game. All the glitz and glamour showered on Katniss despite the fact that nobody would like her in real life, being a stony and emotionless dud. But she’s the girl on firrrrre.
    And of course, she’s too good for the attention. So the girls watching can feel less guilty about being so vacuous.
    Why not have a story about a girly and feminine girl who does enjoy the attention but does what she can to be in control of it and channel it positively?
    Sends a good message in my opinion: Nothing wrong with liking adulation but remember to be a good person first. That’s what people really respect (which is what we can see in royalty. People like royals when they are elegant and gracious. In other words, deserving of their station on an emotional level).

  37. Only one man should be driving the V-8 Interceptor, and his name is Mel Gibson
    Not mad Max, but Mel himself. He’s such a great guy. Disciplines his baby mama’s, makes great films and rants about Jews when drunk. I’d recommend the bounty starring Anthony Hopkins, Daniel Day Lewis, Liam Neeson and the great man himself.

  38. A long-overdue takedown of fat, glutted, feminist Hollyweird. They are given every possible resource and opportunity, and instead pander to Femland and poison impressionable minds, for their own satisfaction and greed. These punks need to be turned into the hood-ornaments of whatever actual men are still left.
    Most of the top male-friendly films are older, but occasionally something acceptable, and even excellent, still squeeks outta the backlots of Lost Angeles. These are almost never big-budget, high-p.r. movies though, because those get co-opted during planning/production to rake in the FemDollar . . . all Praise our most Holy Deity! lol
    I also enjoyed The Road. Here are a few other modern flicks that pass the yeast-sniff test. Fury — unique and compelling, no asskicking fems to ruin the narrative, subtly Christian authentically according to WWII period. John Wick — messed with his dog and ended up gnawing on their own bones. Lovely.
    Von Trier’s Melancholia and Antichrist also portray the dark aspect of femininity with gusto and accuracy. Especially Melancholia, a brilliant film about a recent, ah, divorce.
    The OP is so right about the out-of-control vengeance of the American female, and the constant threat-point terrorization of U.S. men and boys. A large percentage of U.S. females will take vengeance on males even for the slightest ‘offense’ . . . and modern western (anti)cultures excuse, facilitate, and profit from our cult of female retribution. Females are encouraged that it is their ‘right’ to ‘punish’ any male they wish, basically for anything that makes her ‘feel bad’. The only thing more dangerous than getting involved with a modern female in the U.S. is NOT getting involved! Either way, if she Feels Bad, she’s got the institutional green-light to make your job, education, or life a living hell. America enables and celebrates the absolute worst of femininity. As for courage, it’s usually expressed in the feminine not in overt acts of daring, but in enduring the day-to-day grind, especially when taking care of kids. True female courage isn’t often transferable to the big screen.

    1. “Females are encouraged that it is their ‘right’ to ‘punish’ any male they wish, basically for anything that makes her ‘feel bad’.”
      The above is what is commonly known as a spoiled brat.

      1. “MRAs are encouraged that it is their ‘right’ to ‘punish’ any female they wish, basically for anything that makes *them ‘feel bad’.”
        The above is what is commonly known as an *entitled little shit*.

        1. You’re going to cause him to muss up his soul patch, man, be careful.

  39. It makes me wonder, though… who really likes to see movies with violent, masculinized, she-wolf protagonists? Women? Is it really them? Or is it emasculated boy-men–the kind who fantasize about dominatrixes–and gays?

    1. IjustSawThePreviewForTheRevisionistHistoryVersionOfThe”Right

  40. Oddly enough, another good example like “The Road” would also be “Titanic” which I happened to re-watch recently.
    You have the scene where the first-class women are sitting in the lifeboats watching the ship sink. Only that Molly Brown woman suggests they go back. The others all remain silent, refusing to make eye contact, until Molly cries out “I don’t understand any of ya! Those are your men back there!”
    She’s the exception that proves the rule, but the others all prove themselves as cowards who won’t for a moment risk their safety for their husbands.

    1. Yeah, the working class woman values men’s lives more than the snooty rich bitches. They know that they will inherit their husbands’ estates and get whatever life insurance their husbands had taken out to protect them financially.

      1. Wasn’t really a whole lot of “life insurance” at the time, but yeah, agreed otherwise.

      1. Actually is was a case study in Hypergamy and the heartlessness of women, disguised as a romantic movie that women paid good money to watch and re-watch.
        Even the last scene of her throwing her hidden jewel into the ocean is an example of “Just five minutes of alpha” if ever one was filmed. Bitch is on a ship of people looking for that thing, and she has it the whole time and would rather throw it into the ocean in memory of her five minutes of alpha dick than to let others profit from it.
        I’m not partial to the flick itself, but if you watch it with blue pill blinders removed it confirms basically everything we speak about here in the manosphere.

        1. She cheats on her man with some dude in steerage. Then he dies for her. Then, when the worth of the jewel basically means nothing to her because she’s so old, she throws it away rather than give it to her family.
          That movie sucked on every level.

  41. Still haven’t decided whether I’ll see this movie, but I sure as hell won’t pay for it.

  42. This article just makes me want to watch the movie. RoK called for a boycott but this author clearly watched the movie to write this article. This site is constantly preaching journalistic integrity but can’t even stick to its own boycott for a few days. Sad really

    1. So if a writer doesn’t watch it, he’s uninformed, but if he does watch it in order to give a full accurate review he lacks journalist integrity.
      I’ll bet you are confused still by why so many people reject your feminism outright these days, aren’t you?

      1. Uh no, if we’re boycotting the film why do we even need a review? Just ignore the fucking film and let it fade away rather than putting it on the front page and give it free advertising

  43. To be fair, the character of Ripley in Aliens is the most likely portrayal of a strong woman. She is strong and tough because of her femininity, not despite of it.
    She is the mother protecting her child (Newt). Its cleverly done and flies totally under the radar of most SJWs. Its always fun to point the truth out to them.

    1. And in the end, isn’t she kind of taking down a feminist grotesque? Doesn’t she say something like “Take that, you bitch” as she she wastes the vaginamonster?

    2. Yeah, sad to see article lump the great Aliens in with those other unworthy movies.
      Aliens is the BEST sci-fi-action-horror-soldiers-on-a-mission movie ever made!
      And the character of Ripley, specifically in ALIENS, is the best portrayal of a female action hero ever in cinema. In fact, Ripley is the antithesis of what this article is talking about:
      1 — Ripley doesn’t fight for any ideology. In fact, she is scared shitless to go on the mission but relents because she is told their sole objective is to destroy the bugs and thus help her alleviate her fears.
      2 — Despite her toughness, Ripley always comes across as feminine, motherly and even vulnerable.
      3 — Her main motivation, once they get to the planet, is motherly protection of her (surrogate) daughter Newt
      4 — While she is shown as capable, mostly intellectually, she is never shown unrealistically kicking male butt. In fact to give her “masculine” super strength, she needs a machine (the Power Loader) in her final confrontation against the Queen.
      5 — Finally, she is shown defeating a symbolic representation of Radical Feminism – the alien Queen, with her beta-orbiter foot soldiers and parasitical empire, “Get away from her, you bitch!!!”
      So no – Aliens does not belong on any cinematic shit list. It is the gold standard for action cinema.

      1. Fantastic comment, 100% spot on. It is hilarious when you hear a SJW try and bring those films up as proof of their “philosophy”.

      2. Actually, Predator is the BEST sci-fi-action-horror-soldiers-on-a-mission movie ever made. It even has Arnie in it, a bloke who completely mastered himself and kicked major goals (debatable) in three different fields. Aliens is very awesome tho…

  44. If women (really) wanted to be bad ass and protect themselves (in the US) they would possess in a vast majority a side arm through concealed carry.
    But they don’t. Why? Because like the rest of their lives, feelings count for more than action.

  45. You must admit that this is no worse than the attempted takedown of the last bastion of masculinity, brokeback mountain.

    1. That movie pissed me off. Never saw it, but i REMEMBER how it was supposed to be “highly acclaimed”
      Piece of crap

      1. I would have appreciated it a lot more if both the cowboys rotted from all the social diseases they were passing around.
        Frankly I didn’t find “I love you Phillip Morris” all that offensive, because it showed the REAL Gay culture, in all of it’s sick, twisted, socially destructive glory.

    2. That “takedown” didn’t take though. I think the social engineering was *way* too obvious for even the most dogmatic SJW to swallow whole.

      1. I don’t know, there’s an awful lot of jokes about Gay cowboys nowadays, but I think ‘city slickers’ had more social effect, thank god.

  46. You forgot to mention Frozen. The only alpha male in the movie is made to be an a$$hole; and the male “hero” is a dweeb who asks permission to kiss the girl. A pathetic movie.

    1. The guy who directed “Drinking Buddies” recently reported proudly that his 6 or 7 or 8 year old son went as the little girl from that movie for Halloween. I didn’t see the movie, but I didn’t have to.

  47. Any one calling himself a man and actually pays to see this feminist stench of a movie and come out telling everyone that he loved it, should go back to his apartment and have his transvestite homosexual lover beat him to an inch of his life. He’d probably love that even better. Never mind.

  48. But try to point out the hypocrisy and double standards on the “open minded” leftist sites. I just got kicked off Alternet posting for politely responding and criticizing some points made by Amanda Marcotte. They can trash men and Christianity, but try to call them on it, then your comments are “not suitable for the community”.
    At least Roosh puts up with free speech. Way to go rOOSH. the best way to fight communism is by not being a damned commie.

      1. * shouts into the shit-pond that is this site *
        just a differing opinion
        * sits back to observe progression of experiment *

        1. But… this isn’t an “MRA” site, and you did not articulate an actual argument.
          Also, you’re a little bitch. I realize you wear that as a badge of pride, but I thought I’d point it out just the same.
          *sits back and chortles*

        2. Mmm… no. But when in doubt, accuse your intellectual betters of anti-Semitism. I get it.

        3. cross referencing here for the benefit of all MRAs getting pissy over also being called racist

        4. It’s amazing to me how you cannot admit error. You clearly don’t know the nuances of the manosphere, yet you persist in forwarding your labels that you’ve been repeatedly corrected on, over and over.
          One can only conclude that you are either a complete simpering idiot, in which case why should anybody engage with you, or your a snarky little troll who does not care a whit for actual reasoned discourse, in which case why should anybody here engage with you?

        5. You’re my number one fanboy. If you can find a single statement from me saying “I hate Jews” be sure to send it my way, imbecile.

        6. My own comment section? What are you trying to say? Have I read the comments I posted?

        7. have you read the comments your friends here posted?
          but no, you’re right. you are vomiting, rather than shitting, into this cesspool of shit and bile, and i apologize for not making the distinction to you specifically.
          you’re right, pearl — you aren’t like all these other clowns. you’re better than them, racist motherfuckers that they are.

        8. Hey it’s ‘Mr. Cool 1992 Man’ again. Wow. Why don’t you post the pictures of this busty SJW girl who you are so clearly trying to impress with all of your lefty pseudo heroism on ROK.
          BTW, keep reading because you’ll soon learn that all of this hoop-jumping you’re doing to impress this girl isn’t going to work. But all that aside, post her picture. She must be pretty hot given all of your ‘social justice by the numbers’ posts you’re making. I can hear you panting through the keyboard, “Oooh, wait till she sees what I said to that cisgender on ROK. Maybe then I’ll get to touch her boobies.” (pant, pant.)
          POST HER PICTURE. I dig busty hippy girls as much as I try not to. Who is she? Don’t you go putting on your Rage Against the Machine cd until you post this girl’s pic. Young SJW rack is like a forbidden fruit. Perverse, I know.

        9. Ha ha.
          “You’re all so amazing”
          –Tim Raveling
          There it is. Pining away for the approval of (some) hot feminists on YT. “King of Anything” That’s what I meant when I said guys like you are SO easy to see through. You think you’re so edgy yet I was able to make a a call on you after just a few of your inane comments. And I was absolutely dead on. YOU ARE PURE CLICHE. Your big ROK war is an attempt to to get laid by some SJW girl that has you hot and it’s very easy to see that. And before you get all “OMG, stalker” or some such. It took about a minute to verify that, yes, you have every leftist cliche locked up.

        10. There is no such thing as internet bravery; this is just making a point to any impressionable young men who might find their way to this sight, looking to blame their feelings of rejection and insecurity (totally normal human feelings in the mating game) on the women they desire. I was there at one point, believe it or not, and I’m ashamed. Because I was afraid, and took that out on someone I cared about very much.
          Humans have a lot of feelings, and a lot of them aren’t good. We have a lot of disappointments, and a lot of fears. There’s always the one guy in the bar who will talk for the whole night about how everyone screwed him over, and how he was always just doing his best, but couldn’t get ahead. *Nobody* respects that guy. But when it comes to men with women, society has a loophole: the thing the SJWs you’re all so fond of hating on (occasionally for good reason) call the “patriarchy.”
          Which, boiled down, is just this: the cultural license to blame your shit on somebody with tits. The cultural license to never grow up because you feel like every women you’ve ever been attracted to is contractually obliged to be your mother.
          The “red pill” is not enlightenment, or counter-cultural rebellion. It’s simply sticking your head in the sand and refusing to take responsibility for your own life. And down that road lies a spiral into paranoia and extremism, going nowhere while the world moves on without you.
          Misogynists like yourselves, like I used to be, aren’t inherently evil, aren’t some kind of heartless villains. Just cowards.

        11. Oh man, when it comes to hackneyed, leftist cliches you really mean business, don’t you? I mean, you don’t fuck around at all. That was the most strawman-filled, molasses coated, self-fingering cliche dump I’ve ever seen. How’s the teahouse coming? Getting the funding? A lot of people out there want to pay for a bunch of drones to sit around and navel gaze? How’s that going? You got any books out, btw?

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