The Art of Repackaging

The problem with most men nowadays is not that they are not interesting. When you think of it, most people have at least one hobby or passion, and have done at least some notable things in their lives. Most are not couch potatoes who hole up in their basements to play video games and watch porn (even though that could be repackaged too). Here is what the average man has to work with:

  • Age around 30
  • Income decent enough to live frugally on his own, but not luxuriously
  • Enough cooking and homemaking skills to pull through
  • Goes to the gym or plays a sport with friends once a week
  • Listens to at least one style of music that can be said to define his tastes
  • Has traveled within the country a bit, and maybe a bit outside
  • Goes out every weekend to get buzzed
  • Average height, weight and looks; neither ugly nor pretty
  • Has had 3-4 sexual partners

And yet, even though he has no notable flaws—he is not a basement dweller, his teeth are not rotting, he doesn’t live in poverty, he is not a virgin—he still comes across as boring. It is a paradoxical thought that can be said to describe most modern men – objectively, they have plenty of interesting things going for them. However, spend an hour with them and they certainly seem boring, as if there was nothing about them could make them stand out in a crowd.

How can that be? While we could rightfully blame women for placing excessive demands from their potential partners, I also believe it is because the average man lacks the art of repackaging. He doesn’t know how to present himself in the best possible light so that his weaknesses are minimized and his strengths maximized.

Worse, even if he does know how to do it, he often chooses to forgo it out of some insane sense of romance that he has been taught. While presenting yourself in the best possible light at a job interview would seem natural to everyone, doing the same would often be branded “not being yourself” or even “being deceitful” when at a date. There seems to be some sort of underlying expectation that we should always present our “honest self” for examination by women that appeal to us, even though we understand that “honest self” does not actually exist.

What are these attributes that are subject to repackaging? I will give several examples for attributes that might traditionally be considered positive or negative, but are actually completely relative:

1. You’re a construction worker

Bad: You are having a monologue about cement bags, what a pain it is to haul cement bags around the site, and you insist that the other person understand how much you “hate those f***ing bags”

Average: You simply say that you are a construction worker, but sheepishly add that you are looking for a better job

Good: “I didn’t like working there at first because it’s a demanding job but hey, it steels you. There really is something about walking down the street after a few years and know that you built that. “

Repackaging 3 - Average building
Doesn’t seem like something worth mentioning?

2. You don’t have a car

Bad: You apologize in advance for not being able to drive her somewhere. You ask her if she could ever date someone without a personal vehicle.

Average: You say that you don’t have a car, but that you are trying to save up for it.

Good: You don’t mention cars. If it comes up in the conversation, you are open about the fact that you’re preparing to buy a sportbike

3. You’re overweight

Bad: You talk about how much you want to lose weight but no diet works for you, or you express your admiration about her thin figure

Average: You don’t mention it at all, but it shows up in your poor body language and general awkwardness

Good: Some people carry their weight as a burden. Some carry it as a sign of power. To which group would you like to belong? You carry yourself with power and confidence of a sumo wrestler, and make no secret about being a great cook, wine expert or epicurean.

4. You’re divorced

Bad: You talk about how much you miss your ex, or what a bitch she was

Average: You talk about the previous marriage in as much detail as she wants, or mention how difficult it is to be single again

Good: “It’s complicated.”

5. You have traveled around Europe for a month

Bad: You enthusiastically describe the occasion when you got shit faced with your buddies in Amsterdam and visited a brothel

Average: You provide technical, boring details of the journey, such as how much a ticket cost or what you ate for breakfast, and finish up with “there’s not much to say, really”

Good: You draw her in with an emotional description of a historical site from WWII, talk about interesting people you’ve met, discuss peculiarities of foreign languages (particularly words that sound like your language or mean something in your language), show her a few photos on your phone and finally invite her to see some souvenirs back at your place.

6. You have not traveled outside the country at all

Bad: You express your hatred of foreigners, other countries, and engage in sour grapes about not being able to travel

Average: You admit that you have never traveled and say that you are saving up to go somewhere

Good: You know that you don’t need to personally visit a country to know interesting things about it (especially weird customs) or have knowledge of its panoramas and sights. You also comment on her travels with a focus on how something made her feel.

7. Your height is average or below average

Bad: You ask her if she minds the fact you are shorter than her/only 5, 10 or 15 cm taller than her (i.e. your height difference is less than what women would expect from a tall guy), and immediately inquire if she has ever dated someone of your height.

Average: You don’t mention it, but your poor body language and general awkwardness betray your anxiety about not living up to her expectations.

Good: You know that Bruce Lee was 167 cm tall and have a confident body language and/or a toned body. You are fearless about the fact that you might have to stand on your toes to kiss her and don’t let that stop you from escalating and touching her as usual. If she mentions your height, you add “Don’t worry, I’m tall where it matters” and wink.

Repackaging 2 - Short guy, tall girl
The first thing people notice about this short guy: psycho stare

8. You’re a virgin or sexually inexperienced

Bad: You whine and moralize over guys who have had many sexual partners to make it clear that you are not like them, or spin a sob story about how no woman wants to be with you

Average: You state that you have no experience and are then defensive about the matter, with explanations like “I’m just waiting for the right one”, “Yeah, but I know enough” and “There’s nothing wrong with me.”

Good: You just don’t talk about it and behave as if you were experienced. She is not likely to be able to tell the difference. This is an area where only irrational self- confidence is going to work. If she forces you to talk about it, use the agree & amplify technique and jump on her thought with something funnily exaggerated like: “As you can see, it’s because I have no sense of humor and no personality whatsoever.”

9. You’re too young/old (the age gap between you is higher than socially acceptable)

Bad: You apologize for being of wrong age and ask her to still consider you

Average: You suck up to her with phrases like “Love can overcome any difference”, or do weird things to show her how young at heart or mature you are.

Good: You tease her about being too young and inexperienced for you (if she’s younger), or not being able to keep up with you (if she’s older). You deflect her hesitation with humor. For example, you’re 29 and she’s 22 and he says “I have never dated anyone older than 25”, smile and add: “Yeah, neither have I.”

10. You have a geeky or unusual hobby

Bad: You apologize for collecting model airplanes/leaves/insects/postal stamps/coins/video games/comics, and promise that you don’t spend that much time on it. You strangle the conversation with technical details about the hobby and emphasize that you could give it up if she minded.

Average: You talk moderately about the hobby, indulging her interest, and allow her to qualify you with questions like “how many hours a week you spend that way”. See the famous Magic the Gathering champion Jon Finkel’s incident for an example.

Good: You qualify her to see if she is open-minded or awesome enough to keep up with your hobby or understand the passion behind partaking in it. There is no hobby in the world that cannot be spun in a positive light… well, except Satanic child sacrifice. On second thought, Charles Manson had lovers and groupies so even that doesn’t seem to be beyond the power of repackaging.

The contents of the package are subject to point of view

Now, notice this important fact: in 90% of the repackaging cases I described here, there is no cover-up, misdirection or lying. Instead, how each attribute is perceived depends only on how the man chooses to present it. An average and insignificant attribute – such as being slightly overweight – can come across as either endearing or creepy. Is the jovial man who carries his weight with confidence less overweight than the lazy slob who talks about dieting? Of course not! If you measure both, you will find that they both have the same BMI. There is no objective difference between them, yet how they are perceived is worlds apart.

Realizing this truth is like understanding the green waterfall code of the Matrix – it is the realization that many facts do not exist until they are actually presented. They exist in all potential states at once and their outcome depends only on the way in which the man deals with them. We might call it “Schroedinger’s fact”.

Other than being relaxed cheerful about your shortcomings (and strengths) right from the start, remember to always repackage things in a positive way. Positive emotion usually trumps negative. While “just be positive” is usually just an empty phrase, this is one of the rare occasions where it actually can do a lot of good for you. And remember: what is inside your package depends on you alone.

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60 thoughts on “The Art of Repackaging”

  1. The problem with men nowadays is that they go with the “flow”. In this sense they perform their obligatory motions, without realizing that to have any accomplishment or depth as a human being it is actually necessary to decide or to take initiative in bettering oneself or to become more interesting.
    I was talking to an accomplished student at my college the other day, he was very nice, friendly, handsome and intelligent. But when I asked what it meant to be him, he couldn’t give me an answer besides his major and what he did for work.
    In other words he defined himself solely on what he did, and what he did was not very interesting, there was no depth or substance to him as a person.
    But nearly everyone I meet is that way, no one reaches out of their boxes and transforms into a genius. I only have one friend who has done so, and we consider ourselves colleagues.
    Our strengths differ however.

    1. I see this all the time. People now define themselves by their major in college, what they do and what they own, and nothing more. They’re very obtuse, most of them incapable of thinking outside the box. The media tells them what to think, what to buy, and how to behave. This is something I’ve seen more clearly since eliminating virtually all television from my home.
      “Work to live, don’t live to work” is my motto. Sadly, when you mention this philosophy to most people you might as well be talking Greek. They equate accomplishment with slaving away extra hours for the boss behind some cubicle, buying the latest flashy techno-gadget, or driving the latest cookie-cutter sedan.
      Materialism has seemingly trumped every other desirable quality people have in our society. But, we have been conditioned to view material goods as a sign of our status with friends and family since childbirth. So, it’s no wonder.

      1. Man is the tool maker. He has been the tool maker since before he was Man. Man is unique not in that he shapes tools, there are other species that do that to one extent or another, but in that not only does he shape tools, but his tools have shaped him.
        Our very evolution has been driven by the tools we shaped. It has been a feedback loop.
        Man is inherently materialist.
        What Man has not been until rather recently is a consumerist. There have been times and places where the worst insult you could utter against a man was, “He buys his things.”

        1. Yes, that’s why I took the time and trouble to point out the error of it.
          Pay attention to Orwell and pay attention to your language. Keeping it clear and precise is the only weapon you have against Newspeak and Linguistic Relativity.

      2. “People now define themselves by their major in college, what they do for a living and what they own, and nothing more.”
        “But when I asked what it meant to be him, he couldn’t give me an answer besides his major and what he did for work.”
        Excellent summary. I shudder to think how many men (well, people) there are who do this.

    2. “nearly everyone I meet is that way, no one reaches out of their boxes”
      The nail that sticks up is the nail that gets hit. Avoiding getting hit is the basic definition of average beta. When they take a hit anyway, they instantly submit. If they actually had a tail they would actually put it between their legs.
      The reason women have contempt for such behavior is because you are overtly begging them to find you contemptable, and thus not worth the effort of hitting again. When they reject you it isn’t because they are being a bitch*, it’s because you are being a sniveler. The only value a sniveler has is whatever work you can extract from them and their submissive behavior. As the work you can extract from them declines in value and the effort you must expend to extract it increases, the more they approach worthlessness.
      A cart horse has a working lifespan of 10 to 15 years, then another 10 to 15 of out to pasture, but it is more economic to work them to death in 3 to 5 years. Think about it.
      To rise a notch above the average all it takes is to acknowlege a hit with equanimity and then move on. “Ooooh, nice one. Would you prefer the steak or the fish?” (Note: this question doesn’t offer “No” as an answer)
      It doesn’t even take balls to pull this off, just a bit of a spine. Once you’ve taken a few hits and let them pass you’ll realize they don’t even hurt and wonder what you were so afraid of in the first place (watch the Burt Reynolds movie “Heat”, on YT while it lasts).
      If you wish to rise to notches above average simply be willing to get into the tussle, like you have at least one testicle. “Oooooh, you’re feeling lucky, punk. Let me show you what I’ve got.”
      It doesn’t even matter if you “win” the “fight.” You already won the social status by simply engaging as an equal.
      This doesn’t mean being a pigheaded jerk ( Burt Reynolds performance in Heat is brilliant because he does not play his usual smirking, cocky jerk). Sometimes you’re going to “lose.” Rather than extend a conflict in order to be the “winner,” learn to identify when you are going to go the other person’s way as early as possible and “give in” at that moment. Only frame it as your choice, rather than as a submission.
      This way you remain the one in social control, even while giving the other person what they’re after (See the “Ice Cream” video:
      *A bitch is a woman who speciffically seeks conflict with the sniveler. These are also the women who go back to men who beat them, because those are the only men who can make them submit. Identify and avoid as quickly as possible, unless you think you look particularly good in orange, the color of the delta.

      1. That’s exactly it isn’t it. Nicely worded.
        I’ve seen that ice cream video before. It does well to highlight the subtleties of alpha.

  2. To me, this is the first, most crucial “leap of faith” when taking the Red Pill. Realizing that you have the ability to define who you are, take hold of social dynamics, and not handicap yourself just to be the “nice, honest guy” can change your entire life in a single day.

  3. This is an article I do need to think on. Most of that doesn’t apply to me (plenty of money, good paying job, 2 vehicles, interesting sport, have travelled outside US, etc..) but I do get bogged down in personal negatives too much. It’s the rephrasing in order to encourage someone else to qualify themselves to me that I do need to learn.

  4. “There really is something about walking down the street after a few years and know that you built that”
    I worked for a construction company as the asshole who verified that the cement was of the right texture on some major development around DC and later passing by these units i feel no sense of accomplishment that the foundation of that SWPL infested building is thanks to men who probably could’nt afford to live in it.

    1. Good on ya, mate. Now go tell that story to the fat 4 of indeterminate ethnicity with the skrillex haircut and prison full sleeves over there. She’s exactly the sort who’ll eat that shit up.

  5. Maybe this is the years of abuse from society that I’ve suffered for having a mind of my own talking, but I don’t see any issue with being Machiavellian with most people, especially women. This includes repackaging if you want to go light, or you can just go full bore with straight up deception and lying. After all, most women’s entire existence involves just that – deception and lying.
    Tell them exactly what they want to hear. Most women are not interested in you as a person, they’re interested in the power you command as a man, the social status you’ve attained and display through how you dress and what you own, and using you as a meal ticket.
    So, we enter this game with one side already going in with surreptitious objectives and a hidden agenda. Since turnabout is fair play, simply follow Law 48 of the 48 Laws of Power: Assume Formlessness – the best way to protect yourself is to be as fluid and formless as water. Also, Law 3 applies: Conceal Your Intentions. Law 4 is also good: Always Say Less Than Necessary.
    Yes, it’s underhanded, but we aren’t living in fantasy land. As I said earlier, women are already going into the game with a hidden agenda. This is the real world and we as men must adapt accordingly. Otherwise, you’ll be stripped off and thrown on the third rail in life.

    1. It’s not only that, but people actually *expect* you to lie about yourself. I discovered this after taking the red pill: lying about oneself, to some degree, is a social contract that everyone partakes in and is expected of you, to the point that even if you’re honest people will think you’re lying. And the even bigger point is that *she* is going to be lying about herself *way* more than you probably are. I’ve known girls who were known alcoholics say (with a serious face) that they’ve never taken a sip of alcohol and we’ve all seen girls with widely-known and colorful sexual histories maintain that they have had just 3-4 sexual partners.
      You just have to look at girl’s online dating profiles to see how much they lie about themselves.
      I don’t know where the bullshit about ‘be honest in the dating game’ came from. No one is honest, no one expects you to be honest. That’s just how it is. If you don’t like it, don’t participate in it.

      1. then again, all you can ever lie about is labels. whatever you say does not change the person you are in that moment. carry that with confidence and i argue that the labels do not matter.

  6. From the day we are born we have blinded by what is expected of you in this world. Life story for most people
    Go to school(12 years)
    Taking a college loan to finance your course in University(3-9 years)
    Get a job(paying of your student) -(20-30 years)
    On this road, we buy shit that we don’t need(Advertising), Get sucked into marriages that make you ask yourself “what the fuck have I done?”(marriage cartel)/ Get thrown under the bus by hordes of females(Feminism) Bleed in soul crushing jobs(Corporations)
    Taking the Red Pill has one of the most life changing decisions I have ever made, I think I would make most of you guys cringe if you knew the way I used to live my life. I was the ultimate mangina/beta sucker

      1. you missed out:
        taxes, kids he never thought about having but his sexy girl talked him into and bitchy frigid over weight wife…. and these days a nasty bitter and expensive divorce suit, coupled with watching the mother of his children hook up and get humped by the new beta boyfriend who makes her happy for five minutes until that relationship breaks as well, causing untold drama, not to mention the costs for the children (and himself) to go to therapy, and or rehab.

  7. For me the single most important factor in “repackaging” myself was the experience of living outside the U.S. I’ve lived in Poland for at least 1 month (6 months last year) for the past 4 years. My main advice to anyone who hasn’t done so is to spend at least a month living outside the U.S. Not “traveling” like a backpacker, but soaking up 1 culture, in 1 country, other than what you’re used to. Besides differentiating yourself from 90% of people who’ve never done it, you’ll realize that what you have is not the be all, end all, even if you live in wealthy, urban areas of the U.S. You may also come to realize that “repackaging” yourself for the quality of women you’ll encounter in the U.S. (and West in general) is mostly not worth it.

    1. Absolutely. I think it’s the best thing anyone can do for themselves. It’s also one of the reasons why I feel a lot of sympathy for men stuck in countries that are experiencing the full force of feminism, yet, are not so economically developed that a man can comfortably save up to live abroad or even travel, like Croatia.
      That said, all that travel wouldn’t do jack for the man who came back and described it as “you knows, we did some sightseeing…. typical stuff.”

    1. I’ve never played Bioshock, but I liked that enough that I had to look it up.
      Of course I’d have to modify it a bit for my own use, something along the lines of “North of 55; south of can take you two falls or a submission.”

  8. The various recessions in the 70s, 80s and 90s, prompted governments around the world, to do the hard sell on university degrees… This was not because people needed more education, rather to reduce unemployment numbers and keep costs of unemployment benefits lower.
    As a result a whole generation has grown up thinking that if they just get a degree qualification they will have a great life. NOT !
    They come out of college none the wiser, work some dead beat jobs, waste their time and wind up at 30+ with not much to say for themselves… teenagers 15 years past their sell by date.

  9. Not to be a dick but… 3 to 4 sexual partners!? At the age of 30!?!? Average!?!?!? Bullshit. I’m not Don Juan and my number’s somewhere between 30 and 40… and I thought that must be slightly below average as I spent, all up around 9 years in LTR(s), which cut my number down a tonne.

      1. Dude, you’re projecting your own lack of lays there. 3 to 4 partners in 10-14 years of sexual activity means one of two things: 1) You only have long term relationships, and it takes you a long time to get over each chick, or 2) You do a hell of a lot of wanking.
        I SERIOUSLY doubt the average is 3 to 4 (or even 7 to 10), it has to be waay higher. And, yes, I’m projecting my own lay count there (which, as I already stated, I believe to be slightly below average).

        1. That is how feminists argue: claiming that the entire world must be functioning the same as you, then ad hominems based on the other person’s sexual prowess. It reminds me of how feminists claim that the manosphere is made up of bitter virgins.
          Provide some arguments for your estimation of average (or rather: median) man’s notch count or shut up.

        2. Okay. If you’ve been active for 10 years and have fucked 3 or 4 girls a year (which is not even slightly unrealistic)… what does that add up to? Huh?
          Yeah, shut the fuck up yourself with your bullshit estimates.

        3. “1) You only have long term relationships, and it takes you a long time
          to get over each chick, or 2) You do a hell of a lot of wanking.”
          Yes, that’s a good description of the average frustrated chump. Where do you think the term comes from?
          Here’s about how it breaks down:
          Maybe a girlfriend in high school, maybe not. A couple in college. Then wifing up after graduation. Possibly with the last college girlfriend.
          Many of the high notch count red pillers started out exactly this way, whether they admit to it or not (and most of them actually do).
          So when did they acquire that high notch count? After they were thirty. After their little wifey frivorced them just before she hit the wall, forcing them to choose a pill. And yes, it took him years to swallow it. Little wifey, in the meantime, went out and got herself laid the first night he was out of the house. Or perhaps the night before.
          Here’s another shocker for you; the average man in this situation chooses the blue pill and wifes up again as fast as he can.
          You are so not average you can’t even concieve of the average. Deal with it.

        4. If I ever held any delusions of being average they were wiped out by attending kindergarten, but memory and family stories suggest I had at least some awareness of it before that.
          It’s true I never had a high school girlfriend, my only excuse being that . . . I didn’t have high school. Or junior high for that matter.
          The odds of you having even a single point of reference with which to understand my life are fairly slim.

        5. Maybe, maybe not. I certainly wasn’t home-schooled so you got me there. But what the fuck does that have to do with anything? By the time you’ve hit 18 (which is I suppose the “average” age for losing your virginity) then you wouldn’t be in high school anyway. So save the life stories, I don’t think anyone here cares.

        6. Q.E.D.
          That’s why I didn’t really provide much of a life story to your implicit request for that which you now claim to have no interest in. Certainly less than what you have provided of your own for no apparrent reason whatsoever, unless it’s to brag about your notch count with plausible deniabilty.
          Example: I didn’t say anything about home schooling. You made that bit up yourself out of your limited perspective. There are any number of other possibilities.
          You argue like a feminist. Are you sure you’re not a chick?

        7. Uh, how did you come to the conclusion that I was requesting a life story from you? Quote: “God that must be depressing if that in any way resembles your history.” I don’t know, maybe I’m just a bit slow but that sure doesn’t look like, “Tell me your life story.”
          Quote: “I didn’t have high school. Or junior high for that matter.” Forgive me if that could possibly bring me to the conclusion that you were home schooled.
          Pro tip: if you have to resort to, “You argue like a feminist” to defend your lack of notch count (to put it mildly) then allow me to reply with, “You argue like a beta.”

        8. I’m deaf? That is because, boy, your words are feeble and twisted as an old woman.
          He, he. I like you. You’re funny. And you’ve been a good sport for playing along at your own expense. Next time the first round’s on me.

        9. Awwww, you’s deaf. Must be tough picking up ladies when you sound like the kid from Breaking Bad. “W-w-why’d do have t-to be such a f-fucking asshowl?”

    1. I’ve seen a variety of surveys. Average lifetime numbers for men seem to range from about 7 to 25. I’d guess a good portion would happen before age 30. Women seem to report half that, which indicates that women lie, but perhaps men lie a bit too.
      I think the author should have said 7-10 notches for an average 30 year old.

      1. It depends. Because of the propensity for lying, we’re actually more certain to know the true stats for women rather than men. For example, we know that women generally reduce their number of partners by about 60%. We also know that women vary less as far as their number of sexual partners is concerned – a vast majority of women really do have 0-2 partners per year (see here: ), and their outliers are not so extreme as men’s. For example, a “slutty” woman might have 5-10 partners a year, whereas a real “player” man might have 10-30.
        Men, on the other hand, do not lie as much, but their reported numbers are slightly slanted towards being larger than realistic, and their variance is a lot greater. There are more men who have 0 partners a year than women with the same number. There are also far more men with 20 partners per year than women with the same number. Also, not all of these notches occur before 30. This makes the “male average partner count” a very poor piece of information. Based on these two things, I do believe that the average man you see on the street doesn’t have 7-10 notches.
        If you’d like to rephrase my saying, I think it should be “the median man of age 30 has 3-4 partners”

    1. I knew it was a stock photo of some kind, but no idea it belonged to an entire series! These other photos are even more hilarious!

  10. To sum up the article:Put a positive spin on everything about yourself.
    A minor annoyance about this article is that it does seem to be,from my reading, about gaining Female approval as some sort of validation(I apologize if I have misinterpreted the intent) . And it should really be the other way around,Women trying to gain a Man’s approval.
    A Man is forever a work in progress and that is how he ought to see himself as.
    Not having a car,having a ‘geeky hobby’,being below an ideal height,above an average weight,an unglamorous job are not really defects.If anything the most interesting men in history also have many of these ‘defects’.
    Women will fall for any type of guy as long as he is cocksure about himself,regardless of the merits of his beliefs. That is why even worthless hippie-liberals,tree-huggers,hipsters,pinkos,struggling ‘artists’ can land women.

    1. You have a good point. It depends on female approval. But there are two important things as well: A) it helps with men as well, and B) self-confident struggling artists don’t wallow in self-pity . They are proud about their lack of money, which I believe is exactly what I wanted to describe with this article.

  11. I’m a women and you are a genius. It’s sad how so many guys constantly focus on their weaknesses. Newsflash women are more about confidence and if you can put a positive spin on something normally seen as negative, most women will follow along and you’ll gain more respect not less.

  12. Number 8 is spot on, and probably a must if you’re trying to lose your virginity any later than high school. While telling the girl she was your first the next morning probably isn’t the smoothest move, seeing the look of surprise on her face is totally worth it.

  13. Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative. The only one disagree with is the virgin one. I think you are better off once you have established a connection with a woman (and she has invested in you), to tell her you’re a virgin. Most of us don’t and just keep it on the low, and our first sexual experience ends up being mediocre.

  14. Great advice, when I studied PhD in Cph, it didn’t work well with inner city girls telling them that I studied PhD, being at a tech university didn’t make it any better. Mentioning artificial intelligence and molecular biology only produced confused stares and no pick ups either. Saying I was a cancer researcher worked really well however, so I stuck with that one. All three were true but one “repackaging” produced the goods while the others didn’t.
    Also I go fishing a lot and always get asked about it. Tried many versions and most repel women seriously. Talking about “the hunt” for the biggest/most beautiful specimen doesn’t work. Talking about the mind game of catching them doesn’t work either. But talking about how it is addictive to let go of your control freak tendencies and give yourself up to the pulse of nature many women can relate to. It sounds cheese and maybe it is – but it works and is as truthful as the other angles.
    If you notice you have sticking points in your story, put some more thought into how you tell your story.

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