A Great Date Idea That You May Not Have Thought Of

A New Idea

Sometimes it is hard to come up with creative ideas and things to do with women. The usual dates such as dinner or movies have become the realm of the beta and the omega. Hitting up the the club or the bar for dancing and drinks has almost reached Groundhog Day status with me. I came across a new activity to do with women almost by accident and its opportunities and prospects are lucrative.


While seducing a particular lady in a particular locale, I noticed there was a miniature golf course down the street. After finishing my meeting over coffee I told her I’d see her for a round of golf the next day. She informed me that she didn’t play golf. I told her I was referring to the miniature golf course and to be there at 1 o’clock. To make a long story short, I came in first and then I came in first again later.

While some can say planning miniature golf is juvenile, tell them you care what they think. It’s one of those secret ideal date locations. It allows you to observe the woman from all angles. It makes it hard for her to hide her flaws. You can see how she walks, bends over, and carries herself. It helps weed out the crypto-muffintops, drug addicts, and out of shape people. Also, commanding the woman to adhere to the rules of the course is a good way to gauge her femininity. This is a two way street though, so make sure you’re in shape and looking good in your clothes.



Playing 18 holes of miniature golf allows you to dial up or down the intensity of the date. Maybe you misjudged a woman’s appearance in the dim light of the bar before but a second look in the sun changes your mind about her. The 18th hole is a definite end to allow you to have a clean break if you need to eject. It also gives you the opportunity to admire a well formed butt surreptitiously or not surreptitiously, depending on your level of caddishness. It also allows her to feel that she spent a lot of time with you, building up that comfort level to a bang.

Surprisingly the conversation is less scripted and the usual bar scene bitch defenses are lowered in a playful environment. She will be more forthcoming in revealing details about herself that she would normally be guarded about. She might let a few cats out of the bag about being a single mommy, recovering slut, or some other deal breakers.


The only possible con to miniature golf is a woman may see you as immature but you can parlay that in your favor. Miniature golf is relatively cheap so one does not have to worry about wasting money on a bang. I find miniature golf highly entertaining, so if the woman is a dud, the outing is not a total loss. So add the putt putt to your repertoire at least once and see if it works for you.

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25 thoughts on “A Great Date Idea That You May Not Have Thought Of”

  1. I like. May not be as original as you implied though, but it’s a win-win all round. My number one pick, though, has to be the beach. You get to show off your abs, you get to check out her tits and ass. You get to relax. Talking’s not essential, you can just lay around and sunbake. You can take a stroll to the rocks (if the beach is a cove), check out rock-pools. Can have icecream and chips. And, lastly, buy a couple of beers, you get tipsy really easily when roasting in the sun.

  2. Another good one— arcades. Skip the VirtuaFighter and kick her ass in skee ball, air hockey, those mini basketball booths, etc. Pleasant, early-20s chicks love that shit.

    1. Also, ‘cosmic’ bowling. Sometimes called ‘disco bowling’, ‘midnight bowling’.
      It’s good fun for an hour-and-a-half over some beers, make fun of her style, ogle her, teach her how to bowl properly. Then get some desert and bang.

    1. ” I’m pathologically secretive, which is the result of years spent under an abusive and oppressive household.”
      TL;DR bitch got daddy issues.

      1. More daddy issues:
        “17. I’ve had a series of questionable relationships with people much older than me.”

  3. I only did this once, before I got into Game, but I did end up banging the girl. And it was our first date. It’s good, but doesn’t necessarily lead to sexual escalation. I guess managing the flow, tone and logistics is always up to you. Great to use with under-21 chicks too.

  4. Dave and Busters has it all. Drinks if you want, food if you want, and numerous games. Its like an adult themed Chuck E Cheese.

      1. But it’s worth it for the simple fact that it has fun things you can enjoy. I look at it this way, I would go so I can have fun. In which I do. So if I do pay for anything, it was money well spent. Any and every date for me has a secondary purpose. If I have to drive to another town..it’s exploration for me. If every date is looked at as down payment for pussy, then yeah no amount of money above what is necessary or reasonable for a date is really worth it. Ultimately, when you do go out, anything besides coffee..it adds up. It takes away from your life, and your wallet. May as well get yours. If you are having fun, it’s not forced, and people loosen up. Gaming a girl should not be just you going through the motions. Do what you enjoy and she is just there.

  5. I also recommend the beach or pool park (indoor or outdoor), because no one can hide their crypto anything there. Also, some of the water rides there offer a wonderful opportunity to get frisky without actually seeming so. Use sparingly! Don’t become a “creep” from the SNL skit. However, don’t feel bad that you want to skewer the smoking hot body that acomodated you to the outing. It is only natural.
    Just remember, with game, sex is easy! It is finding someone you want to have around after the bang that counts. It is better if you find that out before rather than after.

  6. ” . . .creative ideas and things to do with women.”
    Really? This one is a classic standard, along with the arcade and bowling. Haven’t you ever watched The Karate Kid? What the hell are they teaching in the schools these days?
    Other classics include going for a bike ride, or a row. If you feel it must be food oriented make it a picnic in the park. Pack a frisbee and some bean bags.
    “The usual dates such as dinner or movies have become the realm of the beta and the omega.”
    Protip: They always were.
    I’ve been on exactly one proper dinner date in my life and that was a special occasion with a woman I’d already been hanging out with for years.

    1. Haha.You are absolutely right.
      The returnofbetas nerds just really have nothing to write about when it comes to the game.
      Accept the fact that this resource has nothing to do with game,it’s just a platform to whine about feminists (which is fine with me) .

  7. Fkin` love this game, so much room for playful sexual innundo lol. If they’re good at playing with balls and love handling a big stick they’re more than qualified haha, not to mention teasing them while they’re trying to concentrate lol. Awesome for getting playful.

  8. I like to take a girl to a book store and play Where’s Waldo.
    Chicks dig it, not even kidding.

  9. I thought Red Pill don’t do dates like this? This is the kind of date Match dot com would suggest.

  10. I’ll assume you’re 18 and can drink
    Take her to Octoberfest. If you can’t get to Bavaria then try a local one at this time of year.
    Or try bird watching and bring along a flask of cognac in case it gets cold and a blanket :o) Alternately, at night go star gazing with a telescope. But be sure to know a little about birds and stars or she’ll get the impression that you’re just trying to get her alone, drink and shag her lol
    In warmer weather take her to a naturist camp for the day.

  11. Ha. Lol!
    Put a bar, rocking lounge, and dark corners to isolate and and escalate and I’ll concede the venue may be worth trying out. Of course, you’ll need to climate control the entire course to get me there in my suit.

  12. Too much BS with mini golf, plus I hate playing golf in general. If the ultimate goal is to use her as a cum dump station as quick as possible, I’ll stick to the usual, and take her out for drinks. 90% bang rate so far.

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