3 Things I Learned From Being A Marxist

A specter was haunting the dorm halls: the specter of Marxism. And like many other college kids, it haunted me for my entire college career.

Thankfully, I have since been exorcised of the red spirit, and now can only look with shame at the cringe-inducing beliefs and attitudes I once held. It was like I was a different person back then.

Despite this embarrassment however, I did gain some valuable insight during my dance with the dialectic. For starters, I experienced what it was like to live inside the mind of a Leftist (cue shuddering), in all of its divisive, dogmatic, and excuse-making stupor.

Scary, yes. But also educational.

It allowed me to peer not only into myself, but also into the general psychological state of unfulfilled and frustrated men. It allowed me to witness firsthand why I and others could be so susceptible to a mass movement like Marxism.

I am still sometimes haunted by the ghosts (or specters) of communist past, but like Scrooge’s encounter with phantoms, they also taught me some unforgettable lessons:

1. Mass Movements Make You Lazy


I honestly wasn’t lazy before I was drawn under the red banner. After I entered the fold however, I started basing my self-esteem not on my personal accomplishments, as many psychologists suggest we should, but rather on identification with a belief.

Instead of going out and taking risks to achieve concrete goals (e.g. making money, getting laid, writing, working out, etc.), I got my daily dose of endorphins by raising my fist in solidarity with my ideological comrades. It was nice to be all snug in my dorm room draped in a swarm of socialist paperbacks, and having a great sense of self-worth because I could do something like debunk Trotsky’s reactionary views on internationalism. I was happy because I was “right.”

After all, it was much easier to raise a fist in front of a protest sign than it was to raise a barbell at a gym.

Losing myself in a larger egalitarian identity, like the Working Class, helped mask my lack of accomplishments and confidence. My “achievements” as a Marxist amounted to possessing an impressive bookshelf of revolutionary literature and having my name on a party’s membership roster. I was able to shift the personal burden of ambition onto the collective.

As the witty and biting Eric Hoffer pointed out in The True Believer, “We join a mass movement to escape individual responsibility.” We do it with “a passion for anonymity: to be one thread of the many which make up a tunic; one thread not distinguishable from the others. No one can then point us out, measure us against others and expose our inferiority” (31-33).

By losing myself in the masses I soothed myself and became lazy. The masses became the opiate of the masses.

2. Most Ideologies Make You Resentful


In an all-encompassing worldview like Marxism, everything in life can be explained by its doctrine. For me, the doctrine was the class struggle dialectic.

Didn’t have money? It was because of the exploitative wealthy. Didn’t have confidence? It was because of my monotonous and soul-crushing Working Class upbringing. Received a low grade in school? It was because my boss made me work the day before the test.

Nothing could ever be my fault or responsibility. The capitalists were the main culprits behind everything. And yes I mean everything.

(During the winter, I even implicated the plutocrats in ruining my day with snow. They were behind climate change after all.)

I couldn’t look at anything without my Das Kapital goggles. No matter where I turned I always saw the iron-fisted, suited-and-booted billionaire screwing me over. The rich were my enemy, and their overthrow became the focus of my life.

It made me concentrate on destroying my oppressors instead of improving myself. And it felt so good. Fantasizing about crushing the capitalist menace gave me a rush, and it felt even better when I got to shout at CEOs during protests. It was the same guilty pleasure I had experienced in high school when I saw the girlfriend-stealing jock accidentally drop his books all over the floor.

But seeing a high school alpha embarrass himself didn’t get me laid. And flinging epithets at corporate titans didn’t make me rich.

I was too busy trying to pull down my enemy instead of trying to lift up myself. All my energy and focus went towards destruction of others rather than construction of self. Or, to paraphrase a Chinese proverb, I was cutting my foot to fit the shoe, when I should have been going out and earning enough to buy a bigger shoe.

3. Too Much Politics Keeps You From Enjoying Life


A political faith charms and distracts through two primary ways: duty and guilt. As a disciple of the infamous bearded economist, I was a victim of both.

Being born in the First World, I came prepackaged with tremendous privilege, as well as an accompanying obligation to feel guilty about said privilege. My Marxism magnified this guilt, to the point where it was even more conscience-searing than Original Sin. And this is coming from someone who went to Catholic school from K-12.

How could I enjoy my morning coffee while the global majority lived in squalor? How could I go on a laughter-filled bar crawl through Manhattan with my best friends when I could be building revolution instead? Indeed, how could I even buy my clothing and shoes when they were manufactured by sleepless child laborers in Bangladesh?

It was my duty to liberate the proletariat. But I was shirking my duty by having fun.

Not even time with my family was exempt from the fog of guilt. Some people don’t even have families, so it would be the grossest act of elitism to relish in my privilege. How dare I waste time with such a bourgeois construct.

And then there were all the downtrodden I was completely unaware of. I constantly read the news to make sure I knew about everyone who was oppressed, so that I could sour my soul and make sure I wasn’t too happy. If I was enjoying life too much, it was a sign that I was abandoning my revolutionary obligation.

It was my duty to feel guilty. Life became part of the background. It became something I simply went through, not something I enjoyed. Family and friends, memories and moments; they were all part of the background.

Such a penitential and life-denying mode of existence is no way to live. I concur with Emerson: “I do not wish to expiate, but to live.”

The Takeaway

This trip down Leftist lane doesn’t vindicate conservatives. All worldviews have their enabling, resentful, and life-denying aspects. Don’t let them get the best of you.

You can still become lazy by losing yourself in a larger identity, whether the identity is the Working Class, the church, the white race, MGTOW, or the feminist sisterhood.

And no one is exempt from having his ideology blind him to the beauties of life, be he Leninist or Libertarian. Do not let an abstract political cobweb bind you on your pilgrimage through life. If I accomplished anything in my socialist days, it was learning this simple lesson.

And I didn’t accomplish much during those days, so that’s saying something.

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97 thoughts on “3 Things I Learned From Being A Marxist”

  1. Loosing yourself in the “white race”? Come on, dude. Right now is EXACTLY the time for white people to loose themselves in their race. If they don’t they will perish, and along with them some valuable history, art and social order. To be honest I will mourn the loss of white people, I think the world takes them for granted.

    1. The Honkey Holocaust is real. Everyone else has a greater identity, but Honkeys don’t.
      Embrace your honkeyness! Embrace the epithet, make it your own.

  2. Good article. All identity politics is dangerous and potentially sapping for the reasons given, although its important to understand the allure to of course, which is what makes leftism so attractive. There is something very attractive about being part of a collectivity, and when translated into ordinary discourse, marxism often simply becomes an emphasis on the social (disguising what it really is – an emphasis on collectivity / collectivization) which actually appeals to many people. So if membership of a group is certainly not inherently evil, and indeed may be a positive good, marxism / SJW identity politics distorts this by making it the first principle of identity. It is the war of social versus individual agency, where the social wins out everytime.
    “All my energy and focus went towards destruction of others rather than construction of self”
    which of course at the political level is what leftism always does, destroy rather than create. That’s the nature of levelling: its about demolition, not about building anything on top the levelled ground

  3. I agree that too much politics can hurt your enjoyment of life.
    But the problem is, you may not be interested in politics. But rest assured, politics is interested in YOU. And you cannot ignore it without being exploited and often destroyed.
    White Genocide is a real, systematic goal being attempted by ‘our’ elites, and be assured it cannot be ignored. Period.

    1. Unfortunately true. Not participating in politics means the other side wins. It’s a lifelong battle folks.

      1. But the whole concept of sides is itself susceptible to manipulation and exploitation. A predatory government, group or individual, who would deprive you of your personal happiness through guile, may promote the notion of an opposing straw man mutual enemy “side” to create a false sense of intimacy or shared allegiance, or may otherwise use dichotomous thinking to align you in opposition to your own interests. Each man is his own side, and is surrounded by potential enemies on all sides. You may love your country, or your party, or your company, or your god, or your race, or your family, but never forget to love yourself first and foremost.

        1. I pretty much agree.
          I have nothing against nationalism. There are groups and parties we need to join out of pragmatism, obviously. Just learn to trust and side with yourself before any party or identity.

      2. I can only speak from here (U.S.) but there are no sides…they are all the same to me. I’ve lived long enough to watch the show and in the end they both belong to the same party (and you’re not invited).
        The people no longer have any power because it’s all been consolidated at the top. Too much money and power in very few hands.
        One good example is paying taxes versus taxes being taken from Americans. There used to be a time with Americans paid taxes. Now, most working Americans have their taxes taken by the government (through an employer).
        This is one example of the people losing power. If the government was overspending, then the people could hold back tax money to fix the problem. Today, the spending (both sides) is out of control because the money just flows in (there is no safety valve….the people).

        1. about there being no sides, i agree. there’s just marxist feminism. i speak out against it in private with a few friends and family members, but i need my job. america today feels a lot like the USSR. a lot of people in the USSR knew that communism was garbage, but they didn’t go around openly saying that.

      3. People like the the LessWrong community spend lots of time and mental energy making sure their conclusions are correct and whatnot–“correct” generally meaning “what Eliezer Yudkowsky thinks,” not “what matches reality,” granted–but then, after getting all the smart people together to read Yudkowsky’s Sequences and reach these optimal conclusions, we’re supposed to let the idiots have their way in IRL politics without uttering a word of protest because “politics is the mind-killer”–so the smart people on LessWrong should instead spend all their energy debating people who don’t believe in Yudkowsky’s version of the Singularity. That always struck me as stupid.

    2. Good point about politics. Young men should know the truth behind politics but should not engage in it on a daily basis. It’s only design is to divide people and to keep most people fighting with each other versus seeing the actual truth (always look for the truth).
      Politicians are bad used car salesman and they are always trying to sell you something. They all are cut from the same cloth and their goal is always the same: power and money (they come first, they appear to care about you a far, distant second). Always keep this in mind whenever listening to any politician (no matter the party) because it’s always their goal.
      You put you, first (work on yourself). Be a better version of yourself and the rest will follow.

    3. Ideologies suck and really do make the masses lazy. Instead of having to provide evidence of the way things are, an Ideology merely says something is the way it is and makes enemies of and war against anyone who disagrees. There no real power expect the power of the numbers (the lazy masses) infected by the ideology and the money and time tthey contribute rather than making a real difference in the world.
      Every institution rooted in ideologies (politics, religion, philosophies, social movements, etc) are congruent in their structure and operation and generally produces the same kind of unproductive thinkers and doers, unless you count making war against the others ideology a productive endeavor.

  4. A very insightful view into the soul crushing world of the Red Army fallacies. Indeed the Marxist wanted to ignite an Economic revolution by having the proletariat rebelling against the bourgeois. When that hare brained scheme failed magnificently they started the Cultural Marxism. As a result the rabid feminist harridans ran rampant, homosexuality is the new normal and the suicidal notion that mass immigration will enrich our nation.

    1. over the last decade or so feminism/diversity has come to function in a very similar way to the ‘communist party’ in the soviet / eastern bloc. We now have gender studies departments in every university in the western world – more or less, not to mention highly marxist/feminist student unions & equality and diversity units etc, the latter frequently existing in other public and private institutions as well. All of these ideologically based institutions should be regarded as equivalent to the party apparatus of overtly communist times. It may be more freeform and discipline may be more losely (not that much more losely) maintained but the purpose of may be much the same. As the focus switches to policing hate speech, and literally enforcing the orwellian tolerance what seemed like an eccentric bunch of brainwashed do-gooders will come be to seen for what it is: the covert institution of the new updated totalitarian state. Communism never ended. It was never just about economics, just as now it is not just about gender or queering society. It may be about those things, but it has always primarily been about controlling people

    2. “Cultural Marxism” is too vague a term and not easy for the public to grasp.
      The enemy should be named more clearly: Compassion, Egalitarianism, Tolerance, Diversity, and so on.

      1. Its fine to break down the ‘enemy’ to a set of behaviours to be combatted. If there was nothing else perhaps that would be the best thing to have, but the cultural marxist idea, however crude and potentially inexact it may be (and no doubt it will become less and less efficacious to the extent that it is used carelessly and inaccurately) nonetheless serves to trace a history of how we got to where we are; what the left did, and indeed what it is continuing to do. Without cultural marxism, you can’t trace the turn from the ‘economic’ towards ‘culture’ and indeed with it towards gender as well, something which began in earnest in the 60s under the auspices of one of the chief cultural marxists herbert marcuse. I fully accept that the term is to some extent fuzzy and inaccurate, particularly insofar as it invokes also the historical inception of things like ‘cultural studies’, subaltern studies etc. but its still useful, as long as we don’t use it too loosely or carelessly, and know enough to justify its use if necessary

      2. Except that you have to put all those terms in quotes as well because they never mean in practice what they would otherwise say in the dictionary.
        So “compassion” means killing people with kindness through safe injection sites, coddling felons, murdering babies in the womb because motherhood is not as easy for some women. “Egalitarianism” means tearing down the best members of society and making up special rules to treat everyone different in the name of treating them the same. “Tolerance” means acceptance under pain of prosecution, because no dissent is tolerated. And “diversity” means eliminating, emasculating or subjugating a third of the population in the west otherwise known as straight, white, Christian males.

    1. The leftoid beta is in the matrix and Neocon can’t rescue him from the marxtrix. He took a overdose of blue pill .

      1. As the great da Gbfm said:
        Neocon: A black cat went past us, and then another that looked just like it.
        Trinity: How much like it? Was it the same cat?
        Neocon: It might have been. I’m not sure.
        Morpheus: Switch! Apoc!
        Neocon: What is it?
        Trinity: A déjà vu is usually a glitch in the butthexMatrix. It happens when they change something. Now that I am an aging women in the butthex matrix with her eggs and gina drying up having given the best years of her anus to drunk alphas during her college desouling years via massively multiplayer asscockig in the butt sessions and getting her fiat mba (masters of butthexing in da Anus) and blowing upper level mangement lzozllz, the butthexmatrix is now delivering my cats. Two this morning and now two more. yaya! lozlzl

  5. Ironically Karl Marx himself had a classical education. He even wrote his doctoral thesis on the philosophy of the Greek materialists.
    And he regularly read the great writers of Western literature in their original languages, for example, Aeschylus in Greek and Dante in Italian.
    Yet if he lived now and encouraged people to follow his example, today’s leftist academics would denounce him for his reactionary and white-oriented view of culture.
    Literature and the “Class War”
    by Henry Hazlitt

    1. EXACTLY! He HATED what he called the “lumpenproletariat” – which is the unemployed and unemployable urban underclass. In America, the leftist academics LOVE these people, but Marx basically advocated for their extermination (which is pretty harsh, considering they are a product of the welfare-state elites). Source? Check out his work: “The 18th Brumiere of Louis Napoleon.”

      1. Modern leftism is bifurcated into an overeducated elite and an undereducated base. If grad students and high school dropouts didn’t vote, the Republican party would have swept every election since exit polling began.

      2. It should also be mentioned how Marx referred to Ferdinand Lasalle in his letters to Engels:
        >Der jüdische Nigger Lassalle, der glücklicherweise Ende dieser Woche abreist, hat glücklich wieder 5000 Taler in einer falschen Spekulation verloren… Es ist mir jetzt völlig klar, daß er, wie auch seine Kopfbildung und sein Haarwuchs beweist, von den Negern abstammt, die sich dem Zug des Moses aus Ägypten anschlossen (wenn nicht seine Mutter oder Großmutter von väterlicher Seite sich mit einem Nigger kreuzten). Nun, diese Verbindung von Judentum und Germanentum mit der negerhaften Grundsubstanz müssen ein sonderbares Produkt hervorbringen. Die Zudringlichkeit des Burschen ist auch niggerhaft.
        If only modern Marxists had kept Marx’s original views on Africans and the lumpenproletariat.
        On a related note: https://www.amren.com/news/2016/09/dont-write-off-the-liberals/

    2. Yes, this is actually very true. And ironic.
      I didn’t lie when I said I was a Kapital-thumping Leftist. Unlike most Marxists, I actually read Capital. And if there’s anything you notice, it’s that it doesn’t read like a regular economics textbook. It’s littered with quotes and allusions to classical literature, including the Inferno.
      Yes. Dante is quoted in Capital. That Eurocentrist.

    3. What is inexplicable is that we have experience with Marxist/utopian/collectivist/equalist governments that ALL failed. USSR gone. Eastern block all caput. North Korea complete shit show. Cambodia and Pol Pot tried to make a 100% egalitarian society and it produced a mountain of skulls…

    4. Dont forget he was a jew from a family of rabbis.
      Could that have had any influence on him ?

      1. I’ve read a former East German Stasi agent is being employed by Facebook Germany to “clean xenophobic” posts.
        Anetta Kahane
        She is also Jewish and staunchly stands behind European immigration. Another Barbara Spectre.
        Better wake the fuck up people.

  6. I still don’t get what the appeal of egalitarianism is, economic or otherwise. Even if you believe the current system is unjust, isn’t the whole point of civilization to be more than just equals?

    1. “Equality” really means “entropy.” Marxists want to create the heat-death of the human race by maximizing human entropy.

    2. It just seems to me the whole idea of Cultural Marxism is really just envy of others and apathy. We humans will always take the path of least resistance hence we have the shortcut to the 6 pack gimmick being sold.
      Envy could be a driver for some to change and work for the things they see others have. But apathy stops you from achieving it. Then the negative side to envy is to take down or destroy what others have/earned so all of you would be equally miserable.

      1. The problem here is either ignorance or apathy. Frankly, I don’t know which it is and I don’t care.

    3. For me, it was an excuse for not improving myself and a way of overcoming my jealousy. I was able to lower the lofty down to my level. If we were equal, then I was comfortable with my lot since I have nothing to be jealous of.

    1. It was gradual. I came to a point where I felt I was living inconsistently. I condemned Third World hyper-exploitation, but I still continued to revel in its benefits. I made excuses for criminals, (“poverty breeds crime” and all that) but chastised anyone who treated me badly. I whined about people using their connections to get jobs, but I gladly took anything that my family connections granted me.
      Also, befriending actual Working-Class people and interning in impoverished school districts taught me more about reality than any book by Erich Fromm could. Apparently, personal responsibility plays a big role in how a person’s life turns out. I’ve met people from the same exact background and social class who had entirely different lives because of the personal decisions they made. There’s only so much the “systemic conditioning” of capitalism could do to you. The rest is personal responsibility.

      1. Right . Plus there is shit like Fate and Bad Luck and Shitty Parenting that will fuck you sooner and faster than any political ideology….

  7. It’s not just feminism and Marxist. Unfettered consumerism, mall culture, gaming, slob culture, men being proud of their fatness and wandering around the place in track-suits and T-shirts like bovines ready to be milked. A lot of white men have brought it on themselves, don’t always blame the left- it’s a bit lazy and boring every time in an argument to do this.

  8. Fantastic article. I’ve always seen these types of behavior in people, but didn’t think there was an actual term for it. This should be the speech given at every high school.

    1. Thanks! As a high school teacher, I hope I am able to throw some of these points into my lessons.

  9. Nice article. Good choice of visuals with Marxist resembling last supper.
    I am also a former leftist.
    I look around at work and see a handful of women, maybe two, that are pre-radfem and temper the ugliness of men. And that are capable of bringing out the best of men the proper yin-yang balance of humanity.
    The type who anchor tradition through traditional femininity are rare.
    RooshV give ewxcellent worldly advice for the young man who must navigate the scene of sex of today and dealing with modern “marriage”.
    But the defense of the traditional moral order is more important. Women were at their best when they said no to screwing around with every dude and performed an equally important but vital role.
    With men, who got their gonads under control after marriage, could go about building civilization, providing for the economic order.
    Women need to be led, but a good woman can provide the balance needed.
    My grandfather was born in 1897, grandmother 1903. Both were highly intelligent. Farmers, homemakers,with traditional gender specific skills such as farming,sewing , carpentry.
    Like you rarely see today.
    He wore the pants and made sure nobody messed with any of us. She graced the household with an awareness of culture, music, piano, incredible cooking. Both made all of us so proud of who we were as a family.
    Learned how to skin rabbits and squirrel from him. Still have the paintings on the wall from her.
    The “best” of our culture is a distant memory. I am so glad I caught a glimpse of that bygone era in my childhood, teen and young adult years.

    1. Interesting point. In my college days as a Marxist the people I hung around definitely did not bring out my masculine side. The women were not much different from the men, and in some cases were more aggressive than the men. Instead of a ying and yang, it was a boring blur of grey. Laziness, sameness, and resentment abounded.

      1. Marxism is the LAST political/economic system that would bring out a man’s masculine side. All the egalitarian crap, social justice, “power to the people,” petty resentments against society and the system, no freedom of thought, discouraging rugged individualism, etc., etc. Everything about Marxism just screams gay or feminine.

      1. Blahblahblah traditional men and women whatever. The world is ending and anyone bringing a child/children into the world at this point is an idiot. We are way past the carrying capacity for this planet. It’s time to adapt, and realize that continued growth of population is unsustainable. We as a species have bigger problems to deal with than Marxist this, tea party that. Lalalaa there is a mass extinction going on as we speak so.. Traditional men and women aren’t equipped to handle such weighty issues.

        1. I believe you are both wrong about the carrying capacity issues. However, I do agree that we are on the verge of a mass extinction of human beings. Look up the Calhoun Mouse Utopia experiment. It did not end with the mouse population coming into a new balance with it’s environment; instead it ended with total extinction of the mice.

        2. 40 billion people on earth. hahahahaha.
          How do we “invent new ways to grow more food”? Invent more water? More arable land? We have already maxed out the yield from our modern farming techniques, largely dependent on fertilizer made from inputs from natural gas. The downside is, take this away, and thanks to monocropping(good bye crop rotation) the soil is pretty much useless.
          You should be banned not for being a woman, but for being a moron

        3. Wow, insults already. Either you are 12 or you have been on the internet too long. Is this how you debate someone? You’ve lost already. By the way, if we were having this same discussion in 1960 I’m sure you would have laughed at 7 billion people on the planet, too. And when there are 40 billion, someone will look at an internet archive and laugh at you.

        4. Ya know what? Youre right. Shouldnt have called you a dummy.
          However, you are still wrong. This is not debatable. Blows my mind how you cant understand this so, again:
          How do we “invent new ways to grow more food”? Invent more water? More
          arable land? We have already maxed out the yield from our modern farming
          techniques, largely dependent on fertilizer made from inputs from
          natural gas. The downside is, take this away, and thanks to
          monocropping(good bye crop rotation) the soil is pretty much useless.
          You cannot refute this. These are facts.

        5. And we’d already maxed out the yield from old oil wells with our modern extraction techniques and…oh wait, fracking!

  10. Unfortunately I think I experience some of this with red pill thinking/ideology. Too much focus on politics ad I do get a little resentful.
    But I can’t say I’m lazy.

  11. Well done! I’m glad you were able to break free.
    “This trip down Leftist lane doesn’t vindicate conservatives.” This is a very good point and one that is RARELY mentioned (if at all) in the mainstream media. We are indoctrinated in many ways from a young age that we must “choose a side” (Left or Right). Unfortunately, in modern American politics, “left” and “right” merely refers to the left and right wings of a giant bird that shits on everything it flies over.
    It seems as though the majority of people have become so caught up in “picking their camp” (and committing many logical fallacies in the process) that they no longer seek the TRUTH and lose their sense of individuality. Not surprising though, as seeking and accepting the cold, hard truth is a masculine trait; and masculinity is being actively attacked by BOTH of the bird’s wings.

  12. This is the kind of article that should be shared with every high school student. You’ve got to introduce kids to these ideas and stories before they hit college.
    Not saying you can’t reach college students, but that’s when devotion to the cause is most feverish, and you most likely have to wait many years before they mature and are open to questioning themselves. (How did we manage to so badly invert what your university years are supposed to be?)
    Being on the Left means never having to say you’re sorry, so I respect those that put their story out there like the author. Lots of people change, but they quietly pretend it never happened. Young Leftists often rage about conservatism being for old people, and that they need to be overthrown.
    Next time you hear that, ask the speaker if they think they are smarter, wiser and better today than they were 10 years ago. Then ask if they think they will be smarter, wiser, better 10 years from now. Then ask if that tells them anything about old people being conservative. (If you aren’t a socialist at 19 and all that…)
    Thomas Sowell is another former Marxist who made his “right turns”, and his straightforward, on point books on economics should also be taught in high school.

    1. Thank you very much for the comment. I agree, especially since people develop an us vs. them mentality fairly early, and so are most susceptible to mass movements and soul-sucking political ideologies when they are very young. Once they adopt those ideologies, it congeals into their college years, and becomes more difficult to get rid of.
      And kudos to Sowell. His book on Marxism did an excellent job of leading me away from the Left.

      1. Sowell is awesome. Haven’t read that book on Marxism but I’m a fan of his column and a fan of the man for telling it how it is no matter how hard they’ll try to silence him with the “Uncle Tom” bs

    2. Agree. Young men need to be exposed to “the other side” because – from birth – they are usually taught nothing but the opposite and shame (especially if they are white). By the time they hit high school they are fully programmed (right where society needs them) and they are not allowed to be manly (using the term loosely here).
      Imagine the amount of shame that all American men programmed (all of the time) to feel for: First, being born in America (with all it’s advantages) and, second, being born a man (again, with the laughable presumption that men have always had it easy and they’ve had it all).
      The only answer that men should give when confronted with that shaming bullshit is to say “and I’m making the most of it”…walk away with no fucks given at all.

  13. #fukyoflag gets hacked to smithereens.
    May this gladden your hearts today,
    this is seriously sophisticated blow back

  14. There’s an exceptionally important insight in the above: an obsession with politics can drain you of your ability to enjoy anything. I’ve been there, and I’m here to tell you. Nor does it matter which pole of the political spectrum attracts you most strongly.
    Politics has its place; you can’t afford to ignore it, for it most certainly won’t ignore you. But don’t let it consume you.

    1. You are so right. The evenings after work I enjoy the most seem to be the ones where I don’t think or read about politics.

    2. Yep, agree. Be aware but don’t consume too much.
      The presidential election and the two years leading up to it: I see it as nothing more than a circus with a clown car (20 clowns get out of one little car).
      That position, that office used to be respected. Today, you just have to laugh at it (look at all of the so called leaders we’ve had over the last few decades).

  15. +1 on Eric Hoffer’s The True Believer. I used to hand this out as part of the reading list for new desk officers.
    Hoffer was describing brown shirts from the Nazi era, but it works quite well for the SJW crowd and the current band of Islamic fascists as well.

      1. I move that we stop referring to these yahoos as SJW and instead call them PC Commissars. It has just the right pejorative ambiance about it.

  16. I was a marxist too but feminism and racial creationism made me awake. Both are against any logical precept.

  17. Great article. If a politician were to talk like this it would be devastatingly effective political rhetoric. This explains movements like Black Lives Matter and OWS ( occupy Wall street) . It’s just losers joining the hive in order to assuage their personal failures. Look at the relic-60’s retread-fossil- fuck Bernie Sanders and the drone minions that follow him. They (Sander’s followers ) just want free shit. Literally the Democrats /Libs/Lefties could be renamed the “Party of Free Shit”.

    1. So you are happy with the Government bailouts? as a whole they were a good thing and the executives responsible that still took their bonuses, and rightfully should not have been criminalized?

  18. And these movements produce maniacs. Look at that broad in the pictures. Look at those eyes. The eyes of a psychotic true believer…

  19. I once drank of this similar kook-aid once upon a time but wised up when I got older and smarter. As for politics yes it makes you resentful but indifference is not the answer. This war is not merely political but cultural as liberals, socialists and so-called conservatives espouse these emasculating values in our society today.

  20. Marxism eh? From what i understand there is a daily allotment of blue pills you are required to take every day when you believe that shit.
    As you can also say when you were fucked by a crazy woman pretending to be pregnant, “At least no lasting damage was done to you”

    1. Haha hated him when I was younger- love him now(telltale sign Im gettin older).

      1. I can see why people love Billy Joel’s music. The lyrics to many of his songs are frighteningly accurate when it comes to human relations.

  21. Marxists are cultists with a deficient understanding of the world. They ignore more complex questions about the nature and purpose of existence by reducing everything to materialism and labour. In short ,they lack a tragic view of life and cannot accept that a certain level of poverty and misery are inevitable irrespective of whatever social system we happen to find ourselves in.
    Every single Marxist I have ever met was a lazy person, with no exception. They had no interest in learning about the world if it didn’t relate to their ideological worldview. They had no real interest in art, aesthetics etc. Everything to them is political.
    The reason that Marxists are so resentful is because they are caught in the unhappy consciousness phase of Hegelian thought. Feminists are in the same boat. They have both found an obvious enemy, but what they don’t understand is that the ‘split’ within themselves–the source of their alienation and discontent–is actually within them, within their own personality, which they project outward. That is not to say that some of the things they complain about aren’t relevant, but they take on this ‘identity’ (Marxist, Feminist) to compensate for a fundamental lack in their own lives.
    As for cultural Marxism, most orthodox Marxists reject the work of the Frankfurt School on the grounds that it represents a ‘retreat’ from ‘real Marxism’, and that it has misunderstood what Marx is about.
    The cultural Marxists are actually worse than the ‘real’ Marxists because they are more underhanded and insidious. An orthodox Marxist will at least admit that they want to see capitalism replaced with a more ‘just’ alternative, but the cultural Marxists will often conceal their real agenda behind the rhetoric of equality.

  22. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a political article here that I agreed with wholesale. I realise that’s not the point, but even Neomasculinity/The Red Pill can have it’s drawbacks if you focus too much on that and not enough on yourself. Though at least they have aspects of self improvement woven into them, which I don’t find in radical feminism or feminism overall.

    1. So… are you trying to say you *don’t* want a nice,cozy, legitimate job working from home? 😉

  23. Makes you lazy…look communism or socialism whatever its the ideology for losers. And since we all can’t be Tom Brady there are always more losers than winners and that, gentlemen, is why we have this fucked up and twisted ideology with us. And consider whats happening – what is fat acceptance but systemic laziness. What is a trophy for all but another form of laziness.

  24. Religion is the opium of the people.
    Karl Marx.
    Marxism is the crack cocaine of the intellectual ..
    So say I.

  25. The only issue I have with your saying all political ideologies can fog the mind is that it’s not as true for one side as the other. Leftist beliefs inherently force their host to deny reality, history, logic, and outside beliefs. There are a few crazy right wingers, a few. Yet almost every leftist is a dogmatic sycophant hellbent on the destruction of anyone and anything that opposes them. Conservatives have never tried to destroy someone for being a leftist.

    1. Of course Conservatives have never tried to destroy someone for being a leftist. Just for attempting to destroy civilization.
      Just like Stalin never tried to destroy anyone for disagreeing with him. He just destroyed those guilty of counterrevolutionary sabotage.

  26. I will admit, a long time ago, when I was young, foolish and stupid…I helped campaign for the greens.
    Sometimes, in my nightmares, there are big green triangles everywhere

  27. Great article. I thought myself a sociliast– until I went to socialist countries. Threw ice water on my youthful ideological passion.
    “After all, it was much easier to raise a fist in front of a protest sign than it was..”
    As I always say, “a soldier and his rifle do more for world peace than 100,000 idiots waving cardboard down a main thoroughfare.” Pisses off the right people.

  28. Marxism is Jewish intellectuallism for the Goy. It is not meant to be a true ideology that will benefit the Goy in anyway during his life but rather, to implement and foster a worldview among the Non-Jewish public that serves Talmudic-Zionist-Jewish interests.

  29. SO well said- particularly the TakeAway. I need to ask though…what was your moment of clarity, and do you have any suggestions on how to prompt that in others?

  30. Well written. I recognize a lot of it, not only from my leftist days (they didn’t last too long, just 2 years or so in High School) but mostly from a similar ideological base that I hold even today. The thoughts of what others were doing politically used to bring me down a lot and it made me very unproductive. I spent most of my energy on things I couldn’t control. The difference between then and now is that I now focus on what I can do and let what I can’t do anything about have a far smaller space in my daily thoughts. I will certainly critique it but I won’t let it bring me down emotionally.
    The focus is now on my personal strength and what I can do with my time and effort. My problems are now realized to be primarily my own. I play with the hand I’ve been dealt and do the best I possibly can with it.
    In the end, I’m certain I’ll have far more power to make a positive impact this way.

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