7 Tips For Happiness And Success After College

Things change after college – no one will debate that.

It’s a big mish-mash of more freedom, less homework, more bills, less drinking, more alone time, less social drama, more decisions, less free time, etc, etc, etc.

And while moving away from home and going to college is a huge transition for most, the transition of graduating from college is arguably a more significant one because it sets the foundation for how you will live the rest of your “grown-up” life.

For me, the transition has been glorious, albeit a bit rocky…

My indecision of choosing a college major continued as I hopped between careers before settling into a profitable entrepreneurial lifestyle. My one night stands, well they kind of continued—but there have been a couple great long-term relationships mixed in. And most importantly, my confidence, sense of self, and overall happiness has built steady momentum over the last four years since graduating.

While this doesn’t make me an expert, I do think I have quite a bit to share with my fellow postgrads—and any soon-to-be graduates.

1. Take lots of risks

Now is the time my friends. You don’t have a family or aging parents to look after. You’re only responsible for yourself. So take risks and try things that you may not be able to do in the future.

I quit a job as a software engineer to be a personal trainer. It didn’t end up being my calling either, but it did lead me to starting my own website and self-publishing several Amazon bestselling books—and this eventually did become my calling.

Taking risks early and often will desensitize you to the fear of failure that holds so many of us back. Approach that cute girl, quit your job, move abroad, do whatever it is that you’re itching to do. Even if you fail you will learn valuable life lessons.

Don’t fall victim to the analysis paralysis that prevents the majority of people from taking risks. There will never be a “perfect” time, so do it now.

2. Don’t let dating rule your life


This is something I’ve personally struggled with since graduation

After graduating I jumped headfirst into the dating and “pickup” scene.

Looking back, I was clearly trying to compensate for my relative lack of success with girls in college. I went out every weekend night, going on countless dates, and consciously trying to improve my dating “skills.”

And it worked. My success skyrocketed. But I began to tie my happiness and self-confidence to the number of dates I was going on and the amount of sex I was having. I’ve since had a couple of great girlfriends who I really enjoyed dating. But ultimately I realized that no girl or number of girls can make me happy if I’m not happy alone.

Realizing that wanting a girlfriend – or a hook-up buddy – or whatever it is that you want – is fundamentally different than needing one. You can be perfectly happy and confident without one. You might want it, but you don’t need it.

3. Handpick your closest friends

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

This quote, by entrepreneur and author Jim Rohn is simply true. Right now think about how the five people that you spend the most time with shape your life. What traits and interests do you share with them? What bad habits or limiting beliefs might you share with them?

This is a tough one, but you should strive to spend time with people who inspire you and motivate you to improve, not people you just bitch and moan about life with, or waste away time watching TV and playing video games with.

I’m not saying to cut off old friends and family members who don’t fit this mold, but certainly recognize that spending less time with them may be beneficial for your overall success and happiness.

4. Refine your daily habits


“You are the average of the five things you spend the most time doing.”

See what I did there?

If you spend all your free time drinking beers and watching TV, then you’re unlikely to accomplish much, if anything. But if you fill your free time with habits like reading, writing, meditating, and working out, you’re likely to carry the strength, knowledge, and discipline you develop into your career and relationships – and dominate life all the more because of it.

5. Save money

I won’t go into tremendous detail here. But saving your money goes a long way. It allows you to live off of smaller paychecks, and ultimately gives you more freedom to travel and try new things.

Don’t get caught up in buying a home, getting a fancy car, or any of that BS – the time for that will come – but now is the time for more experiments and new experiences.

6. Stay fit


Pushing your limits physically is key to a solid body and a strong work ethic

This is another brief point. But it’s hard to feel good about yourself and crush life if you don’t physically feel good.

Getting fit is actually quite simple, but it does take discipline in your diet and exercise. And this discipline will transfer to other areas of your life and further propel your success.

7. Put yourself first

Be more selfish…

I cannot stress this enough. I don’t advise doing it at the expense of others, but I do strongly advise keeping your best interests in mind.

Don’t choose a place to live, a career, a girlfriend, or make any other major decision just to please anyone else. You’re the only person who has to live with your decisions for the rest of your life, so make them FOR YOU, not your family, friends, or work colleagues.

Giving into the pressure of others, whether that pressure is explicit or implied, will only lead to regretting your choice and resenting those who influenced it in the long run.

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34 thoughts on “7 Tips For Happiness And Success After College”

  1. This article hits the nail right on the head. Bitches can be put on hold, do what YOU want to do. Be a man and step out of your comfort zone, delay gratification by saving more initially, exercise regularly. Success and satisfaction will follow.

    1. Hi Dr. Omega,
      Use the time Not spent at university/ college to start working and savings early. Start your own business, take extra (calculated) risks and don’t get into a LTR.
      Simple, effective, and honest. Not easy, but achievable.

  2. Your VIEW is important when leaving the gates of the asylum. Children are depicted riotously screaming ”YAAY” as the school bell rings and the horde busts out of the front doors of the school. They literally flail their arms and dive for the lawn in extacy.
    In the higher schools, you leave with a view and similarly ‘wound up’ with a motive force and tools to implement some sort of action. The ‘builder’ or ‘creator’ will have an eye for what he sees in the world that was built by predecessors and will have ambition to continue future building and development. He likely got a good dose of math and engineering as a dose of red pill virtue. Thus A BUILDER leaves the gates of the school.
    The SJW is the opposite of the creator. They leave school with a critical eye and a bent to reform or DESTROY the pillars. Likely they are MATH STUPID or never were at least force fed or spoon fed the tables of the physics of how the human improvements in the world have been held together for thousands of years. If their specialty is legal, they’ve learned the protocols for bitching and forging their complaints in the arena. No appreciation for what was fought or strived for or what what was built by their forebears since they have poor foundation in the ‘NUTS AND BOLTS’ to begin with.
    For the sjw it’s TEAR DOWN AND DEMOLISH TIME. For the red pill builder it’s BUILD AND DEFEND.

    1. What is the deal with all the guys on here who are so damn high on math? The world needs engineers and such but it isn’t the only god damn profession, believe it or not as much as you despise lawyers, cops, teachers, business professionals, and anyone who can’t do calculus – they all have value in a society.
      People who have an inclination towards mathematics are very rare and so it is a valuable skill. That being said, they are also often extremely unskilled in other areas of life such as creativity or social skills. Mathematical skill is not the only measure of a person’s intelligence.
      I think your post above demonstrates my point – your communication seems robotic and strange. You may well be a very intelligent person but you don’t seem to have the ability to communicate your thoughts smoothly.

      1. No silly, I don’t mean LITERAL math as in counting and calculating digits, but I’m only using the term ‘math’ figuratively. Like in saying the ‘physics’ of pua or the ‘nuts and bolts’ of red pill dynamics.
        For example, I could say:
        ”The angle of the dangle is equal to the square of the hair times the heat of the meat divided by the torque on the pork provided that the lotion between the motion of the ass cheeks remains constant”
        Yes, there’s always rhyme behind reason.:)

      2. If you can’t do math or understand the easy manipulation of numbers in statistics, you have NO future in business. And the same is worse if you’re a teacher, how the hell are you going to teach such a basic necessary skill to the incoming minds that need to be inspired to learn. No lawyer worth his salt isn’t incapable of math. Even the SJW lawyers understand the stacking of dollar signs. The fact is it is the brainwashing from the power mongers that makes idiots believe that math is SO hard and only the socially awkward will be good at it. Math is the most basic building block for interpreting the universe. Even most of the world’s languages have a foundation built on inherent math(hence why the Japanese were so skilled at deciphering almost every code we conceived, until we used the only non-numeric based language we had, Navajo, at our disposal). Math and logic go hand and hand, only a complete idiot would not understand the connection, even if you don’t know how to do the calculus to prove it!

  3. “Stay fit” should be #1. Or get fit, if you’re not. It will *never* be as easy to do as it is now.
    Check that, “Don’t get married” should be #1, but I digress.
    Get your money straight now. It’s a shit way to keep score, but highly useful as a tool. Stay the fuck away from consumer debt, and learn to Pay yourself first. Later one, you’ll be glad you did. I have a single, ironclad rule for every deal I do, and that rule is: Mistral Gets Paid. That starts when you’re young.
    If you are still in school, Learn a Fucking Language. Russian, Spanish, Portuguese. Learn all three. Even if you suck at languages, and you just audit the classes. Your dick with thank you. Oh, and French. French is great for seducing women, especially women who don’t speak French.
    It’s far easier to recover from a bad decision when you’re younger. You cannot fuck up b/w 50-60 in America. Whatever you are going to do, get busy doing it. If you take a “gap year” when you’re younger, nobody is going to give a shit. Try that when you’re 45.
    This is an excellent reason to start and build your own business, even if it’s “part-time”. First, having a part-time gig greatly decelerates the speed and pitch at which you go into debt (if it’s unavoidable). Second, you can dedicate the money from that to you “Emergency” fund or you “Fuck You” fund.
    Lastly, the real currency in life it TIME. Use yours wisely, b/c once you spend it, it is gone fore good.
    À bientôt,

    1. x10 about learning a language. Being multilingual is a total P-magnet. Being multilingual will get you a job too. I think I read at the time of the 9/11 attacks the US govt had in its’ employ only 9 Arabic speakers /translators. Fucking NINE. If you become fluent in a less common language like Chinese, Japanese or Arabic you WILL get a job somewhere. Especially Arabic/Farsi . You will get a knock on your door by sunglass wearing Gmen/CIA spooks asking if you would like to “serve your country”.

      1. That’s horseshit, the US government has had an entire Arabic language school/building in the Presidio of Monterey for decades. Called Defense Language Institute my friend.

  4. The number one rule for happiness and success after college:
    Seriously, the mustake that society makes is that after college, everyone gets a great job. Well that is a lie. There is no such thing as a career anymore. The reality is that the vast majority of graduates do not get a graduate entry level job and are stuck in student loan debt upto their eyeballs. I don’t care what your degree is, the reality is that getting the right job is the most challenging aspect for anyone entering the job market after college.
    When you have received the right job, the key aspect is to start saving your money now! Do not wait 2,3,4,5 years later, But start saving now! The whole economy is very volatile than ever before, and more people are losing their jobs on an unprecedented scale because of various reasons such as cut backs, outsourcing and automation. Do not make the mistake that you are immune. This also includes medical and engineering graduates.
    And for God sakes, if you do a good job, be grateful, and NEVER brag about it or be narcissistic about it. If there is one type of personality which can be seen in a lot of men, is that they love to show off and rub it in the faces of everyone. This is something that should be avoided at all costs because like the saying goes “karma is a bitch and what goes around comes back around.” Trust me when I say that I have seen a lot of people like this, and when the economy hit the toilet, these assholes lost their jobs, and I had no sympathy for these people whatsoever.
    So that is what I have to say in regards to this issue. Save your money, and always remember that you are not special. People will treat you like dog shit, and it is important to be able to stand up and keep moving forward.
    Anybody can make money, but not everybody can keep the money.

    1. “I don’t care what your degree is, the reality is that getting the right
      job is the most challenging aspect for anyone entering the job market
      after college.”
      That is the most important lesson I learned, and the hardest to swallow. College professors like to blow smoke up your ass about how much easier your career will get after you have your degree. Like finding jobs will be a walk in the park and everyone will value you once you’re there. It’s bullshit, especially for men. The only ones cake-walking into jobs are women. Degrees might have gotten someone a place in society 40 years ago, but they don’t mean shit today. Having hustle is far more important than the sheepskin. If you have a degree, best to pretend you don’t.

      1. True. Women get jobs because of their looks and sex appeal. Factor in feminism and quotas, and you can start to see that men are the actual gender who are oppressed in society.
        Meritocracy has no effect anymore in society and believe me, when the shit hits the fan, I am not going to be expendable and disposable for anyone, since society loves to believe that “women and children” come first.

      2. They still go pretty far today but not as far as before. Unemployment rate for college graduates is half that of the population at large. At least right out of college, it benefits women the most but men tend to do better in the long run for a wide variety of reasons (longer hours, more creative, willing to take on jobs they aren’t trained for, etc)

    2. Yes, it is so easy, especially nowadays, to go from boom to bust very quickly. 10 years hard work can evaporate in an instant. Be conservative and methodical.

  5. Articles like this back then would of made me upset.
    Reasons being if I am being honest, is because I hated someone telling me what I should do. I hated someone telling me what was right and wrong and how the way I was living my life was not “correct” and deemed “wrong” by the worlds standards.
    In short, I was a blatant fool. I didn’t seek any help because my ego wouldn’t allow me. I didn’t seek any advice because I felt as if I was always being played and ready to be made a fool of by anybody. Even my own family and friends due to past history. I was just afraid and didn’t want to seek positive change as it all seem to be negative to me. Everybody was out to get me I believe and didn’t want my best interest at heart. In a sense, who I was at that point in my life was perfect as it is. I didn’t need any help. I, was perfect as I was. Fuck the rest.
    Luckily though, I was able to break away from the bad habits (somewhat) I inherited from my father, and manage to view the Red Pill aspects from a more positive view with fresh eyes after revaluing my life and finally understanding that, in blunt terms, I needed some fucking direction. I needed to understand that I wasn’t always right. I needed to understand that I wasn’t the bad guy while everybody played the good guy trying to get me. I needed to understand that I wasn’t a special snowflake in this cold world. I, started to realize that I was not perfect.
    But in that sense I freed myself by doing so. By understanding I can only chase perfect was the key I needed in unlocking myself from my own demons and fuckery. I started to see that I was never going to be perfect, but at the same time I can always chase it and do my best. In that process, I can find happiness in seeing my imperfections as freedom. That was my downfall. By trying to be Mr. cool guy and say the correct thing 24/7, I end up finding myself in a friend zone when it came to women, and even being seen as a ATM machine when it came to my past “friends”. I seen this as nothing wrong until I really, REALLY started to look at my flaws with the help of experience, the red pill, and sites like these, and realize that I wasn’t always right and never was going to always be perfect.
    My imperfections became a weapon I can use. like Eminem in “8 Mile” during his last scene. By embracing that I was able to move on instead of being trapped and held down by them. Imperfection is actually the perfection game tool in the long run. While others follow scripts, we do a version of the complete opposite and do better not just with women, but life as a whole. 2-4 have really helped me a lot. I changed the people around me, didn’t let pussy run my life, and started to save more money instead of chasing what was perfect and “cool”. I started to chase what was perfect to me. Hell, if I continued to chase what was “correct” by world standards, I would of never found Tom Leykis or Patrice O’neal. Two people who have helped me more than any therapy session could of done. No disrespect to therapy of course but, sometimes a kick in the balls can go a long way when a dose of reality is needed.
    All in all, my imperfections are what have helped me become better in life more than I could of imagined. A list like this shows you that overall, focus on yourself instead of what is popular. To follow what is popular would have us glued to the TV caring about the wrong stars inside a house, when the real ones are outside out of reach from our hands. Yet, those are the ones we should be trying to reach for.
    Great list. Saving money is my favorite on there. Trust me. Conquering that addiction of spending money can go a long way.

  6. Less free time? Are you kidding me? As a EE major, I found I had lots more free time once in a job. I only have to work 40-50 hours per week. In school, I studied all the time, even on weekends. Since I worked all of my summers, going into the work world was like going into perpetual summer break. The work world is nice!
    The seven points detailed here are 100% spot on. Staying in shape and saving money are, by far, the top two points of advice. The others are relevant as well.

  7. Having just finished school a couple months ago this article came just on time.
    Great article Jefe.

  8. If you can be highly effective and successful in your twenties then great, but if you don’t, it’s not the end of the world. Use your thirties to get established and learn from what didn’t work in your twenties.
    I am 39 and at the most successful I’ve ever been. I couldn’t handle much responsibility before I was 30ish… I wasn’t ready.

    1. You are so right! I think most people actually start to enjoy real career success in their 30s and 40s. Your twenties are an experiment, thereafter you can build on it.

    2. Brett McKay did an article about how your 20s is the most active phase for your brain. Most people are very plastic, open and malleable to ideas. By the time you’re 28 or so your views start to solidify and the world begins to make more sense since there’s less scattered thought. Rang true for me.

  9. I’m a woman, and I like a lot of the articles on this site, this one included. This is excellent advice for all young people (men and women). I would elaborate on the following:
    1. Don’t just save money, stay the fuck away from consumer debt. It really is the route of all evil. Basic money management should be a required course in all high school curriculum, as far as I’m concerned.
    2. Don’t worry too much about career success in your twenties, you don’t have to hit it out of the park at that age, and sometimes I think the pressure to have it all at that age can cause people to not take risks at a time when everything is recoverable. Gap years look cool in your twenties, in your thirties and forties you look like a flake.
    3. Exercise can’t be stressed enough. With a little discipline, staying in shape in your thirties and forties is fairly easy, getting in shape is next to impossible. If you let it go in your twenties, you will be in a lifelong battle with your body thereafter.

    1. Useful polished points you make. If you get into debit at a young age you really are shooting yourself in the foot, avoid it like the plague.

  10. If I were giving advice to a recent grad I’d tell them to coordinate their post-grad life with their closest friends and family in a familiar location.
    It sounds provincial, but in my experience the most successful well-rounded post-grads have incorporated either their childhood or college friends into their new life.
    It’s easy to feel like a free-spirit after reading a chick-oriented blog like ThoughtCatalogue telling you to “Be free! Explore the country!” Even if you get offered a desirable position in an unfamiliar place, remember that making friends and getting pussy out of school is fucking tough, especially if you’re a male. Most social circles have already been established and your work friends will never be your real friends.
    I noticed a that new grads who moved away from school/home either link up with alumni in their new city or have little to no social life. If you’re sick of your old friends definitely try out a new location but understand that switching cities and jobs is always a huge dice roll.

  11. Shit, this makes me glad that I already have a job garaunteed for me outside of America.

  12. As an older man to younger ones I’d say this: push your physical limits. You’ll peak athletically for most endeavors between 26 and 30, yet most males in today’s society never even attempt to reach that mountain top when they can. They relegate the days of athletics to the bygone days of college and highschool, and ironically surrender their prime before it even occurs, just so that they can work at a desk. This is a particularly tragic waste for men who are late bloomers and didn’t really get to shine amongst their peers during their collegiate days but had plenty if not massive innate physical potential. It’s awesome to be strong and badass. Don’t miss it.

  13. Another thing gentlemen. Always keep in mind that your goal should be starting your own business. Stick to a job after graduation, while you save money, and keep thinking what sort of a business you can build, what are you good at, what kind of business is in good demand, etc. If its possible, start your business while you are still slaving at your corporate job, and once it’s afloat, leave your job. Expand your business, be hard working, and strive to make something of yourself till you reach mid 30’s.

  14. Happiness and success, both the factors are equivalent with each other. We can get happiness with our success; therefore, we planning for everything in our life; so that, we are able to skip failure. It is completely depending upon our dedication level, hard work, and goal oriented. Apart from these, we should also follow some basic tips presented here in this article, through which, we are able to improve our happiness.

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