Is The Mainstream Media Pushing Men To Suicide?

In March 2014, NFL athlete Ray Rice was indicted for aggravated assault against his fiancée (now wife), sparking mass media and social network coverage. Most of the controversy that ensued came after TMZ released video footage of the assault taking place, but it wasn’t what you would expect.

In a world where all one needs to hear is “man hit woman” to lock him in jail and throw away the key regardless of any sort of context, this was the first time that I could ever remember where many men and women alike were coming out to publicly defend a man assaulting a woman.

Maybe it was the brief opening of the video showcasing Rice’s fiancée striking him first (which many news outlets cut out for obvious reasons). Maybe it was because the league had already known what he had done and had penalized him with suspension, but only after the story caught media attention was he officially expelled, fueling a debate about double jeopardy.


Rice’s wife forgave him for the incident. The public, however, did not.

But on February 28th, 2015, Ray Rice has confirmed the real effect of what happens when you drag a man’s name through the mud; thoughts of, or following through, with suicide. In a statement made during an interview with the Baltimore Sun, Rice made the comment, “Honestly, I almost felt like at one point that it wasn’t worth living. I see why people commit suicide.”

I want to make it clear; I don’t advocate for domestic violence in any sense. But like many have said before me, had the person he hit been a man, this would not even be a news article. This is just a symptom of the larger issue of men being driven to the point of suicidal thoughts or going through with the action—not because they can’t live with the guilt of hitting someone, but because the person they hit happened to be of a particular gender, which automatically means being stripped of everything you have ever worked for in your life.


And of course this doesn’t just extend to controversial domestic violence cases. In the modern era of trial by public opinion, it is impossible to come back from any sort of accusations towards men at the hands of women. In the countless rape accusations that have turned up false, many have turned towards the gun because one can never recover from the stigma of a false accusation, no matter how much evidence is on their side. If a woman accuses him, he’ll go down in history as a woman abuser in the eyes of the people.

This is the fate of the modern man who does not turn towards the red pill. Tow the gynocentric line of “guilty until proven innocent,” or face ostracism to the fullest extent until you’re pushed to the brink of suicide.

And of course in typical corporate fashion, general manager of the Baltimore Ravens Ozzie Newsome also told the Baltimore Sun, “If [Rice] gets another opportunity to play with another club, I’d be happy for him.”

Sever a man like a cancerous tumor when angry women are watching, and when the dust has settled a year later and most people aren’t paying attention anymore, slip in that you’d had his back all along.

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100 thoughts on “Is The Mainstream Media Pushing Men To Suicide?”

  1. Another commenter said on a previous article about Rice that she decided to marry him so she wouldn’t have to testify am charges would be dropped. But that plan was ruined when it was revealed they had surveillance footage. I believe this is true.

    1. She decided to marry him because she thought “hey, I’ll definitely be getting some of his millions when I decide to divorce him. Whether he hits me again or not!”

      1. That too but if he gets sacked say goodbye to his millions he ca earn which is why she didn’t wanna testify

      2. Absolutely. And if she divorces him she may have proof eg. DV and get
        even more money. She also did not want him prosecuted because he’d lose
        his job=$$$ and that’s no good to her either.I don’t follow sports or
        these things but it looks like he lost his job anyway.
        that’s no longer true in many jurisdictions and besides even where it is
        applicable it’s only that a spouse may not be COMPELLED to testify.
        They may still voluntarily do it if they chose and this was always true.

  2. But like many have said before me, had the person he hit been a man, this would not even be a news article.

    1. We live in a cunt overglorification culture.
    2. We live in a men-hating culture.
    3. Women are the main beneficiaries of equality and of inequality. As soon as it suits women, all principles are thrown overboard. Whatever principles are upheld –e.g. equality– they are only upheld as long as it benefits women or hurts men.
    Just wait, soon this will be passed into law:

  3. Off topic…but earlier today I drove passed a billboard ad for a jewelry store with a picture of a big diamond that said “Long Term Wife Insurance”

      1. It’s because they’re so lazy they can’t be bothered putting the seat down. There is no reason the seat can’t stay up all the time, apart from then you can see they haven’t bothered to clean the toilet for a month – with the seat down that is not so evident.

        1. If you’re particularly clever, train her to put it *up* when she is finished. Reverse the expectations.

        2. A cat that covers its crap is indicating its submission to you. A cat that leaves its crap out for you to smell is displaying dominance behavior.
          This is instructive for that man who takes great pains to leave the toilet seat down.

    1. Wealthy men rarely end up in situations where they lose 1/2 their money. Guys like Rice are not from wealthy backgrounds. He makes his living throwing a ball around in some kid’s game and he’s paid well. Same with actors.People born into wealth or even those who made it through their brainpower never lose much in a divorce of a marriage that was not long range. The few exceptions are where the couple were married for a very long time eg. mayor of Moscow. Paul McCarthey lost about 5% of his wealth in his divorce from Pegleg.Even Tom Cruise didn’t lose very much. Of course in NY you can seal the divorce court proceedings if you choose, which he did, so I only know from insider gossip.Besides, most of these guys do not want their wives to end up destitute because they have a kid and don’t want the kid living in some crappy lower class area.

      1. Wealthy, rich, or well off. My comment still stands, men stand to lose something. Financially or through freedom. It doesn’t make a different much it is. At the end of the day, it’s redistribution of wealth* from men to women.

    2. Surge. This was the case for my father. He got reamed in divorce and never got involved with a woman again. He was scarred for life.

    3. Once a woman jeopardizes your career and freedom that should be the end of it.

      Don’t just limit this to women who are potential girlfriends or wives. These days even women related to you by blood can be out to get you.

  4. After he was hit, he should have made it clear that it would not be tolerated again. If she then tried, it would have been easy to deflect her hand, or to hold her still by the wrists.
    It was completely unnecessary to hit her back. Rice lost control, and so he is paying the price. At that moment, this mid to high six found out that she had total control over his emotions, and now they are married. His entire career is also in jeopardy because he allowed it to happen in public.
    What happened to him is his fault. We preach taking personal responsibility, and this would have been a good time to explore that.

    1. ” . . .now they are married . . . What happened to him is his fault.”
      With this I agree.

    2. Definitely hitting a woman is a moment where you have lost frame. You have lost control over your emotions and you have lost the ability to logically approach your situation. Same applies to yelling and cursing.
      One must always remain stoic in the face of adversity. Remember the golden rule: If a woman is causing you enough emotional distress where you want to strike her then it is time for you to lose the woman. Always try to have that abundance mindset. If the woman you are with does not make you happy NEXT her with the fucking quickness.
      Everything a man does in his life should be in effort to live life on his own terms. He should never feel trapped. He should never feel like there are no other options. EVEN IN MARRIAGE. He should always have previously laid the groundwork necessary to be able exercise other options without earth shattering consequences.
      In the end, losing frame and hitting, yelling, cursing at a woman gives them the moral impetus to shit on your life – no matter what came before that. She could have fucked five of his friends behind his back, but the moment he loses his shit he becomes the bad guy. This is society’s trap. It’s the great equalizer. The get out of being a cunt free card for women. Don’t succumb to the emotional manipulation. Don’t lose your cool and lose your advantage. Also, be careful even if you do keep your composure, because they can still lie and get default belief of all affiliated 3rd parties.
      Intelligence and ability are always your greatest weapons and assets. Be smart and see women for who they are in the macro and in the micro. Make sound character judgments and stay away from potential negative situations.

      1. Unless you hit her with like… an open hand. Or your belt. or a strap, or a switch. Or the back of your hand.
        Frame is not about whether or not you hit a woman. It’s about how you act while doing or not doing it. And it’s about her begging you to fuck her stupid after you wallop her.

        1. Yeah a left hook is probably unnecessary roughness. I find a push or a crushing grip is usually sufficient to shut her up. It rarely gets that far though. I’ll get in their faces like R Lee Ermey and that is very effective.

        2. You can ‘maintain frame’ while putting two in her heart and one in her head.
          Frame is not about what you do… it is about why, and how you do it.

    3. You are correct. I would add that his biggest mistake was that he married young. Lack of maturity plus millions in your pocket leads to bad decisions.

    1. Unrig it. Go up to a woman and tell her she should not have the right to vote. It starts there. The game is only rigged because we allow it to be rigged.

      1. Women are the voting majority. The democrats need their vote. There is NO WAY women’s right to vote will ever be repealed. Move on to something more realistic. I’m not ‘white-knighting’ here because if they hadn’t been voting our country would likely have 110,000$ as the average salary. Teachers would be making up around 200k a year without the women voting democrat all of these decades. Too bad. But you need to find a new idea.

        1. The whole concept of voting is feminine. When you introduce a vote you automatically take power away from the strong and hand it to the weak. With respect to men and women, you immediately put them on an unnatural virtual physical parity.
          It is inevitable that women’s right to vote will be abolished along with everyone elses. Historically and theoretically democracy is unsustainable along with being unethical.

        2. The whole concept of voting is feminine. When you introduce a vote you automatically take power away from the strong and hand it to the weak.

          You illustrate the inherent weakness of granting voting privileges to everyone.
          In the early days of the USA the privilege of voting was restricted to white male landowners because they were seen as the ones who had the most at stake in an election, after all it was their taxes which were paying for everything.
          Ideally, and yes I know the odds of this happening are next to nothing, the privilege of voting would once again be restricted to exclude people who contribute nothing to society.

        3. Voting and democracy is a poor system of government. Think what would have happened if Apple Computers elected its own CEO. Would Steve Jobs, who could be an asshole and demanded the most from his employees at all times, and was a perfectionist, ever have a shot? No way. And Apple computers, one of the largest corporations in the world, probably wouldn’t even exist today without him. We probably wouldn’t have tablets or smartphones (ok maybe not so bad but still…)
          Would the auto workers at Ford elect the guy who would be best for the future of Ford Motors, or would it be the guy who promises 6 hour work days and free company parties?
          When you take a cruise do people vote on who should be captain, or do they select the person who is most qualified? When you shop at a store is the manager typically one of the longer employed workers, with years of experience, and likely older and wiser, or is it the cool kid that everyone “likes” but doesn’t follow company policy?
          Democracy is practiced nowhere except in government. Because it is a poor way of making decisions. It is sad that it is now seen as the “best” form of government.

        4. You can start a democracy that way but it is inevitable that the same problem would occur. This is because a fundamental concept of democracy is equality. One man one vote. It is inevitable that people whose lives are affected by the decisions of the voters would appeal for the right to vote. And it would be difficult for the government to argue against this.
          Second, unscrupulous politicians would see advantages in appealing to the masses to further their own ends.

        5. True. It was once predicted that the US would become a failed nation after people discovered that they could simply vote themselves “freebies.”

        6. I disagree completely. I am certain that at least 25% of women would vote to end their right to vote, especially if they were informed of the benefits. As soon as they see strong men taking charge, its all over. Feminist ideals fly out the window. From there, its just convincing a majority of men.

        7. I get your points but nobody is really saying democracy is great. It is simply the least bad option.
          Dictatorships always become corrupt. There are simply no checks on the govt. They might be able to do some things better, since they can plan ahead and theoretically choose the most sensible policies, but they often end up as kleptocracies.
          That said, I fully understand that democracy is mainly a Western arrangement, and it might not work equally well elsewhere.

        8. Many on the manosphere and the alt-right in general have this elitist streak of wanting to impose some criteria on voters, such as education/IQ or wealth.
          While sensible in theory, such approach is counterproductive. If only high-IQ people vote they will organize society in their interest and that of their progeny, which does not necessarily imply a better society, only one in which they remain dominant even if they do not produce anything of value (plus, high-IQ people trend more leftist). If only rich men vote, they will similarly arrange society in their interest, effectively preventing the working class from bettering their position. It was tried in 19th century Europe and finally failed.
          Democracy is just the least bad option by default. If there is a catastrophic breakdown of civilization a temporary dictatorship might be in order, like in ancient Rome, but I don’t see how that can last without leading to corruption.
          Just keep a homogeneous country if you want democracy to be authentic and not perverted by ethnic rivalries.

        9. To most dictatorships. I assumed you were refering to that. There are really just two types of government, democracy or autocracy (which includes dictatorship, monarchy…)

        10. Well I actually think that democracy is a dictatorship and that there is a argument to be made that monarchy is a superior form of government. However, it is my opinion that self-government is the only ethical form of government.

      1. the worst thing about the Rice fiasco was the NFL changed their rules on the fly due to public outcry- what was the suspension supposed to be under the existing rules, 3 games? Then he was suspended indefinitely?? How the hell is that legal?? Pandering to the mob is dangerous. A dangerous precedent was set by this.

        1. Right. The NFL is turning into a league for women. This shit would not have happened 30 years ago.
          Men are getting tired of the pink ribbons and the off the field drama bullshit that all of the network seem to report on, today. It’s less about football (today) and more of a reality show about football. It’s ridiculous.

      2. Money talks, BS walks.
        When feminists can no longer talk money, this is coming very soon I think, their BS will be given it’s marching orders back where it came from.
        The problem is this: Government will never make as much money, power over the people, and control with men at the helm then with women.
        So watch out my friends! I keep saying it, but I feel like no one listens!
        Government desires control! It desires the most basic, easy to maintain denominator of ruling over the people that it can. It is like water and gravity. Gravity will bring water to it’s lowest ability before it evaporates. I think feminists have been there for the longest time, and their last vestiges are drying up.
        G’men are/must be in several conundrums by now. Quite likely trying anything, and everything to gauge the will of the people to start steering us into favorably viewed agendas to the public that can swing us like cattle back into the fold when feminism’s eventual demise surfaces. The “Dear Colleague” Letter, ruled unconstitutional by the people. In the 80s, that would have stuck most likely. Definitely in the 90s. VAWA is getting challenged, and next time, will very likely be replaced. The DSM manual, the latest version, is the “Bible” of the psychologist world. And it almost got “Parental Alienation Syndrome” included. In fifteen years when it is up for review again, I am positive that will not have even a modicum of hostility aimed at it.
        Feminism used the vagina to leverage male will power into the government fold!
        Well, that leverage is fading. And if men start refusing to impregnate stupid bishes, say Vasalgel boys, then the whole marital, tax, and societal codes as far as the military and work force are concerned will have to be/must be re-written!
        Big changes are taking place. In 2012, without even a shred of fanfare from Fox or MSNBC (or any news source if they can be called that today?) fed Congress an argument on the benefits of “shared parenting” directly from the white house itself!
        It is coming. But the manosphere, and the genetic content there-in, is largely anti-government interference. It would behoove us to look at the past to determine what people, and their respective governments at that time, did in times like this.
        We re there again.

    2. It’s a catch-22, damned if you do, damned if you don’t. “Feminism” did NOT happen on its own. It is a financed agenda pushed forth by the global elites to destroy family and marriage, desecrating and eroding society to gain more and more control of all western nations as time goes by.
      What I’m saying is, going “MGTOW” makes an elite smile. That’s the intention of their agenda. They want a divide between men and women. They WANT men going their own way. They don’t want you to have a wife. They don’t want you to reproduce. They don’t want you to have a family and be the king of your personal property. They don’t want you to be a matriarch. They DO WANT you to go MGTOW, not reproduce, and just die.
      Unfortunately, most women now are mentally ill, men are at financial & societal disadvantage, and it’s only getting worse. So going MGTOW has the elites toasting their wine glasses while pursuing women has a likelihood of ruining any man’s life. Catch-22. Gridlock. So either live in isolation alone and then die, or get with a woman that has all laws on her side, owns your marriage, and can file divorce on you any time she wants and take everything from you including your kids. She can also get sex outside of marriage on any given day if she chooses as well since other men will commit adultery with your wife and since society has now welcomed for women to be sexually promiscuous. She literally owns you like a dog.

      1. MGTOW is not bad. What is says is Western women are garbage, and I’d rather just be alone be happy with male friends or save my money and go abroad and find a foreign wife.
        Also consider that many women won’t have more than 2 kids, don’t want their vaginas torn up or often can’t have more than 2 kids because of bad doctors who batch the c-section. So what you get is even if you marry, you won’t beat replacement rate. You need to have at least 4 kids minimum if you really want to populate the place. Because not all will marry.

    3. Nobody ever heard or even cares about MGTOW bullshit outside of a few loser boys on the Net. You’re some deluded nonentity who believes that the Net is reality. Next you’ll be telling us about grass eaters in Japan lol
      And there are obviously many losers on here who would even upvote such nonsense. There are a billion people on the Net and it’s pretty easy to get a few hundred kooks and losers to any site regardless of what the site is about and they just feed on each other’s craziness. You’re so out of touch with real life that you begin to believe that this handful of people that shares the same warped mentality with you is some big group when in reality it’s a tiny lunatic fringe of losers.

      1. The grass eaters are a real social phenomenon in Japan though. It is well documented and acknowledged by the mainstream media.

      2. You may or may not be correct. But the wonderful thing about MGTOW is that I don’t need millions to be on board with it in order for it to be an effective personal strategy. I only need it to work for me. Which it does. Very well.
        In any event, while I agree that saying “MGTOW” in the real world will likely get you a bunch of blank stares, talking to other men about the raw deal that is marriage and the societal double standards for gender will get you a lot of heads nodding in agreement – much more than you would have seen 10 or 20 years ago, and my anecdotal experience shows that number increasing every year. You can call it MGTOW or Peter Pan or men needing to “man up” but the phenomenon is real. Men ultimately respond to incentives and MGTOW is less a movement than it is a response to those incentives.

  5. This is the NFL trying to add more female fans/customers. They feminized the sport with pink colors in October, yet ignore prostate cancer, which kills more men each year. They invest more money female apparel and cater towards any situation that invokes female victim hood stories, it’s obvious this just a dollar and sense move. It all started after Roger Goodell took over.

  6. I’m looking at that picture and wondering why these idiots always have to knock up some girl.Even if he never married her he’d be paying child support and it’d likely be high mostly because it would be money she’d spend on herself. Once you have a little money or the potential for it you have to be very careful.The female needs to have equal assets and also be qualified for some professional job. This way all she’ll get is what she brought to the marriage if assets are split 50/50. Marrying some useless girl you knew from the ‘hood now that you have money is insane.

    1. The basic way to insulate yourself from divorce rape is to make sure she has the same income as you. If you have kids then you have to cut back on your hours and force her back out into the workplace. It is completely inefficient; it makes more sense for one person to take the lead as breadwinner and for the other to support them, even if they have their own career, which is why couples do that naturally even without considering hypergamy.

      1. She needs to work at least part time if she’s a professional just to show that if you divorce she capable of working at a high level.If she’s a doctor she’ll have to keep up on the continuing education to keep her license so she will if she’s working. You don’t want someone who can claim she isn’t able to work because you kept her home for the past 10 years and you have to support her.

        1. Precisely. This even applies if you didn’t go all assertive mating and end up with a girl in the “service industry”.

          Personally, I avoid doctors and lawyers (as well as teachers and journalists) because they think they fucking know it all.

    1. I saw Junior Seau at MGM Grand in Las Vegas back in 2007. He was so unbelievably drug-addled he couldn’t even form words as his head was bobbing up and down and he barely eked out a smile as I was trying to talk to him. Poor guy.

    1. who really cares what that whiny little manbitch says?
      Frankly, at this point, if I catch Martin at a con, I’m putting one of my size 11’s up his nose.

  7. If Rice had committed suicide the narrative would’ve gone in the other direction, intelligenista wondering if the online lynch mob was at fault. SJWs would of course spin it so its all about the WHITE media driving BLACK men to suicide.

    1. No, they would have had a sorrowful remorse in the media about how its a shame he ended his life, while the SJWs would jump for joy.

      1. Agreed. From all accounts Rice seems to be a successful intelligent and self reliant black man, which makes him the wrong kind of black man. At their heart the SJWs (and the rest of the public) are nothing more than slaves and rabble, nothing terrifies them more than the sight of an actual man.
        If Rice would admit to deformity or degeneracy, say if he came out of the closet as a trans gender heroin addict who enjoys filthy degenerate acts, cries like a bitch and thinks the world owes him something, then he would be the right kind of black “man”.

    2. They would have brought up the Emma Watson line of “see? The patriarchy hurts everyone!”

  8. Children expect/want someone to help them even the score – someone to care.
    Men kick their addiction to women and female validation.
    Problems like Ray’s become mostly moot after kicking the addiction and growing up. Pussy ain’t worth the cost. Your pecker is not your friend, nor is your heart when you “fall in love.”
    Think you’re in love? Rub one out and see if you care about her in the 10 seconds after climax. You probably won’t even be able to picture her face.
    Yeah. Men are severely disadvantaged in our dealings with women.
    Dealing with them is largely a choice men choose voluntarily because they won’t kick the habit.

  9. Spot The Difference: Patriarchy= men bad – women good, Feminism = men bad – women good, Matriarchy = men bad – women good.

    1. Someone posted this on another site, and it struck me as true. The person who posted this was a woman as well.
      Patriarchy = Women and children first
      Feminism = He for She

      Notice how feminism is basically patriarchy, minus the concern for children.

      — Jill From Bolton

      1. Yes, but you must remember feminism is not “child friendly” but, then again women are children so i think its more to do with competition which women fail at so they undermine the child. Basically “attention whoring”

  10. Now black men are in the cross hairs of the feminazis and are finding out what we whiteys have known for a long time.

  11. This is why women should not be allowed to make a criminal complaint. They should have to do so via a male relative.

  12. I want to see more articles about women debasing themselves for money. Like being shat on by Arabs.

    1. I cannot get you articles, but I have some great home movies of me humiliating and debasing girls for free.

  13. When I heard of the Ray Rice incident, my first thought was “Why did she end up marrying him? She could have said ‘I’m done with you’ and broke off the engagement.” Hence, I’ve always thought that this issue was way overblown.

    1. She was leaping to his defence when the NFL was talking about canning him… That’s her fucking GRAVY TRAIN they are talking about shutting down!

    2. When she chose to marry him that should have signaled the end of any punishment by the NFL.
      It would have been so refreshing to see the NFL commissioner say something to the effect of:
      “This incident has been prosecuted by the criminal justice system and Mr. Rice has completed his sentence to the satisfaction of the court. Mr. and Mrs. Rice have both indicated that they want to put this tragic event behind them and Mr. Rice is looking forward to playing again as soon as possible.”

  14. Just another reason not to be financially dependent on anyone. At the moment I have my money in bitcoin (can’t be confiscated or stolen without your cooperation) and earn a bit of money on mining. Within a year I should make enough to live on it.
    These people who make millions are being foolish. They could easily save up enough in an emergency fund to live out their lives on it.

  15. This Ray Rice incident (and many others) received so much attention while incidents (involving female athletes like Hope Solo) were brushed under the rug.
    Nike even dropped Adrian Peterson’s contract after his alleged child abuse was reported but they haven’t said a thing about Hope Solo’s contract.
    This is how equality is (not) working for us (as a society), today. Use this one as an example (and often) whenever you’re in a debate with a woman (or white knight). We’ve barely heard any news regarding the Hope Solo abuse story but it’s always nonstop (on TV) whenever a male athlete commits a similar crime.

    1. There’s all kinds of domestic violence related information that is never broadcast widely. It’s because it paints a very different picture from what the feministas would have everyone believe…that women are hapless victims of brutal men.
      Researcher Says Women’s Initiation of Domestic Violence Predicts Risk to Women
      — the best way for women to be safe is to not initiate violence against their male partners
      — studies have consistently found that women initiate as much violence against their male partners as vice versa
      — Dr. Capaldi’s research examined the different relationship violence scenarios — violence by him only, violence by her only, violence by both with him initiating, and violence by both with her initiating. Of these, the most likely to result in future injury to women is when she initiates violence against him and he responds
      — in a study of women who were in a battered women’s shelter, “67% of the women reported severe violence toward their partner in the past year.”
      — in unidirectional abusive relationships, the women were more likely to be abusive than the men.
      — whereas we often think of men as the only abusers and also as serial abusers, the OYS found that a woman’s violence against her man was as predictive of his violence to her as his own history of violence.
      — men’s physical aggression changes significantly when they find a new partner. Instead of a man being either a batterer or not, often it was his female partner’s violence or nonviolence which heavily influenced whether he would be violent to her.
      — Since much IPV is mutual and women as well as men initiate IPV, prevention and treatment approaches should attempt to reduce women’s violence as well as men’s violence. Such an approach has a much higher chance of increasing women’s safety.
      Outside of that article, Erin Pizzey, who founded one of the first women’s shelters in the western world received death threats from feminists after she interviewed the women in her shelter and found that much domestic violence is reciprocal and women are just as violent in relationships as men.
      Feminstas and liberals want to portray men simply as brutal women beaters but that is not in any way the entire truth. In many cases, men are simply responding to abuse initiated by women, and if women were less violent themselves, they would not experience violence in return.

      1. The mass media is teaching women to be more violent.
        The guy in this video is 6 and half feet tall, and a former athlete. This tiny woman has ZERO situational awareness and is lucky he didnt kill her with one punch(and of course she was arrested and released, and he spent a few days in the klink before being released).

        1. Good thing he didn’t hit a white woman, he’d be doing 10 years.My advice? Never get into any arguments or confrontations in public. Ignore or walk away, it’s not worth it.You have nothing to gain and everything to lose and it doesn’t matter if you’re right or wrong.

      2. Of course. But the NFL and corporations are not going to piss off their new customer (women) because of the money.
        I say let the women dress up and play football against each other. The NFL is no longer a “men’s league” so men should abandon it (maybe start a new league). The bullshit in football, today, is ridiculous (reason why I can no longer watch it).

  16. Just another incident which reveals the sickening public mindset that men should be silent bearers of domestic violence, and never retaliate taking it “like a man”, like we don’t have any dignity or self respect.
    Happy though, that a considerable number of people have defended Ray Rice. Maybe the society is realizing that men are also human beings too.

    1. The rule used to be never hit a woman, but that was long ago. As women initiate more and more violence, expecting to hide behind that rule, the new rule has become “Never hit a woman….first”.
      That Ray Rice video is equality in action. If some 5’6″ 140lb guy spit on Rice and attacked him, the outcome would be the same. That’s equality, and it’s even equality of outcome. The feminist dream.

      1. The new rule is perfectly valid, my friend. But because it is real equality it is a radical notion for feminists. We will, however strive for the right to retaliate, because we are humans, not doormats. Any blue pill man who doesn’t want to retaliate against a girl when he is hit, is fine to do so. Each to his own. But if he comes up to me, white knighting that I must also do the same, and uses physical confrontation to make me submit, I’ll give him the time of his life. As I said, each to his own. If he enjoys being a doormat, fine, but expecting me to do the same is madness.

  17. It’s a testimony really.
    Feminists are far more anti-family, than they are anti-male. It’s telling that the wife was actually the one who ended up fighting the feminists the most in this situation, while they prayed that he hit her again, so she could learn her lesson.

  18. Ray Rice may play again, but even that doesn’t save him. His wife can now burn him whenever. He’s stuck with her and she has him by the balls.

  19. Look at Robin Williams. He had serious money troubles because of his divorces. media didn’t even bother mentioning it as a potential catalyst for his eventual undoing.

  20. God knows, the media are certainly contributors. But an even larger share of the responsibility lies with men who voluntarily accept the gender-war feminist double standard:
    1) Women are men’s equals in all things, but:
    2) Women are so fragile that they must be shielded against the slightest offense to their spun-glass sensibilities.
    Such men act as the enforcers of the “man guilty until proven innocent” standard delineated above.

    1. Let me update:
      1) Women are men’s equals in all things.
      2) Women are so fragile that they must be shielded (by men) against the slightest offense to their sensibilities..
      3) Science proves that women are stronger.

  21. If you want to kill yourself go right a head and spare the world one emotional sissy

  22. If the media is on your case it means you’re probably a millionaire. Helps to dull the pain I’m sure.
    For too many guys the local court/cops and the insane ex kidnapping the kids is enough to push them off a cliff.

  23. I made this comment before on Yahoo. Rice is what a male victim of DV looks like. She already owned him because she already had a child of his as hostage. She most likely belittles him and openly just slapped the hell out of the guy. She charging at him when he got hit. .

  24. 40% OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IS AGAINST MEN ! Although the MSM and feminists would have you believe otherwise. Ray did what he did and that was react to a vicious assault by his crazy bitch of a wife/fiance. What Ray should have done was dump her ass and let her violent emotional problems play out against some other schmuck. Instead he married her. Foolish. Many other fish in the sea. Men YOU DO NOT have to put up with this crap. Draw limits and boundaries against bad behavior. This was not the first time she flew off the handle. If you see the first cut of the video he is trying to get away, which is a good move. One does not have to stay in the presence of an angry person. Women shit test men all the time, and she clearly escalated the violence against him to its end result. His mistake was getting into a confined area with a crazy person (elevator). Ray is not a bad guy and it was unfair the hatchet job they did on him. Women like her are serial abusers of men because they think they have a vagina and have gotten away with all sorts of horrible things. If they get caught red handed, all they have to do is cry rape, assault, or the trump card, tears. After seeing the Jodi Arias retrial, unable to convict that crazy b. its clear as day. Women just don’t want equal rights, they want all the rights ! and a second set of rules beneficial for them and only them.

  25. The Tipping point is almost here soon it will be a joy to hear about some blue piller offing himself. All of the red pill out there and dudes still getting into relationships and trying to white knight for these skanks to be seen by people that hate him as nice guys. Look how our society treats men that commit to women. Kill yourself or go red pill but don’t expect any help from anybody not even the church to make being a blue pill sap a happy place for a man.

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