How Will Smith’s New Movie “Focus” Falls Flat

The hallmark of a good movie is seamlessly fusing an engaging story with a number of interesting characters, all the while providing the right amount of details and backstory to drive the movie towards an engaging climax and a gratifying ending. Whether the genre is comedy or horror, a good movie has these elements sewn together in a winsome and satisfying way.

Will Smith’s Focus has none of these elements and, as such, is a terrible movie.


Focus is about a veteran conman named Nicky Spurgeon (Will Smith) and his relationship with an amateur pickpocket, Jess Barrett (Margo Robbie). The movie opens with Jess attempting to con Nicky, with Nicky quickly exposing her amateurish attempt.

She wins him over and convinces him to take her under his wing and educate her in the arts of grift and deception. The pair develop a sexual relationship and after a particularly lucrative con, Nicky gives her a sizable cut and boots her to the curb.

Flash forward

Years later, the two cross paths in Buenos Aires. Nicky is working for a wealthy race car driver and in the course of his employ, he comes to find out that Jess happens to be the man’s girlfriend. After a couple failed attempts at restarting their relationship, Nicky succeeds and the two begin their tryst anew. Nicky and Jess aim to complete the con Nicky started, but they fail and are saved by Nicky’s long-lost father at the last moment.

The movie wraps up with the two in arms, heading to a hospital—poor and broken, but full of that sort of blind hope that only a corny romantic comedy can muster.

While the movie fails on many fronts, there are two primary failings of the movie: the lack of interesting and contextualized main characters and a broken, lifeless story line. Each shall be considered in turn.

The two-dimensional characters


First, the movie’s two main characters are entirely uninteresting and stale. The character of Nicky is somewhat engaging—at this might be due to Smith’s acting chops and natural charisma—but the character is still uninspired. The seasoned conman with a checkered past and a fractured relationship with his cold, distant father is incredibly trite.

No discernibly new spin is put on this common trope of the talented but troubled criminal. While this drab character is acted with Smith’s usual chops, his efforts are completely hamstrung by the limitations inherent in his humdrum character.

Jess is completely flat and void of substance. While Margo Robbie is capable enough as an actress, she has neither the presence or personal magnetism of Smith that would allow her to transcend the serious limitations of her character. Jess’ character is a typical 20-something blond who is ambitious but apparently troubled with psychic conflict about her life—basically every Western woman. As such, her character is lifeless, superficial and utterly uninspired.

Given that the two main characters are uninteresting, the relationship between the two is void of interest. It is painfully obvious from the outset that the two are going to knock boots and eventually fall in love. Despite this obvious story arc, the movie has no real push-pull between the two, no real sexual frustration or tension.

They come together with seemingly no difficulty or real spark and somehow fall in love, sort of. Sexual attraction can’t exist without sexual tension and there can be no love without mystery. Sex and romance just happen in this movie and this seriously debilitating problem bleeds into the rest of the movie.

The lousy story


The main story arc—if it can be referred to as such—has no continuity and feels like two separate shorts with the same two main characters cobbled together in one film. Just like with the romantic relationship between Nicky and Jess, the main story is bland and contrived. The first part of the movie feels like an incredibly long introduction so the second part of the movie has context and makes sense.

The cons pulled off are either rather boring (the race car con) or incredibly fortuitous (the Superdome con). They seem to be secondary to the evolution of Nicky and Jess’s relationship, but since neither character is particularly engaging, the plot is little more than a lifeless, meandering mess.

For a movie purported to revolve around the exhortation that one not lose focus, Focus has no focus to speak of. Despite Will Smith’s charisma and the alleged chemistry between him and Margo Robbie, Focus simply is a lackluster, boring film. The characters are not original or engaging and the story arc would be more pleasing if it wasn’t so mundane and broken.

Charles’s Verdict: 2/10, would not watch again.

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303 thoughts on “How Will Smith’s New Movie “Focus” Falls Flat”

    1. Now lets get to the real reason Charles hates this movie.
      1. Tall dark handsome charismatic Negro male as star.
      2. Said Negro gets to bang and have fall in love with him the hottest white broad i have seen on film in a very very long time. She too glows on screen – has a charisma of her own.
      The story was entertaining enough….but this movie was really about the two good looking charismatic people interacting.

      1. Lets also discuss why the Very first poster to this thread mentioned Denzel Washington and equalizer in his complaint of both movies.
        It appears that the typical white American male cannot handle seeing black men in leading roles…. especially when they are competent, serious, intelligent, charismatic,etc…
        The white male can only tolerate seeing black men portrayed as comics, coons, degenerates of various types, homos, a criminals of the most violent and worst type.
        So two movies come out which are different and both have done very well at the box office….especially internationally. So much so, that Equalizer 2 is already greelighted. I expect Focus to have a sequel as well.
        You whites boys need to get over it. The facts are clear. When blacks are given the chance in fair competition they eventually dominate you. The leading man character type is tailor made for black men. Cool Alpha all the way. Expect these two movies to set a trend.
        The rest of the world in particular -if interational sales are any indication-demands it. …and its about time.

        1. Well said. I’m getting tired of the whole white supremisist bullshit you keep seeing in ROK. I hope Will Smith and Denzel Washington as well as other ethnics get a chance to star in more leading roles.
          It’ll be the kick in the teeth for these white supremist pyschos you keep seeing on websites, constantly mentioning “anti-white is code for anti-racist.”
          Fucking assholes.

        2. I just want to know. When Keld El, rtt and angry russian cossack get together, who is Lucky Pierre?

        3. It has nothing to do with blacks in leading roles. The issues people have is Hollywood loving to continually shoehorn evil racist whitey as an antagonist the black lead will have to face. They have to throw in some weak simpering beta whites that don’t understand the black man. Or they always have to pair the black man with a white woman.
          Shit, even in Blade they had Ron Perlman ask Blade if he blushes. Evil racist whitey even in vampire movies.

        4. I’ll do you one better than that. White viewers truly don’t want to see black men in relationships with anyone on TV or in movies PERIOD. Black men/white women pairings are shunned for obvious reasons. But if you show a black man with a black woman, there’s usually some stereotypical crap going on, like accusations of cheating, slap-fights, drink throwing, dudes on the down-low, etc. (as with most Tyler Perry movies).
          They only want to see characters like Geordi on ‘Star Trek’ or the psychic character Forrest Whitaker played on ‘Species’–sexless, prim, proper, non-threatening sidekicks who have little to say and have virtually no place on the sexual hierarchy. That’s because that’s where society generally wants black men to be, especially if they’re educated black men.
          Take my brother, for example. He’s a lawyer, and a damn good one. He was at the top of his class in high school and undergrad. Yet like a lot of guys like him, he gets no love from the majority of attractive black women because he doesn’t have enough “swagger”; the few black women he’s around in the corporate world are either lesbians or dating white men (the only interracial pairing, next to white men/Asian women, that is deemed acceptable in society); and white women don’t want him either because they can just get a white guy who fits his profile and save themselves a lot of societal headache (they only want to risk being shunned by society if there’s a chance of them either getting some “thuggin’ love” out of it or a chance to run up an NBA/NFL player’s charge card). Asians and Latinas are out of his reach for the same reason as most of the white women are.
          It’s like society wants the black man to either be a low-wage earning schmuck who only exclusively bangs hood chicks, or an educated guy who’s pretty much a eunuch (as only fat women with kids from all races is the only pool he’s deemed by society to be worthy of picking a mate from, and most self-respecting men would rather shove their tools into a barrel full of starving piranhas than to stick them in these putrid-ass broads).

        5. If your black brother who is highly educated and professionally successful cannot get women then he is beta chump or real ugly….
          Nobody gets more ass than a brother who has his shit together.financially…from all kinds of women ..

        6. Why because there are no real evil racist whiteys in real life ??
          The reason the always put in a white woman is because they know that white audiences are so self absorbed and psychologically weak that they would never go see a movie with a black male and female lead.
          Apparently, the notion of a black man abd woman working smoothly together is too threatening for most whites…..apparently more threatening than an interacial.relationship wih a white woman.

        7. Well, he works out, and overall he’s not a bad looking dude. But he does have quite a few blue pill tendencies he needs to kick (blame it on our upbringing; I’ve had to deal with this myself). It doesn’t help that he’s in the South, though. He’d probably clean up in a place like L.A. Location, location, location is more of a factor in game than people may think.

        8. “When blacks are given the chance in fair competition they eventually dominate you.”
          Except for, um, let’s see, hmmm……

        9. Yep. There’s always gotta be a low man (or woman) on the totem pole to make the higher-ups feel good about themselves. It’s easier to look over how dysfunctional the Mark Sanfords, Anthony Weiners, and Kennedys of the world are when you can point at Chris Brown, Mimi Faust, Stevie J., Ray Ray, Bousheeka, etc. throwing drinks at each other on some bullshit VH-1 show and say “whew! I may have problems, but at least I’m not THEM!” What would white Americans do if they had no whipping boys or whipping girls to compare themselves to in order to boost their self-esteem?

        10. Thanks for the sight correction. I misread the map. Many thanks brother and the best of luck to you in all your endeavors!

        11. “You whites boys need to get over it. The facts are clear. When blacks are given the chance in fair competition they eventually dominate you. ” ~ Take the Federal Government out of the equation and we will see who dominates. There would definitely be a shortage of rope but please don’t worry, I have saved about 20 feet of it especially for you…

        12. We ARE the new whipping boys so fuck you and that bitch that brought you screaming into this world.

        13. Like Keld El said, a brother that is doing well in life is actually one of the best cards to play. Mostly because there are so few of them, which creates a natural demand in most places. For sure though, tell him to get his ass out West or even better out of the country. Most of his dating problems would go away, even if he didn’t clean up all his bad dating habits.

        14. I’ve been telling him he needs to quit playing around and go ahead and get a passport. But he thinks there’s nowhere he can go in the world where he won’t have to deal with racism. I just told him to stay out of Russia and the Eastern Bloc states, and he should be fine.

        15. Entirely true, the white man is just not alpha. Some are like Russians, or Eastern europeans. but most western european white men who form the principle body of white westerners are beta maid. That is why it is the homeland of feminist.

        16. Not most whites, just ones like the above poster with tiny penis, I have no issue with it. Notice the same whites who think that all white men should go bang asian broads and move to asia whine about other men banging white american women and australian women THEY DONT’ EVEN WANT! This is just the case of a dog who threw a bone a way and got jealous when another dog came along and started having fun with that obone and now wants its bone back.

        17. Genuinely good looking men of all races get ass. Beta behavior though, yes that will generally kill the positive attributes.

        18. Umm….hmmm…..let’s see….well…..all the things the women you want to bang care about.

        19. I don’t want to bang those 200 pound ‘big-booty hoes’ that you and your buddy Daquawn fantasize about. Run along and die now. That’s what you guys do.

      2. Don’t you have some egalitarian, socialist, Utopian Trekkie convention to attend?

      3. I would be okay with that (and am, really) but for the constant bullshit attempts by people to (a) prove how “not racist” they are by (b) forcing this bullshit on the rest of us.
        IRL, everyone cuts their own deal, and that’s fine, however they choose to so do.

  1. Will Smith is usually in garbage, hyped movies. Typical Hollywood shit made for the semi retarded. You never see him in a true classic unless you consider MIB or Independence Day classics (which I dont, they suck).

      1. When the posters/synopsis for this movie first came out, a part of me hoped the movie was going be Smith’s con artist and Robbie’s con artist doing a job with all the rom-com/male vulnerability/eventually leading to sex bullshit, only for Smith’s con artist to be playing her the whole time and walking off into the sunset.
        That’s a movie I would see.

        1. Yeah you got a point there. I just watched The Deer Hunter and my standards are quire high atm.

    1. the only half decent movie he was in was i am legend which was shit compared to the book

      1. I am Angry that a Russian Cossack thinks “I Am Legend” is half decent…

        1. well it was not boring still total shit compared to the book and very different as well

    2. Will Smith is just interested in making movies that get him a big payday he’s not interested in creativity. He’s said as much I’m interviews I’ve heard.

  2. More anti white feminist propaganda, always the same portray white guys as weak betas and have a black man as a alpha hero. more Hollywood leftist garbage. even worst was that shitty propaganda piece denzel Washington was in ( usually a great actor) that did nothing but portry east europeans as rascist mobsters

    1. What movie did you watch? Please do tell, how many black people were in that movie, compare to how many white people?
      “did nothing but portry east europeans as rascist mobsters”
      Again which movie did you watch?
      On the one hand, you are saying the white guys were weak and betas, but then they turned into mobsters? The hell you’re saying?

      1. Weak betas in the Focus movie. Evil racist mobsters in The Equalizer with Denzel Washington.

        1. Have not seen the equalizer, but my questions were not addressed relating to this particular movie and comment that was made.

        2. You asked how on the one hand they were weak betas, but turned into mobsters.
          I was saying the weak betas were in one movie, and the evil racist mobsters were another movie.

        3. I liked The Equalizer when it was a TV show in the 80’s. Now it is just PC fluff.

        4. The implication (rightly or wrongly) from his comment is that there is a general agenda to portray white men as weak betas to the advantage of black men. The further implication is that this guy does not like it when the Alpha Male in a movie is a black guy.
          It offends his sensibilities, the poor fellow.

        1. I already know this as Sirius already replied to and I upvoted his comment.
          So my questions still stand. Are white males being portrayed as weak betas or east European racist mobsters which wouldn’t be weak betas?
          Here is another question: Wat was Smith’s nickname in the movie, and why was he called that?

        2. Hell most movies with Eastern Europeans in them portray them as mobsters. But really, who gives a fuck?

        3. You do. You see, even if you think you could care less, the repetitive banging in of these images is going to stick to your consciousness. The programmers know that. And you? You only think you’re independent. Sorry mate.

        4. I am not 100% sure that eastern europeans exist. I think hollywood invented them to be non-italian mobsters after the Italians started complaining about stereo types……as a side note, i am also not sure Italians exist.

        5. Good thing I actually know loads of Eastern European guys who aren’t mobsters.

        6. Yeah even White and Black people dont exist. Its all an ilussion. Even we are an illusion. So we can influence the illusion. Damn too much Conan gotta head off and sleep.!

    2. That’s a very interesting point, sir. I kept wondering why I always considered black people to be somewhat generally more confident.

      1. Because they tend to come from very rough backgrounds. Everyone on your back (black, white, whoever) in a violent or potentially violent way breeds a strong man. Thus, your confidence levels in certain situations will be relatively greater.

        1. A variety of factors. The Irish came from a rough culture and ended up having very masculine, rough, violent men with lower IQ’s as a result. Times changed, life got comfortable, and now they’re just as faggy soft as anybody else in the West. But hey, their IQ’s went up, so there is that.

        2. In my case, being black attracted violent attention. A white guy growing up where I lived might not notice but I would attract violent attention just walking down the street.
          I had an ongoing war of maneuver with the local gang in my town, always trying to stay one step ahead.

      2. Tom with all the censorship you get in Germany, brother Im not surprised your all getting effete and effeminate there. You cant speak your goddamn mind, even if its pure shit or pure gold, no matter, nobody has the balls to say anything now.

        1. Nice perspective, thanks. Can you elaborate on the censorship or provide some good source? It always clears the fogs in my mind to get perspectives from the outside, like about the suppression of right wing parties in Germany, which I always considered with a skeptical mind.

        2. Also, where I live ( Canada) the Germans are always portrayed in a bad light when talking history. I wont delve into all the anti-german jewish propaganda we watched that I skipped class for. My dad was helped by a German, when the Wall fell and when he wanted to try and start a life there with my mom. To be honest, helped is not enough to express the gratitide my dad has for this person, may he Rest In Peace now ( my dads friend).” The Germans are hearty people who always put the groups interests before their own. Yes they are a little cold for my Balkan taste, but they express love through hard work and loyalty”-my Father.

    3. A drop in the bucket compared to BlackHat, Marco Polo, etc.. Give me orgies with hot Asian girls over a few whack-ass cons and some yo-go-girl washed up white chick any day.

        1. Yeah I’ve always found that they’re like a trace-element in the diet. Boron say. You might suffer a bit if you don’t get a tiny little bit now and then, but you cant have a solid diet of it. Black women work similar for me, although I prefer them to fucking what sounds like a hiccupping cat in labour.

        2. Boron is a more essential electrolyte than its credited for, best examples would be its function in bone structure density and the transportation of toxins and nutrients in and out of the cells.

        3. Ha I knew I should have looked it up. Hey for some guys Asian women are more essential for survival . . .

        4. Hard to relate to, asian women must be the women that i find the least attractive, they can be aesthetically pleasing, but as far as getting my blood boiling… Not much happening there.

        5. I guess Marco Polo struggled to find himself a good home grown white girl when he was out in Asia.

        6. Yes, because he was only there for…..years. I’m sure Asia was more fun back then. The whole word was probably more fun – because it hadn’t been explored yet.

        7. European and middle eastern i would say, but the taste differs between people ofcourse, i know many men dont find middle eastern women attractive at all not even the beautiful ones.
          I dont bash anybody elses preferences though, its a very individual thing after all.

        8. I know Genghis had fun. He used to crush his officers alive under his dining table and impale recalcitrant villagers on spikes.

        9. There’s nothing wrong with that – need to keep that discipline under control.

        10. Yeah that shits illegal now. Or at least illegal for us.Well seemed like fun.

    4. Black males as alpha heros? On which planet??? Last time I checked, most black leading roles were either slaves or men in dresses.

      1. someone hasn’t seen, oh, every will smith movie ever made. And blacks love movies with black men in dresses.’cause so many brothers are on the down-low.

        1. It is just him and Denzel. Every other black actor is either not the lead and just some random friend of the white hero or some gansta. Stop pretending that hollywood is filled with Black Leading men and every mega movie is starring Tyrone Johnson . The truth is your “liberal jew run hollywood” doesn’t like seeing black leading men and thankfully never will. You get one or two each generation that are proper enough to be palatable to the masses.

        2. I’m talking about lately. There’s a clear agenda for the feminisation of black men. It’s everywhere, the music, entertainment… “Big mama” and Madea movie sales were pushed by black women and the mainstream audience.

        3. Blacks have held a special penchant for seeing their men in drag for a
          good long while now. Flip Wilson was doing the black-man-in-drag-is-hilarious thing in the 1970s, and Ru Paul has been around for a lot longer than you think. Let’s not forget the 80’s had “Mannequin” with a black flaming near-cross dresser. And let’s not forget disco—the gay genre that suspiciously over-represented blacks.
          It’s about the down low culture—blacks have a much higher rate of
          experimentation/men-on-men sex than non-blacks. Mexicans are the
          non-blacks who live closest to blacks as a group (in the U.S), and have
          long noted that blacks are a very high percentage of the gay prostitutes
          (Mexicans and blacks, being poorest, live in the sections of towns most
          likely to have street walkers).
          Malcolm X is rumored to have been a gay prostitute in his early “hustling” days—which would have made sense as a money-making career choice for a poor, lonely boy from the sticks with no means of support in the big city; his autobiographical tale of having a white sugar momma sound suspiciously like cover for what was probably really going on—he had an upper class white queer using him as his rent boy. Given the lies already known to be in his autobiography (as told to known liar Alex Haley), it’s more plausible the more you think about it.

        4. They keep trying to push black leading men and black male–white female relationships. It’s targeted social engineering. You can pretend it doesn’t exist, but oh boy no one else is that blind.

        5. You are clearly delusional. Interracial relationships on camera is an instant career suicide for any white female actress. You’re living in an alternate reality where your low level of testosterone is pushing you to rationalize your lack of success with the opposite sex on some far fetched conspiracy theory. You are genetically unfit for reproduction, deal with it. Real white men are well aware of their privilege and take full advantage of it, only estrogen fueled she men like you seem to believe such nonsense. And for your diatribe on black audiences and men in drag, let me remind you that all these figures you talked about gained prominence because of the overwhelming support they received from WHITE AUDIENCES. Blacks simply don’t have the demographics. So it is impossible for a black entertainer to gain prominence unless his audience is predominantly WHITE. Disco had a predominantly white audience, the same with hip hop and the rest of the entertainment industry. The truth is that white audiences enjoy seeing black men in subservient positions because it caters to their ego. The same with cross dressing. It’s a way of castrating black men to make themselves feel less inadequate for their relatively lower testosterone levels.

        6. lmao. As with most negro-apologists, you seem to think the year is 1955, not 2015. White females are encouraged to be slutty and to be with black males, and the entertainment industry is part of this encouragement: the percentage of black male-white female couples on TV and movies is a complete order higher than exist in real life. Kim Kardashian’s mudsharking is held up as wonderful, and most recently, Selena Gomez was touted as having a black boyfriend.
          I wish the world were as you pretend it is, but your delusional, laughable make-believe world of Klan-members holding blacks down and non-black women afeared of stepping out with a black doesn’t exist.

        7. This is the first Will Smith Movie in which he got with a white woman. Look unlike you I don’t google ” black men fucking white women”. I can remember the last major movie in which this was pushed. If this was the norm then you beta faggots wouldn’t be having brain aneurisms over this film. You are exposed to the media you seek out. I don’t watch coon films typically and I don’t have a problem with movies like this. Any woman who would be swayed by a 6.5/ 10 con flick to start fucking certain segments of society she wouldn’t normally fuck is a woman who is so easily brainwashed she isn’t worth the effort it would take to fuck her.
          What is your major fear? That easily brainwashed sluts will start fucking dudes who look like Will Smith? The media has been promoting images of beautiful white women with fat fucking hairy slob stoners and skinny fat beta males for years…I still get laid. Even if what you are saying is true (which it isn’t as evidence by every major film of the last year) I am not terrified of losing any competition when I am compared to any male of any race. You pussy ass guys being afraid of how some awful film is going to make every woman jump on Lil Wayne’s dick are hilarious
          Social engineering works on the weak minded and if the weak minded are the only people you can fuck then I am glad you lost the chance to breed. I hope will smith fucks all your women.

        8. Smh. You can live in denial, but you can’t make me live there with you.
          Take the red pill.

    5. I would have up-voted your comment but you wrote that Denzel is a good actor. Never has been never will be. Don’t be a durok moi droog.

      1. I could understand not liking the guy or saying you’ve seen much better, but to say he isn’t even good is disingenuous.

    6. Most black actors get their start in Hollywood playing queers or getting raped by a white man. Even Will Smith.

      1. “Most black actors get their start in Hollywood playing queers or getting raped by a white man. Even Will Smith.”
        Pretty much all star male actors seem to be required to do at least one transexual and/or sodomite character. It isn’t just the black men putting on the dresses.


        1. “Because the business is run by jew fags who get off in it”
          Satanists not Jews, although many Satanists are supposedly “Jews.” If you’re not consciously serving Satan, then you’re a “lesser brethern,” be you Jew, Freemason, whatever.

        2. Oh great, standing up for the Tribe. Like they don’t have enough help and support from Washington.Who is helping the dirt poor Americans living in Appalachia, Mississippi or on any Indian Reservation? No one, especially not The Tribe.

        3. I agree with what you say but i still think “the tribe” gets too much credit for being very high on the ladder because they are seen out in the open, but many are patsys for those higher in the pecking order, not an excuse nonetheless and you are still right.

        4. From the viewpoint of his acting career prime, he’s from an entirely different era.

        5. Look, just because Dave Chapelle said it was a conspiracy (and, note, I like the dude) doesn’t make it so. It more reflects the lack of writing skill of the authors who have to resort to cross-dressing to garner a laugh.

        6. Clint Eastwood exposed. Nothing alpha about wearing a womans bra and getting kissed by a faggot.

        7. People who buy into religion are so fascinating to me. How can you accept something as fact for which there is 0 evidence? Why are you Christian, as opposed to say, Muslim or Hindu? If you were born into an atheist family, would you not be atheist? It seems so arbitrary.
          Satan doesn’t exist. Why would an omnipotent being feel the need to create such a setup? Is God basically an old man with an insecurity complex? It’s silly. Think critically, and most of all, think for yourself.

        8. lol. People who buy into race denial fascinate me. How can you accept something as a fact for which a mountain of evidence says the opposite?
          We all see how silly your lies are, little follower. and how laughable.

      2. That casting couch has seen some fucked up shit, if this shit is true. Wouldnt surprise me, with those degenerates running the whole show.

        1. Man I hope no man has to endure shit like this. Just looking at it makes me see the pain and disgust in Will’s eyes. I respect a few actors, but the lot of them are no better than whores. Thanks for shedding a light on “Society’s Role Models!”.

        2. He didn’t HAVE to break into hollywood by playing a fag. He chose the script because he thought it would give him some credence after playing “The Fresh Prince” on TV for years, and after pretending to be a rapper for years. Tonnes of actors choose roles like this to make them seem “serious.” Stop with the fucking bullshit, camel, and use your brain to look at it from a career perspective.
          The worst thing that can happen to most actors is being type-cast. Jason Stratham can never be taken seriously as a Space ranger archeologist because people have seen him play the meat head for too long. Likewise, Liam Neison had a nice and varied career… until he did Taken (which rocked), and now has made about 10 films that are pretty much just sequels of Taken. It would be fucking boring for the actors.

        3. To be fair Will sucks as an actor. He went against Denzel’s advice on this one.

        4. Statham rocks.
          Btw didn’t Wesley Snipes and Patrick Swayze dress as women in a movie too?

        5. I have to disagree with this. I think he’s got serious chops.
          I was genuinely surprised at his performance during a serious scene in his sitcom, The Fresh Prince.
          The one where he convinced Carlton to give him his gun. That shit damn near made ME cry, and that’s an extreme rarity for me.
          You may not like his material but he can be amazing actor.

        6. And Arnold Schwartzenengger (however you spell his name) pretended to be pregnant in a film. Doesn’t mean shit, except they chose shitty roles.

        7. Yeah I have to say the only thing that makes me want to cry is the fact that he keeps making movies. He’s the same guy in every role. I find his characters so unbelievable. I know he’s trying to break away the cool loudmouth black guy role but his nice guy roles seem so contrived.
          I guess that’s what you get from a rapper.

        1. Or, better yet, when the black guy gets the white girl and no one notices or gives a shit.

        2. rofl. oh yes, no one notices bestiality. (/sarcasm)
          fail on your part, little soros monkey.

    7. I realized that in 2012/13 just before things got heated up in Crimea and Ukraine that Hollywood targeted Russians.At that time i knew something was brewing.RAND Corp is not for nothing near L,A, .

    8. I rarely ever see this as the case.. If anything its the other way around..Hollywood is 99.999%white leading men..why pick and choose the tiniest of exceptions..its very rare to see a black guy get a white girl on screen, while most films nowadays have nothing but white guys romancing Women of all shades and races..nothing wrong with that. Just stop trying to see things that aren’t really there. It reeks of whining and bitching ..and isn’t that what women,fags,and entitled effete, minority men do?

        1. It does not matter whether they are white or not- What matters is what they put down on paper–A mix black and white girl (or boy) can choose to be white, even though her complexity might be more brown than white–Asians, Hispanics, and Middle Easterns, also put down white when convenient–

        2. They aren’t white though… Can a white man say he is Asian, when convenient? No and the same goes for the other way.

        3. By your current standard they are white–there was a time in the US certain groups of people were not white–today they are–so spare me–like I said–It does not matter what you say–what matters is when there is a census or those people are getting a passport or applying to college, or anything along those lines–they change from minority (put Asian, middle Eastern, Hispanic) to white–

        4. No it doesn’t matter, what the law classes them as. You can just look at people and be able to classify what race they come from by looking at them.

        5. You still did not refute any of my points–
          go and read about white people–like i’ve been saying–at some point in the US there were some groups that were not considered white–and now are–refute that point–everything else you say is irrelevant when it comes to classification–

          “You can just look at people and be able to classify what race they come from by looking at them.”
          The issue you’re having is acknowledging that the term has evolved over time–1700s, 1800s, 1900s, 2000s–so someone in 1800s who was not white at that point–just by looking at them–would be classify as white in 2000s–remember the one drop rule? yeah–that’s your history–

    9. Liberal Hollywood are a bunch of cowards who are totally scared of muslim terrorists so nearly every bad guy from every movie is a white guy, often Russian. Even movies with terrorism as the main theme uses generic white bad guys most of the time, which is ridiculous when you compare it to what really happens in the world.

        1. lol.It’s cute how you want people to ignore the evil that is the black race, and the anti-gentile jews who protect them.

        2. Yeah, speaking as a black man I can confirm we are fucking evil. “I wanna eat your children!”

        3. Considering the records of baby raping and cannibalism in black Africa, your attempt at exaggeration falls humorously flat.
          But you’re not smart enough to know that, little savage. Now back to your Obama rally with all the other mindless zombies. Your masters are well pleased with your idiocy.

        4. “Evil” people come in all colors. It’s just that most of the world’s wealth is held by European families or their descendants. This s because historically, Europe fostered the most advanced civilizations. The reason? Favorable geography. The luck of the draw. It’s hard as hell to build a civilization in the tropics.

        5. It’s funny that you seem to think this didn’t happen in Europe. What, prey tell, do you think transpired in the Dark Ages? During the time of the Black Death? Hell, look up the Salem which trials. All races are capable of evil. Racism is merely one races’ attempt to justify acts of cruelty on another race. Your ancestors needed to be able to justify their horrible behavior to their innocent children.

        6. These are lies whites tell themselves to sleep well at night.
          Europe is the poorest continent by resources, they were not the most advanced historically, just for the last few hundred years and it was because they used a small advantage in gun technology, despite being backwards everywhere else to rob the other nations. That is it. No difference than a gun man robbing you of your car and emptying your bank account.
          When a small population like Portugal or Spain Robs giant countries like mexico, china, brazil, angola, mozambique of course you get rich.

        7. rofl.
          low iq negroes have never been civilized, and have always been violent savages.
          and no lying will help you change that reality, little liar.

        8. rofl. Your attempts to hide the black gorillas dysfunction and crime waves in comparison to humans isn’t working, little obama-drone. And your masters don’t like your failure.

      1. You have to understand something here, though. Screenwriters are discouraged from creating overly complex characters when a stereotype will do IF they can get away with it. That’s why you get these boring bad guys in a lot of movies. Producers these days want scripts no longer than 95 pages. There isn’t a lot of room to establish back story for anyone but the main character. You also don’t want to distract from the A-list actor’s role by having an extremely engaging bad guy. An exception to this is No Country For Old Men, but note that was based on a book.

    10. Man you whine like a little bitch or a weak beta if you will. Its just a shitty movie. Pull your thong out of your ass crack and bring me a beer and the paper Nancy.

    11. Hollywood really is elitist propaganda. We all know who built the modern world, and who needs who to survive.

    12. Yeah that movie where Damsel Washington kills all the Russians is not real life. A russian project/ghetto breeds 10xtimes the savage warrior a nigger ghetto/project will. In the movie their portrayed as a bunch of fools just getting ticked off by our white knight Washington!

    13. It is just him and Denzel. Every other black actor is either not the lead and just some random friend of the white hero or some gansta. Stop pretending that hollywood is filled with Black Leading men and every mega movie is starring Tyrone Johnson . The truth is your “liberal jew run hollywood” doesn’t like seeing black leading men and thankfully never will. You get one or two each generation that are proper enough to be palatable to the masses.
      It isn’t a problem, you just think it is because you search out nigger films to jerk off to. I honestly don’t even remember the last major film I have seen besides the equilzer and this that had a black lead
      Also this movie was enjoyable 6/10 ( might watch on netflix in the future)

    14. Why do people say Denzel is a good actor? I seriously can’t look at him without seeing his buck teeth protruding from his arrogant fucking face.
      Anyway… this film wasn’t meant to be anti-white, all their top-pick actors dropped out. Will and Robbie were 3rd or 4th picks. Understandable, since this film is unwatchable (I got a pirated copy and still couldn’t bring myself to watch more than 45 minutes before deleting). But, yeah, the whole romance between a 50+ year old black man and a 20+ year old white woman completely broke the 4th wall.

        1. Samuel L. Jackson is entertaining a lot of the time – which is enough for me.
          Iris Elba is fine at what he does.
          Dave Chapelle is a fucking god – who cares if he can’t act, the guy cracks me up.
          I could probably name about 4 or 5 others, but 3 is enough to answer your question.

        2. Obviously I can’t argue taste, but given the men you do like, your comments about DW still don’t make sense. You even threw in a passing insult toward his appearance, which leads me to believe you have some kind of personal problem with the guy versus a genuine judgement toward his acting skill.
          There does seem to be a pattern among some folk who only want to see black men in certain roles.
          He probably offended you in one or more of his movies or in some other fashion off camera, that’s my opinion.

        3. Of course I have a problem with him on a personal level. He’s a fucking nigger who thinks he’s too good to kiss white woman and gets his wife to do the oscar voting for him because it’s too racist in hollywood for his black skin. He’s a fucking cunt and I would gladly kick his teeth in just for the kicks….
          Having said that, he’s also a shit actor. Okay?

    15. Anti-white in hellywood, you’ve got to be joking. What a comical comment. Especially all those who agree with you. When the majority of hellywood loves to portray black men only as slaves and thugs for over 95% of all films. When Bruce Willis is going to town killing tons of Russians or white men,you say nothing. Your just another social justice warrior hiding behind, your own beta male projection. Eastern Europe has a lot of racists, it’s a fact.

  3. This story has been done quite a few times. One movie similar to it was Entrapment with Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta-Jones back in 1999 (but there have been plenty of others).
    Hollywood gets to a point where they change up the characters but the same, tired story is used to please all of the new customers (women). It’s another “rom com” that I won’t be seeing because I’m sure it serves up the usual nonsense that they all do (love conquers all and girl power). Bullshit.

    1. Yep.. They have formulas for these movies. All they do is refresh the script, the characters and the actors but its the same story. To be honest though, nowadays with the resurgence of TV, movies are a terrible medium to tell a story.

      1. Syd Field detailed the *exact* formula decades ago actually. It ruined a lot of movies for me once I saw the formula in play in every single one of them.

    1. No she’s not.
      They said the same thing about Megan Fox, Evangeline Lilly etc.Then they all disappeared.
      Every actress that gets her 15 minutes of fame, and every beta simp on the planet has fantasies about being the famous actress’s boyfriend or husband in some stupid deluded fantasy.

      1. The problem that most of them have is their retarded opinions, or how they whine about how they aren’t taken seriously, instead of looking in the mirror and saying, “Thank you, God” for having won the genetic lottery. STFU and be happy already…

        1. And the genetic lottery isn’t such a big win anyway. There’s not that much difference between Megan Fox and some busty Latin girl who likes to do squats in the gym. It’s a trifling difference. It’s apex fixation and it’s behavior for women to engage in, not men. Yet the blue pill forces you to see some starlet as a god on earth. That’s one regret I have; I was blue-pilled into ranking girls’ specs down to the most ridiculous levels of minutia. This leads to guys whacking it over Margot Robbie like some high school boy acting like a high school girl with her apex fixation.

      2. Margot Robbie and Evangeline Lilly are terrific actresses and seem like fairly humble human beings. Megan Fox is neither. She always came off as flaky and entitled.
        Once Robbie completely steals SUICIDE SQUAD as Harley Quinn (which I have no doubt she will) she’ll be around for a long time.

        1. It helps when they’re not completely hateable, which most starlets are.

        2. Margot Robbie in that flick is the hottest piece of white ass in a movie i have seen in some time.
          As hot as a young Charlize Theron or young Sharon Stone

        3. Ha ha. Yeah. Very much the ‘high school boy with oneitis’ attitude towards Hollywood’s latest kitten face. Blue pill perfect face. Margot Robbie has that perfect kind of face that is perfect beta-oneitis bait. This is the kind of girl that so many things in life tell you to beg for; your own hormones, culture, other dudes’ respect, historical ideals….Meanwhile the bookworm girl nearby with glasses and maybe a trifling flaw or two on her face, but with huge jugs under her sweater, is being ignored. Focus on the bookworm and her silver dollars. Fuck the ideal that’s been rammed down your throat like so much other blue-pill shit. Get the body.

        4. Even recent Charlize is still wonderous to behold.
          And I’ll never not laugh at the fact that the most beautiful African-American woman on earth is a blue-eyed blonde.

        5. I NEVER ignore the bookworm girl. I’ve pursued her my whole life and found myself no better off. They’re ALL entitled scum.

        6. She is not American…..and most certainly not a real African either…
          But she did adopt a black boy…..clearly a subliminal yearning for black cock.

        7. She’s (presumably) an American citizen and she was born and raised in Africa. That’s as real as it gets.
          As for craving black cock, I doubt it. She did a series of ads condemning the epidemic of rape in Africa, the vast majority of which are committed by knee-grows.

        8. Pretty much any woman condemns rape, seriously doubt they give a fuck about the race of the men doing the raping…
          Not only that, but they have hamsters.

      3. They all have blue pill, beta-bait kitten faces. Sick of it. It’s like ‘goddess’ Angelina Jolie and that flaccid, wasted ass she has. It just all adds to a very liberating thing; Hollywood is a toilet and your life quality goes up fast when you cut it out of your life.

        1. Very true, truly feminine women are too intimidating for weak men.And im not talking about miss strong independent woman here, but i think the obsession of what you call beta-bait kitten is really a reflection of the weak character of many modern men.

      1. None finer.
        Pure Aryan perfection. If she, Gillian Jacobs and Katheryn Winnick had an epic lesbian threesome terrorism around the world would instantly be solved, by the sheer seismic force of Nordic sexyness.

  4. I find most mainstream Hollywood movies are rubbish now days, I don’t even got to the movies anymore. It’s all about slick dialog an visuals an immediate action or romance but with no substance.

  5. The one thing I did take away from the movie was really Smith’s character to never really lose (Drum roll please) Focus. Even when I thought he had gotten caught up with the chick, he manages to show that no matter what he was always 8 steps ahead.
    Now granted as far as the post goes, you can simply see this as a small promotion for “Suicide Squad” in the future. Its not about anything more than getting these two actors name out there and shelling more money in their bank account. Fair enough.
    But, even with all that going back to the story, I still feel like you can gather some wisdom in even a movie as this. That again being, Focus.
    Will Smith never lets the chick TRULY get the best of him. I wont go into more detail as it will cause spoilers, but, small one here, majority of the time he never gets too engaged with her. This is how you have to approach the game between men, women, and even life as a whole.
    You must never continue to keep chasing invisible concepts such as love, only one for me, forever together, etc. Smith remain only worrying about the hustle and the game that is to be played when in the moment.
    If there is one thing men can take away from this movie is to always (One more for the road. Drum roll) remain focus when dealing with women. I know its hard to not fall in and start to think “Hm. This one might be different”. She may but that doesn’t excuse the chick from still being a woman.
    Yeah, I enjoy watching the tigers at a magic show like the one at the Siegfried and Roy show, but as you can see, a tiger is still a tiger. The game is still the game.
    Always have a third eye open in any situation. Not at paranoid levels but simply keep a close eye on any and everything. Even family will fuck you over. Not now but it has always been then. We just didn’t have the info to see. Always have a parachute before jumping. Old concepts of relationships can get you hurt or worse killed dealing with these broads and their new wave fuckery.
    Good post. I had just checked this out last week. Started strong but, the ending fell a bit flat. The only saving grace was watching that cute white chick from “The Wolf of Wall Street” and the few twists and turns it had.

    1. Agreed! I didn’t think it was a great movie, but enjoyed it none the less. And REALLY appreciated how he was indeed always 8-10 steps ahead of her and actually constantly taking advantage of her and played her as a pawn in his schemes through the entire movie. All the while she was distracted in what she thought was a whirlwind romance…it was indeed a great example of how to play/keep perspective when dealing with women. He even explains as much in the end when we find out that, again, she was a convenient pawn in his grand heist.

  6. Will Smith, along with Oprah Winfrey and Jamie Foxx, are black Hollywood-approved racists, and I refuse to spend any time and/or money on anything related to them. FUCK ‘EM.

  7. Talking about movies.. I’ve just watched Patton. What a difference when men used to be men..

  8. This is the first movie that has a black man having sex with a white woman since…probably ever. Think about it.

  9. We should all be rejoicing that cinema is dying. Ticket sales hit a two-decade low in 2014. People are finally unplugging from the Electric Jew.

    1. The combination of;
      -political propaganda in movies
      -targeting the international market (therefore way simpler, recycled tropes that Indonesians and Slovakians haven’t been exposed to yet, also more bland and far less subtle dialogue)
      -the gradual influx of millenials and their internet-dulled brains into the movie making process.
      …is killing movies. Fine with me. Saves me money and time. More books.

  10. So she goes from being an amateur pickpocket, to the wife of a wealthy race car driver.
    Oh, you silly girls. You are at it again.

    1. Actually no. She’s a race groupie/whore trying to steal the team owner’s watch. It’s a running joke in the latter part of the movie…that she’s still doing amateur lifting when – after her time with Will Smith’s character – she should be doing bigger things.

  11. I keep wondering who Hollywood expects to see these black-uber-alpha and hot-white-female movies/TV shows:
    -Black women won’t see it, and will loudly complain about it. They see the pairing of a black man with a white woman on screen as threatening and hateful; the Madea movies makes sure ay such pairing has the white woman degraded, to the enjoyment of the black female audience. Denzel Washington refused to kiss white women in his roles specifically because he feared the reaction from his black female audience; famously, he was originally supposed to nail Julia Roberts in The Pelican Brief, but he balked at it.
    -White gentile men who have a modicum of self respect ain’t seeing them.
    -Black men aren’t interested in these types of films unless there’s a Scarface level of violence, a hardcore rap soundtrack, lots of fart jokes, and the dialogue sounds like that written by a 12-year-old.
    -Hispanics, as Steve Sailer has pointed out, go to see big-budget Hollywood popcorn movies and couldn’t care less about uber black male non-popcorn movies. East and South Asians have no affinity for black-white sexual conquests. Native Americans don’t care either.
    So we’re left with white females and Jewish males.
    -Except that white females by and large aren’t attracted to blacks—the 10% who have “jungle fever” are loudly promoted by the media, but the statistics show both for romance porn and for dating websites that white women just don’t find black men all that attractive. As only the last few years have shown, white women want their movies filled with Eliot Stabler, Christian Grey, or Edward from Twilight: alpha, violent, powerful, sexual white alphas.
    -So you’re looking at 10% of all white females (Jewish or Gentile) into it; Jewishmales (a tiny percentage of the population) looking to watch the gentiles get cuckolded; and SWPLs trying to burnish their anti-racist card. Not a huge group at all, especially for the cost of a lead like Smith, who commands an A-list salary.
    -Add to that Will Smith’s overtone of homosexuality (as Face to Face has pointed out, he gives off a lot of gay vibes—hence his interest in Scientology, the Hollywood cult for gays trying to hide it) and about half the remaining audience won’t buy him as the smooth alpha lead.
    -Finally, by placing a stunning, uber-hot blond as the lead, you’re alienating a lot of the white women who would be into it, because they tend to be chubbier, homelier, and non-blond girls (see Kim Kardashian), and it would make them feel insecure about ever landing Will Smith. An brunette with a rounder body (but still attractive) would have assuaged these women a lot more.
    So this kind of movie, from the get go, was looking DOA. Unless it scored as a critical hit, and sailed into the Oscars as a favorite; studios are willing to take a bath on a film if it nets them awards. The fact that this movie was released in the Jan-March dead zone (where studios release all the movies that have tested poorly and have little Oscar potential,) shows just what the test audiences and test
    critics thought of it.
    A few years ago, the obviously-gay Usher made a similar movie about him being the uber-playa who seduces a white-Italian-mafia princess. When I saw the preview for the film, I immediately had the same reaction: who is going to see this movie? I
    thought of it as a business man would: how could I sell this? The answer is no one could sell this.
    This is SJWs running amok and destroying themselves. I’m getting a giggle out
    of the failure here.

    1. You fail to understand the movie business. The International market is now more important than the domestic. And the international market does not have the same racial hangups as the US.
      People overseas are fascinated by African Americans in all entertainment forms …especially Af Am men…and people love seeing hot blond women….
      People around the world consume AfAm music,fashion, style, speech voraciously and have done so going on 100 years bow ….why not drama …???
      The only real question is ? Why the hangup with Americans hating on blacks kn this particular medium.

        1. I’m sorry I don’t understand. Could you explain that again?
          I’m asking him to be more specific. There’s a number of very different cultures and countries in North East Asia. South Korean and Japanese women in particular seem to like black men (from my own personal experience) so I don’t understand his complaint.

        2. Man its all about your looks. A long time ago, I thought Latinas would never look at a “White Boy”, until I put on 20lb of muscle, grew a beard( balkan genetics) and cleaned up my style. Dont let despair fill your heart. Ive been there.

      1. lol. It’s so cute how you parrot your SJW-fed propaganda. Your kool-aid drinking is risible.
        Oh yes, no one ever noticed black savagery before Americans, and everyone else is so cool and fascinated with blacks as a race.
        That’s why the Arab term for black is the same as “slave”; why they castrated every black slave ever taken; why black ghettos exist in Mideastern cities; and why, in Arabian Nights, the most degraded women are those who sleep with blacks.
        That’s why the Japanese consider the lowest women those who sleep with blacks, and why they don’t consider the current half-black Miss Japan Japanese enough.
        That’s why South Africa and Australia had various forms of apartheid.
        That’s why, until the PC age, Europeans had Golliwags and other humorous interpretations of black savagery, and why the Hottentot Venus was trotted around Europe as a freak show.
        Yup, this is why black-themed movies are failures at international box offices.
        Because everyone is so cool with the savage race.
        Your ignorance makes me giggle. But I’m sure your SJW-masters approve of your brainwashing.

        1. Would you like to say what Arabs think of whites and what Ottoman’s did to whites?
          Japanese consider blacks the lowest humans? So why would they vote a half black woman for miss Japan. Your arguments are not even coherent now. its well known Japanese go to great lengths to imitate black culture. “b-style” is a well known sub culture there. And its true racist Japanese hate all non-Japanese, they don’t think highly of koreans or chinese or whites either.
          South African WHITES, the same stock of whites as American whites. I would add, I do find it funny you mention south Africa. Because once the English finished off the Zulu empire, they spend the next 100 years killing of the dutch and french for being the wrong kind of white. Also consider they hate everyone non-white, chinese, indians, “coloreds” the white south african is a legendary racist..
          Despite the movies poor performance in the us, it has done exceedinly well internationally. It has a 50 million dollar budget and has already earned $120 million at the box office world wide and still only been in theatres under a month.

        2. lol. Looks like I’ve hurt the negro-apologist’s feelings. Truth has a tendency to enrage the little brainwashed zombies, since it is the opposite of what they’ve been programmed with.
          I’m sorry that every non-black race on earth has thought of blacks as the lowest of the low. Wait, I’m not sorry, because that’s what blacks are: savages who refuse to act civilized.
          Stop defending savagery. Demand blacks act civilized.

        3. lol the savagery of the US, and Europe cannot be compared to any countries in Africa–your wars and savagery are known throughout the world–

        4. rofl. I know that, as a failed, low-IQ race, you can’t understand definitions of words, but comparing the savagery of blacks, who randomly rape babies to get rid of AIDS, with oppression via civilization is just down right humorous.
          Sure, boy, blacks are JUST as civilized as non-blacks. wink wink* Now keeping following Al Shaprton and Obama around like little lemmings; that shows how “civilized” your people are.

        5. Hmm, so you have nothing to say, can’t refute anything–you have been fairly dismissed–

        6. It’s so humorous when a negro-apologist has been owned; he turns tail and runs away, probably to watch the next Madea “masterpiece” and listen to the next “deep” album by Z-Jay or 2 Quarters. Their tiny little soros-trained minds literally cannot process facts that oppose them, and implode into the piles of mush they really are.
          Remember, little one, as your masters have told you: YOLO; Get Rich or Die Trying,; and the Egyptians were black. Now run away!

        7. Sigh, I am sure your intellect level is higher than that.
          Madea is not even the top ten–but hey keep repeating the same rhetoric
          Jay-Z is being listened to by more white people than black people. Go to any suburb and drop lyrics from any Jay-Z’s songs and they will start rapping along as if it is their anthem. Heck, even ROK ran an article on Jay-Z. Go back and listen to your hickory hickory crap-yeehaaww

        8. I love how when cornered, the dumb little soros-monkeys double down on the lies. You heard it here first folks—blacks don’t love the Madea movies!
          (but note how he doesn’t deny blacks love raping babies to cure AIDS and having sex with their sisters)
          And unfortunately for you, all rap is is what white country singers were doing before hand (you may want to check out Charlie Daniels “Every time I see him” from 1983). Your little masters simply repackaged it and sold it to brothers to do a sambo dance to–while all the SWPLs in the suburbs bought it. So hibbity hippotomous is nothing more than the savage zmobies dancing for the other zombies at the behest of their masters.

        9. lol–I was wrong–your intellect level is lower than that of a child that was never conceived.
          No need for me to refute your comment at this point. Go on and believe in your lizard brain people–dismissed once again–g’day

        10. And yet your intellectual level is right where everyone thought it would be—in the gutter with the Madea films, like the rest of your ilk 😀
          Now, please, emigrate to one of those apparently numerous “non-racist” countries where no one notices or has any of the “hangups” about black dysfunction. Please. For both of our sake. lol
          But we know you won’t. Because you know it’s not true. And parasites don’t leave their host. And George Soros would be without one of his dancing little windup monkeys. He gets such a giggle out of telling you that you’re intelligent. As do I. As does everyone else.
          Dance, monkey, dance!

        11. Racists like yourself are a complete joke. You and the feminazis have a lot in common. “White supremacy will be
          strengthened, not weakened, by women’s suffrage.” – Carrie Chapman Catt,
          1859-1947 (Founder of the League of Women Voters)
          Galatians 5:20-21 “Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, Envyings,murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell
          you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.”

        12. I’m sorry you haven’t swallowed the red pill on race yet, and are still trying to justify a media-created ideal of equality of all. Ignore the propaganda and focus on the crime rates. Demand blacks act civilized.

      2. Blacks don’t have fashion or music beyond loin cloths or simple percussion instruments. LOL you were fooled by Marxist propaganda. Blacks are not a natural feature of modern technologically advanced and civilized society. Anyone trying to convince you otherwise has an agenda. Whites invented all the instruments and own/design all the luxury brands they tout. When Will Smith dons a suit and shades he is aping the white man. And actually people overseas hate blacks more than americans do, many will at best tolerate one in the odd film, like they occasionally watch the discovery channel, but would be disgusted to actually see one in their own community. Consuming black style and culture would involve dancing up and down around a fire and hunting ones food with a spear. Anything else is Blacks aping the white mans culture. and this includes by very definition the act of appearing on film, or recording music. Or did you think Blacks invented/produced chevy lowriders, boomboxes, nike sneakers, mixing decks, film reel etc? It is an artificial culture of consumption, without production, invention or understanding. One that should not be promoted.

    2. Can you cite sources for your 10% of white women? In my experience, virtually all white women love black men. As for your statement about black men… interesting you are able to speak for all black men.

      1. It’s easy to speak for black men’s preferences when, you know, the numbers show black men’s prefer low-IQ films;. And I could produce such data, but your tiny little mind would reject it outright and pretend it doesn’t exist. So it’s wasted effort .
        Go back to your reject mudsharks and pretend it’s every white woman. I’m sure no one is laughing at you for being so dumb. Absolutely no one.

      2. You being real or trying to piss him off? Common, youve been commenting here a long time, I know your actually good with women. 1in 4 is all youl get at best man. Its a fact women do not aspire for genetic diversity as much as men. All my black friends have noticed that very few white women like them , but the ones that do game is barely needed to seal the deal. Same with asian women but even stronger effect.

        1. I am the one who’s pissed off. It annoys me when guys pluck these bullshit statistics from their ass to cover up their insecurities. You did the same here. Even if true, one in four is a good return for any man. I’ve done worse with black women.
          You have to understand that there are white women and black men in more counties than just America and they have their own set of preferences. For the record, I don’t find women in America particularly attractive. They dress poorly and are usually fat.
          Also Asian women are every bit as easy.

        2. I will not hide the fact when I see a white woman with a black man a part of me feels disgusted. Never againts the man. That would be ludicrous. A black guy should have as much right coming up to a white woman and gaming her than a white man to an asian. Its just that you have to realize that the general western european or even white as a whole male population has a masculinity crises. Their portrayed as effete pussies. One the other side, we should also recognise that the general black population is facing an intellectual crisis. They are portrayed by the media as a savage goons with no substance. You and I are living proof that both of these stereotypes can be crushed! Its just that be carefull when you attack a still insecure white man on his masculinity, the same as be carefull to not attack an insecure black man on his humanity.

        3. Yeah I see your point. This is the problem in a political system where the weak man can vote himself power at the expense of the strong man.

        4. “Its a fact women do not aspire for genetic diversity as much as men.”
          There are scientific studies readily available that refute this. Naturally this is the case, however you’d be right if only referring to women on birth control.
          “All my black friends have noticed that very few white women like them.”
          This has more to do with socioeconomic status than anything else. Where do they live? That makes a huge difference.

    3. You should really get your head out your ass.
      Last madea films earnings and budgets.
      Madea christmas
      $25 million budget
      53 million earnings
      net $28 million
      *52 million domestic earnings
      $50 million budget
      $120 million earnings
      net 70 million and is still in theatres
      *71 million from FOREIGN earnings.
      The number 1 foreign buyer UK, #2 australia, # 3 Italy, #4 Netherlands, #5 New Zealand, # 6 South Korea.
      The rest of the world is not as racist as the US, they simply see it as a movie about a charismatic man and a beautiful women, now about race and skin color.
      Besides the UK, none of those countries have any black people and the UK was just about 10% of the total foreign earnings. So you have a serious problem whites and asians ARE watching this movie. Because its not all the blacks in south korea and new zealand watching this film.
      Tell me who is spending $120 million dollars in italy and korea to watch this film?
      And Kim Kardashian is white now?
      OOh poor producer only made $70 million.

      1. lol. it’s cute how you just keep repeating your lies that “the rest of the world is not as racist as the U.S.” and will smith is “charismatic” as if that will make it true. Did Obama tell you that repeating the Big Lie makes it so, or was that his boss, George Soros?
        Middle East? Japan? South America? bitch please, you’ve been owned. The world recognizes what savages blacks are, and treats them accordingly, unless the pc police start enforcing the pc laws.
        Foreigners watch Hollywood movies, duh. It’s the fallow season when crap movies are sent out—literally there is no other new release movie worldwide with the kind of A-list star power out now—and yet it can’t do better than that. Talk to me when this movie is released in Summer time or at OScar time, boy. Till then, you’re just using the typical SJW lie of false comparisons.
        and $120 million? lol if you think that’s “big” money for a movie in international sales.. That’s about 5 tickets sold.
        p.s. and good for Madea proving my point: blacks like low-IQ movies with lots of crass humor and fart jokes. Tyler Perry knows a minstrel show sells best to the minstrels it mocks.
        Ill bet you think Michael Brown had his hands up too. Because you’ll believe anything Obama and Soros tell you. It’s funny how you’re just their dancing little monkey.

        1. “p.s. and good for Madea proving my point: blacks like low-IQ movies with lots of crass humor and fart jokes. ”
          lol because white Ameweedca did not embrace Jackass and all of its ilks

        2. You’re silly, but I enjoy laughing at you. Oh yes, blacks have such high brow creations to go along with Madea, the NBA, and hibbity hop….oh wait, that’s all they have.
          When the highest you can reach is Madea, you’ve failed as a race.
          But it’s ok; Obama will tell you that’s just racism holding you down, and laugh at you while you parrot back his nonsense and drop another dollar into his coffers.

        3. More people are watching the film outside the us than in it.
          The jew is smarter than the white man, he runs the white countries anyways, the white is a fool

        4. This troll is like a 1st grader saying to an 11th grader “well you’re not as smart as a 12th grader!”
          what a village idiot you are. so useful to masters. dance monkey dance!

    4. “Jewishmales (a tiny percentage of the population) looking to watch the
      gentiles get cuckolded; and SWPLs trying to burnish their anti-racist
      card” –
      Sounds like your ex cuckolded you with a jew 🙂

      1. smh. I suppose to a simple-minded SJW fellow like yourself, that would be the only delusional self-defense you could muster for your discredited worldview.
        beneath contempt, son.

  12. I can’t remember the last time a Will Smith movie was something other than terrible.

    1. Yeah, but his movies are money in the bank and he is loved overseas …..
      Even his supposed flop ‘After Earth’ made close to 250 million …

      1. I actually liked that movie. I admit the intro had me worried but it turned out ok.
        You’d think more men would’ve enjoyed it. I loved the dynamic between him and his son and how his son earned his respect for truly manning up.

      2. Let’s face it he was really a nobody and the Jews in Hollywood promoted him for some reason like they promote each other, even many Jew actors who are total crap. How many negroes promote other blacks? It’s like they hate each other and resent any black who is smarter or more competent than them and want to tear him down.The negro females in the US have to be the lowest form of life on earth for the most part.Fat, stupid and look more like men than women and ready to get into fights at the drop of a hat, or for no reason at all.The cops don’t even care what these hat hatted hooligans do and probably wish they would just kill each other because they are good for nothing.

      1. Unfortunately for a so called true story it was all bullshit. The person he was portraying was an utter piece of shit.

        1. LOL yeah so I heard. But if you just take it as a movie, it at least is a positive portrayal of a loving father.

        2. Yes, but how realistic was it for a negro. Was it like one case in a million?
          There was a case of a negro in his 60’s who walked to work every day in Detroit which had to be pretty cold or rainy a lot of the year and never missed a day in 10 years. You probably read the story.Negroes had to see him walking every day but no one helped him and likely even mocked him.A White banker would see him walking and once gave this stranger a ride, not safe in Detroit.He learned his story and another young White man raised money on the Net to buy him a used car.Whites gave so much they he raised $300k. He went to buy a new car and the dealer gave it to him so he could drive to work. The money was used to repair his house and set up a pension for him for his old age.
          Negroes ain’t shit and never even attempted to help or even give the old guy a ride.All you have is a gibs me dat attitude and are not even thankful when you get something and seem to hate even each other.You won’t even give a worker a tip(their salary really) for serving you and even try to get the food free by causing trouble.
          There’s obviously a disproportionate % of negroes on this blog judging from the ignorant comments and even when someone like myself gives you advice and information that would cost you thousands of dollars to learn you take it as your due but don’t even bother to upvote the comment in appreciation.You’ll get all butthurt if someone knows more than you and like a spoiled kid won’t upvote it. My assistant Dr. Danilova noticed this herself and checked the demographics of the comments using the IP (yes we can see them) and tied them to a zip code and it was obvious what a large part of the racial category the posters were from.
          So instead of playing on pc’s and cell phones which you recently acquired and you use as toys you may actually want to do something constructive for your people.

        3. Yup. You definitely sound like someone who needs manuals and seminars on how to talk to women.
          Hey “doc”, did you get oral chlamydia from one of your patients? Or did you just have your mouth open the whole time you proceeded from your mother’s womb?

  13. A movie that sends the subliminal message that Blackmen are better than Hispanic men.
    Please. Most black men are scum.

    1. Yeah….but your country elected one president …..twice.
      Focus: 100+ million and counting ….keep hating

      1. The Electoral College, which is controlled by less than 1% of the population, voted for him just like that moron Bush. But nice try with your egalitarian socialist Marxism.

        1. I like how nobody takes that troll Keld El seriously. Im guessin hes another wannabe Trayvon Martin.

    2. Hispanic is not a race, but a culture. There are many black hispanics….
      Blackmen are better than non black hispanics…you all are a bunch of confused mongrels: Indigenous, Black, Spanish/Portuguese mixed.
      You are so confused that you love kissing white booty even though the Spanish are the ones that created you by slaughtering the indigenous Aztecs,Maya, Tainos, Caribs in the hundreds of millions- the worst genocide ever- and then raped and enslaved the remaining women to create a new kind of raza.
      They even hundreds of years later have you so brainwashed that you pray to them via their fake blonde white man jesus which is in every hispanic home.
      The Blacks have never done anything to you other than give you great flavorful food, excellent music, a little color, and some tits and ass. Yet you hate them and love whitey…
      Must be psychological: stockholm syndrome.

      1. “The Blacks have never done anything to you other than give you great flavorful food, excellent music, a little color, The Blacks have never done anything to you other than give you great flavorful food, excellent music, a little color, and some tits and ass. Yet you hate them and love whitey… Yet you hate them and love whitey”
        The only thing I would agree with you on is the food.
        Excellent music? Maybe in the 70s 80s. But starting in the late 90s hiphop turned to trash.
        A little color?
        This is only because your kind sold yourselves out as slaves.
        “some tits and ass.”
        You do realize that several studies have proven that black women are considered the least attractive of all women right?
        “Yet you hate them and love whitey”
        I dont worship white people. Never have. Idk what I did to give you that impression.
        Ill be happen when the roles are reversed: Hispanic male triumphing over black male.
        Hispanic males have been poorly represented by the media (Asian males have it even worse).

      2. Hispanic is not a race, but a culture. There are many black hispanics….
        Hispanic is just a made up class by the US government and I don’t feel like explaining now why they did.. Like Latino. The only Latins are the Indo European Aryans who spoke Latin.
        There are Spanish speaking negroes just as there are French, Portuguese and English speaking negroes in Jamaica etc And then you have mixed races to varying degrees depending on which parts of the West Indies, or north and south Americas you live. Cubans for example are 2/3 White Europeans, 10 % Negro and 25% mixed.
        “their fake blonde white man jesus”
        We know what Jesus looked like because his portrait was painted by James his stepbrother and artist who took over the Jerusalem Christians after Jesus was murdered. The original is lost but artists painted copies down through the ages based on descriptions passed down since they couldn’t travel to see the actual paintings. Jesus was a White man over 6′ tall and pale skinned with auburn blonde hair. The original inhabitants of the area were White but it was changing even in Jesus’ day. The Semites (Arabs) are a new race in the world(as are Indians) and are a mixture of the original Whites and the negroes who were moving into the area and invaders from the east.
        Cleopatra was also a Balkan blue eyed blonde. She had her portrait done in Rome when she lived there as Julius Caesar’s mistress and then another done when she was older with Mark Anthony.
        No such thing as black food and what they eat is just crappy po’ people food found all over the world among po’ people with just local variations depending on the food supply. Hardly a real cuisine like the Italian or French (derived from Italian)
        Negro females do not have good firm normal looking tits and in the US are mostly fat. White men do not like big butts that lack normal proportion and are bizarre looking.They go for classical looks based on Greek and Roman proportions and straight aquiline noses and non nappy hair. Soft straight or even curly hair is ideal.
        It’s amazing to me what nonsense you simple negroes will believe even when we know the actual facts. These things are only 2k years ago not 2 million and we know them well. Next you’ll be telling me that negroes built the Great Pyramid 4500 years ago when we know that no, or perhaps very few negroes lived in Egypt at that time period.
        And before you say that Hebrews/Jews were negroes let me remind you that White colonisation of negro areas had been going on for thousands of years and the blacks just picked up certain parts of the Yehweh religion.

    3. they are better than hispanic men, now go drink a beer and play cholo, get over it, like you got over that fence, illegal immigrant.

      1. You could not be more wrong in your comment…
        don’t follow niggers, niggers follow us. Ever wonder why slobs and
        crabs don’t resemble any blacks gangs from the East, South or Midwest?
        The slobs and crabs sport attire like cholos, even their rap songs admit
        “I rock a low cut and wear my socks like a cholo” — YG (Twist my Fingaz)
        “If I was Gee like a cholo, loco!” — Paperboy (The Nine Yards 2)
        “And I’m tatted like a cholo” –Wiz Khalifa (Bout Me)
        “Tatted like a Mexican, fresher than a freshman” — Wiz Khalifa (Young Khalifa)
        “The brothas is strong, but the Eses the deepest” — AllFrumThaI (County Jail)
        “Eses way deep, don’t fuck them boys” — Ice Cube (Really Doe)
        Even the crip slang is influenced by cholo slang, “Loc” is short for Loco.
        city in Southern California had a Barrio before black hoods started
        popping up. We’ve never had Mexican hoods that banged slob or crab,
        FACT. Better yet, Mexican hoods have fathered black bastard gangs, take
        Watts Varrio Grape St, they fathered Grape Street Crips. FACT. No
        Mexican hood came from a crab or slob set.
        We don’t
        assimilate, and that’s why the government is afraid of us. Shit, you
        blacks have assimilated and still aren’t liked by whites, damn even the
        Jamaicans and Haitians among other black Caribbeans don’t want to be
        associated with American blacks. The disdain is there.
        If we’re
        Spanish slaves, who does that make you: Anglo slaves, Franco Slaves,
        Dutch slaves, and yes even Spaniard Slaves (since all these countries
        fucked your great grand mammies raw).
        Our music genres have
        lasted centuries and any genre Mexicans have far out lives any black
        genre: blues, funk, soul, rap, etc etc.
        You wanna talk about
        dishonorable shit, you niggers allow child molesters, pedophiles and
        rapists in your circles when you get locked up. You roll with chomos in
        the pen. C.R.I.P. = Cowards Run In Packs // B.L.O.O.D (Blacks Love
        Obeying Other Demographics)
        Yes, we are taking over.
        Traditionally black cities are less black every day. You can visit
        towns, cities, counties and regions with little to no Black gangs in
        You wanna talk about Mexico being a 3rd world
        country? Shit, name an African country that is not a 3rd world country
        lmao. Better yet, name a West African country (where your ancestors came
        from) that isn’t a 3rd world country. The poorest country in the
        Americas is Haiti, a black country.
        You mentioned Tupac, I
        bet your bitch ass doesn’t know Jonny J (a Mexican) was making Tupac’s
        best beats. Probably even produced your favorite jam by Tupac. Damn, you
        are so goddamn stupid you probably don’t even know Tupac’s momma named
        him after a South American native. Haha. Go eat a bowl of dicks.
        coming from Mexico make more money than the black filth living on
        welfare for 3 generations (statistical fact, check out the median house
        income in LA county by demographics). Ever since those previously black
        cities had a demographic shift with mostly Mexicans the crime rate
        dropped significantly, you don’t make us look good don’t fool yourself.

  14. Here’s the issue. In the Age of The Obama Presidency , the image of the most powerful office in the world being represented by a man of color is too overwhelming . To see black man Smith seducing and winning with the prized white blond goddess makes white men long for the days of Django Unchained. I expect that in racist America, any such imagery will draw a negative over-reaction. Hey if you didn’t want to “lose the country” you shouldn’t have opened up the borders to Mexico. Thank your Mr. Clinton for that. Art imitating life. Poetic Justice.

    1. The office of POTUS is just a “Part” that is played by political actors. If voting REALLY mattered they would not let us do it. Politics is just acting for ugly people. Your grasp of reality and more especially Real World Politics is as loose as your mamas snatch. The fight against racism and social inequality has pushed more than 1 BILLION people into early graves since 1900. All the revolutions since the French Revolution have been about equality and they have all ended bloody! The term terrorism was coined to describe the original state-sponsored terrorism called The Red Terror!
      Nature abhors a vacuum and when you kill God He must be replaced with something else. This is always the state. The state is deified and we get our new prophet Hitler, Pol Pot, Lenin, Stalin, Franco, Mussolini, Mao, Reagan, Obama, etc. ad nauseum…
      The idea that all men are created equal, first proclaimed as part of a national ideology by the American Declaration of Independence in 1776, is probably the most influential socio-moral-political idea of the modern world. It is also the most fundamental and axiomatic; for the Declaration of Independence, after declaring the “self-evident truth all men are created equal”, goes on immediately, in the same sentence, to assert “that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable Rights…” In other words, the whole Human Rights philosophy (or religion) of the so-called “international community”, is based on “the egalitarian dogma”; most of the actions of modern politicians are justified on the basis of “human rights”, which in turn are justified on the basis of egalitarianism.
      Even after witnessing the vast upheavals and huge rivers of blood that have been poured out to force equality on the nations of the world since 1776, the world still loves the dogma, still worships it, is still prepared to die for it. Even most Christians, who should know better, regard it as an article of their faith which they believe in with greater sincerity and passion than any other article, including the Holy Trinity or the Divinity of Christ.

        1. Thank you for mentioning Kool-Aid.
          Americans Have Drank the Kool-Aid
          Ever hear of Jonestown? The mass suicides and murder? Well everything Jim Jones advocated is now American reality. Americans have drank the kool-aid. Race was an important subject for the Reverend Jim Jones, who created an integrated family (just like Hollywood Celebrities today), an integrated congregation (just like nearly every “church” in America now does), and the integrated compound at Jonestown (just like the American Government has forced upon us), in a remote part of Guyana in South America.
          A Rainbow Family
          His adopted children were Korean and black, and significantly, his black son shared Jones’ own name. ( Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie )
          African American Preaching and Worship
          Jones was motivated to start Peoples Temple in part because he wanted to introduce communism into American culture and also because he disliked mainstream denominations that served single-race congregations. He found a model for his new church in Father Divine’s Peace Mission on trips to Philadelphia in the late 1950s. Divine, a contemporary of the controversial black separatist leader Marcus Garvey, was a charismatic black preacher whose meetings were theatrical and physical. Worshippers alternately rose up or
          fell to their knees; one member might be healed; another might faint at the presence of the Holy Spirit. A number of Peoples Temple members noticed a change in Jones’ preaching style after he visited Father Divine. Jones became more flamboyant, and his mix of Pentecostalism and Methodism appealed to the African American community.
          Civil Rights Activism
          The worship may have been familiar in style, but Peoples Temple’s social and political activism was something new. It appealed to African Americans looking for alternatives to their conservative churches. He and his wife were the first white couple to adopt a black baby in the state in 1961, the year Freedom Riders trying to desegregate interstate buses were brutally attacked in Alabama. By
          the mid-1960s, it was clear to Jones that Indiana was not yet ready for the changes he advocated. He looked elsewhere for his vision of a multiracial community.
          California: The Promised Land?
          In 1965, Peoples Temple moved its base to Ukiah, California, a small town in an agricultural area about two hundred miles north of San Francisco. In this environment, Jones allied his group with progressive politicians demanding rights for minorities and the poor. Hundreds of Peoples Temple volunteers could blanket a neighborhood with fliers, stuff a mass mailing, or enthusiastically cheer a campaign rally at a moment’s notice.
          A Rainbow Congregation
          Peoples Temple welcomed people of every race and ethnicity. The racial integration became self-fulfilling at some point; the congregation itself became the draw. Sue Fortson heard about the group through his mother. “She was excited because she said it was an interracial group. She didn’t talk much about Jones himself, but she was just so excited because she saw this group of people that were all seemingly working together.” The integrated social movement held an appeal for non-blacks as well. Tim Stoen: “When I saw Jim kiss old black ladies on the cheek and their eyes would light up,
          I would cry, I was so touched.” Deborah Layton and others strove to be more like their non-white friends, wearing their hair in Afros and generally denouncing their privileged status as whites.
          For some, an integrated environment was a lifeline. Vernon Gosney was a white man with a black wife. The first church they approached had refused to marry them — in fact, interracial marriage was illegal in some states as late as 1967. Gosney recalled the difficult climate of the time. “We were not accepted. Her family didn’t accept me. My family didn’t accept her, and it was really important to us, to have a place — to be in a place where we were accepted and embraced and celebrated…” Peoples Temple was that place.
          Building a Mixed Race Utopia
          Jonestown was meant to be a mixed race utopia, too. In a radio interview, Jones pointed out that Guyana was a black majority country. “We have 27,000 acres undertaking abroad in a mixed society, black president, but a beautifully racially-inclusive society.” Consciously or not, the move to Guyana must have echoed Marcus Garvey’s back-to-Africa movement in the ears of the older black members.
          A Tenuous Legacy
          Over the years, hundreds of people joined Peoples Temple of their own free will. In hindsight, it is easy to question why individuals would join a group that became a cult and cost them their lives. But Peoples Temple members saw things differently at the time. They joined because they believed in a society where people of all races could live and work together. They joined because they wanted their actions and examples to lead to that society. They joined because, at that time in America, those ambitions left them in a minority. Leaving aside, for a moment, the many ways the organization manipulated and exploited its members, it is clear that the congregants of Peoples Temple genuinely found happiness in fellowship, regardless of race. American’s are now communists who hold the same beliefs as the communist Jim Jones.
          Real Diversity
          Like it or not the values most hold today have always been those of Utopian Socialists and Marxists Dreamers. Real diversity is many different cultures living distinctly as ethnic treasures. A beautiful world of different people, customs and traditions. Different smells, tastes and languages. Different values, hopes and dreams. I want to travel to these places and experience them, if but only for a moment. Not to see a McDonald’s and Pizza Hut on the corner in Kathmandu. What most think of as diversity today is in reality a Bolsheviks wet dream. One Order, One People, One Class, One Mind, One Set of Values, One Set of Morals, One Dogma. A One World Satanic Nightmare. A Real Horror Show as Little Alex would say. May God have mercy on us all…

  15. !!!!!!! TROLL ALERT !!!!!!! Guy Breeze – Keld El – rtt – are new accounts that seem to be posting here to stir up trouble and push their Marxist propaganda and socialist agenda.

  16. Sometimes the manosphere has worthwile material, and sometimes it’s just full of racist rants.

  17. I have long held theory that Will Smith is an a product of the illuminati.
    basically what happened was, back in the early 90’s, the realization that black entertainers weren’t just a fringe thing started to become a reality.
    The illuminati, along with skull and bones, the scientologists, the free masons etc had interviews for who the black guy would be that would be acceptable for their kids.
    I am thinking they interviewed Dwayne Wayne with the flip top glasses and theo from the cosby show before finally settling on Will Smith. He had to drop Jazzy Jeff and they let him know in no uncertain terms that if he, for one moment, went all hard they would totally disappear his ass….but on the bright side he could make terrible movies (as could his wife and kids) and make shit tons of money and everyone would love him…but he totally had to tow the line.
    I am pretty sure this is exactly what happened.

    1. He made some decent movies. Not particularly high brow movies, but fun ones that were good for a summer evening type viewing; Independence Day, Men In Black, Hancock, etc. Not award winners, but not bad either, good way to lose a few hours in fantasy.

      1. Really GoJ? I tell you that will smith is part of an illuminati conspiracy to allow white kids to enjoy a black star and your response is Men in Black and Hancock! For shame!

        1. Well, I don’t believe in “illuminati conspiracy” to be frank. People can’t organize their lives past the next paycheck, to think that some group has been working perfectly behind the scenes to orchestrate the whole of society for centuries is absurd on its face. Humans are just not that competent.
          What’s wrong with enjoying a black star anyway? Will we explode if we hear words from a script uttered by somebody with different levels of pigmentation in their skin or something? I really don’t get it.

        2. i just figured that my will smith / illuminati comment was absurd enough to get the tongue in cheek nature across. That’s ok, sometimes I don’t get it just right.

      2. Some of his movies were entertaining. Like you said, some light entertainment.
        I did hate Independence Day, though. All suspension of disbelief vanished when they started talking about infecting that mega spaceship with a Windows virus. One of the few movies I couldn’t finish watching.

        1. Yeah, the computer virus thing was utter bullshit. At the time they were banking on people having zero understanding of computers. At the time, they may have been right in that assumption, but the first thing I thought when they were planning that was “How in the name of fuck can they even pretend to bridge the basic communication layer between our tech and theirs with a fucking laptop”. It would be like a caveman, transported to 2015, being able to take over an army base by using a spear and a rock, it’s so unfeasible that it basically destroys the rest of the movie.
          But up to that point, I thought it was fun, breezy and light.

        2. Actually the problem I had with the movie was just the opposite, not so much the caveman taking over with a spear and rock, but the caveman using the spear and rock to create an awesome super-weapon that overrides our tanks and jets functions. In fact the only sci-fi that I’ve really seen our place in the universe more accurately pointed out was the Star-Gate TV series, where we didn’t so much outsmart the technologically superior aliens, but really we’re the Captain Caveman type that what we didn’t understand we hit with a stick till it blows up. The only reason we could come out on top, was because no one thought anyone else could be as stupid as we are and still survive.

  18. I wonder how black women are accepting that they are being phased out and replaced across the entertainment industry and increasingly in society now? If I were a black woman I’d be pissed that somehow I was no longer considered suitable for black men.

      1. They should be. There’s a clear message coming out of the social programming SJW camps in entertainment. Black women are not welcome in the future of the human race. Sure they’ll be tossed a bone now and again with a movie about the past with wise, dear wonderful black ladies as leads (who are of course, powerful and independent despite being cast many times as slaves). But really that’s just so the SJW’s won’t feel themselves overtly racist. The huge, overwhelming message though is “Black chicks need not apply”.
        That’s gotta sting.

    1. When were black woman ever A listers in these types of movies? White Hollywood has never considered them attractive. even sidney portier could land roles in movies back in the 1970s that the top black actresses couldn’t. They’ve always had the hardest time competing for the beauty role, only halle berry was able to get them really, and to a lesser extent beyonce.
      Black woman arent being replaced by white women, they never got those roles to begin with.

    2. If youve ever seen Disneys adaptation of “The Frog Princess” the princess was Black while the prince was White. Black men were upset by this.

  19. Why do you people keep watching new movies?
    The art of film making started going down during the 70s. The 70s, not the 80s not the 90s. It is at a very low level currently and it will further go down in the future.
    The heart of the film, the story, has to fit with the agenda or else it doesn’t pass. That wasn’t the case when the stories of Shaw or Hemingway were made into movies; these stories had no agendas they were just stories.
    The best movies in all human history were made between 1931 and 1975. There were still goods ones from 1975 to 1990.

    1. 1999 actually. Braveheart, The Matrix, Lord of the Rings were unbelievably well done. Otherwise, yeah. The 80’s particularly sucked for movies, although there were a few decents ones here or there to be found. Were it not for old Clint Eastwood and John Wayne war movies and westerns it would have been tough to eke it out through that decade, movie wise.

      1. And now The Hobbit films have been filled with feminist shit. The elf girl, Tauriel is a new character and a “strong independent woman”. Peter Jackson shat all over the previous Lord of the Rings films, not to mention the great books by Tolkien.

    2. In the 80’s a lot of good films were made. Don’t listen the boys on here who were either not even born or were kids who could barely tie their shoes then.
      Here’s a good one where Hoskins plays a sort of simple naive guy. The music is bit smaltzy but was intended that way.

      1. Try Angel Heart (1987) with Mickey Rourke before he got his face messed up from boxing and plastic surgery.It’s sort of like the film noir genre.
        91/2 Weeks with him is not bad.
        Films of course are not real but if you watch a number of them particularly from before the mid 90’s you’ll sort of get a feel about how things were prior to this current millenial mangina nanny state age. No, they weren’t red pill because that was just the way everyone was at the time and it’s really only in the past <20 years that this insanity has popped in.
        A newer film which isn’t bad is a History of Violence(2005).
        I’ve found that films without negroes in them are the better ones. Same with Jews or the constant mention of Jews and/or Jew symbols and references mixed into the film. I can easily point them out to you. Negroes and Jews in films are generally just some commercial crap.

    3. I could probably make a list of good films made even after the 90’s but most of them are not mass market type films for the proles. Here’s a couple.
      The Lover (1992) is excellent
      Carried Away (1996) is good
      The problem with films is that they are made for dumb kids and 20 somethings, who are the prime demographic who go to theatres, and they are expensive to make and have to sell at the box office.Even in the 70’s this was true but sometimes a good adult film could be made because even when the box office wasn’t so good they could make it up in the video rental market.

      1. Of course, you have good films from the 90s, especially those based on good stories, for example Eastwood’s Unforgiven or Branagh’s Hamlet. But modern movie makers have the talent of damaging good stories.
        And there is the level of mental sanity which is the main difference between the old and new movies.

    1. Will Smith is boring as hell as are all films with negroes in them. They are just too one dimensional and do not interest normal White people.

  20. I think the author just wrote this so we could comment on how this is another hollytribe incentive of race-mixing, therefore inundating white women who watch this movie to make them think that black men are superior than white men. goddamn those faggots in hollywood. They’re so beta that they get off to this shit. Thank you author, for bringing some hate-read here. lol. Fuck the miscegenous that roam the streets of USA… disgusting filth. Where will their diversity be then when everyone looks like a goddamn cup of coffee?!? Huh?!

  21. Hollywood is going broke. They are running out of money, ideas and decent actors for movies.

  22. Error in the article: When you switch to analyzing the female lead (“Jess”), you still refer to her as “Nicky.”

  23. I think the bigger issue to note is a successful conman who ends up sympathizing with a female poser who ends up ruining his whole schtick and he’s left worse off than when he started.

    1. Criminal justice majors are useless eater idiots with shit on their brains. At least a proctologist wants to cure ass ailments. When they die, the wannabe ‘top cops’ have a special purgatory where they are paired up and confined with the worst pickpockets and jeffrey dahmers. What a riot. They can never get enough of each other. We’ll definately leave their retarded asses behind as civilization advances and blasts off to space.

  24. the jews responsible for this degenerate propaganda film will be held liable for crimes against the european peoples.

  25. It was a terribly bland, boring film. After all the rave reviews about the “chemistry” between the two leads I was amazed [perhaps I shouldn’t be] that it fell completely flat. I think good chemistry in a heist/spy type movies were Pitt–Jolie in Mr & Mrs Smith or Clooney–Lopez in Out Of Sight. There was absolutely no spark here, which is bad considering that 90% of the plot really relied on the “love story” element, since there was basically nothing else going on.
    Horrible movie. Yet another nail in the once stellar career of Will Smith. After I Am Legend I really thought he was going to go on to do amazing stuff. But his flame has totally petered out. Shame.

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