Genetics Guarantees That Feminism Will Lose

I know many, if not all, of the articles here on ROK are original pieces of work. However, I read this article and feel compelled to share it with you for there is an important lesson here that EVERY man (and woman) must know and understand. And that lesson is:

Feminism and feminists will lose in the end.

I say this not out of idealism, wishful thinking, hope or what I’d like to see happen. But rather a cold, clinical, unemotional statement of truth. Feminism and feminists WILL lose in the end. And the reason for this is that the entire movement is antithetical to their human and genetic programming.

Take this excerpt from the article that quotes what is arguably the epitome and most ardent type of feminist—the 1960/70’s feminist:

I’ve known women who fell for this creed in their youth who now, in their fifties and sixties, cry themselves to sleep decades of countless nights grieving for the children they’ll never have and the ones they coldly murdered because they were protecting the empty loveless futures they now live with no way of going back.  “Where are my children?  Where are my grandchildren?” they cry to me.

“Your sister’s books destroyed my sister’s life!”  I’ve heard numerous times. “She was happily married with four kids and after she read those books, walked out on a bewildered man and didn’t look back.”  The man fell into despairing rack and ruin. The children were stunted, set off their tracks, deeply harmed; the family profoundly dislocated and there was “no putting Humpty-Dumpty together again.”

This is not a one off anecdote. This is the consequence of putting a childish and evil ideology, as well as your egotistical self, ahead and above all other people. Your career is more important than your children. Your PhD is more important than your husband. Your book is more important than your family. And your activism is more important than your friends. Sadly, all of those things cannot replace the most dynamic, intelligent, interesting, engaging and rewarding thing on this planet, and that is other human beings.

However, what is truly the juiciest morsel of revenge is that feminists and marxists do this to themselves.  They have the same single shot on this planet as anyone else, which really is EVERYTHING a human has, and they piss it away on a religion that is nothing more than an excuse to be a narcissistic, self-absorbed psychopath.

Mocking them for dying alone with their cats really isn’t a cliche or a lack of genuine criticism. It’s 100% fact. And it’s a fact they should be constantly reminded of as the rest of us enjoy our lives and the loving people therein.

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  1. Nice but most of them get one or two kids when they approach the wall, just to avoid that fate. Its not hard to find “donors” (who will also pay for the offspring) considering the immense beta thirst in modern world, and if that fails, there’s still sperm banks. No, they wont lose, unfortunately. They have already won.

    1. My thoughts exactly.
      And so what? Even if they do all sit at home with their cats… Normal life has already gone belly-up for everyone.

      1. Yea its not like we can use that for a whole lot. By that time, our own life will be finished and unless WE do something about it, we will end miserably as well…sometimes they say “you just bitter because bla bla” yea dam straight I’m bitter ! because half the population has decided to go cat lady on me, that effects my own life quite a bit !

        1. Yes of course, we feel pitty for our selves for having to live in a feminazy society. And we recent the feminazies.

        2. you don’t resent injustice, you resent losing your (here comes the cliche) white male privilege.

        3. For God’s Sake! Get out more, will you? We haven’t seen the white male privilege in quite some time. I’d say it’s been open season on white males lately, especially Christian ones.

      2. I know. The only thing that helps me sleep at night is knowing that hardcore feminists abort their own offspring. Cats only need so much attention, so with all that extra time on their hands they usually just end up bitterly trolling ROK day after day. lol

        1. Cats are by no means as domesticated as dogs.People have bred dogs to have personalities like themselves and for a longer period. Dogs also spend their adult years as part of a pack or family. Cats seem to be loners to me although I guess they like attention too and also seem to find a place that’s comfortable for them and stay there (like a female lol) I’m sure there are some cases where a cat will behave like a dog but you can’t compare the loyalty of a dog (more like a man) to a cat.Cat’s can usually live on their own and find a warm place to squeeze in and find something to eat while most dogs couldn’t survive alone.I like all animals but I find it odd that people like Fruitloops Futrell and his dirty dozen readers of freaks, lesbians, feminists and trannies all have cats.

        2. You sound like a man who has never owned a dog. They are fantastic survivors. Here in flyover country, abandoned dogs go feral and can devastate small game hunting if not properly managed. They also revert true to their origin and form roaming packs. No, dogs will outlast us all, they know the value of socialization, plus they are damned fierce and ruthless when the chips are down. Put Disney’s ridiculous notion of dogs as being simpletons to rest, they are orders of magnitude smarter than any other domestic animal (exception for primate pets of course).

        3. Sometimes cats do things you wouldnt expect. Try search on youtube “hero cat saves boy from dog”.

      3. Hold on a second. Isn’t that how planet of the apes started? People began keeping a lot of pets and became very attached to their pets(Maybe the reason was childless spinsters and men without kids) There was some worldwide epidemic where all the cats and dogs were wiped out and people began keeping chimps as pets as a substitute.You know the rest of the story :o)

    2. Life ebbs and flows in all sorts of different ways. I don’t think any particular ideology “wins”. Its popular for a time then time and circumstance lead to its demise or something else comes along. For example as someone mentioned above Islam is slowly making inroads into Europe and the progressives haven’t a clue what this means for their future. They think that Western civilisation is so attractive that everyone wants to convert to their way of life. Wake up call…. no they don’t. Russia, China, India they don’t take any shit. Especially China and India, so many people life is cheap and western values are not important. 500 million aging population in the EU….1.4 billion in China…..1.2 billion in India. They don’t give two tucks for feminism…..

      1. They have won in the sense that their ideology is now the dominant one and that they will not face any personal consequences at ALL.
        Of course they will have a crappy life, but they will have their 1-2 kids and avoid spinsterdom, most of them.
        Society as such will weaken and at least collapse to be taken over by other people. That is indeed not a victory for feminazism because it will be destroyed after that, but the current crop of feminazies who started all this will probably not experience that day.

    3. No young girl dreams of pumping out two babies by a man she hates and then having to lower her standards to “has a pulse” for dating men just to not feel alone during mid-life.

    4. Sperm banks are dried up.You’d have to be insane in these days of DNA and laws where the kid has a right to know his father to ever donate. You could be looking at cs payments (and you didn’t even shag her!) not to mention back payments.
      And marrying a female who had a kid, even if the female was a widow, was not really something a man would do much in my father’s day or even mine.I’m not saying that the guy was like an outcast but people would wonder why he didn’t just find some single woman to have kids of his own with.I have no idea how this worked out in the past but from what I can see today, men who marry females with kids are just looking for trouble.

    5. Couldn’t agree more. I feel like some of us are living in different realities. Feminism almost seems like natures answer to decadent living. Can anyone name a poor country where feminism thrives? It cannot exist without general wealth.
      Nature abhors a vacuum.

  2. I understand that you’re all about capitalism, but having read the original article, this wasn’t what Maoism was about. But it’s a funny read for sure.
    Actual Maoist society tabooed divorce and premarital sex, and out-of-wedlock children in those societies had special last names indicating their status.

    1. There’s differences in Marxist and Maoist versions of communism, and a lot of that stems from the very collective nature of Chinese culture versus the very independent nature of Russian culture. The views on marriage and divorce in Chinese culture come more from the Confucian philosophy that places a heavy focus on obligation to family, Maoists just ran with that by parlaying the concept of “family” into an obligation to the entire nation….basically the same patriotic bullshit we’re getting handed in the States.

        1. It’s gloria steinem, the idiot……………..THERE! i fixed it for ya. You’re welcome

        2. You, who cannot even be arsed to capitalize a proper name, call us idiots? The irony is strong with this one, it is, yes?

        1. Oh have you been to Colorado? A lot of fit girls, but they’re just the worst. Tatoos, yoga, and surprisingly few bachelor’s degrees. Trailer trash without the trailers.

        2. my god, its the same in co as well? I’m in ca and have noticed the same…here its a lot of half completed associate degrees and ladies going to mc colleges….they sure are confident though aren’t they?
          edit: and at least in my experience, they are indeed “fit” looking but its like skinny fat, they still binge drink and wolf down in-n-out like its air, and if i may be allowed a bit of crassness, they tend to smell very, very bad, especially around their who who region.

        3. There are plenty of midwest type fatties here. And some downright uglies I think got drove out of Kansas. However, there are also a lot of very genuinely fit girls. The hiking and biking, all that are ‘cool’ here so a lot of girls do pretty well. But lordy, yeah half complete associates, Panera job during the day, yoga instructor at night. The fitness/outdoor thing allows girls to seem like they have their act together without having to have any class or education. I asked a girl once if she liked opera. She said yes. I asked what kind. She said, “Phantom of the Opera” Ah, that still warms my heart when I think about it. Anyway, other than good looking ass-in-yoga-pants, but no breasts, these girls are literally worthless. Not interesting to talk to, not substantive, the religious ones are the megachurch bores. No values, nothing to recommend very much attention. And there are so many tattooed pothead crossfit and/or military guys that these girls will not give you the time of day if you’re at the top of that category. Covered in tattoos and piercings, or really built. It’s awful. Really nice seeming girls end up with these like western nomad type. Ah, but that’s no surprise.

        4. few bachelors degrees…as if that is a bad thing?
          Nothing worse than a tatooed skank with a useless BA who thinks she is intellectual with her glorified high school diploma

        5. I tend to think that in today’s world of universal (nearly) college (not something I’m happy about but it is what it is), that women who don’t even bother finishing that have issues. They just weren’t smart enough, or were too lazy. Women who have bachelor’s at least feel like they need to earn something in life. Masters is a different story, and certainly there are some majors that are just awful regardless. But girls who have no ambition are not necessarily less prone to the carousel or to being stuck-up for other reasons.

        6. Phantom of the Opera pmsl.
          I once asked my exgf who was in the cold war? Answer? Iceland and England. Why? Because Iceland’s cold. As thick as fuck.

      1. Yoga? Is that back? It was more popular in the 60’s and 70’s. I guess these girls are now recycling things because they’re too dumb to come up with anything new or original. Next they’ll be doing transcendental meditation with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi JR.

    1. She’s got her hell pressed up against her grundel chakra to free her post menopausal sexual energy.

  3. I was the activist type for too many years, quit for this exact reason, what’s the point to life if you can’t enjoy it? Maybe feminists will lose, maybe they’ll win, they won’t feel any better either way. Most activism today is pointless devotion while someone above you gets what he wants, rarely related to the agenda he’s supposedly promoting.

  4. Don’t spike the football just yet.
    Look at who controls the public primary education establishment. Even if feminists have few to no biological children of their own, they do everything possible to brainwash the children who are in public primary schools.
    To paraphrase Vladimir Lenin, “give me a child for eight years and I will give you a Bolshevik for life.”

    1. Thats a good point, and indoctrination (a la My Two Daddy’s, Mommy the Victim…etc.) does stick to a kid for quite a few years.
      In the end though, when the weapons-grade cognitive dissonance sets in from trying to shoehorn real life into a feminist-marxist model, you really only get one of two choices:
      1) Double down with some standard issue pro-feminist therapy. Let some freudian can tell you that a little more matriarchy and a shit-ton of Prozac will make aaaallll the confusion go away.
      2) Come to terms with the meat-hook reality that you got snow-job’d every day for 13 years of public education, and realize that being extremely pissed off is exactly what the situation warrants.
      ….and when that slingshot starts coming back the other way, its definitely gonna sting.

      1. The indoctrination creates its own set of problems for women. Those pliable little heads take in all of the feminist talking points and grow up to be the men women don’t want. If these kids are lucky they will discover the manosphere in time to have a happy life.

        1. Yeah, because no woman wants a kind, generous man who respects and understands her. Whoever would want to be in a relationship with that kind of idiot?

        2. And if that was the case, then that would be the mold for the most ‘successfull’ man in terms of mating standards. Instead of ‘game blogs’ there would be ‘knight blogs’ no?
          As it stands….most men are gnashing their teeth at realizing that what they were told isn’t the reality by a long shot.

    2. Your claim has been debunked. Please read my comment below and read the sources states in it.
      Every man must read the article “The Return of Patriarchy” and a book called “Shall the religious inherit the earth?” If you don’t have the time to read the book at least look at the lecture by the author on youtube, its approximately 50 minutes. These two sources demonstrate that secularism and by extent feminism are destined to die due to the fact that the people who espouse those lifestyles have such low birth rates relative to religious folk. The author of the book focuses on religious fundamentalists and he clearly debunks the premise that these children will be brainwashed into becoming feminists and atheists by the public school sector. These two sources are a must read for any man who has taken the red pill so that he can be aware that feminism is only a temporal evil that will be eventually be defeated due to the birth rates of the religious.

      1. To be fair to you, I have children but I do not send them to public schools because of the rabid anti-male and anti-Christian indoctrination that goes on therein. In a sense, what you claim is true because there are people like me actively working to debunk it.
        But there are millions more “conservative” parents that I know who send their kids to public schools without spending the requisite time needed to “deprogram” their kids. That’s what really scares me.

        1. No one is yet willing to challenge the status quo on non-religious grounds.
          You don’t need public school or college at the moment, but not enough people have figured this out. There’s still a race to the top (bottom) of conforming to the system, applying to Harvard, going to soccer practice and violin lessons. But, our retirement accounts and mortgages will get smashed, the status quo will start to crack.
          All that’s needed is a compelling alternative that makes sense to average folks. Look at Uber and how fast that’s rising in the public consciousness.
          Parents are receptive to alternatives, they just don’t know how to pull it off. So, yes, generally it’s religious folks that seek the alternative right now.
          All we need is one program that just works, and the battle will commence proper.

      2. I can’t agree. I judge this based on recent political shifts in this country. We have a government that kow-tows more to the rabidly liberal feminazi agenda and the same losers who voted that in plan to cheerfully continue it.
        Now granted, your claims could be true because of people like me who do not send our children to public primary schools for these reasons, but this war is not won, and we can’t simply sit on the sidelines and say “hah you lost” while our enemies continue fighting against us.

        1. I do agree with your demographic conclusions. They are building infrastructure with the resources of our dying civilization, but will use it to indoctrinate the next generation. Think immigration.
          The “feminist” principle is pure in the context of our civilization, but its consequences shall not inherently die off with us.

        2. True.
          Feminists are ideological haters. Look in the Middle East, or the Puritans for examples. Both of these were zealots.
          A “properly” trained (read brain washed/indoctrinated) zealot can with stand ALL evidences to the contrary of their belief systems, and not adjust, let alone turn away from their singular focus. The doing away of some perceived slight, or enemy.
          If you think that feminists are just going to throw in the towel, give up their control of government, and walk away from billions in tax payer funds, free court case dismissals and perks; you are flippin kidding yourself.
          As you can see, they hate us. Hatred, obsession, and fear are more often than not the greatest motivators!
          It’s like Dane Cook joking about how charities that put an old man in front of us trying to pull at our heart strings for $20 a month is stupid.
          Get a guy with a biker’s outfit on and have him continue to curse until that person forks over the money, and a destitute father will spend his meager war chest for family court visitation battle on kids he will “also” never see.

      3. Religion will die because it is wrong.
        It’s that simple. Truth will win out. Christianity will take longer to fall, but fall it will and for the same reason as Scientology is falling: you can’t lie on the internet and not be found out.

        1. I’m not sure you’re right.
          I think that “intelligent Design” theorists might actually have a chance. If not proving the bible and evolution co-exist, but that at the very least, a “being” (not necessarily the God of the Bible) very likely exists out there that has had an incalculable hand in all that we see.
          Love it, hate it, call them in-bread country bumpkins with a retard’s intellectual axe of mental pain and anguish to grind; but bury it in that ass they will.
          If they are lucky, evolutionists of the future will be printing Bibles!
          Just wait.
          People, based on what we see, and just how unbelievable it is for most that the universe could come from nothing, and then bring us, is going to be the source of future atheist’s incessant consternation the world over.
          Take a look at the Hebrew word “Yowm” (I think it is like that). That word, though it means 24 hour day, can also mean “Age.”
          Age, as in billions of years long “Age!”
          If that gets into the mix, and I am very confident it will/already-has, then prepare to see churches with quotes from Sagan on the wall. LOL

        2. Secularism and Liberalism are religions also. People dont acknowledge it that way though…

        3. True, but it is still a form of statism. The worship fo the state. It is just the variant government uses to have farmers provide more bullet shields for consumer wars.

        4. No it wont, it doesnt matter whether its right or wrong. What matters is the birth rate. The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. Go actually read the sources I mentioned. This idea that religion will die and secularism will win is specifically debunked.

        5. How so sir? Humans I believe, are designed to act similar to animals. They need something to inspire them. Morals. Is what society (USA) is built on. I’m only 28 and this place is become a nation of extreme decadence.

        6. Nope. Christianity is a dead mythology. It’s a cult that was forced on Europe by a dying Rome because it teaches Rome’s rebellious conquered subjects to be docile.
          I’m an ex-Christian. I’m very well versed in the Bible. I could go on and on forever about how full of crap the Bible is. Luke 3 gives the genealogy from Jesus to Adam. In Romans 5:12-21 Paul writes about how Jesus came to correct the sin of Adam, the first man. Adam is critical in Christian dogma. Without Adam’s original sin you have no reason for Jesus to come to correct Adam’s sin. 1 Timothy 2:13-14 talks about Adam and Eve as if they were real. Throughout the NT there’s various references to Noah’s flood as if it actually happened (ex. Matthew 24:37). It’s pretty clear that these guys took Genesis literally. Everyone did until Darwin. Evolution and Christianity are not compatible, so there’s a lot of twisting by Christians to try to make things add up. Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s no evidence for any god, much less the Christian god.

        7. The church is lagging, because it’s pagan Christianity. Look at the basics of things in American church. For instance, tithe is commanded, 10%, it’s preached on.
          Yet, the tithe was only in ancient Israel, to support the state run church–the Temple, ran by the tribe of Levi, the priest class. So it’s all BS–there’s no priest class anymore, no theocracy that needs money to support the church.
          Yet how many people know tithing is bullshit? And that when it was real, it was closer to 30%, because it was plain old tax?

        8. Lmao, you “cannot think of one piece of evidence that supports the Christian version of history”? You don’t think much, do you?
          According to William F. Albright and Nelson Glueck, two of the top archaeologists of the 20th century, both complimented the historical accuracy of the Scriptures.
          Maybe they knew how to think, eh?

        9. The account in Gen clearly states that each day was “an evening and a morning”. Not a billion years. Give it up man – the sooner you accept that the writer of Genesis was recording tribal stories about how the gods made the world, the less cognitive dissonance you’ll be dragging around behind you. Once you stop making excuses for God, life makes so much more sense.
          (PS: they also thought the sky was like a tent on top of which the gods lived. The ascensions of Enoch, Elijah, and Jesus don’t make sense any other way, not to mention God coming down fro heaven in the cool of the evening to walk in the garden and the story of how the flood happened.)

        10. And they said that ignoring the fact that the town of Nazareth did not even exist until some pope founded it out of sheer embarrassment. Church history is packed full of a long line of liars for Jesus.

        11. That is actually false. The ancient church was having its members withdraw from Roman society. They were literally leaving Rome high and dry. No tax money. No conscripts for the legion. No commerce. Rome, a highly multi-culti state would never want to push a single religion that would cause people to disregard Rome.
          It was Constantine who figured out the future death of the empire, and consolidated Christians *back into the empire*. The empire was being bled dry by people abandoning it for Christianity.

        12. Ad hominem. Did I hit a nerve? There’s no archaeological evidence that the Jews were ever in Egypt. So… were those “top archaeologists” Christians? Conflict of interest has been known to influence.

        13. It actually is not false. The Christians were a tiny minority before Constantine. There’s no evidence to suggest they were very powerful, they were just an obscure cult. I’m not sure what your source is, but if you believe Christian writers then you’ll believe all sorts of nonsense. It’s like if Scientology was forced upon everyone in the USA. Scientologists would rewrite history to make themselves appear in the best possible light.
          Ever wonder why the Bible says to give to Caesar what is Caesar’s? That’s right, pay your taxes to Rome! If Rome slaps you on one cheek, present to them the other. Romans 13:1 and 1 Peter 2:13-14 say the Roman government was put in place by God. 75% of the Roman empire were slaves. Note how the Bible clearly tells slaves to obey their masters (Ephesians 6:5, Titus 2:9-10; 1 Peter 2:18). Blessed are the poor. (Luke 6:20) Blessed are the meek. (Matthew 5:5) That’s right, it’s an honor and virtue to be subjugated by Rome. 1 Peter 2:17 says to honor the emperor. Be good, love everyone, and honor those who enslave you. Funny how Rome themselves NEVER followed these principles. Such principles were meant for the people they subjugated. I’m SURE the Roman government never noticed these things when they were finalizing the Bible in Nicea.

        14. This is correct. It says God rested on the 7th “day,” which is why the Jews did the same. God didn’t rest on the 7th “age.” Unless the Jews have been interpreting their own scriptures wrong since the beginning. lol

        15. They were so tiny that they were being hunted and fed to the lions, in an otherwise polytheistic state? Their crime then was what, if they had no community to speak of? Third degree being nice without a permit?
          All writers are biased, no exceptions. That means your sources as well. We all get that you hate Christianity, congrats on holding such an edgy hipster opinion. Ultimately though all philosophy and even science has to make a leap of faith at a certain point. Hard truth to accept, I’m certain. At least a Christian can win the debate by stating that he has faith in his belief, while the secularist is left feeling angered, confused and conflicted when he reaches the point where he has to say “I just do not know”.

        16. Your account of Nazareth, based on a few comparisons online is easily disproved.
          Also, I know for a fact that until the early 50’s, skeptics stated that the Hittites never existed. Until their earliest capitol, complete with royal archives, was discovered in modern Turkey.
          Whether you believe or not, many archeologists for the longest time kept a Bible for handy reference to help accurately date findings in teh Middle East.
          The timeline is now pretty well written down so it is no longer necessary.
          But the “inaccuracies” people claim are some of the genealogies, and super natural acts that defy the laws of nature.
          If you are going to defeat Intelligent Design, you will have to get more creative.

        17. For the sake of argument, even if you are totally right, and no God/gods exist, that does not mean I am wring that some evolutionists will be printing Bibles.
          To the contrary, there are quite a few documents that give Christianity credence. I have calc and physics class, so no time to debate yet. LOL
          Your arguments about Constantine, and Rome, have been debated ad infinitum. Your argument is hundreds of years old. Many of your detractors do not sound as stupid as you might think.
          Perhaps later, if I have time, I will debate it. But not for days as I have studies to complete.

        18. Hunted and fed to lions? You just discredited yourself. Apparently you are not familiar with the letter between Pliny the Younger and Trajan. Pliny sent the emperor a question asking how to deal with the new cult called “Christians.” He is basically told that as long as they sacrifice to the emperor (a sign of allegiance to Rome) who gives a shit? Trajan tells Pliny to NOT hunt them out. You’re regurgitating Christian revisionist history from the middle ages. Third party sources are the most impartial; this is not up for debate.
          I hate Christianity and I’m an edgy hipster? Ad hominem fallacy. I actually don’t hate Christianity at all, I simply only care about truth. I’m a former devout Christian who studied it in depth for years and years, only to find there are far too many holes in the stories and facts for it to be true. My deconversion wasn’t voluntary, but sooner or later I had to admit to myself that I no longer believed what Christianity claimed. When I say “Christianity is mythology” I don’t mean it in an “angry secularist” way. Again, ad hominem. I mean it in a purely factual way. There’s as much evidence to support Christianity as there is to support Zeus and Co. Absolutely no evidence at all. If I said Greek paganism, Hinduism, and Islam are also mythologies (which they are), I doubt you’d be so upset. I assume you’re a Christian?

        19. Sure, sure. When you have evidence that Christianity is true, like any at all, let me know. The world would like to see this evidence.

        20. I doubt that there were Calvanists in Rome in the day, running around telling people convert or burn.
          I was simply noting that being anti-Christian is the hip cool edgy thing to do these days, now that there is no social stigma noted for doing such. It takes no great courage to come out against religion. Ardent atheists, for some reason, don’t get that. Perhaps ad hominem (I have an education, don’t pretend to “school” me, sir) it was, but it was also my exasperation at dealing with yet another person spouting the same ol’ same ol’ boilerplate. It gets rather tiring.
          Ever notice the Bible says to give to Caesar what is Caesar’s? That’s right, pay your taxes to Rome!
          Please, don’t play the in exegesis game. The tract you quote was meant to spur the question of what is Caesar’s, as if (get this) Caesar could own something that was not already God’s. It was a bit of Socratic prodding, forcing the reader to question the premise.
          And last, this entire conversation is entirely OT. Besides bashing Christianity, what interest do you have in the actual topic matter of the article? Genuine question.

        21. Ultimately though all philosophy and even science has to make a leap of faith at a certain point. Hard truth to accept, I’m certain.

          Ah yes, the Argument from Ignorance. A fallacious argument. Believe it or not, resorting to Radical Skepticism doesn’t actually help the Christian cause. It’s basically an argument that says, “ok, so there’s no evidence to support Christianity! Well there’s no evidence to support anything!” Take your ball and go home. We can never be certain of anything, this is true, but that doesn’t change the fact that there’s no evidence to support Christianity. If we can’t be certain of anything, then any argument you make for Christianity are completely futile and meaningless, and Christianity is just one possibility out of an infinite number which, statistically, disproves it completely.

        22. It takes no great courage to come out against religion. Ardent atheists, for some reason, don’t get that.

          Wrong. Statistics show that rapists are trusted more than atheists.
          If you don’t want to be called out on your logical fallacies, then don’t commit them. You absolutely resorted to ad hominem, and we both know it.
          I’m sure if Matthew told the readers to NOT pay taxes to Rome, Rome would not have been so eager to adopt it, you think? Kinda funny that Jesus was killed by crucifixion, a Roman method of execution, yet the Jews fully got the blame. Hmmm.
          So are you a Christian?

        23. A mind that is closed on one subject has nothing to debate another closed in the other direction. Like two points on the Cartesian plane going in opposite directions but never meeting at the same point of anything. The fact they are exactly same, and neither connecting anything but their tunnel vision is merely one point on the graph they both fail to grasp.
          I possess an open mind. I neither accept the bible as allegory, nor its writers as modern science.
          I merely see what is said, and test it like I would chemicals, or skeletal bones. I form a hypothesis, and see what I can prove.
          Historically, the book has an enormous amount of veracity. It can properly date archaeological finds. Your opinion on genesis is common. But not unassailable. Do not claim to know my opinion.
          The fact is, a man from fifteen hundred years before Christ wrote what he claimed was revealed to him. Compared to the other creation stories, genesis is vague.
          The word for “day” is also the word for age. The “Being” in question is eternal. Water, for example, takes many, many days to t traverse a state with momentum, let alone a day.
          The rewrite of how it is viewed, with such a massive Christian, Jewish, and Muslim populations is going to have MASSIVE cross appeal.
          If you think it’s dying, I suggest you may be sadly mistaken.

        24. There may be some evidence for the gods but these were just people very similar to earth people. These oral stories about them may have been carried down for thousands of years before various cultures actually wrote about them and of course elaborated and invented a lot of new ones.What you read is like a primitive person’s impressions of something they didn’t understand and was also a very old oral history that had been corrupted over time.Also, the translations of a translation may not be accurate.You really have to read all of the ancient writings not just this one Hebrew (assuming that the Hebrews even wrote it) and try to figure out the few tiny specks in them and separate it from the made up BS that may give us a hint of what it was all about.Some small pieces may be accurate but that’s only because they must have been told about it since they couldn’t have know what the earth was like before men even existed on it. They knew there was water below because oceans were there but they couldn’t have known about the water above, the firmament which was a band of water around the earth.The problem with all of this is that you get a confused out of chronological order of things where some of it may be millions of years old of things they were told carried down by oral histories mixed in with some bs that was just made up.

        25. Christian version of history is just Jesus’ life and teachings.It was written after his death and who knows what his real motives were. Perhaps establishing a Kingdom of his own. His life story probably isn’t very accurate because for all of his liberal bs he was a very well off man, had rich friends and was buried in an expensive tomb.Jews are just buried in the ground as they are today.

        26. Hey pal, we know a man named Jesus probably existed and was some sort of political leader looking to throw the corrupt Jews out of Palestine. It’s really not that long ago and we had portraits of the man painted in his time which although don’t exist or were lose were copied by other artists. Jesus was about 6’2″ with blue eyes and auburn hair. And btw, we also had portraits of Cleopatra. One was painted when she lived in Rome for awhile with Julius Caesar and another years later in Egypt with Marc Antony. She was about 5’2″ with blue eyes and natural blonde hair.She’s from the Ptolemy family that ruled Egypt for 300 years and the last Queen.

        27. I wouldn’t believe stuff about Nero that was written hundreds of years after his death by Christians.

        28. secularism means keeping relgion and government seperate and leaving people’s private beliefs in the private sphere. you can be conservative and secular or liberal and non-secular.

        29. Maybe you heard about a false church, or probably was in one where a minister wasn’t ordained… You pay for everything else in life, yet when it comes down to the church, it’s always a battle lol.

        30. Maybe you were in the wrong church, or received the wrong information. I’ve seen God work many times in my life.. But I’m not gonna argue over the internet.

        31. yeah, except most people aren’t claiming that God commands I give them a piece of my paycheck.

        32. It’s to take care of the storehouse sir. 10%
          Offering is just that, an offering. Many preachers have gotten greedy. At my church, we have shown people were their money is going. Bills, things of that nature.

        33. Right. An offering is a free gift. But most churches preach that God commands a 10% tithe, or a 10% tithe is biblically commanded. Which is utterly not supported by Scripture, yet pastors lie that it is.

        34. 2 peter 3:8
          But do not overlook this one fact, beloved, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.

        35. Here … you’re blatantly wrong, you wouldn’t even know what it’s about…. like most of my followers.

      4. “that feminism is only a temporal evil ”
        Im sure of that. It will probably only last next 30 years. So we can look forward to happy times at the retirement homes.

    3. Btw this is my career ambition. To become an education entrepreneur. It can be done better, for cheaper, than how they’re doing it. Plus, in this capacity I can accomplish philosophical and civilizational goals with actual substantive consequences.
      There is no way feminists – who will get control of education like you describe – will not totally do a screw up job. So, it’s sort of a low hanging fruit for us.
      Will politics get in the way? Yes. But the thought of being a true rebel is exhilarating. And the irony of being an outlaw over the matter of trying to teach kids good is delicious by its own right.

    4. You’re somewhat correct but when you consider the big picture and
      history they are finished. They’re like aberrations in humans that pop
      up now and again and erupt and then burn themselves out.The next
      generation, let alone the future, completely forgets them.Most people
      really only know their own time and never even think of all of the
      aberrations from the past.btw, that quote from Lenin wasn’t new and was
      really from Catholics, I believe Jesuits, where getting a kid young
      would pretty indoctrinate them forever.This is what worries me about
      young people where they have been constantly conditioned by the Media in
      such a subtle way for their entire lives that they really can’t think
      or reason on their own and react in a kneejeck fashion when they hear
      something. It’s sort of like in Brave New World where the kids are
      taught by repetition while they sleep.”I’m glad that I’m an Omega,Omegas
      are the best, not like those nasty Alphas, I would never want to be an
      There’s something about the passive viewing of TV and even Net
      that sort of turns parts of your brain off like you’re only partially
      conscious and asleep and allows this propaganda to enter and take
      hold.The only saving grace is that after a million years of evolution
      our brains are pretty much hardwired and difficult to change and we sort of know by instinct what’s normal and what’s not.
      wouldn’t worry about these feminists and childless spinsters, give them
      enough rope and they’ll hang themselves.They’ll keep getting crazier
      and crazier that even people who were for some of these feminist ideas
      will reject them because their hardwiring will instinctively tell them
      that’s it’s abnormal and these wackos will be marginalised again. This
      is what happened in the 60’s where most people just believed they were
      crazy lesbians and didn’t really pay much attention to them. People
      would laugh at these fuglies who burned their bras at some Miss America
      contest.Perhaps people should have paid more attention as they little by
      little gained some influence but at the time just as today you don’t
      know the future or how things will play out.Perhaps marginal movements
      (MRA) will be a big thing and the norm 5-10 years from today.I would bet
      that the only reason that men didn’t oppose this “liberated female”
      nonsense at the time was because they thought it would give them easy
      access to more pussy. How’d that work out? Many young guys today are
      walking around on broken glass for fear of being accused of something or
      forced into paying cs for a kid they never wanted.And btw, back in the
      40’s and 50’s it was a communist tactic to use females in the party to
      entice men with sex to get them to join.

      1. I agree with you, but have a slightly different narrative to add!
        I think that Hitler/Stalinesque styles of nationalism/communism did not actually die, they merely changed. Feminism is one of their brain children. Even Karl Marx had suggested it, that women are the gate way to the control, and subjugation of the “proletariat.”
        Women, if threatened with a lack of security, think ancient walled city under siege, will eat their most beloved children. The more logical father will most likely already had “release” in death. So he was unable to save his offspring anyways had his family survived.
        So, threaten them with a bogey man of some false imagining, and poof, her love has turned cold. The state becomes the imaginary dick she cuddles at night in her mind while tormenting her cats.

        1. “Even Karl Marx had suggested it, that women are the gate way to the control, and subjugation of the “proletariat.””
          That’s interesting. Can you give us the exact quote, pls?

        2. “Women, if threatened with a lack of security, think ancient walled city under siege, will eat their most beloved children.”
          Someone told me about an experiment which I haven’t been able to find any references for but it’s interesting nevertheless.
          They’ve placed a female chimpanzee with her infant baby in the middle of a room with heated floor. When the temperature was bearable the mother was holding onto the baby but when the temperature reached to an unbearable degree she put the baby on the floor and stepped on it.

        3. National Socialism advocates traditional gender roles. Don’t know why you would equivocate a clearly Marxist ideology with nationalism.

        4. This stems from Marxism and it was openly stated by KGB types, and still is by nutters like the Fabian’s here in the UK, that families are basically bad.
          They intended to try and take over the world, the Nazi’s tried by might, death camps and family, the Soviet’s by Stealth and Death camps and destroying the family.
          Read anything about West Germany pre-1992 and it’s pretty telling; families thankfully are pretty tough.

        5. Reminder of profundity alert!
          Babylon, by all standards a feminist utopia where women were given positions of power for no reason other than that they were women, where women could have their feet washed by slave children, had as their ‘devil’ the goddess Tiamat, goddess of beauty and maternity.
          The reason? ….. Tiamat valued the lives of her kin over her own.
          I’ll let that sink in for a moment before reminding you that the oldest species on earth like insects and arachnids, are heavily matriarchal, in ant society the queen is the only autonomous member, all the other female worker ants are merely slaves to her whim….
          Considering how all life on earth shares a single common ancestor… i wonder how well those ‘ant-queen’ traits have been preserved in females of the human species ….. hmmmmmmmmm.

    5. I was brainwashed, I do not think the brainwashing can go on indefinitely.

    6. Indeed. Feminism is merely being propped up by elite men, so it doesn’t matter the genetics of women.

    7. The other thing is that even women who would not DARE call themselves “feminists”, agree with almost everything feminists have asserted and almost all of the results, to include that women are smarter, better, more honest, decent, nurturing, loving, should have sole custody of children, even MORE child support, alimony, assets, affirmative action in hiring/promotions, and on and on.

  5. They may die childless but that doesn’t kill these ideas. It’s not genetic, it’s taught in schools. I have kids that I sent to public schools before I even knew this was a problem. My daughters even joined feminist and gay straight alliance clubs which I didn’t even know existed. And that crap is even taught in the classrooms too. The article even mentions those old commies Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn.
    Part of how I became interested in the subject of cultural marxism is because I was trying to understand why such clubs would even be in the schools and why they would teach on those subject without criticism. My kids turned out OK because they have me in the house as their father. But so many kids have no one around that criticizes the doctrine and they just absorb.
    It would be comforting to believe that this crap would go away on its own but unfortunately it’s going to have to be a fight. She makes a great point that though we’d like to believe we won the cold war, it turns out that the commies did a number on us. Many voices warned us about it back in those days and I think only a few are really starting to notice the problem. We have a lot of work ahead of us if there is any chance of saving Western culture. I know a lot of people say sit poolside and enjoy the decline but you don’t have to look far to see examples of the savages that would be all too happy to enjoy our decline as well. Better to go down fighting if that’s what it must come to.

    1. Do you put your money where your mouth is? Did you allow your daughters to go for a chosen degree or did you instruct them that it isn’t about what women want and it certainly isn’t about their dreams. Did you allow your girls to usurp men’s roles societally? Are you a flaming hypocrite? Or did your girls keep their legs and their mouths shut until legally wed and bred?

      1. Take it easy guy. Not going to lie, I was solid blue pill until just a few years back so unfortunately my daughters got some “ideas.” They don’t go to university but that’s a whole different story. Like a lot of men I came to this community after a divorce. I have custody of my kids and I am the leader of this family. I work to lead them away from those ideas and do encourage marriage. Why I said they turned out OK is that they do reject feminism and have an understanding of the bad effects of cultural marxism due to my instruction. But they still have some other silly ideas rattling around. I have a tough time ahead of me getting them on track as we all do in getting our culture back on track.

    2. Good fathers in the home, or better two parent traditional families, negate a lot of the Cathedral’s message. That’s the entire point of Traditionalists ultimately being the winners. My children are both super “conservative” by modern standards, and they accept nothing from the Left at face value. They were raised in a traditional two parent household, with hard life lessons being allowed to happen. This is how, and why, we ultimately win.
      But we have to have kids to make it happen. Sitting “poolside” (as if that were somehow detached from the real world and consequences) won’t cut it.
      I’m with you on going down fighting. Better to spit in the axeman’s eye as he cuts off your head than to meekly sharpen his axe for him and lay down contentedly.

  6. In Eurooe feminism will be destroyed by Islam in a the genetic sense. They have far more children, they are more zealous about their ideology and more committed to destroying the other ideology. No one is flying plains into buildings in the name of feminism. Not only that but it seems like white women on masse are converting to Islam because they view the men to have backbone. Research the “white widow” a white Christian girls moves to somalia and adopts Islam because she views feminism as destroying the world.

    1. The delicious irony being that these same leftists that allowed them to come in by the masses in the first place will be the ones most damaged when the new system arises. The leftists will not, and should not be spared. The Occident is changing like lightning, people are sick and tired of the lies of the post-modern, feminist, relativist non-sense. They need order and answers in their otherwise bleak and miserable lives.
      Religion was that answer for most people for centuries, and because to paraphrase Hobbes, “Life is nasty, brutish, and short.” I think a lot of people(including many on this website) need to own up to the fact that any hope of a patriarchy(with sustainable birth rates) will need a religion. Christianity is dead. Long dead. It’s openly joked and mocked on the airwaves constantly.
      The reality is the post-modern stuff is a religion as dogmatic and powerful as any in our history but with extreme disadvantages:
      1) No heaven and no hell
      2) No real ideological basis
      3) No historical basis(i.e. never has worked in all of human history)
      4) The new original sin is being male
      5) Constant punishment of males, constant reward for females
      6) It’s greatest patrons are limp-wristed mangina males, feminists, and marxists.
      “However, what is truly the juiciest morsel of revenge is that feminists and marxists do this to themselves. They have the same single shot on this planet as anyone else, which really is EVERYTHING a human has, and they piss it away on a religion that is nothing more than an excuse to be a narcissistic, self-absorbed psychopath.”
      It’s certainly the biggest shadenfraude of the century.

      1. Is it wrong to dismiss Christianity just yet? They thrive on persecution. Once passive aggression and mocking becomes active aggression, Christianity may just kick back into high gear.
        You also ignore that Russia and Latin America are Christian, and while in neither of those examples is Christianity so strong as it has been in the past, it is certainly far from dead. It is pretty much dead in Western Europe and the Commonwealth. But elsewhere it has life.
        And anyhow, Christians have an uncanny ability to ‘resurrect’ and come from nothing.
        Otherwise, good post.
        “We’ll outfuck you now, and outvote you later!”

        1. Problems with Christianity: too fragmented. Too many Protestant groups which reduces the fissuring ability that say Sunni or even Shiite Islsm provides.i have a friend in Vatican circles ( Jesuit educated).as is well known Catholocism has grown and receded as has Islam as it recedes a more devout closed unit is born with more religious fervour. This could take place the top quote attributed to Lenin is a Jesuit quote of “give me a boy and ill give you the man”

        2. The gods are mostly dead too (except at the Pantheon in Rome lol) Religions come and go and Christianity is dying out and I doubt if it will be the saviour of the US.
          And you may want to go to Iran or Turkey etc to see what the average muslin is up to. They’re all secular minded regardless of the Dons (mullahs) who may be in charge.

      2. Christianity is corrupted, but re-forming, finally and properly, according to Christ, and not the world. Jeshua will sit on the throne of this planet and rule, permanently.
        PS He is definitely not a feminist. Cheers.

    2. exacty.
      google and read an article called “How the war on boys paved the way for islam” Its a definite eye opener

    3. And in the US the Caucasian race is being destroyed by feminism. That’s sort of why white babies are now a minority in a land where their numbers were over 90% as recently as the 1960s. And if anything, their demographic numbers will soon resemble those of the Amerindians they obliterated.
      In that regard, I’m sure future historians will look back at this meteoric cratering of a group of people, scratch their heads, and wonder what the fuck were these people thinking, trying to turn their women into little men. It’s the greatest blunder of all time.
      It’s really an interesting story if you detach emotionally from it. A group of people conquers the world then lands on the moon all while extinguishing itself in about 50 years time.

      1. If you Yanks are lucky, your demographic successors will allow you to live on reservations and run casinos. Perhaps there’ll be a sports team named the “Whiteskins”, and people will romanticise aspects of your culture as more “genuine” than their own. And they’ll claim one day “you know, my great-great grandfather was European! I’m 1/16th European! Can you see it in my cheekbones?”

        1. Haha. Don’t count the white man out just yet you stupid monkey. If history has taught us anything, its that when the white man has his back against the wall, he’ll ruthlessly slaughter and subjugate all the lesser races. He just doesnt quite realize yet that his back is against the wall again.

        2. Very true. Post WW2, its clear to see that the white man is not quite what he used to be. All that white infighting may have taken its toll on him. Afterall, the two largest wars in history involved the white man killing himself off.
          Although it doesn’t speak very highly of his racial competion that the white man had to turn on himself just for the challenge of it. The Japanese were a pathetic challenge at best.

        3. I’m not counting out the White man, just most of the US of A. White man will most likely carry on, just that Americans will no longer be the most powerful among them, and their country a “reservation”.

        4. There is nothing more dangerous than a scared white man.I should know I’m one myself lol.We have the money and all the guns.

        5. It pains me to say, but you are likely correct. The nail in the white man’s coffin will likely be his fighting his white Russian brothers in North America.
          Guess who set this all up? Do I even need to say it?

        6. That won’t happen. When have the dumber people with lower IQ’s even taken over even if they outnumber the smarter ones 10-1. You may say S Africa but it was really other Euro types who did the damage there to their own and there’s probably some reason that we’re unaware of as to why they did it.
          Whites who are 80% of the US population don’t live on reservations and in fact it’s the non whites who live in ghettos and other poor places. If you’ve been in the US you have likely been in cities which do not represent the US as a whole and are very mixed places.If you judged the US by what you saw in cities you would think that the US was 80% non European. White females are still producing 1/2 the kids so it’s not like the white race is becoming extinct in the US and most of the non whites are Mexican illegals who are having a lot of kids.
          I’d worry more about England. When I lived there as a boy in the 60’s I don’t think that I ever saw more than 3 black people and they looked like real Africans, probably some student who daay was a prince in Africa or a wealthy businessman. And yes, I know that there were blacks in London(maybe East End, Notting Hill etc) but I never saw any. Now, compare it to today. There were probably some Indians and even Arabs but they were insignificant.

        7. Negative, the Japanese just did not have the numbers, or the resources. To the victor, goes the spoils. And the history books.
          History is not going to gloat about the good’ol USofA like our textbooks of the 50’s-70’s did. And I am not even talking the crap that Howard Zin wrote. Though that will kick it when it’s down too.
          The problem for the other races is nothing though. The black race seems to dependent on welfare, but it si the Asians that freak me out right now.
          I don’t think it is that they are smarter. I think it is that their families focus almost exclusively on education. To almost the detriment of all other endeavors.
          In the US, there was time similar to this! We made it up into space then. Europeans banded together.
          I don’t think it was the white race’s last “Hurrah!” if you will. But the last one we do alone. I’m cool with that. After all, there is no such thing as a pure race. Whites are made up of all bood lines when you consider African (moors), Asian (Mongols), and Middle Eastern conquests into Europe. Not to mention inter breeding.
          The whole Aryan thing is a crock of BS. The Germans were no more Aryan then I’m Chinese.

        8. I wish. It’ll be tough when so many of the white men’s grandchildren are little oreo cookies. What to do, what to do.

        9. Actually the only people who have their backs against the wall are lower class whites. You are actively being oppressed by your elite superiors, they could care less that your complexion may be similar. If you aren’t in their social circles or have anything they consider valuable to offer, you’re beneath them.
          In other words, it’s white on white crime and you’re on the losing side.

      2. Maybe. I predict as whites lose economic might as a result of feminism it will result in breeding like other ghetto groups. Lots of white women still enjoy breeding.they won’t be the educated ones but in terms of numbers it will increase. But so will interracial children. As the lines are blurred further and further and through the generations the USA will look like Brazil.

        1. Outline your base (the old country) with photon cannons for defense, The dark archons(extremist) can be used to convert others (nations) trough mind control.

        2. That won’t happen and apparently you know nothing of Brazil.Anyway there was mixing in the US but mixed race was always classified as negro in the past. Most negroes in the US don’t look like Nigerians from the west coast of Africa and many are quite white and in fact some are mostly white.And in fact, if these “negro” Americans went to Nigeria the people there would call them White.

        3. You better hope the terrans can still 40k space marine. Cause it is usually the ten percent of the military carrying the other 90!

        4. I dont disagree. There was mixing in the USA from day one but whites held the numerical supremacy unlike brazil which was solely agricultural and low level mining and therefore the slaves largely black held the numerical supremacy. Brazil was also one of the last countries to formally abolish slavery. A brazilian would look white next to a man from the deep Congo jungle but that’s more to my point. The lines get blurred. Whites no longer consider these people with mixed lineage white. So while the US won’t look “coal black” it also won’t look “snow white”. Get my point?

        5. No because the classes tend to keep separate. What you have in many of these countries in S America is an elite White group that controls everything, a black group and a mixed group. For example, Cuba is 65% white, 10% negro and 25% mixed. Depending on where you live the non white group may be either Indian or Negro or various mixtures. The West Indies and the northern part of S America had a lot of negro slaves. Mexico is 10% Caucasian and the rest are varying degrees of mixtures with perhaps a small native Indian group. But the top people in all of these places are European types. In fact, if anything Brazil has become whiter in the last few generations due to Euro immigration.That doesn’t mean they’re mixing but just that there are more whites in the country.
          The US is not going to become brown and according to the CIA factbook Caucasians make up 80%. At any rate the people at the top who matter and control everything are all Caucasian and almost all men. Sure, they may have a few Japanese or Chinese wives but that’s minor and besides the N. Far East Asians are just an offshoot of the Caucasian race and are very white themselves. Any mixing with whites in general in the US is only by the lower class whites and they really don’t matter. The people at the top don’t live near or socialise with non whites although there are some Asians so the chance of any marriages and kids is remote with blacks who could just as well be on another planet. A little higher mixing at the bottom will change nothing. Blacks, which in the US means a great variation of mixtures, still only own about 1/2 of 1% of businesses.
          It’s not going to turn out the way you think where we end up with some homogenised brown group.

        6. Yeah its not a perfect analogy… I just thought it was funny and wanted to post it.
          If you can update my worldview please be my guest.

    4. According to Sharia Law a man is required to pay for 100% of all household expenses even if his wife has a job. That means that if a man makes 50K per year, his wife makes 20K per year, and the yearly household expenses are 48K per year…
      The muslim wife gets 20K per year in disposable income and the muslim husband only gets 2K per year in disposable income. If household expenses rise beyond 50K then the husband must work overtime or get a second job. This is the reason that 75% of converts to Islam are women.

        1. The husband is financially responsible for the welfare and maintenance of his wife and any children they produce, to include at a minimum, providing a home, food and clothing. In return, it is the duty of the wife to safeguard the husband’s possessions and protect how wealth is spent. If the wife has wealth in her own capacity she is not obliged to spend it upon the husband or children, as she can own property and assets in her own right, so the husband has no right for her property and assets except by her will. A pre-marital agreement of the financial expectation from the husband is in the mahr, given by him to the wife for her exclusive use, which is included as part of his financial responsibility.

        2. Well… that sounds like an awfully stressful life…
          What will make it or break it is if the women are decent and if they respect their men.

      1. Of course! difference is that you need to be able to provide for the wife. She can’t be going wild on the town. Men have an incentive to be honourable. All systems have pros and cons. Even feminism. As Roosh and others have said they would not have had near the amount of sexual partners if not for feminism. Sadly, as quantity increases quality decreases. I as well as many other men prefer quality over quantity and would happily provide for that quality person. Feminism flips this and demands provision where men get no quality. It destroys the reward mechanism of being devoted, loyal and willing!

  7. The feminist thought leaders will die off as gray hair self loathing dykes, but their “shaping” of society, culture and law is already set in motion. Because compliant beta males naively bought into it without understanding it.

  8. Careful my young friends, while “feminism is on the decline” and “women against feminism” articles give us hope your Uncle Drifter here has heard this all before 25 years ago! Yes, magazines like Time and Life would show “newly enlightened” women decrying feminism for “ruining our lives” but not to the point where they wanted to give up the entitlements feminism offers them. You see, when women realize you are wising up and avoiding marriage, they …they…(gasp)… LIE!

    1. this is true, when particular radical values (in this case feminist values) become take-for-granted they become common-sense ideology that women and men subscribe to or simply believe in – there is no for conscious subscription to ideas once they become accepted. Such non-feminists may also discover their feminist solidarity the moment they feel some feminist issue interest is threatened, however because they don’t identity publically as such there are none of the automatic risks attached to coming across as a fanatical ‘man-hating’ feminist guaranteed to scare small children when they enter a room

  9. Careful my young friends, while “feminism is on the decline” and “women against feminism” articles give us hope your Uncle Drifter here has heard this all before 25 years ago! Yes, magazines like Time and Life would show “newly enlightened” women decrying feminism for “ruining our lives” but not to the point where they wanted to give up the entitlements feminism offers them. You see, when women realize you are wising up and avoiding marriage, they …they…(gasp)… LIE!

    1. Yeah the “women against feminism” is a simple case of damage control.
      Some women saw that a significant amount of male voices (anti-feminist men, MGTOW, the manosphere) started shooting preemptive rejections towards women because of their narcissistic little cult.
      The “women against feminism” are the ones with a bit of foresight. They identified the winning side and now they want to get in their good graces. There’s no virtue or principle behind those silly cards they’re holding. It’s pure opportunism.

      1. Opportunism is a female’s nature but at least these girls must be smarter than the fugly anti male feminists who just alienate men.

      2. Agree. However, regardless of motivation, the WAFs (and others) deserve praise for recognizing the inevitable future, and feminism’s place in that future (none, except as negative example). In this sense, females like WAFs are the leaders of women, the first groups to break from a doomed herd.
        Plus, as ex-AF, I’m partial to WAFs. :O)

    2. This. I remember as far back as the late 70s that tabloids were running articles on how feminism was wrong and how all the feminists from the 60s were repenting. Then Time and Newsweek ran another slew of such articles in the 1980s and then again in the 1990s! And yet the feminization of society continued unabated.
      So sorry to burst the hope bubble but feminism ain’t dying out. In fact, it’s getting stronger each passing year.
      And the whole ‘low birth rate among feminists’ doesn’t mean anything. The SYSTEM is already in place and just produces new feminists to replace the old ones. Innocent boys and girls go into college only to exit 4 years later as Betas and Feminazis respectively. This will simply continue for another 2 or 3 generations until western society completely implodes. By that time, most of us will either be senior citizens or dead.

      1. People who talk like you are usually people who don’t have much of a life or are omegas. The idea of everything imploding or falling to pieces appeals to your nasty sense of revenge because regardless of whether we’re in a feminist or non feminist society you still won’t get what you want.If there were no feminists around you’d still be a loser among men.
        So you know the 70’s eh? Then you would know that although feminists were around they had no influence on anything, it’s was really from the mid 90’s on that they became a problem with new laws and other crap etc Some of this nonsense like rape on campus blah blah blah is only in the last 5 yrs or less.
        So tell me what you were doing in the 70’s before all of this crap and what you’re doing now. Probably pretty much the same.

        1. Seriously? I think you are projecting. Plus, what’s with the personal attacks as a retort to my cogent observation?
          Guys like you bring down the level of conversation on this site. But I will respond to your inflammatory post nonetheless…
          Fyi, I have no sense of revenge. Went MGTOW more than ten years ago and found my inner and outer peace in the process. Still bang every now and then. But overall females mean nothing to me. Sperm toilets and nothing more ( a couple of female colleagues and friends excepted).
          As far as winner/loser is concerned, I’ve already won. Great career and reputation in the media field for the past 10+ years, great friends, no debt, secure home, solid savings, no stress, no worries.
          Yes, I know the 70s. And 80s and 90s. You don’t know what you are talking about. Feminists had major influence in the 70s. Rape on campus was just as big a deal in the 80s when I was going to college as it is now. Same exact shit, just slightly different expressions (student newspapers instead of websites, media coverage on the news for “alleged” campus rapes, demonization of males on campus, etc. etc.)
          What was I doing in the 70s vs now?
          Teenager vs Media CEO.
          So no, not the same thing.

    3. Probably. But that’s just normal Femaleism not some perverted and unnatural thing like feminism.

  10. Feminism is winning globally. There is a backlash, but I don’t think it will be strong enough to change much. Feminism/socialism has already or will take over Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Canada, the UK, parts of the Middle East, Hong Kong, S. Korea, the US, Spain, France, the Netherlands, Scandinavia and other countries/regions.
    As marriage and birth rates continue to plummet, massive increases in services for single mothers and/or massive immigration and raising taxes will be the order of the day. Why? Women make the babies and to save the entitlement programs. This has already started and will only greatly increase.
    Short of a massive backlash and/or collapse, Feminism, socialism and increased “multiculturalism” will be the new normal across the globe.

    1. Raising taxes can only go so far. When government spending outstrips private sector earnings the country is on a slow decline. Entrepreneurs and capital will shift base to more favourable climates. What will the government tax when private enterprise gets sick and tired of supporting sofa bound mooching cookie dough chompin welfare recipients and fuck all use public sector workers?

      1. What comes after that is societal and economic collapse. It’s anybody’s guess what comes after the collapse, but I’m guessing a dictatorship.

    2. “Feminism is winning globally. There is a backlash, but I don’t think it
      will be strong enough to change much. Feminism/socialism has already
      or will take over Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Canada, the UK, parts of the
      Middle East, Hong Kong, S. Korea, the US, Spain, France, the
      Netherlands, Scandinavia and other countries/regions.”
      On a country by country basis…
      Japan — population drop speeds up, to the point Japanese men are marrying out or gone herbivore. I even have a maternal cousin, married to a Japanese man.
      Taiwan — similar extent to Japan, I presume.
      Hong Kong and Singapore — expected, especially when it is a part of the Anglosphere by virtue of being a former British colony. Same applies with the Anglosphere in general.
      South Korea — American pop culture.
      All of this corroborates the fact that Anglo western WF feminists are using non-Anglo western women to further their own ends.
      Since Anglo WF feminism means “I don’t need men”, then:

      1. “All of this corroborates the fact that Anglo western WF feminists are using non-Anglo western women to further their own ends.”
        Yup. Women will win the gender war, folks. Many make the mistake of thinking that women won’t cut off their noses to spite their faces. If one thinks it’s tough on men now, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Hades hath no wrath like that of a woman scorned. A huge percentage of women and minorities want government resources (security) and they will vote for whomever will give them those resources.
        Hillary, with the help of the majority of women and minorities is a shoe in for next presidency, so expect laws and policies to dramatically shift in favor of women during her eight years in office. Don’t think anyone will care if the cost of these shifts are mainly borne by men. Many other countries are already well on their way in doing the same.

        1. “1. Yup. Women will win the gender war, folks. Many make the mistake of
          thinking that women won’t cut off their noses to spite their faces. If
          one thinks it’s tough on men now, you ain’t seen nothing yet.
          2. Hades
          hath no wrath like that of a woman scorned.
          3. A huge percentage of women
          and minorities want government resources (security) and they will vote
          for whomever will give them those resources.”
          First, that so-called gender war is nothing more than a depopulation plot by the very Anglo elites that unleashed their own brand of feminism. I sarcastically give my bravos to the Social Darwinists. Weed yourselves out before you weed out others.
          Second, women are afraid of FEMALE PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY. They only have themselves to blame why men will dismiss female complaints as a “Cry Wolf” scenario because of the fact women already did at the very expense of men’s livelihoods and LIVES. Need I remind you how the Ku Klux Klan white knighted for my paternal grand uncle’s LYNCHING at the beck and call of his false accuser?
          Third shall be the other way around, especially when “women are the new men and men are the new women.” Now, I shall not spell that out and rather let you to spell it out for yourselves.

        2. Pretty much agreed on the depopulation agenda. They also use the mutliculti doctrine and instigating racial and cultural tensions.
          At some point there will be a shift when say the muslims exert enough power and ability to destroy that policies will change towards a more militant, perhaps absolute tyranny. This will be when most of the weak men die off. You know, the ones that slave away to hand their money away to indignant whores.
          It is ironic that feminism will kill off the support system that allowed them to survive in the first place. I think its quite hilarious actually. The abject stupidity of whole masses of humans. The negligence of thousands of years of written history to serve as a guide not to repeat the follies of the past.
          I welcome this new world of vicious bloodthirsty males.
          But sorry sluts…you can’t have any of my food or provisioning. Nope not even sexual favors will help you in that time.
          You have my permission to sit and starve.

        3. I welcome this new world of vicious bloodthirsty males.
          Unfortunately this won’t help you and the top men will be your masters as they are today only without the same restraints. The top females will get these men and as to the rest at the bottom who cares. The world is overpopulated and needs a good reduction. Which groups do you think will be reduced, the top people or the basically useless liabilities at the bottom?

  11. Aaron Clarey is fuckin awesome. Hahaha I have a socialist friend and yesterday I had him listen to you convince FSN to enjoy the decline. hahahaha the look on his face. Thank You for saying better than I could. Cheers.

  12. Every man must read “The Return of Patriarchy” and a book called Shall the religious inherit the earth? If you don’t have the time to read the book at least look at the lecture by the author on youtube, its approximately 50 minutes. These two sources demonstrate that secularism and by extent feminism are destined to die due to the fact that the people who espouse those lifestyles have such low birth rates relative to religious folk. The author of the book focuses on religious fundamentalists and he clearly debunks the premise that these children will be brainwashed into becoming feminists and atheists by the public school sector. These two sources are a must read for any man who has taken the red pill so that he can be aware that feminism is only a temporal evil that will be eventually be defeated due to the birth rates of the religious.

  13. For feminism to lose, two things need to happen:
    1. Red pill theory and principles MUST be adopted by mainstream christianity and conservative culture. Thus far, both have been completely neutered and emasculated, adopting most of the major principles of feminism (i.e. female education, grrrl power, husband as abuser, wife as head of the household, etc.).
    2. Once christians and conservatives adopt red pill mindsets, creating a new insular culture (i.e. Mormons), the entire conservative/christian platform will revolve around high fertility rates. The gameplan is to deny female education, encourage modesty and domestic skills for daughters, husband as the head of the household, early marriage, no abortion, and no birth control.
    Red pill men waste too much time fighting liberals (myself included). The real people we should spend our time with is converting our natural allies….

    1. Great points. I often find myself angry when I read about excesses of feminism (for example, today I read that in swedish preschools the greeting “Good morning boys and girls” or any other reference to the students gender was banned, because it is not gender neutral and would push the kids into stereotypical gender roles…)
      Stuff like that -always- makes me think “I need to do something against this madness” (so for example I sometimes write letters to officials), when in fact looking for allies and caring for those who share your beliefs might be the more effective way to do something if you want to get involved (which I do).

      1. >>>>”I often find myself angry when I read about excesses of feminism (for
        example, today I read that in swedish preschools the greeting “Good
        morning boys and girls” or any other reference to the students gender
        was banned”
        Oh the abject horror. Yes, you are apparently often angry aren’t you. Good thing you nipped this true scourge in the bud, you simp. This stupid meaningless pre-school trend is really something to get your panties wadded over.

        1. Reads like a woman’s post, all emotion and no logic. Gender neutral culture is a feminist failure.

        2. shouldn’t you be on campus now helping some poor victim carry her skid marked mattress to class?

        3. Isn’t it ironic that you call someone angry and then proceed to rant and insult? “simp”, “pre-school”, “get your panties wadded”… Being angry is not a binary state, there is a degree to which you can be angry – and you seem to easily outdo me in this regard.

    2. Ok captain troglodyte, while I admit The Hills Have Eyes was a great fucking film – I think the practical application of cannibalizing and breeding women is probably gonna be a tough sell even amongst your most white-knuckled fundie women. I’m afraid there’s a universal expectation at this point in modernity, for reciprocally respectful and mutually supportive interpersonal relationships. Additionally, everyone gets to pursue their dreams these days regardless of whether they possess internal or external genitalia and complete with advanced education and pharmaceutical family planning for all. I’m sure you can pawn this fetid, hate fuck lifestyle on a few of your most Stockholm syndrome-y bible thumping broads – but on the whole, all you will achieve is a mass fucking exodus from religion with your brilliant “game plan”. Which can only be a good thing.

      1. don’t waste your breath. they’ve taken “the pill”. there will always be resentful men who don’t like an equal playing field. they can vent their spleen here, deriding and mocking women as at the same time they complain about their “rights” being taken away.

      2. “but on the whole, all you will achieve is a mass fucking exodus from religion with your brilliant “game plan”. Which can only be a good thing.”
        Oh my look at this chicken cluck!
        A mass exodus you say? Hmm I guess like Islam..the fastest growing religion in the world?
        You cave women are fucking morons. Project more bullshit back at jezebel clown.

        1. Despite your effete, online circle jerk, you’ve still lost the battle and the war. Ohs noes does the little neuter have the sniffles because he can’t keep the girls from stealing all the edjumacation and degrees? Yeah, ultra-militant christianity is just going to take the world by storm and commandeer, polite western civilization in the real near future! Might I suggest you hold your toothless, inbred breath and dream on eunuch 🙂

        2. Well tell yer lazy wife to clean the strap on after she’s done stickin’ it to ya. *sniff sniff* indeed

      1. You’re acting as if there aren’t men who would gladly make your skull leak like the Santa Barbara shooter or Son of Sam. Luckily for you, this site contains well educated, motivated men who don’t take women and their challenges too seriously.

        1. Luckily this civilized and well educated society don’t take the manosphere and it’s monkeys faggots to seriously.

    3. The Bible is red pill as fuck, ever read it? Read Adam and Eve that’s all you need. When has Christianity ever encouraged feminism or the wife being the head of the household.

    4. You’re here about 100-200 years late. Fantasyland helps though huh? We aren’t fucking cattle incubators.

  14. Yesterday during mass, I’m catholic the message of the mass was about how the man is the ultimate leader and decision maker within the marriage, and his power is derived from god himself. The priest went on to state no family could survive without a strong father present to teach and guide his children on moral behavior.
    Now many here may disagree on religion, but you didn’t get this message watching the Dallas Cowboys play yesterday. It is extremely clear this society is on its way down, I’m not ultra religious but growing up my father always expressed a belief in god and a greater power then ourselves which transcends all yes even government and yourself, he was not ultra religious either but he did believe in a greater power.
    Many may not agree with the above, but it does an excellent job of keeping narcissism at bay and a focus on the family and the kids. I have seen psychology advice that the feelings of kids are not as important as oneselfs and that everything will work out post divorce and not to worry about it. I cringe at the people who follow this advice, your kids should come first before all else, it is very much within ones power to ruin the lives of ones kids don’t for a second think it’s not. The abdication of personal responsibility and victim mentality is going way too far.

  15. ” Feminism and feminists WILL lose in the end. And the reason for this is that the entire movement is antithetical to their human and genetic programming.”
    I think they all know this deep down, which is one of the reasons they’re so unpleasant and miserable. That and being hideous 99.999% of the time.

  16. I disagree completely with the central thrust of this article.
    Feminism will only ”lose” in the same sense that Ebola can be said to ”lose” once it kills the host on which it depends. Feminism will not lose in any real sense, what it will do is run it’s course Once it has done so, the threats and demands of nature, returned to public consciousness by the destruction of the safety, order, and plenty that they previously took for granted will ensure that whatever comes after is based on sanity and a respect for reality.
    I also disagree that Feminism runs counter to people’s genetic programming. Leaving aside the questions of how an ideology opposed to basic human nature could become so popular, or indeed, even arise out of humanity in the first place, what biological imperative does feminism supposedly abrogate? Feminism is just how women currently feel they can best serve their biological imperative in an environment where the old compromises that had to be made with men and our imperatives are rendered unnecessary by the ambient safety, order, and plenty provided by the civilization men have erected.

      1. I’m pretty sure he means that it will be a relatively short term win for feminism. Eventually, other people’s money and men’s willingness to live as slaves will run dry. The scales can only tilt so far before the oppression of men will be crystal clear to all men and a “reset” occurs. Currently, feminism exists because most men haven’t yet awoken.
        “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.” – Isoroku Yamamoto
        “The villainy you teach me, I will execute, and it shall go hard but I will better the instruction.” (Act III, scene I)

        1. Wrong. The desire for men on the whole to live as slaves will never evaporate. Do not give the average man too much credit.

        2. “The desire for men on the whole to live as slaves will never evaporate.”
          That only applies to societies that espouse and pedestalize Gwenhwyfar and her ilk.

        3. Men will never wake up, that’s not how this ends. It ends as such things always do, with cities in flames, with wailing and gnashing of teeth. We would have seen what it would look like eventually if the Greece situation had been allowed to run it’s course, but they got a reprieve in the form of shitloads of German money.

        4. and women will return docilely to their roles as slaves? why do you think feminism arose in the first place?

        5. lol. the name calling is repetitive. brothels are necessary for guys like you, aren’t they.

        6. Men have the muscles and guns. If shit got really bad, women will return docilely to whatever the fuck we want them to.

        7. Feminism arose in the first place because well-off married women were bored.
          ‘Well-off’ means not having to scrub laundry with a washboard, either because they had domestic servants to do it, or electrical appliances. If you think being a housewife is slavery, you ought to spend a few days making a living woking in a coal mine.

        8. Stop being glib and answer the question put to you. Evasion, passive aggressiveness and implied meaning are effeminate and illogical. Say what you want, but say it, don’t hint at it.

        9. Millions of disenfranchised, male, pro-gun right-wing sharpshooters out there. Not too much longer until we decide to re-graffiti inner cities with the organs of leftists and queers.

      2. I don’t understand where you’re coming from exactly.
        What is your point of view that you think things are so peachy?

    1. Well said. You got it right. Feminism will run its course, and destroy everything resembling civilization on its way out. The complete fallout will be impossible to ignore in a generation or two.
      The idiology of feminism ensures that everyone, with the exception of the super wealthy elite, will lose in the end.
      Its largely by design. How else could and ideiology that makes everyone miserable not only survive, but thrive, in the information age, nonetheless.

      1. I don’t know man, I don’t think feminism does make everyone miserable. It’s great for women in their physical prime, allowing and encouraging them to wield the sexual power they have over men without fear or favour, without rhyme or reason, exploiting it to the hilt in service to whatever capricious whims take them. Young women in a luxurious and permissive society truly represent a class of royalty, especially the hot ones.
        Who cares if that comes at the cost of misery and bitterness for the rest of their lives? If you assign the host of women even half the intelligence or forethought required to see that coming, understand it if they did see it coming, or curb their own whim and fancy accordingly even if they did understand it then you are a more optimistic man than I.

        1. That is an excellent analysis. Hot women in their prime do benefit from feminism, at least ostensibly. However, in an abstract way they are hurt by feminism. Feminism produces a robust supply of weak, sexually obsolete men for these hot women to choose from. To get their kicks, hot women must choose between drug dealers and violent abusers. While these choices are cute at first, they are not ideal in the short amount of time that even the hottest woman needs in order to pick a financial provider.
          Basically, lots of sexy, albeit bad options for these women when they need options the most.

        2. Hot women do well in pretty much any society, excepting perhaps Muslim societies. You think Puritan men didn’t vie for the attention of the buxom willowy blonde back in the day?

    2. Feminism was actually strong in the dying days of Rome. The Celtic ne British women mocked Roman women for having such weak, puerile men. Feminism then died, but the West continued forward. It may not die in a literal sense, but it does ebb and flow and cannot survive without a strong welfare state (as was Rome in its final centuries).

      1. Yes, and it required the collapse of the Roman Empire and the sacking of the city itself to cleanse the infection. Also, at the time this was mostly confined to the Capital, the provinces were not anywhere near as bad. I see no extremely few such holdouts of strength these days.

        1. Agreed. It took centuries for the western Roman empire to die, remnants of their postal system were still functioning centuries after the “official” collapse of the city proper.
          As to holdouts of strength, not sure. The West (as in the traditional “cowboy” western states) seem to have huge swaths of “old America” traditional men and women in them, especially the north west (Montana, Wyoming, the Dakotas, Idaho, etc).

    1. Its a feminazi salute. And her blissful expression is called “the happy empowered feminazi”

    2. that is the size of the average feminist vagina after a decade of taking cock and over-eating

      1. Thanks for the reply. Whenever I see “one-eye symbolism” I think of Allfather Odin, the wisest god of all.

        1. I guess that’s another way to look at it. If you know much about the new age, the symbol comes from Aleister Crowley.

    3. It’s the Feminist “Inverted Uterus” sign. It means “Follow me, and you will wind up with a dry, dusty, useless raisin of a womb that will cry out for the babies that you didn’t have!”
      À bientôt,

  17. The only reason feminism ever came to be is because some morons decided that is was a good idea for women to have the right to vote. Feminism relies on an already existing advance rich society and government support/backing of weak, dormant, faggot beta males. Once the financial collapse happens everyone will laugh at it for the joke that it was.

    1. Yea, nice joke who sent us all back to the stoneage. Maybe next time, in about 5000 years when civilization is rebuilt, they won’t make the same mistake.

  18. Feminism will die when the money bubble pops. It was completely dependent on government handouts funded by men. Now it is dependent on government handoutds paid for with printed and borrowed money. The day femists have to produce enough to supprt themselves it dies.

    1. “Feminists! LOUD! Strong! INDEPENDENT! Don’t ever need a man!!!”*
      *until things get the tiniest bit difficult….
      À bientôt,

    2. How about all women just cease being born. There, your controlled rage can rest for twenty minutes while that soaks in your rotted brain. Cheers!

      1. You make the typical leftist assumption that feminism means “all women” when in fact it means no such thing.
        How a mind can function under a collectivist framework is astonishing.

        1. Why is everything on the Internet political. Once I realized I wasn’t a bleeding heart liberal 8 months ago I became a Libertarian. You douche bag commenters and your homo sexual authors of ROK constantly throw blanket statements around targeting all women. Especially western women. How any boy with an inch of common decency comes on these sites and think that women are lower than dirt is astonishing.

      2. Ill fix it for you: all FEMINAZY should cease to be born. There, fixed.
        Feminazies have a vagina but thats all they have in common with real women.

        1. Feminism is about equal rights for both genders. Why does it threaten your masculinity so? You’re so eager to control women that it’s your life mission to be a jerk.

  19. Actually I think the real danger feminism poses towards itself as an ideology is not so much the ruination of women led astray by it’s voracious appetites for the destruction of traditional channels. The kind women need to be complete (family, non ideologically based friendships, femininity, etc.) but the unveiling that occurs.
    Every push feminism makes, every new law it enacts, the vast bedrock of men come that much closer to seeing what they never did before. Namely, the unrestrained nature of women (or if you please her feral base coding sans any cultural safeguards).
    If the majority of men understood women as alphas and those wise to the game do, they would be absolutely horrified. Most would not rise to the challenge. This is how burkas are born. This is the stuff of chastity belts and mandatory related male guardians for shopping trips.
    It is entirely possible that feminism, allowed to progress to its logical extreme, will mean not just a return to the kind of past that so horrifies them. But a complete rollback of any Western equanimity regarding women. Which would be ironic to say the least.

    1. Fuck look at Ray Rice…..his girl slaps him twice then lunges at him in the elevator then he finally retaliates. I guess he was supposed to sit there and take abuse from her like a bitch…
      All us men know the consequences of provoking someone stronger than us, but women are exempt from responsibility
      With government there to alleviate womens’ responsibility, you are right we are seeing unrestrained female nature. – Hypergamy, abortion, attacking men, etc…

    2. What oh what oh whatever could the middle eastern women have done back in history that the lord almighty himself would have come down from the heavens to STRIKE MOUSTACHES upon the women of the land?

    1. You’re wrong on that one. No man, especially one who plays professional football, should strike a female like that. You know the biggest reason femi-nazis get away with labeling all men as drunk, woman-beating rapists? My best guess is that the minute percentage of assholes like Ray Rice out there who have absolutely no control of their emotions, knocks out their woman, and provides every man-hater all the ammunition they need for their quest to take down the “patriarchy.” The guy should be lynched by men of all colors.

      1. Footage was released today that he was struck first multiple times beforehe retaliated. Women need to learn to stay in a woman’s place and keep their hands to themselves.

        1. I saw the footage, she barely got a swing in before he laid her out. The guy is weak. He could have just as easily restrained her. Better yet, as soon as she got uppity, he should have left her at the hotel, and went out to shack up with some other groupie.

        2. Yeah he could have but the point remains as an adult you have no business throwing hands at someone and then using the ass backwards society and it’s laws to avoid responsibility

        3. It’s like those cops who kill criminals that attack them. Sure they could have just restrained and arrested them but the fact remains if you assault or try to be prepared for the consequences

        4. She actually refused to press charges…. There are a couple factions of followers here on ROK. One group, acknowledges the playing field that modern feminism has created, and attempts to develop strategies to get laid as much as possible in this new world. Another faction, is guys who hold similar viewpoints as the one that you are expressing, who wish to return to a fictional version of yesteryear, where beating your wife was just fucking dandy, and you kept your woman in perpetual bondage through such tactics. Men keep can their women in line, without such devices. Virgin boys, who dream of getting their dick wet one day, long for those good old days that never existed. Go off yourself, Mr. Rodgers

        5. I’m not advocating assaulting anyone but I’m saying women deserve to be held accountable dipshit. Stop being a fucking captain who throws insults at someone who disagrees with you ovee the internet

        6. The apologist stance you took to defend an individual who physically assaulted someone nowhere near his equal, would lead one to believe otherwise. Arguments like that, as well as some of the anti-Semitic, racist beliefs espoused by a minority of the commenters here, discredit this entire movement.

        7. That’s like saying a skinny man attacks a large musclar man and the large man has no right to defend himself. Makes no sense

        8. A large man has no need to defend himself, he can easily thwart off attackers through his body language, and demeanor. As a big guy, never once has a smaller man threatened me to the point where I felt the need for serious retaliation. It just doesn’t happen. If you notice, the big guys are usually relaxed, friendly, and calm, while it’s always guys in lower weight classes who street fight and beat women in their attempt to fake “alpha.” When you’re large, the problem with lashing out with violence, is that one can easily seriously injure or even kill another person, with very few strikes. Thus, Ray Rice’s wife being knocked unconscious with one blow. If he struck her again in that state, the consequences possibly could have been much worse.

        9. Actually, smaller males do not have as much testosterone than larger muscular males. Testosterone is what causes aggressive behaviour. This is a well known fact. So, large testosterone pumped muscular guys are more likely to beat their women.

        10. She hit him twice, and would have kept right on delivering humiliating slaps and hits. How much is a man supposed to put up with?

        11. “A large man has no need to defend himself, he can easily thwart off attackers through his body language, and demeanor.”
          Not when the skinny man *knows* (or at least thinks) that the larger man cannot, cannot retaliate. Not when body language and demeanour is *itself* regarded as assault when it comes from a large man.

        12. A well known untrue fact. Turns out that the relationship between testosterone and aggression is nowhere near that simple. Not a surprise: hormones are not really all that well understood.

        13. If by weak, you mean Superhero the of course.
          Every whore need to be smacked across the face.

        14. I have it on good authority that a woman can do anything a man can do and that strength itself is a social construct.
          The man was assaulted, retreated as far as he could in the confined space and only then defended himself in a fair fight.
          Now people are blaming the victim. I have it on good authority that you shouldn’t victim blame.
          The real problem is the way the personal is being made political to destroy his life, rather than being left to the proper authorities.
          In that regard his real mistake was in not doing a fireman’s carry. It would have looked better.

        15. Bruce Lee was much smaller than me and he would have severely kicked my ass. My current karate instructor is much smaller than me and I have no doubt that he would severely kick my ass.
          This past week (in the city I live in), a small-statured 22-year old woman repeatedly stabbed and killed someone in a bar, About a year ago, another chick pushed her husband of eight days off a cliff and killed him.
          Keep in mind, most American women are equal in size or much larger than a lot of men worldwide (Asian and Central/South America men come to mind). Should all men just stand there and be hit, pushed off a cliff and/or stabbed just because a woman is the aggressor??? Despite the physical size of a woman??? Should women continue to get a free pass because they know that they won’t be held accountable for their actions/inactions by American laws and society???
          Dude, if you want to, you can just stand there and take the abuse/beating. Hopefully she won’t pull a weapon on you, Afterwards (if you survive) you can tell the world what a noble man you were. As for me, I’m defending myself against anyone who attacks me.

        16. Agreed. A friend of mine, long in the past, told me in passing that “The moment a woman seriously hits a man, she has voluntarily entered the world of men. If she wants to be treated as a man, I’ll oblige and punch her in the face”. I don’t know if I was shocked so much as I was amazed, as it was the first time I’d heard such a thing breathed out loud by a man. This was around 1986 or so.

        17. Small guys do seem to get “Little Big Man” disease pretty frequently. IME, men are like spiders: it’s the little ones that are dangerous.
          À bientôt,

      2. “You know the biggest reason femi-nazis get away with labeling all men as drunk, woman-beating rapists?”
        Because they’re a bunch of drunken whores?

    2. I think it is bullshit that the victim married her attacker. But I think there’s what, $25 million reasons why she might have done that.

    3. The problem that Ray and his girl had is they were intoxicated (from some reports) and irrational and fought in a confined space. If you look at the video, she lunges at him, and he backs up until he cannot retreat any more*, and then he retaliates. If this happens outside of an elevator, where he has more room to maneuver and avoid her, then she likely doesn’t get her lights punched out.
      Should ray have grabbed her instead of punching her? Probably, but he made a snap judgment, under duress. Of course, the Cathedral holds men responsible and gives women the pussy pass.
      My guess is that Ray will get a year’s suspension and will come back into the league (provided he maintains his level of fitness) in 2015, contrite and having “learned his lesson” – I.E. if he eats a bucket of shit that the Commissioner gives him and tells everyone how good it tastes – but at a much reduced salary level.
      The guy is getting hosed way out of proportion with what he did.
      À bientôt,
      *I don’t know the particular law in NJ, but many states require a person to “retreat to a wall” (i.e. try to escape) and then permit self-defense. That requirement was met, here.

      1. I wouldn’t say that but granted he could have just restrained her he also was in the right to hit her as she kept coming at him. What I particularly hate about all this is that a LOT of the videos online of the footage are edited to make it look as if he hit her first even though TMZ has the original tape. Also, feminists and their white knights have brought the NFL bad press all the while completely avoiding the fact he was attacked and assume the numerous other cases with players prior to this were initiated by the man. I fucking hate this country.

        1. A big ugly black man lost his job and that bothers you? Feminists and white knights. Living in fantasyland still yes

        2. Yes the reasons for him being fired bother me as it is apart of war waged against us men every single day. The system views men as dispensible. Feminists and white knights are but victims of the system like we are however their actions must still be recognized…

        3. I don’t have kids dumbass. Your idiocy has disqualified you from being seen as capable of making intelligent discussion.

  20. Feminism will fail because it goes against biology. Feminism values not having children, abortion, and birth control as a “choice”. Biologically females, if they wish to pass their genetics on to their offspring will want to have them. Feminism looks down upon such women as “in the past”.

  21. I think it’s time for some reverse psychology.
    I find with women (argumentative women) that if you say up, they say down.
    So if we like feminism they may come to dislike it.

        1. If you think you can get your fill of pussy by being a male feminist, go for it brother.

        2. 99% from the male feminists are heterosexual manbabies just CRAVING for female contact and attention.
          But… men who put women on pedestal, literally worship them will end (in the best scenario) as cuckold toilet, and in the worst (most common) scenario will remain virgins without even kissing a girl.
          Just a clarification, i said “in the best scenario” because after all they lust female contact, no matter the consequences.

  22. The world is going to hell and all you ROK cheese dicks can do is bang your cyber fists on your keyboard and blame women for the worlds problems! Funny thing, men are in charge of most countries and we all know how well that is going! Lol

    1. Blaming feminism is not the same thing as blaming women. And nobody is even blaming feminism for all the worlds problems even at that.

    2. You must be a real date magnet on campus, what with all that time you spend trolling sites like this in your never-ending quest to make conservatives’ lives miserable. So! When do you plan on making it official and marrying your Magic Wand?

    3. How well it’s going? You mean, the roll-out of technology, fewer people dying in wars than at any point in history, smallpox eradicated – that kind of thing?

      1. You’re not supposed to be replying to females or in this case a homosexual looking for male attention on the Net.Maybe you boys like homos because you’re always talking about anal.

    4. Learn some history and see how things were during the primitive matriarchy which was what the world was like from the beginning until about 10k BC when men discovered a few things, like sex led to pregnancy and then when they discovered that there was a specific man who was the father of a child. You would think that the females would have made the connection but no. After men discovered this and that these children were their property they began to change how things were done and this led to civilisations, cooperation and advancements. Females like you have always had it so easy as a result of man’s ingenuity that you never knew what it was like to live a primitive life and like a child just think that everything they have has always been here.

      1. If we have it soooo easy and that bothers you, buy a gun and shoot up random women.. Or kill all of us.. Go ahead, I dare you.

        1. Hardly. Good sarcasm requires wit, which II detect none of. Just because YOU feel the snark, doesn’t mean that anyone else can find it under all of that ahem depth you’ve displayed.
          As to what you love, that’s up to you. But “loving dick” is quite a qualified insult considering that there is more to a man than his John Thomas, but I don’t expect borderline types who want to make other 2 dimensional to grasp that.

        2. All women are cum dumpsters to you. All men are walking penises to me. We both win. Ahem depth lol. You pricks aren’t worth me racking my brains. 2dimensional that you contentious puke

  23. There’s just way too much hate in the world. I don’t know why but feminists seem to really have it out for men… but most men I know are really just hardworking guys trying to have a family. I guess women assume men expect them to just…. follow a set of rules? And women don’t like being demanded to follow a set of rules? But in all honesty such rules are there not because men demand them as some kind of masculine patriarchal imperative, but rather because they’re good for society.
    We can’t have a society where men are being constantly degraded and hounded and as a result men become misogynist promoting and even worse backlash from women… which is happening now. The war between the sexes is at an all time high and it’s probably turning a lot of good men and women against each other.
    Believe it or not, I do believe that women can be good people, like my wife, provided they aren’t fed western poison. It’s really the western poison that corrupts people and I won’t pretend that when I was in the US I was free from buying into crap the media taught me about stuff. I was a “bad boy” when I was young but once I moved abroad I saw that being a bad boy doesn’t really fly in a healthy country. I’m a pretty nice guy but constantly having attacks made by women of my own ethnicity against me really just makes my blood boil sometimes even though I’m sitting here trying to make a living and never really had a patriarchal bone in my body until I was accused of having it just because of my race.
    Anyways I hope things really level off before it gets much worse. It’s bad for children and even though I would never condone violence against anyone it’s probably going to come to blows at some point… men against men, men against women, etc… men are more prone to outbursts and depression and I think it’s really not a good idea to goad them and humiliate “nice guys.” It’s like the male version of a “trigger warning” hearing about divorce rape and stuff. Sometimes it even makes me so mad I want to scream but then I just go back to being with my wife and chilling out and playing games.

  24. Feminism will collapse. That’s no doubt. The question is when and at what cost. Because there’s a chance that when feminism collapses, it will cause collateral damage to society resulting in ruin that can’t be recovered.
    On another note, I just saw statistics on the number of serial killers in the US compared to the international scene and it just so happens that the number of serial killers spiked in the 1960s and 70s. Is it a coincidence that this was also the period of the rise of feminism as well? IMO, there’s a correlation along with other factors present. But this alone should indicate that feminism is a destructive force that destroys society.

  25. Great article. I will say it’s very hard not to mock these feminists, especially when they set up networking websites to comfort each other in their childless post-marital spinsterhood:
    Here’s a typical page:
    “when you watch a friend whitewash their past in order to ‘hook’ a partner and manage to keep up the act long enough to have a child – it’s not fair”

  26. Dude, there’s another reason it will fail besides genetics: wants.
    1. Feminism breeds women men don’t want.
    2. Manosphere breeds men women do want.
    Doesn’t take a genius to work out who will win in the end.

  27. I don’t believe feminism is going anywhere. All factors aside it reduces the cost of labor. Women in the work place was the first shot in the ever pressing goal to reduce labor overhead. It doubled supply overnight. Then came nafta and global free trade.
    My guess is it will continue untill wages for even the top experts is down to modern day poverty levels. Then things might change, but again probably not in the direction where 50% of the population rolls back 200 years in thinking. Just being a realist here.

    1. Ah, but what about the importing of hordes of third world, low wage “workers” across the entirety of the West? That’s going to bring your “top experts paid shit” scenario on quite quickly.

    2. All factors aside it reduces the cost of labor. Women in the work place was the first shot in the ever pressing goal to reduce labor overhead.
      Only because the employers were subscribing to equalist idiocy by assuming that women were as capable, competent, and dedicated to their jobs as men are. And they’re finding out — slowly, but they are — that women are far inferior to men in the workplace, in every way, and that they’re destroying the future by hiring inferior employees.

      1. I don’t think you give them enough credit. Quite a lot of money was made by a small minority of people, which I think was ultimately the goal in the short term. Wealthy people have a knack for maintaining and growing their riches. They certainly aren’t the idiots you’re implying they are. Those who facilitated feminism did so quite purposefully to make money, with outstanding results. No one knows how long this will last.

      2. I dont think most employers care if they get the best talent. That’s why sytems like Lean manufacturing were created. More or less idiot proof the job with one or two talented people, then proceed to eliminate creativity and plug in a warm body that can follow pre digested instructions. If feelings get hurt, rinse and repeat.

  28. Don’t hold your breath yet. Feminism will fail when the economic system fails and that is not going to happen any time soon. During the dark ages common people endured real hardship and yet it took between 800 and 1000 years for the Age of Reason to be born again.
    In feminist countries today people are having it easy in terms of standard of living. So for now, feminism is here to stay. We only have to learn to navigate through this Watery Age.

  29. That photo of ol’ Gloria is so sad. One can have an opinion for or contrary to abortion, but it would take an absolute knife to the soul to come to the state where one would celebrate having an abortion as she does in that photo. That girl died decades ago inside, she just isn’t smart enough to know it yet.
    Conservatives breeding while liberals self-terminate is true. Ideology is not genetic, however more and more “right wing” types being born will reinforce right wing confidence, which will do a good job on throwing PC to the curb. As such it may come to the point when it is a point of pride to reject the Cathedral, will even be seen as hip and cool. Most people, when you get down to it, want to be a part of the whole of the prevalent culture. When only “right wings” are left except for a few sneering Cathedral types, it won’t matter a hill of beans what teachers/college profs say, and in fact, they may well be supplanted and then, one hopes, things might turn for the better.
    As mentioned below though, that would mean that if you have kids, you MUST be a fearless father and bring up your progeny correctly and with knowledge enough to reject the foolishness of the Left.

  30. Agree with many of the comments here i.e. feminism will fail, period, when there is an economic reset/collapse and as Aaron pointed out, because of genetics or nature etc. Here is another reason why – from an ideological point of view feminism makes no sense, it literally contradicts itself out of existence. Examples:
    -feminism says (screams) its for equality yet maintains that women are superior to men as illustrated by numerous articles and open declarations such as the atlantic’s cover page “are men inferior to women” and the whole “are men obsolete”.
    -feminism says (screams) its against discrimination? Really, so, by mandating that universities, companies, governments, private clubs etc must include women (but no such mandate exists for men) they have actually created the very thing they said they were to eradicate – discrimination.
    I could go on and on, those may not be the best examples, but sorry any more of this and I’ll barf. This is an egotistical, envy-based and hateful ideology that contends that women are better then men because women have been the victims of men since the dawn of time. ??? If you were the victims of men doesn’t that make you weaker? You see, contradictions.

    1. Feminism isn’t about women wanting to be equal to men, well to all men. Feminism is about wanting all women to be equal to the top 25% of men. Maybe we can argue the percentage but I think I’m on the right track.

    2. Yea but they have a little problem figuring out that, if men are so useless, how come men create everything, make new inventions etc.? that little detail they try to forget during their little monday morning feminazy meetup.

  31. I wish I could agree with you but the building blocks for a nightmarish dystopian society are already in place and there appears to be no countervailing force to stop it. The elites are having and will continue to have their way with us proles.

  32. “How can we destroy monogamy?”
    “By promoting promiscuity, eroticism, prostitution and homosexuality!” they resounded.
    And how do we destroy feminism? Don’t have too, it looks like they are doing a good job all on their own.

  33. I find this piece to be wishful thinking and its own sort of dehumanizing propaganda. “This is not a one off anecdote. This is the consequence of putting a
    childish and evil ideology, as well as your egotistical self, ahead and
    above all other people. Your career is more important than your
    children. Your PhD is more important than your husband. Your book is
    more important than your family. And your activism is more important
    than your friends. Sadly, all of those things cannot replace the most
    dynamic, intelligent, interesting, engaging and rewarding thing on this
    planet, and that is other human beings.”
    Few attractive young women with opportunities for love, marriage, and childbirth (all at the same time) actually fail to take advantage of those opportunities. However, stress, particularly in a tumultuous economy, is inevitable. Propaganda presses the “reason” for that stress on the young woman’s mind and it is a lie. Human beings are a lot more fragile than they believe themselves to be. With enough stress–combined with a soothing “rationale” for that stress–anyone can be broken–not just “childish” ones. However, for the “childish” (and pigeonholing other peoples’ motivations exemplifies childishness), slogans and ideology go down with a lot less resistance.
    Those young women who have those opportunities but choose instead to focus on their careers are usually not doing so for “egotistical” motivations but because she has been told that she must learn to take care of herself (and her future children) because men cannot be relied upon (but the government and “sisterhood” can). If men can so easily fall for counterpropaganda as women can fall for the original propaganda, that distrust of men as providers (at the least during the tender years of her infant while her own status as a “provider” is compromised) is actually warranted.
    Meanwhile, young attractive women who “fall in love” with a good provider are as likely as any to reproduce. However, if she subsequently falls prey to propaganda (of if her “love” isn’t real), that child of hers is going to be an easily manipulated individual suffering from attachment disorder. This is the fate of most children of single-parent families and divorce and makes them an ideal slave class to a totalitarian state. Therefore, I do not share the optimism of the author.

    1. If you place your trust “but the government and “sisterhood” can” there rather than in a set man, you misplaced your future.
      That is the core of the matter and this article proves it – you just dont get it.
      Growing a penis would help but thats the one thing you stupid feminists have not yet managed to do. Sadly.

      1. My disagreement with the premise of the article and critique makes me neither stupid nor a feminist. Of course, being that this particular critique has a female avatar, I can understand your confusion. Thanks for playing.

  34. Just wondering, what do you guys think feminists actually STAND for? What is it about feminism that you disagree with?

    1. Feminism helps keep women educated and gives them control of their bodies. These boys don’t like that much. It’s about control. Their wiring is fucked up also

    2. Dictionary definitions aside, feminism on practice can be summed like this – the fight for preserving the privileges for a certain demographic group, white western women.

      1. And that just chaps your hide right? The funny thing about this site is the boys who post here are to chicken shit to talk like this in public.

        1. The greatest and most vicious critics of feminism are non-white women who are part from the women rights struggle. Men don’t talk about feminism. Why would we? We live in a feminist society, our views are heretical. Better keep it for ourselves and try to change the paradigm silently. After all, Feminism NOW is much less powerful than before 5 years or even 15 years. With each year it’s getting less and less significant and influential.
          Ideologies based on Claims, emotional garbage and not facts will fail sooner or later.

        2. Btw, your rabid excuse for being silent about your hatred for feminism is a farce, a cop out and cowards play. I’m a secular humanist and we are the most hated group in United States. I have no qualms with speaking my mind about the dangers and lies of religion to family, friends and strangers. I thought you were manly men?

        3. The manly thing is not to talk, but to act.
          Internet is not about talking, it’s more like a medium for expression of feelings, genuine positions and inner thoughts.
          The reason why Racism and Sexism are so common on-line than off-line, it’s because both Racial and Gender issues are dominated by one side (feminists and “blame whitey” group). On-line people really can be honest
          “Secular Humanists are so hated”
          I am a secular satanist who encourages mass (sub)human depopulation. Instead talking, why just not… *Censored* immigrants?
          Direct action versus a talk

        4. I know that the other gender and other races having a fair shot at success in their human experience threatens you so much. Your honesty sounds like bitching and psychosis.

  35. You say “in the end.” What IS the end exactly?
    It seems as long as there is a power structure/hierarchy, feminism will survive. At least when conditions provide enough prosperity. The real power lies in the hands of the men that facilitate it.

    1. China, Saudi Arabia, Cuba are all powerful states with a hierarchy and feminism there is minimal (the case with Cuba) and crushed at birth (in the case of Saudi Arabia).
      Weak societies support Feminism. And guess what, “The West” is following Weak culture

  36. How to defeat feminism:
    1. Do not marry. Before a close male friend marries, be sure to give him an earful
    2. Cut off social arrangements with feminists and leftists. Deprive them of their main agenda, attention and validation
    3. Leave corporate america alone. They won with feminism and will be the second to last feminist bastion standing (government being the first). Invest in precious metals and emerging non-feminist markets.
    4. Become a small business owner, register your business abroad, utilize every single tax loophole to contribute as little as possible to the system
    5. Red Pill philosophy is exploding. Use profits from your business to invest in red pill videos and other propaganda, converting as many of us as possible
    6. End chivalry. No door holding, paying for shit, holding bags, etc. Refuse to step in when you see a woman in distress
    7. Continually avoid relationship commitment
    8. Set stringent requirements for dating. Obviously no feminists/leftists, no 35+, single moms out of the question. Female corporate VP=male cashier. Don’t be afraid to make this public on your dating profiles, similar to a woman’s “checklist”
    9. Vote small government republican
    10. If you can successfully hide your money utilize government handouts to expedite the government’s bleeding process.
    11. Continually break society’s relationship rules. Don’t get married. Date women half your age.
    12. End your relationship with feminist media.
    13. Own firearms once the failure begins

  37. How long until someone stands up and totally wipes out the poison we live with day by day called “Feminsim”
    I don’t want to leave this earth UNTIL I read in the local paper the quote above!

  38. Expanding on the good Captains article, i’d like to reiterate a previous thesis of why I think, at present, feminism is peaking and about to keel over into its inevitable decline. The driving force – technology, namely disruptive technology that, oddly, already exists. To be specific the technology I’m talking about are the emerging capabilities to customize your own media experience, which as many of you know, I call iCulture. In a previous time, progressivism was able to flourish because we only had so many options to be entertained. Going forward that will not be the case. Numerous aggregators and applications will empower all of you to select precisely what you want to see. I’ve long since maintained that feminism is an illusion, much of the persona that women have adopted today is prefabricated by mass media. Compounding the problem for men, “they” have also taking it upon themselves to prefabricate what “they” think is a proper man, kindly reference your tv to see the abomination they’re created for you. But we must consider the pathology of this, indeed, it comes from a highly centralized and top-down construct where a centralized main stream media that is hyper connected and in high def produces trends, fads, perceptions, personas and, to a disturbing large degree, people, moreover with striking efficiency. And if this centralized media monster is feminized then so is the content and so are the people. Hence our predicament. But what would happen if media became decentralized? Ponder that, because, iCulture will break the centralized head of the progressive hydra. Another, emerging disruption right around the corner is online learning, which will also destroy academia.

  39. The left conducts genocide against its enemies by flooding them with foreign demographics and telling them not to have kids, I don’t see any reason not to do the same to them.
    I’m an immigrant myself and I’ve seen first hand how uncomfortable the white liberal kinds get when they actually have to BE with immigrants, like doing real things instead of just getting their activist kicks. Do they think most of us believe in the same kind of social justice extremism? Even the ones that lean that one tend to do so only because it’s in the interests of our own race, not because they think it should also be applied to us.

  40. Feminism will lose, but it’s definitely not for the reasons that were stated above.
    1) Feminism as a global movement was started primarily by middle to upper class, college educated, white women in the Western world who were demanding to free themselves from the “patriarchy” of traditional gender roles both inside and outside the home. Since the gender roles of Western European-descended women generally wasn’t labor intensive as it was in Latin America, Africa and Asia, the work “equality in pay” arguments really doesn’t fly.
    2) I doubt that feminist thought has that same appeal for dirt poor men and women of ANY color. People with privilege always are the people with money.
    3) Critics of feminism are making the same HUGE mistake that white feminists have done and are STILL doing: Framing the arguments in a (WESTERN) cultural context.
    Case in point: African-American women.
    Despite living close to the bottom rung of both the social and racial hierarchy in the United States, AA women still have the privileges that a Somali woman doesn’t enjoy (like equal access to education, better access to ANY kind of health care), or have the same kind of social issues (like whether or not to wear a burqa or niqib in public, or female genital mutilation).
    But don’t assume that ALL African-American women share the EXACT same anxieties and fears, or have the EXACT same advantages and/or disadvantages of living in a Western culture. Most black women, for whatever reasons, are still very enamored with black men. But a lot of the white feminist “sisters” just seem to hate ALL men.
    Sweden seems to be the world wide harbinger of which direction the feminist movement is going. They recently just put in a 100% feminist party in the European Parliament, and the left-leaning parties may win the general elections there next week. They managed to do this even after having a documentary that exposed the depth of radical feminism permeating all walks of life eight years ago (called ‘The Gender war’.)
    Even a supposedly right-wing government is not going to go out and openly criticize feminism. The Sweden Democrats, which actually has more people with an immigrant background as party members than even the Swedish Social Democratic Party (!!!!!), keep losing the plot when they use “white supremacist” arguments in their criticisms of feminism. The “racism” label is extremely effect to turning people away from their cause, and I thought most feminism critics would have gotten that meseage by now.
    It would be easy to me gloat and say that this is the result of Western culture trying to convince the world (for the last 300 years) that white women represent the epitome of what “femininity” stands for. It seems like a lot of those chickens are coming home to roost in the 21st century.
    But it’s NOT funny when you see how radical feminism leads to mass murders in Norway and constant street fights in Malmø (Sweden). It’s NOT funny when you see children of this generation just drifting through life and not knowing what their role in society (and the world) should be. It’s NOT funny when you see a high level of unhappiness and fear for the future. It’s NOT funny when you see high levels of anger and resentment.
    A lot of us didn’t swallow the “blue pill” (I actually had to look up what that meant because it has been years since I’ve seen ‘The Matrix’). A good number of us were living in the “real world” the second we were born. So don’t paint all women with such a broad brush because that is a sure and fast way of losing.
    “If you know both yourself and your enemy, you can win numerous (literally, “a hundred”) battles without jeopardy.”
    –Sun Tzu

  41. Feminism will lose and here’s how. The game is simple. You date a mouthy cunt who thinks her shit doesn’t stink because she’s in college – delete her fucking papers and all her work when she’s in the shower after your done fucking her. You have classes with know it all bitches sucking up to and sucking off the
    professors – trash their papers and homework when they pass them towards
    the front of the class to turn in. Your dating a dumb cunt independant
    career hag – give her all the yelp reviews she deserves, complain to the
    med boards if she’s a doctor, sue her proprietorship if she owns some
    dopey destined to fail business. Let’s speed this shit along gentlemen.
    At your heels with her cunt open and her mouth shut is where you put
    them. Take their power away as of now. It needs to start at home. Beat your daughters into submission too because heaven forbid your special snowflakes are actually put to good use as homemakers. Let them know early on they don’t get a fucking choice and they will play with dolls because they don’t get to create art, they don’t get to become doctors, or business women (what a fucking oxymoron) and they don’t get a say in JACK SHIT. They are all going to start doing as their told and nothing will be prettier than their selfish, shit eating tears as they cry themselves to sleep mourning their pretend lack of fulfillment. Harpie cunts.

  42. Feminism dies once the female of the species no longer dictates the terms or is capable of controlling the timetable for reproduction.
    Feminism dies when:
    1. Porn/Cybersex Brainjack/Sexbots (pick your poison) becomes so affordable and immersive, the idea of spending lots of time/money/effort is outweighed by the ease/comfort/practicality of going solo in the comfort of your own home.
    2. Vasagel/RSIUG comes out with the 10+year reversible vasectomies, leaving every man on the planet with the option to control his own reproductive destiny (which will drive up sperm bank deposit cash incentives making the sperm become more valuable than the egg for the first time in the human species).
    If women still want to end up having children and families.. it would behoove them to renounce being the feminist manjawed tankgrrrls full of moxy feminism wants them to be. No man will want to start a family with shit on a stick.
    When men are fully in control of the one commodity women require in order to fulfill being ‘women’ and the final link to ‘having it all’.. their power at the negotiating table dies.
    Be feminine or stock up on kitty litter.

  43. “piss it away on a religion that is nothing more than an excuse to be a narcissistic, self-absorbed psychopath.”
    My mom is a feminist, helps the community, and (obviously) had me. Because of her inspiration, I want to be able to support myself and help the world. There are a myriad of ways to do that beyond raising yet another mouth to feed. Your generalizing perception is beyond pitiable.

  44. Do you think that the destruction of families matter? Feminism is a branch of a larger agenda to destabilize society and replace family with the state. It’s really about state control. It has industry behind it: It floods the workforce subsequently devaluing labor. It has always had government behind it: more people to tax, replacement of family with government programs, etc. It has infected all our institutions and channels of expression: art, culture, media, religion, education. When you start to see it less as an idea gone wrong and more as a social agenda and a tool of state control – you’ll then agree that it’s not going anywhere. It needs to be exterminated by willful men.

  45. This article made me LOL. It’s stupid, pointless and nay man who has ever been in a relationship will know: we are all big talk but when it comes to save the relationship, we are mushy puppies.

  46. lol. because socio-political outlook is an inherited trait, right? What a maroon.

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