3 Reasons You Should Try Phenibut

The following article is sponsored by Good Looking Loser and written by Donovan Sharpe.

I’ve written articles in the past that have touched on my experience with Kratom. The first one I wrote briefly touched on how I incorporate it into my daily regimen. The second went much more in depth in terms of my first experience with it, how it affected me, and the adjustments I made to get the most it.

Today, I’d like to discuss a compound called Phenibut.

In short, Phenibut is sold as a nutritional supplement in the U.S. and Europe (sold as a psychotropic drug in Russia). Its main uses are alleviate general anxiety, social anxiety, PTSD and insomnia but it’s also used proactively to improve overall neurological function which is the reason I wanted to give it a try.

This compound is mainly used for people who suffer from various anxiety disorders and is easily the main effect.

Personally, I’m not one who suffers from traditional anxiety but Phenibut definitely gives me an ‘attitude adjustment’ or a noticeable sense of calm or stress reduction.

When using Phenibut alone, 500 milligrams (1 serving) is more than enough to give me this sense of calm. Though I’ve never had a problem talking to people and being social, it drastically reduces my cynicism and gives me a better overall sense of well-being.

It’s like I actually really want to talk to people.

One effect that is unique to me when I take nootropics like Kratom and Phenibut is that my mind starts thinking of ways to improve myself in every way shape and form. I’m one who enjoys progress every bit as much as the result so when these compounds start to take effect, it always puts me in a great mood for no other reason but that I’m thinking about things I really like to do. Perpetual optimism.

Kratom and Phenibut have their similarities in terms of the physical effects but the cognitive effects from person-to-person is where these compounds really shine. It may take some trial and error, but every person will have their own unique mental effect and discovering this is pretty cool.

I’ve used Phenibut several times over the past two weeks and, in addition to the sense of well-being, highly recommend giving it a try for these three reasons:

1. You’ll sleep like a baby (at higher doses)

The first day I tried Phenibut I took 1500 milligrams that morning (3 scoops), 500 milligrams 6 hours later, then another 500 milligrams in the afternoon for a total of 2500 milligrams in about a 12 hour period. That’s not a large dose but it’s not a small one either—especially for a first time user.

About 10 minutes after I took that last afternoon dose, I decided to lay down on my couch for a power nap before getting some work done. I didn’t feel overly drowsy or high, I just felt the need to lay down for a few minutes. I closed my eyes at 4:25pm….

…and didn’t wake up until 1:30am in the morning! Not only did I miss numerous calls and texts from my business partner, I missed a midnight rendezvous with a girl I’d been wanting to bang for a while.

I caught up on my work the next day and was able to reschedule my tryst so it wasn’t a total loss of a day, but I was clearly in over my skis as a virgin user. However, the sleep I got that afternoon and night was probably the best I’d slept in quite a while.

I don’t remember dreaming, tossing, or turning. I was in such a deep sleep I didn’t even hear my phone ringing and buzzing away. When I finally woke up I was so rested and refreshed I just stayed up and carried on with the rest of my day and was incredibly productive.

I certainly didn’t overdose but I probably took more than I should have my first time around. That said, anytime I need a good night’s sleep I take 1000 milligrams (2 scoops) about an hour before bed. Your individual results may vary but this stuff will definitely put you in an REM sleep like you’ve never experienced before.

2. Sex will feel better (At any dose)

Personally, Phenibut drastically heightens my sense of touch. I hadn’t realized this until after having sex with a girl one night when she said “your orgasm faces are more….crazy lately.” In other words, the intensity of my orgasms were increasing.

When I finally put two and two together and figured out that blowing my top felt better on day’s I’d taken it, I knew I was onto something. The fact is, Phenibut made my cock more sensitive and as a result, sex felt much better. I’m not a scientist nor will I pretend to be but the neurological effects of this compound probably explains the increased sensitivity on my skin.

According to Good Looking Loser, this compound can also be used by women (proof included) to greatly increase their sexual pleasure and give girls legitimately mind-blowing orgasms. Being the selfish mother fucker that I am, I haven’t shared my supply nor do I intend to any time soon and if you get the same feeling I got you probably won’t either.

3. You can stack it with Kratom

This is, by far and away, the biggest reason you should try Phenibut. Stacking it with Kratom not only dramatically increases the effect of the strain of Kratom you burn, it lasts a hell of a lot longer.

Phenibut takes anywhere between 1 and 4 hours to take effect depending on the person and the size and time of his last meal. Kratom, on the other hand, takes 20 minutes or less to take effect depending on the same factors. Putting the two together takes advantage of Phenibut’s longevity and Kratom’s euphoria.

For example, on days want to lift heavy I’ll stack about 2 grams of a faster Kratom strain like Hyper Hippo, or Kicker Hippo with 500 to 1000 milligrams of Phenibut. The result is a high level of energy and motivation that lasts through my workout and my subsequent bike ride. The Kratom usually starts to wear off right at the beginning of my ride but Phenibut extends the effect about 3-fold.

On days when I need to get a good night’s sleep I’ll stack 500 to 1000 milligrams of Phenibut with a slower Kratom Strain like Sleepy Hippo or Snuggie Hippo. The result is a deeper more restorative sleep that lasts through the night (I’d make sure you have at least 7 hours to dedicate to sleep before trying this combination).


Though I’m still tinkering with different combinations, doses, and timing it’s safe to say Phenibut will definitely become a fixture in my arsenal. As far as I’m concerned, it’s the Swiss army knife of nootropics because of its many utilities and capabilities of enhancing other compounds.

Be sure to start with low doses and work your way up. This guide is a good place to start if you’re starting from the ground up and what to know how to use it. Phenibut is strong stuff and you shouldn’t take it more than a couple days a week. And always remember to rotate your Kratom strains to keep your tolerance low and your pockets fat.

You can check out the compound that I’m talking about here –

Until next time, gents.

-Donovan Sharpe


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  1. I always wanted to be first to comment. But, on the other hand, I have no interest in poisoning myself for a temporary fix.

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  2. That picture at the top looks like the kind of mould you really don’t want to ingest

  3. Waiting for a commenter to make the inevitable kratom to Mike Chang link.

  4. Took a jar of this last year. Makes you feel great but very “loose” and hurt with my leadership ability. Made me talkative and lazy. Also highly addictive so be careful, some people had bad problems on this stuff.

  5. I actually like it a lot; you can find the capsules by Primaforce for a decent price on eBay and Amazon (and Primaforce is a very legit company with solid supplements). I like it before bed only though, it seriously knocks me the fuck out! If I feel inteprid enough and can waste the next day away sleeping I take it with some noopept and melatonin also for some seriously Lovecraftian sleep adventures (I’m kind of weird like that and not shy about it).

    1. Hmmm… I’ll need to check Erowid… I like how Erowid hasn’t updated the site so much, still has that 90s HTML vibe about it. Ah the 90s…

      1. I heard that it’s now verboten on so many search engines. “Land of the free”, ya know.

        1. Outlawing mind-altering substances clearly doesn’t work… Unless it’s communist China… But then you might as well eat your own shit.

        2. i had a discussion with a german guy today about gay acceptance. told him i don’t like ’em fags. told him about freedom of speech.
          guess what he did. he cited the german basic law (kind of our constitution) where it says that freedom of speech is limited where it transgresses other “human rights” or where it becomes hate speech.
          the whole basic law of germany is one big farce. every fucking principle in there has an exception. it’s a worthless piece of toilet paper.
          and people like that guy don’t care about principles anyway, they in all honesty only care about licking the governments tail.
          you are free. absolutely free. to do and say what some suit-carrying monkey says you may do and say.

        3. Yeah but after World War II that country became castrated beyond belief by The Allies, on top of being split it two. Attila must be turning is his grave.

        4. this country is deeply infested with guilt. guilt for our past, guilt for being better than someone, guilt for being too good for greek to compete.
          you know, if we had some angry war god as a religion, i think i would dig that. cause you brought up more glorious days.

        5. if there are trace levels of kratom in your faeces that’s worth doing

        6. What happens when the guilt runs out though. Revisionism or a sober reassessment? It’s not like Germany isn’t successful.

        7. Just doubt the holocaust in Germany and you will find yourself in prison.

        8. interesting. seems to be true. the funny thing is, as long as you haven’t convinced yourself of the proof of either side, you really can’t be certain. you can tell us impressionable kids at school anything. viewed through the goggles of “hate speech”, any kind of statement seems absurd and evil. it’s a deeply emotional reaction and i think it has it’s base in tribal attachment. then again, look at the official statement through those goggles and you will be surprised to find yourself no more carried away by the explanations of the behavior of the “evil” side, meant to discredit it. the lesson to be learned is, of course, don’t believe anything until you have seen it with your own eyes.

        9. good. Can I borrow some money and not have to repay you. Because of the Lusitania

        10. no, you have to practice the rhetorics. it should be more like “it is only fair if you give me that money. deep inside, you know it is right. after all i have given to you and all you have done to me, i shouldn’t even have to ask.”
          this kind of speech should be studied. “negotiating entitlement” or something like that.

        11. I thought you could just turn up at any branch of deutschbank, say I’ve forgotten my account number but one of your founding members had my granny shot? 20 euro notes will be fine thanks

        12. It was just a flesh wound. So no can do. Seriously though I think Germans need to get past their guilt complex, preferably without going completely in the other direction.

        13. just saw a german guy yesterday post a video about dead jews saying “for all those who think we should get past our past”. the guy was like 20 years old. faggot with a good cause.
          it’s a pendulum. before you know it, you will have to fight us off while we overtake europe.

        14. “the pendulum” is just another theory of history, like the dialectic of history, or economic booms & busts: they might well reflect deep truths but before they do that they are more likely to reflect people’s hopes and (more to the point) fears. Moreover you can talk about principles like homeostatis for example as some kind of universal principle but once you’re aware of that principle you can ‘intervene’ to manage it i.e. to paraphrase something I heard once (I think it was attributed to Victor Frankl or someone like that) you can avoid catastrophism (and potentially catastrophe)by preparing / allowing for the worst thing imaginable then trying to make it better. In terms of German guilt / nationalism or whatever that might mean taking a more nuanced view of the idea of responsibility (as opposed to simply blame) – the 20th century in particular had an unhealthily black and white hue about it. Nobody wants the bosh (you guys sorry) swarming across europe again but if did happen it would be unlikely to be a repeat affair: most of the nationalist sentiment so far (Pegida etc) has been about anti-islamification rather than jews or gay guys in tight liederhosen

        15. sure, but then again the strive for stability brings about a lot of regulations that just make everything more miserable. let people learn from those things on an individual level. the more you push something into people’s heads, the more they want to go straight opposite.
          frankly, i have sympathies for pegida simply for it is an alternative to the hypocritical normal state of affairs. but then again, that is the same way that german’s most communistic party (die linke) gets their voters despite their horrible ideas. my mother argued once the same way for wanting to vote them and i despised her for it. so i guess rationality must see past the fact that some people are hypocritical and righteous and see the good sides of their arguments, too.

        16. no trying to force stability through whatever means – psy-ops etc – is bad policy, and likely to make things worse and that’s precisely the problem. Politics is too elitist, which results in alienation amongst the hoi polloi. Part of that is for our own ‘protection’ (the other part being elite / corporate self-interest I’d say) but in the long run it only makes trouble. Pegida is currently a fairly reasonable movement – I think one person got stabbed soon after one demo – but if you compare that with say the Notting Hill carnival in london that would be a good year. If there’s a massive depression it might be a different story though

        17. i think that politics must necessarily be elitist, that is, people on top making choices for the people below. a leader is seldom 100% honest. nowadays even less, given that people can’t handle harsh words.
          but it would be more useful with a dictator or king, where it is clear that the common people have nothing to say. if that king manages to provide them with a good life anyway, they will love him for it. even today, we are being ruled. we merely live in the illusion of freedom. a government without force is like no government at all. but a government that cannot take pride in the strength of it’s own country and find joy in competing and conquering is a government of cowards that will only make sure they have a comfortable time at the top.

        18. of course government always involves elites – although there can be big differences between countries with regard to what that means. Money has always driven & controlled politics, but its becoming increasingly apparent how little accountability there is in supposedly democratic systems – which is why the Greece situation (regardless of the consequences) feels refreshing. Of course we have the illusion of freedom, but increasingly it seems illusion is all there is – at least without the kinds of checks and balances to the MSM we get on alternative news sites like this. There’s no reason why that should be accepted as inevitable

        19. msm = mass media, i assume.
          why do you see the greece situation as refreshing? as far as i know, germany has offered another money package.
          what i meant by illusion is that you never have freedom in the sense of “you can do what you want”. there are always standards. thus when men say freedom, they usually refer to capitalism and a private economy. when women or faggots say it, they mean “i want to do everything that comes to my mind. and i will make you pay for it.”
          that leads to stuff like that video game where the maker complains it doesn’t make money. it leads to people like a friend of mine who lives in the house of his girlfriend’s family and doesn’t see why her parents are complaining that he doesn’t contribute while he is seldomly working on his very “individual” projects and ideas.
          the greater the illusion of that new “freedom”, the less of that specific idea of freedom actually exists. you offer a small group privileges by restricting them in general. so if there was more of this understanding – that there is always someone in power you more or less have to obey – there would be more appreciation of sound policies.

        20. “why do you see the greece situation as refreshing?” Not the situation, which could take us anywhere. The simple fact that the referendum was an act of democracy and two fingers up at the euro-banker / centralists
          “you offer a small group privileges by restricting them in general. so if there was more of this understanding – that there is always someone in power you more or less have to obey – there would be more appreciation of sound policies.”
          And in other countries people are very clear about the fact that if they piss off the wrong people they may get into trouble. What you describe above is an unhealthy situation – which is your point I guess – but its not a protective illusion, its the means through which we are ruled. Its divisive, and corrosive and wearing the social fabric

    2. can you ‘lucid’ dream a lovecraftian dream? I imagine not, but that would be cool

        1. I don’t even want to look under the bed or in the cupboard, let alone visit the realm of chaos or whatever

  6. I was there with the better sleep and better sex, but I was asking myself: can this be stacked with kratom? WHEW! Number 3 to the rescue.

  7. oh yeah, also, how is it that sex gets better? Is there bacon involved?

    1. Bacon is so last year – peanut butter is this year’s new Great White People Fad.

  8. If you usually have calm and conscientious personality with low stress life this drug could actually worsen your life. It’s for neurotic, anxious people or those with highly stressful jobs. Beginners PUAs can use this to be more brave when approaching girls. Also this article is quite irresponsible as it does not mention the optimum dosage to avoid addiction.
    Just don’t use it, there are no short cuts in self-improvement.

    1. According to the original Soviet pharmacologist who developed it as a GABA analog, it was part of the cosmonauts’ space-kit and was used as a sleep aid to improve cognition and performance before a difficult maneuver that they had previously failed.
      I find it to be very useful for exactly that purpose. I’m naturally quite high-strung and tend to sleep poorly before exams, interviews, or important tasks. I’ve never done it at “recreational” doses like I’ve seen online, but I can certainly recommend responsible use as a safe and effective sleep-aid, far better than any of the Rx shit like Ambien, which tends to ruin sleep architecture, like alcohol.
      I found the sex benefits to be way overblown. I don’t know about what kind of sex you’re having, but taking sedatives before a marathon is just awful.

  9. Everytime there is a post about kratom or another similar product, the first thing that comes to my mind is this:

  10. From Erowid: https://www.erowid.org/references/refs_view.php?ID=8524
    “Phenibut (beta-phenyl-gamma-aminobutyric acid HCl) is a neuropsychotropic drug that was discovered and introduced into clinical practice in Russia in the 1960s. Phenibut is widely used in Russia to relieve tension, anxiety, and fear, to improve sleep in psychosomatic or neurotic patients; as well as a pre- or post-operative medication. It is also used in the therapy of disorders characterized by asthenia and depression, as well as in post-traumatic stress, stuttering and vestibular disorders.”
    From Drugs Forum: https://drugs-forum.com/forum/showwiki.php?title=Phenibut
    “β-Phenyl-γ-aminobutyric acid (phenylGABA) one of the minor tranquilizers is a drug used for the treatment of anxiety and its related psychological and physical symptoms. Anecdotal evidence suggests Phenibut to be a nootropic displaying improve neurological functions….Its beneficial effects can range from neuroprotective, cardioprotective, antidepressant, and nootropic effects; and its negative effects can range from minor drowsiness to full blown addiction and seizures when usage is abruptly discontinued. It does have minor recreational potential and can be considered a drug of abuse.”
    So, basically you’re suggesting that we take psychiatric drugs to improve our lives, and that we can get really really high if we mix it with kratom.
    Damn, whatever happened to the good old fashioned lifting high after a heavy set of Romanian dead lifts? Or the relaxation of a good scotch after work?
    I understand the need for RoK to sell ads to keep the shop running, and I clicked the link at the bottom of the page, but come on…..why drugs?

  11. I’ve taken this before. The way I like to explain it is that the sequence that causes anxiety in the algorithms of your brain just aren’t there. I was on it and drunk at a bar when a cute chick and her cuter friend walked by, I asked the first one how she was and she gave me a bitchy answer. I turned to her friend and asked, “Is she always like this?” I forget the details but I talked to her friend for about 15 minutes standing in the middle of the main walkway of the bar while the bitchy friend stood by and glared at me. Some people tried to engage me about standing in the way but I didn’t care and I eventually made out with her while people were bumping into me. The alcohol probably helped but I’ve been drunk since then and haven’t felt that at ease again. It was worth trying but as he said you can sometimes take too much and sleep way more than you want. I had to take a vacation day once because I ended up sleeping until 3 PM. Another thing to be aware of is if you do abuse the stuff it will make your nervous system feel weird. I had a day where I would have spasms in my arms sporadically. It went away and I had recently taken way too much but be aware gents, it is a drug.

      1. It’s a GABA analog. Same class as the spasmolytic baclofen (which is technically chlorphenibut). But it will cause benzo-like effects and horrific benzo-like withdrawal if you use it continuously. Don’t mess around if you’re bad at saying no to sedative-hypnotics.

  12. ROK is really scraping the bottom out of the barrel with these stupid “supplement” ads pushing what amounts to potentially illegal drugs. Let me guess…this article is written for “entertainment puroposes only” and Phenibut is not intended for human consumption, right?
    Maybe ROK should stop undermining the legitemacy of other articles on this site by selling ad space to everyone that tosses them a couple of bucks. How about adopting an advertising policy that allows for quality ads and not this scamvertising bullshit?

    1. “How about adopting an advertising policy that allows for quality ads and not this scamvertising bullshit?”

  13. i’ve taken phenibut regularly (once a week or less) for more than two years. (in fact i get it direct from the factory, it’s cheap as shit) i use it when i go to party. it’s fucking great for pickup. it’s far and away my favourite drug and i would highly recommend it. but BE CAREFUL. know yourself, know your limits. this is a highly habit forming substance that could fuck you up if you let it. tolerance builds fast. (the 2.5g he mentions is a large dose. i would say 1g on empty stomach and maybe another .5 an hour later) is PLENTY. but as he said i can feel .5 or .75 although effect is a little different and of course stronger at higher doses. if you’re gonna do it. do it in the morning, even if you’re planning to go out at 7pm. it grows gradually and takes a long time to build to it’s full effect)
    i could talk about my “space powder” for days so if anyone wants more info ……

  14. Can I dice this and Kratom with a razor blade and snort them together off of a mirror?

  15. I use phenibut. What is said above is an accurate description, however, I’d suggest you ramp back the doses a bit. 1G is more than enough for me (and I’m over 200lbs) to get a great nights sleep and/or feel more relaxed.
    However, this shit is not without side effects, some of them serious. Phenibut is basically legal Xanax/Valium. It doesn’t work exactly the same way, but, it’s close enough to draw the comparison. If you know anything about the benzos, you probably know they are addictive and the withdraw from them can be life threatening. Well, guess what? Phenibut is worse. Nobody knows why for sure, but phenibut tolerance builds incredibly fast (like, a few days) and the withdraw is intense and dangerous.
    Not saying you shouldn’t take it. But, if you do… Start low (500mgs). No more than 3X per week with at least 1 day off in between each dose (M/W/F, for example). Give yourself a few days off in a row every couple of weeks. If you feel a tolerance developing (not getting the same effect from the same dose) give yourself a full week off.
    I continue to use this drug occasionally, it’s a good thing to have around, particularly because you can’t get Xanax without a “permission slip”. But, make no mistake, this drug is more dangerous than Xanax and will seriously fuck you up if you get out of control with it. Just do a search for “phenibut addiction” and you’ll see the horror stories.

  16. I’m a fan of phenibut, but… It’ll put you to sleep sometimes when you definitely don’t want it. Like driving home at night even if sober. So watch out. Also, these clowns at happy hippo don’t know how to run a business. They owe me money for a duplicate purchase that was their mistake and was returned. They have no phone number. And act like they’re Asian lacking English skills in their emails. I’m not fretting the money for the returned kratom, which is a crap drug. But learning some business acumen would be advisable.

  17. Why pay hard earned money for this when you can make GHB at home with off the shelf ingredients. it will reduce your anxiety and inhibition, and also makes you sleep like a baby, and feel well rested after only a few hours. I know people who drink the stuff like water and don’t seem to have any ill effects… Yet. From what I’ve read, the side effects from Kratom sound way worse than anything I’ve seen from GHB. I haven’t looked into this one yet, don’t think I’ll bother. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

  18. One question to the author.
    Is it possible to sniff phenibut or inject it in your
    Please let me know. Thanks

  19. Can Gorillas stack phenibut and kratom?
    There is a joke about mike change being gay and the word “phenibut” but I just can’t get it.

  20. Kratom is so addicting… The withdrawals were worse than any opiate I’ve ever quit. I get it. It can work but as a daily regimen? Waking up with the flu like symptoms from a plant sucks!

    1. That’s why I never go over about 5grams. Been using it for years…several times a week. I found out after using it a couple years, the best thing is to buy several different strains and alternate them.
      But if you are one of these nuts that takes 20grams to get super blitzed…you are messing up.

  21. Do your own independat research on the internet from independent sourses before running out and buying drugs sold by advertisers on this or any other forum. Also the the drugs meantioned in the article here are depressants and if you plan on drinking alchohol I would be very carful about taking these drugs. Especially if anticipating opreration of a moror vehicle. More than likely they will intensify the effects of achohol.

  22. OK. Usually not a fan of sponsored articles. in fact I hate anybody trying to sell me anything. I have to say that phenigina is pretty good though. it causes a pretty euphoric feeling, will make you sleep deep and long (even during day), but is not making you sleepy in any form. it is a very social enhancer and it makes girls look prettier (like alcohol), but this might have to do with the enhanced sex drive. unlike alcohol it makes sex very vivid and the taste of vagina pretty strong. that said i don’t recommend licking vaginas to any other woman then your wife. and even then not more then once or twice a month. the vagina isn’t really ment for licking other then on certain days between periods.

  23. stay away from this crap. or kratom. stick to good old weed. and excercise and eat well. nightmare withdrawals

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