Why Is The Huffington Post’s Robin Korth Shaming Natural Male Desire?

Self-professed ‘renegade, outlaw . . . [and] international speaker, writer and businesswoman’ Robin Korth has written a blog for the Huffington Post called My ‘Naked’ Truth (12th July). The piece recounts the unfortunate consequences—for Korth—of dating a man she met on the internet who turned out not to be physically attracted to her. In doing so it attempts to shame men by invalidating and ridiculing their natural sexual impulses.

Korth describes herself like this:

I am a 59-year-old woman in great health and in good physical shape. I stand five-feet, nine-inches tall and weigh 135 pounds. I wear a size six in both jeans and panties, and my breasts are nowhere near my navel. In fact, they still struggle to make it full-up in a B-cup bra. My thighs are no longer velvet and my buttocks have dimples. My upper arms wobble a bit and my skin shows the marks of the sun. There is a softness around my waist that is no longer perfectly taut, and the pout of my abdomen attests to a c-section that took its bikini flatness — but gave me a son.

Divorced Korth met Dave, 55, through a dating website. At first, he seemed like a good catch:

Dave was interesting, gentlemanly and bright. He held my hand and toured with me on long bicycle rides. He drove many miles to come to my door. He made meals for us both and ruffled my dog’s happy head.

A decent guy, then, and one who apparently set Korth a tingle, as she states by way of this curiously Victorian construction:

I was enticed and longed for the full knowing of this man.

So far, so good. But:

We planned a weekend together. That’s when things got confusing, unspoken and just-not-quite there. We went to bed in a couple’s way — unclothed and touching — all parts near. Kisses were shared and sleep came in hugs. I attempted more intimacy throughout the weekend and was deterred each time.

Something wasn’t right. When Korth quizzed her would-be lover, his response shocked her:

 “Your body is too wrinkly,” he said without a pause. “I have spoiled myself over the years with young woman. I just can’t get excited with you. I love your energy and your laughter. I like your head and your heart. But, I just can’t deal with your body.”

I was stunned. The hurt would come later. I asked him slowly and carefully if he found my body hard to look at. He said yes. “So, this means seeing me naked was troublesome to you?” I asked. He told me he had just looked away. And when the lights were out, he pretended my body was younger — that I was younger. My breath came deep and full as I processed this information. My face blazed as I felt embarrassed and shamed by memories of my easy nakedness with him in days just passed.

We talked for some time more, my head reeling at the content of the conversation. He spoke of special stockings and clothing that would “hide” my years. He blithely told me he loved “little black dresses” and strappy shoes. He said my hair was not long and flowing as he preferred, but that was okay because it was “cool looking.”

In this wonderfully Houellebecqian scene, Dave—presumably an unwitting red-pill man—manages to entirely destroy the no-doubt careful self-image that Korth has constructed for herself in the years since she lost whatever youthful beauty she was blessed with in the first place. This leads her to a near-existential crisis of self-realization.


I am not a young woman anymore.

Followed by self-justification:

As I looked in the mirror — clear-eyed and brave — I claimed every inch of my body with love, honor and deep care. This body is me. She has held my soul and carried my heart for all of my days. Each wrinkle and imperfection is a badge of my living and of my giving of life. With tears in my eyes, I hugged myself close. I said thank you to God for the gift of my body and my life. And I said thank you to a sad man named Dave for reminding me of how precious it all is.

In this passage Korth aligns the depreciation of her body with the trials and tribulations she has suffered, as well as with her achievements—most notably the birth of her children. Fair enough. Every human being’s body is in part a record of the life that they have led.

That doesn’t mean all bodies are sexually attractive, though. 

Korth, hurt by Dave’s sexual rejection, in effect argues that he should find her attractive, because her body is that of a real woman who has lived a life filled with experience. The fact that he doesn’t makes him a ‘sad man’, deserving of pity or censure (and pillorying on social media, albeit anonymously, via a Huff-Po article).

But in a way, Korth’s logic  is akin to that of the man who thinks that a woman should be attracted to him because he is nice and kind, helps her with stuff and has an interest in the metaphysical poets.

Unfortunately though biology is a cruel mistress — in the real world nice, intelligent men frequently get rejected by hot young women in favour of jerks because these qualities, while laudable, are not in themselves sexually attractive. In the same way, a 59 year old woman may well be incredibly accomplished, but—sorry—she sure as hell isn’t sexy.

Let’s take a leaf out of Dave’s book and be brutally honest for a moment. Men are programmed to desire sex with fertile, healthy young women, because the biological  purpose of sex is reproduction. That is the truth of the matter and everyone knows it. No amount of window dressing or pretty lies can get round it.

Now, I haven’t met Robin Korth so I’m not in a position to comment on her attractiveness, but judging by her pictures she looks like a well-maintained, relatively handsome woman. I’m sure that she has for the most part kept her figure. I am certain too that she is intelligent and a savvy businesswoman. But these latter factors are irrelevant to a man’s sexual desire.

Korth is 59. Women are most attractive to men between the ages of 18-28. That mean’s her glory days were over thirty years ago!

Dave’s pronouncements on her looks — while undeniably harsh — reflect what every other normal heterosexual man would have been thinking. Any guy who claims otherwise is either lying, has given up on the chance of intercourse with anyone below the age of thirty, or is seeking to justify his own poor life decisions — say, marrying an older woman — to himself.

The most sexually compelling proposition for any man — regardless of his age — is a young woman at the height of her reproductive prime.

The Wall

Many manosphere sites refer to a phenomenon called The Wall—that point in a woman’s maturing where the last vestiges of her girlish appeal are lost forever. If you have any doubt that it exists, simply refer to the two pictures of Brigitte Bardot below:

Brigitte bardot

One inspires sexual desire in the average heterosexual male. The other… not so much. I don’t care how much work Bardot has done for animal charities in the last few years—I still wouldn’t want to have sex with her as she looks now.

Physical Desire Cannot Be Negotiated

Korth has forgotten the simple truth that real physical desire cannot be negotiated, for it is a biomechanical response to non-cerebral, sensory stimuli. In men, female beauty is predominant among these. This is just a simple fact.

While I have some sympathy for Korth’s plight, what is inexcusable about her article is that it attempts to shame men by castigating Dave for his very real, very natural desires.

If a man posted an article saying that he believed he was entitled to sex because he was rich, then he would likely be rounded on by feminists across the globe and find himself the subject of a virulent and hateful Twitter campaign.

That Korth is able to make an equivalent pronouncement in her Huffington Post piece is at best wrong, and at worst a not-so subtle attempt to promote feminist ends by ridiculing and undermining men’s natural sexual responses.

Troy Francis is the author of  The Seven Laws of Seduction. 

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268 thoughts on “Why Is The Huffington Post’s Robin Korth Shaming Natural Male Desire?”

  1. When are these women going to learn?! She can have all the advance degrees and, and brains, and “great personality.” The bottom line is that my dick still needs to get hard when I see her naked. Even people that claim to be sapiosexual aren’t going to get down with someone repulsive.

    1. They don’t want to accept that. It’s too “sexist”. I guess a fantasy world is more appealing to reality for them.

      1. You have anything that’s actually worth responding to, or do you think that throwing out your little quip shuts down my point?

  2. “With tears in my eyes, I hugged myself close.”
    Poor, deluded woman. Those tears will be there again (frequently, too) and hugging herself is the most physical interaction she’ll be getting for the rest of her life.
    Unless we consider petting. And by that I mean petting the many cats she will certainly eventually have.
    This story is too easy. Just another person played by the system they believe gave them so much.

    1. Its almost like she shouldn’t have gotten a divorce. Its almost like women should marry young and hope their husbands are loyal in advanced age as a token of his gratitude for her services to him during her prime.

      1. Exactly. Let this generation be the example generation for feminism. Once these women are 35+, their younger sisters are going to be like what the fuck?

  3. ” My thighs are no longer velvet and my buttocks have dimples. My upper arms wobble a bit and my skin shows the marks of the sun. There is a softness around my waist that is no longer perfectly taut, and the pout of my abdomen attests to a c-section that took its bikini flatness — but gave me a son.”
    (I think I puked in my mouth a bit….)
    Sorry bitch…a truck load of Viagra could not produce even a halfhearted stiffy…I’ll pass.

    1. All the problems she’s talking about could be fixed (or at least mitigated, even at her age) with squats, pushups, and swimming. Smarter exercise could change this woman’s life, but she seems to prefer excuses, crying, and celibacy.

      1. My ex-gf used to complain about her flabbiness (it wasn´t a big deal to me, could be easily corrected) but refused to hit the gym or train properly…”I am not into fitness” she would say. Then don´t fucking complain, bitch!

    2. “There is a softness around my waist that is no longer perfectly taut, and the pout of my abdomen attests to a c-section that took its bikini flatness — but gave me a son.” And 99% of guys would be cool with that if it was their son that they got to raise in a proper nuclear family. Outside of that context, I think I just puked a little in my mouth too.

  4. I hate to white knight for her, but she said in a comment there that she takes no issue with the dude’s sexual preferences. It was the majority of the commentators who did take issue. However, the author should have made that clear in her original post.

    1. She called him sad. Why did she call him a sad man? Because she honestly feels empathy for his plight? You think she cares that he’s unable to get it up and hopes that he finds a pretty young thing? That would be unique amongst women.

      1. I missed that part. Well she certainly doesn’t act like she meant what she said in that comment.

        1. She wanted the people reading her story to have an issue with it, that’s the point.
          There’s nothing gracious about it, she wanted sympathy and knew it would get most women up-in-arms, while saving face because SHE didn’t say it in those words.

    2. Agree with the other commentators here. She calls him ‘sad’ in the article precisely because of his expressed sexual preferences.
      Easy enough for her to claim otherwise after the fact, but the clear aim of her piece was to shame him.

  5. Yes, you can bring up nature to a progressive. But the progressive’s view of man’s nature is this: We can control evolution and reshape man to fit our desires.
    How can you argue with that?

  6. The reason husbands can find wives attractive long after their sell by date is that the husband interprets his wife not in the present, but as a collection of his entire time spent with her.
    Post wall never marrieds or divorcees do not have the benefit of this and thus are exceptionally prone to this sort of rant.

    1. will, you’re saying what I was typing when I tried to post it over on Huffington. agree with you 100%.

    2. This is why you marry your wife while she is young. Or you start dating her when she is around 18. You will always remember her as an attractive, young woman full of life.
      Of course, if you start dating her when she is a bitter, 30-year-old woman, you won’t get to have that kind of memory.

      1. Haha my husband ‘found’ me, ‘begged’ me to date him when I was 30 and he was 21.

    3. Indeed I have observed from my LTRs (the few that happened) is when you know the full measure of a woman inside and out the sight of her invokes that full measure and it’s not so much about sexual attractiveness from that point. Of course when she puts on the super high heels and the special dress that tends to slide a bit. Hubba hubba! But otherwise when she’s in coveralls and covered in crap she’s more tolerable.

    4. Excellent comment. I always wondered about the sexual lives of older folk. This is a very reasonable deduction which makes perfect sense.

  7. Man that Dave…that was a cruel thing to do..he planned it, set it up, and executed it. Perfect !

  8. Women think because they find power, influence and accomplishment in men sexy that since we allegedly think alike, that we think like that too. Just like the article posted the other day, women shouldn’t qualify what they find sexy onto men and slander us when we think otherwise.

    1. Accomplishment doesn’t make you sexy any more than being good looking automatically makes you a Princeton graduate and CEO of a Fortune 500. I’m decent looking. Where are my advanced degrees I’m entitled to?

  9. By one of her comments after the article, what seemed to upset her most was Dave didn’t tell her anything until after he’d slept with her. I couldn’t post this at Huffington because I don’t have a facebook account, but I’ll throw it out here…
    How would Dave know if your body turned him off until he saw it?
    I have a brother in his 60s, he and his wife are still flirty and playful with each other, almost forty years after marrying. I’m in my 50s, my wife and I are the same way. Long term couples have an emotional investment of shared experiences with each other than compensates for the physical decline. I see my wife’s beauty beyond her tits and ass because I’ve seen it expressed over and over for decades. That imprinting counts for something. Don’t blame Dave for not having the emotional attachment to your body that you do. A few weeks of dinners, story sharing and a few laughs isn’t going to overcome his primary biological attraction to physical beauty.

  10. She probably would look youngish to a 70-year-old man. Of course a “dirty old man” is obviously physically repulsive. Time for her to realize that she was always a lesbian so she can molest young girls or to go to Jamacia to get validation from boys desperate for money

    1. Sorry, but older guys do not find older women attractive either. In fact we need young and beautiful just to make us have a boner just like young guys do.

      1. Viagra has skewed the dynamics though, prior to the invention, ED went by age, 60 percent at 60, 70 at 70 etc. etc. Old guys couldn’t get boners even with young and beautiful so settled for the widow-woman companionship relationship.

      2. Why do you guys think younger woman want to have sex with you? Ewww. The pickings must be slim.

  11. He gave her the alpha-man treatment and she is now even more badly attracted to him, confirmed by her comment under the article.
    Funny thing, Marianne, the experience wasn’t about him. It was about me. I grew and celebrated me. So, in essence, this man gave me a gift. In fact, I was originally going to title this article, “Thank you, Dave.” LOL

  12. As usual a man made the most realistic commentary:
    Everyone is being really quick to heap all sorts of intentions and abuse on the character named “Dave” in this blog post.
    I don’t know, it sounds from what she described like they had a good companionship growing. It sounds like he wasn’t putting sexual attraction above affection in the relationship. It sounds like she was the one unable to accept being less physically desirable than she was when younger. It sounds like when she asked he was honest and straightforward with his feelings, and detailed about things she could do if she wanted that kind of engagement from him, but he didn’t make it a condition for the rest of the relationship. She did. And she shut everything down because she couldn’t deal with not being seen as sexually desirable.

    It really doesn’t sound like he was being shallow. He said his sexual attraction waswrapped up with youth, but he was dating her, a woman his age, and it sounds like he was pretty committed to it.
    He didn’t dump her for being old. She dumped him because he didn’t get aroused by her like men did when she was young.
    How many women get honestly turned on by a 59 year old man’s body? Soft, slightly sagging belly, skin loose on the upper arms and neck, hair thinned, butt flat?
    If this were a man outraged that his 4 years younger lover wasn’t attracted to his body, and breaking off the relationship because of it, most would call him shallow.
    She could have valued his affection more than her own sense of attractiveness and accepted that at 59 her body is very unlikely to arouse much sexual interest. At 59 it is way past time to let go of sexual desirability as a metric of a body’s worth.
    He was the one spending time with her, cooking for her, befriending her animals, traveling with her. He was the one being realistic in saying that sex was a small, and not the most important, part of their relationship. A relationship between a 59 year old woman and 55 year old man. I think that is a healthy self awareness.
    She is the one that reduced everything to how physically attractive she was or wasn’t perceived as.
    I think it is too easy to vilify “Dave”. “Dave” is not the one who set unreasonable expectations on the relationship, from what I read in this post.
    From all I have seen and experienced in life, it is indeed unreasonable to expect people to be sexually attracted to you at 59 when they haven’t grown older alongside you and have no history with you. Men or women. Though no one would be cheering on a man for breaking off a relationship with a slightly younger woman over this particular issue.

    1. When a man has reached the age of 55 or 59, he should know by now that the body changes with age and perhaps should not have led the woman on, which is what he did by being with her as described in the article.

      1. (Speculation…) Maybe he didn’t realize how he would feel, so you can call him stupid or ignorant but sh*t happens. Maybe he really liked her, thought/felt that his positive feelings of her thus far would be enough… He did say he was used to ‘dating’ much younger women so based on that it’s a safe bet he didn’t have experience to warn him he’d be so turned off once he actually saw her wrinkled, old lady body.

    2. Yes. This is exactly the comment I was thinking of if I could have been bothered to make a comment over there. She had a guy who she was attracted to, who valued her for more than just her body, and when he honestly answered her question, she responded by completely discounting his male sexuality. His sexuality was not only seen as illegitimate, but literally “horrific” and “sad.” She was completely unwilling to lift as much as a finger to pursue a potentially rewarding relationship if it meant treating his sexuality as the least little bit legitimate.
      She deserves to be alone…

  13. Seriously these women will never learn, if you are over 40 and you divorce your husband the party will not be there like it was in your 20’s. You will not have men lined up to fuck you ready to deal with your shit and be passionate about your saggy skin, droopy tits, and post pregnancy stomach. I am willing to bet she filed for divorce not her husband not the other way around. These women then have the audacity to attack men for finding them sexually repulsive. If you read the article the man wanted to hang out, just no sex with the lights on and she pillared him for it. I have said it before and I will say it again, experience , age, and professional success is only good for surgeons and lawyers not girlfriends! Write that shit down and internalize it!

    1. I think most of them sense the unwitting and conditioned collusion they and their gender mates have indulged in. She knows the price of pussy is up, she obviously overestimated by how much.

    2. and…the guy was honest with her but still took a hit.
      I guess lie to her next time or just ghost on her.

    3. Written down and memorized bro. Well said. I plan on using that whenever possible and will attribute it to you.

  14. Would it be possible she made the whole story up in an attempt to gain sympathy from readers and put herself in the spotlight?

    1. I don’t believe a word of it. Particularly “I love your energy and your laughter. I like your head and your heart.” Said no man, ever. He even compliments her short hair as ‘cool’ when it’s as generic post-40 government office drone as it comes. According to her, he sees her as special and unique in every way, *except* for the body.
      Women write terrible fiction, because they can never risk the reader not liking or relating them whilst simultaneously trying to point out their status is higher than the readers, so you end up with these ridiculously-perfect characters that female readers wish were their best friends.
      Old bag has a book to sell, why not prey on the major vulnerability of the hags in her age group: fear of aging. Now they’re sympathetic and find her ‘relatable’, so buy the product, like the easily-manipulated sheep they are.

  15. Being red pill and knowing what you want is one thing, but I don’t think I could be as harsh as Dave!

    1. I think at his age he’s more interested in getting to the point without the bullshit.

      1. I suppose, but I’d rather let someone down easy. A bit mean-spirited to rub salt in the wound especially because she’s subconsciously already aware of her diminished attractiveness. His rejection “quote” makes me suspicious of the veracity of her story – comes right out of the feminazi playbook.

    1. Where have the good men gone? She kicked them out. He did everything a woman claims she wants, a man who cooks and judged her on character rather than her looks. She threw that away. Now nobody is cooking her dinner, and she’s STILL not getting laid. The universe has unfolded as it should.

      1. Yup. Tough shit. That’s what they get for buying into feminist dogma and letting their prime years go to the dickhead douche nozzles like us. I do still feel bad for them though…regret is the worst kind of pain. It can not be undone.


      1. Of course, I thought I was attracted to young and fertile women, but now I see I was wrong and I’m actually attracted to her career…..

  16. Ugh, try the AARP crowd. 55 year old men that stay in shape can still attract desirable women. 59 year old women that stay in shape cannot attract desirable men.

    1. She’s not staying in shape. She might not be a blimp, but what she says about her body clearly says, “I don’t think I should have to work out or be conscious of my diet.” In her mind, her body is now deteriorating directly towards death. I know some women in their late 50’s and even 60’s (some, not many) who do some impressive (for women) bodyweight workouts and also run or swim. These ladies get plenty of flirtatious attention from men their own age and older, and even men a bit younger. Point is, they know that as much older women they have to work really hard. They don’t see this as exceptional, just as the natural cost of being attractive.

    2. True John, but older women who stay in shape for their husbands are jewels to be treasured. Not many women at all give a flip after a certain point, as evidence look around at American society and find me more than a handful of older women who are pleasant and in shape.

      1. I have nothing but respect for women that are loyal to deserving husbands. Conversely, I have nothing but contempt for older women complaining about the injustices of aging on females versus males. How many of these old women were making an effort to keep a good man in their primes?

    3. A seventy something year old man is about right for a 59 year old woman.

    1. Not far from reality. These are the type of bitches in the dating websites who demand you to be tall, muscular and rich or won´t even reply to your messages. They, of course, won´t post a photo of themselves.

  17. Why did he get into a relationship with her in the first place? There is being an alpha male and being confident, good with women etc. But I think this woman has every right to be pissed. Dave just sounds like an outright jerk.

    1. Maybe he read something in the Huffington post and was inspired to man up and try hooking up with a 60 year old.

  18. Also, many women commenters mention this Dave fellow is likely impotent and shame him for it. keep in mind Viagra sales are highest per capita in the US and Americam society with it’s routine infant circumcision and other male castrations like hormone disrupting chemical and whatnot have contributed to lower virility.

    1. Viagra sales are highest in younger men. In older ones, a large portion of prescriptions are never refilled, so much so that Viagra will send you followups to get you to try, try again. The number of older men not having sex is higher than you think, many just lie a lot and never admit to it.

  19. Because women earn their pay gap by filling the advertising networks pockets by consuming her attention whoring.

  20. Those two pictures of Brigitte Bardot. It’s like the difference between the brightness of the Sun and a black void. :/

  21. Flip the script here: A 59 year old man hits it off with a 55 year old woman he meets online. They seem like a great pair, bicycle rides, home cooked meals, dog’s head ruffled, etc. They plan a weekend together and it’s all a green light for sex…
    …until she forces him to spoon her naked in bed all weekend and she finally admits “I’m sorry you’re just too flabby, balding and gross for me to get wet for…oh, and your dick’s small too.” Our 59 y.o. man then types out a similar blog post about how shallow women are based on this experience and how comfortable and proud he’s in his skin, while shaming women for not wanting to fuck him “for who he is” after pretending to be bewildered by the whole incident.
    Does the HuffPo publish his story, or is he a creepy misogynist “who was expecting sex in exchange for being nice”?

    1. The way you word it is spot on but also emphasizes that while women are conditioned to balk at “being nice”, for men to think that being nice gets them sex is a truly pathetic move as well. No more being nice.

        1. “Yet for every sonnet composed, every provision met, every compliment delivered and every well planned candlelit dinner conversation, there’s a woman feverishly fucking her Alpha bad boy in his low rent apartment for fear of losing him to the competition.”
          That’s gold.

    2. I think you may be veering dangerous into politics here Rollo. Beware the Big Picture!

    3. “Lady, nobody owes you sex. You’re giving me a creepy, rapey vibe here.”

      1. Most men will fuck anything that moves. If he wasn’t attracted to her, why’d he keep coming back? For the dog?

        1. You sound like a young ‘un. Somewhere down the line you’ll want a lady who will cook for you, chase the grandkis and provide reasonable conversation. That doesn’t mean you’ll have the hots for her or not see younger creatures n the side. It just means you’ll have reached that point where the younger creatures conversation is so vapid, culturally dstant and ignorant that you can’t help but look elsewhere for a woman worth spending time with.

        2. “It just means you’ll have reached that point where the younger creatures conversation is so vapid, culturally dstant and ignorant that you can’t help but look elsewhere for a woman worth spending time with.”
          You can’t even put an age on that unfortunately. While the younger ones def don’t add a lot to the conversation intellectually, it is expected at this pt. It’s extremely bad when they are older and still exhibit those traits in their communication.

        3. Doh. Interesting conversation is something I look for, but most men on this site say youth and a firm body is all they care about, hence to be 55 and dating a 19-year-old is the apex of male-female interaction. I like strong, older women. But I’m not threatened by them

        4. Stop speaking for “most men”. It doesn’t strengthen your argument at all. 55 to 19 is not the apex of anything.

        5. True. Near-gone are the days when a girl would collect a little culture with her wrinkles. I pity the men who are currently in their 20s. They will likely never know the pleasures of a woman who shares their interests, some of their knowledge and their culture.

        6. Oh the irony ! Feminist blather on about how men should value them for their hearts and their minds and their souls and their great personality and experience rather than for their physical bodies. Now a man called Dave does JUST that and he gets castigated ? WTF ?!?

        7. This is the sad part that’s hard to bridge. It seems the physical and intellectually interesting parts of women are biologically diametrically opposed. Enter the hunt for the unicorn.

        8. Met two my entire life. One was too separate from what I wanted t deal with but very tempting as it always is when you meet smeone else’s fantasy girl. I’ve spent years wondering if I should hae tried and make it last, yknow, just because she was smart and hot. But ideologically she was a time-bomb fo me. We’d have had interesting conversations until it was time to talk abot something in our own lives and then it would fall apart. She’s just got more nd more extremist in her views since we broke it off.
          The second I married. Because a hot, smart sociopath is the only kind of woman I thnk I could stick with for over ten years, so I wwanted to keep it going. But she’ll not be hot for very long, it’s still a depreciating investment.

      2. This is the exact definition of “creepy” women use. If they aren’t interested the man is creepy for trying to interact with her in anyway. By the feminist definition she is a creep.

        1. This. I am so sick of it as well. The old bitty neighbor my brother has saw fit to criticize me for dating ‘kids (early twenties females) instead of women. (like her I suppose) I just looked at her and politely stated: “I’m not interested in single mothers or older women. I’m looking for a woman to bear, and be a mother to, my children. Biology works against older women, no matter how bad baby rabies has consumed them.”
          Easy to say to the bitch. She’s finally husband shopping is my guess. Mind you she’s 37, no kids, a piss ass (low level) ‘career’, used to talk to my friend’s wife about her ‘adventures’ (read: she was a slut that was ridden more than the pony at the county fair), and now has a case of baby rabies so bad you can practically see the desperation. She’s held on though, oh she’s pulled out every stop for the last seconds of her beauty inspired attention. She’s ‘hot’ for a 37 year old. I have zero doubt that when she’s married and pops out kid 1 (if she can) that her looks will fade fast. Either that, or she’s going to face plant into the wall harder than a 737 nosing into the ground and end up a cat lady.
          I’m still luckier than my friend. He’s dating a 37 year old (former?) pole hopping, alcoholic (recovering, granted), single mom with a kid. I tried to warn him, but he hasn’t listened yet. He’s 4 years younger than this red-headed hag (her looks, while not terrible, are fading faster than cheap paint), and I can only assume that her sexual prowess is pretty good being such an accomplished pole rider. She’s otherwise a vapid, useless (well, she can cook), terminally jobless, twat with a piss-poor attitude. Let’s put it this way, if he ever married her and asked me to be his best man, I’d refuse because she’s useless.

    4. The counterpart to the deluded post-wall divaesque gorgon is the lascivious old hunchbacked satyr. Both are a direct affront to Eros and Adonis and both should be summarily cast into the dark unforgiving netherworld of mature porn fetishism. Google at your peril if ye dare!

    5. Agree….and this guy isn’t even getting through the door unless he meets the height ‘requirements’ (don’t forget that one).

    6. Except that in order to flip the script well you have to take gender complementary differences into account : men are attracted to women for their ability to make babies, whereas women are attracted to men for their ability to gather resources. The flipped script would thus be one of a woman who fails to be attracted by a man because he doesn’t seem to be able to gather resources : he can’t compete with other men well, he can’t earn the money she feels she is worthy of, and he doesn’t show promises of becoming able to in the future.
      Obviously the showdown wouldn’t happen in bed : the girl/lady/modern whore would likely stop any seduction approach way before that crucial stage. Maybe she would even lead a guy on who showers her with money while she is never planning to give him the sexual intimacy she dangles in front of him as a forbidden fruit. Then if and when she learned that he doesn’t have the money he pretends to have, she might feel slighted. “What, I made that guy believe he would have me but it turned out to be deception from his part. He didn’t deserve me : although i never planned to give it to him anyway, I would never have let him believe he would eventually do me if I knew he didn’t have the money he pretended to have!”
      And then the guy could rant on a blog post about how entitled women feel these days. Things were easier decades ago, you could trick women into giving themselves to you by letting them believe you had money, but nowadays it doesn’t work so well anymore. The terrible effects of feminism on male game. I used to be able to land young whores by flashing a sweet car in a good suit, what has the world become?
      But you’ll never hear that because men learn the “never explain, never complain” maxim early on : women teach it to them. Women earn shit by complaining, whereas men lose it.

      1. Actually come to think of it, we did hear that on a blog post and a flurry of them too : Elliot Rodger. Note he was a homicidal virgin omega, not an angry beta.

    7. Does anyone else think that having your wife have her pregnancy via surrogacy sounds like a good idea?

      1. bad idea… a woman needs to bond with her young…. it’s an animal process, best not to mess with that…. especially if you’re just doing it for cosmetic reasons.

      2. Ovarian cancer, breast cancer and apathetic step-mothers all beg to disagree.
        Also, young women bounce back more easily than older ones. Just hook up with a teen or 20-summat in your 30s or 40s and push out however many you want while she’s still going to the gym and pretty.

    8. classic…. the real question is why is a 59 year old mother back in the dating pool… unless her husband is dead, she clearly should have made use of the wife googles, if she wanted to be treated as ‘hot’ into her 50s and 60s.

      1. She didn’t want to be treated as “hot”. She thought she was desired because of the time Dave spent with her. It seems like Dave doesn’t really know WHAT he wants! Does he want an intelligent woman with captivating conversation and life experiences OR does he want a pretty face & wrinkle-less figure? A 59 yr old woman is not capable of giving both. So choose….. the lady or the tiger?

        1. Dave knows exactly what he wants. She was unwilling to do anything to accommodate it. According to the original article, she was capable of giving both, but refused unless it was completely on her terms. Some 59-yo women are capable of giving–and being–both. Those who aren’t willing to make any effort are the ones who will lose out, and deservedly so…

    9. Kind of makes me wonder how many guys she crapped on when she was young and didn’t look like Col Decker from the A-Team. She give them the same mercy she’s demanding from this 55 year old guy? Or did she do what women typically do when they’re young, fertile, and have the advantage in the SMP: leverage it for all she could get, then leverage that in the hopes of getting something just a little bit better?
      Judging by her circumstances, she overplayed her hand.

    10. I wish somebody would create a mirror parody for sites like HuffPo and jizabel. Call it NuffPo. Take the same articles and just reverse the genders, reverse the situations, etc.

    11. Well it’s HuffPo, so naturally the male side of things would be ignored. Especially if he’s white and over 35.

  22. She’s shaming natural male desire because natural males have no desire for her.
    We could sit here and shame natural female desire to go after the guys with the loudmouths and fancy cars, except we don’t. Instead we say “ahh… so you are a bitch who wants to slob the knob with guys who give you ‘tingles’ and have no consequences or attachments. OK challenge accepted”.
    If women want things to change, it’s they who have to change. And frankly, I hate to say it because it’s not a good thing but it is reality, when a woman is smoking hot she gets away with bringing little more than a vagina to a relationship. When she’s no longer smoking hot, she better bring either a really good home or really good sex or both to the table or else. A man does not expect to be a slob and get away with it, neither should a woman. And heck I can tolerate imperfection in a woman if she has other qualities. A lot of them have no qualities, or no quality.
    That’s the breaks, ladies. Learn to live with it. And stop being so bitter because you can’t get laid. You want to be like men, right? Well men who are not on the ball don’t get laid. They don’t get laid because of the standards you set. So it’s a problem you created in the first place. Welcome to our world.

    1. Hell…many men who have much going for them are still not getting laid.
      Have you ever seen a profile on a dating site by a woman stating ‘looking for an abusive asshole that gives me the tingles’?
      No, it’s usually some nonsense about trying to find a decent guy, a good guy, blah..blah…blah.
      Only until after women have hit the wall….then who the hell wants them (lol).

    2. This is the fucking truth….
      Throw in the fact that many men have a near constant desire for animalistic passionate sex and these ladies have jack-shit to complain about….

  23. Would still take Brigette Bardot for a spin on the dance floor and treat like the classy dame she is.

  24. While the words of that man were the truth, it seems she did not act cuntishly towards him. Instead of hurting her feelings with direct language, he could have blamed the alcohol for his erectile non-performance.
    Anyway, stockings and garters can, among other things, hide imperfections associated with age, while allowing the workhouse to be open for use; such qualities having made them a favorite of prostitutes, especially veterans, for some centuries.

    1. I disagree, all women need this wake-up call. You cannot expect to easily find a man to find you attractive who himself cannot remember what it was like to be with you when you were young.
      Yes, it’s cruel, so is nature.

    2. Yeah I was just thinking how foolish to think she can have sex like she was 18 or something. Reading her description of it, I’m thinking they were both failures. I mean really: they are in their 50s. This ain’t coming to marriage. They ain’t trying to have kids. So why all this romantic shit when they have been there done that already? She should lighten up and stop trying to pretend she’s 18 and he should have lowered his expectations. They both should have acknowledged that they are past their primes, popped some hard champagne, said screw the calories, and spent the weekend knocking the pictures off the walls. Seriously.

  25. Well, we’re only getting her side of the story, and his side might be totally different. My money is on that it didn’t go down the way she claimed. But if it did, he could have handled it more graciously and tactfully. We are always criticizing women’s unwarranted nuclear rejections – so maybe we should practice what we preach.

    1. Exactly, I am surprised commenters are not mentioning the obvious: her story sounds TOTALLY FAKE. Most men and especially older ones just do not talk to women like that.
      It’s not like feminists & co don’t have a history of pulling fake studies, fake accusations and fake data out of their asses.
      I bet this Dave guy is a product of her imagination, conveniently created for attention-whoring, tear-jerking and stroking the entitlement mentality of shallow women (you go girl, you are beautiful as you are but HE better be 6ft tall and meet your 57 points checklist)

  26. Oh I would like to add, and all women like this Korth character take heed: When your figure goes, DO NOT CUT YOUR HAIR. When that girly shape is gone, you are two body parts from being a man at that point. The same goes for the fat ones. I’m certain she’s not a bad person but let’s be real here. A man cannot go and get fat enough to have boobs and be a member of the Dicky Do club (his gut sticking out farther than his dicky do) and then still be taken for a man (even if he shaves his head). I have seen so many countless women, lacking a female body for whatever reason (though the majority is they are fat) then go cut their hair short. Congrats, lady, you are a dude now. Oh you have boobs? Men who drink too much beer have that too. Oh, a vagina? If that’s all you have so what. Wanking works because of the effect of stroking, even though the activity lacks an involvement with any actual vagina (hence the point of wanking).
    If this Dave guy was dishonest he would have used her as a cum bucket. He was honest instead. Are we saying that middle-aged women are better off being fooled? They want to be fooled? The only thing this Dave guy can be faulted for is for dating someone that “old” to begin with. I don’t know why people gotta hit the bed too damned soon. But if Dave knew game, he would have already bailed because she cut her hair and she didn’t have priority on looking female and sexy – a precursor to the bedroom activity being more of an obligation.
    It all boils down to this: people need to be honest in their assessment and what they want. That’s all. If I were an old geezer I would throw a wig on Korth and give her a good time. I’m not an old geezer though, but I’m sure there are plenty of geezers out there. She just has to….. (OMG gasp horror)
    Lower her standards
    (and use many of the beauty aids available to women – men get maligned for wearing rugs on their head, but women are expected to when their hair gives out).

  27. Dave should have popped a viagra and fulfilled her longing to know him deeper otherwise why waste the time and resources ruffling up her dog or whatever, what did he expect Katie Cleary underneath her clothes?
    Still I’m not condoning the article she wrote which is basically a rant against daves harsh rejection of her. Older women just aren’t as attractive sadly.

    1. Yeah, in defense of Korth, she did flat out state that she didn’t have a problem with Dave’s sexual preferences, she mainly just thought he was wayyy to blunt the way he thrashed her. It was unnecessary. Dave simply should have just stated “he wasn’t feeling it” or something. No reason to nuke her the way he did. Otherwise I agree with this article.

  28. Jesus, thank god I am a man and learned to deal with being sexually invisible from a young age. These women who never come to terms with this reality are truly delusional in their attempts at shaming men into finding them attractive long after they’ve curdled into wrinkly moldy cream.

    1. Too many of these women have bought into the ‘Sex and the City’ philosophy.
      Now, many are learning the truth. You can’t have it all.

  29. I laughed hard as hell when I read that, “your body is too wrinkly,” line.

  30. I agree with the article but I don’t understand why a man would date a woman that he doesn’t find attractive. If Dave wasn’t thinking on banging 59 y.o Robin, why would he date her and give her false hope?

    1. Because Dave doesn’t exist in real life and the author of the HuffPo piece was just contributing her male-shaming article for the Sisterhood to sit around and be “enraged” over.

  31. “The reason old man use Viagra is not that they are impotent. It’s that old women are so very ugly.” -Jimmy Carr

  32. So lets see if I’ve got this straight, men should resist their natural impulse to see women as sex objects and refrain from the “male gaze” until women reach an age when their bodies are sexually unappealing – then, men should see them as irresistible sex objects due to the quality of their body’s life experience.
    Got it.

    1. Hilarious. Or: “I long for the days, when I will be no longer harrassed, because I will be sexually invisible. And those sexist men can finally desire me for my life accomplishments.”

    2. Right…and women stay with decent guys and will reject guys who are abusive.
      Strange world, huh?

    3. This is because young fuckable women get a lot of unwanted attention from unattractive men, that’s why they object to “objectification”. The attention they get from hotter fuckable men is not something they complain about but something they take for granted because of their overstuffed egos. When they hit the wall and get no attention from men whatsoever they all of a sudden realize how much they love being objectified. And instead of shaming men for objectifying women they shame men for not objectifying them any longer. The total abscence of logical thinking with this kind of reasoning poses no threat for feminist theory since feminist theory by itself is founded on a total rejection of logical thinking.

    4. You and most of the other men here obviously DON’T GET IT! We can’t force-feed you into it.

      1. No, we get it. You just can’t force-feed us bullshit. Rollo nailed it. Unlike “Dave,” who didn’t nail it. And that’s the point…

      2. Get what, exactly? That our interest and attraction in you should only be on your terms? Not how it works, sweetheart. Deal with it.

  33. “He spoke of special stockings and clothing that would “hide” my years. He blithely told me he loved “little black dresses” and strappy shoes. He said my hair was not long and flowing as he preferred, but that was okay because it was “cool looking.” I felt like a Barbie Doll on acid as I listened to this man. He was totally oblivious to the viciousness of his words. He had turned me into an object to be dressed and positioned to provide satisfaction for his ideas of what female sexual perfection should be.”
    Something tells me this guy wasn’t oblivious, but rather was attempting to establish frame. It wasn’t objectification so much as it was a test to see how amenable she was to pleasing him. And she failed.
    Typical feminine solipsism, she’s not into pleasing him in appreciation, but she’s into him being into her. It’s all frame that devolved into negotiated desire, on his part.
    I wonder if the guy had been in his 20’s or 30’s if she’d have written the same piece or had the same resistance to dressing herself to please a younger buck and play the cougar

    1. naked women, even young ‘perfect’ ones, are actually quite ugly… their tits are always asymmetrical, their asses are almost never perfectly rounded, and a few years into their 20s they are already starting the dilapidation process…
      that’s why the market for lingerie and etc. is worth billions…. women love it and men love it too….
      if you were thirsty, she wouldn’t serve you river water in a bucket…. so why should she serve you tits and pussy like it’s fresh from the mortuary.

      1. Gotta agree with you here. Someone posted an illicit nude-from-the-waist-down shot of Jodi Adias on another website that I frequent some time ago, and I think I turned gay for a few seconds.

      2. Believe it or not, one of my side hobbies is corset-making. What a technical marvel and I like pinup girls and they use corsets. I marvel at them not only for what they do, but for the technical challenge of them and the magic they can perform on even a mediocre women. I have seen “slightly fat” women win pinup contests at car shows through the proper use of corsets.
        We can always count on the mainstream media to fuck us over. Anybody remember the scene from “Pirates of the Caribbean” where Elizabeth Swann passes out because of her corset? OF COURSE Disney is going to push the bullshit.
        Yes if you got a young woman living in the tropics, and you ship in a corset from London and then tightlace her in it, heck that could even kill her let alone have her pass out at the right moment (being a beta boy proposing to her).
        But the reality is that corsets allowed women to have good posture and be “slightly” overweight and get away with it. Used back in the day that women also wore some kind of heel and skirts, compare that to the frumpasauruses waddling about today.
        A properly fitted corset was also more healthy than the bra. The bra is a slave device compared to the corset. But, as with the usual modern “everything is a fucking lie” situation we live in, corsets are viewed as some kind of patriarchal tool of oppression. But ohhhh wear this pink ribbon for breast cancer or be labeled a misogynist! Bullshit. The bra causes breast cancer by creating necrotic points in the lymph system. Fucking jackwagon feminists…
        As for having dabbled in the world of making these things, though I’m no tailor, I’ve found the right women to be impressed by that, though my alternate experience in the firearms world has some women requesting “tactical models” such that you can carry weapons on them or some made from ballistic kevlar – sadly I lack the tools to go full retard with this stuff.

  34. Why does she look better in the picture sitting on the steps than in the picture looking in the mirror?
    Or was that the problem?

    1. I was thinking the same. It would be interesting to get his version. I wonder if the guy knows she just trashed him.

  35. She writes with feminine flourish, but, having reviewed her photos, she is, more so than most of us, ugly. Nothing that plastic surgery and some make up can’t improve. If she wishes to glory in her withered weathered body, then she should do so quietly, with dignity.

  36. An attractive 60+ woman (what makes her appealing to her husband is not her sexuality, but the life shared and cherished) :

    1. Accepting the transient nature of life is obviously so hard – also the difference of the SMV of both sexes – as they try to push the GILF word nowadays:

        1. Guys, please. This is cruel. I just ate. Pleasse give trigger warnings so I can get the eye bleach out.

    2. and on the inside he is crying about all the sexy sweet young ass he could be pounding.
      Seriously. Every man knows in his heart that despite his love for his wife of 20+ years, He’d still rather be pounding a slender 16-25 year old. “Happily growing old together’ is a euphemism for ‘Realized that it’s too much work to fuck a teenager, and there are too many potential downsides”
      Any man that denies this fact is a liar.

      1. I know guys who are doing both – having a loving relationship with his wife of almost 20 years and pounding some 20 YRO’s ass on the side. Guy is 58, wife is 46 (and in great shape), mistresses are 18-24. He is wealthy, looks younger and has Game though. In past times that was the old-school approach.
        And most men except for a precious few are way more loyal towards their loving and kind wives – that is if they have not turned into bitchy, fat and grumpy hyenas. Men’s perception of love is actually the one more idealistic. Seeing your mistress once or twice a week is usually enough for some added fun.

        1. And I am SURE the mistress grimaces when he asks for sex, but not when he hands over the cash. The mistress THINKS the same way as Dave, but she puts up with it. At least the old lady has integrity.

        2. Yes – because the only way a man gets sex is by paying. Go back to the feminist hellhole you crawled out from Jezebel.
          But yeah – that man is an anomaly. Most men even with Game cannot pull it off much farther than age 45-48. But still – that is by far longer than women.

      2. why do you think that the world is full of hookers in their 20s….. it’s not the 20-30 year old guys paying them…… when the man above needs a slice of fresh tight ass, he’d rather pay for it to make sure his discretion is assured… he as too much to lose to go chasing tale…..

        1. OK, we get it. Too many times you’re bitterly trashing all women just to promote banging hookers.
          It looks like you’re on the wrong website.

  37. If anything, this guy should be commended for being up front and
    honest about his desires, rather than stringing this lady along with pretty lies. After all, isn’t honesty something women constantly harp on men to do better at?
    Naah, that would adhere to logic, a traditionally male virtue. Which, obviously makes it patriarchal and oppressive.

  38. Korth believe in that passive-agressive feminism.
    “Men are just women without a Uterus.”
    Throw in a sprinkle of narcissism…..
    Dave, OOTO has been reading this site and others. Good for him.

  39. The only upside for women is a survey that showed women view men hitting their wall at the age of 39.

    1. of course, while plastic surgery might add another ten years to the wall for women, a fat bankroll adds a hundred years to the wall for men.

    2. That survey was probably written by a woman herself – that too a western woman.
      Go to Eastern europe and see how men in their 40’s are in demand with young women.
      The survey is a whole crock of bullshit.

  40. God I wish Patrice O’neal was alive to lead this movement. If anyone hasn’t yet, youtube “The Black Phillip show”

  41. When people tell pretty lies, they don’t do it because they’re trying to make the other feel better. They’re actually getting a free approval for the lies they tell themselves, so they could be spared from honest introspection.
    This is what I saw in the comment section on the Huf post of that article. An echo chamber of women. Scambling, lying.

  42. Stupid article. In their late 50’s, both of these people are way the hell past their physical and reproductive prime. Someone pushing 60 might be appealing for other reasons (comfort, companionship, financial, etc) but if you’re looking for someone who finds you physically attractive at that age you’re looking for a liar. This woman probably read 50 Shades of Grey and fantasized about the handsome 30-year-old male lead doing dirty things to her before castigating Dave for trying to get her to wear stockings and hide her wrinkles.
    Why would it be hard to accept that physical attractiveness just ain’t there anymore at 59?

    1. It ain’t there for anybody. The problem is nobody can accept morphing into nana and gramps like they would in China say, go do tai chi in the park.

    2. I resemble that remark. Luckily I have found a pretty little liar, 28 years younger than me that has successfully fooled me for the past 6 years of marriage that she still finds me sexually attractive. The bonus is that she is a beautiful, slender, Asian woman. I hope she keeps fooling me. A good rationalization may just be what you need to get through the day.
      Someday you young guys will be my age; if you are lucky enough not to get hit by a bus or some other mishap that human flesh is prone to. If you do reach this lofty age; you will rethink the statement that you made. Of course, I am probably fooling myself. If ignorance is bliss then it is foolish to be wise.

  43. …but those wrinkles provide that extra friction which improves the stimulating sensation, says the blind man.

  44. More displays of a woman being the ‘victim’ here when the guy pretty much gave it to her straight. He was honest with her so he’s a bad man.
    You just have to love it.

  45. simple fact. Your dick knows.
    If you need Viagra, it’s because your dick doesn’t want to be inside THAT.
    Viagra is unhealthy at any stage… either you are too unhealthy to fuck, or what you are fucking is not what you should be.
    Even old men can pop a boner at a sexy seventeen year old.

    1. Nope old men can’t pop a boner, the dirty little secret is ED is 50% at 50, 60 at 60, etc. etc. Most men lie a lot, they aren’t going to tell their friends they have a problem, it’s always some other guy. Nature didn’t intend the majority of old men to fuck 17 year olds, it leads to high rates of schizophrenia, autism, killing your family in your sleep. Viagra produces as many defective kids as incest does.

      1. I say enjoy sex but when libido and vigor decreases, be a man about it and accept it. Viagra is poison. There are other things in life besides chasing women until your death.

  46. Women: Does this dress make me look fat be honest?
    Man: No, your fat makes you look fat.
    Women: You’re an asshole!
    The typical responses over at Huff Post ….

  47. Wow. What a gold-mine of double-standards this article is.
    If a man is LJBF’d then he’s a misogynist because the friend-zone doesn’t exist. (I have read women that say this verbatim).
    But if a woman is friend-zoned because the man isn’t sexually attracted to her, it’s an article-worthy event wherein the man is harsh, and hurtful, etc…
    And of course there is the mind bending illogicalness of the the fact that she’s upset because she’s not a sex object to this man, yet in the article she says the things he wanted to do were “objectifying”?!?! IOW, She is only willing to give him some vanilla sex, she won’t do the kinky stuff.

  48. I’m going to write an article for HuffPo about how totally unfair it is that Victoria’s Secret models aren’t attracted to me. I’m going to shame them for not being attracted to someone with mediocre looks and financial issues. Man, look how easy life would be if you always have a scapegoat.
    Also, I really doubt that the man who was so charming etc. would have come out and said ‘Your body is too wrinkly’ so openly like that. There was all kinds of room for tact so Mister Suave there would have been more decent.

  49. The 1% is Sophia Loren. Aged the opposite of Bardot. I dunno how old Sophia is now… 100 probably, but at 59 I’m pretty sure I would’ve banged her. She just was smoking hot and stayed hot. Korth, and maybe 99% of women, don’t. But the trouble for women is they all think they’re the 1%.

  50. The limbic system is the ultimate arbiter of attraction.
    Interestingly, the very treatment Ms. Korth expected was exactly what she got, but fails to acknowledge, vis a vie his polite refusal to have sex with her.
    This situation may have been confusing for her, but she only got “shived” when she pushed him for a reason.
    Kudo’s to Dave, too. His forthright honesty probably saved mankind from another self-entitled shrew vastly over-estimating her sexual value.

    1. The limbic system is the ultimate arbiter of attraction. . Random Guy : gays should get mental treatment. Fat Girl: but people can’t control their feelings !!!! . guy : Im not into you , your’e fat and unappealing. Fat Girl: how dare you feel that way!!!

    2. What sexual value?, she had none of it!…but the bitch won´t see that. Go cultivate other qualities and admit you are not sexually attractive anymore…is not the end of the world. Happens to everybody.

  51. She is describing herself as something closely akin to the living embodiment of a melting wax sculpture.
    Who on earth would be sexually attracted to that, outside of the most desperate of souls…
    “I am a 59-year-old woman in great health and in good physical shape. I
    stand five-feet, nine-inches tall and weigh 135 pounds.{…}
    In fact, they still struggle to make it full-up in a B-cup bra. My
    thighs are no longer velvet and my buttocks have dimples. My upper arms
    wobble a bit and my skin shows the marks of the sun. There is a softness
    around my waist that is no longer perfectly taut, and the pout of my
    abdomen attests to a c-section that took its bikini flatness…”

    1. That ‘Gross’ is your wee wee telling you that this woman wouldn’t last through 5 seconds of the labor process so why bother having sex and providing nine months of resources for her. Not to mention that an ocean tanker full of fertility drugs probably couldn’t get her to conceive. She was trolling.

  52. Anyways as if no woman has ever been turned down for sex ever in the history of the world for whatever reason..welcome to a mans world where you have to try and maybe get what you want and deal with the arrows to your ego.

  53. Modern feminism is basically a war against heterosexual men’s dating preferences. Which means that modern feminism in reality is a war against nature.

  54. And that Huff Po article is now being celebrated and lauded by thousands of feminists in social media right now, just have a look on twitter.
    As said, this is the soul of modern feminism. Heterosexual men’s dating preferences are morally wrong and must be changed. By trumpeting this meme, feminists has made it clear that they consider sex and romance with the men they desire to be a woman’s right.

  55. So, you are ugly and old, but it is men’s fault?
    And this mindset is CELEBRATED!
    Nemo enim fere saltat sobrius, nisi forte insanit. -Cicero.
    No one dances sober, unless he is insane.

  56. I call bullshit on Korth. Her whole article is fabricated feminist propaganda. This never happened. She made this whole thing up so she could shame men.

    1. The more I think about it, the more I agree with you. Shame on us here for falling for it.

    2. The story might be fake. However, her experiences of getting snubbed by men for beautiful younger women as real as it gets.

    3. I’m inclined to agree with you Johnny. No man would have spent that much time with her, including planning on spending a weekend with her and then following through, only to admit once the clothes were off that he wasn’t attracted to older women. It just doesn’t make sense or sound even vaguely like something a man would do.
      Gotta throw the BS flag at Korth.

      1. I’m not sure. For a start, i think she’s prettied up the dialogue and so on considerably with her (somewhat purple) prose.
        Secondly, we can have no way of knowing what kind of man Dave is. I think it is possible though to conceive of a guy without game who desires companionship with a woman — but then smacks headlong into his lack of desire for her. i think his candor is the most surprising part. the rest of it I can buy. A lot of guys out there are lonely — particularly those who don’t access sites like this one, and therefore haven’t reassessed their thinking about relationships etc.

      2. Maybe she was the first older woman he saw naked. Maybe he was just in it for free meals

  57. I’m 30 and would never date some one years older than me. This man is an idiot of course her body was going to be bad he should know this at 55 and dated a girl 10 years younger not 60. If he made the realization she was gross which yes no duh her body was going to be wrinkly he should have just made some excuse to leave then never spoke to her again. If I ever encounter a woman with some strange gross body I don’t see the need to explain that to her.

  58. A woman doesn’t wanna screw a guy who’s testicles are hanging about his ankles….it goes both ways….its human desire not just male. Gender roles need to be forgotten we’re all individuals why should it be men vs women its old.

  59. I read the article on HuffPo and a lot of the comments. Depressing.
    As an older divorced gentleman (boomer) I can sympathize with the author AND the supposed “dick”.
    Myself, I simply CAN NOT get exited physically over a lady past 55 (if the gym is her second home) or past 50 for most ladies. I am no prize but I have money and can still dead lift 400 lbs.
    This Robin lady is the classic type of intellectual older lady you meet who thinks she has given and given and given and got nothing in return. After a “dark night of the soul” she emerges newly single and ready to boost life to the next level with spiritual development and gobs of new experiences. Everything she perceives as unpleasant or an insult now is an “assault on her very soul” . What a pill.
    Most of the older women I have met wind up taking cruises with their girlfriends, drinking lots of wine with their girlfriends and taking a pottery/yoga class. They are trying to hang on to their dullish jobs and hope not to be replaced with a younger person.
    The male commenters cheering her on are pussies of the worst kind. They seem like nice ex school teachers or civil servants who think that manhood is somewhat defined by being able to be a love slave to some old lady they have just encountered in later life.
    I do meet a lot of older ladies at local bars and I am careful not to get too close. I know that they really are looking for commitment and I don’t want have a one night and then have to dump them.
    BTW, I notice that most female comments were either of the “go girl” type or “if you can’t man up and appreciate real bodies of older females then YOU HAVE NO BALLS!” All angry females resort to the nuclear option (“you’re not a REAL man”) pretty quickly in any emotional discussion. This means that it is the end of the discussion.
    The depressing part is that type of story is going to be more and more common. The, ummm, thinkers in the feminist movement have to have a long and deep rethink about where things are going. Feminism as devolved from the initial notions of equal pay for equal work into the constant and systematic denial of biology.
    Before the baby boomers, couples stayed married and were, more the most part, secure. There were tremendous societal pressures set up to keep families intact.
    The reason this whole issue is so emotional, especially for women, is that women are security and safety oriented. The fundamental cause of low level chronic anxiety in humans is the primal fear of being abandoned by the tribe and left to die. The antidote is to be valuable to your group and secure in the knowledge that your kin and other close relationships will keep you safe.
    This anxiety is strongest in childhood when the child is totally dependent on adults and must please them. It really gets bad in old age when the fear of death increases.
    So, feminism has opened up the game by encouraging the destruction of traditional marriage and the enforced security. Long story short, a lot of women are blowing up long term marriages and thinking that there is a really great life out there that they have been missing. Also, men have caught on and decided that the aging wife is not much fun anymore and blow up the marriage for the younger, hotter woman. This stuff was rare for ordinary people in the old days.
    Many older divorced women do not fare well with the new normal. Most are not rich enough to have all the options that make life comfortable, Most have lost their looks and will be ignored by the kind of guys they really want. The anxiety levels go through the roof and life is worse than if they had stayed married,
    This Robin character is representative of what’s going to happen to millions or women in the western world, The misery will increase until their daughters and grand daughters begin to see the light.

    1. Great comment. Yep, our society is in all sorts of troubles. And this particular issue has a real, personal impact on both men and women.
      I’m somewhat younger than you, but I have never in my life found a woman over the age of about 34 attractive. As I get older myself this may begin to pose more of a problem. But I think I would rather have a life of celibacy than sleep with a woman I’m not attracted to. Or more realistically take up one of the other options for sexual release which are well documented elsewhere and usually center around emigrating to Asia.
      I feel at this point that I am resilient enough to go it alone into older age with a network of friends for support, and my personal interests to entertain me, plus travel. This describes my uncle’s life–he’s 60, unmarried, is retired and has a whale of a time skiing every few months, etc. I rather envy him. Far better that than winding up tethered to some woman in whom I have no sexual interest.

      1. If you have a moderate amount of money you can live well as an older man in N. America. Once you make a slight attitude adjustment in your belief system, things get more clear.
        We are conditioned to believe that happiness is only possible being in a committed relationship with a good woman. Not true.
        The fact is that being married in your late 50’s or 60’s can be OK or hell. I notice that a lot of my married friends who are married to women their own age (women past 55) are not all that happy. They are looking old and tired. And the problem is more with their minds than their bodies. These guys have just given up and are trying to enjoy what they can (food, grandchildren, a cruise) while they enter a decline to old age. They hardly ever spend any time in a gym or getting out of the comfort zone,
        Being divorced since age 49, I actually feel more adventurous, physically stronger and eager to pick up new hobbies and knowledge. With a (very few) bucks a man can buy good food served with a smile (not bitterness), buy cleaning, and sex.
        Cross the line to escorts etc. and you realize what a commodity pure sex really is. And you can develop a detached mature approach to it. No, it’s not love, but it sure takes the pressure off of having to settle for an older lady just to get off. And the porno available today is simply unbelievable. Did I jump down the rabbit hole? I don’t think so. I am simply taking advantage of opportunities now available to the average man thanks to efforts of feminism.
        BTW, real happiness doesn’t come from emotional dependence on another person. That doesn’t feel like freedom. Happiness is freedom from egotistical desires.

      2. “I have never in my life found a woman over the age of about 34 attractive. As I get older myself this may begin to pose more of a problem. But I think I would rather have a life of celibacy than sleep with a woman I’m not attracted to.”
        Nearly 40 and feel the same way. Celibacy appears to be the only way to go.

        1. Yeah,it’s a real issue. Game can counter it to an extent. My girlfriend right now is 23 – a big age gap – but I look young and I’m still snagging early 20s girls. I have to recognize, though, that this state of affairs won’t go on forever.

  60. I had a similar experience (from the man’s side) a few years ago. An old girlfriend from high school contacted me. She wanted to go for coffee and I thought “why not?”, we had not spoken in decades. During the course of coffee she propositioned me. (Keep in mind that we were both 50 at the time) I declined her offer as gently as I could. A few days later she calls me to demand an explanation. I tried to tell her that I was just not interested. She said that she thought we would be a good match for a long term relationship or even a short term thing and that if I wasn’t interested that there must be something wrong with me. After listening to this increasingly shrill tirade for a few minutes I got tired of it and carefully explained that I do not sleep with women over 40 and that I had, in fact, not slept with anyone over 30 for several years. She just was not in the running. She hung up on me. I have not heard from her since. Thank God.

  61. Western society is the most unnatural society on earth. Even our ages of consent are not really based on pedophilia but to actually take into account the education of women. I find this hurts women more than anything. 1.) It takes about three years off of their prime to have them focus on educational pursuits that are mostly fruitless (to all you gender-fem studies majors out there) 2.) It inculcates them in an environment which makes them extremely hostile to any form of traditionalism and men 3.) It makes them sacrifice the best years of their child bearing and marital days for a career. I forgot what I watched that suggested that men are universally attracted to 16 year old girls. Men must realize this hostile environment and come to one resolution, the absolute and total abandonment of western marriage. What’s the chance you’ll marry a woman in the West, hell even Eastern Europe without her having rode the carousel in her prime? What’s the chance that she won’t try to use the plethora of anti-men laws against in the courts? The most offensive part about women propositioning men for marriage, is to think that men once we hit our primes 27-38, will possibly take a woman who’s gotten finished with having her “fun.” I hear numerous women say, “yeah, I’m too young to have children, I’ll wait to my 30s and then get married.” Maybe the natural order of things is betas propositioning used up whores for marriage and alphas on top of the mound. I’ll get use to being a lone wolf. Fuck it.

    1. Realistically, society could be entirely restructured such that women could be mothers, and still have a career in their life. The solution is actually quite simple.
      1) Abolish high school, it’s government babysitting.
      2) Replace high school with an optional 4-6-year trade/university program for young men.
      3) For women you give them these two options:
      — Have kids while young. This means, take perhaps two years of school between the ages of 15-18, and then immediately begin meeting and vetting men for the task of a lifelong partner. This process should be done with the full support and help of her family, kids can’t determine who is a bad egg like mom and dad can. When her kids are grown, she can absolutely go back and get a degree, because those kids will be grown up enough to handle themselves at school (most of the day) by the time she’s 27. This path gives her a lifelong partner, children she desires (and time to socialize them), and a career while she’s still young enough to accomplish something outside of motherhood.
      — Expecting to not have kids at all, going through the boys program under the same rules, standards, and expectations of the guys. This choice means she wants to play with the boys her entire life. There’s nothing wrong with individuals choosing this. What this means is her expectations of finding a lifelong partner should be severely curtailed. Furthermore, because she’s making a choice to enter the world of business, she really should not be allowed to take maternity “leave”, and/or she should be penalized if she quits her job later to be a mom. The reason for this is that by accepting a job, by starting a career, she is most likely displacing men who have a societal need for a career (to support a family). There can be no justification for denying men the ability to have better careers than mothers, no justification that passes the same smell test as denying women the chance to be mothers outright. You cannot socially justify removing the opportunity for people to fulfill their primary biological purpose in life.

    2. Hey Lance, great comment. I have a white friend by that name…but he’s too shallow to say the things you write. I will say this though, he is a “pussy magnet”…just can’t keep them though.

  62. That’s karma for you. How many of these women, when they were young, rejected men because they were “too old”, “too young”, “too fat”, “too skinny”, “too ugly”, or for any number of physical reasons that didn’t meet their standards? Now that the shoe is on the other foot it doesn’t feel so good does it?

    1. Absolutely…old these post-wall women with their high requirements in the dating websites…who the fuck they think they are? I visited the world of online dating briefly and I was apalled at their attitude. They wouldn´t even reply to a message, some would not have a profile photo but would ask for you to be tall, make this much money, etc. Really lame.

  63. Masterfully written article here, Troy. Logical, matter-of-fact, and well articulated. Big fan of your writing.
    As for the content – what was this guy thinking at 55 shacking with a woman who is 4 years his senior? Judging from his comments about typically being with younger women, and not being ashamed of telling it like it is to this bag, he has a relatively high SMV and harbors some realistic red-pill beliefs. I’m sure he could have easily found a 40 yo woman who would meet his mature, intelligent, well-seasoned woman fetish.
    Women who are elderly (same with elderly men really) should just accept that their days of being virile, energetic, and sexually desirable are behind them. Strange it took this woman until almost 60 to come to the realization that she is old and desirable men do not want to fuck her. I am impressed that she is eager for sex at that age, though. Relatively impressive.

    1. Many thanks – very much appreciated.
      Agree – I really can’t imagine myself going for her were I in the same position. Celibacy seems a more attractive proposition than dealing with the bullshit of a woman to whom one isn’t sexually attracted.

      1. Exactly, at some point in life, peace of mind is top priority. Why getting entangled with women (if sex is out of the equation) when one can have a million better things to do?

    2. That she is saying that at 59 she still wants sex is the critical point; one I just have a hard time believing. I am pushing 60, still not quite pulling 60, and have had more experience with over 40 women than I really care to think about. Most women over 40 would look at Dave and shout, “Thank god, at last I found a guy that provided companionship and didn’t want sex; great.” So I am calling BS.
      If you are looking for a sexual relationship than no matter how old you are as a man, there is no reason to look at women much older than 35. Don’t try to dig gold out of a coal mine. On Dave’s behalf, and I know you younger guys might not be ready to hear this, maybe he was only interested in a platonic relationship. At some point the sex drive starts to get pretty small.

  64. Here is the brutal truth that the Huff Po crowd finds absolutely unbearable: Male sexual arousal is necessary for the continuation of the species, female sexual arousal is not. Sad, I know. Not fair – blah, blah, blah. But true? Certainly. The implications of that statement should be fully obvious to anyone with two brain cells.

    1. Not necessary, but pretty much a requirement in the western world. Unless you want to pay for it or engage in rape.

  65. They make garbage containers big enough to fit her into. That’s where she belongs. Or at least a paper bag big enough to cover her from head to toe. Those Muslims have something good going with the burkha.
    A very compelling argument for all men to never get involved with any woman entering old hagdom (25+). Somebody link to the scene from “Dazed & Confused” with the dude who says “That’s what I love about high school girls. I get older, they stay the same age!”. Yep.

  66. Wow… Bardot didn’t just hit the Wall. She passed though face first and crashed into the engine block in the truck on the other side.

  67. I don’t believe Robin Korth’s side of the story that a heterosexual male spent 3 nights in bed with a willing woman and they didn’t have sex.
    Sorry, gang, but that just doesn’t pass the smell-test.
    What I suspect REALLY happened was that the two DID have sex, and when the weekend was over, “Dave” was done with her, so the next time they talked, he wanted to make it plain that she was “fuck n’ chuck”.
    Maybe he did criticize her body, and maybe he didn’t and she made that part up because it was salve for her ego…and she knew that it made a more sympathetic tale for her target readership than just being kicked to the curb.

  68. You guys are pretty hard on older women. Id marry an older woman.
    If she bought me a Lamborghini Aventador. Several polo ponies. She owned a very large mansion on a large estate. We traveled extensively. We never had to engage in sexual intercourse.
    Ladies, you still have hope after the “wall”. Just start saving your money!!

  69. I think watching too much mature porn went to her head to screw up her logic.
    Who’d want to fuck a woman with a dimpled ass?

  70. I’m not sure why you said “Dave—presumably an unwitting red-pill man”. Even the bluest of blue pill betas wouldn’t say what Dave said. If they can’t get it up for her, they would make an excuse or say they weren’t attracted to her and get outta there. My bet, she made it all up, Dave never said those things because men just don’t say stuff like that. What’s the upside? All men know, what you see is what you get. And if you don’t like what you see, it’s nobody’s fault, you just leave.
    And if he was that enamored by her sparkling personality and so desperate for a bit of companionship (I think the latter is the case here), he should’ve just kept things platonic. Every man knows you cannot force the dick to do what you want it to do. Even if you’ve swallowed the blue pill hard and think this is what you “should” be attracted to, as the old saying goes, the dick wants what the dick wants. A 55 year old man should know all this by now, regardless of how he’s been brainwashed.
    The other explanation is he was trying to dump her but she was trying to leach on for longer. She forced a “reason for dumping her” out of him, and he had to say what was on his mind to get rid of her. Regardless, a red pill man would not waste time pursuing a physical relationship with someone he wasn’t physically attracted to.

    1. It is perfectly possible to have a female friend as a red-pill alpha man.
      If this condition is met, you can be friends. If she is also not interested in sex, and thats the big IF.
      When I was around 20, my value as a man was not the same it is today.
      I did however have the same high standards back then, resulting in me ending in the “friend zone” frequently.
      This was when *I* wanted to have sex with HB9 but she didnt.
      Fast forward 20 years and my position in the male food chain has increased considerably. Nowadays the opposite is often true enough.
      If I am 100% positive i have no interest in sex with a woman but her personality or professional skill level is of value to me, I friend zone her.
      Keeping her in orbit for my own personal gain. It is not rare that after a while these women make “hints” that they would be available, what I tend to ignore as long as possible.
      My bet; that’s exactly what “Dave” did.

  71. Ms. Korth looks closer to 70 and, quite frankly, it’s a certainty that “Dave” never existed and is a figment of her rather fertile imagination.

  72. “My buttocks have dimples”. I would ask how many? Dimples in my book come in 2’s…..I would imagine she has innumerable “dimples” on her soft Ass…..

  73. Oh my God, this poor woman has just discovered that she’s living in the real world where men’s desires actually matter.
    My guess is that on some level she was looking for Captain Save-A-Ho and that our man Dave would have made a pretty good one. This ‘evil’ man has denied her resources has the deserves because she’s such a special unique snowflake.

  74. All I have to say is it took him 3 times to be with her before he noticed to say he wasn’t attracted? Really, he didn’t notice the first or even 2nd time? He’s a jerk, no ageism even required to figure this out. Even young woman face a person rejecting them in regards to their physique, 3 times together, really?

    1. They spent a weekend and he refused to have sex with her during these 3 days. She couldnt understand the “no sex” part and asked “why”; he then explained on the phone why he wouldnt fuck old hags, even though her personality was great. Then she went berzerk, the truth makes you free…or mad.
      Reading and understanding what you read seems to be an endangered art these days.

  75. Keep in mind the CDC stats 23% of women in this age group are on SSRI anti-depressant drugs. You really have to hit the lottery to find quality…..

  76. I guess she shouldn’t have divorced her husband. Then she wouldn’t have to whine about how younger men don’t find an old woman attractive.

  77. She didnt buy into feminist bullshit, thats why.
    She knows damn
    well that her worth as a female human beeing is equal to her looks. If
    men dont find her attractive, she has no power over them.
    She is not interested in any other form of relationship, thats why he got
    dumped after beeing kind and honest and thats why she is so butthurt now. She took her power over men for granted and this illusion was taken from her.
    Welcome to the real world. No nice place for the old, sick and ugly.

  78. My GOD, why does anyone believe her version of this story, without getting his? RASHOMON, anyone? Naturally, she’s the heroine of her version, despite the astounding self-defining nonsense (“Bravely” looking at herself in the mirror? She’s brave because SHE says so? It takes bravery to realistically appraise your body’s obvious flaws as a result of aging?)
    I’d certainly like to hear the guy’s story, and how thrilled he is about the results of his being honest with her!

  79. Here’s a 24 year old guy going to state prison for 4 years because when he was 21, he had sex with a 16 year old. That’s right, he did what the guy did in Fast Times at Ridgemont High (and no one thought was a big deal in 1984), and he’s going to jail for it. He’s going to jail for following his natural male instinct for fornication with a willing, fertile, young female.

  80. People are first attracted to each other by looks. That’s how it is. Some people are only attracted to a very narrow aesthetic in the looks of others. That’s just how they are — women and men alike. Maybe he thought the weekend might work out because he liked her so much, but then realized she just didn’t turn him on. That doesn’t make him a bad guy. That has happened in reverse to me with guys who objectively speaking were attractive and who I thought I might be attracted to, but ultimately I just wasn’t. Women can be just as harsh on men’s bodies as this guy was on hers, and it doesn’t seem like he was mean or anything, he was just honest. She could own and love every inch of her body after being rejected by him without saying negative things about him. An article about learning to love her body after rejection and accepting that she’ll have to find someone who is attracted to different things than that guy would be fine, but saying negative things about a guy who really liked you and did try but it just didn’t happen seems unnecessarily negative. For me, if I care about someone and want to give him pleasure and let him do the same for me, our bodies are the vehicle through which that happens, and I enjoy the togetherness. Some are objectively more attractive than others, but that means little to me.The shape is just the shape. It’s the nerve endings, the effects, that create the fun.

  81. Dave is being honest and that’s important, but there is a difference between honesty and full disclosure (meaning having to tell her everything about how he feels about her body, his attraction to her, being spoiled by younger women sexual, etc.). For example, she may thinking he smells bad, is lazy, doesn’t make her orgasm enough, can’t maintain an erection, has a small penis, etc. They can both be honest with each other and not have to tell each other everything they are thinking. They can both take responsibility for contributing to creating a safe and caring environment where they can discuss what turns them on and off. It’s this type of environment where she may want to wear a wig, dress in school girl clothing, and wear fishnet stockings. It’s this environment where he will want to find her G-spot and use the aid of sex toys. This is honesty with compassion and a happy ending.

  82. Great article. The hypocrisy seen in situations like this one is why I loathe modern day “feminism”.

  83. Earth to Robin:
    Grace Slick said it best (referring men desiring women sexually): “No one wants to fuck anything over 50.”

  84. I used to be rich but I lost everything and now I’m poor. My wealth will never return. Women should want to have sex with me because I’m a good person who has been through a lot in life. Lets go to a club and see how well that line of reasoning works with the ladies.
    Robin Korth is a Narcissist. It’s that simple.
    “Narcissistic Personality Disorder is characterized by a
    long-standing pattern of grandiosity (either in fantasy or actual
    behavior), an overwhelming need for admiration, and usually a complete lack of empathy toward others.”

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