America’s Sexual Hierarchy Favors Alpha Males More Than Ever

America is a society that is drenched in narcissism. As such, American sexuality is very much influenced by this self-absorption. However, it is also a society that caters to women – it is society that is centered around female interests & desires. What often gets confused as male privilege is the fact that women are supremely interested in alpha males. Feminists would characterize this interest of women in alphas as male privilege, but what really is going on is that women are sexually attracted to alphas, so, clearly, those males will get great levels of exposure in society and media.

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You see this in feminist circles with bitter fights over beauty standards, careers and relationships between men and women. Lesbian feminists could care less about heterosexual women getting the men they desire – they don’t want to be judged for being ugly and unfeminine. They try to pretend they care about gendered oppression of beauty standards, but they really just want to change those standards for their own homosexual benefit. The fight between these camps is narcissistic and grounded in their own sexuality. Lesbians get the benefit of ignoring male sexuality; heterosexual women cannot ignore male sexuality if they wish to have an actual sex life outside the confines of their own imagination.

The sexual hierarchy in America is this:

Alphas > Women > Betas > Omegas

For the purposes of this expose,  alphas refer to men women find sexually attractive, betas are men women consider settling material and omegas are men that never get laid.

Alphas don’t have to be narcissists, but they do have some of those qualities because of being so privileged by female sexual adoration. When a person is subject to so much positive attention, it stands to reason narcissism can develop. Often times, though, narcissism doesn’t develop. What often develops is an abundance mentality that results in a more indifferent approach to women. The narcissism of women, however, radically alters the sexual hierarchy.

Women seek equality with alphas by trying to become alphas themselves. They want to have their money turn men on, they want their snark and independence make alphas salivate to for them. They want to work beside them in high status professions – think Boston Legal and Grey’s Anatomy. They want crowds of fans rocking out to their live music. They want adoring alphas wearing their sports jerseys and come to their games and cheer when hit the trey.

A problem of the first order is the  approval they get from beta/omega males and females. Women appreciate female approval on a superficial level, but they know it is often fake and is so ubiquitous that it is boring and expected. As for betas, let’s set them aside as they are post-carousel material. Omegas are repulsive not just sexually but are a reflection of dark days for women. Most modern women has thrown herself at some retreating alpha, offering up her body as a salve to a failing relationship. Deep down, they know they spend way too many resources – emotional, financial & temporal – trying to keep said man around.

This is applicable to omegas because the rank desperation reminds them how unattainable alphas often are for them – omegas sometimes are a reflection of a woman’s position vis-a-vis alphas. Further, they remind women of the lengths they would go for alpha approval by the lengths omegas will go to secure female approval.


The other problem is the fact that alphas are not sexually turned on by provisioning ability, confidence or social status. Women are often bitter and disappointed because alphas don’t care about that. Women have been falsely told that everything they have gained since second-wave feminism have made them more attractive to men. It hasn’t. The realization often makes women justifiably bitter.  Women haven’t become alphas, they have become the betas they settle for.

The other issue is that if women get what they claim to want and get this approval from alphas, they often lose attraction to the alpha. Imagine some alpha husband wearing WNBA player’s jersey to her games regularly– where do you think the arc of that relationship is headed? Sure, it is possible he has that much hand, but it isn’t probable.

Let’s talk about sexual marketplace value as it relates age and weight. The pool of alphas is fairly steady. The marriageable ones and the one’s that will marry will dwindle quickly. Women at 35 are likely to find a 50 year old divorced alpha with no desire to father more children. Which brings in age; women are often forced to consider beta males as mates as they age. Which brings in betas.


When confronted with the reality that they have the mentality of a beta male or an omega coupled with their increasing inability to have sex with lesser alphas, a woman has a serious identity crisis. You get later in life lesbians, single mothers, women flying to Haiti for sexual adventurism. Think a “Stella Got Her Groove” back situation. The carousel riding ends here. What begins is long process of female self-delusion that very much tracks a female compensatory narcissist/male codependent relationship.

Women need serious levels of social support and self delusion to make a beta palatable. Some women are direct about their lack of love for their man, however that is usually after the valuation period. Facebook, Instagram and other forms of social media seriously aid women as she can publicly claim her beta is different and is a real man because he cuddles with her and confesses his deepest fears to the her. What he doesn’t know is he is setting up a codependent/compensatory narcissist relationship with the woman. As such, the storm clouds gather.

The woman will sleep with the beta, romance him and make him feel loved. She acting out the beginning of relationships with alphas. The marriage engagement is a huge candy bar for her hamster to gnaw on while the her blood is starting to boil. It starts to come out during the engagement with anger about the wedding plans, with the beta comforting her and reassuring her that he loves her. She knows that that’s why she is marrying you – she can control you knowing you need her more than she needs you – she knows you will always be there to assuage her ego. The wedding will be a calm before the storm once the honeymoon ends. The beta will think the wedding stress was the cause of the relationship issues.

The marriage will go downhill quickly. Sex will dry up and she will become increasingly critical. She will demand declarations of love and worship. She will begin to only treat him well in public and being to treat him poorly in private. She will often use sex as a weapon and sometimes physically abuse him. Unable to comprehend the problem is his lack of alpha, he will blame himself, beating himself up for not being supportive enough, not listening to her, etc. The gap between her own perception of her attractiveness to alphas and her attractiveness to alphas in reality will fuel how badly she will treat her beta.

Look at that the website – it is one massive beta indoctrination program. Women need to know men are reading that, in the vain hope alphas will become more beta and betas stay beta so they have a class of men to settle for.

This utilitarian approach women take to men have biological roots, but understand it is exacerbated by American psychology. Alphas have serious privilege and women resent it. The sexual revolution for them has been a large negative. A huge plus in college and right after, but women quickly realize it is bad that society does not force alphas and greater betas into marriage. Notice the constant preening rhetoric of how important the social gains are for women.

Yay careers! Yay not having to get married! My fancy degree means more than a man! Men are scared of my accomplishments! Ugh, I am so AWESOME!

So, uh, where are the hot boys?

This is little more than the self-absorbed preening in order  to convince themselves that this whole scheme has been a net positive for them. It hasn’t. As usual, alphas benefit supremely.

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164 thoughts on “America’s Sexual Hierarchy Favors Alpha Males More Than Ever”

  1. Nice point about women trying to copy alpha males but typically winding up becoming “like the betas they settle for.”

    1. Or, as one ‘spherian put is some time ago:
      “Women have become the very men they were looking for . . .and then men have gone home to kick it poolside.”

        1. Good points, Kingsley Davis.
          Also, good to see forum members posting on RoK.

  2. Quick few points to make, though some may disagree with them:
    (1) Any culture that is headed for a collapse (ie the West) sees greater and greater extremes (if history is to be counted upon). This is why uber-hypergamy may become the norm in the near future. This is based on a variety of social factors.
    (2) Hypergamy pushed to its extremes is unhealthy for a society and leads to greater and greater apathy from its menfolk (what the elite want, to weaken the competition).
    (3) UK has been a country with strong socialist tendencies (free healthcare and also free education for the longest time), hence, you see a combo of uber-hypergamy and uber-omegas enjoying female attention. Uber omegas are fundmentally useless and this is evolution going in reverse.
    (4) Whether you are religious, follow a religion other than Christianity, or are aethist; it is clear to see that social contract laws such as the Ten Commandments, help keep society healthy and propagate it from one generation to the next. abandoning such laws was long ago foreseen to cause chaos.
    (5) Alpha males are leaders. The ruling class purposefully indoctrinated us with the idea that alpha males are also men who get a lot of [email protected] (even though many of these guys are weaklings/ only rely on their looks etc..). This is a controversial point, however, it is the loss of male leadership that has weakened society at all levels as we buy into this new paradigm of the ‘alpha’ male that never was. Once you see the truth, you see how to fix society and many of its problems without resorting to depriving other groups of their social justice. However, it does mean that as the man, you should be MORE INDEPENDENT rather than following the flock to their doom. End of.

    1. Alpha males are NOT men who ALSO get a lot of pussy.
      Alpha males ARE men who get a lot of pussy.
      It is a natural law of human evolution, not ruling class indoctrination. Stop talking like a feminist.

      1. Quit with the insults. Sorry, you are not the product of human evolution. Getting off on how ‘superior’ you are is going to hit you back in the face on the day that you really need help from the other ‘inferior’ men. You exist because of social evolution, not natural evolution. Engineered social evolution is why the US and UK are going down the drain. At least if you see the truth for what it is, you can adapt. But holding a redundant view of the world where you have less control over your own healthcare/finances/etc.. is going to result in you being a slave 5 years down the line, if not already. One thing is sure; alpha males in the West are NOT ALPHA. Sorry to burst your bubble.

        1. “Sorry, you are not the product of human evolution.”
          Yes, yes, we are. LOL wtf man. You want insults? The fact that you took what I said as insults or displays of superiority shows how weak your fragile beta mind is.

      2. “Alpha males are not leaders according to men’s standards but according to women’s standards.”
        Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.
        What does a woman know…I could be manipulating her, or she could be thinking she is manipulating me. We’d both be right.
        Men who are alphas know alphas when they see them. People who think women’s standards determine this aren’t alpha.

        1. Here’s the reverse-gendered version of your argument:
          “What does a man know…I could be manipulating him or he could be thinking he is manipulating me. We’d both be right.
          Women who are feminine know femininity when they see them. People who think men’s standards determine this aren’t feminine.
          Here is femininity…a woman who knows her inner worth and inner beauty and can see the same thing in others. Then she creates her own way to help them be feminine.”

        2. Women know nothing about their worth unless a man brings it out. A woman can be a virgin or a whore…the man makes the decision.
          You know nothing about women.

        3. Likewise, a man is worth nothing (biologically speaking) until a woman passes on his genome. A man can be an alpha or beta, the woman makes the decision.
          Are you really this daft about human courtship or are you just bitter?

        4. I know all about human courtship…that’s why I’m not bitter.
          Courting is to behave in a manner so as to attract. Insulting others is one way to not attract people.
          You are bitter because I pointed out your weakness. Everything in your world is based off of a woman’s point of view. So you resort to insults…what you should be attracted to is the advice I’m giving you.
          I had a man point out one of my weakness a few days ago…he told me he never sees me hi to any of my neighbors. Instead of insulting him…I thought “he’s right”. So I shook his hand, said hi to him, chatted with him a bit, and took what he said to heart.

        5. “Courting is to behave in a manner so as to attract.”
          So you agree that men and women validate each other when it comes to courtship and attraction. Good. Now do you understand that alphaness is defined by women much like femininity is defined by men?

        6. I run the same tight game with two different women…one swoons, the other sees me as desperate.
          So am I alpha or beta?

        7. One woman saw you as alpha. The other saw you as beta.
          The fact that you’re asking me, a man, to define your alpha/beta label shows that you haven’t understood a thing.

        8. @Carson D: You are partly right but remember that men are made and women just are. In this case, leaders of men==alphas, at least to the eyes of women, even if in their private life are pussies. A non-elite man, might or might not be alpha but that will depend on how he plays with the hand he was dealt with. So, men CAN determine what is a feminine women, because it’s something instinctual and no man can be fooled and made to think an ugly disfigured woman can be a beautiful woman, however women CANNOT determine what’s alpha since any “hot boy” can show up as an alpha and prove to be the lowest of the betas in private. Enough said.

        9. I think taterearl knows and understands more than you. Any man can reduce you, me or anyone else if he surprises you with harm. Hopefully this does not involve maiming mutilation or death. There was an former friend of mine who had a younger high-school brother who was very popular with the ladies in his neighborhood in Chicago over 20 years ago, and I’m a 45 year old man. The local gang members noticed. They told him to join the gang as no man was allowed to be more popular with the ladies than the gang members. He refused to join. They urged him to do so otherwise he, his brother and his father would be beaten up one night. He still refused to join. One night the local gang sent 20 males to beat up and hospitalize the high-school brother, his brother and his father. Fortuneately, the injuries of these 3 men weren’t permanent. He wasn’t so popular with the ladies in his neighborhood anymore. This is a true story. Even one man with the right training and/ or tools with an element of surprise could have done this. Being an alpha with the ladies is only good when it is safe to do so and it is only safe to do so as long as other men and maybe women let you. Being an alpha with the men makes you safer.

        10. Okay, lets say you have an elite surgeon who commands an entire wing of a hospital. Or an army sergeant who commands an entire platoon or whatever. These men are happily married to very young and beautiful wives, but while they’re at work, their wives rawdog the pool boy or some random biker guy who know how to seduce them and push their sexual buttons. Now tell me, which of these men are alphas and which are betas.

        11. So your definition of alpha is a man who can beat others up? Then why are you on a pick up site? Go join a gym or start a gang so you can beat your way toward attraction.

        12. They are all betas.
          The elite surgeon and army Sargent know how to command because of outside appearance…but know nothing about the interior.
          The pool boy and biker know how to command because of inside appearance….but their appearance means very little to anyone.
          Alphas can do both.

        13. What? The purpose of life is not to command, genius.
          The purpose of life is to reproduce. And for a man, the optimum strategy is one that allows him to reproduce with the most women while expending the least resources. Ones who can do that are alphas.

        14. No the fact that I’m asking you to give me a label and you can’t answer shows that you don’t understand.

        15. Ok let me break this down for you.
          The purpose of life is to do both. If you go one way or the other too much…your life means nothing.

        16. I gave you the label of beta….because you define life on a woman’s terms. Now what label would you give me?

        17. Now you are defining life by your own moral values.
          I’m talking about the biological purpose of every living organisms.

        18. /double facepalm
          You are even more delusional than the fattest radical feminist.

        19. Sure if you are an animal…then your only purpose in life is to reproduce.
          I am however a human…so I have something else to go along with reproducing.

        20. You do know that the refusal to let one’s sexual worth be defined by the opposite sex is the hamster cry of fat feminists, correct?

        21. All humans are animals and the sexual drives for both sexes operate on an animalistic level. Get off your high horse.

        22. Stop talking about women…they have nothing to do with this conversation.
          Fine I’ll answer it for you since you don’t know.
          I’m both.
          A man is the perfect balance of obsequious and authority. So far you’ve determined everything based off women…let me ask you, have you ever gamed men? You game women to get them into bed…you game men to make them better.
          That’s where the notion “women love him and men want to be him” comes from.

        23. Gaming men. LOL wow, the hamster keeps spinning.
          Guess why “men want to be him”, genius — it’s because “women love him”.

        24. So boys watch baseball…see a great player and decide they want to become like the baseball player because that player score tons of chicks.
          But it’s obvious you don’t want to become like me…so I’ll let you go on your way. Enjoy getting the world and having no idea on how to keep it.

        25. Exactly, that boy is only doing what he does to be validated by women. It is the reason behind men. Thank you for agreeing with me, btw.

        26. Now it is my turn to /facepalm.
          Do boys know anything about females at age 7…other than they have cooties.
          But they do sure know about how to play, practice, work hard, and have fun.
          Have you ever done anything in your life because you wanted to? Or was it just for a woman’s validation? Because guys that do anything for a woman’s validation are referred to as betas in my book.

        27. Yeah…because some guys are still little boys when it comes to things. They need to be taught how to be men.

        28. No if all humans were animals…then we wouldn’t have a soul.
          You know that thing that makes you all stuffy about morality.

        29. So you do agree that men’s innate nature is sexual attraction toward the opposite sex. Then why do you insist that men command other men instead of attracting the opposite sex?

        30. Morality and the soul are socially defined concepts that have no relation to basic biology.

        31. You may be more loved by women and the highest alpha amongst women. However, the higher alpha amongst men can defeat you, the highest alpha amongst women any time he chooses by harming and humiliating you. This may not make him a higher status among women and may indeed may make him lower status among women, but with enough violence and humiliation, he can reduce you to being lower amongst women than him. If nothing else works then castration or death will. Power flows from being able to force or persuade others to do your bidding. Men on average or more capable of harming me, you or someone else than women. Those gangsters got to ejaculate inside vaginas while preventing him from doing so. The ladies of this gang infested neighborhood failed to get the gangster men to refrain from violence against the alpha man amongst the ladies. Victory is victory as long as you keep winning. Nothing else matters. Violence as long as it is allowed trumps sex mainly because people have a tendency to want to live physically unharmed and survive more than they want to fuck. Being an alpha with the ladies means nothing if men decide not to let you.

        32. Okay, then let’s say one day the state gets involved and the entire gang is wiped out by the police and the leader is executed. Now who is the alpha by your definition? The cops?

        33. Alright, let’s say you read the ancient Greek ILLIAD written by Homer or watch the movie called TROY with Brad Pitt, Diana Kruger and Orlando Bloom as actors based on the ILLIAD. Helen of Troy, the most beautiful and desirable woman to men in the world at the time, thinks better of Hector, a great warrior-fighter-most noble in every sense of the word, the brother of Paris, the most handsome and desirable of men to women, and wishes she had chosen Hector over Paris when she sees how useless as a fighter and how cowardly Paris is. I’m only telling things which have been known for thousands of years. Note I never stated that having higher social status will make one more sexually attractive or have higher sexual status. I’m simply stating that someone with higher social status and having more power has more ability to ruin you, the one with more sexual attractiveness and higher sexual status, than you can ruin him or her. It is easier for a higher social status person(man or woman) to ruin a higher sexual status man than vice versa. I’m not saying this will happen, but I am giving you probabilities. Act accordingly.

        34. Note by the end of the Illiad, King Priam and his sons, Prince Hector and Prince Paris and other sons, lay dead as did much of Troy while much of the Trojan people were enslaved. Paris may have cuckolded Menalaus the King of Sparta, but he was dead by the end because Menalaus’s brother, the high King of the Greeks named Agamemnon, and other Greeks helped him. Menelaus took Helen back when she cried and bared her breasts. In the Oddyssey, Helen and Menalaus had a tempestuous relationship, but Menalaus was still having sex with her, Helen was infertile, and Paris was still dead. Women will have sex in order to advance or survive even if they don’t love the one who is ensuring their survival or advancement. Helen never sought vengeance for Paris. Remember this.

        35. I correct myself. I do not know if Helen was infertile. She could not produce the male heir Menelaus wanted. Their relationship was strained in the the Oddyseus though and Paris was still dead.

        36. Carson D You are just proving my point. The surgeon in chief and the commander you put in the example, you can bet they are the alphas of their respective neighbourhoods, the women around them, those who don’t know them intimately might even fantasize and masturbate in their name, however in their private lives they proved to be the lowest of the betas, hence, men CAN DETERMINE what is a beautiful and feminine woman, however woman CANNOT DETERMINE what is a manly man, otherwise no woman would lust after Justin Bieber, they (women) are aroused by what the herd is aroused, if the fashion is girly men, they will lust after girly men, if manly men are in, they will lust after manly men and so on.
          It´s true there are certain triggers that are vital if you want to get in her panties (muscularity, ability to show confidence) but the truth still is that women can be fooled about who is a manly (alpha) man and who is not, until they get to know the person intimately. By the way many successful “breeders” and their offspring have been wiped out from the face of the Earth by “leaders of men” who not only got women but got power on their side (paging Genghis Khan). The reason of human existence, is to attain the greatest power you can while at the same time reproducing successfully in order to ensure enough resources for your posterity. We are not animals, otherwise this conversation wouldn’t have taken place.

        37. By the way, Menelaus the cuckolded husband made Paris look foolish to his lover Helen, the adulterous wife of Menelaus, when Menelaus made Paris look weak and cowardly in front of Helen.

        38. Excellent Reply! I used the ILLIAD and Oddyessy as examples which even though they are regarded as fictional by many, I regard them along with many others as history.

        39. So your definition of an alpha man is defined by “women who don’t know him but think he’s alpha”, yet women who do know him intimately and decide to use him instead for resources have no say in the matter?
          Let me get this straight, the sergeant and the surgeon are both alphas in your eyes, even though their women are reproducing with socially-defined lesser men? Would these men still be alphas in your eyes if they unwittingly support these other men’s offsprings?

        40. his tl;dr version is basically what was said in the Prince:
          One can not view the valley except from the mountain and one can not view the mountain from the valley.

        41. Men know without speaking who is the alpha among the group – I’ve seen this at a workshop where without words the men formed a line based on top to bottom of the pack. Now an alpha exists to protect the pack and the instant he resorts to violence against women or children he loses his power among mixed groups as being too dangerous and impulsive. The ruler in the male only prison environment often fails to rule on the street as men who are thugs to women and children are deemed inferior. Women are drawn to alpha males for the strength and protection they offer; but irrationally violent men lose their power and an alpha male will be dumped by any self-respecting woman or community if he abuses his physical power. Brutal terrorists are seldom recognised as the greatest choice of lover available on the planet. Who wants to sleep with the leader of ISIL: Abu Bahr Al-Baghdadi? What a FUG. See the difference?

        42. Alphas often do not stray. You seem to have confused sex addicts with alphas. Alphas lead the male pack and are valued more by women if they are capable of intimacy not mere sexual prowess. Betas can get a lot of women but never lead the pack. Omegas have no sexual scent.

    2. Alpha male= the male who monopolizes the females in a population. Trust me, there are human alpha males who work the drive-thru at burger king and the restaurant owner is like a beta.

      1. The so-called ‘alpha males’ and the restaurant owner are both betas; neither of them is an alpha.
        If you’re alpha, you don’t need to work – you get someone else to do it for you.

      2. True! An Alpha male is a male who is favored by women. Nothing more, nothing less. I’m not a misogynist myself, but I would assume that the female counter-part to the male “alpha” is the female “trophy.” A female that is young or attractive enough for the alpha to consider as a partner, (though not an equal.) It’s a Man’s World…

    3. 2) False, Roman Empire had that in its period of strenght.
      4) That Empire and Greek city-states before it where fare more developed than ancient judea, including when it came to societal relations.
      Has to given how big Rome´s population was and the size of its Empire.

  3. The funny thing about femanist is that they hate alphas publicly and love alphas privately. They love betas publicly and despise betas privately. Alphas are hated consciously and wanted subsconsciously.
    On another note; I hope ROK never becomes what has become. I remember when was bad-ass and was the man-o-sphere before there was a name for it. Now, it’s on some mangina, suplicating bullshit used to sell shaving cream and Jameson Whisky.
    Great post by the way.

    1. “The funny thing about femanist is that they hate alphas publicly and love alphas privately. They love betas publicly and despise betas privately. Alphas are hated consciously and wanted subsconsciously.”
      Good point. I never envy some schmuck marching off to the gallows of matrimony and I don’t care how much of a dog and pony show his bride gives him during that day: the smiles, the kisses, the adoration in front of everyone. It’s like some TV show that ends when the wedding night ends. Then off to a horror show.

      1. I find this to be true too. I tell the /pol/acks to go east where beautiful women are still feminine and won’t divorce for the slightness bullshit

    2. This is a great post about how women have more sexual value than most beta guys. I wrote a post on this, though looking at more of who has the most influence on society and not just in the sexual realm.
      I can’t get it to post a link so just replace the D0T
      justfourguys (D0T) com/hierarchy-of-the-herd/
      I agree with the hierarchy of sexual value here. In terms of influence on society I think that due to the feminist and misandrist society we live in that it would be the following:
      apex alpha (billionaires, top movie stars, etc.) , alpha female, non-apex alpha male, beta female, beta male, omega female, omega male

    3. This is a great article on how the alpha male really taps into the hypergamous natures of many women, when speaking of a safe/rich setting where a (usually beta) man isn’t needed as much to stick around.

      1. I agree with the article that the hierarchy of sexual value is: alpha, female, beta, omega.
        In terms of overall influence on society, due to the feminist and misandrist society we live in, that it would be the following:
        apex alpha (nearly all males: billionaires, top movie stars, etc., but throw in the few very powerful women I guess, someone like Oprah with her wide reach comes to mind), alpha/top female, non-apex alpha male, beta female, beta male, omega female, omega male

        1. I wrote a post on this topic, though I was looking at more of who has the most influence on society and not just in terms of the sexual hierarchy.
          Go to justfourguys and look for the hierarchy of the herd post.

    4. yep — it’s crap isn;t it. I used to love that site (askmen). Incidentally much of their editorial team is female (you’d never have guessed!) — most notably on the dating/sex side.

    5. I too hope the day never comes when we have females nor manginas writing on the ROK. It will be the end.

    1. I still remember how every boy and girl in my high school class subconsciously hated me even though I followed askmen’s advice. I also remember how the sorority bitties consciously hated me and subconsciously loved me in college after I took the red pill.

  4. I really dislike the “alpha” vs “beta” dichotomy. Because no matter what “PUA’s” or proponents of game tell you, these terms are dictated by the general consensus of women to what makes a man sexual attractive. Nothing else. Alpha male and Beta male pretty much mean female approved and not female approved.

    1. Just like feminine females and ugly females pretty much mean male approved and not male approved.

    2. That’s the ultimate irony with it all, isn’t it? If women choose to sleep with thugs or players or otherwise broken men, then that is what many of them will become, all while claiming to be “manly” or “alpha.”
      The dirty little secret, however, is that women are not that difficult to impress at all. Impressing, inspiring cooperation or leading other men, on the other hand, is very difficult.

      1. Yeah you have to prove it to men…with women they can be whatever you want them to be.

      2. Alpha means willing to rape and kill in the wild. Nothing more. Fearless. If you are a pussy thats it the end.

    3. This sounds like trolling to me. Although “alpha” and “beta” are the most frequently used terms, even the article references “omegas” and “greater betas”. “Alpha” is a catch-all term that can refer to a dumb thug or Special Ops warrior, so I think theres room for finer gradations there.
      Your argument that everything is just defined by women is BS though. The men who are most attractive to women don’t mold themselves to the “general consensus of women”, if anything they are indifferent to individual women and aggressively pursue their own desires. What women and men find attractive in one another has developed over tens of thousands of years, it wasn’t decided by a damn committee. Go read some Tomassi and Heartiste, and the science and psychology that they cite, before you bitch about “proponents of game” who are giving you free advice to dramatically improve your life.

      1. Lol, “alpha” and “beta” are most certainly female defined terms; that is why you see ‘PUA’s’ bouncing off of woman after woman
        trying to figure out what she’ll respond to and rearranging their whole life to fit that image.
        And Roissy’s joke of a blog is absolutely unreadable.

        1. Which PUA’s are bouncing off of woman after woman to rearrange their whole life? And why do you think Roissy’s blog is a joke? Ad hominem attacks reveal the weakness of your argument. Guess trolls are the downside of ROK becoming more popular and influential.

        2. “Which PUA’s are bouncing off of woman after woman to rearrange their whole life?”
          All of them. They behave in a manner they think is attractive to women like because they believe it will get them laid, there’s no point in arguing against this.
          And Roissy’s blog is a bunch of psuedo-scientific, biological itch-scratching.

  5. “could care less”
    This article is top notch content wise but you really need an editor bro.

    1. Another study found that water is wet. You youngsters here should pay tribute to the hallow halls of the Manosphere.

  6. I’m surprised no one has pointed out the Apex Fallacy. That would tie this whole article together quite nicely.

    1. Thanks for mentioning this. I searched for the term Apex Fallacy and found some very interesting reading.

        1. Yeah, I overlooked that.
          I will probably rework this piece when I launch a blog and add Apex Fallacy into it.
          Thanks for the tip.

  7. Remember a few things, gentlemen. What was once yesterday’s omega or beta with women could become tomorrow’s alpha with women, and what was once an alpha with women could become tomorrow’s beta or omega with women. Men rise and men fall. The same could be said about any field, measure or behavior of men one wishes to study. Next no woman in my opinion can ever equal a man for the simple reason that every man be he alpha, beta or omega in any field, measure or behavior you wish to consider must fight for what he has. Virtually no one will provide or protect men especially if they are heterosexual in exchange for sex unlike virtually all women at some point in their lives (usually young adults but sometimes into middle age or more rarely old age) especially if they are heterosexual if they have realistic expectations of what they can get and keep.

    1. I’ll add further. In one setting, a man could be an alpha with the ladies while in another setting, a man could be a beta or omega with the ladies. With one set of ladies a man could be an alpha while with another set of ladies a man is a beta or omega. The same could be said about any field, measure or behavior you wish to study concerning men.

  8. Alpha traits:
    -could not care less about things that are not important to you( excluding your boss at your job since money is important for promotions so you can get enough money to start you own busines and boss people around)
    -dictate the terms ot women in your life
    -don’t get married uless laws are in your favour
    -women work for you
    -having a height of 5’10 + barefoot
    -help your fellow man if he is in trouble
    -value friends and family( not refering ot wife, but more parents, uncles/aunties/cousins/brothers/sisters, so basically your own blood)
    -not bound by societal expectations
    -not watching TV, listening ot mainstrem music like lady gaga or that chick Chris brown punched.
    Beta/omega traits:
    -reliant on the system for money like working a dead end job
    -care about other’s opinion of you
    -women dictate terms in your life
    -getting married without inquirind how bad mariage las are or how easy it is to over turn a pre-nup( yes it really is that easy).
    -you work realy hard for a woman’s vagina and attention
    -being short; below the height of 5’8 barefoot( you would need fame to make up for this)
    -not helping a fellow male feind if he is in need of help
    -valuing your wife over your blood family
    -bound by social expectations, like dating fatties or marrying when your not ready or marrying the first steady GF you have.

    1. Yes and no. I think it mainly boils down to choosing what is best for you and making your own rules of conduct. You can’t strictly define what makes an individualist, since if there were a fixed shopping list, by definition it would then become conformism. See the paradox? And it would still amount to “being bound by social expectations”, one of the non-alpha traits in your list. You would just be choosing to conform to a different ‘club’.
      And by the way, we all do that to a degree. The expectations just change a bit according to which social circle you inhabit, but every social circle has its own rules. It couldn’t function otherwise. So you see some guys who say they want to be free of social expectations, but just replace that with a different set of expectations and they are always going “Oh god .. is this alpha? Is this beta?”
      The more you free yourself of labels, the better.
      PS: I still agree in general with most of the principles in your list, though 🙂

      1. Yeah true that. I should not label myself as alpha or beta. I should just have my own rules in how Iwant to live life. While I do not want to conform to society, I still live in society and thus have ot eventually conform. And even when I carve out a niche, there will be social and rules of conduct within that niche. So yeah completely agree.

    2. I call bullshit on some of your statements. Being short is not something a man can dictate (i.e. genetics, dude, OK?). Being FIT is a choice and may be called a trait, but being tall is just a matter of fact…

      1. How wrong you are, I’m 5’11 and good looking, and I have to put in barely any effort.
        My 5’1 friend is more richer and better dressed and has better social skills than me ad looks just as good as me, still gets rejected for his height. I spent sometime helping him out with dating, but there was nothing I could offer. I mean I got the attraction easily. I told him to pursuit latinos.
        Height is huge in the western world.
        Ofcourse you need a bunch of other characteristics to get the sex, but height opens the doors.

  9. Honestly this all goes back to rSD Tyler’s post on the “secret society” where members fuck each other with no repercussion, only he didn’t factor alpha males in that society. to live in a dorm room near an alpha male is to hear the moans of women erupt from the wall.
    to feminists, these men are the enemy and are the source of all their “male-privilege” only…alpha males don’t even get their message. they’re too busy fucking other women or going about their lives while betas online are reading their shit.

  10. It kind of sucks b/c I know every girl I meet is just taking advantage of the fact that I’m greater beta / lesser alpha after she is done with the super alphas… But at the same time I accept things as they are and just date them… once they start to get serious I say we’re done and tell them go back to your super stud he can put a ring on it LOL. They call me immature but in reality I’m saving them and myself from a divorce.

  11. … did anyone else see the picture at the top of the article and think “oh, this must be written by Wycked” before they looked at who the author was?

  12. … did anyone else see the picture at the top of the article and think “oh, this must be written by Wycked” before they looked at who the author was?

  13. Good post. Betas need to up their value to get into the sights of hypergamous women.

    1. Most men follow what the herd demands for sex. Betas certainly. Even many alphas. Look at PUAs that learned game. They were adjusting to what the female market was demanding. And whereas alphas in the past would have offered up marriage more (because that was what was demanded) now they don’t have to and they can just be their more naturally dominant selves and often get casual sex if that’s what they want.

  14. “The funny thing about femanist is that they hate alphas publicly and love alphas privately. They love betas publicly and despise betas privately.”

  15. The ultimate beta quote from a Youtube video.
    “Honestly being in the friendzone (as long as it actually is a true friendship) IS better than dating.”
    ^^This is the state of Man today. Disgusting.

      1. It is a denial of true, human emotions, dumbass. That’s why they have sexless, passionless relationships because of the terror of being something in a meaningless world…you know, YOLO

  16. I know what you mean about
    It is pathetic — especially the relationship pages: 90% females writers dictating to the male readership ‘what they should be’ in order to gain female approval.

  17. projedrSadly, I’m still a Beta male. I have a deep guilty conscious. I barely had my first girlfriend 2 years ago when I was 27,she was 22 years old at the time. I learned a lot about woman dating her, as she was semi attractive,she Gave me a chance to date me.What makes the Beta a winner is EXPERIENCE and Targeting that BALANCE with a woman, that’s why we are the perfect mates. But obviously it took time and failure to understand, worst when you’re a young cub and a Beta, woman will just leave you as a nice guy friend or service guy friend to do her errands, while who knows who she screwing pervertly secretly from everybody, while her nice sweet voice will assure you, she’s some saint and not some cheap skank (her secret) with all her social acquaintance, friends and family.I’m still a Nice guy, just not too available,calling/texting too much checking on her safety, not catering or allowing myself to do her errands, etcs.I avoid setting myself to get used and taken advantage. I don’t let that story,”I dumped my boyfriend because he was a A” hole and a jerk for the last 3 or some years and never changed his ways” typical testimonies of DAMSEL IN DISTRESS.A lot of woman love gangsters to work on thei bad boypro

  18. Some salient points are offered here, especially everything related to our increasingly narcissistic society and how it affects male/female dynamics, but there are also some vague generalizations; for example, the writer needs to clarify what “women” he is talking about. Some of his comments would apply only to what we might peg as 8+, or “alpha females” (in many ways human society is much closer socially to dogs, wolves and other pack animals than to our genetically far closer ape relatives, and there is a heirarchy among women just as there is among men). No doubt in their fantasies all women would like to land an alpha even for a night, but a lot of them won’t and know they never will, and this affects their behavior and general outlook. There’s a vast difference between an “alpha woman” settling for a male beta, and a lower ranking woman “settling” for the same. in any case, a major problem these days is our feminist influenced pop culture has blown so much smoke up women’s asses, that any average looking/thinking woman (ESPECIALLY if white and middle class) who isn’t fat thinks she’s damn near a 10!

  19. Nice post my dude. However, do yourself a favor and proofread your posts.

  20. If you are an aspiring attorney, you may wish to work on your voice number and parts of speech, dear.

    1. You’re obviously butthurt, since you’re not in anyway replying to any of his arguments.

  21. I think the most important factor that is missing here is the precise reason the woman is settling for particular betas, and the reason the marriage or relationship goes sour. It has been studied and confirmed, but there’s not been a lot of press about it.
    It’s the [birth control] Pill.
    If a woman meets her man (beta usually) while on the Pill, her body is tricking her. Women who are pregnant tend to be more ‘comfortable’ (or attracted to) males who are more closely related. It’s a safety/comfort issue. Since the Pill mimics pregnancy, it will cause women to pick the wrong kind of man, right down to his immunological characteristics. If their immune systems are not differentiated enough between the two of them, their kids are going to have some serious trouble fighting off various diseases and such. Sometimes this effect is so pronounced, it makes them reproductively incompatible and hampers conception (and since this is nearly a form of inbreeding anyway, thank god for that).
    It is only when the woman goes off the Pill to have children that things start to change. I wondered in the past why so many relationships went under after the woman either became pregnant, or had a kid. Well, now science knows. The woman literally finds her man to STINK, because now her body is telling her that her man’s pheromone makeup is all wrong, and he’s all wrong for her biologically. It’s reasonable to calculate that many divorces can in fact be blamed on this one side effect of hormonal birth control.
    The authors of the study suggested using other methods of birth control while dating to avoid this effect, but they haven’t nearly got the word out enough.

  22. I don’t consider myself good with women, but the problem with a lot of betas is that they think that getting laid is more important than self-respect. (whether unconsciously or consciously)
    In other words, they turn themselves into settle-material, but (un)consciously know that the woman they’re with wants someone that’s better than him. I’ve no problem to admit that I’ve been in that situation, but I refuse to go there for a second time. Even if it means that I sometimes for weeks on end don’t get laid.
    Self-respect is the key for men to turn the tables again. Unfortunately most lack that.

  23. Article assumes all men are straight. I am a FAGGOT and I’m going to suck a fat cock tonight and there’s NOTHING you can do about it!

    1. Why would you assume I would stop you from sucking dick?
      I don’t care about your sexual preferences. Is that how you assert your “independence” or “fierceness?”
      Further, being gay doesn’t exempt you from being socialized as a man.

  24. Article assumes all men are straight. I am a FAGGOT and I’m going to suck a fat cock tonight and there’s NOTHING you can do about it!

  25. Alphas, betas, and omegas DO NOT EXIST, except in the minds of the spoon-fed, brainless, sheep-like masses

    1. Exactly. It’s all based on how your mood is in a given situation or time. When I am centered, and single, when I was a cop before I got hurt on the job I was alpha, I was banging 2-3 girls at once. I got hurt, I ended up staying with one girl I wasn’t even attracted to for 18 months and it failed because I wasn’t putting in any effort and ignoring her basically. Then I became a little too beta in the few years after but still kept up the outward appearance of an alpha because of my “manly style”. Jeans and leather jackets. Indifferent but open attitude towards women. Dated several girls the next few years, two seriously. The last serious one I almost married, until she cheated on me while I was away. (It was long distance) then I Basically paid more attention to my masculinity. Read up on all this stuff because that was the first woman I wanted to marry and it crushed me. She spelled it out for me why she cheated. She lost respect for me because one or two times I “submitted” to her games. I wouldn’t say I submitted so much since I argued with her with her a lot during those two times. But really I should have just walked away for a day or two like I did when I was younger. I changed my mindset because I act cared for this girl. It’s really funny and twisted because before when I had 2-3 women at once I wouldn’t have cared. But I also didn’t want to settle with any of them even though many wanted me. Then I act somewhat alpha still but with a genuine side telling this last girl I want to have kids and a family and such. And the girl says I’m not the leader type because one or two of her games sort of worked on me. Well I might be mind fucking myself here because the last game she played on me before I left was trying to guilt trip me into proposing and I didn’t buy into it. I told her I loved her but needed time to plan everything. Maybe I just saved myself some trouble with a extremely hypergamous bitch down the road but oh well.

  26. Seriously, 3 articles with 3 different writers all contained grammatical and word typos. This site needs an article editor that does de-typoing…

  27. So it is obvious that “New Feminsm” is hurting women the most. Good for them. Now, let’s kick back and enjoy the show… And I DO love this post, very precise and funny!

  28. So how do you explain the mainstream culture distaste for Alpha Males like GW Bush and Mitt Romney, and the drool bucket love fest for Barry Obama (a manchild who does EVERYTHING his wife TELLS him to)?

    1. I think every male could be defined alpha-, beta- or Omega male amongst women based upon two factors. Social status, and outwards behavior.
      Look at One Direction. They get attention from all kinds of women. Sure 90% are 13 year olds. But the remaining 10% are older and/or beautiful (with no reason to actually be attracted to them). The 1D guys are famous, therefore hard to get a hold of, they are to be strived for. I don’t think anybody would find them sexually attractive based off any other reason. (From a mind of a woman, of course).
      Obama’s got almost both. He is obviously of a VERY high Social Status. And by his speeches he talks from a place of confidence and power. He has a outwards presentation of security (and humor, actually a key thing to point out).
      GW and Romney however have the mindset of an alpha in some degree. They strive for their own life and the world around them. However, I don’t think they present themselves like fun guys to be around. Relative to Obama they lack social status. And they somewhat lack a powerful and charming appearance.

      1. Wrong. The boys in 1D are drool-worthy, wet-panty-causing and the fact that they sing sappy love songs and show their vulnerability WHILE being prettyboys is what makes them so sexy. Alpha looks with beta behaviour is the feminine ideal. Since Bon Jovi. Since fucking The Temptations. The fuck do you know… you’re a dude.

  29. Good article but I am not convinced that all women go to college to get with alpha’s. Education benefits everyone. However, if you are under some allusion that education is going to give you everything you want, you will be sorrily disappointed.

  30. I wish someone would proof read these articles, I want to focus on what the article is telling me, but the confusing grammatical errors are hard to ignore.

  31. I am a loser douchebag with no game whatsoever. I bought into the “romance” garbage, expecting “true love” to last forever.. Had I, the support of honorable men, who could instruct me rather than utilize me for their own gain, I would perhaps have ended up in a better position. Instead, ALL I ran into were shithead arrogance narcissists, too lacking in integrity, likely due to their own past issues, and I am at my wits end. I am 43, my wife cheated on me, and Ive been divorced now for 3 years, after a nine year marriage… My time with my child is cut in half , and I still pay the ex for “child support” though she earns 50% more than I do per year. I am looking within myself for the answers, for some plan at least to feel better about myself, and not thrown to the fucking wolves on a daily basis. I will stand, if and when presented with something to stand for.

  32. Feminists like alphas but dislike violent thugs. There is a distinction. People prefer fair strong leaders and the instant that leader loses self-control or resorts to using unnecessary force or deceit they will lose their alpha status. Even in a war zone the troops prefer strong tough fair leaders. Thugs are strong and tough but lose credibility for being unstable and psychotic. Hitler was arguably the strongest leader during world War 2 but few women or men find him alpha material. Alpha is more than just being the leader it involves physical strength and emotional health.

  33. Basically, what you’re saying can be boiled down to three sentences: 1.) Due to an insatiable need to experience power vicariously, women are only attracted to men that they can’t have; 2.) Once a man a woman finds attractive begins to become attracted to her, she finds him less and less attractive, for by being attracted to her, he relinquishes more and more of the power he had over her; and 3.) Therefore, women will always be unhappy with their men, no matter what.
    The problem is that there are women that aren’t like this. They do have individuality, just as men do. You listed three general types of males, but only one type of woman. That is the mistake in your logic.

  34. However, the problem you have described her is all-pervasive in American society. Almost all women really do have absurdly inflated expectations of men, and react with irrational rage when they are not met. Even worse, these expectations are so often contradictory that women end up hateful and bitter no matter what is given to them. Psychological studies have indicated that there has been a massive rise in narcissism in Western women, particularly women from the Anglosphere (America, Britain, Canada and Australia). The dynamic you describe is the most vicious interpersonal dynamic I have ever seen, and consumer culture is to blame. Advertisements are always directed primarily at women; they tell them they are entitled to whatever they want, and promise sublime happiness from mere consumer goods. At the same time, they insinuate that friendships and relationships only bring misery; as a result, most women from the Anglosphere really aren’t interested in love anymore. They see men as objects to exploit and then brutally discard.
    On the other hand, pornography encourages men – and some women – to look at women in much the same way, although the exploitation is sexual instead of financial and emotional.
    Truly, this culture is in its terminal phase of decline. Nobody can reverse it; nobody can alter it except in their individual lives and, if they’re lucky, in the lives of a few people they know.

  35. Holy crap your description about how a beta’s marriage goes down hill describes my failed marriage to a tee.

  36. I’m a real fan of ROK, and honestly, I really wish there was a “sister” page for women who agree with the philosophies held by your writers and want to be submissive and understand how feminism has destroyed our American culture and emasculated our men. I’m overjoyed by the things I read on this site because I have done long hard searches for years online trying to find some subculture of people who wouldn’t make me feel weak, dumb and brainwashed for believing that men and women are most definitely not equals and that we are biologically, and psychologically different for good natural reasons and that there is honor in being a wife and mother and being selfless. Being an attractive late 20’s female with a colorful background and a former poster child of my generation, I’m either shamed, or people suspect horrible abuse if I so much as, I don’t know- respect my husband? Not join in and mock him with my coworkers while they mock theirs? And it’s bad enough that I couldn’t even imagine telling them that I believe in a male lead marriage… The things they would say… They may assume I’m a religious fanatic. But the truth is I’m agnostic… I’m just not actually brainwashed enough to deny whats happening is against human nature.

  37. While I was initially amused by the blatant sexism of this article (and this blog) your observations on narcissism and codependency are correct. Unfortunately they’re not really “gender issues” but issues of self-esteem and the ability for the “beta” (in this case) to establish boundaries in a relationship. Contrary to popular belief, it is not only attractive men (alphas) and attractive women (trophies) who develop into narcissists, even if that does suit your vapid knowledge of the subject. Some of the worse narcissists and emotional abusers are called “covert narcissists.” They can be fat, ugly, old, bald, male, female insecure, introverted, extroverted… You’re sight is amusing, but your knowledge is puddle-deep.
    Do I concede that women who are fatter/uglier/older and are the subjects of emotional abuse by “alphas” or other overt narcissists (what you’re describing in your depiction of the alpha) are more likely to be insecure and “settle for betas” as you suggest? I do. But does everyone who is the victim of emotional abuse and controlling relationships, become controlling themselves? That’s a bit of stretch.
    Abuse and codependancy are things that happen over time, (though some truly pathological individual do enter relationships with the intention to abuse and control) it’s possible that someone who is in an unhappy or unfilled in a relationship with a “beta” may become embittered and somewhat abusive. But abuse is always a choice that the abuser makes, not something simply born of unhappiness or a “lack of control” that’s a myth about abusive people. I was going to make a rather disrespectful comment that this article was written by a “bitter beta”; but if you’ve been in one of the relationships, the problem was with the woman you were dating, not because you were an overly subservient or submissive “beta.” Though as we’ve already discussed, healthy self-esteem and boundaries do play a part in this kind of relationship.
    Whatever that woman told you about her past relationships with men who were alphas or “better than you” is called, triangulation. If age and weight are a factor, one’s low self-esteem (though common among narcissists and people with anti-social personality disorders) does not “make” one abusive, or controlling. That’s another myth about people who choose to abuse, that they are doing it because of their low self-esteem. Although self-hatred plays a part in abuse, not everyone who hates themselves or is insecure is abusive, again it’s a choice.
    Just thought I would shed light on the fact that abuse is not an “age, weight, or gender” issue, but simply the actions of those with narcissistic or anti-social personality disorders (and other damaged or pathological individuals; whether overt or covert) who choose to abuse and pick-apart others for their personal gain.

  38. Suppose the institution of marriage were restructured to make it more binding, permanent, and fair to men, and our society’s rules and culture were set up in such a way that women could successfully pressure alphas and greater betas into marriage. Betas (or most betas, anyway) would move up in the sexual hierarchy relative to women (although maybe not always enough to complete surpass them), while women would move up in the hierarchy relative to alphas (although maybe not always enough to completely surpass them). What would the new sexual hierarchy be, then? I.e., what would it shift to, from its current alphas < women < betas < omegas configuration?

  39. Beta and omaga males will be what a woman wants just to get her, they change themselves for her, and if she marries thier sorry azzes she will find out she never ever really wanted him, she wants a man who will lead, we Alphas dont settle for second best! Had one who dumped me a a beta male pleaser yeah he says all that I love you stuff all the time, but he does not act like a man, he waits around for her to act he is afriad to make mistakes, an Alpha goes after what he wants, and he tells her what he wants from her.

  40. By doing some research on abnormal psychology—[maybe cuckold relationships are no longer abnormal] there are training sights for the alpha male. Several sights insist that to have complete dominance over the beta male–the beta must be trained to give the alpha oral sex on demand. This type of training ensures the complete humiliation of the Beta Male [cuckold husband] and the wife proclaims that her husband can only have sex with her dom. So if the dom stops by after work hoping to find the wife and she is not there–then he beta must give the dom a good blowjob and drink the dom’s cum. Some dom’s are so successful–that both men and women beg for sex with him. I guess that makes some Super Alpha Males. I somehow cannot believe some men would brag they got to have gay sex with a well known dom. It’s a whole new world–I guess

    1. I just threw up in my mouth reading that. I would consider such a “man” (I use that term in complete derision here) as not even beta level. Also, any man that wants to have a BJ from another man, is not an alpha or a man. in my book.

  41. This article is hogwash. Who cares? My wife loves me, she hates, she loves—she’s a woman. What else is there? I love her. We have children. We have sex. We share our life. My status in this fucking vapid society is irrelevant as is hers. The people that pen this tripe need to get their money back for those wasted educations. I see “alphas” in MMA gyms crying like babies when some chubby, pimple faced teenager knocks them silly with a right cross or when they get a little sprain from a heel hook. BooHoo. ‘
    Utter tripe.

  42. Who thinks this stupid shit up anyway? Who the hell pigeonholes people into ill-defined categories and tells them, tough sh*t. You’re not an “alpha” so piss off? Only the least desirable (and most ignorant) members of society think along these lines.

  43. Do you alphas never get the urge to just, oh I don’t know, have a couple of tequila sunrises and give each other fellatio? I mean, it must be so exhausting having all that testosterone and ruling the sexual classes with an iron fist on a daily basis.

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