Crazy Spinster: “Single Women Should Have Weddings!”

It’s becoming clear that The Atlantic is one of the leading troll organizations in American media, right behind the New York Times. Their “war between the sexes” articles seem to be explicitly designed to make men look like retarded children who are incapable of keeping up with today’s strong and independent woman. Here are some articles from just the past month:

It doesn’t help that they have brought recognition to hack female writers such as Sandra Loh and Kay Hymowtiz. But they’ve recently outdone themselves with a nonsensical article by professional spinster Millie Kerr, who believes that single women shouldn’t have to wait until finding a man to experience a wedding…

Back in 2003, Sex and the City identified a cruel reality about single life: There’s no single-person’s equivalent of a wedding—a time when people travel from afar to bring you gifts and toast your life decisions.

Carrie Bradshaw said, “If you are single after graduation, there isn’t one occasion when people celebrate you” besides birthdays, which we all enjoy.

Despite a proliferation of single adults, little has changed since that episode aired nearly a decade ago: trips are not planned when we’re promoted at work, nor crystal glassware gifted when we buy our first homes. It seems that milestone celebrations are still reserved for couples and families.

It used to be the case that a woman would have to find a man in order to be a bride, but now that we’re in the middle of a dark period of humanity where unattractive spinster women believe they deserve to “have it all,” men are no longer needed. There will be no incentive to please a man to get a wedding proposal if the very idea of marriage is being destroyed and turned into a girl power exhibition of validation seeking. I wish Ms. Kerr the best of luck in her solo wedding…

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26 thoughts on “Crazy Spinster: “Single Women Should Have Weddings!””

    1. And either way, the Atlantic wins as their page views gets higher.
      More page views = more money = more ridiculous troll articles
      Don’t feed the trolls

  1. Single women will not have weddings or whatever because they do not want to pay for weddings. No one else will either. This woman is a loser. However, I would still likely smash. And that is the difference between men and women.

  2. Has there been a worse show to give women crazy ideas than “Sex and the City”?
    Newsflash women…that show isn’t real life.

  3. In theory the father of the bride pays for the wedding.
    Wonder if there are any fathers dumb enough to pay for a wedding with no groom?
    “Sorry, pumpkin, I ain’t paying for shit unless it leads to grandchildren.”

  4. Tnaks to C-Span I looked into Kay Hymowitz’s book Manning Up…before reading manosphere stuff; but in that she presented the idea that Feminism has fucked Men up because it took away our role as family bread-winner, so now we play video games to pass the time instead; which seems very manosphereish to me…I don’t know what else she’s written though.

    1. Mark – she is horrifying. Basically always says men are little boys that need to “man up” to get on with life and marry a [obese, annoying] harpy. What she doesn’t get is that men are rational actors. If the cost of something is too high (no fault divorce, women instigating 75% of divorces, men rarely get custody, etc), we will simple buy less of it.

  5. Nice rhetorical blows Roosh. I thought that
    ¨now that we’re in the middle of a dark period of humanity where unattractive spinster women believe they deserve to “have it all,” ¨
    was a particularly breath-sapping body shot.

  6. An excerpt from the article: “Travel giants feature themed vacations, but few incorporate trips for the solo traveler. Expedia offers romantic, adventure, gay, and green vacations, so I asked whether the company planned to tack on trips for the solitary tourist. A rep from the company responded, “Expedia doesn’t have any data or anecdotal information to share with regards to single/solo travelers”
    Ah… yes there is, it’s called the Rooshv travel blog.

  7. Also: Great photo of that sack of pig vomit being spoon ded sums up the current state of affairs.

  8. I’d like to echo this lady’s comments and suggest we start having funerals for the living. It’s just not fair!

  9. Cool, Mr. Galt2…I see your point. If Ms. Hymowitz doesn’t think women have a share in the blame of Western Men’s masculinity dive, then she is wrong; what I do really like about the manosphere is that it uses masculinity to defeat the erosion of masculinity; ie if something is wrong, improve the situation and/or yourself, like a man should, in order to rectify. But I do think her idea that as men, we are no longer socially pressured to be the sole provider for a family; so we drift off into reflexive narcissism…I think this would’ve been true in the Mad Men days as well, if not for the social pressure. (our Grandparents rarely got divorced and used that sexual frustration to defeat Hitler).

  10. I’m pretty sure that reading such things will lower your IQ. But this sounds like a great idea. All the single women should throw themselves huge parties with open bars. Free alcohol and drunk single women sounds like Game On to me.

  11. ‘The End of Violent, Simplistic, Macho Masculinity’ from The Atlantic (listed above)…here is some biographical information about the author: Get ready for a good laugh (note: all you need to know is in the first sentence).
    That “it” should be advising upon issues of masculinity is unbelievably ridiculous.

  12. You know guys, this might be a business opportunity for the tall good looking men – Groom for rent or something like that.

  13. well doesn’t the author of this article think she’s just so pretty to feel entitled to call someone unattractive. How’s that pedestal working for ya?

  14. well doesn’t the author of this article think he’s just the “gift of all that’s beautiful” to feel entitled to call someone unattractive. How’s that pedestal working for ya? Typical male! All about the looks determines if you are gonna get hitched or not. Show us your picture so we can get a good laugh!

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