5 Ways To Avoid The Bottom Of The Social Hierarchy

Many will never admit it, but the forming of hierarchies is a natural and inevitable result of any social grouping. The moment you join a new group of people (a class, workplace, sports team) individuals will begin undertaking subtle tests of each other’s mettle. These will decide who they will listen to and who they will ignore, who they will befriend and who they will ostracize, who they want to fuck, and who they don’t.

Passing these tests is a vital part of attaining social success. For those who have trouble socializing, your goals may not be all that high. At a bare minimum, you may simply want to avoid being “that guy.” You know who I mean:


There’s one in every group of more than two people. It’s that awkward kid in class who people always avoid sitting next to. The insecure work colleague who is never invited to anything. The clueless guy who is bullied for the slightest social mishap, made even more frequent by the maddening double standards people have.

You see, not only is “that guy” socially inept, he can never be socially adept. Even when he acts just like everyone else, trying hard to fit in, there seems to be some kind of unspoken agreement not to let the socially retarded kid gain an inch of popularity. He’s the one everyone’s making fun of, and that’s the way things are going to stay.

Few people will offer you genuine, useful advice on how this works. After all, why give the plebs the tools to revolt? But lets take an honest stab.

1. Never show signs of weakness

Honey Badger

You stubbed your toe? Tough. A ball hit you in the face? Ignore it. A guy called you an idiot? Give him the finger and keep going.

Alphas males never show weakness. Betas are the ones who prick their finger then run around showing it to everyone. An alpha walks into a room with his leg in a cast and doesn’t mention it unless someone asks. Let others come to you, and remain as casual about your misfortune as possible.

This goes for how you organize your life as well. Don’t be the guy always losing things, or who is always asking to borrow a pencil or for a lift home, or who always turns up late (unless it is…fashionably late). Appearing not to give a shit can be an important social tool, but being simply disorganized is the opposite.

I noticed a curious example when driving to school camps—it would always be one of the unpopular kids who’d put up their hand first and ask if we could stop for a bathroom break. The cooler kids would remain silent, never breaking frame. Yet once we did stop, they’d pile off the bus and head to the bathroom just as much as everyone else.

2. Come Prepared


There’s a saying here in Australia – you’re not a true Aussie unless you’re friends with at least one person just because they have a pool, a caravan, or a boat. Take advantage of this principle.

This overlaps with the above, but concerns your preparations before any kind of social gathering. Always turn up at parties carrying a slab of beer, a bottle of Smirnoff, or whatever your social group drinks, though be careful what kind you bring. Alcohol choice is perhaps the closest men come to fashion choices – we will notice it. People are typically assholes about this. Vodka cruisers are out – but vodka and soft drink may be fine.

On anything outdoorsy, bring packets of lollies, nuts or whatever sounds appropriate. Bring your phone or laptop with a killer music playlist. The last camp I went on, where we were in cabins, two guys bought an X-Box and stayed up till after midnight playing it.

Basically, make sure you bring props to help your interactions with others. This can work either for meeting girls or just talking to guys in general. Of course, don’t let people take advantage of you, but that should be obvious.

3. Look as attractive as possible


Fat kids are routinely ostracized. The tall muscled footballer less so. This doesn’t mean getting your nails done, but be sure to spray on deodorant, gel your hair, and dress fashionably. Roosh has mentioned that one of the downsides of being a modern man is that we must pay much more attention to grooming than previous generations.

Good grooming should become part of your daily routine. Any particular weakness in your appearance, do your best to address it. In 2015 there is no shame in going down to the chemist to buy pimple cream, or to take a pair of scissors and trim your ass hair. Nobody else is going to do these things for you.

4. Practice, practice, practice

Since I started uni, I decided that you only live once, and it was best to try new things while I was young. In the past year, I have gone out and done:

  • Open mic comedy
  • Community radio
  • Footy training
  • Submitting short stories and articles
  • Charity work
  • Raging against the machine here at ROK

Seriously, just go talk to people. A lot of young guys give up too easily. I had a weird conversation a few months ago waiting for a train late at night. A guy came up to me and said “hi.” I asked if I knew him. He said no, sat down, introduced himself as “Stewie” and said he just felt like talking. We chatted for over an hour.

It turns out he does this all the time. He likes to go up to random strangers and say something to them like – “Hey mate, I’d just like to say, you’re looking good. Have a nice day!” and walk off.


Stewie (artist’s impression)

In most environments (public transport, uni, workplaces) people seal themselves off behind a phone, earphones, a book, or something else. Once you break that ice, however, conversation tends to flow easily.

Something I’ve realized is that “nerdy” people are not necessarily smarter than the general population. They may be great in certain specialized fields, but the real difference is that while they’ve spent years learning about cellular biology, the history of ancient Greece or memorizing every Star Trek episode ever broadcast, others were immersed in honing their day-to-day social skills.

It all tends to even out in the end. Just watch the Big Bang Theory. The guys are A-grade physicists and engineers – but Penny knows how to actually talk to people. I’ve come to regret a lot of wasted time in high school where I was often the nerdy kid who’d go to the library to read a book rather than have mates to chill with outside. Things did improve over time, but once you fall a few years behind its very hard to catch up.

5. When in doubt, remain silent


Learning the language of any new social group is key. Otherwise, you’ll stick out like you’ve entered a foreign country. Sometimes, it is just better to be silent. This is the most important single thing I have learned about socializing.

I’ll admit I was a bit Hermione-ish in my youth, being the kid who’d always put up his hand to answer a teacher’s question. I eventually realized this was social poison.

Stay silent, remain mysterious, sit at the back of the class and rarely raise your hand. Don’t be too cheap with your time or your attention or it will quickly become valueless. This is probably the origin of the stereotype of the “strong, silent type” – a good kind of person to be.

I don’t mean never initiate conversations (of course you should) but always have a purpose in mind. Keep inane chatter to a minimum. Give people something worth listening to. Cultivate passions and skills of value so that others find themselves coming to you. This is true on social media as well.

We all know that ideally in a conversation you want to be using fewer words than the other person. Your aim is that others should be contacting you first most of the time.


Now I don’t know if all this comes naturally to others and I’m just struggling along in the distance. Then again, perhaps taking the long way up has gained me insights others take for granted.  If somebody had told me all this when I was 14 or so, I think I’d have had a much better time in high school.

If you’re currently stuck there, I would like to give the advice that your life doesn’t really begin until you turn 18. So many movies obsess over it, but in hindsight, school is a very small pond. If you’re already the omega in an established social group – sorry, but chances are you’re stuck there.

Whenever you enter a new one however, the above can help you fit right in, or even rise to the top, rather than sink to the murky depths of social isolation.

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227 thoughts on “5 Ways To Avoid The Bottom Of The Social Hierarchy”

  1. Good, healthy advice, especially the subtext of being a stoic man. This sort of knowledge was normally passed from father to son. It’s telling that we have articles detailing basic masculine behaviour to a lost generation of sons.

  2. In the college kendo club I used to run, each of the items in our creed was enumerated “first,” since they were all important. I’ve never seen an ascending/descending scale before, though.

  3. A trick I use to socialize is get a really big fart ready then go into a group, let it out silent but deadly and comment to someone about how terrible it is, then blame it on someone else, this creates a common enemy, a psychological tool useful for forming alliances. Then you can basically weed out every sexual competitor in the group by strategically farting them out of the running, when it’s just you and the hot girl left and you’re dating her, make real sure you never fart around her, otherwise she’ll realize what’s been going on.

    1. wow, what a player we have here. if i eve have a son, i`ll tell him to fart his enemies into oblivion too

    2. I remember you. Where do you live?
      Just kidding.
      I know of a similar tactic but it involves “injecting” the fart into a seat cushion.

        1. damn, I agree- I was thinking of editing my post to “The Fart of War” but oh well…

    3. Not sure if this relates to what you’re saying but I had an interesting story relating to this.
      One time when I was in the second grade and the teacher was reading us all a book. I remember that I had to fart really bad but was doing my best to keep it in. Finally I couldn’t any longer and just let it loose. I mean it was really loud. The teacher got really upset and I even said “excuse me”. She made me go back to my seat and put my head down. Should I have not even implied that I was the one that cut it?

      1. I know Fart-game is all about getting away with it and blaming other people, but I totally do not agree with “fart shaming” of children, because at the end of the day farting is a natural thing we all have to do. It’s probably even healthy. Unless it’s not healthy.

    4. An excellent strategy and one I will be using today in the pub…just got to make sure you don’t follow through. 😉 Let me know when your Ebook ‘Cockblocking The Anal Approach’ comes out.

      1. Thanks for the support, hope everything works out for you in the pub. If you’re worried about following through stuff some toilet paper down the crack there, or a couple of maxipads, women love the nice shape it gives to your arse but make sure you get rid of it before it comes to bone-time so she doesnt find out you were packing.

  4. One of the most useful articles I’ve seen here. I look forward to more examples in the comments. A couple I can think of:
    – Don’t Be a Hater: Do you ever notice that people who spend the most time mocking others for their failings, both individuals and abstract figures like ‘the government’ don’t actually achieve much of not themselves, and are generally bitter losers? Don’t be that guy.
    – If you’re the bottom of the totem pole, leave that group: I admit, this was me at one point in my early 20’s. I spent years in a social group where I was a figure of fun. Once people make that decision about you, it probably won’t change and they might actually hold back your attempts at self-improvement, so you’re better off without them.
    Anyone got any others?

    1. your second is gold. good decision mate, keep going. once people have put you into a certain category, its almost impossible to come out of it, no matter how obvious the change is objectively.

      1. I think it’s common for a lot of medium/large social groups to have the ‘clown’. Don’t be the clown. Everyone will have a good laugh at the clown, and everyone will like that the clown is there to laugh at and make jokes about, but no one really respects the clown, and no women in the social group would ever contemplate fucking the clown.
        Even on a one-to-one friendship basis, I’ve noticed that people who are especially narcissistic/Type A sometimes like to have someone of clearly lower status than them as a form of narcissistic supply. Again, if you’re in one of those ‘friendships’, it’s time to get out, or at the very least use it as a vehicle for practicing some assertiveness skills or setting boundaries.

        1. you were the clown? what a fitting picture theni guess. this rule applies to almost any role: once you have it, its hard to change how the people around see you. and yes, people with low self esteem often have someone who they feel is inferiour to them around, so they appear more bright. i`ve seen it countless times. you know whats funny? if you find yourself in such a relationship, and then suddenly start outsmarting/- shining the other person. you can literally see how the “friendship” crumbles )))

        2. Or there were just double standards. If the “uncool” kid said something in class meant to be funny he gets heckled, but if the jock star says the exact same thing verbatim everybody laughs. It’s not about what was said, it’s about whose face it was attached to.

        3. That’s the female dynamic, the pretty alpha female always likes her cohorts to be lower in looks than themselves.

        4. Agree 100%. When I was in school I used to notice this all the time and call people out on it. A nerd or lower level kid would say something that was actually funny or intelligent, I would laugh and people would look at me funny, i would say, ” you’d be laughing if that guy said it”. Worst part is that in my school the “cool kids” seemed to just make up words and throw them around in funny voices, it really wasn’t funny or intelligent at all.

        5. Yeah high school kids are petty and shallow as fuck. Most of the “cool” kids from my high school are now fatasses with more kids than they can afford and never left their zip code while STILL hanging out in a clique together after 20 years at a dive bar full of whiggers. Fucking comical, pathetic, and also just!

      2. I would like to give the advice that your life doesn’t really begin until you turn 18.

        You wot mate?! I heard life begins at 40!

    2. Yeah.
      If you find you are always doing the driving while everybody else gets to do all the drinking and fucking it’s time to say goodbye to that group. We write of the “Friend zone” well there is also the “Chauffer zone” and the “den mother zone”.

      1. If a group’s treating you like shit anyways, why stick around? There’s not 7 people in the world. There’s 7+ BILLION. You won’t have too much trouble finding another group.

      2. Chauffeur zone….but I like driving! Id rather be on control of where were going (and have some mates along) then be smashed out of control under the influence

    3. When “The Government” gets out of Check it’s up to the People to voice Our Concern, it’s a Civil Duty , it has nothing to do with being a Hater.

      1. Absolutely. Voice concern with a view to forming alliances and taking action. What I am referring to is the eternal ‘armchair critic’ who just blames every shortcoming in life on ‘the government’, and revels in the failings of those who are at least trying to achieve something in life, whilst never actually striving to do anything themselves. I’m sure you know the kind of person I mean.

      2. The so-called “people” are too busy watching Hollywood movies and TV to even remotely give a damn about what Washington DC does. This country could turn into a dictatorship tomorrow and they would STILL be glued to their smartphones and TV, completely oblivious to what’s going on around them.

    4. Your second point is quite critical. The issue is that most people do not want to believe that they are at the bottom of the totem pole. They just keep trying to hard. I learned over time to leave groups as soon as I realize that people are trying to push me to the bottom. When you disassociate, you take away the power of the group.

      1. Yea I have that plan on occasion, if they try to make you the clown then just leave, or if you can’t leave then just don’t say anything. It does actually work, but you will find that you’ll end up spending quite a bit of time alone.
        Because as he mentioned in the article “Many will never admit it, but the forming of hierarchies is a natural and inevitable result of any social grouping.” If you don’t come to terms with that, then you won’t make many friends in your lifetime.
        With that being said though, being alone > being bullied.

    5. Actually from experience I have to disagree, that you can come from the bottom of the social ladder and move even to the top. It even goes along with the terribly abused honey badger meme. When the supposed alphas of the group go to make fun and bring you down, all you have to do is turn the tables on them. Not by trying to hurl insults at them, but play up the fact that no one can make fun of you better than you. This has the effect of a double whammy, first you show them to be stupid as they can’t be more clever than you in laughing at your social faults and secondly it causes everyone else in the group to step back and look at you with new eyes. The fact that you disarmed the idiot that tried to bully you and you have the supreme confidence to laugh at your own follies quickly moves those who thought to ostracize you into falling in line behind you. This even goes to the Point that Ghost of Jefferson said about Ron White. Ron White doesn’t tell stories that paint him in a flattering light, he laughs at his own follies and people love him for it as they can see them selves in the stories and take cover in his confidence to share them. It completely plays on most people being sheep.

    6. grade a homo comment for the first point – if you’re not a shill, then they have you well trained to suck cock. No wonder the west is fucked. What’s worse is, whilst you probably up voted your comment a few times, it is entirely possible 20+ other weak faggots also up voted you – so you all like to get on your knees or bend over and take it like a dog.
      If you don’t rail against injustice to yourselves or others, this is consent to the evil of these groups (e.g. banksters) and you admit your slave status – as such, seeing as the west is being destroyed and enslaved, you are responsible for this as well and will soon pay the price, for not speaking out against it. Tyranny is only possible because of the cowardice and ignorance of the masses.

    7. Your second point rings home. Not so much a clown, but still not getting the respect I deserved. So now I mainly stick to myself and a very select few people ever so often. I’ve found that I enjoy my own company much more. I’m happier for it.

    8. 100% right on point number 2…if you think about it you often hold different ranks in different groups…

    9. About your first point, the RoK comments section seems to be full of losers like that, sadly.

    10. My mistake at high school was being friends with the Jocks, the nerds and everyone in between. Might sound like not a bad plan on paper, but in reality all the groups end up not liking you because you’re a “traitor” so-to-speak.
      I was also the class clown, which is fine on paper, but I was also good at school and that pissed most people off, since I was always fucking around and yet getting better scores than a lot of them.
      One thing I did right, though (IMO), was never giving an inch. I was an outsider (UK born, living in Australia) and I was often ribbed/heckled (which is Aussie for banter; or jus’ fucking around, mate) and I would either stick my fingers up (metaphorically) or punch them in the face (literally). I became known as someone you don’t piss off. Fear is a valid form of respect; sure it’s not the premium form of it, but, whatever.

      1. Growing up in our social circle we had a young’un who was the ‘baby’ of the group. We’d rag on him and baby him to bits. But he was one of the most respected kids at his high school. I asked him about it one day seeing as he always seemed a tad nerdy, annoying and somebody you want to hit and tease. And he was only 5″5 or so.
        So he told me first day of high school he started a fight with somebody he knew wouldn’t fight back. By the time end of day rolled around he had so many people riled up for the fight by brandishing his pocket knife to them and talking shit, he had made already more than a few friends.
        Fake it till you make it works in some instances but I think it’s a horrible game plan because you can fool some of the people some of the time but never all of the people all of the time.

      2. All my school years except one were living hell. 2x worse than what Eric and Dylan went through.
        In 6th grade, the toughest kid in that shitty school punched me out of nowhere after talking shit. It left a huge red mark on half my face, but I didn’t realize this and I was pissed off. I hit him back and broke his nose.
        I spend the remainder of that year (the incident happened in the first 2 weeks) as the cool kid. I had a lot of friends and even got laid back then, and I was only 12.
        So that’s the moral of the story, folks. Violence is the answer.

    1. Indeed. Deer rarely have the latest games, and lacking an opposable thumb they really suck at FPS’s.

      1. I hear they are surprisingly good at Dance Dance Revolution.
        I thought I had pretty much turned my back on any semblance of ruggedness when I bought a travel size Settlers of Catan game instead of just playing euchre when camping. X-Box wins.

        1. Euchre, eh? You in Ohio or Michigan then? I think they do it a bit in Indiana as well.

        2. My camping buddies are all from Minnesota and Wisconsin.
          Also, its a fucking casserole not a hotdish.

        3. Euchre is extremely popular in Ontario as well. I learned from my great aunts and uncles who were all shark-level players. Crib too, spent many a summer getting skunked by my grandfather, great game for learning strategy and math.

        4. Well see, I learned something. I’d always been told it was a very regional game, growing up. Then when I went into the military everybody who played Euchre was automatically assumed to be from Ohio or the vicinity. Most folks played Spades, which is kinda-sort like Euchre without the baeren (sp) but if you whipped out “Let’s play some hands of Euchre,” you’d get “Ohio!” thrown at you by top.

        5. I used to snark at Wisconsin (and still do at Minnesota), but they’ve gotten their poop in a group the last few years and retreated from “Leftism at all costs!”. They deserve some credit, in my view.

      2. I’m having a hard time deciding whether you’re in rare snark form today, or they’re just tossing ’em slow and easy right down the middle.
        I suspect it’s a bit of both.
        Either way you’ve given me a couple of good giggles and I appreciate them.

    1. To show a hierarchy…. good spot thought.. Until I saw your post I was wondering this myself.

  5. 6. Retain at least some mystery.
    For instance, it’s not what you know that matters, it’s what people think you know. They often give you more credit than you have earned. Sure, that’s a bit like a celebrity being famous for being famous, but human nature seems to work that way, so you might as well have it working for you.
    The opposite of mystery is everyone finding out everything you own, do, think, every place you’ve lived, every job you had, every interest you have, where you went to school and what happened there, your financial position, and so on. Then you’re compartmentalized and commoditized, just another warm body to hang around with sometimes. You won’t leave your audience wanting more of the special experience of being with you.
    But – don’t create the mystery out of thin air. Never lie about talents, accomplishments, or the past. And don’t brag. People who exaggerate or puff themselves up give off a toxic vibe of being insecure. Better to let the mystery arise organically, out of what you don’t say.
    I’ve found that even modest activities over-impress people who don’t do them. When I was about 18, I told someone I was going on a canoe trip during spring break. I was so surprised when she looked disturbed and said, “When you go on vacation you do things. All I do is go lay on a beach somewhere.” I thought “doing things” was normal, and I was stunned anyone would think that had a special glow, or look up to me for it.
    IMO it’s the same with (say) motorcycling. You don’t have to own the baddest bike, dress like a pirate, talk like you have racing-level skills, or have taken your dual-sport to the tip of South America. Just the fact you ride says something positive and manly about you. Have the confidence to let it speak for itself, and other people will respect you for it, as they imagine the outlaw life you must be living on two wheels.

    1. Gotta agree with this post entirely. Playing the mysterious guy has always gotten people curious about me.

      1. Yes, and I would add “don’t talk too much in general”. A mistake I made in the past. Of course engage in normal conversation but don’t spill your (personal) guts. Sounds kinda obvious but it wasn’t for me.

  6. Good article. Juxtaposing being social with knowing how and when to be quiet is a fantastic bit of advice. Talk, but know when to let them go on, and keep prompting them with small nods or questions. People love to talk, especially about themselves, and if you can keep them doing it for a long while they’ll come away thinking you’re a “great communicator”.
    Oh, if I may add, learn how to tell a story in a fun way. Watch and mimic Ron White, for example. That man can tell the living shit out of a story, especially during his early days when he just appeared on the scene.

    1. All true however I would add that what made Ron White funny and a good story teller was 12 year old, single malt Scotch whiskey; as well as being from the South. 😉

      1. Heh, yeah, no shit. But he can spin a yarn once the Red Label started flowing. Very worthy of emulating the style, rhythm, charm and cadence.
        I remember dudes like him down at the village barber shop in the 1970’s, mostly WW2 dudes or older. Sat around telling tall tales with amazingly funny wit all Saturday long. Back when barber shops were run by male barbers and were something of a social gathering place.

    2. Yea well, you can just as well ask someone to talk and act like Cassius Clay. They can’t do it. I know we can all be better socially with practice but there is a limit unless you have the gift.

      1. Learning to spin a yarn isn’t some magical gift. You do it by listening to masters do it, and then picking up their styles. Ron got his spiel from being my age and growing up around story tellers. Our entire culture used to tell long jokes that took charm and setup, and tell tall tales while out fishing and hunting. It was the common man’s art form. It can be learned.

        1. Yes. Pre-internet we had to entertain ourselves. These days the class clown is the one who sends everyone the funniest links.

  7. “Roosh has mentioned that one of the downsides of being a modern man is that we must pay much more attention to grooming than previous generations.” – how far back are we talking? Cavemen days?

    1. Really. Between Sumeria and the mid 60s men took care of their grooming well enough. In the 19th century, tenant farmers would wear a jacket, white shirt and tie to work the fields.
      In the archaeological record one the first tools to appear after the stone hand axe was the bone comb.

      1. Farmers used to wear what we today consider dress clothes (except the tie) because back then they were functional and made of sturdier material. A jacket that opens at the front vented heat, white shirts were important to gauge how dirty it was and need wash as outer clothes weren’t changed every day. Dress shoes were originally functional for slogging through the bogs of Northern Britain.
        Grooming at it’s basic is about health and pest management.

      2. Cotton breathes. Once you get used to heat and cold, the way people used to dress makes perfect sense, in fact, it’s almost genius. But in a world of blast-air conditioning and heat pumps it seems stupid if you have no clue about dealing with weather.
        I was in Vegas a couple of years ago. I wear a Stetson, nearly all the time. It was 100+ mother fucking degrees in the shade. Still, I wore jeans, long sleeved cotton shirt and my hat. People in shorts were baking, but I had natural sunscreen, I wasn’t emitting 3 liters of water into the atmosphere every fifteen minutes and I was fairly comfortable. There’s a reason people dressed like they did, and we do an epic fail these days because we’ve lost that knowledge.

        1. Almost all of my clothes are cotton or wool. I’ll let a little polyester sneak into my city slacks, but not my shirts. Seersucker is the nearly forgotten, but magic, hot weather shirting.
          When it gets really hot the linen seersucker comes out to play.

        2. Arab ‘sheet people’ wear a friggin’ tent. They can curl up in it and survive a choking sand storm if need be. What gets me is women who bitch how cold it is. Their ass isn’t tucked in at the waist and they wear slippers in sub zero way too long and they forget that heat escapes through the head. They’re panning for an invite from anyone to come in and get warmed. Never let your girl trek out in the cold half naked to ‘fetch the water’ so to speak. That’s trailer park shit. She’s out to fetch DICK.

        3. I always smh at the girls in short-shorts and baby tees standing around in >50 degree weather going “Brrrr, it’s sooooooo coooooold!” I’m not sure if they are too stupid to know they’re going to freeze dressed like that or if they are just that determined to never take a break from sexual displaying.

        4. If your woman goes out dressed skimpy in freezing weather, then take away ALL her clothes. She’ll never make it to the curb without turning around and running back in. You know what she’s doing. She’s trying to hail some drive by guy in a truck or some white knight that will offer the poor freezing lass his coat. But with all her clothes taken away, then give her your bathrobe with the words ”property of ‘your name”’ embroidered on the back. Then she can quickly run to fetch the mail, but if she strays too far, then red pill compadres will read the embroidering on her bathrobe and will steer the poor lost puppy back to her rightful master. Sometimes women really slip in conscience and duty. Sometimes they’re right in your face about it. My old BPD ex had a conscience that ‘flipped’ like a vacant property during the real estate bubble. It was totally crazy. Have a bathrobe ready and a foot locker for her clothes just in case. Once she starts to ‘skip’ like a bad CD, it don’t get any better. It’s downhill.

    2. Today personality is little more than shining white teeth and an absence of body odor.

  8. I’d have to disagree with keeping quiet in class. I was in college recently and I was a bit older than the rest of the classmates. I was bummed on how nobody had the balls to participate.The proffessor was at his wits end with how no one had an opinion to speak of. This is everything alphas are NOT. Trying to hard to be accepted. Alphas dont give a fuck about what other clasmates think.They voice their opinions and dont feel the need to defend it. Keeping quiet so you dont look like a dork shows you dont have a mind of your own and you’d rather keep quiet and be another sheep in the flock of betas. Chances are, if you’re confident about your beliefs , there might be a chance that people will respect you for not giving a fuck what others think. Nothing more pussyish than trying hard to fit in at the expense of individuality.

    1. Well we all know the type of person who just raises his hand and talks for just for talking, every little thing has to be discussed and the teacher is running out of time because of it. It gets old real quick. Raise you hand if you genuinely have something to say or if you have a real question. Never talk just to talk. That is real fucking beta. I think we all made that little mistake, but now, since we are all red pill, we dont do stupid things like that anymore.

      1. Fuck the homework and specific subject matter. Come to class with rehearsed lines to throw at the prof. Well structured proclomations and subject shifting game changers. The bitches are all listening, shifting in their seats, tingling, some of them. You’re there to intelectually peacock the prof, to humor the ladies, to shit test their boundaries, open them up as a group to come at you with what’s on their hamster and maybe finish the ‘subject matter to delve into’ later if y’all IOI afterwards in town or club, etc. Ice is broken on all of them already.

        1. But I don’t think you’d get tail that way. While most girls go to college to a) Find a husband, and b) Live out absolutely decrepit party/sex fantasies, they’re not going to be attracted to a guy who acts that way. It’s feminine behavior for one thing. Also, they don’t give enough of a crap about the classes to care. What I’ve seen is it’s the types who appear to be psychopathic social climbers or jocks. The jocks for immediate gratification and status among their peer girls, and the psychopaths who’ll go out into business and rape and pillage their companies.

        2. I know what you’re saying. Forget the advanced classes. I’m talking about the remedial freshman intro classes in the giant lecture halls. That’s where the cattle herd goes and within that herd is 99% of the entire flock of pink unicorns on the entire campus. Grab ’em there or at freshman orientation. The vine ripened fresh produce likely won’t be there next year.

        3. Oh yeah, that’s right. My God, I’ve talked to so many young girls who went to real colleges, screwed up their minds and vaginas, and then dropped out in the first year. About the advanced courses, I’m an Engineer with Chemistry (NO women). But occasionally you’d get these girls from design school or art, or some other useless program, there as electives. And most times the professors would stop them mid-sentence and ask “Are you sure you belong in here?” LOL.

        4. The young urchins don’t have to process any of the chemistry, but a little lab work gets them kick started operating a gas burner and mixing things. Getting your toes wet with a little chem will set them on fire in the kitchen later on. Realize it is the prof’s duty to seat the tinkerbells and unicorns next to the alien brained ones with grey matter coming out their ears and nostrils. It’s damn hard for a geek to find a smart chick that will breed. Getting a high IQ chick knocked up is like pulling teeth. Any science prof has undoubtedly been hit over the head with their inside eugenics culture. The least the prof can do is send the geeks home with the hottie lab partners. If the lab buddy becomes fb too, or breeding mare, well that’s the game too.

      2. Find a middle ground because, I did get into some social circles from being that guy.
        Also professors also raise your grades and can be used for references if they actually know you.

      3. Lol how is it Beta, I would say narcissist maybe which is a dark triad quality.

    2. Thats because this list isn’t about being alpha its a very juvenile perspective about how to fit in (which is why theres all the talk about “nerds” and references to grade school days). If you’re alpha, by default it is impossible to end up on the bottom part of the totem pole because you simply won’t allow it. You speak your mind and do what you want and if people don’t like it then fuck them. Your group of friends exist because YOU enjoy being a part of it and if that ever stops being the case then you simply leave.

      1. Correct. Alpha doesn’t even think in terms of Alpha or Beta. They are what they are and fuck what others think. We only talk about Alpha and Beta because this is a site where we’re examining social dynamics. You gotta put a tag on something to be able to work with it.

      2. The inverse is Gamma behavior, whereby you do what the Alpha does, yet remain on the outskirts of the hierarchy. The eccentric artist, musician, what have you.
        I did this in school and found out at the end, many Alphas respected me and a few of their girlfriends had secret crushes on me. I was too busy at the time to notice.

        1. Similar experience but in college though, a few guys told me the girls in my class where talking about how hot I was when I wasn’t there. Even the 30+ year old teacher trying to relive her youth said “I like your eyes” and “You’re just so cool, aren’t you?”.
          In the end all that did was infuriate the alpha’s, they got jealous to the point that they tried to highlight my negatives as much as possible in front of the girls because they couldn’t handle it. The alpha female actually ended up giving me tons of shit and we had endless arguments, and i’m convinced the only reason it happened was because I fucked the pretty one and not her.
          I find it sad more than anything, people are so insecure.

    3. This nailed it.
      True alphas, the men prepared and willing to raise their hand and discuss ideas, are made out to be fools; assigned the lowest social value. While the most timid, most useless of the herd are assigned the highest value.
      This is a total inversion of social values. It is a product of and compounds social decline.

    4. bang on,i couldnt agree more,a real alpha male would not give a fuck and would raise his hand obviously not in a know it all fashion and tone and context play a part,i was with the in crowd in school and in college and i raised my hand any time i knew something because i liked to talk about stuff that interests me and no one batted an eye lid,id also be the firs tthe first to mess and get in trouble and tell the teacher where to go,they dont have to mutualy exclusive,also real alpha will get it wrong at times,will look stupid at times but its about taking it on the chin

      1. “a real alpha male would not give a fuck and would raise his hand
        obviously not in a know it all fashion and tone and context play a part”
        That’s it.

    5. True. I tried this in the chemistry class I am currently taking. Only it was worse because my professor doesn’t seem to care if people participate or not, so there was zero encouragement to ever open your mouth. The hall is always like a graveyard. A couple times I decided to be the first to engage the others in conversation. I’m not the most outgoing person, so it was really scary, but I thought it would look alpha; and to be honest, I was bored to tears anyway. I didn’t have much success, but at least I tried.

    6. An alpha will frequently make himself the center of attention. Girls in the room will constantly be reminded of him, while they won’t even remember the nerd in the corner who never say anything. This is important. If you never get any attention on yourself, you will be labeled “shy”, which is basically a beta trait.

    7. “Nothing more pussyish than trying hard to fit in at the expense of individuality”
      My thoughts exactly when I read it. I was a good student at school and proud of it. I might usually not be the one with the best grades, but I enjoyed reading and therefore knew more stuff than most (usually history or politics), and also wrote and talked better. A good thing, I reckon.
      This is also deplorable: “I’ve come to regret a lot of wasted time in high school where I was often the nerdy kid who’d go to the library to read a book rather than have mates to chill with outside.”
      What’s wrong with reading? This “dumb ‘n’ proud” epidemic is truly devastating. I would rather regret wasted hours loitering around for nothing than actually learning something.

    1. depends on how others interpret it. The variable is whether you appear to care

      1. It depends, do you think silent men are always in control? sometimes they do not talk because they will stutter.

    2. You’re wrong, there’s a quicker way.Running your mouth.
      Also, who cares if some idiotic group accepts you or not. If they dont, they can gay fuck themselves in the ass. If they do, so what, still dont care. That is the attitude you need to have. What you are looking for is true friendship, not people who basically acts like dogs packs.

      1. The first impression is extremely, important, if you start as the silent loner and then start to try to socialize later, people will notice it and will not like it. Start as a social, unafraid person and just stay as one, you will earn both acceptance and respect.

        1. That is true. When you try to socialize after being a loner, people will see it as sucking up. Which it is. I think the best thing you can do, as a Red Pill man, is forget about it: do not try to seek acceptance at all. Just mingle with the people you get along with naturally. You will have few friends but so what. The friends you DO have will be of quality. If there is conflicts, you can’t rely on those peoples support anyway. In the end, only thing they will ever understand, is power. So work on your influence and power first. Let them know that if they cross you, it will have consequences. I’m not talking violence here..though that might not be entirely out of the question.

        2. As I said somewhere up, “don’t talk too much”. Of course don’t sit all day without interaction, but just don’t spill your guts. I regreted it later.

        3. It is a terrible truth, but one we cannot shy away from any longer. We have found out too much about our origins to go back. Our most earnest questions are posed before the entropic churn of an indifferent and, at times, actively hostile universe; an abyss that only yawns back.
          Note: I was unable to respond to your response at TheRightStuff.biz as they have blocked me for my anti-natalist views, so I am responding here.

    3. You are totally right. Remaining silent will get you labelled “shy” and it is a sure way to go to the bottom of the ladder unless you have very good skills in certain things.

  9. Here’s a tip: watch your facial expressions. Some people are practically facial contortionists when they talk about something. It runs people off when you look normal one moment and then look like a lunatic when you talk about something.

    1. Anyone prone to do this can just watch a Laci Green video. If that don’t scare you out of the habit, nothing will.
      I’d provide a link for those who don’t know who Laci Green is, but I’m just not that cruel.

      1. Holy shit, ‘token libertarian girl’ Laci Green. Jim Carey’s sister perhaps, no? She’s so packed and stacked with the red pill arguments and logic. You’d swear she must download every redpill tidbit on the web daily. Is she for real? And she’s a solid 8.5+ when she’s not making her funnyfaces.
        I think it’s either a strategy or a survival mechanism with her to make faces. Hard as she tries, she’s no lower than a goofy looking 8 with full clown face and cross eyes. No girl with her looks could speak as she does with a straight face without repelling and spooking many men out of their comfort zones.
        I doubt she carousells either. Most likely a daddy’s girl and dad is a red pill behomoth. I think I’ll encourage my daughter to be more like Lacy Green until she marries. Over my dead body if my girl goes off to get drunk, stoned and laid for 4 years at some party college, and not on my dime. Laci Green could be a good role model for many young ladies.
        And when she hangs up her diaries to go the Michelle Duggar route and get stuffed like a turkey by a big red pill dick, she’d produce a whole fleet of red pill noisemaking sons and rugrat sisters with ears to learn no doubt.

  10. It is probably the most well adjusted, clever and talented people who are at the bottom of the Social Hierarchy today. Society is unraveling and unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, I no longer desire the applause or acceptance of the mob. I particularly do not like groups because they always descend into an ass kissing and cock sucking competition. If you are a well liked moron then you can become POTUS. If you are a noble badass like Patton then you are shunned and/or mysteriously get killed/commit suicide like Vincent Foster. Technology has killed excellence. Our society is for sale to the highest bidder. I really would like to write an article for ROK that would be a real eye opener for many here but what’s the point. 99% or more reading it would vehemently disagree with it because it would totally destroy their particular belief system and world view. Facts and truth mean very little to most people and I think it has always been this way. Money, Greed and Self Interest governs all. http://whatreallyhappened.com/RANCHO/POLITICS/BODIES.html

    1. Hmm I would like to read that article and dont underestimate people here. They are not the average mob.

      1. You are correct, they are not the average mob. After commenting on numerous websites over the years I must admit that I have FAR more respect for the posters here than on ANY other website.

        1. This website’s great because it doesn’t have Political Correctness, It’s a collective Of Men sharing Masculine Ideas Here.

        2. It really is what keeps bringing me back. No filters, no SJW’s that last longer than five minutes because they’re blasted out of Elysium when they open their mouths, and we can actually talk subjects we fucking really want to talk.
          Thumbs up to Roosh.

    2. I like the banker who “committed suicide” by shooting himself with a nail gun, several times, working his way up his body from his torso to his head.

      1. That takes a special kind of talent and dedication. You have to admire that in a man. Or at least pay respects to it at the funeral home.

      2. If it’s the last thing you’re ever going to do, might as well make it interesting.

    3. Moderation is the key. Too much on one side: oblivious socialite, cow worthy of being kicked in the face. Too much on the other: bitter conspiracy theorist.

    4. Aren’t those Clintons something? I’ve seen the “clintong body count ” before. Amazing. ALL those people dying? Most of the people I’ve ever known are alive.

    5. It is difficult to find males that like to hang out one to one. I prefer 3 people at best. Big groups depress me, I feel the walls are caving in around me. Especially mixed ones with guys & their ass kissing.

  11. 16 year old versus 19 year old: guess who had it easier?
    edit: it’s the same person (me) if that is not clear.

    1. One thing Ive noticed with good looking guys, the girlies let us do dirtier shit to them. You noticed the same?

      1. I was basically invisible when I was younger and then shot to the top of the social heap briefly before high school ended. I could be a complete jerk around the girls and they would come back for more. That really jaded me for a while: first red pill dose.

        1. Totally agree about the long hair, the buff part not so much, I prefer squeezably soft guys.

  12. #6. Number your 5 ways in sequence, not “1, 2, 3, 2, 1”
    Apart from that, all are great advice–especially #2 #1. That last one’s been a life-time deal breaker for me.
    Re “practice, practice, practice”, good thought even if it doesn’t lead to Carnegie Hall. One suggestion I would make is to do karaoke. I’ll never be on “The Voice”, but I can carry a tune, and I’m still a lot better than a lot of others at the mic. A good way to open with girls is to ask one to do a duet, but make sure it’s a song that she would know.

  13. Good article.
    Moving up the hierarchy is all about getting in touch with the biological truth. Ruthlessness is what alpha excels in. Banking on emotions is the domain of betaness.
    Be aggressive. Be a doer. Do NOT let anyone interfere with your passion.

  14. I hate groups and I have no desire to ever be at the top “hierarchy” of any group activity. I just stand at the bar solo and when you least expect I’m in your group chatting up your girl whilst your group masturbates at how “alpha” one can get.

    1. That still puts you in a hierarchical framework. We have a pack mentality like wolves, built right into us. The Lone Wolf is part of the hierarchy even if he rejects the concept of hierarchy.

        1. Because “out of the group” implies a rank with certain parameters. If you’re outside of the group, an outlaw, then you are no longer protected by XYZ law/custom. In effect, you can never be outside of a hierarchy. If you reject hierarchy then you simply assume the lowest, least desirable rung. There is no “compulsion to obey” bound to a hierarchy. It is rather a Structure of Power. If you can be murdered on sight, guess what, you’re on the bottom of that structure.

        2. I see. To have to interact with people necessitates this hierarchy.
          It will get very interesting if some of those on the lowest rung of the hierarchy acquire a robot army and become powerful without the aid of a hierarchy(Although hierarchy is involved in the development of robots).

        3. @GhostOfJefferson
          Given the interesting phenomenon of the internet and he proliferation of MGTOW in certain sectors of the manosphere. What do you classify them as in the hierarchy?

  15. “On anything outdoorsy, bring packets of lollies, nuts or whatever sounds
    appropriate. Bring your phone or laptop with a killer music playlist.
    The last camp I went on, where we were in cabins, two guys bought an
    X-Box and stayed up till after midnight playing it.”
    This is stupid. Playing X-Box and listening to music on your laptop is precisely the opposite of why you do “outdoorsy” stuff. You do it to get away from technology, to enjoy the great outdoors. If you just want to sit around on your ass playing video games you can do that at home.
    Another good 5 would be:
    1. Lift weights so you’ll be physically attractive.
    2. Read books so you’ll be able to carry an intelligent conversation.
    3. TURN OFF THE FUCKING TELEVISION. This will make #1 and #2 a lot easier.
    4. Memorize a few good jokes. This book actually has some pretty good material: http://www.amazon.com/Asimov-Laughs-Again-Limericks-Anecdotes/dp/0060924489/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1426900467&sr=8-1&keywords=asimov+laughs+again.
    5. Take up a masculine activity, like hiking, fishing, hunting, playing guitar, carpentry, shooting, and so on.

    1. “”On anything outdoorsy, bring packets of lollies, nuts or whatever sounds
      appropriate. Bring your phone or laptop with a killer music playlist.
      The last camp I went on, where we were in cabins, two guys bought an
      X-Box and stayed up till after midnight playing it.”
      This is stupid. Playing X-Box and listening to music on your laptop is precisely the opposite of why you do “outdoorsy” stuff. You do it to get away from technology, to enjoy the great outdoors. If you just want to sit around on your ass playing video games you can do that at home.”
      That’s what “indoorsy” people do when someone shoves them into the great outdoors and won’t let them back in till they’ve “enjoyed” it all day. That stuff could help your popularity rankings if you find yourself stuck outside with a group of indoorsy folks.

  16. Au contraire, people WILL trim your ass hair, if you pay them enough. And, only Belvedere will do, for vodka.

  17. heh I have to admit I laughed uncomfortably when I read “…the history
    of ancient Greece or memorizing every Star Trek episode ever
    broadcast…” Nail on the head kind of stuff there bud… I guess Star
    Trek and Ancient Civilizations were just so much more interesting than
    people when I was growing up. I always felt you had to like people to have a good social life, but I grew up very suspicious of folks’ intentions. It helped me in business, but not so much with socialization.
    Ah well… perhaps something to work on… eventually.

  18. Growing up I always noticed, once I was aware of it there was always a teacher covertly trying to put the don’t be that guy message in our heads.
    Pretty much only the male teachers.

  19. Why do so many nerds in real life look like Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons?

    1. Because they’re fat, uninteresting, and socially awkward losers, who never got the hint that most people stopped reading comic books past the age of 5.

  20. Also, a very important piece of advice for not being picked on in school: don’t be a faggot! No matter what the media is trying to tell you and all that politically correct bullshit that “it’s ok to be gay”, don’t be a queer and a homo, otherwise school will be hell!

  21. I was tour guide for my college campus. My friends thought it was stupid. It was easy money and forced me to be social. I highly recommend a job like that.

    1. Considering how women are lining up to fuck criminal scumbags… Not even success and money can save the beta, these days.

    1. No…

      1. anarco-communist is like saying that you are a gay-straight. There is not such thing as communism without an oppressing government. It is written in the book of Karl Marx. If we had dictator in real life it was not a failure to implement communism, it was all part of the plan. Communism is a failure from the start.

      2. Communism is buying protection from the government. But the cost is so high that it is a rip off. It cost a lot of people freedom.

  22. I learned many things from a cousin who is locked up. One thing he told me I actially been through but didn’t see it till it was explained.
    People will test you. Push their limits.
    When you meet it is mutual respect.
    Then comes a tap on the arm for attention.
    Then comes a playful nudge
    Then comes harder shove
    Then comes a smack on the head.
    Next thing you know you are being bitch slapped and wondering how someone could have the balls to disrespect you like that.
    Good article man. The moral of the story is to stop shot where it starts. Little things add up and you can’t let people take you for a weak person.

  23. I have a hobby i do when i have some free time of my own outside work and my social life ( clubbing/seeing women) its called warhammer 40,000. i stopped watching TV and playing video games ( i hardly even touch them anymore) its basically similar to chess but with a far out dystopian science fiction setting.
    The hobby/painting aspect of it is quite interesting. i learnt alot about how to paint and
    One thing i noticed in the local gaming store i play at is that most of the guys that go there are overweight/obese and are the spitting image of comic book guy from the simpsons. I cant say that these guys have problems with getting women, but judging from todays sexual marketplace its most likely they do.
    I hate putting other blokes down, considering i used to be a fat guy myself. when i see supposedly alpha men putting betas and omegas down, it seems more like female hamster rationalisation than male logic.
    Women hamster rationalise men who dont fit their vagina tingles category into friendzoned/creepers/losers just for the sole reason they weren’t some super confident aloof clown/asshole and just for that fact, to women, these guys dont deserve to be even acknowledged or even allowed to live. And its worse when i see men judging OTHER MEN by the same logic.

    1. We are men, dude. Grow up. No one is in danger here. Take some criticism.

    2. I think I see your point, judging and categorizing people based on how they look seems to be more fitting when dealing with the opposite sex, men doing it to other men seems a bit off if you think about it. But then men gain status amongst other men through power, and being a chick magnet is certainly a type of power to get something most men want.

  24. I have always been the silent type, sitting around the last row in middle and high school, while still being a bit nerdy and good at school.
    That didn’t mean that I was socially awkward though and people were fine with interacting with me. The only problem is that I am quite bad at small talks as a result… Yeah I really hate small talks and kind of force myself to do it.

  25. Man what an amazing article, honestly I think about this all the time now, whereas I didn’t really get why I was being made fun of, honestly I don’t even strive to be an alpha, they’re can only be one alpha, so he has to sacrifice real friendships, real bonds with others just to be “the man”, it’s so fake and i’m quite happy being a loner and a gamma male, a guy who looks out for himself but doesn’t play up to this idea of being the man and being the best everything. Alpha’s honestly sicken me, maybe that’s me being bitter bc they where always the ones bullying me, idk.
    What amazes me about this article is that i’ve NEVER had anyone ever give me some proper advice on how this works in real life, my Dad tried to hint at growing up I shouldn’t do certain things, he got angry at me for seemingly harmless things to try and suggest I was being a omega or a beta, but he never directly said “stop being a bitch” or “stop giving in to him because he’s putting you under pressure”, this talk is usually strictly between father and son, like someone mentioned in the comments. But unfortunately i’ve always had a difficult and distant relationship with my Dad bc he’s kind of an asshole, so I missed out on that talk.
    If you where to talk about it then you would expose yourself as a fake, someone trying to potray an image. So no-one actually talks about why you shouldn’t do certain things, to some people it’s just instinctive I guess. Maybe they don’t know how to even explain this type of thing, they just “get it”. You’ll find two alpha’s smirking at each other as one is bullying the omega, they know exactly what they’re doing, it’s about power.
    But the articles, threads etc on the internet taught me about the different character types, the importance of self respect, disciplining people. It’s honestly made me a hell of a lot more self-respectful, the internet is full of stupid cat videos, insanely retarded answer.com questions, midget porn, but man there’s a vault buried deep on the internet with pure gold that you can actually benefit from.
    so to the guy that wrote this article and to the guys in the comments, I thank you for giving me the father/son advice my father never gave me, might seem kinda lame but it’s true haha.

    1. I feel I had a similar situation. I like my dad and greatly respect him (he was in the police 30 years, etc) but I notice he always seemed a bit distant from me. I don’t think this is his fault really. My parents are still together, but his parents divorced when he was 9 and he didn’t see his dad much after that (and he died before I was born).
      I get the feeling that after I turned about 10, dad simply had little idea what to do next, as he had to make his own way, so I had to do the same…and so the cycle continues.

  26. No nerd believes that women are talking about the guy on the left when they say they love nerdy guys.

    1. I believe the author is referring to the nerds themselves who are lost in their own dimension and not an outside observer who can clearly see the difference.

  27. I thing I might say is if you are making change in your life, I would completely take a 180 and find a new group to hang out with.
    This isn’t easy because making friends isn’t like switching jobs where you find one before quitting. I say this because if you’re a “loser” for a lack of better term the people will rip you to shreds when you do start to work out and make those changes as they see the potential of losing the village fool, the guy every body gangs up on when they run out of things to talk about.

    1. This isn’t true. I joined the infantry when I was 19 and there was a major genuine misunderstanding right in my recruiting training that shattered my rep. There was no way I could convince an entire platoon that I wasn’t responsible, so the damage couldn’t be undone. However, black sheep though I was, I alphaed it up, and several months later – after a few fist fights and a lot of hard work to prove where I belonged on the social ladder – and I was popular and intimidating.
      Reputation CAN be rebuilt and there’s no inherent need to start over.

      1. Good on you bud!
        It can be rebuilt, you’ve proven it, but the constant taunting of your soon to be ex-peers can really get to you, sometimes it gets too much. Not every one can afford to get in fist fights either as a record can ruin your life pretty much.

  28. Anyone else notice how psychotic and upside-down Western socializing is? The ones who “don’t give a fuck” are idolized while the hard-working, objectively high-value boys are busy giving a fuck… and they are at the bottom of the hierarchy? Something’s devastatingly wrong here.

    1. i think it has nothing to do with being “hard-working”. some hard-working people do very well socially – and vice versa.

      1. Understood. I used that phrase for emphasis. The general rule, however, is that the more you do, the lower your social rank. Absolutely backwards.

  29. “Even when he acts just like everyone else, trying hard to fit in, there seems to be some kind of unspoken agreement not to let the socially retarded kid gain an inch of popularity.”
    The folks that knew you when you were goofy looking and acted weird are like that.
    Those people are furious when someone they knew below them attempts to rise.
    But if you’ve escaped those things you’ll find new people are quite accepting of you.
    By my senior year of high school I can remember guys in my class (that I knew since middle school) trying to convince new folks that I was this major nerd figure. And NOT succeeding.
    The new guys would look incredulous at the suggestion.

  30. I wonder how much this phenomena of a spurious hierarchy between kids has appeared with modernity. Before the modern era, there were castes, chiefs, and the Lord – no “cool guys”, no necessity to conform to some current fashion or narrative. Hannah Arendt (yeah, Jewish/Zionist philosopher but still wrote interesting pieces) once criticized 68ism by saying that without the teacher’s authority, kids would embrace the group’s authority. The necessity to conform to fashion, to leftism, to the prejudice of whatever group you find yourself in, has become much more of a straitjacket after the Left started its culture wars.

  31. “If you’re already the omega in an established social group – sorry, but chances are you’re stuck there.” You have to leave the group, improve yourself then re emerge a new man to raise your social standing within that group

    1. That is true to an extent, especially for women. Women who knew me when my game sucked still think of me as an AFC to this day, whereas women who only met me recently or only met me sporadically before think of me as having tight game.

  32. Wait, you did not just recommend watching Big Bang Theory. No, just no effing way.

  33. I think the best is maintaining frame.
    I have found that in the past couple of years, since I started wearing a tie to work almost every day, I get more respect than when I wore Birkingstocks with toe socks.
    But the hardest part is maintaining frame in an extended family full of liberals and radical LGBT in-laws.
    As the lone conservative Trump supporter. Because you have to walk a fine line between beiung mean and lashing out and being a push-over.
    I have found the best way is not to lash out, but to argue with short questions. Like “Do you think that Jessica Valenti should have denounced the Muslim rapes in Cologne. Because there has been total radio radio silence on the issue by prominent feminists. ”
    What do you think about higly paid Disney workers having to train their foreign immigrant replacements ?
    What do you think about the fact that Sweden had to cancel the earth day celebration because tthey were afraid of violence by Muslim immigrants.?
    Why do you think that unions used to oppose immigration to keep higher wages but now support immigration. Do you think they are representing current workers.?
    Do you think that rape victimes like Paula Jones should be believed ? Why isn’t Jessical Valewnti taing about that ?
    Why do you think that the steel workers and auto workers and factory workers in the rust belt who used to support the dems and be the backbone of the dem party now hate the dems and feel betrayed ?
    Or why is it that the small farmers that leftist foodie yuppies that say they want to support so much tend to hate the democratic party ?
    It is good to remember how the left has changed under PC. I can remember a time when there were a lot of leftists cowboy types.

    1. Having long ass hair is new in thing, but talking about long ass hair is not so shhhh….

      1. Does it go along with the Lumbersexual phenomenon? Does having long ass hairs make you more manly, like having a beard?

  34. That kid on the left in the “nerd” picture will never live it down. I’ve seen that pic going around the internet for some time now. But who knows? He may be the personality type who can laugh at himself and not care.

  35. what if you’re naturally a loner and don’t enjoy social interaction?
    does that make you automatically a loser?

    1. No. Most men enjoy having male friends, but a minority find most other men boring.

  36. I always like the advice articles as nice to get different perspectives and its important we share knowledge. Great article!!

  37. Being an in-shape nerd is great. You have the best of both worlds: brain and brawn. As for grooming, all of this man-scaping is ridiculous. It’s okay to have body hair, and many women like it.
    I mean, keep the basics in order: hair on your head (or shave it if you’re balding), nails, teeth, trim the bush. Pretty simple. Don’t worry about other body hair, it doesn’t matter. If she says it’s gross, kick her to the curb.

    1. I like your philosophy haha.
      Spot on about grooming. NO way I am going to become a metro fairy, ever.

  38. Really great idea brining back archived posts. This is a timeless article.
    Even the comments are fantastic.

  39. Especially in high school social hierarchy is pretty much set. I learned quick that it is best to get with chicks outside of your set social circles (aka other schools). This allowed me to get much higher quality girls with much less effort than I would have had to at my own school. Very important life lesson.

  40. Beta: the hard-working guy. He has got nothing so he has to hard work to build something.
    day (30-35+) he might become cool. Many dont. So for women its a maybe
    and see.
    This is why betas are often “friend-zoned”: It simply means you are not good enough. Yet. You may in the future.
    Sometimes the “friendzoned” 22year old boy will be the M.D. husband 10 years later. After she has had a few dozen alpha dicks and is ready to settle down at the dusk of her beauty.
    Omega: The
    guy who has nothing and does not even try. He sucks now and his future
    does not look much better. He will not get “friendzoned” by women for the simple fact, he has nothing to offer and most likely never will.
    If you are an omega you will have to become a beta before you can be an alpha. Never forget that. Its a fucking long road and you have to walk it step by step.
    Alpha: The guy who has it. Good genes. Good family. Good vibe. Natural born pussy slayer. Your glory lasts as long as you have something to offer. Never forget that. Even Mr. Pussymagnet is not loved for “his true self” but for what he can offer. Dont be naive and think otherwise.

  41. Need more articles like this because your average reader is just like the pictured on top.

  42. Great article. To go in more depth on how the socially inept conquer with brilliance, read Robert Greene’s latest book “Mastery” with particular emphasis on the 50 pages on “social intelligence”

  43. I like this article because sometimes I find that I am always at the bottom everywhere I go and now that I read this article I will take this person’s advice.

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