Do Not Work In A Job That Employs Women

Division of labor according to sex has been a feature of human societies since the beginning. There are even theories by some anthropologists that this division was what allowed Homo Sapiens to decisively pull ahead of their competitors. World War II and the ensuing scourge of feminism changed all of that in America and Europe. In part, this was a reflection of how industries were changing. Where farms and factories once employed most of the population, the country workforce shifted towards clerical and service work. Fortunately, there are still plenty of occupations that are dominated by men where you can escape the tyranny that is the modern feminist dominated work place. Given that so many jobs including women are legal minefields, as well as unpleasant and inhospitable to the masculine man, there are many reasons you should consider a change to a job where you can work in an all male environment.

Escape The Tyranny Of Political Correctness

In the unisex working environment of hypersensitive America, a man must constantly watch what he says for fear of blaspheming against the pantheon of political correctness. Even the most innocuous statement can be twisted to make your work life a hell. An honest critique of a female’s performance can damage your career permanently. Contrast this with the all-men work place, where honest criticism is given without any sugar coating, where jokes can be told without a glance over the shoulder, and where bonding by constantly giving each other shit in good fun is the norm. I don’t think it is hyperbole to conclude that American work culture is taking on shades of the Soviet Union, where one verbal misstep could get you up Shit Creek without a paddle. The things men do and say to each other can be silly, juvenile, or even downright cruel, but this behavior is absolutely necessary for men to become men, and there is no doubt we are atrophying as a society as it is suppressed.

Learn The True Meaning Of Teamwork

Are men or women better at working in teams? Although men are more individualistic, assertive, and aggressive, it is these very qualities that make them better at working in groups. Of course, it is a tired feminist talking point that “women value cooperation more than men do.” The truth is that women avoid overt conflict, but they love to keep drama bubbling under the surface. This translates to an atmosphere of mistrust in many teams that include women, even if females are experts at maintaining saccharine appearances.

Working with men only, one will find that conflicts are taken care of on the spot, preventing interpersonal problems from compounding; the assertiveness and aggression of men strengthens the group rather than weakens it. Working without the tensions that women cultivate, men are able to coalesce into ruthlessly efficient teams accomplishing feats from the heroic to the mundane that we take for granted (here, here, and here). Cooperative behavior releases dopamine to the brain in humans, which explains the immense pride that comes when you’re part of a group of men able to fight and work almost as one man, sometimes without even speaking. Camaraderie has been the drug of choice for men for time immemorial, and women’s preference for conflict destroys this.

Rediscover A Healthy Sense Of Mystery Around The Opposite Sex

In the past, men and women led lives that were parallel and interdependent but usually very separate. Men and women mingled together only at certain times of the day, or sometimes only certain times of the week or even year in the case of people who lived in rural areas. Every man enjoys the company of women, but most men become fatigued with too much. When men and women work separately, it cultivates a natural mystery and respect, so that time that men and women spend together is more appreciated. Presently, the sexes know each other too intimately, and familiarity leads to contempt. As any man who knows the ins and outs of the female mind will attest, the better you get to know women, the more you dislike them. Working a long day in the world of the masculine workplace, with its attendant cursing, laughing, and rough masculinity, one appreciates the contrasting feminine much more when he goes back to his woman (or women). Compare this with the modern workplace, where many men are so tired of feminine pettiness and drama by the end of the day that the prospect of being around women in the evening is exhausting.

Enjoy A New Pride Doing A Man’s Work

Men take immense pride in doing “a man’s work.” Men always have and always will dominate the occupations that involve risk taking, danger, quick thinking under pressure, strength, and small margins for error. Firefighters, pilots, trial lawyers, elite military forces, oilfield workers, and engineers are still mostly “boys only clubs” and for good reason. In fact, you can tell a lot about how important a particular job is by the degree to which it excludes women. A formerly masculine profession is surely stagnating when it starts to include women, as is the case with Silicon Valley. Men who work in these “boys only clubs” are always more full of life and pride because they sense, either consciously or unconsciously, that they are doing something important. The mixed sex work place goes a long ways towards explaining the nihilism and listlessness of the modern man; doing busy work that can be done just as easily by an empowered woman, he instinctively knows that his masculine identity is null.

Ditch The Corrosiveness That Women Bring To All Male Groups

In naval tradition, it was considered bad luck to have a woman on a ship, and this was more than a mere superstion ion. The introduction of a woman to an all male environment changes an atmosphere instantly. Obviously, there is the distraction, as focus that should be used to get work done is funneled into thoughts of fucking. But the really corrosive effect of women in all male workplaces is how it affects the way men treat each other. No longer are other men comrades and friends; they are competitors. This happens subconsciously, as men start to be suspicious of others and subtle posturing and power plays start. Once again, we see that the wisdom of our forefathers is usually superior to modern philosophies.


If you don’t already work in an all male occupation, you should explore ways to move into one. There are many fewer female free jobs than formerly, but they can be found with a little bit of digging. Perhaps I will write a post soon exploring the options available to young men starting their lives and older men looking to restart their lives (as an aside, one direction that I will specifically recommend against is the military; it has been thoroughly corrupted by feminism). If you’re ready to do embark on a path that will give you new respect for yourself and other men, start moving towards an all male job immediately. Your soul and your sanity will thank you for it.

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424 thoughts on “Do Not Work In A Job That Employs Women”

  1. it’s true .
    whenever an attractive woman enters the workplace everyone wants to fuck her and when someone does and the cat is out of the bag, there definitely a lot of envy and resentment that distracts from the job at hand.

      1. Dude when are u going to write an article? Ur my favourite poster by far. U always crack me up.

  2. When you work with women, you pick up their slack and then they get promoted over you. Employers know they’ll get major brownie points for promoting the woman and you’ll still be busting your ass to get off the bottom rung.
    Then you’re still doing their work, but they can order you to do it. The woman becomes part of the management “team” and now telling you to work counts as “work” for her.

  3. I usually agree but not here. Maybe I’m in a unique place and far enough along in my career (I deal with managers and above these days) that the ditzes have been filtered out. But it’s been over a decade since I’ve had a major problem with a female co-worker. She was an organizational cancer nobody had the guts to fire – so people like me just transferred out the department she ran and let it collapse.
    Since then I’ve had 3 other female managers who were fine.
    I agree with the last few points when it came to military service – I was much happier in the Infantry than mixed units like Civil Affairs.

  4. Perfect case study: Look at America’s military. What was once hailed as a sanctuary for men to become men and look after other men has now become a political correct sinkhole for those who have a no-bullshit mentality. Give honest feedback to an airmen or soldier that he/she didn’t do a good enough job and that person will run off and complain to your supervisor. Even worse, make a joke about something with one of your buddies and if someone overhears it and is offended (usually women), the proper protocol is to now report them to their supervisor, instead of trying to fix things at the lowest level.
    Listen up younger men of America. The military is no longer the place to test your metal and seek your rite of passage. Not even Special Forces are immune to the influence of women anymore. Becoming an officer in the Air Force has become the single greatest regret in my life, and I implore young men to find another career field that is better suited to learning the skills needed to really become a man.

        1. amen to this.
          I would rather my children dig ditches instead of joining the military.
          The murican military is nothing more than security guards for the NWO and their interests.

        2. I’d die for the country (like if we faced an existential threat). But the chance of that happening in our lifetimes is almost nonexistent. And really we haven’t fought a war like that ever. Even the sacred second world war was not in our country’s interests as much as people like to think

      1. My service was not a mistake but I will not be recommending service to anyone younger. It was gay when I was in but now it’s openly militantly gay.
        A few years ago, after being out for a few years, I seriously started thinking about the National Guard. One day I went on the National Guard website to see what it’s all about, and there on the very first page, at the very top, right in my face, was a disgusting she-creature pretending to be a soldier in lipstick and dress uniform. I wretched a little and clicked on the little x in the top corner and went back to chillin 1st CivDiv, Camp Couch

        1. Yeah, your article talks about what we called Contract Marriage. It was an open secret in the 2000’s when I was in. Although it was HIGHLY punishable, once a certain Gunny left, there was nobody old school enough to care among the staff and brass in my unit. I knew a dude who “married” a lesbian (both in our unit) and lived in town in a ratty little apartment with his “wife” and her “girlfriend.” When dude met a nice girl got her pregnant and got married…. sheesh. Open secret.
          I am no longer in and don’t talk to active duty perso anymore, but I can guarantee you 100% that there will be contract marriages between hetero men. Guarantee.

        2. There was a guy in my platoon who married a lesbian soldier so they could get housing allowance. They never consumated the wedding and she moved in with another lesbian NCO. That was in 1978.

        3. Consumated! LOL I know, what is brass supposed to do? Check the hymen? Secretly tape bedroom activities?

        4. Don’t forget all the military lingo taking on a whole new “colourful” meaning. Vector thrust. Tail hook. Bag drag. Beam rider. Nut to butt. Poles in the holes. Shit pusher. Imagination is your only limit.

      2. Apart from the big picture issue of the military being used essentially as slave labor for whatever agenda the lobbies pay our gov’t to take interest in, the feminist agenda has wrecked shop all the way down to the unit-level.
        Women are beating down the door to get admitted to Special Ops programs (of course they’re not worried about female representation in ditch-digging jobs), but the damage is mostly already done. To maintain a “diverse” representation, women (and of course minorities) are ALWAYS selected first for support positions within SOF units. That means all the shooters are men, and when among themselves, get along famously. But among the IT, intel, supply, admin, and every other support position, as many women as possible are shoe-horned in. Just like the man says here, it goes from camaraderie to pissing contest over who gets to bang who and women saying this guy beat her up, will you please kick his ass, and he called me a whore, he should get in trouble…
        There was an old naval manual that described the reason women were forbidden onboard ships as being: “a woman is the most divisive instrument that one can ever introduce onboard a vessel.”

      3. Does that need a question? You really can’t see what’s wrong with being a slave, a pawn…? The military thrives on fools.

        1. Everyone is a slave. That being said, most vets under utilize their benefits greatly. If you are looking for opportunities/ looking to start a business, I doubt you will get more benefits joining any other demographic.

      4. Because the average U.S. serviceman now realizes he’s fighting for Cultural Marxists, not Americans. Here’s the Chicago Marxist gangster thug putting a noose around a couple of those heroes.

    1. This is awesome that an officer is going online to speak about this. Thanks, brother! Thanks for your honest response!

    2. I wonder how many ass-kickings our military is going to have to take before the powers that be get it?

      1. Doesn’t matter. The current group in power would rather have everything crash to the ground than admit that they’re wrong. Remember, the typical feminist’s answer to the problems that feminism is causing for women (the b*tches don’t care about the problems that they’re causing for men) and the culture is to blame men and demand more feminism.

        1. Not gonna lie there are still exceptional women out there but yeah the rest of them make the workplace a living hell. I used to have a female manager and she was a bitch to almost everyone and even got into a fight with a co worker of mine that the co worker got fired but returned to work again after three days, The co worker only worked when my manager was not on shift. The co worker is a girl.

    3. In war, u have to be ruthless if u want to win! U can’t have a woman on the side line that u have to babysit where in war, it’s mainly flight or flight responses. If u see a woman on the battlefield, a man’s nature response is to protect her like a civilian. Can u imagine what will happen in our next major war if we have women around and need to push through enemy territory.
      Female Soldier in action:

      1. When I was serving last year they told us that Israel has pulled all women from frontline duties because of this. Evidently the white knighting is so strong/natural that men took unacceptable risks to aid women in combat.
        Make no mistake gentlemen, white knighting kills.

        1. I think it was for other very practical and obvious reasons. But here is the thing. Never mind the obvious such as Israel being surrounded by enemies dedicated to kill all of them and how they’re effectively in a constant state of war. To make things even worse, I read an interesting statement recently, which was in the broader context of Israel’s critical need for US support, and that is because Israel has such a small population, they only have so much time to field an army and to conduct combat operations…the men simply need to get back to their day jobs otherwise the country/economy might grind to a halt. At first my reaction was “what badasses those Israelis are, anyone else with such a set of complex issues, US or no US, would have been fucked a long time ago”, but then, I thought “of all the people and armies that should be fielding women, this is the one” and, interestingly, they tried it and went back on their decision. Indeed, it is a coed military, but the fighting is left to the men. Israel stands almost as a mathematical constant as to why combat arms (infantry, artillery etc) should remain a man’s job.

      2. First off that instructor is a fucking moron. Her stance is pathetic, she can not even run the slide, these “men” allowing this charade are just as guilty as she is.
        If she acted like this on my range she would be unemployed.

    4. You’re right on the money. The military has become an unwilling test-bed for every PC program to come down the pipe.

    5. Women will never invade Special Operation. Those pathetic Ranger-wannabe bitches totally flunked the course. I’m sure no one here is surprised.
      The noose is tightening, if you want male-only environments then you need to choose the things that women are too dumb or weak to do. Like software engineering, commandos, SWAT teams, mathematics lecturers, wow that’s all I can think of.

  5. Having worked an office job partially full of females I have only one thing to say about that… never again. Got out of that and never looked back. They are utterly useless for anything other than creating drama and chaos. For men it is better to learn a trade. Any trade from electrician to maintenance to digging ditches is far better than being stuck in an environment with caterwauling harpies who have an excuse for everything and an answer for nothing.

    1. “An excuse for everything and an answer for nothing” — when I was in the Navy, we had a slew of names for guys like that, none of them flattering and all of them obscene. I was lucky, I took my 20-year transfer to the Fleet Reserve just before my last ship was scheduled to have women as part of the crew. (I saw the coming shitstorm that was on the horizon and wanted no part of it.)

      1. The term of endearment is: Shitbird, shit bag, seabag with lips, blue falcon, bravo foxtrot, rock…

        1. Yeah, and all of them start out as NUB (nother useless body) for enlisted, and Bull Shit Ensign for O-bags.

    2. Funny you use the trades as an example. My last “official” job, I was working in an office of a large construction company that was about 45% females. We employed union employees from every construction trade, but the office employees were not unionized. It seemed like any job involving a female was fucked. If not, then their white-knight counterparts would ruin the rest of the progress.
      It was a fucking 24/7 battlefield of snearing, politics, back stabbing and favoritism. If you performed too well, you were ousted, if you under-performed, you were ousted, the most toxic environment I’ve EVER witnessed, with men supporting these women, no less in a MALE dominated business sector. If it wasn’t for the massive financial leverage of this company that was amassed during the many decades past of male dominance in the company, it would go under based on lack of efficiency due to toxicity. The head of HR is black entitled female wench.

      1. the same thing actually happens to many marriages, because women often seek to ‘keep’ their man by bitching at him, under mining him, making him weak, humiliated and foolish…..
        this is a red pill truth that is not often discussed…. the bitching and the back stabing is not an annoying female trait that can be overcome… it’s a modus operandi that has a very clear and exact objective to it.
        if those around you are on edge and weakened, you stand a better chance of maintaining your own status quo… it’s a pathetic route to take, but it is a reality when women are around.

        1. “…this is a red pill truth that is not often discussed…. the bitching and the back stabing is not an annoying female trait that can be overcome… it’s a modus operandi that has a very clear and exact objective to it.”
          “It’s not a ‘bug’ — it’s a feature of the unit. And you can’t shut it off.”

        1. If not minority, then certainly female is a requirement. Also the ability to waste at least 8 hours per day doing nothing useful. The more highly compensated the HR exec, the less real work that gets done IME as an IT executive in mid-sized companies.
          Too many women equals toxic work environment. Just got out of one of those myself, by speaking the truth one too many times. My departure was at the hands of just such an HR exec, who is now also no longer at that company.
          Something about too many females in leadership positions there leading the company straight into the ditch, but I digress.

    3. Imagine now an all-female national government. Europe is pushing that way. Hard. Wonder how long the lights will stay on in parliament.

    4. As a woman, I have to agree with you. Women are as a whole less objective than men, who can out their differences aside and get the job done

  6. (as an aside, one direction that I will specifically recommend against is the military; it has been thoroughly corrupted by feminism).
    You are spot on with this statement. As someone who is currently in the Army, with multiple combat tours, we are now feminized to the point of an accurssation will get your career immediately suspended and you facing disciplinary action. All on an accussation!!! Tell you sons not to join the military, the merchant marines or stevadors would be a better choice.

    1. I don’t understand why the feminist don’t wait until AFTER men are all asexual pussies to bring women into the military. I think the feminists see rape as an acceptable casualty of their war on men.

    1. Full commission, no base, sales outfits tend to trend heavily male. And those women who do make it, are pretty much “male” as well. Management MUST make sure to ruthlessly and without exception purge the objectively measured bottom third, or fifth or whatever, performers every quarter; to prevent those sub par from sitting around looking for an easy way to retire by lawsuit. The guys you want to keep (male or female), will all take this as a challenge and rise to the task. The ones not up for it, should be in another field anyway.

      1. Well put. How would the average female survive a Glengarry Glen Ross type harvesting of the weak? Snowflakes rarely make it in a meritocracy environment as above.

    2. My cousin told me he would be to busy to be social for over a month because a big yearly sales drive was coming up and a saleswoman was out on maternity. I said yea women like to get preg for thanksgiving/x-mass/new years off where I work, and he replied “you don’t understand we are commission a week now will earn me more than a slow month”

  7. This is amazingly spot on. I’m an engineer, working with 18 other male engineers together to get shit done! If I want drama or to see a sea cow in flip flops, I can head down to marketing or customer service’s floor.

    1. American women’s inappropriate workplace attire is a national disgrace!
      Gals sporting “business woman” attire in SE Asia will make your eyes pop out. You pull up to a traffic light and they surround you on their moto-bikes, their tight asses lovingly perched upwards, accentuating their sheer white blouses and flowing hair. These are women you wouldn’t mind as co-workers.
      Oh to be a janitor in an Asian femdom work environment.

  8. Most of the time you don’t have a choice, the only few jobs left without women are those that are dangerous, physically exhausting or include an incredible workload (M&A, oil fields, etc.) Very few jobs are spared, for most people, it is nearly impossible not to work with women.
    So in my case, I see this article as “don’t hire women when your business is big enough to hire”.

    1. Right on!
      It has become a, rarely mentioned, truism in the startup world, that one of the key advantages startups have, is that one is still, for now, allowed to pick ones partners/cofounders, without having to call ones lawyer first.

  9. Working in the Health care field, I couldn’t agree more with this article! Being one of a minority of straight guys in the department, I feel my T levels drop the minute I walk into work lol. So much pettiness and backstabbing, and too little just getting the friggin job done. Currently trying to either start my own business, or ATLEAST enter a Male dominated field.

    1. same here… health care really showed me the nature of women… and i still think that only a really small % is capable of this job…

      1. Being the only eligible young male, and if I do say so myself decently handsome lol. This provides more issues In the amount of flirting and overt sexual advances that come my way. “Don’t shit where you eat” has always been a motto I follow and my situation only makes that harder. Maybe That’s why I’ve always enjoyed the night shift where there are less managers and people in general

        1. Yeah same here. I couldn’t handle the drama if i pump and dump one of my coworkers. I only flirt with the students who come for a short period of time.

        2. Haha same here, the girls I work with hate on me when I talk to the students because I won’t do the same with them. One even called me a “predator” the other day just for helping a studen with something, when she has overtly groped me in the past lol . #SourGrapes

        3. I also work in health care. I’m aways looking for something with less women around. One can only listen to so many stories about their kids soccer games, reality tv shows, husband issues, etc. I’m considering going into medical sales.

        4. Tell her she should be helping the female students as a “mentor”. Sorry everyone else seemed too busy talking bad about their men to help.

    2. Sounds like I dodged a bullet, have just entered health, though had volunteered for several years. Can I ask what your role is? also ,do you have contact with O.T and physio teams? choosing to study for one, at open days asking which one has less female bullshit wouldn’t be seen as appropriate!

    3. I work in the technology sector. Few women, and the ones who are there seem to have male brains, are unattractive, and don’t really act like women. The man-hating, chip-on-their-shoulder, drama queens seem to be in HR and any roles that are monotonous and don’t require critical thinking. I’ve noticed that female office drones seem to despise women in leadership roles above them, but not men. I’ve seen these girls call female managers a “bitch” even though she’s perfectly affable, IMO. Nature has programmed women to be lead by men. Women don’t like to be lead by other women. If you want to get a woman talking just ask her, “are the women you work with bitchy?” Then be prepared to mentally tune out for the next 3 hours.

  10. I will also add – Do not employ women either!
    I used to employ pretty girls in my bar as I thought it’d attract customers but on balance I’ve discovered that the business is better off with all male staff for a number of reasons PLUS we do attract a lot female customers now and they are good spenders.
    Added bonus – game is pretty simplified for us now as it’s so easy to approach a variety of women when they are already in your house.
    Coincidently, I just spoke to a young mother with her baby boy. She told me she’d be going back to work and I told her straight away: Don’t be silly woman, the little boy needs his mother now. Why go to work to earn money to pay somebody else to look after your own child?
    How do you think she responded?

      1. I’ve noticed that a woman’s favorite place to hide a potential future lawsuit is usually in her blouse or between her legs.

        1. At this point I’m getting reluctant to even get in an elevator alone with a woman. Thankfully the ones we have all have cameras inside.

        2. If they give you strange looks just tell them you happen to be Hannibal Lecter’s distant cousin. Then, give them a nice brisk sniff to identify their favourite perfume. That should calm the dearies right down.
          Disclaimer – no, don’t do that.

        3. LOL!
          I have my rules when these situations arise. I never make eye contact. That could make them label you “creepy” which exponentially increases false allegation chances.
          Ever see those national geographic shows where a tiger is all tense and ready to pounce on its prey? Im like that waiting for the elevator to open on my floor. I stand about a half inch from the elevator so that the second it opens I bolt out like that tiger going after it’s dinner.

        4. break elevator, take stairs, go to work. repeat until physical and/or emotional whales either loose the baggage or flounder.
          higher buildings produce higher results. enjoy bonus ‘can’t hear their wailing’ as they’re unable to arrive for scheduled gossip bingo shift.*
          * gossip wail-songs still occur, just without unearned productivity-feels from pseudo-work covering them up. expect high pc-winds and rolling, stormy seas of corpulent fat to overflow elevator stalls into parking lots. transient, audit foul weather popcorn, contract carcass cleanup in advance.

        5. Lololol. That’s hilarious! I sometimes feel like something horrible is going to happen when I’m alone with strange women especially ones that look unstable. I don’t make eye contact either.

        6. It must be some kind of primitive survival instinct: similar to encountering some beast in the wild that could be provoked to harming us if we meet it’s gaze. Like it works with the chimps I think.

        7. I made the mistake of pointing out to a smoking whale that the elevator ride and stroll to the smoke area counted against break time.

  11. At 30 I just swapped out of 15 years of construction work to work with people with learning difficulties, eventually for a career in Occupational or Physio therepy. The health sector is packed with women as you’d expect, but I haven’t had the problems I thought would come with the territory. Care is a traditional path for women, one in which they are comfortable and have little to prove. The few men I come into contact with are the beta orbiter sort or homos which i find more difficult to get on with. Traditional gender roles benefit women, thogh they’re often poorly paid. Occasionally had to deal with girls in the accountantcy offices, who were sociopathic harridans to a one.

    1. I heard there is money in OT. Was considering going that route to utilize my current credentials rather than do a 180. What r ur thoughts?

      1. I’m in the UK, so at entry level it’s not paid much more than nursing. In the States I think you have to train to masters level to practise as a full OT, so would pay more based on perceived status and training alone i’d guess. Study is such bullshit for vocational jobs

        1. It goes in cycles in the US from shortage to, getting filled up then the women flounder out because there is a physical aspect to the job.

    1. All of you : print this out on your workplace colour printer and post it on the “rumor control board”.
      Make sure you obscure the secret camera that is recording the bad elements who are looking at or writing questions on the rumor control board.
      After you post it, please indicate here how long it takes for HR to call an “all-hands meeting” to discuss recent disturbing instances of hostile attitudes towards female employees.

        1. Blame a co-worker? So you’re too much of a pussy to admit it yourself? LMAO. And you rant on about how manly you are…HAHAHAHAHA

  12. What is your advice for an omega male who is trying to work on the web(front end) development field?

    1. “..drowning in estrogen and petty tyranny” — you’ve just described the typical government job.

  13. There some truth to this. One day I was reading an article on this site and there was a nice looking woman in bikini. My male boss sent me an email saying it was inappropriate and if one of the female coworkers saw it… I told him C’mon man it wasn’t anything inappropriate. I see girls here wear worst stuff. Pulling shit out there bra, panty lines and shit but no one says anything.

    1. Back in the day I worked at an old-school machine shop. Was not unusual for a fistfight to break out. Then, back to work.
      The “Snap On” tool calendar was breath-taking and always a nice respite amidst the grime and machinery.
      I drew a “no jacking off” sign featuring a guy ecstatically whacking it with his pants around his ankles, and posted it next to the calendar.
      Everyone loved it. The salesmen would show it to customers.
      Years later I was at a another company and a machinist from the former shop opened his toolbox, and there it was.
      Never happen in this day and age.

  14. This article really nails it. There’s a lot of truth in it, but one sentence really stands out:
    “Once again, we see that the wisdom of our forefathers is usually superior to modern philosophies.”
    Modern society is ditching thousands of years of acquired social knowledge…with predictable results

    1. I don’t believe I have ever met a woman that actually worked at work. Painting pretty pictures and discussing sexual harassment at countless hours of meetings and how to be more sensitive and “culturally aware” in the office IMHO is NOT work. Almost every job out there has now been polluted by female agency. The reason why we all have to click through 60-80 hours worth of “sensitivity training” and “sexual harassment” modules at any office job now is cause bitches complained and sued the companies. No disrespect to lawyers out there but YOU GUYS DID THIS. Now every office is overrun-ed by this coddling nonsense. As a man, you can’t say ANYTHING. Just click through the modules and go about your business, it’s not your company anyways. My advice is to pick a career where you can just open up a solo shop. If you’re into working solo of course.

      1. I worked with one that “worked”. The one day she said every section I work in always seems to be lucky I told her “if you eat breakfast before you clock in you can get 1/2 hour more work done and make your own luck”. Women consider drinking coffee & chatting to be equal work. When guys asked about selling their PTO she would say about donating it.

      2. Yes to the last part (working solo) and it doesn’t have to be only you all the time. Depends upon what you do and how you want to grow. Select the men who work with you carefully and you’ll have a great environment.
        The peace found by keeping women out of your work area CANNOT be overstated.

        1. Some of the coolest people I’ve ever met were solo shop keepers. They ran a trade in whatever they thought was fun. This ranges from solo dentists to solo ATV/motorsport shop keeps and everything in between. The key word is solo. You probably don’t make as much money as a partner at a law firm but at the end of the day you call all your own shots and your profits/losses are all your own (as it should be in life).
          I realize not everyone has these options so yes its necessary to work with other dependable people. Key word is dependable. My first job out of college was at a blue chip and all I saw was a bunch of people wasting time and pretending to work. One giant welfare line to sum things up. I did not feel useful nor productive as a young man fresh out of school so I left into a more independent field. The people I graduated with all stayed in that field and to my knowledge they are all still sitting in similar cubes listening and giving the same old song and dance for their 401k. Is it wrong? Absolutely not…just not my cup of tea.

      3. I’ve met talented female academics but the environment they create is not worth it. Furthermore, the academic cult makes it impossible to act or speak like a man. U pretty much HAVE to be a mangina if u want ur career to go anywhere… Or learn skills that the women are too lazy to learn.
        And the amount of pedestalizing of women… Barren fat phd women… Has forced me to leave. I spoke out once about my views of reality ad came to regret it.. Even the most redpill dudes are scared to speak their minds. I’m outtie.
        Last point… Most of these women are miserable… The only one who is happy has a husband pulling 100k for her from home. NO MALE ACADEMIC has that opportunity.

        1. Yeah, after the Larry Summers affair I realized academia was hopelessly feminized, and that was almost a decade ago. It can only be worse now.

      4. It depends on the job. I worked in an emergency room with women who busted their asses day in and day out. I also volunteer at a cat rescue with women who sacrifice an absurd amount of time and energy to help these creatures. The girl who runs the place spends at least 40 hours a week cleaning and feeding and caring for these cats on top of her full time job.
        But you have a point, it does depend on the job.

    2. “Modern society is ditching thousands of years of acquired social knowledge…with predictable results.”
      This is why I come here. Volumes of wisdom condensed down into one sentence.

      1. Ayup. It’s called “social engineering”: the science of forcing square pegs into round holes.

    3. Heterosexuality works in nature and we can’t toss hundreds of thousands of years of human evolution down the drain for a recent social contract because homosexuals are uncomfortable. They are like %2 of the population, democracy isn’t based of minority rule. What is?

  15. Spot on. The one thing that women are very good at versus men is creating drama in the work place. You see nothing but a bunch of ‘hens’ sitting around gossiping about one thing or another…and then the attitudes start.
    Some of the work I do, now, is with a company with women in it. I’ll often work alone, off to the side, working on various projects (pretty much isolating myself – in other words getting things done).
    I, also, do some consulting (so I do have some say or choices on which contracts to accept).

  16. One reason why i moved out of the office & into outdoor education instructing. The reality of being able to get results & perform in the field under sometimes adverse conditions beats having to deal with female initiated drama in an air conditioned office.
    All notions of female equality magically evaporate when i’m the one who has to deal with emergencies like removing a poisonous snake, dealing with intruders etc..

    1. One thing that I’ve learned is that women are big on talking crap about ‘being strong and independent’ and how they ‘don’t need a man’ — UNTIL things start going wrong, or they don’t get any advantages or unearned privileges over men anymore. Then they predictably start howling about “where are all the Good Men?” and “there aren’t any Good Men anymore”.
      The best way to get rid of their “equality” BS is to do as Ulysses Grant said: “The best way to get rid of a bad or oppressive law is to RUTHLESSLY ENFORCE IT”.

      1. Amen. Unfortunately women are allowed to get away with their logical fallacies because too many beta drugged men hope that this makes it easier to fuck them. Paraphrasing comedian Bill Burr here.

  17. It’s funny. I can’t tell you how many women tell me at work they prefer working with men instead of their female colleagues and all their infighting. On the other hand, they seem to try to get me involved in their inter female drama and conflicts. One whiff of that and I say I am NOT getting involved and i get away as fast as I can.
    I feel fortunate and fulfilled that I do work a woman would find distasteful and physically difficult. It is liberating. But even if you are successful in working in all male environments, the sheer power of female consumer spending dictates that
    most of us will have to deal with some degree of female B.S. The only consolation perhaps is that it would be a less lethal dose as opposed to working in some parasitic public sector line of work.

    1. “…I can’t tell you how many women tell me at work they prefer working with men instead of their female colleagues and all their infighting. On the other hand, they seem to try to get me involved in their inter female drama and conflicts. ”
      That explains how so many of these same women are Democrats/liberals/leftists — they have the same behaviors. They invade other spaces and places to get away from the problems that they have created, and then bring their same attitudes and behaviors that created those exact same problems in the first place. Then they want to cry on your shoulder about it.

      1. Absolutely agree. In my mind I’m thinking “You had your cake honey, now EAT it and let it go to your big fat ass. I’m not cleaning up your messes”

  18. STEM is no longer all-male, but it is much easier to find all-male teams/companies in those fields. If you can consistently pound the books to learn lots of math, I’d recommend it. I would also recommend lots of practical, workshop-knowledge on top of your STEM degree. It makes you 10X more valuable in male-dominated fields when you can speak theory and practice at the same time.

      1. Nah, 10 years at a corporate job = officially molded into wage slave.
        There’s tons of people with degrees who have absolutely no interest in working for someone else.

    1. Great insight – both approaches work. Some people need the systematic learning first then can innovate around it. Others need to be free to invent / experiment / break shit then learn the theory (either on their own or in a formal setting, or some combination). It’s crucial to understand your own methods for learning. Having good male friends and MENTORS especially is invaluable here. Get people’s feedback on how they see you learning then you’ll know how to proceed.
      I got a 4 year degree, contemplated a Masters or PhD, took about 4 grad classes then felt it wasn’t the direction I wanted, got into the work world and learned a lot (including screw sizing, precision laser alignment, MRP, talking with vendors, customer service, on-site support, new product introduction, etc.), then got deep into some tech I was personally enthusiastic about unrelated to my 9-5. Taught myself about this area, got mentors, books, build and experimented and broke stuff, learned to fix it, and have been teaching others what I know now plus creating products based on what I’ve learned. What I learned working for others (even as a waiter in high school) contributes to what I do now. Nothing is wasted!
      If I’d not done the 4 years in college I’d have missed having a strong math/science foundation. If I’d gone on longer, I’d have probably felt too married to one particular field instead of drawing in influences from many (which I do now). Not too loose, not too tight.

  19. This is all spot on. Thanks.
    I quit my engineering job and am on long-term sabbatical now, for many of the reasons you mentioned. I simply could not, for the sake of my sanity, put up with the listlessness that I felt. I was surrounded by women and the work itself was the definition of busy work. Adding to the matter, most of my bosses were foreigners from India and when these fast-talking, worthless, non-citizen, cackling cunts would bombard me with senseless orders, I could barely restrain myself from snapping their ugly necks.
    You nailed it: “The mixed sex work place goes a long ways towards explaining the nihilism and listlessness of the modern man; doing busy work that can be
    done just as easily by an empowered woman, he instinctively knows that
    his masculine identity is null.”

    So I moved on and feel so refreshed from not having to deal with that artificial nonsense. And when I return to the workforce, it’ll be in a male-dominated field where I can actually build something. I’ll happily suffer a massive pay cut if it means that I won’t have to put up with horrid cunts and that I’ll have the ability to build something and not just attend wasteful meetings and push meaningless papers.

    1. Kudos, my friend. I worked semicon and medical tech for 9+2 years and bar none it was my experience with women or mangina managers that drove me out and into my own business. I did learn enough during that time to understand some aspects of starting a business but it’s been an incredible journey since then and continues to be. That’s a new frontier when every mountain has already been climbed (by fat rich tourists).
      On the plus side I had a great conversation today with a new client who works for an apparently all-male company where the owner truly leads by example; hard-working, answers the phone himself, etc. Doing this over 20 years. These spaces aren’t created or maintained by accident. I think RVF is a great place for men to network if/as needed to combined talents in such endeavors. I build physical products plus use SW for testing – the combination is immensely satisfying. If you want to network look me up there.

  20. I think my boys and I already knew of that which you write. We have increasing numbers of women in our workplace, some are very serious bits of fur. But the boys know the deal, and the women cant figure it out. They are demanding of high school type of attention, but we read the memo. So here are these very pretty gals, who get no attention, yet demand it. It is driving them crazy. And we go about our business, and the women leave.

  21. Look at how beauracracies have grown, more and more companies and the entire government have become this way. It takes forever to get anything done because of mountains of paperwork with nothing to very little actually getting done.

  22. My current company has hired several women over the past year that I have worked there. We always had a significant amount of women working at this company. The results so far include: lack of and decrease in productivity (and increased amount of bullshitting), lack of accountability (I can’t remember a company a where the phrase “That’s not my job” has been said so many times in a week, let alone a day.) Finally a very unwelcoming atmosphere where everyone is walking on eggshells.
    A manager (woman) in another department had once marched into my office throwing a pile of papers on my desk and began yelling at me. Well I pushed back and started yelling as well. I made it clear that under no circumstances will she ever address me or anyone in my department in that manner again ( I manage a department as well). Well later she was found crying in her office and left early because she was “too stressed.” I was read the riot act by my boss on how to properly treat colleagues. Fuck the part about how she was in the wrong and initiated the whole conflict.

    1. A great example on superficial “empowerment” which lasts as long as there is no real adversity.

      1. Yes she has been a problem for quite some time. I find the girls that are the most “aggressive” and vocal happen to break quite easily when you stand up to them. Try it some time, it was quite a satisfying feeling to see an annoying cunt break down and cry.

        1. Ha. Yes she left before I could do so. Typically I consume the tears of my defeated female enemies. It’s like taking a piece of their soul.

      2. Agreed. If it were not for the white knight enforcers of this illusory “empowerment”, uppity female pushiness would swiftly and decisively be squelched by simply “pushing back” appropriately at the societal level. I still don’t know how these evolutionary failures (the white knights that is) managed to survive to this day. It’s not like they get pussy in exchange for their gratuitous services to the female genre.

        1. A very good point. I should mention that I’ve met a few of these women’s husbands/boyfriends. All are lame beta’s. One girl always has her boyfriend bring her lunch on Friday’s. One time he was late and she proceeded to bitch him out for being “inconsiderate” and “so disorganized.”

      1. On my first day at the company I knew I was in deep shit. Luckily this is only temporary. I will be opening up my business soon and hope to be out this hell hole in two years. I credit the manosphere and this website to finally letting my balls drop to go through with my business plan.

    2. “That’s not my job” – I can’t count the times I’ve heard women say that. I’ve dealt with many different companies, and government as well. Get familiar enough with the people there and you’re guranteed to hear a woman say this. If you’re not familiar enough, you still see it embodied in their behaviour – how they pass off work or ask questions to see if what you’re instructing them to do is actually someone else’s job then gleefully point you in their direction. This is the real reason there aren’t many successful female startups, NOT because of venture capabilist prejudice. Women are lazy, unproductive, don’t cooperate well with others, (ironically since it’s hailed as a female virtue), they don’t do well with authority especially (again ironically) female authority, and they infect others with their poor behaviour and negative emotions like some sort of, twisted magic virus or something, ultimately reducing office morale and efficiency. You don’t notice these things because they actively weed out, in a variety of ways, male only groups for comparison. When there’s only “shit” left. You have no idea how much better things could be.

      1. Women don’t care about the actual work. It’s all about respect and social status. Men actually care about getting a real job done. Men also care about respect, but if getting the mission done requires being one of the guys shoveling shit for a while, men can deal with that. Women usually can’t.
        “The data shows that what women want from their career is respect, and what men want is a series of engaging problems to solve.”

        1. Oh god it’s true. We have suggested working hours, but many times we can’t wait until tomorrow to finish the job so people will stay. Most of the people that stay late are men. I can only name one woman who actually stays late. This is the time we are the most productive.
          The excuses of why they can’t stay late is amusing: I have a date, I’m going to get a manicure. I have a life outside work you know. I’m suppose to watch my niece. I’m tired.
          You’re right about respect /social status. I had to request one employee to be fired due to overall lack of professionalism. She had a bunch of tattoos some on her hands and she got one on her neck. I asked her to cover them up when we had clients visit us and when we had meetings. Well she didn’t instead she wore clothes that would reveal them more. She also blatantly refused to work, I had caught her fucking around on ebay and told her to get back to work. She explained she would as soon as she won the bid. That was enough for me. When I notified her that she was fired, she immediately attacked me screaming ” OH IT’S BECAUSE I HAVE A VAGINA. YOU’RE AN ASSHOLE. I’M GOING TO SUE YOU AND THE COMPANY FOR DISCRIMINATION.”

        2. I am a female who has worked in many jobs in an exclusively female workplace, and it was obvious that the majority of my co-workers were there mostly to gossip, socialize, and consume large amounts of coffee. Pettiness and emotional outbursts were a daily occurrence, and I remember a woman actually telling me to “slow down, you’re making the rest of us look bad.” I am now self employed, work alone, and love it.

      2. You hit the nail on the head bud. The women are always trying to drop shit and busy work in our department. Typically I use to accept work because we are severely underemployed at that company. I put an end to this, after seeing the girls that were passing work off to us were fucking around on twitter, Facebook and youtube most of the day.

    3. Typical feminist BS — they LOVE dishing out abuse, and then turn on the tear ducts when someone dares to hand the same treatment right back to them.
      Biggest bunch of whiny hypocrite bitches — no wonder manginas kiss up to them.

      1. Would ensure you sees things from a different point of view after all that pink is torn off and the pink underneath is very sore from “empowerment.” Because, feminism!

    4. Did we work together?
      Seriously your post sounds exactly like where I was formerly employed.

      1. Rational Logic, honestly I would not be surprised if we did, we are located in the Chicagoland area. Over the past year 17 people quit or were fired. May not seem like much, but it’s fucking huge when you company has less than 40 employees. I’m the youngest manager in the company, 24 y/o, due to our company being a revolving door.
        The one’s who put in work, men, typically don’t stay longer than two years because they get feed up with the bullshit and find something better. The ones who bullshit their way through the company, mostly women, have been here longer and do fuck all during the day.
        Personally, I would have left already and found something else IF I could deal with working with incompetent people. But I’d rather be my own boss, plus I really hate managers.

    5. Playing the victim card when things get real for her! It’s weak men at the top which allow women to act like that

    6. Yes, women will use their sexuality to shed unpopular tasks. “That’s not my job” is an all too often comment at federal contractors. The manipulative, attractive women routinely re-write their job descriptions; leaving the complicated, shitty, or high responsibility tasks for the men.

  23. One of the “glorious” byproducts of Feminsm is the destruction, or attempted destruction at any meritocracy in the workplace. The biggest shining examples of this are Wall Street Traders, Venture Capitalists, Tech Company Programmers and Leaders. Here is how the Feminist Directive works:
    1) A man or group of men start up a great idea with hard work, balls of titanium, and a dream.
    2) They nurture this idea to fruition, while taking risks, improving their product or service, then receive accolades (not that they need it), and profit handsomely
    3) News of their victory spreads far and wide: Individual Trader pull 100 million in a year, 2 guys in a garage create incredible website, Venture Capitalist pulls 5,000% returns on the last 2 details
    4) As the praise becomes louder and the stories are read far and wide of the incredible success, courage, and brainpower of these male individuals, Feminism jumps into overdrive in what I affectionately refer to as the “Feminist Diversity Board Requirement”:
    Feminist Diversity Board Requirement: (n) A requirement by feminists where a trending sector of business suddenly needs women on the board of directors and/or women on the team; Even if said woman or women is not an ideal fit for the team who started, nurtured, and brought to fruition said sector. More importantly, even if said sector never had nor needed women to begin with to bring this idea to pasture.

    1. Very good, well put, especially since I’ve seen and had to live with the FDBR. I just want to make note as to how pathetic this really makes women look.

    2. 5) You know you made it in tech when hiring an illiterate crack addict that counts as black, Hispanic & female is a cost saving measure.

  24. On paper, the Catholic priesthood is probably the oldest all-male institution on earth. In practice, the Church is deeply infected with feminism. Walk into any Catholic parish in the West, and you’ll see that women hold pretty much every position that doesn’t explicitly require Holy Orders.

  25. “As any man who knows the ins and outs of the female mind will attest,
    the better you get to know women, the more you dislike them” I think this line applies to life in general, not just work. the older I get, I can only handle most women in very small doses.

  26. I’m a Carpenter and it’s incredible. The only work related contact with females comes when I hand product receipts to the book keeper. I generally consult to the husband and tell the wife when changes are to be made. Article is spot on.

    1. Cheers, I wonder if we’re neighbors…! Long-time carpenter I know who works solo and loves it.

  27. I think this is a silly article. Anyone who is not a tradesman or a laborer of some sort is going to work with women. And that’s fine. I get where the author is coming from, but it’s a little extreme. This is like feminists writing an article about how you shouldn’t work with men. It’s just detached from reality.

    1. I do believe that the modern workplace is , as the writer referred to, a ‘legal minefield’ but I do think that it is unrealistic to believe that it is possible to never work with females even in the most masculine of occupations.
      In a free market, the cream will always rise to the top. Therefore, I would suggest that all men only support politicians that support political candidates that are against heavy government intervention, intervention which usually includes mandates for strict employment laws which are always favorable to the weak minded and childish (many women but many men as well).
      I will admit that not all working experiences with women have been bad. I have almost always worked in a family business where I have not had to be accountable to anyone except my father but I have done some work with women and have not had many problems. However, I have heard the corporate world is a different beast which I am glad to have never had to be apart of….yet.
      I always try to bring the solutions towards men changing themselves rather than just venting and complaining. I do believe in the dignity and satisfaction that men can derive from the masculine occupations of manual labor and those which include danger. I think men that once felt themselves above blue-collar work would find immense gratification from getting back to their historical roots.

      1. I think you made a really good point and one that the manosphere should constantly acknowledge, especially blue pillers transitioning to red.
        There is a clear chicken and egg relationship, women petitioned the government and the government forced employers to hire women, period.
        You’re right in a free market and, by the way, consistent with the former constitutional republic that was America, government would not have the authority to intervene and tell employers who to hire, but that’s exactly what they’re doing.
        Under such conditions cream does rise, as it should, and we can look to the past as an indication as to how this may unfold if such conditions ever come back to being…see for yourself, men, rise. Sure, a few women will too, which is fine, but all-in the numbers are outliers. So, today, you have people who didn’t really earn their station in life legitimately and to add insult to injury, we now hear women calling men inferior? Yet, for all their shit talking you’d think these stallions of industry would thoroughly understand the dynamics of excellence and merit…and yet they seemingly miss the glaring undeniable fact that a mandate, policy, law etc, got them to where they are, ahem, not them, their special snowflake or mystical goddess powers.
        Frankly, women are making a spectacle of themselves today. I’ve worked with great women and don’t have an issue with it, but sadly, they tend to be a minority. So, I find it rather distasteful and I’m bemused by how women who take a chair lift to the summit while the men hike up the slopes claim they’re not only the same but better than us? That says you’re pathetic not superior.

  28. This is great stuff. I work in the sports TV industry which is dominated by men and the few women that do work in the industry only make it there because they can be “one of the boys” and they generally don’t do the ridiculous, catty, feminist type of stuff that you see in other industries.

  29. I worked with a bunch of female lawyers on several projects and it was constant drama. On of those bitches actually told me she “has the right to never be offended at work” I was in utter disbelief. Women talk all day about nothing but each other , reality television, shopping and how there are no men. They are passive aggressive and cannot take any criticism. I made the error of being a single ,childless male with a job and every single mother there tried to date me. Women just are a pain in the ass when it comes to earning a living.

        1. No, seriously – unless you just have to put your hand in the fire at least once – just avoid them. Nastiest woman I ever met was an aspiring (and later actual) lawyer. If you enjoy hearing your name used as a weapon and all manner of venom unleashed upon you from their fucked up childhood, go for it. At least don’t give your real name or let her at your ID.

        2. I know I wanna fuck them all…my man brain tells me to fuck all them hoes…but my higher intellect says BEWARE. Get it how you get it boss.

    1. Women talk all day about nothing but each other , reality television, shopping and how there are no men.

      What female chimps would talk about if they could, in other words, while they sit down in groups and groom each other. Men had to develop gynecology as a branch of veterinary medicine because women, like their cats, lack the ability to have done that for themselves.

      1. If our human females could learn to STHU and spend time grooming each other in groups like our simian cousins instead that would be a significant improvement over the present situation. At least most of them now have moved on to texting, so that’s already that much less white noise in public to go around.

    2. “They are passive aggressive and cannot take any criticism”
      Sounds like the YKW 🙂 Lolz. Oy vey!

    3. The last part may be great for those who don’t really care about losing their job. If those single mothers actively try to date you, you should be able to effortlessly pump and dump the few attractive ones.

  30. Here’s the thing gents. When you sum-up all the guidelines, mandates, quotas, affirmative actions, proportions, incentives, nudges, hiring women IS the law of the land. Now, disappointing as that is the bigger picture says something else. Consider that men DO NOT have the law forcing us to be employed, period. I think it would be something completely different if women on their own merit succeeded to gain significant footholds in industry but that just isn’t the case. That means without large government and with more of a truly merit-based system, guess what, expect men to outperform as they always have.
    A typical complaint routinely lodged by feminists is that institutional sexism prevents women from this or that…but what do they mean by “institutional”? Well, according to them its patriarchal control of institutions, in this case industry, which results in the tacit discrimination of women. Okay, so the the beef here is institutionalized discrimination. Fair enough, however, if we properly examine, particularly in the spirit of “gender” neutral, this means its un-fair for institutions to create conditions favoring group A over group B.
    And the chorus goes on – the wailing and screeching of feminists and progressives talking about discrimination as evil…but is this really the case? Because, at any given time the labor force, namely the pool of open positions, is a fixed – yes, it changes with over time, but, its not endless as progressives seemingly think it is. That means if you force employers to hire women, such as establishing a pre-determined % of those open slots must go to women no matter what…what has been produced? Answer: an institution(s) that favors group B over group A…which is exactly the same conditions they were originally complaining about and per their own words the very evil they’re supposed to be ridding us of?
    They have created new forms of discrimination and, worse, whereas it may have been true that in the past male fields (for good reason) may have shunned female inclusion that hardly compares to actual laws, corporate policies…for fuck sake written documents spelling this out in exact terms the methodical inclusion of women over men! I’ve seen old photos of “Help Wanted no Irish need apply” but never “no women need apply”! If there is any institutional sexism today its women against men, and to emphasize, we can arrived at that simple conclusion using their very own standards and definitions of sexism and discrimination.

      1. It always was that thing. Most things feminist say about men and patriarchy are true only in the mind of women and are things women do to other women. I.e. It’s just projection. They stop short of reflecting on their projections to realize the world isn’t like their fantasy, and they don’t take conscious note of how bad women treat each other because pervasive female narcissism prevents them from acknowledging consciously the defects of female character. They do however acknowledge it thus females (even the more narcissistic) prefer male company, which is all the more offensive because males prefer male company as well.
        Secondly, feminist and women in general wish to cast off their bodies and live as children would, putting on role after role. The problem is that while thought can stretch far and wide and has near limitless possibility, the emotions do have bodily imposed limits, change only gradually with experience, and are ultimately determined by a combination of our heredity and environment. To say it another way, the second project of feminism is nothing but a childish lie born out of the longing of the female child to be more than she is because she hated herself. It will ultimately fail and the body will rise again, or on an individual basis, it will succeed with the destruction of the hated body (and its proximal social milieu).

  31. Women entering a field indicates a field’s plateau and future decline, from the workers perspective. Here are a few reasons: 1) More competition. Once women enter the field, there are more workers available. Most workers compete on price. You will be making less. Look at any field that has many women in it. All low paying. Garment workers, social workers, service industry workers, etc. 2) Less innovation. Women are not at the cutting edge, which requires risk taking and innovation. If you see a bunch of women entering a field, it means that field is no longer new. The risk taking and innovation happened long ago, things were standardized and procedures written, so trained females and manginas can follow the procedures. E.g. large corporate or government IT depts.
    The problem is, the men only fields, the very few that remain, most men will not qualify to get into them. Few can or even want to be firefighters, coal miners, sanitation workers, seal teams, heavy and dangerous industrial workers, heavy equipment or truck operators. If you’re lucky, you’ll be in a union, which can protect you throughout your career. But otherwise, take on a physically demanding job and you’re liable to be out by your 40s. And then what?
    We know that women are not good at risk taking and true innovation. Women are good at administrative jobs. Jobs where procedures are already developed, and it’s a matter of studying a body of knowledge and then executing it. Most government and large corporate jobs fall into this category. Your average doctor and lawyer also falls into this category. They are not reinventing anything, nor are they pushing any boundaries. They take in a body of knowledge, then practice it. They put in a lot of effort, but get rewarded 1:1. Despite the effort most doctors put in to become doctors, most are not pulling down millions.
    Contrast this to jobs that are risky and require innovation. Think broadly. Someone who figured out a new financial product, legal tactic, technology or business model, and took the risk to apply it. The successful ones here are rewarded 1:100 or more. Think any famous rich person. Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, hedge funds, small startups in tech, biotech, etc. How many women are in these tiny groups?
    So bottom line? Shoot for jobs that are physically demanding, require some degree of innovation, thinking outside of the box, and are risky. Ideally some combination of these.
    Or, just do your 9-5 in a cushy aircon’d office in downtown, using it to save money and pay the bills, and then take the red pill after 5pm. Neither strategy is inherently bad.

    1. During my father’s career as a pharmacist, hardly any women had gone into that field. Pharmacists had respect as college-educated medical professionals – not on the same level as physicians and surgeons, of course, but they earned good wages and as husband material they looked a lot better than many blue collar guys.
      Now women dominate pharmacy, and it has acquired the reputation as a girly line of work. I bet the male pharmacists these days feel less pride about themselves than the ones in my father’s generation because they have to deal with women’s emotional nonsense on the job. And their relative economic situation has probably also declined because women tend to bid down wages in competition with men.

      1. Women also dominate today’s med schools, probably around 55-60% female on average, but rising. I don’t have figures on hand, but I can imagine the majority of M.D.s awarded will be to female recipients. If not now, it will be in the next ten years. Universities somehow seem to think more women equals more prestige.
        Regarding female pharmacists, I once bore witness to a deaf guy being shown the door by a female pharmacist because she thought the guy was joking her around when he made clear he didn’t understand her. The prevalent idea that women are more qualified to work in healthcare because they are instinctively more nurturing is complete and utter bullshit.

        1. And, case and point, med school has been thoroughly quotafied, so, it stands to reason that you’re seeing higher female participation rates. But, in other news we’re facing a shortage of doctors? And as another poster highlighted that female inclusion is a signal of an industry’s decline, doctors today are finding it increasingly harder to get by. Here in massachusetts, they’re deliberately moving out because high student loans plus the merger pay has made making a living very difficult. Much of this will be further compounded by another form of government intrusion known as obamacare, which if memory serves correct, includes provisions that call for more females into med school. Luckily we still have Indians who can sort of skirt by the pc mandates, since they haven’t been codified yet as privileged, note all the success and competence of the Asians have finally caught up and it seems they’re now being labeled as “privileged” like whites, men et al.

        2. Part of the so called “shortage” of doctors is mostly due to women themselves. Most of the women that I went to med school with either quit entirely or went to part-time. They either simply do not care or do not realize the amount of resources that were invested in them so that they could become doctors. WTF! Waste of valuable resources.

        3. most of the female MD’s won’t go into the tougher specializations though… they become GP,s & paediatricians. neurosurgery, cardiac surgery, is still male dominated.

        4. One of my best friends served on the admissions board for a university medschool for a number of years. They actively seek out female candidates though I’m not entirely sure why and will ask him next time we speak if I remember to.

        5. I’ve always found it strange how universities claim women are “disadvantaged”, while they earn the majority of college degrees and the gender balance of enrollment is heavily skewed in favor of them. Affirmative action, favoritism, and quotas are everywhere, and yet, they somehow remain “disadvantaged”.

        6. Girlwriteswhat talks at length about the waste of human capital.
          A man would be more likely to take pride in his work and work long hours.

        7. I completely agree, I’m also a physician and it seems like it takes almost two young women doctors (working part time, maternity leave, quitting entirely to raise a family) to replace on retiring male physician. With a limited number of medical school and residency spots, filling them with a higher percentage of women is certainly not helping the physician shortage.

        8. Most women nowadays are about as ‘nuturing’ as a scorpion, and as about attractive as a hippo.

        9. luckily, those FMGs (foreign medical graduates, ‘indians’, etc) all come from absurdly wealthy families, which are well known for their austerity-inducing high work ethic.
          waitaminute… oh, that’s right, i’m there now, and i don’t trust them with a script pad, much less ethics. FMGs are great at short-sighted business and flourish in hospital settings that absorb the risks from their malpractice with the earnings from the more able.
          no disagreement on the rest. obamacare is dollar rationing via hyperconsolidation, so bottom-expanded care access could be paid for by top-reduced provider payout. the consolidation of care access is critical; it allows rationing by queuing, using reduced provision to drastically shrink reimbursement of dollars in the face of expanded access. you all get care now, but the line stretches around the block. it’s only the continuation of the trend; the next phase in a long, predictable sequence following the great-society share-crop boom hand out that was medicaid/care. the initial benefits of boom-pay and degree/residency standardization gave way to the as fore-stated declines today. might as well be a greek tradgedy. don’t get sick.

        10. To this day (it’s been 11 years), I still have a hard time not thinking about a patient seriously and permanently disabled by a surgical resident I voiced major competency concerns about when I was a chief. There was a push at the time for greater female representation in this particular specialty. I would have acted the same if it was a male resident but it still nags me whether extra slack was given to this particular female resident. It should always be do no harm first, not at the expense of “gender equality”.

        11. Perhaps that’s the prime reason why universities/med schools keep pushing for more women graduates: money. More women are needed for the same workload, hence the university gets more cash from the government because they put more graduates on the job market. No university administrator or tenured professor seems to give a **** about quality anymore, quantity is where it’s at. More graduates = more money = greater job stability for themselves.

        12. “The prevalent idea that women are more qualified to work in healthcare because they are instinctively more nurturing is complete and utter bullshit.”
          I’ve been told this countless times. Like you I say bullshit. There’s lots of uncaring, soulless women in healthcare.

        13. I blacked out the memory of the first time it was all female ER doctors on shift, with no one to pick up their slack.

  32. Sadly, one can’t really have workplaces where there aren’t any women working at also. Even traditionally male work environments such as the military are beset by quotas pushed by HR departments and codified laws. Most workplaces have become so feminized and emasculating that the display of any innate masculine behavior is swiftly suppressed and sanctioned, oftentimes with life changing consequences for the male perpetrators. We work in environments where the policing of behavior and the enabling of petty dramas are the order of the day. If you are found to be an unattractive or in any way an undesirable male, any friendliness towards a female colleague constitutes harassment. You will be labelled “creepy” and will be disciplined accordingly by your bosses. On the flip-side, every behavior discouraged of you and most other males in your environment will be overlooked and even encouraged of your female co-workers.

  33. I worked in an small, nearly all female office at a government agency as my first job after graduate school. My “co-workers” met every negative stereotype about female workers being irrational, moody, and petty. Thankfully, I used that work experience to move into entirely all male work environments and I am now self-employed in an all male work environment (I do all of the hiring).

  34. Nice theory, but the ranking of job importance is way out of date. Oil rigger, cowboy, and jackhammer operator are simply not the most important jobs any more; computers and healthcare are what matter. Period.

      1. It isn’t. Likewise, no construction worker, cop, or truck driver is as vital to our society as a good programmer is.

        1. It is true as long as we have enough fuel for the power plants. When the power goes, the programmer worth as much as a frog in a hot day.

        2. Laff riot. We can function without programmers. We cannot function without construction workers, cops, and truck drivers.

        3. Check out the viral videos from 10-12-13 when the food stamp system went down for 8 hours in 16 states. If the power went off there would be nothing left of any city with a significant amount of non-Asian minorities.

  35. As it stands, do not have a business with 15 or more employees or you can get screwed.
    Unless you’re going medium to large in building a business, I’ve discussed with my mentors a good plan of attack for small business is to, for instance, open a business with 10 or less employees, allowing for growth of 4 upwards, and if your operations will include 100 people let’s say, literally create 10 different companies each employing 10 people each, to avoid lawsuits and the company falling victim to entitled disgruntled idiots from playing the race-card, gender-card, or whatever.
    Just have one of those companies cover the tax work, and mainly perform accounting, etc, so it’s not a huge pain in the ass. Also, operate as a foreign LLC performing business in your state to sever yourself as much as possible from this country’s(USA) financial woes.

  36. Cunt logic:
    *Does nothing at work but play with Facebook, and Twitter on her phone and bitch about how hot/cold it is all day instead of getting work done
    *Then bitches about why she earn less than men

  37. It took me a while to come to appreciate working in an all-male environment. When I ditched my first career as a scientist, I was still working in a mostly-male environment (grant-to-grant work in neurophysiology). I started working on an oil tanker. Got hooked on the environment and lifestyle, the competitive environment and the focus on teamwork and advancing through individual initiative.
    Fast forward 20 years and I’m a captain now, probably older than the usual ROK reader. Returning to sea every voyage is not always easy, but it is a relief. The all-male environment still encourages things like focus on physical health, education and intellectual development even in us middle-aged men, and I can leave my wife and kids and the female office staff at e-mailing distance unless I choose otherwise. It’s an environment I’d absolutely encourage for any man who wants a little peace and a new high-paying career.

    1. Wow. Pretty cool action kind of job, though I gather that sea duty has long boring stretches. Do you plan to write novels about your experiences, like Joseph Conrad?

    2. I have heard that the maritime industry is being invaded by the women, is this true? I have been reading here and there about female ship captains and chief engineers aboard large vessels these days. I saw a video once about the captain of the Queen Victoria being a woman. German maritime industry wants all its ships to have 20% female crew. I have also heard that German maritime schools now have 20% female enrollment. So, is there no place on earth right now for men to work together and have piece of mind?

      1. There are more female applicants now, but with one exception, they just don’t last. It’s not an environment that they actually like, long term, and, for American women, pilot jobs (taking ships from just offshore into port) pay double what seagoing jobs do, and they’re subject to the same BS forces as other office jobs, so they need women pilots badly, to keep the PC police away. We do get the odd hateful dyke who can’t even get other lesbians to tolerate them, but they’re so disruptive that they never get invited back.
        Tugboats have even less women, and employ about 100x more people than ships do in the US, industry-wide. The physical demands eliminate most, and the unrelenting close-quarters environment does for the rest. There are exceptions- nicest women you’ll ever meet, because that’s the only type that tolerates it. Ships do tend to be easier for women, but not for the older ones. Ships attract drunks, whore addicts and family men, in equal numbers. Women tend not to do two well in two of those situations, and don’t go to sea if they’ve got kids, so the Germans are asking for a lot, unless they’re looking for useless dried up Kraut crones who aren’t personable enough to attract a spouse even with the great income of a senior officer. I’m guessing that they’re tilting at windmills. Cruise ships are another matter. They pay very little, but you dress up nice and there’s unlimited sex available. Pretty much what every pre-wall American women would want, minus the 20-hour days.

        1. Thank, that was very informative. I say this because on Youtube, I saw a couple videos where female sea captains were profiled on German TV. The association that represents the shipping industry are also promoting women to be seafarers. At one point on the promotional video they were saying that there are a small but growing number of females who master vessels and have families as welll!! I was shocked that this was promoted as normal. Port Everglades has a female pilot and I can hear her on the radio talking to the bridge. Getting back to Germany, the country has 6 female sea captains and the one that gets most publicity is master of the HHL Richards Bay and her name is Antje-Friederike Herbst. She has been master of that vessel for about 6yrs. That ship was previously named Beluga London.

  38. Go to the 13th floor of any skyscraper and what do you see? A hundred office cubicles, each with a female buried face deep in their profession of choice. Job titles like ‘paper shuffler’, ‘paper crumpler’, ‘paper stuffer’, ‘paper sorter’, ‘paper shredder’, ‘paper puncher’, etc. Who the hell supports forcing our women into a bunch of duplicative makework PAPER BULLSHIT? And worse, it’s during their short fertile youths. How could women be SO STUPID to fall for this shit. Don’t they know they should be AT HOME with their ass in the air, pies baking, waiting for dicko daddyo to come home and get on with producing fine future progeny for our GREAT GREEN REPUBLIC?

  39. Yup. This is why I left software and retired over a decade ago.
    What was a male profession with capable men building complex systems was overrun with incompetent MIS/IT college grads spouting buzzwords and BS they didn’t understand but no able or willing to write code, run cable, design or implement anything in the real world. They were masters of office politics and bullshit, using their bodies as bait to steal power from beta male CTO’s and CIO’s who didn’t have enough game to bang Virtual Girl.
    I quit the biz when one of those cunts, a recent grad of UofF with barely a year in the industry wanted, no demanded a $85K salary for a position I told her she wasn’t nearly qualified for (I was the hiring consultant on a project for a big-6 firm global project). Of course, the client loved her because the manager and her lackey were both females and loved the idea of another incompetent boob to add to their team of go-girl power. I saw the absurdity of the situation and got out while I still had my balls.
    I wish we lived in a country where you could tell women not to even apply because you know they can’t handle the job no matter their education and experience. But, since you can’t even hint at discrimination you’re better off just not working for anyone in Amercia or any other westernized PC, guberment-sponsored corporatacracy

    1. Men are doing this shit “MIS/IT college grads spouting buzzwords and BS they didn’t understand but no able or willing to write code, run cable, design or implement anything in the real world. They were masters of office politics and bullshit”
      Seems actual knowledge has been replaced by knowing which vendor to use or how to click a submit button on a form. Using words like “Awesome, Super, Rock Star.” They can’t build shit other than use what someone else provides as a service.
      Fucking losers.

  40. There’s nothing wrong with a chick or two in your office.
    You want to avoid working for a female boss and working in female-dominated workplaces. It’s silly to go out of your way when looking for work (it’s hard enough as it is) just because there’s a small minority of females there. Lol wtf?

    1. “There’s nothing wrong with a chick or two in your office.”
      That’s how it always starts. Nothing wrong with a chick or two, until there is gossip and scheming all over the place. Before you know it, you got yourself a sexual harrassment lawsuit.

      1. I mean like 20% chicks or whatever. Usually they’re single moms or fatties, so not the kind you’d be hitting on anyway.
        I’ve worked in male-dominated but not male-exclusive workplaces (a roofing company among others), and the women were no problem whatsoever.
        I’ve also worked in a female-dominated nursing school, and despite the cute scrub-clad students, it was pure fucking hell
        Proportions make a difference. As does the industry that you’re working in.

      2. Granted, I’ve been working online the past 9 years so I can’t tell by how much things have gotten worse.

  41. Even on blue-pill CNN, the commentors are calling out the FAA for cowing in to the Zionist lobby on Israeli flight restrictions. People are fast waking up (thx in part to the Gaza massacre) and once the dominoes start falling, it won’t stop with the AIPAC/ADL/etc. The reaction will encompass all facets of progressivism, including all of this feminism bullshit.
    There is hope for us yet, gentlemen

    1. I expect that the implosion of Israel over the next decade will trigger a breakdown of the Anglo world that created it. The United States, Britain and France in particular will see the unraveling of the imaginary world they built based on a foundation of false premises. When Israel collapses under the internal pressures we see boiling over now (and it WILL collapse, just as the seemingly invincible Soviet Union did) the banking system will follow and it will lead to mass social breakdown in the Anglo world. It’s time for red pill men to start planning an escape from the West.

      1. I don’t think it will be a “mass social breakdown” as it will be a “mass social reversion”. For what it’s worth, I remember Russia rebounding from the USSR’s collapse fairly well.

        1. I hope you’re right. I personally like New York City and would love it to be still standing when the curtain comes down on this bizarre moment in history where human beings have embraced imaginary values and renounced millenia of experience, especially when it comes to women.

        2. I can see a lot of “normal” people deciding to finally listen to their intuition over the propaganda that’s confused their minds. Once “society” is accepted as largely propagandic, you’ll see a formerly silent majority exp
          NYC will be a zoo for sure with the 9/11 angst and the large jewish population there.

        3. “you’ll see a formerly silent majority express their repressed views and act on them”. Sorry got cut off.

        4. No folding. I saw an inflatable backpack kayak weighs 16lbs on amazon for $139. Seats two. Also good for meeting girls on river trail.

      2. All that will happen is whites massacring blacks, browns and other riff raff.
        Israeli style 19th century nationalism will be in vogue.

      3. If the west goes down the entire world falls. Even places in central America need exports from the west.

      4. I agree with everything you wrote, up to the point where you said “start planning an escape”.
        I don’t work that way. My ancestors came here in the 1700’s as refugees from religious persecution and have been here ever since.
        I am not going anywhere.
        Rather, I believe it is up to us men that still have some T flowing through our veins to stand up when it all goes tits up, and restore the rule of law in this country based on the Constitution, not the bullshit we have now.
        If you don’t own a modern musket and food for it, then I implore you to acquire one and learn to use it as soon as you can.
        Throughout the majority of human history, it was men who defended their homes, towns,and families, not standing armies. Men defending their homes and families will always fight harder than conscripts or mercenaries.
        It is our duty to defend our homes, our families, and our towns.
        If you don’t own a musket, how in the fuck are you going to defend shit?
        Answer: you can’t. So if you think ‘guns are bad’ then I suggest you prepare yourself to accept your new chains willingly, and to board the rail cars when so ordered.
        I have other plans and objectives, so there will be no kneeling or boarding of trains in this A.O.
        I’m no Rambo and harbor no illusions as to my combat prowess. However, a man willing to stand his ground and defend his principles and dependents, can be a formidable opponent especially if he is joined by others of like mind.

        1. I don’t see why we should hold any shred of honor towards this country or western society. Let it collapse, let it burn, just think about yourself and your own well being. No reason strong men should die fighting a war when we could get better options abroad.

      1. Please write an article highlighting all of the non Jewish influential feminists. Needs to be over 100 words including names.

        1. I just heard a nail get cracked on its head. You’re getting warm. I wonder what the ‘Jews’ would be like today if they never started whacking the most sensitive nerve cluster on the exterior body of their newborn males. I don’t know how many Jewish autobiographies I’ve seen that are prefaced with ”I come from a long line of strong Jewish mothers.” A mommy-ocracy is it? Three millenia of dick chopped men has set in stone a matriarchy of inter-marriage that clings to its host for dear life. I think their birth rate is like what, Switzerland DIVIDED BY Swaziland, or Cameroon? Ever seen a Jewish guy call out his bitches hamster? Or even call his wife by the friendly title of bitch? Point to the misdeeds of a Jewish man WITHOUT asking who’s back at home pulling his chains? Who REALLY makes the booty call in a Jewish household? Ever met a Jewish ‘prince’, ha! Many ‘princesses’ but at best a few world class shell gamers but NO jewish princes and NO KING can come forth from a bunch of CHOPPED DOWN MEN. Circumcision is as Jewish as feminism. AND circumcision is as feminist as modern Jewry.

  42. Another current Military Officer here. I second the opinion that the Army(I can only speak for it) has been totally and completely corrupted by feminists. It has gotten to the point that our Sexual Harrasment training states that if two adults have had one drink they cannot consent to sex…… food for thought.

      1. I don’t see it at least until Obama is gone, and even then, it’s a stretch. The only thing that’s going to roll back feminism is a collapse. At best, a conservative government can pause it, but would more likely only slowly advance feminism.

        1. The US Army requires a defeat in the field. A couple of hundred dead LGBT Feminist light infantry and some dark guys shrugging “din do muffins” is required. Send the current crop of fags, feminists and golliwogs against the Russians ought to lead to a correction.

  43. After 3 decades in the medical field I finally got so fed up with female employee entitlement and bullying (supported and encouraged by H.R.) that I took early retirement. Then I went straight to the E.E.O.C. and filed a case against my former company and my female supervisor. Since I learned long ago from them that “sexual harassment is how the victim perceives what you did or said” this can be a useful tool for we men as well! I told the EEOC “well, after I refused her advances my boss turned on me and harassed me in the following ways…”
    Document, copy, record what you can and file in a safe place!

    1. I work in the medical setting too. Many more women than men, since they need us men to handle the dirty work (escorting, restraining, carrying patients, etc.).
      Whenever I see them all huddle to the Nursing station, I notice how some guys follow and sit around with them. Me? Nah, I go to the other end of the hall, where I hang alone, chilling, reading books and enjoying ROK posts.
      While all of them huddle at the nursing station to gossip and suck in drama (one right now is trying to lure me into her relationship with her boyfriend and his ex baby mama.Disgusting.), I prefer being alone, to my own thoughts, preserving my masculinity.

    2. It’s interesting you said to document and file away (which I do too) because just this past week HR spoke to us at a meeting about DONT do that. I wonder what happened. I’m also in healthcare.

      1. Obviously they don’t want you suing when you leave and dropping good dirt on them, but for guys the time to do it is when you leave so they cant backstab you. They want to pretend that they can crab basket the situation away. Talking to HR is the equivalent of talking to your ex girlfriends female friends.

        1. ” Talking to HR is the equivalent of talking to your ex girlfriends female friends.”
          LMFAO, can I borrow this?

      2. How clever of HR to speak rather than hand out memos that you could add to your list to show the EEOC! Of course, HR will deny to them ever saying it and the other employees understandably want to keep their jobs so they never heard it either.
        It must be remembered that going to the EEOC is a last resort because after that, no matter how great an employee you were, awards and all, you’re finished.
        Good luck, try to record and copy without drawing attention!

        1. I like my female coworkers, to a point, but know that in the back of my mind they could have a bad day (hormones, whatever) and file some bs false sexual harassment claim against me. The things I write down are the things I could claim as “sexual harassment” like all the sex talks I have to listen to, what sex toys they use, what underwear they’re wearing, etc.

        2. Good for you guys for keeping tabs on this crap…the stuff my husband comes home and says these women talk about is WORSE than anything I’ve ever heard from a man. He’s even told them he doesn’t want to hear it if they include him on the convo. His female boss even came on to him. Of course he was a man and handled these matters himself–but we joke because he would be FIRED if he ever did/said such things. He also works in healthcare.

        3. I’m being sarcastic here. Since “sexual harassment” includes anything overheard in one’s immediate vicinity (doesn’t have to be directly spoken to the person to file a suit) means I was “sexually harassed” today! A nurse spoke ad nauseam about how her husband is trying to impregnate her but has a low sperm count and therefore has had to see a urologist for the last year. She discussed their positions and sex schedule to help aid in their pregnancy. I honestly don’t care but if the roles were reversed…

        4. Yes! I get your sarcasm and like it, bgluck…I’m sarcastic too and laugh about how crazy all this political correctness is these days and female entitlement.

  44. Great article as your comments are on-point. Starting one’s own business, even from humble beginnings based on a trade, service or skill you possess, is essential and freeing to any real man. I had no idea a side hobby would become what it is now but it took dedication, courage, a little craziness and much help from friends and strangers alike as I followed this path.
    Every job you have can inform your ultimate goal. Recently I’ve become fascinated with a system called Gene Keys which is meant to elucidate your unique gifts / genius, life’s work and purpose. For those uncomfortable with anything related to birth dates (which this is), I understand but unless you’re clear on why you’re here and what your particular talents are, you’re selling yourself short. I guess this is another level of being blue-pill in a red-pill manosphere. I believe any resource tha offers understanding is worth investigating, including esoteric ones.
    The workbook ‘Is Your Genius at Work’ by Dick Richard is a non-woo-woo but also strong pointer in this direction but less comprehensive than Gene Keys, IMO/IME.

  45. I am an RN and absolutely love what I do, I am a male, and everything stated in the article is true, I hate working in a female dominated industry. The backbiting, the political correctness. If I am not mistaken, my job is about patients, not to massage the ego of some power happy female boss who knows alot about giving out orders, forming “teams” but darn little about how to run an actual organization. I have found that these “leaders” like to think they have grown a set of balls, but have never learned how to use them

    1. I had a girlfriend who was a nurse and she hated working with the other hospital nurses.
      Better yet, they were tribal filipinas she was subjected to.

  46. women increasingly control the modern workforce in no small part because feminists have argued that it is women who face a hostile work environment rather than men. They have argued this within the wider frame of reference of male domination, including male economic domination (very questionable given stats that suggest for example female control of 80% of wealth etc). It may not always work for men to adopt tit for tat tactics, or to mirror whiny feminist strategies, but if the workforce is now actually hugely hostile to and intolerant towards men, qua (as) men, then its about time this was examined in the type of systematic and structural ways in which feminism has sought – in a typically dishonest fashion – to do for ‘male domination’.
    MGTOW, withdrawing, non-co-operating etc – as a tactic may or may not work. Non-co-operation / strategically withdrawal etc works well in some situations but not in others. Its time that we also begun to look at the wider structural affects of women playing victims to intimidate, constrain and remove men from the workforce. Its time close scrutiny was given to how women organise in apparently ‘natural’ ways, through gossip, friendships and alliances that have a covert political function. Where women are under-represented in a field (e.g. Stem) you will always have women’s lunches, conferences and other support structures etc, but these sites of ‘vulnerability’ are increasingly the exception rather than the rule. Women often dominate offices, organisations, institutions, and they do so partly through feminist and political interventions, but also through fairly natural and unexamined ways of relating to and organising with each other.
    Why not for example turn political scrutiny on the political and personal impact of office gossip, of feminine cliques, and feminine modes of power play. It may not be competitive in the same way as the lads, but it sure as hell has an impact, and just as feminists argue that female exclusion from an industry may have an adverse economic impact (in the land of Oz maybe) it could be argued that all these varieties of workplace power that women exercise which men exercise to a far lesser extent are actually damaging the working environment, and probably the economy too.
    hashtag ban office (passiuve aggressive) bitches or something

  47. Great article. Women in the workforce are the death knell for a man’s freedom.The points mentioned here cannot be emphasized enough.
    Also, gentlemen, don’t work for a female boss. A brilliant piece on that was covered on RoK too, which remains one of my all time favorite articles.
    Read it here

    Don’t Work For A Female Boss

    1. If all “women in the workforce are the death knell for a man’s freedom” and there are mothers who work hard to keep their sons off the street and give them a good life, what effect does keeping them off of the street have on their freedom?
      What effect did it have on men’s freedom when many women ran the country when men were fighting in the wars?
      What effect did it have on men’s freedom when nurses helped save men’s lives today in hospitals and during war time?
      What does this say about your argument’s logic?

      1. take comfort in the fact that this website has a measly 8,000 followers, and that about half of the commenters are only here to ridicule the authors. These so called “kings” may express a gross side of masculinity, but they’re also culturally impotent.

        1. Check the facts. 1.1 million uniques a month. Mostly college educated and higher end of the income scale for our age. We don’t bother with attention-whoring social media such as Twitter.

        2. maybe you should check the facts. 1.1 million total (and that’s being generous), but only about 150,000 unique per month. Congratulations for reaching the same stats as, the US’s foremost white supremacy site. Both are equally backward and culturally irrelevant (which explains the unbridled frustration and rage expressed by their members).

        3. This site has made it’s web traffic public on 1.1 million uniques, not being generous, just a fucking fact. Sounds like this movement is already ten times larger than the white supremacy movement

        4. Actually they have a million hits a month. Your troll skills are weak.
          “magnusmax” What’s that? Some condom fantasy of yours? Did they pull you off that black dildo site?

        5. What’s your point? You wouldn’t be here bunching your fucking pink panties if this site weren’t gaining traction. You got a point, pussy boy? Go shave your sore pussy.

  48. I’m another victim of this phenomena. Work at the moment in a female dominated workplace and it is hell. Backstabbing, incompetents being promoted as they can be controlled easier and control freak management style. I need to stay another 6 months to build a decent cushion to fall back on if trying something else but each day is absolute hell.

  49. Since most jobs (that are not outside/dirty/strenuous) do employ women, following this advice will severely limit employment – but under-no-circumstances find a job in a field that is mostly female-oriented (i.e., such as Nursing, Audiology or Speech Pathology).

  50. I’m in the same boat as most of you fellas, I work small office. It’s no secret that the HR is friends with all the women in the company. They hang out together hell they even have gone on vacation trips together.
    The women smile in each others faces, but gossip behind each others back. If you have an issue you can’t go to HR because she is friends with the women, in essence you’re fucked.
    One of the men who thinks he is an alpha loves to be among the mix. I learned to keep to myself because there is nothing one can do. It’s depressing

  51. Joined the military in a very male dominated occupation, construction. Big mistake. Happily got out to pursue a field management job for a large general contractor. While field positions in construction are still predominately male, the industry on the whole has sadly been infiltrated.

  52. If you get a female boss on your side she can make things happen for you. She’ll make life easier for you whether you deserve it or not.
    You get all the benefits of earning your way without having to earn it.
    You can ride the dysfunction, parasitize and plunder under her aegis.
    Lots of frustrated working class types here not willing to adapt, but that’s why they’re still working class.
    Guy supervisors will yell at you when you mess up and make you do stuff like put in long hours and work really hard.
    If you can play the female bullshit game you get an air conditioned job with job security no matter what you do.
    Why compete when you can cheat?

    1. There is a lot of truth in this. I work for a female owned company (husband passed away) and she doesn’t allow managers to yell at/discipline employees. If you’re on her good side you can go straight to her over the heads of your superiors and there’s nothing they can do about it. In fact, they cower if you mention her name because they don’t want anyone bad mouthing their department.
      In some ways the grunts are more powerful than their managers. The company makes a lot of money but is run very inefficiently so there’s a lot of waste and dead-weight employees. Only the truly stupid/incompetent or people who overreach get fired. Similar to government employment.

      1. “….I work for a female owned company (husband passed away)…”
        A good example of female privilege.

  53. Working in a restaurant is an excellent choice for masculine men. We have a few women around were I work, but they have no real power or influence. The physical labor, extreme temperatures, and long hours keep them at the bottom. You know how much women love being comfortable! Being able to speak freely without fear of being sent to HR is an amazing feeling.

  54. This american girl come to the bar, she works in a magazine office next door. She is so incredibly stupid, it is not even funny. Credit to her though, she is totally unaware of her own stupidity and she wears it well. She’s got a couple of girlfriends who are awe with her.
    It’s interesting, individuals with extreme stupidity and arrogance sometimes come across as superior so long as they are not shy about it, if you know what I mean. They are simply parasite and not ashamed about it.
    But I always wonder what could she possibly contribute to a company and why would anyone hire her?
    Nevertheless, she looks well kept, well rounded in american sort of way. She ain’t starving. But what will happen to her and her kind if they have to survive in a harsh environment?

    1. :What will happen?” That’s funny. Must be a rhetorical question but I’ll answer it anyway…
      She will quickly be dead without male protection and provision. No ifs ands or buts about it.

    2. That’s pretty much most Americans. Stupid as hell, with no clue just how stupid they are, narcissistic and fat. Due to grade inflation everyone here thinks their a goddamn genius.

  55. The truth is there no longer, any work place for REAL MEN.
    All our manufacturing industries have been outsourced thanks to neo-liberals destroying the economy. We are no longer a manufacturing economy, but a service sector economy, which essentially equates to the destruction of western society for numerous reasons.
    The service sector is filled up with women. In fact, there are many companies whose hiring policies only consist of good looking women. That is why men are no longer men. They are being turned into effiminate, emmasculated metrosexual trophy husbands, who are no longer the bread winners, but rely on women.
    This is why men are starting to become like the dinosaur- we no longer have any real function or purpose to serve in society. Society has rejected men thanks to the corruption of feminism, politics and corporations. Instead of being told what to do, REAL MEN are now walking away from it (due to taking the red pill) and saying, you know what- fuck it. I will live my life on my terms.
    MGTOW for life.

    1. If you were to go back and look at the 92 Predisential debates in which Clinton AND Bush 1 laughed at Perot when he said that free trade would destroy American manufacturing.
      As a recent college grad in Industrial Engineering at that time, I felt the brunt of NAFTA immediately upon graduation.
      Free trade is endorsed by both ‘parties’ and is a misnomer. It should be called labor arbitrage and ruination of America.

      1. I remember seeing that debate- and the reference he made to the sucking sound. If you thought NAFTA was bad, try and look back to what Margaret Thatcher did to the United Kingdom back when she was Prime Minister- in one swift, she eliminiated 6 million manufacturing jobs. Crazy and insane world we live in.

      2. Then the added the coup de grace: H-1B visas.
        Good grief, if NAFTA and GATT weren’t bad enough.

    2. Yeah, many young men are embracing the MGTOW lifestyle from the get-go. Probably a smart approach for the short term. Something has to give, though. I think secession is the answer. It’s funny, when a man and a woman despise one another, the divorce process is available to remedy it. But, when half the country despises the other half, there are no options.

      1. So, according to this article, I should quite my 6-figure management job, and take the shittiest blue collar job available?
        The career advise here leaves something to be desired.

        1. There will be lots of roofers, miners, and crab fishermen in Alaska. Too bad society will suffer for a lack of doctors and engineers, which are other mostly male-dominated positions.

  56. Firefighters, boys only club? Hardly. With “civil service” out little southern town has plenty of dykes and one well known tranny.

    1. Yeah, they will force all the “diversity” losers on you. I would say multiple secessions throughout North America would be the fix. Leave behind the social engineering dysfunction and watch their pathetic worlds turn to dust.

  57. Used to work in facilities management with a bank, best job ever, zero females working with you.
    But when you had to do a job for a female manager, watch out.

  58. Does anyone know how a young red pill man without experience can get his foot in the door with an oil company? I’m willing to travel anywhere within the United States.

    1. Rod- do you have a degree?
      If not, you will be looking to be a ‘floor hand’ (roughneck). I recommend the company ‘NABORS’. they have a good training program and youll start out at 60k.
      Honestly all the major companies -Halliburton, weatherford, schlumberger hire people without experience exclusively at college career fairs. Browse their career sites and see if they have any positions not requiring experience.
      Definitely check out Nabors though.

    2. Start looking for work in the Bakken (North Dakota). A degree will open up a few more entry level positions, but due to the shortage of labor is by no means required nor does it guarantee you anything after being hired.
      The nice thing about this industry (and many others) is that a competent and driven guy without a degree can/will catch up to an average guy with a degree after a few years of applying himself.

  59. How about some actual evidence? It seems like people on this website prefer to follow certain narratives rather than weighing things up logically. Women are as valuable, varied, complex and intelligent as men are, and it’s not responsible to write articles portraying them as worthless idiots. It must be nice to bond over shared hatred of a group of people but most of the claims on this site don’t have a single shred of evidence backing them up. (Please, tell me again that statistic about how 90% of women have sex with 10% of men.) Love from a man.

      1. skimmed it, will read thoroughly later. Nevertheless, still seems rather flimsy compared with the evidence to the contrary. In the Norway case, looks like the quotas are the problem, not the women! (result of young/inexperienced members being put on boards to meet quotas, rather than the result of women in general being on boards. And posting things from the Daily Fail is virtually as bad as posting links to ROK….

        1. Asking for evidence is a typical Lib/Alinsky tactic. These matters don’t leave Lois Lerner email trails. You are asking for something that can’t be physically done. That doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Lois Lerner left an email trail that wasn’t destroyed and they now have their “proof” that she was Libtard all along. Those examples of “proof” are rare. All of which you know. Typical Libtard.

        2. Ha. Government studies and corporate brochures? Really? They would never put anything in those that would potentially offend anyone. A triple shot of blue pill with a confirmation bias chaser. For the Business Insider article it didn’t say how they calculated those graphs. I guess I’m just supposed to take this methods as gospel The most believable graph was that women don’t become more effective than men until age 40 and older. That’s plausible. With menopause in sight and fewer hormones telling her to compete with other women for biological purposes, she might finally be able to chill the fuck out and focus on some work. Your last article you have to pay for to read.

    1. How does one provide evidence? There is no way to prove men tolerating incompetent women in the workplace. In fact, most HR departments are dominated by femi-nazis and bull dykes, if not angry minorities. How would the truth get out?

    2. “and it’s not responsible to write articles portraying them as worthless idiots. It must be nice to bond over shared hatred of a group of people”
      What are you getting at? Who portrays them as “worthless idiots” and who hates them?

      1. “In fact, you can tell a lot about how important a particular job is by the degree to which it excludes women. A formerly masculine profession is surely stagnating when it starts to include women, as is the case with Silicon Valley.” Here, it means that any woman is worthless and her work is not important.

  60. I think the advice here is a great rule of thumb. However, there is some wiggle room. I’m a partner at a firm where all the partners are males. We each have female assistants who are extremely feminine (asian and latinas girls) who are not concern about climbing the corp ladder at the firm. They are happy where they are. The girls work together to serve us because they believe in us, in our dreams. I have to tell you, it’s a delight to come to work.
    I know if a career fembot joined the team if would ruin the entire dynamic of the firm. No one wants that cancer in the office, including the girls.

  61. The terrorists we are facing down in Azania – S.A.,
    also think they can bomb and shoot their way into
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    then form their own state.
    So it was for the Boeremag who thought they could bomb Nelson Mandela,
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    They were jailed in December for this attempt,
    Facebook insists on hosting a support page for these race terrorists.
    Please sign the petition against this,
    read more on the blog

  62. I think all of us must face and accept the reality that we can never go back to the way it was in the 40’s, 50’s or 60’s. However, all is not lost. Many of us here have the great equalizer. GAME. But not night club game. Work place game. We can never forget that a woman is still a women no matter where she is. She is always going to respond to certain stimuli, regardless where it occurs. But there are certain rules that must be followed. And if they are followed, your workplace experience can be unbelievable. A woman can be the best friend you ever have, or your worst enemy. It all depends on how you play the game. But it does take work, as they say, pimping ain’t easy. For example, you must treat all the women in your office the same. Either treat them all bad, or treat them all great. Even if you may naturally prefer the company of some women over others. You can not play favorites. They will pick up on this, and make your life feel like hell. This is just one of the rules… Neglect these rules at your peril.

    1. I’d have to say you’re right, Ron. Women will become horrendous if they think one is being favored over another and will make a man’s life miserable. The playing field must be leveled, same treatment / rules for every female…no favorites. I’ve seen women play my husband like you would not believe. (But part of it is his fault…but he’s learning to manage them a bit better now. It’s sheer survival skills!

      1. It truly is about survival skills. A lot of the men here who are complaining about the women in their workplace, have only experienced the negative side of working in a office full of women. But there is a positive side. Generally, women are more territorial concerning other people than men. For example, if a woman sees another person who she considers part of her group threatened, she will marshal the whole group to protect that one person. Men on the other hand tend to be loners, and tend not to support each other very well. But, if you are a man who happens to be part of that woman’s group, its like having a pride of lionesses behind you, and woe the person who steps upon their territory.

        1. What a minute. What are we turning into here? The HE-MAN woman hating club from the Little Rascals? LOL. I guess I’ll have to be Alfalfa… Sorry, I personally didn’t learn GAME to talk to men. I like women. I just don’t take any bullshi*t from them. The previous responder seemed sincere, so why not respond?

        2. Ron,
          I think you hit on a very good point that women are territorial concerning others. And again, YES–women react differently to perceived threats than men do. Any perceived threat and we do go a bit haywire and start teaming up gathering a support system. With your insight, I’m guessing the ladies at your workplace appreciate having you around.
          I’ve come to the conclusion that women need good, strong male leadership to keep things from going awry IF the women aren’t already emotionally mature enough to handle the workplace. Few are, so it presents a struggle for both sexes. Many women have lost the art in getting along and cooperating with men and bringing out the best in men instead of the worst. They then blame men in general for their unhappiness.
          P.S. Men are never more handsome when they like women and respond to women.

        3. Ha ha…I guess I’m lucky that I’m always handsome! But seriously, I think there should be some kind of class in college that tells both men and women how to work with each other in the workplace. Like a relationship management class. It’s way more important than most people realize. In this day in age, managing your workplace relationships are just as important as your productivity. It can be the difference between a successful and fulfilling career, and one that is self defeating and destructive. I was like many of the men here on this forum, feeling frustrated. But after I learned how to manage my workplace, it made me much happier, and the women around me much happier. The key is learning to give them what they need, and not what they want.

  63. Why do you need to work in a male-dominated industry to have “new respect for yourself and other men”? Why can’t you respect yourself regardless of where you work?

  64. Great fucking post!
    Women at work are total fucking poison. Everyone knows it. Even the women know it. And they are quite happy to use their poison.
    Stay the fuck out of any big corporation. Even STEM is getting fucked up, with the big companies literally deployed quotas and hiring subpar engineers just because they are women.
    If you can, start your own business. That involves a hell of a lot more work, sometimes 24×7, but it really is the only way to be the master or your destiny and to avoid the imposition and oppression of “progressive” political correctness, not to mention crazy-ass bitch feminists.

  65. I’m currently working as a chef, and I must say there has only been one case where a female colleague was able to work as part of a unit and a team and I would be proud to call her a team mate!
    Having said this, the vast majority i have worked with spend most of their time playing politics and finding roundabout ways in which to dodge work and make others do it! One example that comes to mind is a family owned business which was thriving and doing well, only the malaise and indifference of the owners daughters and there unwillingness to band together has meant that the fathers once profitable business is now in danger of bankruptcy! The very institution which allowed for them to be in clover and travel and live a decadent life was threatened by there terrible work ethic.
    Currently I’m in an environment where a girl I work with does the least work, spends all her time talking and having smoke breaks is allowed to get away with murder! However, any attempts to say anything and every blue piller jumps to her defence! Playing the perfect victim and getting as much sympathy from everyone whilst at the same time creating conflict and drama!
    It’s a fucking disgrace that this behaviour is allowed to permeate into society, this is not equality but entitlement! Do I blame the women? No, because ultimaltely it’s the weak men in charge that don’t stamp this behaviour

    1. I would like to further say that these blue pillers are the cause of most of today’s woes and conflicts, women today wield more power in institutions then is fair for anyone to have! The only thing to curb this is for men to be men and take a stand.

  66. I guess millions of men will be gainfully unemployed if they take your advice. Welcome to the decline.

      1. There’s no pay equity issues you stupid femi-nazi kunt. That’s your kunt buddy, Sandberg quoting raw census data. You’re a fucking a-hole. Go back to serving tables. Your break is over.

        1. Who’s stupider? The person who doesn’t have to take a pay cut to avoid the opposite sex, or the redneck retard who can’t stop replying to females?

        2. Why are you replying?? I said do not reply! I feel violated! This is internet rape! You women are pigs!
          Hey, I’m not trolling over at your favorite black dildo site either. Get lost, kunt. Racial MadCow has something for you to lick.

  67. I was playing a role-playing game the other day called Tales of Graces f. In one part of the adventure, the hero Asbel is leading his party on a sneak attack on an invading army’s camp. His companions include a childhood friend, woman named Cherie.
    They travel through the underground caverns to reach their objective, which are interconnected by underwater passages they have to swim through. After the first time through, Cherie has Asbel turn around while she removes her clothes and dries herself. As they go deeper underground, Cherie complains about getting wet all the time and starts wondering aloud if Asbel is leading them through the water on purpose so that he could see through her white blouse, at which Asbel is totally flabbergasted as these thoughts never occurred to him.
    After reading a lot of blogs on the manosphere and assimilating red-pill truth, the only thought that came to mind was that this was why women weren’t allowed in the army.

  68. I have to say, I agree with this article and like what you’re saying!
    But is it females that are difficult in general or “immature” females we’re talking about? My husband works with a team of all women. You’d think he’d love it, but to be honest, it’s been miserable. The personal drama these women have in their lives that they bring into the job as well as CREATING work drama and gossip literally has my husband looking at every other option he can to get out. I call it “girls gone wild.” He’s learning to handle them all much better, but it’s still quite distracting from what he’s there to do: work. Besides HIS job, he has another job: managing the emotions/competition of the women.
    So what I’m saying is: I’m a woman and I’m even tired of the drama—so that is why I’m thinking it’s just “immature” females…a.k.a. “adultolescents”. It seems like these women are girls who need a father…REALLY, that’s how I’m seeing them: angry, out of control, needing some positive, masculine leadership.
    (And I’m not talking about the dominating them into submission as many of you think is the key. You’ll end up with a pushover girl who you will disrespect if she sticks around or trigger an even angrier rebellious woman–it has to be respectful leader ship toward women that will work–turn them into ladies, guys by being a gentleman!).
    I also like what your thoughts of bringing female mystery back by men not being around women all the time. I’m careful not to call my husband during the day while we are at work (needlessly bothering him). We then end up looking forward to seeing each other at the end of the day. In addition, I always try to create a “comfort” environment for him at home. The work place is now such a battlefield—I want the home and me to be a sanctuary from it. But not many women see things in this way which is sad for both the men and women.
    In general, I think women need to be more mindful of the issues they create at work and how their “drama” negatively effect the whole environment. At my job, I’m mindful of what emotions I bring to the job and try to turn them off. But that is difficult to do as a woman. In a sense, I turn part of myself off and become a man. The more I think about it though…my “women’s intuition” says we really don’t belong entangled with the men all day, every day in the work place as the article states.
    A lot of themes on this site deal with the frustration with American women. I think you must mean “immature” American women who don’t have any self-respect–who in turn, never show men in general any respect or appreciation.
    Am I right? Wrong?

  69. I like the juxtaposition of the two articles – “Do Not Work In A Job That Employs Women,” and “8 Tips for Getting Laid at Work.” I guess the second article is written with a view to those men who decide they don’t want to give up their six-figure salary to work as roofers, miners, or crab fishermen in Alaska…….

    1. Yeah I dont think the guys writing these articles have much of a clue. The odds of you making decent money without joining a union if youre even able to, are slim. And youre left with arthritis and other problems.
      I guess if your only other option is mindless office work then anything physical is better. And youll learn to work with your hands and not be completely worthless. But if you dont have the personality to excell in everything you do youll still be miserable.
      Most men will not be kings.

      1. And trying to get laid at work is also a often a direct route to the unemployment line. Seriously, if ya got game, you should be able to avoid the workplace, retain your sanity, and your livelihood.

      2. Actually self employment works. In fact there can be a fair amount of revenge in it. A contractor friend of mine overbids the snot out of jobs that have snotty, overpaid women involved. Most of the time they’re too stupid and pay twice as much. Makes me smile whenever he tells me how he took some dumbass bitch for twice the money. Some dumbass bitch with easy come/easy go money from a make-work, do nothing job. There are ways to exact justice against the Femi-Nazi.

        1. Replying a second time? You really can’t follow instructions, can you….. You’re not supposed to respond to females.

  70. Why are there so many female groupies commenting on the site lately? Isn’t the “don’t feed the trolls” rule still in effect? In a way, it kinda demonstrates exactly what this article is talking about.

    1. Ever since Roosh put that Armenian devil’s nipple in a twist over at MSLSD, Racial MadCow released the flying monkeys.

      1. Hilarious. She clearly doesn’t understand the biological basis for why men are congratulated for promiscuity, but women aren’t. It comes down to the fact that women get to decide who has sex, and men have to compete for opportunities. See parental investment theory. If you have the privilege of walking outside and instantly get sex on demand, guess what? Don’t expect to be congratulated. You did nothing to earn it. Second, men avoid marrying slutty women because a man can be cuckolded and end up raising a child that isn’t his own. Since women don’t need maternity tests, she cannot be tricked into raising another woman’s child like a man can. Women exploit this evolved male instinct by accusing each other of being sluts. Biological determinism, bitches. Get used to the so-called “double standard.” It’s never going away. Ever. The fact is, PUA hate that their women are whores and sluts, but if they’re going to be that way they’re going to take advantage of it.

  71. My cousin recently told me “Woman must be meant to simply be alone and take care of children. They can’t socialize with men or women without an agenda.”
    I say…
    They compete with themselves over trivial shit and only want men for security. Men build and love. Women seek security as they destroy any relationship that doesn’t directly benefit them. I’m beginning to believe the majority cannot love.

      1. Looks like a veritable troll patrol here.
        RoK is starting to rattle liberal cages.
        Very nice.
        Did the truth dittle your curtains?

  72. I despise Pagans that smear the true meaning of gender equality. There are times when I wish I was never brought here and you bring out my inner demon.

    1. It helps to take a step back and reflect on the fact that you’ll most likely never meet people like these psychotic asshats in your entire life.

  73. Its sickening how women have preference in every male job. They are taking jobs from men and destroying the balance in society.
    Feminist don’t want to give men jobs because they don’t want men to have power.
    I then laugh when I see and hear of all the women who can’t find husbands.
    News flash women. Stop focusing on advancing your career, it will never get you a man.

  74. you guys are laaaaaame. who’s the real pussy – the woman in the workplace or the guy who can’t handle a woman in the workplace? Fucking grow a pair for Christ sakes, this circle jerk of whining in the comment section only proves how figuratively (and maybe literally?) impotent you all are. I work with women. Always have, always will. Its great.

    1. Too often now “the good ones” means carrying chicks on your back, too. At a defense contractor, the political correctness is so bad you have to carry a “diversity darling” of just about every flavor.
      Mj is wasting his time listing the remaining “men only” jobs. If the job is any good, the Cultural Marxists will have their “social engineers” inserting women.
      The key is effectively working around them. We all won’t live long enough to see the return of a true meritocracy.

      1. Diversity darling? That’s so fucking racist. Heaven forbid anyone is just fucking smarter than your dumb ass. In case you didnt realize it they had to change the fucking laws so it wasnt legal anymore to just hire your white buddies no matter how fucking incompetent and mediocre they were. Keep denying to yourself that other races cant be smarter than you in 2014. And to this day most workplaces are white just because most business owners that are white would rather have an idiot white man doing the job than a few smarter diversity darlings…This conversation is about women..not other men of other races motherfucker. I will reach through this goddam computer and shock the shit out of you and make you shit through your nose.

        1. Women have stepped up to the fucking entitlement trough, you fucking ideological butt plug. They’ve joined the rest of the “diversity darlings” like your LGBTQ buddies. All looking for their fucking working fucking welfare because they can’t pull their fucking heads out of their fucking asses long enough to act like fucking Americans, you fucking cockroach, sad excuse for a fucking human. I guess we know you’ll be pulling the lever for the fucking GIP (Grievance Industry Party) in 2016, you fucking nozzle. Slurp that working welfare, bitch!

        2. listen to your grumpy ass you couldn’t keep up with technology so this is your go to excuse. Dem fags and illegal aliens must have stole my job. Nope. Your broke because you lack a persuasive personality with no good ideas. Grievance industry Party? working wlefare? HAHAHA nice made up shit for your ego induced coma life you are living.

        3. I work in semiconductors and automation. Have been for a very long time. No higher place. I’m an expert at carrying sorry ass diversity tokens.
          You Demo-turds are sending America into the 3rd world. Let’s get a divorce. The nation-makers get half, and you nation-takers get the other half. Deal?

        4. There is no divorce. The world has changed. You will retire soon and the workplace and rights will get even better without you stinkin up the place.

        5. The 3rd World is no place for a nation-maker, I agree.
          Enjoy wallowing in the ideological shit pile you helped create.
          Yes, no divorce. The parasites can’t let the hosts get away.
          Not unexpected, from a typical hypocritical shit-for-brains.
          Don’t Libtards consider forced marriage a hate crime?

        6. blah blah blah. I can tell you have lots of friends here on this website. Have a good night wallowing in your nightmares of a future ideological shit world!

        7. Fucking, motherfucker, shit… i don’t think all this swearing makes you look bright and serious.
          “Diversity darling? That’s so fucking racist. Heaven forbid anyone is just fucking smarter than your dumb ass.”
          I don’t think that those “darlings” are neccesarily smarter than others. More likely the opposite.
          “Keep denying to yourself that other races cant be smarter than you in 2014.”
          Do you really think he does that? That is, deny that other races can’t be smarter than him.
          “just because most business owners that are white would rather have an idiot white man”
          That should be “most business owners that are insane”. I don’t believe others want to hire idiots. At least I don’t want to..
          “I will reach through this goddam computer and shock the shit out of you and make you shit through your nose.”
          Please try to do that to me. Right now, if you can be bothered. Do your worst. I’m really terrified.

        8. hey, stupid fuck Burger moron. In case you didn’t realize it, I was
          addressing someone else. Our conversation is done. Too late dumbass. Go try trolling a comment without any responses. Then you can whine about OMG- profanity all you like faggot!!! I don’t care your shitty opinion.

        9. “hey, stupid fuck Burger moron.”
          Stop the swearing!
          “In case you didn’t realize it, I was
          addressing someone else.”
          I wasn’t aware that others were not allowed to reply.
          “Go try trolling a comment without any responses.”
          No, I don’t want to.
          “I don’t care your shitty opinion.”
          Of course you don’t, as I don’t have a “shitty opinion”.

    2. Yes there are both men and women who are shitty to work with. The difference is that when a man treats people poorly, doesn’t do his job to a sufficient standard, brings their life problems to work with them and takes it out on others when they have a bad day it is seen as unacceptable. When a woman does it she must just be on her rag, leave her alone and do as much as possible to make her job easier. Ok, maybe not every single woman on earth acts this way but I have had enough negative experiences with female co workers to see it as the rule and not the exception.

  75. Femtards claim that it somehow was their crown achievement to be able to work. Reality is much darker. Kennedy signed equal work act to ‘beat the Reds’ and increase GDP.

  76. Haha you guys are such losers!!! This site easily could be taken as a joke like The Onion. The men who post here have either been hurt badly by a woman or brought up in some far away sexist land.
    Also sexism does not advance you men either! It keeps you in rigid gender roles as well and has you full of yucky emotions like anger, dominance, aggression and righteousness as well as the stress of supporting a full family. Choose love, compassion and enlightenment. This does not benefit you!
    And you are fighting a lost cause anyway. Women’s rights in the West won’t be taken away.

    1. The West is in terminal decline, the first thing that goes away is women’s rights. No police, no women’s rights.

    2. “The men who post here have either been hurt badly by a woman or brought up in some far away sexist land.”
      So? Are there any other sorts of men?
      “It keeps you in rigid gender roles as well and has you full of yucky emotions like anger, dominance, aggression and righteousness as well as the stress of supporting a full family.”
      That sounds pretty much like “being a man”.
      “Choose love, compassion and enlightenment.”
      Yes, in addition to what’s mentioned previously.

  77. Yeah probably shouldn’t. My woman boss insulted me while I was off the clock minding my own business talking to a female coworker.

  78. Men shouldn’t have women as bosses unless they truly have what it takes to do their job and have earned the respect of their colleagues and opposed to it being handed to them on a silver platter. I mean, a guy being bossed around is bad enough. But add in the fact that she’s a girl and often young enough to be your daughter. Ouch.
    That’s why I love BYOB. I’ve had an electronics repair shop/videogame boutique since 2000. You want to learn about the world and people, get a job where you deal with the public on a daily basis and often network with other entrepreneurs in the same boat as you. You learn to deal with what can be a high-stress environment. Most men can handle it; most women can’t.
    I volunteered at the Otakuthon, 2010 edition, Quebec’s largest annual Anime convention. I worked in several capacities, going where I was needed, but it was in the videogame lounge as a room monitor that I noticed that a gaming station wasn’t setup and was just sitting idle. I asked a male colleague (a burly-looking guy, not someone I’d peg for a wuss) about setting it up but he said I would have to consult with the lead room monitor (a petite, partially color-blind and slightly neurotic girl), who in turn said she had to ask the programming director (a guy I knew from before) but was scared to do so because he was really busy and supposedly in a bad mood.
    To be fair, working a convention with 10,000 attendees who need to be
    greeted, registered, IDed, carded (for adult games and movies),
    supervised and herded is hectic. And these were volunteers who offered
    to do this for free, with a few perks of course.
    So a game station is sitting idle when people could be playing Mario Kart, my fellow room monitor wants to set it up but had to wait for his boss’ OK and the boss had to wait for her boss’ OK.
    So what do I do? I take initiative. I hooked up the Super Nintendo to the TV, plugged everything in and turned it on. In no time people were playing Mario Kart and having a good time. No complaints from anyone.
    Most girls don’t want to upset the apple cart and would rather play it safe. Nice to have as a home maker, not so good in the business world.

  79. As a ex sawyer, I agree about keeping us in the dark. After having a “mans job”, & finding out I was better at it then the men it was originally intended for, getting promoted for exceeding the productivity level of the largest dude…& all while still finding time to be feminine, feel sexy, cook homemade meals from scratch, & have free time for creative self relaxation. The facade that is the “all mighty man” was unraveled, I am forever ruined. man now seems like a pathetic overly sensitive whiny meat sack. That isn’t even trainable enough to be a house husband.

  80. I didn’t read the article but I just want to say that women were always meant to work- even in paleolithic societies women would provide most of the food by means of gathering and in some cases hunting small animals. In fact, women have better color vision than males (they have more cones in their eyes) and are much less likely to become colorblind because of the role of color vision in gathering plants for food. The idea that women were only meant to have babies is false.

  81. Good advice. I hope you did write that follow up article. Even here, women and cucks are flooding the comment section without being deleted and banned. Perhaps the moderators should also heed your advice.

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