Woman Kills Herself After Boyfriend Discovers She’s Using Him For Money And Gifts

I told you what my plan is. Straight after my 21st and after he has spent £1,000 to £2,000 I’m gone… After all the s*** I’ve put up with. I will literally take my presents and the week after my 21st end it and delete him.

— Nina Paunova, texting her friend Elizabeth Gough about her intention to break up with Sam Scott after he lavished her with even more gifts.

When caught out for having financially used her boyfriend Sam Scott, the quickly dumped, 21-year-old Nina Paunova killed herself. Inasmuch as this was a sad situation for Mr. Scott, the families and (to an extent) the girl herself, the fact that she used her partner for resources is incontrovertible. The end result of suicide, though extreme, should not mask the reality that Paunova is far from an isolated case.

Women do this to men all the time, they just do not normally kill themselves after being found out. Indeed, most females doing this (and there are many) can retain plausible deniability in materially using men. Words like “I love his ambition!”, “He makes me laugh,” and “We fight, but we’re destined for one another” easily become backward rationalizations to make the relationship of convenience more palatable to both the girls themselves and outside parties looking in.

A histrionic, self-entitled woman

Sam Scott had to deal with too much from narcissistic Nina Paunova, which raises the question why he did not extricate himself from her sooner.

An inquest into Paunova’s death (a waste of resources, to be honest, considering the constantly ignored needs of the walking wounded across British society) found that Mr. Scott had:

…already spent £10,000 on jewellery and clothing, £4,500 on trips to London and Paris and at least £2,000 on holidays to Croatia and Menorca.

Paunova, who showed intense focus on things that interested her, like fashion and design, was nevertheless prone to bizarre behavior when she did not get her own way. This included threatening to jump off a balcony and kill herself prior to the events that saw her dumped. Described as “obsessed with social media,” she failed to show the same diligence in respecting her boyfriend as she did in maintaining her Instagram and other accounts for self-promotion.

Despite no evidence showing any of the same behavior from Mr. Scott (rather, the complete opposite seems to be true of him), Paunova planned to leave him after extracting some more expensive trinkets for her 21st birthday. This intention is evinced by her texts to friend Elizabeth Gough, whose boyfriend, commendably, forwarded the messages to the brat’s long-suffering boyfriend.

Following Mr. Scott’s common sense dumping of her, Paunova drove to his house, akin to a good stalker, and unsuccessfully demanded to see him. Rejected, she went to a forest and slit her wrists. And now she’s being remembered as a “victim.” Fitting, isn’t it?

Lesson #1: Don’t expect girls to tell you that you’re being taken advantage of by another female

Nina Paunova’s exploitation of Sam Scott was only undone because another man, her friend’s boyfriend, had the guts to tell him. Do not expect other unrelated women to inform you.

Ideally, you should know yourself whether a girl is taking you for a financial ride. Better still, you should habitually structure your relationships so girls cannot do this. Yet men live in an imperfect world and can become distracted or blinded by “love” (or perhaps just the girl’s calculated, seemingly well-intentioned words and “I love you”‘s!). So who will tell you when the girl in your life is using you as a cash or status cow? Well, almost certainly not girls, at least not her friends. Elizabeth Gough’s boyfriend had to break the news to Sam Scott, after all.

Unless she has a particularly well-founded sense of right and wrong, the threshold required for a third-party girl to tell you that your romantic interest is cheating on you, lying to you, or effectively taking money from you through deceit is very high. Close female friends and female family members of yours are the most likely to tell you the truth, but the girl you are dating will close to 100% ensure she does not divulge it to these people anyway.

Fundamentally, why would a girl out another girl for doing what she wants to be able to do as well? Girls obviously compete with and undermine each other in catty and bitchy ways, so this maxim is not an absolute. Generally-speaking, however, outing another girl for this sort of behavior in the name of morality forces her to interpret any similar propensity of her own as negative and unjustified. She will thus almost always avoid the likelihood of self-inflicted guilt.

Lesson #2: Calculate your return on investment with a girl and make her increase her contributions

Nina Paunova drained Sam Scott’s resources and happiness. Always know what you are giving compared to her.

Sam Scott’s family is wealthy and he can evidently afford to have spent at least £16,500 on her, just for clothes, jewellery and holidays. This figure does not count the birthday presents Nina Paunova wanted (and for which Mr. Scott may have already spent money) and all the other outlays I am sure occurred, many of them long-forgotten by him. Yet, to be totally blunt, wouldn’t he have been better off spending all this money on decent-looking prostitutes or Tinder-orchestrated “coffee” dates? He would have gotten more sex with more girls and without the spoiled brat factor.

In the end, Nina Paunova got her comeuppance. Her petulant, “it’s all about me” attitude led to her death. That said, Mr. Scott would have been blessed if he had never gotten involved with her. Fifteen minutes and a sheet of paper detailing her contributions and his to the relationship could have made it crystal clear that he had the raw end of the deal. Realizing this, it would have been time for him to move on and find a small town English girl who did not alternately stick the pineapple she posed with up her ass to make herself unbearable to others.

Less realistically, Mr. Scott could have figured out a way for Paunova to increase her investment in the relationship. It was far too late when he discovered what she had been texting to her friend, but before then getting more from her was at a minimum a possibility, remote as it was.

Lesson #3: Expect that other girls conceal this sort of behavior one hundred times better than Paunova

99.5% of the time, gold digging and its variants are not like this. The scamming girl can be the same age or thereabouts as her “boyfriend,” among other less obvious aspects.

The instant gratification society makes people crave would have us believe that poor antics from women only exist when we see it in front of our faces. Or, if not, it is always revealed without a shadow of a doubt, such as when Elizabeth Gough’s boyfriend showed Sam Scott what was really going on. Needless to say, you need to be much more inquisitive to protect your interests.

I am not advocating for paranoia or a constant questioning of someone’s motives. That leads to a miserable existence. The line between a life of wisdom, recognizing people’s ability to be blood-sucking vipers, and one constantly looking over your shoulder with anxiety is a blurry one. But much more happens beneath the surface and behind your back than others’ words and immediate actions will tell you.

Plus, even Nina Paunova was planning to get rid of her boyfriend the week after she had received her obligatory birthday gifts. Notwithstanding their impaired capacity for being discreet compared to other girls, the most shameless women can maintain part of the instinct to carefully package the end of their relationship so as to avoid accusations of gold digging and other schemes. They are then much freer to find the next man who will indulge them, without the baggage of being known as what they really are.

In a sense, Nina Paunova was unlucky, not that she deserved Mr. Scott not finding out. Plenty of women’s confidantes would either never tell their boyfriend that their friend is using their male partner or would keep their text messages so secret that the news would not have the chance to go public. Just know that so much can not only happen under your nose, but also beyond your “sense of smell” entirely. Be wary.

So much common female behavior needs to be hidden to keep the feminine lie going

Paunova’s manipulative behavior is reminiscent of Kristen Schroder’s. Schroder shit-tested boyfriend Paul Rossington by pretending to want to jump off a cruise liner. She fell off and both died after Rossington tried to save her.

The panic Nina Paunova felt after being exposed as a gold digger (or one of its less vile, male resource-consuming cousins) is the sort that every woman who engages in the practice will feel when outed. If every woman doing it were to be identified, the sexual prospects of many girls would be ruined. It would additionally shatter the illusion so many men, resource-endowed or not, have of women as sweet creatures prone to emotions only because they have tender hearts. More than anything else, such a worldwide revelation would draw more men to the red pill and Neomasculinity than perhaps any other event.

Learn to strip latent feelings of sentimentality from cases such as Nina Paunova’s suicide. Wisdom in life, notably about women, will not come from either strong emotions or pangs of lust from your penis. Search for the meaning behind everything, even when it involves the trials and tribulations of other men. You may not always be right when you seek and get initial answers. What you want ultimately is to have the space and time to find buried truths, which the words of most women and the pronouncements of society will never dig up for you.

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      1. im getting the same thing, a lot… i dont get new articles on the main page for at least a day since the anti DoS stuff

      1. And there lay the problem: We men are programmed to find certain physical attributes attractive and compelling. We lose our self control and focus. Women KNOW this, even if not consciously, which is why they place SO much emphasis on dulling up. But if the ‘wrong’ man reacts and compliments, it’s ‘ew’ or ‘perv’; but of course they have CREATED this situation themselves! But ask them to bear any responsibility, and you get he standard ‘but why can’t I wear what I like?’ kind of dumb, thoughtless answer.
        Women now, however, are beginning (albeit slowly) to get rejected or left alone more, and they DON’T like it! Well, serves them right I say!
        The problem is when mangina come along, arse and boot licking. They fail to realise that they are being ‘used’, like their more masculine counterparts, who are more ‘utility’ than anything else. They sucker up to these entitled bitches, boosting their self entitled attitude and expectations still further. These are perhaps even worse than the women themselves. They also traitors and should be shamed at EVERY available opportunity. I do so in public, openly with guys like that. Make then FEEL (well, they are half way to womanhood) humiliated and LESS likely to so willingly back women up in future. spineless hypocrites!

    1. How to tell if you are being used for lavish gifts?
      Are you buying lavish gifts?
      If no: You are not being used for lavish gifts. Continue banging.
      If Yes: You are being used for lavish gifts.
      Do you care?
      If yes, cease buying lavish gifts (and, consequently banging)
      If no, continue as is until you do care at which point go through this algorithm again.
      Bonus points is she kills herself after you cut her off.

      1. I just wonder how the MSM will spin this into “‘Abusive’ BF forces woman to commit suicide.” I’ve heard there’s a section in Obama Care that if your BF or Husband argues with you on spending … it’s now constituted as DV.
        Meanwhile the other day, I read a woman killed her BF for spending too much time on Facebook. Of course this side of DV — where women assault n KILL men — will never garner attention. Even if it does — it’s a laughing matter. Anyone recall the gals on The View in hysterics laughing on the woman who cut off a man’s dick n threw it in garbage disposal?

        1. “Ha! Ha! Ha! That’s a good one, ladies! You know what else would be funny? The man shoving a cherry bomb up that woman’s cunt! Wouldn’t that be funny, ladies? Ha! Ha! Ha Ha!”

      2. A lot of guys get taken for lots of money without even getting to squeeze a butt cheek. But they get to keep hope alive as long as they finance another shopping trip.

        1. That’s crazy. Last spring I got a blow job from a girl I met at Starbucks and I didn’t even pay for the coffee. I’m not that special. The kid in this story was a young good looking kid. How sad.

        1. Also lavish. She should be paying for them herself to clean your home with. If you buy them then you are being very kind

    2. Exactly! It’s insane to spend that kind of $ on anyone. It should always be something for something anyway. If they are behaving well reward them with a pizza that you can also enjoy.

  1. A lesson to be learned here is that public or social shame is a woman’s worst nightmare. They will do all sorts of heinous things behind closed doors and sleep well every night but when their lecherous behavior is exposed to the world, they will collapse and turn manic. I’ve seen it several times. The makeup, social media, fake personality and smiles are all masks to keep people for seeing them for who they really are. Women put ALOT of energy into pretending to be a good person. If (and when) you catch a girl doing anything shady make sure you tell her you know and shame her for it.
    And kudos to the other guy for telling him about this gold digging tramp. Many guys these days wouldn’t have.

      1. They’re not shameless, they just don’t have any personal responsibility. They feel shame from other people very strongly. Call any girl fat/old/slut/stupid and watch her shrink in shame.

      1. Banging dogs is the new Kratom. It is a running joke that will live on.
        I saw some chick jogging earlier with a husky at least twice her size, balls swaying in the wind. It was all I could do to hold it together.
        I cannot unsee the dog thing now.

      1. Women wouldn’t have to be sneaky if men weren’t so controlling over the years. If you’re controlling you deserve it.

        1. A man can give a woman free range and she’ll still be sneaky. It’s not about being controlling. It’s about not holding them to any standard.

        2. You have to? Really? That’s your justification for being deceptive?
          Women are the ones always wanting men to be honest.

        3. Yeah, how “controlling” of him to spend many thousands of dollars on her. How “manipulative” for him to have lavished her with gifts and getaways to exotic locations. And how dare he ask her after all of that to maybe show an ounce of personal responsibility by maybe chipping in. Monstrous!
          I have a pretty good idea what happened here. She didn’t shit-test him. He shit-tested her. By trying to get her to chip in and maybe show him that she didn’t see him as a bottomless ATM machine. She sees her luxury lifestyle in jeopardy and loses her shit over it. So she callously lets her “bestie” know she’s going to dump him AFTER he spends a couple more grand on her. That’s the extent of the “shit she has to put up with”. Not getting paid. Not getting to go on as many shopping sprees.
          Spare us the straw man argument about how controlling men are. Cunts who whine about men being “controlling” are really ever only on the lookout for themselves in a relationship. A man doesn’t want his woman hanging around with all her beta orbiter male “friends”, or would rather she not go out with her gaggle of slutty girlfriends for a “girl’s night” and he’s labelled a control freak. But you can bet the girlfriend would be shrieking and howling if he was hanging out with a circle of his female friends or hits up a strip club with his buddies.
          The way I see it, the world is now less one vapid, gold digging bitch. She’s done the rest of the male population a favor because no other man is going to ever have to go broke trying to support her unsustainable lifestyle. Good riddance.

        4. I was just repeating to myself what I learned recently.
          “Whenever a woman makes an accusation against a man or men, chances are she’s using that accusation to mask her own equivocal behavior.”

        5. Wrong! I control my girlfriend and she likes it, as most women do, whether they admit it or not. The only thing I “deserve” from doing so is to have my GF respect my authority!

        6. oh look the fatty’s back
          “it is time to escape!!! A MELTY CREATURE SEES YOU!
          AROOOOBLARAAARRRRGG! meltmeltmelt”

      2. I dunno about that. I think the emotional detachment cats have parallels that of alpha behavior… is that the reason they call ’em “pussy cats”?
        Then again, I only have experience analyzing the personalities of tom-cats. It is a real pleasure to see a non-human intelligence problem solving… or my family always got weird cats.

    1. Women are not physical in the way men are. Men fear sticks and stones and getting physically hurt because that is part of our world as men.
      Women on the otherhand live in mental realm where only feelings and status matter.
      Thats why some women would rather live with a guy that beats them than to deal with their mental obstacles.
      Therefore if you ever need to hurt a woman for whatever reason, if possible (meaning, shes not coming at you literaly with a knife), never use physical violence. Because that would be like shaming a man instead of punching him in the face.
      As the woman in the article indirectly made obvious. Public shameing are for some women worse than death. And even though this is an extreme case. It should atleast make any man think twice about how women view the world and what their weakneses are.

      1. I don’t agree entirely. Men can and should be shamed too. However, men’s shame tends to come more from a regret in having betrayed himself or his friends, where as a woman shame is more the anger at having lost the ability manipulate others.

        1. Men feel shame not because someone tells them to. But because they themselves belive they have failed in some way. And this feeling can ofcourse become more intense if others press upon the matter. But you can’t shame a man who does not feel he has done wrong himself.
          Women on the otherhand feel shame only when someone points out what they have done wrong and that there will be social consequenses. Not because they internally feel guilt for their actions.
          How often do you hear a woman taking full responsibility for her actions in private or in the workplace? Never most likely. All they do is try to shift blame or part of the blame to other factors. They don’t own up to haveing failed ever.

        2. Anyone who’s ever had the misery of serving with female military leadership knows that last paragraph far too well – they have an extremely difficult time owning up to their fuck ups.

        3. Shame comes from your perception of what others think of you. Guilt comes from your perception of yourself. Both are irrational emotions.
          Normally the people we think should experience these emotions don’t and the people that we think shouldn’t experience them do.

        4. Well put.
          I have seen what you describe played out many times as well. Recently (On a much smaller scale but still relevant) I needed to get a copy of a book, so I went to a copy shop near my place of work; At this shop they have copies of many books… so I ordered the book I needed and paid for it to be done.
          The semi-attractive young woman behind the counter told me it would be ready the next day … next day I showed up and the girl brought up a book from under the counter … when she opened it , it turns out she had printed the wrong book.
          She seemed to panic for a bit but I told her it was fine, that I would come back the next day… so I did, next day she pulls a book from under the counter and gives it to me saying “Please check it so you can make sure it is the right one” so I opened the book , saw a couple of pages and told her it was the wrong book.
          Once again she began to panic , asking me to wait a bit that she could “fix this” and I told her the same thing as before; “It’s fine, I’ll be back tomorrow”.
          So finally, I went the next day and I approached the counter, she pulled a book from underneath the counter and gave it to me. I checked it and it was the correct book… but as I was checking it she was saying things like;
          “Yeah what happened was someone misplaced the order…”
          “If they hadn’t fiddled with the setup we had…”
          “They shouldn’t be rearranging things like that”
          Basically, displacing blame to others in order to save face. At no point, from the beginning to end did she ever say “Yeah I fucked up, sorry about that” which I would have responded with “It’s fine , don’t worry about it”.
          No. Instead she continually sought to shift the blame to someone else when she, as someone who did the fucking job, is responsible for the job being done properly. If there were adjustments to whatever, she should know… as soon as she completes the task, she should check it. Basically she was a complete bumblefuck but because she was modestly attractive, she probably has a secure job for a good long while.
          She did not “Feel bad” that she wasted my time, she felt bad that she might be socially punished for her idiocy. Her actions didn’t matter, it was the social effect that she desperately tried to obfuscate.
          Etc. Just a small, recent example of what you are saying that I went through. Annoying, incompetent cunt.

        5. This is also why if the roles would have been reversed. She would most likely not have accepted your apology a second time and asked to see the manager as many women often do in similar circumstances.
          Women make these assumptions about men because they think men think like they do, but we don’t. They use themselves as a benchmark for male behavior and since a woman would not mean what she said in a situation like that. Someone would have to get punished to satisfy her.

        6. Yeah, you’re right… I doubt that a woman would have been that reasonable with me if I fucked up twice that way.
          As a man, what I wanted was the book I’d paid for, everything I didn’t care about… I was mildly annoyed but nothing more, as you say a woman would probably have yelled at me, called my superior and basically be out for blood. It’s funny because women often claim that they’re the “compassionate” and “understanding” sex, heh.

        7. If you ever get hit in the back of your car while a woman is driving the other car that hits you, be prepared to have to make her stay to get an acccident report.
          Their priorities seem to be fucked up. Happened to me twice.
          Pretty much what you’re saying!

        8. In other words, men feel guilt more than shame. Nicely put, though… you can’t make women feel bad about their behavior relative to their own standards; only by exposing them to actual or potential social judgment.
          Perhaps this is why feminists campaign against “fat-shaming” and “slut-shaming”– they want to remove the only potentially effective restraints on their behavior.

        9. Beat me to it. The only thing I would add is that “irrational” or not, any healthy society needs shame to enforce some kind of standards, and guilt is only irrational if you’ve internalized the wrong standards, or if you wallow in it, rather than use it as a motivating tool. It’s not so much your perception of yourself, as of certain acts of yours not meeting your own standards.

        10. The only trouble with society shaming individuals is that a) the individuals that should be ashamed don’t usually give a shit and b) society is not always correct about what you should be ashamed of.
          These legacy emotions are similar to anxiety in their irrationalism. For example, why do we feel anxious about approaching a woman? Its crazy but we do.

        11. That sort of reminds me of an incident many moons ago. I was a car salesman back when the money used to be good. During a very busy Saturday, I was informed that my dad was taken to the hospital. I left early, and found out that he died of a heart attack.
          Naturally, I was a basket case. I took off the week to mourn. I had appointments that came in that week. Two men and an elderly couple expressed their condolences and rescheduled with my manager.
          One woman, however, complained that she took a lot of time to come in that day. She said that i should have let her know, and she wanted to complain to my manager. He listened to her concerns, and in a calm and professional manner, he told her to get the fuck out.
          I have always found it easier to sell to women than men. However, they always give you more grief after the sale.

      2. sigh you will never understand men and women if u keep creating some kind of generalization, how women are the way they are and how men are the way they are is something u can figure out by looking at how they grew up, any generalization u have been seeing is the more conformed behavior we have but it does not tell the real story of the person
        men are physical and women are not physical what the hell does that even mean, theres a reason why women put on make up and dress up to try and create the illusion of what they really are they understand their physical existence more than anyone does

        1. On the contrary. One will never understand the workings of men and women if one only focuses on the individuals story. What is needed is the big picture.
          Exellent! You just explained it yourself…
          Here ile simplify for you.
          Women create illusions to get what they want and men improve themselves to get what they want.

        2. It’s okay buddy, welcome to the manosphere. Take your time and read on through the articles, skim the commentary sections, and with time and painful insight you’ll understand.

        3. This is precisely what I’ve been telling some other mangina chump on here, but of course he’s adamant (oops, ‘ignorant’) that he’s right and I’m wrong (shakes head). Maybe repeat it in capitals to more powerfully get to the beta male’s retina and activate some visual, written information absorption! Something they seem to lack in abundance.

      3. Woman stripped naked and forced to walk down the street for cheating with several men on boyfriend. Of course women everywhere are outraged!

        1. But you can just imagine it’d be absolutely fine if it w3as the other way around, can’t you? It would be ‘but he deserved it!’, or ‘but he must have done something bad’; but conspicuously the elephant in the room is that essentially women are ALWAYS blameless and NEVER responsible……are they?
          I guess I get pretty angered by behaviour like this because my own marriage is such the opposite, and very equal. I can trust my wife 100%, she works damned hard for the family, and so in turn I feel deep love and respect in return. So when I see how other couples are (and I include my buddy next door with his Russian wife) I realise how fortunate I am. All we ever here is women nagging, whining, or just heckling their husbands and boyfriends. I’ve NEVER heard of this being the case the other way, have you? I mean how many men badger their wives for things? Or to get on and repair or decorate etc? All this in the supposed age of equality! A time when women say they can do all things men can do, so why AREN’T they doing the DIY, cutting the grass, fixing the lights, or doing the car? No, it’s STILL men that are doing it, and without a lot of fanfare.
          But if a guy badgers her to get on with the housework, the ironing or the cooking, he’s ‘sexist’! So that means? Well she wants him to do those things for her too!
          My Russian neighbour is SO demanding. Even her husband, my buddy, has said as much; but like a hen-pecked mangina, he doesn’t complain (much), and she gets away with it, time and time again. They are in massive debt, but still she WANTS this and WANTS that. Of course al the time he gives in to her, like a spoilt child she’s learned that whining works. But to my mind they deserve each other. Him for being a weak, pushover, and her for not seeing how demanding and entitled she is when they are struggling financially. But again, maybe he’s not admitting they can’t afford it? But I can’t believe he doesn’t go through the finances with her.
          However, she’s poor with maths and arithmetic (obviously!) but if it was me I’d be SURE to make it plain that if she wants ANYTHING more, then before I’d even consider it, she needs to sit down with me to run over the figures. Until she does that, she won’t get a THING. We’d see how quickly she’d then suddenly show an interest. THEN she can hopefully SEE why they are struggling, and what thy’ have to give up in order to have something. So a case of instead, not as well as! Nasty bitch!

        2. dude… its a shit test… she’s waiting and wanting for him to scream ‘No! And shut up. tbi uzahsonst jenshina

        3. In most cases I’d say yes, you are right. But in this case? No. During the summer months, when our doors and windows are open, if I go out into the garden I can hear them arguing. It’s almost ever day, can you believe? And guess who’s voice roams loudest and most of the time? Yep, you guessed it.
          But there’s something you should know: He’s had many eye operations and could eventually go blind, poor guy. He relies on her for the driving, plus all the shopping too. She knows this, and resents it, as he’s said to me before that if he was to stop her spending, she’d take it out on him by not helping with the driving etc. OK so I said he always give in to her, and he would seem to have a reason, BUT he’s never ever really stood his ground. I can hear the way he responds to her. Even if I’m outside chatting, the door will open and she’ll bark at him to hurry up and help her with something! She’s always ‘stressed’ (though she’s a yoga instructor and doesn’t go to work full time. She’s there most of the time. Goodness knows WHAT she does all day – though I can see she spends a lot of time on the computer, so she CAN’T be short of time!). She’s an other classic manipulator; and one nasty bitch too. The tone in her voice is always ‘strained’ (this high pitched whine, it instantly gets to you).
          I’m not sure if changes the way you feel?

        4. that’s fooked… is the last vision of the earth he is going have one of her screaming at him? God that would be too much to bear. Help the brother out. Help drive him around and try and get you and some buddies to pick up some slack so he can get shunt of her.

        5. I don’t drive much myself (don’t need to). But I always help him out with DIY stuff (I repaired his gate, fixed the fence, felted a shed roof, repaired his workshop roof and helped with his computer repairs [the physical side]. Also did some plumbing and various other jobs, when things break etc).
          He does get a lot of visitors (to see him not her!). So he gets shuttled around, but not TO his customers. They usually come to him for their computer repairs, but it’s not always convenient of course).

      4. *slow clap*
        Reminds me of this saying:
        Worst thing that can happen to a man is getting slapped.
        Worst thing that can happen to a woman is being exiled from her social group.

        1. That’s interesting.
          My little brothers will burst into tears if they are slapped and don’t get justice.
          Last time I burst into tears was when a (former?) friend left a FB chat group in a huff and started another one without adding me.

        2. Amy, we can ALL find exceptions. But we’re talking general bigger picture here! Funny how women talk about ‘all men’, but if a man says ‘women’ (even without the ‘all’) women and mangina quickly say ‘but I’m personally not like that’ or ‘not all women are like that’. We KNOW THAT. No one is saying they ARE. We are talking generally, in much the same way you and other women/mangina do about men. So what you’re saying is obvious and not adding value to anything, is it?

        3. Actually Ian, I don’t think she was pointing to her situation as an exception, but as proof of the statement she responded to. That it is physical punishment that offends her brothers, but it was being socially ostracized that brought her to tears.

        4. Maybe, just maybe, but it’s not overly clear that this was the case. But I’m prepared to believe it was, if she was to agree.

        5. Okay then Amy, I owe you an apology 🙂 No harm done. Nice we can deal with things amicably (more than I can say for some chumps).

        6. it was pretty clear to me ian,you big bad bully lol.
          its okay amy,ive told him off for you.
          admittedly i have to do a double take myself sometimes,on the rare occasion someone actually agrees with me lol.

        7. Respect is indeed vitally important. Without it things quickly descend. It has to be when you sense the other person has an open mind and is listening, or otherwise you just go into battle mode. Sadly there are some really blinkered, naive people around, and they get my goat. Thankfully you aren’t one of them, so thanks for coming back to me, Amy 😉

        8. Sometimes when trying to keep up with posts, and noticing SOME people taking both sides on occasion (and reading between the lines can sometimes reveal that the person’s actually being facetious or sarcastic, for example) it’s easy to misread. I did so with one other post a moment ago. It happens, and when it’s my fault, I’ll gladly apologise. Like I have in this instance. But rarely do I get things wrong (it’s usually yours truly!).
          But hey, I’m sure people more than ‘rarely’ agree with you ;-)!?
          Nice to see you’ve come back again, Jean. You’ve been quiet the past couple of days or so (too much fresh air, perhaps? LOL! 😉

        9. rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated lol
          ive been pretty busy this week,iim getting back in the routine of going swimming every morning,its great exercise.
          did you get the message i sent you earlier?

    2. I think this lesson can be applied to males (especially beta/feminine males) and females; be careful of fake people.
      The author hit the nail on the head with Lesson 2: have a cost/benefit weigh-up with EVERYONE and EVERYTHING in your life.

    3. This is the reason they are so vocal about “slut shaming”. Many women just want the façade of being chaste and virtuous without actually being chaste and virtuous. They really want to be sluts and just don’t want anyone to judge them badly for it. If you go to any high school, most of the girls there will make a big show about being virgins, yet may only be virgins in a strict technical sense (giving blowjobs to the whole defensive line of the football team doesn’t count as sex) or are just outright lying. They just want to be seen and thought of as chaste.

      1. Well said. To boil it down, women wanna have their cake and eat it too. And modern feminism aims to make this illogical point of view acceptable. For example, I’ve met single moms who claimed to previously be hoes, but don’t think they are after they had their kids. In reality, they’re just hoes with children. To your point, an entitled woman (ie the majority of them) will internally rationalize any toxic behavior she exhibits, and victimize herself if she gets called upon it. A woman’s perception is all she cares about. If a woman is put into a society that REWARDS her cunty behavior, then she’s gonna act like a cunt, while claiming to be dignant or moral. But we know better.

    4. Those beautiful Eastern European ladies…
      A key indicator of a gold digger is the following. You pay for dinner and the drinks afterwards. If the woman doesn’t pay for the drinks afterwards this is a very bad sign and you should eject her. Most non-psychopathic women would be embarrassed to let you pay for everything.

    5. Hmm here in Denmark a lot of girl dont put any effort into showing they are good persons. Why would they ? The sea of orbitters will remain constant and they will be seen as “strong”.

    6. “They will do all sorts of heinous things behind closed doors and sleep well every night but when their lecherous behavior is exposed to the world, they will collapse and turn manic.”
      Or they’ll create a fake rape story!

    7. Women are far more into their hedonistic tendencies that the propagandists would have us all believe. It seems impossible that women can deny that, especially when we’re around other women who do horrendous things and turn to us as confidants to brag about them.
      For instance, I had a friend who cheated on her husband all the time with the men she worked with. She even bragged to me (BRAGGED) that she didn’t know if her youngest child was her husband’s. She reveled in the dirty deeds she’d done and had no remorse.
      If more people knew this about her (which they must since she bragged about it to me), you would think she’d be exiled from all her social circles and truly feel ashamed. And yet, the primary reason she continues to behave like this unabated is because the shaming strategies of yesterday’s healthy, functional societies are no longer enforced. There has to be a moral compass upon which people can measure shame. That has albeit vanished to give way to relativism. If there is no “right” and “wrong”, how can people feel shame?

      1. They are the true hedonists with a laundry list of rationalizations, hamsterizations, excuses, etc. to justify their actions AFTER the fact. Feminism comes along and makes women think that it’s courageous and brave to be a shitty person. She’s a rebel not a selfish, immoral cunt. The woman in your story above can brag because she’s already married. If guys didn’t wife up hoes like that they would have to come face to face with how low their value is after slutting around, like single mothers and cat ladies.
        If you ask me, this is the whole goal of feminism. With no social shame, women become feral alley cats and society as a whole regresses. Men today have no incentive to work and provide for a family because we all know we’re getting a girl with 20+ past partners and zero domestic skills. Female promiscuity is the destruction of the traditional family.

        1. Right. Men enable this by having no standards. I see guys on FB posing proudly with their girlfriends that they know are strippers. Men wifing up known pornstars. Women now days know that they can be as slutty as they want up to and including participating in an anal gangbang with several men and posting it online for the world to see and that there’ll always be some chump around to “put a ring on it”.
          Of course, when a man refuses to accept some other mans sloppy sixtieths as his wife, well he’s insecure in his manhood.
          It used to be once a slut always a slut and they knew that no decent man would want anything to do with them beyond a pump n dump. Now wifing up former sluts is now pushed as something to be proud of. For instance, what has Kim Kardashian ever done but make a sex tape with a singer? And then you had athletes and musicians proud to have her on their arm and one even married her. She at one time could have at best hoped to be a mistress. Now she gets to be a wife.

        2. Who the hell are you hanging around with that this is your standard of comparison? The reason you all have such screwed up views of women us because you’re clearly surrounding yourself by trash and losers.

      2. Many people have Removed God from there lives, Law is relativism if Man alone is author to his own morality, the strongest or most influential Male leader can dictate right or wrong and the subjects will obey, the next Man who claims power can alter the Previous morals to his desires. Morality changes from Man to Man, in a society that attempts to remove God, and Man decides on his own “Right from wrong”. When a society Reveres and fears the word of God , Gods morality is respected Universally by all, and from the word of God a society is compelled to be Decent, if a society attempts to live outside the Moral Parameters set by God, then Man’s morality is Totally Relativism. A good society with a Constant righteous moral law, Gives glory to God

        1. The entire premise of morality is that morality is objective. There are certain truths that are indisputable on the grounds of abiding by natural law. For relativists who so often declare science and their beloved evolution to be their one and only true god, they emphatically reject the basis upon which morality can be proven through the moral objectives surrounding the truth. Hypocrisy is their god, it appears.

    8. An excellent comment, BrockSamson. Easily one of the most concise but astute points I have ever seen on one of my articles.

    9. Hey, gotta give this girl credit. Unlike Rhonda Rousey who only contemplated suicide to blab about it on daytime chick-talk-tv in a naked attempt to garner attention and sympathy after her shameful tumble from greatness, this girl actually accomplished her goal.
      When women are revealed for who they really are, they are often quick to sprint to the exit. I suppose they see that as better than wearing the scarlet letter of shame , even if only for a short time.

    10. My God.
      It means that they are completely weak. Totally vulnerable. All their strength is a complete illusion.
      No wonder they try to get fucked by everything in sight. They are completely empty.

    11. Exactly! Women think that as long as no one knows it’s all OK. They have no sense of reality or personal accountability. Even among their freinds. And the fact that women will put down other women for shit but then protect what they’re doing says a helluva lot about the gender in general.

  2. I am thinking maybe she killed herself not because of any sentimentality that he broke up with her, and not because she was exposed as a gold digger, but more likely because she had bragged around how she would use him and then she would break up with him so when he dumped her it popped her little narcissist power-fantasy bubble.

    1. truth is, all those specifics are stuff we will never really know. The reason she killed herself was because she was fucked to death damaged. It is the same reason she did all the other things she did.

        1. I understand. I used to always bang crazies…not any more. I am not looking for a relationship, but too psycho is too psycho.
          I would still bang here. The problem is, even if he did nothing wrong there is no doubt that this guy contributed to her crazy shit. If she is having tantrums and he is responding with gifts he is essentially taking a damaged, crazy, entitled cunt and revving her up to 12,000 RPM.
          I would bang and treat like shit. I am the guy who she would fuck in the lingerie that this guy bought for her.

        2. The only non-crazy girls I know are under 18.
          3 of my last 4 dates were crazies: a woman who threw crokery at me, a woman who hears voices, a woman who believes she’s a world class genius (she’s really not) and my next serious prospect is a hypercondriac. true story
          If I didn’t bang crazies, I’d be like a monk.
          Where to find the non-crazies?..

        3. Well let’s say different level of crazies. Girls who think they are smarter than they actual are isn’t crazy, it’s just female.
          If the girl who threw stuff at you was Latina that’s just called flirting.
          Hearing voices is bad but 6 to 1 and pick ’em she is lying for attention.
          Hypochondriacs I avoid like the plague.
          I don’t date anyone crazy enough to be dangerous for me and I’m usually out after a few weeks when they are still hiding how crazy they are

        4. Hearing voices is VERY BAD. She could be schizo, and if the two of you are isolated it could result in violence, or worse, folie a deux.

        5. I only wrote about 10% of the crazy.
          The girl who threw stuff at me also attempted to knee me in the groin, told people I attacked her, stole about 2000 dollars in rubles (she gave it back later), lied pathologically. Her sister rubbed her breasts against me, (I didn’t take up her advances) she told the family I stared at her breasts while we played ping pong. Their mother had three kids from three husbands. They were from the Russian caucases. She was hot though.
          The one who hears voices is treated with antipsychosis drugs. She became persuaded that her therapist was communicating sexual things to her via the ether. The therapist took her to court and now she’s banned from contacting her or going near her. Besides that she’s really nice with a very tight pussy.
          Direct quotes from the ‘smart girl’: “I was a child prodigy” “I have really high IQ” “I’m really intelligent but I can’t use computers” “what I write can move people deeply” “I’m really artistic.” etc
          I’m actually looking forward to the hypocondriac.
          Trust me, my crazies are proper insane certified mad.

        6. I’ve dated one and three (and the sister smh) and they just aren’t worth it. Haven’t encountered that kind of craziness in a long time. #2 is a girl I think everyone banged at some point.
          All I can say is stay strong and be careful brother. Not saying to avoid crazy, but try to find slightly less crazy.

  3. No offense to her, but what a dumbass. In my experience, a girl like this would have a queue of guys waiting for a chance at “love”. And these guys wouldn’t know what she had been up to. If anything, she could have said that “I just got off an abusive relationship, and I’m just finding myself” or some other cockamamie Lifetimeesque line.

    1. seems like a case of alpha bucks, she was unlikely to find someone better, but she went too far showing off what a princess she was with a display of disrespect that he wouldn’t tolerate

    2. So true. Hot women get unlimited passes. All she has to do is just go the the next guy and say her ex was so controlling and abusive. She could double or triple what she was getting.

      1. Hot women DO NOT get unlimited passes. Hot women want even higher status men. Unfortunately for them they are even rarer then hot women. A “hot woman” has to be even more careful not to waste her credit on games and triffle-ness. Or she will end up like most of these crazy, 30+yrs old, EX-hot celebrity, bitches we all laugh at every day in the tabloids.

        1. totally disagree. there’s always a guy out there, including me, to take in a hot girl down on her luck. all they need to do is act sweet, put out and change her story, i.e., lie.

    1. Women are whores by nature. Their biology tells them to seatch for men with the most resources and syatus. Some just hide their intentions better than others

        1. It’s a bit of both. Evolutionary wiring + materialistic, narcissistic societal conditioning = American women

  4. This is either a Friday or Monday story…
    A reminder of what not to attach yourself to or be glad you dodged a bullet.

    1. Or how many bitch and whine on “moral” grounds even though they themselves already do it covertly and maybe not so covertly.

    1. That’s the biggest red flag to spot. Social media has all these girls thinking they are celebrities and stupidly enough they try to keep up with the fake persona which only worsens their narcissistic behaviour.

  5. how can you suck so much money out of someone and still think you’re the victim? incredible

    1. Welfare collecting natives who’ve never worked a day in their lives think they are “victims” of white society in Canada so there’s your “logic.”

      1. and yet they still flood into all white societies for the oppression . what gives?masochists all of them.

        1. Oh yeah they stilll take our services, welfare, their cheifs steal money from Ottawa meant for healthcare and education on the reserve and buy white man vehicles like snowmobiles and pickups!

  6. A womans words is just bullshit at the end of the day!
    Never judge a woman by her words but ONLY by her actions. If you have strong feelings for her, you’re blind and need to take a big step back to get some clarity!

  7. This is fucking hilarious.
    I’m glad this whore killed herself. I wonder if she took a selfie beforehand?
    Either way this was probably the one and only good thing this fuckin parasite did her entire life, take herself out of the gene pool.
    I’m going to raise a drink with some friends tonite. One less piece of shit in the world.

  8. Well how about that? A woman actually followed through on suicide and made an effort to close the male-female suicide gap.

    1. At least Islamist suicide bombers presumably get 72 virgins from Allah. Wonder what she gets. Perhaps a hook up with Abe Vigoda.

  9. I just live somewhat frugally and pretend I don’t make jack shit. Have a middle of the road apartment and a fun muscle car that looks like a family 4 door to the untrained eye. Never have a problem with girls seeing gold or even silver. Make hi 5 to low 6, but I look like another low-mid income white guy. A sleeper.

  10. Elizabeth Gough’s boyfriend IS A FUKEN BRO and a half! Bros before hoes then some moe’!
    Reminds me of the message to boyfriend left under toilet lid by some random bro who smashed his chick unaware that she was in a relationship.

  11. I’m gonna go and marry a FVCKING bear.
    Sad but it’s reality, I’m no cynic, but men need to learn where to draw the line.

    1. Easier said than done. Find a girl you like and she’ll find that line and wear you down, cut corners, get exceptions and find ways to expand upon those exceptions. You have to have a really strong pimp hand and have taken a career’s worth of “L’s” before you’re ever able to hold the line on a woman.
      As stefan molyneaux once said. Thinking you can outsmart, cunning and manipulate a woman is like a woman thinking she can beat you in any physical challenge. Sure its possible, but certainly not sustainable.

      1. Interesting quote by molyneaux, hadn’t heard it before. I’m leaning towards it being not far from how it is in most cases. I think that some guys raised by primarily women but who were not caring or motherly, grow up to have some level of immunity to it as they were exposed to the inner workings of the female from the get go. If you know how they are you can devise strategies under, over or around the kinds of stuff that might beat you most of the time.

  12. If you look at the comments section of the linked article and choose “worst rated comments” you’ll see that they are beta comments hating on the man and victimizing the woman. The “highest rated comments” tend to be more bland “Thats sad, it wasnt worth taking your life.”
    Seems like most of the world is on the right track.

  13. Dumb bitch committed sooie-cide, that’s all. She was a pig – thus the sooie-cide. (“Sooie-sooie PIG…here PIG, come PIG…sooie…I got some $20 bills for you…and some jewelry…sooie-sooie PIG!”, etc.)

  14. This guy can frame this as having a the “dick” to die for. That bitch hung herself because she couldn’t live withoutthe dick.

  15. Does anyone else ever think that just maybe religion was never really there for men, but instead created by men to keep in check the legions of skanks and whores that lies just under the skin of women ???

    1. @I Stole-I have heard it said that organized religion ensures that marriage of betas can safely occur and prevent alphas from scooping up a harem greedlily for themselves leaving regular guys to fend for themselves amongst the ugly unmarriageable rejects.

  16. She got a wealthy man to give her gifts, he got a much younger and more attractive woman.
    Sounds like he was using her just as much as she was using him.

      1. Umm, … my point is he used her for her youth and beauty and she used him for his status and resources (which women are hard-wired to do).

      2. Also, lets not delude ourselves into believing this man was a victim. He was getting youth and beauty, he knew what she wanted from him, and he was willing to pay for it, at least until he humiliated him and he broke up with her.
        Not saying she was a victim either, but I don’t feel bad for him.

      3. And women are biologically wired to find men that can comfortably provide for them (and their children). That’s the point. They are essentially both using each other.

    1. Using her? He was probably in Love, he maybe thought being generous with his wealth to buy her things was a show of his love, a Man doesn’t spend $16,000+ on a woman he plans to just Use.

      1. Yeah, he LOVED how her tits and ass looked. I doubt eh would have loved her if she did not look the way she did.
        I could care less for either of them. They both seem incredibly shallow.

        1. Who cares if her looks effected his Love, he was clearly in love with her to spend that kind of Money. Her text is obvious she was using him.

        2. And? Women are valued for youth, beauty, and personality, always. Men are valued for skill, intellect, and ability to provide, as well as personality, once girls get off the carousel. Before then, it’s looks and rap sheet.

        3. People are obviously free to choose partners based on any characteristics they want. He chose her based on looks and she chose him based on wealth.

        4. It’s obvious he wanted a wealthy man to spend money on her. This isn’t rocket science. The older/uglier/wealthy man and young/beautiful woman is a pairing as old as humanity itself.

        5. I assume he’s a smart guy and it’s obvious what their arrangement was. He seems to have been okay with that, until he was publicly humiliated.

        6. You’re just making assumptions. They both knew that he was buying her, however he obviously didn’t know that the deal was a temporary lease.

        7. Where do all you female commentators come from? Do you just roll off an assembly line or something, get used and then disintegrate?

        8. Seriously though, this is most telling of female psychology. I think that the women believe that the men know this is something temporary like prostitution however this is often not the case. They think that charming a women will buy her love.
          A good case to not buy women anything really. But nobody will heed that.

        9. First, I doubt the real issue is that she was dishonest about intending to stay with him. If we were discussing a man using a woman for sex under the guise of a relationship, no one here would talk badly about him.
          Second, would it be better if she intended to marry him and “use” him permanently?

        10. If that’s what they both wanted, then yes. However she wrote basically that she couldn’t stand the sight of him, was still accepting his gifts while leading him on about a permanent relationship.

        11. In many parts of the world an arranged marriage is just that. Both people are “used” for stability, convenience, politics etc.
          Some people even start to love each other after a while.
          If she didn’t want to be in a relationship, period, she should have just come out then and there. Instead she led him on while taking his resources without attempting to reciprocate. That is what was wrong.

        12. So a man acting interested in a woman he knows wants a relationship, when all he wants is sex, is wrong then? Because Lord knows that’s promoted on this site All.The.Time.

        13. Yeah, that’s an unfortunate contingent of this community. Both sexes are damaged and it’s going to take generations to restore. Some of us, not in the PUA community are actively working towards that.
          We also can’t dismiss the idea of her just talking nonsense about guys like women are wont to do. I’ve heard women bagging their husbands even though they deeply love them. It’s a female gossip thing, the fact she killed herself afterwards is actually really tragic for both of them.

        14. Whatever happened it wasn’t a public humiliation. It’s really a good lesson in that we shouldn’t say things we don’t actually mean if we think that person isn’t around. The situation was highly dysfunctional though and they both needed relationship counseling or some kind of help. Anyway, thanks for the chat.

        15. Responding to a debate with personal insults is a sign of weakness. It proves you have nothing useful to add to the conversation.

        16. To answer your question, I suppose that’s a matter of personal taste. Not thin, model material, but I’m good looking enough. I have a kind disposition and I take care of myself. That alone puts me ahead of most women and, as a result, I only dated high-quality men. I am now happily married.

        17. Women can’t be used. It’s easy to spread your legs and give your vagina. They just make a big deal out of it , like they’re giving you the sun and earth. So it’s never an equal arrangement , the man always gets incredibly less than what he’s paid for.

        18. Apparently Sam was pressuring Nina to support herself more. He sent her a list of items that he had bought her and this prompted an initial breakup.
          Sam then pursued Nina again, Nina was a Tesco worker for a while so she obviously had no money or way to pay Sam back.
          Against the wishes of her parents, she sent a text before she killed herself that she should have listened to them.

        19. It just doesn’t seem right that she would off herself for being seen as a gold digger. It’s just too drastic.

        20. Dude will you please not “thank” women for coming by here and commenting, regardless whether you think the discourse was fine or civil? Geeez! Don’t encourage them!

        21. You do realize that you threw a personal insult initially at the man that prefers attractive women, right? You called him shallow, which shows that you’re jealous of attractive women and mad at the men for not finding you attractive

        22. Correct. And men are socialized to believe that nonsense from birth. That’s why when a middle aged man ends up losing half of everything in a divorce, even though he earned the overwhelming majority of it, he’s sitting in his run down studio apartment wondering what he did wrong.
          After all, he bought her a nice home in a nice neighborhood, he bought her a brand new car, a closet full of clothes, shoes and designer purses. He valued her as an equal partner in the marriage. He politely asked for sex and even though he was consistently turned down for the last 3 years, he was a very good sport about it. He helped out with the house work and tried to appease his wife in every way.
          What did he do wrong? Just what drove her into the arms of Jose the mexican gangbanger who it turned out she was having wild sex with (Jose has never known her to have a headache).
          Now here he is living in a studio apartment, paying the mortgage on a house he can’t step foot in while his ex wife lives there with Jose (at least in between his stays in jail for kicking her ass and other assorted robberies, rapes and a rumor of a murder). Of course, she experiments sexually with anything Jose suggests. Nothing is too degrading. For the provider ex-husband, he was lucky to get missionary position sex once a month. It then just degraded into semi-annually if the ex-wife had been drinking too much around the holidays.
          The ex-husband did everything society expected of him. He treated his ex wife just as he had been led to believe he should? Just what did he do wrong???

        1. It may have been Crazy, but a Man just doesn’t spend $16,000+ on a woman for crazy sex, women at Night clubs and bars are significantly cheaper.

    2. Your are 100% a woman , i can tell by the way you are thinking. Those are not equal exchanges , money are worked hard for , but access to a vagina , any woman can give. Or you think staying on your back on the bed with your legs open waiting to get fucked equates to you actually giving something ?

      1. It doesn’t matter whether I think those exchanges are equal or not. Apparently, it was worth it to this man, at least for a while.

  17. Sam Scott was stupid for not testing the waters, by that I mean pull back with the money, jewellery, and vacations just to see what would happen with the relationship. She would have most assuredly dumped him and moved on. She may have stuck around for a while hoping Santa Claus would start forking over again, and guaranteed if he didn’t the bitch factor would reveal it’s self pretty quickly, in which case Mr. Scott would hopefully have been smart enough to realize what she was all about, and as my Daddy used to say “would have kicked her ass to the curb and there’d be another pair of tits hanging over the sink.”

  18. It will be announced he was abusive, and mistreated her and he was Degrading her,…the media enablers ensure it’s never the woman’s fault.

  19. What a dumb idiot. He spent 16,000 pounds? You know how many super hot prostitutes that money could have bought in Thailand or Brazil?
    I’ve finally come to the conclusion that the best option is to fuck prostitutes, and of course regular girls on the side. Once you make the conscious choice to fuck prostitutes, you feel a sense of freedom and detachment, like “holy shit, i don’t have to worry so much about sex anymore, cause I can go fuck a whore for 15 dollars”.

    1. imma bout to get one myself to have the same feeling you do. then I realize porn gets the job done and once I’ve had my release I don’t feel the same and I’m happier that I kept my $500

      1. cool man, let us all know how it goes. the truth is, the average prostitute you’d fuck is MUCH hotter than the average girl you’d pick up in a bar. Another great point is there are no strings attached. You fuck her and then pay her. No emotional drama or BS and you don’t have to worry about her calling you constantly, stalking you, and getting clingy and wanting a relationship.
        if only normal women were so unattached. problem with normal women is you have to FAKE it with them and lead them on, you have to make them think you are emotionally into them in order to fuck them. Prostitution is just so clean and simple.
        And the whole STDs thing is bullshit. There is less than a one percent chance of getting AIDS from heterosexual intercourse. And if you use a condom, you can’t get STDs. Hell, I know guys who bareback hookers and at worst they might get the clap, which can be healed in 3 days with antibiotics. So the whole STD bullshit is nothing but a lie. Actually you’re more likely to catch an STD from a normal girl (cause you don’t use condoms) than with a prostitute (because most men use condoms with a pro)

        1. that’s why rich men use prostitutes. Because rich men are very intelligent so they don’t want some parasite woman trying to steal their money. It’s much easier to just pay for sex than risk a relationship or some woman trying to blackmail them with a false rape case or something.

    2. this is why we need to keep third world countries third world countries, fuck all this charity bullshit
      all those fundraisers and “non-profit” organizations are actually using most of the donated money for themselves, exploiting assclowns to begin with

      1. 3rd world countries will always be 3rd world countries, because it’s in the DNA of certain races to be backwards and never advance.
        Why don’t you guys start working and campaigning for legalized prostitution in America and the West?

      1. well prostitution in America is illegal, and in Nevada where it is legal, the cunts are charging like 500 dollars for a blowjob. WTF?
        Better to save up some money, go to Thailand, and bang away.
        The prostitutes in America are overpriced and have a bad attitude, whereas if you save that money, you can fly to Asia and fuck like 10 times as many girls.

        1. That’s right. For a minute I forgot how in America women can insert 20 bbd’s in their orifices for money and it’s completely legal, but only if they do it in front of a camera. Morals.

        2. I just learned about Tijuana. Lots of brothels and strip clubs there and you can bang a hot Mexican woman for like 50 to 60 dollars. Not bad!
          Now that I think about it, there’s no real need to move to Asia or Bangkok. If you’re stuck in America, just work, save up your money, and go bang pros in either Canada (it’s legal now and brothels are legal) or in Mexico.
          There’s nothing wrong with gaming girls and sleeping with them and ALSO banging prostitutes. Sex is sex, so whatever you do to get more of it, is good.

        3. I agree. I don’t have any ethical or existential qualms with prostitution. Some men feel it’s degrading to pay for sex, but many men are in marriages where the moment they stop making a particular amount of money, the woman leaves. That is to say, a legal form of prostitution. Same difference.
          Thanks for the tip on Tijuana.

        4. The female mind is a clusterfuck or irrationality. Girls, with a straight face, will insist that they aren’t a slut for being gang banged by 5 guys. See, because they didn’t do it on camera or for money. But that other girl over there, who at least had the business sense to be paid for it, she’s a slut see, she accepted money for it. Total slut.
          And you see that other girl, well she was gangbanged by only 4 guys, but she let them video tape it and put it on PornHub. Total slut.

  20. “Stay with me or I will kill myself”…….
    This is a woman who brings nothing to the table and expects everything. I had something similar once tried upon to gain sympathy. Even in my blue pill days I knew enough not to fall for it.
    Yes, it is cheaper in the long run to dump her like a soiled rag but think of it as a moment of clarity on his part. Dont shower the woman with gifts expecting her to stay with you.

  21. I am almost poor so I don’t have to deal with shit like this. When women are interested in me, I know it’s for having sex and not for my money.

      1. I’m not saying death is good but honestly what are the odds of redemption?
        So miniscule that it should be considered non-existent for all practical purposes.
        That level of entitlement/personality disorder can’t be simply turned around. And that type of woman will never have any desire too.

        1. I’m just saying such creatures deserve pity rather than scorn. Not many appreciate the sanctity of life anymore.
          But to be frank: if a single leaf dies the tree still lives on.

  22. She makes my physiognomy alarms go off. And not in the good, kinky-fun-time way.
    Probably would go ballistic at a video/personal encounter. More data available, you see (body language, character of motion, etc).

    1. I was thinking that, she has a very peculiar phenotype. I’ve had ex’s like her in the past, in fact most girls I date look like her. Very dangerous type of girl.

  23. There is something very Roma about this girl. In my personal experience it is best to run or use fake names if you one night stand them. Then get the fuck out of there like you are on fire.

  24. I explored a little in Ukraine, trying to see what had Roosh’s interest. I have to say that I did not find the women to be all that much better looking, just not many land whales like in the US. But I did notice one thing he pointed out – Ukrainian women are obsessed with money.
    Now, I’m not sure I totally understand what’s up with that. To give the benefit of the doubt, I think part of it is that Ukrainian women want to be housewives and mothers, and so they want a man to prove quickly that he will be a provider. Of course, they are also just plain obsessed with fashion and that sort of meaningless shit.
    But, in fact, I found this refreshing. It was right up front, right out in the open. I could pretty much calculate how much money I’d have to spend to keep a woman around for a couple of weeks. How much to bang her several times during those couple of weeks. How much to get her to deep throat and do anal. It was sort of like having a prostitute around for 2 weeks, but one that is happy to cook and clean for you, and who is clean and you actually want around between sessions in bed.
    You don’t get any of this straightforward ability to calculate costs with American skanks. You just know they are going to be expensive and not worth the cost. So my only advice is that as soon as you find yourself spending even a few dollars, insist the bitch deep throats it. Make it clear from the very beginning that, one way or another, you are going to get what is due to you in the transaction.

    1. That is ultimately nihilism and not a productive mentality. I currently have openings for an Eunuch position right up your alley

    2. It’s not that much how they are as a nation mate , is that they saw you as a foreigner and everybody treat foreigners different and have different expectations from you. All the more if you are American , they perceive all Americans as rich and adjust accordingly. Ukraine is a very poor country , they smell better-off people from miles away.

  25. sam scott doesn’t sound very bright and this is the sort of person i would expect him to be since he was born advantaged than others, since he was born more advantaged he wouldnt be able to see the underlying scat of people and was tricked, he wizened up and decided to drop her which he should have done a long time ago

  26. Anyone who has not already shared such a story in the comments so far… how have you observed this in your own life?
    What traits did the girls have?
    Any signs you missed or thought of as innocent?
    Other advice for men to help get them out of these situations and away from these parasitic women?

    1. Anyone who has not already shared such a story in the comments so far… how have you observed this in your own life?
      Growing up around my sister and observing how she treated other members of our family and men around her has been one great lesson in the dark side of dealing with women.
      My sister is now late 30s, in her prime she was a 7/7.25 at best. She is a textbook Cluster B personality disorder: extremely self-absorbed, constantly needing attention and validation, possesses delusions of grandeur, obsession with status. Extremely self-entitled and demanding, beyond all sense of her value or worth. Incredibly materialistic. No career or intellect or education to speak of, but very cunning and charming when required.
      She moved overseas young and I remember visiting her on annual holidays when I was maybe 20/21. Her motto when she went out was to never take cash because “it’s mens job to buy you drinks”, save taxi fare. She would milk guys for free drinks and then fuck off. Her phone was constantly being blown up, the number of messages was unbelievable.
      Classic AFBB – professional football players, gangsters, bouncers etc. And of course she’d get pumped and dumped; she’d also be on ‘sugar daddy’ websites, go on ‘dinner dates’ with men etc etc to extract resources and validation, date older businessmen etc. LOL.
      Some examples that stand out of choice behaviour:
      • When returning home one Christmas, demanding my card and PIN so she could buy something. Get fucked sister.
      • Again at Christmas 2/3 years ago, (now mid 30s and past the wall); her BB sent her a Cartier bracelet. I’ll never forget her face (my Dad saw it as well and was disgusted) and her response upon opening it “Eww, it’s the wrong style.”. Shrugged and then put it back in the box and looked away.
      • The same Christmas, she had some businessman based in my city fly her over. They met at the airport, she contrived an argument and then didn’t speak to him again. It turns out she had also gotten half airfare from my parents, who didn’t realise. She then had the nerve to buy a pissy little box of chocolates with a card and tried to get me to deliver them to his office as an ‘apology’. I told her to get fucked and ate the chocolates.

      1. That’s deep lol. The sad part is she is 10 years away from realizing that her uterus is “slowly shriveling up- drying up becoming totally worthless”

    2. Went through a hard time financially a while back after some poor choices. My partner supported me through it. Once back on my feet and making good money it was time for a bit of payback which seems fair enough. I guess that’s how partnerships work but after a few years of them not working and living off me it has got to be enough and I think of leaving. However it’s hard when you know the other person just doesn’t have the same earning potential but I do wonder if I am a mug.
      Could be lots of ways of looking at their relationship, both shallow, she’s a gold digger, he was rich and putting pressure on her to act rich when she wasn’t, she got into something she couldn’t handle, she had pretty crappy but typical friends, she was a nasty piece of work, and so on. I guess only they will know the answer but if I look at her pictures, read her messages, her shallow friends, her obsession with social media then it adds up to someone planning on trading on her good looks through life rather than someone building substance. She was only 20 though so if he’d had more substance himself maybe he could have fixed her? Is that possible?

      1. Agreed. If they really loved each other then they should have found a way to make it work beyond economic incentives. He shouldn’t have put pressure on her to live a lifestyle she couldn’t afford and she shouldn’t have used him for expensive gifts if she wasn’t in a stable relationship with him.

        1. I am sure she loved the travel and gifts but ultimately it was a lie she couldn’t handle long term as her message made it clear she wanted the gifts not the relationship. Hard to say if I think he’s at fault for being that stupid and shallow or her for her lies. She was obviously unwell as she’d threatened to kill herself before.

        2. I think initially they loved each other but his upbringing caused him to be insensitive to the fact she didn’t have any money and couldn’t support what they were doing. She realized that he was shallow so just went along for the ride taking what she could.
          Ultimately you could say it was his fault, for not stepping up and providing for her if he wanted her to be part of his life that badly but it’s also her fault for continuing to lie to him after she no longer wanted to be with him in order to get expensive things.
          Ultimately it’s a clear cut case of female hypergamy and greed and the case of naivety of a spoiled young man.

        3. a cunt like this is not capable of love mate. sorry, thats just not how it works. when your empathetic capacity is that shallow, you are not able to connect to your fellow humans in any way deep enough that it could be called “love”.
          this bimbo was borderline personality disorder, no question.

      2. Na, she was a psychopath to begin with. I’m just glad she killed herself vs both of them dying (Jodie Arias situation). Keep exposing women like this, so guys know what they’re truly capable of.

    3. Several years ago, my kids mother told me she was jealous of the attention I gave our daughters. Fast forward to during the divorce she wanted, and I was spending my money on the kids for things they needed or maybe wanted………she took me back to court to get full custody of the kids. Now she has nothing else to use against me. It makes the phrase “no contact” so much easier.

    4. I had a GF once who was indian with 5 tats… my first real suspicion arose when she went out with one of her stalker/beta orbiter friends with two of his other friends to see about getting a new ‘tat’. She came back around 2am. Not long after I figured she had a threeway with them and that was that!

      1. So the mangina DID dip his wick then? Must have been because she was drugged up, or the sensation of ‘power’ (there were 3 or them, and SHE was the centre of attention). How sad for you. Sorry to hear that. I’d have done exactly the same thing. Though I’d like to have heard what she had to say about it and see her wriggle and squirm, before showing her the door!

        1. I have no concrete proof of this but I highly suspect its what happened. At 29 I have come to realize that most men simply have no idea how often their girlfriends/wives sleep around on them. I was married for 4 years to a beautiful russian and there is a good chance my wife slept on me as well though I have no proof and honestly at this point dont care. As to my indian girlfriend… once my gut started telling me to let her go, I eased out of the relationship while making it seemed like it was her idea to save myself the drama. I am now single and plan on staying as such for quite some time to come. If I ever decide to get married again I will make sure the vast majority of my wealth is undocumented and buried somewhere hahahahhaah!

        2. No, I can see you had no definitive way of knowing, but it sounds highly likely form what you’ve said.
          Yes some of the Russian women are good looking, but they know it, and how to use men (they are known for it) as they are often lithe, svelte and long-limbed, which makes them head-turners (though my neighbour’s wife is most definitely NOT a head turner in any way. She used to wear micro mini-skirts, but her legs had no shape at all. ‘Ruler legs’ I call them. Apart from that she has NO redeeming features at all, so heaven knows why my neighbour found her attractive).
          But I also have a real draw to Oriental women (though Indian women can be very beautiful, they just aren’t ‘sexy’ to me), a fetish if you like. The percentage of good looking Orientals versus Russian, for example, is lower; but the ones that are attractive are really attractive, IMO. I just go nuts for them. Their manner too (more so with the Japanese) is feminine, and they are often petite, slender and have gorgeous long black hair. Their skin is porcelain smooth and they don’t have the obesity problems that western women have, as well as no saggy tits! LOL! They also go a bundle on western men, especially tall western men, so you can have your pick almost! 😉

        3. Never been with an Asian… YET. But I find them very attractive as well. The Japanese girls are def some of the cutest ones out there and I have a passionate fascination with Japans culture even before the Hedo period and all the way to the present. Their transformation has been fascinating with me.

        4. I think it’s best to go to Japan itself, than look for a Japanese ex-pat, as they are often (almost always?) too westernised. Thet’ve lost that edge, innocence, and the humble, demure way they have in the home-grown Japanese girls.
          It IS a fascinating country, really fascinating; quite unlike any other. Their standards, in every way, is so much higher than anywhere else I’ve ever been (and we’re talking a couple of dozen or more countries – I don’t have a list). It’s one of the safest places to live, with some of the best food, and everything so very orderly, punctual and mighty clean. However, the cities are pretty ugly, there isn’t much grass, and it goes from a concrete jungle straight to forest, with nothing much in between. It’s also pretty noisy, with shops and other public places having PA systems and speakers everywhere.
          But those are the only bad aspects I can think of. People’s manners are impeccable, generally speaking, and when on public transport (which runs dead on time, almost all of the time) it’s very quiet. People just don’t ‘chat’ like westerners do. Just as well as all modes of public transport are mega packed. Like sardines at rush hour. But there is this peacefulness you can feel wherever you go. People are considerate of others, and you won’t get ripped off. Even if you buy the cheapest goods they work! You won’t be short-changed, and they are the most generous people I have ever come across.
          I’d recommend going there as soon as you have the chance. Don’t believe all the stories of it being expensive. I tell you, you can live out there for less than you can here in the west, in Europe, where I am.
          Enjoy your travels!

        5. Love it… yes Japan is in my top 3 countries to visit next. Thailand is my next destination. I want to learn Thai massage and authentic Thai cuisine and I can do it for really cheap there with a teacher one on one. Then it is a toss up between India and Japan as I know people to help house me in both countries. By far Japan holds the greatest fascination for me. Glad you got a chance to visit. I envy you.

        6. Sadly I must admit I’ve never been to India – tough we did nearly visit Kerala some years back, for a rice-boat holiday. My wife isn’t keen on the lack of cleanliness there – and I must admit it would mar the pleasure quite a bit (though that’s part of it’s appeal, perversely).
          But Thailand is another place I’ve been to, twice. Of all the countries we’ve visited, Thailand is number 1 for us as a holiday destination. It’s beautiful (unlike Malaysia which is similar in many respects) and the food is out of this world! Both in terms of cheap, very cheap cost and the high quality and bucket loads of taste! YUMMY! The girls are stunning (though obviously one needs to be suspicious for the poverty and their wanting to escape and marry westerners is strong) and the people peaceful. The hotels are way, way better than anywhere else. A 5* there is like a 6* in the west (even though self-rated in most cases). Even their 3* is excellent.
          But if you go, then even if you don’t like big cities, noise, hustle and bustle, you MUST stay in Bangkok. 2-3 nights is good; then visit one of the islands. We stayed on Phuket, but we also have been to Chiang Mai in the north. I know a couple a friends who live there; and if I was single than that’d be where I’d live – though Japan would sorely tempt me again too, and this time I’d live out in the sticks.
          But you go for it. You won’t regret it, I’m sure! Good luck!

  27. I can’t even imagine spending that much money on a girl, even if I had the money to do it. It would ruin all the excitement.
    I find much more fun and challenging to game a girl while spending minimum money on her. You have to rely on your intellect, your physique, your charm. Spending shitload of money on your girl is such a weak move, I pity those fools.

    1. Yeah i see it as weak also. It shows that you have nothing else to give except money , so she will only go for that. As soon as you stop pouring money in her ass she will dump you , meanwhile fucking broke Chads whenever possible behind your back.
      That money is better spent on a prostitute , those women are honest enough to tell the truth , that they exchange sex for money , only much cheaper and of more quality than most of these spoiled princesses.

      1. I’d rather not even spend it on a prostitute.
        I’m at a point where I see women as a drain of ressources only, but hey I want a family so I have to stay in the game.

  28. The lesson here gentlemen is this;
    Women would rather off themselves than to be exposed for who they really are.
    So dont EVER listen to a single fucking word they say about anything,

    1. Pretty much so. Imo, women very rarely say things without a pretense. You have to dig past levels of politically correct, socially indoctrinated horseshit to get an original thought out of them. And for as much as they try to claim “equality” with men, they sure do embrace playing the victim whenever their true nature is revealed.

      1. Women have never had an original thought, ever.
        So even attempting to garner one through endless prodding is utterly pointless.
        Simply disregard everything that comes out of their mouths.
        Way easier (and accurate)

  29. I have some advice. Always listen to your family and friends. If one person tells you that your girlfriend is a gold-digging whore , he may be wrong , but if many tell you and you still can’t see that , you better look again. I have a sailor friend that made 3.700 dollars / month , his family is also doing pretty well , his father being a sailor as well making 6000 dollars / month so their situation is ok. This friend of mine found a girlfriend , this girlfriend of his is the most ugly , bad-personality , and low-iq person i have ever seen. I’m serious her intelligence is so low you have to explain rudimentary jokes to her. She is also gross , first time i met her she said to my guy “i’m going to take a piss“. I found that very irritating and disrespectful. Also she is piss-poor of course. To the point , everybody told this guy that she only stays with him for the money. His mother , his brother , me , other friends. Needless to say , he can’t see it , so he is marrying her. I long gave up on him , i don’t keep low-iq friends like that around me, they drag me down , but i truly feel sorry for him , i foresee a dark future ahead of him.
    In conclusion , don’t be that guy , that stubborn guy that doesn’t take advice from others. If more than 2 people that care for you see that something is wrong , you better be sure that something really is wrong.

    1. He’s a sailor and knows (probably one of the older sailors should have told him by now) that leadihg a life away from the wife will inevitably lead to cheating on him. He probably does even care, he just can’t be bothered to makean effort. To me it looks like he is nesting

      1. I get your point but trust me , he’s an idiot. One time i think i saw her with another dude on the street when he was away. I was in my car driving , didn’t bother to double check but i’m 99% sure. And he told mein private thathe never cheated on her and never will. Also , he’s not a sailor anymore,he gave up on that life to stay with her. Now he’s a web designer making a little over minimum wage. So yeah , he’s an idiot.

        1. A Patriarchal society exists the way it does for a reason. It is the only stable and successful type of society that can exist.

        2. I know. My Grandfather showed up, dropped off his wages, knocked up my grandmother and then went back to the mill camp. Definite oppression.

  30. Women provide eggs. Men provide resources. This dynamic is hardwired into us after many millennia of evolution so don’t expect to find a woman who is uninterested in money any more than a woman should expect to find a man uninterested in a shapely ass. Just make sure she is looking to get resources long term if you are looking for a relationship. The golddigger is the female equivalent of the pump and dump. She gets what all women want but is distinguished by her narrow focus and short term outlook.

  31. Women love social media + Women lie a lot on social media + But social media can be the best factor to destroy a woman’s reputation => so woman love to use something that could backfire against them. Conclusion : addicted (to social media) women like playing with fire. Those dumbasses.

    1. If any of those social media platforms got hacked in a way that exposed women’s private/direct messages, I have a hunch that there would be a sudden exodus to their nearest forest as well.

  32. Oh boy. I remember being in this super toxic relationship with this chick I dated (for about three years). She had every worst trait you can imagine – Jealousy, rudeness, unfaithful, irrationality, stubbornness, greed, money-hungry, frugality (when it came to her to spend money). Her family was well off and her mother made over seven figures…and she always felt the need to put me and my hard-working family down to make herself feel better. She was also a pathological liar. She almost reported me for rape and assault (never happened)…and to be honest, I was the one victimized throughout the whole relationship. She cheated on me several times…The list goes on. I learned about ROK during that horrible relationship and it has opened my eyes. Many men are being double-crossed and used by these vampires. My advice is to focus on yourself and own personal goals. Do not focus on women. Be a poly-men, and aspire to become whatever you wish to be.

    1. I must say, that I’m pretty sure I’ve read this kind of example far more than twice here on ROK. These sort of occurences are becoming something of a normality.

    2. Agreed! I’d honestly like to know the number of men who came to know the red pill because of their experience and torture with destructive, damaged women.

  33. I don’t understand what the big deal is over women using men for money, It not like we don’t do the same thing with sex.

    1. You should expect a woman to be grateful to be able to have the privilege of sucking your dick. If you’re begging a woman for sex you have been completely dominated. Pretty soon she will dump you too because it should be the other way around.
      I don’t want to say that you should be religious or anything like that but I would like to quote Genesis only as an example of a long held belief about sex. One of the curses that God inflicts on Eve and all women is that they will desire men. Men are not cursed in this way (to desire women).
      I used to think like you when I was much younger, that men were the horney ones etc. but I finally figured it out. It might be because women often aren’t satisfied by a single fuck like men are (they don’t necessarily orgasm or if they do it’s not roll over and go to sleep orgasm like men have). Or it could be something to do with the anatomy and physics of their genitalia in that they are only teased by sex more than anything else. I’m not sure. But I do know that if the sex is done right (normal), then rather than being satisfied, a woman wants more. She eventually does get more the next evening or in the morning. But, the whole time she has been waiting, she has been horny deaming and daydreaming bout sex with you. Meanwhile you have been on the playstation, sleeping, at work, gaming other girls, playing chess, reading philosophy, commenting on RoK etc.
      You can enhance the whole process by denying her an orgasm for as long as possible or even permanently whilst cumming as often as possible yourself. But, i believe it occurs naturally enough because women just naturally orgasm less than men. Some women don’t orgasm at all. If you date a woman like that you might find she is particularly submissive and feminine.
      The result is that she is begging for it and you dominate her. This is not cruel in any way although a feminist will tell you it is. It is natural and good. I have found it makes women happiest long term. It also establishes structure in the relationship which can then serve as a functional hierarchical structure in a family if it gets to that stage. Hence familial patriarchy. I suppose familial patriarchy is far more complex than this but I believe that this is one of the mechanism through which it is established. Further evidence of this is how feminists, who wish to “cure” patriarchy (the fools) campaign so hard to get women having orgasms all the time as if they will become like men all of a sudden. All they become is miserable.
      This is all a bit speculative but it’s what I have observed over time about sex.

      1. Good read, but I don’t see how this has anything to do with the point I was trying to make. If I am out in a bar trying to pick up women, I don’t care about them or there fucked up life. I am just there to fuck her! I agree with you about how women are/can be the hornier than men. However, From my experience just as I feel she should be entitled to suck my dick, she probably feel like I should be entitled to buy her things. I’m arguing about the differences in male and female sex drive, but rather why do fuck do I care why she fucking me!

        1. Unfortunately the stuff I talked about is more applicable once you are in a sexual relationship. It doesn’t apply directly to pick up. It’s post pick up. It’s more the art of love making.
          Roosh would be the man to ask about pick up. From what I’ve heard there are plenty of free ways to attract women. I think they usually relate to confidence and the appearance of dominance… I actually just purchased two books by Roosh, 30 Bangs and the Day Game one. I haven’t started reading them yet. My guess is that the advice will NOT be to spend money on girls…

        1. In this section God curses Eve. It is common belief that He also curses all women…
          Genesis 3:16 New King James Version (NKJV)
          16 To the woman He said:
          “I will greatly multiply your sorrow and your conception;
          In pain you shall bring forth children;
          Your desire shall be for your husband,
          And he shall rule over you.”

  34. What traits did the girls have?
    – Too many of features from the Thutmosis list
    Any signs you missed or thought of as innocent?
    – Observe the mother and her bad habits. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.
    Other advice for men to help get them out of these situations and away from these parasitic women?
    – Trust but verify. Until you’re ready for the prenup, always assume the girl you are dating is fucking someone else. And always have options yourself.

  35. “Yet, to be totally blunt, wouldn’t he have been better off spending all this money on decent-looking prostitutes or Tinder-orchestrated ‘coffee’ dates”
    Fuck yea!!!!!.
    If sex is all that you’re after and you ain’t got the tolerance or patience to game ’em, better a prostitiute than ANY trophy GF/Wife.
    More Gold Diggers need to take themselves out of the gene pool.

    1. I rather avoid them both. A girlfriend takes away money, time and peace of mind, a whore takes away little of each three, but might give you ,,something” to remember her a long time. Better not.

      1. If you’re referring to contracting STD from a prostitute, know that modern good looking women has such a high notch count that your odds are about the same of getting that something to remember by.

      2. Having been with prostitutes for the past several years, I can attest that professional escorts are way more prone to praticing safe sex than most girls you meet in bars. YMMV.

        1. I think you might be onto something here…We need a refresher course on the dangers of interacting with ,,branded” females.

  36. Well, I live a very minimalist lifestyle and have a net worth of precisely £12… so the only thing girls could’ve ever used me for is my dick.

      1. Worked for him. Without “Sam Scott’s family is wealthy”
        Despite his wealth he is clearly not an alpha. Weak inside. He did try to buy her, knowing he himself is not good enough, a typical beta.
        Do you think she would have even remotely considered to become his girl friend in the first place?

      2. And what’s the plan when she cheats on him with a man she finds who’s less wealthy but more stimulating to her? As happens to so many men/husbands/etc.

        1. There ya’ go again, trying to rationalize her behaviour. If a women cheats on her husband, it’s because he’s not alpha, or doesn’t have money, or X, Y, Z, it’s because of a thousand reasons, but mainly it’s because of her programming and the fact that in today’s world, it’s OK to cheat on your husband- ,,everybody’s doing it.”

        2. I have no idea what you’re talking about. I never rationalize a woman’s ludicrous behavior, and certainly not cheating. That’s bizarre. There is no “go again” for something that’s never happened.
          My point was that simply that “provider game” is not the end-all. Women unfortunately will leave/cheat on/use men who are great providers, as we see happen in the west all the time.
          It’s absolutely disgusting that it happens, but it’s reality. In today’s world there is no guarantee a man can have any faithfulness from a woman even if he’s a great provider, wonderful man, etc.

        3. About 2008, I think, before I took the red pill, I met this girl. She was 17 and I was 21 at the time. I remember that I did alot for this girl. She had no car, so, being nice guy that I was, I was always on hand to act as her chauffer. Except I wasn’t on anyone’s payroll and I had to pay for the gas, which was almost 3.50 a gallon at the time. Every time she called me, I was right there.
          On several occasions, I actually dropped her off at her ex-boyfriends house. He didn’t have a car either. And she assured me that he was an ex. And that was good enough for me. I gave her money also. Of course, if I even hinted at anything sexual, she was always bleeding.
          The last time I saw her was when I dropped her and a car load of her female friends off at the mall. For free. Never received a dime.
          After that, every time I called her, I got voicemail. My text messages went unanswered. Well one time I called her and she answered. It was obvious in her tone of voice that she did not want to talk to me and please lose her number. She didn’t say that, but it was how she said what she said. After we hung up, I got a text. She told me flat out to stop calling her, she wasn’t interested.
          Being blue pill at the time, I attempted to negotiate with her. What did I do, I asked? I started rattling off a list of things I did for her. And she saw the light and told me to come fuck her right away…….
          Except that didn’t happen. As anyone who reads this blog knows. She just texted back and said I was a loser. That was my last encounter with her. Never received so much as a thanks.
          Now I know that I did everything wrong. If my goal was to bang her, I’d have been better off being outright cruel to her or scaring the shit out of her by pointing a loaded gun at her and saying “sike” and laughing at her terror than dropping her off for free at her “ex” boyfriend’s house. After being told it was an ex boyfriend. She couldn’t even bother to pretend it was her cousin.
          Now I know some will read this and say I was a grade A sucker. Which I was. But, all of it wasn’t my fault. Alot of so-called beta males are just ignorant of female nature because of how they are indoctrinated from a young age. Being nice and kind to women will get you a girlfriend. Girls love when men bring them flowers and write poetry and love letters to them. Being a decent guy with a good job will guarantee you your pick of the ladies for a wife.
          These ideas are drilled into guys from a young age and may have been true at one time, say before 1970. You see it on tv and in movies. The beautiful prom queen realizes what a horrible man the football quarterback is after stuffing the nerd into a locker and laughing at him. The nerd who is too shy to look at the prom queen straight and instead writes the prom queen an anonymous love letter, finally gets her and her undying love at the end of the tv show when she realizes what a horrible person the quarterback is and how virtuous the nerd is. And she fawns over the anonymous love letters and roses he sent her.
          This is the Kool Aid millions of men are served up on a daily basis and none of it is true. The prom queen never leaves the quarterback after witnessing him stuff the nerd into a locker. Her pussy doesn’t dry up because the quarterback is a bully or a “bad person”. Her pussy doesn’t throb with desire for the nerd because he is a good person on the inside. Oh and he sent her flowers.
          The most the nerd can hope for at that point is for the prom queen to show some type of maternal pity towards the nerd. “Aw that’s mean” she may say to the quarterback. “Are you all right, here let me help you out of that locker” she may say to the nerd. But who do you think is banging her in the janitors closet? That’s real life. If the nerd forgets his place and tries to publically come onto her, mistaking her pity for sexual interest, she might get the quarterback to come beat him up.
          Society plays an active role in keeping the majority of men beta. Imagine if boys were taught from a young age that treating a girl like shit is a surer way to fuck her than treating her like a princess? Or that the quickest way to a girls heart was pushing her down the stairs rather than pulling out her chair at a restarunt? Or that being a bully turns girls on, while being a morally good guy, not so much?

        4. Excellent comment.
          Not much I can say except that you’re so right, and also that your story is so similar to ones written by other men as well, especially on Reddit r/TheRedPill.
          So many young men grow and/or are raised as docile, well-intentioned, very giving guys who are shat upon by the somewhat narcissistic girls of poor character, raised with no real hard expectations.
          It’s already so hard to affect personal change once you find out “red pill truths.” We’ve got to better get the ideas out there sooner to young men to help them avoid the same fate as many of us.

        5. I have to say though, that those experiences made me readily receptive to the red pill message. Because it matched all of my real life observations and gave rational reasons for them.
          I saw on tv a few days ago about a pastor who had a loving wife of over 30 years and ruined it for an escort who turned out to be using him. He is now in debt of $70,000 as a result and lost the wife who really did love him. He claimed that he caught feelings for this particular escort he met on Craigslist. As you can imagine, she milked that for all it was worth. Of course, when the money dried up, she was gone. This pastor could’ve used a dose of the red pill. It could’ve saved him $70,000 and a marriage to a woman, who from all accounts, was a good woman who loved him. Any man with redpill knowledge will tell you that Craigslist sluts are strictly for banging, never for wifing and to be discarded like used toilet paper.

        6. @harold
          Treating a hot girl like shit works, because it tells her you are *much more valuable than her*. You are so strong with so many options, that you dont give a shit what this HB8 thinks. So she gets interested *IN YOUR ASSUMED VALUE/STRENGTH/POWR*
          If you are “unemployed” and $3.50 gas is a problem for you. You are in a position of weakness. There are no girl (and very few men) who have any love for a weak boy, even less weak man.
          The secret is not “treat them like shit”. This is wrong.
          The secret is *BE SO FUCKING STRONG AND VALUABLE THAT YOU CAN AFFORD TREATING PEOPLE LIKE SHIT* -> there is a major difference.
          If you try and improve but not break from your failures you will understand this one day. It is the secret of steel if you want. Google it. Conan is your best friend.

        7. The problem with this is that you have to explain the many men who don’t have 2 nickels to rub together, yet can still have 9’s and 10’s catfighting over them. I once read a comment by a guy who worked in a prison. This particular prison was newly built and was having inmates shipped over. Not long after the inmates were settled in and aloud to have visitors, the commentor stated that you’d be amazed how many gorgeous women he found in the visiting room visiting their inmate boyfriends. Yet, many of the engineers with six figure salaries who helped design the prison were either married to fat cows or couldn’t find a woman if their life depended on it.
          This happens all of the time. Broke abusive men,criminal men, violent men tend to get more genuine female affection than the provider beta who earns $100,000 a year. Of course, money helps, but only to a certain extent.

        8. @harold
          Many criminal are alpha males. The difference between a “hero” and a “villain” is tiny. Both are strong. Both are alpha.
          An engineer on the other hand is a typical servant. A beta male who does what he is told.
          If this was a batman movie:
          Hero: Batman – many woman would get wet thinking about batman
          Villain: Joker – quite a few women would give their hearts and pussy to the Joker.
          Engineer: The guy who fixes batmans car after his fights. How many women would imagine sex with this guy when they masturbate, hmm what do you think?

        9. Just their nature. Religion and social norms just suppressed it. As mentioned before, shame is a powerful weapon against female nature. The thought of being shamed is even more powerful than the inclination for alpha cock. As happened in times past, women will forego the alpha cock rather than being shamed. Back in the 1950’s, gangsters had their women, but such women were typically regarded as “those kind of women”. Now Mrs. Robinson who was married to Mr. Robinson, the supervisor at the local Ford plant may have fantasized about the local gangster, but she never went through with it.
          Risking pregnancy and cheating on her husband who was a decent provider and pillar of the community would’ve meant massive shame for her if found out. That, plus in those days when most people were Christians, the thought of adultery being sinful also kept her in line.
          Now with those barriers gone, women can act like they are inclined to act. This is why feminists are anti “shaming”. No slut shaming. They want to be sluts, but they don’t want judgement for it.

        10. She leaves her rich husband for the exciting new guy. She files for divorce and if she has children, she receives alimony and child support, neither of which she really needs. The money is used to support the new unemployed boyfriend and their new lifestyle in the ex-husbands house.

  37. I do see nothing wrong with what this girl did. I do expect nothing else from such a hot girl, really.
    For a hot girl (even more so as she gets to the wrong side of 25 or 35) the cost to keep up her sexy looks goes up. And somebody has got to pay for it!
    When she was a late teen, more often than not her mother (or more accurate her mom via her dads credit card) did pay for all this.
    When you meet a near perfect version of her in the bar, you often have no clue how many hours and how much money she did spend to become so flawless. Sombody has to pay for this and in 99.9% of cases it is not her.
    When you girlfriend such a girl you will learn this soon enough.

      1. It is ok, it is female nature.
        If it rains and you get wet you can say its not ok all you like, wet you will be wether you like it or not.
        Deal with the reality. This girl was not doing anything wrong. He was weak, she took advantage of it. Thats what mother nature designed women to do. NEVER expect a girl to love a weak man.

        1. I am dealing with the reality, and I’d wager I have quite a bit more experience in real life than you do as well. Stating that it is “ok” implies her behavior is acceptable, which any reasonable person would agree it is not.
          I do not deny that there are fundamental traits to be expected from women (to do so would be quite naive, aka “blue pill”). However, as weak as this man was, she was clearly a manipulator and a user. We know that not all women are, however unfortunately there seems to be far more now than in the past, and with little shame or denial.
          Was he to blame? Of course, to a degree. A man decides by his behavior what he will or won’t tolerate from a woman. Unfortunately he enabled her doing so, enabled like other people we’ve all known who were narcissistic and gold diggers, often given the green light to continue by weak men doing little to curb these destructive bitches from their ways.
          If you made the argument in the context of its in the nature of those types of women then I could understand that point

        2. You’re completely correct. This was the point I was making in an earlier post about my neighbour friend whose self-centred, greedy and selfish Russian wife had been impoverished because he’s letting this bitch get away with her demands. Anything for a quiet life, he mistakenly thinks. When people, male or female, think short-term and want to deal with the moment only, they actually create far bigger problems further down the road.
          It’s the same principle with spoilt kids: You give them what they want, they just want more; and when they don’t get it, they really kick up! So one has to be far more pragmatic about it. Apart from the benefits in other ways of delayed gratification, it’s still far better for everyone, to nip things like this in the bud. It’ll curb the behaviour, earn you respect, and teach a lesson at the same time: You can’t just ask and get. You have to earn and you have to wait.
          If a woman or girlfriend can’t handle this (though I would say they all can, if done in the right way anyway) then they aren’t going to be women you should hang around, unless you want to lead a hen-pecked, miserable doormat life. But many men DO behave like this, and it almost always ends in tears. Once she’s bled you dry, she’ll move on to the next chump. He ends up feeling emasculated
          because of it too. So a feeling of humiliation, penniless and without his girl too. This is the way of the mangina; that weak, pathetic dude who has a large part of his brain malfunctioning. The ‘but if I do this, she’ll like me more’ driving and short-circuiting his brain.
          The other benefit of staying firm and not giving in to every whim, is to make her work for what she gets, and the BIG bonus, she then sees you as a real man too! It actually makes her WANT you even more. I don’t know about you guys, but if a woman appears desperate for you, it’s very off-putting. It detracts from her attractiveness as a mate. But if she’s always that little bit aloof or showing that she’s interested, but would also walk if need be, then psychologically the natural reaction is to fight for what you ‘almost’ have. It takes the mind away from ‘oh this guy’s easy and thus boring’ to ‘I’m NOT going to lose him’. You see PART of the attraction is that SHE doesn’t want to ‘lose’ her man. THAT, as has been said elsewhere on here, makes HER look like she’s not good enough, and so damage limitation and pride take prime place.
          Believe me guys, I have loads of different girlfriends in the past, of many nationalities, and I NEVER EVER chased them. I’m friendly (and very tall, which helps, for sure) but I always make it abundantly clear who’s in charge, but not in a arrogant and macho manner. It works every time, believe me. I’ve had girls come up and by ME a drink, to get my attention and draw me away from some other girl. I would even ask if the other girl minded, and to my surprise (I guess as I asked her and so was being polite) she agreed. The same the other way around on another evening (and I slept with both of them, and they each knew I’d done so with the other. I was almost playing them off – though that was not my intention).
          My room-mate at the time was really jealous, saying ‘I don’t know how you do it; each time you go to the pub, you bring home another girl’. I remember feeling elated when I eventually cracked it, as until then I’d always struggled with confidence (being tall might be a bonus in some ways, but it also brings with it unwanted extra responsibilities, because you look older than you actually are. So mentally I was very shy, always being thrust into the limelight). I don’t say all this to brag, but more as a matter of fact, and how I went from a very shy guy, to a confident one – albeit still quiet.
          So yeah, you MUST let a girl or woman know where they stand, right from the word go. DO this and you’ll have them eating out of your hand.

        3. Great comment. I wonder if you might give some examples of how you do this right from the beginning?
          I’ve heard the same said before a few times in other parts of the “manosphere.”

        4. Well you might want to give examples, for other guy’s benefit, sure. I don’t think I need examples, any more than you probably would if I was to offer you some examples. I do well for myself and have been around a bit – in both senses of the word.
          But sure, if you feel you want to speak for other men, go right ahead……

        5. “if you feel you want to speak for other men… ”
          Dude have no idea what you’re talking about. You wrote a comment I thought was useful, so I asked for more details. If you don’t want to help others, I think you’re in the wrong place.

        6. I think there are crossed wires somewhere. You’re not understanding what I said in reply to your comment. I look back at your original comment and it reads differently now (from how I remember it. Have you edited it by any chance? I’m genuinely curious). I’m sure it said ‘I wonder if “I” [meaning you] might give some examples….’. So I was saying ‘by all means do’. But when I look back now it doesn’t say this, but it reads as ‘me’.
          Rather odd as I did read it two or three times, because I was so surprised you’d said what I thought you had. Surely I wouldn’t have misread it like that, especially given that I was surprised, so carefully double-checked.
          So, no I’m not in the wrong place at all. So no need to finish in such a tone.

        7. Yes, there is a misunderstanding. I don’t recall editing it.
          So “I wonder if you might give some examples of how you do this right from the beginning?” is definitely what I meant, hence my last comment clarifying it. Because that’s sincerely what I was asking.

  38. I don’t ordinarily show a lack of sympathy for real suicides, but no sympathy here.
    Just imagine the incredible amount of destruction, possible false accusations, drama, stress, cheating, tears, obliterated self esteem, alimony, lawyer’s fees, and future fatherless children that have been avoided by this woman ending it all now.

  39. Sad situation? I think not. The world is much better off with one less of her kind. Good riddance. If you think that’s cold, it’s because it is, and I don’t care.

  40. Easy. Don’t buy your bitches gifts and shit. Pay only for shared, low ticket activities at best. Expensive stuff (like travel etc), she has to contribute her share.

  41. A friend in the Navy got lucky. Came back from deployment and took his fiancée on an expensive vacation they’d been planning. He gave her jewelry he’d bought overseas. Dumped him the day after their return, which she’d been planning for awhile– had another guy already but wanted the gifts and the trip.
    Anyway, he recovered, found a good woman, married, has kids and enjoying life. Getting dumped was the best thing that ever happened to him. He has no idea what happened to the ex and doesn’t care.

  42. Hindsight is always 20/20. What blinded him to her, anyway? She couldn’t have been that good in bed. I’ll bet she held out plenty of times just to get something from him.
    Men and women will never be equal, our DNA prevents it and that’s how it should be. I see that the younger a woman is the more parasitic she tends to be. I feel sorry for the young men that want to marry and settle down. Not much to choose from out there. Good luck all.

    1. Read http://markmanson.net/woman-lovers-and-haters, you poor, saad, underdeveloped little Fuck.
      “Freud called this The Madonna/Whore Complex. These men came to see two mutually-exclusive versions of women, both desirable yet inadequate in their own special way.
      Women Lovers who fail miserably with women fail because they hold their love
      for women above their own will, desires and values. Women Haters who fail miserably with women fail because they hold their disdain for women above their own will, desires and values. For example, the Woman Lover who fails will be the classic “nice guy” — doing her favors for no reason, agreeing with her even when he doesn’t, pampering her with compliments and affection that are disingenuous and undeserved.
      Women Haters who fail will often say things like, “I’m not going to talk to her, she looks like a slut.” Or, “I don’t want to call her back, bitches should be calling me.” Therefore they sit at home complaining about the women of the world who never call, never putting two-and-two together that nobody would ever want to call somebody who demands the attention and affection of others.”

  43. Re the point about gold diggers: they come in all different shapes, sizes and age ranges. The popular idea that an ‘age appropriate’ woman isn’t likely to be a gold digger is a bunch of horseshit that serves the interests of aging women. They want you to believe that younger women are all about money to disqualify the competition, but the fact is that most decent looking women want a man with money. Age has nothing to do with it. There are plenty of women in my area who are 50+ who wouldn’t touch a man without money, and most of them look like complete shit.
    There is a rich guy that lives in my area who decided to date average looking women of a similar age because it was ‘safe’. What he realized quickly is that he was spending just as much, if not more, dating older women as the hot girls that he used to date who were 10 years younger. The difference is that older women use an alternate strategy: the slow kill-release (of money). They don’t expect as much upfront initially as good looking younger women, but they expect to receive ‘goodies’ steadily over time, and those goodies are often big ticket items like a house and a car.
    Personally if I was rich I would reserve the right to date women who were younger and better looking than me. What is the point of being a rich man otherwise, apart from not feeling pressured to sell your labour on the open market?

    1. To be well off in the field of money has 2 major advantages.
      1) You are free from the joke of labor. You do work in areas you like. You do not work at times or in places or fields you dont like. Simple isnt it?
      2) You have the option to fuck quality pussy ** FOR LESS THAN IT WOULD COST THE AVERAGE GUY ** think about this long and hard.

  44. How do you know that Paunova’s friend Elizabeth Gough didn’t tell her boyfriend to tell Scott because she didn’t feel comfortable doing it herself? Maybe Gough felt bad about ratting out her friend but knew it had to be done?
    I had a ‘friend’ a long time ago who would come to my apartment to visit me, then would go to her ex-boyfriend’s apartment in the same complex. She asked me to cover for her. I discussed it with my husband especially since he was good friends with her fiance. I wasn’t friends with the guy so I had my husband tell him. I didn’t lose much because this woman was, obviously, not a real friend, but it did ruin my husband’s friendship with the fiance. I don’t think the fiance believed what I said, but eventually he married someone else.

    1. It is true that women are often too cowardly to dump guys face to face. But strength and honour are masculine virtues and not to be expected of females. Their virtues are submission and nurture.

  45. Ill never forget the last Christmas I spent with my ex wife. A week before Christmas Eve, I was flat broke -due to a number of unexpected and unfortunate circumstances. My ex knew all of this – yet she still insisted I take her out to get a $ 1500 gift she had always wanted. Naive and spineless – I gave in. Two days into the New Year she left me. Thanks to the manosphere I am no longer a foolish chump. Today my girl would pull that “give me a gift” shit on me and I would look at her and with a sardonic laugh say ” you got it all wrong baby – whats really important is what are you getting for me?”

  46. Another example of why pre-marital sex fucks people up big-time. Both parties become way too emotionally, physiologically, and spiritually involved (see: bonded as husband and wife, virtually), and cannot make good long-term decisions. They double-down, make things worse, get back together after breaking up and knowing they should stay apart, open themselves up to being used for money or sex or whatever, for years, in ways that would not be even close to as embarrassing, hurtful, or consequential if someone is merely using you for a few innocent dates and some companionship while lonely or looking for a better option… sans the deed. Dating without pre-marital sex can certainly still involve some deception or drama but ALWAYS on a far lower scale than when sex is involved. No one has invested too much, outside of some time, a few hopes and maybe some emotion, and minimal $$ costs.
    It also cuts out the bullshit romantic getaways this douche spent so much money on. Wild sex and thousand-dollar jaunts to the nicest beaches in the world? With a guy who is actually pretty good looking and already from a wealthy family? That’s crack-cocaine for a girl from a humble Bulgarian background. Especially a girl who looks like she’s a solid 6 without makeup, even if she clearly kept slim and fit. Her body in a bikini and with some makeup, she’s possibly looking like an 8, on the best of days. But she’s a 6-7 and knew it.

  47. Went into the woods by herself, slashed her wrists and hung herself.. I’ll give her this, she was serious about checking out. As opposed to popping half-dozen Tylenol and posting it on Facebook, which is the MO for most female “suicide attempts”.

  48. While I disagree with ROK’s particular message on premarital sexual adventurism that border on sexual exploitation of the female sex (I have a strong moral code that might be influenced by me growing up Mormon until I disbelieved at 18, ditched the church at age 20, and formally left with my name purged from membership record at belated age of 30 after a bad experience with a particularly crazy Mormon woman, to be explained below), this article is timely.
    I have such experience with women, notably youthful from the age of 18 on, who played the head game with me by flirting with ambivalent or overt signals.
    I found out these young women already have the boyfriends. Among the Mormon young women, if they have the boyfriends serving the mission during the intervening two years, they become lonely and are more likely to break up through “Dear John” letter or by silent abandonment, or they search for another man to re-experience the brain cocaine of “love,” while holding out for their beloved to return home.
    I would go into the details to explain my experience with crazily ambivalent young white women of Mormon faith, that is described “princess complex,” replete with confusion, rejection after showing interest, disloyalty, and narcissism. But that’s for another subject, which I already submitted to ROK earlier this month but was rejected. (On the topic of stifling and stagnant Utah dating culture and frigid & superfinicky Mormon girls that produce the effect of depressed and hopeless single men stuck in the state.)
    Let it be said that regardless of religion (rarely does it control the female to adhere to the traditional gender dynamics that must include respecting the man instead of committing parasitic abuse and dishonesty, depending on the dogma indoctrination), the present-day young white women — hereto Western women — are of deplorable quality, in part because of the advent of feminism (that is corruptive, as led by Gloria Steinem and the poisonous college environment, but that’s for another subject) and in part due to preoccupation with the braggadocious selfie culture of the smartphone and social media that magnify their narcissism, that lend to the theory of the superficial “princess complex” model.
    Combine this narcissistic sociopathy with the shallow predisposition of a lazy and self-centered (“me, me, me”) gold-digging lifestyle, to parasite the men foolish enough to fall for their amorous trick, and the result is a potentially toxic and deadly cocktail that will leave the man totally demoralized leading to self-destruction (depression, anger and distrust that impel the dejected and betrayed man to become the misogynist or debase himself with illicit drugs or masturbation & pornography to numb the existential pain of bitter disappointment) while the parasitic woman triumphs, that suddenly end the relationship to move on to the next target of another “well-off and confident” man like a parasite homing in on the host to leech.
    There is something profoundly wrong with the feminine psychology in the modern times.
    I ascribe this problem to the myriad of the morally corrupt media with noxious liberal agenda that emphasizes communistic indoctrination (especially feminist propaganda) and tabloid to influence the impressionable girls who grow up maladjusted, whether the child of divorced or strict or overliberal parents, and the corrupt education system, from K-12 to college and university, that augment negative peer pressure and communist brainwashing to assume shallow, group think feminism towards careerism, “critical theory” misandry, and promiscuity.
    The latter with emphasis to abuse the kind, generous and chivalrous men by financial parasitism while pretending to be in love when it’s only a facade to deceive and exploit men to fund their vapid, empty-shelled and worthless existence.
    I observed Western women obsessed with the smartphone for voice chat, Facetime, text messaging, useful apps (like Snapchat and Tinder, the latter for quick hook-up for one-night stand or in the hunt for well-off and perhaps sexually experienced men to parasite), ear-bud music (occasionally hip hop like Lil’ Wayne, Beyonce and Jay-Z and frequently Taylor Swift, the latter that is a terrible influence for dumb impressionable girls and women, but that’s for another subject), and selfie photographing and filming, even at work.
    On the other hand, because of unrelated problems that point to the smartphone as the distracting waste of time, I ultimately ditched the cell phone last year, in the mean time. The downside is that it leads to a social isolation, in the world of technophiles and technocrats, especially among the women who require cell phone to be in touch constantly.
    The smartphone is a tool for the girls and women in the Western society to show their true colors, that is comical and abominable, with the obvious affect that is the ever-rapid development of self-centeredness (narcissism), that would skew the relationship between the man and woman, that could manifest in the ultimately tragic consequences including suicide, suicide-murder, and violence, the latter two by men as the outcome of rage, whether jealous or betrayal.
    Put together, the current technology — ironically created, developed, improved, revised and produced by white and Asian men — lent to the increasingly destructive attributes by the women and teenaged girls, that harm the likelihood of having the stable and mutually loving relationship — not to mention the sad truth it makes them even more shallow and insane than the preceding (relatively stable and traditionalist-minded) generations.

  49. Men are just a hustle now. Women must support themselves and are shit at it. So, they marry the State and the state does a lot. However, it will never be enough (every see how much money women tear thru on nonsense). This is where Daddy comes in. He supplements the income even more so but he may not have much or may not be available or the womans Mother may have spent it all on her when it should have been going for her College, car, etc. Whats left after that is game. I have learned that relationships with me and women sour when they realize they can’t run game on me. I always had trouble figuring it out and would dwell on it. It really was that simple and clear. When they knew I knew they were running game it got ugly…..DAMN FAST. Thats when they are immediately in a new relationship. This new guy was just one of the guys she was courting while with you. They are already a pretty tight couple because she was laying the bricks while being with you. So once she moves on from Mr. I’m too smart for this shit, she easily moves laterally to Mr. Lets see if this asshole can give me what I want.

  50. I am that stubborn bitch from Ukraine whom Wi Tu Lo is talking about. Woman as he has written he” took on a test run”. Whom he says every day how much he loves, wants to have family and children with. Whom he sends flowers with cards “i love you”. Exist on this forum any adequate people?
    I am not an internet girl, it is first time i have made a decision to write a post in blog cuz i am fed up. I am attractive, young, confident woman who works. I am from an intelligent family, without bad habits, i work out almost every day and take care of myself, i have high family and life values, I am not a party girl. But how blind i have been I have fallen in love with this man who writes all this shit about me and who cheats on me during one year. Man who complains I was looking for him on tinder and social networks but he didn’t mention that he lied and told me that he doesn’t use tinder but I have found him there, yes i looked his phone and have seen there photos of women and chats with them!!!! Any sane person would not act in such way but he did. Will any sane woman accept it? Or any sane adequate man who tells he loves will cheat, be on all dating sites and forums? Man who tells he doesn’t call because he works but has time to write poems on forums about how he fucks other women. But after this he dares to say I am stubborn bad person, obsessed with money. Show me please a person who respects himself/herself who would accept such kind of attitude. More than that in his opinion it is not of my business that he fucks with others while I was devoted to him and trusted him during one year of relationship. I was so blind that i didn’t see it. He pretended so good. Man who demands from woman good attitude but is persuaded that women are objects for sex and cumbucket!!!!.
    Most of articles are disgusting. Most of men here are misogynists. U are not happy people with lot of mental problems!
    I feel terrible after read his post about how he fucks prostitutes, about Asian women, etc….. God!!
    Man who has lied to me since we first met – first about his age, then about women but I was very loyal with him. Man who is 20 years older and he thinks maybe he will live forever.
    He writes how he uses escort service and ready to pay to prostitutes 500-1000$ per nights but at the same time he writes I am obsessed with money? Most of you here write Ukrainians are crazy for money. Oh really??? I work hard and pay all my bills I never ask money from men. During one year i didn’t ask money from him any time!!!! He would rather pay $1000 to prostitute than to give money to woman who loved him. So who has problems??? Is this man’s logic?
    If there is any mature and clever person on this forum? How do you think guys if man asks to move to live in his country should he take financial responsibility and give to the woman financial secure or u are all sick here? As I see most of users on this forum are men. Tell me please if I provide myself why i have to accept from a man disrespect or why i can’t expect that man will take a financial responsibility if he asks me to live with him in his country and wants me as a wife. Of course I expect man should provide me in the way i provide myself and even more. Mentally healthy men understand it. Mentally healthy men should offer to his woman comfortable conditions, mentally healthy men will accept woman with her family because the family is a part of her as woman accepts his family.
    Men who write here about getting women in Ukrainian villages or in small Russian cities obviously can’t get a woman in their country and are looking for cheap options. They even can’t get a good woman in Ukraine or Russia. The reality is that in Ukraine and Russia even average level or not educated women are more or less nice. In your country in order to have a nice and really good woman for relationship you need to make a lot of efforts.
    You talk here about women like about some goods that you buy on the market. You should not expect too much from women cuz u are a piece of shit (not all)! . You really don’t see our deep soul and positive sides. You write here about how we are crazy about money.
    Are you not? Maybe you are more crazy. You realize very well that with American or European woman you have a risk to lose money in case of divorce. Unfortunately our women are not protected very well by law and you know it. You feel your power. But is it really the power or maybe a weakness?
    If we are so bad don’t come here. Don’t dare to criticize us. If you don’t like our culture and our mentality it is not our problem, it is your problem. Find woman in your culture and be happy. Buy you also hate American women. U hate all women.
    U come here to find an easy sex with naïve girls, here u are kings cuz for u everything is cheap here but in your countries u are nobody and I doubt that in ur country even woman of ur age will fuck with u. This is the reality. I am kind of woman who doesn’t dream to live in US, who doesn’t dream about European or American passport. Accept the reality men! Who does wait for you here???!!!!
    More than that most of my women friends in
    Ukraine and Russia have never been in relationship with foreigners and they don’t want. These women are educated, earn more than some of you guys. I very doubt that Roosh V who writes stupid articles have ever met good intelligent, educated, confident Ukrainian woman. If he tried to pick up one of my friends they would tell him “who are you? Fuck off!” Sorry saying this.
    This American man that writes about me a crap knows that i don’t dream to have US passport. The only one reason why I even started to talk to him was – i thought he lives in Ukraine. But happened what happened.
    I should meet Wi Tu Lo in a few days but as I see he would write here in blog that Ukrainian prostitute is with him and is happy to cook for him!!!! But in person he talks about children, that i have to quit in order to move there.
    To fuck women over the world is not a big deal to love one woman is a major breakthrough!. What do you have in result? Spending time on forums to complain how women are and where is better to take a chick.
    He tells me about how much he loves me and how strong team we can be, that he wants to have a family with me, that it is first time in his life he has such a strong feeling to the woman. Disgusting!
    Guys answer the question why woman has to be with smb who doesn’t treat her well (doesn’t matter the nationality) or who doesn’t respect, cheats, is on dating sites or who thinks that all women want only money!!!!????? I respect myself!!! Only one reason why i was ready to move to live with him cuz i loved this bastard. Yes I am demanding, first of all i am demanding of myself. I can be loyal and kind, to give a lot of love but in the way of respect and good attitude to me.
    Men are bad liars. I told him lot of times. If I keep silence it doesn’t mean i don’t know that he lies. He swore by the health of his mother he didn’t cheat on me. But he did! .
    Unfortunately not enemies hurt us but people whom we love. Ppl whom we trust betray in a very cruel way.
    I am sorry for u my dear. I am sorry for all men who hate women and think we need only money. You will never be happy cuz you don’t want to be happy. The Problem is not in women, problem is in u. If there is at least one person on this forum who is happy in marriage? If you had a bad experience with some women in your life it doesn’t mean all are bad. If women thought that all men are liars, cheaters, losers and want only sex……….?
    What a shame!
    Who says shit doesn’t respect other ppl, women, other cultures is a piece of shit and first of all doesn’t respect himself!
    Wish u happiness guys and to appreciate each minute of ur life, appreciate ppl who love u, kindness in ur life.
    Having a penis doesn’t mean to be a man.
    Hope dear u will not have a heart attack that i know about this profile. Better do not play games with “diabolical Slavic genes”!!!!

    1. You sound pretty bitter. You are out of order saying how all the men on here are misogynists. Get this, you silly girl: We dislike FEMINISTS not ‘women’. There is a big difference! You generalise too much. You might accuse us of the same thing, but we’re not saying ALL women are a certain way, any more than you shouldn’t say that the guys on this forum are misogynists. Clearly you have swallowed the feminist’s ideology and smear campaigns against men. YOU are the one with a problem, girl! Maybe take a look at yourself for a change. Look in the mirror.
      You might be hard-working and a good citizen. I couldn’t possibly say you aren’t, or that you are, as I don’t know you. But you seem to have taken things personally, when most of what the guys on here are saying is that a LOT of women DO abuse men, and DO see them as a ‘utility’ or ‘ATM’; all the while feminists are clearly misandrists!!! They spit far more hatred than ANY of the guys on here. Wake up!
      Sure some men abuse women, but so do women abuse men; and I’d go as far to say that MORE women abuse men, than men abuse women! You see women abuse men verbally; they abuse them financially; they abuse them in family matters; and many women are violent, if not more so than men, but RARELY do we hear about the violence women inflict on men, in the media. No, it’s ALL about how hard done by women are, and very LITTLE is reported on the plight of men; and what is reported on men is treated with contempt, laughter or ridicule. If a man cries rape, people laugh or ignore him. He has NO WHERE to go. But if a woman cries rape, immediately the man is arrested, NO QUESTIONS (even if she started it or made it up) and she gets ALL the help she could ever need. She’ll even be offered rehousing or counselling. Men? Nah, not on your Nellie.
      So kindly refrain from showing such naivety from your privileged place (though probably not as privileged as a woman in western society, admittedly, but you can’t judge our society if you haven’t lived here and you’re also not a man, and SEEING what happens to men, or rather, doesn’t).
      It’s time for a reality check girl!

      1. If you read my comment attentively i didn’t say i hate all men. I like men and respect men. I wrote that most of men here write bad things about girls, about ukrainian girls. I wrote it for my man whom i have found here writing he is misogynist and a lot of shit about me. But at the same time every day during the year he told me how much he loves me. More than that he cheated on me. Yesterday he swore that it was not his profile but straight away after conversation he had deleted it. So, u can’t read his comments. Do you think after this experience i will hate all men? Of course no.
        I don’t care what men write here but of course it is not a pleasure to read how ppl don’t respect other cultures, customs. But in such way they don’t respect themself.
        Why we ukrainian women should change ourselves? Who want to live in USA ok, she has to.
        But to criticize us for money or smth else. No! From one hand u don’t like feminists, you want nice feminine woman but from another hand you criticize our women are crazy for money cuz you don’t want to spend.Then maybe american women are not so bad? Same if I say all men want only sex. Yes we need man provides a family. This is our culture and it will not change, who doesn’t like it, it is not our problem.
        Even misogynists want to be loved. Nothing personal! Believe me I am very far from feminism )) maybe we understand in different ways what is feminism but in both cases i am far from it.
        Ian you seem like a smart person. In this world always will be smb who abuse women or man. We should start from ourselves and improve ourselves. Have a nice day and wish you love. Today in Ukrain is woman’s day so men gift flowers ))) Note, is it not the holiday of feminists.

        1. Thank you for your much more reasoned message this time. I understand your frustration with your guy, and I think it was this that made your write in such a way.
          I was thinking that maybe the person you were talking about perhaps was not your guy, but when you said his comments disappeared after you raised it with him, then it sounds like it was him. But you have to ask yourself WHY he felt it necessary to write those things about you? Deep down he feels differently to how what he tells you, for whatever reason. We can’t know what’s happening in your relationship.
          My rant at you was because you were criticising the men here! Calling us misogynists, and being ‘sick’. Pretty insulting stuff, anyone reading this would agree. Sure you were angry, but don’t take out your frustration on all the guys here! Making such blanket statements is what feminists do, when they group ALL men together. You’ve already distanced yourself from feminists, so you admit that women differ, so how about you afford the same logic to the guys here? We aren’t all the same, we are as frustrated as you are with your guy, with feminists, the media and many sections of society in the west now.
          However, if you read my earlier post about Russian women, you’ll see that I too have said that a lot of them ARE money-grabbing, demanding so and sos – and they are! This doesn’t mean they ALL are. I didn’t say that. The same goes for Chinese girls, they too are very money orientated. However, they don’t have the condescending attitude that many Russian girls do, and and the ‘entitled’ mentality of those same girls. They also aren’t as narcissistic! That is the single aspect I find most abhorrent in many Russian girls/women. You have to ask yourself WHY so many people support this opinion if it’s not true? In MOST cases I’ve come to know and hear of, AND that my neighbour’s Russian wife is JUST like it, it IS the case that Russian females that seek western men ARE mostly very avaricious, money-hungry females! If you’re not one of them, then great. But most of them are not like you say you personally are.
          I hope you now better understand my point? I think you also need to admit that you did come in here attacking ALL of us with your combative words. Of course you’ll get some backlash if you do that.
          I think you need to really ask questions of your guy, for clearly he’s not happy with you, for whatever reason. Only you know if he’s justified in his feelings, but clearly something isn’t right or he wouldn’t have said what he did. You need to accept that something isn’t right, and that behaviours need to change – maybe both of you? I don’t know. I can’t say who is at fault, but clearly something has made him feel the way he does. So you need to get to the bottom of it.
          Oh and by the way, almost every day I get e-mails from girls I’ve never come across or met, from Russia, pleading with me to e-mail them because they want to meet, saying how they would make a great wife, will love me and cherish me etc. They are just mass mailing whole databases of people, using the scatter-gun approach, in the hope of netting a gullible guy. These girls are just looking for a better life, NOT specifically who gives it to them. Any sucker will do, just so they can come to a more affluent country to live. Think of all the men in your country too who don’t have these choices. But because they are men, they have to put up with life there. Women have so many options – yet the feminists will say otherwise of course!
          So you’ll excuse me for thinking that MOST of the Russian girls who come to the west to live ARE money-grabbing girls? I’m not blaming them for wanting a better life, but to dress it up as them being caring and wanting to look after her man, is so abusive and disingenuous it makes me pretty pissed off towards these parasites.
          Anyway, sort your love life out. Don’t come in here and accuse us of being sick and misogynistic. OK?

        2. I will try to explain u one more time. Frankly i don’t like forums and i don’t read forums. I don’t have time for it. I have read the Roosh’s article about ukrainian girls. What he has written is his subjective sentiment, not more not less. Doesn’t mean it is truth. Second i am not russian. I never write to men first and never ask about anything, more than that it is humiliating to ask about smth if person doesn’t want to give. So if u like womens ask u about smth it is ur choice. Depends what kind of girls u communicate with.
          As i mentioned before i don’t think that all men are misogynists. I think you should read all comments of my man about women in general in order to understand. But he has deleted his profile. It is not only about me. All his profile was full of posts that women are only cumbuckets, objects for sex and they have to work in the kitchen etc. I never hold a man and i told him lots of times that if he wants another woman or doesn’t love me i dont hold him. I am attractive young woman and USA is not my dream.
          He knows i don’t need a US passport, he knows i provide myself. I didn’t ask from him money. Only thing i told clear that if i move there he should take responsibility etc. It is quite mature.
          But of course if the man tells me he wants i leave my job it means he has to propose smth.
          My message was refered exactly to ppl who write bad about our women, to ppl who complain how bad we are etc. To ppl who write they hate women and women should be used only for sex. But not to all men.
          I will try to explain u a bit about our culture. Maybe u will understand or maybe not but anyway.
          Our culture in some ways is different from western. I don’t know what means for u that women are crazy for money. But here if man and woman have relationship or family usually man takes resposibility. Man provides woman, man takes care about her. Man makes gits. Not always but in general. We have it from east cultures. So from one hand u see what u see and can think that women want only money but from another hand u can’t judge us for our traditions. Of course it doesn’t mean that u have to give expensive gifts after first meeting or smth like this but woman expects that man will provide her and will show his serious intention. If western men don’t like it we can’t do anything. We live like this during many eayrs. So it is man’s choice. Men pay in restaurans always, men gift flowers, men make gifts. Here if couple has a baby woman don’t work 2-3 years if man can provide. Thus first 2-3 years woman looks after a child. Some men want women work, some men don’t want , some women work just for pleasure if they have family.
          Also depends on how old are girls u communicate with etc. Sure i know lot of stories when girls take money and leave men. But usualy these girls are very young , from small cities. They are 22-28 years old and men like 50-65 years old come here to meet them. They should not expect any love in this case.
          The point is that u can meet such kind of ppl everywhere in every country.
          Regarding my man. I don’t know what for he wrote all disgusting things but at the same time told me about his seriuse intentions and that he loves only me. But i think it is not my business anymore. I don’t want to waste my time on forums. I have a very active life full of interesting ppl.
          Wish u happiness.

  51. First off, i support men who claim their masculinity and fight to stop feminist bs. But i noticed how in the beginning of the article you claim many women use men for their money or just want their money. For a blog that claims women should accept their natural role as loyal and submissive home makers, why then promote the notion that men don’t need to provide for and protect the women who they want to stay at home ? Please clarify what you mean.

    1. Most of western men want to dominate but don’t want to make any efforts. They fight with feminism but at the same time they want like a super woman who makes everything by herself . They want a woman at home but don’t want to spend money. Maybe woman has to print money. If woman tells to man that he has to take responsibility and to provide her (what is absolutely normal in case woman doesn’t work) man says that woman wants only his money. (It is not about all men)
      Woman will always follow the right man if she sees he is reliable, can be a good husband and father. We chose fathers for our children…Most of women I know would stop work with pleasure if they met right reliable men.
      some men use money as instrument for manipulation. This is one of the reasons why women prefer to work.

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