Decreasing Marriage Rate Is Hurting Feminism

I recently read a quote that said, “Economics is the study of secondary consequences.” Then feminism would be purposeful blindness to secondary consequences, which are coming home to roost as we speak.

The reality is human biology makes it impossible for a large percentage of women to focus on casual sex and professional advancement to the degree that feminism insists is only natural.  The reason for this is children require more investment than women themselves can provide.  Women who want to be mothers need to extract resources from men in order to be truly successful parents.  Many have looked at the success of a small number of widows in raising their children without the help of a husband and assumed husbands and fathers aren’t really necessary.  However, what is possible as an exception isn’t something we can build a society on.  Aside from those who started with great wealth, widows have always struggled to provide for and raise their children.  In a healthy society made primarily of husband lead households they also benefit from an in tact social and familial structure.

While mankind concludes its great feminism experiment, today’s men are getting reamed for something that, ultimately, will collapse.

There is insufficient incentive to keep the mass of men producing at the levels needed to transfer enough wealth to women.

[Dalrock: How the destruction of marriage is strangling the feminist welfare state]

12 thoughts on “Decreasing Marriage Rate Is Hurting Feminism”

  1. Women in general, and feminists in particular have an intense hatred of the analysis of these secondary effects.
    This is probably because women are largely outcome-oriented without regard to the process that is supposed to achieve said outcome.
    I have used rational thought and cause-and-effect reasoning to slowly winch more than a few women out of the depths of one type of oversimplified thinking or another, only to have the giant bungee of emotion snap them back to the place they started from.
    You can’t really make a woman happy. Feminism is little more than a complicated set of bylaws governing that statement.

  2. We all know it’s a pyramid scheme who’s time is just about up. Just remains to be seen if the fallout will provide a better or worse environment in the short term.

  3. Women that work are still dependent on men as producers. Women don’t create large businesses that employ lots of people. It’s risk-taking, entrepreneurship and capital from men that creates the businesses that employ most women. Men are still the geese laying the golden eggs. Without men, feminists wouldn’t have a job.

  4. any one who thinks they can raise even one child never mind two, all on their own, and hold down a job, is out of their tiny minds…..
    children are a full time work….. very demanding but also potentially very rewarding.

  5. Hey, great post, I really like your site for the most part. I’ve been witness to all the females around me all my life and I truly don’t see what they want out of life. I think most girls just like to make a drama out of everything and that’s why they group together to complain about “big issues”. They want to get jobs just to prove they can but they don’t want to work all their life. Men don’t have this kind of ‘comfort’ and it’s not fair that feminist women don’t give men any credit/respect. I have a question for the male readers. Do men enjoy working? Does the pressure of not having an alternative to being economically successful ever get to you?

  6. I have a theory has to do with both evolution and population control on Earth. I think, at this present moment of time, human biological evolution has slowed down and human intellectual evolution is taking place. More and more intellectually evolved people are becoming focused on creating a family and passing on their healthy genes to their offspring. Intellectually inferior people like feminists and certain kinds of men who stupidly over-indulge in sex, drugs and alcohol (without regard for their bodies) will have fertility problems as well as relationship problems. In short, their genes will not be passed down to their offspring. Even if they are, their offspring will have inferior genes and will not be able to adapt and evolve with the changing world and hence die out. Also, this will help in controlling the human population the planet which cannot sustain life beyond 6 billion humans. I think the rise in homosexuality in the present era is another way humans are evolving in order to curb the rise in population.

  7. Can someone give me advice on how to handle jealousy? I live with Dad and step mom. I had to move back home and I’m 24. I work out hard and try to stay fit. My family is gross and eats bad food… I feel like I make my step mom self conscious. I just don’t want to lose my bf so I care about what I look like.

  8. They will simply tax men to transfer wealth, and burden employers with maternity leave.
    Ultimately though the goal is to transfer children to collective care so that mothers will stay on the job.

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