Is This The Most Horrible Woman In Washington DC?

The latest edition of Washington Posts’ Date Lab featured a woman with perhaps the worst attitude I’ve seen. She insults her blind date right from the beginning:

I got [to the restaurant at] about 10 of. They said that he had called ahead and he’d be running late. My first impression was just: a nice, handsome guy, a typical D.C. guy, like he left Farragut North-land to go to dinner. Your typical D.C. bro-bro. That’s what I call them: bro-bros. They’re like a LAX[lacrosse]-bro, but not; now they have, like, real jobs, they have to look the part, but kinda goofy, like they don’t know what’s going on, but they do, a little bit.

She deems herself witty:

It was difficult; like, what do we have in common? And then I was like, “Have you seen ‘Seinfeld’?” I judge a lot of people off of that; you can read a person. I was shocked to learn that there’s someone else out there that is witty like me, who doesn’t care and just does that.

She also hits us with some wisdom:

 A blind date is great in theory, but the problem is that it’s just like meeting a complete stranger.


She even drops a reference to Sex and the City. All that was more than enough ammunition for guys  on the forum to air their views:

 What a banal bitch. Typical middle class urban woman; thinks she’s much smarter and wittier than she is, thinks she’s cultured because she watches TV, total sense of entitlement gleaned from chick TV(actually mentions Sex and the City) and magazines and has nothing to offer a man.

Is a 4 who looks older than she is. Probably has occasional dates with betas, but mostly sits home watching Lifetime and diddling herself with her sex toy collection. Any doofus who marries her is going to regret it.

The guy laid a pretty good smackdown: David: Her personality didn’t engage mine whatsoever. I didn’t find myself being compelled to find out more about her. She talked a lot about, like, movies and TV shows, and [it was] not an interesting conversation to me. I think, in that sense, we didn’t connect on any level. The whole thing was pretty superficial.

Maybe I’m starting to become enlightened, or maybe it’s just the realization that women aren’t as complex as I once thought. That woman is slowly coming to the conclusion that her alpha-male disguised as a white knight may never show up. And she’s bitter about that. She’s had dates in the past with guys she really liked at first, only to realize a month later that they weren’t who she thought/hoped they were. Again, she’s bitter about this. She’s watched Sex And The City religiously and believes that Sarah Jessica Parker was spot on in her assessment about men at large. And most importantly, that woman realizes she may not be as desirable now as she was in High School or even College when there was always a beta nearby to kick around until Mr. White Knight showed up on his fucking horse. She’s full of realization, and she’s bitter about it.

In case you’re wondering how she looks, here you go…

Imagine a city of hundreds of Caitlin’ running around, thinking they’re witty and awesome, and you have Washington DC.

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27 thoughts on “Is This The Most Horrible Woman In Washington DC?”

    1. yeah thats just what i was thinking. she’s 27 but looks damn near 40. she ain’t got no lips either! eww.

  1. Watching Seinfeld doesn’t make you witty.
    Making somebody laugh based off your own material is witty.

  2. The two men she mentioned as role models for her perfect date were Jon Hamm (Don Draper) and James Bond.
    Note that both of these men/characters are defined by their total lack of empathy and concern for women as human beings, and for their one-night stands and complete sexual amorality.
    But if you ask her what she wants (without using fictional characters as played by handsome actors as a guide), she’d probably CLAIM to want a man who believes in equality and having children and all that crap.
    Meanwhile she’s fantasizing about men who are defined by their lack of compassion and inability to maintain stable relationships with women (i.e., alphas).

  3. I really don’t have any intelligent commentary to add to this, I just wanted to chime in at how unattractive that chick is because she definitely looks like the type of chick that needs a blind date. Literally blind.

  4. Sadly North America is filled with cities that are filled with women just like this. I can’t think of one woman who appears any different than another. All of the conversations are the same. The way they dress is the same. Their goals are the same. There is no originality in all of these women. Which tells me they are getting their cue from the same place. Tv. Movies. Magazines.

  5. Her interview comments disgusted me just as much as the next poster, but everyone saying that she’s ugly is misguided. I live in an area with a high level of talent, and I wouldn’t call her ugly. I wouldn’t call her pretty either. Just average, but certainly not hideous like some other people seem to think. It’s only one picture, so maybe I’m missing something, but in that one picture she doesn’t look that bad, certainly not 40 years old. Certainly not a bombshell either.

  6. “A blind date is great in theory, but the problem is that it’s just like meeting a complete stranger.”
    LMAO! Is she serious?
    Sounds like another head case.

    1. She’s Mensa material, for sure. What’s next?
      “You also should know this about running: in the same amount of time, the faster you move your legs, the farther you’ll go.”

  7. I think her ‘tude almost entirely comes from the fact that the dude isn’t good looking. He’s a realistic match for her, but hey, that’s the dynamic here.

  8. I’d say she’s a 5 or a 6, but her personality brings her down to down to a 1. And how many times can a woman say “like”, anyway?

  9. Wow. That’s pretty bad. “Do you watch Seinfeld?” Wow.
    He looks like a really nice guy.

  10. to be fair she appears to be around a 6.5 for an American, with and extra point added for not being fat, but damn is the hamster strong in this one. I’d love a follow up in 4 years or so.

  11. Jesus Christ… Just count how often she uses the word “like”. This has to be one of the most obnoxious speech impediments that plague people nowadays.

  12. ugh I really need to move away from DC, that really is the typical girl you’ll see here

    1. Somewhere the Gods of Prophesy are smiling on you.
      Caitlyn = Crazy? Oh yeah. Bruce Jenner’s penis just called and it agrees.

  13. I grew up in Washington. Used to play these broads ALL the time. I was a commercial telephone guy in offices all over DC from the mid 80s until 2009. The best days were Clinton’s days, every SJF in town was DESPERATE to show off her blow-job skills. It was a grand time. Be Alpha, get a fast bike, date young women, except sometimes a Date Labs broad like this if you must. They’re beyond easy and easier still if you take no shit from them. They’re all over the place and their Cooters are there for the taking.

  14. Seinfeld references will get the date ended immediately. I never knock a man for getting as much money as he can get his hands around, but Jerry Seinfeld has to be the worst comedian I’ve ever seen. The show was trash and I still can’t figure out what the hype was.

  15. Jeesus! My wife has 20 years on that woman, looks younger in the face (or about the same but much prettier), and much better from the neck down.
    That woman looks 40 which doesn’t bode well for her dating future.

  16. Yeah, but these broads, you bang em and move along because Jesus H. Christ, there are a lot of them, all channeling their inner Monica Lewinski. Almost all of em are Jewish chicks down there and they all give a Hell of a blow job. Anyone that can’t bang in the 25-35 age range in DC is a fag. Easiest broads in the country.

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