Farah Brook Films Herself Sexually Harassing And Assaulting Men

An “aspiring comedienne,” Farah Brook, recently filmed herself trying to forcibly kiss multiple men (and a sole woman) in New York City. The reason? She wanted a film role. Even more attempts to kiss were actually made, ones which didn’t make the final cut, including a “f— off” from a clearly annoyed target.

Social and mainstream media responses were mixed, but a large number, including Time and the UK’s Mirror, found the “stunt” highly entertaining. What these outlets did not reveal, however, is that many men have been arrested, convicted, and even jailed for either attempted or completed forced kissing.

The subject in question

Brook is a compulsive, retrograde attention-seeker, having filmed herself propositioning and attempting to forced-kiss multiple people without even the possibility for misconstruing consent. If her name were Frank Brook and “he” had tried to kiss just one woman, an arrest, booking, fingerprinting, DNA sample-taking and conviction by a court for indecency or sexual assault would have followed, potentially involving jail time. But given this “experiment” centered on multiple people being accosted, the implications for a man would have been much worse.

Supporters or minimizers of Brook’s behavior will point out that no film exists of her actually kissing someone against their will. Firstly, we have no idea that this didn’t happen. Brook’s poor rationalizations for her harassing actions (see below) indicates that her retelling of the non-included footage should be regarded with extreme caution.

Secondly, just because people are able to avoid her lips in the video doesn’t mitigate that what has happened is a thorough attempt at sexual assault and substantiated sexual harassment. In fact, sexual assault, like its physical cousin, need not involve physical contact, as the examples of arrested men prove.

And finally, considering that feminists now regard cat-calling and merely looking at the female form as sexual harassment (or sexual “violence” even!), how do we view someone actively trying to kiss, without warning, multiple people she’s asked directions from?

This man had to physically push Brook away by the forehead to prevent her kissing him.

Colleges and feminists define “forced kissing” as sexual assault

You already know that in practice this means when men who do it, not women.

The Campus Sexual Assault (CSA) Study (2007): Forced kissing and attempted forced kissing, along with many verbal comments, are included as sexual assault.

Women’s Resource Center of the River Valley: “Sexual assault… is unwanted kissing.”

Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT): “In most states the following are considered acts of sexual assault… [f]orced kissing

I could go on and on. You get the picture. Brook is behaving in ways that would get young men banned from college on a de facto permanent basis, staining their long-term earning potential and social relations in perpetuity. But she gets off because she’s a woman and, to boot, a woman trying to get ahead in the supposedly rampantly sexist world of “comedy.”

Brook’s justifications are equally preposterous. “I wanted to do something positive that involved love,” she cooed to The New York Daily News. Picture the incredulous faces if a man made that claim appearing before a college tribunal or outside one after a mistaken kiss or attempted kiss with a fellow female student, let alone with a dozen or so classmates.

The 10 hours in New York hypocrisy

“Men got arrested for the things I did? But I’m just a girl! Hi hi hi hi!”

Remember Shoshanna Roberts, the struggling actress who wanted to spruik herself under the guise of raising so-called “sexual harassment” awareness? When her video was released, feminists and other SJWs frothed at the mouth in order to pillory men, especially lower socio-economic, “ghetto-looking” African-Americans.

There has been no similar reaction to Farah Brook, who physically tried to sexually assault men. She wasn’t making comments or just looking, like the majority of men in Roberts’ contrived video. The silence given this distinction is deafening.

Brook has done the world a huge favor, though, despite her displayed sexual harassment (and assaults), because she filmed the double standard and laid it bare for all of us to see.

Men have been arrested or convicted for TRYING to kiss women

Mohammad Rasooly was convicted in March of sexual assault in southern England for trying to kiss a girl. The court placed him on the sex offenders’ registry for five years. He additionally lost his job, was sentenced to fifty hours of unpaid community work, and is being subjected to a year-long community order, including six months of correctional supervision.

Across the Atlantic, Carlos Chuva was arrested this year in Brook’s very own New York City for allegedly caressing the face and thigh of a woman, and trying to kiss her. The charge is first-degree felony sexual assault. Physical contact was purportedly made here, but the attempts to kiss were obviously part of the quantum of the claimed sexual assault.

It extends to sexual assault now, too.

Also in March, an Italian in Japan was arrested for trying to kiss a local Japanese woman on her forehead.

Back in Britain again, a man was detained this year on suspicion of trying to kiss a 16-year-old girl in his vehicle after offering her a lift. Whatever your opinion on grown men picking up 16-year-olds in cars is, the issue here was not to do with her age.

The question remains: why was Brook spared such an arrest? With the exception of the allegations against Chuva, all evidence suggests that Brook’s behavior was more rampant, premeditated, and excessive than any of the other three descriptions. Most importantly, it was caught right on camera and disseminated by Brook herself for the purposes of “entertainment.”

Her video would lead a reasonable person to label Brook a serial sexual harasser and assaulter

There’s a big difference between an attempted kiss on a dance floor with a girl you’ve flirted with, and going up to a complete stranger and trying to kiss her. Brook’s saving grace, having taken up the latter variety of sexual harassment, is her vagina. She should have been, like so many other men, arrested, charged and convicted for public indecency and sexual assault.

If Brook ever speaks out on gender issues, or copies the fraudulent assertion à la Sarah Silverman that women in comedy are discriminated against, we can remind her of the sexism that saved her from a criminal conviction and becoming a social pariah. That criminal conviction is the fate always reserved for anyone possessing a penis in a similar situation.

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  1. How does she get away with it? It’s quite simple really. Looks like this woman has a “Pussy Pass”. Haha, Poooooooosssssyyyy Pass! Leeloo Dallas Poosy Pass!

    1. It’s legalised prostitution – she got paid for lots of hits on her youtube.
      Be a whore. Get paid. Living the western dream.
      Provided for by western males who are getting fucked over.

  2. “Brook is a compulsive, retrograde attention-seeker”
    Tomorrow’s arrestable offence. But only if tomorrow is the biblical day of judgement.

    1. She and all those like her are helping to bring about a society that will be hell on earth for most folk and definately males.

      1. Western societies are already psychological prisons. It’s only a matter of time before we see massive, year after year reductions in standard of living. Then it’ll get interesting.

  3. Female comedienne = non sequitur.
    Jillian Bell? Not funny.
    Paula Poundstone? Not funny.
    Rosie O Donnell? DEFINITELY not funny
    Sarah Silverman? Not funny
    I’m sure that like the albino calf there might be one or two decent female comediennes but overall and with regard to comedy they tend to “sucketh greatly” as a Shakespearean bard living today might say.

    1. Come on, Danny Boy! A bunch of mediocre or worse-looking women (many with Jewish media privilege in the first place to get their jobs) all saying the same “I fucked a Black guy, his dick was THIS big!” “joke” isn’t hilarious? What’s your problem? :)-

      1. Or they try to hopelessly mimic Dennis Miller’s dry wit and it all just ends up coming across as dull and uninteresting, like Jillian Bell’s schtick in “22 Jump Street”

      1. The only clips I’ve seen of her go straight to female/feminist victimhood gripes.

    2. Rita Rudner is definitely a talented and funny female comedian. Many feminists don’t like her because she is pretty, feminine, and her comedy typically invokes her musings on traditional female situations. Moreover, her comedy is the anti-Amy Schumer; her personality is purposefully mild (her words not mine), swearing is not part of her schtick, and promiscuity of other females gets lampooned.
      While I haven’t seen/heard much from Ms. Rudner in the last few years, I’ve heard she plays a regular show at the Venetian in Las Vegas. If nothing else, she is a powerful reminder that vulgarity, boorishness, and sluttiness are not necessary for women to be funny or empowered.

  4. Yet another cog in the dirty machine of Feminist values.
    Double standards rears its ugly head once again.

    1. Women won’t be satisfied until they have done the ruling class’s job.
      ie women will whore it up as we all get enslaved, then they will beg the men to fix the gargantuan problems they have caused.

        1. Actually, Margaret Thatcher fixed the problems a bunch of left-wing, socialist fucktards made of the UK (i.e. halving tax rates by getting rid of useless government companies that built shit that no one wanted).
          Of course, Margaret Thatcher was working class, had a strong father figure and he sent her to university to learn something useful.

  5. What a pig. Christ. I would’ve held her at arm’s length, with a simple “Fuuuck youuu.”

  6. Next thing you know, we’ll be back to the days when a man looking at a woman gets accused of visual rape…

    1. My friend’s son goes to a major University in the Midwest. He had to sign something his freshman year, promising that he would not “eye rape” anyone while he was there.
      I shit you not.

      1. Pretty soon we will not be able to look at each other or have unscheduled interaction.
        Fuck this society.

        1. You forgot, you’re not supposed to stare at her until she is 39, has baby rabies, and needs someone to wife her up.
          Then, you win the opportunity to pay off her credit card debts, buy her a McMansion in suburbia, and raise your child while she goes out with her gal pals.
          Then, you can stare at the walking nightmare all you want.

        2. Raise “your” child? You men HERS, from two different dads!
          “My ‘brother’ looks nothing like me!”
          Fuck that. One of my favorite mantras is a woman’s kids are her problem, that dude’s problem, and the government’s problem, not mine!

        3. It never ceases to amaze me when dudes sign up for that shit – a woman with multiple divorces, or children from different fathers, who is still in her 20s or 30s.
          The thirst is strong in the beta.

        4. I’ve told women in that situation my mantra who think they have ANY business acting entitled or picky at all. They sure have got some goddamn nerve!

        5. Opening message:
          How old are your children?
          Are your pics recent?
          …I prefer women who aren’t used up please 😉 So if that bothers you, move on.

        6. Women believe whatever the television tower tells them (thus, their constant harping about “media portrayal of women”).
          When the churches/education system/media all tell them that they are fabulous, regardless of their actions and circumstance, they fall for it hook, line and sinker.
          It’s only when they are faced with the reality – the dismissal from a man with a higher SMV – that they realize the harsh reality: their excess baggage is a turn off. There are consequences for their actions.
          Then, they run over to Thought Catalog and write a poem about how they don’t need men.
          It’s all too predictable.

        7. I don’t know where the fuck these used up, damaged bitches on fire sale get off on overvaluing themselves. Any time a woman interjects having kids as we’re talking I invent a reason to exit the conversation. Not only is it among the biggest boner killers, I don’t want to hear any stories about how “brilliant” or “good at sports” the kid is. I don’t have any, so I don’t have stories to share and can’t relate on any level. Therefore, there are no fucks for me to give!

        8. Sadly, many men are very eager for these exact opportunities you just described. Self-respect is SOOO 1950s.

        9. Yes, always question the pics. They could be from years ago when she was thinner or if they’re all carefully framed to only be head-and-boobs selfies it’s autopilot suspicious that she’s fat. You can often tell by the roundness of her face too, but this isn’t always bulletproof. I got bait-and-switched once by a girl who looked pretty on Tinder then when I met her she ended up being taller and bigger than me, and I’m no slouch! Those were the most awkward 45 minutes I’ve ever spent in public. She kept on text shitblasting me for a while after until I blocked her number. I didn’t feel bad about it at all, seeing as to how she used disingenuous subterfuge on me to begin with!
          The entitlement can often be downright sickening:

        10. Tinder. If she says she’s 30, then add a few years for real age. Then figure she’s using pics from when she was 22. Expect her to look older and heavier IRL. In her mind she’s just ‘maximizing her social options’ by ‘putter her best face forward’. They don’t want to disclose how many kids they have, because they have to ‘protect their family’. Why would HB9 be doing online dating anyway? Not realistic. She’d couldn’t handle the spam.

        11. I experience a similar reaction when a woman brings up her “career.” If I can’t leave or change the subject, I completely zone out whatever shit’s emanating from her mouth.

        12. It’s a $20,000 framed piece of paper that’s a bragging right means to an end. Once Betadaddy Warbucks comes into the fold suddenly “Being a good mom” takes priority and the “career” she loved boasting about gets put on ice while Schmoe Boy floats the bills.

        13. This is very true, being rejected or pumped an dumped by a high value man is one of the few time Western women get a reality check. Although they will hamster it with help from their friends an the media most still feel a sting from it.

        14. Every online dating profile I come across these days has women going on and on about how much they love their career and how they’re a “strong and independent” sassy woman. Do these women actually think men are attracted to those things in a woman?

        15. Unfortunately, if it’s the government’s problem, it is also your problem since you’re paying for their problems.

      2. I’ve heard that some companies have a “2 second or more of looking equals sexual harassment” policy.

        1. some females say it makes them uncomfortable so the companies are just covering their butts

        2. Feminists want want destroy any normal interactions between males an females. Soon women will start wondering why no men talk to them or take the lead or pay them attention.

        3. Eye contact?! wtf are you talking about..
          only “hawt” attractive alpha men and high status men, i.e, those in management, are allowed to make “eye contact” with women. If you’re some unattractive guy or some beta schlub, you better be careful making eye contact with women at work. They might find it “creepy” and report you to HR.

        4. I think ‘bgluck’ explained it clearly. Read his post again—that’s what happened to it.

        5. Ha ha. Now the cunts actually have super-hero caliber laser beam powers coming out of their eyeballs. If their gaze matches yours for more than two seconds then they have the power to laser-beam you right the fuck off the campus (after a little bit of paperwork).
          BZZZEEWWWPP (lazer beam sound)

        6. I can’t wrap my head around why someone would want to break down such a basic, yet necessary, communication tool between the two genders. This really gets under my skin for some reason.

        7. Well you can thank your fellow women and feminism for that.
          I was being a bit facetious and exaggerating slightly in my comment above.. but if MajorStyles’s comment above referring to his friend’s son signing something not to “eye rape” girls is true, god help us. Things really have deteriorated to a sad state. The question is why are men putting up with this bullshit and nonsense.. I mean “eye rape” ?? really??

      3. What really?
        A form issued by the university? To not “eye rape?”
        We are seriously going off the deep end.

      4. tell us which university man. Don’t tease shit like that. this forum isn’t a bunch of censored lib fags

  7. Even though she is above-average, I would make out with her. Thinking about this pisses me off for the following reasons though:
    (1) Men would be arrested for doing the same thing
    (2) I admit that whilst sluttiness is easier for women to achieve, women in the west have become hyper-slutty and uber-hypergamous, to the point where it is incompatible with civilization. They act like dogs on heat where their actions DO have consequences, including broken families and impoverished children and society.
    (3) In order for women to enjoy their ‘freedoms’, they are destroying their own society and causing many others to be enslaved, because actions do have consequences.
    Note that our society is anti male and anti-repsonsibility. We cater to dumb broads who scream of oppression as they go about their day using items that were made by slaves, usually in some other country, who the women are oppressing by buying those items. Some man (or several) has become enslaved to provide them with the woman’s standard of living. This is an evil outcome, where their actions are hurting others. The women just don’t want to or cannot see it, as they are narcissistic.
    Western women truly have become self-serving, selfish and useless parasitic whores. They produce nothing these days and demand everything. They are not independent – some person in another country or the same country is enslaved to provide them with that lifestyle, causing that person pain and suffering. When this society burns, I look somewhat forwards to that day as we just have a society of perpetual evil right now.

    1. Surely you meant either ‘below average, but I would make out..’, or else ‘above average, but I wouldn’t make out..’. The 2nd, is my guess. These gorgons spreading their Herpes and pappiloma are revolting, but lines of desperados will form to give them 21 kisses on their birthday.

  8. This article seems to imply that there is something wrong about what the girl did.
    However, she didn’t do anything wrong, she was just doing an innocent practical joke, which was required as part of an audition for her film role.
    Clearly the feminists have a double-standard in criticizing men who do the same thing, and not criticizing her, but that doesn’t make her a hypocrite unless she is a feminist, which there is no reason to believe she is.
    My problem with this article is that it seems to supported the ridiculous definition of “sexual assault” advocated by feminists. If a man did this prank, the manosphere would support him against feminist critics, so unless we also support a woman who does this kind of prank, we are guilty of the same hypocrisy as the feminists.

    1. Is it not wrong – easy sexual female availability, even as a prank, is a symptom of a dying society. If people see it as normal, its because the society and the people have become so sick, that they cannot tell right from wrong anymore.
      Like Sodom, the west is being destroyed.

    2. The only way to make women rethink that the screeching misandrist feminists are doing “for” them, is to make all women subject to the same laws and standards that they subject men to.
      Most women don’t care. They don’t care for the same reason that an average German didn’t care when “undesirables” were being rounded up. The anthem of the western woman is “well, they are not doing anything to ME”. The usual solipsistic lack of justice.
      Until women are being hauled off for the same thing, as the feminists want it, are paying the same for car insurance, and are having to register for selective service, few of them will give a shit. The only way to get to people who lack any sense of justice is to use pain, and the best pain is the pain they were silent over when it was being done to someone else.

      1. i wonder: will this article lead to the law affecting girls like it does men? i don’t think so. it reads rather defensive and i don’t think it will actually cause the necessary pain to anybody.
        guess it comes down to practicality: would you call the cops if a girl tried to kiss you? maybe you would. me personally, i wouldn’t waste the time of the day.

        1. What if she had a big cluster of fresh, wet herpes sores on her mouth and made significant contact with your lips? What would you do?

        2. i would laugh disgustedly and push her away. you?
          wait, even better. i would say: “your mouth looks horrible. can i kiss your ass instead?”

      2. Most of the women who actually do stand against feminism have men that they love very much. Fathers who loved them, brothers who played with them, boyfriends/husbands who played the dominant one in the relationship whereas feminists are usually single, lesbian or have weak male partners. Just goes to show that women won’t care unless it affects them directly. Just read some of the women against feminism tumblr posts. At least a good handful of the women will mention the men (family,friends,boyfriend) in their lives in the signs they hold up. Thoughts?

        1. The reason for this is that all women want a strong, masculine man, and those who have one do not resent male dominance of society, whereas those do have one are happy with the system.
          To see how this works, just google “liberal vs conservative women” and you can see that the liberals (feminists) are much less attractive (ie, symbolizing their failure to attract a dominant man).

  9. We are entering a time in society where the laws need to catch up to social reality. Women are becoming little sociopaths and the laws are protecting them, both single and divorced.
    Now that women are no longer women, the laws must change. I would expect great social instability until this correction occurs.

    1. The social instability has been engineered on purpose, to cut women off from the role of motherhood and make any opposition to future societal changes weaker.
      It won’t get better – we are in the totalitarian/dying phase of the west.

      1. Yup, we have gone off the deep end and are hurtling face forward towards the concrete with no recourse. The most acceptable outcome the West can hope for at this point is some sort of mercy kill or at least a quick and painless death. Neither seems particularly likely.

  10. The current social reality women live in has about one more generation left. Men are just not going to put up with it at some point in the future. The collective line will be “do you want to be a man or not because if you want to be like a man we are going to start treating you like a man”.

    1. It only has one more generation left because women are unprofitable to the ruling class and have only been funded via feminism as to destroy the men, who were the real competition. Now that male independence and families have been destroyed, there is no need to continue to fund unprofitable ventures such as the false promise of female emancipation, a dream that has always been based on exploiting and enslaving others so that the female could be ‘free’.

      1. Women are profitable to the ruling class as spendthrifts who drive the consumer economy, often with other peoples’ (divorced men’s) money. The average woman dramatically outspends the average man by a 5 to 1 margin. That paradigm is coming to an end rapidly, as the Millennial twats have no money. The scheme worked well on hard working Boomer men, but the Millennials are a different breed altogether.
        Feminism is dying, and will be officially discarded by the mass media once the turnip is squeezed completely dry. There are only so many unqualified females a corporation or business can be forced to take on before they begin to bleed money uncontrollably. The media campaign against feminism will seem to come out of nowhere, and will take hold quickly as feminism is highly unpopular among anyone who is not super rich or mentally ill. Then suddenly traditional values may be seen as fashionable again, at least as far as traditionalism can be used for money making by the elites. Although it would be hard to sell any type of traditionalism to this current crop of fucked-up retards.
        Of course any type of traditionalism pushed in this day and age will be some sort of new-aged, neo-traditional bullshit with massive hints of female empowerment to go along with it. Although my analysis is merely silly conjecture, the point I’m trying to make is that once feminism becomes unprofitable, it will be trashed.

    2. I disagree. Men have put up with it so far. What will change to make men suddenly stop putting up with this shit? Modern men are huge fucking pussies, by and large, and they are certainly not getting any more masculine or assertive.
      Women may not be women anymore, but men are certainly not men anymore either. I was on the UC Davis campus the other day. I was amazed by how soft and weak ALL the men were, at least in appearance. Colleges are nothing but beta factories. It was one of the most low testosterone environments I’ve ever seen. Sure, UC Davis is an extreme case, but it’s like this everywhere. These ‘men’ on college campuses are being prepped to be the administrators (and grunts) in a totalitarian police state. Plain and simple. They will accept and even encourage this type of female behavior.
      Things will only get stranger as the Western world continues to unravel into oblivion. The Western world is too advanced to simply collapse and turn into thunderdome. Any type of apocalyptic collapse would be decades into the future, if at all. A police state similar to the former Soviet Union (although much more high tech) is a forgone conclusion for the USA at this point, and it will likely be fully operational in less than 15 years by my estimation. How else are TPTB going to keep all these feral animals in check? Anyone who has studied history or lived in America for more than 25 years can see that all the moves are being made to head this disaster (possibly intentional by design) off at the pass, and install the turn-key police state.

      1. American men are now raised and educated (indoctrinated) to be beta, to put women’s needs before their own and consider that normal. Feminists have already achieved a ‘soft’ police state using courts to control men. It won’t resemble USSR except that its all being done in the name of social equality.

        1. What do you think it will resemble then?
          I think America will take totalitarian oppression to a whole new level, unseen by humanity before now. The technology involved will be stifling to human freedom.
          There is no way America will be able to keep this standard of living if an entire new generation of men and women go down the perverse road we are currently on. Productivity is already bottoming out among the average man. And of course 99% of women produce nothing of any value to the economy; they are simply the spenders. The money has to come from somewhere. I suspect that the money transfer scheme that marriage has become will dry up relatively soon. Then what?

        2. US and the west will become Brazilified over the next 5-15 years, with a period of overt totalitarianism before US, UK and one or two others are destroyed by war.
          We already live in a technological dictatorship, only a few of the public knows how bad it truly is. Running away is not a solution(apart from uk where all will die, due to density of population etc), but many will suffer before it is put right.

        3. I completely agree about the Brazilification of the US. That can be clearly seen in cities such as Detroit, Baltimore, Memphis, Atlanta, etc.
          I also think that the US would be decimated in any sort of traditional, non-nuclear war. The capacity of the US military to wage war is dwindling rapidly. This isn’t your Grandfather’s military. The military is experiencing a recruiting crisis right now. It’s tough to get men to fight and die for a society that openly hates them and wants them dead anyway. A military draft is equally unlikely to be successful as the US population of men under 40 is a sad, fat, weak, depressed bunch if there ever was one. I could even see the Western World losing a nuclear war due to political correctness. “They bombed us, but we’re just gonna sit here and take it because we don’t nuke people.”

        4. Who would volunteer for a military where the brass advocate for allowing trannies serve side by side with alpha males? That’s a recipe for collapse of readiness and morale.

  11. The real issue is that whilst others may say ‘oh, you’re jealous that it’s harder for men to get laid’, the ultimate problem is “does it benefit a country and a global society, to have women behaving without responsibility/restrictions, considering that actions have consequences. When taking into account that feminist behaviour is destroying civilization and is inherently evil, should many suffer so only a few can benefit?”

  12. Stupid fucking trash-heap of a cunt. She should just sign up to be an Arab human toilet instead!

    1. She would probably be first in line.
      After all, she is desperate enough to force kisses on random men so that she can obtain a film career.

      1. The funniest thing is she never mentions the movie audition this stunt was for – wait until it turns out it was one of those “cash from random strangers for humiliating gangbang in all the holes followed by bukaki ending” type sleaze pornos…

    2. If you watch the video she’s not even attractive enough to be an Arab toilet. They only use 8+ white girl Instagram sluts. That horse faced bitch doesn’t make the cut.

  13. She gets away with it because nobody takes her to court. Period. You can not convict someone of a crime if it’s never reported. That has to do with guys not calling police and social conditioning. Whine all you want, but it requires you to sink to victim level. I do believe there are ways you can petition to create laws and changes to those laws as well.

  14. So if you were one of the men Brook tried to kiss would you then have been legally allowed to open hand slap her as hard as you could right on the spot, invoking your right to self defense, and get her arrested for assault ?

  15. “I wanted to do something positive that involved love”, at this point I remembered a murder-rape case file in which the culprit said: “I killed her because she didn’t want to MAKE LOVE with me…”.
    The video itself (before any dissections) is not even funny or amusing. Is she really trying to be a comedian? I don’t know, it shows a truly sad state of affairs… for me it shows those group of millenials who don’t want to put in the effort of the ever increasing difficult ladder, they trade in whatever “original” (decadent) gimmick they can’t think of for immeadiate gratification; it shows the increasing need of Western society for meaningful connection disguised as prank/video to build online presence, whatever, the dismal difference on how you treat the same behaviors depending on gender (it seems enabling to cute white middle class women in the first world at least), the increasing need to film to get a drop of what’s intimate on video (did you see how affectionate and thirsty was the man at the end? did you see how they just zoomed in the camera, squeezing whatever hint of authenticity they could?). Do people in the first world need the fake to extract whatever seems to be real and genuine?

    1. The camera phone has changed culture. Attention whoring by women is on a whole different order of magnitude never before seen.

      1. “Attention whoring” is the kindest term to use for the repulsive behavior exhibited by this petulant twerp. This is the harvest The Kardashian’s have sown.

  16. Enough with the “If men did it…” bit.
    Understand that the enemy’s hypocrisy is intentional. It’s part of their ideology.
    The rationale is that the victim class cannot be held to equal account as the oppressor class. This is ubiquitous throughout “social justice” thinking.
    Meaning that whatever women do, it should not be criticized on equal scale as similar behavior from men because men have all the “systemic privilege”.
    The hypocrisy is precisely why accusations of bigotry towards dominant majority groups should always be considered exaggerated, and elicit only a fraction of the attention they currently do.

      1. Make that Anglo/Celtic Misandry 101, where it shoves down the notion “ALL women are goddesses–YES, even Gwenhwyfar.”
        No wonder most modern-day Celts, especially modern-day Celtic men, are rather touchy about the subject.

    1. Any victims group usually kill the strong via parasitism, hence their victim mentality hides the fact that they are truly either the persecutors or primary enablers of persecutors.

    2. No joke. The “if we did that, then…” writing has gotten real old, and, complete agrees with and uses the enemy’s premises. As in, feminists set the frame, and these men writing love reveling in it. Should this woman be labeled a serial sexual harasser? Hell fucking no — unless we think jokes aren’t jokes.

      1. Oh, I get it now. It’s OK if it’s a joke. Now this boorish behavior makes sense, and helps me to put the feminist hypocrisy in context that minimizes their moral bankruptcy.

    3. It may get old for the readers here, but new readers need this type of reasoning to wake up.

  17. Reminds me of the recent incident with Madonna, where she kissed Drake at Cochella.
    Drake was disgusted. But instead of accusing Madonna of forced penetration, sexual assault or rape, Drake got accused of ageism.
    “B-But It’s not rape when I do it”.

    1. But in the feminist paradigm, young black males should consider themselves grateful for any attention from a used up white single mom past her prime with 4 kids, and notch count over 100 partners. (sarcasm)

      1. Yeah, and Madonna’s not fat, neither, so the brutha shoulda been privileged that rich, skinny, famous, haggardly, old white skanks want to stick their cockstained piehole on his lips.
        Damn ingrate nigroids (/Sarc off)

    2. I read that Drake pulled a disgusted expression because of the taste of her lipstick. Anyway, Drake’s a bit too soft to accuse Mad Old Ma of anything.

    3. Look up the rapper Kevin Gates where he kicked a female fan who grabbed his penis while he was performing a concert.
      She was made out to be the victim. And nothing was said of her sexual assault on him. As we all know, men are told that they are never entitled to touch a woman under no circumstances. But if a woman find’s a man attractive, she’s entitled to feel him up whether he wants it or not.
      Granted, I’ll admit he overreacted but had a female performer kicked the shit out of a man for fondling her vagina, no one would say she overreacted, because in our feminist society, no punishment is too cruel and unusual for a man who sexually assaults a woman. He’d be arrested and charged with a sex crime. And she’d be praised.

  18. The pussy pass strikes again.
    The best thing we really need to start doing is treating situations like this as children’s programming. There is nothing here that remotely resembles any true purpose that will help further society and our minds.
    Do men harass women? Sure we have all seen thirsty dudes. But at the same time had a man done this I am almost sure his dick would of got ripped off an shoved up his ass by the PC and blog police that seem to run shit on the internet.
    This serves no purpose as I said other than to give away free attention and time to a broad that is not sucking your dick, paying your bills, or at least offering a motherfucking conversation worth 5 minutes without it being about something that is trending on Twitter.
    Every time we give this kind of women attention it breaks down the brotherhood of men trying to reach pass the rat maze of pop culture, restriction on free speech, and of course the witch hunt on masculinity that HELPED build the world we have today that allows these broad the right to roam free with the fuckery.
    Never allow yourself to give any of these chicks more than 1 minute of your attention before you move on and do something actually productive. This broad she be in trouble for what she did but, I highyly doubt her or any women ever would when you sprinkle on some “social movement” bullshit tag attached to it.
    Let thirsty dudes give her kind the time of day. Don’t become a fan of dehydration for a chick not worth the pre-cum off your dick if she was burning in a alley screaming for help.

    1. I guarantee you that any male, alpha or beta or omega, who randomly tried to kiss women in grand central station would *immediately* be reported to the cops that cover that station. At the very minimum 24 hours in nearest holding cell while they ran a background check on you and interrogated you like a serial rapist.

      1. These days wk’s and sjw’s would probably lynch him before the cops get there.

      2. You want to know why? It’s because some men actually do perverse shit like that. Is it ok for a homeless guy to run up to a woman and try to kiss or assault her?
        Women simply do not do these things. It’s not in their nature. They are virtually biologically programmed to not approach strange or unattractive men for their own survival and safety. The one time a woman does this kind of shit as a stunt, the manosphere goes ape-shit over it.
        The manosphere needs to pick it’s battles better. Doubles standards between the sexes have always existed and always will. Make light of real oppression, not silly harmless double standards.

  19. So why dont you file charges against her in USA?All the evidence is on tape. I will even send 5 bux to help the cause

  20. oh come on, this is ridiculous.
    there are some stupid laws out there, but now what: if i can’t have it, they can neither?
    what the hell did brooks do? she’s a healthy young girl doing stupid shit, as everybody her age should be. harassment? assaulting? are you fucking serious? i think you’re just “repeating” feminist nonsense, but it reads like you really want to start arresting girls for doing this – instead of getting rid of that bullfap in the first place.
    to portray her as a potential enemy just because she is a girl is fucked up and it makes me want to puke to read such smear. yeah, if she ever spoke out in the name of feminism. you could write a smear article about every person who said something bad about murderers with the caption: if this person EVER murders…
    i sincerely believe that most women aren’t sjws and feminists. consider this poll http://feministing.com/2013/03/18/new-poll-finds-the-majority-of-women-voters-consider-themselves-feminists/ where merely 75% at max. consider themselves feminists. and that poll was conducted by a feminist magazine.
    yeah, politics are fucked up, but stop this ugly finger-pointing.

    1. You do understand if a Man were to do what she did, he would be arrested, listed as a sexual predator, and likely have an extremely hard time finding employment. However, the Times fines this girls actions “entertaining.”
      The article portrays a clear double standard, and requests that if men and women are created equal, then prove it by giving her the same treatment as a man would get for doing the same action.
      Furthermore, you sincerely believe most women are not SJWs or Feminists…yet provide a statistic that says 75% of women consider themselves feminists. Why site a statistic that disproves your point, and then call it biased? Just find a statistic from a more reputable source that supports your assertion.
      *Furthermore, the “if I can’t have it, they can’t have it either” idea is preposterous We are talking about the law. It applies to all of us the same. So yes, if the law applies to me, it applies to you and them and everyone else as well. It is the law. She isn’t exempt from it because she has a vagina.

      1. i do understand it. sure there is a double standard. but i don’t want to live in a world where sexual play is accepted as a crime, from neither side.
        also, i’m not certain that your assertion is true. yes, a man could be arrested and in the worst case, be listed as a sexual predator. would it necessarily happen? not so sure. one tends to be biased when one reads account after account of men being arrested for sexual predation, but what probability are we talking about?
        it’s not that an important point to me. everyone interested can find their own sources or write an article. i didn’t claim it based on the survey, but based on my subjective experience.
        i’m not a big worshipper of the law. it’s a control instrument and it’s good for what it is, but i’d rather have the law be concerned with nobody than with everybody and pay less taxes. that said, you portrayed the equality before the law as some kind of self-evident ideal. it’s a bit naive, considering that this site openly proposes a double-standard for men and women.

        1. >>yes, a man could be arrested and in the worst case, be listed as a sexual predator. would it necessarily happen? not so sure.
          Yeah it happens. A year or two ago a young man saw two women on the highway. It was cold and weather was bad and they only had on light sweaters and were obviously suffering from the cold. He stopped and offered them a ride. They told him no, so he drove on. He never got out of the car, but he went to jail.
          From your postings, I may have misunderstood you are from Germany, not from the States. It is never a good idea to write about something you know absolutely nothing about.

        2. I just remembered the man who was arrested for telling a woman on the street that he thought she was beautiful.

    2. Are you seriously defending and white knighting this repugnant cunt? If so, you should do us all a favour and post on Jezebel or something, no one wants your kind here.
      Yeah not all women are feminists but that does not mean they are off the hook. The women who don’t openly support feminism still vote for politicians that give feminism the power it has in the West. I don’t believe that complete innocence exists there are only varying degrees of guilt. I honestly do not care if non feminists get caught in the crossfire because we are fighting a war. To effectively win the war we have to do things that reminds the enemy from time to time that fucking with us is a bad idea. This is the major problem with Gamergaters too, they are too obsessed with taking the moral high road. Sometimes, you have to become a monster to be able to win against other monsters.

      1. spare me the white knight bullshit. i don’t give a fuck about her and i’m not talking about innocence. i also don’t give a fuck about what “kind” you think i am. i’m talking about the kind of world i want to live in.
        i accept that war argument, kinda. but what’s the goal of the war? to get rid of the law or to make everybody’s life miserable? blindly shooting in the direction of “against feminism” hardly accomplishes anything. i’d be even more inclined to accept the argument if returnofkings was a company, but the authors here are basically individuals without a coherent … battle plan.
        it’s not about the moral high ground. it’s about having a goal. it’s easy to be pissed and easy to state that you are pissed. harder to actually change something in a positive way.

      2. you do have an interesting point about the politicians, though. i’m from germany and i don’t think there is any party that would actually be able to do anything against feminism. it probably wouldn’t matter whom you vote, because it’s more of a philosophical battle; the laws would be meaningless without people accepting them and media supporting the underlying ideas.

    3. This girl would not like it if some random guy forced his tongue down her throat, that’s the point of this article. This girl shouldn’t get a pass for behaving in such a boorish manner.
      You are correct that most women do not consider themselves feminist but they take full advantage of the system that has been created. They do this by accepting welfare, divorcing their husbands, accepting child support, accepting alimony, demanding equal pay but not equal duties, women of the West are completely exploiting the system to their advantage. They don’t call themselves feminist because women who call themselves feminist are fat, ugly, repulsive and hate men. It’s hard for women to identify with the real face of feminism. It’s easier to let the ugly pigs do the legwork and then take advantage of the system. Women if anything are cunning.

    4. And if she was a 200 lb, 41 year old mother of 3 with a meth habit and a face that could shatter glass? Would you still feel OK about it?
      What if you found out that the girl is exactly as she appears in the video, but I told you that I know for a fact that she has a history of unprovoked violence? Or that she was on PCP at the time? Would you still feel OK about the whole thing?
      Everything you are writing is from the perspective of someone who knows the situation. You know now that this woman is an aspiring actress, you know she has no history of violence or disease. But in the situation there would be no actually way of knowing any of that. Furthermore, the law doesn’t differentiate between unhealthy ugly violent people, and healthy pretty kind people. If the latter can approach you and attempt a make out, then so can the former
      And you better believe they will.
      This wasn’t a nightclub or a private pary it was Grand Central Station at rush hour.
      Rethink your position.

      1. your arguments are purely emotional.
        why would it matter if she was 200 lb? are you saying that a law should be concerned with the fact that something disgusts me? real political matter, bro.
        why would i care what history she has? why would i care whether she’s an actress? either i want to make out or i push her away. if she were to attack me, yes, that would be different, but she doesn’t do that.

    5. Further, you say you believe that most women aren’t feminists because of a poll conducted at a feminist magazine.
      I ask you to consider the following: what is a feminist? What is your actual objective definition of a feminist? And does that definition include a real, practical test that can determine the same?
      Because the poll you are citing is completely subjective, and subjective answers can mean nearly anything. The only thing we know is that 25% of the people answering it did not self identify as feminists. That doesn’t mean they are or aren’t. It means that’s how they feel, not how they act or what they actually beleive.

      1. i left the impression that the poll was my source, but it wasn’t. my everyday observation here in germany doesn’t point to a lot of feminists.
        it’s indeed a very subjective claim, but there is something that stands out about the people i would call feminists in a way that matters.
        a “normal” girl might say she supports feminism, but it will not mean very much to her – it’s just a trend and she won’t fight over it. like it is with most people regarding politics – it’s just not that important to them.
        then there are some vile creatures that you can spot a mile against the light (yes, i know that lightspeed is always the same). something in their face says: i’m a victim and you are my oppressor, whether you like it or not. it’s the only kind of person who will rather have you as an enemy out of principle than to have a nice conversation with you when you are being nice. this kind of person has some deeper trouble and a personal agenda. feminism may not be really important to her either, but the principle of being oppressed may.

  21. This shit has spread to Japan too? I was under the impression that Japan has for the most part been safely insulated from this bullshit. Asia is one of the final bastions of everything that goes against the social justice/Marxist hivemind, if that part of the world capitulates and steps back into line its fucking over.

    1. Uh, it’s been more-or-less an American colony since we nuked them, occupied them, vilified them and crush their spirit for bombing our precious little base in Hawai’i (we sure showed them, didn’t we?). They’ve licked our balls up and down since then.

      1. Yup. Those little fuckers certainly messed with the wrong burgeoning Marxist society.
        Japan could handle Russia and China ( back in those days), but it met it’s match with the US. Sayonara suckers!

      2. The Japanese tried to do a Port Arthur II on the Americans but only succeeded in destroying their obsolete fleet and forcing the retirement of old thinking admirals. The Japanese thought if they struck quickly and decisively they could bring the US to the negotiation table and work things out. But they kicked over a hornets nest and engineered their own destruction. The US had ten times the industrial capacity as Japan, of course the US was going to win.
        McArthur and SCAP completely rewrote Japanese society and destroyed all aspects of militarism at its roots, snuffing out the unique sense of Japanese “Yamato Damashi”.

    2. Japanese men get used as worker bees by their wives. On the other hand, a divorced japanese woman has almost zero chance at a social life. So there’s an unspoken understanding that the japense male will get a massage at soapland now and then, and not flaunt it in his wife’s face. It doesn’t make sense to analyze japanese culture with western terminology. You have to start over with new terms that don’t exist in english language. I’d rather have a japanese wife, even the fucked up ones are less coldly rational than american women. Japanese women don’t like arguing, its disturbing to ‘harmony’. Unlike american / western women who thrive on confrontation.

  22. Roosh/Mods, can we shitblast The Times and say we are boycotting them as a result of their double-standard of calling this bitch’s shenanigans “entertaining”? This is an affront to all men and civilization in general, they sure as shit won’t get me clicking on their website for ad revenues EVER as a result!

    1. You can’t boycott anything because you don’t pay for it or read it. And I sincerely doubt that you shop or buy any of the products advertised in their newspaper. Perhaps you can voice your concerns at the Mercedes dealership or at Sak’s 5th Ave when you go shopping lol

      1. That’s the second time you’ve engsged in mindless rhetoric. You don’t know what he reads or doesn’t read. You don’t know what he buys or doesn’t buy, you have zero idea of his level of income.
        There is writer here who works in a blue colar job, another is a lawyer, a third travels the world. And those are the writers.
        But like a typical child you think that people have to belong to a certain social strata with a certain income, buying all the right toys and wearing all the right clothes in order to hold any particular viewpoint.
        Your mind is weak, but what is worse, you are closed minded an too childish and selfish to grow up and expand your ability to understand
        That is why I ask the moderators to ban you. It is clear that you are too undeveloped to add anything here.

  23. Something on this website is causing pop-ups on my phone. How can I stop it? It’s very annoying when trying to read the articles. No other site does it. I’ll get a pop up from a tracking website and then it takes me to play store to download an app or game

      1. Or another browser with Ad-block. Firefox’s own CEO resigned due to pressure for supporting a non-PC cause (opposition to gay “marriage”), so it’s basically run by SJWs. Theres IE or Opera (I also try to avoid supporting Gaygle Chrome’s spyware browser).

      1. First this page opens up, then it takes me to my app store to download Words with Friends

  24. The thing is this girl’s kind of cute, so in the male mind it’s not exactly the end of the world. But what if she were a big fat porker ham beast? How much more offended would the men in the video be? And how much hate would the video itself get? The pussy pass usually saves pretty women from punishment – If you look at the sentences for female teachers who had sex with their students, the hotter teachers can get probation while the uglier ones can get serious jail time.

  25. Women simply aren’t funny. To accomodate, they make either grotesque humor or do outlandish, unfunny things. Either way it doesn’t work. She’s not even cute.

    1. Let’s just say she’s cuter than any slob who would even want to be around you.

    1. And according to comments on youtube that landwhale bitch lied and said that he attacked her…that is until the video came out. Then she confessed and disappeared. I think her name is NaughtyZeut.

  26. What a fucking disgusting tramp. If that was my daughter I’d disown her. And lament having failed as a parent.

    1. it’s nt your fault that women are mentally primitive / underdeveloped, degenerates.
      But you should have aborted her in the first place.

    1. And you would have been arrested for assault or even attempted murder. Smdh #PussyPassStrikesAgain

        1. You sound like someone who’d shoot up innocent people because no female would talk to you.
          White knight cocksucker.

        2. Yeah, that’ll teach her a lesson.
          A woman just got off today for breaking into a man’s home and sucking his cock.
          Not even a slap on the wrist.
          Better to break the bitches jaw and get 3 hots and a cot for a little while.

      1. Best to actually check the law. But you are probsbly right, we know that women are complete liars incapable of telling the truth. You would have to have video and witnesses. And even then you’d be at risk that the witnesses would pussy pass and the video would disappear.

    2. You have a point. There would have been no way to know what she’s about, or what she wanted. And she has no right or call to do that. What she did was assault plain and simple. Anyone who knows anything about violence knows that size doesn’t protect you from injury and that real life is not a cartoon.

  27. Without the influence of strong virtuous men, religion, or both, women begin following each other into insanity.

  28. Fundamental premise. Author sounds like a feminist.

  29. Women get a free pass in Western society simple as that, I won’t be surprised if they make laws that absolve females completely of all crimes unless it’s against another female, in fact I expect that to happen.

    1. They absolved all females of crimes in every single gynocentric (communist) society before the great fall. Roman Empire, Egypt, Sodom, Russian Empire (Ukraine has the highest aids rate in the world, feminism), Sweden, India and the list continues. Women were aloud to get away with any and everything with the help of the government (simps) backing them. American i.e. whorish women will be in for a rude awakening when society falls (WW3).

      1. Hey man, could you please post some evidences of that? Just a link or two. I’m not saying you are wrong, I just never heard of that, and I’m very curious 🙂

  30. Wait so now the answer to our problems is crying EQUALITTTTTYYY… but but I can’t kiss random people why should she be able to do it 🙁 🙁 *pout pout* *cry cry*
    I DO NOT support gender equality. I don’t think men should force themselves on women because we’re stronger and we can. This bitch is a dumb slut, her actions should just be viewed as slutty and repulsive. This article makes it sound like we are worried women are going to start raping us? (the thought is laughable) And that we should hold them to the same legal standard as men.

    1. If women don’t want the law applied equally then they should surrender the right to vote and other privileges.

  31. Farah Brook is like every other liberal feminazi dyke. She tried to kiss a woman in the video too. No outrage over this and it’s featured on Inside Edition along with various other news programs. Yet, these man-hating whores put up “no cat call signs” all over New York. Then again you can’t expect much from these monsters of society to begin with.

    1. If I saw a bird with that first t-shirt she would receive the full of my ire, nothing physical but she would get the kunt treatment….. second one only got it wrong by one letter, should read “am” instead of “an”, third street sign, if I didn’t know better it would look like it was a cat friendly zone and one shouldn’t shout at the cats in the middle of the street…..

      1. The last sign looks as though you shouldn’t be grabbing your crotch while yelling at cats. Which, you probably shouldn’t. It’s really weird behaviour.

    2. People put all sorts of shit up in NY. When maintenance sees it they’ll take it off.
      That sign is racist. The nog on the right is grabbing his crotch and shouting ‘muh dic’
      These females don’t care about ‘catcalls’ they just don’t want lower class and negro men doing it to them. White men in NY NEVER do this stuff and the females just don’t get any attention from the desirable men. That’s why they’re bitching.
      In that catcall video you’ll notice that it’s just slobs and coloureds who have nothing better to do all day than hang out on streets. Females don’t want them.They want men of substance who have careers and who are not sitting on lawn chairs in front of some bodega or check cashing place. These guys are just a street annoyance to them like someone who let their dog crap on the street and they stepped in it.

      1. You’re projecting your superiority and racism onto women, you cant speak for them.
        If your self defined subcategory of people dont cat call, it may be because they are decent people, You can say respectable men dont cat call, but even then your claim that women like it when it is from a respectable man, is moot, because it doesnt exist as an example for comparison.
        You would make a better point against women if ypu said their claims against cat calling are an infringement on freedom of speech, or a judgemental attitude to individuals who are highly focussed on their sexuality. All people should be allowed to be themselves.
        And all people, like the respectable men already have done, will learn that they dont get any respect from respectable women by catcalling. But they might attract a few street cats that way at the risk of being attacked by a few rabid ones.
        Its a free world people can do what they like, but your twisting of the truth highlights your racism and lack of respectability, that’s why you said ‘white men’ not ‘good men’.
        It proves you know that white and good are not the same thing, and that you are only in the first category and not the second.
        Perhaps if your racism and sexism were valid opinions you would be able to express them less like a journalist or politician. Perhaps, just maybe, lets assume you are right, but your words show that racists and mysoginists are frequently angry stupid people, and *that* is what we don’t want in the world.
        Less angry stupid remarks at people you cant identify with please. It is a big annoyance to me, like too much dog crap in the street I cant move without stepping in.

  32. Women don’t make it in comedy because they suck at understanding what is sarcasm/satire and what isn’t. Case in point above. There was no awareness of the situation or wit at all about what she did. Its like when I was six and thought breaking “the rules” and cursing was hilarious.

  33. It’s not just the angry ugly girls. It’s not just the racialists. It’s not just the enviro-Nazis. It’s not just the victimists. It’s all of those and a good many more.
    It’s not enough to huddle here among our brothers. It’s time to get mad.

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    1. Exactly, and I think she achieved her goal in ridiculing the whole issue without insulting anyone.
      As the men gather here and say ‘If we are wrong so is she’ They are the ones crying about double standards, she doesnt have to say anything.
      If they make personal attacks on her character and get nasty about it, they act like the evil feminists they like to attack and show themselves up.
      If she gets arrested for this she will get even more publicity, and people will be able to calm down after all the hoohaa and get back to knowing the difference between mucking about, and harrasment.
      I seriously hope all the rage dies down and a solution is found before some ‘angry feminazi’ feels the need to go about raping men and steps up the rage level to an all out war. Though I dont deny the victim blaming will be hilarious in that case, the poor men with hard ons being taken advantage of being told ‘they obviously were enjoying it’, ‘they must have done something to deserve it’ and ‘what were they doing out and drunk if they werent looking for sex anyway’
      Lets all get a sense of humor before it becomes way too silly.

  35. Bitch needs to be sent to prison. If a guy did this, he’d be in a shit ton of trouble but the predator is female so she gets a pussy pass. This shit is seriously getting even more fucked up.

  36. ppl should find this female rapist, cathc her, publicly hang her and then cut her lower female parts out with a rusty, infected chainsaw.

  37. Ppls need to find and anihilate her !
    she is amassive threat to an everyman’s and boy’s life !
    pls protect the innocent.
    terminate this female rapist and fascist !
    time to act, MEN UNITE !

  38. What a dumb world we live in. Compared to this living in the jungle with tigers and bears sounds like an easier choice

  39. So wait women want a man to make a move on them but now they want to cry rape on men that make a move on them.
    And women aren’t happy with beta males. Oh shit now I get it they don’t like beta males because they can’t exploit them makes sense.
    Anybody remembers Donald Sterling and that recording? Women deliberately try to scam rich men of their money.

  40. The girl didn’t forcibly kiss anyone. She would close her eyes and put herself into a position where it looked like she wanted to be kissed and just sort of got closer.Men pushed her away because a female who does something like this is usually crazy or it’s some scam. But it was only the Alpha at the end where they were sitting down who took a chance when she gave him the kiss me act and after he did she then got into it too. She’s just displaying typical female traits here.He probably shagged her that night and let’s face it she a lot better looking than any of you losers who claim to get “10”s (lol) The Alpha knew that ‘faint heart never won fair maid’
    Half of this loser’s blog are negroes (yes we have the data) and they’re just butt hurt because she only chose Caucasians to kiss (just like in real life) and the other half are creepy little pyjama boys who can’t even talk to a female without pissing in their pants. The comments here are all bitter grapes.Sure, some of them are true like if you creeps tried this some alpha white knight would kick your butt and wipe the floor of Grand Central with you (this is why you’re always talking about going to queer gyms and becoming muscle men) You know that you’re creepy and are due for an arse whooping like those creepy pua’s who annoy white women on the street.Get this through your stupid heads before you get hurt, only White men who are obviously good looking and more upper class can stop top women anywhere and talk to them. Life is not about equality and when some creepy little man who is obviously from the lower classes (yes females can always tell) annoys a female on the street it’s the same as someone’s dog pissing on your leg. It’s infuriating. That’s how females feel if one of you geeks has the audacity and impertinence to speak to them.

  41. You don’t beat overly sensitive feminist by becoming an
    overly sensitive male rights activist. Stop with these articles, we get that we are a sexually dimorphic species.
    The difference between a
    man forcibly kissing a woman and a woman forcibly kissing a man is that if I
    wanted to I could break her jaw if she tried to kiss me. We are the stronger
    and more intimidating of the two sexes.

  42. “Brook has done the world a huge favor, though, despite her displayed
    sexual harassment (and assaults), because she filmed the double standard
    and laid it bare for all of us to see.”

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