An Examination Of Cult Leader Game

The 13th of every month is gun cleaning day in the Chubbs household. I wake up and get the oil out, really lubing them up good before I scrub off the rust and make sure everything still fits smoothly into the slide – then I kick my woman of the week out and begin cleaning my guns, har har har great joke Billy. I also make and shine up a new tin foil hat too, since after awhile the rays wear down the protective metal coating – but you guys already knew that.

While cleaning I like to watch documentaries. This week’s fare was called Waco : The Rules Of Engagement (it’s available on youtube). It’s a surprisingly unbiased documentary, given it’s content, and the sheer bold facing lying of some of the agency directors is absolutely fascinating to watch. If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t hear demonic voices coming from their neighbour’s dog, I recommend watching it.


Emma is a spy for them James kill Emma to save the world James

For those of you who don’t know what Waco is; Waco in general refers to a siege by the US government on a religious cult’s compound outside the town of Waco, Texas. The cult called themselves the Davidians and it was run by one Vernon Wayne Howell, a native born Texan who went to Israel and changed his named to David Koresh so you already know he’s sane. (Interesting fact: Vernon – who will be referred to as David from now on – was born to a single mother; make of that what you will) David’s childhood and teenaged years were incredibly pathetic. His mom, like many single mothers, selfishly shacked up with a terrible man and David was that pathetic kid even the losers spat on. According to Wikipedia, that reputable source of everything; “Due to his poor study skills and dyslexia, he [David] was put in special education classes and nicknamed “Mister Retardo” by his fellow students.” I lolled.

retard pug

Make way for the messiah!

David then dropped out of high school. Soon he [allegedly] began to tap some young teenage trim, quickly [allegedly] putting Retardo Jr in her oven. Then he joined a church and [not so allegedly] went straight for the pastor’s teenaged daughter. David had his priorities and he chased them with the admirable fury of a hungry bear going after Timothy Treadwell. (I…also watched the documentary Grizzly Man while cleaning my guns) The pastor kicked David out of the church due to the sheer persistence of this underage hunting jackanapes. You can hang a piece of meat over a hungry dog and it’ll eventually stop trying to jump up and get it – hang some jailbait over David and he’d leap until he was crippled.

With no immediate teenaged poosy on his horizon, with no equitable job skills and an undignified drop out of the Texas educational system (a state where actual graduates barely rank above lukewarm potato in the intelligence range, according to popular American media) what did David do? Why he did what any one of us would do; David proclaimed himself god. Classic game move. He joined the Branch Davidians, themselves a splinter faction of The Shepard’s Rod – take from that name what laughs you will – who themselves were a splinter faction of the Seventh Day Adventist Church; basically one big ski slalom of sexually tense holier then thou crazy. Then he told all the Davidians that he was the messiah, the Jesus of the 20th century. They believed him and moved with David to a remote compound to pray and stockpile guns. Just another day in ‘Muricah.

guns and jesus

No no, what god meant was ‘thou shalt not kill…without armor piercing bullets y’all!’

But wait Billy! How did he prove he was god you ask? Did David perform miracles? Did he walk to the top of a mountain and moon the heavens while thunderbolts pelted ten new commandments (mostly espousing rights to jail bait and guns) onto his ass? No dear friends, David did something far more convincing; he took random passages from the bible that vaguely alluded to anything you can possibly think of and said it was referring to him. He also played the guitar in local clubs and tried to start his own record company but failed because of a lack of funds; plus no one was interested in joining a label called I’m Literally Jesus records. David was a loser. David was god with an AK47 and a 5 inch erection.

Until the Man came to burn down his little slice of eden and kill him, David spent all day reading to his followers about how he was totally god, sending the adults out to work to make money for the church (him) while he stayed at the compound tuning his guitar and banging their teenaged daughters. And these weren’t the ugly offspring of potato people – there was some nice trim in that compound. Semi-attractive and otherwise clear minded adults willingly listened to, toiled away and gave their teenaged daughter’s flesh saddles to a man known to most people as Mister Retardo. All this was achieved because David was shamelessly confident in himself.


David Koresh; patron saint of playa’s everywhere

Other cult leaders share(d) similar lives. They have no credentials, no skills – most are not even charming. They wouldn’t last a week on a real job site. If they were military commanders the majority of their soldiers would be trying to surrender before they even hit the beach. Yet because David and others like him are shamelessly confident in themselves they get to live like kings. When challenged about their legitimacy they pretty much flip open to random pages in books, or play the chorus of pop songs or hell even just pointed a smudge on the wall and say: “There it is. I’m god. Me one you nothin’ – where’s your teenaged daughter?” They are god because they say they are. 9/10 people they say that to dismiss them of course, but the 1 who don’t absolutely worship them. How many people currently worship you?

Now most of us don’t want to be cult leaders – I sure as hell do (I’m a narcissistic sociopath) – but all of us can benefit from shameless confidence. In a sense that’s the core essence of game; going at the woman you want to bang with the attitude that you’re the 10 and she’s the 1. And it works. Yeah there will always be naysayers, people who look down on you and belittle you what you do. People who might label you Mister Retardo. They don’t matter. What they call you doesn’t matter. You are who you want to be. David Koresh wanted to be god and slam some teenage clam. He did it through sheer confidence. The people who reject you do not matter because with enough persistence and belief in yourself others will accept you; even if you’re beat, so long as you keep your head up and act like number one you will be treated as such by those who matter to your goals.

This all sounds like some self help, The Secret type baloney but those who are already confident, those who have disregarded the shame from other peoples opinions are nodding their heads in agreement because they know it’s true. Shameless confidence trumps dignified humility any day of the week. Look how many otherwise attractive or incredibly successful men have mediocre wives and are totally whipped *COUGH* Kanye West *COUGH*. Look at how many ugly guys have gorgeous women taking their baby juice. And most of you will probably be saying “Yeah the guy’s ugly, but he’s probably rich or famous Billy, you beautiful bastard.” To which I rebut; Prince William of England. Young rich royalty, not repulsive in looks, could only pull at best (with make up on) a 7 who doesn’t exactly reek of intelligence or wit. He literally had a world of tight, beautiful women to choose from who would have jumped at the opportunity just to sleep with him – and I bet a good percentage would be more tolerable and witty then Kate Middleton is. Yet because he has zero confidence, and is dominated by the women in his life, he buckled under the first chick with shameless confidence who leapt in his way. Then again, Willy’s a prince so he has to choose a wife with subtle looks and no personality because the royal family’s image is so important to maintain right?


Ah royal grace and C minus bewbs

When I go out walking with no destination I try to strike up a conversation with every pretty girl I meet, sometimes even if they’re with a group of friends or guys that are smaller then me. I have a lot of awkward conversations. I’ve been called every name under the sun. One time a girl straight up ran away, now there was a self-esteem boost. Mace has been pulled on me thrice; my fault for telling them they’re good looking and asking if they’d like to get some coffee right? Those rejections roll off me because I know I’m awesome. I just have the rotten luck of living in a world where a lot of women aren’t awesome. When I meet one who is, we have an awesome experience together. If I apply for a job and don’t get it I don’t care because I know I’m awesome. When I get my ass handed to me and knocked down to the mat I don’t care because I’m going to get back up and keep being awesome, missing teeth, tears and all. A life lived without shame, a life lived with pure confidence is a beautiful thing to experience. Like wise Buddha said;

“A life lived without shame, a life lived with pure confidence is a beautiful thing to experience.” – Buddha, Corinthians 6:9

Of course shameless confidence isn’t an excuse to be a lazy slob. Be confident enough to keep yourself clean and in shape for god sakes. A 300 pound basement dweller has already proven they have no shame and are much worse for it; but if you’re fit and not utilizing your inherent awesomeness you’re no better then morbidly obese James clicking life away in Warcraft while Emma’s out spying on you James silence her James Emma’s not real we’re not real


So in closing; stop feeling humiliation because some stuck up broad rejected you. It’s not your problem if that particular poosy doesn’t realize how awesome you are. She spends her nights at home alone musing how pathetic you are while reading 50 Shades of Billy’s Chubb and sharing supper with her cat straight from the plate (true story) while you’re giving some more intelligent chick the best O of her life. So far as we know this one life is all we got. It’s too damn short to waste caring about what others think of you. Go forth and be as shamelessly confident as David Koresh was – just, you know, don’t do anything else he did.

SPECIAL NOTICE : The Children Of Chubbs is now accepting enlightened individuals to join it’s parish. If you have a median income of over $40,000 and one or more attractive teenaged daughters, please leave your E-Mail in the comments section and god (me) will contact you for your banking information and pictures of your daughter. Owning a gun is a plus but if you do not have one, one will be provided by god (me) along with your robes on arrival. Heaven is only a northern Canadian compound away.


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96 thoughts on “An Examination Of Cult Leader Game”

  1. Hmm regardless of fact that there will be many people to disagree with your statement, i enjoyed this article.

  2. kill eem,kill eem,dug and kill ousaves usames save the mkity he mbt he mbd yna tchr,He I Billy

        1. You highlighted some of the letters in black,and my conspiracy-theorist instinct kicked in and checked the whole shit 😀 Its a coincidence?I THINK NOT!

        2. They are a good example of what compulsive video game playing and pot smoking does to your brain. And when you add that to the fact that they have an average IQ of 85 you can see the results.

  3. Speaking of shameless confidence and cult leaders, I noticed that L. Ron Hubbard managed to pick up hot women right about the time he went into the new religion business, despite his health problems, lackluster (but prolific) writing career and failed business ventures. Read Lawrence Wright’s book, Going Clear.

    1. But Hubbard regardless of what you think of him and his writing wasn’t some poor semi-literate Mr Retardo like Koresh

  4. Good read. Koresh had to be crushed. He was the apex of counter-culture/counter-society living and thinking. We can’t have some reject high school drop-out living like a king, AND getting quality p*ssy. That might give men ideas. lol

    1. I hardly think that living in dry dusty Waco in what I would consider a big barn is living like a king lol

      1. I recently visited Stirling Castle, once the seat of the Scottish king. It is a pretty spartan place really. But the point about Koresh is that he was “king” of a small domain, while most are peasantsin big onews.

  5. This usually isn’t my favorite type of article. But you pulled it off. Excellent writing. Hope to see more of your stuff.

    1. Just out of curiosity, what is your favourite type of article? It’d be nice to get some feedback on what y’all like to read so I’m not just submitting 100 different variations of my Sun Tzu-esque ‘The Art Of Race War’.

    2. I loved it. I have to admit, a secret part of me has always wanted to start my own cult. There are so many weak minded sheep looking for something, anything, I feel sure I could do it.

  6. Speaking of royalty and self-confidence, how about that American spinster who pulled down King Edward? The dude was King and this is who he chooses to shack up with. Similar phenomenon it seems :
    “By the end of 1934, Edward was irretrievably besotted with Wallis, finding her domineering manner and abrasive irreverence toward his position appealing; in the words of his official biographer, he became “slavishly dependent” on her. According to Wallis, it was during a cruise on Lord Moyne’s private yacht Rosaura in August 1934 that she fell in love with Edward. At an evening party in Buckingham Palace, he introduced her to his mother—his father was outraged, primarily on account of her marital history, as divorced people were generally excluded from court. Edward showered Wallis with money and jewels, and in February 1935, and again later in the year, he holidayed with her in Europe. His courtiers became increasingly alarmed as the affair began to interfere with his official duties.”

    1. Despite being plain and having a massive chiseled chin, Wallis Simpson never had difficulty getting with powerful and successful men who had their pick of the field.
      Before Edward, she slept with with Count Ciano, one of the top guys in Mussolini’s Italy.
      It’s even rumored she slept with Ribbentrop, one of the top guys in the 3rd reich.

      1. I recently read a “book” when I was cut off from the internet for a week. “In the Garden of Beasts” by Erik Larson, about the American ambassador to Germany in 1933. His plain-looking divorced daughter slept with the chief of German intelligence, the chief of Soviet intelligence, and was taken for a meeting with Hitler as a potential mistress, among other flings.

      2. I know a girl who is a legitimate 0. Okay, maybe a 1 since she’s not morbidly obese, but she’s got a gut, acne, greasy hair, flat saggy ass, manjaw, ugly as hell face, stumpy legs, no tits at 24 and she’s got a terrible attitude; unfunny, bitchy, selfish, cunty, stupid. She dates men six whole numbers above her. She’s currently engaged to a guy who owns his own company and is an amateur body builder – not an ugly dude by any means.
        Vagina is the most powerful weapon in the world. If a chick knows how to utilize it her looks literally do not matter because there are always good looking, successful Betas that she can manipulate. That’s why, when looking at a man, you should always see the kind of women he gets – if any. Politicians especially. The women around a man are a good indicator of what he’s really like outside of pre-written speeches. I cannot respect any man with an ugly woman – unless it’s for political connections/financial purposes.

        1. But “alpha game” merely mimics what women have been doing for millenia. Mystery (Eric Von Markovic) even said so. Watch his youtube videos, brah. He studies what women do so that the script can be flipped. That’s game.

    2. Yeah, wtf was up with that… he gave up the British crown for a piece of bitchy old divorced snatch. Edward VIII = Beta Of The Century

    3. “Edward was irretrievably besotted with Wallis, finding her domineering
      manner and abrasive irreverence toward his position appealing”
      Girl game.
      Just a post-modern term for the feminine mystique.

      1. Perfectly illustrating a fundamental dichotomy in male character types and what they respond to. I’m surely not alone here in finding ‘domineering manner’ in today’s ho to be utterly repugnant. But there will always be damaged chumps who, perhaps in order to fill some desperate psychic void, eat that shit up.

    4. No, twice divorced Americans who had the reputation of a whore were excluded. Who knows what mental problem Edward had but his family should have just locked him in a dungeon at the Tower and had some psychiatrist give him shock treatment. There was something seriously wrong with this moron.

  7. Really great article.
    Back when I was mulling about evolution (something that I never formally studied), I concluded that religious/spiritual leaders were basically upshots in the social contract.
    Celibate religious leaders use social accepted ideas to procure for themselves food, shelter, medicine and lodgings, but most importantly; status. Other religious leaders (examples: the Aitken-Shimano incident, Sogyal Rinpoche, Richard from the AFT, Tantric Buddhists who practice Karmamudra) use these ideas to essentially bootstrap themselves and proclaim that they are categorically superior to other people within the same bubble.
    They then fuck everyone within that bubble and ensure that their genes are passed on, because to them (the people in the bubble) they (the gurus) are God.
    So in a way they are kind of parasitic. Morally superior, save yourself, Christian game also is related to this idea.

  8. The man you have pictured in the thumbnail and at the top of this article, Brian David Mitchell, the abductor of Elizabeth Smart, is not and has never been a cult leader. He was homeless man.
    “In a sense that’s the core essence of game; going at the woman you want
    to bang with the attitude that you’re the 10 and she’s the 1.”
    If you thought she was a 1 you wouldn’t be “going at her”. Therefore just that alone gives her enough evidence of what’s up. There is no level playing field here, just the illusion of one.
    From the About the Author; “Billy Chubbs is a bipolar……”
    You don’t say?

    1. Sorry my intelligence is apparently not on par with someone whose internet pseudonym is a boring flavour of ice cream.
      “has never been a cult leader. He was homeless man.”
      Makes you wonder how he kept Elizabeth locked up effectively in his cardboard box. Or did he just handcuff her to a park bench? I don’t know, I didn’t read her biography.
      “If you thought she was a 1 you wouldn’t be “going at her” ”
      Apparently you’re a chick, so let me tell you a truth – quality girls hardly ever approach guys. If a guy wants to bang top shelf poosy he is going to have to go at her in some way. Especially hot girls – they just don’t want to do the work and often they don’t need to. If I, as a guy, stood there waiting for hot girls to approach me I’d have had sex all of once in my life. 99.9996% of all top tier bangs you get from Game result from your approach. Unlike you chicks even good looking guys can’t just stand there and wait for a hottie to approach them – they’re just going to get shameless mid tier poosy like Kate Winslet grinding up in their junk while more proactive men approach and tackle the hotties.
      Thanks for reading though! Send the article to everyone you know!

      1. “quality girls hardly ever approach guys.”
        You don’t say? Woulda never guessed.

        1. Nonsense. Top women approach me all of the time. And when I say top I really mean top, not what some horny sex starved boy thinks is a top female which is like a 5 in my book. And stop putting so much effort and thought into something as trivial as pussy.

        2. Neither of you are right.
          You do have to approach TOP chicks.
          I doubt user:Boomers gets what any of us would consider hot – tall, skinny, 18-24, cute in the face chicks who love sex.
          He just re-defines ‘hot’ to contort to what he can get! baha
          But, what happens if you do it right is that …pay attention now, I’m about to drop some knowledge on you… it DOESN’T FEEL LIKE you are approaching them.
          So, that litany of mace, runaway, ewwww FAILS that you endured are not your tuition into the game. They were not even necessary.
          They are evidence that you just didn’t know what you were doing son.
          If you know what you are doing, the HOTTEST women in the world, will…again pay attention….CREATE A SPACE for you to approach. They will in essence set the table.
          All you have to do is dine.
          It’s all under the radar. Women are MASTERS of subterfuge. Hot women even more so. Women that have been hot since they were 12, more than that.
          You can’t expect them to pick you up per se. Why?
          For one, they are LOUSY at it. I’ve had a few try. EM-BAR-ASS-ING. (Not that I was grading them on game.)
          Secondly, and most importantly, they DON’T HAVE TO.
          But, what they will do if you know how to intrigue them is make themselves approachable.
          I know this stuff backwards and forwards because I’ve experienced it for so long.
          There are three primary ways they do this. Each indicating an increasing levels of interest.
          At this point in my life, I don’t even consider moving until they take it to level 3. Well, most of the time.
          There’s this other phenomena called ‘Time and Place’ where there are just certain times (Fri Night for example) and places (Lots of em) where the table is almost already set before you even show up.
          So I do my thing. They do their thing. I wait for a level 3 indicator, what pimps call ‘Choosing Signals’ and move.
          It looks to the untrained eye like I just cold approached.
          NOTHING could be further from the truth.
          That’s why, although you want it to be thought of as tongue-in-cheek, you really DON’T understand how David Koresh set up his game.
          You’re on the outside looking in and, try as you may, just don’t see what’s REALLY going on.
          I give you an A for effort. You seem reasonably smart and observant.
          But, the more intelligent you are, the LESS likely you are to get it. At least by using standard scientific methods.
          You’ll just wind up getting slapped and mace all the more and chalking it up to some ‘dues’ you have to pay.
          Sorry, none of that happens to me.
          In fact now, I don’t even take home all the girls I can get.
          It’s a waste of time. I just like KNOWING I COULD.
          That is a win in many cases. Of course, when I find one I like, it’s game on.
          BTW….THAT is why so many hot girls are ALONE on a Sat Night.
          It’s not that they are just panting for someone like you to ‘game them properly.’
          No, the reason they are alone on a Sat Night is that it doesn’t matter.
          They know they are ONE mass text away from having 100 DATE offers. They are one mouse click away from having a boyfriend.
          There is an Evil Kenevil jump’s difference between being alone on Sat night because you have no options, and what you average (non-crazy) hot chick experiences.
          That kind of power changes your whole perspective on the opposite sex.
          That’s the kind of power I possess.
          It grows over time and always has to be tweaked. You don’t have to be good looking, but you do have to be “good looking enough.”
          What is that? It all depends. lol
          You CERTAINLY don’t need any money.
          But, as a man, I like to earn money and FEEL financial freedom. Call me crazy.
          You absolutely, must never, at all costs, ever try to impress them. That’s usually the FIRST test they throw up there.
          And, until you get good, you won’t even know it’s a tests. You’ll fall for it every time. I know I did.
          There are two HUGE tendencies in every man you have to quell.
          1) Trying to impress a really hot chick
          2) Trying to impress your buddies that you can get hot chicks.
          That’s why I post anonymously.
          I will not brag to my buds about my conquests.
          Even though EVERYTHING WITHIN ME WANTS TO!
          To this day, I still have to check myself in those two categories.
          And, what happens, after you realize you’re NOT going to be able to tell your buddies, is that you naturally become more selective. Knowing you can is the most important part. That’s why I keep sharpening my game.
          Final knowledge drop – Women exist largely outside of their own bodies. You know it was a woman who came up with the concept of “invading one’s personal space’ right?
          You need to learn how to get them to WELCOME you into their personal space first.
          Then you can approach like a mad man. But it won’t feel like it, there will be almost ZERO percent approach anxiety and she will do part of the gaming for you.

      2. ” Or did he just handcuff her to a park bench? I don’t know”
        That’s right, you don’t know.
        ” I didn’t read her biography.”
        Read it.

      3. quality girls hardly ever approach guys.
        Guys like you who they pepper spray or run away from. You sound like some virgin loser to me. You even sound like a loser kid with your “game” and hottie talk.

      4. ” quality girls hardly ever approach guys.”
        You don’t say?
        I did some googling about Elizabeth Smart. There’s plenty of conspiracy theories about the case. One involving her parents, the Mormon Church and George Bush.
        There are some legit suspicions regarding it. It could have been a false flag operation like the Sandy Hook School shooting is alleged to be.

  9. “They wouldn’t last a week on a real job site”
    Because they are Kings, not serfs.
    ” . . .a man known to most people as Mister Retardo.”
    Because most people these days have so much of the serf in them that they cannot even register the concept “King.” They are themselves so retarded that they think joining the herd of identically dressed men going to and from their “good jobs” at prescribed times makes them alpha, even while uniformed herders are literally shoving them into the livestock transporters and the very idea of breaking from the herd scares them silly.
    Personally I think Koresh was a vile man, but by Jesus (as it were), he lived and died the way living God Kings live and die.

    1. “It is better to live one day as a Lion, than 100 years as a Sheep.”
      Guy lived exactly how he wanted to until he was murdered. Not very many men throughout the whole of history can make that claim.

    2. Confirmed: I like the way you think, kfg. There are not enough good options for good men these days by design. If you can’t eat the elite, eat the useful idiot tools of the elite sent to eat you. (That’s why systematized PUA is political. Pussy has always been a resource of the politically powerful.) I wonder what positive value the unibomber had before he was MK-ULTRAed into a psychological configuration of relentless pain. Not saying Koresh wasn’t crazy, originally or otherwise, but as the OP suggests, he took the sane road under the circumstances. Does one’s boldness only deserve respect if your legacy survives or if you defeat all your enemies?: “I would rather live a short life of glory than a long one of obscurity.”

    3. We need lots of mediocre people to hold up the elites. Humanity has always had more Indians than chiefs for a good reason. Thats the problemwith democracy and individualism. Worker bees start to think they are important.

      1. Define ‘worker bee’? Free men are more powerful than swarms of worker bees or any other sort of slaves. Slaves drag their feet, loose tools, etc. If certain men can take freedom (sovereignty), they are important; otherwise, stagnant elite start to think they are important. Evolution and Mother Nature know best because the house is always right.

        1. “Evolution and Mother Nature know best because the house is always right.”
          Evolutionists always seem to have a genetic fitness of zero or near zero (maybe one child that will produce few if any grandchildren).

  10. It is beyond disgusting to put Elizabeth Smart’s photo up with her rapist to advertise your article about game. She was a young girl who was kidnapped and forcibly raped by this monster and his helper girlfriend.

  11. I believe it was Kanye who said: “Prince Williams aint did it right if you aaaaxe me / If I was him I woulda married Kate and Ashley”

  12. It wasn’t just confidence that Koresh used, he also employed compliance testing (taking the Mystery Method a little further), to psychologically enslave those people. Compliance testing is a very powerful tool on people who are susceptible to it.

  13. I’m from NYC area and the entire ‘you live in your mothers basement’ or ‘cellar dwellers’ routine is benign. Basement apartments are fairly common.

    1. Agreed. And even that will cost us what a four-bedroom house rental might cost elsewhere.
      Shout out from Wrong Island.

      1. Thanks for the compliment Anon. It seems like 75% of the time you’re insulting me but hey I’ll take what I can get.
        Yeah originally I had a whole other section dealing with Elizabeth Smart but it extended the article by 4000 words and wasn’t much more then glorified and, I proudly say, insanely erotic real person fanfiction. Seriously, after reading it not a single one of you would have had a dry crouch. Mainly my thesis was that, although Smart was kidnapped and sexually assaulted she chose to stay with her abductor – Emmanuel there was a street preacher, so there was a heavy Patty Hearst/religious subjugation angle to hit on. Unfortunately it was too long, didn’t fit in too well and the non-BDSM parts were too boring to post. I’m sure Lizzie had a bad experience but she had ample opportunities to escape – at one point her uncle was less then 100 feet from her, calling out her name in a very public place and Lizz ran off with her ‘captor’. Captor of her heart more like.
        A similar case of abduction happened at the same time – Emily Pratt, 9 years old, was kidnapped by 2 men, bound with duct tape and held in a basement. Did Emily put on a wig and sunglasses and walk around with her kidnappers? Nope, girl chewed through her duct tape bindings (hands AND feet – bitch was flexible), smashed a window and screamed for help even though rescue wasn’t guaranteed. Then again, Emily was black so maybe her inherent aw hell naw-ism gave her the edge.
        After her ‘traumatic’ experience, Elibear was all smiles and book tours, making a whack load of cash off her so called painful experience (even though her family is very well off and money is not a major concern for the Smart family). To compare let’s examine, say, the Dutch reporter who was gang raped in Cairo this last summer during Egypt’s riots. She hasn’t even allowed her name to be publicly released. You don’t think there’s a powerful book and movie of the week that she could easily profit off?
        Tell me, just by the pics, who do you think looks more concerned about their rape.
        As yet unnamed Dutch Reporter?
        Or Lizzums?
        I’m not calling Elizabeth a Stockholm syndrome’d exaggerator who enjoyed the excitement of being around a dangerous man who made her submit her womanhood to him and then turned around and profited off her mini-celebrity victim/rape status while the typical victim of rape doesn’t even want to be see the light of day any more. I’m just saying that, for the few cases of outright no question about it rape that I’m aware of, the victims haven’t sat down and wrote a book about it before they go off to smile with Larry King.
        Plus I was too lazy to find a different article picture.
        And hey, speaking of media whores, for those you of who’re wondering about Jenn Tisdale’s video – – it’s is up on pirate bay under Gwen Derringer – The Huffpo Blogger, uploaded by ElitePorn. It’s as sad as you imagined. I’ll take Aubrey James any day.

        1. What did it for me was that she got peeved that she wasn’t cast as herself in the TV movie. In other words, no triggers.
          She was upset at not being allowed to relive the
          experience, rather than being upset at the thought of having to.
          Perhaps my reference in my previous comment was a bit obscure. It’s a poem from
          the late 1800s. The Victorians knew how these things work:

        2. ” Nope, girl chewed through her duct tape bindings (hands AND feet – bitch was flexible)”
          Calling a nine year old child a bitch. Western Civilization is really sumthin’, ain’t it?

        3. You don’t understand females at all son. Smart was 14 and probably confused about a lot of things including her new awakening sexuality while the 9 yo was still a kid and viewed anything that happened to her as an assault. You also don’t understand how easy it is for a man to control a 14 yo girl, Females are only tough on feminist blogs and in the herd otherwise they are docile and submissive if they think they may be hurt and are programmed by nature to even have sex with a man to placate him and save herself. A young woman like Smart may even be programmed by Nature to sort of except being taken away from her parents by a man because in more primitive times (like 99% of human history) men would sometimes raid villages and take women for wives. It may be part of their psyche while a 9yo is still attached to her parents and wants to get back to them.

        4. Why don’t you write a second article that focuses on the Elizabeth Smart stuff?

        5. She is a nig after all,so her mother probably calls her worse.Aww are you sad and upset now.

  14. Man I love this site and Billy you’re the best of the best here. Thank you so much. Your comments after the article are also great hahah. You should have included the Elizabeth Smart stuff.

  15. I love it…But totally disagree on Kate Middleton. She is smoking and classy. She is my definition of a 9.

    1. Agreed, and also didn’t like the shot at Kanye. That dude is the definition of irrational confidence. A kid from the fucking suburbs who wears pink polos becoming a famous at a time when every other famous rapper raps about hardcore gangster shit (50 Cent, Young Jeezy, etc) takes so much confidence it’s stupid.
      But the rest of the article was nice. Props.

  16. “David proclaimed himself God. Classic game move.”
    I have been laughing at this for like 3 days.
    God does not exist. Hence, the efficacy of this game move.

    1. Yes he does and you’ll pay someday pal.But you keep believing in mankind and all that Big Bang bullshit.

  17. Funny article — yep I can dig the yobbanese layered over the so – kill – me lad mag humour —— but the use of the Downs syndrome kid – as – ‘messiah’ intended to lampoon the delusional Koresh? Come on. What did he and those others of his condition do to warrant that? Just wonderin’..

  18. I agree with shameless confidence as a way to get girls, but shameless confidence shouldn’t seep into all areas of life. At some point you’re going to have to come to terms with just being average. Blindly believing you’re the best is delusional. But if you’re an average guy who gets with hot girls that’s no bad thing. That being said obviously I’m bloody awesome.

  19. Not even going to take the time to read this. That picture of elizebeth smart is hella offensive to me. That guy was not a cult leader.. he didn’t game elizabeth smart he kidnapped her when she was 14. That is disgusting to put those two photos next to eachother..Portraying like they are giving eachother “eyes”. I am from utah and am friends with a family that knows the Smarts.. Elizabeth Smart is not all smiles from what i have heard. You were not with her when she was kidnapped. YOU HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA WHAT WENT ON INSIDE HER HEAD. EVEN TO SPECULATE IS ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING. 14! how offensive to turn her life experiences into some sort of annecdote for game because she didn’t escape when she could have, everyone fucks up all the time. You should show compassion and not try to portray her as promiscuous, even if she did fall in love with that dude. My point is you dont know. Why speculate. I agree with a ton of pua stuff but it amazes me how some of these bloggers dedicate so much time to writing bullshit articles. Who fucking cares about this. Who is it helping? Is it positive? This is like tv to me. Turn off the tv and focus on what matters. In my mind game is
    1. Working Out
    2. Not giving a fuck what anyone thinks about you
    3. Getting over your fear of death
    4. Maximizing your potential to help humanity
    5.Working your ass off
    6. Having fun.
    Getting pussy should never be the number one priority in anybodys life. Promoting positive behaviors by example and having a purpose is being alpha. This is so gross. “there are two times when a man shouldn’t speculate. When he can’t afford it, and when he can” mark twain. I love the self improvment articles and personal experience articles but my god this is facebook this is mccdonalds this is your fuckin new reeboks. this is miley cyrus’s new haircut. FOCUS ON WHAT MATTERS. Promoting positive relationships between people and good health. Good Mental, Physical, and most importantly Spiritual health. It may seem like i am trying to put you down, I am not. I see a lot of potential with this site and it bugs me how some of the articles are in the same league as people magazine. I do not consider myself perfect I have fucked up hard so many times its incredible. I know all about saying stupid shit and fucking up. But i know what really matters and how to get what you want out of life.. I hope you take this into consideration and if the picture by chance changes i would like to read the article. I also want to say instead of hating feminist, hating fat girls, hating sluts. Why not love them? I am not saying fuck them or even try to persuade them to your point of view. But lead a good life and give off positive vibes that could inspire them to change. Just be happy

  20. I have seen this effect several times in my career. I have had coworkers who were ridiculously confident to the point of being self absorbed and narcissistic. Most of these guys were worthless, came in late left early, only worked on projects they felt like doing, refusing to do the menial work. Also they would shamelessly walk around telling everyone how great they are. Time after time I have watched these guys get promoted over more capable employees.
    After 20+ years of this, I finally stopped being mad at these guys, and the system that promoted them, and realized I was the idiot. Look around and see what works and then duplicate it. That is the leason.

  21. There’s a tl;dr at the bottom of this (lengthy) comment
    That fellow Chogyam Trungpa (who seemed to be legitimate ironically), also fulfilled this kind of game. Although very few people have called his Shambhala teaching a cult. He did sleep with many of his female students, he was also a perpetual drunk (the cause of his death). Similarly he drove fancy sports cars, one of which he crashed, and paralyzed part of his body to.
    Adi Da Samraj did similarly, although Samraj filmed pornography, and used hard drugs, he called this psychodrama or something.
    Wilhelm Reich (a sort of radical psychiatrist), slept with many of his female patients.
    Aleister Crowley sexed a lot too (initially with prostitutes, although I’m not sure how many of his partners were not prostitutes). He was bisexual in behavior.
    Ironically, for whatever reason, a lot of these teachers are viewed as legitimate in spiritual circles. Few spiritual people within the “circles of spirituality” view Samraj as being a fraud (Wilber being a notable one), people distance themselves from Reich purely on image, but the few who delve into his work seem to feel like he is legitimate. A̶ ̶l̶o̶t̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶O̶T̶O̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶G̶o̶l̶d̶e̶n̶ ̶D̶a̶w̶n̶ ̶p̶e̶o̶p̶l̶e̶ ̶r̶e̶q̶u̶i̶r̶e̶d̶ ̶R̶e̶i̶c̶h̶i̶a̶n̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶r̶a̶p̶y̶ ̶a̶s̶ ̶a̶ ̶p̶r̶e̶r̶e̶q̶u̶i̶s̶i̶t̶e̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶e̶n̶t̶e̶r̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶o̶r̶d̶e̶r̶ (redacted, apparently Israel Regardie and Christopher S. Hyatt would not teach Golden Dawn methods unless the recipient had at least four years of Reichian therapy), which links to Crowley. But I’m not sure if Crowley ever spoke of Reich. Bioenergetics (Lowen), Core Energetics (Pierrakos), and a lot of body-based psychotherapy is descended (or inspired by) Reich.
    Trungpa is more or less adored and praised, by like everyone. Many high lamas, Western teachers, Buddhist circles, consider him to be an unfailing example of a Buddha or bodhisattva (who literally drank himself to death, the Buddha’s fifth precept, come on guys!)
    And finally Crowley is taken seriously by occulists and thelemites everywhere. He is considered an enlightened Magus who created a new aeon by speaking (uttering with his mouth) a word, this word is “thelema”. He was a heroin and cocaine addict, literal magician (as in occultist, or witch), self-proclaimed antichrist, promiscuous bisexual, and ironically, a spy!
    Now there are plenty of people who celebrate him, two of whom seem reasonable, but I won’t name names. He’s considered by many to be one of the latest, great, masters of the 21st Century.
    Guys, if that’s not ironic, I seriously don’t know what it is.
    And then Christ himself is slurred by everyone, especially moderns, liberals, “sooper intelligent atheists”, teenage kids who think they can think, teenage adults who think they can now think, “scientists” (might as well be scientologists), who think skeptical materialism is err thang.
    Scientism might as well be a world view now, I mean that’s practically what it is. There is no longer a separation between science (a flawed method that basically says: if I can repeat something over and over again, with a premise, then that premise is true—this doesn’t work) and religion
    Ex: if the toaster only works on certain days, and then I say: there must be a god inside the toaster who gets mad on those days—and then I try making the god mad by pouring water on the toaster—and the toaster no longer works, then my premise is proven:
    that the toaster god is mad. That’s basically the scientific method in a nut shell, it doesn’t work.
    Without a doubt, Christians are the most hated group on the planet. They hate our agenda, our Law, our belief, idk, whatever.
    We live in odd times.
    tl;dr fucked up cult leaders are celebrated as great examples of enlightened behavior, and spiritual greatness (Reich, Da Avabhasa, Trungpa and Crowley), whilst an actual faultless person, who never makes mistakes, is made fun of by everyone.
    Didn’t someone predict this?

  22. Anyone who believes Prince William married this woman out of his own choice is severely misguided.

  23. Evidently Prince William wasn’t like his ancestor Henry VIII. Then again, Henry did cut off his wives’ heads.

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