Act As You Are Instead Of Worrying About Achieving An Optimum State

If you want to successfully attract beautiful women, either for short-term pleasure or long-term, serious relationships, then you must be prepared to take action in spite of how you are feeling. Failure to act is not masculine and will not serve you. Commit today to acting decisively in going for what you want today.

Perhaps you have seen a cute girl in line at your local coffee shop. Maybe a couple of hotties are buying drinks at the bar. In such circumstances it is very easy to make excuses for not approaching, such as “I’m too tired right now,” “I don’t have the energy after work,” or “I’m feeling a little unconfident today.” Scratch these feeble witterings from your mind immediately. They will not serve you. Instead, make a commitment to yourself to take action when you see a girl you like regardless of how you feel.

The Myth Of State


In the pick-up community there is a concept of “state.” You will most probably have experienced state. Imagine you are in a bar or club. You talk to your friends, maybe have a few beers, and start to feel lightness, confidence, even a little bit of bravado.

Perhaps started to chat to people you don’t know, asked them how their night is. After a while, you start to feel an almost uncanny ability to speak to anyone and everyone. It is as if you are propelled by some mysterious social energy, protected by a powerful forcefield from shyness or embarrassment.

Now, don’t get me wrong. State, or social momentum, is real and it will serve you. There are many times I’ve been out, hit a wave of state, and, in my mood of heightened confidence, gone on to attract a cute girl. When you go out, it is definitely worth trying exercises like talking to everyone you run in to (shop assistant, Uber driver, coat check guy etc.) before that first girl to heighten your mood. That way, when you’re face-to-face with a hottie you will come over as calm and socially adept. But you shouldn’t rely on it.

Why Relying On State Is Counterproductive


The most important aspect of game (and of any endeavour from business, to writing a novel, to learning to play the cello) is action. The difficulty with relying on state is that it gives the player an easy excuse not to act. “I could have approached her, but I wasn’t in state.” “I’m just not feeling it tonight, man – I’ll pass on talking to her and have another drink instead.” Let’s be clear – if your goal is to get good with girls, then this sort of thinking will get you nowhere. In fact, it will be worse than that – it will set you back, because it is only by taking consistent action and learning from your mistakes that you will improve your results.

Resolve To Take Action Regularly However You Are Feeling


The British painter Francis Bacon led a famously debauched life in 1960s London, getting drunk most nights in Soho’s bars and restaurants and spending most of his money in casinos. Despite this, he would get up early every morning to paint. Whereas many men would crumble in the face of a hangover, Bacon positively reveled in them, saying that they improved his work. Through this commitment to action Bacon became one of the most revered British painters of modern times, with his works now regularly sold for record-breaking amounts in galleries all round the world.

If you want to get good at something, you have to commit to taking action in spite of how you are feeling, for it is only consistent action taken over time that will yield solid results. This is as true for meeting girls as it is for painting or making a fortune as an entrepreneur.

A Mediocre Approach Is Better Than No Approach


As I say in my book The Seven Laws of Seduction, a mediocre or even poor approach is better than no approach at all. We’ve all heard the expression “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take,” but how many of us apply this in our lives on a daily basis?

The truth is that when most men walk up to a girl they are looking for one of two things – her phone number, to contact her for a date another time, or a same-night lay. While the latter happens often enough, in the majority of cases you will be hoping for a phone number, particularly if you are doing day game. Now, the simple truth is, you don’t need the poise of Jon Hamm or the swagger of Christian Bale to get a girl’s number. What you do need to do is ensure that you are in front of her and asking her for it. These are very simple steps that anyone can take.

The truth is that game is unpredictable anyway. You might be in the best mood ever (your team just won or you got a promotion at work), walk up to a girl full of elation and still get blown out. Or you might be feeling a little shy and introverted, walk up and find she really likes you. The only way you’re going to know for sure is by taking the action.

The fastest pull I ever achieved was with a girl I met very late at night walking down the street in London. I was tired, had work the next day and was “in my head” thinking about a big meeting I had to prepare for. No matter – I saw the girl, she was cute, and so I put everything out of my mind and approached. I just went up, introduced myself and said she was cute. No fancy lines, no sparkling with, no high-energy bravado. That girl ended up coming home with me.

Just Do It


The expression “fortune favours the brave” means just that. It does not mean “fortune favours the brave and also in a great mood with loads of energy and confidence that day.” In the end action trumps everything, and consistent action taken over time will get you results, regardless of how you feel.

So next time you see a cute girl, don’t worry about how you are feeling, just be in the moment and go up and talk to her. You never know what might happen. One thing is certain, though – if you don’t talk to her then you have 0% chance of bringing her into your life.

To find out how to become successful meeting and attracting beautiful women read Troy’s bestselling book, The Seven Laws of Seduction. To learn more click here.

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88 thoughts on “Act As You Are Instead Of Worrying About Achieving An Optimum State”

    1. Ole Billy Shakes put it best I think:
      A coward dies a thousand times before his death, but the valiant taste of death but once. It seems to me most strange that men should fear, seeing that death, a necessary end, will come when it will come

  1. This applies to every aspect of your life. 99% of the shit you should/have to do, you won’t want to do. Anything worth doing is never easy.

  2. All you can do is approach her ,and ask her out. All she can do ,is say yes or no. Its really that simple. If she requires high energy and a juggling act with a bag of tricks , shes probably more effort than shes worth.

    1. Detach yourself attaining a certain outcome. Also realize the importance of abundance there are many awesome people out there. When you place someone on high it is very easy to be dissappointed because people = shit

    2. The first time I approached a woman (after reading bang) was nerve-racking at first. I was in a bar, I looked good, smelled good and was wearing a new shirt. It still took me an entire hour and a large glass of beer to muster up the courage to approach her.
      I kept making silent excuses “I just like being in relationships, not one night stands” What a load of bullshit. “Maybe she has a boyfriend” Who cares? I surprised myself, because I never realized how much of a mangina I was.
      I finally walked up to her said and said,”hey.” She turned to me and said, “hey.” She was at least ten years younger than me, but I ended up hanging out with her all night.
      Just getting past that first approach was all it took for me to realize that approaching a woman wasn’t that big of a deal. Whether they reject you are not, you will be able to look yourself in the mirror the next day as long as you try.

      1. I picked a sorority girl for my first approach (up to that point, I’d gone with girls who asked me). Same exact excuses came into my mind, but I jumped on it, anyway.
        Shot me down pretty hard, but I suddenly realized I didn’t care that much. It’s a good feeling.

    1. I won’t lie…
      I can open a 6 or below like it’s my job, but god damn do the hotties intimidate the hell out of me
      I’ve been working on the whole “she eats, sleeps and shits just like any other human” mentality forever now… but feel like I’ll be on here 5yrs down the road still bitching and whining about the “hot ones” lol
      On the one hand I feel good because for me, any approach is a step in the right direction, and a form of progress… but on the other, I’m still not getting ‘what I want’ in the end, if that makes sense, which I guess comes down to caring less about the outcome (which is another area I’m working on.. another story for another day ha)
      Anyone have any tips? Last girl I tried to chat up (a chick I already had an ‘in’ with… should’ve been a breeze), things were going well and I started getting nervous like “oh shit! oh shit! this could happen!” and then started getting fidgety and nervous. She noticed right away and quickly excused herself… talk about an excruciating lesson in controlling your inner state haha.

      1. I think most of this stuff comes down to a very simple thing: Lack of unconditional self-love.
        Its not necessarily rejection itself we fear – cause that is just a word, right – it is emotions. Outcome dependence is based on a fear of experiencing certain emotions. If you make your peace with all your emotions (that includes the weak, pathetic, fearful ones), then you no longer fear having them, hence you no longer care about the outcome.
        Meditation helps with that. At least it’s starting to work really well for me. But I’m not really approaching girls, so I can’t make promises.

        1. Okay I appreciate the input and will take a look into which emotions are priming me to think negatively…
          I also agree with what lolknee was saying earlier about treating it more like everyday conversation as opposed to “okay now I’m gonna ‘pick her up’ and bang her later tonight!” which, of course, would be fun…. but isn’t always realistic, or even doable depending on the context.
          I’ve just been on a good luck streak lately.. so I’m trying to take advantage of the extra energy/confidence while I can. Maybe I’ll take unabashed’s advice and just swing for fences by approaching a 9 or 10.

        2. Do whatever feels right to you, man. It’s all you can do anyway. 🙂
          As for the negative thoughts: It is often not clear whether emotions fuel negative thoughts or whether negative thoughts fuel negative emotions. Both seems to be true in some ways. The key is to learn to tolerate all emotions.
          When you are trying to avoid certain emotions, it is like you are walking around with chains around your chest, restricting your movement and the choices you can make. The more emotions you integrate and welcome into your life, the less chains you have and the more free you are.

        3. “When you are trying to avoid certain emotions, it is like you are walking around with chains around your chest, restricting your movement and the choices you can make.”
          writing that down, thanks

        4. Success breeds confidence and confidence breeds success my friend. It seems like a bad kind of loop that is hard to break into. The question, of course, is how to break the antinomy. My suggestion is to do it like this. Understand that the confidence that breeds success doesn’t have to be the confidence in success. Rather, see it as confidence in yourself. If you take the time you would normally take learning how to talk to women or priming yourself to do so or going out for cold approaches and just work on yourself…physically, mentally, spiritually you will grow and that growth will breed success and with it confidence. With your new found confidence, just go out. Enjoy being out alone. Go to parks or restaurants or coffee shops or wherever you are interested in. While there be friendly. Sure, some cunts will snark your friendliness. Just smile at them because who cares. It is either a shit test, in which case your taking it in stride will do nothing but help you pass it or she is genuinely a cuntish bitch in which case there was nothing you could do and you wouldn’t want anyway. a big thing for me is to always think of end results. If I am pleasant to someone and they are a miserable cunt in return I didn’t want her anyway.

        5. I compartmentalize. There is a me that enjoys going out and having a nice time and being friendly. If that me doesn’t, for lack of a better word, show up then I stay in. It isn’t so much a mask I wear…but rather one aspect of who I am which has no direct bearing on any other part. I feel most comfortable when I am alone because I am able to indulge myself. However, when I am feeling social (and it happens often tough doesn’t last long) I tend to go out and be very friendly. Being friendly can be a lot of fun and, like a sunny day, I try to enjoy it when my mood swings that way. Not sure if that makes any sense at all to anyone but me, but it is just the way I am.

        6. It is also why, by the by, that I don’t mind spending money on a date. A lot of guys will say not to do that and their reasons are all sound. I would never spend money to impress a woman on a date. I have something else to impress (and gag) her with later on.
          That said, I love dressing nice, going to a classy place with a girl on my arm at times. When the social mood strikes me there is nothing I enjoy more. It is not about impressing some tramp. It is about finding a girl who has certain qualities (attractive, stylish, can hold some form of conversation for a few hours) and having a night on the town.
          that said, this is a mood compartment and if I am not in the mood for that I will break a date because the idea of going out and doing that when I am not feeling it is abhorrent.

        1. wait, do you mean literally. Because that sounds like a great game. Like an adult version of “the floor is lava” where the 7-8’s are the “safe” furniture and the 6’s are lava and you jump all around your living room.

        2. That’s something to think about and something I’ll have to try.
          Only reason I haven’t is because I’m friends with two girls that are both hot in their own ways… but one, lets call her “jane” is like model status, reaaaaaaally good looking. The other is a short bubbly blonde that we’ll call “sasha”. Sasha for what ever reason, gets hit on literally every time I’m out with her.
          I too flirt with sasha all the time and when she sometimes gets exasperated or says something like “wow you’re mean!!” jane steps right in like “ugh sasha, he’s just trying to get a rise out of you….” like, jane clearly knows the game and what is up lol and it makes me nervous cause I’m like “okay… if I want to approach girls like jane, I’m not only going to have be on my A game… I’ll have to be ready to take a few licks and roll with the punches haha

        3. You might try creating some distance with those two girls for a while. Don’t go completely cold, but just be unavailable for a few weeks/months. It sounds like you’re friend zoned with these girls and if that’s the case, you’re not going to make progress with either of them.

        4. Oh no, you’re totally right. “sasha” and “jane” are two girls I’ve known since I was 13 (30 now) so I wrote them off as friends a loooooooong time ago haha (or maybe they wrote me off… either way, not going down that road haha) good looking out though.

        5. I mean it’s good advice though.
          These days they’re my “ammunition” so to speak lol… I know when I walk into some place with those two that heads are turning, and that any girl that looks their also way SEES ME walking in with them haha

        6. Plus approaching 9s, the 7-8s will notice this. Especially if you are particularly active in a given night at a single venue and you strike up some significant convos, even if it ends in a “no” from the 9.

      2. Forget that not caring about the outcome bs. Of course you care, thats why youre talking to the hot chick.
        Keep it simple.
        Talk to every really hot chick you see in your day to day.

        Dont treat them like they are really hot. Mayyyyyne one compliment, if at all.

        You can care about it, but dont let it show.
        After anwhile , you will nang a couple hot ones, and then you will be wat more comfortable and have momentum.

    2. I kind of agree with you here tom. However, with a caveat.
      If I am in proximity to an attractive women who seems to have the qualities I calue in a woman, be it while I am out at a bar or restaurant, cafe, elevator, I will make conversation. I am not sure if this would be considered an “approach” as I am just generally friendly….especially when it comes to women I find attractive.
      if pussy follows that is terrific. But even just having a nice conversation can be fun.
      However, the idea of just heading out on the streets to go do approaching seems odd to me.

      1. Yarp. Makes sense. If it flows out of the current moment, fine. If it doesn’t, also fine.
        But buying lots of books about women and some “7 rules of seduction”, that just isn’t happening for me. Kinda cringe-worthy. But that’s just my opinion, I guess.

        1. Here we agree wholeheartedly. I have always found it to be an immutable truth that if you concentrate on making yourself great and are friendly and outgoing pussy will find its way to you.
          I am sure the 7 rules of seduction style books contain good information. But in the end, I think it would totally psych me out. Like when I was first learning to drive and was trying to think of all the rules rather than now when there is a certain, as germans might say, befindlichkeit to it.
          Not everyone is naturally outgoing and I understand that they may have issues, but memorizing a bunch of rules probably doesn’t help. If anything, the books can give confidence that it can be done and that might be enough for some people. At the end of the day, nothing beats a sincere smile and a pleasant hello.

        2. I am the opposite of outgoing, but I just can’t get myself to treat myself as a machine that must perform the “approaching” ritual. I tried it once or twice and quit that bullshit after 3 or 4 days. It just didn’t fit harmonically into life.
          The only reason for rules is when you do not allow yourself to be whatever you will be whenever you will be it. Else you just don’t give a fuck.
          Besides, even the top gurus in the manosphere seem to have success rates around 5 to 10%, so one may question whether those rules contain absolute truth.

        3. Yep, I don’t understand the whole process really. I don’t begrudge anyone who uses it or feels it is helpful, but I just don’t get it.

        4. This conversation reminds me of an old friend of mine. His name too was Tom and we used to call him A-Bomb Tom. See Tom was a good looking guy, he had a god job as a security big for a major hotel owing to his past in the Marines and, by all accounts, was actually a decent egg. We called him A-Bomb for a reason. He would consistently talk himself out of getting laid at an alarming rate. He also had the unpleasant habit of his voice growing louder and with more urgency as he drank. I once walked into a bar and heard him saying, loudly, “NO! I AM NOT SAYING YOU ARE FAT I AM SAYING THAT THE EXTRA WEIGHT LOOKS GOOD ON YOU!!!!!!!” and I thought “ugh, fucking a-bomb” This scene would constantly repeat itself. I begged him. I said “Tom, just don’t say anything. We will tell the girls you are shell shocked from your time in the Marines. Anything would be better” One time he called me and said “kneeman! I don’t get women. I got this girls number last night and I called her 43 times (I will never forget the number 43) and she hasn’t even returned my call” I have never seen someone who was such a natural at fucking things up.
          No real point here, just a fun memory that came to mind that I thought I would share with the boys.

        5. Hahaha. Did he own it, though?
          Cause, seriously, I am something of an angry and pissed person and I can imagine I would like fucking things up here and then, just for the fun of it.
          You can be fucking things up without being desperate about succeeding, if you catch my drift. 🙂

        6. yeah, he owned it. It was great. He would cartoonishly say “woooah boy, there I go again” He actually was a great guy and had a good sense of humor. He just got nervous around women and fucked things up. He had 3 close buddies, me included, who all did very well with women and we constantly told him that he had a ton of stuff to work with and he just needs to relax. Classic.

        7. I have to laugh, that is exactly how I was in highschool. Not a clue about being nuanced. A girl projects herself as being a slut, so I make some stupid comment that eludes to that, and then I wonder why she doesn’t want to be with me.
          My mind would zero in on a girl and dwell on her before making any conversation. Then, when I do I would make a fool out of myself.
          Then it happened…….I moved off to college and became friends with this guy. We would agree on a double date, say 2 weeks in advance. Then we would each find a girl to take out on the predetermined date. Because the pressure was on, I was forced to do the numbers thing. I would approach a random girl (within the church) and just tell her about the date coming up. Most accepted. My confidence increased, and I stopped caring about rejections.

        8. As a person who was not socially adjusted due to a tumultuous childhood, I highly disagree with this notion of game not being learned. It seems you and Lolknee are handling the idea of learning game in a derogatory light. Of course the main idea, ideally is to be the man who can get laid and be gregarious around women. However, it is not as simple as a smile and a handshake although that can seem the case on onset. Height, weight, self perception, social perception, all play a hand in how you are viewed by the opposite sex.
          The idea of viewing women as an automaton is disturbing true. But what is worse than disturbing is the acceptance of men as automatons and then punishing men for failing at what is accepted or feeding them a song and dance as to how to achieve joy.
          Sex is intuitive if you are initiated at a young age. Pushing attraction is not intuitive and neither is moving into expressing sexual desire in this sexual harassment filled world. The online world of dating lends itself to being disingenuous.
          I get if you are apathetic on the topic though. Seems like something you would find disturbing.

        9. I used to find it disturbing, then I found it too much, and now I am coming to think of it as pointless. I knew a handful of guys who were successful with women and confident. One of them weighed some 300 pounds.
          If I can not get a girl with who I am right at that time, fuck her. I am guilty of thinking way too much about how women perceive me and that is why I am tired of it.
          Well. Not trying to come to any conclusions here. Just that I like the intuitive approach. Maybe it will fail. Who knows. But what is failure anyway? If I don’t get laid, it is not like my whole life is shattered.

        10. I can respect that. I was a natural at women, then life circumstances happen and I was no longer a natural. I had to re learn a lot of what I knew innately but failed to express because of societal fears. Running across a bunch of PUA stuff, I had roughly the same fears about seeming like an automaton.
          I will say this, there a bunch of behaviors that can be emulated on some of the higher end of the pick up community. Roosh, Troy, Donovan, are trustworthy members who can be linked with that community but in truth, the name is a misnomer.
          PUA suggests these guys get laid like it’s their job and that they can make you like that too. This is where some guys come in who sell the ‘foolproof’ stuff and ‘get your girlfriend or any girl to sleep with you’ material. Snakeskin is sold throughout PUA but in truth, the goal was always about being a man women desired, or a better man who enjoyed their life.
          Good luck with your method as that may lead to generating a internal self confidence that may make you treat yourself and others better, and finding a woman who you will enjoy.

        11. A-bomb was actually a homo. Get enough booze and Kratom into him and I’d bet he tells you about the crush he’s had on you for years.

        12. Ha. I doubt it, but I guess ya never know. I haven’t seen him in a decade

        13. See? I bet if you hung out near the ladies’ toilets at Target you’d find him in 10 minutes, doing ‘restroom game’ as described in an earlier ROK article.

  3. I think you have put the fear of failure more eloquently than I have seen in a long time in the manosphere Troy. Being brave is a ruse because valor is an emotion that can be enriched just by having support. Not all choices will have support. Sleeping with a woman finalizing a divorce, a man’s sister, a woman of a different race, with women overseas, or with co-workers will not always have support. And these are just a few examples. Not to mention whether if there is a boyfriend or husband looming. Or the state of sexuality in your country. All of these are valid reasons to not approach and over stated reasons to not be vulnerable.
    Some of the coolest lines I’ve said led to women ending in someone else’s arms and the lamest questions ended in same day lays. You never know what you will get. But the one constant is fear of vulnerability. Fear of exposure. Fear of weakness. It is always in your best interest to stare your vulnerability in the face and walk to it. That extends well past just women but joy overall.

    1. I must not fear.
      Fear is the mind-killer.
      Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
      I will face my fear.
      I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
      And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
      Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.
      Only I will remain.
      – Frank Herbert, Dune

      1. I’m learning that it is very much like getting a job. I’m running an experiment at the moment where I am merely trying to get conversations with fine girls in multiple locations (like where they work). It means that because I am not trying to pick them up that I am more comfortable talking to them and they are more comfortable talking to me.
        Women like guys that they are comfortable with. This is very important to them. Additionally, because I know so many hot chicks that I can ask out at any time I have increased confidence because if one says “no” I have half a dozen others.
        I’ll let you know how this experiment turns out.

    2. Just Do It

      Sound advice.
      I was in a supermarket last month, feeling dreadfully sick and I had taken the day off work. Saw this fine woman, just the kind who would never speak to you or me. She was beautiful but had resting bitch-face and seemed too good for simple mortal men.
      I said “fuck it”, walked up and starting talking. She was really pleasant in fact and told me how flattered she was. I didn’t get the number but I did walk away feeling quite the man.
      On another occasion I chatted up a dime piece Spanish chica. Got the digits and the lay. Again she was impossibly beautiful but it turned out I was just the kind of guy she liked. I would never have known if I didn’t try.

      Ain’t nuttin’ to it but to do it!

  4. The example given with Francis Bacon is absurd though. The guy is non-artist and his turpentine wash of paintings reflect nothing but the state his hangovers.
    Btw, cold street approaches will soon be illegal in the UK. How’re the PUAs going to about their business I wonder?

    1. Wow, you have uninformed moronic opinions on art to match your uniformed moronic opinions on other things. Way to go. Consistency baby, consistency.

    2. But, his last name is Bacon tho… How absurd can it really be? I think its an excellent example. Regardless of your opinion of his art, the example still remains relevant. Its about action vs inaction.

    3. Cold approach being outlawed!!! And it’s selectively aimed at hetero males. What about the faggott monkeys and groundhogs that infest the jogging trails in the public parks? The fags in the parks who pop their heads from behind trees and bushes and say ”I wanna thuck your dick?”. Some parks you can barely walk your dog around without stepping in FAG SHIT and your dog can choke on spent condoms and empty amyl nitrate bottles strewn around. And worse, the moustache-fag park patrol will try to cite you if you don’t pick up your own dog’s shit. WTF. They’re all a nuisance.
      But the hetero PUA’s need to stand their ground. Have no shame. They’re only going through the experience phase so as to eventually be able to bag some quality LTR. The quick lays you find are all ho’s and they know it. The feminazi tyrants lobbying for anti PUA laws are trying to maintain their false ideal of equality and value. Professional working skirts with notches have no more value than hookers with notches. PUA’s can see them all for what they are. ”We can see” and that threatens the crazy bitch establishment that has no force of its own without being propped up by manginas and by those who direct the beta culture labor plantation. Artifically inflating the value of pussy feeds the divorce rape blood money industry which in turn puts caps and controls on marriages and families and creates a working gridlock for men. It’s more system control being spooned out to the masses.

  5. Failing at things is PART OF THE PROCESS when it comes to self improvement. How else will you continually evaluate everything you do if you only do things you know you’ll succeed in?
    The fear of failure and the stigma are what hold most people back. For me, it’s the fear of being indecisive that I have to confront.

      1. As in, even if I don’t know what to do when it comes to making a decision, I still make one anyway.
        Because indecisiveness is a bad thing.

  6. It’s nice to see an article that has actionable advice. And that’s not doom and gloom, reporting the latest progress of the religion of peace.
    I’m not knocking ROK for reporting on that stuff though. Hey it’s all happening.
    It’s true, if you wait around for ‘state’ to come you’ll never get off your ass. Make your own fortune! Project your presence out into the world and ‘state’ will follow.

    1. One more thing. Prepare for serious pushback and criticism from a lot of women and even some men. Nothing is more threatening to a member of the herd than someone daring to stand out in a way that’s different than the accepted norm.

  7. I like the idea of doing exercises and taking action. “ABC – always be closing” (from “Glengarry Glen Ross”, 1992, Alec Baldwin, Al Pacino, Ed Harris – great film, check it out). If you are new to something, a working recipe for success can definitely help the cause. And you have to start somewhere, and experience is indeed the best teacher.
    Personally, I have never chased women. For me, absolute disinterest works the best. I put 100% of my effort into making myself better. Which leaves no time for frivolously chasing an inferior member of a species that is pretty much guaranteed to ruin my life if given half the chance. And women respect that in a guy.
    Instead of targeting women for conversation (at a bar, for example), I target men. Why? Well, women are idiots, by and large. I don’t care to talk to most of them, and I definitely don’t care what most of them have to say. Men tend to be much smarter and much less malleable. If a man asks me what I do, I tell him – and what I do is unconventional, which is always interesting to someone who habitually dwells and works within the sphere of conventionality (as most people tend to do). And if a man asks me for my opinion on an issue, I tell him – and it usually won’t be what he expects to hear, which is interesting in itself.
    Being well-read and thinking for oneself while forming one’s own opinions based on all of the evidence at hand, leads to being aware of what is true and what isn’t true, and consequently, how things really work in the world. And that is the key here – living and thinking outside of the box on a daily basis; and I mean “the box”, as in, the coffin-like existence most people are faced with here on earth, as well as the slot between a woman’s legs.
    Being able to talk with pretty much anybody, while opening their eyes to valid perspectives which they have not yet considered, is the ultimate aphrodisiac. Women find that irresistible and they will approach you, if they listen to your conversations long enough, because they will realize that you are not the average robotic jackass that can be found on any stool at the neighborhood bar.
    The point being, make yourself better by seeking real truth and forging ahead toward your own personal goals, and work like hell at that to the exclusion of everything else, until you are the man you want to become. After doing the work involved and achieving the desired result on that score, pulling women will be easier than taking a dump – and it will become a daily ritual, if not nearly as gratifying…

      1. You said “snatch”. I am now triggered. Now I must game my spouse to relieve the stress you’ve caused. Where’s the damn Kratom…

  8. The fastest pull I ever achieved was with a girl I met very late at night walking down the street in London.
    Same for me once, I approached a girl when we both left the grocery store and walked the same way back to the student area (my favorite cold-open tactic), and talked with her on the way. As we reached her building I asked if she wanted to come over and have dinner. How glad I was then that I always kept my place clean and kept some easy food to eat in the fridge. We had sex within two hours of meeting her.
    Sometimes you get this lucky when you do cold opens. Though be careful so you don’t gain a rumor as a “shark” in the area, in which case you’re toast.
    By the way, she told me later that she had gone home with me because I had seemed so happy. My opening line had been to smile and say happily that the weather was so great now in the spring, you didn’t have to wear a hat anymore. As if I was just so pleased with that, that I just had to say it to the nearest person. I have done that many times, and dated many girls who I approached this way.

  9. I’ve failed to pull when I’m awake, refreshed, and confident.
    I’ve pulled like crazy when hungover a day after a full-body workout.
    The key difference was my steady-state mindset.
    When your mindset is right, you will find the opportunities everywhere.

    1. Same here, I often score when I’m in a bad mood and hung over, because I am not trying to or putting effort into it.

    2. It’s something to do with sleeping vs waking states. While asleep, the politeness brainwashing of the waking world isn’t policing you. While sleeping, you can do whatever you friggin’ please. Sometimes when someone rudely tries to wake you, you’re still asleep and have no bounds or social restrictions and you’re ready to throw a shoe at them or punch them for waking you. Then you gradually wake and click on all the societal controls. You get yourself all ready and polite so you can walk the sidewalk like all the other drones.
      It has to do with HOW YOU WAKE UP. Be mindful while waking as to how societal controls begin automatically activating within your brain. These controls, you can override them by being aware that they activate upon waking. You can arrest the commands like suppressing an auto reflex like a sneeze. They’re all a bunch of auto brainwash commands and you can pause them and lock them off. Try it. Walk around for a day and see what it’s like to see the world while sneekily having tricked the system’s brainscrew pill. It’s like finding a pair of sunglasses that enables you ‘see’. It’s all about how you wake up. Keep one eye and one foot in the sleeping netherworld where you just were. Don’t let the borg system cold cock you as usual when you wake up. ‘See both sides’ you might call it.

  10. I once met a girl while walking across my college campus when it suddenly went from sunshine to pouring rain. I started powerwalking behind the cutest pair of yoga pants. I said to her as I caught up to her “Bet you can’t jump this puddle!” as I leaped over the mud. I had no idea if she would follow or just blow me off, but I also didn’t really care. She said “Oh hell no!” and she quickly followed. We ran laughing towards our building and began making out after only 10 minutes of chat. We both skipped class, went back to my place, and had sex after having met only a few hours earlier.
    I say college, but I wasn’t a kid. I was 30, she was 23. I didn’t have a preplanned line, no crazy routines to run, I just went with what my mind came up with. I’ve crashed and burned many times before, but that night ended with me and her doing the horizontal polka. The only reason it happened is because I went for it.
    Troy is right. A lot of guys really need to get out of their head. So what if she says no? There are literally millions of other women out there. If she says yes, you are one step closer to getting her out of her clothes and onto your dick. The moment I absorbed this knowledge was the moment my happiness increased by 100.

    1. Nice. One way I taught a few buddies was by getting a bit drunk while listening to metal, and just psyching them up to the idea that we would try to pick up at least 10 girls that night, ugly or not doesn’t matter. Then hitting a tourist disco and just doing approach after approach while cracking jokes and laughing about and mocking the rejecters.
      That worked a treat for at least one of my friends back then.

    2. You were 30, excellent
      You’re lucky. When I was 30, I had married a clingy needy high maintenance woman who probably had the notches of the easy yoga girl. You have to admit she was ”eeee-zeeee”.
      Back when I was 20, I’d approach like that in clubs usually when tanked. To approach like that sober I’d feel like I was lacking something. That something was a good smelling beer belch. I’d spit when I talked until girls would rub their eyes. Then I’d know I was spitting and I’d make note to slurp it in and continue approaching. If you’re going to be swapping spit soon, maybe some girls actually get primed to it when you accidentally spit in their face as you open them. After an hour of booze, the game was on. I’d sometimes approach with an accent. I tried foreign student accent, Mexican ‘low-rider’ cool accent, British accent like ”I ploy in a rock bond”. I was waiting in line for the men’s room and the lady’s room was adjacent. It was then and there a really good one popped into my head – ”hey, my name is Jim – JUNGLE JIM – wanna swing?” I tried that one a dozen times on ladies entering and exiting the women’s room as I waited in line for the men’s room. Later one girl pulled me on the dance floor who could really swing dance. She thought she recognized me as Jim. She put me to shame with my amateur noodle wiggle 80’s shit. I ended up lengthy chatting and getting a ride with a punky skrillex chick to her place. They were all ho bags in there. LTR marriage material was unknown to me.
      Getting righteous and discerning takes trial and error, like a righteous over write of the brain, at least for me. You still use the same game when trying to find a tight LTR mate for tribe and clan. I haven’t tried spitting when I’m talking while opening lately, at least not intentionally. I’m way more of a discerning righteous sumbitch now than when I was 20. Instead of suggesting a future date or movies or bullshit, I just say ”hey, you wanna roll with my clan?”

  11. this is what we need in this site. sure the anti leftist and feminist shit is fun too. but, what will really change men is the understanding that talking to women is no big deal. once the betas (including myself) realize that they can too pick up girls the dynamics of the social order of western civilization will change on its own.
    fuck bitches

  12. Right now, i pretend to be a muslim refugee when approaching women. 60% of the time, it works all the time.

  13. Troy, have you (or anyone here) ever approached a girl working as a cashier at a checkout at a grocery or store? It seems I’m running across numerous hotties in these situations lately and I’m find it awkward to go for it. Would love some ideas here…

  14. “Action trumps all” is one of the best slogans I’ve seen written about this topic, and business in general as well. Well Done.

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