Belgium Rocked By Islamic Terrorism In Spite Of Altruistic Assimilation Policies

In a chilling nod to the events at the Bataclan in Paris late last year, terrorist attacks have rocked the Belgian and European capital of Brussels. In the early morning, Zaventem airport was assaulted first by two bombs, followed by another at the Maelbeek metro station closer to the city center. At least 30 people are already confirmed dead, most of them at Maelbeek. Another 200 have been injured. ISIS has claimed responsibility.

The devastating developments in Belgium come hot on the heels of that country’s capturing of the main suspect in the Paris attacks, Salah Abdeslam. If anything, the deaths at Zaventem and Maelbeek seem to be retaliation for the shoot-out and arrest of Abdeslam, an ISIS operative. They also continue Belgium’s strange reputation as a hotbed for producing Islamic extremists. But why, considering how many Muslim immigrants have been welcomed into the country, especially its major cities of Brussels and Antwerp?

Around the time Salah Abdeslam was apprehended, residents in the area of Molenbeek, a heartland for those Muslim migrants who do not wish to assimilate, began throwing objects at police and other emergency responders. In an attempt to keep the fractious Belgian society “together,” one which includes an already unstable division between a Dutch-speaking north and French-speaking south, the European and wider media is making little of this appalling display by supposed Belgians of Muslim backgrounds. Nonetheless, the extremists clearly have many supporters in the suburbs.

Many of the November 13 jihadists in France were from Belgium. For a country so small, Belgium has a serious habit of producing individuals who publicly murder in the name of Islam.

Belgian political elites have repeatedly called immigration fears “racist”

To understand much of what happened in Belgium today, we must first understand the nature of Belgium’s political structures. The country is essentially cleaved in two, between Flanders, a Dutch-speaking, richer, more immigration conservative north, and Wallonia, a French-speaking, less economically robust, more tolerant south. The capital Brussels, once predominantly Dutch-speaking, is a separate, mostly Francophone city-state surrounded by Flanders. Although elites from both sides of the Flanders-Wallonia border have supported the status quo on immigration, even its expansion, the major anti-immigration parties and their well-organized, vocal supporters are in Flanders.

Like Amsterdam and Rotterdam in the Netherlands, Brussels has become a city of blatant segregation and non-assimilation, a situation imposed by migrant communities themselves. The neighborhood of Molenbeek mentioned earlier is just one of many in places like Brussels where multiculturalism has not only failed, but started to threaten the very fabric of Belgian society. These issues existed before the new migrant hordes began arriving last year. However, the authorities in Belgium have had years to stem the tide and have done nothing.

Gay man and former Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo has a penchant, like many of his colleagues, for saying that those who criticize immigration, especially Islamic immigration, are “ruining” the country.

Former Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo, who is from the less anti-immigrant French area of Wallonia, once said that Bart De Wever, the leader of the New Flemish Alliance (N-VA), was stoking racism and “ruining the country’s reputation.” De Wever had called for uncompromising assimilation and integration for those who had arrived in Belgium already and much more stringent restrictions on the number of new arrivals allowed to settle. De Wever actually represents the more centrist of the two Flemish anti-immigration parties, Vlaams Belang having a much more hardline platform.

Yes, this is Molenbeek, Brussels, not Syria.

The risks of Belgium’s massive immigration problem have been spelled out to political elites for years. They have not listened. The Bataclan terrorist murders and the strong association they had with “Belgian” terrorists should have been the wake-up call for the national government in Brussels. They could not have prevented every planned terrorist attack, sure enough, but they could have read the writing on the wall. If they had done so, they would have undertaken an immediate rearrangement of the country’s priorities, demanding the acceptance of Belgian European values and conceptions of citizenship, in addition to turning off the tap of mass immigration.

Thank you, Angela Merkel, for what is coming next

The great priorities of Angela Merkel.

Thanks to the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her opening of the gates, there are now tens thousands of new young men who have the same convictions as individuals like Salah Abdeslam. Unlike Abdeslam, though, they have none of the longer-term roots in Europe, meaning authorities know nothing about the vast majority of these people.

We must prepare for a wave of new terrorist attacks that blend both existing non-assimilating populations that hate their over-tolerant countries of residence and new arrivals who will soon begin to hate these societies, if they do not already.

As the blood and human remains are being cleaned off the airport floor, the ground of the metro station, and even the clothes and bodies of survivors, cast your thoughts to the individuals who allowed this hatred to percolate in Europe for years. Political elites share as much blame for these deaths as the terrorists themselves.

They saw what was coming. They ignored it. The blood is on their hands.

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263 thoughts on “Belgium Rocked By Islamic Terrorism In Spite Of Altruistic Assimilation Policies”

  1. Most likely course of events in the next week:
    1. European leaders: “We will not tolerate terrorism, but we will not change our immigration policies.”
    2. Planned “solidarity” march and Facebook overlay image so people can do something to vent their frustration without challenging the main immigration agenda.
    3. State of emergency policies that will be used to increase government power, not to eliminate terrorism but to crack down on right-wing nationalists.
    4. Facebook begins censoring “hate speech” against Muslims.
    5. Tens of thousands of Muslims pour into Europe without being screened.
    Western Europe is toast. If you live there, protect yourself and your families.

    1. Tolerance is like a piece of toilet paper, the crap only goes on one side. If you are not in line with the higher agenda, expect to get dirty, while violent or truly illiberal folks get a pass.

    2. And now comes the parade of 100 million useless gestures, sentiments and tears. Suck it Europe. You’re reaping what you’ve sown. And, so will America.

        1. I’m with you. Now, what can be done to solve the problem beyond feelings and sentiments?

        2. They are going to have to grow a spine, and stop the PC bullshit. Take their city back, and kick the Muslims/refugees out. I guess would be a beginning.

    3. I was just telling a friend earlier today. I can tell you exactly what the elites will say in response to this event.
      The word solidarity will be used many times. The phrase “our hearts go out to those in X” or some variation of that will be used. “Stand together, unite against terrorism”, “we won’t give in to fear”. (As if Obama or Merkel or any of these asshats have anything to fear, they aren’t the ones being blown the fuck apart in airports)
      How many times do the people of Europe need to hear these scripted words? Each time infuriates me personally more than the last and I’m not even a European citizen.

      1. Today we stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of…
        Today we stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of…
        Today we stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of…
        Today we stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of…

        1. What he doesn’t realize (or won’t say) is that some of those people are no longer standing. They’ve been placed in a box in the ground because they are already dead due to bad immigration policies, by the political leaders, that continue to threaten national security (in Europe, the U.S., Canada, etc..).

        2. Isn’t it telling that no where in mainstream media is Obama criticised for the situation in Syria? If Bush was still in power, the media would be all over him. The hypocrisy never ends.

        3. Or Hillary Clinton’s role when Sect of State. Still, I think the Bushs were even worse than the Clintons and that’s not saying much.

        4. Why does that remind me of Bart Simpson doing chalkboard punishment?

        5. Damn, couldn’t have said it better myself. How long must this go on? How many more attacks before leaders get their shit together and stop lying to themselves?

    4. The Belgian flag. I made a comment to someone a few hours ago…”wasn’t your profile just covered with a French flag? Unsettling trend.”

    5. 6. Invasion of another country to overthought
      their government, put a puppet leader and bring more immigrants.

    6. I agree… a lot of that will happen. That said… I think this summer they are going to overplay their “evil Islam” terror card and it is going to backfire on the elites massively. This is pure, utter, desperation.
      None of this is real. It is all lies. We are 15 years post 9/11. They simply can’t pull this shit off anymore and have anyone believe anything they say about who did it.

      1. I want to agree with you, and wish I could, but as previously stated, you’re too optimistic and have too much faith in people’s reasoning skills and common-sense.
        The mass mind control and brainwashing is so vast, potent, and powerful, that Truth does **not** stand a chance. Here’s a sad and depressing example: despite the blatant and balls-out obvious Building 7 demolition on 9/11, a shocking number of people don’t even know a third building was brought down, let alone how WTC7 was demolished. That’s just one example. We can go on and on …

        1. Of course most are real. There are scumbag disinformation shills who cry “hoax” at these events to muddy the waters, and confuse people, but then again most of these disinfo shills are, in one way or another, affiliated with … al-CIAeda.

    7. Based Roosh would make a better leader for Europe than any of these country hating clowns running the EU to the ground.

    8. Just saw a segment in NBC nightly news showing a bunch of fast clips of all these Belgian arts and crafts bullshit that is supossed to say “I’m sorry that bad thing happened over there!”
      They showed belgion flags over Dubai or some shit and the reporter said “and that is an Islamic country! ”
      Then some civilian in Brussels told the camera that if he stays inside scared than “they” win.
      I guess thats like if Europe stops importing radical Islamist than ISIS wins too.
      Really makes me more sick hearing all the solidarity bs then anything else. We need REAL solutions.

      1. This solidarity nonsens happened also after the Paris attacks. People still think it scares the shit out of ISIS apparently.

    9. On Twitter, the censoring has already begun:
      In a Belgian newspaper, I already read the following:
      “En toch mogen we ons niet laten intimideren door de haatpredikanten die roepen dat ze het altijd hebben voorspeld, dat de islam nu eenmaal niet thuishoort in Europa en dat de multiculturele apocalyps onafwendbaar is”
      Meaning: “We can’t let us intimidate by hate preachers who shout they’ve always predicted this, that islam doesn’t belong to Europe and that a multicultural apocalyps is inevitable.”
      So basically, even now when terror has occurred in Belgium, where most of the suspects of the Paris attacks grew up and radicalised in Belgium, where there are still Arabic shitholes in Brussels and Antwerp… even now, people who dare to criticise the narrative of the leftist elites are called ‘hate preachers’ that intimidate us.
      Belgium is lost

      1. Europe is lost. It really is breathtaking to watch an entire civilization commit suicide.

    10. You left off the part where Europeans are actively being denied the ability to defend themselves. Weapons banned, and self-defense itself under assault.
      It will soon be illegal to offer any resistance (verbal or physical) to the insane demands of the killer horde of invading jihadists.
      EUROPEANS, wake the hell up…your governments and elites are selling your heads on silver platters to murderous invaders!!!!

      1. And the thing is, muslims have full containers of military weapons shipped to them all over Europe. They are armed. If you are an European, you need to arm yourself with guns asap, legal or otherwise.

    11. We’ve canceled a trip to Germany actually, prior to the Brussels attack. I’m not of the mind that my wife or daughter should be raped by these savages if I step away to take a leak.

      1. You can always take a trip to Eastern Europe instead. Ex-communist countries are the safest part of Europe right now.

        1. Exactly.
          If the south, west and north of Europe should fall, there will be no more natural barriers (Mediterranean, Alps, Pyrenees, et cetera) or political barriers (other states between the Muslim world and your state) to keep the hordes out of Eastern Europe. And no matter how well you fight, it’ll be like a zombie movie – they’ll just keep coming and coming until you’re dead.

      2. I just cancelled a trip to Belgium, near Brussels and was planning on going to Paris for a weekend in December. Barcelona is still on the table but they’ll blow it to smithereens a month before I get there.

      3. A girl I was with recently was talking about moving away to Europe if Trump gets elected.
        I had a good laugh at that. And an even better laugh when she didn’t know what I found so funny.

      4. Europe isn’t safe right now. And not just from the Arabs. I know people who’ve gone to France and Italy recently and they’re hating on Americans. One freind got punched in his hotel lobby. They’re taking to blaming Americans for some reason.

        1. It’s a politically correct outlet for venting frustration. America is the European scapegoat, and one carries no risk of being ostracised or prosecuted for blaming America as the root of all political problems and stereotyping Americans as obnoxious and ignorant.
          Not saying there isn’t a grain of truth to it, but of course they would do well to hold themselves and the rest of the world to the same standard of criticism as they do America. ; )
          It seems Europeans often try to signal themselves as being NOT-American, so as American stereotypes are that they are brash, loud, rude, macho, ignorant, dominant and aggressive, as well as conservative bible thumpers, Europeans social-signal as the opposite.
          Thus a progressive, modern European would end up leaning towards being submissive and passive, androgynous and identify as “open-minded” and “liberal” and if not outright atheist, then certainly not Christian.
          American liberals social-signal by trying to be like Europeans.
          Personally, I’m not a huge fan of the stereotypical American either – as a New Zealander, I do find the “average American” loud, vain and often obnoxious, and too extraverted for my personality. That being said, I have come to respect the love of freedom, independence, self-reliance, the optimistic “can-do” attitude, and the fighting spirit which also characterise the stereotypical American. That attitude can seem corny, but ultimately it’s better than the gloomy, pessimistic and ironic attitude of the stereotypical modern European (especially French!).

    12. Don’t forget the media. After the bombing attacks there is always “the hero of the day” who is a muslim or black who supposedly saved some people or helped the survivors.

    13. nothing pisses me off more than the useless flag overlays !!! the same people wont even pretend to give a shit in a couple of weeks !!
      i love asking people about the e-bola virus,or flight mh370,the russian downed plane or even crimea. They will move on to the next outrage when they are instructed
      I’m actually very multicultural,love other cultures but just want mine to remain the dominant one and take precedence so its doubly frustrating to have to be labeled xenophobic and racist by ignorant SJW who never even left the fucking country and think eating a burrito makes them worldly

    14. Roosh, that Ralph meme is priceless! It is so true on two levels and part of the reason I unplugged from Facebook and social media.
      What is it going to take for people to realize that pointing out truth doesn’t make you racist? I am concerned because we in the USA are due for another “strike” and because these guys use gorilla warfare of the 20th century tactics it makes it hard to know where they will strike but it seems like they do a few strikes in Europe then do one in the USA and keep everyone guessing.
      What the left doesn’t talk about is how ISIS doesn’t go to Mexico, they don’t go Canada (which is odd cos Canada is like Europe in its we take everyone we love you).
      We need to close our borders and take care of our people and I think Europe will follow suit if we do because the world looks to us as leaders and until we take a serious stand with action not words masturbation around the world will happen over this stuff.

    15. When Western civilization finally collapses and the last bastions of freedom and liberty are bombed out by these third world savages, we can at least take comfort in the fact that even though it cost us our entire way of life, we showed the universe how “tolerant” we are. And when those of us unfortunate enough to survive the aftermath of our own self destruction survey the burned out, bombed out rubble of our once great civilization, they can hold their heads high knowing that their predecessors were models of tolerance. Not too high though, because it’s almost time to roll out the cheap rug, face the east, and grovel in prayer.

    16. “Western Europe is toast. If you live there, protect yourself and your families.”
      Better yet, get the hell out while you still can.

    17. The thing that surprises me the most is that they are not focusing on the United States.There is much more to be gained by attacking them than some nothing country that will just find excuses to disagree with those who disagree with a lax immigration policy.The U.S. is where the action is,your voice will be heard much louder there.

    18. Time to print tshirts saying “I am belgium” and sell some candles with red yellow black waxes, Gentlemen !!
      Or make a song like “don’t matter if our people die, as long as we don’t call us racists, keep bringing on those migrants”

    1. They don’t think the people letting them in are “progressive”, they think they’re pussies. Think about it, they’re still fighting for land in the middle east (Palestine) and here the western peoples are simply giving it away. What message do you think that sends?

  2. Islamic hordes enter Europe, mass terror ensues. Predictable and easily avoidable if the right leaders where in place. This is just a taste of what is to come.

    1. The right leaders are in place, the whole system is setup as such that any leader that would oppose the invasion is unelectable. The world is fucked and the great evil is gaining momentum.

      1. I’m ready, my soul is prepared. Bring it on, I say.

    2. Notice how it never happens in EE countries? Because they don’t let them in, and they tolerate no shit from the few that do get in.

  3. I don’t agree with the typical left wing narrative that’s being peddled once more of social deprivation as the prime causative agent behind these events. I simply think these folks don’t wish to integrate with the cultures of their host countries and out of this failure comes much of the hatred and violence among the radicalized minority.
    However, objectively all the western countries that have been attacked and bombed were involved in invading Muslim countries and I think it’s stupid to ignore the fact that our involvement in the affairs of countries that we’ve no cultural and social common currency with (Syria, Libya, Iraq, Jordan, Yemen) have given these terrorists their misplaced justification to carry out such acts.

  4. Fucking animals, the whole lot of them. But not as bad as the white liberals letting them in. One cannot blame a dog for biting the face off of someone when its master didn’t discipline him when he bit a finger, and then an arm, and then a leg… That’s just what these filthy Mohammedans are: rabid dogs who badly need discipline. We can only pray that right wing nationalist parties win the next elections so Europe has a chance to be saved from the Islamic invader.
    In Quebec in the ’60s, we had what we call the Quiet Revolution. What is going on in Europe right now will be known by future historians as the Quiet Invasion.

    1. One cannot blame a dog…
      You can’t discipline a rapid dog. If you have a pit bull terrier and a labrador would anyone be surprised if the pit bull attacked the labrador? No because everyone knows the pit bull is just an aggressive breed of dog that can’t be trusted not to attack and therefor needs to kept away from people and other animals.
      Islam is no different. It is not compatible with Western values and cannot be trusted regardless of what they say with their phony smiles and needs to be kept separate from the rest of the civilised world.

      1. Yeah, you’re right, my bad. I don’t think you can “cure” someone of Islamic terrorism, or discipline them out of it.
        Those who need discipline are the Muslims who aren’t terrorist. They need to learn the meaning of the word “no”. Can you have a prayer space at your workplace? No. Can you get more breaks because you need to pray? No. Can you get special accomodations because it’s the Ramadan? No. Can the grocery store carry halal meat? No, you disgusting barbarian. Can the school/work cafeteria stop serving pork? Fuck no. We love bacon here.
        Don’t like it? Get the fuck out of my country.

  5. Great article. But title should have been “because of altruistic assimilation policies”.
    What gets me is the new pope. 700 years ago, the popes were calling for crusades to keep invaders out.
    Now he says let them in.

    1. That’s because this pope (a Jesuit) is nothing more than a Marxist hiding behind a priest’s collar and now wears a funny hat.

    2. “Now he says let them in.”
      Jorge is a Argentian Jesuit— a cultural Marxist. There are 1 billion catholics in the world and we do not all see eye-to-eye. Damn I miss JP II.

    3. Put it down to the hellhole he swam out of. This is partly why Papal infallibility is problematic. In Orthodoxy, the priests have no such status, so if Bartholemew I says something retarded, we can ignore him

      1. I’m Catholic and I ignore EVERYTHING that the pope says. If you read the catechism (rule book) closely enough, papal infallibility only exists in 1% of any situation in which he might say something.
        With that in mind, I ignore what he says since he’s a leftist, just as his predecessor was a weakling that allowed Marxists to expand their influence in the church.

      2. I am still nominally protestant but I attend orthodox. I chose them over cathoic because I think they will hold out better against certain things like ordination of female priests, homosexuality. And I have even seem some hopeful signs they oppose genetic modification of plants, animals and people.

    4. The Catholic Church was infiltrated by Liberation Theology back in the 60s-70s. Because LT is basically Marxism disguised as religion (with its roots supposedly stretching back to the KGB), it has now gutted the church to the extent that I no longer consider myself a “catholic” as far as obeying the institution goes.

    5. Good point. He calls for everyone else to “let them in” but they have taken in zero.
      Do as I say, not as I do. Many liberals are this way as well. They expect “us” to take them in but when you ask them specifically if they are housing any of these “migrants” the answer is no.

  6. I’m looking forward to the fifth crusade to retake western Europe. Granted we will need a new pope to call for it.

    1. The father and son in the caption have very symmetrical Aryan heads? It reminds me of the Ice-cream poster that the long since deceased Mr Verdi (yes that was his real name) had on his van when I was a kid. He told me in jest one day while smoking a fag with his nicotine stained hands that his papa “a stole it” from the Nazzis when they retreated Florence in 1943. Needless to say I didn’t believe the old codger.

  7. You know, Europe has a not so distant history of exterminating groups perceived to be a threat. I believe that Warsaw, in particular, demonstrated how it can be done very easily to a group that segregated itself in one neighborhood. These jihadis are playing with fire while holding a can of gasoline.

    1. Yes, but unlike the Jews in the middle of the last century,terrorists have a way of paralyzing the whole countries now.

    2. Well, there are very few people in Europe who are this extreme thankfully. I believe the settled Muslim communities have a major part to play in condemning and preventing extremism in their own communities which they’re often ambivalent about. I don’t believe the “social deprivation” argument is valid, as you often had the same issues with Christian Jamaicans in England who didn’t take up violent resistance against their adopted country.
      You cannot ignore the obvious religious basis to this type of terrorism, glossing over it as “social deprivation” is just dishonest and dangerous nonsense.

    3. Yes, they are ready to exterminate the whites. Belgium operates clinics for whites that administer poison for an humane death

  8. And remember kids, Islam is a religion of PEACE!!!
    A religion of peace can’t possibly engage in TERRORISM!!!
    Therefore ISIS isn’t Islam!!!
    If you don’t understand, you are an ISLAMOPHOBE!!!

    1. You can’t blame 1 billion+ people for this. Look to the Saudis, the Zionists and their Western financiers who wound these toys up.

      1. How many muslim “not-in-our-name” demonstrations have you witnessed in the last 15 years? Yeah.

        1. Why would that be a requirement for innocence? When I talk with my Muslim co-workers, they denounce these acts.

        2. Oh, I am sure they denounce “all acts of terrorism”. Ask them specifically, if the denounce islamic terrorism directed at non-muslims? Don’t let them mis-direct and demand an answer.
          There is no innocence in warfare and that is true islam. Ask them about the haddiths and the rest of the islamic clap trap. Most muslims never read the koran as most christians have not read the Bible. I simply do not believe mass muslim immigration should be allowed, but the athiests in charge have a huge blind spot.

        3. OK sure, I will. And I agree, mass muslim immigration should not be allowed.

        4. The muslim piece of shit involved in the French shooting was hiding in a muslim neighborhood in Belgium for 4 months. 4 months these “peaceful” muslims hid and sheltered him. If that doesn’t tell you there’s a big problem I don’t know what will.

      2. Where am I blaming a billion people for this?

      3. Logically you are correct… but those 1 billion+ people all have a common religion, with a common holy book and a common prophet, and that religion is not exactly irrelevant to the issue at hand.
        Most of them are moderate to be sure. But 1 billion+ people is a very large pool from which to draw the minority of extremists. And not forgetting, a moderate Muslim might still be considered quite extreme by our own standards.

  9. One thing i noticed being mentioned in reporting about this is that it is most likely a coincidence that it happened right after the organizer of Paris attacks was caught, since it required planing for a longer period of time.
    But it is entirely possible that it was planed to happen in the order it did.
    He gets caught, and a few days later a big bombing happens, that way ISIS creates the impression that they can retaliate at any time.
    No matter what the media says, in the eyes of the public, this was a retaliation.

    1. Well, the Belgian police are certainly blockheads considering that the Paris ring leader was wandering quite freely around central Brussels for the last 6 weeks. It won’t take much for stand by terrorists to act quickly in such a shambolic set up.

  10. I’m honestly not shocked at any of this. Think about it, they’ve opened the gates wide open and allowed them in with open arms. What did they expect?

  11. Well if the native Belgians just would have been more tolerant then maybe this wouldn’t have happened…

  12. Muslims are only doing what is in their nature. The problem is not really Islam, but the fact that we have been deprived of all the defense mechanisms that once guarded us from it, namely our sense of identity. Liberals have worked diligently to destroy this.
    The armor of the brave knights who once drove these hordes back has been tossed aside with all other ‘racist’ and ‘superstitious’ garbage that Liberals are quite sure we can do without.
    Europeans think culture means: food, cinema, books, and sayings. That is literally it. Never were there less inspiring things to rally around. With no race, no religion, and certainly no sense of masculine virtue, the atomized population just keeps its head down. Collective resistance? well, that would make us as bad as them! This is as insane as an octopus refusing to fight back against a shark aggressor because that would make him just as bad.
    Hint: the shark doesn’t give a shit about your octopus moralizing.

    1. Culture. That’s the good and comfortable life of fine dinning, our three or four breaks to the Mediterranean with easyjet and bookingcom each year, shopping in IKEA at the weekends…the cultured life in which we’re the sum of what’s expected and accepted without causing offence to anyone who we assume shares this tepid pursuits.
      More shocking than the acts themselves must be the thought to the average cultural European that they’re people (Muslim radicals) who actually violently reject the idea of the good life that they all have?
      True culture or when a culture is at its strongest and most virile always has a deep rebellious or iconoclastic spirit about it that either confirms or denies the current status quo. We have’t had any such stirrings of the spirit for a very, very long time in Europe, but, perhaps these events will make some Europeans examine their own heritage more deeply again.

      1. “True culture or when a culture is at its strongest and most virile always has a deep *rebellious or iconoclastic* spirit about it that either confirms or denies the current status quo.”
        Very true… witness the Franks, the Goths, the Vandals and the Viking Northmen.

    2. “Europeans think culture means: food, cinema, books, and sayings.”
      Europeans have been militarial subsidized for 70 years due to the US. I give all the European men a break who served up to 92′ but after the Cold War was over… forget about it. Today there are female foreign defense ministers who never wore a uniform serving as acting commanders of paltry national armed forces. It is a complete joke.

      1. “I give all the European men a break who served up to 92′” – well thanks for that – wore the boots ’80-’82. But I can tell you that in the 80’s already half of the equipment didn’t work, was unrepairable and there was no money for replacement; now it’s closer to 80%. But then the German Army was only intended to be the cannon fodder for the first Russian wave. “Flinten-Uschi” the defense mistress is more concerned about Kindergarten places for the soldiers’ kids than about handing them up-to-date equipment.
        Regarding the immigration and culture issues read :
        Only in German now – google translate it or wait a few days until I post an English version.

        1. Ich habe gelesen.
          The Bundeswehr currently has barely enough functional equipment to field a brigade… not even a division. I heard their air crews are in worse shape. As the average age of a German is 44, they would have a hard time getting enough young men in uniform fast enough.

        2. Take it as a compliment. After the second war, Western policy makers collectively decided that you guys were simply too dangerous to be allowed arms.

        3. Thanks. Google translate was horrible and confusing, here’s the English version:

          Regarding the Bundeswehr, yes, they have been forced to be impotent for the last 70 years by the Allies and this was readily accepted. It would take a German TRUMP to get back to military strength. On the other hand, I’m not so sure if I’d trust my fellow Germans to be responsible with a resurrected military.

        4. I trained with the Bundeswehr for a few weeks in 89′ and was impressed with what I saw. Hell, most were conscripts. The Leopard II tanks are superb and the airborne unit I was with was pretty motivated. Not sure if that is the case today.
          “ fellow Germans to be responsible with a resurrected Military.”
          I doubt if the could field it even if they had the money. I would advocate going back to a 2 year conscription and become more like the Swiss because there is a ton of civil unrest coming our way.

        1. Makes me ashamed to have ever worn a uniform.

        2. Look at the way the butchy-trann is gazing so deeply at her colleague… probably can’t wait to lick ice cream out of her ass again.

    3. Also important to mention: my part of the world (the South-Eastern block, ex-Yugoslavia) defended the rest of Europe from invasions from the far East for centuries. At great costs. If you do not believe me, you can look it up. It is a fact.
      Then, due to mostly geopolitical reasons (e.g. resources, cold war politics) we got screwed over in both world wars and had the war with NATO in 1999 (just one more war in the “introducing democracy” series, same as Iraq, Vietnam, Lybia and many, many others).
      Now all the countries in the Balkans are enslaved by the IMF, have devastated economies, industries, militaries and a small, aging population. Young people are weak in character and self-absorbed. The centuries old border-defenders of Europe cannot stop the next wave.
      Why? Some rich guys wanted to get a bit richer. What about us little guys? What about the rest of Europe? Meh, screw us all. We all got sold down the river.

      1. That’s true. Balkan countries fought Turks for centuries. And now Turkey is supposed to be our friend and ally?

      2. Well, hopefully you don’t join the EU, Slavbro. And hopefully you get a leader like Viktor Orban. I think it is going to become increasingly likely that the East will have to re-capture the West for Christendom. As someone with deep Russian ancestry it will be honor to fight alongside Serbs once more.

        1. Thank you for your kind words. Our misguided politicians are rushing towards the EU, whilst member countries are looking for a way out of it.
          In the Balkans it is now almost the darkest moment. Wherever you turn, there is pain, crime, corruption on all levels, total media blockade, poverty and desperation. Ex-Yugoslavia member states are being turned against each other by external influences. Many of us went into exile. Many of the exiles are trying to forget or erase their roots.
          However, there is hope. Young people are slowly moving away from cities, living from honest work on farms, gaining real knowledge and sharing the few things they own with each other. No amount of social networking or number of selfies can beat that.
          I believe that, eventually, a critical mass will be reached, and we will all break free from being enslaved proxy states and rediscover our unity. We just have to wait it out. I pray to the Gods that, when the time comes, I will get a chance to be on the front line.

        2. Israel and the US purposefully screwed over Serbia. The whole Kosovo farce is an example of this.

        3. Instead of a once stable part of a multicultural country, that part of the world is now rigged with high unemployment (ca. 50 %), high crime rates, organ trafficking from African countries, human slave trafficking and serves as the main pathway for delivering drugs from Avghanistan into the EU.
          And I will not even get started about the dozens of 1000 year old christian monasteries that were robbed and burned down under the watchful eye of the “neutral” peacekeepers.

        4. I have travelled in Slovenia, Bosnia and Croatia and have met also met many Serbs (in Republika Srpska and travellers from Serbia itself)… I had an awesome time in the Balkans, and found the people some of the most hospitable, in the truest sense, I have met. I have far more faith in the Balkans than in Western Europe – your countries have a sense of pride and self respect, and while it’s a damn shame that it so often expresses itself as destructive infighting, at least that instinct is present.
          I have also lived in Austria, speak German and know many Germans. I have far less hope for them – I can count the number of Germans and Austrians with the same sense of self-respect and pride in one’s heritage on my fingers. For all that I love about German culture and their countries, they themselves are not willing to pass that heritage on, to honour it, to defend it.

        5. Thank you. I am glad you enjoyed my part of the world. Western powers worked on destroying us for centuries. The destruction and provoked war in Yugoslavia were a test-field for the same scenario in Russia. This is the manifest of the war against orthodox Christians. Why? Mainly because we did not buy into the whole capitalism story.
          I thank the Gods every day that, whoever tried, broke their teeth on Russia. For us in the Balkans, it is the one bright ship left on this sea of darkness.

  13. Yet another classic false-flag straight out of the Gladio B script …
    That the wild-eyed muslim nutbars are out to murder is not at issue. They’re used as mere patsies, just like London 7/7, Madrid 3/11, 9/11, Boston, etc etc … by al-CIAeda and affiliates to create the usual cycle of “problem-reaction-solution”.
    Problem: “muslim tey-rists” attack target A
    Reaction: Joe Blow, the moron “average Joe”, pleads to the government “for chrisssake, do something”
    Solution: al-CIAeda, and affiliates, gladly step in to further tighten the noose around civil liberties and further entrench the surveillance state … because you know, “them tey-rists” can strike at anytime, anywhere.

    1. I never did look much into the Paris attacks. But I did stumble on something the other day that said there are witnesses who saw professional military types (white/muscular) that were CLEARLY trained, knowing exactly what to do. Screeched up to a cafe in a Mercedes, stepped out, sprayed automatic fire EVERYWHERE (into windows above, anyplace where a head might pop out) to keep everyone under a table or behind a wall to NOT get a cell phone out to record. Jumped back into the car and away. Hit… run. Every country they hit, more and more people are going to wake up to this bullshit

      1. Exactly. If you look up some of the famous massacres of Gladio during the 70’s and 80’s, they’re almost IDENTICAL in the “modus operandi” … **identical**; guys would jump out of motorcycles spray a train station or supermarket, hop back on, and drive off … the blame would go to whoever was the soup-du-jour.
        Sad how dumb and illiterate the masses are, not to be aware of these basic historical FACTS, **all** of it well documented and substantiated, and all the information out in the open. Just google the “Brabant massacre” as just ONE example, among dozens, of how Gladio operates.

        1. I used to think “dumb illiterate masses” too. They are not anymore. A lot more people are awake then any of us realize. We are at the tipping point or already passing it.
          How do I know?
          When Boston bombing occurred, I was out doing some shopping and overheard a young guy telling a friend/stranger about the false flag that was Boston. In public. I could have asked him about it, but I decided not to. It just impressed me that a guy that young was on to the scam.
          You can actually have an open conversation in some cases with people you never met… as just happened now.
          It is going to be deadly… but this shit show is so over.
          I also suspect they, if they have a number of hits coming this summer (and I suspect it)… they… are gong to get caught. There are just too many good guys, good cops, good intelligence people, to have THAT AMOUNT of covert mercenary/intelligence terror strikes for ALL of them to a) go off without a hitch and b) someone with the power to stop this shit to not catch something/someone at some point.

        2. You raise some excellent points, and though the proportion of people who are awake to the massive frauds, especially these outrageous and criminal false-flags … that proportion is still relatively, and frustratingly, small; but I grant that I’m a “glass half-empty” type of a guy, and you strike me as more of a “glass half-full.”
          What is remarkable is how utterly blatant and open they’ve gotten: the brazen “in your face style”: check this out … the last false flag, in Paris, on Friday the 13th of last November was exactly 130!! days ago, and how many people died in Paris?!? … wait for it … 130! The psychopaths love these type of numerological teasers, and to quote the big-daddy of them all, Albert Pike: no such deed shall ever be carried out without an element of farce and dark humour. So, yes, you’re right: many more are to come, and the attacks will most likely fall on dates that mean something special to these murderous psychopaths (as they always do).

  14. The sad thing is… and I know I am going to get flamed for saying this…
    This is not Muslims. This is not Islamic terrorism.
    ISIS is a wholly CIA created, funded and directed MERCENARY ARMY that is going to unleash hell on the whole globe this summer.
    America Created Al-Qaeda and the ISIS Terror Group
    If anyone is still that deluded to think real Muslims are this crazy… there are BILLIONS of them… and all they can muster up as a community of “crazed jihadists” is these few random psychopaths? Once what… every couple of years or so?
    It’s not like we don’t have … oh… I don’t know… an AMERICAN ELECTION CYCLE going on whose citizens… er slaves… need a reminder of “Why they need us!!!”
    V For Vendetta… is pre-history. If you have also read watchmen, you know Alan Moore was onto “them” decades ago.
    Don’t give into this terror bullshit. The only terrorists are the ones who have hijacked nearly every government on the planet.

    1. Your’re correct. ISIS are a complete CIA invention that we’re going to overthrow the current Syrian Government on behalf of the US. It’s simple in theory, you use proxy fighters who’ll do your dirty work and who are also supported by your biggest alley in the region (Saudi Arabia). The Americans did exactly the same thing with the creation of Saddam during the 1970s, until of course he started to have his own ideas.
      Still, the cruelty and savagery of ISIS is quite unique and how the US Government stood by over the last four years (before Russia entered) and did nothing to abate their tyranny must surely be marked as one of the most cynical and heartless moments in US foreign policy over the last 50 years.

      1. Just thought I would make an observation.
        the US Government stood by over the last four years (before Russia entered) and did nothing to abate their tyranny
        You are clearly aware of what is going on… but just look at how you (and you are not alone) are still using words that try to convey the US:
        – was trying
        – or did not try hard enough
        – or was hand-tied
        – or could have done more
        The US did nothing… because THAT WAS THE PLAN.
        It took me a few years to straighten out both my thinking AND writing/talking.
        The American people… are the only ones that can stop this shit show. THAT… is why this summer… all the tricks and are going to be pulled out of the hat of terror that is ISIS.
        I don’t want to know how fast this could escalate, but it could be VERY fast. I think it is going to be a miracle to get through 2016 without some major assassination, another large scale 9/11 (on both continents) or even actually being able to vote in America.
        Don’t think they are not thinking about it. If they can pull off a large enough “event” to shut down the election… I think they might try.

    2. Makes sense. Explains why the Kurds, who are essentially a thorn in our side, are pretty much not our allies in anything but name.

  15. Interesting the belgium attack happened one day after US government said they had hacked the apple iphone used by the san bernadino jihadists. Wonder if the belgium jihadists accelerated their attack schedule because they thought their cover was blown? If obama hadn’t been politically correct and wasted time going through the court system with apple, and hacked that iphone immediately and quietly behind the scenes… could the belgium attack had been prevented?
    The only thing certain is the media will cover up obama’s blunders because they don’t want to be raaaaaacist.

  16. The Lebanese Christians warned of the threat that was coming to the rest of the world who the enemy was but we where called racist fascist

    1. Look, because it really is a war against God. The Yazidis are a tiny group that actively worships Lucifer and they got way more press than the murdered Christians.
      Christians in Africa get killed by Muslims and Animists and no once cares; it’s not about race.
      Israel is the only country that supported Christian Lebanon; both the leftists and the NatSocs miraculously agree that the only free country in the region is the bad guy; it’s not about Jews.
      In Lebanon, we abandoned Christians. Before you we abandoned the Catholic Vietnamese, and before that Catholic Poland. We abandoned Orthodox Russia before that. We chose to bomb Nagasaki as the second target; the one place in the whole Japanese island chain with the longest history of Christianity. When Iraqi Christians wanted to arm themselves we told them no, and when an Afghan man converted to Christianity, our own government turned him over to the Afghan authorities to be executed.
      Democracy isn’t the answer, conspiracy theories aren’t the answer, the “alt right” isn’t even the answer; Jesus Christ is the answer.
      This may be pearls before swine for some reading this, but no civilization compares to Christian civilization. No other philosophy measures up that preserves the best of pagan civilizations, the Greeks and the Romans, or that civilizes barbarian peoples, the Germanic tribes. There is no other philosophy or religion that provides such a focal point for the hatred of all the “-isms” that grind people into powder.

      1. Thanks for your answer it really has given me a lot to think about. Yes you are right Jesus Christ is the only answer. We are not better than our master so if he got crucified by his own people than what is expected to happen to us. Once again Thanks for your well thought response.

        1. Lmaooo such a typical Muslim response. The crucifixion was part of scripture it had to happen. But the only people still putting Christians on a cross are Muslims so go back to your jihadi forums

        2. Romans killed jesus via crucifixion, at the behest of Jewish leaders, while the Israelis bayed for his blood.

        3. Sure, and if you believe in Christian doctrine, everybody killed Jesus. That what we mean when we say He died for us. The Romans could have said no, but Pilate, the original relativist, said “What is Truth?” and gave the order.
          If I had to make a guess, which I don’t, I think all of the Jew hatred floating in the manosphere is suspicious. Especially when 99% of the problem in practice is traceable right back to good old fashioned Gentile leftists. The alt right even seems to hate Israel almost as much as the left.

        4. Yes, I agree that anti jew sentiment is often filtered through a Christian lens, which is not objective or impartial. Far better to focus on the confirmable facts of Jewish/Zio led lying and deception through corporations, media, etc.
          You’re right – who really knows exactly how the killing of Jesus came about?

        1. Who actively believe the Peacock Angel, whom Christians and Muslims identify with Satan, is not who Christians say he is, but instead a benevolent archangel, who they worship by name.
          Is that “fucking” “retarded” enough for you?

      2. If this were true, Latin America would be a first-world civilization, but many of the most dangerous cities in the world are located there.

        1. Well, Latin America was on its way for a long time. Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil, even Paraguay, are all shadows of their former selves.
          Spanish missionaries writing back to the homeland routinely complained that something wasn’t “sticking”. The locals say they’re Catholic but routinely get caught sacrificing to the old gods. Many Mexicans are “Catholic” one minute, but turn around and they’re worshipping Santa Muerte. No such problem in Belgium or Austria. It was telling that in the 60s the most dangerous country (Nicaragua) and the safest country (Spain) were both Spanish culture.
          Plug in communism and you’re down that whole rabbit hole of misery. The nature of Christianity is that it is a decision of every individual every time to have personal faith in Jesus Christ. Lumping in “on paper” Christians practicing Santeria when no one is looking with actual Christians who are horrified by such practices creates a serious statistical analysis problem. Same way left wingers claiming to be “Christian” while denying every credal tenet of Christianity can’t fairly be laid at the door of Christianity itself.

        2. Thanks finally someone who gets it. What not many people seems to grasp is that Latinamerica is not a monolithic unit and that the more prosperous countries in the region used to be Christian and the poorer ones tend to be pagan under the table shitholes where Masonic govts push all the time for an abandonement of the “evil” religion of the “conquistadors”in subtle and not so subtle ways (Mexico with Benito Juarez, Brazil and many other countries). Add to this the Americanization of culture, the collapse of the Church and Marxism and you get the idea.

        3. “It was telling that in the 60s the most dangerous country (Nicaragua) and the safest country (Spain) were both Spanish culture.”
          Really, was Spain the safest country in those days? That’s interesting… wasn’t that the horrible fascist period?

      1. Islam is the enemy you fucktard. Don’t deflect people’s minds with your anti Semitic bullshit you asshat.

        1. Yeah, it’s just Muslims. Jews have been oh so great for Western nations.
          And ouchy. You called someone an anti Semite. Try racist next time.

        2. Firstly, Arabs are Semites, real Semites not mongrels.
          Who reaps the harvest when Christians and Muslims are killing each other?
          Its not Muslim lobbying or media power sending hordes of Muslims into Europe. Muslims never subverted Western ideology with toxic liberalism and self hate. Its not Muslim money holding politicians to ransom and paying off traitors.

  17. This is called…. a warning.
    Gunned down: Incredible moment Paris attacker is
    shot by Belgian police as he tried to flee…and dropped a note as he was
    hauled to the ground which may hold clues to fresh attacks
    The Paris “terrorist”…
    arrested in BELGIUM not even a week ago…
    by good intelligence/police work…
    has their airport blown apart…
    to tell the Belgium intelligence/police network to LEAVE OUR GUYS ALONE.
    Co-incidence? Maybe. Maybe they were planning something already and the Belgium authorities forced them to move up the time table once this guy was caught.
    Never was a good tea leaf reader… but I am getting better at it.

  18. Why on earth would anyone want to force these genetic subhumans to assimilate into European society? If they assimilate culturally, then they will also assimilate genetically by interbreeding with the native European population. Why on earth would any sane European want to see the destruction of his own irreplaceable gene pool? The subhumans need to be encouraged to remain separate until they can all be permanently removed from Europe.

  19. And predictably enough the morons of facebook are changing their profile pics to Belgian colors to offer their “support”. So happy I left that moronfest.

  20. They’ll be alright. I served and I know that all people from teh middle east are not terrorists, but I also know that the ones that aren’t are of little help.
    I may be cold hearted bastard for this, but good riddance. Maybe after a few more thousand get murdered the people will grab their balls, oust their leaders and start thinking with their brains.
    This is the real world. Man have been killing each other since the beginning and Islam don’t play well with infidels.

    1. … and to be perfectly frank and honest, nothing like a major war once in a while to reset the button, and thin the useless horde. Think about it, look around … what has society all over the Western world become: a depraved, degenerate, superficial, empty, mass of ignorant goofs and imbeciles, whose only concerns are their Instagram and Facebook postings, discussing the ass dimensions of Kim Kardashian, sending each other dick pics, and camping out in line for days for the latest piece of garbage gadget. No. It’s time to thin the horde, and if these Muslim barbarians help ignite the fuse that will burn the entire house down, then I offer them all my bottles of 18yr old scotch as a deep token of appreciation and respect, before mowing them down, or they I.

      1. That would only work if my sackless millennial brethren actually volunteer to fight. We all know them, and their female wannabe infantry, will stay behind and couch quarterback it all. They won’t change. Only a few bombings in America targeted at SJW rallys will change anything.

        1. There’s no need to worry!
          Yes the testosterone levels of our young…. er…. ‘Men’ (sic) may not be up to the task of wielding a weapon, but our strong, independent and empowered young women will no doubt be more than equal to the job, and with no training…. Latest Star Wars set everyone straight on this, so that’s ok then!

      2. Its not the bad men who die in combat, its the courageous ones. Its the ones who are worth more than everything we own. The guys who come back brain damged or missing legs are he guys that would take a bullet for our worthless lives.
        Meanwhile the scum who run and hide and dodge responsibility in the rear fuck the wives of the men on the front. Just to show their appreciation.
        War is how govt finds reasons to craft more laws to fuck you over and corporations find ways to make even more money owning everything.
        War is the result of civilizational failure. Victory in war means taking the lesser failure. Because its even worse to lose a war than to “win” it.
        if we had done things right there wouldnt have been a need for a war in the first place. Theodore Roosevelt made it clear he was ready to kill everybody, same with Reagan. They built up the armies and spoke softly and everyone listened. Thats how its done right.
        When the Kaiser ordered his generals to come up with a plan to invade long Island, the Wermacht leaders humored him and showed him all the ways that plan would fail. Because they knew TR had taken care of shit.
        When Reagan msde that joke about the bombing about to commence, and all the faggots went into hysterics, the Soviets realized they were done and needed to go with plan B. Because he took care of shit.
        An even better President was Coolidge, he had shit down so tight you dont even know his name. You know why you dont know his name? Because no one fucked ariund in his time so there was nothing interesting to talk about.
        Meanwhile Clonton/Bush opened the borders and didnt kill men who needed killing even when they had them in their hands. And the towers were blown up and a million men had to waste 8 years of their lives in a shithole they would have been happy to know nothing about, and that was a victory.

  21. One country that tolerates them creates the radicals that end up killing people who
    don’t tolerate them.
    My response would be to burn down every single mosque and deport every single
    stinking Muslims to an Islamic country.

  22. So many conspiracy theories about this and that from people on the internet who’ve never even seen how the world really works

    1. For the most part, you should realize most conspiracy factists are red pill subscribers. They consider our sect of neomasculinity a conspiracy group as well.

      1. I think it’s just more so the internet . Seems like e everyone has a theory about something because they read a wiki article

        1. I don’t dwell on it just like I don’t dwell on where I’ll go when I die . Both things I realistically have no control over. I live my life , prepare myself as best I can for what may come , and that’s that .

  23. Meanwhile, in the US the media is crying about how the attack will cause right-wing racism against muslims to rise and stuff.
    I am not kidding.
    I wish I was kidding.

    1. Yep. The “backlash” that never happens. Then the furor dies down, another Islamic terror atrocity happens, the feared “backlash” prediction is made, and the cycle repeats itself ad infinitum.

    2. The best thing that any American could do is shut off the TV. There is no longer “news” on TV…it’s just whatever narrative they want people to follow at the time.
      As a white man, the media no longer does anything for me and it’s actually an enemy to me (even the commercials). I will not give them any of my time.

      1. True. But the “blame righty” isn’t just on TV.
        I hate all MSM. Literally. Hate.

    3. I know one “halal” store will get a rock thrown through its window and the MSM will report it as if it were on par with the Brussels attack.

    4. Another Muslim kid will build a clock from gutted radio parts and be invited to the White House to battle this “backlash.”

      1. “Clock” has been done. It’ll be a new fangled sorta “telephonic communications device,” or something.

    5. Someone needs to remind them, it wasn’t white, right wing conservatives who just committed an act of terrorism. Yet they act as if they were the terrorists.

  24. Europe will make her final stand soon. I hope to see some of you on the battlements before the end.

  25. Honestly is it even worth going to western Europe ? I’ve never been go Europe but i know western Europe is going down the drain.
    What about the eastern Europe conservative countries? Can a Indo Persian looking man head to eastern Europe safely ?

    1. Many parts of Western Europe are still beautiful, go there and visit while you still can.
      It’s not as bad as you probably think. It will be sooner or later though.

  26. Yeah, what a horrible event for those who’ve been injured by these attacks.
    We all know some bs political talk is coming.
    Remembering Trump’s pledge, to temporarily ban muslims from entering the US, how is the media gonna spin it into Hitlerism?
    “we must not give in to the politics of fear”
    They’ll say
    They’ll just increase their powers to monitor your every action, take more of your money to fund it

  27. Arabs are good spinners and fabulators. They can convince you that 2 plus 2 equals five, if you let them.

      1. Are you competing for the Internet’s Stupidest Remark today?

      2. I don’t think so. They are the people there now that live in the area that the people that came up with the base ten numbering used to live. They are in no way the same people

  28. Although my heart goes out to the innocent victims of this attack. There are a few silver linings in this.
    1. Some European nations may yet save themselves through adopting nationalistic policies. Others will collapse, but they deserve it as far as I’m concerned.
    2. The European Left and other politicians that let them in (i.e. Merkel), will eventually suffer the consequences of their lax immigration and strict multiculturalism themselves.
    3. If the American populace is awake enough to realize that our government as is resembles that of France and/or Belgium, then perhaps it will help us in our struggle to save our own nation.

  29. Thoughts, prayers, and genuine condolences to all affected. Baffling that the countries pledging to take in so many migrants are the ones that have and will continue to have severe problems getting them to assimilate.

  30. On her way to work one morning
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  31. Gentlemen, the war has been here for years. What Roosh said is absolutely true; the liberal elite and the media are going to play on the temporary fear and anger of the people by offering *censored* outlets for them to vent, and then within a week or two it’s back to “well, we CAN’T be Islamaphobic, so let’s just let more Muslims in.”
    This video footage made me too sick to finish watching. I’m angry and sick to my stomach when I think about the events, and my thoughts and prayers go out to ALL those affected.
    However, one has to consider this: when disaster has struck in the past, people migrated to America. America was their shining beacon of hope. HOWEVER, there IS nowhere left to go. The people of Belgium – and ALL of Europe, let alone the world – are going to either wake up and fight or die. And I don’t think they will choose death. At least not willingly.
    MERKEL, what you have done was let a bunch of snakes into a cage of sleeping mongooses. It won’t take long for them to wake up.

    1. Europe is a sleeping giant; all the evidence is right there in both World Wars. People can only tolerate this multi-culti, immigration-happy, PC shit for so long. I give ample credit to Eastern Europe, though; they seem to be much more aware of the dangers of Islamism, having lived through communism and seeing extraordinary similarities between that and Islamism.

      1. Europe is NOT a sleeping giant. Europe has been facing a demographic winter for the last 40 years, it is drown in debt and idiotic weak value system. Europe lacks of resources, as well.
        i.e. Germany is 80 million people and only has 6 million young German men. It has already almost 2 milion young male muslim.
        PS: I forgot. Europeans have no *ucking idea of how to shoot.

        1. And don’t forget that those of fighting age have been brutally feminised and SJW conditioned for decades now. The ‘men’ of today are not the Men who fought for Churchill…

        2. Exactly. And let’s be honest, even if most are not “feminised SJW”, we don’t have any clue of how to fight or survive disgrace as some of the muslim invaders are. We are just weak due to standards of life.

        3. I’m from a country within the continent of Europe and don’t call myself “European”. Also I can take your eye out at 100 yards with a rifle.

        4. You’re a rare breed. I’m in the eu, neither call myself European and can just about rifle through my own pockets. .

        5. Holy fuck, it’s the end of days 🙁
          Surely the marines are just going to laugh at that shit…

        6. “Germany is 80 million people and only has 6 million young German men. It has already almost 2 milion young male muslim.”
          …Statistics like that are brutal. Though how many of the 6 million are also Muslim? I presume “German” in this case refers to citizenship rather than ethnicity.
          Do you have a source to link?

        7. Scheisse… I see what you mean when you say “Europe is NOT a waking giant”, at least in Germany’s case. I guess even if they wake up, it’s only to realise the predicament they’ve created.
          I imagine though most will just self-medicate through drugs, alcohol, porn, sex, ideology…
          Even if individuals wake up for their personal experiences or those of their loved ones, ideologically most people will continue to look at them as “isolated incidents”.
          Germans are not united. They have no common identity. Most Germans see those promoting unity and identity as Neonazis and Fascists. And if there is anything underpinning a modern German identity it is being NOT-Nazi.
          I can appreciate why they are so emotionally against it, but it’s a real shame they don’t have any real perspective and while trying to avoid the totalitarianism of one stripe, are falling to totalitarianism of another.
          On a positive (well, less negative) note… Perhaps all that will really be lost is the relationship between the German state and the German people (which has been ideologically lost since decades anyway) and German dominance on that patch of soil they now call home.
          But the German ethnicity… that can live on, even with hardship.

        8. The German ethnicity, an any European one, will live if and only if we control our women. If let afro-muslims fuck our women, we are dead.

        9. In demographics, there is a point of no return. And I honestly think that we have already passed it… 30-40 years of under replacement fertility rate not recoverable. Think that there is an offset of 25-30 years of producing new offspring!

        10. I hope you are not past the point of no return… in fact I don’t think you are.
          You may be past the point of no return concerning the entire country Germany, but it need to be so for every Bundesland or every region.
          So you are probably right, your situation is “not recoverable” in the sense of recovering the clear and overwhelming majority of Germany.
          But that doesn’t mean native Germans will go extinct – at least, if they choose endogamy. So maybe you are right, as Germanic peoples tend to choose exogamy, and end up blending in the with locals – consider the Vikings and Normans.

        11. You make a good point. Turks are not evenly distributed. On the other hand, though, rural world is dying. Everything happens in cities. Cities dictate TV popculture and internet.

  32. Obama’s policy of appeasement has brought IS to europe. How’s that nobel peace prize working out for you?

  33. The Bomb attack did not take place in the elite enclaves, right? The elites are not concerned because it is not them dying in these attacks

    1. They’re the ones orchestrating them. Of course they aren’t dying in the attacks.

      1. It’s a Hobbesian world. Hobbes said the government was the only force that could prevent barbarism. In this case, it is the government that is causing the barbarism. Sigh!

        1. And like Hobbes said, it only ends when we the constant violent motions end by destroying each other.

        2. What bothers me is that in the end, it is only the evil guys left who fight and destroy each other. But it seems, that in any fight between Good and Evil, Evil wins! Depressing.

  34. Its as if there is a plan afoot to deconstruct Europe, supplant and destroy its homogenous groups.
    Those ‘Muslim’ politicians, lobbyists, world bankers, media empires and strong academia influence that pervade our societies must be behind it.

  35. Wonder if they’ll soon start targetting the European countryside, instead of big cities.

    1. I’d be surprised, but wouldn’t put it past them. Their MO is to kill as many people as possible. Doing so out in the countryside isn’t as easy. However, they might do an attack out in the middle of no where just to send the message that no one is safe regardless where you live.

  36. Just heard from Paul Joseph Watson (excellent Youtuber, highly recommended) that in the past thirty days, there have been about 30 Jihadist attacks, with 1000+ dead.
    Meanwhile, Obama took time out of his Cuba groupfeel to talk about it for 50 seconds. Shows where his priorities are.

  37. Has anyone noticed the msm pushing the stupidity that “you stand more chance of getting hit by bus than getting blown up in a terrorist attack in Europe”? Tell that to the 30 + killed yesterday…. the narrative has gone insane……

    1. The problem with giving a road safety statistic as a counter argument is that the bus driver isn’t driving the bus with the intention of killing you because you’re not a muslim or offended their pedophile prophet.

      1. Was going to say the exact same thing, but you beat me to it. Absolutely correct. They also like to say that the violent people coming here is a small minority of the overall. To that, there’s an old saying that seems to be relevant:
        “It only takes one bad apple to ruin the bunch.”

    2. Yes, besides the intent issue, buses serve a public purpose; muslim immigrants depend on public generosity, to let them in if nothing else.

  38. The Iberian Peninsula and was invaded by Muslims in 711 and by 732 all of Spain and.Portugal were under Islamic rule. It took 770 years to boot them out of western Europe.
    In the east, Greece was ruled by the Ottomans until 1829. Their war of Independence included horrible massacres by both sides. In the east and west, Islamic rule meant oppression and slavery for Europeans.
    A century ago there was no such thing as Muslim terrorism in Europe because there were virtually no Muslims there (other than a few enclaves in the Balkans). A century ago it was common accepted wisdom that there SHOULD NOT be many Muslims in Europe. They are the ancient enemy and not to be invited in. The American Immigration Act of 1924 specifically barred Arabs from immigrating to the U.S.
    Now our Global Socialist betters decided to forget 1100 years of war to keep the buggers and their death cult out of the West – as if something magical happened recently to make them more civilized. Inviting them into Europe and North America was a mistake that will take more centuries of war to correct.

    1. “ if something magical happened recently to make them more civilized.”
      Of course silly, that’s PROGRESS, duh! Come on get with the programme it’s 2016! Stop living in the past Grandpa, holding onto a vision of the world which never existed. Just accept it, you’re on the wrong side of history. Can’t we just leave the past behind us? (Except for slavery, you still have to atone for that.)

  39. A well researched video from Stefan Molyneux showing just how bad the muslim rot in Belgium actually is.

  40. Canada is quickly catching up to Western Europe as we are just being flooded by the so-called refugee crisis.

    1. Peering through maple leaf shaped rose coloured glasses a chorus sings “oh Canada” while putting out the social services red carpet.

  41. – German media manipulation Refugees at Idomeni borde

    – Germany Crosses the Demographic RUBICON: 20-35’s a MINORITY by 2020

    – German mom has multicultural encounter with son’s muslim ‘friends’

    – Practical Idealism. The Racist and Supremacist Roots of the Ideology behind the European Union

  42. . . . residents in the area of Molenbeek, a heartland for those Muslim migrants. . .
    “You shall tear down their altars and smash their sacred pillars and burn their Asherim with fire, and you shall cut down the engraved images of their gods and obliterate their name from that place.” -Deu 12:3 NASB
    “. . who do not wish to assimilate, . .”
    “For if you ever go back and cling to the rest of these nations, these which remain among you, and intermarry with them, so that you associate with them and they with you, know with certainty that Yahweh your God will not continue to drive these nations out from before you; but they will be a snare and a trap to you, and a whip on your sides and thorns in your eyes, until you perish from off this good land which Yahweh your God has given you.” -Josh 23 NASB
    “. . . Belgium’s strange reputation as a hotbed for producing Islamic extremists.”
    It’s really not that strange at all. The most numerous and popular book in the history of mankind plainly warns of this:
    “But it shall come about, if you do not obey Yahweh your God, to observe to do all His commandments and His statutes with which I charge you today, that all these curses will come upon you and overtake you:. . .“Yahweh shall cause you to be defeated before your enemies; you will go out one way against them, but you will flee seven ways before them, and you will be an example of terror to all the kingdoms of the earth. . . “You shall betroth a wife, but another man will violate her; you shall build a house, but you will not live in it; you shall plant a vineyard, but you will not use its fruit. . . “Your sons and your daughters shall be given to another people, while your eyes look on and yearn for them continually; but there will be nothing you can do. A people whom you do not know shall eat up the produce of your ground and all your labors, and you will never be anything but oppressed and crushed continually. . . “The alien who is among you shall rise above you higher and higher, but you will go down lower and lower.” -Deuteronomy 28
    “In an attempt to keep the fractious Belgian society “together,”. . “
    “If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand.” -Mark 3:24 NASB
    “. . . the European and wider media is making little of this appalling display by supposed Belgians of Muslim backgrounds.”
    “He who justifies the wicked and he who condemns the righteous, Both of them alike are an abomination to Yahweh.” -Pro 17:15 NASB
    “To understand much of what happened in Belgium today, we must first understand the nature of Belgium’s political structures.”
    “Your rulers are rebels And companions of thieves; Everyone loves a bribe And chases after rewards.They do not defend the orphan, Nor does the widow’s plea come before them. Therefore the Lord Yahweh of hosts, The Mighty One of Israel, declares, “Ah, I will be relieved of My adversaries And avenge Myself on My foes.” -Isa 1 NASB
    “. . . where multiculturalism has not only failed, but started to threaten the very fabric of Belgian society.”
    Multiculturalism always fails to the detriment of multiple cultures.
    “So when they heard the law, they excluded all foreigners from Israel. . . As for their children, half spoke in the language of Ashdod, and none of them was able to speak the language of Judah, but the language of his own people. . . So I contended with them and cursed them and struck some of them and pulled out their hair, and made them swear by God, “You shall not give your daughters to their sons, nor take of their daughters for your sons or for yourselves.” – Nehemiah 13 NASB
    “We must prepare for a wave of new terrorist attacks that blend both existing non-assimilating populations that hate their over-tolerant countries of residence and new arrivals who will soon begin to hate these societies, if they do not already.”
    “And there is salvation in no one else; for there is no other name under heaven that has been given among men by which we must be saved.” -Acts 4:12 NASB
    “They saw what was coming. They ignored it. The blood is on their hands.”
    True statement. Rulers incur the stricter judgment but everyone is accountable:
    “‘For wicked men are found among My people,They watch like fowlers lying in wait; They set a trap, They catch men. ‘Like a cage full of birds, So their houses are full of deceit; Therefore they have become great and rich. ‘They are fat, they are sleek,They also excel in deeds of wickedness; They do not plead the cause, The cause of the orphan, that they may prosper; And they do not defend the rights of the poor. ‘Shall I not punish these people?’ declares Yahweh, ‘On a nation such as this Shall I not avenge Myself?’ “An appalling and horrible thing Has happened in the land: The prophets prophesy falsely, And the priests rule on their own authority; And My people love it so! But what will you do at the end of it?” – Jeremiah 5 NASB

    1. That’s some heavy stuff there, especially that Deuteronomy passage. Whoever said the Bible is just a bunch of old fairy tales fit for Bronze Age desert goatherders? That passage is as clear, as relevant, as hard-hitting today as it ever was, and I say that not as a Christian nor as a goatherder.

  43. Islam in Europe is rotten. It is the most perverted and twisted version of the religion one can find. This is not taking anything away from what happened in Belgium, but it
    is curious to note that many have reported the main source of ISIS recruits is coming NOT from Muslim countries, but from western Europe.
    Belgium providing most ISIS recruits per capita in Europe – UN
    “Belgium is seeing more of its citizens per capita travel to Syria and
    Iraq to join Islamic State than any other country in Europe, while
    jihadists are paying families up to $10,000 for each new recruit, a UN
    working group has revealed.”
    Hmmm… Belgium is also the headquarters/strategic hub for all NATO operations.
    “[NATO Headquarters] is located at Boulevard Leopold III, 1110 Brussels, Belgium, on the northeast perimeter of the city. It is home to national delegations of member countries and to liaison offices or diplomatic missions of partner countries. ”
    Most curious. Most curious indeed.

    1. There is a direct correlation between hateful muslim ideology and liberal pro-immigration governments.

  44. Surely this MUST have an effect on the British sentiment leading up to the EU referendum in June.
    If anything good can come of this, it must be that the brits choose to leave.

    1. …If they leave, I can imagine the British establishment gushing about the British values of tolerance, open-mindedness and multi-culturalism and try to set themselves apart from the European continent with its “rising far-right”.

  45. Belgium used to be a great place. I’ve spent some time at the Nato Command when I was active duty. No crime, happy people, beautiful women. I wished I could have been stationed there, instead of just being TAD
    Now it has become or is on the way to being a shithole. I feel sorry for the innocents who have and will die.

  46. The religion of peace strikes again. Coming to a town near you compliments of Obunghole and Hildebeast.

  47. How ‘unexpected,’ who wants to bet which country gets used by the elites for another empowering move in another three months? Poland? Romania? You know they hate these countries because they refuse immigrant quotas

  48. Belgium brought this on themselves. As sad as it is just about all of those killed and injured was most likely pro “good person” and had no willingness to rid themselves of Islam.

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  50. Because we value the truth unlike the left its in our interest to mention that the video above is from Domodedovo Airport in Russia in 2011.

    “Surveillance images circulating of attack Zaventem is old pictures . Our apologies.”

  51. The Belgian authorities are a complete joke! They let terrorists be free and prepare terrorism. Abedslam, the so-called most wanted man in Europe was still in the terrorist town of Molenbeek, just chilling while his muslim neighbors protected him. There was not much danger for him to be arrested, as the police rarely goes in this no-go zone. They finally arrested him after several months.
    Molenbeek should be considered enemy territory and razed.

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  53. Western values include such things as tolerance, openness, and helping others.
    Progressives, brought up on self-hate, believe that everybody in the world has those values except fellow citizens who aren’t progressives.
    They believe other societies are tolerant of gays, black or other races, religions besides their own and that everyone in the world is constantly being attacked for it by such groups as US republicans and the like.
    So they think that Moslem refugees and so forth will immediately love and admire progressives and everybody they claim to back, that everyone in the world is in awe of progressives’ vast intelligence, wisdom, and incredible goodness.
    Thus the problems in the world today.

  54. Political correctness has ruined the world. Political Leaders are too afraid to speak the truth because of the backlash from the ‘liberals’. the truth is that muslims cannot and will not assimilate. For them, Allah is supreme. once the Muslims flood our countries, we will have none of the rights that the liberals constantly fight for. That is the irony. by vouching for these people, they are killing themselves.

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