Communists Are Successfully Destroying America

Captain Capitalism posits that the master plan of communism is to destroy women, thereby reducing man’s motivation to marry, thereby reducing his economic production (since he doesn’t need to work as hard to support a family), thereby hurting capitalist economies.

Since the majority of this country’s (an any other free country’s) economic production is based on a man’s desire to live a happy life by getting married and (sometimes) having children, if you can destroy the quality and caliber of women, let alone the incentive to get married or have children, you can destroy the economic productive capacity of the United States, and thus the country itself. Thus, you see that feminism really isn’t about “helping women.”  It is nothing more than an thinly veiled economic and political attack against the US, freedom and capitalism.  This is why I call it “Killing the American Muse.”


Feminism is nothing more than a cover for communists to destroy it and thus destroy your incentive to produce. The question is, though, are they succeeding?  And the answer is sadly yes.

It may be a stretch to say that communists planned this all along, but the result is still the same: men no longer have incentive to endure the rat race if they don’t have to support a family. There’s another strong article which goes into more detail on the link between feminism and communism.

There are several countries where I only need $1,500 a month to live comfortably, eat well, and sleep with different women. That comes out to $18,000 a year. What will it mean for any economy when men only work as much to have a pleasant bachelor’s existence?

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  1. Pardon my ignorance, but I’m confused. On one hand it’s Capitalism that’s fucking us up, on the other hand it’s Communism that’s destroying America. Aren’t those two diametrically opposed?

      1. Nonsense! Marx never sought to destroy the family, nuclear or otherwise. And you know that the nuclear family is already a breakdown and corruption of the larger extended multi-generational family right?
        Bring back grandma from the nursing home!

        1. Of course not. First, Marx is 19th century, the Communists are 20th century. Uh, there have been Communists other than Marx since then. The Communists in the USSR wanted to weaken the United States by undermining it. The ideal way to destroy an enemy is from within rather than resort to warfare. Feminism is absent in Russia and Eastern Europe still to this day. Why would the Communists undermine their own state? If you look at Feminism, it’s just Marxism applied to the sexes. Women are the proletariat and men are the bourgeoisie. Other than that, it’s exactly the same. Just because the USSR fell in the 1990s doesn’t mean all the Marxists decided to become capitalists. They simply blamed the USA for undermining the Communist economy. The United States, as an open country, is open to subversion. The machinery the USSR installed to undermine the USA is still running. This exists as Feminism, which seeks to create instability by turning men and women against each other, thus destroying the family. Of course, the USSR had all the steps to undermine and overthrow a government mapped out. They used these steps very effectively in Eastern Europe. Once the destabilizers had done their duty, the Communists would invade, execute destabilizing groups, and then establish a “stable” form of a socialist puppet government, which would then begin it’s transition towards Communism. Of course, ideally they wouldn’t even invade, they’d just push the USA towards socialism using natural forces.

    1. Communism takes over when Capitalism eats itself. The United States has been described by Chinese Communists as country most advanced toward Communism in the world.

  2. I always knew Sex and the City was a Bolshevik conspiracy to subvert Western society.
    Any socio-economic system that undermines the stable and perpetual generation and socialization of offspring is doomed to extinction. The self-absorbed 30-something economically emancipated martini-swilling single woman is the mushroom cloud of our generation.

  3. It’s not communists that’s driven feminism in the west, it’s capitalists, who are completely unaware of the consequences of what they’ve done. I think Captain Capitalism’s blind to that for ideological reasons, threat of the socialist bogeyman and all.
    Take a look at immigration, big business and their lobby’s are the biggest champions immigration because it’s good for their bottom line. It increases the size of the labour force, increases the total output in their economy and gives them more customers with the access and money to buy their products. It’s the same deal with feminism and women in the work place.
    Hell, they say it was the Rockefeller’s who funded feminist initiatives in the 60’s. Gloria Steinem served as a Director of the CIA funded “Independent Research Service” (no conspiracy theory, it’s even on her wikipedia) and they, along with the Rockefeller and Ford Foundations helped to fund her famous Ms. Magazine.
    Fastforward 50 years later and women supposedly make 80% of consumption decisions, go to college more then men and often spend their money on frivolous status-seeking bullshit that she couldn’t have gotten away with living in a male breadwinner 1950’s household.
    If you want the culprit, follow the money.

  4. First of all, communism is an absolute disaster as the history of the USSR demonstrates. And yet we keep heading that way. I wonder if it would have been better if the cold war had gotten hot as we’d have more of its lessons branded in our soul the way anti-nazism is. There’s two schools of though on what to do. One is fight it tooth and nail, resist all its policies and dogmas. That’s usually what we do in the web, posting and discussing every latest atrocity. On the other hand, you can let the disaster happen and then try to rebuild. Go on welfare, get free Obamacare, get public housing, get food stamps (what else do you need?), knock up 20 or so broads, let the State pay for them. Burn it all down and play the fiddle while it burns.

    1. ya but china an cuba r becomin rich thanx to communism
      cuba will have a very high development on their hdi in 5 yrs joinin the 1st world
      think sweden is quite close to what youre sayin
      naughtynomad wrote an article brave new world describin that

    2. Stop smoking what you are smoking and things will clear in your head…
      I suggest one thing, go to your local Welfare office, lie as much as you want on your application, and let’s see how much money they will give it to you.
      Or try to get help from the “STATE”….try to get anything for “free” from the “STATE”, let’s see what you can get….
      You can listen to the right-wing shows as much as you want and you can imagine this make-believe scenarios as much as you want, but when it comes down to reality, it has nothing to do with what is going on on your fertile imagination.
      And only in your hazy reality that Obamacare is free…only in your dazed line of thoughts that you will “knock up 20 or so broads, land the State pay for them…”
      Do me a favor, turn-off Fox News and go to your local Welfare office. You will see that REALITY and your distorted infantile imagination are light years apart.

  5. not just destroy women and family, but destroy race, hence the proliferation of the blonde/black meme, and the almost unrestricted legal and illegal immigration into white nations. but we need to call a spade a spade, it is not communists, it is JEWS, they come in ALL guises, communists capatalists, fascists (yes hitler and most of the top nazis were crypto jews and financed by jews). obama is jew (his mother) and Romney is a shabbos goy who serves his jew masters.
    Our salvation is returning to the loyalty of our bloodline. , multi culturalism divides us, then feminism opens the door to alienation between the sexes, then sick jew ‘youth’ culture creates divisons between the generations which drives wedges in families. Man up roosh and name the jew. communism and other “isms”come and go…the Jew is eternal.

    1. “Our salvation is returning to the loyalty of our bloodline.”
      Christianity destroyed that concept for Western people. Some think that’s a good thing. Personally, I prefer ethno-cultural tree worship.

  6. “Since the majority of this country’s (an any other free country’s) economic production is based on a man’s desire to live a happy life by getting married and (sometimes) having children”
    What does he mean by only “sometimes”? Most married people have children. Indeed, marriage itself was created only for the benefit of children, otherwise adults without kids have no practical use for it.

  7. “There are several countries where I only need $1,500 a month to live comfortably, eat well, and sleep with different women. That comes out to $18,000 a year. What will it mean for any economy when men only work as much to have a pleasant bachelor’s existence?”
    It will be great for the economy (and environment, my main concern) when people start to live within their simple means. We don’t need to breed animals for slaughter and waste so much food and resources. Its actually evil, at least immoral, to do so.
    One could argue you sleeping with different women is also immoral, but as long as its consensual and you are not misleading them AND you are using protection, who cares what two legal adults do by consent in the privacy of their own space?

  8. Capitalism is NEVER the problem – it’s the laws put in place that stand in it’s way which are the problem since they distort and destroy it through laws, regulation, and taxes. Socialism and Communism will always fail because there is no incentive to succeed. Right now there are so many laws, rules, and taxes on Capitalism in the US that they are removing the incentive to succeed – or even try.
    I have funneled businesses overseas – why? It is more financially rewarding to do so, and I avoid the US double taxation, and have the added bonus of not paying for a government that is an anathema to everything I stand for and believe in.

  9. Blame whatever you like. Capitalism, Communism, Feminism, religion, Liberals, Conservatives…
    the incentive has indeed vanished, and the women have indeed been destroyed.
    I used to make 250k a year. No longer. Never again. Don’t care.
    I got 20 or 30 years left on this rock, tops, and I’m not spending it chasing money, especially since it will just get taken away from me anyway. And, I’d get judged negatively for it. You win, everyone. Enjoy your piece of shit world and destroyed women and abject poverty.
    I’ll be poolside.

    1. one of the best ROT comments ever. Enjoy the sun Samuel. They deserve what they have done to us.

    2. One the the best ROK comments ever. Enjoy the sun Samuel. They deserve what they have done to us.

  10. WTF do they teach in history class these days ?
    Hitler and Stalin invented feminism. Get women to work, diluting the work force making labor costs cheaper and forcing more men to join the army / do state work. With both parents working, children are minded by state licensed nannies, who indoctrinate children.
    Feminism was installed into the US by the KGB. In 1950s USA, very few women worked or wanted to.
    If the Soviets lost the cold war, their social machinery is now running blind.
    If they collapsed the USSR deliberately to begin the economic collapse of the USA, they’ve nearly won the cold war and we’ll all be chip & tagged by the secret police very soon.

  11. Simple Truths the Marxists have succeeded in covering up:
    1) differences between sexes exist
    2) differences between races exist
    3) ones sex and race have a profound biological impact on their life
    The Marxist Religion is a direct attack in the face of Natural Law! Natural selection is the rule of nature, and must remain so. In a society with minimal government intervention, the strong will rise to the top while the weak perish. This is a beautiful thing. This is how we evolve.

  12. I have never seen anyone kick against nature so hard………and mask it as truth seeking……..of course its the truth but its not ALL the truth…….I was going to type “why don’t you write something cheerful” like those young girls you like so much…………but the real question is why I am spending my precious life and breath reading such hateful, negative crap. Everyone suffers at some time in their lives………..and if anyone sounds like a victim its you. Blah Blah Blah……….young chicks waste their lives because they are not fucking you, old chicks have nothing to live for because men really don’t want to fuck them and you really don’t want to fuck them, fat chicks need shaming because they don’t realise how ugly they are to you and you don’t want to fuck them, the government has taken all your money………..getting married sucks…….blah blah blah………women have destroyed the world………….oh brother………….
    Done reading and thanks for the education.
    PS there is only one ever been ONE king in every kingdom……the rest of the men are servants unless they challenge the king and its only a matter of time before some other asshole is after the throne and wants to do him in.
    In between all this we have the wars were one king wants the wealth of the other king and sends the loyal servants to be sentenced to death. Two assholes going at each other while the loyal men are used for aiming practise.

  13. No what’s destroying capitalism is G R E E D…do I need to spell out again? Here it goes: G R E E E D!!!
    The 2008 crisis that nearly destroyed the economy of this country was designed, planned and executed by capitalists. Greedy capitalists I may add.

    1. Greed for power is more dangerous than greed for money. Read “The Prince” by Machiavelli if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

    You hit the mark in this article, and the more i read you and the other Men of ROK the more truth i see revealed. Scary to the commies but very refreshing to me and doubtless many others…ROK is definitely worth supporting. When i get ‘back in the chain-gang’ i’ll be sending thing though…i’m not acronym savvy about this new type of writing. i’ve tried to edumacate myself on this by studying online dictionaries like ‘the urban dictionary, so i hope you might add some common acronym
    definitions to help understand them. thanks

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