Watch A True G In Action

Adam Michaels from RVF has the low-down:

Notice in the video how not ONE TIME did anyone talk to him dissrespectful or with an attitude. Both women were embarassed but they knew better than talk wrong to him. Even the snarky little host kept his mouth shut. Why?

I’m a old school G, and you know this.

First words out of his mouth when a CAMERA crew and his main chick confront him for cheating:

I’m putting my cowboy boot down and I’m gonna finish eating my food and YOU need to step off with this bullshit

^My man didnt even apologize!

When she tells him he better stop cheating on her:

I was a player before you met me, and i’m gonna be a player while your with me. Do you understand? If you dont, pack your bags.

Then he scolds his main chick for blowing up his spot:

You know better, you know better. I trained you better than this

Even when caught cheating, she never even said she wanted to leave him. She just said he needs to stop cheating. But he instead “fires” her for this bad behavior. Hahaha

You know what? Im gonna get this woman to pack my food up, because you know Food is important to me, but your not important to me. Your ass is fired!

Still the best frame ever:

I’m an old school G. I been a old school G all my life and I’m gonna be one till I die. If you cant accept that get your ass to steppin.

Cause bitch I take care of you. I buy you a house, you dont work, I pay the bills.

And the whole time all of this is going on, his SIDE chick never left. At one point he goes over to her and tells her he’ll smooth everything out and see her two days later on friday.

Then he brings down the hammer:

I know how to please her. You can be faithful all you want to, but what you wont do, THE NEXT ONE WILL baby. And I guarantee you that.

Does the game get much tighter? Haha you know he still has both of those chicks today. I dont think you can even teach that, either you got it or you dont. Even on this forum, I wonder how many dudes would respond like he did. Thats what seperates the real G’s from the fake G’s. Back them into a corner and see how they react. A real G keeps it G, and a fake G will supplicate and say he’s sorry.

14 thoughts on “Watch A True G In Action”

  1. Why couldn’t this man have been my uncle? I curse every speck of beta crap I was indoctrinated with during the 80s.

    1. It’s cool to be the man but this guy looks like he likes hitting women. That’s a sign of a pussy. I don’t know why everyone is on this guys dick. That was some typical nigger behavior. No class at all.

      1. Say what you will, while it may not be perfect, they do generally have their women under control, unlike Whitey.

  2. totally love that vid!!! amazing mindset at dispplay right there…
    i can recommend the book pimp by iceberg slim in regards to that video. his story teaches you how to become an icy mofo that the ladies love.

  3. This is the life you can live if you are one of the few black men with money, in a sea of black women who cannot get any other race interested in them, with a black male incarceration and mortality rate in the stratosphere.
    Only drawback is you gotta fuck swamp donkeys and buy them a bunch of expensive shit.

  4. Un-fucking-believable. Classic. I can’t believe I understand the ‘righteousness’ of that G, but the seduction community and Manosphere is higher education, mofos. That vid is case in point. Great to get to see it. Most people want to be ‘kept’, and the herders are invariably the winners. Works everywhere at every level.

  5. Just by the way that mangina ask questions you can tell he’s clueless about what being a real man is.

  6. Ill be devils advocate but did I sense a bit of ‘male hamster spinning’?
    While he didn’t apologize he seemed to go pretty far to rationalize his cheating rather than just saying ‘I was born a g, ill die a g’ as he did later on.
    He got quite emotional.
    Slapping the drink wasn’t exactly alpha either (although very funny). True ‘g’s’ don’t let anyone under their skin. They control their emotions. Not vice versa. This is one of the core characteristics of a man. Not tantrums.
    Ill probably get flamed for this haha but just a discussion point, I am curious as to what opinions are.
    Carry on…..

  7. Cheaters was a fake show. All of the set-ups were acted. Like Jerry Springer—perhaps at the beginning a few were spontaneous, but the show basically thrived on drama, so the people were in on the plan.
    So this entire thing was fake guys, sorry.

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