6 Ways You Can Motivate Yourself To Go Out And Meet Girls


Do you want to enjoy the playboy lifestyle, but you’re not getting the results with women you’d like, or feel that you should be getting? If so then read on, because this article is for you.

One major problem faced by most players at one time or another is lack of motivation. When faced with the choice between going out into the unpredictable and potentially harsh world of the club to meet girls (or to the mall, if daygame is your thing) or staying at home and loading up Netflix, the temptation is often to choose the latter. So how do you break free of this understandable-but-unhelpful inertia?

1. Accept Your State of Mind

Look, there’s no easy way around not wanting to put yourself on the line. The truth is that there’s not a human being alive who wouldn’t rather have life be less difficult. Unfortunately, the reality is that 90% of the time life is a struggle and you only get out of it what you put in. But you’re only human, so don’t beat yourself up. If you know you should be taking a particular course of action, but just can’t bring yourself to do so, simply pause for a moment, take a deep breath and observe your own resistance. Don’t judge yourself — simply note your feelings and try to accept them.

2. Understand That Feelings Are Temporary

Think about all the times you’ve felt unhappy or anxious or worried. They passed, right? Realize that whatever you are feeling now that is making you inactive will also pass, be it tiredness, depression, boredom etc. Take a few moments to project into your future and imagine yourself feeling positive and motivated again. Now make an effort to “borrow” from those future good feelings to vibe yourself up in the present.


3. Take the Next Right Step

Don’t think about the bigger picture — the night ahead, the intimidating doorstaff at the club, the bright lights, the loud music, and that bitchy dime-piece you’re going to have to steel yourself to approach. Instead, break down the process of going out into small, manageable chunks and simply do the next right thing. Hungry? Cook a meal. Need something to wear? Iron a shirt and pick out a pocket square. Need transport? Call a cab. Don’t stress yourself out — just be sure to accomplish those small incremental actions that will get you out of your apartment.

4. Keep Your Long-Term Goals in Mind

While you are taking these incremental steps, on a meta level you need to have some sense of why you are doing so. As I’ve just said, you shouldn’t think about the minutiae of the night ahead: what you must do, though, is keep in mind your wider goals. If your intention is to become good with women, or to achieve sexual abundance, then it follows that you must approach; and in order to approach you must go out.

All success is founded to some degree on the sublimation of temporary discomfort in the interest of a greater good — think for example of the athlete who spends many hours training while his friends are socializing so that he can compete in the Olympics. Knowing that your feelings are temporary anyway, and that taking action will have a positive impact on your higher ambitions should be enough to jolt you into activity.


5. Remember: Action Creates Momentum

Simple actions create momentum, and momentum creates results. Most of us have probably felt under par before going on to have a fantastic night at least once in our lives. Trust your own capacity to rise to the occasion once you get into a social environment. Once you’ve arrived at the club or the bar, the drinks are flowing, the music is playing and there are hotties all around, your motivation will naturally increase. Bear in mind that how you feel will change once you get out there, and pull forward those good feelings you know you’re bound to feel. Having a couple of drinks at home and putting on some loud party music will help.

6. Lower The Bar — Sometimes Just Being Out is Enough

Remember: you don’t have to be a master pick-up artist. In fact, you don’t even have to be good. All too frequently, guys (myself included) will put undue pressure on themselves, as though they have to live up to some externally-defined standard. You don’t. However long you’ve been in the game you’re allowed to suck, so go out there and be rubbish. See how many times you can get blown out. It really doesn’t matter — going out is meant to be fun, remember?

Every so often life will throw you a line anyway. There have been many occasions I’ve gone out and met a girl out who just happened to like me — not because of tight game or any particular strategy, but simply because of natural chemistry. The same will happen for you — but only if you go out. As the expression goes, you have to be in it to win it. You can’t expect a girl just to turn up at your bedroom while you’re playing World of Warcraft — but going out and socializing at least means there’s a fighting chance that you might meet someone you happen to click with through minimum effort.

club girls

So there you are — hopefully these tips will help you get over those tough bumps in the road where you just don’t feel like going out. If these worked for you, or if you have any suggestions of your own, please let me know in the comments section below.

Happy hunting!

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155 thoughts on “6 Ways You Can Motivate Yourself To Go Out And Meet Girls”

  1. Is it lack of motivation…or the fact for all the time and money you spend you realize it’s not very rewarding?
    I wouldn’t tell guys as a result to become shut ins and watch tv all the time…but instead focus their time and motivation on more rewarding adventures.

  2. This is a good article for it’s uplifting and motivational aspects. But the bar and club game losses a lot of appeal once people are in the latter half of their 20’s and it’s a giant waste of money of you trying don’t like the music or dancing (and let’s face it, most men don’t).
    My suggestion for older people (“old” like over 25) is get on Meetup.com and get involved in any of your local hiking, cycling, entrepreneurial, and hobby groups. etc.
    The chicks are generally quite fit (and getting better all the time with the hikers & cyclists), you share common interests which you actually enjoy and not the “thump thump thump” of the overpriced nightclub, and you can actually hear people speak.
    Get on it.

  3. This is a good article for it’s uplifting and motivational aspects. But the bar and club game losses a lot of appeal once people are in the latter half of their 20’s and it’s a giant waste of money, especially if you don’t like the music or dancing. And let’s face it, most men don’t. They just wanna try and pull.
    My suggestion for older people (“old” like over 25) is get on Meetup.com and get involved in any of your local hiking, cycling, entrepreneurial, and hobby groups. etc.
    The chicks are generally quite fit (and getting better all the time with the hikers & cyclists), you share common interests which you actually enjoy and not the “thump thump thump” of the overpriced nightclub, and you can actually hear people speak.
    Get on it.

    1. it would be OK, if the music and clubs didn’t completely suck ass….
      they are just put up and shut up watering holes to empty your wallet in….. there’s nothing good about them, and they pack them so full you can’t fucking breath…. and no one complains because it’s such a ‘privilege’ to be in there….. and no one dances any more…. it’s all just ‘look at me’ ego and complete bullshit… what happened to the hedonists ?

      1. Yea what’s happend with no one dancing anymore??!! I’m a pretty decent dancer and it really helps to get laid but these days everyone just stands around looking ironic.

        1. Ur right, my Mother did send me to dancinglessons for years as a kid i hated it back then but now i am very happy considering all time its helped me getting laid. Exuse my english

      2. This is true if you’re going to a random club, but the key is to get involved in a music scene which you enjoy, if any. The downside to that is you may end up shitting where you eat.

        1. “The downside to that is you may end up shitting where you eat.”
          If the place is large enough, that MAY NOT be a bad thing…in fact, in can work in your favor…UNLESS you are relationship hunting.

      3. It’s ALL cultural conditioning. Nobody is really having any fun. The whole idea is to extract as much money from people as they can, and the way they do this is by packing the clubs full of idiots who are conditioned to believe they are having fun.

    2. I tried meetup.com and the only things I was able to find were groups full of the mid-life crisis crowd, born again nuts, pseudo-spirituals (yoga and similar gay shit), etc.

      1. haha this is why i didnt go much further than downloading the apps. Everytime i try and “get involved” with a community type thing, i find the people are always kinda weird. Not that im not, but yea…

      2. I third this but think it might have to do where you are located. I couldn’t believe some of the wackos on trips I took on meetup.

  4. implying all of us can be playboys
    implying being bald @22 (refer right picture) isn’t a deal breaker for every girl above 6/10
    implying settling for a substandard girl isn’t the ultimate sign of failure in life.

    1. If you’re tall and bald, and have the right face for it and other characteristics you can probably pull it off. If not, save and go to Turkey for the transplant.
      I am a short Black man and I had a pretty good time banging decent-looking girls in China. Black men are obviously not at the top of the list of decent-looking women anywhere; nor are short men (my height was less of an issue out there among shorter people, but my height would still not be the ideal), but I still got those “Great Sugarwalls”. Build on the characteristics that you can, and while you may never be an über-Alpha slayer, you will still increase the quantity and quality of puh-puh that you get.

        1. Yes, and race as well. In Asia my height isn’t as much of an issue though, and something happened over the past year that’s made me more attractive. Maybe the continuous time spent at the gym, but I don’t notice the gradual difference seeing myself every day.

      1. George carlin said it best ” white guys look like a bunch of pricks with ears when they shave completely bald” ” I’m not going to make some macho statement an shave it off completely” or something to that statement. Black guys look bald , they can get away with that look .

        1. “George carlin said it best ” white guys look like a bunch of pricks with ears when they shave completely bald”
          I’m a fan of George Carlin, but I think he is way off on this; a shaved head is vastly better than a brim showing a receeding hairline.

        2. I’m the 1 inch clippers camp. Widows peak for the win. If did shave, would leave the star trek Elvis sideburns for the lulz.

        3. I think that Jason Statham and a few other actors made the bald look more acceptable for White dudes in recent years. Plus, YOU’RE WHITE! White dudes will always have that innate advantage in this world. Yes, I am jelly.

    2. My grandfather was a player well into his 60s and he looked like what you’d expect a 60 year old Jew to look like. Bald on top, black/grey hair on the sides, short, hairy, with a bit of paunch. He still knew how to make cute women giggle and get the tingles. Considering her devotion, I’m pretty sure he banged his former secretary on the side. She kept coming back to see him at work when she had another job.

      1. “My grandfather was a player well into his 60s”
        I’m guessing though that your uncle was gaming at a time when it was much easier to get with chicks. I’m sure he would have a more difficult time now – and this is a reflection of the times, not your uncle.

        1. “I was commenting on what I saw my grandfather do all the way to the early 2000s.”
          I assumed you were talking about when your grandpa was in his twenties and gaming women in his twenties. What age women was he gaming in the early 2000? Anyone can game a chick who is past her prime.

      1. You would never know if it was a deal breaker, because the girls turned off by it wouldn’t actually tell you to your face.

        1. There are enough girls for that not to even matter. Some women are repulsed, some are enchanted (they straight up stare or at least keep glancing). Also, it can be a quick way to weed out certain types of women (and I guess it works in reverse too, it’s a quick way for some women to weed out men who’s features they are not attracted to).

      2. Drop the mic, my friend. I’m balding and I shave or buzz that shit on the regular and have a full beard. Never had a problem except when I didn’t first accept my baldness and tried to hide it with hats and shit. Now, I rock it and laugh at chicks who try to shit test me on it.

    3. I had an uncle who was paratrooper in WWII and he was bald at 18.
      My observations on this matter are such: the attitude a man has over his hair has more effect than the actual status of his hair. I’ve known some bald players get boatloads of poosy.
      There’s a reason why most of those hair restoration infomercials are on late at night on Friday and Saturday night. It’s not so much because it’s cheap air time. It’s to rope in the guy who thinks he can’t get anywhere because he’s losing his hair and staying home watching TV, or the guy who is coming him empty handed and thinking it’s because of his hair.

      1. Yeah suckers. I can think of much better things to do with cash then be a vain cry baby over hair. Iet women be insecure over petty crap.

    4. being bald is a big deal breaker for most good looking women, if you aren’t super rich. if you don’t have $$$, you need not apply.

  5. Personally, I will admit I am an incel. Having motivation to go out to meet girls is very difficult for me. My lack of success in the past kills my motivation.

    1. environment can play a big role. and economics. money is hard to come by these days and people can think of a lot better ways to spend what little they do have than on $12 margaritas from the bottom shelf at a nightclub spewing Katy Perry over the PA

    2. Go online, follow all the optimization rules, keep interactions tight, develop a standard logistical routine, and just go further and further each time. You’ll be crushing it within a month or two. Check out goodlookingloser.com for his average guy game guide – I found it quite useful coming out of long slump. Don’t get caught up with online dating show – it’s just a crutch. Tinder is still useful though.

    3. This comes down to attitude. Attitude is everything. Are you going to let your past define you? If you can’t put your past behind you, you will always be behind your past. Study the attitudes that work for the areas you can, and are willing to, hunt in and learn to flip the” switch” into that attitude when you find yourself in the right time and place.

  6. What’s with the plastic spastic in the second image?
    There’s no bigger turn off for me than a girl who looks like she contains more plastic than personality or brain cells.

  7. Starting to like your articles more and more even though I have no interest in going to clubs or anything related to PUA really. You always put your suggestions and advice in the context of picking up women, but really, a lot of it is applicable in other areas of life.

      1. I think you have a good grasp of the male psychology. The problem with the above advice is that its not directly applicable to guys in their 30s or 40s who are to old for clubbing, and are mostly forced to go out by themselves, since most of their friends have settled down.
        But the essence still applies. Break it up into smaller steps, and Work towards attending social events where women participate.

        1. Well, I’m 40 and I still go out clubbing (although less than before). Thinking you’re too old is a limiting belief. I’ve also never had a problem finding people to hang out with. It’s important for guys to work on maintaining a youthful vibe and being confident socially as they mature.

        2. Thanks for the reply.
          In some way this is actually quite encouraging. And yes it is important to maintain a youthful vibe, no doubt about it. I dont think I am necessarily to old, I am 38 by the way. But my interest in clubbing has some what faded in the last 5 or so years. I still enjoy it, but only occasionally
          The reason is that I dont like to drink to heavily, but most importantly, the people who go clubbing are on average significantly younger than myself. In my experience I just dont have that much in common with a person in the age range of say 20-25 years old.
          Unfortunately it has just become very difficult to find like minded people of a roughly similar age. Some are cought up with their careers, others have families, but practically all of my old friends have settled down in stable relationships. Thats why I am speculating that I will probably be forced to find alternative ways to socialize.
          And there are probably many other guys who are in a similar situation.

        3. Well, look, I’m a big daygame fan too, and i think that is probably a very viable option for older guys. I still enjoy clubing from time to time though – I look younger than my age and I don’t really worry about how much i have in common with others there.
          A thing that helps me, though, is that I really, really like good house and techno (i.e. not Aviccii EDM shit) – so there’s another reason to be going to clubs in London, Berlin, Ibiza and New York other than just meeting chicks.

  8. im off night game completely, for the reasons some of the commenters have already stated: too expensive, shitty music, and to add one–when you go out at night you’re catching girls at their absolute bitchiest. overdone makeup, tiny dresses, big heels–it’s a recipe for disaster. for those few hours out at the bar/club, they think they’re the fuckin shit and you’re a piece of shit. and for all intents and purposes, it’s the truth; we completely validate those feelings.
    solution: day game. day game requires no $$ and no extra time. i approach pretty girls as i see them on my normal routine; there’s no going out of the way just to meet girls, which soaks up way too much time and effort. furthermore, you’re catching the girls on their own daily routines; no overdone makeup, no dresses, no heels. there’s no sense of inflated ego. of course it takes more balls to approach in the day, and can be so much more uncomfortable at first, but once you get over the initial hump, it is so worth the change.

    1. Not sure how it can be more uncomfortable at first to approach during the day. I think it’s actually easier. They don’t put up that bitch shield unless she’s a complete bitch to begin with. Then she’s not worth your time.

      1. Agreed. Day game is easier. Women aren’t as guarded, the bitch shield is less of an obstacle. But what if your daily routine doesn’t put you in social circulation? How do you re-position yourself for greater exposure?

        1. how about night street game….. instead of formal clubs, just roll the streets and open cafes etc. by a drink in the 7/11, and wander about town….

        2. I’ve succeeded at night street game a number of times and gotten laid. Obviously has to be the right locale, like an urban center or crowded resort/clubbing area.

        3. Noting the NYC part of your usn, have you tried patrolling mpd? I hang out at some of the douchie clubs there for events and whatnot (in which case I rather be binging on Netflix), but as I had the pleasant experience of just working the night street game. Girls are generally already intoxicated to the point of jubilant and lower inhibitions by some other beta fools pockets and she and her pack of whores are probably looking for the next thrill for the night. Applying yourself correctly, you may be that next thrill. Happy hunting!

      2. and you can actually hear each other! Except in the case of gun-range game, which is arguably more difficult….

    2. Only problem is that it is not so obvious what you are looking for. If she senses that you are trying to game her, attitudes can quickly change.
      The good thing about night game is, for better or for worse, it is fairly obvious what you are trying to achieve. This makes the situation much more straight forward.

      1. thats why i dont fuck with indirect game. direct game only, and my opening line isnt even good. its just “hey, i saw you from [fill in the blank] and i just had to come here and say hi.” you don’t have to come out swinging with a BANGER. i don’t believe in that. the words dont matter so much as the confidence, appearance, clothes, and mindset. if you’ve got a couple or all of those things, the girls are happy to talk to you. im pretty flirty from the getgo, including light touches on her arm, shoulder, etc. make your intention clear or else you’re wasting your time.

      1. We all been there, bro. Don’t fret. I’m just getting out of the slump myself.
        Lower your standards to get the ball rolling. Fuck a couple girls below your liking for a little bit, then move on to the quality. It’s humbling, mind you—but prolonged self manipulation gets into your psyche and gang rapes your self esteem.
        Fuck a couple fatties and trolls, pay your dues, and then shoot for 6 and above.

    3. Most attractive young men don’t even need internetdating or going to a club in packs to hunt. Just make use of all the chances you get in day to day life. Don’t be passive when some girl smiles at you, or stares a couple of seconds to long. You know you have to act. We all fantasise about “what we could have said or done”, and the possible outcomes. Don’t be afraid of rejection and I’ll bet you have more dates, and more lays annually. I did years of clubbing. Women are snarky bitches in a club, dancing in their girlcircles with a glass of wine in their left hand and that cellphone (attentionmachine) in the right hand. 2 years ago I thought to myself: “fck that i’m quitting this wasting of time”. And never went to a club anymore.

    4. Night game has possibly been ruined by dating apps. Not as much real female thirst out there anymore..

  9. I don’t lack motivation but I no longer chase women, I simply buy them. It saves me time and money. It’s as simple as you see in this video. Although I wouldn’t pay $2000 for that girl. She’ll settle with $200. The highest I’ve ever paid was $500 and it was all worth it.

    1. I like this, I am from CZ also and I have done this to a bunch of hags who were asses to me.
      btw viral brothers have most of their “live videos” faked.

  10. If your intent is to actually date and get involved romantically besides just pump and dump (first thing, take a power drill to your skull!), the only issue is that hot girls are NEVER 100% completely schmuck-free and readily available. There’s always someone they’re “talking to”, “seeing”, “trying to work things out” with, or fuck buddies and FWBs in general. Smartphones and social networking.dating apps just make it all the easier for them to have an army of orbiters at the ready to choose from provided that they still have a pulse intact. On that note, good luck trying to find Noah’s Ark!

  11. One reason to avoid the club scene is that the loud music overwhelms any attempts to engage in conversation. Daygame or social organizations are far better.
    I also recommend meeting women at work, but only if you work for a large corporation and can find them in other departments outside your reporting chain.

    1. Leave the bitches at work alone. I’ve sworn off flight attendants even though some of them are very young and very cute. If they work for my company then they’re out. I don’t need the potential HR bullshit.

      1. Yes, that’s true too. What might work, however, is keeping it professional with someone you had your eye on, and if she leaves the company you can then make your move.

  12. I’ve come to the conclusion that day game is where it’s at.
    Other than Day Bang, what other resources are out there to excel in that “field”?

  13. I just met another 22 year old chick at a club last week. Had my tongue down her throat within 30 min of conversations. She wouldn’t want to leave her friend though. Crap…she frankly didn’t seem to care that I’m 37 or was too drunk to notice. Lol. Whatever…

  14. I’ll go out at night with friends or maybe solo on certain occasions, but at 30 the solo berserking nights of my 20s are done. The cost > the return more often than not.

  15. Great article. There have been times where anytime I don’t feel as happy as I should going out and the complete opposite happens. Pretty neat little butterfly effect going on.

  16. Good advice. I’ll be putting this into action soon just for socializing. Not any women I’m attracted to in this area to really put it to good use, but I do not want my socialization skills to completely atrophy between now and my return to China.

  17. What if you despise alcohol and drunk people? What are your options, then? I want to meet girls, but I can’t stand drunk people and I don’t drink. I have no interest in club music or dancing. And the whole thing is a colossal waste of money.

    1. Day game. Go to book stores or coffee houses. Join an activity class like cooking or hiking. Go to the malls. Anything you might like except playing video games at home.

    2. salsa dancing is a good one…. sports bars, cocktail bars, it doesn’t have to be a full on nightclub with cheese dance music.

        1. work on making more money, then it won’t be too expensive. (I know its easier said than done but it’s true)

  18. Agreed. Activity begets activity. But I’m tired of paying the $10 door charge to get inside and see a lopsided male to female ratio, with only a handful of attractive women. I want to work smarter.

  19. It’s not necessarily true that it is more tempting to stay home and watch Netflix instead of going hunting some deer(s). Sometimes, certain circumstances are not right or good enough to increase your chances of meeting new girls. For instance, living in an almost secluded, suburban area and having to travel a bit to the city centre is a circumstance that somehow demotivates you. Another one is the prejudice girls have against a certain nationality. One more is that it seems girls can read whether you are the complete package (that is, you look good enough, you have a job, you have a car, you have a place, you are fit enough, you are dressed OK and you are smart, witty, elegant etc.). If you are not, then it is more difficult to succeed with girls.
    A 7th way (as a way to counteract the “1. Accept Your State of Mind”) could be that of being in the zone, entering such zone of confidence, of alpha maleness by visualizing certain images, outcomes and so forth. It’s not easy but it’s feasible. I think one way could be that of a gym workout, and after it, shower, music, dressing cool and going hunting. You suggested, “Having a couple of drinks at home and putting on some loud party music will help.” It’s a good way too to be in the right mood and mindset.
    In conclusion, a very good article and advice. Now, go get ’em.

  20. I am 46 an i already met and banged a lot women in my life.
    But ALL of them i met either on party´s or at shopping, or online dating or when some friends introduced me new persons.
    But there was NONE which i met at nightgame in a loud discotheque or bar.
    I always HATED the loud music.I hated the bouncers.I hated the drunk people.I hated the competition with other guys.
    Now i only practise daygame in shopping malls.Yes, it really takes balls and its very exciting.But Life SHOULD BE exciting.
    See my favourite clip from one my favourite movies: Clockwork Orange
    Alex goes shopping and makes a (successful) cold approach to two hot girls.
    A man should never fear a woman.Actually only a woman should fear a man.

  21. focus all your time on work and earning income. Those are more fun and you actually get to enjoy the rewards. If you are successful, the girls line up for you anyway.

  22. No bars or clubs for me. They’re too loud, you cant hear yourself think, let alone have any type of conversation. At the bar, everybody’s loaded up on booze so if you manage to get a girl home, you have to worry about weather she’ll cry rape in the morning. Especially in this western society.
    Day game is where it’s at.

  23. Love the pic of the potato on the couch.
    But honestly, I live in the USA and “meeting girls” is low priority. I’d sooner slam my dick in the door because it’s cheaper and hey, at least I still have a door to slam it in.
    In the end, women have downgraded themselves so much I can fully understand the Sexodus and why the younger fellows would rather play video games. You young guys at least have it a little better in that you don’t have the last vestiges of NAWALT dangling like a carrot in front if you like my generation (X) did. You young guys know for a fact that all you have to deal with are fatass (or soon to be fatass) shallow cunts who won’t amount to anything.
    If you have to “feed your dick” though, you are doing it wrong. We cannot denigrate women for “getting the tingles” and then go into the same pursuit for similar reasons. If men were really like this, we would still be scratching our balls in caves.
    To heck with these women. Go to the harbor and find the most nasty boat you can find and go stick it in bilge water and get the same results.
    But don’t go resorting to video games either. Now is the time for awake and aware men to find… a “vocation”.
    The think tanks behind all this mess know that silly childish things will prevent the one thing they fear most: awake aware men going on their own to invent new technologies that are not centrally controlled. Much of that has to do with weapons by the way. When the state controls weapons tech, they control everything through a monopoly on violence. The result is prison states and death camps. When everybody has the same claws and teeth, freedom is the result. But look past that even: maybe 3D printing tech to decentralize all production will free the world and control of industry? Not into tech? Information then. Or become an expert in self defense, or literature. Anything. And master it.
    The decentralization of media means the SJW Nazis (merely a manifestation of tyranny of many forms) don’t get to tell everybody what to think. Decentralization of violence means that everybody is still free to think. Decentralization of production means less power to corporations (meaning less infested HR departments wielding power over peoples’ lives).
    So when you take the pussy off the pedestal and knock the pedestal down instead of putting some video game accomplishment on it, or my little pony or furry shit or what the fuck ever and learn to feed your big head instead of your little one and find a vocation, you will change the world. And it’s not beta, it’s not goody two shoes, it’s you maximizing your potential and having a real purpose in life.
    Imagine if someone invented a warp drive and shared it with the world…

    1. guys like you are destroying the manosphere. get pussy, enjoy the decline.US women are a pain in the ass,
      but I’m a man. I still love to be with women. being an alpha in today’s US social climate just makes it incredibly easy. women will cheat on their husbands with you, and you’ll see lines of women walk past 90% of the other men to be with you. you can cheat on your woman and get off scotch free. to the guys bitching about American women,go get some pussy.

      1. There should not have to be a manosphere.
        I don’t think you’ll be on your death bed caring about pussy and I sure won’t be gasping my last breath wishing I had more.
        When you are gone, your body will be stiff, your dick won’t. When I am gone, the technology I helped create and the movements I have been involved in will live on.
        Vagina is just as fleeting and temporary as the looks of they who possess it. But neither will possess me.
        Note to onlookers: see here we disagree but nobody is clamoring for more laws to be passed, or anybody to lose their jobs or go to jail? That’s how to have a civilization. Clever can go fuck the hotties, I can go fuck the system. We’re both expendable.
        (fucking the system strikes me as more satisfying and a shower is not required before nor after)

        1. an alpha can dedicate minimum time and still fuck a lot of hotties, then spend the next 22 hours of his day creating his empire/changing the world/pursuing his empire.

        2. I work with things of such nature that taking a break from it required hours to get back on track. Hence taking a break to go bag a skirt is derailment. Though I suppose that’s simply the way of things.

        3. Men like you build the systems we all use and enjoy. Cheers to you. Don’t let this stop you from leaving a genetic legacy behind. I hope my children enjoy your creations and your children enjoy my children’s inventions.

        4. The Doktor is right. You must still be young. I remember those days of chasing pussy when I was young. After you hit 30 your sex drive drops and you find yourself thinking “nah she seems like too much work. Rather go to the gym and lift a couple plates cause it’s easier”. Haha

      2. “Incredibly easy” compared to who? Other guys, yes. The alpha-loving women you are fucking, no. They’re still going to expect it on their terms or want to behave parasitically in some way. They’re going to expect it on their schedule, not yours. Paul Janka says the biggest key to him is being “available”. Charlie Sheen pays them to GTFO.
        What are you going to do in the coming few years when insatiable hypergamy pushes the Pareto Principle to an even greater extreme, and only 10% of the guys are getting 80% of the Pussy? And the quality of women keeps declining?
        You may find you’re no longer the Alpha you thought you were, and it will have nothing to do with advancing age. Everyone here still loves the company of women when they’re both 1) easy and 2) worth it; fewer and fewer men *on the whole* are finding this to be the case.

      3. Go get some lifelong disease like AIDS, fucking idiot. If “pussy” is your God, you have ultimately failed in life.

    2. You mean you don’t like the yoga pants and uggs with hair in messy pony tail look? Haha.

  24. The problem with solving the problem of not getting up and meeting girls is you need to address some of your underlining issues, namely , social anxiety, inadequacy and in some cases depression. Until you get those fixed, any perceived quick fixes like self affirmations and other pop psychology cures are completely useless. You need to address the issue at its root. It’s also wise to understand that’s lot of your insecurities have been drilled into your head by the feminist movement from birth, and they too can be overcome.

  25. 7. See a pro once in a while to wash away lingering bad tastes/ bad memories of women and to reduce any temporary game-related anxiety.

    1. Or have a pro on “backup” when you go out. Again, to my post above, scarcity mentality is kryptonie. If you go out knowing “My dick is going in some pussy tonight, no matter what” because you’ve got a friendly pro on speed dial, you likely won’t have to call her at the end of the evening.

  26. Here’s the thing. If you don’t feel motivated enough on your own to get out and get yourself some pussy, then you don’t need to. It’s one less addiction and one less way to be controlled by someone else.

  27. 7. Understand you have nothing to lose. At worst you come home with exactly what left with. The goal is always get more. Never ever give anything away. Never compromise yourself. As for clubs, why are people so stuck on stupid. If finding idiot drunks with drama , potential drug habits, and trashy circles is goal; have fun. People are everywhere…the ones worth a shit are home before midnight ( let alone last call ).

  28. Good tips generally…but as wise man Paul Proteus once said: The present time is great for a man to live alone.
    I prefer a mass of video games, film and internet over pussy all the way

  29. ” However long you’ve been in the game you’re allowed to suck, so go out there and be rubbish. See how many times you can get blown out. It really doesn’t matter — going out is meant to be fun, remember?”
    This is absolute gold. As you practice game, you’re eventually going to get to the point where you’re pretty good. That doesn’t mean you have to be that good every time. Go out wearing a bowler hat and see if you can pull it off. Put on a kilt and see what happens. Who gives a fuck; end of the day, we’re all dead. Putting so much pressure on yourself to get a notch every time you go out is soul destroying, it gives women all the power in the room and fucks up your game anyway. Go out, have a few beers, drop a few lines, and; if shit ain’t happening, roll back home and go to bed. Never have scarcity mentality, women can smell that shit on you 100 miles away and it’s about the same stench as rolling in 10 day old turkey carcass.

    1. When you have 5 super-cute freelancers on your phone that you could bang within the hour, and all for under $75 USD, then imagine how that elevates your abundance mentality? However, it does take some cultivating to build a reliable and affordable P-4-P harem.

        1. Well, I budget between $50 and $75 USD for house calls; the gal has to be reliable and not have a jealous / dangerous significant other; she has to be relatively grief-free while with me; I have to be able to trust that her primary goal is not to rob or scam me; she has to get along or accept my little dog; and they can’t be delusional and think they can become my girlfriend or wife. As such, to have a group of 3-5 cute chicas on speed-dial that check off all these boxes, takes a little time to cultivate — but not much in South America or SE Asia.

  30. I’m having a month-off from my resident girl (she’s abroad) and what have I done? being a couch potato, watching marathons of Mr Robot and chugging beers and wine during it. Indulging in excuses like:
    -It’s been too damn cold outside (which it is.true.. -10C windchill included)
    -Night-game is saturated (also true, it’s been dying a slow death for a while, now Merkel’s refugees were the last nail in the coffin, flooding the scene)
    – Bitches are spoilt (kinda true, these trashy bimbos spent the entire night taking selfies and pretending they’re smoking Ten’s).
    – Nightclubs were I live, tend to be repetitive (Fuck, they keep having those stupid 80s & 90s parties at the same venues every single friday and saturday religiously).
    – The more I learn the local language, my confidence sinks… my confidence is gone once i had to blab in this cavemen dialect… (local bitches prefer local talent as they struggle with English themselves).
    But you know what? tonight, I will shave, pick a blazer and breton, wear expensive suede loafers and gonna hit this upscale club like the old times. I’ll leave my wiener alone and will screen for talent, play the newcomer card… It won’t be the first time a little attitude will bring me a bird to take home.

  31. But I no longer enjoy conversation with modern women — I just can’t tolerate the inane banter anymore, beyond initial flirting and the “feeling each other out” process. As such, I like to go out with the boys to do truly fun stuff, then pick up the phone and order take out from an escort agency or super cute freelancer. I’ll actually sit at the pub, or driving range, or bowling alley, or race track, or shooting range with the boys and show them the options on my phone and then order a YOUNG HOTTIE like one would a pizza with your favorite toppings.
    “I’ll take the early evening special please with big tits and long blonde hair. Hold the tattoos and cellulose please, and no venting or bitching whatsoever. Can you give me the cost with delivery?” That’s my motivation in a nutshell.

      1. LOL — are you fucking kidding me, gent?? I go out with the boys, have some laughs and a few drinks, then pick up the phone to bang this: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a100563d5132d6cda6559c40cf98578c83172b960555fdddb163d926a72344b9.jpg
        Then, I’m in bed (alone) and asleep by about 11pm — no hangover the next morning, not stinking of cigarette smoke, not half deaf from some shitty club music…
        That’s your definition of depressing??

        1. I guess I’m supposed to be impressed. But that looks like the pussy of every hostess at the beach where I live. Who by the way will fuck you all summer and pay for her own drinks… Yeah you have to listen to her talk about Puerto Rico, but who cares.
          Seriously. Cost benefit. How much is this whore and what does she do that the typical free whore does not?

        2. I call bullshit. The chica above is 19, no kids, tight puss-puss, makes me laugh with her playful silliness, travels to my place, stays about 1.5 hours (enough for 2 nuts) and is happy to take $60 USD. Tremendous cost / benefit ratio IMO.
          You’re saying you routinely get that for “free” and without considerable risk to your person??!! Pure bullshit, gent. Unless Brad Pitt is your twin brother…
          And no, I don’t look or act like a troll. I prefer these kind of arrangements now. I seek them out by pure choice.

        3. i call bullshit on you. No kids? who gives a fuck… it’s pussy. And $60 bucks???… nope. Taco Tuesdays will cost you 20 bucks and you get to reck it for 2months… at a minimum.
          you are a loser.

        4. I post pics and prices and you call bullshit on me??? The no kid comment was in relation to the pussy — you fuck stick — because kidless pussy is tighter and not blown out. And for the $20 you’re fucking the tacos for 2 months, right? With or without the guacamole?

      1. I prefer to use freelancers who I know well, so they’ve passed all the BS tests. Plus, I live abroad in Latin American countries, so I’m not often in the US or Canada. The process and cost there would be much different, obviously.
        Just the other night, quite literally, I ordered in this 19-year old for about $60 USD. Decent bang, GFE experience and she stayed for about 1.5 hours. She also paid for her own taxis and only had 1 slice of the pizza I ordered for us!! Win-win all around me thinks!

        1. you are so brave to post photo of naked woman saying you had sex with her. why are you not brave to post your own photo with your face and dick, to show us how cool you are?

        2. Nothing to do with bravery or being cool — just honesty. You’re either a bitch, fag, or omega orbiter. Either way, piss off.

        3. You can call me as you wish! At least I have husband who loves me and children.
          I’m sorry for you. Low emotional intelligence. Cheap insecure man has sex with sluts or prostitutes. Alpha males do not talk about their sexual life.
          I guess we are on different moral and emotional levels.
          You are kind of product that is ” made in china” you chose same women because you can’t approach high quality woman.
          Really sorry.
          With such men in society like you I don’t wonder why your American women are feminists.
          Take care.

        4. Hilarious response, especially for those who actually know me!
          PS Your husband isn’t “in love” with you at this point: he tolerates you and is financially entangled with you. While you’re snoring at night, he has wet dreams about the YOUNG and CUTE gals I regularly bang! True story.
          Take care now.

        5. Do you know how old I am?
          Do you know my husband ?
          So you are wrong dear.
          I am young attractive woman. You like it or not he loves me. Not all men dream about cheap sluts.
          There are men in this world for whom is disgusting to buy prostitutes or to have sex with sluts.
          There are men who can love one woman, who love their wives. Unfortunately it is not easy to meet such kind of man but they exists.
          As I told you, you and me – we are from different worlds.
          But anyway if you enjoy your life as it is be happy.

  32. There are girls everywhere on earth ‘going out to meet girls’ is as ridiculous as it implies. Asides from it being a waste of money also. Better approach is to hit on girls as you go about your own business.

    1. Nope. You should do both. Was in vegas a few years back and on the fly decided to attend a conference that was 90% women. Killed it.

  33. Or you can cook yourself breakfast for dinner and then play Xbox while smoking weed to alleviate the soreness of those 5×5 squats you did earlier. Plus you save money and won’t get incurable ghonorrea.

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