Gulf War III? Just Say No

The Islamic State seems to be the grain of sand irritating the oyster of world order designed by ruling western elites. From the grand theft auto styled drive-by shootings on  main supply route Tampa (highway 8) to the slick media campaign on Twitter and YouTube, the Islamic State seems to be a force that utterly confounds those who seek to have different plans for the region. Every day I read some new article about the brutality, primitiveness, and backwardness of the supposed pseudo-sharia caliphate. Just yesterday I read another article about the problems in Iraq and the implied solution of Western intervention. I guess the New York Times has not learned their lesson from Judith Miller.  It seems a lot of people want to re-fight the Iraq war. I do not mind if they do, I just wish they do it with their own blood and treasure.

The Islamic State was formally known as Islamic state of Iraq and al Sham (ISIS). It is a group of Sunni militants who had its genesis in the Iraq war and the Syrian Civil War. When they fought against President Assad in Syria, they were actually in line with Western interests. When they decided to focus their forces in a different direction, they became an enemy of the West. An enemy so great that American politicians actually contemplated cooperation with Iran in operations against them. This change of perception highlights the lack of sincerity in Western foreign policy. It also shows the shortsighted thinking of giving weapons out like candy. What’s even more enlightening to even the dumbest of war hawks within America is that most of the solutions proffered to counter the Islamic State “problem” is more aid and weapons.

Some people say the Islamic State is brutal and follows a backward interpretation of the religion of Mohammed. Let me inform you that in that neighborhood of the world there are far more brutal players than the Islamic state. While it has been confirmed that the Islamic State executes people for being on the wrong side of the fence, that is almost the norm for that area. Until I see bodies that have fingers sawzalled off and cordless drill holes in the knees, elbows, and shoulders from electric power drills like the ones in  Baghdad in 2007 and 2008, I don’t believe the Islamic state is the most brutal player in that game. Why is this theme of their brutality repeated?  It is almost like this news coverage is a form of emotional manipulation to get people to support some type of intervention that most likely will benefit those pull the strings.


If reason cannot prevail, emotional appeal is the next best thing to get people on board for an intervention. What are some of the reasons people say we should stop the Islamic state? Some people attribute a quote to the Caliph Ibrahim that he intends to conduct terrorist operations outside the nation of Iraq against Americans. While this claim is not very credible it is still believable to a sizable population. It is even reported that the Islamic State is destroying old tombs and historical sites during their conquest of northwestern Iraq. Their various atrocities against certain ethnic minorities are also highlighted. What is very interesting is that they were doing the same thing while they were fighting the regime of President Assad in Syria and no one in the West seemed to care about it then. An better counterexample to intervention would be the nation of Pakistan. That nation has nuclear weapons, harbored Osama Bin Laden, and never really has a stable government but no one advocates for intervention there.

The world in 2015 is heading back to the world of 1999. Odds are that the Taliban will be back in power in Afghanistan and some type of Sunni dictator will be running things in Iraq. The only difference is that  trillions of dollars have been appropriated out of the federal treasury and funneled to certain companies and corporations that profit from war. I get a morbid giggle when I see the ghosts of 2003 pop up in the news cycle trying to justify their actions in the past. Some of them even invoke the honor of veterans who fought in Iraq as an excuse to justify another intervention in Iraq so their “sacrifices were not in vain”. Sorry Dick Cheney, but a fourth, fifth, sixth, or seventh battle of Falluja will not make things right.

So what would happen if Caliph Ibrahim and his Islamic State are allowed to continue to fight in Iraq without western intervention? I’m guessing the Shia dominated sectarian government in Baghdad will be on the receiving end of some serious payback for events that happened in 2007 and2008. Contrary to the popular historical narrative that the General Petraeus “Surge” of United States personnel brought peace to Iraq during that time, the green light to Shia militias to ethnically cleanse and dominate Baghdad caused the Sunnis to recede from the conflict. How would they do now? Judging from the empirical evidence of the failed Shia uprising of 1991, the Shia dominated government in Baghdad cannot succeed without somebody to hold their hand.

Looking at this situation with reason instead of emotion, one can see that the Islamic State has upset the order of things quite immensely. After hearing that US reconnaissance flights over northwestern Iraq were conducted by F-18s launched off of aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf, I can assume that the governments of Saudi Arabia Kuwait and Qatar will not allow US flights from their territory. This might mean that the Sunni world is gearing up for a wider conflict with the Shia world.

With the Islamic State’s seizure of oil cash and gold in northwestern Iraq, they have become self-funding . This along with the romance of the “Islamic conquest” similar to Mohammed in his time makes quite a few Imans and royals  in Saudi Arabia nervous. Aside from oil prices, there is no real need for western intervention.  For the most part, no one in the West has a horse in this race except for those scheming merchants of death who want to cash in like it’s 2003 all over again. So let them do it if they wish but on their own dime and on their own time.

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194 thoughts on “Gulf War III? Just Say No”

  1. Let the women and special snowflake groups go to war this time. After all it’s THEIR country now let them have the privilege of getting killed fighting for it.

    1. Every young man reading your comment needs to understand that you are no longer granted the privileges in this society that was warranted by your sacrifice . You have had Title iV pounded over your head for years, you have the “male privilege’ meme shoved down your throat, and you have fewer spots allowed at the university and good jobs open to you. Males in this society no longer need to feel obligated to protect women. Give them that “privilege.”

      1. Damn right. As a new private in the 80’s at an army base I held the door for a female captain as I was raised to do and she started bitching at me for sexually harassing her. After that I treated quota queens in the army just like any other soldier. Get your own door.

  2. The lesson to be learnt is that the West should not support nor get involved in the affairs of the middle east. The people who rebel will ask for help first, and then turn on you. The taliban were supported by the USA when the Soviets invaded Afghanistan. The weapons given to these barbarians were then turned against America.
    The same happened in Syria.

    1. Yes, there’s been serious problems with serial rapists, who are muslim, in Sweden. They live in a society that’s even more left wing and just as obsessed with political correctness as the USA, so Swedish men’s hands are tied. Other muslims don’t care about the attacks because they think Swedish women dress like whores.

      1. A similar occurrence has happened in the UK. These are oft labelled “Asian grooming gang”, which is misleading as none of the members are Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai or Malay. Without exception they are Pakistani.
        If I were Japanese I would be enraged to be categorised by the media in this way.

        1. Real live actual Rape: Abduction and sexual enslavement is a primary weapon in war. These Pakistani shits must be laughing up their sleeves at the benign legal system dealing with them as mere criminals. They are at war with us. The Grooming gangs should have provoked mass pogrom like events. No blood libel in this case, actual crimes actual violence and exploitation. Exterminate!

        2. His point was that the term Asian is covering up the actual identity of the Pakis committing crimes. If it were “Paki Grooming Gang” that would permit much more focus on the source of the problem (as I took what he said anyway).

        3. But the country, not the continent, is the lowest common denominator. Also, the fact that the criminals were using non muslim girls as slaves because they were not muslim, makes the religion the cause/factor for their actions, thus, it would be more appropriate to refer to these gangs as muslim gangs as opposed to asian gangs.

        4. That is what I meant. I must have not expressed myself well enough.
          This is a better explanation.
          “But the country, not the continent, is the lowest common denominator. Also, the fact that the criminals were using non muslim girls as slaves because they were not muslim, makes the religion the cause/factor for their actions, thus, it would be more appropriate to refer to these gangs as muslim gangs as opposed to asian gangs.”

        5. Respectfully it is not. In the UK the term Asian is applied to people from India and Pakistan. These people generally form part of the same ethnic group.

        6. There are Muslims on virtually every continent and plenty in China and Malaysia. If you used the term Muslim gang you would make it more confusing rather than less and be open to charges of political manipulation. Muslims certainly would be up in arms.

        7. Yet all the perpetrators were Muslim and most were Pakistani. Their “justification”, in their minds, for using the girls as slave prostitutes is derived from the perception that all non Muslim women are whores.
          You are right about the Muslims taking “up in arms”, if the media would be upfront, and blame their religious interpretations being their justification for what they did. That does not mean that the fear of Muslim outrage should silence the media.

        8. The bovine on would long for the days of ROK pump-and-dump once they got a taste of muslim patriarchy, enslaved prostitution, and/or forced in some hairy muslim dude’s harem.

        9. One note of clarification. In the UK, asians have always indicated Pakistanis or continental Indians. This is no way any form of underhanded subtefuge to hide the ethnic identities of criminals perpetuating rape in UK. Even back in the 70s when the mass immigration of West asians began in the UK, Pakistanis and Indians were always referred to as Asians, since the proportion of East asians immigrating to UK was comparitively small.
          In the Pacific rim nations (Aus/NZ/Canada) where East asian immigration was higher or more visible, Asians came to refer to East asians like Japanese, Chinese etc.

        10. The point is that their religion has nothing to do with their crime. They went after Muslim girls too. And do not forget the organized child grooming conducted by privileged white males in the British Government and entertainment industry.

        11. Arent those Pakistan origin people doing rapes or the actual pure Pakistani citizen folks doing the rapes? Be crystal clear on the subject as these Pakistan origin folks were bred and raised in english education system. Why should another country take the blame for english not educating their own population + workforce. A food for thought.

        12. When Americans say Asia they mean the Asian areas that have been able to create and maintain civilization. That’s all that was able to get tot he US before taxpayer money was used to bring them in. We call those people sand n1663rs. East Asians evolved under similar conditions to Europeans and have been the only completion for advances.

        13. Muslims practice al-hijra, which is basically what you see with the child rape gangs. Taqiyya is the rules for lying to non muslims. Muslims are only spreading out in recent history, you are proposing that saying British wouldn’t be white.

        14. There where no groups of 1000s of child gang rapes connected to anything but mud slums.

        15. I’m aware. I’ve spent much of the last 20 years in the US. In the UK is different add you now know. I will say that people in Pakistan are an entirely different ethnic group to those in the Middle East with different language customs etc.
          Actually the East Asians have only recently posed competition to Europe /US. Before that it would have been the Turks and the Moors.

        16. They were not enslaving anyone as far as I can tell. Just grooming young girls for sex.

        17. What do you call it when Upper Class British men lie to non-Upper Class people? Strangely it seems that lying is not unique to Muslims. Good that they have rules for it that I’m sure that they all follow.
          What do you mean by “recent history”? Muslims have been “spreading out” for more than a thousand years.

        18. Charels Martel and Gen Blackjack Pershing stopped jihad against the west for the last thousand years.

        19. If you are English then you know about the muslims doing grooming which is a nice way of saying gang child rape.
          Did you miss the Rochdale grooming case
          that broke open the chains of PC.

        20. Pershing was not around a thousand years ago and Martel was not around for the Ottoman empire a few hundred years ago.
          I would guess that you don’t consider Martel to be recent history.

      2. Sydney too had its own muslim gang rapes and theyre starting again. Everywhere muslims go its their way or the highway

        1. It was the Israeli-US citizens in the U.S. Gov’t and Mossad who orchestrated 9/11, along with the complicity of the press and intelligence community.
          What fool still thinks the Muslims did it?

    2. “These people, who rebel, will ask for help at first, and then turn on you.”
      And then align themselves with whomever will advance their cause, until they’ve served their purpose, then they turn on them as well, and the cycle repeats.
      Holy shit…they’re hypergamous! FALL BACK! RETREAT!

      1. And then align themselves with whomever will advance their cause, until they’ve served their purpose, then they turn on them as well, and the cycle repeats.

        Are we talking about muslims? Because it sounds like we’re talking about women.
        [The awkward moment when I realize America is the world’s Beta provider]

    3. That’s entirely correct. They were stopped at the gates of Vienna at one point. Unfortunately Christians couldn’t get their shit together and stop them at Constantinople.
      Let them sort out their own shit.

        1. Indeed. A sad chapter in European history. In defense of the Latin Christians though the Orthodox Greeks had massive rebellions only years before where many Catholics were killed. All of this happened because of rumors that the Patriarch of Constantinople was having talks with the Patriarch of Rome (aka the pope) of ending the great schism in favor of Rome. All of this, in return, was a result of the Greeks fighting a losing war against the Turks and other Muslims in the eastern Mediterranean. All in all it was a “cluster fuck” of unfortunate events where Europe failed to unite at the face of a real danger. That failure has haunted the Balkans ever since.

        2. Amazing to think how a deal between them would have changed world history!
          But hard to see how that could have happened after Orthodox and Catholic already had centuries of conflict between them.

      1. The “Turks” were stopped at Vienna. Very important distinction.
        And “Christians” have never had their shit together.

        1. I’m beginning to respect you.
          One definition of Christianity that I love is this: Ambiguity Etched in Stone.
          The greatness and weakness rolled into one.

    4. Who cares? I’ve been muslim countries. These people are literally animals. You have no reason to be afraid. Once their is economic comllapse because they are a welfare burden. The praetorian class can’t protect them and the UN and all other global organisations realise they fractured society more than bought it together your bellies will go hungry. Then you will no longer care what weapon you use. That and feminist culture is indoctrinating the Muslims too in Sweden.and ask yourself what society is more likely to fall into ROKs hands the one that offers solutions or the Muslim or feminist ones.

    5. The American government is following a policy of destabilization against an enemy that, if left to its own devices and allowed to grow powerful, may actually become a very real threat to the rest of the world – Europe in particular.
      The Middle East has been trying to conquer Europe since Islam first emerged. It’s a backwater right now, but that doesn’t mean it will be forever, and its priorities haven’t changed much in the last half century.
      Those who’d prefer to see the number of Muslims raping and pillaging their way across Europe kept to a minimum would do well to keep in mind that it’s far easier to keep a people destabilized while it’s weak than to try to do the same once you’ve left it alone long enough to “sort itself out”.
      In the interest of not fighting World War III, America’s keeping the Muslims fighting amongst themselves instead, with minimal bloodshed on the American / European side of things. Seems like prudent policy to me…

      1. How is it that we didn’t need to keep them destabilized prior to the mid/late 1940’s and yet, here we are, un-ravaged?

        1. General Blackjack Pershing stopped jihad against the west for generations with 2 pigs. He rounded up terrorists, shot all but one with bullets dipped in pigs blood, buried with pig parts and let the last one go to tell others. Pigs keep muslims from getting 72 virgins.

      2. Horseshit. Arabs Turks and Pakis have been migrating into Europe under the Umbrella of the USAF. See Wesley Clark bombing white Orthodox Christian Serbia on behalf of a radicalized Bosnian Muslim population. Fucking yank twat.

    6. Israelites are not muslims. They are mostly jews who represent the west in the middle east.

      1. I am fully aware that Israelites are not Muslims and that they are Jews. FYI Jews represent themselves. They most certainly do not represent the west.

  3. Sure…another war? No way….let them finally do a royal rumble and sort it out…
    “You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.” – Leon Trotsky? Or someone else probably misquoted…..
    We will be back again. The British learned this the hard way in the 19th and 20th centuries.

    1. If the US hadn’t intervened in the first place their wouldn’t be an ISIS right now.

        1. We now know why Saddam was such a bastard to his own people. He had to be. Muslims are violent and cray.

        2. with Uday Hussein probably in charge…..who is just as bad as ISIS is. The children of Saddam Hussein were nuts. Our precarious situation where we are wringing our hands wondering when we will be back in Iraq will be no different. So again, Captain Hindsight is not a sound strategy.

        3. Kinda interesting scenario. What money could be raised from oil revenues would have been directed toward the less well off there. The Pseudo-fascist Saddam state was preferable to this sort of revived Caliphate. The Caliphate is a very nasty episode for Europeans. If the Muslims occupying Paris and London are not checked soon and chucked out there will be a New Al Andalus and London based Tower Haramlettes and a B’Riad’fouad in Yorkshire. Attacking this Neo-Caliphate is a dicey proposition.

        4. Spare me. It’s been proven time and time again that intervention leads to more intervention. I knew it wasn’t going to lead anywhere good (it doesn’t take a genius to figure it out). So no. It’s not hindsight. You might want to consult George Washington about that.

        5. Don’t tell me you’re one of those naive CNN watchers who really thinks a modern western styled democracy [sic] can be built in a country like Iraq? Saddam was the best thing that could happen to that shit hole. Why? His brutality kept all the warring factions in check. Without him we end up with a civil war which ultimately leads to even more casualties.
          Even if that weren’t the case. It’s not in our best interest, nor is it constitutional for us to go around and play colonial world-police. What happens in Iraq is none of our fucking business, frankly. If they dare to pull some 9/11 shit on us we have a nuclear arsenal that we shouldn’t be afraid to use. Make it perfectly clear that we will make their homes uninhabitable for the next 20,000 years if they attack us again.
          Fact is – they would be busy fighting their petty religious wars for the next century if we just left them alone instead of constantly disturbing the balance of power. Maybe they will eventually get some peace down there. Maybe not. Let them have their 30-year-war. It’s none of our business.

        6. I am sure Neville Chamberlain and Marshall Petain said the same thing. Intervention leads to more intervention. And George Washington warned about entangling in alliances, not “Intervention leads to more intervention”.
          So spare us your narcissistic hindsight.

        7. No. I am not your false narrative you speak of. And Saddam was not the best thing that happened to that shithole. He annexed a country in 1990.
          Apparently people aren’t old enough to remember.
          Whether we like it or not we will be back. If its not us it will be the Russians. If not them, the Chinese. Any other intervention by any of those guys will drag the West in because its not in our best interests to have them in full influence.

        8. Oh yeah, because our influence has been so successful in the middle east, right?
          All of our middle-east policies have come back to bite us in the ass. This next intervention won’t be any different.
          If China or Russia wants the headache – let them have it. God knows that the Soviet Union tried. Hell, even they were smart enough to pull out eventually.
          Nobody will be in “full influence” of the middle east, that’s what you don’t get. They have their own Muslim thing going on and they will stick with it. We’ve tried installing puppets everywhere and they always stab us in the back when it’s convenient. They don’t give a shit about westerners, chinks or other non-Muslims.

        9. Um…yes there will be countries with full influence of the middle east. The Ottoman Turks had full influence. Muslim but not Arab. The British had about 90% influence from the end of WWI to the end of WWII.
          Its not just the “Muslim” thing.

        10. Are you fucking kidding me? The Turks had to have garrisons all over the place to keep a lid on the Arabs. Even so they couldn’t contain it. Every chance the Arabs got they rebelled. Like you said, the Turks were Muslim and even they were struggling. Shia-Sunni thing came to play real hard after the Ottomans lost the grip.
          Do you want to put American garrisons all over the middle east? Are we going to borrow more Chinese money so that we can afford it?
          Again. The Brits controlled the region through military power but still had issues.
          History has shown that they WILL rebel when given the chance. I don’t blame them. I wouldn’t want foreigners ruling my country either.
          You sound like all of your history lessons come from Fox news. Pick up a book.

        11. Both Petain and Chamberlain understood the consequences of war. Indeed, Chamberlain understood that it would bury Europe. It’s a shame that his instincts were not followed for a couple of extra years. The Germans and Soviets were on a collision course. Why get in the way?

        12. No i am not fucking kidding you. History has this thing of repeating itself. It funny you are assuming I want to go there instead of actually reading what i said:
          “We will have no choice in the matter”
          Learn some reading comprehension instead of whining about fox news.

        13. But their actions led to war. Trying to prevent war by appeasement lead to WWII. Yes they were scarred by what happened in WWI but recognizing a show of force was necessary could have prevented such.
          The delay in 1938 through the Phony War allowed the Nazi’s to build up their Armed Forces. And if WWII consisted of a German vs Nazi fight the winner would have ruled the world.

        14. That’s the history channel version but of course the truth is a lot more complicated.
          Did Chamberlain’s actions lead to war? Did Britain have to declare war over Poland?
          Germany had already built up its military prior to 1938 and world war was always a losing proposition for a country with limited access to natural resources.

        15. Germany in 1938 was not as powerful as Germany in 1940. Yes England and France were also in dire straits. Appeasement was not the answer, however.

        16. Chamberlain should have been encouraging the march East. Instead of being tricked into declaring war over Danzig in 1939. Poland wasn’t worth the bones of a single dead Grenadier Guard.

        17. History has this thing of repeating itself because we refuse to learn from it.

        18. The Brits were smart and seemed to put most of their effort into controlling areas of strategic interest while turning over other areas to proxies or even just letting the local rulers stay in power. The British had a direct interest in keeping the ports of Aden or Kuwait open, but they were just fine using a proxy like Faisal to rule over inland areas like Iraq.
          Whether in India, the Middle East, or China, the British had a much better grasp of foreign policy than Americans ever have.

        19. I’m referring to the debates prior to the initial invasion when precisely this scenario was mooted.

        20. I don’t see why Chamberlain wanted to stand athwart the Panzers and the NKVD. Over Danzig no less.

  4. Quick deploy the GBLT Infantry and the Spec Ops Towson Debate team! Eric Holder can jump in and sue the Sunnis for Discrimnashun against the Shiites. If his parachute opens.

  5. “My imaginary best friend is better than yours!”
    “No, mine is the one true best friend!”
    “No, he’s not. Die infidel scum!”
    Look, you can’t reason with people who believe in fairy tales. Get the hell out and let them blow each other up, because if they stop fighting they just might unite and blow us up. They’re not worth spilling my brother’s blood over.

  6. In 1991,I stood on top of a tank in Iraq and swore I’d never go back .I suffer from extreme muscle/joint pain and even have a letter from the US government saying that my unit was hit by chemical gasses in ’91.I’m convinced that these people fight because Islam forbids drinking or picking up women, so these people have nothing better to do, not to mention the general extremely high unemployment in that region. I’m so tired of these people’s refusal to stop fighting each other over silly differences in their religions. Fuck ’em all, let ’em fight each other, and get let’s our energy somewhere else…

    1. I remember telling people in 2003 that we’d have to fight for all eternity and instead should just pull out. What did I get? The usual chicken hawk bullshit from idiots. Shit like: “You’re a terrorist sympathizer! Blame American first! Defeatist!” These mindless idiots just repeat the BS propaganda they swallowed on the idiot box. Hell, I STILL hear some of that horseshit even now. Only the dumbest of the dumb still hold onto this interventionist BS.

  7. Best thing is to leave the region alone and let the Sunnis and Shiites kill each other and wipe themselves off the map.
    On a side note, someone remarked to me that America is like the chick who always goes back to the bad boy hoping to reform him through intervention. Well, we all know how that turns out ultimately.

    1. Agreed. I’d go one better. Make a quick buck selling both sides as many weapons as they need to guarantee a bloodbath. War is evil, but profit, eh, not so much.

  8. “When they fought against President Assad in Syria, they were actually in line with Western interests.”
    When was Baby Assad an active threat to anybody but his own people? The hell with all these dickheads. Syria my ass. There is no right side in any of these conflicts.
    Last I heard, white males invented homophobia, carbon compounds, religion, misogyny, carnivorism, cisgenderism, slavery, and war, and imposed them all by force on the peace loving rainbow vegans of the Third World. Who invented like Science or something. If we just leave these maniacs alone, they’ll be building super fabulous carbon neutral starships in no time and visualizing world peace.

      1. HAHa That’s the first thing that popped in my head when I started reading that quote. I actually say it to people that way and get the funniest looks.

  9. From Canada, Seriously, why won’t Obama buy more of OUR oil??
    Geez, Approve the damned Keystone pipeline and cut back on imports from the middle east.
    The whole thing there is about oil and the tensions with the various factions is who is going to get to control the oil and the money,
    Up here, were begging you to take the damn stuff!!!

    1. Because if America buys oil from Canada, we’re not buying oil in the Middle East, means we aren’t worried about stability in the Middle East, means the Israeli Lobby isn’t getting its money’s worth out of the many, many US politicians in its pocket.

      1. I thought the Israel lobby was trying to petition the West to curb their dependence in Middle East Oil?no oil means no money which means no weapons.

        1. I could see that rational. But if America is self-sufficient, we become harder to influence. If we’re constantly at war, we need to borrow money while losing an entire generation of warriors. Keeping us involved there is definitely to there benefit. Besides,its not as though Arabs spend that money wisely…#solidgoldtoilet

    2. Canada already is your biggest seller. We’ve been dumping heavy crude on your markets so you won’t go get it somewhere cheaper like Venezuela.

    3. If middle eastern oil supply were cut off due to a religious war then China would go to you guys to buy oil. That would raise prices here in the US. That is why the US is fighting to keep the middle eastern oil supply flowing.

  10. if it came to war id join fucking kill some sand nigs and then fuck their daughters crusade

    1. …no, you’d spend the better part of a year alternating between sleeping in your plywood lean-to or walking to the PX again for some (more) beef-jerky…and trying not to die of heat stroke.

        1. …hahaaaa, not me dude, I got more time outside the wire than most of the indig and more “trigger” time than Roy Rogers….kidding aside, I was lucky enough to be on the ops side but I know the odds are for anyone coming in is a desk, a fat ass, and a frequent buyers card at the Green Bean or whatever that god-awful place is called…

  11. If the people who actually own America tell us to go back in, we’ll go back in.
    That’s what happens when you sell your national sovereignty to the Jews for a crate of shiny glass beads and a couple bottles of strong whiskey.

    1. jews … blah blah blah …
      I’m starting to be fairly convinced that these anti semitic comments are mostly feminist trolls that want to make ROK and the manosphere look bad.

      1. No, it goes back ages. All the way back to Rome. They hated the Jews too. Even further back than Rome. Jews even hate themselves.

  12. Sorry but this is a naive outlook on what is panning out currently in the Mid East. I’m from a neighbouring country (the secular and the quasi-democratic one) and what can be seen from here is that the ISIS thing is a win-win for Uncle Sam.
    Of course by Uncle Sam I do not mean the American public, taxpayers, average Joe etc but the very visage of corporate America.
    Maliki the Shia approaches Iran, tries to milk mullah tits while Tayyip the Ottoman overestimates his power and wields his psychopath sword against Assad without consulting Uncle Sam. Then ISIS ragdolls emerge, they teach both renegades a lesson – Maliki learns that the Iraqi army and his sovereignity are nothing but a joke, Tayyip tastes humiliation, one more time (his consul general and diplomats taken hostage by the jihadis), leftie Kurds also are forced to get it right, the US may want a Kurdistan but the PKK or Rojawa guys are out of question when it comes to agency and Barzani will not be sharing the oil profits with them. And goat-raping AQ (or ISIS, same crap) made TERRITORIAL GAINS for the first time in their history. Genius move. The US only had to “open the gates” and watch the cabaret.

    1. You assume a subtlety of perception that is unfortunately lacking here, Badlands. 90% of ROK readers only respond to “what a dumb bitch” (funny) or “the international conspiracy of Jews did it” (less funny). However, to your point, at least one of them: I think the PKK is going to basically fold and become a quasi-acceptable minority party in Turkey, and Iraqi Kurdistan is going to be a reality. They dont need Barzani to approve shit, they hold Kirkuk.
      IMO, we should pretty much let ISIS and Iran slaughter each other freely. It’s a win-win on the order of Germany and the USSR bloodletting before we got our hands dirty.

      1. Thank you
        for your compliment. Yes, the emotionalism-fuelled paranoia clouds reason here
        at times. PKK’s fanbase already became big and they are the sole reps of the
        Kurdish minority in TR. But they are not playing it right – they shake hands
        with Tayyip for short term gains -, a most unscrupulous and deluded guy who bites the hand
        that feeds him (the US). And Turks
        will always have the upper hand when it comes to courting the West (vaster
        market, more stupid people, deep rooted ambition to become “Little America”)
        Will they slaughter each other, Senor Matillo? Is ISIS really a force to be reckoned
        with you think?

  13. Excellent article.
    As a reactionary, what goes on in other countries is… none of my business.

  14. Tribes in that region have been fighting for a thousand years. Today is no different.
    Actually, Dick Cheney went on tv some weeks ago, warning of the danger of a nuclear detonation in us soil. If the IS takes control of Iraq and Afghanistan falls (again), we may haver another 9-11 if the Republicans win in 2016.

    1. Strictly speaking the Romans actually introduced a civitas. Actual civilization. The Arab Muslims wrecked that shit pronto and re-trivialized and re-tribalized the area. Scumbag bastards.

    2. concilium coetusque hominum jure sociati.
      Of course the goddamn desert pirates trashed it all.

    3. that’s all a fear mongering campaign to get more tax dollars allocated to ‘security’ and controlling gen pop……
      the IRA were a vicious and brutal terrorist organization, but like all terrorists, they knew they limits of their boundaries… if they kick the big giant too hard, he stamps on them….

  15. If you aren’t planning on conquering or exterminating a population, you have no business going to war with them.

  16. …brother-man, brother man. Thanks for putting it on paper, I did 3 pumps to this vacation spot and I completely agree. No American should have to fly half-way around the world to see what the business-end of a power drill does to a kneecap.
    As for the oil, who’s kidding who; the US imports oil primarily from Canada and just turned up the heat on domestic production. There ain’t shit we need it that time zone, let it burn.

    1. We buy oil from Canada, but other countries buy it from the Middle East. Countries like China. If the flow of middle eastern oil were to stop China would go to Canada and for oil. This would put a high demand on the finite amount of oil that Canada can pull out of the ground and raise prices for gas here in the US.
      The oil market is a global market so even though we don’t get our oil directly from the middle east a disturbance in oil there will still cause a rise in gas prices in the US.

      1. True, true …unless we start producing our own. That would leave China as the only party with an interest in ironing out the ME.

  17. Money and oil. That’s all this is and ever was. The Middle East has been fought over for forever and will be until humans perish. Everyone leave it alone to its never ending chaos.

    1. the Muslims are about 400 years behind the Christians in the development of their religion…. so what looks barbaric to us is no different to what was happening in Europe a few hundred years ago……
      AND… the drug cartels in Mexico are arguably far more vicious and brutal…. all that could be solved with the stroke of a pen legalizing cocaine…. it’s not really any worse than alcohol….
      the only difference is that snorting powder up your nose is not quite as jolly as pouring out glasses of jack and vodka… although plenty of people are getting through a couple of bottles a day and killing themselves.

      1. I agree with completely. Let people put whatever drug in their body they want. Let them enjoy it or suffer the consequences.
        With the Middle East it doesn’t matter who’s in control their has always been conflict and war. You can compare that to the cartels and gang culture here. Its the same. The only difference is the size of the “turf”. I was just stating its better to leave the Middle East alone.

  18. brilliant article…. worthy of the New York Times…. (that will be the day).

  19. The Middle East seems to be experiencing the same problems Europe faced after the reformation. The religions are remarkably similar and when placed on a timeline say 1400-1500 years after their creation they both experience serious sectarian conflict.

      1. I bow to your superior wisdom. Please enlighten me great one for I have been away from the light for too long.

        1. The divisions between Shiite and Sunni are not the same as the organizational and doctrinal differences between Luther and Rome. Also Protestantism is racially connected to Germanic v Latin and their differing folkways. Then you have the bloody Orthodox Church.

        2. No the divisions aren’t the same but they stem from the same source: Who should hold power in a religious community. Religion isn’t necessarily the only source of conflict and the conflict may not equate entirely with the European Wars of Religion but coincidences in history are always worth noting.

        3. You need to stop leveling out the quality of the religions. Islam is a warrior religion. Take with your right hand ! Christianity is a highly contentious theological synthesis of classical philosophy, eschatology, pagan custom and Jewish (let’s say Hebrew) ethical disputation from pre Talmudic era. It’s a peaceful proselytism. Islam is a nasty little war machine designed to retribalize civil society.

  20. While I don’t want any more direct intervention in the region, ISIS is a very aggressive branch of the terrorism tree that has ambitions of performing missions on US soil. Even AQI is not trusting of them. Unlike Saddam or the Taliban, ISIS will need to be dealt with in some manner as they have already stated their intentions to turn west. Ideally having them squeezed in the region by making diplomatic ties to Syria, Iran, and whatever key players emerge in Iraq would be the best solution but not one we would likely pursue as the politically fallout for aligning ourselves with them would be too severe to idiot voters. More than likely, this group will be around for decades undermining the stability of the region. On another note, the Kurds are a very pro-Western group that would be a stabilizing player in the region and would certainly curb the advancement of ISIS. Here’s to hoping for a Kurdistan state.

    1. So, this will scare the little ladies?
      Hope so. Let it.
      Men deny the use of their bodies to help make the little ladies feel more secure.
      That’s the only way to effect change in Western feminist culture, which by the way is THE culture we live in.

  21. Everyone who voted to re-elect Cheney-W in 2004 should be disenfranchised. Period. If you were too stupid to see that “Operation Iraqi Freedom” was a scam by that point, then you are too stupid to participate in the electoral process.
    Not that we would have been better off with Kerry or anyone else, but it’s just the principal of not re-hiring the exact same group of people who cheerled us into that idiotic quagmire.

    1. Everyone that voted for Obama and his offer to protect gullible women from the “War on Women” should be disenfranchised. And, there, it’s done. Nobody can vote and we are not longer a democracy.
      Is that what you want?
      A better approach is to not participate in things like the military.

    2. It’s pretty sad to realize that the same group of people (or corporations) were ‘voted’ into power. The only real differences between the two groups are the little stupid things that keep the masses separated (divide and conquer).
      The U.S. (and its citizens) will be better off once we all realize that nothing is really ‘changing’. Right wing or left wing, charge it or spend like crazy, neither group reduces the size of government……both groups answer to the people in power – corporations and money.
      The citizens are the ones getting screwed.

  22. Actually, if you are interested in crashing the U.S. Dollar as fast as possible, then you should absolutely support more deficit spending, and war is an effective way to create deficit spending.

  23. After years of fighting them I finally understand the Muslim. He rejects western style democracy, law, culture, economic policy, and social norms. He despises feminism and believes that in the divine order women are servants of men and that war is God’s highest calling. Yet, he is brown. And in the liberal, progressive, mindset brown = victim and victim= good guy. Therefore they have a tremendous amount of cognitive dissonance when faced with the reality of Islamic culture. They first try to deny away by insisting that a peaceful religion has been “hijacked” – right. Then they make excuses about poverty, literacy, education, etc.
    What they simply cannot internalize is highly educated people openly rejecting their philosophy in favor of militancy, religious fundamentalism, nationalism, and patriarchy – especially if those people are perceived as “brown.” Your never going to hear Barack Obama tell the Muslims that they should “stop clinging to their guns and religion.”

    1. It’s also because Islam is a false religion, unlike traditional Christianity, and like progressivism itself. Brown people + false religion = progressive wet-dream.

    2. A very astute observation. You’re entirely correct. The whole paradigm falls apart. The problem is that they have a whole hierarchy of victims. The more of those boxes that you check, the more of a victim you are.
      For victim benefits analysis, please check all boxes that apply
      Black, Muslim, transsexual, homosexual, woman etc.
      if you are white, straight and male, please leave.

    3. You’d do more good in the world fighting Zionists dude. Unless you’re Jewish there’s a screw loose somewhere.

    4. As a Christian I have a much better time “praying for my enemies” when they are Muslim than when they are Western nihilists. I respect extremist Muslims even though they are my enemy. In addition, killing a Western nihilist would come with less regrets, since they view themselves as worthless human animals and hate themselves and humanity anyway.

  24. How many jews are in the U.S. military, or in any of the U.S. or coalition armed forces?

    1. Wesley Clark was ancestral Jewish. He bombed orthodox Serbia to enable the first Islamic state in Europe (exclude Istanbul for a moment, turkey is mainly Asia).
      There are a large number of Jewish contractors. The head of either Boeing or McDonnell-Douglas is a Jewish woman. Contracting is where the money really is, and the power.

  25. These Sunni fighters are moving readily into power vacuums inhabited mostly by other Sunnis. They could take over Sunni parts of Syria but not the coast and the cities(the good parts of the country). They were able to quickly move into Sunni areas of Iraq, but not so much into other regions.
    What we’re more likely to see here is the politically imaginary Iraq, carved from a former Ottoman province by the British divide into Sunni, Shia, and Kurdish regions.
    Baghdad has too large of a shiite population to easily fall to the Sunni troops, not to mention the US and Iran have a common interest in preventing its fall.
    Iran will welcome these developments as it will open the way for them to continue to grow their influence in Shiite Iraq, which is the Holy Land of Shiism with its cities of Najaf and Karbala.

  26. ISIS Sham. That says it all right there (Isis was an Egyptian Goddess).
    The perps love to leave clues. 9/11, 911 days between 9/11 and 3/11 (Madrid), the Illuminati eye symbol flaunting, the great seal of the dollar bill.
    “ISIS” is a CIA creation just like Al-Qaeda. The conflict is manufactured.
    Get a clue Douglas!

    1. Bin Laden supposedly buried on *May Day* when the dude was already dead of renal failure…

  27. So what happens next time Jihadis pull off a terrorist attack? They come from the new Caliphate. There are already Jihadis with American passports that have thrown their lot in with ISIS and are vowing terrorist attacks in the US.
    Fortress/Isolationist America will not work.

    1. So what? Why the fuck should any man on this site care if Jihadists conduct terrorists attacks?
      If the feminists want us to protect them, they have to go the fuck away. The feminist state has to go away. Civil society and normalcy has to return.
      If that happens, then I think most of us will raise the sword and kill the ragheaded mother fuckers. But, if that doesn’t happen, let the feminists conduct their own war.

  28. Soldiers are beta, men willing to die for a country that openly spits in their face and tells them men ain’t shit.

    1. I did go in the service to get over my beta tendencies. I admit that. But many men there were definitely not beta males by any definition, except your odd definition.

      1. Then you went to the wrong place. Dying for a country that spits in your face but gives the lip service of loving veterans while shutting down hospitals for vets and denying them medical care while the illegals pour in and get top of the line free medicial care is as beta as it gets. This is about the same as the man who has oneitis and cannot get over that girl who spit in his face and dissed him and demeaned but says I love every now and then to keep the scam running. The only alphas in the army are the ones at the top in the white house, because you do all the dying while they make all the decisions that really count. An alpha will never follow other men blindlessly or take any order from some jackass on roid shouting drop and give me twenty.
        Real alphas rebel in this type of environment and military drilling is designed to weed out strong minded alpha males and weak bodied individuals, in that order. The modern school system was invented in Prussia when the commanders in the army noted the problem of young men who refused to follow orders (as men were more alpha back then) It is no surprise the school system is designed to pussy whip men and make them beta for the military service and this is why schools is a hot bed of gays and feminism as this was its purpose to soften men into pussies. As pussies take orders, men give them. If you have too many chiefs and not enough indians, you cannot form a modern state. Because Chiefs are only powerful if they have lots of indians to take orders and do all the dying.
        A man can be brave but jumping into the gun fire is brave but doing it because your country lied to you or to go fight the war for some banker is just stupid. If the war was so important, why didn’t bush send his daughters to suit up and fight or rumsfeld send his son to go fight. You been duped. Any man who joins the police force or the military is just keeping the system that hates them alive. We all know once the police force and army because 80% female it will cease to be efficient and be filled with corruption and in fighting.

        1. Which is why I got out. Doesn’t change the fact that the military, fatherhood, Christianity, and living in the country all helped me turn around from the crap they taught us in public school about never judging and ignoring what people look like. I won’t be recommending the military to my kids, that’s for sure.

    2. some do it for college money that they couldn’t get any other way, while their taxes pay for a hurp derp affirmative action students full ride.

    3. That’s the most retarded shit I’ve ever heard. Those soldiers obviously don’t know any better. I guarantee you, those guys aren’t beta going into an environment where their life is on the line. I’m not a veteran but I have worked dangerous jobs before so I feel for them when their stress levels are 100 times worse.
      As much as I enjoy this site, most of the “alpha males” behind the computer screen here would curl up into the fetal position and convert to Islam immediately if they were forced to go over there.

      1. Why don’t they know better? Because they have been brainwashed and chemically attacked into being beta made bitch men. A beta is a stupid blind worker bee, who will blindly follow what his commanders tell him to do, UNDERSTAND? An alpha would not making it pass the training phase because the military training is designed to weed out “problem” recruits, which is code for alphas, one with their own mind who will form their own opinions.
        Converting to Islam and becoming an Imam, in the event of an Al Qaeda takeover isn’t the worst thing. Because then you’d have hundreds of followers under your control. I believe the Iman with 10000 followers is much more alpha than the soldier who is taking orders from some dyke naval bitch.

        1. Then go to ISIS. Hopefully you’re alpha enough when you’re crying before they cut off your head loser

  29. ISIS and any other flare ups (or worse) that supposedly require the US military presents an opportunity.
    I have been advocating (and some others I have seen in the comment sections) that men should NOT join the military. A man choosing to serve in the military was once an honorable endeavor, full of male integrity and selflessness in service of his country. It no longer is.
    The US military, as well as the militarized police inside the US, are a political extension of the feminist state. Of course, it serves the interests of those that stand to profit from the military. But, that has always been the case; while it was also once the case that the military served higher interests of the nation as a whole. Now, it serves to enforce – through intimidation or direct force – the goals of the feminist state.
    Any man that serves in the military is either severely misinformed, willfully ignorant, or a fool. He will not earn his stripes as a man. He will not earn the respect of his country. He will come home to a society that hates and punishes the very male attributes that were used by the military to extend the reach of the feminist state. He cannot safely even have a family, as the feminist state will eagerly seek to ruin his marriage and take his children from him. That, in our twisted society, is considered progress. Want to come home to that after risking your life and limb fighting rabidly angry and fanatic Muslims of either sect?
    Contrary to the mythology propagated by the mainstream media, the military cannot function without men. Thus, the opportunity here is for men to refuse to contribute there bodies, their lives, and their male strength to the military. That is not to punish the military itself, but to punish the politicians that have created a society that is unfit for men.
    So, let the military shrink and whither away. When it gets too weak, and as the world becomes more chaotic, more scary for women (with real rape culture), and full of threats to our “way of life,” well, that “way of life” as it exists today will have to change. For society to benefit from the service of men in something as selfless as military service, society needs to benefit those very same men.
    This is how events should unfold: A US that gets weaker by the day because men withdraw from things like military service. Want to have hope for change? That is how to make it will happen. As long as you stay in service to yourself, and not to society and especially not to the military, the realities of the world will make it so.

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