We Must Not Deny The Importance Of Fatherhood

Some years back, a South African game reserve was faced with a problem: they could no longer support all the elephants on the reserve. As such, they decided to move some of the elephants to another reserve. Given the enormous size of elephants, only helicopters could safely transport them. Since adult male elephants are much heavier than females, the reserve decided to only transport female adult elephants and young males to another reserve.


After a few weeks at the new reserve, the rangers started to find the bodies of rhinoceros’ violently gored to death. The rangers couldn’t suspect poachers, as their tusks were intact. So, they found out it was the juvenile male elephants who had killed the rhinos. Further, it wasn’t just the rhinos who had been stomped on and gored to death, as other animals on the reserve had been attacked by the young male elephants. This sort of behavior bewildered the rangers, as such violent behavior is unheard among male elephants.

The rangers realized that the problem was the lack of adult male elephants. They decided to find a way to helicopter adult male elephants to the reserve. Within weeks, the young males had stopped goring other animals and began to comport themselves as male elephants generally do.

While man is not a wild animal like elephants are, we both share a sacred duty to our younger kin. We both shoulder the duty and privilege of shepherding young males into the seriousness of adulthood. For human males, the ritual of ushering young boys into confident, masculine men is one of sublime gravity. Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan observed as such back in the 1960’s:

From the wild Irish slums of the 19th Century Eastern Seaboard to the riot-torn suburbs of Los Angeles, there is one unmistakable lesson in American history: A community that allows a large number of young men to grow up in broken homes, dominated by women, never acquiring any stable relationship to male authority, never acquiring any rational expectations for the future – that community asks for and gets chaos.

On the grossest consequences of feminism and the concomitant collapse of the family is the devaluation of fatherhood. Feminism fosters and encourages “independence” from men in women. To be a single mother is a badge of pride, a social sign that you don’t want or need provisioning—of any kind—from a man. In order to make this socially tenable, the concept of fatherhood must be ruthlessly devalued in order for women to make believe their male-free families are meeting the needs of their children.

raising boys without men

Media and academia aid this devaluation in many ways.  Books like Peggy Drexler’s Raising Boys Without Men and Lenore Weitzman’s The Divorce Revolution strive to convince women that men simply are not necessary for a functioning family. It needn’t be argued that Women’s Studies and the constellation of Critical Studies programs in academia have greatly aided in dismantling fatherhood. The swarming mass of media targeted at women serve to allay any concerns that women might entertain about being a single mother or tossing out her husband out onto the curb.

While this approach is loved by society—scads of single mothers who exist purely to spend men’s money on products branded by capitalism—the effects are deleterious. Study after study finds a clear and direct correlation between fatherlessness and violence, sloth and depression in young males. Sites like ROK have to spend all sorts of time guiding, aiding and counselling young men who have no father or grew up with a weak or distant one. We see the malaise in real time, with movements like MGTOW, PUA’s, MRA’s, and even sites like 4chan give voice to the angry and conflicted souls of modern men.

A common sentiment that threads all these disparate movements together is the poverty of the modern man’s soul.  Unable to properly value themselves or find solid footing in life, young men find themselves adrift in society, coping with porn, video games, drugs and—most unfortunately—violence. They stew endlessly in their own juices, much like a middle-aged English teacher who fiddles with a couple novel manuscripts when he’s had too much cheap bourbon. Unable to reasonably appreciate their place in their own life and society, they simply pass from experience to experience, none the wiser from it all nor any happier.

The bulwark against this listless melancholy is fatherhood. When fathers are present and strong, they combine both the firm hand of experienced maturity with the soft touch of love that allows boys to grow into strong, self-assured men. They place demands on their young from a place of paternal love in order for them to have clear, level-headed views on life and their place in it. They are there when the winds of cruel fate batter mercilessly on the souls of their young boys; they are there when their sons achieve their wildest dreams.

Fatherhood isn’t just a necessity for raising healthy boys, it is a necessity to prevent social destruction. One need only take a cursory glance at black America to realize the structural problems that inhere when men are not present as fathers. The violence, laziness and general indifference of the stereotypical black man speaks mostly to the collapse of black men as fathers. Unable to transmit masculine values to their sons, boys grow up dominated by their mothers and their adulthood reflects this. You get men obsessed with shoes, fashion and unable to mediate their own testosterone-fueled aggression. They grow up to be men with no grounded sense of masculinity.


Some years back, I heard some news about a friend from my youth. He grew up in the shadow a sulky, working class mother. His father was a garden-variety felon with a strong like for cheap booze and loose bar skanks. His mother moved on from unstable loser to stable douchebag without a care for his needs. Despite her constant proclamations of love and devotion to her son, it was a cloying and superficial display that betrayed her ambivalence about her son. He was a smart, capable and handsome young man, but he had no stable sense of self or masculinity. Marijuana and whiskey were his choices as an adult to cope with the depressing reality of his life.

I got a call not more than a couple years ago and a friend told me that he had cashed in all his chips with a .38. I remember sitting back, remembering playing Twisted Metal with him and listening to crappy Top 40 radio in junior high. I remember trading tall tales about where we would go in life after we stole a six-pack of Mike’s Hard Lemonade as sophomores. I remember graduating high school, the world before us, a world that was fit to be conquered by us.

I also remember hearing that he had taken his own life a few years later. His relationship with his mother was one of conflicted frustration, but what I remember most was his distressed relationship with his father. Being a man with an involved father, I couldn’t understand the foreign look in his eyes when he spoke of his father. Some boys are called before their time to shoulder burdens that should be carried by adults. He had to learn to be a man with no man to teach him.

I can’t help but wonder what his life would have been like had his mother and father ditched their ego’s and put their children first? What if he knew he could call his father at any hour of the night, knowing his father is always there to help him navigate the confusing tides of life? I don’t doubt for a second that he would be alive and well today if that was the case.  Given his talent and smarts, I have no doubt at all that he would be a successful young man with a bright future ahead of him.

Yet, that is not the case. He lived in a society that tolerated and openly embraced men absconding from fatherhood, a society that revolves around what women want from men. If that is money, then she gets a child support order; if that is to be celebrated for having some random seed vacuumed from inside her, then break out the champagne. He lived in a society that devalued the positive value men bring to the table as devoted fathers.

He was simply one man, who is interred in a lonely cemetery in town nobody has heard of, but his story is emblematic of so many men. Listless with no substantive demands made of them by caring fathers, modern men are a rudderless rendition of their grandfathers. His fatal decision is an aberration for most men, but his personal disquiet is mirrored in the souls of far too many men in America.

Fatherhood isn’t a concept to be taken lightly in any sense of the word. Fatherhood is the capstone of masculinity in a healthy society. The deleterious consequences that result from the erosion of fatherhood cannot be understated. Fatherhood, simply, is the bedrock of society. Any society that openly embraces the rearing of youth without male influence is a society due for a serious reality check.

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241 thoughts on “We Must Not Deny The Importance Of Fatherhood”

  1. One only needs to look at the black culture to see the devastating effect single motherhood can have in a community. Thuggism, rampant hypergamy, drug/substance abuse, mental health issues and a predisposition to violence just to name a few. As a black man, it is painful to watch the damage that is caused by single motherhood and broken homes. It seems like white culture is going down the same direction. God help us all

    1. Thank the welfare state. Having a baby is now an 18 year income for most women. That is why society is collapsing. People keep stating that is if you take away the welfare, it will cause destruction in society.
      In reality, you take away the welfare, people will get off their asses and look for work and real housing, and can be used as an incentive and reminder to the public, not to have kids they cannot afford.

      1. I think if you took away poor black people from the U.S., the lives of the remaining people would get better in a lot of ways.
        I keep hoping that the black underclass will “go Galt” some day and show us how much we need it.

        1. roving death squads will do the trick….. i think subconsciously all the wars, fighting, fanatical poltics, nazis etc. are humans culling the herd…. they can’t just do it openly, so they invent excuses.

        2. The thing about the ‘survival of the fittest’ mentality is that its all fun and games until you are the next one on the execution platform

        3. Bingo. just exterminating people is NOT going to solve the problem. It will only create an enormous police state with totalitarian powers. Not smart.

        4. at the end of the day we’re all waiting to die…. the only problem is the mentality… i’m not frightened of dying… any time will do…. in the greater scheme of things we’re just microbes.

        5. we’ve already got that…. and i guarantee if you have a survivor TV show where only the winner survives…. people will be signing up in their droves….

        6. I keep hoping a plague will come around and take care of that population-culling business for us. Of course once a plague does the heavy lifting, it will be up to us to keep the drastically reduced population from growing.

        7. I guess the inbred “elites” and the rest of the assorted “self chosen” ones are the only ones that need to reproduce…Start thinking logically, overpopulation is not our problem and if we weren’t so selfish as a species this planet could sustain populations ten times greater without collapsing eco-systems but I guess oil and chemical profits and power and more important than the survival of the species so meh…

        8. The “inbred elites”, lol. That is so true. Cousins marry to each other so as to keep their families’ political secrets and connections within the family.
          Their children are born with down syndrome and infertility problems. They go bald at an early age and are prone to alcoholism and homosexualism.

        9. meh=the dumbest goddamned word in the english language
          everything else is right on the mark

        10. They killed horse thieves as part of an effort to oppress the general population. Stability and safety for the ruling class not the average man. This was not done for any high moral purpose.

        11. Also didn’t hurt that a horse was big fucking money back then. Think about a dude who has 200 miles per trip to work, and then about how he realistically would react if you took his means of livelihood from him.

        12. Nobody had a 200 mile commute in the Seventeenth Century although they do now. Do you think we should execute car thieves?

        13. It explains why successful civilizations tend toward k-selection.
          That’s probably why the globalists are pushing brown immigration from r-selected cultures.
          Through and through I think white western civilization is fucked. The chamber is getting full. They’ll lock the doors soon. Then the gas will fill the room.

    2. families need fathers sure, but in many cases the men are neither emotionally, financially or logistically able to cope, they are painfully aware of this fact so they quit while they can.
      women want babies but in many cases when those babies arrive they are ill equipped to cope themselves, much less hold down a relationship with the father.
      perhaps child raising should be passed over to a fortune 500 company with a couple of hedge fund managers at the reigns… i am sure you could put a team of people together to produce children better than these random families do.
      to me having a child is just a tedious burden, pointless, depressing, distracting, annoying…. problem is you walk away and you know you’ve let yourself down…. it’s basically a question of fucked if you do and fucked if you don’t.

      1. families need fathers sure, but in many cases the men are neither
        emotionally, financially or logistically able to cope, they are
        painfully aware of this fact so they quit while they can.

        And all women are emotionally, financially, and logistically able to cope with being a single mother? It doesn’t matter how bad a man may be, the kid is still better off with a man in the house who is at the very least dedicated to being a father. He could working at mcdonalds, and it’s STILL better for the kid.

        1. and Jeremy you’re gonna run the fat fryer for the benefit of a couple of grotty ankle bitters and a fat nagging wife, who spends every dime of your wages….. ?

        2. The principle still holds. Responsibility doesn’t vanish for the family situation just because one or both parents are lazy. You can argue, successfully, that sometimes it is better for the family as a whole to split up, but that changes nothing w.r.t. the risks to the kids future if the parents split up.
          Now, women should be held accountable for trying to start families with losers and irresponsible alphas who don’t give a shit about the kids. But likewise, we men cannot shift blame to women for committing to women who are f-ing worthless. Do not commit to a woman who is not a responsible human being.

        3. I think men naturally have a code.. Something along the lines of The Way of Men.
          Fathers regardless of being successful or not understand basic honor and code. They understand the burdens of responsibility and the necessity of humor to deal with life’s tragedies.
          Fathers are half the equation. I wouldn’t devalue the influence of a loving mother, why devalue the role of fathers? Makes no fucking sense.
          In my experience girls without fathers have no fcking clue how men think… How men relate to each other or how men relate to women. No idea of what matters to men at all.
          Boys without fathers have something to prove but they don’t even k is what…

        4. A man will die for his kids. Next to that, running a fat fryer and a few nags are easy.

        5. Kill or die englishbob…without hesitation. I never knew such love as I experienced when my children were born, & it’s consistent. Nothing else compares.

      2. The problem is women, the half of the population with no agency, have been given all the power in relationships. Return that power to men and society will heal in no time. Keep going the way we are… pass the popcorn.

    3. Study after study has shown that whether the father is dysfunctional, a public masturbator, a criminal, a saint or a CPA, boys do better in intact homes than they do in broken homes. That’s an intensely disturbing thought- even if you’re a real asshole as a father, on average your kid will still turn out better as long as you’re an asshole under the same roof as your kids. I’m sure there are obvious exceptions; yet the average holds weight.

      1. True. My father was a violent alcoholic and closet homosexual who would abuse my sisters but we all turned out ok. I’m a Construction Engineer/Semi Pro boxer and my sisters are both models

    4. It’s not just african american culture that is destroyed by single mommery. Any race or culture is fucked by fatherlessness. The state replaces the father and we know how well the state/govt is good at raising kids. Read Charles Murray’s latest book and it is all about welfare and fatherless whites in Appalachia. Similar dysfunction. I think single moms raising boys is damn near child abuse. I wonder what the chicks would say if there were an explosion of single dads raising girls. I think us fellas would be better single parents than single moms.

      1. Who knows if the unbalance we see happening today is not due to the millions of men lost in the beginning of last century’s great wars. Many fathers were lost, many more children were left to grow up without guidance, many women were driven to take men’s places and the balance was lost.
        Most of these problems we see are happening in aglo countries, those who lost most at that time.

        1. In other words war is bad for patriarchy. If the men sent off were married. I’d say only single men can serve and the survivors can raise healthy and happy children. Marriage should bar you from war.

        1. Precisely. Dadlessness is abuse. There is not a single human being on this planet who was not conceived out of a male, and every single child is ENTITLED to be bonded with their roots. There is a good reason the ancients gave children a ‘Sir”name. Because men are the carriers of legacy, of skill and protection. Women, on the other hand, have a different, incomplete and supportive act to play.

        2. after taking the red pill, or actually opening my eyes and using my brain, I have to agree. I can now clearly see the damage mothers do to their children, especially to young boys. I wouldn’t exactly call it child abuse, but still onthe long term has the same effects. I just feel like vomiting and end up shaking my head in discontent when I hear “success stories” of fatherless homes and all those fag adoption premises and all the bunch of women amd manginas applauding in Consent and calling it progress. I can also see within my own circles the damage that happens to children when the wife is in control of the household. It is saddening and sick. No father figure, boy grows up to be fearful, with a marshamallow body, weak willed, fat, and generally stupid and unable to achieve anythong in life. Add to it the overly emotional attachement and comfort that he dares call love. And that is without going to the tragic extreme.

      2. Historically, the children die quicker with single fathers rather than single mothers.

      3. I saw something a while back that stated that British sons of the state supported matriarchy had become so feral that close to 25% of them were unemployable; not unemployed, UNEMPLOYABLE! They lack the most basic job skills of actually showing up when & where they’re supposed to & following instructions. I believe most of these are Anglo…it has nothing to do with race. Lack of male leadership in the home on a broad scale will render these results in any society. The bleeding heart statist in America did more damage to the black family than the racist red-neck ever dreamed of. I grew up in Mississippi & am just old enough to remember segregation. In those days the black family was strong because their father’s were men who taught their children to deal with adversity.

        1. Yes your word FERAL is completely apt. A great documentary to check out is “The Wild Wonderful Whites of West Virginia”. Done by the JackAss crew no less. It is the saga of the notorious White family ( caucasians) who live in WV. Wolves lead more orderly and dignified lives than this White family. All on welfare. NO fathers anywhere. Single mommery + welfare = devastation.

        2. The UK is known as “dole land.”
          Nearly half of tthe population are on the dole.
          No jobs given to young men. Young men influenced by the actions of their dole spounging moms and deadbeat dads. Then the vicious cycle continues.
          The British elitists have destroyed all the opportunities for the middle class with their elitism and aristocracy.

        3. I’ve seen that listed on Netflix but never watched. Thanks for the recommendation. I’m near certain that I’ve seen individuals (families?) that would be on about that same level in my area.

      4. Yeah, I’ve always thought about the “what if” scenario of being a single dad. Of course we would know how to raise a man, but could we raise a woman? Would we be there for emotional support as well as our women counterparts? We don’t know shit about putting tampons in, that’s for sure.

    5. Single motherhood is a symptom of the problem. This problem will never be resolved by lamenting the symptoms.

    6. Dr. Patrick Moyihan wrote about the future state of the Black family back in the 60s and the ramifications if the welfare state. was allowed to intrude in the social dynamic of the black family. Many libtards said he was racist and dismissed his findings in the report. Fast forward to 2014, and he was like a prophet as 80% of black children born into single mother households,and thuggery runs rampant. Black women even boast and brag about how they don’t need a man to raise children even though every crime stat says otherwise. Charles Murray wrote a book called Coming Apart in which he discusses how the White working class is falling victim to the same destructive, dysfunctional social trends that plague the Black Community. We were the canary in the coal mine for this bullshit cultural Marxist crap pushed by the left. You’re right God help us all.

    7. I beg to differ. The problem is not Black culture but rather the fact that Black people live in a world structured by white men. In classic African, kids were raised by the group so they didn’t need their biolpgical father for structure and discipline.

      1. How moronic. Nobody is making anyone adhere to any fucking “structure”. What as lame-ass excuse. You’ve only got your own freedom and yourself to blame, huh? haha!

      2. Yeah and they bathed in cow dung, and lived until old age at 24 when they would die of typhoid, not really getting to know their grandchild spawn.

  2. The problem is two-fold. Like your elephant story, the problem is less absconding from fatherhood and more of a having the family removed from them. Then when problems occur, the absence of fatherhood and by extension the fathers themselves shoulder the blame. Secondly we have women choosing to procreate with men who have no desire to be fathers and who live as criminals or hold no job. Then these men are held as the abondenment standard in our society to warrant increased social programs for women. One only need to take bets on how soon the “hot mugshot guy” gets to bang women in the 8+ range after getting out of jail to realize the problem lies less with men and more with the choices women make to further their own agenda.

    1. lol, hot mugshot guy is the posterboy for hypergamy. As Rollo says:
      Hypergamy doesn’t care

  3. Speaking as a comparatively older man (at least for RoK), my view is that All The Young Men Are My Sons. Put the right older man in with a group of younger men, and it has a leavening effect; there will be less boasting and bad behavior, as the younger men follow the older man’s example–after all, younger men are in the process of development, of ‘becoming somebody’, where an older man already is ‘somebody’–he’s established in his career, in his personal life, etc.
    À bientôt,

    1. Agreed. Unfortunately, the feminists have perverted the idea that wiser and older men can be temporary stand-ins for fathers. They use the phrase “male role model” implying that all a young man needs to grow up right is to observe suitable male figure. Fatherhood optional. But raising men is not a passive activity; it requires leadership, discipline, counsel, presence, etc. It requires action; fatherhood is not modeling.
      In traditional societies, unrelated older men play an active, essential role in a male’s transition from boy to man. In America, attempting to play an active role in a young man’s life may earn you a false accusation or land you in prison, so even good men doing what comes naturally to most is fraught with risk. Being an adult Scout leader, a Big Brother, a Little League coach, a mentor or even a biological father is risky. So society burns.

    2. The ancient wisdom of Romans knew this, thanks to the Paterfamilias institution they came to be one of the most powerful civilization in history.

  4. As I grew up, there were times that I was away from my red-pill dad. During these times, in my journey, I was fortunate to encounter 3 red-pill catholic priests that took their vows of spiritual fatherhood seriously. Their stoic approach to the world taught me the importance of fatherhood on a spiritual level. I believe that in a spiritual way all men are called to be fathers.

    1. I’m in seminary myself; I agree with what you say: men are the sex, to which authority and leadership belong. Every man should strive to own his manhood, so that every young man can look to a proper model – and, ultimately, every man should point to the model beyond himself: God, “from whom every paternity in heaven and earth derives its name.” I hope I can succeed in being a priest like the ones you met. God bless.

      1. I went into discernment with some monks because of the warrior-like spiritual example of these 3 priests. The more I learned about spiritual fatherhood, the more I grew to value and desire biological fatherhood. Unfortunately in our society, it is it is suicidal to one’s masculinity, and one’s integrity as a man, to strive for biological fatherhood without mastering Game as much as possible. Feminism and Puritanism are the enemies of Manliness; i.e., Virtue. The practical and stoic wisdom of Game is priceless. Game On!

  5. HAVING A JOB is the most important element of a man being a father. It was always the traditional role of REAL MEN to go out and work. It provided a strong and true example to his child to follow.
    Now jobs are being destroyed left, right and centre and whatever good jobs available are ALWAYS given to women because of their looks and sex appeal, and the man with real talent is screwed over.
    Men are now turning into trophy husbands and pussified metrosexuals.

    1. Nail on the fucking head. I wish more people were able to see through that crock of horse shit about “Do what you love” and “Get a liberal arts degree” – what a ton of fucking garbage. If you have a specilized trade that is valuable to the economy you will have quality work, if you got a bullshit degree that will supposedly someday “pay for it’s self” you got scammed.

      1. Roosh seems to be killing it writing books about banging women abroad and blogging about the perils of modern-day society. I think we should all ditch our employment that we don’t appreciate, let the women just fucking have it already, and we do what we want.

    2. No way. What if you have a job that pays extremely well but is across the ocean? What if you’ve struck it big at a young age and don’t have to work, therefore spending more time with your children? Cases of inheritance, the lotto, marrying rich, anything “beating the system” in general? The primary guidance a father should provide is strength and solidarity in difficult situations, guiding his son through his own journey. Wage-slave “jobs” are extremely overvalued in our society. Take care of money somehow someway, keep the family conservative and the neighborhood conservative, and you’re fine. A man’s defining factor should not be his job.

      1. Having a job displays self-respect.
        Being abroad to work such as the military helps to embed a value of work ethic and respect within a child.
        As for winning the lotto or being a millionaire celebrity, how does that excuse one from having a job? Working is not just about earning money, it is about self respect. Look at all the rich celebrity kids- they are fucked up, have no real direction in life or real ambitions and live off their parents nest egg and are not productive members of society who will not amount to anything in their life. They are losers.
        Having a job= work ethic, self respect and helps to develop goals and directions in life.

  6. Patriarchy is synonymous with civilization. For any civilization, the first and most basic level is the individual. The individual male gets ruined with taxes and rules, not to mention societal customs that limit his ability to reach out and do things masculine. The next column of civilization is the family unit, and when that is destroyed, that’s enough of a disincentive for most men not not work as hard. Hell millions of men don’t even work. It’s a bad situation. But when you take away all incentives to work and raise a family, men won’t. Whenever a government(through laws) or society allows bad behavior or encourages bad behavior, they should expect more of that bad behavior to happen.(This is pretty obvious among single mothers, that state allows and accepts their bad behavior, blames the men, and now there are more single mothers than ever). But there are numerous examples of this.
    The denial of fatherhood and masculinity is simply one of many signs that our civilization is in decline. When men act like women and women act like men you know things are going downhill fast. Patriarchy might be a “social construct”, The words “social construct”, the words that seem to most offend your PC, social justice warrior, feminist, intellectually bankrupt twat. If this is true, than patriarchy would simply put, be the most effective social system that the world has ever seen. The progress and proof is so evident, to deny it is to have your eyes sewn shut.
    The state of perpetual adolescence comes in young men comes from the fact that there is no good reason to grow up. Grow up and become an adult male in a society that ruined the two elements that were guaranteed to men before, job and family. No thanks. Not saying it’s the ideal way to live as an individual, but it makes sense that most men would choose to short term hedonistic pleasures over long-term maintaining of the empire. Maintain an empire that has taken away all incentives? No thanks. And now since the limitations on masculinity are numerous he adopts female characteristics so he can operate without scrutiny. Hence the creation of the dreaded and lame “Nice Guy”, hated because he adopts female characteristics.
    There are no solutions to these problems, just sit back and enjoy the decline. Try and help yourself while you still can, because it’s not going to be there forever.

    1. Cannot wait for Jesus to come back. Let the ass whoopin begin!

      1. We don’t need Jesus for the rapture to happen. We can see that christians have already started to disappear any way, only through natural means as the religion declines.

      2. i was rooting more for the antichrist…. Lord Lucifer will set things straight.

        1. This ^^^ we need the red pill Lucifer aka “lightbringer”. Jesus I’m afraid is beta blue pilll

        2. Guarantee both those guys come back and join forces after a period of “What the fvck happened here???”.

        3. I think Chateau Heartiste did a post on the game of Jesus a while back. I have no doubt the man from Galilee would be smashing top shelf pussy of he came back today.

        4. will check it out…..Jesus as player sounds interesting. He would no doubt use “miracle game” on the babes

        5. haha can you imagine if he came back with a boner. That shit would wreak havoc.

    2. Indeed. The higher-ups better get their heads out of their ass pronto if they do not wish to see what remains of the civilised world devolve into another Haiti faster than you can say “gender positive”. And they most certainly better swallow the red pill whole and act in line with what needs to be done to correct this state of affairs with actions that are really required to get the job done as opposed to doubling-down on the misandry and continuing to bury their heads further into the sand. With everything that exists online now regarding these crucial truths ignorance is no longer an excuse for anybody, let alone our supposed “heads of state”.

      1. The ones who are doing all this are fully aware of what they are doing. It is all part of the plan. If you want to see the near future look at Mexico or Brazil.

    3. Your entire statement reminds me of a post-op female to male transsexual I became acquainted in real life; I wonder if he got to experience all of those, for some extra delicious irony.

    4. Don’t forget agriculture as well. There are patriarchies that are nomadic yet because they have to worry about getting fed all the time they have no free time by which they can develop civilization.
      Combine those 2 ingredients together and you have a fledgling civilization.

  7. The Elusive Wapiti pointed out a while back that the only real motivation for men to work and produce surplus wealth is the opportunity to have a lasting bond with, and influence on, their own biological children.
    Men are often portrayed as being willing to do anything for sex. But sex is really just a means to have kids and thus influence the future of the species. As more than one PUA has found out, even copious sex, without reproduction, does not ultimately lead to a satisfying life.
    Without the opportunity for fatherhood, men will not produce anything other than what they need to survive, and civilization will crumble.

    1. -Men are portrayed in the media as the goofballs (Malcolm in the Middle, Everybody Loves Raymond.) Instead of seeing more Sean Connerys, Clint Eastwoods, we get more Seth Rogens and Zac Efrons.
      -Men will 99% of the time, lose everything in the family courts which have been corrupted by the feminist agenda.
      -Men will always lose to the women when it comes to employment. Women are hired because of their sex appeal and good looks and affirmative action, even while being air heads, and the man with real talent will get turned down.
      -Men are raised by single mothers and brainwashed by the neo liberal education system preaching “follow your heart and the money will follow” bullshit instead of being given real advice as to what the labor market caters towards. They will also be given trophies for simply participating instead of learning to win. This has all led to the rise of the metrosexual hipster pussified trophy husbands or homosexuals.
      -Poltical correctness bullshit being rammed down our throats and the gay agenda bullshit shoved in our faces, has also led to the decline of real men.

      1. That is why Englishwomen have no pity from me; after all, their ilk were the very instruments that led to this decline.
        And I better not hear a single whine from you whipped Anglo manginas.

        1. No whining here. The only way for a man to save himself nowadays is to Go His Own Way — do not marry, and above all, do NOT father children.
          I didn’t make the rules, I’m just trying to live my life as best as I can without any government interference.
          Let it burn.

  8. A way to help solve this is all strong, positive men should seek to mentor a young man. If you are a father it should be your son. If you aren’t a father, it should any young boy that was raised in one the single mother households brought up in the article. This can help combat the issues with young men raised in these households. The young men will learn self control, respect, responsibility, loyalty and honor which are the most important virtues for a man to have and learn.

    1. If you aren’t a father, it should any young boy that was raised in one
      the single mother households brought up in the article.
      The FUCK if im going to help some bitches bastard.
      Thats what prisons are for.

      1. I meant it in more terms of your family even if you aren’t a father. I bet almost everyone here has a brother, nephew or cousin that is lost and needs proper guidance. There is more motivation if it’s your own blood but it still doesn’t mean you can’t help someone else along the way. We all know how well prisons work at raising men.

        1. “I bet almost everyone here has a brother, nephew or cousin that is lost and needs proper guidance.”
          That is what Tom Leykis is for.

      2. I see what you’re saying with not permanently and financially tying yourself down to a bastard child, but as a whole it is a selfish viewpoint. Remember, the more young men we can influence positively, the better we will all be. On this issue we need to “man up”, take some young boys and mentor them to a successful future. Before you say it will further desensitize women to proper marriage, we will obviously guide these young men towards our mentality and develop their natural hate for the matriarchy.

  9. This is by far the best article I’ve yet to read on this site. 2Wycked, your insight here is fucking phenomenal. The anecdote about the elephants really helps to drive the point home as anyone with specific knowledge knows that as mammals they have incredibly rich emotional lives that can be compared to humans at least as much as the great apes. More than anything else this IS the crux of divided thinking within the greater red pill community. Too many of us have for too long (I am guilty of this) focused only on achieving our own selfish ends.
    Partially in response to feminist indoctrination and female hypergamy many men have concluded that they will not be bothered by with the responsibilities, burdens, and financial risk of marriage/fatherhood and will instead elect to “Embrace The Decline.” Which if we are being truly honest is an endorsement of hedonistic nihilism – I will enjoy life to the fullest and then die… but perhaps, PERHAPS such a life is devoid of deeper meaning, and a more complete purpose.
    One ROK commentator once asserted that the first phase of red pill awareness is embrace the decline – while the second phase of red pill thinking is reverse the decline. I don’t know how we do that on a macro level, but I think that those of us with some understanding may have a duty to pass on our wisdom to the younger generation as our fathers collectively failed to do for us.

    1. The first thing to the red pill is to recognise the decline, the second is how to change one self for the decline. We cant turn the nation(s) around but we can improve ourself and take some measures to mitigate the effects of the decline.
      We cannot change others that don’t want to improve. It has to be voluntary, hence the Matrix allusion of the red pill.
      “Decadence is a moral and spiritual disease, resulting from too long a period of wealth and power, producing cynicism, decline of religion, pessimism and frivolity. The citizens of such a nation will no longer make an effort to save themselves, because they are not convinced that anything in life is worth saving” -Sir John Glubb, The Fate Of Empires

    2. This is fucking awesome. We need to step in for these young kids. We may have gotten the short end of the stick with the decline, but it can be reversed for the next generation if we are willing to make the sacrifice.

  10. Given the nature of Todays modern female, the majority of young men will end up going in one of two directions these days.
    They will end up being gay.
    Or they will end up becoming transexuals.

  11. Today’s “man”= metrosexual or homosexual. Those are your choices. Oh shit, do I hear the political correctness sirens in the background?!!

  12. The birth of the idea of fatherhood is when it all started.
    Adam was sitting on the edge of the cliff contemplating over his newly discovered idea of death, when he noticed this little boy playing around. He looked at him and could not help but notice that he looked exactly like him. Adam remember how he pleasured Eve right before she got pregnant with this baby and right there another crazy idea was born: Maybe this boy is MINE. Maybe he was conceived with my essence so therefore he is me and once I die, he will carry on my gene. So long he makes it through childhood my immortality will be secured. I WILL NOT DIE!
    There and then Adam decided to become a father, so that he can make sure the boy survives and becomes a man. Prior to that, Adam was free to engage in sexual acts with any young fertile woman. Prior to that, he left it entirely to the women to take care of the young children and he never wondered about paternity. Prior to that, he dedicated all of his energy for the business of hunting and for chasing of other young women to have sex with. Prior to that, once the young boys reached puberty, they’d spent most of their time with the men. The girls were either traded or got pregnant by Adam or other man. Prior to that crucial point, everybody lived content in one big happy family like a hippy commune in the 60s.
    But Adam invented the fatherhood and sold it successfully to other men. In result, they were no longer free to have sex with any young women and instead had to give up all their energy and resources to just ONE WOMAN, one pussy, fish and chips for dinner every night. Whatsmore to ensure man stayed loyal to just one woman (contrary to their natural drive) men also invented marriage. How crazy is that?
    But what was Eve’s role into all of this? Wasn’t she the one that tricked Adam into thinking that this was HIS great idea all along?

  13. Every man MUST give his these two gifts to a friend’s baby son’s shower:
    -A toolbox.
    -A copy of any Metallica album.
    Better start teaching the little fuck from an early age how to be a man.

    1. Well, I disagree with Metallica – but I wholeheartedly agree with the toolkit. Don’t forget: a knife and a gun when he is old enough to use them responsibly. Re: music, there is plenty of good classical music that is very masculine. Beethoven and Wagner come to mind 🙂

    2. Can you imagine showing up to a baby shower with a toolbox and a rock album? I’ve never been to one but I’d be dying laughing if someone did that.

  14. There isn’t a single day that I take my loving family for granted. My parents have been married for 35 years, and they raised my brother and I exceptionally. Although I have lived on the other side of the country for almost ten years, I still call my father every day. Some days we only talk for ten minutes, and some days we talk for an hour. I have no doubt in my mind that his presence molded me into the ongoing success story that I am. Because of his positive impact on my life, I know that I will never be capable of walking away from future offspring.

  15. “Feminism fosters and encourages “independence” from men in women. To be a
    single mother is a badge of pride, a social sign that you don’t want or
    need provisioning—of any kind—from a man.”
    Oh, but they do still need our provisioning…only now it’s in the form of tax dollars and child support. As usual these women can, at best, merely play and pretend at assuming sole responsibility for something. Ultimately, they do still need us, they’ve just found a way to make the State a middleman for the transfer of our resources, so as to eliminate actually having to interact with us to access those resources.
    We involuntarily support other, inept peoples children with our taxes…lo and behold, the State has made cuckolds of us all.
    In another time, I would have wanted to take up the mantles of Husband and Father, but they’ve each been made superfluous in our society.
    On another note, goid to see 4chan mentioned in a seemingly positive light. It was there that I was first told of Heartiste, and from there that I discovered the Manosphere.

  16. I confess, i didn’t watch much of Fresh Prince, but that scene almost just made me cry. I didn’t realize Will was that good.

    1. Are single mothers by choice qualified to lead men, especially when fatherless boys see of their mothers as work bosses more than actual father figures?

  17. There was a very famous film from the 1940’s
    called “My Son, My Son.”
    It was about a father who loved his son too much
    and spoiled him rotten. The son developed a wicked
    character and walked all over the father.
    The son became a soldier in WW1. The son
    commited some loutish act and the father finally
    had enough. He told a girl (In front of the son)
    that she shouldn’t waste her time with him, that
    he was no good.
    The Son was so surprised that he changed on the
    spot. He admitted all his faults and that he’d been
    a bad son. He was determined to make it up to his
    father. The son redeemed himself by dying a hero,
    but one gets the impression that it was so unnessary
    if the father had only done his job in disciplining
    the boy to begin with.

  18. I’m a physician, an intellectual, a former Rhodes scholar, an entrepreneur and until recently a husband. I am an accomplished cook, a competent musician and an avid reader. But the only role I ever really cared about is my role as a father. I have a 16 year old son and a 13 year old daughter from whom I am becoming more and more estranged. I always considered myself to be an atypical alpha male. At an athletic and handsome 6’4″, I have always been able to attract females. I look back wistfully on my college days when I’d leave my dorm room for class to find notes from willing females slipped under it. I can be socially dominating, and have been accused, with some accuracy, I hate to admit, of being an intellectually bully because I do not suffer fools lightly. I have been called intimidating and “the smartest guy I’ve ever met” by respected and accomplished people. I say this not to brag, but only as background so that the reader can better understand the toll that has been taken on me by the loss of respect my children have for me. This loss of respect and authority is the direct of years of undermining of my authority by my children’s mother. I have been a continuous physical, emotional and psychological presence in their life because I would not have it any other way. Yet the castration that occurs in my home, on a daily basis, has made it all but impossible for me remain an authority figure in my children’s life. The onslaught of criticism from my wife for everything from the way I fill the dishwasher to the advice I give my son about giving it everything he’s got so he can look himself in the mirror and be proud, draws so much nagging negativity from my children’s mother that it led to the demise of our marriage and the destruction of the intact family unit I always hoped I could provide for my children. I came from a home without an effective father, in part because he was a mentally ill alcoholic and in part because he was demonized by my mother and her family. I always hoped I could do better for my children. But allowing them to witness her almost reflexivecriticism and aggressive lack of supportiveness, despite providing them and her with everything they could need or want was unacceptable to me. My success as a man/husband/father never overcame her genetic predisposition to being a bitch (Her mother is a harpie of the highest order) and her bitterness that I always insisted she work (which has been my salvation during the divorce and is the only thing that kept the family courts from the financial rape that would otherwise have been inevitable.) Yet in the end she has won as mothers do. I have struggled for 2 years to maintain my presence in my children’s life and will continue to fight for them. But they no longer see me as the authority figure, but only as a bully, who has expectations that they live up to their potential. Their mother lets them sleep until 4pm, without a summer job. She tolerates C’s on report cards from children with IQ’s over 140. She vilifies me for insisting that my son study 45 minutes each night for his SAT’s. And now that it comes time to choose, they choose to live the no responsibility life their mother offers them. It fucking breaks my heart. I watch my children drift further inter her world of mediocrity and away from my world of personal responsibility and I am crushed. The only thing I ever wanted to be was a good father. You could take everything else away if you left me with just that. So I guess my rambling and disjointed point is that even present fathers who fight their asses off to raise their children right sometimes fail. That it takes more than just an elephant like presence to effectively father children, but it also requires a mentally healthy mother that supports the father rather than does everything she can to undermine him as a role model. Let me just say I have newfound sympathy for those men who do not chose to stick it out and bail. When they realize that present or absent it really doesn’t matter in today’s society, why not bail and at least be happy themselves. I don’t advocate it, but i understand it.

      1. That has been my one salvation. The company of other good men. Anyone who says men don’t talk about emotions is full of shit. Because we don’t victimize ourselves and tend to be more solutions oriented doesn’t mean we don’t share our feelings. Thanks for the offer though, I’ll have one now in your honor!

    1. Don’t beat yourself up too much about it. A real fathers advice isn’t acted on until the kids are adults themselves. They’ll drift until their mid-20’s, and then start seeing things for how they are. Don’t give up on the project now!

      1. Two years in the trenches made it hard to have that perspective but now that the war is over I’m beginning to believe what you say. I appreciate your words and remain hopeful that all my hard work wasn’t wasted. Only time will tell but I have no touchy feel expectations. All I know is I can look myself in the mirror and I have maintained the respect of the important men in my life.

        1. By the way man, what are you doing loading the dishwasher? That’s a woman’s job… 🙂 j/k.

        2. I always have loved my father, my mother hated me for that, she was acting like your wife, plus she never worked in her life. She always found excuses to not to. In the divorce, she stripped my honest Dad for everything.
          Even if I didnot understand always Dad, now, I do.

        3. I do believe my kids will come back to me me someday. And I believe that because people like you tell me that it will happen. Thank you because some days I need to reassure myself that my kids will figure it out.

    2. Your son is 16, right now. mine too. He is at that age right now where he is doing that lazy teenager thing like they all do. I can tell by reading your post that your positive influence will be more powerful on your son than you know right now, especially when he is older. Boys feel the presence of a strong father guiding them but don’t really acknowledge it.
      From one Alpha male to another, I also had to put up with 17 years of the same emasculation from my wife to keep peace and harmony in my household for the sake of my kids. Your hard work and dedication will pay off and you are being an excellent Father and role model. Hang in there dude, we are surrounded by liberals, lefties, who promote this single motherhood empowerment BS.

      1. I know I’m not alone and I thank you for your words of commiseration. I totally get that my boy is supposed to be rebelling and de-throning me now. At least I know that I must have done something right if he at least is feeling the healthy need to rebel against me. Hopefully one day my influence will show through and he will understand, from my example, that the only thing that brings success in life is hard work. I guess my real beef is how these women think they know better. They behave with such unquestioned arrogance that they are right and we men are wrong by mere virtue of our gender, its as if society has somehow spoken to each of them, like Yahweh to Moses in the desert, and said you shall lead in all things you do and men shall forever more be eunuchs in your service. Women are able to emasculate us only because they are provided social, financial and cultural backup by the same empowerment morons who are leading our once great nation to not only moral but also financial bankruptcy. My best to you and your son as well. Keep fighting the good fight!

        1. My mother adopted a similar attitude to my father. My father would tell her to STFU. It escalated, got violent and he got reamed in divorce. But to this day, the three of us “kids” respect our father more than any other mortal, including our mother. We weren’t fooled even though she would badmouth us when he wasn’t there. We judged by actions not words.

        2. I never resorted to violence and the children only ever saw us fight once. I’m embarrassed to admit, I took most of it lying down. Then one day it clicked-I’m not doing anything wrong here. Just because I choose to load the dishwasher differently doesn’t mean I’m doing it WRONG. Just differently. I didn’t deserve to have the plate yanked from my hand and told “this is how you do it right, how many times do I have to show you!” Once I finally understood though, there was no going back. Never had the impulse to hit her because I respect and love my daughter too much for that. But from that point on, it was only a matter of figuring out how to get my life back.

        3. Wow. That was fucking rude.
          To be fair, the violence between my mother and father was two way. Neither one of them would back down.

      2. Treat your teenage son as an adult and the responsibility and autonomy thereof and be surprised at the results.

        1. Already part of my plan. As of January he knows I’m not his ATM anymore. He’s been told loud and clear,you want money to spend on your girls, you will earn it yourself. If his mother chooses the coddle and baby him not really much I can do about that anymore.

    3. Your story is becoming too common in modern society and its sad that you had to suffer that. As your story so clearly demonstrates, there is simply no benefit to getting married today regardless of how alpha or how much game we might have.

      1. Of all the characteristics he could have inherited from he’s only demonstrating alpha male hood right now. The boy has game. I Hope he picks up other characteristics from me too though, in particular hard work, sacrifice and mastery. That being said he’s getting the message loud and clear from me that marriage is stacked against him. If he ever does get serious he already knows to look at the girls mother to see what his woman will be like in 20 years. I swear to God’s, that never fails. They all turn into their mothers!

        1. I’ve been telling my boy the same thing. That & wait until his early thirty’s to consider marriage & find an unspoiled early twenties girl. If a woman has had a dozen or more sexual partner’s the chances are better than even she’ll never be able to genuinely bond with anyone…including her children. I’ve long said that western civilization ended the day the ‘pill’ went on the market.

    4. You sound like my dad. He was a man that wrestled with life just like you in the same aspects. It was till he took it upon himself to focus on his own happiness and well being that my siblings and I realized how truly awesome he was; by default we started to follow him. Focus on yourself. They will desire to follow your instruction upon you simply focusing you yourself first and showing them with your example how to live.

      1. Great advice man. Thank you. It makes sense. But the way society and women have it rigged any man who does anything for himself is made to feel guilty and negligent. Although I would never be a deadbeat dad, I’m also not to be a slave to their mother. Thanks. Truly helpful advice

        1. Sorry but it’s a pavlovian conditioned response to suck things up. It’s this response that allows women (people in general) to walk all over you. Women don’t operate under the same rules of logic men do. Just because you wouldn’t take advantage of her does not follow that she wouldn’t take advantage of you.

        2. The great paradox is that at work and in social settings I am respected and maybe even admired, if I might say so myself. But at home the power dynamic has been so perverted and I don’t know how it happened. How I have the confidence to cut into a persons body and rip organs from them but have let my ex over the past 20 years turn me into a simpering lackey.

        3. As you swallow the red pill, you’ll begin to find your power in relationships. A lot of this comes from the knowledge that you can and should safely walk away at any given time. You are coming at relationships- as i did- from my fathers time, when responsibility meant something and women needed to be selective in who they partnered up with. There was a mutual shared trust in that bond- a symbiosis. since the advent of the pill and safe jobs for women and a welfare state- that symbiosis is no longer required. We were only loved for our resources. Now that women can get these too (and can’t get pregnant) we are no longer required. This may sound depressing (and in a way it is) but we need to accept reality as it truly is. When we accept it we can do something about it. Even though we are now surplus to requirements that hasn’t stopped women demanding that we still adhere to traditional ways of providing resources for them (whether it be directly or through the state)
          i’m sorry i can’t stay on too long here to elaborate further and tiredness is probably diluting my points so please do ask me any questions you may have and i’ll try my best to answer better tomorrow

      2. And now that I think of it I think I missed I was wrong not to criticize their mother back in front of them. Especially my son. The most horrible scenario to me is that he thinks that it’s normal for a man to be browbeaten and criticized endlessly for the smallest things. It’s got to the point towards the end of our marriage where I just basically began ignoring her and shutdown. So I totally agree that being out of that scenario is really the best for him and for me.

    5. Stories like this are simply amazing. There is a special place in hell for women that trash talk the father of their children to their children. It is one of the most subversive and disgusting forms of child abuse there is.
      Your story does have a happy ending at least. It’s like you lost 130 lbs of nagging cunt. Congratulations! Everyone here can be encouraged by such a story. And I think everyone here that enjoys liberty and freedom, can see the denigration, degradation, slavery, and torture men suffer by the government-regulated marriage industry. Opt out boys, vote with your feet.

      1. I still struggle with how to deal with my daughter though. I don’t want her to ever think it’s her place to call the shots in a relationship. Hopefully as she sees me blossom and her mother wither into the nasty hag she is destined to become, she will figure out that her place is beside her man, not in front of or above him. As for my son, I have stopped mincing my words about his mother. When she criticizes me and he begins to mimic that, I tell him, “With all due respect to your mother as a human being, her opinion of what I should or should not do is completely and totally irrelevant to me. She had the opportunity to be my partner in life but she chose instead to attempt to dominate me. That is unacceptable. She is easy on you son because she knows that I demand you be the best possible man you can be and by allowing you not to live up to those standards she appeals to the lazy 16 year old in you. Guess what son, you’re not going to be able get away with behavior as a man. You would be well advised to discipline yourself and establish standards for yourself now lest you fall into the clutches of a woman who thinks that you are putty in her hands.”

        1. As long as it’s not the man hating entitled kind of lesbian, I wouldn’t mind. Oh wait, that’s the only kind of lesbian there is 😉

        2. That’s really well said.
          Your son may get mad at you but its just teenage equivalent of a tantrum. In time he will respect you for holding the line. You’re doing the right thing.

        3. Personally, I’m probably against the grain of the manosphere in this belief, but I feel that you should approach the relationship with your son less sternly. Encourage him to set goals, but don’t force study and achievement on him. Kid is 16 years old! He should be focused on getting pussy, graduating high school, and sneaking out of the house to drink booze/smoke. Those were my number one memories in high school, and I should have had way more. Man’s number one regret on their deathbed is the amount they worked. My biggest regret is working too hard and taking myself too seriously in high school, and I am only early 20’s.
          If you want him to study and do some sort of work, incentivize him to so. Forcing punishment and discipline rarely works. Convince him why it is best for him to do as you say. He is old enough to be making his own decisions, so you need to persuade him to follow your beliefs.

        4. I guess we do disagree on this point. I don’t enslave the kid by any means. He has lots of free time, but I think structure, time management and responsibility are important at his age. For me to role model those behaviors just isn’t enough, he needs to live them. He has no job, he has no household responsibilities (at least not since I left the home) and he doesn’t study. He plays sports, video games and hangs out with his buddies/girlfriend. There has to be a balance somewhere in between. I’ve been trying to convince him using what I consider to be a fairly logical rationale–we all have to do some things in life that we don’t want: when you were 2, it was not peeing your diaper, when you were 6 it was eating some broccoli, when you were 13 it was making your bed and for me at 48, its paying taxes to support a welfare state I despise and going to work every day to spend taxpayers money keeping people alive through the miracle of modern medicine who abuse their bodies and don’t take any responsibility for their own health. The only punishment that he gets is really self-inflicted. When he doesn’t try he fails and when he fails he feels angry and disappointed. My concern is that without my guidance he begins to lash out and tries to blame others for his failures (my bio teacher hates me, that test was so unfair…) Isn’t my job as his father to call him on that bullshit and turn that disappointment into motivation to not let himself down i.e. set goals for yourself, challenge yourself and work hard to achieve those goals? I think it is my job to do that and I think I’d be an awful parent to let my kid believe their own lies and excuses to themselves. I’m new at the red pill way of life, but to me, looking at things honestly is at the very core of living a red pill life. I know it’s not fair for me to expect him to be like me when I was 16 for a million reasons. But I gotta say I was driven, whether it was for a grade I wanted, a varsity position on the football team that was just out of my reach or a girl I was lusting after, I went after it. And I didn’t blame anyone when it didn’t turn out how I wanted, I picked myself up and said to myself try harder next time. If its unfair that I want him to do the same, then so be it, I’m unfair I guess. But your post certainly got me thinking even though we disagree. Thanks for that.

    6. Hey man, I never really liked my dad until recently; after I left to college and got to see firsthand how my fathers meticulous and critical parenting made me better than I could have been otherwise. I’m 20 now and there is no one I care more for than my father, seeing how the world really worked made me realize my dad did his best to make me the best even if it was against his own sensibilities and sanity.

      1. I hope you’ve told your Dad that. I know if my son ever came to me and said what you just said, I’d be the happiest man alive. Sounds like your father raised a good son.

    7. I don’t believe you. Children are not that stupid. I suspect you ARE a bully. My father was nagged and demonized relentlessly by my mother and I didn’t blame him for him going off to do his own thing. I was on his side, though he scared me a bit. It wasn’t until I was over 30 that I realized what a spineless, selfish waste of space he was. And fear is not the same as respect. You have to earn respect, and kindness earns more respect than bullying. My father used to come home and be a bully and I didn’t blame him, because I thought he has to put up with my mother. Now, I realize, there was no excuse for his behavior. He could have treated his children well despite anything my mother did. It sounds like your kids like your ex-wife better, and maybe with good reason. Do you actually care about your kids as people, or are you annoyed they are not the little alpha-replica trophies you wanted?

      1. It’s not my job to convince you. And I can’t really prevent you from projecting your unresolved issues into my narrative. Im sorry you feel like your father didn’t live up to your standards. Although I’d never be so arrogant as to suggest your telling of the story is wrong and try to be hurtful and say you’re lying, I suspect there is another side to your telling of the story that varies quite differently from what you say above. It sounds like by the name-calling and residual ill will towards your father that you have a lot of unresolved issues. Best of luck sorting those out.

        1. I honestly thought the same thing. Whatever the case my story is my story whether they choose to believe it or not.

      2. Maybe your father just didn’t like you because he thought you were a cu*t?? (because you sure sound like one) Maybe you turned out like your mother?? (a lovely woman by the sounds of things) Maybe you empathize with her because you’re exactly like her and require a horrible daddy to exhonerate you from your cunty behaviours and bad life choices??
        Who knows but it’s fun to speculate innit??!!

    8. Its not over yet. 16 and 13. That’s still very young and the teen years are always tough.
      One thing I do not suffer is criticism. I drop women like a hot stone if they even look like criticizing me. I will not have it.

      1. Smart man. I should have adopted that policy from the very beginning. I was married at a fairly young age, 26, and bought into all the blue pill bullshit about men and women are the same. As I mentioned before, I insisted my wife use her very expensive doctorate and work every day too (even though it only turned out to be part time) I figured if the expectation was I do half the housework and diaper changing-which quite honestly I happily did–why shouldn’t she work outside the home. She had the same qualifications I did. I think she resented me so much for not letting her sit at home all day that it manifest as this incessant criticism. Good news is, not my circus, not my monkeys anymore, as the Pollish proverb goes.

        1. I have always been intensely sensitive to it. My Dad is the same, so I guess that’s where I got it. Sounds like you tried to accommodate your wife and “do the right thing”. As they say, no good deed goes unpunished.

        2. I had most of my foolish pride and aversion to criticism beat out of me during internship and residency. It used to be a “patriarchal” training system of trial by fire. I respected the men and women who held me to a higher degree of accountability than the average person. We were all up for 36 hours straight, no time for excuses or woe-is-me behavior. People’s lives depended on us and excuses weren’t part of the game. I worked beside some tough as nails women who did their job as well as the men. But there were also the PMS excuse makers and women with kids at home always asking for special treatment, which only made more work for us…and nowadays they barely have to work in residency at all due to that kind of excuse making. Never mind I had a two year old at home, only the women got out of the work. I just sucked it up, like men always do. But there is something different about the shaming a wife does of her husband, with the children present, than criticism that helps make you a better person. The latter I welcome, the former has no place in any family!

    9. They’ll come back to you, stay strong & ‘there’ for them. My story is similar, as are probably hundreds of thousands of others.

      1. Thanks man. Some days that’s easier than others but it’s a man’s job to get up every day but on his costume go off and fight the good fight and not complain about it. I’m going to keep on being who I am and someday I’m sure my children will recognize that for what it is.

    10. Women are pushovers. Your wife is letting the kids slide in order to get back at you. This is purely spite….

      1. You are completely correct. I try to apply the same standards of reason and logic to her as I apply to myself. According to those rules I would never do anything to hurt my own children to get back at someone who at this point is largely irrelevant to my life. However women don’t operate by those rules. They don’t think they only feel. So as much as I hate to admit it I think you are correct. How fucked up is that to use your own children as pawns in some petty revenge scheme

        1. Women are clueless about the culture around them. Women don’t “get it” on how are kids are living in unprecedented luxury and affluence and from this our kids are basket cases. No work ethic. Unable to handle ANY adversity or hardship. Dads ( men) see this and want are kids to be “tough”. Women live in a bubble , fantasy world and let their kids get away with murder. That, or she’s a spiteful bitch. Never underestimate how ruthless wives can be. She will use your kids against you. Plan on it.

    11. My own father has been dead for almost 12 years, and every day I ruminate on what he taught me, what he didn’t get the opportunity to teach me, what he tried teaching me that I failed to learn, and what he taught me that I now disagree with, and teach differently with my own son.
      Even at 16, your son is learning from you all the time. But he doesn’t just learn once. He will take those same conversations he’s had with you, those same lessons, and revisit them in his memory over and over again, each time comparing what you tried teaching him as a child, with his experience at the time.
      My point being, by remembering the kind of man you are, how you approached different problems, and attempting to see the world through your eyes (as children do), if you don’t get even one more day with him, he’ll still learn from you for the rest of his life.

      1. A very reassuring thought especially on those days when I think that I’ve let him down. Thank you.

    12. This story tells all about where we are as a society and the relations of the sexes. Crazy.
      Stay in the fight Scholar. You can only win so much but there are two kids that some day will realize you did the best you could for them.
      8 months ago my wife left the house to make some point about how I couldn’t do it without her. Well I continued to run a multi-million dollar business, do the laundry, dishes, cooking, and housecleaning (all on-time with no sloppy home in the middle). My sons have a new regard for me.
      The one that stayed with me through it all won two state swim championships, stayed up on his grades (though we both dislike his liberal bitch teachers), got his motorcycle license, read a ton of great adventure stuff (we never watched TV, just hung out and read cool books), and has become a straight-up natural alpha. His brother did some back-and-forth (placating his mother’s bullshit) but is now coming round to my way. He works in our very blue-collar business now and is proving his merit in a man’s job before college.
      Your children want to see the man you are. That you can deal with that bullshit and still function/thrive. That they come from stock that can overcome adversity. That even with their mother’s entitled bullshit (over which you have no control – legally, socially, financially) you are still a man in charge of his own ship. You don’t flake, run, become a drunk, or abuse anything. You fucking thrive.
      No doubt I’m guilty of too much beta passiveness in the past, but the hell-year I have been through has reinforced my position to my sons at least.
      They know I don’t need their mother, I can stand on my own, and however the relationship ends with their mother that they come from a worthwhile man.

      1. That’s truly inspirational. I respect what you’ve done and aspire to behave similarly. I too regret my years of Beta-ness n the face of this woman. But I agree with your point that success is the best revenge. The greatest reward has been simply to have her out of my life. Unfortunately I did leave the house and she remains there with my children. Although we’re trying to sell it as she cannot afford it on her own until that time comes the children have decided to stay there with her. I only wish that she had left and I had been given the opportunity to parents my kids on my own. Since the divorce I

        1. Too easy to believe: A little solid business advice totally lost on an angry woman – to everyone’s detriment.
          Stay front and center for your kids. Period. Whenever you possibly can. And stay successful at what you do. They need to know they come from a winner. Damn few do – even from “intact families.”

        2. Do carry on, sir! Not for a reward, necessarily. But you never know…
          FWIW, you’re bringing to mind something I learned from when I read a lot J. Campbell years ago:
          If you bring forth that which is in you, that which is in you will save you.
          If you do not bring forth that which is in you, that which is in you will destroy you.
          – Gnostic Gospel of Thomas

        3. “I’m angry and upset. So she did win”
          Of course she won, it was never a fair battle.
          “But I agree with your point that success is the best revenge.”
          It’s understandable that you seek revenge. But that kind of motivation only gives her power which she doesn’t deserve. Energy can be best directed elsewhere to more positive intrinsic goals of your own. Doing up the condo/house seems like a worthwhile endeavor. You are a free man now as such you are master of your life. If all this seems rather solipsistic, it’s because you’ve had a lifetime of feeling responsible not only to yourself but to others as well.

    13. You need to tell that bitch to shut the hell up. Stop trying to logically figure out what she’s doing. If she’s undermining something you just said, tell her to shut the fuck up. That’s step 1 to being the father instead of faggot-dad

    14. And now you know what it is to be a man. We love without ever truly being loved. It is our greatest fear- something we’ve always known but can never fully comprehend as it’s just to hard for us to swallow.
      But once swallowed, it is our greatest strength. Your wife fears you. She envies you. Your passion is palpable. Her passion amounts to nothing more than quelling yours. Don’t play her game. Distance yourself from her. Don’t be sucked in by her mediocrity. DON’T REACT. That- above all- is what she wants most. For she want’s you to have the same passionless soul she has. She want’s equality. Don’t react.
      As for your kids, you choose the best course of action that suits YOU. When you are strong, they will naturally gravitate towards you as their mother slowly falls into prozac addiction, further listlessness and withdrawal.

      1. Its hard to appreciate how insidious the cultural messages are that have convinced me to believe exactly the OPPOSITE of what you just said. And to hear someone else tell me exactly what I’ve been too afraid to believe is so incredibly liberating, I’m totally blown away by it. I have learned and grown more by the commenters to my initial post than I have from 2 years of therapy. Thank you. What you said, the few minutes you took to touch another persons life, had the desired effect. I will read and re-read these comments as my new mantra. An it is such a relief not only to know I’m not alone, but that people understand and empathize with what I’m going through. I was getting close to giving up and walking away from my kids as a lost cause. But two kids are now going to have a father re-invigorated to fight for them thanks to these supportive comments. You make a difference .

        1. Happy to help. You are most definitely not alone here. Most counselors are schooled under a feminist totalitarian pc correct regime…they don’t understand men as they see us as another abstract thing- a resource to be mined rather than as humans with souls. There is more wisdom (and therefore healing) to be had between here, avfm, karen straughan (i’d start with her as it’s generally easier at first to hear these things from a woman), avfms, shrink for men, spetznetz, bar bar, cheateau heartiste, rooshv forums, warren farrell, erin pizzey.
          Keep on keeping on. You sound like an incredible human being. Enjoy the journey.

        2. sorry should clarify what i wrote here as the nuance is important…..”As you swallow the red pill, you’ll begin to find your power in relationships. A lot of this comes from the knowledge that you can and should safely walk away at any given time.”
          This is not to say that you need to be a cold heartless loveless bastard; walking away doesn’t necessarily mean cutting ties. It can simply mean distancing yourself, ignoring someone for being irrational rather than getting into a long convoluted argument with them. it is knowing that you have an inner place that doesn’t require validation by such ephemeral things as a woman’s whims, her oscillation between conflicting values and double standards that are cherry picked seemingly at random; but less random than you might think, for her values shape shift, chameleon-esque depending on what SHE wants at any given moment in time…. what suits HER right now, is the value that she’ll demand from you. Walking away from that can be both literal and metaphorical and can vary in degrees of intensity that you and you alone decide. When we live our lives aquiescent to these whims (especially when incentivized with the carrot and stick of sex) we can easily lose our frame of reference. i see it happen all the time; men with vacant stares, thinking never for themselves but only of her…. “i’m not good enough for her” “i should be lucky to have her” “i need to pay her more attention”
          that’s what they want….your power, your love, your resources, your total emotional dependence.
          She’ll move on when shes extracted everything useful.
          apologies for long-probably slightly incoherent-rant….tired

    15. Wow, so modest too. Actually you wouldn’t have been selected for Rhodes Scholarship unless you showed potential for psychopathy. Above all, you are an accomplished braggart and it’s no one wonder people love to avoid you.

      1. Thank you. You are a sensitive and insightful person and your capacity for empathy is astounding. You must be a good friend and I’m sure those around you are continually impressed with your “call it like you see it” brand of truth telling. You go gurl!

    16. Great post. I’m not sure whether your daughter would be raised better under a father vs a mother, but your son sure as hell would benefit. If the gov is even going to do the whole custody thing, it should be same sex. None of this “everything goes the the mother” bullshit.

      In 20 years, 50% of jobs will be replaced by automation and robotic technology. Bill Gates and a report from Oxford University has also confirmed this as well.
      Your child has NO FUTURE, unless you plan to leave him/her a trust fund for his/her life.
      However, with the economic collapse at the horizon, who knows if that would sustain him/her.

  19. Excellent article. Very insightful.
    “I can’t help but wonder what his life would have been like had his mother and father ditched their ego’s and put their children first?”
    Imagine our entire society if this was the norm in every family!

  20. You have to be crazy as a man to get married and have kids! Tens upon tens of millions of men’s lives have been destroyed in this manner. I say – let the women collect welfare and have the kids on their own! Come up with another way to give young boys a better start in life. That, or change the laws so it’s not so easy for women to destroy men through marriage and family! You cannot preach fatherhood and expect men to just “man up” to their own potential destruction! There has to be an incentive for men to marry and want a family. Those incentives are gone, gone, gone!
    Good God! The damage I’ve seen in my lifetime because of the easy divorce wrought on men by feminism, emasculation and no-fault divorce! You’d have to be nuts to get married as a man now days! Who signs up for a deal in which their life could be destroyed at any point in time? One day you’re happily married, building a good life for your family, and ten/twenty years later you’re living in a studio apartment, in your car or wind up homeless!
    Marriage has become a death trap for men! Many, many thousands of divorced men commit suicide every year! In 2012, there were 2.4 million divorces, the majority of which were filed by women! California has a 75% divorce rate! Men pay the vast majority of alimony and child support AND the majority of taxes!
    It sucks to be a man in this world! With VAWA, you’re constantly on the hook for false rape, false domestic violence and false harassment charges! Marriage and family are no longer worth it for men!
    MGTOW for LIFE!

    1. Are you Japanese in real life? Then, you have my sympathies, especially when the Japanese Carnation is going by the path of the English Rose.
      …and I’m Filipino.

      1. Society is already screwed! 17T in debt – AND RAPIDLY GROWING! Money being printed like water. Oligarchy ruling the government. Trillions in unfunded liabilities. The government hopes you drop dead before you collect your SS and medicare. The “great recession” was caused by the removal of Glass-Steagall, which was put in place after the great depression to prevent Wall Street from doing what it did after Glass-Steagall was removed! Millions unemployed. The suicide rate at all time highs. The VA watching potentially hundreds die to collect bonuses. BONUSES OVER LIFE! The middle class is evaporating. Technology is replacing people at a hyper rate. Marriage at its lowest point in a century. Divorce rampaging families for 40+ years. Less than 1000 people in the US with more net worth than the lower 150 MILLION! FEMINISM DESTROYING GENDER RELATIONS! Jobs being shipped overseas. Cheap labor being imported. Most will likely die in poverty or work until they drop dead! America is ranked 27th among all nations in per capita real net worth! 27th!!! Kids leaving college in debt for the next 10 to 20 years of their lives!!!
        I’m supposed to get married and have kids when half that do so end up divorced and destroyed psychologically, emotionally, financially, legally and spiritually?! What kind of person encourages someone to embrace this?!
        And you compare me to some guy in JAPAN?! That’s your analogy?!! WAKE UP! What the heck is the matter with you?! I’m supposed to get married, reproduce and bring another unfortunate child into this hell hole of a world?!
        The Apostle Paul was dead on!

        1. Google buying Boston Dynamics and inventing self automatic car. Scary shit.
          You are a very smart individual and I applaud you for telling the truth. I honestly think that most people here are afraid to respond to your comment because of the truth mentioned here. You are not alone.
          MGTOW for life.

        2. Most won’t get it until it hits them on a deeply personal level. Then – o boy will they get it. Until then, ignorance is bliss I guess.

        3. I posted a message at the top of the forum. Please spread the message so that more people can awaken to the bullshit matrix infront of our eyes.
          The shit is going to hit the fan very soon.

        4. “Society is already screwed! 17T in debt – AND RAPIDLY GROWING!
          Money being printed like water. Oligarchy ruling the government.
          Trillions in unfunded liabilities. The government hopes you drop dead
          before you collect your SS and medicare. The “great recession” was
          caused by the removal of Glass-Steagall, which was put in place after
          the great depression to prevent Wall Street from doing what it did after
          Glass-Steagall was removed! Millions unemployed. The suicide rate at
          all time highs. The VA watching potentially hundreds die to collect
          bonuses. BONUSES OVER LIFE! The middle class is evaporating.
          Technology is replacing people at a hyper rate. Marriage at its lowest
          point in a century. Divorce rampaging families for 40+ years. Less
          than 1000 people in the US with more net worth than the lower 150
          overseas. Cheap labor being imported. Most will likely die in poverty
          or work until they drop dead! America is ranked 27th among all nations
          in per capita real net worth! 27th!!! Kids leaving college in debt for
          the next 10 to 20 years of their lives!!!”
          Duh, I already know that; even Japan is copying the West for all the wrong reasons.
          “I’m supposed to get
          married and have kids when half that do so end up divorced and destroyed
          psychologically, emotionally, financially, legally and spiritually?!
          What kind of person encourages someone to embrace this?!”
          I’m not even embracing marriage, especially with the given state of affairs.
          “And you
          compare me to some guy in JAPAN?! That’s your analogy?!! WAKE UP!
          What the heck is the matter with you?! I’m supposed to get married,
          reproduce and bring another unfortunate child into this hell hole of a
          Japan has been copying Western powers, to the point it engaged in Korean genocide, comfort women, imperialism, colonialism, cuckoldry (aka “NTR”), to name a few.
          “Go to the feminist sites and read their words! There’s a
          huge campaign to remove men from the family and IT IS FUNDED BY THE
          GOVERNMENT! Look at the false rape statistics and wage gap statistics!
          REALLY LOOK AT THEM! A women who later regrets having sex because she
          had a few drinks is counted as a rape!”
          That’s why I don’t hit on women at all and would rather call them “creeps” in public.
          “All a women has to do is
          scratch their arm with an earring, quietly walk to the bathroom to call
          YOUR LIFE DESTROYED! The naive white knights in our government are
          totally behind removing men’s constitutional rights! If you aren’t one
          of them – you’re not considered a man! I CAN’T BELIEVE THE NAIVETE OF
          THE MEN HERE!”
          Welcome to English society, to the point even the white knights themselves are in denial they’re whipped.
          “Man Going His Own Way!”
          This is why women are failures at even attempting to replace men.

  21. ” One need only take a cursory glance at black America to realize the structural problems that inhere when men are not present as fathers. ”
    Really? I thought it is something related to their low IQ and general lack of civilization.
    In African societies, men generally didn’t invest much into their offspring. It’s isn’t a bug it’s a feature.

  22. The bone and spirit crushing juggernaut of modern feminism and liberalism in general always acts under the guise of equality and justice (similar to Stalinism and Maoism) and the “righting of historical wrongs.” It uses guilt, marginalization, and, if necessary, governmental violence (via banning and seizure of one’s property) to silence and suppress anything that is seen as a threat to its growth and expansion.
    However, it only has as much power as an individual allows it to have. This is good news indeed. This juggernaut’s challenge must be accepted and welcomed. It is important to note that other people must not be seen as the enemy. The only enemy is within ourselves. We must face any fears or reservations in our own daily lives in which we allow ourselves not to be the best men we can possibly be, to be the men we are meant to become, to fulfill our own destinies.
    Only then can we fit ourselves and help others and make manifest the world that is meant to be.

  23. Western culture is totally fucked up. After the age of 2 fathers are far more important to children (boys and girls) than their mothers. In cultures where political correctness does not exist things still operate this way. Children learn very little from their mothers after they are weened and “off the teat”.
    Men were designed by the creator to be the leader of the family. This includes leading the wife and the children through life’s perils. The world is a cruel and unforgiving place. Women can not handle the realities of life and we all now this. Any man that has raised children can clearly see the similarity to keeping a wife from going feral. Being the leader also means giving out appropriate discipline as needed to the children and the wife. The modern version of western culture tells us the man is subservient to the irrational thoughts of the unstable female mind and this is pure delusion.
    So let me get this right……… The family structure laid out by the creator and practiced for millennia is wrong? And feminism that spawned in the last 70 yrs is the answer has changed things for the better?

  24. I can applaud the strangeness of this article here. RoK is typically about getting laid and avoiding fertilization.

  25. An yet there were no articles on ROK for Fathers day duly celebrating Fathers – manufactured holiday or not.

  26. Only look to yourself. I am a father to many men. I’ve gotten men jobs, sex, love, accomplishments, degrees… et Al. It’s a taxing existence but one filled with the joys of success and eternal respect. Be a man, do the right thing.

  27. Reverse the decline: Marry foreign women from patriarchal societies. Simple as that. We’ll breed them out of existence.

    1. bro which one Russians fuck with us Arabs are just as fucked Asians expect you to give them the check etc there never has been a good woman

  28. It would be great to hear an article discussing fatherhood to daughters as well. Many of the general concepts apply to both sons and daughters, yet seeing as how modern women seem unfit to raise both boys AND daughters (perpetuating a feminist mindset to either gender), what the differences between the two are worthy of discussion and another article. Well done 2Wycked.

    1. If you’re raising daughters in America, you’ve already failed. The culture in America is so all-pervasive, that unless you are an Amish, your daughters WILL grow up to become feminist whores. The only question is- to what degree will they be feminist whores?

      1. Unless you’re an actual, you know, father to them. Culture only goes so far if you’ve consistently raised your daughter to question and reject feminism.

  29. Really good article! This article explains WHY feminism is creating a hyper-violent society. Because young men never had any positive male role models. The end result of feminism will be a hyper-violent society which makes Clockwork Orange look like a walk in the park.

    1. And we’re already witnessing the twinges of it with the randomized shootings since Columbine. Take the seamstresses away from their logical role, and all the social fabric becomes torn.

  30. This article and most of these comments are deluded. Single motherhood is child abuse? At least the women are trying. My sister gave her ex money and a CAR to try and keep him interested in seeing his son. He was an alcoholic who would come home and vomit in the closet. (She got together with him during a “dry” spell.) Women want fathers involved, but it’s hard to be enthusiastic when men are bad-tempered, unreliable and violent

    1. Looks like abuse to me. http://thefatherlessgeneration.wordpress.com/statistics/
      If you are looking for sympathy because your sister decided to get knocked up by a loser you are in the wrong place. This is a glimpse at how she disadvantaged her child.
      63% of youth suicides are from fatherless homes (US Dept. Of Health/Census) – 5 times the average.
      90% of all homeless and runaway children are from fatherless homes – 32 times the average.
      85% of all children who show behavior disorders come from fatherless homes – 20 times the average. (Center for Disease Control)
      80% of rapists with anger problems come from fatherless homes –14
      times the average. (Justice & Behavior, Vol 14, p. 403-26)
      71% of all high school dropouts come from fatherless homes – 9 times the average. (National Principals Association Report)
      Father Factor in Education – Fatherless children are twice as likely to drop out of school.
      Children with Fathers who are involved are 40% less likely to repeat a grade in school.
      Children with Fathers who are involved are 70% less likely to drop out of school.
      Children with Fathers who are involved are more likely to get A’s in school.
      Children with Fathers who are involved are more likely to enjoy school and engage in extracurricular activities.
      75% of all adolescent patients in chemical abuse centers come from fatherless homes – 10 times the average.
      Father Factor in Drug and Alcohol Abuse –
      Researchers at Columbia University found that children living in
      two-parent household with a poor relationship with their father are 68%
      more likely to smoke, drink, or use drugs compared to all teens in
      two-parent households. Teens in single mother households are at a 30%
      higher risk than those in two-parent households.
      70% of youths in state-operated institutions come from fatherless
      homes – 9 times the average. (U.S. Dept. of Justice, Sept. 1988)
      85% of all youths in prison come from fatherless homes – 20 times the average. (Fulton Co. Georgia, Texas Dept. of Correction)
      Father Factor in Incarceration – Even after
      controlling for income, youths in father-absent households still had
      significantly higher odds of incarceration than those in mother-father
      families. Youths who never had a father in the household experienced the
      highest odds. A 2002 Department of Justice survey of 7,000 inmates
      revealed that 39% of jail inmates lived in mother-only households.
      Approximately forty-six percent of jail inmates in 2002 had a previously
      incarcerated family member. One-fifth experienced a father in prison or
      Father Factor in Crime – A study of 109 juvenile
      offenders indicated that family structure significantly predicts
      delinquency. Adolescents, particularly boys, in single-parent families
      were at higher risk of status, property and person delinquencies.
      Moreover, students attending schools with a high proportion of children
      of single parents are also at risk. A study of 13,986 women in prison
      showed that more than half grew up without their father. Forty-two
      percent grew up in a single-mother household and sixteen percent lived
      with neither parent
      Father Factor in Child Abuse – Compared to living
      with both parents, living in a single-parent home doubles the risk that a
      child will suffer physical, emotional, or educational neglect. The
      overall rate of child abuse and neglect in single-parent households is
      27.3 children per 1,000, whereas the rate of overall maltreatment in
      two-parent households is 15.5 per 1,000.
      Daughters of single parents without a Father involved are 53% more
      likely to marry as teenagers, 711% more likely to have children as
      teenagers, 164% more likely to have a pre-marital birth and 92% more
      likely to get divorced themselves.
      Adolescent girls raised in a 2 parent home with involved Fathers are
      significantly less likely to be sexually active than girls raised
      without involved Fathers.
      43% of US children live without their father [US Department of Census]
      90% of homeless and runaway children are from fatherless homes. [US D.H.H.S., Bureau of the Census]
      80% of rapists motivated with displaced anger come from fatherless
      homes. [Criminal Justice & Behaviour, Vol 14, pp. 403-26, 1978]
      71% of pregnant teenagers lack a father. [U.S. Department of Health and Human Services press release, Friday, March 26, 1999]
      63% of youth suicides are from fatherless homes. [US D.H.H.S., Bureau of the Census]
      85% of children who exhibit behavioral disorders come from fatherless homes. [Center for Disease Control]
      90% of adolescent repeat arsonists live with only their mother.
      [Wray Herbert, “Dousing the Kindlers,” Psychology Today, January, 1985,
      p. 28]
      71% of high school dropouts come from fatherless homes. [National Principals Association Report on the State of High Schools]
      75% of adolescent patients in chemical abuse centers come from fatherless homes. [Rainbows f for all God’s Children]
      70% of juveniles in state operated institutions have no father. [US Department of Justice, Special Report, Sept. 1988]
      85% of youths in prisons grew up in a fatherless home. [Fulton
      County Georgia jail populations, Texas Department of Corrections, 1992]
      Fatherless boys and girls are: twice as likely to drop out of high
      school; twice as likely to end up in jail; four times more likely to
      need help for emotional or behavioral problems. [US D.H.H.S. news
      release, March 26, 1999]
      Census Fatherhood Statistics
      64.3 million: Estimated number of fathers across the nation
      26.5 million: Number of fathers who are part of married-couple families with their own children under the age of 18.
      Among these fathers –
      22 percent are raising three or more of their own children under 18 years old (among married-couple family households only).
      2 percent live in the home of a relative or a non-relative.
      2.5 million: Number of single fathers, up from 400,000 in 1970.
      Currently, among single parents living with their children, 18 percent
      are men.
      Among these fathers –
      8 percent are raising three or more of their own children under 18 years old.
      42 percent are divorced, 38 percent have never married, 16 percent
      are separated and 4 percent are widowed. (The percentages of those
      divorced and never married are not significantly different from one
      16 percent live in the home of a relative or a non-relative.
      27 percent have an annual family income of $50,000 or more.
      85 percent: Among the 30.2 million fathers living with children
      younger than 18, the percentage who lived with their biological children
      11 percent lived with step-children
      4 percent with adopted children
      < 1 percent with foster children
      Recent policies encourage the development of programs designed to
      improve the economic status of low-income nonresident fathers and the
      financial and emotional support provided to their children. This brief
      provides ten key lessons from several important early responsible
      fatherhood initiatives that were developed and implemented during the
      1990s and early 2000s. Formal evaluations of these earlier fatherhood
      efforts have been completed making this an opportune time to step back
      and assess what has been learned and how to build on the early programs’
      successes and challenges.While
      the following statistics are formidable, the Responsible Fatherhood
      research literature generally supports the claim that a loving and
      nurturing father improves outcomes for children, families and
      Children with involved, loving fathers are significantly more likely
      to do well in school, have healthy self-esteem, exhibit empathy and
      pro-social behavior, and avoid high-risk behaviors such as drug use,
      truancy, and criminal activity compared to children who have uninvolved
      Studies on parent-child relationships and child wellbeing show that
      father love is an important factor in predicting the social, emotional,
      and cognitive development and functioning of children and young adults.
      24 million children (34 percent) live absent their biological father.
      Nearly 20 million children (27 percent) live in single-parent homes.
      43 percent of first marriages dissolve within fifteen years; about
      60 percent of divorcing couples have children; and approximately one
      million children each year experience the divorce of their parents.
      Fathers who live with their children are more likely to have a
      close, enduring relationship with their children than those who do not.
      Compared to children born within marriage, children born to
      cohabiting parents are three times as likely to experience father
      absence, and children born to unmarried, non-cohabiting parents are four
      times as likely to live in a father-absent home.
      About 40 percent of children in father-absent homes have not seen
      their father at all during the past year; 26 percent of absent fathers
      live in a different state than their children; and 50 percent of
      children living absent their father have never set foot in their
      father’s home.
      Children who live absent their biological fathers are, on average,
      at least two to three times more likely to be poor, to use drugs, to
      experience educational, health, emotional and behavioral problems, to be
      victims of child abuse, and to engage in criminal behavior than their
      peers who live with their married, biological (or adoptive) parents.
      From 1995 to 2000, the proportion of children living in
      single-parent homes slightly declined, while the proportion of children
      living with two married parents remained stable.

  31. One related issue is the number of contributors on this site who dispense with the idea of becoming fathers. They want to chase skirt their entire life in some futile extension of their youth. No marriage, no children, just living a life of fun until the end comes.

    1. You should know the very notion of rejection, to the point of giving up establishing a family best. After all, you’re English and it’s a common feature amongst English-rooted societies.

  32. Bottom-line: The world is being guided into a technological slave plantation. Think about how a man provides his food and water, his shelter, his clothing. By typing on a computer. By running financial paper scams if you are really “successful”. Selling some useless Chinese slave trinkets. The average man is being neutered from his ability to self sustain, a cog in the big elitist wheel of earthly life. Women go along with most anything as long as they have “security and comfort” enslavement included. Men have more soul and don’t want to be driven like animals for the advancement of other men. Solution: Find little ways to self-sustain and grow them. Don’t feed the beast that enslaves you “as much as possible”.

  33. Amazing article, truly.
    This is when the cute, sassy “you go gurrrrl” narrative becomes sinister. I’ve seen first hand the effects of boys being raised in a community just by single mothers and it really hampers their growth.
    The transition from boy to man, is not an easy one; yet it is vital that it happens. The best way for this to occur is through an older male role model, preferably, the boy’s very own father. As much as I appreciate the Manosphere, it is very disturbing that a small island in cyber space, is really the only place that offers such crucial advice.
    Becoming a man requires a lot of work, otherwise you are merely disposable, you will have no inherent masculine value nor any feminine value. Women are simply in their own self absorbed world, they can’t comprehend what it means to be a man, so we can’t rely on them to raise our boys.
    Even something simple, such as knowing how to embrace rejection, something which is necessary for any male who wishes to spread his seed, must know. Is advice that could really help a lot of males transcend through a stage, which I see most getting stuck at. All these distractions and obstacles in hindsight, which are actually very minor, can be obliterated by having fathers around.
    Sexual Liberalization has essentially destroyed poor communities, that can’t fall back on their money. The black community in America, in many ways was better off under Jim Crow’s era, because they had the solid family unit, which led to positive economic repercussions on the whole. In Britain, there are white communities which have suffered the same effects, and they are beyond reproachable.
    Still what we have seen recently, is merely the effects of social engineering. I believe for those who want to have a civilised world, will naturally gravitate to this healthy model of raising children and a family as whole. Whether this be in the West (albeit a uphill battle, in a culture that despises positive masculine influence) or in a traditional country, that embraces maturity.

  34. What is dismantling fatherhood is men who choose to cruise Thailand for sex, Rather than spending their vacation with the kids they already have.
    Let us not become people of excuses: I can’t be a good father because of this and that. If you want to be a good father, just do it. Be there. Stop with the excuses and the blame

    1. No, I think what is dismantling fatherhood is women KICKING their husbands out of the family and thus keeping their children without a father.
      90 percent of divorces are initiated by women. Therefore, 90 percent of broken homes are literally women’s fault.

  35. It is imperative that we thoroughly aggregate crucial data on all actors complicit in this globally orchestrated drive to destroy the nuclear family by maliciously removing the father from his rightful place as captain and commander of his own personal tribe. They need to be duly identified and their many misdeeds recorded, filed, and backed up over multiple geographic locations around the net so as to render them virtually impervious to any attempts at effacement by those who may wish to cover their tracks. Many of these agents of the NWO are presently quite full of themselves due to the (illusory) immunity which they believe to possess given the significant backing afforded them by the current system in place. Little do they know just how much of a game changer the information currently being disseminated in public on this here internet has become.
    When their Nuremberg comes (and mark my words, it most definitely WILL come, in the form of massive class-actions by all the victims of willfully broken families against the many social engineers responsible for this catastrophe ), they will be torn down, tarred and feathered, and chased out of town as the rightful perpetrators of the malicious destruction of the family and healthy civilized society as we knew it. It is high-time time for society to purge itself of the vermin that has infected it and is in the process of consuming it from the inside-out, much like how a healthy organism captures and disposes of nefarious foreign intruders which it rightfully sees as a very real threat to its stability and ongoing longevity.

  36. Did anyone see the Wendy WIlliams clip that is on youtube, where Wendy Williams encourages a woman to trick her husband into getting pregnant?
    Jesus motherfucking Christ, this is what is happening to men in the west? Is it a surprise that men are committing suicide, being abandonded by the legal systems and treated like dog shit in society.
    FACT: There are more women in the western hemisphere then men. Also mentioned in the bible and koran that one of the signs that judgement day is coming is that there will be more woman than men on earth.

    1. Go to Google images and search on:
      women charged false rape
      What comes up are a tiny fraction of the pictures of women that have falsely accused men of rape. Click on some of the images and read the stories. The only cases we know about are when the police actually figure out the charges were false. Imagine being a man charged falsely! Women are destroying good, innocent men with false rape, false domestic violence and false harassment. Why? The government gave them the unconstitutional right to do so! If your wife gets mad at you – she can easily send you to jail and destroy the remainder of your entire life! And I’m supposed to man up and become a father? Women routinely use these tactics to gain sole custody of “their kids” after they file “no-fault divorce”. WOMEN FILE THE MAJORITY OF DIVORCES AND COLLECT THE VAST MAJORITY OF ALIMONY AND CHILD SUPPORT!

      1. Shocking. Absolutely sickening.
        Today’s women are low life degenerates. Check out the Tom Leykis clip on youtube discussing the above issue with Paul Elam.
        This is why I encourage more men to listen to Tom Leykis, who encourages the following:
        -Don’t get married
        -Don’t have kids
        -Get a vasectomy to protect yourself
        -Don’t talk to women in the workplace (this is where you can be sued for rape and sexual harrassment)
        -Don’t raise another’s kid
        -Don’t hook up with single mothers
        -Always wear condoms and never believe the women when she says she is on the pill
        -If a women is an interloper in your house and tries to change you or gets you to compromise, tell her to get out.

        1. My boss was accused of harassment by a female coworker because he glanced at her while making a cautionary comment on performance. The comment wasn’t directed at her and he was glancing at everyone when he said it in a team meeting. The guy purposefully doesn’t target individuals and instead holds group meetings to discuss potential performance issues that impact the whole team so that no one is singled out. You can’t win.

        2. Have you seen women in the workplace. My god, dangerous aggresive dog like mentality. Say wrong thing, they will treat you like a sick criminal, when in reality, they are the criminals.
          Trust me, I stayed away from them at work, all the time.

  37. “Ask not what my country can do for me, but rather what I can do for my country”
    THE WORST speech of our lifetimes. When your country abandons you, you must
    abandon your country. If your country has deprived you of economic
    opportunities then you cannot do anything for your country.
    The country has gone to the gutters. Politicians, bankers and corporations
    have destroyed all prosperity and opportunities for the middle class which has eroded.
    Manhood is destroyed:
    This is the REALITY of America:
    -Over 100 million Americans out of work
    -Over 100 million Americans on food stamps
    -Over 40 million Americans without health insurance
    -Over 1 trillon dollars in student loan debt, surpassing the nation’s credit card debt
    -Over 1 bllion dollars funnelled into the military industrial complex
    -Over 2 billion dollars given as foreign aid to Israel
    -Corporations owning our government and politicians
    -The most corrupt poltical, legal and economic system
    -The death of good capitalism and the introduction of fascism (too big to fail banks)
    -The highest incarceration rate per capita (the prison industrial complex)
    -The dollar losing 90% of it’s value thanks to the Federal Reserve
    -Since Clinton, Bush and Obama, we have seen NAFTA, Patriot Act, NDAA,
    corporate bailouts, deregulations, bonuses for the rich, tax breaks for
    the rich and industry written laws.
    -Over 8 million jobs outsourced to other countries
    -Technology advancing at a rapid rate and replacing and automating more jobs
    -Violation and errosion of our Constitutional rights
    -Feminists destroying everything (family courts, education, raising boys as single mothers)
    -The decay and collapse of society and culture ( hipsters, the gay agenda,
    the attacking of religions, the reversals of gender roles, the decay of
    Hollywood and the music industry, the dumbing down of society.)
    Anddespite all of this, most Americans choose not to care. They care more
    about the Kardashians and American Idol. Its no wonder that the traditional
    gender roles have reversed and we now see more boys and men liking My
    Little Pony.
    God have mercy on our souls…

    1. Hilary is on the news talking about the Clinton’s financial struggles. The Clinton’s have hundreds of millions of dollars – but if you ask them – they’re struggling financially. They have all that money, federal pensions, secret service, free healthcare, their kids will want for nothing in life – and yet they have financial struggles. It must be tough not being able to remember how many homes or cars you have. Tough to keep count when you have so much stuff.
      See, when you have hundreds of millions – you’re poor next to those will billions – who are the Clinton’s rich friends they aspire to be. Enough is never enough for the greedy. Poor, poor Clintons. How devastating it must be to struggle financially.
      Meanwhile, millions are out of work, underemployed, barely making it and hundreds of millions don’t know how they’re going to survive when they get too old to work. Society is collapsing so that a privleged few can live lives 90% of Americans can’t even imagine in their wildest dreams. The millennial generation should be renamed the doomed generation cause they and their kids are going to be left with tens upon tens of trillions of dollars of debt.
      Get married? Be a father? Bring a child into this world? YOU’D HAVE TO BE INSANE!

  38. Satan walks about as an angry lion, seeking who he will devour.
    The hidden ones who are really running our country decided long ago to destroy our society.
    Fatherless sons AND daughters are by design, along with all of the rest of our very obvious ills.
    Welfare is a prime example, but there are a multitude of others.
    We cannot win these battles, but my Savior Jesus HAS won the war. Seek His favor by asking Him into your heart. There is no other way out of this mess.

  39. I know someone just like your friend. I meet him every single day. I see him when I look into the mirror. That ‘someone’ is myself. Just like your friend, I got good grades in school, socially okay, and have no problem getting the girls. Yet, I’m constantly depressed. I’m still struggling to not end up like your friend, and yes, I contemplated suicide many times before. My family is intact, but my father is distant. We almost never talk. When I achieve something great, he’s not there to even acknowledge it. When I did something wrong, unless it concerns him, he ignores it, and when it does concern him, he scold me like I was an animal, unworthy of his ‘constructive criticism and guidance’. All he cares about are himself, his pride, and his wealth (I could safely say that he’s in the 1 percent).
    Up until now, the movie I enjoy watching the most is the one that shows a healthy relationship between father and son. I’d been wondering why I enjoy watching that kind of movie, until I realized that those movies have something I desire: a ‘real’ father. I realized that what I desire the most in life right now is something that I lack the most in my past.
    I don’t want to blame my past or my father, but it can’t be helped. No matter how hard I tried to be an ‘alpha male’, to forget those past, to control my emotion and start thinking rationally, to stop being weak, I end up feeling desperate.
    But maybe I was wrong. Maybe I’m just another beta trying to blame other people for my desperation.

  40. “Books like Peggy Drexler’s Raising Boys Without Men and Lenore Weitzman’s The Divorce Revolution”
    The fact that both these authors are jewish is completely irrelevant! Anyone who says otherwise is a nazi!!

  41. Response.
    First, an apology. I’m trolling ROK. It’s fascinating. Do I agree with all of the viewpoints? No. Some of the core thinking? Yes. Here’s the context. Yes, I’m a woman. Wife (30 years). Mother (1 son and 1 daughter). Grandmother (1 grandson). Career (Yes). Got married young by today’s standards for women (23) or late by some of the thinking on ROK. So I came of age as feminism matured. It was my generation that first started having children later in life. I chose not to. Some thoughts on the comments about the importance of fathers.
    First. To women. Have your kids young. Your body bounces back faster (husbands love that). You have more energy to deal with the physical stress of raising babies and young children. Second. Couldn’t agree more about the importance of fathers in their children’s lives every day. Our kids are who they are today (hardworking, great problem solvers, respectful) because of their father (IMHO). My contribution? Honestly? I’m not sure. Perhaps an open mind and a sense of adventure. Really, this is a TOUGH question for me to answer. Third. Couldn’t agree more that neither parent should denigrate the other in ANY situation but especially if the children are present. Not acceptable. Fourth. Are the rights of fathers fairly represented today? No. I can understand the anger that oozes from the comments on this site. The law isn’t on the side of men when it comes to their children. Is feminism the cause of all this? It has certainly played a role. The technological age is a factor as well. Technology has made narcissism easy and is held up as a good thing. What total and utter BS. Families cannot thrive in a world where self-love takes precedence over self-sacrifice.
    Finally, as a woman who grew up in the ‘You can have it all’ world I’d have to say to young women out there you can’t have it all. Sacrifices must be made and they shouldn’t feel guilty about making a choice that flies in the face of (radical) feminism.
    And one last thought on fathers and their importance in a child’s life. I have observed how many mothers try to be their child’s friend. This is especially true with teenage girls. I believe fathers can prevent this truly insidious thing from from happening.
    And my second last thought. To give you some perspective. It’s tough for a woman to come to terms with her changing body after children and over the course of her life. So have a little care on that front. Luckily I married a man who understands the ebbs and flows of a life together. Oh and one last hint to the women out there. Sex every day with your partner. Seriously. Make it a priority. Rant done. Please be gentle with me ROK.

    1. Kudos to you!! Bravo!!
      wanna hook up??
      (kidding kidding kidding kidding………;)

  42. This article really hits home for me. For almost four years after my divorce, I was marginalized as a father by both my ex-wife and the family court system. For the last two of those, I fought an expensive, uphill battle to regain a more meaningful foothold with my kids (and won).
    In the meantime, my elementary-aged son has had multiple disciplinary issues at school, struggles with impulse control and was even evaluated for violence against his classmates and suggestions that he was going to kill himself. Their solution? Medicate him.
    Since the relationship between us has been largely restored, there has been significant, marked improvement in all of these areas. He is no longer spending nearly his entire domestic life in the company of his mother and sisters, and his disposition and behavior as a result is markedly different for the better.
    This whole situation has fucked up my daughters as well, behaviorally and academically. A fatherless society is a doomed society.

  43. grew up in a broken home. single mother until ~13. agree 100% with the article. was on a path to career criminal until my mom sent me to live with my dad. as easy as it is to say ‘lol niggers’ the white family is on the same path. we need to ally and find a traditionalist future instead of attacking those beneath us.

  44. Wow. This is the best article I have ever read, and I read a goddamn lot. Nailed everything on the head. Struck a real chord with me as I had a father who was distant and half-assed it for most of my life.
    It doesn’t have to be exclusive to biological seed though. My personal goal (which should be shared with all of us) is to mentor and become a masculine figure for as many young, lost men as possible. We all should pledge to do this for another man.
    It makes me really wonder who the fuck is behind all of this. Why does the general public ignore the glaringly obvious problem of the matriarchy? Who is social engineering society to behave this way? “Single mother” should be a slur, not a fucking honorable profession.

  45. Based on the various articles written on this site(some I seriously hope are a satire) I wonder how the writers of the this site are planning to raise their daughters. Would you teach them about self-respect and self-worth? I also wonder what kind of men you would encourage them to attract. Just curious…

  46. The importance of fathers can be demonstrated through events as the London Riots of a couple of years ago. I recall seeing calls on national media for parents to be held accountable for the actions of the teenagers involved in the riots.
    Well the teens were hauled into court and it became evident that most of them came from fatherless homes. Should they have gone through with proposed laws it would have been mothers who would have been adversely affected and we just can’t have that now can we? The whole move was dropped.

  47. Walking down the street one day, à little ahead or me I saw a man with a young, say between 5 and 8 year old, girl alongside him – presumably his daughter. In her innocence, she asked a pointed question, like kids do: “dad, what’s insurance?”
    The man pondered for a moment upon this. I sensed he didn’t expect such a charged question, but his reply was something like this: “it’s something you get to look after the things and the people you care about.”
    They trailed off, going in another direction. As I walked on, I realized what is, if not on a par with provisioning and protection, perhaps the most important element of fatherhood.. giving your children a solid root on real life that they can understand, grow, and navigate by later in life.
    One of the best posts on ROK, hands down.

  48. Aren’t we all going to the extreme on both sides? Feminists are out of control, and so are anti-feminist men. Shouldn’t our aim be to acknowledge our changing society and educate both sides about how to peacefully co-exist under the changing rules? It seems both sides are doing the best they can with what they’ve been given or raised with. Ignorance breeds ignorance. Teaching our children to hate women only breeds more hate. Teaching our children to hate men only breeds more hate. Things will never gel with that mentality. There will always be stupidity in this idiocracy on both sides. There will always be both men and women that set bad examples or personify the hated stereotypes. Education and knowledge are our only hope. Not returning to the dark ages where women were slaves. Not moving on to the feared potential future where men are slaves. Children need both parents. That’s why we’re programmed to raise them as couples. Both sexes have something potentially valuable and complementary to add to parenting. We need people to see the value of whole and complete families again and BOTH sides need to make it a priority to develop personal and emotional maturity and the ability to positively communicate and compromise with their spouse. Men want their women to be happy. Women want to make their men happy. We all want the same things. It’s about unconditional mutual respect and all people of both sexes are capable of this, as much as we think they aren’t.

  49. As a father who has been put through hell and back by his babies mother… I honestly can say this article had me in tears at several moments! Fuck it, better to be honest about the pain and frustration of our spiritual amputation then to act like every is ok… ITS NOT!

  50. Great article. Really. I subscribe by evry single world. Plus being a father is a journey into yourself.
    I am blessed with a wonderful male kid and is the single best thing that happened in my life. to hell with all the “being caged” crap. Even if me and his mum were to divorce, No way I would let him down. he is my blood. Blood ain’t water we say in the old country and is true. A man needs to be a father is a simple fact. I do not criticize people who choose not to have kids, it is a free wold after all. But I tell you guys you are loosing out a lot on yourselfs.

  51. I hope it’s not a repost. This author sounds red pill to me. His books are very interesting.

  52. I remember a line in Boyz in Da Hood where Furious (Laurence Fishburne) tells his son: “You think I’m being hard on you right now but I’m not. I’m just trying to teach you how to be responsible. Your little friends across the street they don’t have anyone to do that, they don’t. You’re gonna see how they end up, too” Grimly prophetic words: Doughboy becomes a drug addicted career criminal and gets murdered, Ricky attempts to improve his life by playing football but knocks up his teenage girlfriend and gets shot over an inconsequential argument, “Monster” goes to prison for murder.

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