How To Commit Statutory Rape On A Boy And Get Rewarded For It

Mary Kay Letourneau, who statutorily raped a 12-year-old boy and later married him, will be appearing in an interview with Barbara Walters tonight. Once again we are accosted with an example of society rewarding and mitigating overt female criminality, most tragically of the sexual variety against a child.

Men who commit sexual crimes are typically harassed, abused, and physically assaulted. Female sex offenders, by contrast, are afforded all the privileges of celebrities. The Barbara Walters interview (also, is it paid?) only adds to Letourneau’s undeserved and stomach-churning fame. She should receive attention only to be condemned and vilified.

Thankfully, Letourneau served serious jail time for raping Vili Fualaau, a rarity where the norm for female sex offenders is usually probation or less than a year incarcerated. Despite her time behind bars, society owes Letourneau no favors, and certainly no celebrity status, such as the $750,000 E! allegedly paid to her and Fualaau to cover their wedding a decade ago. How this was even allowed, considering law generally prohibits profiting from a crime, flummoxes me to no end.

Should we be surprised?

A palm-reader told Barbara Walters she’d win a Pulitzer if she interviewed and humanized a female sex offender.

Barbara Walters would not interview a male student “convicted” in a college kangaroo court, but she’ll interview a woman who pled guilty to raping a 12-year-old when she was in a position of authority over him. You go girl, feminist journalist trailblazer!

There are Catholic priests who commit statutory rape where the boy or girl in question does not “resist.” Would Barbara Walters interview such a priest and their victim-turned-spouse? Not in a million years, let alone smile for the camera with them.

A child abuser in more ways than one

Forgotten amongst Letourneau’s own antics, during her sexual crimes and after them, is the family she abandoned. To subject four children, the ones she had with her husband at the time, to such familial shame and notoriety is nothing short of sociopathic child abuse. In addition, she selfishly deprived them of the emotional stability that their early lives should have had in abundance.

If the measure of true love is having an elementary school boy impregnate you when you’re his teacher, then I just gave up (for the second time) on it. The Barbara Walters interview is merely further impetus to make people believe that only men are genuine child sexual abusers and that there is something admirable (“true love!”) when women engage in it.

I am sure Letourneau rationalized in her mind that her husband had let her down and didn’t deserve her (as he earned to support the four kids her teacher’s salary couldn’t). Once again, women are stripped of their agency and their repulsive actions allowed to regress into “I-couldn’t-defy-my-feelings” automation.

Is Vili Fualaau suffering from Stockholm Syndrome?

This was 20 years ago. What would she look like now, sans make-up?

He may claim to love Letourneau, but I still regard him as a victim, not just historically but in 2015. At the age of 12, he learned he was to become a father. At that point his childhood ended. It would not surprise me in the slightest (in fact, I think this is the case) if Fualaau had no choice but to “love” or accept Letourneau. After all, his name was indelibly linked to her in every news story around the world.

Nothing could ever erase his association with Letourneau, even if she had not been pregnant. Socializing would only reinforce the stain; Fualaau’s friends and classmates would think of Letourneau and the media packs in their neighborhood every time they saw him.

Also, consider the way that society treats male victims of statutory rape. Though victims of a crime, according to one Arizona decision they are still required to pay child support to their sexual abuser. There would be a multitude of other, more implicit ways in which male victims of female sexual abuse are made or encouraged to deal with their situation as is.

Whose kids will she teach next?

Reports are making it clear that Letourneau will broach the subject of wanting to be removed from the sex offender registry and teach again. Given that she has already earned a fortune from her media-covered wedding, been lauded in a “Hot for Teacher” nightclub theme night, had a sympathetic film made about her, and is now shootin’ the shit with Barbara Walters, this could indeed transpire.

The fact that we would even have this discussion play out on American national television highlights the special privileges and protections afforded to women who prey on children for sexual gratification. Boys exploited in these situations are seen as markedly less deserving of victim status, too.

The case of statutory rapist and ex-teacher Debra Lafave exemplifies this dual perception and double standard. While she served no jail-time, a male teacher from a nearby Florida county, Dang Van Dinh, was sentenced to five years for the same crime. Mary Kay Letourneau only received a long prison sentence because it was the first truly infamous national case of female teacher statutory rape.

Warning: Debra Lafave doesn’t look so great without make-up.

Concluding sighs

Mary Kay Letourneau is a sex offender now, was a sex offender in the past, and will be a sex offender in the future. Glossing over her horrendous crime with the veneer of celebrity only encourages further vile and deplorable acts from other would-be female sex offenders.

America is suffering an epidemic of predatory females raping young male students. The only responsible and reasonable approach is to stop glorifying what would be vehemently attacked if the teacher were male.

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  1. Her and every one of her supporters and those who reward her deserve nothing less than beheading.

    1. Really? This one got me. The fact that they’re putting her on T.V. and nearly celebrating her statutory rape was shocking to me. The fact that so many women see nothing wrong with this wasn’t necessarily shocking, but the push to shine a light on it as if it’s normal did.

  2. The next time I hear a spinster whine about men not investing themselves in society, I’ll send them to this link. HINT TO LADIES READING: ITS BECAUSE YOU TREAT MEN LIKE LIVESTOCK.
    Absolutely sickening, there’s little else that’s worth saying about this.

  3. We are approaching the situation where females will be absolved of all criminal or bad activity in The West.

    1. From the link regarding child support:

      A California court later ruled that a 15-year-old boy must pay support for a child conceived with a 34-year-old neighbor who was convicted of statutory rape in the case.

      So, if you’re a male and a minor, you’re essentially open game for women (& the state) to get future income from, and you can do nothing about it.

        1. I’m amazed men stand by and let this shit happen to them and still defend this country and the system it royally assfucks them with. It’s not just this idiocy there’s a long laundry list of grievances especially if you are a taxpaying straight white male. How bad does it have to get before men either leave or fight back? We reach new lows every single day on our way to hell.

        2. “We reach new lows every single day on our way to hell.” Yes, but the average man never hears about them because the media instead tries to incite race and class war between men to perpetuate the victim-industrial complex that keeps them in business long enough to cut to the Kardashians.

        3. Yes, and this is why you always hear the propaganda of how “The US is the best, greatest, most awesome country in all the world” and how anyone would give their left nut just to live here. They have to keep up the propaganda that no matter how bad things get here, you’re still better off putting up with this nonsense then living anywhere else. Otherwise there would be a mass exodus (actually, emigration from the US and people giving up their US citizenship (not something I would do) are both at all time highs).
          It’s true that wages here are higher than they are south of the border, but even the Hispanic immigrants I know only want to work here for a few years, and then return to their country (well, less so Mexico with the cartels) but they care nothing for our corrupt way of life here and just want to get rich and move south, which is my plan too.

      1. The key word here is “California.”
        That is the liberal mecca of the US. It exists in an alternate universe where freakish behaviors are normal and the more insane you are the more normal you are considered to be. The exception to this would be if a person considered him or herself “conservative” that person would then be regarded as a sheer nutcase.

        1. Same in Portland and Seattle. In Seattle where a tunnel boring machine has been stuck under DT for 1.5 years, the city council has focused on banning city employees from saying “brown bag lunch” and is re-written official records to no longer use the word ‘man.’ Example: it’s hand writing, not penmanship.

        2. The inmates aren’t just running the asylum, they’re building extensions to it.

        3. Well, you’re conflating places like San Francisco and Los Angeles with the rest of the state. I lived in California for 27 years (no longer there), and let me tell you there are huge differences depending on what part of the state you’re in.
          The part called the Inland Empire is filled with gun-owning blue collar union workers who like their trucks.
          Orange County is solidly conservative Republican.
          Southern California also has a big military population.
          The Central Valley is more like a midwestern farm state than anything else.
          The Leftists are mostly along the coast.
          Every few years there’s talk about breaking California up into several states, but it never seems to go anywhere.

        4. I’ve heard of this before, but even still California is mostly left of center, the few scattered pockets of conservatism notwithstanding.

        5. IF California broke up, there would be no water or electricity for the liberal cities.

        6. Or food. California has the largest agricultural industry in the US, but of course its all produced in the non-leftist parts.

        7. Best state in the USA and outproduces them all. Sure there are a few liberal shitholes, and a few concrete jungles, but otherwise CA has it all. Only liberal in a few metro areas & years ahead of the rest of the USA in pretty much everything. WA & CO are lusting to turn themselves into Socialist meccas, yet are shitty places to begin with. NORCAL baby!

        8. Yes these same sex liberal places are gearing up to pass victorian style sex laws that say men need affirmative consent to fuck women.

        9. That’s already happened though in at least one place. ROK featured it in an article.

        1. A male form of BC would really cut down on all this BS. The fraud against men would decrease greatly.
          The left and feminists — who are dependent on proliferating women to financially rape men off their sperm — know this. That’s why whenever it’s proposed, they lose their collective minds.

        2. Even when you’re unconscious, your dick is responsive to stimuli, and it can still get hard and even ejaculate.

        3. I understand nocturnal emission, but ejaculation is possible when one is inebriated? I suppose being asleep under the influence versus not, does nothing to mitigate the penis’ ability to function in standard fashion?
          I’ve literally never heard of a woman raping a man in my lifetime. My disbelief in hearing about such an event doesn’t stem from being brain washed, etc.: it stems from the firm belief that a woman couldn’t rape me if she had to which is why I have a hard time picturing a grown and capable man of being ‘womanhandled’ in a sexual manner.

        4. Grow Up, PAL.
          You’re acting like a lil Social Justice Wanker. Trolling merely to silence speech. No one is forcing you to watch the link.
          If you’re jacking off to flagging comments, start with the abundance of work from home $48,000/ minute scams that litter every comment section of every ROK article

        5. The man’s claims seem outlandish, but as part of the proceedings a doctor testified that his dick would still be able to function, and several people testified that the woman had admitted she fucked the guy while he was unconscious.
          It seems that having a crazy bitch ride your dick would be enough to wake a guy up, but people can get really fucked-up drunk. Long ago I was at a party and a guy passed out. He pissed his pants, and didn’t even stir when another guy and I picked him up and carried him to a safer, quieter part of the house.
          Women also sometimes use coercion (blackmail, threats of violence) to get sex, and sometimes women will use force, pinning down a guy while slapping or punching him into submission. (The world has a lot of thin, unmuscular guys, and a lot of hefty bitches).

        6. Thanks for taking the time to inform me in the first two paragraphs.
          The third paragraph doesn’t sound plausible in a generalized sense but I’m sure there are strangely mismatched couples who exist where that might be the case.

        7. Boys aren’t men women are raping boys.. Another thing men get raped in prison all the time.

      2. This is going to end up coming back to bite women in the ass. The reason for these ridiculous rulings is that it has been hammered to the courts (especially in California) that the only consideration in family law and child support is the “best interest of the child.” This vague and ambiguous rule has been used by women for a long time to bludgeon men in divorces. Best interest of the child has been taken up by courts to mean “live with mother with lots of child support (and probably alimony because why not).”
        So this rule gets ingrained with the courts but whenever the shoe is on the other foot, women scream bloody murder. They made their bed and now they have to lie in it.

      3. You can, but it requires being willing to die in a gunfight. But I have no problem with that.

        1. Take em out to the deep water with a cinder block.
          Hey, I think she ran off with the pool boy.
          No body, no crime.

        1. Right, and all those young girls who are sexually abused by men, they should have simply known better.

        2. Yes, they should have. A 15 year old is sexually mature and should know better. They may be a legal “minor” for the purpose of consent, but unless they were literally bound and gagged or a gun to their temple, they are complicit in the relationship.

    2. To be followed by a pendulum effect that’ll make the Muslims shit their undies.

    3. There is disparity in sentencing between men and women. Women know they can do the same crime, and do less time for it. They are treated like children when it comes to sentencing. Feminism is one the great lies of human history.

      1. Yep I won’t be surprised if they stop sending women to prison altogether. Feminists claim they want equality but they refuse to accept equal responsibility.

      1. Feminists believe rape laws only apply to men. If an adult woman has sex with an intoxicated male minor, he should consider himself lucky.

    4. It’s already here.
      Look at how college women who make up rape allegations are treated like royalty. I guarantee the Columbia Mattress Girl will become a National Icon courtesy of the Hillary Campaign endeavoring to make the useful idiots buy into the bogus 1 in 5 claim as a means to get the Yes means Yes legislation in every state in the US. This will ensure feminist orgs are forever well funded.

  4. Sorry, I don’t see Vili as anything close to being a victim. Nor any of the other “victims” of older teachers. I wholeheartedly agree that this woman is the lowest of the low but sorry the kid did what any other normal red blooded heterosexual kid would do.

      1. Very good question and I would expect nothing less from you. I don’t have a one size fits all. I know of a case where a 28 year old teacher seduced, if you want to call it that a 16 year old girl in his English class. They dated all throughout her HS and college years, married and more than 30 years later are still married. I briefly taught HS history and in one of my classes a very attractive 14 year old came up to my desk the day before a test, leaned over so her breasts were almost touching me and said “I’ll do anything to get an A on this test and I mean anything.” I told her to try studying for it and she stormed off. I’m lucky she didn’t report me and make my life a nightmare. I was 40 years old at the time. I think that if you are an adult man or woman you should leave anyone of “jailbait” age the hell alone. I think that any teacher having sex with a HS or younger student is as wrong as wrong can be. I don’t think any teen aged boy that allows himself to be seduced by a teacher is some poor victim that needs a pity party. Leave that shit for the liberals and SJWs. Perhaps where Vili was concerned I am being off base in my thinking, although I don’t remember any 12 year old boys when I was growing up that looked anything like him. He did end up marrying her and fathering two children with her didn’t he? Doesn’t smack of victimhood to me.

        1. The others who responded to you have already mentioned the points i was intending to make in a subsequent response so i need not indulge redundancy here.
          I thank you for the compliment as well as your response and i ask that you give their words due consideration.

        2. That girl sounded opportunistic. Wouldn’t be surprised if her mother encouraged her to do it to be sue-happy after.
          Don’t let anything shock you anymore.

        3. I think that if you are an adult man or woman you should leave anyone of
          “jailbait” age the hell alone. I think that any teacher having sex with
          a HS or younger student is as wrong as wrong can be.

          This is because the demented age of consent laws that cannot contemplate the reality, that is that a 15 or 16 yo is not a child.

    1. …the kid did what any other red blooded normal heterosexual kid would do.

      So, you believe the kid was simply following his own biology before he was legally responsible for his actions… but he’s *not* a victim? His actions were instinctual, and he wasn’t adult enough to have learned how they work yet, but he’s not a victim here?
      Rape is a crime of power. When you’re young, you have animal instincts that you are both unaware of, and unaware of the consequences of. That’s why parents work so hard to keep kids safe. Their instinct at first is to put things in their mouths to experience taste and texture of everything, and parents are there to take the sharp knives away.
      What you’re essentially saying is that if an adult, recognizing the youth and ignorance of a child, puts that child in a situation where their child instincts take over, and the adult can get something from the child for themselves, then the child is not a victim.
      Have I made it clear how your view might come off as entirely self-contradictory?

    2. Either statutory rape should apply to both males and females or neither. Anything else is hypocritical.

    3. So male teachers who fuck their teenaged girl students are good to go then?

  5. Fuck this society. Straight to Hell. Oh no wait, Hell will have lots of cool people I actually want to associate with. I don’t know where it deserves to go, then.
    Nice use of “kangaroo court”, I say those words all the time. Even said it to a judge once myself as a defendant once. Fuck if I care, what’s he going to do? His balls were in a vice and he knew it. He’s just another mortal at the end of the day anyway. “Kangaroo court” should become regular vernacular just to rattle their bones and call them out on their incompetence and illegitimacy.
    Don’t talk to cops. Don’t let them bully or coerce you otherwise into doing it. Repeat “I have nothing to say” until you’re blue in the face and you have an attorney on retainer. Even say “Non serviam” and see if they get it and how they react. You should ultimately serve nobody but yourself as is, same way everybody else does and tries so pathetically hard to deny it and seem altruistic.
    Hopefully the one good thing that will come out of all of this police violence against innocent and unarmed citizens is a lack of trust and cooperation with police and courts amongst the rabble. You have no obligation or moral duty to help make their lives easier at all!

    1. You don’t have to repeat anything to them. Simply stand there and say nothing. There is no need to declare you have nothing to say to a cop. A court of law is a different matter now, thanks to the awful “You have to plead the 5th every single time we ask you to speak” standard. But to a cop? Fuck him/her, say nothing, give nothing. Eventually they go away. If they don’t, then you have one, and only one sentence you should utter “Am I being detained or am I free to go”.
      Non-terry stop I mean.

      1. This is incorrect. If you are in a police interrogation situation the cops are allowed to continue questioning until you actually say “im going to remain silent.”

        1. This was in regards to a stop in public (I annotated it on my post a non-Terry stop). And this had nothing to do with what they are “allowed” to do, it was in regards to what you are required to do and you are not required to say jack shit if they have you on a street corner and are grilling you. So actually, eh, not so “incorrect” really.
          Once they have probable cause and have arrested you, the rules change a bit. Still not to the ludicrous court standard, but yes, you can tell them “Not gonna talk, give me my phone call to my lawyer”. And then you’re done there too.

        2. I believe the only thing you are required to do is give police your real name. Perhaps also your date of birth, to narrow down which “John Smith” you are. And I believe they can only demand this if they are conducting an investigation and actually looking for someone.
          I used to have an ACLU pocket card that summarized what to do in police encounters. However, since I’m a white male, knock on wood it didn’t get much use. But you can download it from their website. Best thing to do is to stay off their radar and avoid them at all costs.

      2. When the cops tell you, “an innocent person doesn’t need an attorney”, the answer is: “that’s not what the attorney is gonna say”.

        1. Absolutely.
          People say you’re a chick and your name hints at it. If so, you seem to have an uncommon amount of good sense about you (that’s a compliment), even if you were a man. If not, apologies.

        2. Thank you GoJ. I am one of the few females who reads RoK daily. Although I don’t agree with every article and comment, I try to remain respectful of the manosphere. I had an epiphany when I read the how to survive a witch hunt article because that happened to me in 2010 and I was so traumatized by those evil cunts. that I stopped moving forward in life. I have developed my frame, good eye contact and listen to Tom Leykis and Patrice O’Neal (RIP).
          Peace and blessings to you and yours.

    2. I agree with you on all points. We all see how they “protect and serve” us thanks to the rash of videos showing overt police brutality coming out of every corner of this rotten place. Just ask Eric Garner. They protected and served the fuck out of him.

  6. I can’t believe they’re trotting out this dumb bitch again. I thought we were done with her back in the 90s.
    According to wikipedia, her children by this kid are about 17 and 18. They are the ones I truly feel sorry for because they have to live with the knowledge that their mother is a sexual freak who whores herself out on television for cash ‘n’ prizes. Do you think the network gives a flying fuck about their well-being? No, of course not, they can’t just let those kids live in peace because ABC, Inc. DBA Disney-ABC Television Group has to get paid somehow. Of course, the massive fucked up irony is that The Walt Disney Company is the ultimate owner of this shit. Next thing you know they’ll hire Letourneau to voice a character for the Frozen sequel.
    Again, another perfect example of why you should just disconnect yourself from the degenerate horseshit that is the Entertainment-Indoctrination Complex. If you’re subscribing to cable and watching TV, you’re part of the problem. Have some self-respect and drop ALL of this shit.
    I know I’ll sound like a broken record constantly quoting Gibbon, but always keep him in the back of your mind. One of his Five Marks of the Roman Decaying Culture was:
    “Obsession with sex and perversions of sex.”
    Its pretty obvious what’s going on here.

    1. Excellent post. I agree. Turn the idiot box off. All the way off.
      Fuck cable. Fuck Directv. Fuck Dish Network and fuck every TV network too.
      Stop watching, stop paying the monthly bill and stop contributing your hard earned money so shit like this can be televised.

        1. I think ancient homo sapiens still woulda dug the three stooges…just saying

        2. The Grey’s Anatomy episode the other night saw a man get castrated and you saw a bloody spot on him. On Primetime television. TV is fucked up.

        3. Interesting satire… funny and sad and true. It doesn’t surprise me what the Progressives shovel down peoples throats on tv anymore.

      1. ^ x10
        “Stop watching, stop paying the monthly bill and stop contributing your hard earned money so shit like this can be televised.”
        That is essentially what those who pay for tv are doing. They are supporting an Engine of Evil that purports to enslave all in opposition.
        Too many folks feel they need tv to stay connected or entertained though. Feeling and Thinking are two completely different animals.

    2. Her kids also knows that their mom was a slut! And now society rewards women for being a slut and child sex offender. Sickens me.

      1. Child sex offenders are sick in their minds. The reason why they are attracted to kids is because they are very immature people.

    3. It’s not because the kikenvermin have taken over Disney, as well as all other forms of media. It’s just a Cohencidence.
      They were not present and had nothing to do with the decline of the Roman Empire, either. It’s just a Cohencidence.

    4. Amusing ourselves to death by Neil postman , pretty good read . Written I think in 1985 but most certainly has much relevance today.

    5. “If you’re subscribing to cable and watching TV, you’re part of the problem. Have some self-respect and drop ALL of this shit.”
      *I wish I could upvote your post 100 times.*
      Can someone please write an article about this issue!!! ^^^ It has all the merit in the world. I have NEVER paid for cable television in my life and never will… I never understood why anyone would pay for something that is free.
      I have been hypothesizing about this for years: I wonder what would happen to the Zionist Camp worldwide if people simply boycotted Cable television…. oh how insanely glorious I imagine it would be! Talk about taking a major, MAJOR chunk of revenue away from the Global Zionist Army.
      They would be crying to the hills for eternity if this came to pass. Alas, people need their entertainment (hell, I’m addicted to reading, video games, and movies) and I’m one of them. But… I do not pay for television and I do NOT pay full price for video games or movies (books once in a while if Half Price Books doesn’t have it or Ebay doesn’t have it cheap enough to suit me).
      I don’t mean to sound off point or off post, but I think Vlaskiach (cool name btw) brings up an amazing point/issue with what’s behind the majority of these worldwide issues. Consumerism funded Evil is not immune to defeat. Starving them of their previous revenue would eventually strangle them to the point where we could finally ‘oust them’ for who they are…. ‘the’ masters of Imperialism.
      Attention Progressives: we are not living in harmony and we do not approve of you. We will not allow you to control us or subvert the Constitution of the United States. We stand armed, and we will have Order, by God or by the Universe it will take place.

  7. Debra Lafave doesn’t look so great without make-up.
    Though honestly, she looks pretty decent with make up. This is entirely unrelated to the point of the article however. That she served no time while men did years in the joint should be something that needs to be brought up to the highest courts to deal with. The inequality before the law has become more than a wink and a smile behind closed doors, it is now in fact vast and institutionally set. There has to be a civil rights case here somewhere, not just with statuatory rape cases, but also family court law where the metrics just don’t fucking lie, they scream the truth for any with eyes to see.

    1. I was expecting MRA, or other men organizations start something like this. I see nothing from them except bitching and whining. We must organize, and start following the legal avenues in the most aggressive manner. This is very serious.

      1. That’s because they are run and lead by women. Look it up.
        Agree with you, it is far into the territory of gross civil rights abuse now.

    2. “The inequality before the law has become more than a wink and a smile behind closed doors, it is now in fact vast and institutionally set.” That’s why we’re sitting on a powder keg while feminists are smoking cigarettes.
      Fuck them all. I don’t long for it, but when the collapse comes, I’m not going to shed many tears when they are bulldozing the bodies into shallow graves.

      1. As ol’ doc notes from time to time, watching the urban hordes chase down the feminists and entitled princesses through my scope will be great entertainment. But not one round wasted defending them. Not one.

    3. Fact is, her attorney said she was too “cute” to go to jail and the judge bought it.

    4. Nah, she’s hitted the wall. And is probably fat and ugly underneath all her clothes and make up.

      1. Now, sure. I meant in the picture and “at the time”.

    5. It’s just a Cohencidence that most judges and lawyers are TWMNBN. Nothing to see here, folks. Move along.

    1. Sure. We call that “West Virginia”. heh

    1. Lucky for us, her reputation as scum precedes her, so I don’t have to stare at her hideous visage to believe you.

    2. That will happen when your greedy family treats the rape of a child like a lottery win. He just doesn’t know any better.

      1. Mary Kay is definitely not a victim and will never be in this case. She is a predator. The family are stupid because they want money.

    1. That video was entirely confusing. Where are the spinning leg kicks? Where’s the flying takedowns? Hollywood taught me that women are capable of all these amazing feats of fighting, yet all I see is this girl getting pummeled into a daze. Very strange… why doesn’t she just pull out some Chun Li move and finish him off? Cmon and “Go Girl” take him out!

        1. sore loser too…let em all join special forces I say…time for this war to end…

    2. This video never gets old. I heard the story behind it is that she was bragging she could beat any Marine on base. Notice that they didn’t pick a particularly jacked and imposing Marine, but probably just grabbed some random dude from the S-1 shop. He still annihilates her, and it doesn’t even really look like he’s trying that hard.

      1. He was clearly not going apeshit on her like he could have done. She got off easy, really. It IS good that he didn’t let her pull the “vagina” card or go easy on her.

  8. Strong article. Had never heard of this case not being from the US but rehabilitating someone’s who raped twelve year old to the extent of a tv interview just wouldn’t happen with a guy. There’s a teacher in the UK who had an affair with a 15 year old girl who he’s still with. He got jail time as far as I can remember but is now out. The press only ever refer to him as ‘paedophile teacher’ X. The strange thing is that older male younger female has a basis in biological attraction in a way that younger boy older woman simply doesn’t yet the former is automatically criminalised pathologised (although in many cases it be genuinely criminal) while in the latter its being normalised. Not just pussy pass but matriarchy in the making. When the MSM is forced to look at the inequalities in sentencing / imprisonment (10-20 times as many men depending where you live) that will be the beginning of a very interesting conversation.

  9. That top pic us fugly. Lots of middle age white women on online dating sites in america look like that. That’s the audience they’re going to be pulling in with her “interview”. The tv network will probably be running ads for match. com.

  10. Really disappointing to see ROK’s take on this. Mary Kay Letourneau lost her family and her career, she was vilified by the public, spent SEVEN years in prison and must register as a sex offender for the rest of her life. And what was her crime? Having a consensual, romantic relationship with a young man you had yet to reach an arbitrary age. I realize men get railroaded all the time for far less, but that doesn’t make it right to apply the same unreasonable restriction on women. Advocating petty tit-for-tat vengeance is what SJWs do. Please, don’t be like them.

    1. Didn’t you get the memo about men & women being equal? Which rock were you spending the last decade living under?

    2. In what universe can a 12 year old give consent to sex, whether male or female?
      NAMBLA is not welcome here, asshole.

      1. The same universe that prosecutes 11-year-olds as adults. I can’t speak for girls, but as far back as 8 I fantasized about having sexual relationships with adult women, and wouldn’t have hesitated to get into one if the opportunity had arisen. Unlike girls, boys are fully capable of taking care of themselves and don’t need all the extra protections imposed by Big Daddy government.

        1. Checking out your first playboy magazine at age 8 isn’t analogous. Nor is it analogous for a 13 year old boy to get a hand job from a 15 year old girl. Having said that, the age of consent for marriage is 16 in many places. So its conceivable that 26 y/o could be “dating” 16 y/o.

        2. Hormone surge != maturity to make an informed decision.
          Go find someplace else to stalk, pedo.

        3. So, a made-up religious ritual ‘magically’ transforms a ‘child’ into an adult? Please, don’t get me started on this whole marriage nonsense…

        4. >>Unlike
          girls, boys are fully capable of taking care of themselves and don’t
          need all the extra protections imposed by Big Daddy government.
          Thanks for the clarification. Is that why the suicide rate for men is much higher than for women?

        5. The reason we kill ourselves more often than women (even though women ATTEMPT suicide more often than men) is because men follow through with our decisions. Women, on the other hand, are usually just trying to get attention or manipulate others through their dramatic actions. Or maybe it’s just another example of something that men do better than women.

        1. LOL, flagged. You’re either a moron, or a perverted white knight, you should be banned.

        2. Just expressing an opinion based on my observations. And based on some of the drivel I’ve read on this site I would consider it a badge of honor to be banned. But if you want to act like a hysterical SJW and silence opinions your don’t agree with, that’s your right. Kinda sad and pathetic if you ask me…

        3. Great, then fuck off. I think we’re in a win win scenario here, pedo.

        4. I’ll tell you what sad and pathetic is, an extremely talented man who was abused by his father, achieved worldwide fame for his talent… and still after decades carrying around the horrendous effects of that abuse to the point where he expressed himself sexually by giving wine to children so he could sleep with them when he could have had any woman he wanted. That’s sad and pathetic.
          Oh, wait, I think I just described Michael Jackson, your pedo hero.

    3. Why stop there? Why not let women use the hands and legs of babies as sexual objects? Nothing wrong with that, right? I mean, the baby can’t object, so that’s likely closer to consent, especially since babies need attention from mothers anyway.
      If you honestly believe a 12 year old male is capable of understanding and consenting to the implications and consequences of a sexual relationship, especially considering all the future financial obligations that are thrown on men these days, then I want to know who your recreational drug dealer is.

      1. then I want to know who your recreational drug dealer is.
        Heisenberg already posted to him.

      2. People mature at different rates and many young men are fully capable of consenting to and having an adult relationship. However, I also support a mechanism where the parents of a young man can press charges against anyone who they believe is harming or taking advantage of their child. Arrest and prosecution for statutory rapes shouldn’t be automatic, especially when it’s a young man and an older woman. Your hypothetical question is idiotic since there’s a HUGE difference between infants and a 12 year-old boy.

        1. many young men are fully capable of consenting to and having an adult relationship.

          That is an assertion without evidence. But taking it to be true, presuming some young men are indeed fully aware enough to fully consent to a sexual relationship with an adult… How would you prove such a thing were true in any individual case? Since there is no method of proving said assertion, that means the adult perp (in this case a woman) simply decided the man she wanted a sexual relationship with was ready enough, and got what she wanted from the relationship. That’s not just poor form, it’s criminal predation.

          Your hypothetical question is idiotic since there’s a HUGE difference between infants and a 12 year-old boy.

          Having a consensual, romantic relationship with a young man you had yet to reach an arbitrary age.

          You are the one who used the term “Arbitrary age”… so where is there a non-arbitrary age in this process? Please define the perfect age at which this act becomes criminal, or my question actually comes across as quite apt. Again, you said “arbitrary age”, I did not, I was simply taking your logic to one of it’s own absurd conclusions.

        2. I don’t know what the ‘right’ age is, but 18 is definitely too old. We infantilize young people in this country and treat them like children for far too long.

        3. Oh, you’ll get no disagreement with me that many 18 year olds, especially women, are more than ready for a sexual relationship. That *DOES NOT* serve as any proof of your assertions, however.
          Again, unless you have some magic trunk with magic tests that we can all perform… there is no outward sign, no proof, no test that demonstrates levels of self-awareness in developing adults. So, in order to protect children from being exploited by adults who know better, a line must be drawn somewhere.
          As far as I’m concerned, 12 is still a baby for boys, and any female attempting a sexual relationship with a 12 year old boy should be locked away for life.

        4. If a young man doesn’t feel like he’s a victim, then he’s not. However, his parent or guardian SHOULD be able to file a police report if they suspect he’s being harmed. I’ve said this already but statutory rape shouldn’t be automatic, especially when it concerns a young man and an adult woman.

        5. If a young man doesn’t feel like he’s a victim, then he’s not.

          …Says someone who may have never experienced abuse at a young age. The scars of abuse at young ages appear as normalcy to someone who does not know better. Your assertion here is one of a circular argument. You presume there is no abuse, then you ask the child who does not know what a life without said abuse is like, the child says, “no, I don’t think I was abused.” and you therefore conclude your point is proven. Your sample size is literally the people who have only known the conditions which you consider not to be abuse.
          While you’re at it, why don’t you go back in time, ask some born-in-the-US slaves in the south if they think their masters whip hurts too much, or whether or not they feel like victims.

        6. As I keep saying, if the boy’s parents or guardian suspect he’s being abused then they should have the right to file charges. Telling someone they’re a victim when they don’t personally consider themselves to be one is what SJWs do. Please, don’t be like them…

        7. He’s basically setting up the standard Leftist legal scenario. Make something simultaneously legal and illegal and leave the field wide open for lawyers and government to “interpret” for us. 12 year olds can be easily manipulated into saying whatever you want, which not ironically, is also one of the reasons they are not capable of consent to sex with an adult.

        8. IF you didn’t post some ridiculousness up there about MJ not being a Pedo, I might just say, that I think your problem is with the abuse of the word “victim” by SJWs, not with our use of it. The use of it here is proper, the SJWs wield it improperly as a way to shut down discussion.
          But since you’re a pedo promoting patsy, there’s little point discussing it further.

        9. If I believed for a moment that Michael Jackson had had sexual contact with young boys (consensual or not), I would join you in condemning him. However, I don’t believe that was the case. Yeah, he was an oddball and acted like a kid himself, but without solid evidence or at least a credible witness to his alleged molestation, I give him the benefit of the doubt–especially since he’s no longer here to defend himself.

        10. What I’m arguing here is that young men should have the RIGHT to engage in a consensual relationship with an older woman without fear that their girlfriend will be sent to prison. I am NOT advocating that adult women should have the right to force young men into doing something they want to do. Why is that so hard for you to comprehend?

        11. Really Bad Spock: My best friend in the USA is around 78 years old. When he was a large 11 year old, he was banged by an adult woman. He certainly did not feel like a victim. He loved it so much that he spent every possible moment for the next 30 years either banging or looking for someone to bang.
          He admitted that at times he would bang three women in one night, then go to work the next day without even a shower. He was a mess.
          In his 40’s, he finally realized what he had been doing to himself. I discussed this statutory rape issue with him and he agrees women who bang young boys are doing as much harm as a man banging a young woman. Yes, he thinks women who have sex with immature boys are harming them and should go to prison.
          I suspect you are just another argumentative person who really doesn’t know what he is talking about but has great ideas. At least in your own mind.

        12. Calling children “young men” doesn’t make them into men.
          We’re through talking here, pedo.

        13. Thanks for the anecdote. And I have no doubt that some young men can be traumatized by having a sexual relationship with an adult. But everyone is different and I despise these one-size-fits-all solutions, especially since before the 90s it wasn’t even a crime. Do I advocate a sexist double-standard? Yeah. But this is the one and only ‘crime’ that I feel this way about. For ‘real’ crimes women should be punished exactly the same as men are. Btw, back in his day Galileo (who was born exactly 400 year to the day before me) was considered crazy for suggesting the Earth revolves around the sun, and not the other way around. Today we all know he was right.

    4. Mary Kay Letourneau lost her family and her career, she was vilified by the public, spent SEVEN years in prison and must register as a sex offender for the rest of her life. And what was her crime?
      She lost her family because of her choice. What sort of married woman with four kids has sex with a 12 year old?
      She spent seven years in prison only because she violated the terms of her original plea agreement. The original agreement was 6 months jail, with 3 of them suspended, meaning she only had to serve three months.
      Less than one month after being released she violated her plea by seeing the minor child again. Because of that decision to see the 12 year old again, the judge tossed out her plea and gave her seven years.

      1. She never should have been arrested in the first place. It was Clinton who expanded the statutory rape laws to include women–before that it wasn’t a crime for adult women to have affairs with young men. Why do you want to criminalize a consensual activity that harms NO ONE?

        1. Heaven forbid the laws apply equally. I guess like most SJW’s, you’re okay with sacrificing the boys as long as we safeguard the girls since girls are all that matter.
          For you to say a 34 year old teacher screwing her 12 year old student harms no one is ridiculous.
          Smoking pot is an activity that harms no one. Visiting a prostitute is a consensual activity that harms no one.
          Using your position as an authority figure and a mature, developed adult to molest someone who is immature and undeveloped is warped.

        2. Allowing young men to have sex with adult women is sacrificing them? They should never be forced into anything they don’t want to do, but if they make the decision for themselves and don’t consider themselves a victim then why do you? Granted, Mary Kay Letourneau shows very poor judgement and shouldn’t be a teacher. However, I feel she’s more than paid the price for her ‘crime,’ her and her new husband seem happy and we have no right to judge them.

        3. Exactly. A child is a child and must be treated as such. A child even when puberty starts does not have a mature mind to consent to have sex with an adult.

      2. She lost her family because of her choice. What sort of married woman with four kids has sex with a 12 year old?
        A woman who is obviously sexually experienced and could provide the necessary sexual education for the boy. A young boy should always be more sexually experienced than the girls he sleeps with and he can only get this experience from older women.

        1. Ah…so that’s what all the outrage is about! The juvenile belief that the guy should have more experience than the girl. Foolish me for assuming there was a logical basis for all the these attacks. Lol.

      1. It’s not something I would do. But can you please tell me who the victim is here? By their own account it was Vili who initiated the relationship. Did she show poor judgement? Yeah. But people do stupid things every day and they don’t go to prison for it. Bottom line: if there’s no victim then there’s no crime. Period.

        1. If you said you didn’t have children I wouldn’t be surprised. If you said you you did, I would be shocked. If it happened to your child and it was still okay, you’d be lost.

        2. If it happened to my daughter, I’d hunt the guy down. If it happened to my son, I’d give him a high-five. In case you haven’t noticed, boys and girls are very different.

      1. I’m an old man, so you must tell me when today’s “men” became such pathetic, whiny pussies. Unlike women, we don’t need ‘big daddy’ government to watch over and protect us. We can take care of ourselves. But feel free to buy into the SJW mentality of helplessness and victimization. It suits you well…loser.

  11. Letourneau is clearly mentally ill–the crazy eyes are evident from all of her photos.
    Excellent point about the hypocrisy of the news media in interviewing Letourneau but not the Catholic priests who were buggering young boys. They are going to try to make her a sympathetic character. Perhaps the agenda is to get the public to accept relationships between women and underage boys. Once the public accepts that, the next step will be to say, “but relationships between men and boys are the same thing!” That is their ultimate goal.
    For the sake of our culture and children, we must fight this before it gets any further.
    I wonder though, what is inducing young women to seek out relationships with boys? My guess is that it is the cult of perpetual adolescence. These women seem to think they are still in high school. They never have a reason to grow up.

    1. She is an attention whore, a sick ass pedophile, and an ugly hag. She definitely has a shit ton of problems and her own children and Vili are the true victims. But unfortunately, she gets a pussy pass in this cuntocracy.

  12. Young boys should be taught about sex by older women – 12 yo is perfectly acceptable for a boy to start his sex education.

    1. WTF? Did somebody post a link to this article over at Michael Jackson Online or something?

      1. In some tribes of Central Africa masturbation is taught by an elder of the opposite sex, and to abate sexual tension old women quietly lay their hands on the testicles of little boys, and old men on the vulvas of little girls, holding them thus for some time.
        Such practices were more satisfactory than masturbation, which while providing local relaxation, increases overall bodily tension, while skin contact with the opposite sex reduces it.

        1. You’re free to adopt the standards of the cave people who inhabit the African continent. But do it there. Here, we have developed the notion that children do not have the rational capacity to fully understand and consent to sex, because as it turns out, they don’t.
          Keep your sex factoid fantasies to yourself, pedo.
          EDIT: A new account with 6 posts. Roosh, I think this pedophile account was created to discredit this site.

        2. So you think it’s better if they secretly masturbate, waste their semem and develop the sense of guilt, premature ejaculation and other sexual disorders.

        3. Some tribes also still war with each other using spears over things like fishing areas. That doesn’t mean it is good for humanity to adopt such behavior. You’re using a basic logical fallacy here, presuming that because someone else lives in some manner, that means it’s ok for everyone to do so.

        4. Exactly. Same reasoning I use when people pull the “It’s natural!” hippy shit on me during a debate.
          “Yeah, it may be natural, but so is shitting wherever you are when the urge strikes, but do you go around shitting on sidewalks?”

        5. There seems to be a complete absence of sexual and stress related conditions in native societies described above.
          In our society children’s sexuality is so misdirected that sexual violence, rape and many forms of sexual inhibition, frustration and abuse, emotional problems, mental diseases and other stress-related conditions are a frequent outcome in adult life. This shows that we could learn much from native practices.

        6. Another logical fallacy, correlation does not mean causation. You also provide no citations for your claim, you simply make the claim that there is an absence of “sexual and stress related conditions” in other societies.
          You just keep making assertions, with no evidence, and then attempting to use those assertions as proof that western culture is “broken”
          You’ll get no argument from me that western culture has serious problems, but that doesn’t mean I want to listen to your bullshit about what needs to be done to fix it.

        7. Meaningless. Your reason is shit, I’ll stick with judging you by your ability to craft a valid argument.

        8. As these native people could observe all varieties of loving sexual activity, it had no unhealthy fascination or obsession for them, as it has for most people in our society. Consequently, abuse of children, rape, or other forms of violence, were unknown to them. Sexual activity to them was as natural and open as eating to us. No doubt, if eating would be regarded as ‘dirty’ and restricted in the same way as sexuality, and children and others would not be allowed to see us eat, most of us would have neuroses associated with eating.

        9. Assertions without evidence. Presumptions. You literally write like a religious nut, presuming your conclusion is correct and finding fact to back it up.

        10. Check this old book “Sex and Repression in Savage Society” (1927) by Prof. Bronisław Malinowski
          According to Malinowski such open native sexual education does not necessarily result in early pregnancies. Properly taught it would not only lead to a healthier society at all levels, but would also curb the unsustainable overpopulation of our planet.

        11. When did the tribes of Central Africa become the measuring stick of what happens in a civilized society?

        12. One book against centuries of western culture… uh, I think I’ll go with centuries of western culture, after all, it only got us to the Moon and back several times.

        13. That was a pretty neat trick. In the future I’m going to use century old out of print books without any URL reference as proof. Why I didn’t think of that before, I just don’t know.
          Interesting that he’s one of the “too many people on the planet” types as well. Nothing marks out a leftist like the combined fantasies of population control and pedophilia.

        14. Rudolf von Urban and Bad Spock appear to be the same character, a pedo who has spent a lot of time trying to get social acceptance.

        15. Or you could just move to las vegas and pay adult hookers to look and act like lolita, and leave the real kids alone, and keep yourself out of jail. But that probably wouldn’t satisfy a hardcore compulsive pedo.

        16. I don’t agree that the USA is a civilized society. And, Central Africa is a good measuring stick for the USA because it shows where we are headed.

        17. Only as long as we condone and continue to follow the ideas of cavemen like “Spock” and Rudolf here.

        18. Centuries of misunderstanding of all things sexual got us to this site and feminism.
          Several times back and forth to the Moon? Are you sure?

        19. You’re the last one qualified to be snide and sneering, pedo.
          Now kindly go fuck yourself. We are through talking.

        20. They also take a dump in the same river they drink water out of…

        21. That’s fucking great. I have to remember that one. I swear I hear about how “natural” something is every fucking half hour in this liberal shithole.

        22. And the civilised western societies drop remote bombs on other people’s heads instead of facing them face to face and fighting like men.
          Does that mean that there’s nothing to be learned from western societies?

        23. Yeah because primitive men don’t rape, live in bliss and are one with nature in their sacred lands and do war to nobody…oh wait

        24. J.D. Unwin in his opus Sex and Culture (1936) already debunks that bullshit. Only sane sexuality in a civilized context can assure there is a civilization. Your savages are “healthy” because they have no obstacles to take whoever they want, thus no “obsessions” since they can act out on their sickness

        25. Unwin maintained that the limitation of sexual opportunity creates the “mental energy” necessary to build a civilisation. But Unwin was a Freudian liberal so he felt compelled to come up with as unsexist an explanation as possible.
          Ancient Athens was probably the most productive civilization in history, and never did a society have less sexual repression for men than Athens did.

    2. Actually boys should be taught game BY THEIR DADS and be steered to conquering their mate from within THEIR TRIBE and this AFTER the boy proves some responsibility and manhood. At no time should a government state school shame masculinity by defining (maligning) sex roles. I wouldn’t be so quick to put an old whore down on a young boy. The Japanese had some custom where a newlywed man without experience had his family buy him a whore to practice on so he’d be ready to tackle his new wife. Well look at the Japanese now, addicted to hookers and screwing plastic dolls and robots. So there I disagree. The boy should follow his dads footsteps. AND the chopping must stop. Circumcised cultures have an odd shame factor with father/son communication and relations in this regard. But a hung dad that slays like a beast has no problem teaching by example. Like father like son. The bitch captivity will end. Patriarchy is in ALL our genes. I don’t know much about central African ways but I saw someone driving one of those new Chevy Afro’s today. What a sight.

  13. There are a lot of retards who comment on these types of stories (on other sites, not here) that say things like, “All these guys are just butthurt they didn’t get any when they were 12” or “Damn where were these teachers when I was in school”.
    And this is basically true. I wish I was banging a hot teacher in my early teens — it’s the fantasy of a lot of males at that time in their life.
    The problem is when these same types of people want to lynch a male who commits the same act with a younger girl. Illegal is illegal, you can’t have your cake and eat it too — but this is the mind of a white knight. It knows no logic and will come to the defense of any “fair maiden” who needs protection, no matter the circumstances.
    White knights are too fucking dim to recognize their blatant contradictions. They are literally “rape apologists”, but only when the female is the rapist. By upholding this double standard, they are only maintaining the narrative that all women are victims and that women shouldn’t be held accountable for their actions.

    1. A lot of young girls want to bang their male teachers but responsibility to exercise proper judgement falls on the adult male or female. The state always comes down on the men as if what they did was worse than what the women did.

    2. Most 12yo boys do not fantasize about sex yet. Much less with a 30yo skank.
      The farthest I got to sex at age 12 was looking at naked playboy models from a magazine my older cousin showed me, and the women were about 20-21. Even then I considered 21yo women way out of my level.
      I didnt feel like screwing till I reached 15. Before age 15 I just had a lot of romantic bullshit fantasies about women.

  14. Shit man, when I was twelve I would have fucked her brains out. So he became a man early, who gives a fuck.

    1. That wasn’t the point of the article.

    2. If by man you mean have a child as a child and lose his independence of going through his teen years carefree instead of thinking of his imprisoned mother of his child, then yes no big at all.
      The sex isn’t the issue. It is the reverse criminalization, loss of innocence, and the new child for a child that is.

    3. This argument presumes that your life wouldn’t have been completely different from the act of becoming sexually active at 12 years old. I’m guessing you weren’t sexually active at 12 by your comment, which means the life you have now, the one by which you judge this activity, is a perspective of total ignorance.
      Do you think this kid who married the teacher he fucked at 12 would have married that woman if they never had sex together? Do you think maybe that same kid would have had time to learn to appreciate lots of women sexually if he hadn’t?
      What you’re ignoring is the tremendous distortion of a mans life from early sexual encounters by just throwing a blanket of “all sex is good for men” on every single encounter.

  15. So when a woman chooses a sex partner it is not a crime. No matter the age, 5, 13, 18 54, 72, 108, or the mental faculties of said male. Got it America. No wonder men are trying to get on the tranny band wagon. Too bad underage still doesn’t apply for them. Oh, the inequality.

  16. “Though victims of a crime, according to one Arizona decision they are still required to pay child support to their sexual abuser.”
    Go ahead and add this to the list of things that I’m going to die in a hail of gunfire for if the government ever comes to collect. You can go fuck yourself if you think that my son will ever pay a dime if he’s in this situation. Not on my fucking watch.

    1. If there was anything that would get my gun off the mantel, it would be that. Rape my child then use the state to force him to pay for the violation for the rest of his life? Nope.

      1. There is one other I have set my mind to – let some fucking henpecking bureaucrat show up at my door with cops in tow telling me they’re going to take my children because I let them walk home from the playground alone (you know, let them grow up) like we have seen a few times in the news. The day that fucking happens, I’m clicking off safe and whoever is on my porch better be prepared to die. I’ll be God-damned if my children will spend one fucking second in one of these fucked up leftist foster programs while there is air in my lungs.

        1. Keep them out of public school period. More kids are disappeared into the stinking government black hole FROM THE CLASSROOM than all other disappearances COMBINED. There isn’t any hairy ‘boogeyman’ kidnapper behind the bushes and NEVER WAS.The milk carton kids are a whopping joke. The real boogeyman is a fat lesbian socialist worker who steals and brokers kids. People are unaware of shit under their noses. I believe it was Bergen Belsen creamatorium that had rose gardens and manicured fields as you passed by it roadside. Town residents didn’t have the foggiest idea what went on inside the place. They thought it was Busch Gardens until the allieds ‘liberated’ it. Really all government is the same. You could uncover ten times the shit on any big state government today.

        2. See. If this were me, I’d leave, and when I came back, everyone who touched this would die.

      2. Not to be too morbid, but please remember to post up a simple Youtube video explaining the situation and your position on the matter before the Feds burn down your house with you in it.

        1. Most folks are politically beta. Beta body politik. They see a martyr burn and are paralyzed with fear factor. Only a small percentage get martyred but still we must honor and never forget them. Honor your martyrs by rubbing the authorities’ noses in their shameful dirty deeds whenever possible. Turn the tyrants’ calculated fear factor modecom into shame UPON THEM.

    2. And they would take you down without a second thought because “it’s the law” . Motherfuckers…

    3. The really sick part about all of this shit is the hypocrisy. They’ll throw this shit on TV (and promote it) when the abuser is a woman but they’ll throw stones at the likes of Roman Polanski (because he’s a man).
      The sheer hypocrisy needs to be called out.

  17. I can’t believe that people are actually buying the feminist narrative of the f-to-m rape bullshit. I find this stuff to be truly stupid and unbelievable, a 12 year old boy was “traumatized” and “abused” by his teacher. Stupid fucking MRAs peddling that obvious shit have never even thought about the issue in a logical way for more than 10 seconds. Horseshit. Let’s face it around that age most boys wanted to bang the fuck out of everything, I know I did, but I was far too fat and awkward to do even start banging until high school. This boy is not a victim, period. All of these ridiculous stories of the f-to-m rape are in my opinion a feminist creation, in order to say women can do it too.
    The analogy I once heard said it best: “Female to male rape compared to male to female rape is absurd, it’s like claiming a thousand dollars being shoved into your pocket is the same thing as someone robbing you of a thousand dollars.”
    Here’s a great scene about it:

    1. So if an adult male has sex with a 12 year old girl, and she was into it, it’s ok?

      1. In times past before modern feminism, depending on the common laws, a respected man could marry a developed 12 yo girl but the marriage would not be consumated or sealed until a few years later. She would be kept pure and reserved as virgin until that time. PRESERVING FEMALE VIRGINITY AND THE PATRIARCHY is what it’s about. Anyone who would pump and dump a young virgin would be comitting a cardinal sin and crime. NEVER WANTONLY WASTE A YOUNG VIRGIN. They are a precious resource especially in this day and age. It’s the dumping that you don’t do with a virgin. That’s what sluts and madames are for. So the actual age for marriage could be quite young, her future sealed as future wife for the patriarch. HAIL THE PATRIARCHY!!

        1. The problem is, the “relationship” was “consummated” at age 12. For men that’s instant jail time, for women apparently they get a pass.

    2. 12 years old is a child and not even fully come into the beginning of adolescence. I remember being 12 and I do not recall walking around trying to hump 30 year old broads, nor wanting to. The most I had on my mind was maybe, maybe getting a glimpse at the Playboy my dad had shoved between the mattresses, and those chicks were usually 19-21 tops, and even then were seen as adults way out of my experience level.
      Kids are not adults. Having the beginnings of testosterone swimming in your system is NOT the marker of being able to make a rational adult decision. In fact, far from it, that’s the time in life when things are the most turbulent and confusing for any kid.
      The point of the article was not for guys to come in and justify child rape. The point of the article was that society slams men for doing the same exact thing that it gives women a free pass on, legally.
      The fuck man, Jezebel create a bunch of pedo accounts today I take it?

      1. Hah! What an absurd definition of “pedo”! Look back 100 years you did not have ridiculous ages of consent, hell you probably didn’t have any in a lots of parts of the world. There are countless stories about men banging women ever younger than 12, don’t believe my word, look up history. Are you telling me those men in history were not attracted to young women, guess again, they popped out babies galore. Again my opinion is that yes he is young but the age of consent being 17-18 is fucking absurd and deserves abolition. And everyone that’s not a chicken shit know that.
        The worst thing that happened to this kid was to get suckered into American marriage, that’s the real kick in the pants.

        1. Right, pre-teens were open game for 30+ year old people. They did it all the time. In fact it was common parlance to say “Hey Nigel, we’re both men in our 40’s, let’s hit the kindergarten and get us some chicks!”
          If you’re not a teen, you’re a kid. Stop justifying this shit.

        2. False comparison, teen and kid are simply terms we have created, and are actively being pushed back by progressive egalitarians worldwide. Adult in many cultures meant 15-16 for men, and many other primitive cultures showed adult to be even younger. Again the almost global rule for a women who started menstruated to be married off(assuming agriculture existed), would they fuck immediately? Maybe, maybe not, depends on the cultural standards.
          Why? Because people in olden days like 500 years ago did not have time to wait on this shit, waiting meant death of their culture. With almost 0 medical technology there was a high risk of both infant mortality and women dying in childbirth, and the risks only increased with age. Furthermore the average illiterate peasant from 500 years ago working 10-12 hours a day did not have time (or mental ability) to ponder these “moral quandaries” and egalitarian ideas barely passed his periphery.
          Again, stop justifying that the existence people lived hundreds of years ago is comparable to both:
          a) Anecdotal evidence
          b) Ignoring the biological/medical realities of the time
          Now am I saying that this is a bad thing? Not necessarily, people I’m sure don’t want to work 12+ hours a day 6 days a week (although some do, it almost is never the same intensity at least in the West). But again it makes perfect sense, it’s not like a person hits a certain number on the clock and then BAM they’re ready. My opinion still remains that the farther we push back the clock on children for “growing up” the more we are actually coddling them, look at the millenials, 22 and no more of an adult than a Roman in 3rd century B.C. at 16(with probably even less job/personal skills).
          Your justification only plays into the minds of 20th century, egalitarian, feminist agenda. That’s the truth. Oh because you were able to wait and there were Playboys lying around must really mean you understand the parochial life on a Russian peasant in 1568. Totally the same experience. This is a distortion on your part that ignores reality, I am undermining the progressive framework.
          To highlight the problems of this feminist framework I ask this question to you: What if feminists passed a law tomorrow to say that the age of consent would be 25? After all car insurance companies charge higher insurance to younger people on the same notion. Would you say then that every man who wanted women between the ages of 18-25 is a pedophile? I bet you would. Now obviously this is an extreme example but I’m showing you how progressive egalitarian feminists simply SHIFT THE GOAL POSTS. Ignore that reality and watch yourself turn into a leftist over time.

        3. In this case MGTOWarrior is partly right, not because men lusted after 12yo or younger (that wasn’t common or even allowed by the customs in the West). There were laws and customs not codified in any book that made sure such crimes were punished severely.
          But he is right in one thing: Adolescence is a modern invention. Normally people were regarded as children from 0-14~15 yo (females a bit earlier, 13~15) and after that, the road to adulthood began. For the boys the path to become men opened up and unless they were the sons of aristocrats or nobility, they wouldn’t marry until the 20s (sometimes even 30s) when enough wealth for such endeavor could be accumulated. Otherwise hardship for both and even higher mortality risks for the newborns ensued.
          Ladies started sexual life in marriage as young as 15 in many places and believe me, they were not children and by that age they knew all or most things necessary to nurture and sustain family life (were cooks, could sew, were able to handle most internal house affairs but for those that required masculine strength).
          However our 15 yo have a childlike mindset because that’s the way we currently raise them, making sure they endure no hardship and have to overcome no challenge. This is extremely harmful for the boys and even more fou our “girls”, who are still 13 yo mentally at 28…

        4. Question: I recall a program where an 11 yo boy was a self made millionaire. He had a chauffeur drive him. He was like a Richie Rich with his own finance company. A kid genius. He would qualify as much more mature than many 20 something party college morons. Many older teens aren’t even focused enough to attentively babysit their own siblings as well. The 11 yo millionaire could afford to buy a Ukranian bride no doubt, but can you really equate maturity with age?

        5. So basically, you’re fronting for NAMBLA.

        6. But we’re talking 12 or younger. I don’t give a shit about the 16 year olds.

        7. Ridiculous comment, read my post again and try thinking about it without progressive glasses for a change. Obviously the material conditions of 2015 are worlds different then they were in the past. But to say that all those past men, who dared to date/marry/fuck/whatever someone younger than 18 are pedophiles is to call almost all your great great ancestors as such.
          Please answer my response posted earlier:
          To highlight the problems of this feminist framework I ask this question to you: What if feminists passed a law tomorrow to say that the age of consent would be 25? After all car insurance companies charge higher insurance to younger people on the same notion. Would you say then that every man who wanted women between the ages of 18-25 is a pedophile? I bet you would. Now obviously this is an extreme example but I’m showing you how progressive egalitarian feminists simply SHIFT THE GOAL POSTS. Ignore that reality and watch yourself turn into a leftist over time.

        8. No, not really, but I would argue that raising the bar does lower the collective maturity of young people. That people in the past were better equipped at a younger age to learn the skills they needed. You could claim technological differences partially but mostly the modern system coddles people dearly and we see the affects today. (i.e. multiple studies showing people think millenials are less mature and ready to face challenges)

      2. You are 100% correct. That an adult would even view a 12 year old child sexually is absurd. Sure, some tweens are fairly well developed, until they open their mouthes and you realise it is a child in man/woman’s body. No question she groomed this little boy, and it’s no less sick than if the roles were reversed. I’m not sure she got a “free pass” though. She went to prison for quite a while. Mind you, I’m Canadian and our sentences are much more lenient in general so maybe she served far less time than an American male in the same situation. My observation, however, is that at least socially, it’s men that tend to wash over this type of situation, making jokes about the kid being a lucky stud. How they were once “hot for teacher” and this kid made his fantasies a reality. I’ve never heard a woman suggest this was funny, I’ve heard plenty of men joke about it.

    3. More of the “all sex is good for men” bullshit.
      I’ll bet if you asked MGTOWarrior if he enjoys having some ability to say no to sex with particular women because they’re ugly, or fat, or just don’t turn him on, he would say sure. I’ll bet if you asked him if he enjoys being able to have sex without getting a woman pregnant as his own choice, he’ll say yes.
      But he’s literally making the argument that it is OK for all those choices to be taken away from a guy who is 12 years old, all while realizing (presuming he actually read the article) that such a decision is now tied to a lifetime of financial burden being placed on a 12 year old thanks to courts that insist that statutorily raped young men are liable for child support.
      Enough with the “all sex is good for men of any age” bullshit, because it’s bullshit.

      1. “all sex is good for men” – False, never would I ever claim that
        “I’ll bet if you asked MGTOWarrior if he enjoys having some ability to say no to sex with particular women because they’re ugly, or fat, or just don’t turn him on, he would say sure.” Truly funny! I’ve barely in my entire life been asked for sex by fat/ugly women(maybe once) and usually not out of the context of a relationship.
        “I’ll bet if you asked him if he enjoys being able to have sex without getting a woman pregnant as his own choice, he’ll say yes.” – Yes, child support should be 100% abolished, it does not support children at all, and for all intents and purposes is stealth alimony (or as I like to call it the poor man’s alimony).
        “But he’s literally making the argument that it is OK for all those choices to be taken away from a guy who is 12 years old”- Again, if the child reported it, I believe an assault charge could be fairly leveled against her, the idea that she “raped” him is absurd to me. Again due to biological differences, there’s no such thing as f-to-m rape, but there most certainly is f-to-m assault.
        “that such a decision is now tied to a lifetime of financial burden being placed on a 12 year old thanks to courts that insist that statutorily raped young men are liable for child support.” Again, I’m 100% against child support, 100% against alimony, and 100% against marriage 2.0, to say otherwise is to ignore my older posts.
        “Enough with the “all sex is good for men of any age” bullshit, because it’s bullshit.” -Enough with the f-to-m rape “”””””EPIDEMIC”””””(with many more air quotes), which makes MRAs look like total retards and ignores the real issues of alimony, child support, feminism, cultural marxism, and marriage 2.0.

        1. I’ve barely in my entire life been asked for sex by fat/ugly women(maybe once) and usually not out of the context of a relationship.

          Nice try changing the subject, did your mommy teach you how to argue?

          …the idea that she “raped” him is absurd to me. Again due to biological differences, there’s no such thing as f-to-m rape, but there most certainly is f-to-m assault.

          That’s because you do not understand the definition of rape, yet like an arrogant fool you pretend like you do. Rape has nothing to do with who can or cannot penetrate the other. Rape is about power. This makes it easily possible for an adult woman to rape a young boy.

        2. I agree with you that in most cases f to male rape is impossible (but for extreme cases like the guy is drugged and gagged, or subdued by psychotics and raped by a female with an object) but the case here is that a man starts a relationship with a 15 yo and jail, humiliation and possibly real rape and beatings are guaranteed. A woman does that and she is given prime time in tv, cash and prizes. That ´s the issue.

        3. “Nice try changing the subject, did your mommy teach you how to argue?” – in response to, “”I’ll bet if you asked MGTOWarrior if he enjoys having some ability to say no to sex with particular women because they’re ugly, or fat, or just don’t turn him on, he would say sure.”
          I thought you were asking a personal question, if you were being rhetorical I did not see it.
          “That’s because you do not understand the definition of rape, yet like an arrogant fool you pretend like you do.”
          Please, I’m all ears.
          “Rape has nothing to do with who can or cannot penetrate the other. Rape is about power. This makes it easily possible for an adult woman to rape a young boy.”
          HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh brother, you actually buy that shit? Oh my god I actually laughed out loud. Next you’ll be talking about the “Pay Gap” and the “Rape Culture”. Pfff. Okay. The feminist non-sense runs deep on this site apparently.
          Rape is about power: Again false, an average man could show his power over a woman or another man by simply beating the shit out of them. That would display your power? Correct? But why would he choose rape as his mechanism? Particularly with all of the odious connotations that a rapist has in our society? Because he wants sex. It’s that fucking simple, honestly dude.
          Here’s an article the EXACTLY proves my point:

          To give a brief description there was a loophole in Rhode Island law that legalized prostitution indoors, but was illegal to solicit publicly. They found that: “The statewide incidence of gonorrhea among women declined by 39 percent, and the number of rapes reported to police in the state declined by 31 percent, according to the paper.” So not only did the rape rate decline but also the STD rate, oh god the horror, right?
          And what are you going to claim? All those “potential rapists” went to a prostitute to have legal sex, thus confirming that sex is an extremely LARGE component of rape. Also it was pretty obvious that since it was only quasi-legal, that most men did not know about them, just think if they knew prostitution was legal and regulated. Those men theoretically could have also raped but they went to prostitutes instead. To say rape is about power is to ignore data like this which proves that rape is about sex. Not to mention the loose interpretation(read feminist) of rape anyway.
          “This makes it easily possible for an adult woman to rape a young boy.”- At worst she assaulted him, again he most certainly should not have to pay, read my comments to GhostofJefferson as to why the age is bullshit too, I’m too lazy to re-write everything here.

        4. Again false, an average man could show his power over a woman or another man by simply beating the shit out of them. That would display your power? Correct? But why would he choose rape as his mechanism? Particularly with all of the odious connotations that a rapist has in our society? Because he wants sex. It’s that fucking simple, honestly dude.

          So, according to your logic, because a criminal could use a gun which is more powerful, then robbing a bank with a paper threat of a bomb to a clerk is not robbery. You’re just not thinking clearly in any fashion whatsoever. You’re eliminating the power aspect of rape because you want it to be about sex. You’re coming up with these absurd notions that because there are other ways of displaying power, that rape is not about power. You’re an idiot who can’t think straight. You’ve decided that rape is about penis-going-in-vagina and that’s it. Well that sounds about as educated as a hillbilly.
          Your article is meaningless because what you’re attempting to argue is that there is no power aspect to rape *because* there are other methods of displaying power. That’s downright stupid. IF rape was not about power, then why isn’t marital sex rape? If rape is not about abuse of power, why isn’t every first-date-sex encounter rape?
          Like a one-brain-celled moron, you’ve decided that rape can only be penis-in-vagina, and that’s all there is to it. Your concept of these sorts of encounters leads me to believe that your understanding of male-female dynamics is about as complex as a raisin. You’re literally retarded and you should feel bad about it.

        5. Wow, I’ve been banned for sharing a politically incorrect opinion on RoK, there are multiple compounding levels of irony with that.
          I had to take in all of the stupid in this comment and really think about it:
          “So, according to your logic, because a criminal could use a gun which is more powerful, then robbing a bank with a paper threat of a bomb to a clerk is not robbery.”
          I’m just saying anyone that’s not stupid understands that being a rapist in our society is one of the worst things to be called. Men who are accused of rape are treated about as well as Nazis or KKK members might be, but at least those groups have other people you could join with. What I’m saying is that assault shows off power and has a far less impact socially, so why wouldn’t men do that instead?
          “You’re eliminating the power aspect of rape because you want it to be about sex.”
          What makes beating someone up different from someone forcing their dick in you? Oh that’s right, the sex. Hmm.
          “You’re coming up with these absurd notions that because there are other ways of displaying power, that rape is not about power.”
          No, I’m saying in societal terms why would a man rape to gain power? When being labeled a rapist is probably the best way to become powerless and weak in society?
          “You’re an idiot who can’t think straight. You’ve decided that rape is about penis-going-in-vagina and that’s it. Well that sounds about as educated as a hillbilly.”
          Well it’s also penis-in-butt or penis-in-mouth as well but that’s just muddying the issue. Hillbilly? I like that, the hillbilly that uses statistics.
          “Your article is meaningless because what you’re attempting to argue is that there is no power aspect to rape *because* there are other methods of displaying power. That’s downright stupid.”
          See you’re not disputing whether the article is true or not, in fact you probably agree with it. It’s pretty compelling evidence. Again you’re muddying the power issue to ignore the core part of the argument. What the article shows is that when prostitution is legal, the rape rate actually lowers. And if you look at industrialized nations (Germany or Australia) at their native populations, the rape rate is incredibly low. So what? Australians and Germans crave power less? See how stupid that sounds? Furthermore the article shows that when men have access to paid sex, the rape rate declines. Did those men in Rhode Island suddenly crave power less? Or did it remain the same? Think about that.
          See the “power” argument is all social theory aka feminazi garbage with no evidence. It is stuff that sounds normal on the surface but upon closer scrutiny turns out to be bullshit. I have shown that when men have access to sex, the rape rate declines, boom, what more evidence do you need that one of the biggest factors (I would argue the biggest by far) of rape is sex?
          “That’s downright stupid. IF rape was not about power, then why isn’t marital sex rape?”
          I can’t even comprehend what you’re saying here, I think you’re trying to say that all sex in marriage would be rape due to the power dynamic. Again false in that case, that’s more fem-nazi garbage, there’s no such thing as martial rape, who ever heard of something so absurd? Again assault can happen though. You might be trying to say something else but it’s horribly worded with double negatives.
          “If rape is not about abuse of power, why isn’t every first-date-sex encounter rape?”
          I think the reverse of your argument is true. I think if you believe in the power dynamic that every instance of sex would be rape. Which is of course, yet again, more fem-nazi trash polluting your mind. Try going to a masculine country and talk about the epidemic of f-to-m rape, you’ll get laughed at. If rape is about sex then the barrier becomes, if the sex is unwanted, then it is rape. If rape is about power the barrier becomes, everything instance of sex is rape, or nothing is rape. Which one makes more logical sense?
          “Like a one-brain-celled moron, you’ve decided that rape can only be penis-in-vagina, and that’s all there is to it.”
          Again never argued that, p to a, p to m are still rape in my opinion. I think that sexual assault can exist and does exist from women but I just can’t consider it rape. The biological differences between men and women exist. It’s not a social construct. Men want to fuck, women want to choose. It’s that simple.
          “Your concept of these sorts of encounters leads me to believe that your understanding of male-female dynamics is about as complex as a raisin.”
          And your understanding of male-female dynamics makes me think you are a polluted, degenerate, left-wing, feminist, that ignores the issue.
          “You’re literally retarded and you should feel bad about it.”
          Hahahaha, okay that actually made me laugh.
          Let’s see what I have: Facts, evidence, logic, statistics, and an understanding of the biological differences between men and women.
          Let’s see what you have: An emotionally laden rant about “Power”, a poor understanding of gender dynamics, even a shitty understanding of male psychology, and to top it off agreeing with every mainstream feminist opinion. So if I’m retarded in your mind then whatever, at least I’m not retarded by choice like you.

    4. ”to say women can do it too”, EXACTLY. That implies women are the same or equal to men. THEY’RE NOT. I too wanted to shag a few of my own ‘teech’s but had NO GAME back then. Something was wrong with the kid for him to wife her up though. He had some kind of mommy complex for sure.

  18. “America is suffering an epidemic of predatory females raping young male students. The only responsible and reasonable approach is to stop glorifying what would be vehemently attacked if the teacher were male.”
    epidemic? where’s the data? this is written like an article in a tabloid. same fearmongering. yeah, females are no saints, but to claim that there are comparably many cases of females raping males would require some data to back it up.
    fair enough to “fight back”, but this is really just a petty word war where both sides accuse each other of being sexual offenders. oh, my.
    what’s wrong with a 12 year old boy fucking an older woman? what’s wrong the other way around? i’m not asking rhetorically, i am really curious because it all sounds like moralizing to me.
    the problem of the boy is the law and the media that made a big deal out of it.

    1. There are roughly 70,000 people in Juvenile detention in the United States.
      97% of juvenile detention inmates are male:
      In a survey of 8500 of those 70,000, fully 20% reported being sexually assaulted. And 20% of that 20% were assaulted more than 10 times.
      The vast majority of these incidents are are staff members assaulting inmates.
      Among the youth who reported victimization by staff 89.1% were males reporting sexual activity with female staff and 3% were reporting sexual activity with both male and female staff.
      Students? no, not really. Females raping males? Yep. Does society talk about it? Nope.

      1. It wouldn’t surprise me. Male juveniles required to sexually service ugly female guards or they don’t get lunch that day. Feminists don’t generate a media shit storm when the female is in the position of power.

    2. I agree in the sense that its nothing new. Its always been going on. We are now better informed with the net. The only thing that’s new is the awareness that women do this just as much or more than men, because most teachers of minors are female, but the female teachers are getting lighter sentences than male teachers. Yet its still males that are the “predators” by the feminist narrative.

      1. It didn’t happen as much in the past. Partly because women were never teaching boys in high school (at least before the 60s in most of the West) and the mores were very different. Moreover there was no deficit in masculinity so to speak…

    3. I’d like to see a pic of the kid at 12. Was he at least three fingers taller than her? She was petite I understand and I’ve seen some 12 yo’s that look like Hulk Hogan with the hormone pumped industrial milk they serve in the lunchrooms. I remember a classmate from my own 6th grade that was 6′ 180 lbs. He was also the smartest and only 12 or 13. Also some college age female twats are so dense it’s like they’ve been purposely wiped and primed for the insideous programming. Scary.

    4. I agree with you that an “epidemic” of sexual predators is fear mongering at its best. The media these days would have you believe 1 out of 2 strangers your kid encounters is a pedophile. Having said that, I think there’s a lot wrong with a 30 something year old teacher fucking a 12 year old student. Horny tweens and teens should be left to experiment on one another, ESPECIALLY when the adult in the relationship has a position of power over the youngster.

  19. A couple of things to add. When she was let out on parole after the first offence, the police caught her having sex with Vili in the back seat of a car. This child was also taken advantage of by his trailer park trash Filipino family who eagerly sold their story to the highest bidder. If this was a male teacher he wouldn’t have seen the light of day for a looooong time
    Sargon of Akkad covers the coddling of females in prison in one of his videos.

  20. At 12 a boy hasn’t the self control to pull out and shoot his muck on said bitches face/tits. His little stiffy will last about 5 seconds in her moist snatch and blow up her cooch…..

    1. And he’ll have zero concept of “impregnation = 18 years of debt slavery”.

    2. What’ll it be bitch? In the snatch or down the hatch? . . or in your crack or ALL OVER YOUR BACK? – (Andrew Dice Clay c.1986)

  21. That woman must make a WICKEDLY GOOD pot of macaroni and cheese to bag a 12 yo like that. I want the recipe so I can forward it to my bitch. In the bedroom she’s my bitch but no one likes a bitch in the kitchen. She’s got to be MAMA in the kitchen.
    But man how that poor Letorneau kid got 100% Mama ON HIS FIRST LAY. He got bossy BEDROOM MAMA AND carpool driver, the whole nine yards. I don’t think the kid was normal either to fall for the mama complex like he did. I PITY YOU BOY. FULL MAMA JONES YOU GOT. Me at 12, I would have found it inconceivable to comprehend what an LTR would entail. I would have chased other tail as well, as soon as I had the balls (once they had fully dropped).
    WHAT BEHOOVES ME is how any boy that young can be coaxed into playing house for that long. Why didn’t the kid dump the ho after he pumped her or why didn’t he at least venture out to use some of his newfound hands on experience to slay the ho middle school chearleaders.
    LETORNEAU WAS A HO. Previously married she was USED SCROUGH, worthy of nothing but a lifetime of pump and dump. Shagging your ‘teech’ is a coveted notch for any budding alpha BUT YOU DON’T LATCH ONTO THE HO SON!!
    How could any boy turn beta sucker at that age? I know WHEN I WAS 12, I fantasized about banging three of my own teachers in particular and the logistics made perfect sense to me back then. I’d stare at her ass as she wrote on the blackboard and played scenarios in my head of me and her in the closet during lunch maybe or making out with her after school.
    BUT NOT ONCE did I consider latching onto any OLD FRENCH WHORE. And Letorneau was not only in person BUT NAME AS WELL (ha ha) an OOLD FRENCH HO!! If she’d been my teacher, I would have shagged her gladly, giving me a better grasp of the wet dreams plaguing me at the time, which were ‘NICE DREAMS’ as Cheech and Chong would say, but still they were NOT THE REAL FUCKING THING.
    Still the kid was pretty damn accomplished and lucky for a 12yo, but he did the unthinkable. He acted like a desperate bald 40yo beta and he let the ho wife him up.
    Maybe the kid will grow up and pursue pump and dump some day. He got the shit ASS BACKWARDS. See, FIRST you pursue pump and dump and learn or hone your game when you’re young. THEN LATER in life you play house, with loyal obedient bitches ONLY after you’ve learned to control them completely.

    1. That woman must make a WICKEDLY GOOD pot of macaroni and cheese to bag a 12 yo like that
      Leave a trail of xbox games leading him into her bedroom lololol

      1. Nice. Instead of milk cartons they should put those young boys (victims of rape by women) on Xbox game covers.

  22. top search for jeb bush is: “how tall is jeb?”
    I think this was the top search for rand too- height over substance.
    Are men punching in these searches???

    1. Almost certainly its women. Females are obsessed with male height in a way that men can’t understand. Men generally don’t give a shit about the height of the person they are talking to unless they are significantly outside the norm.

      1. Women, for whatever reason, like tall men. It’s attractive. How is that any different than certain female attributes men tend to universally admire?

        1. So list height next to the candidates name on the ballot to help women make their decision. Another reason not to have given women the right to vote.

        2. That’s ridiculous. But to suggest that public figures in general don’t do better when they’re attractive is naive. Image counts unfortunately, and frankly my observation is that this is far more prevalent in American politics than Canadian politics. Toronto’s last mayor was an embarrassment to the electorate, but he sure as hell didn’t get in because of his sex appeal 🙂

        3. Except that males don’t vote based on appearances, or politicians would look like lingerie models.

        4. Tall men actually do better in their careers across the board, and that’s not all because of women. Don’t have a specific source for that, but Google it–there have been enough studies on this. I’ve never voted for a politician based on their appearance, but maybe we should all start. Might make the fiscal a– raping more bearable.

  23. Poor Vili. He clearly has been abused but is probably blindly aware of it. That dumb rapist bitch should be in prison for life or be in death row. This is ridiculous. I also feel bad for her kids because their mom is psycho ass pedophile.

  24. Roman Polanski fucks 13yo girl = sick child rapist
    Mary Kay fucks 13 yo boy = she had an affair

    1. They’re both pedophile sick ass rapists and need to be in prison for life or in death row. This is inexcusable.

      1. When I was in middle school the girls my age (13-14) were already losing their virginities. Me and my 4 buddies didnt lose it till we got to high school. And at different times.
        This should tell you something abut the “fair sex”

        1. Teens losing their virginity isn’t the issue when its teens hooking up with each other. Its not a crime if they are close in age, and its consensual. The parents might flip out, but they can’t put anybody in jail for that.

        2. Precisely. The issue is when an adult starts messing around with a teen (boy or girl). Even if the relationship is consensual, the adult has the ability to manipulate the situation. Adults should let teens grow up on their own, with their peers.

        3. Bullshit. I heard of story of two 15yo kids having sex and the court was trying to out the boy as a sex offender. Whatever happened to “It takes two to tango”?

      2. It is inexcusable, but even Polanski’s victim has recently come forward and said “let it go folks, it was a long, long time ago, he’s an old man now, and I’m over it.” Disgusting? Absolutely, and no one suggested this woman was “having an affair” at the time. At some point though, (and by that I mean 20-30 years later), if the situation/victim was isolated, there are more important issues to pursue. Neither should EVER have their sex offender status removed though.

    1. She takes 100 pics, throws away 99, and posts 1 to her dating profile. Then she goes from 7 to 6 when you meet IRL. Then she goes from 6 to 5 the morning after when you see her without make up. But in her mind she thinks she’s a hottie because she gets 25 spam messages per day. lol

      1. expand on this: “she goes from 5 to 4 when she gains 20 lbs being comfortable in the relationship while wearing no makeup”

        1. The she hits middle age and drops from 5 to 4, giving oral on first date to any man that will take her on a pizza date. But she still gets half dozen spam messages per day on free dating site, so in her mind she thinks she’s a hottie !

  25. Pamela Smart was the true nationwide Female-having-sex-with-students scandal…1990 i believe. With that one her “boyfriend” and another friend of his killed her husband.
    She has had no leniency due to murder. But that scandal was also trivialized by the media when the sex was brought into the discussion.

  26. Debra Lafave looks demonic. Her eyes give it away. No guy who values his life would fuck a woman with eyes like that.

    1. Not really, I mean she is scum. She just looks like dumb blonde, bimbo attention whore who probably partied too much in college.

      1. Dude those are the eyes of a full blown dark minded psycho. I’ve avoided the plagues that beset many players (psycho women who do cold blooded dark shit to men they slept with) by avoiding women with eyes like that.

  27. This is the most beta and feminist whining bullshit article I have seen on ROK. This sounds like an article written by a whining feminist bitch which has had all the gender references reversed. I don’t come here for the articles so much as the comments but after reading this bullshit I wonder if I ever want to come back to Return of Whining Pussies.
    Just thinking about Mary Kay gives me a boner. I would have killed to have my junior high school teacher with those big nipples poking out of her sweater teach me how to fuck and eat pussy. If Mary Kay has a website accepting paypal donations I would gladly give her a big donation.
    “Old enough to bleed, old enough to bleed” worked fine for 10’s of thousands of years before the words “statutory rape” were invented. Now the pussies on ROK who think they are men are complaining about it like women.

    1. Your boner is happy with double standards, good for you speaking up for it, dickhead.

  28. Whatever you do, don’t takeaway from the two high profile cases that that is the extent of this trend. There are thousands of cases like this. It’s an epidemic right now; Female teachers preying on students. I had a female teacher tell me so. The media doesn’t pursue it much as a story, duh. This is the kind of disgusting behavior that results from removing ALL accountability from the neuro-wiring of an entire gender. Also, what about this kid Vili? How did his mind develop? Did he develop hobbies/interests or did this molestation stunt his growth? A 12 year old getting pussywhipped by a grown woman would really fuck with a boy’s brain. This stuff is really grim. I can’t imagine a grown woman cowgirling away on my 12 year old self. Unimaginable.

    1. So called ‘alpha’ type females would prefer much younger controllable males. Their fertility in some cases is all they are after. A child but without the traditional patriarchal household. An errand boy and bed pet. These women are the ultimate feminist matriarchal scourge. You see alot more of these powerful women with no mature man dominating them.
      I see a lot of these older blondes running a branch bank office, petty law office or on some local town council post with a side enterprise in real estate or rentals. They usually are divorced or unmarried. Little petty and PESKY Hillarys all of them. Cougars. The bitches wouldn’t last a day in Riyadh. These are the same vain cunts that are ‘too busy’ for a relationship and will call up a male escort to visit their office. They don’t profile like the gold digger or the hooker/whore which are a different breed. They don’t need to gold dig since they can sustain themselves and are more self made. They hob knob and network with the other various elites and town/city machine, the courts, business owners/investors, some jew, some old money, and the local guard of bureaucrats club they’re in as well.
      There was always a token female or two in any sizeable western community who fit this profile but I see larger and larger numbers of this type now. A walk through the local courthouse and I notice a sizeable number of them with briefcases, no wedding ring and likely a boy/pet with peach fuzz playing video games back at the condo. Same scenario at the city council roundtables. Blonde, blonde, brunette, beta moustache fag, blonde, mama siita representing the annex and casa ‘volunteer’. Even at the bottom level, our government has become as much a piece of shit as the upper echelons. These matriarch unmarried and unmarriable western ‘cougars’ are in the same boat with the white knights, manginas and sjw’s. I’d take on a terminally trans fat American gastropod who can simply cook before I’d ever mess with a cougar power bitch from hell.

      1. Great rundown. I read this unnatural scourge as an offshoot of feminism myself, though with not this much detail at all. I agree with it all. I also could add that I think there is an element of “No good men” in it too. No men are good enough for them (Oh geez, if they manage to stay at a buck forty past the age of thirty, they are so fucking arrogant) So they go and get a male to mold into a man their way. Before the male grows into yet another disappointment. Like, “If they can’t become men, we’ll do it ourselves. Hmmpph!” Feminism requires constant disappointment in males, thus the idolization of ‘bad boys’ (the only true males) because they are disappointing by definition. Getting a 13 year old piece of male clay to mold into a real man (how they define it) is a result of this shitty gyno-worship culture we live in. Fuck it.

  29. A perfect example that we live in a cuntocracy is the life example of my first girlfriend. shes the typical aussie girl these days, does fuck all, goes to uni but i doubt she will stick with it. i met her when i was 16, she was 12 (dont ask me i was a kid then anyway) went out with me, then dumped me for some other guy the next day. Even at the age of 12 women have their hypergamous instincts mostly if not fully formed. after that she racked up a notch count of 8 (Girls and Guys, shes Bisexual, more like bipolar) by the time she turned 17, i have no doubt its higher now. (shes 19) Shes a 6 at best, she would have been, in the old days of where women’s sexual nature was limited by men, happy to take a man like me as her husband or a man of my level (im a 6 at best purely in looks)
    Unfortunately we dont live in those times and she has the delusion that shes a 9. Last time i talked to her, i was a creep bla bla, the usual stuff women do when they are confronted by a man they consider beneath what they think they deserve. And she often wonders why she cant get a man to commit to her, when she goes for men who are obviously above her level. (alpha fucks). she was in slut mode through her teen years, now she’s going the route of careerist modern woman.
    I feel sorry for the poor beta/bastard that wifes her, knowing most likely she will just divorce him when she gets bored, just to end up like her parents did (i found out later on her father might not be her biological father). Like Mother like Daughter.

  30. You can say whatever you want about these two. You can disagree, be disgusted and want bad things to happen to them. However, i gotta give them credit, theyre still together and they raised a couple of daughters.

    1. The man/child was entrapped. He would owe child support if he didn’t marry her, with no way to pay at age 13. No education, no job skills. I think he calls himself a DJ at a club, which means part time work 2 nights per week at minimal pay, but he couldn’t even get that job until he turned 18. He was hostage to the situation at that point. If he didn’t pay child support he could go to jail, according to feminist court system.

    2. Yeah, it’s true. Bo Derek and her husband were also a long shot. Celine Dion as well. What the hell, they’ve stood the test of time. Of course what this teacher did initially was absolutely disgusting, but at this point, who are any of us to judge?

  31. You misogynists are advancing rape culture by even criticizing a female.

    1. hush, Its a valid topic for discussion to allow for the idea of true equality.
      If they decide this situation is not acceptable, they implicitly agree that there is no possible exception or mitigating circumstance to statutory rape.
      Its like at work, every time they accuse me of being sexist I get them to write down the rule for everyone to read. Everyone aggrees I should be punished. Then HR slaps me on the wrist for show and they have to stick to their own rules.
      Basically I dont get a cash bonus, but I have a nicer life at work.
      So let the lunatics rule the asylum. They wont realise until its too late.

  32. “America is suffering an epidemic of predatory females raping young male students.” Puleeese. That woman is sick, no question about it, but America isn’t suffering an epidemic of sexual predators of any kind, male or female. This is exactly the kind of hysteria that has led to helicopter parenting an entire generation of people who are completely lacking in independence or decision making skills.

      1. You forgot socially retarded, and fat. Scripted “play dates” don’t build social skills and aren’t good exercise.

        1. Even socially inept children can get “play dates” through mom and dad. It’s either learn to socialize or don’t.

  33. Tragically, Letourneau only got jail time after she violated probation by screwing Villi in the back of a car.

  34. I am a woman and I 100% agree with your entire article. I have read comments on numerous other message boards about this story, and I am disgusted and highly disturbed by how many people think it’s ok that she raped a 12 yr old boy because they have been married for 10 yrs now. I agree that he suffers from some type of Stockholm Syndrome or some other type of psychological control. He admits to struggling with alcoholism and depression, and it’s quite obvious to anyone with half a braincell that he is psychologically damaged by what she did to him. My heart breaks for Vili and I hope when his 2 daughters are adults (in a few years) he has the courage to leave his abuser and seek professional help for himself. I also agree about the double standard of how our society treats female vs male victims of sexual abuse. I believe sex abusers are not punished severely enough as it is, and if the abuser is female, you are right… most times she will get off with a slap on the wrist. It’s so wrong.

  35. I said it before and I’ll say it again down with the age of consent. The age of consent when this country was run by men was 11 or 12 or 13. Then the feminist got all angry that their 30 and 40 year old husbands got bored of their used up spinner vaginas and ran off to what was then newly acquired american and former mexican territory with a
    hot 15 year old virgin hispanic wife so they demanded a raise in the age of consent.
    The age of consent is lowered as a boon on any man who dare touch a 15 year old girl just to try and land a virgin wife instead of an old used up spinister in her 30s pussy who has been banged by every football team in state.
    It has nothing to do with protecting children which is why female sex predators who prey on children are praised by the media. The age of consent laws have just become another tool of the matriarchy to imprison men for non-violent crimes where most women are not even charged for the same behaviour. The only women who even get probation for this are ones who have sex with THEIR OWN STUDENTS. Which is a far worse offense than just so random chicks.
    During the slave period it was so common for white men to go off and rape the black slave women that they would have babies and the white women would go out and murder these half breed rape babies, they had to pass a law making it legal for a white women to murder a half breed baby. Yes there is a specific law that says white women can murder half breed slave children in colonial america.

  36. Another example of how men are bad but women are promoted for this type of behavior. It’s the “pay back” mentality of women (in the west at least) with the latest round of “feminism”.
    A man (such as Roman Polanski) pulled this stunt “back when”. He came back to the U.S. (after living abroad for years) and he is still shunned for this type of behavior. A woman rapes a student and ten years later they get married….and they trot it out, proudly on TV.
    Double standard…and it’s why I don’t take women seriously.

  37. This is why can never get with the whole MRA movement; “waaaah we’re victims, just like broads”. Getting to bang Lafave would have been awesome. Letourneau is a fucking nut, but it’s not the same as some 40 year old dude sticking his pecker in a 12 yr old girl.

  38. This woman is a dangerous and narcissistic sociopath. Which principal would be foolish enough to hire a convicted pedophile to teach in his school?! Can you imagine the outcry from concerned parents? Mary Kay is so out to lunch that she doesn’t see what is wrong with her being a teacher.
    Vili is a very damaged young man who was mercilessly victimized by his predator of a “wife.” I feel sorry for him; no wonder he is suffering from depression and alcoholism. My heart goes out to Vili, his children and Mary Kay Letourneau’s kids from her previous marriage.

  39. “I am a feminist, and I think this story of statutory rape is appalling.” — and other sentences you will never hear.

  40. Doesn’t this kind of thing just prove that women have no agency and neither feminists nor patriarchs expect them to be accountable for their actions?

  41. This is strictly a “pussy-pass” for yet another blonde. Everytime I hear a woman whine about the patriarchy I tell them to quit yer bitching and rejoice that there’s never been a better time to be a woman.
    Women can:
    1. choose not to work and have some beta chump pay all your expenses.
    2. commit heinous crimes, including murder, and become a celebrity and be celebrated as the victim.
    3. fuck as many people as you like, spread diseases without guilt or shame because your empowered.
    Why Mary Kay gets to live a comfortable existence married to this beta chump with the world’s biggest case of ONEitis is beyond me.
    If a man had done what Mary Kay did, he’d be broke and homeless living in a box with every mother and white knight in the neighborhood ready to crucify him in the name of protecting all women.
    We truly are witnessing the decline of our civilization.

  42. What the fuck ? I would have loved a woman that looks like Debra LaFave to have “raped” me in my teens. Statutory rape should only be a crime if the woman is question is unbearably unattractive.

      1. Well as teachers go, its about the best you can get. Teacher usually aren’t hot at all.

  43. I’m disgusted by Letorneau’s complete lack of taste. Fulaau looks like someone you’d buy heroin from under a bridge. Ugly, half-crazy, dim-witted degenerate.

  44. I see many white knight(satan supporters) social justice warriors in the section condoning rape of a child(mainly young boys). You are nothing but perverts and should be sent to prison as well. Childrens brains are never developed enough to even fathom any act with an adult. Female pedophiles get away with this every single time. More proof below:
    PEDOPHILES: NO GENDER BIAS!! Women Who Sexually Abuse Children
    Woman RAPES 8 Yr Old Boy 50 Times, Gets 2 Yrs In Jail

  45. The only use for a television is for a large, relatively cheap, monitor for your computer. If you pay for cable television, or you have an aerial to pick it up for free, you’re just part of the dregs of society.

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