The Incredible Health Benefits Of Turmeric

After struggling for five years, Dieneke Ferguson is now cured of cancer and living a normal life all thanks to turmeric. Her cancer continued to spread after several rounds of chemotherapy and stem cell transplants, and so she turned to took 8g of turmeric per day. Now she’s cured, and it is the first recorded case of its kind.

What a great way to start the new year with an event like this that exposes the fallacy of drugs and unnecessary surgery which the FDA labels as “safe and effective” without substantial proof of it being so.

Ferguson is walking fine, but the legs of Big Pharma are shaking. Now that this is out, it’s going to raise a lot of questions in people’s minds. People are going conclude, “Hey, if turmeric can cure cancer, I wonder what else is out there that we don’t know about…”

A Time Tested Cure

Turmeric is known very well throughout the Eastern world. Ayurveda praises its medicinal powers for healing ailments. In addition to the anti-cancer effects Ferguson experienced, turmeric also has anti-inflammatory, and immune boosting properties. If you have a problem with drinking milk, adding turmeric powder can aid in digestion enabling those to consume diary who otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

It also slows and reverses the effects of aging as it contains curcumin, a powerful compound that has been found to slow telomere shortening while expanding its length naturally.

Turmeric is also one of the most powerful anti-oxidants as shown in the USDA’s ORAC list.

Sprinkle Black Pepper For Maximum Absorption

When I was doing research during grad school, I developed a nutraceutical that included turmeric. One of the common concerns I got heard from others was that turmeric has a low bio-availability. That’s why I added black pepper, a trick from Ayurveda.

Adding a pinch yields a whopping 2000% increase in the curcumin found in turmeric as proven in a study done in India. What a coincidence that this combination is regularly practiced in India. The doctors must have already known this combination from their roots, and merely proved it in a lab.

Other Eastern cultures use herbal combinations as the ancients discovered their effects thousands of years ago.  If you eat curry dishes in India or the Middle East, you see them cooking with herbs like cinnamon, cayenne pepper, and sumac. China and Japan also eat meals that contain herbs indigenous to their lands.

Doctors Are Dumbfounded

Doctors don’t know how to respond while they shuffle through pages in their books of allopathy. A plethora of data confirms that turmeric and other natural herbs and botanical plants have powerful medicinal applications. The problem is the greedy scum in the drug industry can’t patent them, so they can’t monopolize like they do with every other sinister wonder pill they develop. Chaos found in nature disturbs globalists. It’s just not part of their who they are.

The medical establishment forbids anything other than drugging people up and surgery which has not done well for curing diseases. “Modern medicine” is primarily about profit, and the only thing medical science seems to be doing these days is simply proving what ancient medicine has been saying for thousands of years. In the past, if you used herbs you were called a hippie or a witchcraft practitioner by fanatics, but now the truth is becoming clearer.

The drug industry has been silencing these natural remedies for decades for fear of profit loss, even though there are several natural alternative remedies for virtually every disease known to man. These are purposely suppressed, because the $400 billion dollar pharmaceutical industry would go bankrupt and the corrupt heads of these companies don’t want that. They’d rather see you suffer and die than allow you to be healed by anything other than a pill.

Drugs and surgery have their place in emergency situations, but they haven’t done well in promoting longevity and well being.

A New Year in Medicine

This is a big slap to the corrupt medical establishment. Let them try, but this story can’t be buried. The rise of natural remedies will flourish. Thomas Jefferson did say that the future doctor will educate people on prevention rather than supplying endless prescriptions, and so perhaps this is a step in making such natural alternatives more mainstream.

The rabbit hole goes much farther than this, so if you want to know more, brace yourself before continuing, because you’ll discover a dark entity called Big Pharma, who wants to drug every life form on planet Earth.

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62 thoughts on “The Incredible Health Benefits Of Turmeric”

  1. Turmeric definitely eased the pressure building in my prostate. Eat it with oats for that extra colonic kick!

  2. I use turmeric along with apple cider for an excellent colon cleanse. I sprinkle in a little sand for an extra deep clean. You can also use turmeric to remove that unsightly aqua stain in the sink.

  3. When I got jumpers knee I took two teaspoons of turmeric a day. Really did wonders.

    1. When I got tennis elbow from jerking my stendeen too often, I took three tablespoons of turmeric a day, and it went away. My nuts turned bright orange, though.

  4. does all above apply to ground turmeric that you can buy as cooking spice? or do you have to buy turmeric capsules in health food stores to feel any effect?

    1. You can buy the powder, it will work just fine. Also you can buy the turmeric root at many grocery stores and grind it up when you get home if you want to go fresh.

      1. I just looked into the potential benefits from turmeric and the only claims that MAY have some basis are its ability to possibly lower total cholesterol levels along with LDL and VLDL cholesterol levels in the blood. There is also some evidence to suggest it has osteoarthritis and pruritus relief abilities. These are the only substantiated claims that have some scientific basis through clinical studies. Other than that, I’m sorry to say folks that you’d be wasting your money picking up some turmeric capsules. Do some research before believing everything you read from this site. I’m not knocking G.S. Luthra or anything but this type of article is moving up the alley of pseudo-science. The author should have linked some conclusive studies unlike the one only one that he did link which involved patients who were already suffering from laryngeal cancer; this does not apply to healthy, normal people. At this point ANY study would have been better than the one he posted. Perhaps he didn’t think anyone would actually take the time to open it up and read it. As it lies, you’d have to be an idiot to believe what this article says at face value. Save your money and spend it elsewhere.

        1. Sorry, Burton. I have beg to differ. I have been taking Turmeric also known as UKON in Okinawa since my early days living in Japan 18 years ago. Okinawans are the longest lived people on the Earth. I too was skeptical until I did a high dose regiment for 6 months. It cleared up my fatty liver and reduced my high blood pressure and hyper tension to safe levels. I have been paying it forward to all my friends (over weight ones especially) and they have seen dramatic results in the blood tests.
          I do agree that your results depend on the source. Don’t just buy the crap at the grocery store, go to a reputable source. When in doubt I buy Ukon online from Amazon.

        2. Have you tried using it yourself, as opposed to staring at a computer to make a decision?

        3. @voxman while its great you’ve seen it work for you and your close friends, it’s still anecdotal. I could also tell you that I wear a rabbits foot around my neck and it helped cleared up my cancer. My point is that anecdotal evidence doesn’t mean anything. Studied, clinical trials are what is needed and those have not yet been conducted. Until then, it’s pseudo-science my friend. I’m glad the pseudo-science has worked for you.

      2. the very first google result on turmeric appears to claim that it’s not so though:
        “Most of the studies on this herb are using turmeric extracts that contain mostly curcumin itself, with dosages usually exceeding 1 gram per day. It would be very difficult to reach these levels just using the turmeric spice in your foods.”
        i didn’t do any deeper research.

  5. So ROK is now about sharing favorite recipes and seasonings.
    Well at least Roosh was being sincere when he started using the term ‘Neomasculinity’ and frowning upon the term ‘Red Pill’ to describe his corner of the ‘manosphere’, because there’s nothing Red Pill about this

    1. Health tips have an important place on any red pill or Neo masculine blog, as do ways of lessening reliance on doctors, drugs and medicine.

    2. I hear McD is doing a 50-piece chicken nugget bucket now.. that sounds more up your ally.

  6. You can also use turmeric mixed in yogurt to lighten your complexion. I’m an year round swimmer so apply it daily to lighten my skin.

    1. Wouldn’t you have to apply it to your whole body then so that your face doesn’t look abnormally lighter than the rest of your body?

  7. I love Tumeric and have noticed benefits in increased immune functioning over time. Good stuff!

  8. Revgenetics sells a very powerful micelle Curcumin product , that is super absorbable in a pump dispenser. They claim up to 200 x , in a small amount . Curcumin also acts on genetic pathways in a positive fashion.

  9. Ive been using turmeric in my chamomile tea a tspn a day for systemic whipple’s disease doctors won’t do anything or help me or treat me or believe me. I got this infection from taking a health supplement called deer antler velvet spray which came from New Zealand. This bacteria is what’s causing our gi issues and arthritic problems it’s also being linked to alzheimers disease and cancers too. Specifically actinobacteria/actinomycetes. I worked in the medical field for 10yrs before getting extremely ill with this disease and I have spread it to my entire family including my kids and no one will help us. It’s really messed up. This disease has become pandemic. Almost every person on curezone has all the same issues and symptoms and it’s due to bacteria not candida or fungus. Even though this kind of bacteria acts like a fungus once inside the body.

      1. I can testify that’s true with my own bones. If I nibble whatever sort of cheese, I get the chance the next days to whiff my nose under a napkin. Otherwise, I enjoy the health and, additionally, the sculptuous body(not gorilla-roid) I’ve built through physical exercise. So, the protein myth is personally demoted by me.
        People to whom the idea of plant-based diet(vegetables,fruits, nuts, cereals, honey, derivations of these and cooked combination of these) is repugnant, either do not have tried it themeselves, either they are too attached to their papillaes’ taste.

    1. So why don’t you kill it?
      A couple 30 day rounds of heavy duty shit like clindamycin and cipro. shit your entire skeleton out. and rebuild with probiotics.

  10. Problem is dairy, meat, eggs, and processed sugar. Sadly this article encourages people into drinking milk. Milk is bad, mkay, stay away from it. The human milk has the absolute lowest content of protein out of all milks. Any other milk will harm you. We’re not built for ingesting protein day in and day out, we’re built to eat plants. The strongest, fastest, longest living animals out there eat plants, not meat, eggs and dairy, we do not tolerate the acidity of protein, we can not process it well, come on people, wake up, this is 2018, cancer is caused by the acidic nature of protein, plants, plants, plants!

    1. I can prove each statement in my above comments, each one! Science is here, facts are here, TRUTH is here, meat-dairy-egg boys! Thumb me down, if you wish to live in the lie sold by Big Pharma and Animal Industry, however, when shit hits the fan, and doctors will tell you that you’re f**ed and you’ll be needing medication for the rest of your life, remember the Soyboy claims on RoK comment section, and at least consider giving it a try. Best health to everyone!

    2. Humans, by nature, are omnivores and have very fine-tuned ways of extracting and using the nutrients found in animal products. When our ancestors were foraging, are you telling me they didn’t feast on newfound eggs or on recently killed animal? We are foragers by nature. Your body has enzymes that break down amino acids found in the protein molecules from meat. Your body uses the iron found in meat better than that found in plant products. What does that tell you? If you’re another vegan pushing that nonsensical agenda, please stop. It’s nauseating how backwards your thinking is.

      1. There’s a decent amount of evidence that suggests that humans are primarily folivores (our teeth for example) and that humans consuming large quantities of animal products is very new in the evolutionary scheme of things. I’m consume them myself and am not against it, the problem lies in factory farm processed meat in which human heath is set behind efficiency and profits

      2. Burton, mate, you’re confused, trust me on that, but it’s fine. You, like so many others, can’t separate optimal food from survival food. We can survive eating lots of crap, but thrive too?! Keep asking questions, cheers!

        1. Soyboi, if humans have evolved eating a certain diet, wouldn’t that diet be optimal to meet a humans nutritional needs even in the 21st century? Your body has literally been evolved over hundreds of thousands of years. Just like how we don’t start feeding lions carrots and onions just because we believe that’s what they need, why would we start feeding humans only plants while excluding all the other very nutritious animal products that our bodies are designed to use optimally? You can have your opinion on an optimal diet, just don’t expect the average person to believe that feeding an omnivore a herbivores diet is better than an omnivorous diet. You haven’t made a single decent argument or point as to why humans should be vegetarians, let alone vegan. Confused? If that’s your futile attempt at a subtle insult, you have some work to do matey- on many fronts.

    3. I choose to partake with you in this rage of dislikes supported by uninformed people by giving two arguments in favor of holy plant-based diet.
      —In the first place, no creature which breeds does accept to drink milk once passed over his infancy period (why persons would, then?), except few, like cats who, interestingly, have higher rates of bone-related diseases. That brings me to the second defense:
      —Nordic European countries tend to have more osteoporosis rates than other European countries (Switzerland not included), which is, clearly, in relation with the fact they are the biggest diary consumers in the world. Also, if you look for somewhat unpolitically correct American researches which, racially classify their results, you’ll see that asians, hispanics and, especially, blacks have higher osteoporosis rates and, in general, more lactose-intolerance, than their white-like-margarine counterpart. That’s because, usually, non-white countries, believe it or not, have had somewhere along the historical line, before McDonald’s culture had risen, a tradition of plant-based diet and, the natives there not being accustomed with dairy, their descendants have a weaker immunization against non-naturalistic food. Look at an average local market of South Africa: they do not sell meat for cannibals, as some of you believe according to any random movie. Instead, their gastronomic agora is rich in nut and cereal varieties. The same for other natural non-sprayed plant-based food apt for human consumption.
      In conclusion, try a diet compounded of:
      ©honey and few natural spicers like Himalayan salt
      ©derivates from and between these
      ©cooked combinations of all the above
      At least a season before judge. And you may do that because you’ll not die from B12 insufficiency or some other fake information butchery companies give.

      1. Cătălin Bordea, the osteoporosis is Nordic peoples may also be related to inadequate levels of Vitamin D (due to limited exposure to sun because of modern lifestyles and lower intensity of sunlight in the North), a shortcoming that may only partially overcome with dietary supplements.

        1. Related to the Europeans, I do not contradict that. However, the noticeable difference on the point of casein assimilation between divers ethinicities accommodated on American soil, says something about their genotypical predisposition molded by their ancestor’s customs. One of the actual scientific papers that deepens what I’ve talked about:

          But, to be practical, the plant-based diet is the ultimatum. People may leave, first, their smoking, drinking, (etc.) habits, which it’s not an easy fight for everybody.

  11. Turmeric with Black Pepper and Boswellia extract saved me from having to have spinal fusion surgery. The brand name of supplement I take is Curamin Extra Strength. Two tablets a day and zero pain. The doctors had me on opiod pain killers and a benzodiazapene muscle relaxant. The prescription drugs damn near ruined my life as I was unable to function on them and the side effects were significantly harmful to me medically, professionally, and personally.
    Now I am pain free. My hands don’t tingle and go numb. I’m not sedated or addicted to any prescription medications. At 45 ALL of my blood work is “perfect” according to my G.P. and has been since I started taking turmeric and a few other supplements.
    A previous poster is wrong. There are thousands of studies that show many beneficial effects of turmeric/curcumin alone and in combination with other herbs and plant extract supplements. Look for yourself. Life Extension Foundation is a great resource to start.

  12. People should perhaps have a realistic and nuanced understanding of these things. Natural health and hygiene, which are part of the neomasculine program, truly are important. Resistance training, sprint intervals, proper sleep, and healthy food and spices, as well as too avoid toxic food, drinks and medicine are all integral parts of it.
    Ginger, cucumber, cardamom, turmeric, vitamines, antioxidants and fibres are important for health and well-being, and to prevent depression and diseases (to some extent), but can they cure cancer? Probably not. Would you go to a Ayurvedic “doctor” or a regular modern doctor if you are sick? If I were to become truly sick I would primarily focus on modern treatment, but combine it with positive thinking, willpower and natural health measures.

    1. ” proper sleep”
      – By far the hardest one on your list.
      “Sprint Intervals” is a distant 2nd, but you have to be very motivated to go out to a park/field and do that. Especially in the winter. Pushups, Bicycle Crunches and deep knee bends in the apartment are so much more convenient…

      1. Proper sleep, although driven mainly by habit, is definitely not as daunting as you make it out to be. If you have problems winding down at night, there may be indeed obvious stress issues that need taking care of. Only you can take the initiative to identify and tackle these issues. Setting aside a good hour to two to wind down during the evening can do wonders for your length and quality of sleep. During this time taking a long bath, praying or reading in a relaxed setting can put your mind at ease. Alternatively, taking some over the counter medications such as melatonin can help accustom your body to your new routine as well (take care not to use melatonin for too long however). Still, others like to tire themselves out physically by doing some HIIT in the evening or having a hard workout. The trick is finding what works for your ticking body. Take this advice or leave it but remember that sleep is one of the most important if not the most important determining factor to how optimally your body and mind can function during the day. In today’s world we often push sleep and its importance aside for other endeavours. Take care.

    2. I thumbed you down for disinforming people. You know too little for now, but it’s up to you to google for answers. Don’t advise anyone with your non-knowledge, you can only harm people! Out of curiosity, what is natural health?! You’re full of s*it mate, sorry. There is no “natural health”, there’s either health, either sickness. It’s like saying I’m drinking natural water. :)))

    3. “People should perhaps have a realistic and nuanced understanding of these things. Natural health and hygiene, which are part of the neomasculine program, truly are important. Resistance training, sprint intervals, proper sleep, and healthy food and spices, as well as too avoid toxic food, drinks and medicine are all integral parts of it. ”
      Nice wrap up of things.

    4. My thoughts are that herbal medicine can be a good adjunct to standard medicine, but I wouldn’t rely on it alone unless there was bulletproof research supporting it.

  13. “A plethora of data confirms that turmeric and other natural herbs and botanical plants have powerful medicinal applications. The problem is the greedy scum in the drug industry can’t patent them, so they can’t monopolize like they do with every other sinister wonder pill they develop.”
    I’ve been hearing this sort of thing for years now and it’s nonsense. If the average cancer patient could cure their cancer by just eating a handful of turmeric, they would do that rather than undergo surgery, chemo and radiation. You even mention at the beginning that Ferguson’s case is the first recorded case of turmeric ever actually curing cancer and yet you still felt a need to go on a rant about Big Pharma suppressing cures for diseases. There is no wonder cure out there for degenerative diseases like cancer because if there were, nobody would ever die from it.

  14. I eat this stuff as much as my stomach allows it and don’t get sick more than 2-3 days a year(at most) and if I do than only get a light flu that comes and goes like the wind. Never have stomachache or heartburn too as it helps to regulate the acids.

  15. tumeric did fix my gut biome problems.
    but if you eat too much of it you’re gonna be one sorry ass blasting mofo.

  16. Here in our place, we drink a mixtures of turmeric, red ginger, garlic, honey, apple, ginseng all together with a certain measurement of each organic herbs and made it into a juice. Successfully, it turn out to be known, people appreciated the taste, and we are proud because it cured certain sickness. We are marketing this to help people who can not afford to pay doctors and hospital bills.

  17. I started taking 800 mg of turmeric daily to see if it could do anything about my arthritis and subjectively I have to say I have felt a dramatic improvement. Whether it’s psychosomatic or an actual physical result of turmeric, I’m not complaining.
    As a retired magician, I had given up doing slight of hand due to my arthritis and now I’m back to doing my former moves without dropping stuff on the floor or my hands looking like claws.
    Your actual mileage may vary.

  18. Great article. I am 53, and started taking it last summer. I was already megadosing fish oil, but tumeric put my anti-inflammation in overdrive. I can now easily bike 30 miles 3 times a week, with little adverse effect.

  19. Been eating raw turmeric roots for years along with a lot of other supplements. I am one smooth running machine at 66 years old. Hit the gym 5 times a week, the old lady a couple and the pool once. I do miss CO mountain bike riding and snowboarding here in TX but I’m going to change that soon.

    1. I agree with Mr. Adams in that I love curries.
      Another alternative is ‘Golden Milk’, I just posted some discussion elsewhere here in the comments.

  20. I’ve been smearing my balls with tumeric, and yesterday I got a raise at work.
    … and my balls are a lovely shade of lemon yellow. They look like two little suns. I unzip my pants and the night light turns off in the bathroom.
    Snake oil is still snake oil. Magical thinking with magical talismans.
    If you want to take health advice from cultures that look down on toilet paper and washing your ass more than once a week, be my guest. I’ll continue to shove bones through my nose and dance counterclockwise around a fire to prevent spontaneous castration. It works! I still have my balls so obviously this is science.

  21. I’m late to the discussion here.
    One great way to consume turmeric is in ‘Golden Milk’. Recipes easy to find on the net. Basically you make a paste with turmeric and black pepper, then add to heated dairy or coconut milk and honey when you want a cup.

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