The Dating Success Of Asian Women Is Due To White Obesity

One interesting effect of the obesity epidemic has been an increase in the desirability of Asian women. Thirty years ago, nailing an Asian chick was a consolation prize for a white guy who struck out with his own kind. Indeed, in 1980 interracial marriage was fairly rare in the United States, with only 7% of all marriages occurring between people of different races. Nowadays, the intermarriage rate is 15% overall, but it is 36% among Asian females.

When Caucasian men marry Asian women, the couple is twice as likely to both be college educated and will make on average 20% more money than a white-white couple. Sociologists talk about all sorts of possible explanations: the desire of Asians to assimilate, the increasing acceptance of interracial marriage, the sexualization of Asian women as docile and subservient, the smaller penises of Asian men. All these explanations are probably wrong. I’m reminded of an old joke which explains the phenomenon of Asian women marrying white guys: Why does a dog lick its genitals? Because it can.

Thin Asian Girls are Upwardly Mobile

In our society, whites are at the top of the social ladder and people naturally want to marry up. In the past, when there were many fewer overweight white women, a man would just marry a thin white girl. Nowadays there are so few thin white females that men must look elsewhere. Because Asian women are substantially thinner than their white counterparts, it is only natural that their overall desirability would increase.

More importantly, when considering marriage, men have two great fears. First, that their wife will stop having sex with them and second, that their wife will get fat. Because even slightly overweight young white women are seen as likely to gain enormous amounts of weight during their childbearing years, a stick-thin Asian woman is even more desirable. The presence of many thin older Asian females in the population is evidence of the wise choice of marrying a young, thin Asian female. Look at any large group of 50-year-old women of different ethnicities. Among African-Americans, 90% will be obese, among the whites, probably 75%, but among the Asians, easily half are still thin.

Asian Women Have Become Popular… And Picky

Even ten years ago, I found that it was comparatively easy to date an Asian woman or get her to respond to me online. But now, they are becoming more selective. The nation’s white guys have figured out that the biggest risk to a lifetime of marital happiness is a fat wife, and the best mitigating strategy is to marry an Asian.

Some men will argue that it is not just thinness, but better personalities which are driving the increase in white-Asian couples. This may be true, and certainly my own anecdotal experience is that attractive Asian women, especially foreign-born, are more likely to exhibit wifely behavior than pretty American white girls, but without being thin, these Asians would not get much attention.

Another possible explanation is that there are substantial numbers of Asian women who have little to no interest in Asian men. I often hear this from Asian chicks, but I’ve heard the same from black women as well about black men. It takes white guys wanting to date Asian ladies to make this sort of coupling happen. Still, the fact that many Asian women don’t want to date Asian men does propel Asian girls into the white dating sphere.

Of course, some men have a negative view of Asian women and Asian culture generally. However, one should be cautious not to indict two billion women on the basis of two crazy psycho Asian ex-girlfriends. Casting aspersions on Asian women this way is relying on anecdote. Casting aspersions on white women who are three times more likely to be fat than Asians is relying on science.

Water Seeks its Own Level

This notion of non-whites marrying up and out of their ethnicity on the basis of a thin body was demonstrated to me dramatically when I was in an elevator at an area mall. In this case, the foreign ethnicity of interest was from India, but the principle was the same. In the elevator were two couples who did not know each other. The first couple consisted of a big, tall, fat, nerdy, doofus of a white guy with his slender, pretty Indian girlfriend. She was just all over him. Then another couple got on. He was a fit, nice looking guy from India with his fat, dweebish, unappealing white girlfriend. In virtually any other time in history, the white people would not be fat and they would be dating each other. Likewise for the Indians. But now with the obesity epidemic, everything had changed.

Although obesity has afflicted both genders equally, it has a strikingly disparate effect on dating desirability—only mildly hurting men but being absolutely drastic to women. Therefore, the fat white guy made the obvious and correct choice. Since there are so few thin white girls, he dated a thin Indian girl instead. The handsome fit guy from India, on the other hand, gains only a small advantage by not being fat. Since white guys are poaching the thin women of his ethnicity, he concludes that since he must date a fat girl, at least he’ll date a fat white chick.

One Asian Girlfriend Begets Another

The rise of Asian women functions like a positive feedback loop. As more white guys find they can’t date a thin white girl, they decide to branch out and try an Asian. Soon, they discover that Asian women make excellent romantic partners. Certainly there are trashy, slutty Asian girls, quite similar to the white club chicks who are often derided in the manosphere, but generally speaking, Asian women are of high quality, with strong sex drives, nice bodies, clean, top-notch pussies, intelligent minds, and good values when it comes to long-term relationships.

There are many men like me who initially did not pursue Asian women very much, but in the search for a girlfriend with a normal body, ended up dating someone Asian and realized how rewarding the relationship can be. As more men have that sort of  positive experience, it heightens their interest in future romances with Asians. Also, when you’re in a long-term relationship, you begin to forget about your partner’s ethnicity. You see your girlfriend as a specific individual, someone you love and care about, not as a member of any particular ethnic group. But if you are dating a fat chick, you never forget that she is fat.

This trend will only continue. With more white-Asian couples out there serving as role models, most of them college educated and upper-middle class, many young men will see this as a way out of the obesity epidemic that plagues their romantic lives. Asian women used to struggle with a dating disadvantage because of their ethnic features. Their eyes looked too narrow to white men, but almost no one talks about that anymore. When I was growing up, you heard lots of private jokes about funny accents and slanty eyes, but now, behind closed doors, the talk about Asian women is how much skinnier they are than the white chicks. Notes to Asian females: (1) Do not adopt our poisonous American diet, and (2) No one cares about the eyes any more. Save your money and don’t get plastic surgery. We’re looking at your thin waist and your little butt.

Photo Gallery

A man with 1 billion friends and $30 billion net worth married this Asian physician.

zuckerberg school

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Laura Ling, a journalist and UCLA graduate was imprisoned briefly in North Korea. Pictured here with her husband Iain Clayton who works in finance. He is smiling because he got his thin Asian wife back.


Rupert Murdoch (net worth $13 billion) has been married to this Asian lady for 12 years and they have two children. Money is a powerful aphrodisiac.

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903 thoughts on “The Dating Success Of Asian Women Is Due To White Obesity”

    1. Ironic I said that exact same line to my moms single friend(seems like a closet lesbo). And she got pissy about it lol

  1. sounds like that indian dude needs some game.
    but on the obeisty trend through personal experiance n data to confirm it. women of black indian middle eastern n sometimes latin stock have higher obeisty rates then white women. if they started out thin they blow up quick with one kid sometimes bigger than husband.
    my family is very mixed and as a thin guy i hate fat chicks. thats why asian white and latin girls(in about that order) are the ones i want an ltr. a skinny black middle east an indian girl will always blow up.
    good read….dont be surprised when jizzabel comes in trashin asian girls.

    1. o ya forgot to add pacific island women.seriously they are the biggest of any ethnic group.

  2. I noted in the article ‘Asian’ is capitalized but ‘white’ remains lower case.
    I wonder what social conditioning was used for that to occur ?

      1. That being said ‘yellow’ wouldn’t need to be capitalized but the racial term ‘yellow’ wasn’t used was it, instead they are referred to as the noble sounding ‘Asian’

      1. There are people who are ethically white as far as Afghanistan but would be considered Asian geographically speaking who would trace very little if any of their heritage to Europe. This is the diveragnce theory of the early caucasoids.

        1. the term white and caucasion gets misused alot prolly cuz hitler an the aryans(iranic ppl n north indians) and relatin it to germanics aka nordics.
          and caucasion should be used on people of the caucaus such as armania or chechniya. people from europe to north india are causcoid. but europeans are white the other is middle easterner n indian. they are related but not the same. its like sayin all asian are japanese.
          middle east has berbers semitics n iranics,europe has slavs germanic celts latin n greek n india has numerous tribes like punjabi tamils etc.

  3. Wendy Deng screwed over Rupert Murdoch for the left wing slime ball and multi ethnic promoter that is tony blaire former pm of Britain. Their marriage was seen primarily as Ruperts drive to have media ownership in China which didn’t work as the Chinese ( in china) are skeptical of those who marry away from their own.moral of the story is that Asians too will marry for marry and screw you over when it doesn’t work!

  4. Asian girls also generally still have strict fathers, so they have a greater respect for men and fatherhood in general.

    1. Very true asian are VERY RESPECTFUL to men. I remember a couple of Asian women I dated who would adore me even at my most beta moments. Asian are very sexual creatures although the intial lay can be filled with ALOT of LMR. They are ideal women with balance of beauty, feminity and sexuality. But what i dont get is that why are white guy asian women divorce rates slighty higher then white couples? Thus this mean the callous ideals of feminity is seeping to their heads?

      1. How did you get through the LMR? With my current one I couldn’t break it through __three__ times…

        1. Dont rush. With asians you need to be romantic with them. They have a FEMININE PRIDE which makes them a little difficult to sexually escalate. Dance with her play some music and just DONT BE JUDGMENTAL or REACTIVE while escalating.
          As a black guy with Asian I really have difficulties maneurvering during the intial stages so I try to be romantic and not be a sterotypical Black guy (HORNY and impatient). Maintian my composure and calibriate
          There was this Asian women that took me nearly 3 hours after bringing her home to fuck and other races takes less then 40 minutes. But once I fucked her I literally took her soul

      2. Higher divorce rates stem from mismatched SMVs. The unusual receptiveness of Asian women to white men, is, or at least was up until VERY recently, driven by inferiority complexes. Many of them were 2nd generation refugees from 3rd world countries. And, like many 2nd generation immigrants without strong value systems being pushed into the integration blender, they felt their own background, traditions and peculiarities were somehow inferior to those of the “popular” girls in school. So, they subconsciously subtracted 2 points of their own self perceived SMV. One of the most common of these peculiarities, were studiousness to the point of being nerdy in high school.
        In due time, this studiousness led to high college entrance rates; where they suddenly were removed from their “peculiar” awkward parents, and instead put in an environment where nerdiness were much less frowned upon. In no small part, due to the makeup of men who enter college, is also of a generally nerdier nature than an average high school.
        So, now you have a compilation of awkward guys, mixed with girls who’s SMV self appraisal algorithm deducts 2 points specifically for being Asian. Which is about as close to pooosey paradise as a bunch of nerdy white and jewish guys betas could ever hope to find.
        Nowadays, the whole Asian Chick myth has gotten so mainstream that the women no longer assume that 2 point deduction; and as a result, many previously stable couples are being torn apart by excessive SMV discrepancies.
        As the article hinted at, nowadays the easy pickins for betas are amongst Indian girls in colleges and college grad workplaces; and Mexicanas and other Central Americans in different venues. And even a smattering of black girls; who have spent enough time in college to have absorbed the notion that black men, alpha as they may be, are basically entertaining to watch and listen to monkeys. Instead of subtle and worldly men acting anglo-jewish; like properly educated men.
        If you spend any time at all in different workplaces and universities in Silicon Valley, you’ll basically see the average white guy, 2 points above him 2nd generation Indian girl pairings, similar to what you’d see 25 years ago with 2nd generation South East Asians. Along with some starry eyed young Mexicana flattered beyond belief, to receive attention from a white guy with a car her daddy couldn’t afford who learned in college that catholic upbringings are demeaning to women.

        1. Your post was spot on. Asian people REALLY do look down on their culture. But they have everything to proud of. Especailly the Japanese who had the boshido and a strong sense of masculinity. But western life has made Japanese asexual and wierd. At one point Japanese (World War Days) considered themselves a master race and viewed Americans as subhuman. Thus surrendering during the world was act of dishonor.
          Asian Women have this archetypical man who is white western, tall and handsome. (Brad pitt, dicaprio etc) But when they meet and marry this guy he isnt the glorious man she envisioned. Coupled that with the fact that she now understands her SMV its a ticking time bomb.
          Indian women however LOVE their culture and they NEVER shame it. They also have strong family values and traditions and marrying outsiders is a NO NO. They LOVE their Indian men. That is why Indian and white marriages occupy and VERY small percentage of marriages.
          So its not only that white women have become obese but Asian men have become undateable. In dating sites Black men have similar response rates by Asian women to Asian men. And with all the fucked sterotypes of black guys thats very SCARY outlook for Asian men.
          But one thing I admire of Asian men is that they never bitch or moan or feel a sense of entitlement of their women like other races. They just find other women to fuck

      3. I don’t think your data is correct. According to a study based on the 2010 census data the divorce rate between white American men and their imported Filipina wifes was slightly less than 20%. This is opposed to the AW-AM divorce rate of ~50%. This may not reflect all Asian women American men pairings but the largest set of immigrant K1 visas is from Filipinas.

      4. It means they have nothing in common after the sexual union wears off, after she gets old, after he gets sick of her being his dog and maid. That’s what it means to anyone who has a high IQ and realize white couples stay together because they have much more in common then just sex which gets boring after 5 or ten years and being someones maid, men get sick of that and then cry out for the strong, independent white American women again but she has run away so he is left with no one, not even a foreign women anymore.

      5. Asians are sexual creatures? Where in the hell did that stereotype even come to materialize?

  5. In my eastern experience (China, Vietnam, South India) the women were thin and eager to please, but only the Indians had any real curves. The others could have passed for myself at 11: short, no tits, flat/narrow butts, no hips…
    They are usually lots of fun and respond very well to negs. (light bulb at that realization) Yeah, really well.

    1. In my experiences in Japan, and my observations of Taiwan and Southern China, there are plenty of women that have curves, but none that are really voluptuous like some Indian women, Latinas, or Black girls can be. (Keep in mind that when I say “voluptuous and curvy, I mean bodacious hourglass figures, not fatties that look like beach balls). That’s cool with me because Japanese, Taiwanese, and chinese girls are my favorites (in fact, only ones that I like), and if I weren’t Black I’d travel extensively between those countries and probably work there. Had to say it.
      Filipinas are more likely to have curves too, if you’re into the SE thing.

      1. Some of those girls in Japanese porn are pretty amazing, though they are probably rare in the general population

        1. I banged a handful of Japanese natives when I lived in L.A. Three of them, in particular, had full, natural racks and the best one of the bunch had tits so big (for her frame) that she played “shy” about letting them hang free. I had to keep pulling her arm away from in front of them.

    2. I’ve never been into Asian women for that exact reason [short, no tits, flat/narrow butts, no hips] but Indian women age like milk. I’ve dated a few beautiful Indian girls when I was younger but generally try to avoid them as they age.

        1. bein part indian an livin an indian neigbhrhood u agree. desipte the extra melanin they age like white women. plus we notice even if they are a thin 90lbs they will literally double when they approach 30 or have kid. same story with middle east girls but at least they dont get that black eye look from hyperpigmintation i think. but body hair on the 2 is really bad. ive met 3 indian n 1 persian girl that was hairy as me an im a mini roosh.
          in my community we say our women arent as curvacious as white girls(whom are nothin compared to latinas n blacks). its like there inbetween asian n white.
          honestly the asians are the best since they age slowly and western european girls are the worst thanx to roscea.

        2. Yeah, you’re right about Middle Eastern women too. Many Indian and Middle Eastern women at 20, yeah very hot, but what the fuck happens to them!? White women, well, I can’t stand all that cellulite and blue veiny shit they got going on; I don’t even find many white youngins hot as their bodies are already shot. Geez, when I was a teen slim girls DID NOT have cellulite….what’s with even slim young girls these days having mottled cottage cheese thighs!? UGH! Junk food diets…lack of Momma’s good old fashioned home cooking….that’s my guess.
          Japanese and Thais and Koreans seem to age pretty well. Fuck, there’s a slim 50 year old Korean who co-owns a Korean food shop nearby and her face is so smooth and her body nice and tight….and she smiles and bows and shit. NICE! You can tell she’s older of course, but she’s still HOT (well, hot enough for this 45 year old!)

        3. i know its messed up sometimes the moms are barely hotter then their fat daughters. now adays a 25yr old causcoid woman(white indian middl eastern) jyst get smoked by some 50yr old asian women. had an accupunututrist in her early 50s an she was dam fine..she was from china.
          hey i got a question for the whites. when u guys age i notice u guys get the roscea condition(usually brits) and get veiny and get wrinkles farely early. is it cuz of diet(cause western diet sux) and lifestyle or u just age that way?
          not tryin to be mean but this is what im noticing. i dont see why it would genes since many asians are fair skinned too and can be hot into their 50s.
          dunno why many guys say middle eastern n undian girls are pretty. we say they are overrated. due to less curves n lots of body hair(worse then some white guys) which need to be tended to biweekly even in the face. indian girls get get the hyperpigmentation on eyes while middle east girls tend use a ton of make up to maje for bad skin an rough features.(dunno why they kike to do extra heavy around eyes).
          plus if u look at demographics the obeisty rate of these 2 groups is much higher then whites. n belive me it takes them alot of time n work to get them lookin fine.
          we get many middle easterners now in my area n as a whole look worse then indian. if she looks goid shes strikin. even their men chase asians or they lucky a pretty white girl(usually slavic or latin)

        4. hey i got a question for the whites. when u guys age i notice u guys get the roscea condition(usually brits) and get veiny and get wrinkles farely early. is it cuz of diet(cause western diet sux) and lifestyle or u just age that way?”
          The simple answer is that it is a combination of both. But it is mostly natural ageing. There are so many different shades of white, it depends. I’m very white. I will burn after 30 mins in the sun. We generally don’t age well, but many of us live in sunny climates. White men generally look ok as they age if the stay in shape. Its no secret that our women age very poorly.

        5. “when u guys age i notice u guys get the roscea condition(usually brits) and get veiny and get wrinkles farely early”
          Alcohol abuse. My cheeks are genetically pink and look more like blush than a skin condition, but yeah, those red spider veins on the cheeks and nose are from drinking too much. That’s part of the reason I quit, to keep my inside and outside healthy.

        6. ok cause I was curious. Since I see nice looking eastern european girls and they look good. But I was thinking would they age like their western counterparts(then again their complexion is quite bad…must be celt blood)
          or would they age like asians if they laid off the vodka since they are about same complexion as some japanese and koreans.
          Um hate to break it to u but ethnic girls say the white guys age bad too(but good looking when young if not too pale,freckly or blotchy skin).
          But your game,money,assets and offering of freedom is what makes you enticing.

        7. ahh that makes sense.
          been seeing wrinkles on indian girls I went to high school with too. And that was only 6yrs ago…they really wanted to be white,western and “liberated”. Now they got their wish and now they are pissed for rebeling.
          They blame us for not effectively stopping them(or not accepting them for the mess they are).

        8. I didn’t realize my Russian ex had aged so much until I looked at some pics of her in our younger years. She’s still slim but her little titties and ass are saggy as fuck and her thighs cellulitely; nothing she can do about the sagging boobs as breast feeding does that to a woman, but the ass and thighs were from a lack of exercise. While everybody goes crazy over Russian women, I saw lots and lots of fat, wrinkled, makeup-caked 30+ there. All of my Ex’s friends in Russia were hot in their 20s….they’re all 3-6 now. Ten years sure fucked them hard! They were fairly heavy drinkers in their mid-20s.
          Her skin was flawless when we married but she’s looking more and more like her deep-lined father every day! She’s a moderate drinker, non-smoker, healthy eater. She’s mid-30s now.
          Age or die. Age and die. Not much of a choice. 😀

        9. dam just scared me from slavic girls for ltr. Guess asian and latina it is.
          cake make up lol. Thats what the middle eastern girls do to hide thier flaws. Then they do more work on the eyelids and eyebrows.

        10. Russian girls are typically very fair skinned. Excessive sun exposure causes lots of damage with that type.

        11. Yeah you’re right there…she’s a sun worshipper. She’ll bake for hours in the midday sun.

        12. there is your answer, but the same goes for white women in genenal. Too much sun without much protection at peak UV times

        13. Many Ruskies do suffer from a bit of the Babushka syndrome. Part of it may be genetic.
          But another part, is that the current culture is very strongly focused on young women really going all out in maximizing their beauty. Hence, when you see a Russian 18-22 year old in Moscow or New York; you see her at her absolute, towering prime, with every little eyelash consciously arranged for maximum effect.
          While an American Girl will leverage her natural advantages as a prime age woman, and not bother to do anything about her looks. So, in effect, a Russian with a potential to be an 8, will always show an8. While an American that could with similar effort be an 8, will likely show a 6, from pure laziness and lack of cultural pressure for Lola to “do what it takes to get what Lola wants.”
          This makes Russkies as a whole stunning in their prime, but there is no extra effort they can muster to make up for the ravages of aging. Unlike Americans, who generally save the all out beautification attempts for when they are well into cougarhood, making one last desperate run for a train that has already left the station.
          With the end result being that a Russian who’s a 7 at 22, will often be a 4 at 38, basically tracking her ghenetic max the whole way. While an American who’s an 7 at 22, may well have the genetic potential to be a 9, and still fall only 3 points when she’s 38, leaving her, now that she does do what it takes to show her best, still a 6.
          I have noticed Persian women generally tend to follow the Russian model, while Asians And Europeans more often follow the “American way.,” Latinas in home country seem to be more like Russians, while the ones in America become Americanized.

          check it its actually a thread on guys that wanna warry polish girls.
          think southern european maybe a good option for unspoiled full blooded white girls.
          I know southern latin america thats where they dominate. Southern Brazil, UruaguayArgentina,Chile and the more devolped parts of specifc latin countrys.
          I suggest you look up HDI index on particular countrys since full blooded whites dominate in the more developed areas.
          wiki and cia factbook will be your frined when you look up the demographics

        15. That’s not always been the case. Diet plays a huge part in it. My wife is in her mid 40’s and could easily pass for a 20 something (and not a modern land whale 20 something either, a “traditional” thin shapely 20 something), despite not wearing much make up, having no surgeries and not dying her hair. Diet, exercise, no smoking and that’s about how it goes. She also cooks amazing home made meals (traditional farm family) from fresh ingredients. You gotta select wisely when they’re young if you’re going to stand a chance of this kind of thing though. My gal could be a dream poster for the Third Reich’s ideal woman, but has zero attitude.
          Farms in the flyover country, small town midwest and out in the real West (Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Dakotas) is where it’s at still, men. That said, the midwest is drying up fast.

        16. Celt blood? Da fuq? Celt women traditionally are the whitest white, pale smooth white even, that you’re going ever see whited.
          Rednecks (the American descendents of the celts) have bad skin because their diet blows chunks.

        17. roscea is a skin condition commonly refered to as “curse of the celts”. It is a condtion that primarily affects northwestern european. It can be mild like irishman Bill Clinton to quite severe.
          Compared to slavics they are about the skin tone, But the slavics have the better complexion and dont freckle as much. Thats how I tell the 2 apart.
          on a side note
          Among ethnics they say things like pink piggy blotches or pig ass complexion when they wanna dis brits.
          Maoris call em pakhea(means pig flea).

  6. Measured average height, weight, and waist circumference for adults ages 20 years and over
    Height (inches): 69.3
    Weight (pounds): 195.5
    Waist circumference (inches): 39.7
    Height (inches): 63.8
    Weight (pounds): 166.2
    Waist circumference (inches): 37.5
    *Source: CDC
    How many 5-3 166 lbs women are good looking? Not one. 39.7″ is pretty bad for males but females are only 2.2″ off. Give it time and they’ll probably outweigh men too.

    1. This is incorrect. Even when size is accounted for (and this is important since fat cells produce estrogen) African American women have higher base levels of estrogen. This is actually not such a good thing. It makes them more likely to suffer from women’s health issues such as cysts fibroids and breast cancer.
      tldr : It has nothing to do with estrogen but cultural perceptions and possibly other biological factors.

    1. Stop talking about them when they’re not around. They LOVE that. Fucking hell, why do you encourage the haters?

  7. Author left out the best part – the stares you get from biological clock ticking late 20’s/early 30’s American white women. Especially tall white women. God damn they hate it so much to see a tall white guy with a petite Asian woman. The dumpier the American woman’s body – the more bitter she looks too. It’s fucking glorious. I wish I could collect their tears to use as lube for when I jerk off.
    My current main fuck buddy is Asian. Not too long ago I decided I would cook us a nice meal and we went shopping together for the food. We’re having a good time shopping and getting everything together; laughing, smiling, and I’m in a great mood knowing I’m going to have a great meal, great wine, and great sex in my immediate future.
    To brighten my already wonderful evening even more, we get to the check out line, and what is it I see? Well, none other than a 30ish bleach blonde checking out in front of us. Of course, I take inventory – no wedding ring, somewhat defeated looking facial expression from what I imagine was a long hard week of being a strong independent working woman – I’m loving it. I look at her groceries: Hot Pockets, Pop-Tarts, Tombstone frozen pizza’s, Activia Yogurt (the yogurt that helps you take a shit), and hot dogs to name a few of the more memorable items. I’m laughing my ass off inside.
    I start unloading the basket onto the belt and I’ve got fresh salmon, 1 lbs of shrimp, fresh asparagus, and red potatoes; plus ingredients. Blondie observes me unloading this and gives me the “You goddamn mother fucker” look. I give her the “I’m winning at life and you’re not, bitch” smirk while wrapping my arm around my sexy little Asian spinner.
    Dinner was good, the sex was good, and knowing blondie went home to a microwaved meal was the icing on the cake.

    1. Nice story- imagine living with that bitterness
      My living situation is interesting in this new town. 2 laaaaate 20s girls, single, no prospects, still going out hard like the strong independent women they are, staying fit physically but their faces show the years clear as day. And a late 20s white knight.
      Enter me who recently started dating a South American 19 year old just as skinny as them but with excellent curves. She doesn’t have the pedigree that they do and it makes them crazy seeing that I don’t care about that stuff in a mate. Seeing us come and go and cook and retreat to the bedroom several times a day was too much for them to take. A long note, authored by the white knight with input (lots) from the wall harpies, forbade her from coming to the house. Hilarious. I didn’t accept their frame as being an authority on my house guests and continued with my business.
      I’m currently waiting on their next passive aggressive justification for why I can’t have a girlfriend in my bedroom whenever I want.

      1. Quote– “She doesn’t have the pedigree that they do and it makes them crazy seeing that I don’t care about that stuff in a mate.”
        And that says it all really. Today’s American woman can’t seem to wrap their collective heads around the fact that graduate degrees, corner offices, and fancy job titles don’t get dicks hard.
        At the end of the day we just want a girl that’s attractive/slender, good morals, and a sweet disposition. Everything else isn’t a priority as far as I’m concerned.
        With every passing day your roommates are getting older, therefore more pissed off at your choice in a mate. Your girl’s next birthday she’ll be 20. The roomies will probably be 30. Nothing they do will give them back their youth and the happiness/carefree life a person that age enjoys. They’re hating hard right now.
        It’s going to get ugly for you my friend. They’re not going to make it easy on you.

        1. They don’t get it because, as usual, most Americans are incapable of even considering any perspective other than their own.
          In this case it’s the case that “prestigious” degrees and job titles turn women on, whereas most men don’t care.

        2. I agree. And not only do men not care, but its a massive turn-off to many western guys.
          Reading a girl’s internet profile, or hearing her brag about becoming the assistant manager of personnel in some fortune 500 company, after she finished her masters of corporate psychology degree.
          This is the biggest turn off a man could encounter. Because you know the following facts even before she says them.
          1. Her manager is going to be male, and she will bitch for years about how useless and dumb he is, and how she deserves that job more than him.
          2. Psychology departments are hotbeds of left-wing PC feminisms, where men are to blame for all the perceived ills of the female mind (patriarchy, rape-culture, sexism..etc). So she will be fully indoctrinated.
          3. You know she is going to be a marital barracuda. searching for the fattest (ie.. richest) fish she can find and consume.
          4. Her scrambling up the corporate ladder will leave her no time for gym and healthy food shopping. Thus, in 5 years, she will be on the Pringles side of 70kg, and you will be back jerking off in the shower like when you were 13.

        3. “Today’s American woman can’t seem to wrap their collective heads around the fact that graduate degrees, corner offices, and fancy job titles don’t get dicks hard.”
          Spot on. Women value career status in men, so they think men value the same thing in women. Wrong.

        4. not the dicks of uneducated men like you it sounds like, but who wants that anyway, educated women want educated men, and you clearly sound very unintelligent to me!

        5. yeh, why dont you go and work hard and try and get a degree then yourself instead of bullying and abusing hardworking intelligent American women? sounds like you are jealous of them because they are to good for you, and you can only get unintelligent women that cant see through you until they are 30 years old, by that time you will be to old to even get a 30 year old. Serves you right for making fun of nice, intelligent hardworking women

        6. Excellent point! If you look at dating profiles of other things they often tout it like it’s a big deal. Often in a bit of a conceited way, I might add.
          So a woman can get a master’s degree but isn’t sensible enough to put on some makeup and nice, attractive clothes? Wow…

        7. Wow, y’all sound dumb as hell.
          “At the end of the day we just want a girl that’s attractive/slender, good morals, and a sweet disposition. Everything else isn’t a priority as far as I’m concerned.”
          Yeah, sure, great. I know a lot of women who fit in this classification. Are you implying that we should all go back to being domestic housewives? Men like YOU, sir, make women want to climb up the corporate ladder. Why should we have to sit around listening to this domestic bullshit all day? We can be good mothers AND wives.
          Perhaps I’m exposed to different, more intelligent guys, but the males I went to college with wanted intellectual girlfriends. I graduated with a degree from Cal Berkeley not too long ago and I quote from my male civil engineer friend, “Man, I love it when girls are engineers. It shows they aren’t afraid to work with the guys.” I see perfectly fit, incredibly well-rounded, astoundingly intelligent young women walk on these campuses and graduate with difficult degrees at the world’s top public university.
          I don’t think the problem is women. I think the problem lies in mixed up priorities and conflicted values. I know so many women, take my mother for example. She was an ER doctor, very busy, raising my brother and I, but made time to run every morning and do yoga on the weekends. It’s not really fair to women to be making such ignorant statements.

        8. Thank you for voicing my thoughts. I don’t think any intelligent women would go for them, anyway.

        9. “we just want a girl that’s attractive/slender (but I can be a fat slob who sits on the couch yelling ‘honey, where’s my beer?’), good morals (she must be ‘loyal’ at all costs whereas I can screw around anytime I want), and a sweet disposition (any nice girl will do as long as she cooks and cleans and ‘respects’ me….does what I tell her to do….all these women are interchangeable and can be bought for a few thousand in any impoverished country)

        10. Amen to that Bike Bear.
          I’d like to know the type of degree these critics have and what kind of gentleman they are?? I bet they are big bafoons. Some can’t even hold a fork and a knife like well mannered people, and eat like pigs, with their mouth open, and stab their food with their forks. Some of these guys can’t even rise to an educated woman’s level.

        11. LOL, this is wrong on so many levels, since I happen to be dating a successful business girlfriend (120k + CPA/finance manager for fortune 500 companies)…
          1. First of all…successful business women aren’t looking for the fattest, richest fish they can find. why not? because they’re so damn independent, they can’t stand the sight of having a man “financially take care of them”. hence, they put so much work into their own careers so that they can take care of themselves. what YOU described is the exact opposite…
          a. an unsuccessful female that wants the $$$, but doesn’t have the brain nor work ethic to do it for herself, hence she searches for the rich fish she can find; and trust me, there’s far more of those women on the earth than the successful
          2. you said that corporate women have no time for the gym….LOL, that’s BS. my g/f has had a personal trainer for the last five years, and she eats very healthy (weighs 105 pounds). what YOU fail to notice again, is that successful women are naturally VERY, VERY structured and disciplined…how else will they have gotten so far in school and in work without having great work ethic. in like fashion, these same women take the same level of work ethic and discipline to how they treat their bodies. again, you’re describing a female that is clearly unbalanced, but that can easily be found with the bottom-feeders of female society that lack an education or a meaningful job – i see them every day when i jog passed mcdonalds.
          I WILL however, agree with you that successful women display more ill-woe to things such as patriarchy and gender roles, and that they will often complain about the sexism experienced in the higher levels of the corporate world. but, to be honest, that doesn’t really bother me, as i am not considered a part of that.

        12. A woman who gets her priorities right can have both : ) Having her partner enjoy her company and WANT to spend his non-working hours with her is the essence of being a woman. Without this, everything else is hollow.

        13. That’s because some women have their priorities wrong. There’re women who can juggle both a career and a happy relationship.
          I have a degree too and draw a decent salary. But the fact that my partner, who’s Asian like me, enjoys spending his non-working hours with me and looks forward to doing so, is what makes me feel like a woman : )

      2. Shit, that is a tough one. Hard to gloat when you’re surrounded by d-bags. What do you mean by ‘pedigree’ though? Education? Class? You’re 100% correct about their ‘authority.’ Bonus points for shaming them. There’s 2 women there, so I assume they’re liberal, too? You can always turn their own shit testing tactics back on them, too. Accuse them of violating the sisterhood or some such.

        1. Yes, there are. Plenty. But rarely in the US since most latin immigrants are of a diffrerent ethnicity.

      3. Jesus Christ and also the wiccan religion says to ‘treat people in a way you would like to be treated in return’, even so far as to ‘think kind and compassionate thoughts about other people, otherwise it will come back three fold to you in the future’….sounds like you are a man that is very cruel and gets a kick out of seeing single women suffering and alone………you will most probably get bad karma in the future, just rememember when you get older you will lose a lot of your attraction to good kind women, and younger women will run away from you to once they see how evil you really are

      4. You can have a girlfriend in the bedroom whenever you want, just not when you get to age 40, 50 or 60. That’s when you will lose your sexual charms, and the younger women will leave you, in fact you wont even get one of those single women that you made fun of either when you get older, no one wants an evil cruel man, wish your girlfriend could see your evil comments that you wrote above, she should be given a warning about you.

      5. In all fairness, youre NINETEEN. Wait til that south american is 30. She’ll be as fat as a cow.

      6. Agree completely. If you have a girl who is sweet, caring, sexy as hell and honest, why on earth does it matter what degrees she has? I went to a boarding school then an Ivy League college, and 99.9% of the women there simply do not get it. A normal thin girl with a big smile and good looks attracts so much hatred from them it’s impossible to describe. “How _could_ you?” — as if someone who is simply an RN or something like that is beneath me.

    2. Best fucking comment EVER! Whenever I am out in public with my young Asian wife (she is 20, I am 30), the stares we get from bitter and angry white women is ORGASMIC. You troll white women just by having an Asian girl. It’s a massive slap in the face to white women when a white guy has a hot Asian girlfriend.

      1. To be fair, I think that happens whenever a guy has a beautiful, fit and clearly non-dominating woman with him of any ethnicity. The western Sisterhood does NOT like heretics in their ranks.

        1. truth, I’m dating a younger black girl and the looks i get from white women in public are hilarious

        2. The fact that she is black takes your value as a man down, even if she’s hot, they may be looking at you thinking somethi g completely opposite of jealousy 🙂

        3. It’s actually the opposite. Black women with white men goes up on the pedistal notice how they act more proper and carries themselves like a lady. They also have the longest lasting ir relationship..

        4. If you date someone only because you revel in the attention and looks from white women, then you dont have much of a relationship by the sounds of things. What will you do when your black girlfriend gets really old and no one stares at both of you anymore? you sound extremely shallow, most probably white people are staring at you because they can see right through you for what you really are, a fake person dating a black women so that you can get the attention of the hot white women who have rejected you in the past. By the way, they wont go near you with a ten foot pole because they think your only interested in black women.

        5. My Younger Black Girlfriend would get the “Fucking Bitch” stare when I would take her out for a drink at a local bar by the single white women. Yet now that I am single (Because she passed away a few years ago) I can go to that same bar and those same women aren’t interested in me. I think they just want what they can’t have at that moment or they felt they came in second place and that bothered them…..

        6. U mad? U sound like the upset one. The guy was merely making an observation: that he finds the reaction of white women comical. I too am dating interracially and laugh when hispanic men stare at my physically fit, gym rat latin gf and then at me… Am i dating her for these reactions?!? No, dumbass… But that doesnt mean i cant be an observant and laugh.

        7. Only if youre a racist, which by definition also means your uneducated.

        8. Statistics show black woman have the highest amount of STD’s, abortions, and children out of wedlock compared to any other group. A number of their own men refuse to date them, and they are fiercely jealous of every other kind of woman. They are simply not in demand, and they are aware. More than half can expect to never get married in their entire lives. If they are an interest to you though, go for it, they could use the help.

        9. Um, one mention of a young black girl and hatred comes spewing out.Just so you know people with Phy degrees and Doctorates are now studying interracial dating, so nobody is getting away with anything ‘stupid’.

        10. Well you’re literally the internet’s spokesperson interlaced with some nonactual opinion’s; all you need are some expletives and to say ‘their all ugly’ and your all set.

        11. and statistics would also show you that whites have been responsible for more deaths through wars than any other race. the second world wars ALONE contributed to more deaths than any blacks in all countries combined. hitler and his henchmen, stalin… oppenheimer’s atomic bomb. the list goes on. so then, if whites have contributed to more overall deaths in world history, should they be coined “the most dangerous race on earth”?!? of course not
          yet, you throw statistics about stds, gang violence, and abortions to conclude the racist notion that black skin (scientifically meaning skin that produces more melanin) somehow contributes to more societal dangerous people…
          this makes no sense if you have the common sense to think about it. you clearly, do not.

        12. Blacks do not have the intellect or technology to do such things, it’s not a matter of moral superiority.

        13. Yes, but there are also black women like me without babies out of wedlock, pregnancies, no stds, impeccable credit, health conscious, disciplined, great cooks, articulate, etc. I mean…you should really get to know the quality of a person before you judge them on statistics that they never contributed to individually. I feel men like you don’t look at your own stereotypes. White men have high statistics for for being child molesters, which is a serious matter for women looking to raise families. But I try not to think that about every single white man I come into contact with. I can’t paint everyone with the same brush neither should you.

        14. That’s untrue, when I dated a white man he told me people at started thinking he was a nicer guy. I think “value as a man down” actually translates to less of a douche bag.

        15. I agree with what you say about white men, they for sure are not perfect. We are talking about women here though. Not all black woman are in this category of course. I’m just saying that off all of these unfortunate issues, black woman are more likely to have them compared to any other group of woman. I don’t see any other race of woman dominating a list like this outside of their community.

        16. Yes, the white man sure is responsible for those things, I never said the white man is innocent. We are talking about woman specifically here, comparing them. You are steering away from my point. Clearly, you are hallucinating.

        17. Why is that everyone, and I have seen NO exception to the rule, with a username that says they’re some sort of truth teller or know-it-all, always spews the OPPOSITE of truth and confuses snarkiness and rudeness with intellect? It’s like people who revel in their so-called intelligence are presumptive assholes.. oh wait.

        18. I wouldn’t say more likely anything. Some of those “statistics” have actually declined for black women such as teen pregnancies, but the media doesn’t go out of there way to give you the good stats on us as well. Only hyped up bad statistics that are often incompletely portrayed. No one will question the validity anyway. “Authorities” could report that 90% of bw will die of the blubonic plague in 2015, and most people would believe it. Most people are sheep in a herd that just do what they’re told and go where the crowd goes. Very few think for themselves or question anything they are given in terms of information. Back to my point, each person is an individual, with a different story. Give him/her the opportunity to reveal their own story instead of writing it for them with a canned plot.

        19. I believe that the teen pregnancy rate has gone down. Still, at the end of the day, it’s black woman who have the most. The stats I am referring to are the CDC’s. If those results are wrong, then I am wrong, that’s what I’m basing my comments on. I have seen one good stat on black woman, the amount of womn getting college degrees. I am more than happy to see any person reveal the truth, don’t shoot the messenger, I’m just reporting on what I’ve read from a source I believe is trustworthy.

        20. Actually it’s hispanic girls who are leading teen pregnancy now, according to statistics. And the CDC stated that they did not test all throughout. Their stats were based on a patterns (inflated guesses) on a few selected clinics in inner city neighborhoods. Nobody ever tested me, so I know for a fact it is not based on hard facts. You can go by what you “believe” based on rumors, the media, etc. I and other black women have nothing to hide. I’ve lived my life in the most upstanding way possible in every area, and I know hardly anyone who has managed theirs better. I will not accept anything being viewed any other than what I DESERVE and that is based on how I navigate this life. Won’t have it any other way.

        21. So true. I went on a few dates with a much younger black woman with a ridiculous hot body and the looks I got were pure seething hatred. Had to break up with that one though — pretty girl but the really, really, really high forehead completely turned me off after a few weeks.

        22. Are you Kidding? Black women have the longest lasting and most successful IR marriages out of all women. But sadly, they marry out at lower rates. The vast majority prefer black men… I’m black. I know how the majority of the women think.
          I prefer white men. He treats me well, so I treat him like the king that he is. He is German descent, his mother is straight out of Germany and met his father while he was stationed there(Army). He respects me, shows me attention and affections, and so I treat him with the same respect, and have no problem catering to my man, because he deserves it. Before meeting him, I was dating Mestizo latinos, and they do NOT treat women very well. Courting is just about all a latino is good for… I’m sticking to white men. When his back hurts from working, I give him a massage, and I love to cook for him because black females can cook very well. We play a cooking game that my grandma use to play when my mother and aunt was younger. he writes two countries on a piece of paper, and I write two countries on a piece of paper, and we put the papers in a hat. Which ever country is drawn from the hat, I will pick a traditional dish from that country to cook for him. It makes dinner time fun and exciting.
          The white women here are nice, and I haven’t experienced much hatred. I live in SC. Believe it or not, South Carolina is not a very racist place. Sometimes I would get angry looks, or jealousy, my partner and I are both hot and dress nice… But for the most part, the white women here are not as insecure. It’s mostly the black men I get the most heat from… Black men have no problem voicing their discomfort with my dating choices, especially sense, and I hate to sound arrogant, I’m hot. They have in their heads that they own black women, and don’t like seeing attractive women with other men. I usually get racism from black men towards my partner, than I do from the white women, which in SC, the white women here are not insecure, only a few. I’ve had some white women look me up and down, even when I was single lol. People in South Carolina get along, and the racist people are few. Don’t let the news about that guy shooting up that church fool you, or stereotypes about southerners being racist. I believe that northerns are more racist than southerners.

        23. Definitely! They don’t want other girls to break ranks. Women rely on the “herd” behavior and use shaming and peer pressure to keep everyone acting the same. They don’t want to have compete with rational personalities.

        24. every body only 10% of the population is rich. or another way to put it most rich people are group rich. only .02% of the populations is individual rich. all those big tall buildings down city area most of those buildings are banking and governmental buildings. plus many tall buildings are luxury apartments reserved for only 5% of the population. all big rich business and corporations are owned and managed by groups of people. the government and the banks print and manufacture the paper and digital money supply.
          america is a mixed economy partly socialism and capitalism fusion. their all ready is affordable apartments.
          20% of adults in american are income poor and do not have a full time job. the flip side is 20% of adults are high income earners. dropping out of high school not having a GED is the biggest reason for poverty in america.
          15% of adults do not have a bank account. 20% have dropped out of high school some do get a GED. 10% have a GED. 10% of adults have no education at all.
          laziness. 10% of the population is lazy as hell.
          single moms with 3 or more kids make most the poor american.
          most adults wait until their married to have kids. poor people have more kids and abortions more so than both the rich and the middle class.
          poverty is the result of bad decisions on their part not the economy as a whole.
          two full time workers male and female can share a 1-2 bedroom apartment.
          i know married couples with two children that rent their apartment.
          some adults 18-25 do not have to pay any bills and get a job they want to mooch of grandparents and mom and dad until their kicked out. disabilities and old age over 65 years old.
          the poverty issue again only effects the people that make bad decisions. some poor adults are only temperately poor i know two single people one guy and girl that rent apartment.
          young adults 18-25 in america have 3 living options. going to college and live in a dorm until they graduate with their degree. some live with parents and work full time. some young adults move out get their own apartment and work full time. I joined the Army national guard for 6 years. I did 3 years full time military duty 3 years part time.
          the white people poverty rates is 10%.
          black and Mexican poverty is 60%
          again young adults 18-25 can mate up boy friend -girlfriend rent and share the same apartment.
          25% of young females 18-25 have 2-3 kids and is not married but their Boy friend will leave because they he cannot support a family. 18-25 is when 25% of young adults makes their mistakes car wrecks, children before marriage.
          80% of 18-25 years old cannot fully support a family. young moms and dads both making 2,000 a month between them that is not enough to support 2-4 kids cars payments and rent cost, food, every month. to fully raise a family mom-dad 2-4 kids that couple will need an monthly income of 3,000 dollars each month or higher amount.
          the young adult population 18-25 can be put into four 4 groups.
          25% college students or training for jobs. live on campus
          25% work full time live with mom-dad.
          25% renting their own apartment working full time.
          25% nothing at all laziness single parents raising kids no school, no work.
          adults 18-25. 25% have children not married out of wedlock.
          75% of young adults do not have kids yet.
          30-40 years of age another 50% of adults will be married and will have children in a stable marriage with two full time working parents.
          25% of adults will never have kids.
          75% of adults will get married. within 8 years a divorce will happen with 25% of them.
          so from 30-65 this what will happen.
          25% of adults will not have kids ever. also 25% will never be married but will have boy-girl relationships every 5 years.
          25% of adults will divorce and remarry.
          50% of married couples will remain married.
          so 75% of adults will be married over all. 1/3 of them divorced and re married.
          25% of adults will have a boring low income life with a bunch 2-4 kids in a crappy neighborhood.
          50% of adults will have fair decent life middle class.
          25% of adults will have a fun good life
          so from 18-65 years old we can say.
          25% of adults will have a boring life in poverty with to many kids.
          50% of adults will have fair steady middle class life.
          fair decent life.
          25% of adults will have fun really good life.
          I my self will have a fair-good life.
          I am 27. no kids, no major debt.
          I work full time and can manege money well. i can drive certain trucks, clean machines, plus being in the national guard for 6 years. 3 years full time 3 years part time.
          i made 52 thousand being in the army 3 years full time no bills.
          I made smart move. I worked full time for 3 years and learned job skills while in the military i had no bills.
          I rent from my parents they still paying on they house. 8 years it will be paid off.. I give my parents rent. mom and dad car and truck is paid off.
          my point is this. it comes down to choices and beliefs. 25% of the population makes good choices works smart and 40-60 hrs weekly.
          bad 25% fair 50%, good, 25%

        25. Here we have another bitter black male that CAN’T STAND that women of his own race have rejected him. White men are better. Black women are finally admitting this, as you can see by the sharp increase in in Black Women-White Man relationships and marriage….especially in upwardly mobile cities.

        26. Yeah, a black chic casting off their well known plight on another minority. LMFAO.

        27. oh dude i could show an endless youtube videos that contradict your theory of “proper” and “Lady”. (It may sound racist but I don’t care) Ive seen enough of these videos that I dont care how well behaved they are. No matter what you do eventually she will snap and I sure as hell am not taking the chance of falling asleep when that happens. Thanks but I think I’ll keep all my body parts..

        28. Maceo,
          Black men take the value of women down you don’t provide, protect, lead, marry, take care of your children but you sure chase White women the ones White men don’t want!

        29. [email protected] Untruthteller,
          True, but you also have the highest negative stats in HIV/AIDS & all STDS, 78% child abandonment rate for Black children and your children by WW has an abandonment rate of 95.2% rate, while 85.4% of those children are on Gov’t Assistance! Generally, like you and your BM friends that marry White women like you did for 20 yrs, your WW was the breadwinner while you ran to adultery with WW in your office! BM are great for living off women but BW are not allowing ti so you go to WW now doing the same foul behaviors because BW don’t want you! The unemployment rate is high,50%, you won’t get educations, won’t do anything for your communities but “Black Lives Matters” you stay in Prison! Sadly, 1 in 7 BM do 7-10 years of prison time. You do 55% of the crime yet your only 6% of the population! Sad but these are all of the reasons why BW refuse to date or marry you! SMDH

        30. @Maceo~LotusBud You have too many profiles on her according to the diction! You married a WW for 20 yrs and chased them for 40 yres but your sick now! Didn’t your White wife divorce you ? You fit the stereotypes in every area of being a BM you wasted your life chasing WW for 40 years only to end up with nothing!

        31. @Maceo~Truthteller.
          As well as BM have lots of OOW children which is common but they try to hide them! Less than 38% of BM pay child support and receive felonies for not paying support. They generally abandon their children, want to be perpetual players, hustlers, live off women! BM generally don’t go to college and their angry when BW get a college degree. Most BM of your caliber chose to chase WW in your office over getting an education despite it being FREE, you waste your time on the wrong things SEX ONLY while other races achieve! At least BW act more responsible and take care of their kids but you BM often try to live off or prey on women who have children and don’t contribute anything! Now because so many BW don’t want you you’re seeking out WW like you did but your marriage didn’t last not becasue your your White but you!
          Most BM who married WW she generally pays for things and their women that WM don’t want! I have to be honest! Your also the reject man of most BW! lmao

        32. @Maceo Voice of Virtue – Robespierre truthteller
          You’re too old to be acthing this way at 62 years old! You have most of the profiles on this forum! LMAO

        33. [email protected]
          I don’t understand you! You’re still whining about WM, voted for Trump, married a WW for 20 yrs, chased them for 40 yrs and didn’t do for the Black Race! So what is wrong with you? Your logic doesn’t make any sense!

        34. YOU’RE A BLACK GUY! I recognize your comments (std…abortion….jealous of other races) that’s EXACTLY the lines black guys on those BMGTOW (black men going their own way) and black men INTERRACIAL pages say!
          WTF is wrong with you black men? You’ve already dumped black women- so why are you trying to keep them like you want them?

        35. Wrong. Certain ethnicity of Hispanic women have higher rates of illegitimacy and have increased in teen pregnancy when black girls have decreased. Also, ANY race of FEMALES who date black males are much more likely to get STD…..raise children alone. …welfare. Barack Obama had the classic biracial upbringing. But many white women-after Roe V Wade -aborted their “Obama’s”.
          Contact with black males is the key factor.

        36. Dude. You do nothing but troll comments like this EVERY WHERE! Taylor Swift feud..(snarky comment)….Donald Trump signs…..(snark!)……Black women date (snark!)…..
          250 moronic BITCHY posts. Weird

        37. Exactly. Black men are cowards and live like stalker boyfriends. They mistreat and abandon, but still don’t want HER going anywhere.

        38. Yep. Everyone is tired of seeing Brown babies dragged behind tired white mothers or white couples raising the biracial adoptee. And then there’s the white drug women who nearly ALWAYS have at least one half black kid.
          Bad things follow contact with black males.

        39. None of that applies to Black males since their rates of abuse and abandonment of families is as high in Canada,England, Africa and Haiti as it is in Baltimore or Detroit.
          And rich black pro athletes dump wives, baby mama’s and refuse child support too.

      2. I’d say if you have a legit hot black chick on your arm,its even more painfull to them.especially if youre a goodlooking muscular italian guy,wich is the sexual ideal for white women.I’ve had a ethiopian chick and a black cuban stunner and white women just could not believe I would have a hot black woman over their skanky dumpy looking asses.if you’re ethnic or ethnic looking white women also EXPECT you to want them.when you don’t want them and pay them no heed they get really mad.
        ”proper”white men too,have this aswell though.they get a kick out of ethnic/darker men lusting their women but somehow not being able to have them.when you say youre just not into the whole anglo,germanic,keltic,slavic light regressive features women they INSIST you must be LYING.they want you to want their plainjane looking women but not being able to have them.racial sexual dynamics really are as fickle and shallow as everyother human interaction.

        1. Oh how it would be awesome to be white.
          Blacks can date whoever they want and nobody would really give a shit but the men.

        2. ah…so i guess you consider yourself a ‘goodlooking muscular italian’, and that, what?…every woman on the planet wants you? get over yourself mario.

      3. To be fair it’s also a slap in the face of Asian dudes. Just saying, so try to be more considerate of them. A lot of them don’t want white girls as well.
        I think white chicks hate in general when white dudes don’t treat them like they have golden pussies. I also, to be fair, think that white girls drag around these big black dudes just to get a rise out of white dudes too.
        So I think that game can be played from both ends.

        1. trust me…no white girl is getting a rise out of white dudes for dragging around a big black dude. we’re aren’t the KKK and we really don’t care but we do know her chances of becoming a single mother with that black dude is very high. If we see her with a black dude most likely she’s off limits after that. Black guys have the highest rate of STDs and AIDS as well. so…she ain’t getting a rise out of any of us white dudes.

        2. Sad but true. However, most white guys seem to have this idea that majority of black men are mandingo marauders, itching to shoot dogfart movies with whatever white women they can get their black hands on. There are black men who fit the description but the culture gap is so immense that those guys don’t even know how to communicate with white women, let alone win their trust.
          What’s more is that most white guys completely overlook the unassuming, light-skinned, black male who fits few to none of those stereotypes and are discreetly sleeping with white women, who typically wouldn’t have anything to do with men outside their race, on the reg. These women legitimately believe they can have their cake and eat it too.
          I would give my firstborn son for a View-Master that replays the pain on the faces or fathers I’ve met, so I can watch it frame by frame. It’s like ‘Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner! Part Deux’

        3. weird i am happy for anyone that looks happy. supposedly happy but sad inside people want to make others, women in this case feel sad, why? I am middle aged and love to see anyone, skinny or fat, dating and having a good time. the skinny girls of younger age I feel are my “children”. enjoy and frolic.. love and live life. i am european mentally.

        4. Dang, I thought AZNs were supposed to be good at math. RATES, silly. Not overall # of HIV cases in a majority white nation.

        5. Not all but a lot of white women cannot relate well with men of any race. they only are cumbuckets nowdays and are getting passed over for better quality women. The quality white women are rare and men don’t want some ghetto thugs filthy leftovers and that is what white women are seen to be today.

        6. I guess the point is not the race, but the mentality. Westernized asian women can be as sociopathic as any white feminist we see around here. Black women already are hardheaded and quarrelsome by nature, before being infected with feminism, which get them to become far worse than their white sisters.
          Maybe, for coming from societies where women have experienced a good deal of “equality” under communism, that makes the eastern women most resistant to feminist disease.

        7. Amongst gay men the rates are highest. In hetero population black men have highest rates of sexual diseases to include HIV.

        8. Highest rates amongst MSM gay men. Actually highest sexual disease rates are for black men who spread disease to black women. Also white women are contracting sexual disease from black men also.

        9. Your language and choice of words speaks volumes. I guess any Asian woman who is lucky enough to ‘snag’ you has gotten herself a real winner of a white boy, eh? (I’m sure it’s not that white women see you for the loser that you are, and you can only get Asian women…. the type of Asian women who are so self-hating that they will latch on to any loser white guy cuz they think he’s a status symbol. Nah, I’m sure you actually have always ‘preferred’ Asian women. lol So are only Asian women ‘good enough’ in your book, to get a quality catch like you? Are all women ‘cumbuckets’ as you so eloquently refer to them…. or only white women?…or is it only white women who go to bed with ‘ghetto black men’? Can Asian women be cumbuckets as well, and if so, in which instances? (Please be as specific as possible so that all of us here can understand.)

        10. Those stat’s are from 2010, and refer to Latino’s, not whites. Having std’s, HIV and AIDS does not make a person, black, white, whatever, “bad” , it’s just undesirable. It just happens to be that it is black people who are affected more, in 2014, and they need to take better care of themselves and value their bodies, that’s all.

        11. ” Black women already are hardheaded and quarrelsome by nature”
          >passing one own limited perception as evidence in a comment

        12. You sound awfully obsessed with black women, wanting to devalue their worth as many racists do so on here, that comment about that white man having a black girlfriend was highly provocative for you wasn’t it?
          You’re either
          1) A strange white male who is a little socially awkward who views black men as some epitome of hypermasculinity but resent them a little, and take your anger out to the females of the race. (I doubt it)
          I have a feeling you’re either asian or hispanic (with some black).. for some reason.

        13. Interesting reply. My first comment was made based on what I have witnessed in person. It may appear that I’m trying to devalue black woman, but that’s not my intention. Black woman-not all-but some, devalue themselves, more than any other race of woman. I am just sharing the statistics and my personal view. I could be Asian and Hispanic both :).

        14. Perhaps people aren’t getting the gist of what the article is trying to say. Men WILL go home to a woman he’s happy with. Men who find any excuse to stay out usually do so because home means women who make their already stressful days HELL.
          Not all women subscribe to what, today, is defined as a ‘real’ woman. I’m Asian, with a partner of the same nationality. He prefers spending time with me after work because it’s what he enjoys. We greet each other happily and with delighted smiles. Sometimes we work out together. On other days, we don’t. Then we talk about our day at work over dinner and just enjoy each other’s company.
          Like many strong and independent feminists, I have a degree and draw a decent income. But what I’m proudest of is the fact that my partner prefers spending time with me after a stressful day over anything else.
          This, above any other accolades or recognition or whatever, is what makes me feel like a woman. And it’s what feminists and the entitled women in the western societies, have forgotten.

        15. There’s a wierd phenomenon, I reckon. White guys who have dated Asian girls and “get it” are much, much more likely to date more of them in preference to other races. I see the same thing happening with Asian girls — they get the rhythms and needs of the white guy thing which is apparently very very different from the Asian guy thing. It’s a good match, or at least it can be. It sounds skeevy of me to be so racist, but I am just trying to call it as i see it. Money helps but I would strongly contend that it is not all about money.

        16. My vote is for self-hating black man. Their favorite past time is tearing down black women.

        17. He’s not white. He’s definitely black. Only black men have that kind of obsession with black women.

        18. To be fair, and this is simply what I have witnessed from white female acquaintances who began dating Black men, once they’ve been d*cked down by a Black man, they have no desire to go back to a white man. No shade, just simply what I have witnessed over the years.
          And, I should be very clear I am talking about Black men with degrees, who work at top tech companies or are business owners or artists and make upwards of $100k to $200k per year because this is the pedigree of individuals I roll with.

      1. Hell, the only reason I cooked for her was because I actually started to feel bad because she had cooked for me the last three times we hooked up. I actually wanted to impress this girl – that doesn’t happen often, but that’s what happens to a guy when he has a girl that’s putting in effort – he too, will put in effort. Fellow white women can’t seem to wrap their head around that fact.
        I’m pretty damn sure I’ll marry an Asian woman.

        1. More great posts AV8R. Dammit I think I may be missing out on something here. God, I love this site. Great articles with a discussion which often leads to practical ideas I can incorporate into my life. Drinking with a buddy’s and his dad a few weeks back and the old guy is ball te two of us busting us for not importing Fillipino wives. So we’re dismissing him and laughing our assess off but no surprise, it seems the old bugger knew something we didn’t. This thread confirms it! Thanks again ROK.

        2. It looks like this little asian girl has you pussy whipped. Marriage? LOL Someone’s become a little beta bitch.

        3. OK, I must reply to this one, as the stereotyping is a little out of control. My first wife, who is white, was very submissive and did things that would be considered “Asian” in behaviour, we split up, now I’m with a Colombiana, and she won’t do things spontaneously as my ex did, but meets me half way, so maybe the white career bitches need a little more empathy and coddling than overseas ladies, to get to the win/win, just sayin’

        4. I think you are off topic. Isn’t Columbia in South America and therefore not an Asian country?

        5. I never understood this little Asian women theory, little as in short; maybe. there’s women in Korea dieing all the way down the live up this standard. there was a new Vietnamese women who had transferred to my college and she was stick and bones.Once they have stayed here for a little while they do get a little chub

    3. “I look at her groceries: Hot Pockets, Pop-Tarts, Tombstone frozen
      pizza’s, Activia Yogurt (the yogurt that helps you take a shit), and hot
      dogs to name a few of the more memorable items.”
      I guess feminism and equality has brought women the world of poor nutrition that once used to be the sole domain of the single male. It’s no wonder 99% of local women my age look like shit. I, however, get consistently complimented on my glowing good looks; just goes to show what homecooked (by yours truly) meals make from top quality food, as well as top quality superfood supplements, can do for one’s looks; slather on all the toxic paraben-laced creams you want, but radiant beauty starts with what you ingest. Not saying I’m radiantly beautiful, but I’ll take glowingly handsome.

      1. They refuse to learn to cook and they only hurt themselves. Honestly, who do they think will cook for them? Are they going to marry a househusband? Of course not, everyone knows strong independent women still have to marry men who make even more money than they do. I suppose the assumption is that they’ll be so wealthy together that they’ll spend every night at a restaurant or they’ll hire a domestic cook.

        1. Some girls act like its cute to be helpless in the kitchen. I’m a dude and I can make it happen in the kitchen, I think girls that can’t cook are 1) not keepers 2) in danger of getting fat one day.

        2. Nailed it. In fact, the reason white girls spend so much time in the tanning bed is to cover up that sickly grey look they get from eating shit tons of factory processed foods. A tan covers up poor nutrition, acne, and dark circles from tossing and turning all night, fuming over white men who chose an Asian women over her. A white women who takes care of herself can be white as snow and still have a healthy, beautiful glow without looking sickly, but these women are almost no more. Learning to cook (and thus proper nutrition) is beneath them because a woman in the kitchen is a symbol of subjugation and patriarchy. Then, by the time she’s 40, she has skin like leather and melanoma.

        3. or they could be successful business women that hire a personal chef to cook for them; tack on a personal trainer as well…

        4. The point is that people like that lack a nearly universal and fundamental life skill. Would you be comfortable not being able to check your oil or change a flat tire? We eat three times a day, to me it would feel incredibly strange to not know how to feed myself.

        5. a universal life skill? lol u mean as in “how to cook”. we live in the 21st century where “cooking” isn’t a life skill needed to be successful. sorry, but this isn’t the agrarian revolution of 6,000 years ago where if you didn’t know how to cook and what to eat, you died. to say that someone doesn’t know how to feed themselves is false. my g/f does know how to feed herself. she can go to any restaurant she so chooses…she has her own chef. she knows how to shop for food. that is, by definition in 2014 how to feed one’s self. if, you’re saying that her not knowing how to cook is a necessity, she’d would’ve been dead many, many years ago… so i’m not understanding your logic.

        6. Allow me to rephrase for the Expired Miami Fan. He does not believe that being able to prepare a meal for yourself or for your loved ones is a “life skill needed to be successful”.
          If your gf can’t cook a meal for herself or others, her status as a well adjusted adult is diminished. Is that clear enough for you?
          Your gf has a chef because she’s too busy or too precious to cook. I’m willing to bet that Donald Trump is just as busy and even more successful, but can make french toast, work a grill or put together a meal for his kids. Do you understand the difference?
          You eat roughly three times a day, can you comprehend how it would be advantageous to not HAVE TO rely on someone else to do that for you? I’m not saying she or even you should have to cook once a day, once a month or even once a year. But if you can’t cook at all, you are somewhat helpless and dependent on someone else to provide a basic skill that just about every other adult on the planet possesses. That isn’t elite, that’s pitiful.
          It isn’t about status or need or starving during the agrarian revolution, nitwit. It’s about being a fully functioning, capable adult.

      2. “What’s wrong with the western world?”
        A complete answer would take a 1,000+ page novel to cover.
        As for what you specifically mention, I’d say too many people (and this goes double or triple for women) live however the marketing and advertising industry tell them they should live.

        1. Yup, those Heebs, with their…Old Testament, and fringed undershirts, and medical degrees — they just turn the western world to shit, singlehandedly!!!! Wake up sheeple!1!!

        2. They would like America to reflect their marital reality: a domineering bitch ordering around an ineffectual schlemeil.
          Their women cannot compete fairly in the larger society however, so they have to succeed via guilt and lies – usher in second wave feminism: Freidan, Abzug, Shimulith, Dworkin, Steinem, Wolf…the list goes on and on.

      3. Just like investing in a 401k or stock portfolio, your health is the number one investment and should actually come before money.
        Saving a few dollars now on prepared unhealthy food will cost you a thousand times more down the road as you age.

        1. The thing is that prepared food is more expensive than the real food one can find at the local farmer’s market.

      4. Fuck, I even quit drinking for fuck’s sakes.
        Whoa, whoa… there’s such a thing as going too far.

      5. Sam Rodgers…you are one of the ugliest pieces of white trash I’ve seen! Compliments on your looks? Are these imaginary people also blind???

    4. luv that story. she was just knocked of her pedestal.
      growin up i was a beta orbiter. and learned real quick that virtually every girl is jealous of asians. be it white indian latin middle eastern black. sometimes the ethnic girls will say white when they see slim femine white girls not suffering from roscea or at times latinas. but as of recent years asian has come on top. even here in my city etnic guys chase asian girls now that pretty white girls are getting rare.
      but lets not try n blow up the asian girls egos. they are still insecure of hot white n latin girls.

      1. on that note, I lived in a white enclave all my life and the asian girls I knew were westernized.
        So I’ve always wondered, is the demure submissive Asian girl (born and raised in Asia) real or is it a fantasy predicated on some degree of truth? I’m guessing the latter as it is perpetuated by some pretty thirsty guys.

        1. My experience is that it is mostly a fantasy, but I’ve only married one of them.

        2. Listen to 王鹤冰. “Demure and submissive” is not necessarily all that desirable. I would not trade my MBA, PhD and best friend ever Asian wife for anyone.

        3. I agree, mostly because the way I’ve seen it portrayed is far too extreme.

      2. I find hispanic mulattas or mestizas more attractive, as they have better shapes than white women and tend to be VERY curvy. Asian women are usually banana-shaped which isn’t so pretty to me. I like Pear and Hourglass shapes like Betty Paige and the others.

    5. A comment that brought warm memories to the forefront of my mind and an evil smile to my face.
      Best part was:

      Activia Yogurt (the yogurt that helps you take a shit)

    6. Oh, the shit I got from my female ‘friends’ when they met my foreign
      bride! “She’s just in it for the green card!” “She’s a gold digger!” They’re all on the far side of 40 now. All either never married or divorced. I dunno. I’m too busy with my family to keep track, but the schadenfreude, she is delicious.

      1. It’s one thing to date/marry a younger woman.
        But you get extra bonus hate points from the average plain Jane white women for having a younger, foreign woman.
        He he.

        1. dont worry, they will all be laughing at you behind your back one day if your younger women leaves you

        2. Don’t care. Life is hard; a man is guaranteed nothing.
          Actually as she would be a more traditional women, she’s more likely to stay with me & not get fat.

      2. Anybody that starts that crap with me will be cut off. Most people who know me are decent people and will not try to spew their negativity on me though.

    7. Hilarious comment post. Too many jewels to touch upon.
      “Activia Yogurt (the yogurt that helps you take a shit)”
      Western white chicks totally fall for this marketing ploy. These fat bitches are so constipated. What do you expect from eating white processed flour cupcakes all damn day? They are so stupid they truly believe that yogurt of all things will help them shit better. Just eat a salad.
      White American women are disgusting. They are quickly becoming the same scourge to mankind that black American women have historically been.

      1. Women are far less likely to question the food industry propaganda they read in their bullshit magazines.
        Trouble taking a dump. Start eating fruit and veges. (and juice doesn’t count… because its just fruit flavored coke).
        Ever see women shopping in the cereal isle. How many of them ever buy the one cereal that has any nutritional merit…. plain, unflavoured, oatmeal…. 1 ingredient.
        I never see it. They will buy the most horrific sugar/HFCS laden pressure extruded cardboard shit, just because it says “99% fat free” on the front, and has a photo of some hot cougar in a yoga outfit.

        1. white men who make fun of their own race are disgusting and evil. To make fun of your own race signifies that you have serious mental issues and have most probably been rejected by white women in the past and resort to making fun of them instead because you cant have them. Are you going to start making fun of your white American mother and sister to at the same time? What would your mother and sister think of you? not much. You deserve to be abused by a women of foreign nationality, because not even they will respect you after they hear how you speak about your own culture.

        2. You need to chill out, relax, and have a bowl of shut the fuck up!.. Oh, go get laid, ethnicity doesn’t matter…

        3. Race might not exist biologically, but it’s gonna be around in our society as long as we continue to use a system of classification. Race = power, if you haven’t noticed.

        4. It’s alright to criticize your race, but it’s not okay to negatively bash them. Yes, okay, many white women eat processed foods. It’s not just them. Asians, Hispanics, Blacks, etc. As an Asian American female, I find it sad when white men automatically bash on white women for slacking in their fitness, getting lazy, acting pampered, etc. If you can’t respect your female counterparts, then other races are going to bash on them too. At least have the common courtesy to stop maliciously targeting what they eat. If you’re gonna stop and stare at a white women who’s casually browsing in the cereal aisle, that is sad. Very sad.

        5. It’s not culture actually. It’s race. We all come from the same culture. It’s the American Culture.

    8. Amazing article. Funny and great comment, it is all true. Boys, if you have never had anything but the Amercian-born, white-meat bitch you are screwing right now, start planning your escape. You need to get a taste of this dark meat. When you walk around with a foreign-born woman on your arm, these idiots know they are done. They can do nothing but live with a lifetime of bad decisions they hope some sucker will pay for.
      AV8R explains in such detail and honesty the feelings that you will get when you walk around with your foreign-born woman. You will get stares, and if you’re lucky, some haters that talk trash… More free advertising. Like cars, I have not had to be seen in an Amercian-born woman in many years. Foreign makers are much more careful to build ones that don’t act up, keep their looks together longer, and cost much less to maintain.

      1. “Foreign-born”
        The 2 most important details in this post.
        You should avoid the western-born asians like the plague. They get hit on my all the yellow-fever desperados their whole lives, and thus think they are the hottest thing since sliced bread.
        I live in Asia, and can spot them a mile away. They should be scorned along with white trash.

        1. I am married to a foreign born Asian woman. I agree whole heartedly that you should avoid American born Asian women. In fact I will state that you should look very carefully at any Asian woman in the western world. If you want to find good Asian you need to go to Asia. I did and I enjoy the hate stares of fat American bitches everytime we go out. BTW, she is in her 30s now and has not gained a pound since we married.

        2. What next for you men who hate all western women? ARE YOU SURE ALL YOU MEN ON HERE ARE NOT SECRETLY GAY? that might explain all the hatred against women, now its gone from hating white western women to hating western Asian women to? why dont you men just marry each other? marry another man, that’s what will happen to you if you scare to many good women off in the future, you will have to turn into creepy old gay men that no women wants

        3. Perhaps if you took the time to actually read what anon said, it’d actually make a load of sense. I’m actually starting to see it now. First you bash black women, then Hispanic women, then western (white women), and now Asian born Americans. Yeah, women will never be easy to deal with, but if y’all are gonna find new things to complain about, maybe y’all should just live together which will solve many issues.

        4. Nobody bashed Hispanic women and the bashing of black women was done by anon and thetruthteller.

      2. Nobody talks about the mental disease that plagues the mind of American-born, or really any Anglophone male, how bizarre that only the women are targeted.. hmm

    9. AV8R, thanks for pointing out the incensed looks white men get from older, fatter white chicks when walking down the street with an attractive, slender, young Asian girl. I should have included this observation in my article.

    10. It is not just being seen with an Asian woman, I think any other race will do. I just married (yes, I am a beta, I love being in a relationship) a young slender Kenyan woman. Occasionally, we run across an older white lady and the amount of hate in their eyes is incredible. They just glare at me. One time my wife noticed and made sure the lady could see her wedding ring. She just ate up the hate. BTW, I have spent a lot of time in the Philippines with various ladies, and they are great, but most Kenyan ladies have skills that put them to shame in the bedroom. Just be careful not to get one that will get fat. Mine refuses to eat anything but spiced mboga (kind of like spinach) except for meat once a week. She is fully aware of her competition.

      1. African women are the bomb. I just don’t think they like white / Asian dudes unless you are mad alpha. But since a lot of African dudes are short it’s not hard. Except I think Kenya has a lot of tall dudes.
        I see African chicks that are so fucking HRNNNNNGGGG it’s hard to believe. But I doubt they fluck with white boys / Asian boys. Maybe. Comparing an African woman to an African American woman is apples to oranges. Although I do see some weird looking Nigerian women with huge bookshelf asses. I got checked out once by two of them who were straight mirin me up and down but I wasn’t into it.

        1. I’ve never been to Africa, but I have been to Haiti. There was plenty of interest from the local girls. I never acted on it because the HIV rate is so high there. Any place that is very poor, the women will take an interest in the relatively wealthy Westerners.

        2. 🙂
          You’d be surprised, I’m an African woman and I’ve been dating/in interracial relationships since I came to America. It’s probably something that I might not have even considered while I lived in my country (because interracial relationships are super rare) but since I got to America, I feel like I’ve been approached/asked out seriously by more white men, Asian men, Spanish men, etc. than black men even, which took some getting used to. I don’t mean to generalize and I could be completely wrong, but I think a lot of African people would be open to interracial dating/marriages, even if they were hesitant at first, because the idea is so foreign to them.

    11. I’m an Asian guy, and don’t find most Asian women attractive. Especially the one’s that look like total FOB’s. They generally have no hips, no tits, and a really flat ass. I’ll take my white German slim (but curvy) blonde chick any day over a noodle.

      1. The more power to you and your lady!
        My non-stereotypical Asian wife and I would classify you as a “normal couple.” “Normal” here is defined as “clearly non-incestuous” or perhaps “enough different to be interesting.”

        1. 🙂
          To me, the bit that you quoted sounds perfectly normal and reasonable. Weirdness depends at least in part where you are standing, does it not?
          Try this on for size. Sometimes I say that she and I are very much alike: two psychological Amer-Asians who started life on opposite sides of the Pacific.
          I freely admit that international, inter-ethnic, inter-racial (whatever that is) marriages are not for everyone. I hope that you have or find what works for you. 🙂

    12. Brother you are winning. Congrats. Make those worthless hoes regret their life choices!

    13. Its not really skinniness vs fatness.Its petite bone structure vs wide big boned white women.Asian women are just naturally small boned,they look like teenage girls.White women are prone to carrying bigger bones and less gracile.even chubby asian women are still short,petite,and have cute facial features and round faces lacking just like neotonous childlike and petite(in width and length)women of any race.the reason you don’t see mediterenean guys or arab guys ever into asian women is because their women tend to have the same features,height and bone structures.look at the French singer Alizee,the Alpinid and gracile med types are quit neotonous.
      they also tend to have more almond shaped eyes wich are an attractive trait on both sexes.
      I myself had a italian girl who’s face was almost like a teenage girl.small jaw,small chin big cute eyes,small nose and feminine lips.
      Also ,I agree with the writer on indian women.they worship white men even more than mongoloid women do.I myself have seen pretty indian girls with lame white guys,its quiet just shows you the pwoer of imperialism and hypergamy.yet in the same breath these same white guys will cry when a black dude fucks their white princesses.

      1. theman – excellent point about the difference in bone structure which I neglected to mention in the article. A slightly chubby small-boned woman (of most any ethnic background) is often more attractive than a slightly chubby large-boned woman and Asians are more likely to be small-boned than whites.

        1. Umm, I’ve actually seen some small boned white women too believe it or not. Just because it’s a stereotype doesn’t mean it’s always true.

        1. I bet you’re saying this because you know what men wants and to make yourself feel better, you call the men “pedophile” for finding petite women attractive. As a result, it tells the man that finding a “small WOMEN” attractive is wrong. Nice way to brainwash people. Bravo. You should join the media. Due to the high amount of “big WOMEN” in the U.S., they try so hard to turn it around and say “BIG WOMEN are REAL WOMEN” (whatever that means) to make themselves feel better. Roll eyes. AND I repeat, petite women are WOMEN even though they are SMALL, they are NOT A CHILD. GEEZ.

        2. >You must be American
          You must not have traveled or interacted with anyone outside of the united States haven’t you?

      2. well the part about cute indian girl with white guys i assume you must be from america? cuz here in canada an what ive heard out in uk those indian girls pick more macho guys. guess might have something to do silucon valley. its not about worshipping white skin. thats men perfering the actual physical white skin. for the indian woman that white nerd has a fat wallet and indians love money more than jews n asians. wiki inidain american youll find out they are the richest race on average.
        for bone structure of middle east girls i have to disagree with you. we got many here such as dars pashtuns kashmiris persians and now arabs from iraq libya morocco an tjin petite tends to be rare. i think their wrists abe about 7inch hib or take…which is average for a man. i know of 1 arab that likes asian girls an saw a persian dude with hot ass asian girl..she was tall too. there are even famous mixed celebrities in japan with mideast dads like yu darvish n aria…wiki it…ull find more.
        if u are wondering why thry likem its cuz they are petite slim(mid east girls are fat)smooth bodies(mideast grls r hairy as hell) and they dpnt mouyh off as much…no princess mentality.
        apperntly arab guys love indoneisa n phillipines to chase girls.

      3. You hit the nail on the head. I’m reading what these trashy guys are writing and I’m thinking. …maybe these glares that these freaks of nature like av8r are getting are glares of anger about how you are taking advantage of women who don’t know better. You all sound like pedophiles the type of which that make American women rather go to the bar or into a quart of ice cream than to a gym and accidently end up with one of you with the mentalities of a fifth grader. Lol.

    14. Great comment! I live in Japan and I saw a lot of the Western females get frustrated when they saw all the White guys chasing Japanese girls and the White women were left high and dry. They just couldn’t understand why we wanted to date cute, thin and feminine women. Go figure!

      1. same thing happens in Thailand. read a story about a woman that went to Thailand to teach English and her dating prospects were ZERO and she was frustrated. the white guys there all went after the cute little Asian girls and the Asian guys wanted nothing to do with her.

      2. Do you guys not understand that your comments about desirable Asian women will only fuel the resentment white women feel towards us? I’m scrolling down the comments, and it’s really, really sad to see white men bashing white women and using Asian women as the new “trophy wife/girlfriend/fuck buddy.” It doesn’t make us feel any better either. These comments are just perpetuating negative stereotypes and I always question whether a white guy is into me for my personality or cause I’m Asian and “slender, submissive, and domestic.”

      3. Really? I was in Korea for a little over a week and I got a ton of attention from the guys there. They didn’t know I understood some basic Korean, so they kept calling me very pretty and stuff within earshot. One came up an introduced himself and was blushing and just being very adorable, and he told me in English that I was very pretty, and a bunch of middle school girls asked if they could take photos with me, and their teacher told me I’m pretty. I don’t get that kind of attention here in America much, I don’t really have any curves. I look kind of plain, brown hair, blue eyes, slim, but with a flat chest and some acne. In Korea I am apparently closer to the beauty standard than I am here. Cultural stigmatas in Korea also make it more acceptable for guys to date foreigners than for girls. I was under the impression that Japan was similar in this aspect. Guess not.

    15. you jerk off even with an Asian girl? Mine never says no and initiates it as much as I do. even gets mad if I’m not feeling well and she’s ready to go.

    16. “I wish I could collect their tears to use as lube for when I jerk off.”
      I laughed out loud at this. Classic.

    17. Blondie was also probably a leftie who voted for that d-bag Obama and openly scorns men within the sisterhood, all the while pining for a gay guy she can fuck to heterosexuality and love her.

    18. Yep, the white women ALWAYS look daggers at my Asian wife and I when we go out. They hate us for being happy, and it seems like they feel I’m cheating by depriving them of a white guy to leech off of. I see the looks you describe almost every time we go anywhere, and I laugh at them. My wife is nicer, prettier, slimmer, and sweeter than they could ever hope to be, AND THEY KNOW IT. 🙂

      1. Yep, that explains why Marilyn Monroe who is a blonde, and other brunette and blonde supermodels who are celtic/european ancestory is worshipped by men universally as sex goddesses in magazines bought by men all over the world. I think we know deep down who men secretly lust after, even if they are married to an Asian

        1. Nope.
          I know that lots of men of various ethnicities lust after blonde sex goddesses, but there are those of us who don’t. I am most happy for you if you get your hearts desire, and if it pleasures you to think that other men envy you, I don’t begrudge you that fantasy-pleasure — but there really are those of us with sincere, non-stereotyped, “yellow fever.”

        2. Marilyn Monroe (or the U.S. media rather) was famous because the U.S. was on the top of the world in tv, shows, films, etc. Still today, brunette and blonde supermodels being “worshipped by men universally as sex goddesses” = the power of the media. More exposure = more opportunities to be notice. There are tons of “sex goddesses” who are not brunette or blonde that looks very nice or even better than the models but the thing is they are not models, so they won’t be notice.

        3. Yep true that! Other models of the mid century were Jane Russell and Lisa Seagram.

      2. Wow you seem to care so much about white women this and white women that… are you sure you even LOVE your asian wife?!

    19. Are you sure they are not staring at you because they think you are mentally ill? your comments make me sure that you are sick in the head. Rest assured really good looking women would never date you, you sound cruel and evil, that’s probably why they stare at you, and not for shallow, dillusional reasons you think. Why do you still have to masturbate if you have such a ‘hot’ girlfriend? makes you think you have been rejected by really hot white women in the past and now your angry about it deep down.

    20. Any woman can lose weight and maintain it. It just takes determination to keep a fit body. Luckily for us Latinas, we are born with great assets, front and back. Getting an education and having family values, not to mention great cooks. Asians aren’t the only ones who have values. I’ve got brains and beauty.

    21. So you want a woman who is dependent on you?
      Women who need men usually want marriage because they need men to survive.
      It sounds like you want to be independent, but you want someone to be dependent on you. That’s…completely contradictory. If you have someone who is dependent on you, you are not independent.

    22. Pretty weird post to get off on someone’s perceived misery. Hope karma doesn’t give you a nasty visit and I hope your Asian fubu realizes she can do better.

    23. The Asian chick is dating you probably because you are white. She probably doesn’t want anything to do with Asian guys or any other guys.

    24. The word Lindora comes to mind if Caucasian women frequented the place more often the problem is solved.

      1. Wow stereotype much?! Not all white women are fat. Do you go out of your house much?! And I’m an asian woman (a slim one mind you) and I see lots of young white women in their teens and they are anything but fat. As a cashier who interacts with lots of people daily, I would know!

        1. I listen to KFI a lot with comical lawyer Bill Handle and he pitches Lindora a lot. From what I’ve heard it works well its a structured environment to help people lose weight. I wasn’t saying every Caucasian woman needs to look like Ingrid Bergman we all have gifts given to us that’s the way we were created but I’ll admit after being on the exercise bike for 20 years at 24 hour fitness it gets the bodies inner working in gear and I feel much better because of a good workout. Same with losing weight we all would feel better if we could maintain a weight that’s optimal for each one of us.

        2. And I’m happy for them just saying there is an avenue to lose weight that has been successful if they want to slim down. The place has a good track record.

    25. Yeah, something like that. I am 50, divorced, smart, and have dated three Asian spinners now (ages 36,30, and 23) and each of them had a heart of gold and wouldn’t have hurt a flea. Long to very long straight black hair. I am just now starting to date one who is 19 — don’t know her well enough yet to really predict what will happen but she seems very smart and has a really good character. The 23 year old was a 4′-11″ yoga instructor — talk about smoking! I took one of them to a somewhat formal party and realized that was a huge, huge mistake. She looked great — not slutty or anything, just hot and pretty — but the dumpy doyennes of my town were absolutely horrible to her and shot me the meanest possible stares. I heard about it for weeks. I didn’t smirk at anyone or act the least bit impolite, but wow did I get a faceful of hate. (Of course, the Asian girl got a better faceful not long after we got home, and I soon put the whole debacle out of my mind.)

    26. Not blondies fault! It kind of upsets me how you are so full of glee even though I have to agree with what a loser she is. However it is not her fault she was brought up by design to become an unhappy bitch her feminist mother saw to that. That same woman could have been a loving wife to you had she been raised as a human being and not an entitled vagina. Your asian girlfriend could be married to an asian man and have children instead of wasting her time with a man from another race. Hell without feminism I wouldnt have to think about getting a fat asian girlfriend. It is feminism you should piss on not its victims such as the blonde you talk about. She is unhappy and broken in the inside in a miserable situation.

    27. My guess is that your Asian fwb won’t be one much longer if she read your post here. It’s hard to know if a guy is a jerkoff in the first month or so. Personally, my finger is always on the “dump” button when I date men that I suspect are closet infantile narcissistic misogynists.

    28. I can’t wait until you breed with a tiny asian woman who will bear you many slanty-eyed, short, asian-looking males. Then we’ll see who laughs last.

      1. It’s a bit more complicated than that. There is a prestige associated with Whites that many Asians want to be associated with. I write a blog on this issue:
        There aren’t many support groups for people like us because many Asians hate us for our views but at the same time we are socialized to see White as “better” our entire lives so much that we wish we highlight our Whiter features. We have recently begun creating such a community at where people like us can discuss our struggles and issues in the discussion forum without fear of blind hate.

  8. I agree with this article. As an Asian-American male, I have numerous discussions with my friends (both sexes, all races) why there are so many more white-guy-Asian-girl couples than Asian guy-white girl couples. No guy of any ethnicity wants to date a fatty (if given a choice), and there are MANY more fat white women than fat Asian women. As for myself, I’m open to dating all races, but I like them slim and smart, and that means statistically speaking my chances (in order) are Asian, white, blah, blah…you get my drift. And in the spirit of the “water seeks its own level” concept, most Asian guys are smaller in stature than their white male counterparts, and when we are seen with large white women it just looks weird at best and sad at worst. The converse does not look weird though — large white guys are seen with petite Asian women all the time and no one bats an eyelash.

  9. Thirty years ago, nailing an Asian chick was a consolation prize for a white guy who struck out with his own kind.
    It still is that way.
    I’m white. Last year, I would top out with white girls if they were 7s, which are fairly common. Occasionally I’d get the number of a really hot white girl, but it never went anywhere; a few years back, I got a horrible case of oneitis on one white 9, and last year, with a different white 9, I was too insecure to really try getting with her, aside from a couple of halfhearted attempts. At the same time, I also got the numbers of three 8s; an Asian, a half-Asian, and a Latina. Asian girls were easy to pick up. But it bothered me — they were easy enough that I felt like I was settling, just as if I was with a plain or fat white chick.
    As my game has continued to improve, I’ve finally broken in to the hot white girls: three 8s and a 9. (Slender ones, of course.) Plus, my rapport is much better, and the fact that I’m building up hot white girls in my phone does wonders at keeping insecurity and oneitis at bay.
    So I would continue to suggest that Asian girls are the consolation prizes for white guys whose game isn’t quite good enough and who either hate fat chicks or have enough self-respect and taste to avoid them.

    1. Just because those white girls are hot and you couldn’t bang them doesn’t mean banging them is a win. I dated a white 8 and a white 9, they were only concerned with using me until they could upgrade. They’re almost incapable of respecting you, even if it’s clear you’re their superior.
      A girl acting right is rare- a 7 who adds to your quality of life and loves cumming on your cock is better than a frigid bitch of a 9 who is just waiting for an excuse to bail on you.

      1. I dated a white 8 and a white 9, they were only concerned with using me until they could upgrade.
        That’s their default mode, basically. Since they typically only run into thirsty betas, they might as well snag a rich thirsty beta.
        They’re almost incapable of respecting you, even if it’s clear you’re their superior.
        Well, they can, but you have to deal with a ton of shit tests before they start to, and it requires nerves of steel, a rock-solid sense of your own superiority, a lot of black humor, and a sort of cynical disrespect (the oft-repeated “not putting the pussy on a pedestal”).

    2. “Plus, I was imagining my future kids with these girls not looking like
      me, identifying with their mother’s race or having identity problems in
      general, and being liberal Democrats.”
      Hahaha! You’re killing me.

    3. Wow you are cruel! One cannot help what race they were born into! Imagine if European People were subpar and the so called consolation Prize! I’m so sick of whitees having all the damn power! What’s up?! They didn’t invent EVERYTHING?!

      1. Wow you are cruel! One cannot help what race they were born into!
        No, not cruel. Think of it this way: to whom less is given, less is expected.

  10. I like Asians for the physical exotica factor, that they are the opposite of me, and they seem to like that I am the opposite of them (they go fucking crazy for blue eyes, pink cheeks, and a long nose).
    Going to Asia for sex and hooking up with a girl 30 years younger and pretending that she’s your girlfriend but knowing you have to pay it in the end is one thing. But if you want to shoot for a real relationship, don’t go more than 10 years younger. Filipinas are sweet little things in general and if you find a good one, wow, she treats you like a king, especially those from the Mindinao tribes. If they love they love with all their being. Horny little things too! Like any woman they can be a little hard on the head, perhaps moreso because Filipinas tend to wear their hearts on their sleeves, but in the end if she loves you you’ve got it made! The feisty independent ones are fun, but unlike their western counterparts, they’ll back the fuck down when push comes to shove.
    The older Filipinas complain about the younger ones, about how lazy and disrespectful and self-centered they are, so this paradise may be coming to an end, but for a man my age, I don’t give a shit about the youngins.

      1. The article compared how white women get heavier faster than their Asian counterparts particularly during pregnancy. Do you really not see the connection?

  11. the shallow pussies making it easier to grind in deep and slow under their cervixes, alone make it worth it. who the hell needs gaping pussy’d loud mouth american bitches? they all just want niggers anyway,

    1. “”they all just want niggers anyway””
      Nice try shill. Despite 5 decades of contstant push from the j-wish MSM cathedral, statistically they don’t. You guys are kind of failing big time with the whole “black man/white woman” glorifying thing. White chicks don’t seem to be buying it.

        1. Fuckin eh. I see it more and more often here in NYC. And they aren’t all land whales anymore. Young gorgeous high school girls surrounded by them at bus stops, giggling and pawing at them. These girls have no fathers. The older ones still tend to be on the large size. Just large women. Big hands. 5-6 at best. But the next generation is going for it more. It’s a slowly growing problem.
          Let’s not imagine self reporting surveys and marriage statistics are any sort of indication of anything in reality. You dummies who imagine it’s not a growing trend need to pull your heads out of your asses. A white girl who fucks a black guy is a filthy disgrace. It doesn’t matter that she never married him or acknowledged him.
          Of course it’s mostly urban girls and they’re worthless to begin with.

        2. True it is mostly urban girls who are trash regardless. But its like almost 50% of the girls who are what you’d say “party girls” today. Maybe even a little more than that. If it becomes even more prominent I bet Asian and foreign wives might become more the norm in the US. We might see articles like this about the US:

        3. lol just read the headline. The most feminist nation of all time also imports the most thai wives. Wonder how high that gets when they include latin american,slavics and other SEA girls.
          OOO those swede chicks must be pissed. They might try to intervene so those guys better be ready.

        4. who seeks validation from white men? wh0res who want money and lifestyle upgrades

    2. You must be a terrible lay. Digging into women’s cervixes DOES NOT FEEL GOOD. Poor girls probably suffering in silence to protect your shallow ego because you can’t be bothered to actually fuck them right.

  12. I don’t understand this strange concept of love you speak of. To me it sincerely means a set of feelings that I must fake in order to get my penis into a woman. Fuck the one time.

  13. It should be noted that Asian women also have nice feeling strong thick hair, and their bodies are virtually hairless except for bush and armpits. knock one up and you make some interesting looking kids that might grow up to become kristin kreuk or something.

      1. They don’t refuse, it’s just not part of their culture, they will do it if that is your preference.
        I’ve noticed a lot of korean chicks just had some bush, nothing else, didn’t shave their pits cause nothing grew there. I had to buy the razors for them to trim, and show them how to properly shave.

      2. Oh, puh-leez. That trend will disappear in a few years. In Asian cultures, the only reason chicks shave their snatch is if they have crabs, which means they’re prostitutes. That’s why there’s a stigma against it.
        Deal with it, it is a tiny negative in an ocean of positives. It is more than made up for by their wonderful hairless bodies. I couldn’t believe it the first time I had one…just no hair, anywhere. No leg stubble, no ass hair, just smooth sailing all up and down.

      3. If bush upsets you so then perhaps you’d be better of fucking children?
        Fucking modern day manginas and their “big negatives” Jesus wept.
        Lets hope you never get ship wrecked on a deserted island with just another woman……BUT NO RAZOR BLADE !!!
        OH THE HUMANITY!!!
        Return or “Kings” my ass.

        1. Nice shaming attempt, feminist.
          Do you want to shame me for liking women who wear makeup, also? Or for preferring that women wear bras? (After all, a bra makes her tits look younger and less saggy/old.)
          Don’t forget, if we’re stuck on a desert island, there’s no makeup — or bras!

  14. Quick anecdote in support of the article – I dated an asian girl once (korean) and when we fucked, she would APOLOGIZE for cumming first, like she was being disrespectful for going before me. I mean, can you even imagine an American white girl doing that??

    1. Then you wake up and realize that was all a dream! Good God no one in their right mind would do that! How dare you say and make up such things about an asian woman! I am an asian woman and I would NEVER EVER apologize during sex! You should thank ME for letting you near my beautiful body!

  15. A couple more reasons you should date an Asian woman.
    1. Asian women are less aggressive then american women and usually require less game on average. Double that if you have blond hair. Asian women will go insane over blond guys.
    2. Asian women simply age much better then their american counterpart. If you are looking for an LTR or marriage this is huge. Your Asian wife at 30 is going to look almost the same at 50. That cannot be said for almost any american woman.
    3. Asian women are a ton better in bed. I’ve never heard “I don’t do that” from any Asian woman (not including anal).
    4. Asian women know how to cook and do it well.
    5. Asian women generally do not care for Asian men if they have other options. Asian men are annoying, not funny, funny looking, and generally your best is a garden variety beta.
    6. Most Asian women were raised in traditional households and carry that through to their future household. Expect a wife who wants to be a wife and a mother who wants to be a mother, if that is what you are looking for in life.
    The only downside I have ever experienced with Asian women, and it is a personal thing, is most are flat chested. I don’t need giant bowling balls, but it is just weird having sex with a woman that is completely flat chested. It’s like you are missing half the experience.

    1. to bad, well I hope huge breasts on white women drive you insane with lust whilst you are having sex with your flat chested man/women and dreaming of the big breasts and curves you cant have because white women hate you. Hope you enjoy watching big breasted white women with their good looking white husbands, bet you can only dream about what they get up to in the bedroom, and how their white husbands get aroused by their big breasts, more then you are getting aroused by the sounds of things, to bad.

      1. Not all white women have big breasts, I’ve seen flat chested white women too. You must not go out much

  16. The reason that white girls hate Asian girls is because Asian girls ruined the game white girls have gotten away with for way too long. When white girls are young, they chase good looking guys, or thugs….edgy dudes of some type….knowing damn well that these guys were probably not good marriage material. The nice guys…hard workers, dudes studying electrical engineering, etc. …. get put on the back burner for consideration in the future. Before Asian girls entered the picture, white girls knew they could whore around until they were 30, then settle down with some beta who had a good job and would treat them well.
    Now let’s consider Asian girls. Asian societies are strictly patriarchal, Asian men treat their women like shit, unlike most white dudes who are good to their women to a fault. Asians also tend to admire Western society. What this means is that Asian women are more than happy to hook up with a white dude who has a future and generally treats them well, even if he hasn’t got an A game. That’s why the white girls hate Asian women, they walk off with the white dudes the white girls were saving as their safety net.

    1. Absolutely. And the most satisfying aspect of all this is that white women — in all their smug self-assurance and assumption of the “#1 MOST DESIRABLE 4EVER!!” crown — never saw it coming.

    2. true but remember you white guys ruin the game too when you give alot of leniency and at times white knighting/captian save a ho without realizing it. You increase her expectations and she will consider you “freedom” from her culture, where she can slack in some areas(that you found desirable) and get away with it.
      Like for example she wont be expected to be a virgin, can party alittle(this includes drinking cuz its considered unladylike), dress more provocative,bitch alittle more and do less housework without being judged for it like in her community.
      Girls in my community do this too. They try more traditional with their men but if shes with you white guys she can emulate some behaviours of your women, many dont realize it cuz its sometimes still better what they actually get with their women. But there are many that will go overboard with it cuz its so taboo.
      Last year, I knew a cool good looking young white guy with a good high paying job whom just had his ass handed to him by his cunty ex filipino wife. Like she was hitting him constantly bitching an challenging him, once even jumped on him from the stairs and when he yelled and shoved her off she called the cops. Same story when she was physically blocking the door preventing him from going to work. She even used the kids in divorce against him
      When I explained his way of thinking of her his eyes opened and was like “how did you know” when I was getting into his mindset when he mentioned what happened to him.
      He was basically making excuses for her like shes a good mother even though she cheated an hes glad to pay the hefty child support even though he works like a slave. And thats what happened she manipulated him into thinking shes still special…she mentally broke him down(he was in tears poor guy)
      I basically said you whites put women on a pedestal and that cant do anything wrong and must be protected no matter what even if shes wrong.(but was throwin other things I dont recall some red pill stuff plus stuff between our conservative culture to his liberal culture). Its like the white male hamster starts running to excuse her faults, which shouldnt be tolerated.
      You guys better learn from their men on how to keep a woman in line. They are always married but I look at your community so many divorces.
      Our parents warn us about marrying into your communities. Basically saying youll both cheat, suck at parenting, bitchy wife and spineless doormat husband(we know how much women hate that especially if shes had traditionally upbringing, shell want the benefits of both worlds). Women want to have it all.
      Cause you will repeat the same mistakes like you did with your women and as a result you will ruin ours. Like cmon racism, colonialism,fast food and crappy pop culture changing our culture is bad enough and now changing our women and family lives…WTF
      Better take a page from a Tsarnaiov brother, he kept his Chechen muslim alpha vibe and kept his liberal white american girl in line. If she was with another american boy shed be fat,tattooed and cunty. Instead of criticizing these foreign traditional “backward 3rd world” cultures instead you should learn from them. If we all did that, ROK wouldnt need a reason to exist cause wed know how to be men.

      1. Better take a page from a Tsarnaiov brother, he kept his Chechen muslim alpha vibe and kept his liberal white american girl in line.
        Thank you. This is completely my philosophy too. White American girls will assume you’re a beta doormat until you prove to them otherwise. Thankfully, since they shit test like they breathe, they’ll give you plenty of chances to prove it.

      2. The #1 tactic for breaking a man down is sleep deprivation. Ask your bro how often his wife would permit him to get a solid 8 hours.

    3. I have literally seen tons of white girls I gave facials and other depraved acts of bestial sexuality marry these poor white betas. I think wtf happened to white men? I remember reading European civilization placed a strong emphasis on virginity before marriage at one point in time and now it’s as if men will take whatever left over scraps are left from the table of dominant men. Poor bastards. I truly one to warn them, but they’d soon bite the hand that warns them than listen, so it’s just better to see them fall over the cliff.

    4. western women are very vulgar about men that court or marry Asian women. they think only ugly, weak, nerdy, beta or old men, that can’t compete with their home grown women, go over to Asia (or even Russia) to partner up. Its a horrible stereotype. I was once in a café and a group of women were eye rolling and ‘bagging out’ an older, very elegant, professional man with his lovely Asian partner. I was appalled. There was not one slut on that table that could be regarded as anything more than a pump and dump. I use to pity men that took these sluts on as girlfriends or wives, now I just think stupid, weak, no class, thirsty idiot…

      1. The behavior of those women shows a real lack of class and a poor upbringing. Also you should read the hateful things white women say about foreign women.

    5. Nos, excellent analysis and I agree wholeheartedly. It makes hitting the wall that much more painful.

    6. so fucking true!
      My buddy was recently complaining to me that this girl he met from finlad demanded he make breakfast. I told him that he should get an Asian girl like me and she’d make him breakfast instead.
      Out of nowhere this ugly, disgusting divroced mid thirties white woman sitting beside him literally screamed at me “WHY DON’T YOU JUST FUCK OFF BACK TO YOUR RENT A BRIDE THEN?”
      I was gob smacked. After a while i analyzed it and could only put it down to pent up rage and frustration. Probably her husband got tired of her shit and left her for a cute Thai lady whoo cooked, cleaned and gave him massages after a hard days work.

    7. Your theory sounds nice but wrong. First of all You make it seem like there are no Good looking smart guys out there or make them seem like jerks.
      Majority of asian girls want white guys, because they want “good looking guys”
      its all over youtube, interviews and wildly known. They claim most asian guys
      are not good looking, and the ones that are considered good looking in a “westernized style”- that they want are taken anyways.
      The hot white girls could give a shit if an uglier successful white guy got with a not so attractive Asian girl, because you forgot my friend there are rich handsome guys out there.

    8. Reeks of white savior hero complex.
      White American men are one of the least attractive white males, but they fetishize asian women the most. Why?
      I prefer French white men.

  17. The reason Asian women do well in the American dating market is because American men are orientalist perverts with fetishes shaped by stereotypical pornography, and false ideas about how women behave in generalized “Asian Culture.” You do know that your ideas about Asian women is nothing more than thinly veiled racism.

      1. It’s one comment, that’s not a troll move. It’s a difference of opinion, and some casual observation about our fetishistic culture.

        1. Maybe so. I am wondering because I’ve liked Asian chicks since I was a young teen and before ever seeing porn at all. I don’t know about others but it’s not a “fetish” with me. These days they’re just far more pleasant and thinner. No not always but much more so on average than the average white chick.

        2. I’d argue that a lot of those opinions are heavily culturally conditioned, most of our preferences are. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with finding some chicks hotter than others (personally, I won’t fuck blondes. Ever. That shit looks cheap), the idea that Asian women are attractive because they “always respect men” (which is probably not always, like you say, I’m sure there are hellion feminist Asian girls) or because they are always thinner, and more feminine than white women are cultural stereotypes, and making generalized statements about it comes off…ignorant, orientalist. It’s not an issue because it griefs white chicks (I’d argue that if any woman is unhappy with herself, sad, pathetic – that a hotter, more secure girl is going to make her feel like shit, and yes, that’s rewarding.) it’s more than these conclusions are drawn out of weak stereotyping.

        3. True but I think most people are just saying that it’s more common in Asian chicks (which it is for now) which is why these kinds of stereotypes exist in the first place. I get where you’re coming from though. I’ve seen nasty Asian bitches sure but not nearly as many. So far….

        4. I hate to be that negative asshole, but it’s America that poisons women with consumerism and mainstream feminism, give it time. Give it time.

        5. Yeah, you’re right about that. And that’s something that is worrisome. American “culture” is like cyanide.

    1. its not racism if you love them.
      heres a fun fact for you. In India the sexist tribe of girls are considered to be from nepal. And guess what they look asian with their light skin and facial features. Big demand for brides and prostitutes from there.
      plus worth to mention in the end the asian girl is doing the picking so you could say they have a Caucasoid fever.

      1. Indians (of both sexes) suffer from the most severe case of light-skin-itis of any ethnicity I have ever met. Even those famously race conscious (used-to-be) upper class portenas can’t hold a candle to the amount of weight any average Indian places on the hue of her skin. As obsessions go, it’s up there with black girl’s fixation on straightness of hair.

        1. it kinda does but its a specific complexion they are after. Granted some chicks due to competition and lack of rationality are willing to go casper. But guys and typical women want to be “fair” like latinas(whom are taking over bollywood an local modeling),Mediterranean,persians and even asians.
          To you a persian,latin,Italian may seem dark skin but to us they are fair. they are called “gore” which means fair. They dont want to be “udjarr” which means pale like a ginger scotsman.
          People often forget to explain this “ideal”.
          Ever wonder why these olive skinned tone people dont have skin complexion issues while the paler(northern whites) and darker ones(ethnic) do.

      Seriously, playing the racism card? That’s all you got? We’re supposed ignore our lying eyes and believe this garbage?

    3. Problem with that hypothesis, is that pretty much any white beta with an Asian girl, would have fallen equally hard for a white girl with a similar SMV. But, she wouldn’t give him the time of day; preferring to instead hook up with alphas until there nothing left of once-was-her but a shriveled up, bitter, banged up old jalopy that couldn’t get a rock hard.

  18. Like this post if you think Fisherking is a fucking faggot who deserves to be anally raped by horses.

    1. haha. Too funny. I feel like betas and feminists are the ones who push that the punitive system should push an agenda of anal rape. I’m guessing that you are one of the two. Calling someone a ‘fucking faggot” also seems to be part of the catch cry of feminists who say that anyone who critiques feminism must be a closet homosexual.

  19. Davao: safest city in the Philippines thanks to a Dirty Harry type mayor, law-abiding citizens as laws are strictly enforced (no alcohol served after 1am, city wide public smoking bad, 30 km/hr speed limit, etc.), everybody knows english, friendly people, cheap food and services, loving women. I know where I’m semi-retiring, boys!

  20. I used to fuck white girls but I would never fuck those cunts now. Asian is where it is at BUT with the caveat that they are not infected by feminism.

      1. It ruins everything, poisons every relationship, destroys good careers, separates fathers from children, weakens societies and makes them vulnerable to outside infiltration, breaks the link between talent and reward, and seeks to use the state against free men. It is a form of Marxism but more insidious because of the fact that so many men will put up with it in the hope of getting laid.

    1. ya I wonder how they are fighting it off, like its even shown up in India and the Middle east which are waaaay more conservative societys.

  21. As long as white women continue to get fat, act like selfish whores, and engage in bestiality with negros this trend will continue

    1. Dude… I’m as disgusted with hordes of dusky 3rd worlder continually being idolized and pushed by the cathedral in only white countries but c’mon. Steady up on that shit. You’ll just give any morality preening leftard lurkers an instant boner and ammunition.

      1. this is ROK not stormfront mate
        immigration to non white nations have happen too after whites came and urbanized everything and changed the world.
        Like saudi has 4milliion guest workers which is nearly 20% of the population. Thailand has 25% non thai people,Fiji almost half the population is not fijian thanx to the brits.
        Malaysia and singapore the native malays are outnumbered by chinese and indians thanx to the brits.
        South africa is 20% non black.
        UAE and Qatar has more foreigners then actual native arabs.
        The politcal lines in middle east and africa got screwed during colonialism since it was based on personal interest not tribal land.(hence why there are gueralla fights for seperate states and radicalism). Like fighting for Balochistan or Kurdistan for example.
        The natives of the americas and australia,New zealand well nuff said.
        You dont get to complain, karma sa bitch.
        If anyone should be complaining about foreigners taking their women and corrupting them its the asians cause everyone is gunning for their women. You ruined your women, now you have to live with those consequences or sack up and fix it, dont ruin ours.
        were doing our best to protect our women from your influence and its getting harder an harder… WTF.
        I have no problem with interracial(im a bi product of one) and I understand the need to keep a pure lineage and homogeneous society.
        But dont act like youre the biggest victims…this is your undoing, we are merely trying to fight off what your selling us.(americanism)

        1. “”this is ROK not stormfront mate””
          Sorry dude. Once I hear the go-to buzzwords anti-white shitlibs use to shame anyone who dares notice the hordes of 3rd world refuse pouring into white countries and only whites I tend to zone out.
          Try again like a grown up without the lame shaming tactic.

        2. WN,race realists, whatever u wanna call urself
          anti-white,libtards,turd worlders,groids etc….those are shaming language too. Rather childish and only looking at things that confirm your belief. I lurked and understood were u guys are coming from in your forums,but youll only belive the exaggeration and not cold numbers. Propaganda is more inciting to you.
          Immigration is a symptom of low fertitlty rates which is caused by feminism aka the virus(since they rather slut it an work then have kids). Other symptoms include betas,fattys,white knights, and career oriented sluts,(thats right your women arent innocent and holistic now) which caused the social dysfunction(single mothers damage kids) in the first place and now need to be replaced.
          If feminism is the flea that creates these problems then whites are the rats carrying it and spreading the ideology to other nations and ruining their women and the trend of westernising the world continues and it apparently starts with “women empowerment”.
          ANd thats whats happening. THey start to work,slut it up and fertitlty goes down,the population ages and immigrants are brought to get in the work force.
          Some where in the middle, we get narcissim,betas and screwed up fat kids that cant get through school and needs to be told hes special without hard work(dumbing down)
          thanks alot white knight.

        3. “”Immigration is a symptom of low fertitlty rates””
          And don’t you dare stop thinking that either goyim. *pats head*

        4. lol. Funny u mention that if you look at CIA world factbook(been following it since 2006) and wiki demographics, Isreal is the only nation with rising fertitlity rates, while the isreali arabs fertlilty is declining due to forced urbanization in the Negkov. Dunno how they are doin it while the rest of the world is declining.

        5. Remember —- the Joooooz are *literally* killing you at this very moment. Better not sleep, the Joooz will get you!

    2. They are only like this cause you allowed them to. If you sack up knock that cake outta her hand and pull her by the hair back home and raise them properly this wouldnt be happening. You think a typical man from asia,india,middle east or africa will tolerate this behaviour?
      No they wont their parents, siblings, cousins,uncles and aunties will give em hell for it.
      Now its getting more difficult cause you guys are getting involved and white knighting them to become sluts too..Its like a crab bucket mentality. Instead of shaming them you should learn from them otherwise itll get worse for all of us

    3. Wow, Racist much? No wonder White women are leaving white men. Women don’t like men who are ignorant racists.

  22. A picture is worth a 1000 words. White women age like SHIT. Asian women are still hot in their 40s

    1. A picture is worth a 1000 words.

      True. A picture of the average Starbucks-addicted, non-exercising, sun-beaten, leathery-chested, peroxide-haired white Ameriskank past the age of 35 is usually enough to make me scream “NO!” a thousand times in a row.

    2. Dude,
      Asian women can look good into their 50’s. They age very well. That’s wonderful if you are looking for someone long term.

    3. most Japanese women in their 40s dont look like that but it is true they do age better.

    4. check out cafe lu(least the white girls embraced competition)
      better then the fat white chicks servin ya at dennys

      1. I think it’s cute they want to please. effort in is effort out there’s a reason they look so different from their men. These guys need to go to the gym or under the knife. Just kidding men don’t need anything.

    5. You do realise that this Asian women is wearing a ton of make-up and would probably not even be half as attractive without it? She does have a way better body; I will not contest that.

        1. It’s from the reality show Honey Boo Boo on TLC. That’s her mom “Mama June Thompson”

    6. Asians in general, do look 10-20 years younger than their female (and male) counter-parts. BUT there is usually a brick wall for Asian women, and when they hit 60-65’sh or so, it looks like they are 100. lol

      1. good, when they hit 60 and look 100 instead, that’s when you wont get a young attractive white American women either!!! you will get no one in the end, and that’s what men like you deserve!!

      1. Call it what you want. I call it surgery and i think it’s cute they want to please.

      2. Fascinating comment!
        The german women look far better, I find white women pre-70s to look way better than asian women, they usually had hourglass figures and slim waists because of corsets, whereas asian women were very banana shaped.

  23. Good point. Asians generally possess more discipline than whites and are good at staying slender. Of course, this can also be explained by the fact that Asian girls on the whole come from higher economic backgrounds. It would be interesting to see a sample size of Asian chicks & white chicks from similar backgrounds..anyone got a data set?
    But yeah, I’m sure white girls in cities like San Francisco hate the Asian girls…no more cupcakes for you white

  24. Full agreement with the article. A story…
    I’m a tall white guy with a slim Japanese wife and we live in a large city in canada. One day we picked up one of her friends at the airport who was coming to stay with us for a visit. As we roll into the city centre, the friend gets a few eyefuls of the local heifers….a few blocks later she asks earnestly “what’s wrong with these women, don’t they want boyfriends?”. Ahh, still makes me smile all these years later…

    1. Their culture has unwisely taught them that they don’t want boyfriends. That’s why they are so fat. They don’t care. They have nothing to live for past the next heavily processed Lean Cuisine TV dinner and full bottle of nightly red wine.

      1. Yep. How often do we hear
        “Never depend on a man!”
        “You don’t need a man to be happy!”
        “Mary and Bob are so co-dependent! Why, she goes out to the gym and stays fit just for his approval! Can you believe that? Co…de…pendent!”
        “Strong..independent! Woman!”
        Bah, idiots, the lot of them.

        1. but how come nobody ever talks about anglosphere males though?
          theyre often chubby and fat too
          lazy and affeminate, mostly betas

    2. Not a problem: there are thirsty, thirsty men all over who are willing to dumpster-dive with those sows, and even wife them up. Even the most disgusting fat chicks that I knew of in college were able to get married if they wanted.

  25. Asian women have a much higher floor, but a much lower ceiling. 95% are above a 4 but below a 7.
    I’m an American working at a bank in Shanghai; you go to a club and you see the european students/part time models they put the absolute best looking local girls to shame.
    Bummier whites in Asia like ESL teachers (most beta job ever, working to make arrogant Chinese richer.) date the Chinese girls…and yeah they aren’t fat, but they aren’t hot either. Their appeal is that they are aggressive. Guys who are used to aloof white women can just sit there and a boring chinese girl will literally come and tell them how handsome they are.
    It’s not the same as being an Alpha or being an attractive confident person. It’s playing in a lower league to pad your stats.

    1. They are looking for green cards. You would get the same reaction in the states if you pulled up to a club driving a 100k car wearing a 10k suit, and 200 haircut

      1. I agree, some probably do want green cards and probably don’t realize that if you marry an ESL teacher making $1000 USD a month, He won’t make enough to sponsor your visa if you get married. That takes about $60,000 in cash if you don’t have the income. It’s so poor US guys can’t just marry 3rd world women and put them on welfare.
        Asian girls in the west can be hot because they know how to dress & wear makeup…plus the exotic appeal.
        At least in China though they suck (and not in the good way…they don’t do that). To a man all the younger western professionals here date either other Americans or Russian/Eastern Euro girls. I swear the absolute best looking Chinese girl is like a 7.5 tops.
        There are tons of guys here who talk about all the girls they bang, but then you see they only go for like dull local university students. They get sheepish as hell around the russian girls. They don’t have game other than just being white.

        1. In a city the size of Shanghai, there’s got to be some native girls above 7.5. The absolute hottest echelon may well be well ensconced behind the protective wall of the local bigwigs, but some lookers are bound to bubble up to to club scene from time to time.
          I do get your point, though. fatness has obviously ruined lots of American girls, but a large part of the Asians-are-hotter reputation fueling male fantasies and female fears, stems from the fact that an Asian girl who is an 8 is dtf with a guy who is a 6, as long as he is white. No wonder the aging white harpies are in a state of panic. It’s not like they would feel any better if suddenly several divisions of the Swedish Bikini team; or a nationful of 20 yo Tyra Banks’ suddenly decided to en-masse swoon for bumbling American betas, for no other reason than that their skin was a pale shade of jewish white.

        2. You’d think so but you’d be wrong. There just aren’t truly stunningly beautiful/sexy chinese women that just leave your jaw on the floor and your dick hard the way a hot white or latina woman can.
          The never have any features that compliment themselves. Asian girls are studies in not having faults, but lacking strengths. They’re thin…ok so they aren’t fat, but do they have nice tits/ass? No. They aren’t as stuck up as white girls…ok, but are they interesting? No.
          They’re just bland…

        3. touche its like making the most of a bad situation since the white girls and some latinas are letting themselves go. Before their beauty was the envy of the world, we would dream about going to europe, LA,NY,Miami, latin america for them.
          Everything that an asian woman offers can easily be emulated by other races, well except their hairlessness and slow aging process(which i hope is through lifestyle and not genetic)

        4. Going by this:

          It sure does appear you are right…..
          Even at the lowest rungs of the modelling food chain in Milan, the (admittedly under age) girls are look more striking to my eyes than this set.
          I was also surprised at the number of Latinas working as high class escorts in Hong Kong. The blonde Russians I expected, but I assumed the place wold be more like Tokyo, where the dark haired talent would be mainly local.

        5. Haha Right? Asia just doesn’t do…jaw on the floor “i have to have her” sexy. At all.
          It’s a land of averageness. I’m not impressed by thin, thin isn’t a positive it’s the absense of a negative. It’s the bear minimum to just not be default ugly. It doesn’t scale up at all, the absolute best looking asian women just aren’t that great.
          It’s like asking for a raise because you never skip work or steal printers, you need to have something positive to go alongside that or it’s meaningless.

        6. as someone who has don that EL26 you are correct. your income has to be over the poverty line and show you have a job in the states. otherwise the process isn’t all that complicated just a pain in the ass. On another note why the hell is everyone just talking about Chinese girls like they are the only Asians. Christ go to Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia where the Japanese, Spanish and chinese mixed with the Polynesians to create some fabulously attractive women above a 7.5. Chinese women for the most part are…Chinese..that’s it.

        7. That’s right bra, being white can get a man a lot of pussy. Seems like that’s a bitter pill for you to swallow, considering how you’ve been berating “white guys”, their work (ESL), and their choice in women (mainly Asian). You must be one of them darkies whose girl went for and got fucked by a white guy… and you’ve been bitter ever since.
          In the end, who gives a fuck what your preference is? The fact that you’re trying to knock other people on their preference means that you’re a bitter, weak-minded chump whose not getting pussy on your own so you have to go and knock others who are. You’re the same as a white girl hating on a white guy and his Asian gf…. except it’s worse because it’s a GUY whose doing the hating. Take the hate elsewhere chump

        8. What makes them ugly?! Or what makes you the judge on what is beautiful or not?! oh you Racist white men you think you know everything!

      2. That’s bullshit. China is doing quite well these days. Most women don’t want to leave China, it’s where their family is and where they grew up. They want to care for their parents later in life. There are a few who want to leave, like anywhere else. But that whole “green card” bullshit is SO 20 years ago, man. You need to update your hate.

        1. “Most women don’t want to leave China” Then how do you explain Vancouver’s insane housing market?

    2. Chinese girls are, on average, not all that. A few can be hot, but only a few. The other Asian countries seem to have more hotties per capita.

      1. I used to think the same thing when I was in Japan, but I’ve started talking to a lot more Chinese girls as of late. Most of the Chinese girls that I have been talking to are not as hot as the Japanese girls, but there are far more of them.

        1. The Japanese stopped having babies altogether around 1980. By now, all the once-were-girls are now women. Good thing they age well…….

    3. Those Euro models are ugly on the inside. The same horrid white girl attitudes as anywhere else. Why do you think you are seeing them at nightclubs?
      There is a lot of hate for white men who date Chinese women. 95% of it is sour grapes from people who are angry that shy men are getting laid. Seriously, it is offensive to many that these men are not suffering at home, alone. Having seen that they can’t win, they resort to shitting in the kool-aid any time they can. Trying to spoil everything by attempting to say, “Well, you might have an attractive, family-minded young woman for yourself, but *I* think you’re a loser, and therefore you should be ashamed! Mail-order wife! She only wants your green card! Sucky-sucky long time!” and other hateful turns of phrase. Pro TIP: most Chinese girls don’t want to live anywhere but China. I’ve seen marriages break up when the man wants to move back to his home country. had a stats breakdown: the world thinks the most handsome men are white, and the most beautiful women are Asian. Suck on it, hater.

      1. True, Euro models are ugly on the inside – and the same horrid white girl attitudes every where. White women have become scum everywhere.

        1. You don’t know that…have you ever talked to any of them?
          I’m guessing you live in China so you know what i’m talking about with the euro models in big cities here.

        2. I’ve taught in a university in Shanghai, and I agree with Shem. A lot of guys with weak frames go to these clubs and stare at these models, fantasize about them, etc. Chumps who get caught up in the “she’s a model” stuff. Comical.

      2. Yeah some of the euro girls in Shanghai are bitchy…but so are lots of the locals! Any girl that isn’t interested in you is a bitch…shit I catch myself thinking like that sometimes too. But honestly, don’t think for a fucking second the chinese girls don’t think the exact same way…they just can have lower standards.
        The blandly pretty chinese girl who seems so sweet and impressed by the white ESL teacher…probably comes off as a total cunt to the migrant workers and ant tribe people. (If you live in china you know what that means)
        Likewise the hot Bulgarian student/part time model types that date professionals are sweet to us and “ugly on the inside” to the ESL types.
        The Italian who fancies herself an aspiring supermodel might look at me with disdain as someone who has to work for a living, but be sweet to a guy who owns a successful export business.
        I spend a lot more time figuratively looking the mirror than I do pointing fingers. I personally think the best looking white women put every other group to shame, so I bust my ass to succeed at work and keep fit in the gym. They don’t owe me shit…I owe myself the ability to attract them.
        Money and muscles absolutely aren’t everything, and i’m not rich by any means, but they are NEVER drawbacks.

        1. Your preconceptions are colored by the fact that you are in Shanghai, and evidently you think all Chinese girls are the same as Shanghainese. They aren’t. In fact, Shanghainese women are renowned as the worst, ball-breaking, least suitable for marriage in all of China.
          Girls elsewhere aren’t like that at all. Try getting out of Shanghai once in a while.

        2. Well i’m not really interested in ANY chinese girl, so I don’t care if they’re different or not. My hunch is they just have lower standards.
          I dunno, I personally think barring an asian fetish the man with options chooses an international girl over a chinese one 10/10 times.

        3. Well thanks for chiming in on a post about Asian women to tell the rest of us you don’t find them attractive. You have added immeasurably to the quality of the discussion. By which I mean you haven’t added anything. Next time the topic comes up, just don’t post.

        4. Venzzini makes a great point about the vilification of white men who marry and build a happy life with an Asian woman. Where I might disagree is that I think El also lends a valuable perspective as a white man in Shanghai. He reports that Asian girls do not exceed a 7 on his particular Boner Test. Multiple points of view really enhance the discussion, and they certainly have enhanced my article. I believe all sorts of men are welcome here and should share their opinions.

        5. Definitely well put, and i take no issue with someone who really finds happiness or has a genuine preference for asian women. We’re all entitled to our opinion.
          But there are TONS of really really uninspired white guys here who use local women as a crutch for their player fantasies, rather than working on self improvement to get what they want out of life. Espeically if it involvesholding a job like ESL which basically condemns you to a lifetime of poverty.
          As I said if someone really likes asian women, way to go for seizing the initiative and putting yourself IN ASIA!

      3. As Roosh has gone over so many times, you can’t concern yourself with what others think. It’s all about the boner test. I’m have lived in very white neighbourhoods my whole life and while that may sound great to some, I am much more interested in women of color. Asian, Black, Latina, whatever. Don’t care, so long as it’s something other than vanilla. An I’m not talking about personality, I’m talking physical.

        1. Good, true words man. Seems that people are very concerned how other ppl view them etc if they are walking with an asian/white etc. Couldnt care less. I still would like to admit that I do enjoy those destroyed self esteemed gazes i get from White chicks walking hand in hand with my asian girl. Whenever I catch them look i look directly back right into their eyes. Seriously they are picking the wrong bull to try and pin down.

      4. Yeh right, that explains why im one of the few white women that men go running after when they get sick of Asian women for some reason, or they run after me while they are still with an Asian women…did it ever occur to you that sometimes white men leave Asian women for a white women instead?

        1. Anon, I am an Asian woman (born and raised in Asia) and I truly appreciate your reasoning. I have white women friends and find the comments by white men here about white women very offensive. And if they want to put down the Asian males, I have white women friends who are either going out with or married to Asian men! Perhaps they go with the Asian men for the same reason (white men are fat and ugly and don’t know how to treat them).

        2. Or black women. Why do sooo many white husbands with Asian wives try to cheat with me???

  26. Nice article. Back in May of last year I went to Shenzhen China on business. Flew in and out of Hong Kong. When I was in the Hong Kong airport, I noticed a lot of good looking women compared to the women at LAX. I thought it was because most most women in HK wore glasses (I dig the intellectual/feminine look), but after reading this article, it makes sense now. Women there were slimmer and more feminine.
    Didn’t discover RoK until late last year and now my eyes are opened!

  27. I’m not attracted to them, but I find them very nice people to deal with. Some can lack social skills and be a little to reserved, but in the workplace, they know their stuff, shut up and get on with it. Western chicks are loud, defensive and generally, lazy. I would certainly prefer an Asian girl than a fat, tattooed, loud, used up Westie.

  28. I think the attraction is mutual and at least partially based on genetics. I remember seing a study that showed white men were more attracted to asian looking faces. The writer is rationalizing using only social factors and no genetic factors. Races differ not only culturally but genetically.

    1. And these white men what? Existed in a bubble up until the completion of this study? More than likely they grew up in a social climate that upholds Asian women as hypersexual submissive women.

  29. ok ive done enough white western woman bashing….for now.
    But honestly with the natural born features that white women are born with that are taken for granted, If she maximized it and took her of herself like a japanese or russian girl they would be #1 again.
    They have colourful hair and eyes. They have the smaller face, big eyes and small narrow nose that asians love.
    They have the light skin,less body hair(little to none typically) and better curves that indian and middle easterns love.(even Italian girls arent considered that hairy to us)
    But they ruin it all by not being feminine women…instead they wanna be like a fat foul mouth justin beibers.
    Any white women reading this article ,instead of getting pissy should call up their asian friends and try to emulate their life styles.(diet exercise behaviour style values etc) and I will guarantee things will be better but that wont be the case cause they hate self improvement….and yet still narcissistic.

    1. How about everyone on the planet morph into aliens all of a sudden who all look the same?? can you see how insane this whole thread is starting to sound? its nice that we still have people on the planet who look so different to one another, as it would look so incredibly boring if we all looked the same as one another!!

  30. Most of the commentors here are lazy cowards. Asian women are (usually) pleasant because they’ve been correctly disciplined growing up. There’s nothing wrong with dating an asian chick but if you’re totally giving up on white women to defer to asians you’re a lazy, coward. Leeching off the work of another culture because you’re unwilling or incapable of disciplining a woman of your own culture, it’s not easy but it doesn’t take that long to turn your typical disrespectful white bitch into a pleasant, feminine woman.

    1. I don’t think most guys are totally giving up it’s just a preference. But it is nicer to not have to wade through endless shit when you don’t have to.

    2. Stupid comment.
      You can only discipline white women by state-imposed harsher gender laws and state-promoted stricter lifestyle regimes for white women.
      When the white society laws themselves afford white women freedom to live undisciplined laws, then white men run the risk of facing legal action to discipline them.
      You could your own church to disciple typical disrespectful white bitches into pleasant, feminine women. See for yourself how many would sign up.
      Till then, stop blaming white men for seeking Asian women. The author of the article himself implies that the dating success of Asian women is due to white female obesity, and the choice of white men to date Asian women is a evolutionary adaptive response.

      1. Tsarniov bro didnt need a state to discipline his americunt. masucline Men dont need daddy government for that
        Mike,??? and the russian guy above made valuable points.
        But you cant get pissy with Mike..he does have a point.
        However many of you western white guys dont understand that its takes effort and dominance to keep women feminine. When you screwed up with yours, you just jump ship to asians whom actual put the hard work to raise em right.
        You have to guide them right, dont let em push you around. your ancestors never did….stop being helpless. Thats why we are here.
        Dont give what they want(like freedom cocks n cake), give them what they need.(the tradtional values)
        Otherwise you may ruin your asian girl to some degree, which will wind up in your daughter becoming the very thing you hate.
        You need to be a strong leader in the home, inspire submission on her part.

    3. I’ll just fuck whoever I want, thank you. Why should I care if I leach off the work of another culture? Russian chicks get fucked by just about everybody and I don’t complain, so neither should you.
      As for typical disrespectful western white bitches, the bad ones are beyond repair, so don’t blame guys for not trying to fix them.

      1. Second that.
        Most guys here on RoK pedestalize Russian/Slavic women as the ideal white women left on the planet. But the fact, they get fucked by just everybody/live like cum dumpsters too – but with “feminine” grace.
        The problem with white men is that they’d be willing to overlook sluttiness in a woman, if she has feminine grace and “traditional” style.
        Men think that fertility and beauty are primarily the values women should be evaluated with, without taking character in the mix which actually is necessary too.
        Asian women tend to have better characters than white women – and also they age better and look thinner. That’s the reason why white men, seeking “ideal” mates, will choose them over skanky white women – whether they might be from the Anglosphere or Slavic Europe.

    1. yeah but if you fuck two of them at the same time it’s the same overall tit content

  31. You forgot that Dave Chappell, possible the funniest comedian ever, married a Korean.

  32. The question of whether dating an asian girl is a beta move or not comes down to whether it is really what you want. If you have a thing or preference for asian girls or fall in love with one more power to you.
    But for many, it’s more of just a low-hanging fruit thing when they’d really rather be dating/banging something else. And theres no dignity in that. Asia tends to have a huge income gap, so not being 3rd-world poor is enough for a tubby, broke white schlub to get girls. It’s saying “instead of improving myself to get what I want, i’m going to seek validation from girls who love me just the way I am!” and that’s EXACTLY what the articles I like on this website chastise women for doing.
    As a white american in Shanghai working in finance I can tell you that most younger professional westerners don’t go for asians living in asia. In a really international city like Shanghai, depending on what you like, there are always better options…it just requires some ability to speak up for yourself.
    Go to any latin dance night at a club…tell me that ANY chinese girl can compete with the Brazilian women you see there in raw sex appeal. Or if you like thin girls that the one you REALLY want to chat up isn’t that pretty russian student/part time model, that you are ASSUMING is bitchy without having the balls to talk to her. Those girls aren’t impressed with you for being white…but that doesn’t mean they aren’t looking for some company. You just can’t be a chump…and quite frankly a lot of guys that will settle for being something like an ESL teacher are.
    If you have a preference for Asian women…there’s nothing wrong with that and more power to you for being in Asia. Way to put yourself in a spot to put some numbers on the board. But if you don’t, you’re a chump for settling for something other than what you want. It’s not beautiful women’s fault that you aren’t interesting to them, they aren’t going to change for you.

  33. I’m just not into Asian girls. They look ubiqutous and I don’t find their facial features attractive. EXCLUDING personality, white women are physically superior. You can have any skin tone, not a sickly yellow. Blue, green, brown, hazel eyes. All shades of blonde, brown, red, and black hair. Tall, short, thick, skinny. They have thin noses, non-Mongoloid eyes. They have larger breasts and the best asses. The way you describe white women seems like it was written for black women: loud and fat.

    1. Agreed, they just look so common. The nicest thing you can say about them is that they are not ugly, they’re never hot. At least not in Asia.

      1. I think it’s because they’re the child of immigrants, or just low educated people who couldn’t make it in China and wanted to come to the US. Usually not the product of alpha males or whatever.

        1. Which also explains why there are relatively few Japanese people in the US – it’s because Japan is relatively comfortable and rich.

        2. Actually i’m talking about the ones in China. I remember hot asian chicks back home, but I think maybe they looked exotic at the time or something. Like how British accents sound cool & sophisticated until you hear drunk British people babble on for hours about nothing.
          I think you’re right 100% that the most desirable chinese girls don’t give a shit about white guys. At least the ones who have nothing going for them and teach english in China. Why would they be? All the cultural and language barriers aside, a girl who is competitive for a local guy who can live well isn’t going to settle for a white loser who can’t.
          I’m saying that the white guys in China with options, like younger professionals with their shit together and not ESL teachers or creepy old bums tend to prefer the euro girls to local ones.

    2. Guys who are into Asian girls have some kind of weird personality disorder. Just the way they act is fucking creepy – I don’t know how to describe it. I’m not trying to shame anyone but just seeing a white dude holding hands with a little Asian girl who doesn’t know any better is the worst. Obviously I look white-ish but prefer Chinese women because I was raised in a family with a dozen of them but I’m good with all races of women and have been with every race except black, but that’s not like I have a fucking fetish.
      Fuck these white boys trying desperately to justify their fetishes. If I had a dollar for every weird, leering white guy who only dates ugly Asian women, I’d have bought a house in Capri by now. Of course if I had a dollar for every white woman who likes black guys, I’d be richer than that – so I guess these white boys have the right to feel intimidated. It’s lulz for me.
      I guess the only good thing to be said of it is that Asian women at least like nice guys. I guess that’s why white boys like foreign Asian women. But for ABC women, you’d be shocked at what they do in the clubs. I’d take a normal white woman over a hot ABC woman any day.

      1. agree white women are hotter but a male 4 would often prefer dating an Asian 5-6 than a white 3-4.

    3. very true, and scary. A lot of black and asian women are insanely jealous of white women, that’s why they talk against white women so much to men, its in the hope that they can turn white men off white women, sometimes it backfires though, and the Asian or black women become like a wicked witch from a fairy tale who is jealous of white women. And the white men who hate white women become like the mentally ill white racist men you see locked up in the psychiatric wards when their wives leave them and all white women hate them so they become isolated from their own race with no one left to turn to, not even the foreign cultures.

  34. Okay, I’m going to call you out on this article. For the record, I’m (half) Asian, though I look pretty much 100% white. I know all you white dicks are gonna start raging after reading this, though, and talk about my penis size, or whatever.
    1) This article makes me lose a lot of respect for RoK. This reads like it was written on some manga board by some faggot nerd with an Asian fetish; generally when dating across racial lines either or both parties are willing to drop their standards significantly, and I see that a lot when it comes to IR dating, particularly Asian female / white male. I have several female Asian cousins, two of them are ass ugly caramel colored, and both are married or pursued by the ugliest, plainest, and most meek spirited Jewish / white guys with the physiques of gay baristas, or the personality of a beaten down magina. In the case of my dad, my mom was literally INSANE and self hating (wearing colored contacts and shit) and my dad the biggest beta on the planet. Finding out about his defects eventually cost my mom her life. She couldn’t live with such a man child. My other two aunts who married Chinese men – both are millionaires now, with monumental Manhattan properties, and my dad is destitute broke living in a one room apartment.
    2) In no way shape or form are Asian American women better than white women. They are, if not more, equally aggressive, foul mouthed and promiscuous. Off the top of my head I knew one dark, ugly Asian chick that fucked 15 guys on my floor freshman year – in one year. I knew another who fucked the blackest dude on the football team in one of the classrooms at night. A lot of Asian American women are loud mouthed, ugly, drink too much, sexually aggressive, and have a constantly angry look on their face. Contrarily, the two best looking Chinese women in the US I know both date Asian guys exclusively. Moreover, growing up in Flushing, NY, it was almost unheard of for Asian girls to date anything but Asian dudes – and usually the best looking Asian girls don’t unless the dude is tall and good looking.
    3) If you’re a fat, short, balding white dude, you’re still a fat, short, balding white dude. Most Asian girls know that. She’s probably dating you for the same reason any woman would date any unattractive man, with the added benefit of trying to get back at her father.
    4) Any woman that exclusively dates out of her race is fucking nuts. Everyone knows that. That means they have severe father issues. I would be careful as a white guy if the chick is trying to get back at daddy or whatever – usually she has the same feminist bent as the women you so carefully avoid. And if you think she’s after you for your dick size, be careful what you wish for, otherwise she’ll be pining for some BBC soon enough – and that’s starting to happen too. It’s actually becoming more common than white guy / Asian girl couples. Sorry to burst your bubbles, white boys. If a chick is constantly slurping at that so and so-other-race’s fountain, she’s got screws loose.
    5) There is no magical race. White dudes aren’t better than Asian dudes in any way shape or form. If so, then white women would be falling over you at the same rate that Asian women do – and they’re not. If anything, white women treat black guys the way some Asian women treat white guys. You deserve a pat on the back for that. When I go out and see the quality of white guys with Asian women, very rarely will the guy be tall and handsome and the woman good looking; more often than not, the dude is a midget or balding.
    6) If you have kids, imagine knowing that your son knows that his own mother hated her own race and that he carries “inferior” genes; that sounds like a great way to instill self esteem in a young man. I oughta know.
    7) I live in Asia. The hottest women here are absolute fucking stunners and they date Chinese guys, and prefer Chinese guys. The reason for this is because of the strong family structure and many women simply respect their fathers / families so much. The women that prefer foreigners are called “leftover women” and know that white guys have much lower standards for older women than Chinese men do. Very few women care about white guys, and the vast majority prefer stable, normal Asian guys or a handsome Asian dude. The most popular celebrity here is a Korean dude now and women go absolutely ape shit for him. On a further note, Chinese guys are now exceedingly popular with European / Russian chicks and not a day goes by when I don’t see a Chinese dude with a Russian stunner. Also the hottest chick I know is dating an ABC guy, which is as close as you can get to baller status in China.
    8) In Asia there is a minority of women that are super aggressive towards foreigners – they are also, by no coincidence, the ones with the most unpleasant, demanding and superficial personalities. As a tall white-ish guy I know about this and screen them carefully. Being half Asian and having better than average white guys features, I am rarely approached by women though I catch some of them peeking while most of them are disinterested. I heard it from the source – my wife’s girlfriend’s mother told her that she hoped her 33 year old unmarried daughter could find a white dude to marry because of their low standards for Asian chicks.
    9) Interracial dating in no way solves your problems as an unattractive / short / balding / pathetic man and seems more like a proxy for insecurity among both participants.

    1. I am a full Asian guy. Specifically an Indian guy. My ancestors are from the South of India but now I live in Singapore.
      What splooge writes is true.
      Asian women are not as awful or as bad as Western women. Yes, that is true. However, they can be that bad. Worse, they know how to mask themselves more effectively than Western women.
      If you folks like, women are like Sirens from Odysseus. Western woman is the siren without the disguise. Asian woman is the siren with the disguise.
      Both, deep down, are awful.
      However, Asian women are better to game and to date.
      Just remember it is AWALT.

      1. well its not just asian but girls that come from conservative tradtional cultures too.

      2. I agree with you. Indian women are the same – in India or fresh off the boat they are top marriageable quality and beautiful to boot. I think the best looking Indian women just destroy the best looking Asian women in a contest.
        Of course, an Indian American woman that is liberated is just as bad, if not even worse than the worst white woman – because they are trying extra hard to fit in with the white succubi.
        It’s dangerous to say that any race is somehow better. If a woman is good quality, she’s good quality.
        These white boys would be shocked if they knew what these sweet little Asian angels are doing behind closed doors… something I noticed in porn is that white dudes get REALLY angry when an Asian chick fucks a black dude. It goes to show you what the real intentions behind white men are.

        1. ya Ive noticed that in my community for a long time now they seem to try an “out western the white girls” or something.
          Beauty wise I think they are overated to asian women. Due to tendency to gain weight fast, hyperpigmentation around eyes and hella hairy that can match the typical white guy.

    2. Agreed I lost respect too. The manosphere is like 50% empowering advice “Take control of your life, it’s not the girls responsibility to want you it’s your responsiblity to make her want you etc.”
      And 50% “Oh it’s the girl’s fault you’re a loser…don’t worry! Find women who will validate you just the way you are!”
      The same pathetic shit that the writers say women think.
      And I think 100% the most desirable chinese girls tend to want the most desirable chinese guys. It is very similar to black guys and white girls in america.
      The majority of Chinese girls either aren’t interested in white guys or can’t speak english. So the ones that ARE interested are very aggressive about it, because in terms of numbers there are way more chinese girls who want white guys than there white guys in China.

      1. My Asian fetish is based on my first unrequited love; a French-Vietnamese mixed girl that grew up a few blocks from me. We were great friends through 2nd grade. My family moved away and then back when we were in Junior High School. By then she was way out of my league. Her nick name was Juicy Lucy, and she deserved every syllable of it. No racism involved. I am aware that the myth of the submissive Asian woman is exactly that. I had Asian friends growing up and saw that their moms ruled the house with an iron fist. I realize that wanting to date outside your race is a fetish and is not normal. I am what I am. That is not to say that I have restricted myself to Asian women only. Over the expanse of a long life I have dealt with what was available and done the best with what I could get, like most men. I just always found Asian women very attractive.
        For the black guys out there, I have two nieces (in their 30s now) who date and marry only black men. I hear them talk and it is clear that they judge the man by the color of his skin rather than the content of his character. One of their friends (they only associate with other black chaser women) was a prime example of this. She was slim and quite attractive. She also dressed to show it off. She never uttered a word I heard to any white man or any white person except other white women in the same sorority of black guy chasers. When a black guy (any black guy so don’t think you are some kind of special) she was on him like white on rice. She also had two mixed race love children form her pursuits. Notice no marriages or even any LTRs. The last time I saw her she was with a white beta herb that was willing to take her and her mixed race children. I doubt she was feeling it; she sure didn’t look like she was, but the need for provision above all else had kicked in. The white guy was an idiot. The question I have always had for black guys is how do you feel being the object of some woman’s twisted sexual fetishes? They are not looking at you as a man but as a black man. This is not always true but it is true more often than not.
        When I tried to date Asian I found exactly what you are saying; most Asian women (really most people everywhere and of every race) don’t want to date outside their own tribe. I lived in the great white north in the 50s, 60s and most of the 70s. The Asian population was like 2%. Of those only about 5% were willing to date outside their race. This made the odds terrible for me. So, after a couple of bad marriages, I went to Asia. The same 5% were willing to date outside their race, but that was out of 100% of the population, and there were many fewer white guys trying to find those 5%. I met a young woman that was very attractive and seemed to like me. Her family was not too keen on a foreign guy marrying into the family, but since she was an old maid of 25, they agreed.

    3. White men believe they can simply talk them out of fucking black men or other men. White men demean Arabs as being “lesser,” but let’s face it, they keep their bitches in check. An Arab woman gets out of line in the Middle East and she fucking dies, end of story. They think that they can simply bargain with women and cherish them, hold them above corporal punishment and punitive justice. Now they are finding out the results of that. It’s a reason why so many white women are attracted to some of the most subhuman black pimps, it’s because they aren’t receiving the same discipline/power dynamic at home with white men. If they believe they continue treating their women as “equals” they’ll learn sooner or later.
      “Woman is an uncontrolled animal”- Cato the Elder

      1. Yeah, I definitely think the dynamic of white women and black dudes really affected white beta males on a subconscious level for the past 10-30 years, pushing them towards women of color (or at least a dark shade of white, rofl). I mean it’s impossible not to notice, and now even Asian chicks are digging black dudes because white dudes are too soft now.
        That’s why white guys get so butthurt when Asian women dig black dudes. They think Asian women are “theirs” by proxy.

        1. Yeah I slept with a Asian chick two days ago, it was decent but nothing beats a white chick. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t marry one despite being biracial myself unless we’re talking about some 18 year old Christian virgin (throwback Euro), but I’ve absolutely seen them do the most depraved sexual acts for me and of course I’ve loved it. I’ve literally had white dimes tell me, “fuck me until I bleed.” I seriously cannot make that up, but it’s that serious. The worst part of it, is that they’ll marry some fucking beta who’ll give them the world on a platter. I’ve never ever bought a woman flowers, made the mistake twice of putting two exes on pedestal, but I’ve never really been a beta. Modern white men as opposed to their ancestors are putting these bitches on pedestals and even I, who accrues great benefits from this (fucking beautiful white women) am still thinking, “dear God, please put your fucking women in check.” They spoil it for the rest of us. Literally poisonous Anglo-American culture is spreading faster than the plague and they’ll be no suitable women left for marriage until America gets this cancer under wraps.

        2. I wouldn’t say that they have much to worry about with Black guys getting Asian girls, but I agree that White dudes seem to get angrier at a Black guy with an Asian girl than with a White girl.
          Black men that like Asian women can expect hatred from all aspects of society (lower success rate omitted from this argument). Asian men and non-Black men for poaching their (and “their”) women, Black women for being a sellout (even though many of these Black women in Asia admit to having yellow fever themselves), White and Latin women (especially the overweight, ugly ones) for not being their last chance and for being yellow fever “fetishisizing pieces of shit”, queers for the same reason, and Asian-American women because they are on the feminist train (although most Asian women from Asia that I’ve spoken with were flattered that I found them attractive, even if they didn’t reciprocate interest).

        3. I am from Europe and tbh US is way more religious. Being religious where I live is the same as being openly crazy.

        4. In a way I gotta thank all you black dudes because you weed out all the dumb white whores from the white gene pool.

        5. I wouldn’t thank us just yet. Previous generations (Millennials and older) still have ‘discriminant taste’ when it comes to choosing sexual partners. However, younger generations have no such scruples. Between Egalitarianism and the ‘Tanning of America’ in a decade, you will be hard pressed to find a white woman who hasn’t been annihilated by at least two or three black guys; Whether that be consecutively or concurrently.

        6. Lol black men really think that huh?
          The choice a white woman makes when she breeds with blacks basically breaks down to one of black men’s supposedly bigger average dick size vs. all of white male accomplishment. Most women are still smart enough to see which is truly more valuable and realize that there are white men who aren’t lacking in the pants. I don’t think your fantasy will become a reality any time soon. Black men are magnets for trashy white whores. I’ve never met an otherwise marriageable white girl that fucked black men. Sorry buddy, kept spearing them white hoes but know that they aren’t getting wifed up by an self respecting white man

        7. Sorry friend. It’s not a fantasy, it’s what I’ve witnessed.
          There was a time where if a black man even whistled at a white woman, he face death via mob. Now not even white women fear a white man’s reprisal.
          If it’s a problem for you, address it in-house. Otherwise, stop putting white pussy on a pedestal. Which is the whole point of this post.

        8. You obviously didn’t read anything I wrote and refuse to acknowledge biological reality. Most women go with their own race regardless of which race it is. Realize that as a black man you will have success with white women, but these white women are by-in-large the one’s that white men don’t want anyway. Yes many beta white simps end up marrying these used cumdumpsters. But more and more men are waking up.

        9. I read what you wrote but personal bias obscures your view of reality.
          First let’s clear a few things up: Not all men black men have large penises. Not all women sleep with black men because of the implication of said large penis. Not all white women who sleep with black men are bottom-of-the-barrel hood rats.
          To your credit, you are right about one thing: There is still a subset of white women who prefer the exclusive company of white men.
          However, these aren’t the ‘The Good Ones’ unless you have a personal aversion to anyone who sleeps outside their race [which would nullify the whole premise of this post], these women just happen to prefer the exclusive company of white men.
          I’ve had close friends of very high socioeconomic standing tell their ‘Alpha’ significant others they’ve never been with black guy(s) only to tell me otherwise in confidence.
          I also know women who exclusively date white men but also ride roughshod all over you guys and don’t give a shit whether you’re ‘Alpha’ or ‘Beta’ or ‘Gamma’ or ‘Delta’ or ‘Omega’
          So again, I implore you, stop putting pussy on a pedestal.
          Women aren’t transparent. All women lie and I know very few American women who hold the ‘male achievement’ of any race in a particularly high regard. So don’t delude yourself into believing otherwise and I do mean that in the kindest possible way.

        10. “Modern white men as opposed to their ancestors are putting these bitches
          on pedestals and even I, who accrues great benefits from this (fucking
          beautiful white women) am still thinking, “dear God, please put your
          fucking women in check.”
          WTF is that supposed to mean? You are half white right? So you defer to your other side or what?
          You fucking know the laws are stacked against us here in the USA. That was a stupid fucking comment dude.

        11. Thats why any self-respecting white dude ALWAYS follows the credo –
          “Once you had Black – We dont take you back”

        12. I agree with you on this one, and unlike other mindless negroes you d seem to understand the dynamics in the white community.
          The problem started when the white man became a pussy(secular Christian hippy dippy love everyone and become and doormat) and confused being a good man with being a nice man.
          The problem lies not in our stars but in ourselves.

        13. A lot do. It’s actually like a surprising amount. Even in Beijing when I see a white girl she is usually with a black guy or a darkish guy. It sometimes surprises me how predictable it is.

      2. lil bit of an exaggeration of middle easterns but ya totally true man.
        And the funny thing is despite the bad publiicty of black,arab,latin,and even indian men(surrey jack) it still doesnt stop em from bedding white girls, then vice versa in comparision
        Guess being sterotyped as bad boys gets white girls creaming.

        1. Same thing in Asia. There is a shitstorm almost every year in Asian countries about how they shouldn’t date foreigners (White guys), but it happens anyway. Also, for those complaining about Black men in the Western media should take a look at all of the White men in the Asian media, even though Whites in Asia make up a lesser percentage than Blacks in the West (at least the US).
          Of course, I don’t expect anyone to knock things that benefit them.

        2. Um I think that darkies get only good publicity from the MSM(self evident), however their behaviour is so bad that some of it seeps through.

      3. So true..and many black girls go for whities for the opposite reason. But the sick ones are, for sure, the white women. Every white woman who’ve had 5-6 black bad boy boyfriends is a sick individual.. everyone knows that. Not that there is anything wrong with black dudes. just noticed that these women are usually not mentally right.

      4. Agree with this.also asian women where I live seem to ONLY date black men.only older less attractive asian women are with white men.usually fobs.but the young generation dates black men all the time.

      5. Whats the Arab saying? “You may not know why you are beating your wife, but she knows” (not that I advocate violence)

    4. Johnny, thanks for your input. It was never my
      intent to come across as a “faggot nerd with an Asian fetish,” so if
      I gave that impression, it was in error. Although we disagree on
      some points, your perspective is a valuable one. I think ROK is enhanced, not
      weakened, by differing opinions. I hope we can all agree, however, that quality pussy–white or Asian–is delicious.

      1. I’m sorry, no offense. I disassociated the writer with the views. Just saying in general that is the sentiment of a lot of beta white guys. As a half Asian with a beta white father I took offense. Didn’t mean to insult you.

        1. Johnny — Thanks. I also should have addressed the question if white guys liking Asians is a beta move. I posted a new comment on that point. Again, appreciate your well thought out points of view.

      2. I agree all pussy is nice. I’m sorry that I’m sensitive about this issue. However Amerikardashian is a fucked up country with a lot of fucked up racialism that the rest of the world doesn’t have.
        I don’t know why it has it, and I don’t want to bother trying to find out. Interracial dating is 100% not colorblind as the left constantly pushes it to be, and in fact demeans large swaths of men for something that they have no control over. I’m not going to apologize to the white girls who won’t date me because I’m “white or I’m not “white enough;”” I’m not going to apologize to the Asian girls who won’t date me because I’m part Asian (true story).
        What am I going to do, go out and change my race?
        The sad fact is that women, and only women, take part in some kind of sadistic racial agenda, and only women would throw their own kind under the bus, which is like the worst thing ever. Even though I don’t look Asian I feel sorry for Asian dudes in the US, and I feel even my own mother fucking betrayed her own kind. Why? For what reason?
        For the reason that she was a woman, that’s all.
        She crossed the racial barrier (prob because of father issues) and ultimately it cost her her life – physically and mentally. Her body wasn’t built for a white child’s build so in the operation she was infected and died. Whatever.
        Women are women. There isn’t a special potion that makes everything okay according to race.
        If the US was still how it was 50 years ago, all of us would be married, prob to a woman of our own race (dunno what mine is), and these things would be a non-issue. In a way, racism is more alive than other. Thanks, women.

    5. dam thats alot of good points and that does relate to my communities.
      Like the family oriented ones stick to their own, but the rebellious ones chase after white(sometime other groups) and make lousy partners since they rather act like white women.
      My cousin partyed it up and shes 28 now, we know no man from our community(indian and middle eastern) would marry her, but luckily shes living with a white guy(ya were pretty liberal for our communitys) whom is willing to take left overs.(the family is pushing for marriage n conversion)
      But many of them will feel jipped that their “ethnic girl” isn’t traditional. He basically got a white girl in a brown girls body.
      From what Ive read online Slavic women are not only heading to the west as foreign brides and hos but to places like middle east,india,china,hong kong and korea as well.
      when it comes to your own women, or foreign slavic women or whatever, Arab,Asian and Indian men will invest in young and preferably virginal women, instead of the older party girl chasing after 50 shades of cock….thats for the white guys to “save” aka white knight/Capitan save a ho.

    6. Actually I got the opposite impression of a weaboo writing odes of truly caring and loyal women laying in the far east, giving mere physical and situational reasons for higher rates of white male/asian female pairing (they’re more thin than white women, take care of themselves better, and age better). I will agree with you that white men really put Asians on a pestle. They’re just better at traditional female game, a lost art in the age of the slut arm’s race. Really this can be more venomous, since it naturally lulls men into a state of security and content.

    7. Johnny
      I have a buddy who is full blooded Chinese-American, 40 something and a brilliant attorney. He grew up in a totally white environment and is totally beat down and as beta as they come. He has no desire to date Asian but has been treated like shit by white women his whole lifetime. He married a stunning Russian mail order bride and is being taken to the cleaners right now. He now has fallen for a Colombian girl who is 19 years old and it looks like he will repeat his mistake again and totally lose his ass once more (she is pregnant).
      My observation is that being a minority guy in a totally white environment is toxic recipe and a hard life to live.

      1. “My observation is that being a minority guy in a totally white environment is toxic recipe and a hard life to live.”
        Actually…Being a white guy in a totally white environment is toxic recipe and a hard life to live also.

      2. Hey… it takes TWO people to be in a relationship last time I checked! Maybe they are happy with each other? Who are you to say they are just using each other?!

    8. If so, then white women would be falling over you at the same rate that Asian women do – and they’re not.
      Given as we’re 75% of the population here in the States, I’d have to say that white chicks are falling overwhelmingly for white guys (that’s how you produce 100% white babies, I’m told). The entirety of interracial marriages is 15%.

      1. Who cares about being 100% white?! What does that have to do with anything?! Being nice and happy is what matters NOT what ever color hair or eye lids you have?! So super shallow but alas that is how the world works..

    9. Lots of negativity there..doesnt change the fact that Asian (and Asian born) women are an excellent alternative to feminazis.

    10. OK, I’m going to go ahead and call bullshit. “Ass ugly caramel colored”? As if that makes a woman less attractive?
      Leftover women have zippo to do with white men, they’re Chinese women who make enough money that they can’t find a superior man to marry.
      As for the rest…balding midgets? WTF? This sounds suspiciously like a “keep away from our women” Han supremacist rant.

      1. To be fair your avator is a short, shrill bald man. Though a great character nonetheless.
        No hate for Vezzini.

    11. I feel sorry for you. Maybe you’re ashamed of being Asian, I don’t really give two fucks. But it’s pretty pathetic – trying to cover up your Asian heritage. I feel like your parents do not resemble most biracial marriages. Most of my friends are also half Asians (WM/AF or AM/WF) and they’re all happy and normal. I don’t see them resenting their Asian parent.
      There is some truth behind Asian women dating older white men, but as a relatively young Asian American female, I can say that is not true for us. You make it sound like we don’t have values, when we do. I went to Berkeley, where the Asian population is astoundingly high, and there was rare interracial dating. I don’t know where you’re living, but Asian American girls do not act all trashy and slutty like how you described them.
      Your generalization about daddy issues is so false. Where did you even get that concept? That observation was ridiculously absurd. I had a strict Asian dad, but I don’t go off running to the first white old guy who honks at me in the street.
      I’m sorry that your mother hated her own race, and I know a lot of Asian women feel that way. I’m sorry that you were the product of a WM/AF relationship was that ended tragically. At the end of the day, don’t bash your parents marriage and perpetuate this stereotype for other couples.

    12. *standing ovation*
      btw, everything you said, white guys with Asian fetishes KNOW this and due to their own low self-esteem, they go for it and marry it anyway. Then they can’t hide from the truth anymore, hence the higher divorce rates and emotionally scarred offspring.

  35. an Asian guy…I have to remind you folks of a few things.
    Game Asian women all you want and have fun with them. Just don’t get into a marriage with one.She will then end up just like a Western woman.
    The main reason is very simple :- Asian women marry for money and status.
    I live in an Asian country and I can assure you I do not know any Asian woman who have married men who are lesser than them in terms of money and status. Very few marry those who are equal to them in terms of money and status as well.
    They don’t like the carousel because carousel riding is not part of Asian culture. & for the most part, Asian women are more invested in their kids and marriage due to the fact Asians rarely go through any no fault divorces. It still has some value in Asian culture. There is also this bad stigma surrounding divorced folks in Asian cultures so for the most part they try their very best to make it work.
    However, it doesn’t change the fact that once they get hooked up to you via marriage, the mask slowly melts.
    Oh and if you lose your money and status, its GG + sayonara + selamat tinggal.
    There is a reason the Asian male is one of the most hardworking and most overworked group of men out there.
    This is also one of primary reasons why Asian men, especially Japanese, are among the first men to go Galt. Because upkeep of an Asian woman is high. She will stay with you and be nice to you but keeping her there requires plenty. Not as much as a Western woman but still plenty.
    So if you are rich and have money and status to spare, game and date Asian women. If you want children, have money and status..then marry them but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

    1. Definitely, I agree. I live in Asia as well, though I’m a white american.
      It’s like this: “girl likes me”, must be a deep meaningful validation of everything I like about myself. “girl doesn’t like me”, must be because she’s shallow and bitchy.
      American women have overcomplicated attraction triggers because they have the luxury to prefer a handsome gym trainer over a tubby investment banker. The trainer still lives ok…can afford decent stuff even below the median income. They can follow their fetishes for like a biker or a tatted-up rebel because you don’t have to be rich to have some dignity here.
      In Asia…not so much. The average people here live like total shit, no offense to anyone personally it’s not their choice, but when you make <$250 a month you have no other option. Nobody can pull off “sexy outlaw rebel” in China, simply because if you don’t pursue a great corporate job you’re sharing a room with 6 other people and eating rice and garbage oil every day. Not sexy. Women here choose money/security over all else. The american guy I say is a bum for making <$1000 a month living in a 3rd world country, to a lot of Chinese girls he is a great option. That is a hell of a lot more than the Chinese guys that she is competitive for will ever make, and with the prospect of a western life for her/her parents.
      I said in another post, the girl that is sweet to you, as a westerner in a developing country, could be a total bitch to a boy from the exact same background as her because she thinks she can do better.
      Asia/Western women aren’t morally different, it’s just the asian option is more straightforward. Just don’t be THAT poor and you can have a girl who is thin.

    2. all women marry to be taken care of. been that way since the beginning of time. they take care of you cooking, sex wise, raise the kids, you bring home the money. it’s in their make up. might as well get a thin one that likes sex and can cook. that’s why Asians are attractive to us guys now. sure beats a fate white woman that can’t cook, doesn’t want sex other than when she is ready to have kids, divorces you, and takes your money afterwards to become a cougar with your kids watching some other dude bang their mother time and time again.

    3. This is what I don’t get; Asians are NOTORIOUS gold-diggers. Hence the higher divorce rates. Once they get 50% of your assets and their hapa kids, they’re looking to divorce your ass and “level up.”

  36. I’ve thought about this before. I have a friend that I usually go out and run game with and he’s one of the more honest con artists I’ve ever met so we both admitted to eachother that we both liked asian bitches more but if all the correct boner inducing traits existed in a non asian we would try to pursue as well. If that makes any sense. Anyways, we talked about what we could or couldn’t get/want out in the market on any given night. It all boils down to a ven diagram between us both. There’s gonna be some bitches that I totally would fuck and he wouldn’t and vise versa. Theres always a middle ground where there are obviously bitches we would both fuck. To complicate matters more we both from different racial backgrounds. So as a result sometimes there’s gonna be a bitch thats more about my shit and sometimes theres gonna be a bitch thats more about his shit. Either way we both have the same view and our principle is as long as one of us is laying a bitch then the goal was achieved. Not every night is successful for him or for me or us both. Logistics and scarcity where we hunt due to the conditions of our current lives and goals we are trying to achieve. But I digress. But we also talked about this fat white bitch skinny asian bitch conundrum. Our conclusion was that its not what ethnicity the bitch is as so much as to the quality of the bitch. She could be from fucken mars for all we care as long as shes got the boner inducing power pre-ordained by nuture then the game is on. I believe all boners follow this level of logic give or take other factors that create the ven diagram. I swear theres a science to all of this and its just not socially acceptable to run studies in our fuck boy PC era. Maybe one day when it all blows over and society has decayed to a point of collapse we can finally see what human beings were meant to act like without the veneer of society, ideals and laws that many people so cherish.

  37. This is just a word of warning to those tripping out on the Asian girl tip. A lot of what people say is true, but dont think you can be a bum. Asian women are mainly about self-improvement and if you wanna marry one you better have your shit together. And this is coming from someone who has landed on their feet in a massive way, actually marrying INTO Asian money. As it is I do have some of the basics going for me, and with the luxury of time will be doing very well indeed. But dont think youll get everything on a plate. Fall on hard times and that could be that.

    1. “And this is coming from someone who has landed on their feet in a massive way, actually marrying INTO Asian money.”
      Good for you. Can I do one little bit of Grammar Nazi here though please? No offense at all, I understand that this is a common writing convention now, which was introduced by the feminists in the late 20th century. So here we go; can we all stop with the word “their” when we actually mean “he” or “she”?
      Writing “their” in the sentence above makes absolutely no sense grammatically, no matter how you slice or dice it. The correct form would be as follows:
      And this is coming from someone who has landed on his feet in a massive way, actually marrying INTO Asian money.
      If you are indicating a specific person, then use the pronoun that reflects that person’s sex, in this case “he”. Using “their” means that you consider yourself “plural” all for the sake of not pissing off some snarky leftist slags.
      Again, no offense to you and it didn’t detract from your point at all, I’m just very aware of how feminism is warping and destroying language to further its agenda. Feminists hate the idea of identification and proper sex recognition, given their fetish with breaking things down into nonsensical “gender definitions” such as LGTB to the power of twenty.
      Geezy do I feel like a grammar nerd. Sorry about that, it’s not really even about the grammar, but rather in confronting the subtle agenda that the pronoun exclusion has come to represent.

  38. Thirty years ago, nailing an Asian chick was a consolation prize for a white guy who struck out with his own kind.
    This is definitely not true for a large number of white guys. Some of us just like the way east Asian women look. I always have. Why is that? Couldn’t tell you, any more than I can tell you why I like Coke better than Pepsi or why I like Chandler better than Hammett. Just the way it is.

    1. Keep telling yourself that bubba. If you had a chance with smoking hot redheads, then you would find yourself preferring them to. Attitude and personal experience gears a lot of attraction. I bet you just have poor luck with white women. A good looking white woman and a good looking Asian woman are on par in terms of attractiveness – I’m talking about the northeast, tall Chinese women.
      Of course you, like most creepy white guys, prefer the little brown type.

      1. Honestly, I don’t understand why this is so difficult for people to grasp. If I have the choice between a smoking hot Asian girl and a smoking hot redhead I’m going to leave the redhead for you. Where you see a 7 and 6 white and Asian girl, respectively, I see a 6 and a 7.
        And no, I don’t have poor luck with white women. In fact, they’re easier for me because I don’t care as much.

  39. Well,fucking asian women is ok,but starting a family with them has one big downside:your kids will look asian.Would you want your son to be a slanty eyed,short,pale yellow skinned bastard?yea,me neither…

    1. Yeah, if I absolutely had to race-mix, I’d actually prefer to do a black chick more than an Asian.

      1. Lol with asians yeah your son will have a harder time than a white guy, but with a black girl your son will be stereotyped by everyone and have lower iq. Not a smart move.

        1. Haha, my IQ is really high, so there wouldn’t be an IQ problem there. Plus, he’d be able to easily get white tail.

        2. I’m saying your child’s IQ will definitely not be as high as it could if you procreate with a black women than it would if you procreated with a white or asian woman.

        3. Correction: He’d easily be able to get with a significant minority of white women. There’s a lot he’ll never have access to. Even today the typical white girl from Tyler, Texas for example knows not to fuck with black guys

      2. So you want your son to be involved in crime and gangs beforeyou have to bury him before he is an adult?

    2. Racist but funny. It’s true especially for these losers who try to get the smallest little Asian girl to wife them. Good luck with the kid who knows his mom was pretty much a 21st century war bride.

    3. Better than being a fat-assed half a gorilla who would probably steal from you to get drugs and wind up getting shot. Or worse, a beta white man

      1. Well White beta men can change their attitude and they are good,asians cant make themselves taller and manlier so yea,sorry,no girl would choose an asian over a white,not even asian women apparently.The farthest I would go would be middle-eastern or in some case Indian(normal looking ones) but if you go black or asian your children will have a bad time.

        1. If he’s so beta, why is he one of the richest men under 30 (not anymore, he’s 30 plus now)? Wouldn’t you rather be a filthy rich beta with a ‘hot’ doctor wife than what you are now?! Think about it… him and his lucky asian wife, and their kids, dont have to worry about money for the rest of their lives…

        2. he’s rich b/c of dumb luck. he’s the computer programmer equivalent of winning the lottery. seriously, read the book Black Swan.

  40. A bunch of white guys on the internet having a circle jerk about Asian women. Articles like this make me embarrassed to read RoK. JohnnyMangoes is 100% right; this reads like it was written on some anime forum by some faggot nerd with an asian feitsh.

    1. Word up. Closest thing I can imagine is a bunch of fatherless ratchet blondes screeching on a website about how much they like 6’4″ Latin and Dominican dudes from East Harlem, lulz. I can take a trip to uptown Manhattan and see it for myself.
      Strong insecurity in this post.
      How the fuck are women who treat their own men like shit somehow better?
      Can you be intellectually honest with yourself and say that a bitch who has nothing better to do with her life than insult her own father / men of her race / her own culture, is someone you wanna wife, or are you white boys that thirsty?

      1. This.this and fucking THIS!
        if white women are so bad for fucking”negros”to these guys,then how are the asian women sleeping with you any different?their both doing the same thing.
        be consistent,white boys.

      2. Your beta daddy obviously never taught you the rules of attraction. I realize psychology (as opposed to math) is not your strong suit….so I’ll break it down for you: Masculinity is attracted to femininity, and vice versa.
        White guys date asian girls because asian girls are more feminine than white girls. Many Asian girls are attracted to white guys (and black guys) because we are more masculine than you beta Asian boys. Maybe your bitterness resides in the fact that YOU (Asian man) are the least masculine and therefore are at the bottom of the barrel. And I’m sorry to say but yes, that small dick you have IS a factor as well.
        You obviously think that because you are Asian and of the same race, you are entitled to attractive Asian women. You try to shame Asian women who date outside their race (as if there is something wrong with a woman who wants a masculine man), this is the beta man’s tactic of trying to get a girl…. to try and shame her into choosing you….. as opposed to choosing to become a more desirable man (nohing you can do about that whole small dick thing, though)
        You are what we in the community call an AFAC- average frustrated Asian chump. And I’m banging “your” women left and right. Hope you don’t have a sister…. you live in New York? I might have fucked her too. Of course, the night is still young

  41. One more thing while my mind is on the matter:
    Asian American women have the highest rate of STDS. Higher than black women and white women I believe.
    Why is this?
    It tends to be when a woman “likes” a certain race, she really LIKES it. There’s no reason that these so called angelic Asian women don’t spend their entire days looking for any white cock they can find – after all, according to the white boys, that’s what they want, right? Tall, short, bald, long hair, short hair, white cock it is.
    Apparently in the US, Asian American women do just that. Hence the STD rates.
    And yet these women are STILL somehow better than a white girl with 1 or 2 sexual partners? What the fuck is wrong with these dudes? Is it really just your ego talking or are you just that thirsty?
    Signing off,
    Half Asian dude

    1. They convince themselves that Asian chicks are near-virgins and that white chicks are carousel-hoppers. I suspect that Asian girls tend to actually have more sex partners than white girls because they tend to be irreligious.

      1. Asian girls have lowest tendency of any woman to be negroid lovers though, so you can be a little less worried about not wrapping it up

        1. lol bro, did a brotha steal your girl or something? This ain’t no pro-white website or some shit, this is a pro-MAN website for ALL men.

      2. now you are learing the truth about Asian women. Congratulations, just dont expect to get a good wife now that you dirty white men have caught your STD’s off dirty, deceptive Asian women who PRETEND to be virgins when they are clearly not. And they are worse in Asia, a lot of prostitutes and brothels in asia are filled with Asian women who pass on HIV, aids and STD’s onto other Asians all over Asia, and then white men pass the STD’s over into America from Asian prostitutes and brothel workers over in Asia.

    2. I agree Half Asian dude, these men are clearly mentally ill by the sounds of things. Not only that, imagine having a father or mother who thinks like that? no wonder so many half Asian people hate their parents and want nothing to do with them

    3. I’m a Filipina woman/Asian woman with some spanish blood. I can count on my one hand how many men I’ve been with all the way. Can you?!
      And I think it’s quite rare a white woman will have only 1 or 2 sexual partners. It’s just not the norm in the US especially how sexualized the media is.
      By the time they graduate high school or even go to prom they’d have had about ten lovers already (about 8 to 10) by graduation and the first college years.

  42. Women do not give a damn about your Asian girlfriend. They really don’t. Unless you’re 6ft great body and very good looking,more than likely those are judgemental looks not jealousy. They’re thinking you’re a controlling perv with an Asian fetish that wants revenge on white women and women your age for rejecting patriarchal standards.
    Alternatively, it could just be the simple fact that no one like being compared negatively to anyone. American men lost their shit when I mentioned European age, dress, look, fuck better, and are generally much more charming. Were they pissed at European men because they wanted me? No they were pissed with ME because I essentially told them they’re inferior. No one is going to respond positively to that. Common sense.

    1. Yeah if anything having an Asian girlfriend if you are blue eyed and blonde haired means you’re a fucking loser – to most women.
      I see tall blonde haired ripped guys walking around with these stubby little brown hos with fake eyelashes, and it makes me wonder what kind of agony that dudes last girlfriend put him through. Then I see the loud fish mouthed ABC cunt with her 5’5″ white obnoxious looking white boy boyfriend and feel like they’re both angry at the world at something.
      The only time I see good looking Asian girls with white guys is if they dude looks loaded as balls – usually tall and rich, probably looking for a woman who isn’t a gold digging slut – but whatever. Ambivalent about that. I think those chicks could go either way.
      What reason would a woman want a man who wasn’t like her father? Hmmm…. let me think… daddy issues?

      1. I think you would have a meltdown if you lived here in San Francisco. All I have to do is walk 2 steps out of my house to see some beta white dweeb clutching onto his trophy asian princess.

        1. Lol don’t care, whatever, it’s prob because all the white girls are with Rastafari looking dudes. To be honest most Asian dudes in the US are confused and beta as fuck too, if I were them I would just mack hardcore on white girls. I think an aesthetic Asian can pull hard if he presents well. One of my cousins nails gorgeous Russians right and left.
          I don’t think about this since I live in Asia and there are no sweatshirt wearing tan limp-haired Asian bitches with that weird Cantonese trout-mouth look to worry about the white nerds stealing.

      2. Eww! You’re telling me the reason why women want someone that looks like their fathers is because they want to DATE their own fathers/fuck them?

    2. A lot of the times the looks an asian women/white man get are looks of disgust that the girl is embarrassing herself with a dumpy dude who is most definitely NOT a mark zuckerberg millionaire.

  43. Never let ANYONE tell you anime is un-realistic. Asian girls eye’s and breast may not be exactly as big, but everything else about them matches up perfectly!

  44. As a red-pill Asian man, what do you suggest we do in order to combat our negative stereotypes and have more success in the sexual market

    1. Excellent question, Guest. I’ve seen several Youtube videos discussing this phenomenon. Worthy of a future article. Perhaps one of our Asian contributors who has boned some quality poon would be in a position to write it.

    2. Do what most white (and Indian) guys do to look cool: Emulate the stars in your movies. For East Asians, a good place to start is to act as much as possible like some bigwig Triad gangster from a John Woo flick. Might sound cheesy, but I’ve seen it work. Over and Over. Ditto for driving a cheesy, hopped up Evo like an absolute maniac, scaring the eff out of all around you like it is the most natural thing in the world to do.
      The goal is to appear powerful and/or dangerous. Which is the opposite of what East Asian males are usually stereotyped as. Some pointers: DO NOT EVER, EVER, buy an M3. Or any compact Euro Luxury car. EVER. It plays to the “studious, hard working Asian male stereotype like nothing else on earth. Instead, get a blacked out S Class, with the darkest tint you can conceivably get away with. Wear expensive looking suits and accessories. But wear them not to show of how much you make by being an intelligent, dependably hard working engineer. But rather, because “In the old country” Money is Power.
      Then, roll in with a large group of likeminded, well groomed, well dressed, guys in your big, tinted Benz. Like a band of Triads. Again, not because the only friends you have are other Asian males; but becasue there is POWER i numbers. Some white guys, and most black guys, tend to have physiques that make them look more more individually threatening and powerful. But a pack of 8 overdressed and overconfident Asians looking and acting like they own the place and everyone in it, goes a long way towards taking center stage in lots of venues.
      All this theater, does set the stage for acting completely in charge and un-needy. Which is another opposite of what is expected of Asian males. One neat trick, is to find things that are ridiculous about some of the better looking girls in the club, and openly talk about it amongst yourselves. In Chinese (Or Vietnamese or whatever.) Laugh loud and act like these darned peasant girls look completely ridiculous by your standards. If your “powerful gangster” act is played well enough to sow even a shred of curiosity in girls’ minds about “who the heck these guys are”, having them suspect you may be laughing at them amongst yourselves, will knock their confidence down a few notches; just like any good neg is intended to do. It’s the age ole trick French guys use to get insecure American women: Look judgingly at her, and make a remark in French to your buddy. She’ll immediately suspect she lacks “sophistication.”
      The above is mainly for club nights, but day to day, stop trying to ingratiate yourself in white cliques. While that may be where the girls are; you’ll never get them by being the hanger on at the bottom of the clique’s social ladder. So, instead, stick with your band of Triad brothers. Go shooting. Track days in cars and on fast bikes until you can scare most people witless while remaining in full control yourself. Make money, ideally by doing something illegal; but if that’s too tall an order, at least make it by doing something few understand.
      The point is, if you try to go where the girls are, you will fail. You have to make the girls want to come to you. To be curious enough to want to interact with you on your terms. Something you’ll never do unless you manage to seriously undermine the stereotype of Asian males as completely predictable and nonthreatening.
      And, please, for Pete’s sake; if you insist on doing martial arts; either hide it, or use it to beat the snot out of the biggest black dude in the club. If you do that, chicks will dig you. If not, MA will just further cement common negative stereotypes.

  45. Western women’s attitude is “we don’t like you men but we don’t want anyone else to like you either.” Too bad. These fat, tattooed, body-pierced freaks are still free to do what they love best: dining and dancing with each other while giving dirty looks to hard up men stupid enough to approach them.
    Thanks to them my beautiful Thai wife (a strong farm girl with family values) and I have been happily married for20 years. We have rentals here in Hawaii and she collects the rent from thrse women so that they can’t try to pull any “sexual harassment” charges or other games in their attempt to get free rent that so many of them (surprise!) think they are entitled to.
    Go East, young man, choose wisely, you will know who the best catches are!

    1. A part of this phenomenon is the power of pre-selection.
      Women want what other women want.

    2. White women probably pray that men like you will leave the country entirely, they probably have parties when they see evil white men marrying foreign women, because it means they dont have to put up with his rubbish, but the foreign women will. No great loss, bad men who talk evil of their own race will not be missed at all

  46. 100% of attraction of Asian women comes from their attitudes and thinness, so the author is right. I retract from saying he is a faggot, and I understand the attraction. They are very pretty and can be friendly and respectful to men – all men. Just gotta be wary of the ones that respect a white face and then treat a hardworking Chinese guy like he’s nothing. I have the suspicion a lot of women do that. My wife just randomly badmouths bald white guys in the supermarket. I try to remind her that they’re trying as hard as they can.
    My point is that Asian American women can be some of the worst, awful people, just like every other race of people. Maybe they put on a kind face for white guys but the fact that they turn around and treat their own brothers and fathers like scum must mean something? Right? Right? I really don’t know. For all intents and purposes I am a white American. Passing as I was, I avoided Asian women in the US for the simple reason that they seemed disingenuous.
    However, to agree with the author, yes, black hair, white skin and feminine features are VERY attractive. Even more so on a white woman. A white woman who is thin with long black hair and European extraction is probably the greatest thing on God’s green earth. An Asian or Indian woman of similar appearance can hold her own as well.
    Sorry for the anger directed at the author. I figure because he’s posting now he’s posting from Asia. Yes, the women here grow on you. And yes, the difference between Asian women and Asian American women is like night and day.

  47. Okay I SWEAR this is the last comment of mine. I know I’m dominating this thread. I’m about to leave work and in my line of work I have a lot of time to think while doing my job.
    As a half Asian who looks white, the FIRST thing I think if a girl is interested in me:
    Would she still like me if she knew I was half Chinese?
    And if the answer is no – which is always would be with that “type” of woman – then I leave them out to dry. That speaks WORLDS about the nature of woman.
    Woe is me. A foreigner in my own country, a foreigner in Asia.

    1. atleast asian guys have colombia,latin america in general where asian men are highly desired.
      they also have anime fan white girls.
      Mediterennean looking men are the only group that while having general appeal,and maybe even ideal appeal(when goodlooking)must be goodlooking.they have no niche of women specifically and only into them.
      every other race does.

      1. Brah all I hear is how women love Italian men and Spanish men. Every time I turn on the TV if there isn’t a handsome black dude / white dude it’s a Med dude. Finding an Asian dude outside of a stereotype on the TV is virtually impossible.

  48. I’d never date a fat white girl or fat any race girl, but I’m sick and tired of this yellow fever bullshit. I love this site but this article is just manga-weabo-tier tripe, and while a lot of white girls are fat or slutty, so are the other races. Enough of this white-only demonisation.

  49. On a second note, the obesity epidemic seems to be mostly an American phenomenon. I’d take a girl like this over an Asian any day.

    1. Sure, she’s hot. But imagine all the dicks she’s seen in her life. She’s probably already been spit roasted by the time this photo was taken.

      1. Think back to a time though when you saw a girl like her, and she still had virtue, was charming and modest. Can you imagine how nice it was? I was there for the very tail end of it, it was fantastic. You didn’t get laid every night, but you did get a good, decent woman more often than not. Man oh man, take about two inches length off her hair and she strongly favors my wife in her early 20’s. Them’s the days man, them’s the days.

        1. In my blue pill days I would have married a girl like that in high school as long as she at least had the illusion of being virtuous.

        2. If she did have virtue you wouldn’t even have to be a blue pill guy, as long as you were actively seeking virtue and went in with your eyes open to the nature of women.
          Not many things in my life that I’ve had the lifetime-view foresight actually work out in my favor, but my methods and goals for marriage were fixed pretty much by the time I was out of the military (4 year hitch after high school).
          You learn a lot, watching other men go through the hell that is a married/LTR soldier’s life. You see the nature of women in harsh, bright unfiltered light and there are no bumpers on the side of the rail, it comes down hard on them. We sang cadences during and after basic, all drawn from real life then placed into verse, about “Jody” and how your woman was fucking him while you were away. Then once we deployed, bang, it went and happened time after time after time to poor innocent sons-of-bitches in the jungle who’d get the letter from home about little cupcake leaving him for some greasy slimeball back home.
          You learn to be *reaaaallll* selective, and you figure out quick not to act like those poor slobs such that such a thing could happen. That lesson went to heart.

      2. dont judge what you dont know, just because someone is good looking, doesn’t mean she is a slut. That infers to me that some men go with foreign cultures because they think foreign women are very ugly so must still be virgins because not many men would want to sleep with them if they are that ugly………

    2. I hope that you get what you want and that you are subsequently happy.
      There are those of us who would, without stereotypes being involved, choose otherwise – and we have an equal chance at happiness.
      Perhaps I should re-emphasize the need to make ones choice without resorting to stereotypes.

    3. Subjective. PURELY subjective, and what’s worse is I can tell that there are 42 white men up voting you. It’s because there are more of you in the US really.

  50. Sorry, hate to sound contrary here but I will not marry a foreign woman Asian/Hispanic just to get my dick wet.
    As a white man I will only date white women.
    There are too many studies showing mixed raced children are messed up in the head since they cannot bond properly with their opposite gene parent.
    Plus, mix race kids just look strange and aren’t accepted.
    And btw, Murdoch is divorced isn’t he?
    And zuckerjew is married to a “physician”? So what? She is fugly and women “physicians” are ball busting cunts.
    This article is silly.

    1. “There are too many studies showing…”
      That’s your first problem…believing “studies.”

    2. “Plus, mix race kids just look strange and aren’t accepted”
      Agreed. I’ve known a few Asian/ White halflings. They have all tried to be extra Asian– Karate, Drift Cars, Anima ETC to show that they are real Asians
      The hot girls are accepted but they are no different than white Americunts.

      I am mixed and I am fucking nuts. My IQ tops out at around half of a full circle, though, give or take. So it’s a mixed bag.
      My brother is a schizophrenic, though, and smarter than me.
      Just imagine the absolute agony of knowing that, and knowing that your mother hated men just like you.
      I’m mixed white / Asian and I fucking hate mixed white / Asian couples more than anything.

    4. I have no idea what Zuckerberg sees in her. I’m guessing it’s anal sex.

    1. Not true. I’ve had a couple of Asian chicks, just don’t be the typical thug pants off your ass fool, and most women are typically interested.

      1. Not being a thug helps, but doesn’t guarantee success. In fact, many of the Asian-American girls that go for Black guys, and even many of the Japanese girls that went for Black guys wanted the thug/hip-hop image. However, the small portion of Asian girls that would accept a Black guy but not chase us in particular tended to prefer the non-thuggish Black guy.

    2. Don’t know what you’re talking about. Plenty do. I kind of wish more of you tapped Asian girls just to piss off the white boys. White boys think Asian women are theirs by some kind of default.

      1. Black men hate that asian women are in general more attracted to white men if they are going to date outside of their race.

      2. I kind of wish more of you tapped Asian girls just to piss off the white boys. White boys think Asian women are theirs by some kind of default.
        White boys, maybe. White men don’t care.

    3. More like; there are no black dudes in highly ranked colleges; or in the workplaces studious Asian women end up working in. Or the neighborhoods they end up living in. The line in the Zuckerberg movie about Jewish men and Asian women; had noting to do with innate preferences. And instead everything to do with the student population at Harvard, consisting of Jewish guys and Asian girls. While the Asian guys are at MIT. And the JAPs (Jewish American Princess, NOT Japanese) while at Harvard, are just too much effort, even for someone with Zuckerberg’s drive and ambition.
      Even 20+ years ago, in the SF and LA club scenes, I never saw black dudes having problems picking up Asian women just like they did white women. And Asian women are much less concerned about the stigma now than then. In Asia proper, things are likely different, though.

    1. Redheads are fun to happen upon but not worth pursuing above any other hair color. They typically have very fine/clear body hair which is more appealing to me than the color on top of their heads.
      My first redhead (freshman year) taught me some things about sexual depravity and I’ve never been the same since.

  51. If you want to marry, Filipina is a nice choice as they know english and relate to western culture pretty well. If you just want to fuck, Thailand is great because their english sucks and their culture is a bizzaroworld. I might give up on Filipinas because their communication requirements are just too fucking draining; fuck, I hate listening to women drone on and on and trying to keep up the lousy conversation. Isn’t that what they have fucking female friends for!?
    At least with Thais I’ve got an excuse to ignore them, “What the fuck are you trying to say?! Sorry, no understand. How about blow job?”

  52. I lived in South Korea 15 years ago and banged tons of hot Asian women. Then I traveled to South America and prefer Latin women to Asian women. Now I want to learn Russian and travel to Moscow to meet and bang hot Russian women. I have zero interest in American women as they are garbage.

    1. well, how do you know Russian women will want you after they know how disgusting and sleazy your past sexual history is? The best don’t want the scum of the earth, sorry but that’s the truth, stick to America, that’s where scum like you belong.

  53. Your a fucking piece of shit, what a rubbish article and this is coming from an asian woman

    1. Well, the article was basically about how Asian women are slimmer than their white sisters. Are you perchance an Asian fattie?

  54. An important point raised by several commenters that I neglected to discus in the article: Are all white men who like Asian women just a bunch of beta losers? I do not believe so. If your tastes run toward a young, petite, slender, submissive, intelligent girl on her knees sucking your dick or chained to your bed, then you may well be open to women other than those of Caucasian ethnicity to get the job done, especially with the rise in white obesity. Most white guys who sleep with Asian girls also sleep with white women. You’ll find both alpha and beta men fucking Asian women. Some men, regardless of status, simply prefer the relationship dynamic with an Asian girl or like to stick their dicks into Asian pussy, which is generally short, tight,and good tasting.
    Also, I don’t think we should be hating on beta men. Some guys here are more beta. If that man’s choice is either a fat white chick or a slender Asian hottie, we should congratulate him for getting some quality pussy. Not every man can be tall, make half a million a year, and have a notch count of 100. All should be made welcome at ROK, those just beginning their red pill journey as well as those, like me, who have been at it for 15 years and have slept with many women, white and Asian.

    1. I went to Asia awhile ago and on my return, I went onto the next gf who was English, before nearly marrying a Brazilian girl. Now Im settled with an Asian girl. Basically, people might say White Men who like Asian Women are because they cant get hot white women, blah blah. I dont read much into that Alpha Beta shit but really, if I wanna be with an Asian I will. If you wont get with an Asian because some people might think you are not ‘alpha’, then you dont get it at all, really. I dont even get the alpha thing that much, but I always thought better to live and die by my own poor decisions than let society and peer pressure do my learning for me. Perhaps I’m a loner.

  55. Every time I see a mixed Asian / white couple I feel like fucking gagging myself.
    It looks unnatural, dude. It’s nice that you and that twat of a girlfriend of yours thinks Asian dudes are worthless. Good to know. Be sure to tell your mixed son that same thing, and see if he makes it past 13 without doing a Pollock in red on his bedroom wall.

    1. Outside of this topic I generally enjoy your posts, but this entire
      thread comes across as a huge dose of you really resenting your father,
      along with far more self loathing than could be healthy. I know it’s a
      personal thing for you, so don’t answer if you don’t want to, but did
      your father (assuming he was the Anglo) do something bad to you in your
      youth or something? Or do you so resent the feeling of not belonging
      that you’ve experienced that you are trying to discourage others from
      going down the path?
      Serious questions.

      1. It’s complicated. I think my parents were pretty much the exact types of people that were attracted to each other for the exact wrong reasons – ulterior motives, that in the end destroyed the family and, I mean, my brother, I kid you not, I am still amazed that he is alive. He can barely get a sentence out.
        I’m sorry, I know I turned this whole thread into myself but it’s mostly to just warn men against making the same mistakes that plagued my life. For what it is, I turned out alright and I’ve had a blessed life – but am I normal? Far from it. I’m narcissistic, arrogant, antisocial, and have no empathy at all. I guess for whatever reason that makes me good with women. Heh.

    2. Asians and Europeans have always mixed. In Central Asia for example it’s very common to see Russians and Asians together. Indeed look closely at the eyes of Russians and you can sometimes see some Asian traits. There are many Chinese in South America too who mixed with local populations of Spanish decent. You seem to be taking a very narrow view of European and Asian couples based on some irrational personal beliefs.

      1. Asians and Europeans have always mixed. In Central Asia for example it’s very common to see Russians and Asians together.
        They may have mixed in Central Asia, but not in Europe or East Asia!

        1. Since colonial times there has been mixing in Europe and East Asia, the Brits in Hong Kong for example and the Portuguese in Macao. Within Europe there are Anglo Indians who have been around centuries. But my point is that white and Asian isn’t just Chinese Americans and White Americans or middle aged bald men with ugly Asian chicks, there is a world beyond that dynamic. I know quite a few half Kazakh half Russian people who are a white/Asian mixture and they dont fit into this fucked up “father issue” nonsense JohnnyMangoes talks about.

  56. JonnyMangoes post did get me to thinking though.
    ” It’s nice that you and that twat of a girlfriend of yours thinks Asian dudes are worthless.”
    You know, I’ve been noticing, especially the last five years or so, the huge push of interracial propaganda. Think what you will of it, but there seems to be a huge meme of “black man + smoking hot blond chick”. I mean it’s everywhere, but nowhere in actual statistics is this born out as a heavily followed trend, hence why I know it’s propaganda. That said, I do wonder how black women feel about all of this, what they think about it in their inner circles when they’re talking away from prying ears? I mean basically they’re being told, just like white men, that they’re of no value or use and that the new reality has no place for them (but whence future black men, without black fathers one could ask). Surely they have to notice this, right? I mean sure, they get a movie tossed at them once every ten years, showing us all how noble and dignified they were when they were slaves or servants of white guys, but beyond Beyonce you really don’t see any role model type black women with black men, at least in the movies/television, any longer.
    They’ve got to be noticing that. Surely, surely, they can’t be writing it off and shrugging. I mean generally speaking I’ve heard black women are far more socially conservative than most folks realize. They’ve got to be harboring some serious resentment, I’d think.
    Just a question in passing, since we’re talking about interracial relationships.

  57. There is something about white men dating Asians that suddenly brings out a whole bunch of pseudo intellectual sociological bullshit in people.

    1. Well then, why don’t you illuminate the topic and educate the rest of us, oh wise one?

  58. “generally speaking, Asian women are of high quality, with strong sex drives, nice bodies, clean, top-notch pussies, intelligent minds, and good values when it comes to long-term relationships.”
    That’s mostly true, but it’s also the case that most Asian women I meet (Chinese and Korean women who are studying in the U.S.) have an annoying obsession with status. They all want Prada purses not because they genuinely think they’re beautiful, but because they know the name will impress their friends. Similarly, they all want to study at Harvard not because they believe it offers the best education in their field, but because they know the name will impress their friends. I wouldn’t want this characteristic in a wife, as it can easily lead to careerism, refusal to be a SAHM or to compromise her career for mine, shrewishness, “Tiger Mom” levels of child abuse, etc. Does anyone know how to find an Asian woman who is more humble and laid-back? Filipinas seem nice, but they also tend to become almost as obese as white women.

  59. Most of my sexual experiences have been from asian women, my dick is small, but it still made these asian women climax. I was with this one asian escort and as I was inside her she cagled her muscles to squeeze my dick. Not one white woman I was with could do that.

  60. Came across this article, here are my two cents. I’m an Asian-American girl and have dated a few white guys in the past, mainly because 1) Asian guys were just rare in my private university, 2) I found white guys attractive at the time, 3) I subconsciously wanted acceptance from the majority community by dating within it. Now I’m in a committed relationship with a handsome, tall, sexy Asian man and feel so much happier. I’m not against interracial marriage per se, but from my experience, it feels more comfortable and natural to be with someone like me. I don’t have to deal with ignorant comments or questions from him or outsiders. I don’t have to explain my culture or have everything I do be attributed to my race (it seems no matter what I do, there will be one white person who thinks it’s an “Asian thing.” I once made a NY cheesecake for work and someone asked if it was a traditional customary asian dessert.) Many people (both white and Asian) actually seem to be relieved when they find out my partner is also Asian. (Although some white guys are still often disappointed that I’m not single.) In retrospect, I wonder if some of the white guys I’ve dated in the past viewed me as a conquest or “consolation prize.”
    I read some of JohnnyMangoes comments on this thread and although there is some self-loathing and heated emotions going on there, I can understand his points. Intermarriage and interracial relationships can work, but it brings some baggage the couple needs to be prepared to face. And I read elsewhere that Asian women in America are pairing up with other Asian men nowadays simply because of demographics- the dating pool is getting wider as the second- and third- generation Asians are increasing in number. Back in the days the options were slimmer. So for those fearful of Asian-white couples becoming the norm, have no fear- it’s highly unlikely.
    Also, unattractive Asian girls have a much better chance with white guys than with Asian men. I also don’t think any of the Asian girls in this post’s photo gallery are pretty. Asians are pickier and more selective with their own.
    One thing I will agree with- it is more likely that Asian women will have traditional gender values. Most of us are raised that way. But you can find religious white girls like that too.

    1. Yes that is one big secret irony. White guys think that “hot ” asian girls will date any white guy, but in reality the inverse is usually the case. It is the white dude who will date any asian girl! While never dated an Asian North American, but I have lived in Japan, China and now work as brought me to Bangkok so I date here and of course I date locals.
      Now there must be more to it than just dating pools growing because there are far less asian guys dating white girls. So it is not a simple matter of numbers. As for wanting to assimilate to the dominate culture I don’t know about North America. In Japan I think there was a huge stigma for Japanese girls to date white guys. Korea is notoriously nationalistic/racist. The stigma in China is similar but Chinese are more independent minded than Japanese. Now Thailand is just bizarre, some think dating a white dude is cool, but for many girls worth their while they basically look like a hooker being on the arm of a white guy. But on the other hand about half of Thai men are homosexuals or transsexual so what’s a girl to do?
      And JESUS the hate I got in Thailand by white couples when I was travelling with my Japanese girl was unreal (mostly European fucks who can’t tell the difference between a Japanese from a good family and a rice farmer Thai girl turned hooker).
      Are you Chinese, Phillippino or something else American? I am guessing you are super American because I have never heard any one from Asia actually refer to themselves as Asian.

      1. I’m Korean-American. I agree with this article somewhat, but in my case I don’t think my thinness was an advantage, because the majority of women in my university were my size (0-4). I went to a private university so probably has to do with class. My friends were also mostly thin and gorgeous, but I for some reason got hit on the most when we went out, and it wasn’t cuz of my slenderness, since my whole group was petite. Maybe it was because I look different, I don’t know.
        And to the comment above, black guys can also be racist, which is sad since we should theoretically have some minority solidarity going on. But youre right that they’re much less likely to be racist than whites, especially if they’re well-educated.
        I also don’t agree with the white beta/Asian theory because I was hit on by “alpha” males at my university quite frequently- football and basketball players. I don’t know why the tallest and biggest guys always went for the petite girls like me. But maybe my case was an exception, because I have a better-looking face than most Asian girls. I have dated “alpha” white guys in the past, but now I prefer to stick with my own kind, romantically speaking. I’m just conservative like that, but more power to you if you can make an interracial relationship work.
        Apparently this site doesn’t allow female commenters and I don’t like being somewhere where I’m not welcome, so that’s the last from me. Ciao.

    2. Date a Black guy. Black guys aren’t racist like White guys. White guys will dispute that to the death but it’s the god honest truth. Just ask any white girl. Blacks aren’t raised to be racist like SOME whites so you wouldn’t have to continually explain your Asian culture to them cus most blacks don’t give a F and their families don’t give a care if they date interracially. Most black families are just happy if their son isn’t gay.

  61. lol at the grinning white fatty in the top photo. She must have spotted a food truck.

  62. 93% Of Women In Seoul, Korea Had Plastic Surgery
    South Korean Parents Are Making Their Kids Get Plastic Surgery
    Vice: What’s the surgery scene like nowadays?
    Sparkles: In Korea, we call doing your eyes and nose the “basics.” They’re the standard procedures.
    Vice: That sounds like you’re ordering a burger: “I’ll just get the basics, thanks.”
    Sparkles: Yeah. Like, “Oh, you haven’t even gotten plastic surgery yet? You should get the basics!” That’s nothing. So many people do it that it’s got to the point where people say things like, “But you only got your eyes and your nose done, it’s not a big deal.”
    Vice: Do you have friends who have had plastic surgery?
    Sparkles: I don’t think I have a single friend who hasn’t had some kind of procedure done. Everyone has something.
    Asian Eyes
    For Soo-Young Chin, an assistant professor of anthropology at the University of Southern California, having the eyelid surgery done at birth, as some parents choose to do to their children, is no different than circumcision or a clitorectomy. “When I was studying in Korea, I saw a lot of women with double lids. I asked one woman why, and she said it was because her whole generation was born that way. Obviously her mother had had it done to her at birth, and never told her. Well, she’ll figure it out when she has kids of her own.”
    Mothers Get Plastic Surgery To Look More Like Their Daughters
    Korean plastic surgery clinics are reporting a rise in the number of mothers seeking to have plastic surgery at the same time that their daughters. Mothers seek to modify their own appearance to hide any contrast with children’s new bodies, which could lead potential in-laws to realize that the girl’s appearance is fake.
    Netizens mercilessly mocked the vanity of both mother and daughter, and asked if the grandchildren will also have to get plastic surgery to hide the family secret.
    On January 8th, Mrs. Jeon, 50, and her daughter, Miss Jeong, 22, had double eyelid and nose surgeries together in Gangnam-gu’s Sinsa district. Mrs. Jeong found herself on the operating table after being advised to join her daughter for surgery to “fix” their looks and better match with one another. Miss Jeong, with single eyelids and a low nose bridge, already had her consultation and was set to get the surgery prior to her year of study abroad. To allay her fears of a future son-in-law hearing about her daughter possibly having had double eye-lid surgery, Mrs. Jeong was determined to get the surgery as well.
    Recently relocated Mrs. Song, 45, would hear her new neighbors at the local bathhouse always praise her daughters’ figures unabashedly, saying things like: “They are just as pretty as their mother.” But the truth is, Mrs. Song, along with her two university student daughters, had breast augmentation and thigh liposuction surgeries last year.
    According to an industry report released January 10th, the biggest plastic surgery clinics in all of Seoul’s Gangnam district show a rise in 40-50 year-old housewives getting “mother-daughter combo” plastic surgeries. The purpose of the surgeries is to hide the truth of their daughter’s surgeries. These instances occur most often after the daughters take their college entrance exams and become university students or ahead of their daughter’s marriage, when the mothers want to hide the fact that their daughters had previous surgery and try to match their look.

  63. 93% Of Women In Seoul, Korea Had Plastic Surgery
    Political Cosmetics: KOREAN Skin Bleaching
    99% of Korean moisturisers appear to contain some kind of whitening agent. Without even noticing (much) my skin color has CHANGED (slightly) FREAKISHLY.
    Clearly, the skin pigment has changed SOMEHOW due to skin bleaching chemicals in the face-wash or moisturisers that are being sold in Korea. I almost look TRANSPARENT. AND YES, I do in fact check the labels on products I buy (mostly).
    There are really not that many varying shades if you want to buy cosmetics in Korea, and most brands only stock two colors (if that); WHITE, and WHITER (not kidding).
    I know that’s the big issue with ordering Asian BB creams, that they tend to have hidden bleach products in ’em.
    Koreans Enjoy High-Tech Skincare
    Korean women use more skincare and makeup products daily than any other nation – about 17-18 products daily.
    The New Skincare Superpower
    Korea’s skincare boom goes back to its famous beauty regimens, which, for the average Korean woman, includes roughly 18 products per day.
    Secrets Of Beauty Of Korean Women
    Korean women are obsessed with using whitening products.
    Can you imagine, during the morning procedures women in Korea apply 17-18 products.
    American Skin Care Vs. Korean Skin Care
    There are so many more steps to Korean skin care routine than American skin care routines.
    The American Skin Care routines are pretty much 3 basic steps. First Cleanser, followed by Toner, and finished with Moisturizer. Sometimes add in the occasional eye cream for those with dark circles or puffy eyes. Now we’re being told to add a facial mask a week into our routines and we’re now starting to see appearances of BB Cream, so we’re stepping up slowly.
    Korean Skin Care routines on the other hand have so many steps, I know there is a basic 5 step, but from what I’ve been seeing it’s actually a lot more. First is Double Cleansing, then Massage/Mask, followed with Toner, then Emulsion, next is Essence, and finished with Moisturizer. The night time routines will have Cleansing, Toner, Eye cream, Lip Care, and Moisturizer. Insane, right? Now add in the whole make up routine after this, it’s like 18 more steps.

  64. haha I like Asians with plastic surgery. Even the photo on top the woman has most likely gone under the knife or is using some freaky eye glue. Good on em!

  65. 93% Of Women In Seoul, Korea Had Plastic Surgery
    Plastic Surgery In Seoul, Korea
    “93% of all women have had plastic surgery done, here in Seoul, Korea.”
    “You’ll see in these ads, how extreme the makeovers are. They’ll actually physically go through, and chisel away, recarve, their facial structure, their skeleton, their bone. To change their jawline, to change their forehead line.”
    Video Uploader Comment:
    “Yep. 93%. I got that number from 3 different cosmetic surgeons. I can give you their direct contact info if you want to fact check. PM me.”

    Do All (South) Korean Girls Get Plastic Surgery?
    According to this article by the New York Times, a survey in 2010 by the Seoul city government found that 31.5 percent of residents 15 or older were willing to undergo surgery to improve their looks and that in a 2009 survey by the market research firm Trend Monitor, one of every five women in Seoul between the ages of 19 and 49 said they had undergone plastic surgery.
    While S. Korea is probably one of the countries where plastic surgery is not as taboo to admit as in other countries (here in the USA I feel people tend to think that those who’ve done plastic surgery are very superficial and over-obsessed with physical appearance), many of us who’ve undergone the knife still tend to lie about it, so survey results are probably an underestimate. In fact, I have a friend who got both blepharoplasty and a nose job done a few years back and she has removed every single picture pre-surgery from her facebook account. In addition, I remember reading an article about Japanese plastic surgery and the girl interviewed mentioned the same thing – she deleted all digital photos pre-surgery and even burned (yes burned) her physical copies of photos.
    South Korean Teens Buy Dreams Of Beauty In Plastic Alley
    “Koreans want it all,” says Dr. Ing Gon Kim, owner of the Apkujung Feel Aesthetic Clinic and one of Seoul’s best-qualified plastic surgeons.
    “Koreans are born with small eyes, wide and flat faces, and flat, low noses,” says Kim. “What they would like are larger eyes, narrower and more oval-shaped faces, and higher and narrower noses.”

  66. 93% Of Women In Seoul, Korea Had Plastic Surgery
    Asian Women Have Greater Abdominal And Visceral Adiposity Than Caucasian Women With Similar Body Mass Index
    Nutrition and Diabetes Journal
    National Institutes of Health, US National Library of Medicine, National Center for Biotechnology Information
    Our findings build on limited past evidence, suggesting that Asian women carry greater abdominal and visceral fat when compared with Caucasian women with similar overall adiposity. This may contribute to their elevated metabolic risk for obesity-related diseases.
    Compared with White women, Japanese American women tended to have a shorter standing height, lower leg-to-height ratio, lower hip circumference and a smaller chest depth.
    Compared with White women, and despite similar BMI and DXA total or percent fat mass, Japanese American women had a significantly greater mean waist-to-hip ratio, measured either at the navel or immediately above the iliac crest, due to their lower hip circumference.
    Our findings confirm previous studies that reported a high prevalence of central obesity among Asian ethnic groups.
    Complications From Injectable Materials Used For Breast Augmentation
    Canadian Journal of Plastic Surgery
    National Institutes of Health, US National Library of Medicine, National Center for Biotechnology Information
    Near the end of World War II, prostitutes in Japan used industrial-grade liquid silicone extensively. United States servicemen preferred women with larger breasts than those of Asian women. Barrels of industrial-grade silicone began to mysteriously disappear from Japanese docks, destined for injection into the breasts of these enterprising ladies, to cater to their potential clients.
    Padding The Truth
    Global Post
    When Marissa Kennedy told her Chinese friends about her struggle to find a good bra in Beijing, they had a big laugh together. Her friends joked that she should get “smaller boobs.”
    Two years ago, Kennedy ran out of the bras that she had stocked up on in the US before coming to China. She went shopping at many stores and encountered shop assistants who were very willing to help, but she never found a bra in her size. “They were so very small,” said Kennedy.
    The size issue is not the only problem for most female expats. Kennedy, who has lived in China for six years, also finds Chinese lingerie to be “too heavily padded” and very stiff compared to the soft fabrics that she’s used to, with “too many laces and buttons and crystal decorations.”
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    “Almost every bra you see in a Chinese store has lace and embroidery, usually in the same patterns, and three-fourths cups with thick pads,” Li said.
    High Hopes
    Time Magazine
    “They told me that Chinese diplomats have to be tall,” says Xiaowei, “because foreigners are tall and we don’t want to look too short next to them.”
    Dr. Xia Hetong, a surgeon at Beijing’s No. 402 Hospital, is a pioneer of limb-extension surgery for patients disfigured by birth defects or injury. Since he started offering cosmetic leg-lengthening a few years ago, he has performed more than 600 operations. His patients have grown by an average of 9 cm. More than 70% of the women are college educated.,9171,187654,00.html
    How To Get Sleek, Slim Calves
    Cosmetic Surgery & Beauty
    Korean plastic surgeon Dr. Park Hyun Cheol has this to say: “In general, Asian women have shorter legs and thicker calves than Caucasian women. Many Caucasians have long, straight and slim calves while many Asians unfortunately have short, bowed and muscled calves that are not very attractive.”
    In Korea, women (and quite a few men) are taking the problem by the horns and are opting for a range of procedures broadly known as calf reduction surgery.
    According to some friends of mine who work in Shoe Stores, they all say that Asians have wider feet than Americans in terms of ratios (Width:Length).
    One of my friends works in a nike store at the west coast, and he told me that since he is assisting customers everyday and measuring customers’ feet everyday, he found out that sometimes Asians have to buy one size larger just because the shoes are too narrow for Asians…
    That’s why I say Asians have wider feet ratio.
    Ratio = (Width / Length), and Asians generally are 3 to 7% more than Americans.
    Bo: I’ve got the most asian of asian feet. Short and really wide. Trying to cram my size 6, double wide feet into Italian made shoes is an exercise in torture. However, I discovered my paradise last time I was in Thailand. All the shoes fit me perfectly. Short and wide. I think I bought about 5 pairs. Same thing in Korea.