What If The Feminists Win?

Have you ever thought about what would happen if our worst nightmare came true? Have you ever wondered how our world would look like if men and the few feminine women who are still out there lost the battle against the man-hating feminists that are becoming more and more powerful?

Please don’t fool yourself by saying that this is an unrealistic scenario. The truth is that we are already heading for such a future.

We already live in world in which writers of Return of Kings receive death threats from angry feminists who totally overreacted because of a funny article. We already live in a world in which dating coaches get banned from countries because of some videos and Tinder messages. We already live in a world in which everybody applauds when women say that men are useless idiots, even though you would get stoned if you would say the same about women.

The Traditional Family Falls Apart

Do you have the wish to start a family one day? Even though I think that it is a noble goal for a man to want children one day and to continue his bloodline, I can’t doubt that it would take a dreamer and simpleton to purposefully start a family in any western country.

I really appreciate and respect your wish for a caring wife who does her best to raise your children and a stable family, but please think twice before you make a mistake that you probably regret for the rest of your life.

I lived a year in the UK and during that time I read a shocking study that England and Wales have a divorce rate of 42%. In a few years the likelihood of winning the jackpot in a casino will be higher than the likelihood of having a successful marriage.

Once angry feminists take control over every governmental institution (at least the ones they don’t already have under their control), you won’t have any rights anymore. Even today a woman can simply tell the judge that she is scared of her husband and suddenly she will get the kids and the house.

Forget About Your Career

In the country where I am from politicians constantly discuss female quotas. We already live in times in which companies employ women instead of men in order to please political parties and to advertise their political correctness, even though they know that they could have hired men with better qualifications for the job.

Imagine a world in which all leadership positions are filled with women. Do you really think that the women who fought for female quotas will also fight for male quotas once we have no rights anymore? Wake up.

Even nowadays a woman can end your career with one sentence if she wants to. Nobody cares about the truth. It is simply a fact that people tend to believe women who say that they have been sexually harassed by a man, whereas nobody believes a man who says that she only made that up, because she wants the promotion.

Maybe you even sexually harassed her, at least when you define sexual harassment in today’s interpretation. We all know since the 10 hours in New York video that sentences like “how are you doing?” and “have a beautiful day!” are the worst form of sexual harassment. 

Both Sexes End up Miserable

What would be the consequence of this development? I think it is obvious that we men would end up pretty miserable. We wouldn’t even have the right to say our opinion, at least not our real opinion.

Like in today’s society, the only men who would still get laid are the ones who ignore all the feminist conditioning and who listen to their primal instincts. The only determining difference would be that the punishment for ignoring feminist opinions would be a lot worse.

How about the women would live in such a society? How would the life of the last few remaining women, who don’t want to be labeled as feminists and who still love the idea of being a woman look like?

Those girls would face the same destiny as you and me. No man would have the balls to approach them and no man would even think about revealing his sexual interest. The fear of the consequences would be too extreme.

As a result of this, women would end up alone, sexually frustrated, and without the chance of ever having a family or a life-long partner. Why? Their fellow females did everything to whip out all the motivation in men to have a woman in their life.

Welcome to Slavery

It is only a matter of time until our worst nightmares will become reality, at least in the western world. It’s everybody’s own decision how he wants to prepare for the future and how he wants to find happiness in life.

The only thing that I know for myself is that I don’t want to end up in slavery. I promised myself to leave the sinking ship once the day has come and to spread my wings over the ocean. I made the decision to set out on a journey to a new world, once the old world is collapsing.

All I can hope for you and me is that there will still be a world worth living in, once that day has come.

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466 thoughts on “What If The Feminists Win?”

    1. Not that bad when you think about it, actually it’s kind of pretty. They can only survive in a civilization that was originally built by men, us, the builders, and without it, they will die. It is that simple. An enlightened man can live healthily enough well beyond that of the stress-inducing feminist imperative. Let it come. When the animals are loose and there is nothing to defend them against these monsters, let the women come to us and beg.

      1. we’re facing a massive global financial / governmental crisis…. in 3-4 years time, provided the west doesn’t plunge into ww3 and or harsh dictatorships, the scene will look very different…. when life gets tough, (and we’ve all forgotten just how easy life has been)….. suddenly women everywhere will be crying for a man at their side and behaving themselves.

        1. I said this in another comment. I expect a 15-20 years depression starting within… eh, I don’t give it 2 years.. A depression worse than what we had in the 30s… The system WILL implode, there’s no question about it.. Just look what happened to the swiss franc this week.. It’s a testament of what happens when the market is being distorted by central banks.. The Market always wins, just like gravity.. It will start with the Markets melting down, then sovereign collapsing and the hundreds of trillions of dollars in shady derivatives blowing up just for good measure..There will be a total reset soon… I don’t know about war.. we’re too pussyfied to start the big one…

        2. I hear what you are saying about women wanting to be with a decent man at that stage, but I wonder if it would be worth it for any of us to give a fuck about them? I’ve seen too much of their behaviors to just write everything off.
          So the shit hits the fan, now the garden variety broken westernized females want a nice decent guy? What exactly are we getting? We are getting women STD riddled, tatooed snouts and entrials, chewed up and barfed out by feminism. Is that what victory will look like?
          Is victory when some slattern dripping thug semen from every one of her orifices walks up to you with 6 kids from 5 felons and says, “I’m sorry. I’ll be submissive. Marry me and I won’t cheat on you so often” ?
          Is victory when your ex comes back to you and says, “I was soooo wrong to divorce you. I should have realized that after I made that false accusation and had you thrown in jail that our daughter could never support my boyfriend’s drug habit by sucking off all of his biker friends. How could I have known that my other boyfriend wouldn’t stick around even when I let him buttfuck our son every night? Nowadays it seems like every time I get a genital herpes flareup my self esteem goes down. Well, now I forgive you. Let’s let bygones be bygones and get back together.”?
          Whatever ‘victory’ is it will be at least one or two generations down the road. If everything were to stop today, I would still not give a fuck. Let today’s females baste in the world of shit they help propagate.
          What this means unfortunately for those of us reading this today, is that we will not reap the benefits of change. And I suspect the true catalyst for victory will have to take the form of an implosion or collapse of the system, plunging the country into some real ugliness. And I for one will not be taking in any garbage generation poster child into my home, nor will I give a damn about them in the street. I’m quite certain I do not stand alone in this sentiment.

        3. the depression start in late 2008 bro. Doubtful it has an end date either…

        4. bro, 2008 will look like a walk in the park compared to what’s coming.. you’re talking gulags, martial law, civil war kind of stuff.

        5. ” I’m quite certain I do not stand alone in this sentiment.”
          N0, you do not.They deserve everything that’s coming at them, and they will be alone to fend for themselves.. Fuck all this feminism sewage.. Let them suffer and physically disappear.

        6. Islamic Fanaticism has already started WW3. It started on 9/11/2001, but the Western world refuses to acknowledge it, and even goes out of its way to put its head in the sand.

        7. I am not sure I agree with you. I understand 9/11 was a history change event.. Now, when it comes to muslims, 3-4 intercontinentals rightly placed will quiet them down for a while… The problem is not the muslims, the problem is us (like the pronoun). This country was ours to fuck up, and we did. We did not have the spine to face the consequences of our own actions, and let pre 2008 excesses drain out of the system. And these were all the beta bitches (from Bush, Paulsen, Bernake, Obama etc).. When Romney said we should let the housing market reset he was chased out of town by the weak men..
          What we did, well the central banks did, was completely distort the Markets, where there is no price discovery, where nobody knows what things are actually worth anymore. The Market will reset, and believe me.. it will be very nasty and very fast. There will be a time when there will be NO markets, all completely evaporated.. go ahead and create a market, see how difficult that is.. And from there we’ll get into mass unemployment, hyperinflation, famine, civil war and all that. The majority of people are 3 days away for trucks not delivering from hunger.. The problem is not outside. The problem is inside, of the most insidious type.. When it all starts it will happen overnite. We will wake up one morning and the world will be different from the night before.

        8. Agreed. 0% interest rates have been the bailout for compliant beta males who bought more house than they could afford because they couldn’t say “no” to their wives. That just re-inflated the bubble, postponed the day of reckoning.

        9. If everything goes to shit today, there will be lots of preteen girls who have done nothing wrong and have yet to be irredeemably corrupted. Protect them, then pick the best ones ten years later. Play the long game. It really is the only way to get a decent woman out of the world we currently live in. They require hardship in order to develop a healthy mind. Just as we do.

        10. This is assuming it pans out that way. Dunno — I hear there are girls as young as 11 giving hand jobs in the parking lots of shopping malls for Gucci Bag money. My point is that even the youngest of girls, and I’m talking literally children, are getting injected with the whoredom virus.

        11. Ah you are being too polite almost Ray.
          How about ” the worst depression n centuries”? You know whom I quote.
          Im watching the reaction and “improvement in attitude” of women in my area since a harsher economic reality appeared.

        12. You seem to have more knowledge on this subject than I do (my educational background is in Biology and Chemistry and I know practically nothing about Economics).
          So I read the news stories about the Swiss franc this week but really have no idea how what to make of them. What does the Swiss franc event have to do with the “big picture”, or the global financial situation? If you could give me a short explanation I would appreciate it.

        13. I think what we need to understand here, is that we are dealing with socialism, of which feminism is but a sub-sect. The idea of women’s rights formed a key plank of Lenin’s strategy (although Stalin didn’t think they should apply to his own wife). Furthermore, in democracy, where the fundamental rule is that everyone is “equal” it is of course, impossible to argue against women’s rights and still be a democrat.
          Socialism and democracy fit together like hand in glove. Furthermore, both involve the overt attack on the strong by the weak. Women by their very nature are weak and their numbers are bolster by weak men (read: white knights). As such, the strong man is at a severe disadvantage in a democracy as the weak seek to neuter him and loot his hard fought gains.
          Socialism and democracy are the joint evils that we must fight against and abolish. When they fall, feminism will fall with them.

        14. I hear there are girls as young as 11 giving hand jobs in the parking lots of shopping malls for Gucci Bag money

          lol… so wrong!

        15. First of all mate, WW3? Really? That’s a bad joke. Shame on you.
          Secondly, who told you that IFs hit the Twin Towers? The same guys that told you there were WMDs in Iraq…

        16. The big banking families, the CIA, the big oil families, the drug cartels…. Those are the people to start with. They are at the center of everything.

        17. It would be worse, without programs like food stamps. US was mostly white, and Christian back then. Surprisingly little crime relative to that crisis. Only about 135 mil people too.
          Now, we are arent a homogenous country, 330 mil people, expecting the litany of goodies doled out. It wont be pretty when it is no longer possible to fund the welfare state.

        18. It’s all disenfranchisement of the strong to favour the weak. Socialism and democracy favour the weak.
          The people that really run the show do not believe in democracy, because they don’t really live in one.

        19. If men would quit starting wars and letting their giant egos tell them they can rule the world these idiotic scenarios would be pretty much unthinkable. Wishful, testosterone fueled thinking on your parts…

        20. Not to mention that the US is not a democracy, but a republic, yet the word democracy is constantly getting thrown around. They want to turn it into a social democracy.

        21. Not that crazy. In 1989 I had a girlfriend who knew a girl who was giving blowjobs for money, and that girl was 14. But 11 is totally out of control.

        22. By preteen do you mean 12 or so? Because by that age they have had years of feminist propaganda shoved in every sensory orifice? The schools especially are indoctrinating them very young. I think to be sure they are not irredeemably corrupted they would have to be under 2 at the time of the collapse, so you will still have to wait at least one generation. And really as long as the already corrupted women are around they will corrupt the next generation.

        23. we are animals and male of all species are territorial and the more territory means more resources to have larger families

        24. Well, that was depressing. 😐
          (But still resonates to the people who still think.)

      2. ‘stress inducing’ – yes many a woman can take a perfectly easy job and make it stressful. Go to any full service restaurant and observe the obvious simplicity of the ‘servers’ job. Put the food on the plate and then set it on the table with a smile. Then listen to the hen cackling out back by the dumpster where the employees smoke and shake their heads. The drama spins out of control and all over a butt ass simple job. Women take the simplest task or job and MAKE it crazy for themselves. I overheard the cackling once when my piss splatter behind the dumpster got their attention. They were mid sentence talking about how it is funny how coincidentally so many restaurant crews have a disproportionate number of bipolar women. Could it be? They must nearly all be bipolar drama queens. So much more would be accomplished without the drama. Like the Mary Tyler Moore song ‘who can turn the world on with a smile . . take a nothing date and make it worthwhile’ . . only it’s ‘who can take a productive day and make it HECTIC AND CRAZY?’. LOOSE AUTONOMOUS WOMEN that’s who.

    2. I’ve thought about this a bit.
      If feminists win, males will be stratified based on attractiveness into “tops” and “bottoms”. The “tops” are the top 1-5% of men who are adonises or stinkin’ rich. The “bottoms” are everyone else. The bottoms must marry a female (the government gets to decide who) and must fully support them financially but obviously don’t get any sex, except for the occasional pegging. Life isn’t any better for the tops, either, though. They are forced into sexually pleasing 20-50 married women a week, and considering the trends of where society is going, most of the women are going to be fat and hideous and old, and none of them are going to take care of their bodies in any way.
      Conditioned from childhood to be totally obedient to women, the bottoms won’t protest the situation and will continue to take it up the ass, both figuratively and literally, and it’s not hard to see the current western man in that position. Society will continue to ride on their backs, at least for a while, until all the resources run out and excessive male teen suicide causes drops in productivity. At which point the “tops” will replace the entire workforce with robots and the bottoms will become moot anyway.

      1. Dude you paint a hella depressing picture. Do you think that you can take this story flesh it out more in ebook form and self publish it(under a pseudonym of course). Feminist will be so outraged by it you will get free publicity on their blogs/tumblr’s

      2. As you stated: raised from childhood to be completely submisivet to women, they wont complain about their disposition.
        Yeah you are correct. The current milenials are totally enfaggadated and whimped out. Just image what will happen over the next two genrations.

        1. If you haven’t watched Rick and Morty I recommend it… Only 10 episodes and IMO the show can be so red-pill it hurts…
          No other social satire cartoon has left such an impression on me since The Simpsons.

        2. R&M is fantastic. I’m surprised with the number of well-known actors speaking for the show given how anti-PC it is.

        3. You can watch it through youtube, albeit not for free. You might be able to find some screen-recorded videos, but the picture will be cropped.

        4. Please don’t tell me you still watch The Simpsons! What started out great has been insufferable for almost 20 years now.

        5. Nah… of course not… It goes without saying…
          Its all about early Simpsons. Go back and re-watch the first 7 seasons or so. Nothing is gonna top it. Old Simpsons is exactly what the word “classic” is for.

        6. Exactly, Season 7 is where I cut-off as well. A large contingency of Simpsons martyrs are ever-forgiving and still make excuses for it to this day. Seems like Homer’s had every job under The Sun before going back to the power plant at the end of the episode, Marge and Homer’s marriage has been on thin ice innumerable times before reconciling at the end of the episode, they’ve been to every country on the planet and caused a ruckus before returning to Springfield at the end of the episode… It’s just boring and pathetic now.
          And the movie was also horrendous. The entire thing centered around pig shit? For real? The show was amazing when Conan O’Brien was a writer and then a bunch of coprophiliacs took over and made constant references to bowel movements throughout the show!

        7. I feel the same way.
          Conan is under-rated in my opinion. His stuff from back then was way the fuck out there… totally weird for the time…
          He is still funny but when I was younger he stretched my imagination… I remember staying up as a teenager until late-late to watch his show and just being like “What the fuck is even happening right now?”
          Modern Simpsons episodes just feel so forced and cheap. The old stuff was more than just silly gags… Old Simpsons had incredible storytelling… It had soul and charm.

      1. Excuse me Dick Masterson but weren’t you a fake profile? I was really admired by your stuff and when I heard that you’re a comedian’s alter ego, it kind of ruined it for me. Now I’d like to get a confirmation if you don’t mind sharing it among men.

    3. Actually, the French movie Calmos aka Femmes Fatales (1976) would be more relevant to the point. But it remains in obscurity.

  1. Some valid concerns. Very real concerns.
    I’d still argue feminism is too counter-truth to survive in the long run. But take note of the following:
    Don’t get into a relationship with a girl who wouldn’t be interested in you if you swept the street for a living.
    Don’t get into a career defined by regulation rather than skill. Or you ll forever be enslaved to political dogma
    Don’t marry a whore. Be really fucking choosy
    Don’t marry a lazy woman. If she dropped out of anything in her life, get rid
    Record all communications relating to new relationships and store them in case you encounter a false rape/assault claim
    Never spend money on a woman
    Keep in mind all the men you know destroyed by divorce, alimony etc at all times

    1. “Don’t get into a career defined by regulation rather than skill. Or you ll forever be enslaved to political dogma”
      Unfortunately, regulation is starting to overtake many careers. Once enough lawyers get to the upper echelons of a company (rather than the skilled men with a passion for what they were doing), then regulation creep becomes reality.

  2. “IF” they win? I look around everyday at the feminist controlled media, the sheeple corporations, socialist government, pansy boys everywhere and realize they probably already have.

      1. The pendulum is in the process of reversing direction but needs to gain momentum.

        1. I wouldn’t say it is in the process of reversing. When “yes means yes” and “rape fraud” legislation is being proposed and/or passed it seems the environment is still degrading. Though perhaps more are becoming aware of the growing imbalance.

      2. We are seeing a backlash. It’s amazing how many women are using Red Pill language. Just last night a girl was talking to me about alpha/beta shit, and I never specifically bring up Red Pill shit around women. I just relentlessly use the techniques on them. It makes me wonder how many people are secretly reading manosphere articles…

  3. Of course they’ve won. The fact that their rhetoric of endless oppression is – I hope this is obvious – a manipulation, reflects their need to justify the continued redistribution of wealth from men to women in perpetuity (just as the communist ‘state’ never actually dissolved as predicted , neither can the ‘feminist state’ ever dissolve’).
    But hey, it’s not a problem. They’re winners for the day: the territory lost can be recovered. That’s how history works

  4. It will probably get a lot worse before it get’s better, but then there will be a massive backlash. A generation of young men will wake up to the fact that they are being discriminated against in every sphere of society. The few can control the many only for so long.

    1. Millennials are more pussy whipped than previous generation… the trend is going the wrong way…

      1. And it is going to get worse. Some of the Millennials I know, actively defend Gays, (sex, marriage, adoption), and if your against any of it, well, your just a POS. I also know some that think if you have anything against a woman who has been with 100 men, YOUR the one with the problem. The Navy is going gay, and perhaps the entire military. I think all this might end, if the Muslims gain a lot of power. But Sharia would not be good for anyone. I fear for this country.

  5. The only thing to break feminist tyranny is a massive mobilization of men who collectively realize the bad deal and decide to act upon it. Who’s going to do the power projection of a female-dominated, man-hating government if not men?

    1. Mgtow can destroy feminism by simply opting out.
      Where do you think the government funding comes from?
      They’re as strong and independent as the governmental budget allows.

      1. A government needs male backing, without it, the whole house of cards will come crashing down.

        1. No it won’t. They’ll simply tax the shit out of us. Unless we just stop working.. I mean become minimalist (women can’t deal with minimalism, they need a lot of crap, so they won’t be able to do the same), and only work for what you need to get by, and nothing else.

        2. “They’ll simply tax the shit out of us. Unless we just stop working..”
          That’s exactly the point. With feminist hegemony comes the implicit assumption that men continue to invest in society without so much as batting an eye.
          A matriarchy is impossible without continuous male investment on all levels of its societal structure.

      2. “No taxation without representation” originating during the 1750s and 1760s that summarized a primary grievance of the colonists (British) in the colonies (13), which was one of the major causes of the American Revolution.
        If things continue down the current path, then we could see Act Two (or the second one). Clearly, women continue to bitch about shit that they “don’t have” and it’s ridiculous. Meanwhile, many men are paying into a system (in taxes), are taking out less and have less say while women pay (in taxes) but take out more in benefits with more laws being enacted to protect their interests. Our court system, today, very much favors women in divorce, alimony, child support, etc…
        There is always a breaking point. It’s happened before and it will happen, again.

        1. Conversely, although it may not apply to USA but definitely does to the UK, adopt the mantra of ‘no representation without taxation’. That way all of those who are earning less than the personal allowances (for 2013/14 tax year is £10,000 (approx $16,000) will not have the right to vote. That way the only people who will be allowed to vote are those with literal financial stake in the country. As more women work part time than men we will see less women being able to vote and the people with voting rights more likely to vote for beneficial economic policies.
          It could be used as a starting point to raise the personal allowances in a bid to disenfranchise more. With an option to chose paying tax under the allowances if you want to have the right to vote. Ie the person who earns £9,999 chooses to pay 20% in order to purchase the right to vote.
          Alternatively the raising of universal suffrage to 25 from 18 to account for the lack of life experience with the only exceptions being those in the armed forces and those paying higher rate of tax (£37,000 per annum).
          These policies should help ensure that those who getting in positions of power are naturally conservative in nature.

        2. Agree….that was where I was going with it. The whole problem stems from too many people taking from the system and not enough paying into it. That problem and the problem with equal representation across the board (i.e. the same hardworking person versus the lazy nonworking person) represented in the same manner. It’s a shame because it used to be that society kept the “balance”…everything was in check. Today, it’s a disease that gone wild (almost everywhere)…here and abroad.

  6. dismantling gender studies departments should be a priority. Destroying the victimhood narrative in its every detail, and every specioua claim made until any feminist appearing on mainstream TV automatically gets booed and shouted down by both men and women would be a start

    1. The academic system is like a house whose wooden foundation has been thoroughly eaten by termites. Sure, you can exterminate them, but whether the house will be of any use later is another matter.

        1. “That foundation being reason. The enlightenment.”
          Meh, like the period 1650-1780 AD could possibly be the foundation.
          “There is no truth”: we have encountered this phrase already more than once in this book, and it will recur frequently hereafter. For the question of Nihilism is, most profoundly, a question of truth; it is, indeed, the question of truth.
          But what is truth? The question is, first of all, one of logic: before we discuss the content of truth, we must examine its very possibility, and the conditions of its postulation. And by “truth” we mean, of course–as Nietzsche’s denial of it makes explicit–absolute truth, which we have already defined as the dimension of the beginning and the end of things.
          “Absolute truth”: the phrase has, to a generation raised on skepticism and unaccustomed to serious thought, an antiquated ring. No one, surely–is the common idea–no one is naive enough to believe in “absolute truth” any more; all truth, to our enlightened age, is “relative.” The latter expression, let us note-“all truth is relative”-is the popular translation of Nietzsche’s phrase, “there is no (absolute) truth”; the one doctrine is the foundation of the Nihilism alike of the masses and of the elite.
          “Relative truth” is primarily represented, for our age, by the knowledge of science, which begins in observation, proceeds by logic, and progresses in orderly fashion from the known to the unknown. It is always discursive, contingent, qualified, always expressed in “relation” to something else, never standing alone, never categorical, never -absolute.”
          The unreflective scientific specialist sees no need for any other kind of knowledge; occupied with the demands of his specialty, he has, perhaps, neither time nor inclination for “abstract” questions that inquire, for example, into the basic presuppositions of that specialty. If he is pressed, or if his mind spontaneously turns to such questions, the most obvious explanation is usually sufficient to satisfy his curiosity: all truth is empirical, all truth is relative.
          Either statement, of course, is a self-contradiction. The first statement is itself not empirical at all, but metaphysical; the second is itself an absolute statement. The question of absolute truth is raised first of all, for the critical observer, by such self-contradictions; and the first logical conclusion to which he must be led is this:, if there is any truth at all, it cannot be merely “relative.” The first principles of modern science, as of any system of knowledge, are themselves unchangeable and absolute; if they were not there would be no knowledge at all, not even the most “reflective” knowledge, for there would be no criteria by which to classify anything as knowledge or truth.
          This axiom has a corollary: the absolute cannot be attained by means of the relative. That is to say, the first principles of any system of knowledge cannot be arrived at through the means of that knowledge itself, but must be given in advance; they are the object, not of scientific demonstration, but of faith.
          We have discussed, in an earlier chapter, the universality of faith, seeing it as underlying all human activity and knowledge; and we have seen that faith, if it is not to fall prey to subjective delusions, must be rooted in truth. It is therefore a legitimate, and indeed unavoidable question whether the first principles of the scientific faith–for example, the coherence and uniformity of nature, the transsubjectivity of human knowledge, the adequacy of reason to draw conclusions from observation–are founded in absolute truth; if they are not, they can be no more than unverifiable probabilities. The “pragmatic” position taken by many scientists and humanists who cannot be troubled to think about ultimate things–the position that these principles are no more than experimental hypotheses which collective experience finds reliable–is surely unsatisfactory; it may offer a psychological explanation of the faith these principles inspire, but since it does not establish the foundation of that faith in truth, it leaves the whole scientific edifice on shifting sands and provides no sure defense against the irrational winds that periodically attack it.
          In actual fact, however,–whether it be from simple naivete or from a deeper insight which they cannot justify by argument-most scientists and humanists undoubtedly believe that their faith has something to do with the truth of things. Whether this belief is justified or not is, of course, another question; it is a metaphysical question, and one thing that is certain is that it is not justified by the rather primitive metaphysics of most scientists.
          Every man, as we have seen, lives by faith; likewise every man–something less obvious but no less certain–is a metaphysician. The claim to any knowledge whatever–and no living man can refrain from this claim–implies a theory and standard of knowledge, and a notion of what is ultimately knowable and true. This ultimate truth, whether it be conceived as the Christian God or simply as the ultimate coherence of things, is a metaphysical first principle, an absolute truth. But with the acknowledgement, logically unavoidable, of such a principle, the theory of the “relativity of truth” collapses, it itself being revealed as a self-contradictory absolute.

      1. all the ‘top’ universities at the moment are in the west. Maybe men need to vote with their feet and go abroad for education not just women – improved standards will follow

        1. Believe me when I say Western-European universities aren’t any less “liberal” than their American counterparts.

        2. I went to one in the UK albeit before things got that bad. I was actually thinking of institutions outside the West. Universities often rely heavily upon funding from foreign students. Upcoming BRICS nations etc are still way behind but will want to compete. If aspiring institutions in such countries offered english language teaching and a more red pill less feminised learning environment that could be a unique selling point that could attract western male academics and students and help them to build up their teaching status. An academic male diaspora from the west would hurt western universities and force them to address their own discriminatory practice

    2. I read Gender institute in Norway (NIKK) was dismantled also thanks to this documentary about gender being BS 🙂
      “Harald Eia – The Gender Equality Paradox”

      Can anyone from Norway confirm it?

      1. It was indeed. And it is also the reason Norway is a more red-pill society than most other western countries. Feminists were so ridiculed after this documentary and the debates that followed that they simply imploded.

        1. Isn’t it ironic that they’re right next to THE most feminist country in the world, Sweden?

  7. If feminists had their way, standing to pee would be a sex crime for “oppressing women.”

        1. there are a lot of once proud vikings rolling in their graves. There’s nothing more shameful than when you betray your own history

        2. Sad but true. Yet these Swedish women are looking for “love?”
          No, they are looking for a wage slave they have to temporarily debase themselves with sexually until they get his past, current, and future resources on lock.
          With the feminists controlled government, that is probably only after a few weeks of dating, and a false accusation. Or perhaps meet a guy, hear him say engineer or doctor, and have your mail delivered to his address.
          Either way, I see a lot of Swedish men marrying foreign. If they can even attract a woman by this point at all?
          Sad. A once great, proud, and noble blood line has bit the dust.
          “Socilism is a terrible drug man.”-Rick James

        3. My mums Swedish and I spent many good times there in the 90s. It’s a beautiful country but I wouldn’t go back until things change

        4. What makes you think that? The vikings used to GTFO for months every year – shitting off the bow of a rowboat was a sweeter life than being at home with the wife.
          They were never he-men at home; they were always whipped.

        5. Long boat missions as a form of MGTOW? Their women may or may not have been submissive (I suspect they weren’t) but they were still in every sense men. Outside the sagas there’s no firm evidence that shield maidens even existed however much ‘vikings’ the TV series would like to present females in Viking society as kick-ass heroines. Some of the early Germanic tribes who fought the Romans do seem to have had god-awful women – there’s one tale of the women cutting down their (giant-sized) men-folk when they returned defeated from battle. I doubt that’s the same culture though

        6. It is feminist controlled government, but not directly so.
          In order for anything to have societal legitimacy these days, it requires a legislative, legal and moral framework around it. Feminism would not really exist without that framework. It exists because it is a Fabianist movement and has attached itself to progressive Fabianists in higher power who are able to affect legal and legislative change.
          The infiltration of Fabianism into western democracies is what is really happening – the real culprit. They want to turn it all into one big Socialist Democracy.
          Research Fabianism and note the similarity in tactics used by Fabianists and Feminists and SJW’s.
          Then note the piece below.

        7. “…and have your mail delivered to his address.” Oh jeez, you know, that could be all it takes for some poor schmuck.

        8. I used to go to Norway during the 90’s. I would have stayed there, but I was active Navy. It was a great place.

        9. have never managed to go to Norway but i’d love to go – different from flat Sweden

      1. No, sadly, you’re wrong. He is not. They already have it echoing in their halls of power. Amongst many other extremely misandric thought crime ideas to pass.
        An example of thought crime would be like saying “Yes! I am a man.” Then following with a dismissive “What of it?” question. I mean honestly, they will probably chemically castrate you for treason.

      2. Its already happening. Women are demanding the right to use men’s restrooms when the lines are too long at the women’s restrooms. Its men’s fault that women need to sit down to pee. Soon to follow it will be a crime to leave the seat up.

        1. This article is almost 3 years old. SInce then the far left feminist party here in Sweden got a grand total of 4% of the total vote last October while the far right party SD got 12%. I wish people (mostly Americans who’ve never been here) would stop using Sweden as some kind of standard for feminist issues. The truth is feminism is no more in danger of taking over here than anywhere else. I feel sorry for American men though, It’s obvious that the USA is much further along in the process and if feminism is going to “win” anywhere it will be there first.

        2. I feel sorry for American men though, It’s obvious that the USA is much further along in the process and if feminism is going to “win” anywhere it will be there first.

          Lol. You’re kidding right? Not to measure dicks but Scandinavia is far ahead of the USA in terms of actually achieving political and economic “parity” between men and women. As one small but telling indicator: Your legislatures are about 50% female; Meanwhile, our Congress is still more than 80% male. In Sweden, 36% of companies are headed by women, whilst in America, the figure is below 5%.
          Furthermore, Sweden is the model of a socialist dystopia. Not only has feminism “won” it has made Swedish men the laughing stock of the entire world. The fact that a party felt comfortable pushing that garbage to the people speaks volumes about the country. Your Feminist Party has a seat in the EU Parliament for Christ sakes! Wake up.

        3. Saudi Arabia prohibits women from driving, yet the world continues to turn. I wonder what would happen if we tried that here.

        4. Wonder all you want, not happening. Your reply only confirms that you live in fantasy land.

        5. Adults call this “Devil’s Advocate” and if anything my reply confirms that your outrage only extends to women. Troll elsewhere.

        6. And you’re the little girl who loves, wants, and can’t get enough of us! That’s why you keep coming back here.

        7. I know it does pookie, but what can ya do? Besides hang around the comments section waiting for Americans to wake up and realize we’d be so much happier & better off if we had one Supreme Leader who decided what was morally right for everyone and sent anyone who disagreed to a labor camp that is.

        8. Of course you’re sad. It’s only about you… You’re not getting any real men. Only Beta bitches…Tough luck.. Real men said a resounding “Fuck off”.

        9. You know what the difference between you and me is? I came to terms with the state of affairs, and I’m good with it. I am even happy so to speak. You did not, and probably will never do. Keep living your fantasy see where that’ll take you.. My guess is, not a pretty place.

        10. Blaming womenfor all the worlds woes is far from coming to terms with anything, it’s a blame fest targeted at the most used and abused gender.

        11. I don’t blame anybody.. Actually if I do, I blame men.. It all happens because we dropped the ball, the beta bitches that is. It is what it is, the women true nature has been revealed and there is no going back. I live my life the best I can, and that’s about that…

        12. You live your life berating women and bitching about the state of affairs because some bitch got the better of you so you blanket all women as trash. Honey I hope you never pro create, the world has enough anger and hatred.

        13. No sweetheart.. Nobody got the better of me. The two of us live in two different worlds, and only one of them is right.
          Now go ahead with your accusations/injectives and the like. They won’t touch me (don’t wrestle in the mud with a pig, the pig actually likes it). I know that’s what the ilk of you do..

        14. LOL.. I’m no muslim..who’s hating now? You know, your ideology should be all inclusive.. ROFL

        15. Muslim ideology is one of the single greatest threats to progress.. You might find you fit in there.

        16. Bull shit. You were not abused, and I had nothing to do with whatever happened 300 years ago. You’re full of shit.. just fuck off.

        17. I can’t fit in there because I would gladly fuck Muhammad in the ass. Bummer.
          Allright, I have to get back to work now.. Markets just about to open… take your drivel somewhere else now.

        18. No if it were up to you all women would be chained and whipped 24/7, maybe dicked down every couple days while you drag your knuckles back to the dungeon after fighting other knuckle draggers.

        19. Take this as a victory. She already revealed smalls bouts of schizophrenia, misandry, fallacy touting, and a pinch disconnection from reality. Maybe you should have asked for pictures of these women who were whipped and chained. At least they were raped and could recover. The men involved in any of those times periods usually didn’t fare as well.

        20. I just pushed her buttons a little bit, and it didn’t take much for her to reveal what we already know full well…

        21. She’s throwing ad hominems around like a child with tomahawks & she’s quite happy with the attention she’s getting from the users here. Time to curtail this troll feeding.

        22. Projection. Gynocentrism holds androcentrism as its distaff counterpart. MGTOW have a hard time as the desire to protect women is in our very DNA; only choice is to fight hard against it due to militant gender feminism causing gynocentrism to go cancerous. Sadly – the sociopaths are the ones remembered.
          Look up Esther Vilar’s work for a good writeup.
          As to your thesis – look no further than MAry Daly for what 2nd-wave manhating political lesbian militant gender feminist ideology had in store for men.

        1. Nah, they”ll just keep moaning like a banshee as the “real men” drill them.

    1. LOL.. we should fight back and bring the no divider hole in the ground toilet.. Imagine the chick next to you staring at your balls hanging while taking a leak.. That would cure them.. LOL..

  8. There is no war on men. You’re all just mad because women aren’t objects for your worthless selves.

    1. Assuming you are not a card-carrying feminist and a troll, are you familiar with the phrase “Useful Idiot”?

        1. Right, card-carrying feminist and troll it is. Anything else of terrible erudition you wished to add, or would you like to leave it at a vapid drive-by comment?

        2. I believe RoK at done point banned not only female trolls, but anyone that replied to their trolling.

    2. Yes they are.
      Otherwise pick up artistry would not exist.
      One thing feminism did for men was lower the value of pussy!

    3. Ms ELLIS ugly indian woman.
      Don’t worry , I’ve seen what you actually look like, no man wants you as an object,

    4. …so you’re saying that so long as men have a certain worth to women, women can happily be objects for them?

    5. “Worthless selves.” Ha.
      If men are so worthless, how about this: Let’s have every man just stop working, since to you we offer nothing of value. Who would be handling waste disposal, running the power plants, filtering the water you drink, protecting our streets, etc.? The list of important and male-dominated jobs (not because of patriarchy, but because “ewwww boring math” or “yuuuck gross”) is endless. Woman-kind sure as hell won’t pick up the slack there (since many women choose to study worthless majors and choose to work in worthless fields). I’m pretty sure you feminists would be begging for us to come back.
      On the other hand, starting inane culture wars is clearly worthless. Instead of playing the victim card and blaming a non-existent patriarchy for the choices you make in life, how about using your time to bring something of actual value to society? If it’s the feminist mantra to be “strong and independent” and to “not need no man,” why don’t more of you women become sanitation workers, electricians, utility company employees, engineers, cops, etc.?

      1. Because that is a front to the mass manipulation of resources they are gunning for. She’d fuck, blow bucks, and post selfies all day from all over the world if it meant more likes. Narcissism is a feminists alma matter. Envy was the entry exam.

      2. Women think they’re dangerous because they got big daddy government behind them. LOL.
        Doesn’t change the fact they contribute nothing to the evolution of society. Except perhaps, decay.

        1. Feminists and SJW’s have definitely contributed more than their fair share of societal decay. I don’t want to procreate out of moral responsibility more so than anything else…I really don’t think there will be much of a world to live in soon.

      3. Man, they DO force you to work already. If you have child support to pay and you don’t, you go to jail.. You know the drill…And half the living men are currently in that situation.. If you’re married, you still HAVE to work.. Bottom line is this: If children are involved you are FORCED to work weather you want it or not.

        1. And it has always been this way. But in times of yore, a man got something in return: a family, and sons of his own blood. It was maybe a somewhat fair deal.
          But now, one side of that bargain is no longer being kept.

        2. some lawyer had his alimony/child support payments raised to 110% of his income. You read that right, so he is in jail for a week or two for non payment, wifey realizes he cant earn when hes in the klink, so somehow he gets released. Problem is, he is now disbarred in his state.
          What kind of judge okays payments adjusted upward to 110%??

        3. Well, this gives me hope actually.. that this shit house is going to crumble faster than I thought..

        4. The family court is ONE corrupt corner of the legal system. It has nothing to do with fairness or “child’s best interest”. It has everything to do with money. There is no trial by jury, just one motherfucking judge deciding how fucked up the rest of your life will be.. Or if she is a woman judge, and she’s menstruating that day and woke up on the wrong side of the bed , then you’re even more fucked.
          The family court system is only about wealth transfer from men to women and enslaving men via children. Nothing else..

      4. Careful now. You’re spouting way too much sense & logic for that feminist troll dummy to process. Those fragile membranes (maam-brains) don’t hold up well to sense & logic & may explode in a cacophony of pain.

        1. The best is when feminists bitch and moan that there aren’t enough women in STEM because of patriarchy, when the reality is that most women would rather do something else because “maatthhh is haaaarrrrddd.” Then feminists blame it on “internalized misogyny,” even though these parasites typically choose to major in gender studies or whatever garbage and become professional trolls, instead of practicing what they preach.
          You can’t make this stuff up.

        2. Exactly. If they were willing to put themselves through the required study to grasp & manipulate the math & programming required to engineer a smartphone instead of just being able to take selfies like a consumer then they can play the ‘equality’ card.
          Mind you, there are a precious few women who can handle all that but they’re a unicorn rarity.
          The majority of the type of modern females were talking about just want an excuse for a scroll to say they’re ‘highly edge ewwcated’, even if it’s a B.S in Gender Studies.
          Emphasis on the B.S.

        3. Chip on shoulders? Not at all, i’m afraid.
          Judging by your troll performance earlier in this same thread i’d conclude you’re the one with the big ol’ chip, Ms 85.
          Get yoo-self a good rock hammer & have a nice day now 😉

      5. I said, ROK bloggers are useless. Most Women love and appreciate what men do, ROK hates women and this site is hate propaganda.

        1. You’ve got it all wrong.
          The majority of the manosphere (including ROK) doesn’t hate women (sure, there are some out there who are true misogynists). Rather, on a grand level, we are raising awareness of the destruction that feminism and social justice warrior-ing are doing on our society’s health. That includes how these culture wars are making it worse for women, since there are many women who end up single and alone because they listened to the lies feminism told them. Feminist campaigns like “rape culture” and “yes means yes” are making it even more difficult for men to approach women, which is adding fuel to the fire. And no, I don’t think most women love and appreciate what men do. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be complaining about a non-existent (or very negligible) wage gap and they wouldn’t be divorcing men just because they’re bored with their husbands.
          Ultimately, it’s hard to hate women (and men) who are brought up in our fem-centric society and are brainwashed in feminist thought throughout K-12. If anything, the government is to blame for using the public school system as an indoctrination station and for codifying feminist thought into our laws.
          As a general note, just because people say things that don’t fit an ideological narrative doesn’t mean that their thoughts are worthless or are hate speech.

        2. What do you appreciate about men? I thought you were a lesbian. I recall you made some comments previously about the uselessness of men.

        3. Scoffs. Hi there, when are you gonna tell your boyfriends here that you post on a female friendly site??

        4. Sure. I post anti-feminist comments and other random bullshit on Thought Catalog.
          Now, back to the question at hand. What do you appreciate about men?

        5. Men are worthless, but own everything and control everything?
          Hmm, old one, I’m not sure you understand what “worthless” means..

        6. I just threw up a little in my mouth.
          I wonder if Joe Rogan stands by her bedside and offers 50 grand to the winner.
          I’m sure there are many grateful souls who are glad the Nazis had Zyklon B instead of lydia85.
          It could have been so much worse.

      1. I bet you’re not cute at all. Make your own sandwich, unless you like spit and menses blood clots in your food..

        1. Yes make your own sandwich dude because she’ll devour whatever she makes before she leaves the kitchen.

        2. You shouldn’t be against getting men food. Theyre saving you from stuffing that sperm bank you call a digestive system. And I’m sure men would rather the pastrami between bread than between your legs.

        3. How is how much action my clit gets any of your concern? It isn’t. I like to fuck and that’s my choice.

        4. Smart Ass Masochist.
          Basically a girl that craves abuse, and to get it she purposefully incites and angers men in hopes that they will provide what she craves.
          Very common in today’s society, and many men confuse it with shit testing… the difference is that she is conscious of what she is doing.

    6. It’s funny that you say men are ‘worthless’ and then talk about women not being objects.
      Objects have value. Therefore, you have none. Intrinsically worthless.

        1. And how exactly are they worthless? Do they have jobs and support themselves? For the most part, yes.
          Do they get laid regularly? All things considered, most of them do.
          Do you have any actual proof or information about the average man that posts in an RoK thread? Perhaps their IP and home address? Have you taken photographs of them living on the streets or under bridges, stealing power to run their… what.. broken laptops behind a macdonalds with wifi access or something?
          You are aware that virtually every ‘RoK man’ is physically superior to you, right? As are all men, everywhere? They are stronger, react more quickly, are better at handling violence, stress, and surprises than you are? They can outperform you in nearly any task, and work harder, longer, and faster than you could ever hope?
          The fact that they tend to be more proactive, logical, and less likely to allow emotions to affect their ability to perform a task means that mentally, they are better workers than you are in any job that does not revolve around socializing.
          This is not ‘hate speech’, it is a simple fact… most men you meet are superior to you in almost every way. RoK commenters are well aware of this fact.
          In what way does that make you capable of defining their worth?
          In fact, the simple fact that you are here, that you are so emotionally invested that you are trying to provoke responses from this thread, is a very clear indicator that you CARE about our opinions.
          If we were worthless, why would you even bother to comment?
          Honestly, you would be much happier if you simply admitted that male investment, especially males that recognize their own superiority, are the only things that give your life any meaning.

        2. Are you done banging your big Ol hands on your chest? So if men are so superior in every way, you don’t need women anymore.

        3. Actually, we do. we need you to reproduce, and to give us something to emotionally invest in.
          And for that, we are willing to pay an enormous price. It doesn’t matter to most of us that you are useless in virtually every other way.
          We are, in all ways, superior… but we do produce a surplus… and we are willing, no, happy, to use that surplus to support you.
          Men without women go slowly insane. Men that cannot reproduce likewise go slowly insane… Evolution has built us as overproducers, capable of supporting a parasite who’s entire body has been engineered for the sole purpose of creating offspring with an enormous brain.
          But, it’s okay. We are happy to support our walking womb parasites… it leaves us free of most of the reproductive burden and allows us to develop our big-brained surplus.
          The thing is.. When you stop keeping us stable and producing offspring, when you start assuming that you are somehow capable of existing without us, when you stop doing your JOB as a human parasite, we start to realize that perhaps there’s no more reason to support the parasite without the benefits.
          Feminism has harmed women far more than it has harmed men. Men will always produce a surplus, feminism has done nothing but convince women to stop being worth the investment of that surplus.

        4. You first. Then you won’t be drawn to this website any longer.
          And don’t worry, you will not be missed. Especially to those who have to suffer looking at you!

        5. What chip?
          ‘chip on your shoulder’ implies hatred, or anger. Not true…
          IN FACT, RoK men are perhaps your greatest allies, if only you would recognize the fact.
          We WANT you to live lives of leisure and happiness as pampered breeders. We do not want to see you as competition, but as companions and mothers, objects of desire and beautiful ornaments.
          We want you to be happy, and not be forced to slave away in some cubicle farm or be forced to do anything other than help with a family… we are willing to take the burden of supporting yourself off of your shoulders.
          In essence, RoK men love women more than women will ever love themsleves. We look the truth that we are designed to be achievers square in the eye, and refuse to try and force you to be what you are ill suited for.
          If you would only realize that you have been indoctrinated to hate yourselves… to hate the weakness that makes you naturally submissive to men, instead of revelling in the freedom and happiness that such submission, of allowing men to do what they were biologically designed to do, instead of envying them their surplus.
          If only you would realize that you have been taught a pack of lies… and that the origin of those lies is not women, it is men who have been using YOU as a tool to control other men. They have taught you to hate men who are natural men. Men who desire to dominate you in the fashion that our species has evolved as the best method of winning the evolutionary war.
          I am sad to have to inform you that you are the one with the chip on your shoulder. and that chip has been installed by generation after generation of women that have dealt with nothing but men that have failed in their job of dominating you.

        6. Ironically enough, however, I actually agree with you about this particular article… It is complete hogwash. A female supremacist society such as the one described is incapable of sustaining itself, thus is utterly impossible. It would be eliminated in seconds.

        7. Imagine the sick luck had you been born a woman.. Imagine being only seen as an incubator for men’s pleasure, wouldn’t that be awful don’t you think?
          Your rhetoric wreaks of Islam and Isis propaganda. If so many of you are so unhappy at the state of affairs in America then move to the Middle East. They’d welcome you all with open arms, 9 year old girls, and camels.

        8. ‘only’ an incubator?
          How sick is it that the most important job a species has… the creation of life itself, is seen as an ‘only’

        9. Sure I’ll keep projecting.
          I can use your stomach as a screen.
          I’m sure your clients wouldn’t mind seeing a movie in IMAX while they wait their turn.

        10. Yes, but the ones who refuse, the ones who instead decide to compete with men, are the real losers… because they cannot without having OTHER men to do their competing for them.

        11. Frankly, you do not think like me, act like me, look like me, reason like I do, react like I do, or speak like I do. Why should I empathize with something that, from my point of view, is not even human?
          Even the idea that I should ‘imagine’ myself as being born as a woman is rife with ridiculousness. If I were born as a woman, I wouldn’t be me… my thought processes would be completely different.
          You are basing your conceptualization on two ideas that are fallacious at their core:
          1. That you understand male thought processes or are even capable of understanding their thought processes.
          2. That empathy between men and women is somehow possible…let alone equality.
          I cannot empathize with a dog, woman, or a mushroom, because I do not know how a dog, woman, or a mushroom ‘thinks’. It is absolutely foolish to even try.
          However, I DO know how to make a woman, dog, or mushroom happy. And that is based upon decades of personal experience as well as millenia of historical experience. The first rule of which is “Do NOT listen to their own ideas of what makes them happy, because they are always wrong.”

        12. That’s why wymyn like lydia become feminists. They hate men because they hate themselves and envy men.

        13. I most certainly agree! It is disgusting how other women have degraded the noble roles of being a wife and mother for their own misguided and selfish interests.

        14. AHAHAHAHAHAHAH twenty bucks says this particular white cunt(holla brigadon,i’m on about ya whiteboi) is one of those tumblr white cunts that jacks off to female abuse porn…ain’t that right white cunt?You do jack your little micro clitoris to misogyny porn right?I bet you rub yourself endlessly to female objectification huh?What’s the motto like over there?Some shit about “wenches being objects meant to please”?I bet interracial is your guilty pleasure huh whiteboi?black male and White female-i bet it gets your little clit going like nothing else eh?…AHAHHAHA i love it when white cunts degrade their own wenches…..watching whiteys degenerate themselves is quite the pleasant experience…

    7. Really a constructive way to endorse feminism? In my country, only men are forced to complete a military service. Men have a higher risk of unemployment due to higher portion of being in the private sector, opposed to women. Men commit 80% of suicides. Men pay more of public healthcare, and receive less, than women. I could go on, but apart from the military most of the points apply to all western countries. It has nothing do with sex, although it seems to be an effective leverage in politics. Do you think as a western human being, meaning applying equality and non-discrimination to all regardless of your personal stances, that men are really that worthless?

  9. We are going to see a reverse very soon. The world economy is going to have a major crash.
    No company will be able to allow the luxury of having dead weight called females on the payroll .
    Those who continue to have broads in positions they could never really handle, will fail.
    The time to get ready is now. Get your own finances in order. . Get your safety net built . Economic pain is coming to the world, esp America.

    1. I absolutely agree with you. The big reset will happen sooner than later. The signs are everywhere. One only has to be blind to not see them. And when I say reset, I mean long depression, 10-20 years of it.

    2. More $$$ has been injected in these last few years in QE than the last 20. If that’s not an ominous sign of what’s to come I don’t know what is. I just hope that we don’t turn into a Mexico or Colombia if a major crash were to occur which in all probability will. You can only keep a system so long in life support.

  10. Two things that will work against feminism but will be the colapse of Western economies an masses of immigrants from cultures that arn’t feminine in nature.

  11. ah! what a piece of work! Wanted the article to go on and on when it suddenly finished. Guess, could not get enough of it. Brilliant stuff sir. You have spoken the inner fears of every man. I can surely see this time approaching. Though i will be a bit gradual, we will eventually reach the slavery part. In this era, most men would be brainwashed and accept their suffering as normal or just, just how in the past the black man took all his beatings like a faithful patient takes his medicines. It will be the point of no return. The western society will collapse, and nations of the earth will look at these once great powers now reduced to rubble. Then they will thank God, that it was not them that feminism infected first, and it was not them that became a lesson for the world.

  12. Truth, there is a long and fastidiously upheld war on men. In the past this was a silent affair carried out by the wife and in current times the girlfriend, looking to mirror your likes, emulate your love, and pair with you to secure further future resources from you. If you are red pill you should know this. The problem here is, while women in the past controlled us in the past quietly and happily, today the rest of the woman wish to completely stomp out the patriarchy that doesn’t exist.
    Ask women why must a man work until he die. Ask a woman why must only men sacrifice themselves in our armed forces. Ask women why there is no artifical womb yet to make them free to have careers while men have their legacy continued. Ask her why she only goes after white collar jobs and positions of power but still cleverly avoids the limelight of true leadership. Ask her why she can say rape and if I utter myself a victim of rape, I get told to get over it. The truth is women, by and large are raised to be narcissistic and could care less about us. The older quieter women knew this and would placate us. These feminists have happily slept with whom needed to be slept with and are now fully prepared to try and put the squeeze on us all. I say put the squeeze back.
    Three useful choices: employ women specifically for birthing. Make military service mandatory for all: men and women. Increase the grueling nature of training to the standard we had back in Nam when we wanted to defend our country. Create the artificial womb and starve the fever.
    Or the darkest idea of all, SWEAR off sex for a whole year. 365 days. No woman in America will see the dick, feel it, touch it, savor it. For a whole year. Starve them of attention in all ways and watch if any of this changes.

    1. Many here with their minds opened would be on board. But i see it as a social contract where those with the most to lose aren’t going to be signing it.
      I’m all for setting a standard of entry for roles & positions & having anyone, male or female meet it & get accepted. However, if properly enforced, that now negates the female ‘get out of jail’ card. The one that says ‘i’m just a little girl after all’.
      There’s also those damned brainwashed Imperial Guard White Knights to deal with as well. Getting the antidote to those fine upstanding deluded gentlemen will take some doing.
      Maybe i’m just too cynical at this point. Meantime, I’ll content myself that some blue print is better than none & keep up with the self improvement.

  13. I think the main problem is it can’t last.
    Women need men to enforce feminist laws. No male police arresting “bad” men, then the laws are meaningless. No male sheriffs garnishing the wages and repossessing the property of “bad” men, no gravy train. No men guarding the borders (haha these days), invading armies take and literally rape the women.
    Women also need men to produce and protect. No men fishing and farming and planning ahead and save the women with medicine.
    But….what if we become fully robotic? Robocop guards everywhere? Robots working the fields?Robots with advanced AI administering the medicine?
    But when they break down…
    Who’s going to fix the robots?

    1. The problem is the men are being influenced by their penisis already. How do you think the laws have gotten this bad?

        1. Only illustrates my point further. The husband was completely castrated and subject to his wife’s greed. This is that on a neigh global scale. And the only natural force with the potential to curb this is a war. And while we can stomp the shit out of most nations, the fact that we aren’t really producing many families means our culture will be shot to shit if we lose.

    2. Men are already busy at work enforcing meaningless laws targeting men. As long as there are more White Knights than men who do not put women on pedestals, things are going to get progressively worse.

      1. True. But is there a breaking point? Many of us here were good little white knight-esque betas and we finally broke down and swallowed the red pill. If it gets worse, wouldn’t more men eat it?

        1. Sure. At one point the red-pillers will reach critical mass, and the whole system will come crashing down (as it did in the Soviet Union, for example). But I think this is many years off still.

    3. “Without men, civilization would only last until the next oil change.”

      1. Remember when Trolling Stone had great writers from both the left and right? This includes PJ and Greil Marcus. Taiibi isnt bad, but the rest are morons.

  14. I’m only 25, but I really want to have kids one day. Be married, all that shit. Yep all that idealistic shit, count me the fuck in. And I’m not giving up on that because of the fear that whoever I choose to have kids with will screw me over in a divorce. If I decide not to have kids because I’m scared of being ‘ruined’, then the feminists have already won.
    If guys like me never have children, then the only people being born in our countries will be to feminist cunts and whoever was desperate enough to put a dick in them. Or donate sperm for their IVF. Are those kids going to run the world? Not if my kids get there first.
    Divorce rates and horror stories don’t intimidate me. I still reckon I can find a feminine girl and raise a family how I want, in my own country. Hopes, dreams, whatevs, I don’t care if it’s a crap-shoot. If it doesn’t work out then at least I gave it a go, and didn’t surrender or run away. Survival of the fittest and all that, well I’m planning on fucking surviving.

    1. Pre nup. and have your financial house in order long before you get married and have children.
      God Bless the prenup!

        1. They can be if you get a lawyer to draft them properly. So long as the legal system gets its pound of flesh somewhere along the line, it’s happy.
          A prenup that you and the fiancee write – the court will scrunch it up and use it as toilet paper. A prenup that you have paid money to a lawyer for – they can’t be seen to be doing that, or it would expose the whole scam.

        2. File first. and always , always be ready to be the one stable enough to raise the children.

      1. I appreciate the advice but I can’t get a boner for something without a waist. Plus I don’t want fat kids so fatties are out.

        1. That leaves you with about 10% of the women out there and 50% out of those will become land wales within 10 years after you marry them..sorry man.

      2. “…marry a fatty. She won’t have any other options then.”
        She will. Male thirst is through the roof.

      3. No.
        No no no no no no.
        People get fat for a reason.
        If you think overindulgence is a marriageable trait then start contracting divorce attorneys right now.

      4. “Your best bet would be to marry a fatty.”
        That’s like saying your best bet to escape encirclement is to climb out of the trenches and run straight towards a machine gun nest.

    2. Yeah I hear you. I thought like that in my 20s. Divorce was something that happened to other people who were somehow from an inferior upbringing. But half my male friends are divorced, and they didn’t do anything wrong, thought they were smart marrying nice girls. Good luck.

      1. I don’t think guys who get divorced are inferior, or necessarily did anything wrong. I’m saying I’m not too frightened to live my life the way I want to, which includes the whole family thing, and if shit happens it happens. Am I gonna opt out of the gene pool because I was born into a difficult society? Just because the odds are against me has never stopped me doing anything.

        1. You just have to coldly consider the odds against and what it can do to you financially and emotionally. Guest’s notation of half his male friends being divorced is dead-on statistically: 50% of (Western) marriages fail via divorce. Of those, 75% or more are terminated by the wife initiating divorce. I doubt very much those women hitting the ripcord are all because their husbands were layabout wife-beaters who couldn’t be bothered to get divorced first.
          In those divorces, unless you marry a woman who is and always remains the breadwinner of the family (which will *not* happen if you have kids) and she likewise brings the house in under her name, the odds are very strong that if you can’t separate amicably you’re going to get shafted financially for the better part of a decade to come — because a court will generally default to the view that the woman has to be supported by the ex-husband since she shat out and likely keeps custody of the kids. That is potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars of your money that will be ripped off you over a lifetime. Don’t think it’s going to necessarily be spent on the kids, either – remember your Kanye: “She was supposed to go buy Tyco wit yo’ money; she went and bought herself lipo wit yo’ money.”
          It can impact on whether you move freely around the country.
          It can impact on whether you can leave the country.
          It can impact your future romances – as many grumbling “Second Wives Club”s attest to. Ask around about the misery an ex-wife can put a man through for decades after they’ve stopped living together.
          Also consider coldly and clearly what you’re signing up for if you want to have kids. I recognise the tug of continuing one’s DNA on in some form, but: the reality is a lot different, at least in the first 8 years of rearing kids. I thoroughly suggest you go and talk to a good number of fathers (on the rare occasions when their wives are not within earshot, so you can get an honest opinion). I would bet you a buffalo nickel that most will tell you that parenthood is overrated at least to some extent.
          At the best of times it’s very pleasant or heartening – but it’s not frequently the best of times. If you also have a wife who has no mental toughness — as most millennial women do not — then if you have a baby together you’re going to find yourself looking after two children, one who’s adult-sized and holding a Damoclean sword over your assets and your marriage.
          Lastly, Frank Miller spoke no truer words in “Batman Year Zero” than when he said “once a man has children he is never free.” Ever. Your dreams, your hopes, are all on the backburner the second that head comes out what was once your wife’s tight vagina. They become (or should be) your first priority against all else.
          Let’s be careful out there, gentlemen.

        2. yeah it’s difficult, I get it. I’m under no illusions that marriage is all happy-ever-after with a perfect princess. I get that kids are hard work, but I’d still rather have them than die childless.
          So only a small % of men get a happy marriage and kids, and maybe I won’t get that. You know how I 100% won’t get a happy marriage and kids? By not trying for it.

        3. Pay attention to this diagram.
          If you have even a suspicion that maybe something is not 100% ok with your relationship, your “partner” has *already* emotionally checked out.

        4. And I can 100% guarantee you won’t get divorce raped – if you don’t marry. Just saying consider the choice carefully, because it really is lifechanging.

        5. and women get SOLE custody 85% of the time, which means YOU will get kicked outta your house. Which means a second job to survive. My friend now works fri-sun nights twice a month for that extra cash(and gets his kids the other two). He is literally working EVERYDAY(are you not working when you rarely see your kids? of course you are, gotta go above n beyond those 4 days you get them).
          You still sure you like those odd kingslayer??

        6. While your friend is working two jobs to fund his kids, his ex-wife and himself, the poor lower dregs of society are breeding like rabits.

        7. The 50% is just the couples who actually went through with a divorce, I know married couples who are fucking miserable but won’t divorce because of children or their economic situation. The divorce rate doesn’t represent the amount of failed marriages, many marriages have failed they just arn’t divorced. I don’t wanna tell every man never get married coz different men need different things but hell will freeze over before I get married.

        8. Its sad, right? And she was the one who cheated. He sort of stumbled into finding out, she didnt tell him. She fuct up, still gets the kid. He probably woulda been better off if she just kept cheating on the side without him knowing, at least he’d be at home with his kids…

    3. Good post with good points. Not every marriage ends in divorce dude, and not every woman is shit. Having kids is an amazing experience – a lot of work, but amazing.

    4. At least you know what the game is about & how the odds are stacked against anyone with a penis. Better that way than those in the brotherhood who’ve walked into that institution while being given the feminist narrative lens to wear & the false marketing tour before their balls were chained & locked up.
      …..Hope you brought enough ammo.

    5. Get your financial house in order. Put your assets into a family trust in order to prevent the courts from getting at it. Get a second citizenship.
      Consider emmigrating to a sane country before marrying.

    6. As long as you have red pill knowledge, knock yourself out. If you get screwed over though, seriously consider moving to a non extradition country. Because guess what, a woman taking your kids away is just as bad as not having them at all. They will become single mother statistics and you’ll have more of the same people you feared would be left.

  15. All was lost when we allowed the left to insert “traditional” into things they wanted to destroy
    “traditional family” . ” traditional marriage”
    Neither existed because of “tradition” They were natural and necessary.
    Referring to them as a “tradition” allowed the left to convince people they were not necessary and could be changed, altered or abandoned.

  16. It will never happen because feminists depend on the power of the state, and the state is no more than a parasite. If a parasite became strong enough to kill it’s host, the parasite would die soon after.

    1. And you don’t think that is happening already? Mass lesbianism? Mass hedonism? Desire for prominent sperm banks to pull the best and brightest minds into their fold for future generations. Women don’t like men. They like desire and we can bring that in wily ways, but on a whole we aren’t liked. Used to be we controlled wealth but now women have that because it is a special thing seeing a woman earn resources. If men all die off I don’t believe women will care until they are 82 and no amount of narcissism will bring a person to their side, because all they know are dead.

      1. wanna see what the world would look like w/o men? Read the grapnic novel Y:The Last Man.

  17. What would happen is society would eventually completely collapse because feminism is not sustainable, and out of the ashes would rise a male lead society again.
    One way or another, feminism is a temporary blight on humanity and nothing more. It sucks for us this blight occurred during our lifetimes, but it will simply not last due to one of two reasons: first, society recognizing it’s error in allowing feminism to take hold and correcting it’s ways eventually, or second, society simply collapsing entirely and hitting the reset button.

  18. America already is a nation of compliant beta male drones. But think of it this way… that just makes it easier to differentiate yourself as a male by opting out whenever possible.

  19. I have heard of a thing called sex-positive feminism. It is basically all women are sluts and have sex all the time with random guys, getting their “power” by the use of sex. This is the only kind of feminism I would accept.

    1. Unless you think they can part from their resource gathering ways this is Too much power. Think of how many men live amorally because they are ruled by their dicks. We already have a beta society. If you want a child with her, she is now a slut and back in control of you as you must part with something to get her to be your sole slut.

    2. Those women are already out there, go fuck them. It’s easy, that’s why they’re sluts. The problem is there aren’t enough non-slutty women.

    3. That’s 3rd wave feminism. Its a disaster. Females go through 10 men a year in college. Hump a different guy every month. Sleep with smart phone in case some guy texts them dick pic at 3 am. They are never be able to pair bond with a man. Men become alpha fucks (sex toys), or beta bucks (ATMs). She will file for divorce after 7 years when life with husband feels unfulfilled, man gets kicked out of his house and forced to rent an apartment and gets to see his kid once a week. She throws up dating profile at 37 botoxed and dressed like a slut on halloween, her child grows up watching her date / blow random men who use her for pump and dump because they don’t want to end up like her husband.

  20. Let’s stop this. It’s simple really. We convince all the important men in the US that it isn’t worth their time, and that they should all go to XYZ eastern country without the women. As a whole, we take it over, establish a more powerful culture and a more technologically advanced society, and we start letting women in, on the condition that they pass a femininity test, or better yet, that they are the legal slaves of at least one man.

    1. Feminism is a parasite. No way to beat it other than let it run its course and pray for the best. Or just leave and live in a diff country.

  21. People will still need work done. The future of work (for men) is temping and contracting. No benefits, no security.
    To live like this, two things are crucial.
    1 – Maintain a cushion of money. Stay out of debt. You need to be able to survive six months between jobs and at the end of that six months still be able to present well enough to get the next job.
    2 – Every job is an opportunity to work on your skills, to put something new on the resume.

  22. Perpetually rejected men say “fuck it” and go their own way. Barbarian hordes swarm across unguarded borders, rape all the young women, and feed old hags to their dogs. If you’re not good enough to be any woman’s husband or father, why risk your life defending them?
    Rome in 410AD and Samarra in 861AD are historic examples of this. Women quickly get the message: submit to one man, or let all men do whatever they want with you.

  23. Its rare that someone wins or loses outright. We beat the Nazis in WW2..yeat there are boatloads of Neo-Nazis now. They need to win big to impose their world view, so that it becomes obvious that it is a failure (as happened with communism).

    1. Funny thing. We beat the nazis but they never actually surrendered. At the surrounder meeting there were no members of the nazi party present. Just the german army. In a way we are still at war with the nazi party. After the war, the US brought hundreds of high ranking nazi officials in the country via operation paperclip. We even built our post war intelligence apperatous using their system. In a sense their ideology filtered into the system where it has festered til this day.

  24. Let it burn!
    I’m 32 years old. If I time it just right my “Golden Years” will correspond to the E³ Collapse of the US and Western world:
    The Bible was right about one thing
    With your My last breath youI shall bare witness to the end of days. Revelations something or other. I learned it from “End of Days” staring Ah’nold.
    Does anyone know where I can find opium? That shit seems like it’s worth a try.

  25. “Dey nee peepol like us” Without men, they’d have no one to blame. Without blame they would have to look at themselves honestly. If they had to look at themselves honestly, they’d spontaneously combust.

    1. If they don’t get to start a family, don’t have an outlet for their sexual energy (no women to ****), can’t build wealth because it is all taken, I doubt men are going to continue to do the work to sustain society. Humanity is all about incentives.

  26. Not gonna happen.
    As I have written elsewhere, feminism is already a dead man (woman?) walking.
    All feminism has is shaming language and the state (ironically, ultimately other men) to keep men to the feminist line.
    But now, increasingly, the shaming doesn’t work. And men are dis-engaging from society in general to avoid entanglements with the state; if you don’t get married, you can’t be divorced, if you don’t co-habit you can’t have half your stuff appropriated, if you don’t have children, you can’t be on the hook for child support, if you don’t enter the corporate world you can’t be be accused of ‘harassment’ and if you don’t date you drastically reduce your chance of a false rape accusation.
    These are genuine threat-points for men in the modern world that didn’t exist before feminism. It speaks to the feeble minds of feminists that they would think that men will simply carry on as they did when these threats did not exist. For the last 50 years men (mostly) still did. But that’s over now.
    So men are doing what they have always done, survey their environment, understand it, and behave rationally according to it. Which means, increasingly, living their lives without regard to what women want. This does not mean living without sex, relationships or female company. Just that the investment men make in all these areas is being dramatically reduced.
    As feminism reduces the value of women (in men’s eyes), so men are reducing
    the amount of time, effort, attention and money they are willing to spend for the declining ‘benefits’ modern women now bring to their lives.
    But the real news is that the true cost of feminism, firstly born by men, and then children, is now being passed on to women. Record numbers of women are living alone, record numbers of women are childless, record numbers are on psychiatric medication, record numbers are facing a life-time of wage slavery in grinding jobs that they can never leave. And still feminism spins these outcomes as the conscious
    choices of these women and as ’empowering’.
    And yet, women’s self reported happiness, across all classes, all races, all demographics is lower than ever since records began 50 years ago. Tellingly, for the first time ever, they are also now lower than men’s.
    But you do not need to read ‘The Paradox of Declining Female Happiness’ to know
    this. Just talk to the increasing number of 30 and 40 year old childless spinsters one on one – not in a group – to get the REAL story.The REAL effect of feminism in the REAL world. These women don’t give two hoots about feminism, they are just wondering where all the good husbands, hell ANY decent man, went.
    Mostly, disgusted with what feminism has done to women, he walked away.
    For the truth is that men don’t want to fight women, it goes against the core of what it means to be a man. But feminism thrust men into a fight that they neither started nor wanted. To the point that feminists are reduced to crowing about ‘winning’ battles that men never turned up for.
    And even now, as feminism pushes and pushes and pushes to ever more absurd
    levels, as ever more restrictions are placed on normal masculine behavior, ever more insane definitions of ‘rape’, ‘assault’, and ‘aggression’ are drafted into law in increasingly desperate attempts to somehow, anyhow, cast women as perpetual victims – even now – men are still refusing to be drawn into a real battle.
    That’s how deeply men do not want to fight women.
    The sound of the final battle between the sexes will not be heard in the streets or legislatures. It will not be televised or reported. There will be no flags hoisted or victory parades.
    Because it is already in progress. It is happening all around us in plain sight, for those with the eyes to see it.
    And men are deploying the most devastating weapon of all – indifference. In this final battle who cares least wins.
    ALL of feminism, all the privileges, all the ‘rights’, all the benefits and freedoms ultimately rest on one thing – men giving a shit about women.
    That’s what’s changing – and as men check out, it becomes ever clearer that women cannot support the feminist edifice by themselves. And when they look around they are finding fewer and fewer men willing to make the sacrifices they expect.
    The next few years are likely to be very interesting.

    1. In the long run feminists are hurting themselves more than they are hurting men. Like you said, men will adapt to their surroundings. They will not marry, and if they do, they are gonna have an extensive requirement list in order to lessen the chance of himself being ruined. Meaning that majority of women will be just used as cum dumpsters and no quality men will be with them.

      1. In fact, feminists are hurting women more than they are hurting men.
        I’m running into more and more late thirties, early forties women who have lost their chance of a family – and it is clear that they are hurting.
        The thing is many of the women worst affected are the plainer women who would still have got wifed up pre-feminism but who now have no option but to live the majority of their lives alone, locked into a job they can never leave. In other words, like the mass of men. And whilst this can suck for both men and women, men have a higher tolerance for it, to the degree that for MGTOW it is an active choice. For women, not so much – 25% of US women in their 40s and 50s are on psychiatric medication, and growing.
        These plainer women – which, let’s face it, form the bulk of women – may not have made themselves un-marriagable by riding the cock carousel, some sacrificed their beauty years at the alter of education and career – two more ways feminism sets young women on the path to Spinsterville.
        In the past they would have learned to leverage their femininity to compensate for their looks – but now, thanks to feminism, where can a girl go to learn these skills. Anyone who tries to explain to girls and young women how men value female sweetness, modesty and submission (and thin-ness for Christ-sake!) is shouted down and shamed.
        And even if a young women were to learn these things and look for a man in good faith, how can any man trust her at face-value when feminist laws have ensured that owning a vagina comes with legal rights and privileges, rights and privileges that can be weaponized – against the man – at any time.
        Men know what they want in a woman – its the same things men have always wanted in a woman. It’s never going to change. The difference now is that men understand the risks and are making their decisions accordingly. Increasingly those decisions, directly or indirectly, are not in the best interests of women.
        We are reaching the tipping point. Many women already sense change is in the air – you see it in all the ‘Man-up!’, ‘Where have all the good men gone?’ and the (slightly more desperate) ‘Life as a Single Woman is Awesome!’ articles popping up.
        Feminists have screwed over men and children. But they have royally fucked over women.
        It is time to reap the harvest of feminism, and for women, the fruit will be the bitterest of all.

  27. I can see why men are turning more and more to pornography– In a world full of Lena Dunham’s who wouldn’t?

  28. Like most mentally deranged tyrants they will overextend their reach and collapse, they’ll go too far without even realizing it.
    I comment on some other sites of varying political allegiance, and the most vocal, nastiest, petty and bitterly angry feminists are all on some type of psych meds, usually for depression. They cant even run their own lives, not worried about the world.

    1. It’s not stupid, it’s simply the writer buying into the idea that men and women are equal.
      You cannot blame him, he’s been fed that pap since birth.

  29. It will only get worse before it gets better. The number of men that are red pillers is too small to make any difference on a large scale. Society will continue the path its been heading at. Us red pillers are at a point now where we need to take advantage of this situation.
    Think just how much more competitive life would be if everyone was red pill alpha. Good luck finding a job, getting laid, getting a hot girlfriend, etc. The number of betas out there right now that are making u look better is staggering.
    You should be thankful that these pussy men exist because its gonna make you look like a king. And good luck trying to change their thinking. Live a life where you focus on yourself, get rid of debt, make money, build game. And when all is said and done find yourself a good woman.
    Yes our women are 95 percent trash. But you can find a good woman with old traditions and values. But its ying and yang. If she has those values, its youre job to make sure she keeps them and enforce them. She has to respect you.
    Mark my words, the feminists will take over. Learn to play their game, blend in. They are majority and they are like zombies. If they sense you are not one of them they will destroy you. So blend in, but make sure your values you and your family live by is red pill. And that is the only realistic thing we can do today.

  30. We are seeing it in spades already. Feminist societies don’t have children. The are taken over by societies that do. In this case Islam. The future is probably Islam, and with it the death of both western civilization and feminism.

  31. There should be a large scale study done to determine how prevalent feminism ks. Find a number that is statistically representative of a nation and study the married couples. For example, study 10,000 married couple.
    If the study shows that the man allows his wife to wear the pants in the relationship and call all the shots and disrespect him while he takes it like a good beta bitch, the odds are extremely high that the given nation that has majority of these type of men will have rampant feminism.
    Now take a country where majority of men wear the pants in the relationship. Now please please show me how rampant the feminist movement is.
    So at the end of the day feminism is our fault. Our fellow men in this country are bunch of vaginas and it shows. Now take a country where men wear the pants, and we can all name off bunch of those countries even religions. Now name off how much feminism do they have.

  32. Sorry but I believe this article is a tad defeatist. If feminism were not dying as it is now they would not be extending as many olive branches as they are now like the heforshe bullshit. Even the most blue pill mangina pricks will be forced to wake up to the oppression once it hits home. Look at that guy ghomeshi. Professional mangina female worshipper who claimed women should rule the world. Well he got himself a dose of false rape accusations and he’s destroyed.
    I am reminded of the biblical story of Jezebel and her death. King Jehu, an alpha male, ignored Jezebel as she put on her makeup to greet him (and possibly seduce him as she probably knew he was coming for her). Jehu ignores the bitch as orders the castrated eunuchs (manginas) to toss her out of her window. Jehu tramples her ass on his horse. So in essence, the blue pill men turned against their master and killed her.
    I personally believe this is how the death of feminism will play out. As the bible says, there is nothing new under the sun.
    Weren’t we all blue pillers at one point?

  33. Something to remember: the feminists and other varieties of SJWs have a weapon, government. Without that weapon they are powerless. In other words, they use something funded by everyone to impose their will. Put another way, we are funding the very thing they use to bludgeon everyone else to death.
    Our solution, unfortunately for some, is to be involved in the political process. I am not saying to support a particular political party. I am saying that we might want to consider supporting any politician who is willing to shut down the instrument that SJWs rely on to advance their agendas.
    The Constitution has taken us as far as it can go and it is time to draw the curtain on it, and there is no need of revolution. There is a provision that allows for their to be a complete and total defunding of EVERYTHING federal, and it only requires control of one half of one third of the federal government. Check out the “Origination Clause” of the Constitution.
    The States are more than capable of governing themselves. The States have an infrastructure that allows for self sufficiency. The States have bills of rights that protect the very rights that were once safeguarded by the Constitution’s bill of rights. The States, existing free of the federal government, will be an infinitely more transparent form of governance than the multilayered Leviathan like mess that we have today. And under this type of system, the corrupt actions and behaviours of the SJWs will be subject to greater scrutiny. Oh yeah, I also forgot to mention that the very tools that the SJW’s used to bludgeon everyone to death will cease to exist. No IRS. No NLRB. No Dept. of Justice. No SCOTUS. No DEA. No ATF. No Federal Dept. of Interior. All of it gone by way of a completely legal and non-violent action. It’s entirely possible. Consider all those “red staters” who took control of that portion of the federal government I mentioned earlier. All those who voted for the current members of the House are predisposed towards the Red Pill.

  34. What’s described in your article would have come to pass already, were it not for the fact that feminists (at least the female ones) mysteriously turn un-feminist around anti-feminist alpha men.
    Feminism itself is a big fat shit-test. It’s not meant to be taken seriously:
    “I heard one woman who was an ardent feminist in the 1970s later lament how many families they broke up and destroyed. She was surprised at the reaction, or lack of reaction, from men: “We were horrible. Why didn’t you stop us?” (Source)
    Game saves lives… and will probably save civilization.

  35. What if the feminists win?
    As has been proven in the past repeatedly, decadent older societies are always replaced by newer vibrant societies. There’s no such thing as a ‘working matriarchial society’ because the birth of such societies are always in the last stages of decline for a civilization.
    What if the feminists win? The cycle is complete. The civilization is replaced, a new, vibrant patriarchial society is either born or takes over.
    Women, as a class, are incapable of ruling. feminism is built on the seeds of it’s own destruction.
    Sorry to pee on your dystopian narrative.

    1. Agreed – not every society that has died has had ‘female empowerment’ but every society that has had ‘female empowerment’ has died.

  36. When the feminist supported socialism finally kills off Western civilization, then we will rise up and make the buggers’ eyes water.

  37. The feminists can’t win. Their very nature predicts their failure. Winning requires the ability to plan for the long term, to defer gratification, to appreciate hard work and hard workers, to create a just society which rewards citizens according to their contributions, or punish them according to their crimes, to establish societal order. Feminists lack all of these things.

  38. An often untalked about side of the argument when it comes to men “manning up” is what women are doing. Realistically, men respond to women. They are, by necessity, the proactive sex, the ones that have to seek out a mate. But something seems to have clicked in men, and they appear to be uninterested in seeking out the opposite sex. Why is this happening?
    To be honest, I think there are many reasons: ease of casual sex, marriage being deferred because of career/education. But the main one, and the one that I think gets most overlooked, is female hypergamy. The idea is, essentially, that women want the best partner. They want the Prince Charming. For most women, that was never really a problem, because they knew that they couldn’t have Prince Charming. These days, however, with the increase in casual sex, women are starting to sleep with their perfect guy but not able to get him to commit. That’s because he doesn’t need to, and many men will sleep with a woman who is convenient but not necessarily perfect. By contrast, a woman is much less likely to “go below her level.” This leaves a woman feeling that, because she can have sex with an attractive man, she will also be able to get one of them to commit, and it raises her standards to what are essentially unrealistic proportions. She keeps on the lookout for that perfect man, but she won’t ever find him.
    In consequence, men subconsciously realize that women’s standards have increased beyond normal expectations, and many men don’t find the extra difficulty in attracting a woman to be worth it. Instead, they turn away from women for easier, simpler thrills (like porn and videogames).

  39. Feminism is just noise enabled by the unprecedented prosperity in the west. When the prosperity goes, so as feminism.

  40. If the feminists win, society will collapse in a few days. Under quota-hired Secret Service Director Julia Pierson, some random loon managed to breach the White House perimeter and ENTER the building (this guy also physically overwhelmed a female Secret Service agent inside). Several important members of the Executive Branch could have conceivably been assassinated that day. Now imagine if every job with that level of importance was filled by an unqualified woman.

    1. Lol they just opened the Army Rangers to women. But they refused to lower the standards. That means almost all of them will fail and it’ll show how far the difference really is.

      1. Not ‘almost’ all, all.
        The Ranger’s version of hell month washes out 60% of men, due to fatigue collapse, medical washout, or performance (Not voluntary washout)
        I can imagine a few very psychotic, over-the-top bodybuilder type girls MIGHT have the possibility of getting through training, but not through hell month. while their higher body fat will help them survive the starvation better, the physical demands and sleep dep will literally destroy their bodies long before the starvation will.

        1. Awesome. Then it’s time for the harsh cold boot of reality to smack those dumb bitches right up side the head.

  41. “We already live in world in which writers of Return of Kings receive death threats from angry feminists who totally overreacted because of a funny article. ”
    I doubt this. If this were true you’d have all the screenshots up on twitter.

    1. I recommend spending at least 15 seconds doing research before making a false accusation (false accusations are really becoming a problem nowadays). I am sorry no one taught you how to draw intelligent conclusions, please try harder in the future.

      5 Reasons Why Girls With Tattoos And Piercings Are Broken

      Here’s one example for you (but to be fair, it only has 2,255 upvotes):

      1. ^ funny how broken damaged women are so unaware of their brokenness and damage
        It’s like the old saying, crazy people don’t know they’re crazy
        “CEO of my own company” = Herbalife independent consultant

        1. It’s really pointless to use logic when dealing with schizophrenics…they only react to personal insults. The number of contradictions in that comment is remarkable. They throw so many logical fallacies at you at once it’s impossible to dispute them all as they come.
          A:”Your sweeping generalizations are illogical!”
          B1:”[So here is a sweeping generalization claiming you have a small penis and are a hateful misogynist]”.
          A:”Who are you to judge me as a slut?”
          B:”[So here is an irrelevant statement about my notch count confirming your allegations]”
          A:”[I am an unbroken empowered woman!]
          B:”I will find you,[cut your dick off and slaughter you to death]!!!”
          A:”[Snarky passive-aggressive “Edit” claiming no girl will have sex with you]
          B: Signed, “Unbroken […] woman”
          And finally:
          B:”…Pierced and Tattooed woman”

        2. Why do women always resort to the “small penis” insult? They have zero idea how big or small the guy actually is, but they’ll always pull that insult out like clockwork

        3. I really do think it’s the nature of female social interaction. They can’t argue with logic, so everything just goes to ad hominem attacks. To them, questioning their attractiveness in any way makes them ultra-insecure, so I think it’s just a projection…penis size is the only sexual attribute they can criticize, so that’s what they go for…
          Most of what they say are red-herrings (since arguing with logic is out of the question for them, the best they can do is distract from the main point)

      2. LOLOLOLOLOL 5 PhDs? I don’t fucking think so. That’s around 30+ years of schooling. That is a bullshit lie.

    1. Absolutely. And typical women, they haven’t got a bloody clue what to do with their ‘victory’
      And just as typically, they will leave it to men to figure something out.

  42. I think that if the feminists win, you can either be a Man Going His Own Way (MGTOW style). Or then you can get a thai wife and not get a shit about what’s happening after your body turns cold and heart stops beating.
    Or then you can educate men on ROK and other manosphere forums and speak out. Don’t speak to women, they won’t listen, aim for the men. When men go on strike, the game will change and women have to follow. We were once the leaders, we need to remain leaders.

    1. Or you can lock your wife in a closet until you get tired of her, and then dispose of her in the desert with a shovel and a bag of lye.
      Honestly, if this sort of ‘soft slavery’ persists, that option will become a lot more attractive.

  43. The only reason why we don’t feel like our true masculine selves is because the fellowship of men is broken. The lion represents the strength, courage, and power that all men possess but can only truly be actualized with the fellowship of other men. Which means that when the men are united together and the bonds of trust are strong, the presence of the true masculine man will rise up. This is why the illuminati are doing everything they can to divide us amongst ourselves because it is a threat to their power. Because we live in a feminist society, adultery runs rampant and men can no longer trust one another because they have disobeyed God’s law with the sexual revolution of the 1960s which caused the degradation of male authority. When one man sins, it causes the decline of the authority of all men. The first world made the mistake of being too relaxed with adultery, when it is a grave sin. The third world made the mistake of punishing adultery by breaking the first commandment not to kill another. If we wish to truly unite with our divine masculine selves, we must maintain high moral and ethical standards to rebuild the fellowship of men for the higher cause of attaining our freedom.

  44. Most men already live as slaves. The soft-slavery of current marriage and female expectation, rather than the hard slavery of whips and chains.
    Even though this is a slavery of words and conditioning from birth – an addiction to female praise – it isn’t any easier to bear on the inside. In fact it’s worse, because we don’t realize how we are enslaved.

  45. What if the feminists win? Huh? What do you mean “if”? They’ve already won. Everywhere. They’ve won the courts, the kids, family law, the court of public opinion, all choice and next to zero consequences. What a strange thing to say, “If”.

  46. I don’t buy this: “Like in today’s society, the only men who would still get laid are the ones who ignore all the feminist conditioning and who listen to their primal instincts.”
    My girlfriend is a feminist, and we have sex every night. I think of myself as a feminist, too, and our relationship makes me a lot happier than others I’ve been in–and I have way more sex than I did when I was (pretty successfully) going out and picking up girls. Now I can be myself and get laid for it. I think my girlfriend would be the first to turn in her “feminist card” if she found out it meant we couldn’t have lots and lots of sex.

    1. I’m curious to see a picture of you and your girlfriend…. I’m imagining Perez Hilton with Lena Dunham

      1. We’re both considered pretty conventionally attractive. Each of us gets hit on pretty regularly when out without the other. I don’t know how this is relevant, though, since I was just responding to the claim that only men who ignore feminism and “listen to their primal instincts” get laid…definitely doesn’t match my experience.

        1. Most men, and most women, are not conventionally attractive. Being genetically gifted on the high scale of appearance means you live in a world cushioned from reality.
          You have fewer shit tests, and can make far more mistakes without having to pay the price. You do not have to be a man to get laid. It’s a heady position that gives you sheltered ideas about reality.
          I understand, when I was your age I had the same bonuses. It took age and experience to realize that the genetically ungifted had to be actual men in order to attract pussy.
          In short, I find ‘artificial alphas’ to be far better men than those who won the genetic lottery. Betas that learn game, who have WORKED and applied their intellect to the problem of getting laid, are simply far more worthy and valuable as human beings, and far more capable of producing value, than those who are born with a silver spoon in their mouth or a bottle of axe up their ass.
          In short, your ‘experience’ is atypical, which means you are utterly unqualified to make any judgement calls until you have learned a bit more about the problems that the vast majority of men have to face.

        2. I agree with you in that I also don’t agree that “the only men who would still get laid are the ones who ignore all the feminist conditioning and who listen to their primal instincts”…. there are plenty of betas, weak men, manginas, etc that get laid. You claim to be a feminist and you’re getting laid, so that statement is obviously false.
          Is this you?

        3. Well, we’re not perfect 10s, and another guy on here seems to be suggesting that I’m not attractive, so I’m not really sure what I’d have to look like in order for my perspective or experience to be considered valid on this site. Regardless, I guess I just think that people who work and apply their intellect to the problem of being in a relationship that is supportive and respectful produce more value (at least in a society I’d be most happy in) than any of the other categories of people you listed.
          When I was younger, I had sex with very a lot of very hot girls who I picked up in bars because I thought that was what I was supposed to do as a young, OK-looking guy. I’m embarrassed at how badly I treated some of the women I slept with. I saw them as ways for me to feel good, and I definitely manipulated them. Sure, the sex felt good, but it didn’t make me happy, and it seemed like a lot of work for something really temporary. I’m not sure how I was a more valuable member of society when my selfish actions were hurting other members of that society…I think I only did it for as long as I did because I felt like I was supposed to.
          I’m much happier now, I feel like I have direction and purpose, I feel accepted and loved, AND I have much better sex; your comment and the original post contain a lot of absolutes that are completely at odds with my experience.

        4. No, although I wouldn’t disagree with the sign he’s holding. I wasted a lot of time and some of my most productive years trying to live up to stereotypes of what it means to be a man before I finding a partner who would support me, respect me, and help me achieve my goals.

        5. So you used to pick up and sleep with ‘a lot’ of ‘very hot girls’ and the sex was good. Banging different super hot chicks all the time didn’t make you happy though. Actually you didn’t even really want to fuck all those hotties, you only did it because you felt you were ‘supposed to’.
          You now have ‘much better’ sex with your one feminist girlfriend. Ok. Cool story bro

        6. -I’m not sure how I was a more valuable member of society when my selfish actions were hurting other members of that society.-
          What selfish actions? Are you saying those women did not consent or what? OMG! Did you rape those women??? OMG!
          -I’m much happier now, I feel like I have direction and purpose, I feel accepted and loved, AND I have much better sex; your comment and the original post contain a lot of absolutes that are completely at odds
          with my experience.-
          Ah but you see Sir, your story are completely at odds with what the men of Manosphere had experienced so yes I know you’re trying to sell them the idea that the legendary NAWALTs do exist in plenty and somehow if the bigoted misogynist men of Manosphere can just be open-minded gullible blue-pill fools once again then we’ll all get along fine.

    2. Yeah, sure.
      I wait for your report ten years from now after she’s married you, divorced you, taken your kids and is sneering at you with her handy dandy lawyer at her side.
      Your feminism will be intact, I’m certain.

    3. There are plenty of male feminists until the divorce papers get served and you get your ass hauled into family court. . I work In. Bankruptcy and every day I see men come in trying to file and I tell them child support can’t be removed in bankruptcy. I see guys every day with 60 K in child support arrears living in their car while they have their check garnished. I’ve seen clients commit suicide. Of course you like most men think you have found a unicorn. Go ahead, play the odds. I can tell you that it ain’t pretty. Every man in there is filing bankruptcy due to a woman. Most women are filing because they don’t have a man (slave) to bleed money from. I see so many red pills daily. A women said to me she was 60 and couldn’t get a man. She said men want younger and that it is hard for her. I laughed inside because I knew that finally at 60 this slut learned what she should have learned at age 20. Zero fucks given, I took her cash and put her ass in a ch 13

    4. We’ll be here for you at ROK “if and when” things change (and they probably will).
      You, like many others, go with the flow (for now). Until, little by little you start to realize that they are coming for you (and your rights). Feminism (today’s version) isn’t about equality…it’s about selective equality (and power). You’ll see many women marching for their latest “cause” but it usually has little to do with equality and more to do with power (and control).
      How do I know? I’ve been watching it for decades.

    5. Interestingly, when you run this post through Hacker Factor’s Gender Guesser it returns a weak female result, i.e. indicating the writer is probably female, i.e.e. this can be treated as a possibly fake post by a woman trying to impersonate a guy.

  47. If they do they will STILL not be happy. They will soon realize that the FIGHT was all that matter and not the actual outcome. Its not about winning, it is simple “BECAUSE”. No rhyme or reason. What is the REAL purpose of a story in the long run? Are stories really in the same boat with death, eating, sleeping, fucking, pissing, shitting, reproducing, and survival? No. It simply “IS”. No other reason but simply is and fills up the space between birth and death. If they win, they will simply find some new bullshit to complain about and then STILL not be happy. Take a look at the video below. Waring, the audacity and pure fuckery of this scene will cause you to want to log in to “slapabitch.com” and order a 1 year membership:

    Here this chick is, who has a man that wants to spend money, time, and effort on her, buy her a ring, share a place, risk losing out on other women, give her a baby more than likely, and share his money with her and what doe she do? Throw up and agree with the last sentence of the scene: “Wrong ring, wrong guy”. What??? Granted, this is a TV show not reality but, you can’t deny this is damn close to reality when it comes to the female mindset. Point is, she threw up because she felt she can do better despite not being in her 20’s anymore with her life ahead of her. This, from regular women to feminists is the mindset that they carry on in life no matter what age they are, as long as dudes thirsty enough through their dick, balls, and pride to the fire just so she can have something to walk over it.
    Feminists winning will not make them happy. It will just create a new system that will CRAVE for a man to break open before complaining AGAIN that they want respect. Ping Pong bitches with no scoreboard who just play the game just to play it without any endgame insight. In order to make yourself happy, you must MAKE. YOURSELF. HAPPY. Women fail to see that and expect men to bring that out of them when they don’t deserve it.
    Men are focusing on ourselves not because we are scared, but because we now see the fun we can have too in being selfish and doing what we like. The truth is not going back in the box when it comes to life and women. After its figured out, the focus is back on us. Forget the rest.

  48. When TSHTF, and the job calls for a REAL man, they’ll be begging for one.
    As it is now, there are way too many metrosexual p|_|ssies out there because of feminaziism.

  49. The problem with feminism is that it ignores the biological facts that
    men and women aren’t equal. Men are naturally composed of more muscle
    and lean body mass and less fat than women. Men are on average taller
    and stronger than women. Nature has selected male human beings to be
    superior to females. Trying to make women equal to men is against
    biology and nature. It upsets the balance between the sexes. Women are
    supposed to be subservient to men.

    1. Its not even that men are ‘superior’ to women, even though I know bitches think guys like me consider women inferior. I don’t, they’re just different. Women can be superior in lots of ways to men, like in doing domestic duties, looking after little kids, gossiping and making community ties, serving others, being supportive, breastfeeding, getting pregnant etc. Female stuff is important too.
      Women shouldn’t be raised to believe that male stuff is ‘superior’ and that therefore they have to do male things to be any good. That’s where feminism failed. Women are good with their own stuff, they complement men, they shouldn’t compete with men. If both sexes stuck with their natural strengths, we’d all be much happier

    2. Yes. The irony of women. They want to be better than men, yet can’t be and if allowed to win they lose respect for those men. Damned if we do, damned if we don’t. Fried ice

  50. Not so far from the truth ! ” Both sexes end miserably “. Feminism has won here in the province of Québec, Canada, and this are how the sexes and relationships are: miserably

  51. Not so far from the truth ! ” Both sexes end miserably “. Feminism has
    won here in the province of Québec, Canada, and this is how the sexes
    and relationships are: miserably

  52. They already won, years ago. What we’re currently seeing is mopping up action and the shoring up of defenses.

    1. Unfortunately for them, to the victor goes the spoils, to the conqueror comes the eventual rebellion that overthrows them. No hegemony lasts forever. War never changes and War never ends.

  53. “Like in today’s society, the only men who would still get laid are the ones who ignore all the feminist conditioning and who listen to their primal instincts. The only determining difference would be that the punishment for ignoring feminist opinions would be a lot worse.”
    Feminism is a massive shit-test. Ignore, reframe, or agree & amplify. Men who do this get laid.
    “How about the women would live in such a society? How would the life of the last few remaining women, who don’t want to be labeled as feminists and who still love the idea of being a woman look like?
    Those girls would face the same destiny as you and me. No man would have the balls to approach them and no man would even think about revealing his sexual interest. The fear of the consequences would be too extreme.
    As a result of this, women would end up alone, sexually frustrated, and without the chance of ever having a family or a life-long partner. Why? Their fellow females did everything to whip out all the motivation in men to have a woman in their life.”
    Not only that, but Feminism would dilute women of their sexy femininity, and also dilute Men of their masculinity that makes them irresistible to women. They would RAPE the ying-yang that NATURE has beautifully crafted.
    Since cunty Feminism is all about fat-accepting, slut-accepting and workforce-enabling movements (in order for ugly women to be as valuable/desirable as the truly sexy/valuable/desirable women), it would make women everywhere as undesirable as the ugly feminists. This is the “end goal” – this is what they truly mean when they say they want equality.
    They also want to lower the value of masculine MEN in order to limit our influence and power that NATURE has granted us over almost everything (especially women).
    As long as I’m alive, Feminism will NOT win.

  54. So I post something about fabianism and socialist democracy to you, which is what is happening to you and your society, and your biggest upvote is the statue of liberty in beachsand from the planet of the apes?
    No wonder feminists are going to win.

  55. Many posters below saying that the femanazis have won already. Sure they have won many battles but as the saying goes to win the battle doesn’t win the war. Many of the gains these Kuntz have won are slowly coming back to bite them in the ass. 50% divorce rates, single mothers with feral children, complaint after complaint that they can’t find a “good man”, men shunning the institute of marriage, the list goes on.
    The war is far from over.

    1. I don’t believe it’s lost either.
      It’s bad now. There is no doubt about that.
      But I think 2014/2015 is the high water mark for this diseased social philosophy. More and more people are starting to actively reject feminism and it’s ideas.
      Feminism is a big train, and it’s been running for a long time. It will take a long time to slow it down, stop it, and reverse direction, but that process has started, IMO.

    2. Oh, but the feminists have won the war. Trouble is… The War never changes and the War never truly ends.

  56. In labor practices, you end up with the employees you deserve. I say the same to feminists, constantly – you will not be respected nor revered, and your measure will be on one thing only – utility. You are a western culture profiteer and you have not paid for that privilege, but are profiting on the deaths of men. You will get the men you deserve. Now Fuck Off You Cold Cunt.

    1. Women get the men they deserve. When women were kind, loyal, good cooks, chaste and married young they got men who treated them like gold. They were put first in all things and men would die for them. Now they don’t reward good men and use them as atm machines. They don’t even pretend anymore to like nice guys. . The result is men who don’t care, don’t marry, men who pump and dump and live for themselves. Women did this. . They had the world in their hands and pissed it away for sex with a thug in a dirty bathroom stall with vomit on the floor. I wish prostitution would just be made legal and a male birth control pill as well as an artificial womb created so men can once and for all tell these whores to go to hell

  57. They can call off the dogs now and it won’t matter I like millions of men have been denied income, a family and a normal life that men deserve. . Their apology won’t pay back the time and lost income and lost memories that would have been. Feminism has reached a point where there is a huge army of unemployed, underemployed men without families. That won’t be fixed with a simple apology and a ten dollar an hour job for the man. . If I Man up it will be for me not a woman. And definitely not a fat American single mom skank. . The patriarchy was designed to protect women from themselves. Sadly their daughters and granddaughters will suffer. I won’t she’d a tear as a man without a stake in society has no skin in the game. If I had a child I might care but I don’t so fuck it. Let it burn. Sad. I could have been a good father like alot of men. I was raised by a single mom. I know what the do to their kids. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

  58. Men need to start filing lawsuits against pro-female affirmative action policies (like white women have done with respect to pro-racial minority a.a.).

  59. The dystopia the elites are forcing on us is perilously close to a reality. There is no organized opposition of any kind and the existing scattered opposition is ineffective and prone to belief in the most outlandish. Witness some of the posts on ROK that go by unchallenged. There really in the end is very little difference between the PC elites and the radical head chopper offers. Which side will win who knows but all of us Edgar Friendlys will be driven far underground in the aftermath.

  60. feminism has already won? Not from where I’m standing…we live in an increasingly open oligarchy, the middle class is disappearing, 1/2 the students in public schools are in poverty…fill in the blanks because this goes on…and on and on and on and on.

  61. 1) Go to here http://t.co/hlTVOjkz9T (Herself.com – in case the link doesn’t work)
    2) read all through the entire site and take in the crazy unhinged shit therein (especially the victim mentality) – all the while remembering these are young women, not old battlescarred feminists
    3) Google site owners name and note rave reviews
    This what you’re up against. Feminist indoctrination complete. And it looks more like RadFem than mainstream.
    I think that there are only 3 ways that feminism will cease, and none of them involve direct attacks on feminism or fighting for men’s rights (which they treat as a big joke anyway).

  62. Our Home Secretary(England) wants to make it a criminal offence to criticise women. As well as ’emotional’ abuse and ‘controlling’ behaviour(like women aren’t guilty of it)

  63. I too am planning on the GTHO moment. I have the huge advantage of being old. I am very close to being able to have a first world retirement income in a third world country. I have made plans for 2 years and 6 years out depending on how bad it gets. The issue for you younger guys (and I assume most of you are quite a bit younger) is that the disease of feminism is spreading all over the world. The few sanctuaries that exist now will probably be gone in 20 years, or less. By that time I will be dead or too old to care.
    I don’t see that there is much hope of a collapse (femocalypse) occurring before this goes viral and pandemic worldwide. In the not too distant future there will be nowhere to flee. And if you plan on getting out young and starting a family in someplace that is still man friendly, think about the guys that started families in the 60s only to be frivorced in the 70s. If you start a family now, anywhere in the world, you are shooting craps as to whether you will be able to keep it to completion.

  64. Yes, be afraid. Be very afraid. One day we are going to get you.. you can run, but you can’t hide… Many big, strong, dangerous females.. coming to punish you..

      1. Haha, very funny.. well do you know: some women work as police officers.. and in military.. so.. what if they get active.. you’ll be in trouble…

  65. I am beginning to believe that the revolution cannot come soon enough.
    I mean that in a literal sense – and will go off-topic quite a bit here.
    1. Police enforce laws, which amount to little more than revenue extraction and torture and murder of honest citizens. They face no reprisals for their actions – burning people to death killing fleeing suspects by shooting them in the back, raping women while on patrol, for example. (All can be verified – many times over.)
    2. Women demand license, while they condemn men for breathing. No limits to their “freedoms.” No limit to our responsibilities.
    3. The government, living on the skim – like a con artist – is sucking our future away a dollar at a time through both inflation, and predatory financial practices that remove jobs and value from out economy (while enriching those at the top with real estate (tangible assets of lasting value, such as land.)
    Until we start dealing with them….
    We are looking at this failure for our future.
    But burn out the cancer…?
    They live amongst us.
    They seek to end US this very way.
    Shall we wait until their boot is on our throat?

  66. I always love coming here to laugh and read the comments of men who have clearly been rejected their whole lives. Thanks for the entertainment, basement dwellers.

  67. They wont make us slaves as much as they’ll kill us. They just don’t care about us.

  68. What will happen? Ill tell you what will happen, it happened before, women will keep pushing and oushing untill they are up against the wall, then they will become desperate and try to reverse the situation, won’t work, you can’t just erase so many years of brainwashing, then they will go full retard and renounce all there rights in a desperate bid to reawaken the men into malehood, like it happened in Rome with Christianity, long story short women will be once again seen as the devil spawn and mistrusted for millenia, then the circle restarts.

    1. Maybe this time we’ll have enough records to Keep the Cycle from happening again….

      1. If we survive, last time the affected area was a lot smaller, Rome and surrounding provinces, this time it’s US, Canada, Europe, Japan, Australia and Russia, all directly impacted, instead of just one city that is a capital of the empire, we are far more integrated then before, so the fallout will reach much farther. Right now Russia seems to have it worst, the process is nearly complete but the damage has been done, they are fast becoming an extinct nation, Japan is a little behind but not much, next will be Canada, then Europe, then Australia most likely, US will probably be the last to fall because of the immigration that will keep it’s head above water for awhile, but not forever.

  69. Sometime I feel a broken record, but it needs saying: Women are incapable of wielding power on their own behalf. They can only succeed in promoting a group or groups of men to wield power on their behalf.
    In traditional society, good women supported the leadership of good men to advance female interests along with the interests of society.
    Once incited to rebellion against good men, women transfer that allegiance to two main groups, effeminate men, and the demented imps who incited the rebellion.
    There is always, a group of men behind every female rebellion, and they are the ones who will wield the real power should we allow this incarnation we call feminism to seize the power centers of our civilization.
    That battle for control of European civilization is nearing its end stage.

  70. I believe that there is one border line, that if ever get crossed – there will be civil war.
    The hidden forces behind all this circus know this that’s why they cross the line very slowly, and constantly draw new line. Is peoples like us who should remind everyone where the line actually was at the begining. I think a lot of peoples awakened.
    I myself had liberal views formed in the school. But they got washed when what was told to me clashed with the reality that I seen myself. Is not only me. There are many who changed views. And that is visible. In neutral forums, SJW leaning opinions are attacked by many. Those with SJW believes gradually retreat in safe places.
    SJW articles are oftenly with closed coment sections.
    Which is their admit that they are not so popular.

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