3 Ways To Deal With Overly Emotional Females

We’ve all been there—one of the womenfolk is seriously mad at you for no good reason. Maybe you didn’t take out the trash when she asked you to, maybe you forgot to arrange the coffee cups in a specific order or failed to read her mind—again. Whatever the reason is, rest assured that it’s going to be trivial, completely random, and make her blow up like an overweight nuclear bomb.

She is right in your face, the spittle is flying everywhere, her fat rolls are quaking with the anger of thousand SJWs and her second chin seems to have developed a will of its own and wants to bitch slap you on the spot. Logic doesn’t work. Trying to justify yourself is pointless. You are dealing with an overly emotional female and by God you are going to pay for your sins. Welcome to your worst nightmare.

Better dead than fearful

At moments like these is when you have brief flashes of lucidity and realize why Leonidas and his soldiers willingly died at the Hot Gates—they didn’t want to endure yet another day of their wives’ bitching.

"Tonight we dine in hell!" "So, your wife is cooking again?"

“Tonight we dine in hell!” “So, your wife is cooking again?”

If heroic death in combat is not an option, then you will have to find an alternative. If you were to take sitcoms such as Everybody loves Raymond seriously, it would seem the best option is to simply endure in silence and whine to your best friend about how your woman “like completely changed.”

However, not all is lost. Forget about being an emotional whipping boy for women. It’s time to take control of your own life and stop taking the verbal abuse. Return of Kings is about to teach you the three simple techniques of dealing with overly emotional females, which are:

1. Dismiss her complaints

This is how naive men deal with emotional women. She is factually wrong and you are going to prove it to her. Sounds like a great plan, right? You will quickly learn that women are inferior to men in every aspect, which also includes reason.

However, you will find out that women are incredibly skilled at changing the subject and moving the goalposts without you even noticing. If all else fails, they can simply turn on the waterworks and start whimpering. It doesn’t matter if you’re right – look at what you’ve done, you bastard!

water faucet

Sympathy generator [ON]

If you happen to be in public and start to argue with your woman, the sight of a crying female is sure to attract white knights eager to defend her, just like a hot girl in water attracts rapist dolphins.

In a politically correct hellhole such as US, this kind of scene can land in you some serious trouble. It doesn’t matter what happened, the girl is crying and you shall pay for it. If you do decide to argue with a woman, be succinct, don’t lose your temper, don’t raise your voice and absolutely do not allow her to change the subject.

2. Ignore her

Women cycle through moods with a much greater frequency and amplitude than men due to their hormonal surges. Whatever the triggering issue seems to be, the underlying cause is always in her. In her ovaries, to be exact.

Women experience this emotional rollercoaster on a regular basis up until their mid 40s, at which point they enter menopause and become batshit crazy. Though you can try to pamper the she-beast and alleviate the symptoms, there is nothing you can do to fix the underlying cause of the problem.


The monthly cycle of happiness and suffering

You don’t have to deal with a woman in such a mood. In fact, she’s supposed to have a network of female friends that truly understand her problems and can empathize with her. If she doesn’t, it’s her own fault, not yours. If she tries to vent her inner frustrations and penis envy on you, simply don’t pay attention to her.

Since women crave male attention and validation, you are showing her that she isn’t worthy of your attention when she’s behaving like a harpy. This means leaving the woman to tend to her own needs and acknowledging her only when she’s calmed down and rational.

3. Walk away

If your bullshit tolerance is extremely low, you can just go do your own thing. This is an incredibly powerful method of showing the woman that unstable behavior won’t be tolerated. In all relationships, you should always give the appearance of being able to walk away at any given moment. If she persistently tests your patience, just walk away and don’t look back. You’ll thank me later.

walk away

Solitude is better than the company of insufferable women

Of course, the problem is compounded with how marriage and divorce is handled in today’s society. More and more men are deciding that they simply won’t tolerate this kind of bullshit and either won’t marry or even live with a woman in a single building. This is supposed to help them avoid divorce, but the problem is that the government doesn’t want to deal with women either and is always looking for a sucker who is going to support the lifestyle a woman is used to.

It’s a (marriage) trap!

For example, in certain countries such as Canada and Australia, after a certain period of time has passed in a romantic relationship (the exact definition of which is up to the judge to decide), you are considered married to a woman. And that’s it, she has the right to half or more of all your shit even though there is no official marriage.

It doesn’t matter what you think about it, these laws are made to artificially prop up the plummeting marriage rate. You just happened to be born with a dick and thus have to suffer. Unless you live in a radical Muslim country, where women dress like ninjas, you absolutely cannot walk away from a marriage without losing everything you worked so hard to achieve. On top of that, you will probably lose your kids as well, since 85% of all custodial parents in the US are women.

Once you’re invested in the relationship, it’s hard to muster the willpower to leave. This is understandable, but always remember that life isn’t meant to be a sandwich with two slices of bread and a piece of shit in between.

By using your wits and two hands, you can live a life far beyond anything any women can dream of achieving. Expect only the best from people around you and give only the best to those who have earned it.

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280 thoughts on “3 Ways To Deal With Overly Emotional Females”

    1. No point presenting an irrational entity with evidence of rational thought…
      Also, you have a winner’s name.

    2. As an experienced male of the masculine persuasion who has been in a LTR for longer than most people on this board have been alive, let me be the second to inform you that collecting evidence and presenting it to her is the very last thing that will work. The most you’ll get is “You’re twisting my words” when you throw down the evidence or, more likely, tears and fleeing the room while calling you horrible followed by make up sex where she hopes you forget, and forgive, her transgressions.
      When you can watch a woman look her husband in the eye and deny cheating when he’s standing there with text message record printouts, time stamp credit card statements and actual video of her going into a hotel room with a sleazebag, you realize that evidence collection means fuck all to her.
      Not that I’ve gone through that, but I have a friend who has. And I suspect that a large percentage of men on this board have seen the same thing as well. It’s shocking to see.

        1. Kids. Plus up until now arguments are few and far between. She grew up a farm girl under a very dominant father, and her preferred method of dealing with problems is to simply go to another room and sulk for a while; avoidance. Which works for me.
          Honestly she’s a peach, which isn’t to say we haven’t had our issues.
          But yeah, kids. I’m a father first and I owe my children a traditional family home, even if nobody else is practicing this quaint custom any longer, and even if we have difficulties (imagine that, working through problems instead of living with the “disposable person” mentality). And I did it. Son is an adult now, and daughter is almost 16 and the years go *fast* at this stage. Mission accomplished.

        2. Kids, eh.. you know, i see a woman clearest right after i slept with her. and i ask myself in those moments if she could be worth to invest into her, if she is LTR material. the simple answer up to date is just “no”. not to say i dont have flaws myself, but with the risks involved today it just isnt worth it for me. all the usual hate aside, when im with woman i feel like im with children. honestly, this is ridiculous. i cant imagine living with one, and since i dont have kids, i dont have to ))
          though its sad, but at some point in life, i wanted to try out to be a father. right now that would be an awful idea for various reasons, but i cant see it in the future either.
          but anyway, congratulations, you dont just whine on this site, you actually did something for the future by raising some decent children, as it sounds. also congratulations that you found a peach who seemingly helped you with it, and didnt interfere )))
          but, at last, im really curious about something else: are your kids redpill? i cant imagine you would sit down with them and say “dear children, lets talk about the redpill”. but did you teach them the ideas of it, how life really works? must have been very confusing to them, since they would hear the exact opposite when they go to school.

        3. Thanks. And yes, they are. And you’re correct, you don’t sit down with The Little Red (Pill) Book and indoctrinate, that never works for any topic. But advice when necessary or requested, as well as setting the example through my actions does the trick every time.
          The exception to this was my son and how to deal with women. I didn’t call it red pill but we have had a few discussions about his role as a man in a relationship, and how to deal with women. Kid’s a natural with chicks, and they make it a task to follow him everywhere. He keeps his (gorgeous) girlfriend in line in such a red pill way that my chest swells with pride.
          Her: “Hey, I can’t come over today, I have to XYZ”
          Him: “Ok, no problem, Cindy and Tracy wanted to come over and watch a movie tonight anyway. Catch you later.”
          Her: (shows up half an hour later, having “magically” handled the task she claimed to have)

  1. Never overlook the logistical challenge of walking away.
    Walking away is not an option if all of your stuff is in the same place as she is.
    Walking away is not so easy if you are “legally bound”.
    So you know what this means?
    Don’t be shacking up. Don’t be moving in, and keep only enough stuff at her place that you can scoop up on your way out the door.
    Don’t be sharing accounts of any kind either.
    ALWAYS be positioned to be able to walk away and never have to see her again. Always.

    1. Only shit I leave at a broads house are things I have at m y own place as well. I can walk and leave it.

      1. And that’s basically our situation. Men in general are, not yet legally but in every other sense, criminals.

        1. Well, this society has established levels of vilification to such extent that all men are criminals. At just about every step you are gauged on what group you are in and vilified from there.
          Funny you used Heat as an example because it is starting to get to that point where men are going to have to form up “crews” to survive.
          Think about it as needing more than a wingman.
          The only thing holding the trend back is that too many men are still blue-pilling it and the red pill guys suddenly want to spend all of their time chasing the poosy (and just like the blue pillers, are shunting their blood and treasure towards women)

        2. I’ve been thinking along similar lines for a while. My problem has been finding guys that are legitimately red-pill.
          The only people I know that are somewhat red-pill are drug-dealer criminal types… And they come with all sorts of liabilities.
          It often amazes me how utterly blue-pill most people are.

        3. There are millions of us. But that’s still only one in every thousand, if that. The only place you will find large groups of non-criminal redpills is right here. On the internet.

        4. cops. truck drivers. firemen. actually anyone who has to deal with the public day in and out and gets to see human nature lol

        5. I know a lot of guys that are rep pill to a point but still blue pill in many ways. The guys I know that are somewhat red pill have either been fucked over badly by women or are naturally successfull with women an have seen their true nature but finding genuine red pill men is very hard for me.

        6. Well, as drjeep said above.. real men are being criminalized. Maybe it started with the drug dealers.

        7. The important thing to remember is that there is almost no outlet for red pill thinking. Most people today are not any smarter than people in the 1500s. The difference is access to information. Someone born today has the ability to be “smarter” than Leonardo DaVinci only because he can read realms of knowledge about a variety of factors. But unless you find ROK, where else will you learn about redpill thinking? I had many redpill tendencies before, as the guys you stated, but was mostly bluepill.
          That’s because you can make a few observations based upon your own experience, but eventually you must rely upon the thoughts of others. Imagine if we each had to discover how internal combustion happens on our own. No one would drive cars. We need to get this knowledge out there to the masses. The rest is easy. It resonates, because it is true.

        8. You’re right you also have to consider that we live in a society that holds red pill truths as evil for lack of a better word. Combine this with a society where free thinking is virtually dead due to everyone getting their knowledge from TV or the internet or whatever instead of reaching conclusions for themselves an you have a society of bluepillers.

        9. When having a penis makes you a criminal then there are no limits on your actions. Why not be a drug dealer? Why not beat the shit out of women? Why not rob and steal at gun point? You are a criminal anyway so what do you have to lose?

        10. Yeah I’m having this problem with the pilot in my “crew”. Yeah we got a pilot. Shit with him in the crew, it’s like we got the A-team.
          But lately he’s acting like a beta fucklhead over this one woman and I’m getting ready to call his ass out on it. But we might lose our pilot – this guy can fly everything from Cessna to heavies.
          I know some guy be like “WTF you need a pilot for?”
          Well, think of a lot of action movies where the right aircraft and someone who could fly it would have spared a lot of gunfights, zombie bites, death by lava, dinosaurs, or whatever? That’s why we got a pilot.

        11. The progression over the last century:
          Outlaw bikers
          Drug Dealers
          Deadbeat Dads
          Teenage boys (the “eeek! gangs!” scare of the early 90s)
          Gun Owners
          Teenage boys again (those on the Ritalin and other drugs shooting up their schools)
          Well they tried to get “red pillers” started with the Elliot Rodgers thing but the whole PUA hater thing nuked the rug right out from under that. So they will wait.

        12. You got a pilot? Ok you’re like way ahead of me.
          I have a drummer and a financial analyst with a nose-job.

        13. You don’t happen to be near sac ca? I’m in the same boat. All of my friends are warped beyond tolerance. Ingesting the red pill means ditching most friendships.

        14. Nah I’m in fucking Canada. Toronto Ontario.
          I think its necessary to tolerate a bit of blue-pill sometimes otherwise you’ll always be isolated. Some of my funniest and most cherished friends are straight up betas.
          I don’t consider myself an alpha or something, but my mindset is definitely more red-pill than most people I come into contact with.
          When I’m surrounded by white-knight manginas is when I feel totally isolated and miserable. Not only do they act like fucking self-defeating little shits but they actively resent people that put in the hard work to improve themselves, or at the very least take responsibility for themselves. I got no problem with betas or omegas, but blue-pill idiots I have to get away from.
          What about your friends in particular gets under your nerves? I’ve had to cut out quite a few people but thankfully me and my closest friends still get along pretty well.

        15. The vast majority (but not all) on that list, with no actual irony, can wet a woman’s panties nearly instantaneously without even trying.

        16. Yeah, and the author apparently never saw the Muslim take on Iran? Because supposedly, men have more reason to fear marriage there then here in the West.
          Contrary to what feminists and the right tell us.
          They literally become her slave whether they divorce or not.
          You can forget beatings, or the other feminist crap they spew in their spittle.
          It is BS!

        17. They also get to flex their muscles and grunt. Cops are totally ruled by their dicks and lack control of their roid emotions. When caught they pull the PTSD BS.

        18. I hear you, i think I’ve voluntarily opted for isolation over associating with old blue-pill friends. I’ve distanced myself over time from certain friends because they have a defeatist attitude towards life and women.. and harbor deep resentment for successful men. I have no time to be around people like that.
          I have one friend in the states i regularly chat with online, he was the one who introduced me to ROK and Redpill thinking when i met him in Europe, the other friend i occasionally see in person.. these two are on my level of thinking, and understand social and cultural issues better then most people.

        19. To lose: becoming a victim of “prisons for profit” and all the nasty shite that “entails”.

        20. Keeping a few betas to omegas as pets can be useful – some may even be trained to do amusing or useful tricks.

        21. I have no patience for guys that actively hate on more successful men. You want what that guy has? Maybe its time to learn from that guy and not the people feeding you excuses.
          I also have little respect for people who look down their noses at those not as advantaged or as developed. Everyone is going to look like hell at their lowest point.

        22. Being around ‘true believers’ of the Democrat Party of the USA would seriously make your skin crawl Clark…I’m the same way. I ALWAYS vote AGAINST Democrats, not because the Republicans are so great, but because I can’t see any overall good coming from an outlook so based in envy. It’s disgustingly infantile & narrow minded.

        23. Agreed about the haters. Its gotten to the point that my unmarried friends won’t even go drinking with me because I “hoard” female attention. If they do come out, I watch them transform from a buddy to someone going out of their way just to show disdain for me (interrupting mid-sentence, yawning exaggeratedly, not listening at all, or outright cockblocking), tho it never works out for them…which is why I forgive it in puzy-starved friends. Its like women instinctively see lesser males and the games they play, cuz they go home alone while I’m getting blown in the parking lot

        24. Canada? Nice, I visit my relatives in BC almost annually. Mostly I would say, I have a hard time being around people who whine and complain about things when it is within their power to change the status quo. However, I do have friends that complain and, sometimes they need a reality check, then they realize they can change it. Some do not. I may have been more blue pill than id like to admit back in the day which is why I’ve cut many out (I’m in my late 20s), I still do keep in contact and kick it with the people I met in college.

        25. I think as we get older we’re gonna naturally start to weed bullshit people out of our lives. God knows I’ve spent inordinate amounts of time with shitty people in my past.
          The rocky’s and BC landscape is very beautiful…
          What is your take on the girls in those parts? I haven’t spent enough time to have a real opinion.

        26. I pipe bullshit to /dev/null
          My ears shut down. I cannot sit through incessant babble. Hit my threshold, I’ve checked the fuck out. I walk away.

        27. Sheew, as someone that saw it i can tell you women have it good in the middle East. Yes the man is expected to bear financial burden even if the women is richer than him…..

      2. “for me, the sun rises and sets with her man”. All the while she is sucking cock in some cheap hotel room.
        Spoken like a true beta.
        Just like all the guys I know who talk beta bitch-talk like….
        “she is my soulmate”
        “I’m so glad I found _____ ” (insert feminist bitch here)
        Guys who say these things, and usually the first ones to end up getting fucked over by a headcase feminist psycho.

      3. Did anyone catch the point about where in Australia you become de facto married after being in a relationship for more than a specific period of time? How’s that for a pump and dump incentive?

    2. In addition to “Don’t be sharing accounts of any kind either. ”
      NEVER share passwords, NEVER give her your phone/tablet/laptop/etc for her to “check her email”. It’ll all come back to you at a very high price!! Explain to her those are private and she can use her own phone with your wifi if she pleases.
      Edit: Oh also password protect everything. You’ll thank me later.

    3. Amen, but the article is not about walking away, the article is about dealing with her moods and obviously is written by someone who hasn’t spent much time around women, if any actually living with one….
      1.) is completely useless advice “If you do decide to argue with a woman, be succinct, don’t lose your temper, don’t raise your voice and absolutely do not allow her to change the subject.”
      forget about arguing completely, it’s just pointless…. essentially she’s trying to goad you into what she considers bad behavior to prove her point….. any argument with a woman is just a shit test or some attempt on her part to find a new cock…. FACT.
      2.) Ignoring is good, but requires emotions of steel, by the time you have mastered this you will be more cold blooded than Count Dracula as he sinks his teeth into a virgin.
      4.) Is missing….. The main female tool is the silent treatment or huffy fit…. this can literally go on for weeks, and is a total FAKE. One minute she’s happy as a dog on heat laughing with some BFF, the next minute you come around the corner and she puts this look on her face like she’s been diagnosed with breast cancer and has 24 hours to live.
      It can be incredibly difficult to ignore this, especially since it comes with emotional radiation that’s directed at you to make you react. You’re supposed to ask her ‘what’s wrong’ at which point you’ve been drawn into a discussion (see 1.).
      There really are only 2 options for dealing with women: beating her, or fucking her, the second being preferable which is why god gave you a built in stick for beating females with, where it quells their endless emotional nonsense and turns it into moans of pleasure…. The problem is that fucking some hissy fit bitch is almost impossible because it’s just not a turn on at all…. perhaps that’s where the yelllow rubber gloves treatment comes in ?
      The third option is simply to bury her in the back garden and have done with it.
      Since none of these are very legal and in the modern age all likely to land you in deep shit, you are better off sticking to coke, champagne and hookers on the weekend and working like a mad professor during the week to mint some millions.
      Problem solved…. why make it more complicated than it needs to be ?

      1. Your points:
        1) Sometimes you don’t get an option to not argue. Actually strike that, sometimes you don’t get a choice when she gets mad and decides to try to start an argument. You *do* have a choice on whether to argue back and escalate. So don’t.
        2) You do have a choice on how to respond. Cold stony indifference can be learned actually. How easy it would be for a young man trained since birth to “show his feelings” though I really don’t know and have no way of knowing. My uncle taught me this when I was around 12 or so and I used it against my mother when she’d throw a fit, found that it worked, and it was that easy afterward. I guess just seeing it work, repeatedly, reinforces it. Agree you kind of feel like Vlad the Impaler once you get to this level of ability. Clinical, detached, rather like an observer of the scene instead of a participant and calmly stating “Ok, you can cry if you wish, but you know it doesn’t affect me. If you wish to do so though, carry on, I’ll be downstairs watching television” (or whatever) is very cathartic in its own right. I highly recommend learning this ability for younger men.
        4) The silent treatment is fantastic. It gives you some respite and peace, and you can focus on your woodwork or hobbies in blessed silence. Adding the occasional smile and happy nod as you pass is just sauce for the goose if you ask me. heh

        1. “The silent treatment is fantastic. It gives you some respite and peace,”
          yeah, but if i want respite and peace, fuck it i can just live on my own and not have ‘the mood’ prowling about the house….. it’s childish at best….. why would i want that in my life ?

        2. I’ve found that dogs help alleviate silent womanly emotion real well. Hell, even if I come home from work pissy, they sense tension or that something is off and usually try to cheer the me up with a toy or a snuggle. (this does assume the person isn’t a psycho and turns on the dogs)

        3. If you’re not in an LTR, agreed. If you’re already there, then fall back on my observations.

        4. A home has to have a dog. Not just for you to go out and hunt with it (or whatever) but for the emotional tampon value it has for a female.

        5. You do have a choice on how to respond. Cold stony indifference can be learned actually. How easy it would be for a young man trained since birth to “show his feelings” though I really don’t know and have no way of knowing.

          And that’s the problem. That’s how “men” are being raised these days.

        6. I was in an LTR where she cried a lot. That used to rip me up, but then I figured out I was getting sucked into her “escalation death spiral” and simply stopped playing.
          She hardly cries about anything now. Go figure.

        7. I just go T2. Cold, hard, indifferent with a listless stare.

          Ironically, this form of treatment turns them on more. Women are turned on when they realize that you don’t care about their feelings. Responding to them in a caring manner let’s her know that she has won and you are not as good/strong as she thought you were. Game Over.
          Remember, in ANY relationship (business/personal/romantic, etc.) The one who has the power is the one who is willing to walk away.
          aka The one who cares the most loses.

        8. The ‘thousand yard stare’, I’ve used it a number of times to great effect…literally seen a quiver go through them & then a calming.

      2. My ex who I was with for 15 years was a master of most of this. I have since learned a number of ways of dealing with her as I have kids and still must.
        1) Never reward bad behavior. Your actions speak louder than your words. If you end the argument by caving on something and saying that her behavior doesn’t work you have still rewarded the bad behavior.
        2) I now tell her I don’t reward bad behavior and tell her to talk to me when she is ready to do so in a calm manner
        3) say “this is treating me disrespectfully. Talk to me when you are ready to treat me respectfully” and then follow it with actions ie walk away or ignore her until she does
        4) when she pulls the you do this or tries to change the subject I calmly say I will be happy to talk about that when we are done with the current issue
        5) I’ve since realized that she completely makes shit up. Trust your own judgement . It is so much easier to ignore shit and not take it personally when you no longer place any value on words coming out of her mouth in an agitated state

        1. I was raised with men [brothers ]7 of them. so this doesn’t work personally because my man is the opposite and does number 5 all the time.

    4. Women hide what they know you need, then you have to go back and tell them “and I would like my undies back.”

      1. Or your rug. When you notice the room back at your own place just isn’t tied together is when you remember she has your rug.

    5. I’m reminded of Patrice O’Neal making his girlfriend keep her own place because sometimes he just didn’t want to be around her, so he wanted somewhere to banish her to.

      1. if a pussy wants to give advise it can try the many toxic feminist websites out there that pretends that your logic is of value, this is for men little lady….

        1. Suck my big dick. I read your past comments. Your fucking sad and nothing you say on this forum will change the fact that you lead a sad, vengeful life. If you were my son – I wouldn’t like the person you are. Straighten up young man.

        2. Penis envy much? guess you wish you had a dick. Even a small one. Its amazing how women try to shame men into towing the line….but your shaming, just like chivalry is dead to men. You thought the grass was greener on the other side with a 9 to 5 but now you know better. Men had it just as hard in many ways. So go shame a feminised man that doesnt even have the balls to stand up to something that evolved primarily to keep his boner warm at night. Theres over 3 billion of you warmers out there.

  2. Best way, I’ve found, is to talk baby to them, “awww, diddums. Did I make you cwy.”
    Pisses them off. Keep going, till they go bizerk. Then do it some more.
    The next time they start chucking a shit do the baby talk again. They’ll soon learn.

    1. Yes, you can treat them like little kids, but ironically. They will start laughing at their own hysteria. How that’s even possible, I don’t know. It does keep the pressure on you though, and they get used to it. So walking away is the best option.

    2. I know a lot of women who would love it if somebody would talk baby with them, they wouldn´t be pissed of at all.
      Let´s not forget that most female minds resemble the mind of a child.

    3. i dunno man…. i would suggest to ‘never goad the beast.’
      that doesn’t mean ignore her bullshit, or tolerate her bullshit… make sure to put her in her place… but don’t goad her. just my two cents.

      1. I understand your logic, but I’ve found the opposite approach works better. E.g. If she tells you not to drink, tell her you’re going to get hammered every night for the next week… then do it (ALWAYS go through with your threats, it’s important). Very, very quickly she’ll work out not to tell you to do/not do anything.

    4. I tried that once and got pulled down a stairwell by my hair.
      Of course I did not fight back. You see, while there was only one hand on my hair pulling at me, there were in reality scores of hands.
      The hands of the cops who would arrest me if I fought back.
      The hands of the judge and prosecutor who would readily charge me (guilty for having a penis I guess)
      The hands of the jury who will be full of fucking deadbrained zombies indoctrinated on years of feminist crap meaning man=evil women=pure/sweet/innocent.
      So no, I would not do that. I would just keep a distance, say “let me know when you want to handle this like an adult” and then walk away.

      1. Dok, you are full of wisdom. I’m hoping most of this was gained by reading, talking to others, observing, and not through personal experience. Because otherwise, you’ve been through a world of shit!!!
        FYI: Usually whatever needs to be “handled like an adult” isn’t even a real issue in the first place.

        1. I really do appreciate the real world stories, whether it is Roosh recounting word for word how he picked up and banged a girl or hearing crazy shit that happens to others in relationships. And whenever I relate a real world story it tends to get a lot of upvotes. It’s so much more helpful than seeing basic 1, 2, 3 articles like this. So yeah, @doktorjeep go for it!

        2. I fear that if I detail the shit I have seen and experienced there will be a rash of suicides.

        3. I think you’d incur the opposite reaction. If you’ve kept living after such events then others would feel renewed in their efforts.

      2. God they want you to beat them. It would be fulfilling a deep seated fantasy to be victimized. It is like hitting the lottery of sympathy and support for them.
        I got hit once. I calmly said, “I’m asking you not to do that. I’m getting the impression that if it is okay for you to hit me then it is okay for me to respond and knock the shit out of you.” Gotta do it calmly and without emotion. Some people take that chance…
        I’ve been on jury duty. Man, the people you meet can be depressingly fucking insane lunatics that make you lose faith in humanity.

    5. LOL I did this once- shaking a imaginary baby rattle at her.
      Did not end well.

  3. Wait, if you live in australia or canada bitches can still take your shit even if your not married to them??

        1. nvm, did the research for myself…
          what in the actual fuck… like how..? How is this allowed to happen??

        2. Because you own a penis and you have no rights.
          That’s how.
          Talk to the actual white knight men in government. They’re the ones bowing to this bullshit and putting the rest of us in chains.

    1. It amazes me that we don’t have “Yes Means Yes” yet in our universities. Once that happens, Canada is officially the blue-pill feminist hell of the world.
      At least Sweden has somewhat equitable divorce laws and better weather.

      1. Given as whales and dolphins are closely related, it appears that ol’ Flipper there simply made a natural mistaken identity faux pas. Who can blame him, how is he to know she isn’t a whale?

      1. “I was drunk and stoned the dolphin took advantage and raped me in front of a cheering crowd and spooged my whole body and made me smelly and no one else would sit by me and my pet manboobs is upset that I never let him hump my legs – now I shall carry around the pool matress until they catch and punish the rapist dolphin”.

    1. Holy crap, please pay attention to that whole video:
      She gets the dolphin to hump her.
      The crowd digs it so she “plays along”.
      The feminist biologist lists all the terrible things the dolphin *could* have done to her.
      She tries to blame the stank on the dolphin.
      Her mangina-dood sulks and she makes fun of him, because the dolphin humped her and he didn’t.
      The crowd shunned her afterwards (maybe the stink of her poontang and dolphin-cum might be nasty).

  4. When dealing with a ranting woman, I usually just smile and say, “you’re sweet.” She usually realizes She’s being ridiculous laughs and I take her home for anal. Never treat a woman like an adult .

  5. Sorry gents have to post another one of these…consistent with this post, here is the latest from the esteemed Paul Joseph Watson from Infowars. One more things, gents, Infowars has really started to take it to the feminists and they have a huge base and they are very red pill. Something to consider when we think of ourselves as this little oasis. Truth is, we’re much better than that.
    BTW, be forewarned this is very disturbing…and sad.

      1. That never sat well with me either, but then again, the man has to make a living. Nonetheless, he’s got a huge following and over the past months I’ve seen him and his crew, namely Paul Joseph Watson, being outspoken against feminism. So, like him or not, that’s very encouraging because he’s the voice for an enormous red pill community. Look, sometimes I’m at a loss to understand how conditions have gotten this bad and I wonder where are the rest of the people who, so long as they’re normal, have to see this too. Well, Alex’s community is that place and he’s raising awareness of the toxicity of feminism. All in, its a good thing.

        1. Totally. I’m not so idealistic to think the man can’t make some money. He’s still doing important work, even if he has a side business selling snake oil to the crackpots.

      1. LOL… wow after watching that it’s crystal clear how we are completely different species. Seriously when I am out and about and see women now they look like they are a totally different animal, completely separate from any men I may see.

  6. haha, the line of reasoning about the sacrifice of the spartans at the battle of thermopylae had me laughing…

    1. Experience tells me you’re wrong. My teenaged daughter gets visibly more moody around her period, as does my wife. Neither one of them are feminists. My mother was also the same, pre “excuse” phase on the timeline.

      1. This is a research, i can’t find it right now.
        Hormones surely have some effect, but they are not the cause.
        Women exaggerate a lot, that is how they are: emotions.

        1. When you do, please post the link, I’d like to examine it if you don’t mind.
          As I said, see it happen all the time across every woman I’ve ever known, even the old school decent ones, as well as young “just coming into the joy known as menstrual cycles” girls. My girl’s first period announced itself a few days prior by her basically becoming insane. She literally had no control over herself and it’s doubtful she was playing up on a meme since she hadn’t had a period before to fall back on, she literally had no idea why she was crazy. Then a day later, first period. Clockwork.

        2. it could happen subconsciously, psychologically, even if it is related to their menstrual cycle it does not mean it is the cause.
          OK I found it, It was another user on another ROK topic that made me notice this, I found this:

          A Period Is No Excuse For A Woman To Be A Bitch

          Taken together, these studies failed to provide clear evidence in support of the existence of a specific premenstrual negative mood syndrome in the general population.
          This puzzlingly widespread belief needs challenging, as it perpetuates negative concepts linking female reproduction with negative emotionality.

          and here is another :http://www.news.utoronto.ca/pms-may-not-exist-research-shows

          “Before women even get their first period, they have heard about PMS.The notion is so ingrained in our culture that some of these studies are actually biased because women know the study is about PMS,” says Einstein, also a senior scientist with Women’s College Hospital and a scientific associate with Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre.

        3. Actually I agree with you, women in science are biased, I’ve noticed many times. And in this case they are blaming society.
          But you have to decide yourself what is true and what is not based on your own experiences. Personally I don’t believe it is explicitly biological

        4. They feel strange when the period is coming on. It’s a natural reaction to not becoming pregnant. The low they feel is designed to contrast the high they feel when ovulating. Look at the science behind men’s pheromones releasing an egg early in women. Every time I sense a shedding I don’t wear deodorant and cuddle with her, put on a movie and don’t respond to her biologically driven confusion. It works you just need to be a rock for a woman if you want her to succeed in cohabitation with you.

        5. Whenever you read “ingrained”, “culture”, “biased”, “notion”, “women”, “Women’s [fill in Studies, College, etc.]”, you know you’re reading Global International Feminationalsocialist Agitprop again. GIFA, pronounced, “jeefah”, Arabic for “stench”.

      2. Non-feminist girlfriend does too. I can tell the minute I walk into the house. I have the feeling the bitchiness probably stems from the physical cramps and maladies that occur when a body has to shed all of its preparation to be pregnant. Hell, if my dick involuntarily expunged stuff for 5 days, I’d be moody too.

        1. What you have is an already unstable person (woman in general) having a hormonal bump in the road.
          And an entire system and society giving her a pass.

        2. Yup. I agree that trumping up the “it’s rag time, so feel free to be a bitch” is fucking dumb. However, as your words show, it is unavoidable so we can’t just make pms go away. Again, if my body went through an internal shedding process once a month, I’d want to cut back on work and take a nap or two as well. Of course there are about a 1000 other steps that need to be taken first to get society balanced again before we can start addressing periods in the workplace.

        3. I always bring up the pms point to women early on in dating. “If you’re PMSing please just say you need to have a quiet night tonight”. “I don’t PMS.” *smug smile* When it happens the first time I say, “Hey I want to have a quiet night with a movie and a glass of wine, come join me”. Be in control, stop bitching about society. Make your woman part of your society.

        4. Yup. GF doesn’t get irrationally bitchy but she does get mopey and irritated. If I see a wrapper in the bathroom trash, I know its dinner then a movie laying on my lap night.
          If you are in a LTR, this is fucking gold too. You don’t have to be nice or do anything other than not be a dick and they love you for it. When they stop bleeding, they jump your bones like crazy. (I’m not the type of guy to make my cramped bleeding girlfriend fuck me)

        5. Here’s a trick I’ve used when I need some relief when she’s bleeding: I basically pretend to masturbate to a picture of her when she’s in the bathroom before bed and let her catch me (she thinks its porn) when she comes in. Then she’s so happy that you’re looking at her that you get blown. I don’t do it all the time but it works like gold.

        6. The opposite is true, hence why I’m calling you out. If it worked for you once, that doesn’t mean it’s good advice, it just means either a) she was horny or b) she was horny.

        7. And you’re achieve what, exactly, by trying to troll me? Fuck man, you talked shit, I called you out, and the best thing you could have done is just fuck off into the shadows and hope no one reads your bullshit. You literally have no idea who you’re talking to but I, and most people, have already formed a pretty clear picture of who you are. Good job.

        8. Here let me help, “Jesus Floyd, you illiterate fuck.” Notice the comma, yeah, that’s what you try to use when you’re calling someone else illiterate; unless, of course, you were trying to be ironic . . . which I doubt.

        9. Clearly you haven’t grasped what I was saying (I’ll assume due to a lack literacy skills). Come back to me when it’s dawned on you.

        10. For the mind disturbed, the still beauty of dawn is nature’s finest balm.
          – Edwin Way Teale

      3. My ex was way more touchy and hot-headed during her period. In fact I did an experiment where I made myself extra busy and unavailable whenever she was in heat (except for showing up for bed-time) for like 3 months. During this period we had almost no fights… Unfortunately, life isn’t always so clean cut….
        Its going to take more than some “study” to convince me that women’s moods don’t fluctuate with their period.

        1. They were examining PMS as an actual condition. If your body is shitting out dead eggs and uterus lining, you’re going to be pissy, regardless of any chemical or hormone release.

      4. I can always sense the bleeding about to come on. Perhaps its because I grew up with a sister.

    2. Women are generally, always bitchy during their periods. It gives them excuses to do whatever the fuck they want. But then again my sister was bitch when she’s on her period.

      1. It reminds them of the biological knowledge that they should be pregnant which defies both the “conservative” programming of chastity and the “liberal” programming of not needing children. Crazy cognitive dissonance.

    3. man you try having blood run every time you walk or when you sit and get up it’s like a never ending faucet of running water. It sure as hell puts me in a mood, have your[non existent] uterus feel like its going to drop lol some women have hardcore menstrual cycles it can even make you pass out or worse she will have to get a hysterectomy because the pain is to much. i’m not a feminist .i do find myself being a bit temperamental at this time of the month, no excuse or i’m not trying to justify some assy womens behavior[ because i know their are some women who play the funk] but from experience its hard to not be an ass “sometimes.” A. it hurts like a bit^$ and B. it sucks. my husband just gives me midol and Gatorade and call it a day and i’m a happy camper. i do not manipulate my man in any way or else this 10 years would not exist if you know what i mean.

  7. Women experience this emotional rollercoaster on a regular basis up until their mid 40s, at which point they enter menopause and become batshit crazy.
    Meh. God help me, but that Mrs. Jefferson has not yet had this happen. But I know it’s coming, and am not looking forward to it. My best friend’s wife went through it and she’d blow up and argue about absolutely meaningless shit that nobody had a clue about. EDIT: Redacted, a bit too much info, don’t want him to get upset if he sees it. Yeah, anyway.
    I strongly suspect that a divorce is imminent for him. Such a shame as he’s so fucking red pill and old school hardcore masculine that it’s weird seeing him look like that. And it bothers me because that may well be my fate as well.

    1. Once a woman is determined to argue, you can’t even agree with her. She’ll have none of that! That’s why they argue when you are driving on the freeway because they know you are trapped and forced to listen, since you can’t exactly exit the car door.

        1. I’d recommend pulling over for food, women find comfort in food and it will make her talk less.

      1. Yeah I know. But, as Ibian says below, that’s why the gods of engineering invented car doors.

    2. Uncle Jeff dude: it won’t happen to you. I suggest pushing her towards nurturing activities so that she transitions into grandmotherly love instead of motherly love. Volunteering is a great out. Menopause is that, the biological transition to group mentoring instead of child rearing. Good luck.

      1. Thanks man. She’s getting into plants now. Was into gardening our whole life, now she’s got grow lites (no 420 bro) and is trying to raise lettuce and spinach indoors in our subzero arctic hell. Probably best to keep her on that track as you suggest.

        1. Try to get her interested in medical fourtwenty (particularly couchlock indicas), that will serve well when “that day” comes.

  8. Being allergic to bullshit, this no longer happens to me. It used to with certain family members, but I got that straightened out by now.
    I fully expect to be single for most or all of my life. It’s just not worth it with the options we have to choose from today.

  9. Changing the subject is a classic tactic! Because SJWs are estrogen based in their thought, they frequently employ this tactic in order to accomplish a cheap and false victory. They do this to either get you bogged down in constructing a well reasoned counterargument, which is a time consuming endeavor, or to lead you into an argument on a topic where they think they have expertise. When they think themselves to have won the debate on the unrelated topic, they then apply their “victory” to the debate on the original topic, which was never debated.
    When you debate the SJWs be on the lookout for this tactic. The moment they change the topic, which is inevitable, dismiss them. There are a variety of ways to accomplish this.
    I’ve been pursuing “Alpha Game’s” commentary on “gamma males” and such men either fall for this tactic or employ this tactic. It took me the longest time to diagnose this. And yes, I just told on myself but at least I am trying to evolve.

  10. There’s nothing more satisfying than a broad getting annoyed with you, and then taking your frustrations out by draining your balls into an orbiter.

    1. He has some style when it comes to women. Your women gets naggy and old, you acquire a young extremely hot supermodel girlfriend. Very admirable.

        1. Yeah but the trick if you’re stuck with this kind of woman is to remain calm and most importantly charming. That for me is a sign of a true alpha man.

        2. Absolutely. I understand the point of posting this pic. I was still just saying though: God, she is a disgusting fucking asshole.

        3. “our next prez”
          ughhh unfortunately that is probably correct. I dont think the country can withstand this garbage all the way to 2024.

        4. How in the blue fuck…..is that man insecure? She doesn’t even really think that, she just needs to say that about him because that’s the feminist thing to say about a man who is clearly stronger than her in every way.

        5. Go one step further – hold your frame so tight it makes her so wet she has to duck into the ladies room, and wring out those panties.

      1. I think his approach is the best tactic – don’t argue, show indifference BUT turn your charm on. It’s a sure way of winning an argument with a female and in the end even getting sex as a reward.

        1. Agree. The worst thing you can do when arguing, with *anybody*, is get emotional. It’s even worse if you do so with a woman. They are in their home field when you get emotional, and they have a huge advantage. Once your anger starts rising to the point that you burst, she’s won, no matter the immediate outcome.
          Stoic indifference is our strongest tool when dealing with angry women, they have literally no way to affect us if we keep a stoic indifference. And they hate that. Hence part of the reason for feminizing men and telling them to “share your feelings” and “let’s talk about how we feel “and movie scripts and television shows with weak, weepy or hair trigger angry men. Don’t be that guy.

        2. Great insight indeed! They want to drag a man down to their own emotional turf and thus deny him his inherent superiority.

  11. 3. Walk Away-best point here. Remember you always have this option when things get bad. Now this is assuming you’re not married of course-that does add complications. And funny enough, typically when you walk away, they come chasing after you regardless of what’s happened. Just think of the Lord Humungus voice when you do it..”just walk away…”

    1. It’s hard to walk away because your pride often gets in the way. I’m still trying to teach myself to let things go even if the opponent can be easily defeated. It’s better to have the habit of walking away at your disposal than to have the tendency to get wrapped up in nonsense.

      1. Agreed it is often easier said than done-emotions get in the way sometimes. I will say of all the women I’ve walked away from, I don’t regret a single one nor would want to revisit those relationships. My only regret is typically not walking sooner.

      2. What’s prideful about putting up with irrational bullshit? If anything, that diminishes you as a man.

        1. It’s not that you are putting up with irrational bullshit, it’s walking away from such. My tendency to constantly respond to challenges caused me to constantly be involved with bullshit. This immobilized me. I’m not saying to let everything go, I am saying to choose your challenges because if you do not learn how to do this, you will find yourself acting like a dog that chases every car that passes in front of its home.

        2. We’re talking about dumb broads here. So dont walk away, instead, have other broads to hang with. Youll find that makes it even easier to walk away however.

        3. I avoid person to person disputes because I am not good at that. I am also married and, believe it or not, we have few disputes of such a nature. The combination to the two aforementioned situations makes avoiding these sorts of things quite easy.
          On a partially related note, such disputes I have in the world of the interwebz I don’t let go only because the world of text is infinitely different. Time and thought are substantial ingredients in these types of exchanges. Those exchanges diminish the power and abilities of dumb broads and SJWs who rely largely on intellectual dishonesty.

  12. I say pre-emptive strike. Every time that bitch acts up, take her most expensive shoes and sell them on Ebay or at your local Goodwill.

  13. All women suffer from hormonal changes. Such is a biochemical fact. Then you add the modern western culture, and you have that most women grew up to develop one or more of the following psychological disorders: narcissism, border personality, depression, anxiety, bipolar and eating. Modern women are clinically insane most days of the month.
    But wait, it gets worse, much worse: as the author reminds us, when they reach pre-menopause, hey become bat-shit crazy indeed. Saw it with my mother and cousins. Only by their mid-50s, they reach the age of reason and logic.
    If they got their shit together, they can become very productive members of society. If not, they try to live the Sex and The City delusion, with their cats already in the 2nd generation, or more.

  14. I enjoy reading ROK articles for the most part and at times learn a thing or two, But this article seems to have been written by a child/teenager/young adult who is trying to make a point with zero premise. His writing and choice of words are very amateur and is seeking validation to feel important. What kind of a relationship can one have if she yells and he ignores and walks away????

    1. One that works?
      You would advise what, yell back? Throw a fit, be emotional, get in her grill?
      You do know that she’s won if you do that. I don’t just mean that particular argument.
      If you can learn to remain detached and only address her calmly and not entertain her emotional histrionics, you’ll find she eventually with either come around to trying to contain her emotions (it is a shit test after all) or she’ll leave and good riddance.
      Seriously what tactic would you take? The only one I’ve ever found that works against all women is cold, hard, Spock like emotionless stoicism. Sometimes you have to walk away, sometimes you don’t, but there is no profit in being a raging fire tempered male out of control of yourself. If you have no control over yourself around her, guess what, she *does*, she owns you.
      EDIT: Just noticed you’re a female. Oh well.

        1. how about when you get woken up in the middle of the night with her crying yelling at you for not making HER life better? It happened to me with numerous women on numerous occasions and I had to work that day.

        2. I’m sorry you got a bad seed and you need to choose better and learn from your experiences.

        3. those were the educated ones, but thanks for placing the blame back on me. At least the strippers and train wrecks gorged on enough xanax and Raspberry Stoli to completely knock themselves into a coma every night.

        4. Roosh and the editors have politely asked readers to ignore these females. They’re not welcome here.

      1. And ROK is not about power and control over women. It’s about being a man which n return makes you that much more desirable!!

        1. ROK is about sharing the power and control of a man’s life with a desirable woman who often lacks such abilities. We know what makes us desirable and its quite a hard rock to break for those who are just starting out. Men build things for their children and women are a fun, challenging, and intriguing interlude to our finished products. We do care about you, but the biological imperative to make progeny is more important. Be thankful that this site exists to teach more men to have lofty goals and conquer women’s egos for the greater good. Attention whore elsewhere… reading this site will get you a good man if, and only if, you act feminine and welcoming. Good day.

    2. READ IT CLEARLY ! It says walk away when she keeps changing the goal posts and DOES NOT SHUT UP, which in 99% of cases women do not shut up.

    3. Oh, the broad from the dolphin video made a cameo.
      Beat it, no fucks given here, donuts are that a way————>

      1. what are you talking old man. look at you bitter lonely dick sucker. get a life and stop trolling.

        1. Uses the classic homo joke…have I seen that some where? Perhaps small penis and you can’t get laid are next.
          Edit: she said lonely, implying “you can’t get laid”. 2/3… damn.

        2. Her responses are not merely typical but actually quite repetitive among the majority of women who post on topics such as this. The following six responses appear to be the most common:
          “You’re a misogynist.”
          “You’re just bitter.”
          “You can’t get laid.”
          You have a small penis.”
          “You live in your mother’s basement.”
          “You’re gay.”
          The reason this is rather interesting is due to just how many of them respond in an almost uniform fashion. It is as if their thought processes originated from an assembly line. The number of times I have encountered these types of responses is quite astounding, numbering in the thousands over the years. Perhaps tens of thousands.

        3. Heisenberg, give her some ricin but don’t talk to her. Not worth a moment of your time. And they’re not welcome at RoK last I read, at all.

        4. Perhaps RoK should ban them if they are not interested in their presence here? If time is a factor it might be wise to hire more moderators. This might provide a useful solution.

        5. Wish they would if that’s what it takes. Meanwhile nobody should be responding to them except maybe to inform them they’re not welcome here and to gtfo.

        6. Indeed. It is somewhat unreasonable in my opinion to expect the men not to respond while allowing individuals (in this case, women) who are not allowed to post to continue to stir the pot, so to speak.

    4. -What kind of a relationship can one have if she yells and he ignores and walks away????-
      A much better kind or relationship compared to, say, if she yells and he then redecorates her face using bullets?

  15. Definitely always keep your composure when she is going off on one of her tirades; never lose your frame.

  16. Don’t you women realize that the use of your mouth for anything other than blowjobs kills your attractiveness ?

  17. http://i.imgbox.com/m7iNgHpn.jpg
    Do you know why nature designed PMS?
    1. To remind women that they can get rid of menstruation and PMS and mood swings for a couple of years by getting pregnant and breastfeeding.
    2. To bitch like crazy and then regret it a few days later, and to give you the best BJ of your life as indemnification.
    So how do you deal with Overly Emotional PMS women? You drive them up the wall… and wait for the BJ a few days later.
    Global study of women’s experiences of premenstrual symptoms and their effects on daily life.
    OBJECTIVES: To determine cross-cultural and other effects on women’s experiences of premenstrual symptoms and their impact on activities of daily life (ADL).
    STUDY DESIGN: Cross-sectional survey. Sample A total of 7226 women from France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain, UK, Brazil, Mexico, Hong Kong, Pakistan and Thailand. Approximately 1000 women in Japan and Korea and 500 Australian women were found using Internet panels.
    RESULTS: The most prevalent symptoms were abdominal bloating, cramps or abdominal pain, irritability, mastalgia and joint/muscle/back pains
    CONCLUSIONS: Four of the five most prevalent premenstrual symptoms were physical. There was a great deal of similarities of women’s experiences of these symptoms across countries and regions.

    1. From what I read, you tell her what to do and smile through the madness… nothing draws a female closer than a man who winks at her shit tests and keeps on keeping on.

  18. Once you get out of your 20s walking away really is the best option. Life is too short to deal with this shit.

  19. My ex was one of those that didn’t say “Thanks” for simply making it bed, it was always “You didn’t make the bed right!” Derek can clearly relate. Instead of texting “Have a good day at work!” to start off my day early in the morning I got texted every shit test under The Sun you could imagine and she would often cut and run (text me something hostile/bitchy/belittling and then not reply to my texts or caller ID sniper me for many hours if I called). I would get Facebook-bashed in her statuses as well if I zigged when she wanted me to zag exactly the way she wanted me to zag. After I abandoned her cold for the wolves to pick her carcass clean she would still text me incessantly, only sweet things and how much she missed me and all these “wonderful” things she would do for me from then on.
    I never responded. And my replacements (yes, I’ve Facebook stalked her, I’ve been curious) have been fat, pathetic Betas that how no idea the grave they’re digging themselves.
    Gentlemen, avoid, avoid, AVOID women who grew up without a father! They have no clue whatsoever how to properly treat and respect a man, show no appreciation for anything, and are brainwashed by their “hero” single mother into thinking The Universe belongs to them and they’ve had it “so hard” growing up so they deserve it all. Avoid these broken, damaged, powermad, skullfucked bitches like a leprous transsexual!

    1. Trashing your bf on facebook is so immature. Yet another reason to shun social media, but good luck getting her to stop using it. Nightmare!

      1. Shit, she my have, little do I know. It is of zero consequence now anyway, she is someone else’s nightmare to have!
        I do really miss the dog though. Didn’t talk, showed appreciation like a decent creature should, didn’t always threaten to run to Daddy Government when she didn’t get her way to the exact microcosm…

    2. You have perfectly described the two last chicks I´ve dated. Curiously both of them were raised by her mother and fathers BUT they were the dad little princess. One of them was abusive to her dad, only demanding to be more spoiled (openly saying that) and her beta father did everything for her.
      So I would add to your comment, not only a father. But a real man. Both girls had a perceived value of themselves much more higher than reality.
      Thank you for sharing. I really understand what you´ve been through

      1. Bro it got to where I was afraid to look down at my own phone for fear of what was on there. What kind of life is that, when you’re afraid to take your phone out of your pocket or flip it over to its screen side on your desk at work? Fucking miserable! She knew exactly when to do it too, especially right before work or the gym to where it would throw me off and make all unproductive. A fucking sick, demented, parasitic black widow bitch with complete disregard for anything but her immediate emotional needs to feel power and get some attention. Her upbringing no doubt created that monster!
        That, and I should have just ducked out when I’d found out she’d fucked a friend of one of my best friends that I know many years before we met. I judge a girl by her past, and I don’t care (especially when they’ve fucked someone I’m even remotely acquainted with, that shit just makes my skin crawl!). They do too even if they try playing some phony “holier than thou” card that they don’t, don’t buy their crap for even a second! I should have split right then but I didn’t. Still kicking myself in the ass to this day for dragging it out longer!

  20. If a woman EVER threatens to call the cops on you, for any reason, justifiable or not, those are the last words she says to you for the rest of her life! Nobody that likes or respects you should ever say that to you, and they are walking dust in your eyes from that point on!

  21. Submitted for your perusal: A simple contrast between logic and insanity.
    OMG! You left the bed all messy! Why didn’t you bother to fix it? That’s so trifling! I had to see it messy all day until you got home! Gross!
    I left the bed messy because i was in a rush for work. Excuse me. I will leave early from now on to prevent that.
    Please don’t let it happen again! You know i hate it when you leave the bed messy! It looks bad!
    And now, by contrast….
    Honey, when i got home i noticed you didn’t feed the cat. The poor thing was starving and chewed up my sock. I fed it already but can you please remember not to let that happen again?
    HIM: But it’s your cat.

    1. This sounds like it was inspired by a true story. There is no way as a man am I able to even come up with shit like this.

    2. Either what you described, or they explain they error buy saying it was not their intentions to cause any harm.
      So what? Even not having a bad intention, the damage was still made. This kind of behavior only reaffirms how they act like little kids when things go down.

      1. Yeah it involved a lot more than just that, i just wrote the gist of it.
        When i was younger i lived with my gf who proved to be mental…i actually thought she was the exception, that not all females were like that, but…
        more experience with females has proven to the contrary. More of them are batshit crazy than not.

      Many years ago I had a situation where as always, as soon as I get up, that bed gets made (a military-induced compulsion), and made well. Any clothes get folded and stashed.
      After a few months, my then new wife tells me she has a confession to make, I don’t ever need to make the bed or fold clothes again, because she has a different system. She really appreciates my diligence there, but as soon as I’m gone, she’s compelled to do it again, “her” way.
      Never had a problem with that again for decades – yes, we’re still married.
      Regarding PMS/hormones – she’ll start showing the signs, as soon as I detect it she pre-empts me, “Just ignore me, it’s hormones, I’m a girl.”, and no probs.
      NAWALT? No, my wife must be a mutant…

  22. I don’t know about the ever-feminized Canada, but in Australia we aren’t considered married unless we live together (I think). It’s called a De Facto marriage if you live with a woman in an official couple for longer than an arbitrary period of time.
    I wouldn’t know from experience, but I assume when it cuts out the consequences are similar to an official marriage. That’s one of the things holding me back from staying here in my later years when I find a traditional sweetheart to keep around, because I’m sure as hell not marrying her legally.
    But you know what the saddest part is?
    The idea of a De Facto marriage is part of our conservative, traditional roots. It wouldn’t be such a terrible thing if men weren’t in the social and legal situation they’re currently in. But the traditional roots don’t mix well with the new female-centric legislation, so women get a win-win situation. Goddamn it.

  23. I work with a woman like this. She never does her job & it puts the rest of my co-workers and me behind. Today she went on another one of her tantrums, I just said fuck it. From now on I’m just gonna ignore her.

  24. Under this article men are arguing with the feminist troll reading from the basic deck of flash cards.
    Gentlemen: Maintain frame and Walk. Away.

  25. Thank you for this. I had to deal with such a woman last year on the university council, who was convinced my anti-vegan comments were not only personal but clearly patriarchal too. She decided to have this discussion at the top of her lungs so I decided that since everyone in the building knew what a lunatic she was I’d just say what we were all thinking.
    And I did. She stopped yelling, ran into her office and cried, and quit before the week was out. That was around a year ago; last I heard she was single, packed on 50lbs and managed to get kicked out of uni.
    Gentlemen, in modern society there are rarely times when everyone around can see how crazy a woman is, so when it comes, what should you do? Put her in her place.

    1. And I did. She stopped yelling, ran into her office and cried, and quit before the week was out. That was around a year ago; last I heard she was single, packed on 50lbs and managed to get kicked out of uni.

      Aaaaaaaaand…… cuntdown.

      1. Well I told her at the top of my lungs that if she felt the need to speak so loudly that I would do the same. I then proceeded to point out every flaw in her argument, then ask her in the same loud tone how it was she made it onto the council with such poor communication skills.
        I also brought up the grievances that had been lodged against her (and apparently not communicated with her) which certainly shut her up. Finally I made mention of her slutful past and told her that such degenerate and attention seeking behaviour wasn’t becoming of a woman in her position.
        That was when she ran off to her office and cried. The truth hurts, but I’m sure all the McDonald’s she’s been pigging out on has made all that hurt go away.

        1. that is amazing I salute you sir!
          And you know she put all that weight on eating Chunky Monkey ice cream. so much for veganism.

        2. You’d be absolutely right man. I’ve seen that pig stuffing all kinds of non-vegan foods down her throat. It just feels so good to see a bitch like her fall to her proper place in the social hierarchy.

  26. Common law in Canada comes into effect after 12 consecutive months of living together, regardless of the judge because, duh, laws. What, you couldn’t be bothered with a Google search?
    Come back when you turn 21, junior. In the meantime do what all children do: shut up and listen and learn from the men.

    1. Mentoring young men is part of the reason for this site.
      Next time maintain frame, be polite, and simply post proof. He’ll have enough self-embarrassment without us piling on.

  27. We need some more articles on female supervisors.
    A focus on how to deal with female supervisors and feminist HR departments.
    The truth is women in the workforce have made jobs suck vastly more in addition to lowering wages overall by swamping the job market -a fact virtually never discussed.
    Also, female co-workers in general, but the supervisors and co-workers with any power over men fucking ruin jobs. Some exceptions, yes, but not enough. They act like bitchy mothers or nagging wives, they take the side of females and don’t even realize it.

    1. the best way to deal with a female penis is to hire another one to battle her. The nukes start flying almost immediately and you can sit back and relax.

  28. The 3 “MOST EFFECTIVE” Ways To Deal With Overly Emotional Females:
    Keep them –
    1. Pregnant
    2. Barefoot
    3. In the kitchen

  29. When my wife gets too emotional I just walk away. Difference is she KNOWS she’s being emotional and usually comes around after she’s calmed down, so it’s more like an act of nature than a point of contention for us. White girls try to rationalize their feelings because their parents didn’t tell them to shut the fuck up when they were kids, hence growing up spoiled and always wanting to “feel right”.

  30. Let me see if I understand… in “Canada and Australia, after a certain period of time has passed in a romantic relationship (the exact definition of which is up to the judge to decide), you are considered married to a woman.”
    Do you mean living under the same roof? Or just in a relationship, like in dates? If the later is true, mark my words, any man in these countries, ANY, should never even say “hi” to a woman there. Take a f*cking plane and go to Mexico or Philipines or whatever to find a girl.
    These laws are just desconstructing your civilization. I pit you.
    BTW, I’m from Brazil, things are not good here, but not as bad as you’re telling us.

  31. No matter how good an interaction goes with a woman. No matter how nice the relationship or agreement is going. I always look in the mirror and say this to myself. “Remember, you are alone, nobody is on your side, never forget.” It allows me to keep up the fake game I run and to maintain frame.

  32. “but the problem is that the government doesn’t want to deal with women either and is always looking for a sucker who is going to support the lifestyle a woman is used to.”
    I disagree here. I think the government is definitely opposed to the nuclear family. The radical shift to the left over the past 30-50 years has shown this.
    It’s my believe that this isn’t just an issue with liberals. I see it as they want people to become more dependent on government, with the end goal of creating a global government. The “new world order” if you will.

  33. All the timeless wisdom on how to deal with a psychotic bitch storm goes out the window in the war zone where guerrilla sjw’s and white knights pop out from behind every bush. De-escalating a publicly embarrassing episode with a female is no longer as easy as putting her in her box for cool down time. Just like it is impossible to ‘ground’ unruly wild kids of single mothers, assigning ‘time out’ to a fired up woman without boundaries is met with ”fuck you” and fat female bystanders catching wind and ripping off their wally world frocks in anticipation of a bloody street fight. The woman usually knows where to pick a bitch argument for maximum punch and to attract her army of lowlife onlookers. The laundromat, the fast food joint, the downtown government section or anywhere fat entitled skanks and single mom whores and manginas congregate.
    THAT’S THE WEST for you in a nutshell. In more patriarchal countries, a railing woman on a tirade is quelled quickly. If it’s her ‘time of the month’ she spends time alone and doesn’t venture in public to begin with. A small hut or cabin is built away from earshot of the main residence where she has water and a candle for lighting during her ‘unclean’ period of the month. Let’s enforce the divine law OF THE PATRIARCHY.

  34. If “Everybody Loves Raymond” isn’t enough of a reason to not get married…. I really don’t know what is.

  35. As raw as this article may seem, it is spot on point. Some women are worse than others. A friend of mine who has been quietly keeping the fact that he is a big time shrink who had a practice for 15 years put it to me straight. People only change about 5 % given the best of efforts. Which means if she is nuts, she is always going to be nuts. The second pearl he dropped on me is basically all women are nuts being the fact that they are women. So what have I learned being separated for almost a year ? Don’t give a fk about her. it is harsh but as soon as you do she will shit all over you. If you have one foot out the door she will try to please you and reduce her shit tests as long as she can. Sooner or later though she will blow up and hopefully you are clear of the blast radius. Keeping your own place is the best bet.

  36. Just don’t ever fucking get married. Moreover, do NOT allow her to move in either, and don’t move into her place, because as pointed out, this is be considered the same as marriage after about a year (depending on the state).
    If you get tied of in marriage or cohabitation, you cannot exercise any of this advice. You can’t walk away. You can’t ignore her, because she will be in your face. You can’t dismiss her complaints because, again, she will be in your face. And when you finally makes you into a miserable schlep, she will leave and take 50% or more of what you worked for.
    It’s a raw deal in American. If you want to get married, just leave the damn country. Go to a developing country. You’ll make more money and you can find a woman that will appreciate you for being a man. If you must stay in America, the only option that is not guaranteed misery is to treat women like urinals. Use their pussies and then check out.

  37. I love this website. Its a place where intelligent, like minded MEN are able to congregate and discuss the disgusting truths of the era we live in as western men. Of course it serves much more than that, with self-improvement core to the red-pill philosophy. But beware of the weak and stupid here, riding under the banner of “red-pill” to hide their “beta” or “blue-pill” nature and boost their self-esteem by boasting about how alpha they themselves are and how beta the rest of men are. There’s men here whom I believe abuse the information given here, pseudo-alphas, and you can find them in almost every comment section of the many articles on here. Don’t make yourself susceptible to sheep behavior, my friends. Don’t talk about being the alpha you can be, just do it. Be about it. To quote the end speech from the song “Stranded On Death Row” by Dr. Dre: “Only the weak will try to speak”. Beware, my friends, of the sheep in wolf’s clothing. It takes somewhat of an elitist mindset to be “red-pill”. I’m for it. But the weak and meek expose their own sorriness through their own inflated sense of self-worth. Reading ROK and simply agreeing doesn’t. Being about it and striving for the best makes you a man. Stay with the shit. I leave this comment not in any derogatory way to anyone who may read this, but only to keep my fellow readers on their toes. To the author, great article my man. Keep up the good works.

  38. Wow. Without looking & if you gave me 5 minutes to think of 3 ways to deal with poor female behavior, these are the 3 things I’d come-up with. Awesome closing words too.
    Common-Law is garbage.

  39. Men go through the same phases. Taking out the ills of the day on their woman. Looks to her the same. Would you prefer she dismiss you, argue you out of your mood by logic or walk away? No good choices in there. How about a blow job? That might help, huh? Well, what’s sauce for the goose……

  40. You let them know, just once, that you will not tolerate their behaviour. If it happens again you walk.
    I had this with a GF last year. She got all drama queen on me – said I didn’t love her dog (what the fuck?) and said ‘I don’t think this is working (aka Shit Test). My reply was ‘yeah, you’re right it’s not working’ and I ended it there and then. Week later an email comes back ‘I miss you’. I didn’t reply.
    Maybe she’ll learn.

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