How To Improve Your Game And Life With Meditation

A lot of men who start out reading about game will end up in a complacent cycle of mental masturbation. There are so many different theories and philosophies out there that it becomes more of a hobby to learn new concepts than it is to actually go out and game.

A lot of it has to do with lack of contemplation in one’s life. The inner-framework of one’s mind should be thoroughly inspected, so the fear’s in the individual’s life can be understood and eventually be alleviated. Meditation is one of the quickest ways to erase the walls of social conditioning that have held most of us back from the many years that they’ve been built. It’s a tool that will help you understand the essence of your “ego.” The deeper you go with it, the more you will understand that the identity you think you are isn’t actually who you are.

The little voice in your head who claims to be “I” will becomes obnoxious and redundant the more you realize that you’re “its” master than the other way around. That might or might not click with some of you right away, but I can assure you that the more you contemplate “who you are” through the lens of meditation, your overall life and game will improve dramatically.


A lot of the common issues that most men face starting out with game will become irrelevant once one has become familiar with the state of “meditation.” For example:

1. Approach anxiety

Meditation has been shown to reduce anxiety by 40-55% in the beginning stages of practice. The better you get, the less anxiety you will obviously have. The only thing that rejection can affect is your “ego.” Meditation will help to unfold your “ego” for what it truly is and put you inside of a relaxed trance. It will help to allay your approach anxiety almost completely.

2. You will naturally be able to produce good emotions

We’ve all had times in our lives where our emotional state was low. This is especially true for guys who are new to the game. The negative emotions (usually coming from a place of neediness) will act like a haystack in a desert. As they roll, they will grow. You will most likely try to drown your fears with external substances in hopes that your confidence will come back to a steady state. Sometimes it works, a lot of times it doesn’t. Meditation will bring out the good emotions (or confidence) inside of you naturally. Even if you’re having a really “off” night, at the least you will be able to pull yourself together in neutral state.

3. Attraction will rise in females

That claim might be bold, but it’s true. Most of the men in our Western society are trapped inside of their heads. It’s very rare to sit down and have a conversation with someone who doesn’t have a thousand things on their minds. Everyone’s only listening to bits and pieces of what you’re saying, and thinking of what they’re going to say next. By being clear minded, not only will your dialogue be more creative, but you will be a much more enjoyable person to be around. Jokes will be funnier, vaginas will be wetter. When you’re in a state of presence (meditation), you will be an outlier compared to the average man. Good emotions, presence, plus dominance is the main foundation for all you really need to bag the women of your liking.


What kind of meditation will benefit you the most?

There are a variety of meditations to choose from (e.g., mindfulness, tummo, yoga, TM, etc.), so it might be confusing to pick one for those of you who are just starting out. All of them are to be respected, but I have found TM (transcendental meditation) to have the most compelling effects. It is extremely simple to learn, and very effective for trying to get in your “zone.”

A brief guide on how to practice TM

A. Find a place where you can sit in silence. It’s very rare that you’re going to meditate in a place that’s 100% quiet, and that’s perfectly fine.

B. Posture is irrelevant. The classic lotus position is uncomfortable after a while. Do what makes you comfortable—stand up, lay down, sit in a chair—all of these things are fine.

C. Pick a mantra for yourself. A mantra is a word, or phrase that will help you guide your thoughts back to “center.” Personally, I am a fan of the classic “So” and “Hum” mantra. But you can use any word(s) to your liking. (If you’re a Christian, or Catholic you might find it necessary to use the word “Amen,” or “Hallelujah.”)  As you inhale (slowly), string out the word “So”—or whatever word(s) you have chosen—in your mind, until you get to a point where you need to exhale. As you exhale slowly, string out the word “Hum” in your mind until your body feels it necessary to inhale again, and then repeat your mantra throughout the rest of your meditation session. Keep in mind that you’re saying your mantra inside of your head. It’s optional to exhale your mantra out loud if you wish (think of monks humming), but it really won’t make too much of a difference.

D. Understand that it’s quite normal for us to drift off into random tangents of thought. Your stomach might start growling, which will lead you to think about food. You could be thinking about work, bills, or whatever repetitive bore your mind wants to entertain. Those thoughts are going to help you in the long run. After awhile of fluctuating between the two (thoughts and the state of meditation), you will find it easier to differentiate between the two—meaning you will know how to access the “present moment” much quicker.

E.  A lot of people say that you should do meditation for 20 minutes a day, and 20 minutes a night. That’s a nice start, but if you’re able to put more time into your meditation practice, then I say do as much as you can.

F. This is only a basic outline to help get you started on your meditation journey. You’re most likely not going to become a Zen master your first meditation session, and that’s okay. The process shouldn’t be based on wanting immediate results, or be viewed as a chore. It should be viewed as something that is fun. It’s a subtle paradox in meditation that when you aren’t hungry for instant gratification you’re fed instant gratification.

Further Reading 


The Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle. Though Tolle doesn’t focus on TM meditation specifically, you will find that the “present moment” is the exact same thing as the “transcendental” state.  Tolle does a wonderful job of putting into words a thing that cannot actually be put into words. The book was written in a way for the masses to easily comprehend, so this is a great guide for beginners to start on their meditation journey.


As you start learning more and more about Eastern philosophy or meditation, you might end up wanting to make it a goal to remove the “ego” within yourself completely. That’s not really necessary at all. As a matter of fact, I read somewhere a long time ago that there were Hindu “prophets” who focused so hard on repressing their thoughts to the point where eventually their personalities were identical to a “stone.” If that’s what enlightenment entails, then it doesn’t really seem like something that’s worth pursuing.

Instead, keep a steady balance with your meditation practices and your thoughts. The goal is to understand the fears in your heart, rather than to run from them. To let go of all of your beliefs for a trial of time to see that not even hell can burn you with your shield of peace and felicity. The women you come in contact with will have no other option, but to think that you’re a god.

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78 thoughts on “How To Improve Your Game And Life With Meditation”

  1. Lol Tolle is a big fat new age fraud.
    And you should mediate for personal health. Not to game whores.
    ROK needs some better writers.
    This is bush league stuff.

    1. you can meditate for the health benefits or for any reason. It’ll make you a better person or better serial killer. Your choice

    2. Regular Meditation is great to BALANCE the mind.
      TM Meditation is 100% DANGEROUS and it’s peddle by CIA informants like the Dalai Lama pushing this mind control crap into the West to dissociate the sheelples from taking action against corrupted Government.

      1. ummmmm, no. TM is not a Buddhist meditation technique and the Dalai Lama has never taught it.

        1. The Dalai Lama works for the CIA….Enough said about that con artist.
          TM Meditation requires one to keep chanting a mantra over and over and over again…Well that practice has led to many mental breakdowns in people.
          That’s all I’m saying here.

        2. I don’t know much about TM particularly but mantra meditation has been mainstream for thousands of years and does not lead to mental breakdowns in healthy people.

    3. Increase in personal health means you’ll get better at gaming whores, they will never be mutually exclusive.

  2. This is really useful, and a good companion piece to the article on ‘maintaining frame’. Meditation / mindfulness is something I know I should do but find hard. On the occasion I do the benefits are immediate. Its also very useful for developing acceptance as a condition to ‘change’ or self-improvement as well as for putting in perspective the mindset that may go along with the kind of subject matter dealt with on this site – a transcendental approach to pussy, feminism & the battle of the sexes is superior to frothing at the mouth and anger wanking.
    Meditation has been the property of the new agers for too long. So lets mug the hippies and take their greatest weapon…and maybe their weed too.
    Don’t why though, could never get into Eckhart Tolle

    1. TM Meditation is really dangerous, it can lead to a permanent dissociative state that renders you into a “save me” mentality of worship like the dirt poor Hindus in India.
      The Hindus in India are brainwashed to worships “gurus”, who are just used car salesmans.
      Again regular meditation is great, TM Meditation is 100% bullshit.
      Below is an article explaining the Dalai Lama accepting money from the CIA.

      1. Oddly enough, I got into dissociation/meditation the other way around.
        I used to use/abuse cough syrup like crazy. It contains the drug dextromethorphan (dxm) which acts as a dissociative if you chug a bottle or two. That’s the executive summary, anyway.
        I found it put me in a very introverted mindset, where I would aimlessly wander through my memories and thoughts. I could re-live my happiest and most depressing or embarrassing moments, but with a level of detached and nonjudgmental clarity.
        Presently, I’ve learned to enter the same mental state without using drugs, and after reading about meditation online, I find I’m using a very basic set of meditation techniques without any of the hindu religious or yoga stuff. I just lie down, let my mind wander, and try not to control what’s going on, and after thirty minutes or so I’m relaxed and focused. I used to be a pathetic little ball of social anxiety and OCD, but I’m steadily getting better now without the aid of any antidepressants or bullshit therapists.

      2. Most Hindus in India do not do TM and the majority would not have even heard of that particular “brand” of meditation.

  3. Type asmr into youtube and go for one of the vids with millions of hits.
    Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.

  4. Does everything need to presented as a way to fuck some whores? It’s getting insulting. TM is life though, and I support the spread of it for free.

  5. Hey, what happened to “Return Of Kings?”
    This is just gay. But hey, whatever works for you. Personally, I feel no need to engage in a vigorous round of mental masturbation, but that’s just me. I’d rather be productive and find inner peace by devoting effort to shaping the concrete aspects of my life into what I want, rather than marinating in my own juices trying to accept things as they are and choosing fabrics for my dream wedding.
    You know, this is EXACTLY why I don’t hire men under 30 in my professional capacity. I blame the all-female education system. One question: is it hard to focus when your posture allows sand to get in your vagina?
    Fucking homos. This is so gay that even gay guys would feel shame for you. How the hell did so much touchy-feely bullshit get through the gate so quickly? 10 years ago, intelligent, masculine men worthy of emulation would have laughed their balls off at this. Instead, we have to read shit like this, and all get in touch with our feminine side. Guess what? I don’t fucking have one. I’m a man. I like being a man. What’s your excuse?
    Call me a caveman, a troglodyte, unenlightened, whatever. This is beneath what we should be aspiring to. This is not manly. This is femininity at it’s most average. Shame on you.

    1. When youre heart explodes because your bp is double what it would have been had you been able to clear your mind of junk thoughts for ten minutes a day will that be the manliest thing you ever did? Meditation got hijacked by new age. New age didn’t invent it

      1. When my heart explodes it will more likely be from lifting a decent tuna or marlin across the stern of my boat, or from dragging a moose through boreal bogland… or, possibly, from barking out a massive deuce after a decent meal and what is hopefully a better-than-average screw. All of those things are a better end to a decent life than to quietly sit and pray the gay away while senescence tightens its’ grip. Dylan Thomas was a man. The Dalai Lama, for all his effort, is a brave freemartin at best.

        1. Well if you have a presumably ocean going boat etc then maybe you can trump meditation which is being touted here as a means to an end not as a religion or spiritual path to nirvana (except maybe pussy nirvana although that might be oversell)
          I’m not sure the choice is between praying the gay away and going ernest hemingway (now poetry
          really is gay – Dylan Thomas excepted of course.)
          The point being made about meditation though isn’t about lifestyle, it is about a) reducing anxiety b) controlling unhelpful thoughts & feelings c) self-mastery
          It’s only one means to achieve that. Maybe going on a safari or whatever is better but meditation doesn’t preclude active pursuits. There’s no reason it can’t ground such pursuits.

        2. Yeah perhaps you were not the intended audience of this article. Sounds like you’re doing fine, so why hate on a method that apparently worked someone else? Articles are meant to appeal to a broad range of people but not everyone. Why do you even take time from your day to post a comment if it’s not productive or achieving something? To help someone else? By your logic the reader should be doing something productive instead of reading your comment, so you’re actually being unproductive. See the logic.

        3. “Why do you even take time from your day to post a comment if it’s not productive or achieving something?”
          Maybe he is too busy “barking out massive dueces”
          Lol. What kind of fucking douchebags say shit like that?
          Lol — what the fuck is barking out a duece? What a homo.
          Guess he dressed up with too many boreal mooses in drag or sumthin’.

    2. Are all those monks feminine for denying themselfes material possession and carnal pleasure. Get your head out of the sand, meditation was created by men who wanted more than worldly pleasures. It was spun into crap by the west. One of the most masculine teachings in Buddhism is detachment from pleasure and pain. Do you see women practicing any of that

      1. Yes, because nothing screams masculinity more than a bunch of men in orange or brown dresses.
        You know what brings deep, abiding peace? Achievement, fellowship, productivity, creation. Sitting around contemplating koans is a piss-poor substitute.
        It is funny that my rejection of this form of mental exercise is met with assumption that I am ignorant of its’ tenets. What if, and bear with me here, I am older and have had a series of life experiences that allowed me to make an informed judgement? What if I have endured trial by experience and found the idea of meditation a path to utter mediocrity? What if those experiences inform an opinion that meditation is a means to make a man into no more than a cow chewing cud?
        Remember, in chewing cud, the cow is at true peace. Right up until the moment when it transcends, and becomes steak, and eventually, a bowel movement.
        Young guys will cast about seeking meaning, and I suppose this is one path… but it comes to nothing, and most of the guys here realize that already, but have taken emotional ownership of a need for…something… a substitute for the primitive need to submit to higher authority, on this plane or another, I suppose.
        Well, consider that embracing our masculine energy in shaping our outer lives effectively and positively shapes the inner. Meditation does not foster masculinity. It is passive and submissive, and for that, feminine.

        1. “Remember, in chewing cud, the cow is at true peace. Right up until the moment when it transcends, and becomes steak, and eventually, a bowel movement.”
          Well said.
          Meditation is a TOOL to balance the monkey mind, that’s ALL.
          Men need to TAKE ACTION to do WHAT”S RIGHT and BUILD this society.
          Men = Action
          Women = Inaction
          It’s the Yin and Yang of life.

        2. “You know what brings deep, abiding peace? Achievement, fellowship, productivity, creation. Sitting around contemplating koans is a piss-poor substitute”
          That kind of statement fly’s out of the window when you consider how many rich or famous people are addicted to drugs or even commit suicide. You seem to think that meditation is a way of accepting failure or inaction. You most likely don’t need it but some of us have crazy minds that lead to depression, anxiety and dissatisfaction even when things are achieved in life. Physicians have the highest rates of suicide, that’s a prestigious title that takes dedication and hard work, success doesn’t always bring happiness and suicide isn’t masculine

        3. yep
          Men = Bangs
          Women = Receives the Bangs
          That’s why ALL women love to be dominated, it’s in their blood

        4. Actually Shiva is the solid, steady, non-moving, non-changing consciousness whereas Shakti is the changing, active, fluid and dancing consciousness.

    3. Meditation is a mental exercise. It is calming the mind. It is gender neutral. It is a technique. It’s like letting the silt settle out from muddy river water. Meditation can take many forms: walking, sitting , shoveling gravel or painting a landscape.

      1. I think just a few minutes of getting lifes bullshit clear from your head is a totally positive and healthy thing.
        Its about removing toxic waste from your thoughts, a few minutes every day.
        Fuck this douchebag above. Anyone that comes off like that is probably a pussy in real life.

    4. Throughout history, strong men have prayed for patience, a clear head, wisdom, etc. I see meditation as an attempt at that.
      Far from a troglodyte or caveman, you seem quite the opposite. Appeals to a higher power through prayer and meditation are as old as the cavemen. If you reject them, then you seem to accept the modern caricature of men as uncultured imbeciles who can’t see past their own hedonism.

      1. Appeals to a higher power focus on an appeal to the external- a cry for help, which is really neither here nor there. My beef with meditation is that it is a passive means to either make peace with inaction or to navel gaze prior to productivity. In all reality, I’m not that incensed by it, but I find it extraneous to the extreme, and most often a shitty substitute for active participation in resolving issues- it’s a drain on our time and energy, except, perhaps, as a means of gathering thoughts prior to action… and even there, it’s hideously ineffective and inefficient, compared to focused contemplation. The point of TM is to navel-gaze and let the mind go afield, when, as men, we should be fostering in ourselves directive-orientation towards our goals… not trying to justify failure or inaction, or making peace with anything less than 100% effort.
        OK, it’s possible to meditate and find peace as part of a progression towards a goal… but you know what works better? Action, judgement, planning and intervention. TM is a means to be a passenger in your own head, and by extension, in your own life. It’s utterly antithetical to masculine energy and the means by which we achieve.
        Sorry for the slut-shaming in my earlier post. You poor kids who got gelded before puberty are so far afield that it’s disheartening. Opportunities for greatness are so thick on the ground that you’re liable to trip over them, and yet distracting stuff like this is presented as a path to what is already available.

        1. ^^^Vlad Putin everyone^^^ Did you just get done riding a bear or killing whales with a spear?? Back off on the Old Spice fella. Too many androgel patches I think. So you don’t like meditation even though you’ve never done it. Are you against books and reading ?

      2. Dude probably has a very manly man cave.
        That his wife allows him to hang out in.
        Douchiest Comment of The Day Award for him.

    5. You should get “troll-odyte” tattooed on your chest to express your masculinity to the fullest.

    6. meditation is NOT “touchy-feely bullshit”. Meditation has been shown to have a long-term positive physical effect on the brain that improves your ability to focus and many other things. Although people attach spiritual/mustical crap to it, there is nothing fundamentally mystical/spiritural about it, nor has it ANYTHING to do with “getting in touch with our feminine side”.
      I’m almost certain you didnt actually read the article (nor know anything about meditation) because you sound like youre just reacting emotionally (a very female thing to do, mind you).

  6. Excellent article, don’t mind the haters below. The benefits of meditation are undeniable.

  7. Easily the best concept I found from swallowing the pill. I always had an active mind a mind that would produce anxiety and self doubt. This translates to game perfectly. Even if all the women disappeared, I’m so glad I found meditation. Its whats missing from some peoples lives, especially athiests like me

  8. Meditation for the sake of getting womyn? Zen is shaking his head from above the clouds, man,

    1. Thats why I started doing it but you learn quickly that this goes beyond poosy, way beyond to the very depths of your soul

    2. It’s a good technique for learning how to relax. I sure as hell ain’t using it to game bitches.

      1. all true intelligence comes from the consciousness of the silent mind….. think of your mind like a computer… if it’s jammed up with too many windows and BS open, it becomes useless…. meditation closes all the windows so you have a clean operating system…… from there you can program just about anything you want… plus access pretty much any information you like…… most scientific theories, inspiration, art, etc. come from doing this…….
        obviously learning to do it in a controlled and conscious way makes you pretty damn powerful….. you might have noticed much zen style philosphies running through the matrix movies…
        do not try to bend the spoon that is impossible… simply understand there is no spoon, then you will see, it is not the spoon that bends, but yourself….

  9. How does Russell Brand get to be near the Dalai Lama ?? I wanna punch that guy…

    1. While it’s said to be true that Brand pulls a lot of tail, well, if I have to be like him to get tail, I’d rather be celibate.
      Fortunately one does not have to be an honking obnoxious, rarely bathed, greasy socialist dillweed to pull tail.

      1. He looks very very gay IMHO and his “act” is all bullshit anyways…
        Celebrities get laid no matter how they look, even the gay ones.

  10. The idea that one should become centered and deeply contemplative, even religious for the purpose of gaming Western whores is ridiculous and self defeating. If you want to engage with perennial spirituality, I think the first thing that would become clear to you would be the deep cycle of rot engulfing the English speaking world and the women who are its instinctive cultural representatives. This would nullify the whole process to an honest man. Of course if you want to pretend to be deep for public consumption of leering modern idiots, Russell Brand and the Dali Llama are your guides.

    1. It’s for the purpose of realizing that you neither need nor want to game Western whores.

  11. I never understand articles about game (bc i am a woman obviously) but loved this, #1 is very true to everything in life. ego is such a distraction.

  12. Eastern derivatives of meditation are weak and mechanistic. They should only be used tactically (e.g., intense situations where high focus or calm is required). For more strategic techniques (e.g., inner game or alphadom), look to Western derivatives which are more contemplative, starting with the Ancient Greco-Roman schools, Judeo-Christianity and the Renaissance.

    1. I think this article is onto something and I think you’re onto something, though I would hesitate to use the word, “weak.”
      We value traditional sex roles, recognizing that all societies have developed them over hundreds of thousands of years of human evolution. Only in the past 50 years or so (and accelerating in the last 25) have they been overturned, even reversed.
      What else happened in the last 50 years? We have abandoned religion, something else that is traditional and has developed over hundreds of thousands of years of human evolution. I don’t think the Bible is literally true, but religion to me is allegorical; it points towards Truth that is far more profound than any literal reading of anything.
      Like everything else, unfortunately, mainstream American churches have been feminized. Traditional language is out, gay marriage is in, feminism, feminism, feminism.
      There is something to be said for nuanced theology. No, an imaginary friend in the sky doesn’t care if you whack off when you’re 12 or if Sally has sex with her boyfriend before she gets married. But moral boundaries evolved for a reason and they serve a useful purpose even if there are exceptions no one talks about.
      My mainstream denomination is finished because it has become so liberal it no longer really stands for anything. I think American men should take a look at the Orthodox Church; it teaches traditional sex roles with no exceptions, there are no female clergy, priests can marry (only bishops cannot; weird, but nothing’s perfect). It is no accident that Putin is reinforcing the position of the Orthodox Church in Russia. It is a balanced, contemplative outlet for spiritual life within the context of traditional sex roles.
      Sorry for the lengthy reply!

      1. This is well thought out. I personally am hesitant to abandon the faith I was born into, but I’m not really comfortable with it anymore, anyhow. I did grow up alongside a lot of eastern and Greek Orthodox families, and for the most part, their kids are stable, seem relatively well-adjusted and successful. I’m certain there’s a connection.
        I work in central and Southeast Asia quite a bit, and it’s a foul place peopled mostly with desperate peasants who live literally day-to-day. Buddhism , Taoism, Jainism and other eastern philosophies of that sort are a joke for that- it’s nothing like the Western version of generic yoga/Buddhism, which is a derivative construct made up of bland sound bytes, but even despite it’s ‘purity’ there, it’s just a pablum to keep a vast horde disorganized enough to accept their miserable lot and die without a fuss and ruin the natural order of things according to the elite classes.
        Telling someone to ‘make peace with yourself and what you have’ when they have nothing and tend of die of terminal diarrhea… well it starts to take on a pretty sinister bent when you actually see the disparity and smell the smell of human shit that tends to aggregate wherever you find these practitioners of these fine philosophies… when you visit where they actually live, and not where they corral foreigners for the purpose of doing business.
        I would hesitate to tout the benefits of such things until you see the ‘benefits’ such things have rained down on their practitioners.

  13. It’s easy to get stuck into semantical traps leading to misconceptions when discussing these kinds of subjects.
    Detachment from the “I”doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have an “I”, it means that you are starting to control your own “I” instead of letting your “I”control you.
    A lot of people get it wrong, thinking meditation is about losing control of the self, when it’s actually the exact opposite.
    Thinking it is about trying to escape the world, when the purpose is actually the opposite, training ones mind to stay present in the world as fearless and bold as possible.
    Al japanese martial arts ending with a “-do”, Judo, Karate-do, Kendo, have originally connections to zen. The training of the mind to stay focused when dealing with external pressure. Zen was the religion of the samurais, and zen-buddhism was founded by the same guy that first introduced the Shaolin monks to fighting arts in the first place. Of course the original core meaning behind it has been degenerated and lost through the ages. But that doesn’t mean that the origins should be taken for new agey sissy sensitive weakness.

  14. Good pointers, and meditation is the best thing a human being can do. But PLEASE, seek guidance from a guru, from an established teacher. Please.

  15. Great article. I don’t understand the hostile comments. I’ve meditated a few times and always felt more present throughout the day.
    One thing I don’t understand is the fear of transcendental meditation. What’s the difference between TM and “regular” meditation? I was looking into Kundalini meditation a while back, and same thing: lots of cautionary tales.
    For the haters: You have to understand that you are a part of something greater than yourself. All this talk of game is really quite silly when considering the absurdity of existence. Not to say that game isn’t necessary, but seeing the big picture can be humbling and even improve your game.
    If you aren’t down with meditation, I suggest a good dose of LSD. You’ll never be the same again (in a good way, just do your research first). I remember taking LSD before knowing about ego death etc. It was the most humbling experience ever, totally forgetting who I was. I only took it a few times, and I won’t take it again until I reach my personal goals; but the lessons learned last a lifetime.

  16. the best meditation is the duality, you watch the thoughts in your mind, even latent ones and things regarding your surroundings… etc… what ever is going on in your mind…. then you consciously put the opposite thought… this confuses the mind, until it gets tired of having it’s logic board jammed with conflicting thoughts that sum zero….
    eg. “i hear a car outside my window” = “i don’t know what i car is, i cannot hear a car, that sound is not a car.”
    slowly you can reach to complete silence of the mind and inner peace is a natural result….
    as you build your conscious muscle it starts to become automatic, so that you end up ‘in the zone” a lot of the time… meditation is not just for quiet room with eyes shut… that’s just a practice session… the point is to carry inner peace everywhere….
    alternatively in practice session in a quiet place you can go so deep you start to feel the fabric of the universe and gain existential experiences that are beautiful… – something like having sex….. only minus the smelly pussy and yapping female….

    1. Ray, have you ever done ayahuasca ? Or psilocybin in a shamanic context? Would be good for you, take your insights to another dimension.

  17. Eh… Another joke writer. I can always tell, because these type of
    posts put pictures admiring the female form (usually in “transcendental”
    states). If I would go further, it would be to claim fraudulent
    intent. Instead, I’ll share this insight with you: 1/3 down “Buddhist
    Now, what is the Dharma? You will have to journey to
    the ends of the Earth, to find that out. It will not arrive with the
    next TM guru, but binaural beats might be of assistance. Quieting of
    the mind is only the first step towards becoming a true yogi, or even
    discovering the secrets of the lost Aryan castes. It would take years
    of research of the occult and various mysteries, or even basic health
    practices, for me to begin to reveal such wisdom to these lowly slaves
    trying to break free… Yet, as the Universe proclaims: “Ask and ye
    shall receive.”

  18. I’ve practised both TM and Buddhist-influenced shine/samatha meditation, sometimes called “calm abiding”. Basically the latter is observing the breath coming and going at the tip of one’s nose, counting the breaths from 1 to 10, letting thoughts come and go without following them. When catching oneself daydreaming, one just returns to observing the breath, without any judgment or drama. Instructions are freely available.
    The basic difference with TM and calm abiding meditation is, the purpose of the latter is to stay in the moment, observant. TM instructors on the other hand say it is okay even to fall asleep during meditation. These are really different techniques. I like more calm abiding, and found regular practise improving my mood, basically bringing moments of happiness without any reason. The key is regular practise.

  19. I only know about TM through the media. I’m aware of reports of fraud and corruption amongst swamis and Indian holy men. I think holy men sometimes make bizarre supernatural claims like being able to go without food or water for lengthy periods. It’s the equivalent of a martial artist saying he can fly or stop a train with chi – there was a chinese guy who tried this once. It didn’t work. But most martial artists don’t make such claims.
    Regarding the dangers of TM etc I wasn’t really aware of that. I’ve mainly encountered meditation through ‘mindfulness’ which isn’t very controversial, new age, let alone ‘touchy feely’. Mindfulness promotes awareness of bodily sensations and thoughts in a non-judgemental way with a view to making them easier to manage. These are typically short focussed self-directed sessions which certainly shouldn’t result in any kind of harmful dissociative state.
    10-20 minutes a day is probably better than six months under a tree.

  20. “U.G.: Unless you are free from the desire of all desires, moksha, liberation, or self-realization, you will be miserable. The ultimate goal–which society has placed before us–is the one that has to go. Until you are free from that desire, you cannot be free from any of your miseries. By suppressing these desires, you are not going to be free. This realization is the essential thing, going as it does to the crux of the problem. It is society that has placed the desire for freedom, the desire for liberation, the desire for God, the desire for moksha — that is the desire you must be free from. Then all these other desires fall into their own natural rhythm. You suppress these desires only because you are afraid society will punish you if you act on them, or because you see them as “obstacles” to your main desire — freedom.
    If this kind of thing should happen to you, you will find yourself back in a primeval state without primitivity, and without any volition on your part. It just happens. Such a free man is not in conflict with society any more. He is not antisocial, not at war with the world; he sees that it can’t be any the different. He doesn’t want to change society at all; the demand for change has ceased. Any doing in any direction is violence. Any effort is violence. Anything you do with thought to create a peaceful state of mind is using force, and so, is violent. Such an approach is absurd. You are trying to enforce peace through violence. Yoga, meditations, prayers, mantras, are all violent techniques. The living organism is very peaceful; you don’t have to do a thing. The peacefully functioning body doesn’t care one hoot for your ecstasies, beatitudes, or blissful states.
    Man has abandoned the natural intelligence of the body. That is why I say–it is my “doom song”–that the day man experienced that consciousness that made him feel separate and superior to the other animals, at that moment he began sowing the seeds of his own destruction. This warped view of life is slowly pushing the entire thinking towards total annihilation. There is nothing you can do to halt it.
    I am not an alarmist. I am not frightened, I am not interested in saving the world. Mankind is doomed anyway.
    All I am saying is that the peace you are seeking is already inside you, in the harmonious functioning of the body.”

  21. Do Roy Master’s meditation. Very simple and much safer. There’s been some crazy shit people have gone through when they fuck up with TM.

      1. TM and other Hindu originated meditations, if not done with proper preparation and knowledge, can give you Kundalini syndrome. You can lose control of your limbs and start doing yoga poses you have no control over and be stuck like that for hours.
        You may also experience audio and visual hallucinations, strange lights, things hissing in your ears, not very fun.

  22. It really pisses me off when people call meditation part of “Eastern Philosophy.” The Pre-Christian Germanics, Native Americans, and probably Africans were meditating in their own ways before they even heard of Yoga or so-called Eastern Philosophy.

    1. I think the reason it is seen as “eastern” is because Christianity is currently perceived to be “western” and Christianity has worked hard to stifle global cognitive practices for 2,000 years now.

  23. I started chanting Hare Krsna, Hare Krsna, Krsna Krsna, Hare Hare, Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare, and damn man, it really elevated my consciousness and brought me into a much more positive frame of mind. Then I started being celibate along with the chanting, and bang- I did not have to lift a finger, women were coming all over me. It’s funny how as soon as you conquer the sex desire, women sense it and almost want to make you fall down, and bring you under their control. I was truly a free man at that point, and women were trying to make me fall down from my vows of celibacy.
    Anyway, the Hare Krsna mantra I found is probably the greatest mantra of all time.

  24. What a terrible fucking week in writing for ROK. This is the 6th or 7th article that has been purely awful. We’re facing a complete civilizational collapse on all fronts, with the vanguard being feminism and all I keep reading is shit like “improve my game with the faggoty ass CIA funded and backed Dalai Lama while touching the dirty beard of some bitch ass purveyor of degeneracy.” No fucking thank you! Is your wife leaving you and taking the children along with half your shit that you worked your entire life to get? Don’t worry, meditate and spit game to other women and ride it out! Arrange a home dinner date with the girl you want to have sex with and then cut all attachments. Yayyy! Hurray!… Wtf does all this accomplish in the end? Go out and do something to change the situation. Take some fucking pride in yourselves.

  25. lames with the extra verbose barbs and keyboard thuggery! kill yourself. Headspace app got me right. I actually stuck to it in a 30 day challenge and consciously pause my reaction/frame to an completely fucked up part of my summer last year and I felt somewhat Limitless. Like some neo/tim ferris type shit. I tinkered around with Lumosity and stumbled upon this and used it was a template for experimentation on myself. Breath control had my fuck sessions a good tick wilder. try it

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