Finland Warns 900,000 Men About War Conscription; Feminists Remain Silent

Finnish feminists yet again have no answer. For years questioned on why they fail to speak out about only men being conscripted to serve in the military, they have continued their silence after 900,000 Finnish men (from a total population of just 5.5 million) were sent correspondence in May warning them about their patriotic obligations in the event of war.

As a former territorial possession of the tsarist Russian Empire and target of serious and bloody Soviet aggression in the 1930s and 40s, Finland is acutely sensitive to Russian actions, perceived and otherwise, in relation to Ukraine now and flashpoints such as Georgia in the past.


Finland is one of those wonderful “equal” Nordic societies that either only conscripts men (Finland and Denmark) or for decades only conscripted men (Sweden and Norway). Sweden, to its eternal shame, simply abolished male-only conscription and moved to a professional army, bypassing any explanation as to why Swedish women, who had insisted on a radical form of equality since the 1970s, were never made to serve their country in any capacity, military or otherwise.

Norway has adopted measures for female conscription, but in the sense that women deserve some kind of national praise for finally pulling even part of their weight on this matter.

Let’s be fair here: I recognize the imperative of a small country having the best means of national defense. Finnish feminists, pig-headed but not completely bereft of brain cells associated with common sense, know that the comparison between having a “battle-ready” force of 285,000 mostly male professional soldiers and reservists or the same amount with a 50/50 gender split is laughable.

It’s a different story, though, to incessantly conjure up the specter of the so-called patriarchy when females have the privilege of not having their studies, work or general life interrupted by compulsory military service.

When do females sacrifice or put themselves on the line for men?

Danish Prime Minister Helle Horning-Schmidt constantly references “sexism” to create political capital, but ignores the obvious elephant in the room: male-only conscription in Denmark. In typical Orwellian Newspeak, women in Denmark can paradoxically “volunteer” for conscription.

Think beyond just conscription. When James Holmes killed 12 people and injured dozens more in the 2012 “Batman Dark Knight” cinema shootings in Aurora, Colorado, three men died protecting their female partners. I assume that many more men literally put themselves in the way of multiple bullets to protect a woman.

I do not question and vehemently affirm the bravery of these men. But, aside from maternal cases and a few others, women simply do not put themselves in harm’s way to protect men, at least not anywhere near the rate of men trying to save women.

Whether war comes or not, Finnish men are expected, without reward or bare acknowledgment and appreciation, to underwrite the tranquility, safety, prosperity and peace of mind of Finnish women. Fundamentally, female political and academic elites in Finland have clawed every advantage they can for women, whilst dispensing with any notion of addressing the plethora of issues that hit men exclusively or at a minimum much harder than women. Male-only conscription? Pass. Male suicide? Nah. Child custody? Next decade (or century), please.

Finland’s aging population would make compulsory female civilian service a perfect opportunity for Finnish feminists to show their equality credentials. If men must serve 9-12 months, why not make women perform duties for the elderly over a similar timeframe?

We avoid the deep quagmire of the biological differences between men and women, and allow both genders to perform tasks necessary for the nation. Perhaps when hell freezes over such a common sense approach would not only take precedence but be enforced. Men in Finland today risk incarceration and a lifetime of criminal stigma for refusing to do what women their age are always spared.

Finland’s Ombudsman for Minorities is deliberately advocating for female privilege

She didn’t even have the university degree required to get her position as Ombudsman for Minorities, but that hasn’t stopped Eva Biaudet from helping to spread her pernicious brand of female privilege.

Meet Eva Biaudet, Finland’s First SJW, and a microcosm for why 900,000 men can get conscription warnings without the slightest peep from the “equality-loving” feminist community. The recipient of massive privilege for getting the coveted job of Ombudsman for Minorities without the requisite tertiary qualifications, she has applied herself to politically hunting police after vague accusations of racial profiling against them.

Trying to apply the law equally to groups such as gypsies risks the ire of professional nuisances like Biaudet. Her most ridiculous antics have considered men, specifically her radical feminist approach to men corralled into joining the military.

This exchange about Eva Biaudet’s response to a question on male-only conscription by a new recruit is by far my favorite one across all of Reddit. It encapsulates perfectly the logical contradictions and self-entitlement of the women of Biaudet’s repulsive ilk. The direct link to the video can be found here, and the Reddit discussion provides, to my knowledge, a very good translation of the encounter on a Finnish political Q&A show.

Basically, in her own words, conscription is fine to Biaudet because only half of the population must serve. And, jackpot, it’s not her half, the vagina-possessing one. Yippee! Also, there’s that massive obstacle of the sub-€100 cost for women to take a military medical exam (which could be just waived, you moron, if you applied yourself a scant 2% to its repeal). Already cognitively lacking, Biaudet completely ignoring the young man’s astute question is par for the course.

Die for us women, men


So true, but I have no other words.

At the crux of the matter, men are disposable to women. You have heard it before and we all need to hear it again. Finland’s men found that out once more when they got letters meant only for them, not their sisters, girlfriends, wives, daughters or friends. If Russia were to ever cross the border in the most harmless, piecemeal or trolling fashion, the shrieks of hysteria for men to defend them from Finnish feminists would be shriller than the sky is blue.

It is easy to score political and social hit points in challenging these sorts of feminists from time to time. But that is not nearly enough. The arguments we craft must be delivered again and again. Because if the shit hits the fan in far-flung Northern Europe, it is Finnish men, like the men in the Aurora, Colorado cinema, who will be expected to take the fall and die.

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206 thoughts on “Finland Warns 900,000 Men About War Conscription; Feminists Remain Silent”

  1. Women can fight, perhaps not as well as men but in the US or British Army they serve in non-elite roles and perform perfectly well.

    1. I was US Army Infantry in Iraq in 2003. Was a tent at LSA Anaconda for all the female soldiers who got themselves pregnant. Everyone had orders not to have sex on deployment. But a pregger soldier is considered “non deployable”, the get sent back state side to get an abortion where they then got another 6 months “non deployable” status. They signed up to get pregnant.
      Some are probably good soldiers. I only encountered one, and she was an MP rockin the shit out of the Mk19.

      1. Women who get pregger in the forces during active duty (proven not to be raped) should be treated as war time deserters and punished as such.
        At least dishonorably discharge them and kick them out.

      2. Oh man, the old “whoops, I’m pregnant!” get out of Jail free card.
        I’ve seen this happen twice at a couple of O and G companies I’ve worked at actually. The first time was during an upturn but me and three other employees were scheduled to go work offshore on a platform (one was a girl). The next week it was down to three because she got pregnant.
        Happened again at the company I’m at now. Girl interviewed with my current boss, he stressed that you must be willing to work offshore and even joked about not getting married and having kids. What happens a few weeks after she’s hired? Actually felt bad for my boss since he’s a nice guy but he should’ve seen it coming. (This girl was the first to go when the layoffs came though).

    2. “perhaps not as well as men”, no perhaps about it. Watch a woman lugging around a grenade launcher or heavy machine gun…. doesn’t happen…..

    3. They don’t belong fighting, that’s just silly. But they should be expected to fill in the jobs back home if men are called to war.. what was that Rosie character in WW2? That would not happen today.

      1. You’d rather they were put in charge of the gear that you had to fight with,would you?

    4. I was in the U.S. Army. You have zero clue what you are talking about. Most can’t even do a full PT session by their own lowered standards, let alone do as well as men.

    5. Nope. Women only complicate things (and it’s something we really don’t need in our military). I would say women should sign up for a service or another role to fill for the benefit of our country – but not the military.
      A group of men operating on a mission to “take a hill or town” is completely different when women are involved. It’s just not the same (and I don’t care if I hurt someone’s feelings by saying it). It comes down to us being different…that’s it.

    6. Yesterday I watched Operation Petticoat with Cary Grant. It’s a humorous account but it depicts precisely what happens when you mix boys and girls in the military (in the movie it’s on a submarine, and the women are picked up from an enemy island because they were left behind or something).
      The film treats the situation like the most outlandish thing ever, with the male protagonists constantly being irritated and distracted from their mission by the womens’ presence. I laughed my ass off. Very funny movie with feminine women and lots of lighthearted, benevolent sexism that makes those old flicks so much better than today’s trash.
      Anyway, I kept thinking you guys have no clue that this foolery will be reality in a few decades.

    7. “Women can fight, perhaps not as well as men but in the US or British
      Army they serve in non-elite roles and perform perfectly well.”
      When taking the war to the enemy, a soldier will need to carry a 10 pound rifle and at least 20 pounds of gear to get anything done, women are just horrible soldiers compared to men. On the defensive, patriotic female volunteers are useful as snipers, sentries, guards, etc:

  2. Though I get the point of this article I disagree with its conclusion. Women don’t belong in the military, in most of the western world military men are hanging on by the fingernails while women try to push themselves into positions of influence. There is no need at all for women in the military, all it will do is weaken combat preparedness, male meritocracy, lower the fertility rate, and give women more reasons to believe that they are men’s equals.

    1. I’m all in favor of women joining the military. A few stories about women getting raped, maimed, and blown apart, and/or a few women coming home missing limbs will drive home the point that men and women are not equal very nicely.
      As long as the argument is academic, the feminists will continue with their nonsense.

        1. “Tell russian soldiers not to rape women! Lets educate them and they will stop doing it!”

      1. The above is agreeable if women were required to remain in female-only groups while being required to engage in front-line battle. However, in all likelihood the dirty work would be avoided while they still receive unearned promotions.

    2. Then women should be required to serve in non-combat positions. Or they should only be permitted half a vote.

      1. Give them an inch and they’ll want a mile, we already did that back during the world wars and it backfired with women thinking they could do more. That “We Can Do It” poster is still a rallying cry for feminists. You have to either push them out entirely or let them go all the way.

      2. They should be required to serve in all positions needed by the men on the front lines 😉

    3. It’s why you’ll never see an ‘all female’ brigade. Military’s first and only mission goal is to win. And it’s not going to play PC to placate sjw retards if it’s going to cost lives/missions.
      That said, Women should be conscripted and shoved into war manufacturing labor like you see all the pictures of from the great world wars. Building bombs/vehicles/becoming battlefield nurses/etc. They should be entered into the civil engineering service and put on domestic construction and infrastructure jobs to replace the displaced men. There should be a cost borne by the women, and if it won’t come at the equal cost of lives – at the very least it should come at the cost of their own dreams taking a back seat to ensure their country thrives during the war.
      Any woman who refuses to comply with their obligation to help their country during a time of war by doing the domestic duty it asks of her should be met with the same stigma/legal ramifications it would apply to the men.
      If you’re asking the men to put their lives on the line, at the very least make the women earn their fucking keep.
      Oh yea, country wide internet firewall block of all social media during the war. No attention whoring while men die protecting your way of life.

      1. Too funny…laughing and shaking my head.
        Could you see any of these women, today, serving like women did back in WW2 (for our country)? I can’t. You can’t work with an iPhone glued to your hand (not that type of work).
        That’s how far this country has fallen down. We need to get back to square one.

    4. I never said women should be conscripted. What I said is that they should serve the nation in some capacity (i.e. civilian service with the elderly etc) and that the feminist position against “patriarchy” is hypocritical given the conscription of young males.

      1. Agree. I don’t particularly want them on the front lines..they fuck up enough things in the military.
        But they should have to sign up for another “selective service” to service the country. All of the bullshit by SJWs would come to an end real quick.

      2. You did not advocate female conscription. Some commenters (including myself) used your piece as a jump-off, but I did not mean to impute something to your OP that you neither intended nor stated. My apologies if any confusion resulted. Cheers.

      3. I think they should be conscripted, because the first time a real war happens and they see what true equality with men means, they would be running back to the kitchen as fast as they can.

    5. Recently they tried getting women through Ranger Training and none could pass. And they let them try several times. Then the press started in with the demand of making Ranger Training easier so women could pass. And I’ve known a few military people: They all say that the women military is Lesbian. Even straight girls who join get “indoctrinated” and play along. (For God’s sake, men wouldn’t suck a dick just because other guys tried to pressure him into it. Only women have no personality boundaries.) Besides, a women would try as hard as she could to get captured if she thought being a POW would be cushier than sticking with her crew.

      1. This is the dumbest idea I have ever heard. Ranger Training is DELIBERATELY TOUGH so that the weak are weeded out and you are left with only the most determined, physically able soldiers. Heck, most men would fail Ranger Training.

  3. They can’t be loyal to their own children in their wombs. You guys trust women soldiers can be loyal to you?

      1. That is, if they even get pregnant in the first place. Western birth rates prove the lifestyle of the western woman is instead a deathstyle. Because babies are, well, soooo gross. And my careeeeeeer and yougogrrrl-ism. What’s Becky going to think if I have a nasty little baby to carry around instead of that name brand handbag?

    1. They can be loyal to brands like Apple and Louis Vuitton. Surely they should be able to be loyal to a man. The problem is that the Cathedral has made Man to be the least desirable brand.

      1. I disagree . They will like the brand until the herd decide on a new one, whereupon they will throw away their old handbags because they are “like, so last year!!”

        1. This is true! ex-gf was a big fan of Michael Kors handbags. then, a “newer” and “shinier” handbag comes along. What happened? she got rid of the Kors handbags.

        2. Indeed, it’s a truism so universal in the West that I’m surprised he hasn’t noticed.

    2. Dude, you make a great point. Women only fight for the kids after a divorce because they’re chess piece to game the husband’s paycheck. When that fails them, they quickly give the kids up to their dad. They don’t give a shit about their own offspring.
      How can you trust them in combat? They’d be the first ones to give up your position if they thought they could be more comfortable as a POW

      1. Remember Gaddafis Amazonian guard? When things got too hot, they bolted and left him to his fate.

  4. Small quibble. Finns aren’t Nordic, nor Scandinavian, nor even Germanic. They are more akin to Estonians or Hungarians. Some blood mixing with Swedes and Russians over the centuries of course, but they are mainly their own distinct genetic people.
    Otherwise, great article.

      1. You are not referring to the last time the Russians invaded. When the Russians invaded Finland in the 30s the Finns handed them their asses. However, that was during or immediately after Stalin purged the Red Army. During WWII the Russians got their act together and when they invaded Finland again towards the end of the war the Finns sued for peace and gave up large amounts of territory (the Pestamo region).

        1. Finland did sue for peace and conceded territory to the Russians, but the results of that war were ~70,000 Finnish casualties and 5 times that many Russian casualties. 30 Finnish tanks destroyed vs 3,543 Russian. Ten times the number of Russian aircraft destroyed. In other words, a Pyhrric victory that only ended because Finland’s allies failed to support it.
          And hence, why some Finns claim that they won. It would be hard to do “better” than they did, considering the odds. Achieving 5 : 1 kill ratios while destroying heavy weapons, tanks, and planes at an even higher rate is pretty unheard of.

    1. Thanks for the positive feedback, my friend. I don’t pay much attention to all comments, but I do note you’re a frequent participant in discussions of my articles.
      They aren’t Nordic ethnically, indeed. As someone who lived in Hungary, I’ve been fortunate enough to learn more about the Finno-Ugric nations, such as Hungary, Estonia and Finland (the other two of which I have also visited).
      But Finland is counted as a Nordic country for the purposes of geography and Western geopolitics:

      1. I should have been clear, I only meant genetically. Obviously they are attached to the other Nordic countries geographically. My bad for not clarifying my quibble.

        1. No apology necessary. I like discussion and clarification after the fact is part of that. You’re an insightful contributor to ROK comment threads.

    2. Very close to Estonians, but quite a bit further from Hungarians. If Finnish could be compared to Italian, Estonian would be Spanish, but Hungarian would be like German.

  5. It’s all equal. Men get conscripted into the army. Women get conscripted into feminism. The difference is the men don’t all become snipers

  6. Outside of family, and friends close enough to practically be family, there’s no point in risking life and limb for any cunt, or a government that’s sent you to the front lines to die.

      1. Wow you’re right it’s gone.
        Perhaps it was too red-pill for ROK?
        Seriously though that post had originality…

        1. Whats up with Roosh censoring on here? It’s not like we’re a bunch of sensitive 12 year old boys who might get squeamish.

        2. A living child inside.
          Fetus is an utterly nouveau term meant to dehumanize a human being to make killing him easier. We didn’t say Mary was “with fetus”, we said she was “with Child”.

        3. In the UK you can have an abortion up until six months, as it is still deemed a fetus. But if a woman loses the fetus during her pregnancy it all of a sudden becomes a poor little baby and the woman is entitled to therapy, paid for by the taxpayer through the NHS. We in northern Ireland don’t have abortion unless the mothers life is at risk. The human rights campaigners call the place backwards, oppressive and all the other SJW buzzwords. Apparently a society that doesn’t practice mass infanticide is the bottom of the barrel. Well if you can’t believe human right’s lawyers, who can you believe.

        4. Very thought-provoking comment.
          That simple tweak in language kinda changes everything doesn’t it?
          I agree with you that pregnancy/family is now treated like a joke but where do you draw the line with this issue? Do you not accept abortion whatsoever? Do you consider it a child once the egg and sperm meet each other or at a certain point in development?

    1. Its not like we can give the enemy a list of people who are our family&friends and expect them not to harm them.
      And there is democracy, freedom of speech, protection of property, justice, ect.
      I’m totally willing to do my best to kill as many invaders as I can. I even got some new kit like a new sniper rifle.

      1. The next Finland-Russian war won’t be like the last with a lot of Russians strayed on the mountains or woods being shooted by snipers. This time each Finnish sniper will get their own air-ground bomb. Good luck!

        1. We dont have any mountains. If they come, we will shred them to pieces just like last time. Superior training, tools and morale.
          Ex. Military

        2. You see a lot of mountains in Finland?
          Also you are overestimating the capabilities of the Russian air force and have a poor idea of their tactics and doctrine.

        3. Fuckin A! That’s what a man says when his country, his town, his home, and his family are threatened.

        4. Well… that’s up to interpretation. The Soviet Union ended up with some territory they never ceded back. On the other hand, their stated objective, the complete annexation of Finland was never achieved. In fact, the Soviets got a taste of their own medicine when their winter offensive stalled while the Finns put up an effective mobile defense.

        5. Air forces cannot conquer or hold territory. That requires boots on the ground.
          And against a motivated population, it’s very difficult if not impossible for a modern military to subdue a region — reference Afghanistan and Chechnya.
          A mythical statement by a real Admiral that is true for the USA: Japanese Admiral Yamamoto paraphrased — if we (Japan) invade the US, there will be rifle behind every blade of grass.
          Whether he said it or not,I believe it to be true (I’ll be behind one of those blades of grass) and I admire Finland and the Finns for their bravery and defense of their country against Russia. I have no doubt that if the chips are down, the Finns will defend their homes and their families and do it effectively.
          The Russians could nuke Finland and win. Or use their air force to destroy Finland’s infrastructure but I don’t see a Russian conscript army being able to overcome motivated defenders (is anything more motivating than protecting your loved ones?) on their home turf.
          Finland isn’t Iraq or Panama or Somalia. I don’t think the Russians will make the same mistake as you by underestimating the Finns.

        6. Only after massive losses on the Russian side which put a big dent in their capabilities on other fronts. Had Russia not gotten a huge case of “we have to save face at all costs” they would have tucked tail and run rather than deploying a force large enough to conquer Germany in a week, to Finland. But yes, they lost. It was a Pyrrhic victory however.

        7. Actually, while it is often considered to be a disaster for the Soviets, I think the wrong conclusion was drawn. There was no dent in the Soviet capabilities. After this war they still had the largest and most technologically advanced military in the world and had Hitler not jumped the gun they would have steamrollered Germany, France and anyone else who got in their way. They had 11 million men in their army at the end of WW2!
          Sure, Finland looked bad but this was one campaign amongst many. Look at what they did to Japan prior to that.

        8. My understanding is that the Soviets achieved their objectives. The Soviets actually wanted the Karelian Isthmus and this is what they got. After this, they could have taken Finland any time they wanted since Finland’s defenses were broken. I am not sure the Winter offensive stalled. The Soviets broke the Fins in 105 days.
          Further, an example was set to other countries. Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia immediately surrendered. Romania ceded territory. And the USSR still had the largest and most technologically advanced military in the world.

        9. Again, up to interpretation. The Soviets, with the largest and most advanced military in the world at the time (1940) failed to Annex Finland, a stated, clear and unambiguous objective. That being said, they managed to secure several concessions from the Finns, including their complete withdrawal from WWII and the cessation of Karelia, part of Salla, and the Kalastajansaarento Peninsula. The Finns sued for peace after the Soviets penetrated the Mannerheim line, an overture the Soviets were happy to entertain after suffering nearly 127,000 dead/missing, 265,000 wounded not to mention loosing almost 2,300 tanks. Compare that to the Finn’s casualties of the 27,000 dead and 40,000 wounded. Irony of ironies, the Winter turned out to be the enemy of the Russian soldier. You and I may have to agree to disagree on the Finnish Army being “broken.” They were in a defensive posture to be sure, but like the Japanese in 1945, far from defeated, and the Russians didn’t have a nuke to drop on one of their cities.

        10. Tell me where it was stated clearly and unambiguously that the objective of the Soviets was the complete annexation of Finland.
          You should be aware that the side that concedes is the side that loses.
          I have to say, what you are saying doesn’t make sense. You agree that the Soviets broke the Finn defenses (the Mannerheim line) leaving the path open to the Finnish capital and yet they gave up? If the Finnish army could not stop the Soviet army with all of their best defenses, they would not be able to do it on an open road. And this is why they ceded to the USSR territories in addition to those originally demanded and why the Soviets did not need a nuke.
          Furthermore, although Soviet losses were great, they are a drop in a bucket compared to the Soviet war with Germany during which they had casualties of 22 million! And yet they pushed through to Berlin.

        11. Panama and jungle countries are the most difficult to take. Conquer a full country is hard but catch a piece of the cake is easy and Russia is the sort of country that can get a fracction of Finland. Is really difficult to imagine Russia dividing this country in two?

        12. The Molotov-Ribbontrop Pact was revised after the September 1st invasion of Poland, modifying the respective spheres of influence between Germany and the Soviet Union. For the USSR, this meant the Baltic States and Finland. Yes, Finland as a whole is clearly mentioned in the agreement between the two powers. This is confirmed in the work of Chubaryan and Shuckman, Stalin and The Soviet Finnish War 1939-40 (2002) and Week’s Dictators At War and Peace (2014). You asked where it was stated clearly, and now I’ve given you three sources.
          Penetrating the Mannerheim line did not leave the way open to Helsinki. The Finnish Army was still very much intact.
          BTW, you are correct that Russian losses were a drop in the bucket. Russia has always had a high tolerance for sacrifice as part of their National Strategy.
          Look Bob, I really don’t want to to go back and forth arguing with you over minutiae. You got a little personal there at the beginning of your third paragraph, but I can attribute that to your enthusiasm for healthy debate. Let’s call it Pax, OK?

        1. great work-from-home opportunìty for everyone; start working for three to eíght hours daily and get about 5000-12000 dollars every month – regular weekly payments.. visit website lìsted on my profile page

      1. I like the pics, but the video was implying that Obama was raised as a true communist… which is hilarious garbage.
        how do these morons come to prominence in the conservative community? notice how he didn’t actually name the major who denied his alleged order? why? because it’s bullshit and people might try to verify the story?
        from the video, this man describes (US) soldiers as having signed up in order to be “…trained to go out there and kill the enemies of freedom…” this sort of thinking is one of the reasons why many other countries are so wary of the united states. it’s not about defending, it’s about offense.

        1. BTW, for anybody asking, here’s Obama’s accomplishments as POTUS:

    2. The black moeselms had it figured out long long long ago, how you gonna fight for freedom in some other country when you have no freedom in your own country.

    3. Hmmm, I half agree. Family first, fuck the rest. BUT what if your policy of ignoring the rest eventually puts your family at risk because, you know, your country’s being overthrown and the women are getting raped and all? There are many lines in the sand, and sometimes (often, in fact) there is a time to kill.

  7. It has been said that there will never be true equality between the sexes until there are equal numbers of male and female body bags returning from the front lines. Feminists don’t seem to like this kind of equality, they are always looking at the ceiling….

  8. That’s democracy: Women can affect the passing of laws that put all people but themselves at risk. Smart!

    1. This is a very good point because it is EXACTLY what is going on. It’s no wonder societies of the past restricted the roles of women. There is a serious flaw in democracy when women are involved, and the concept was created before women had the right to vote.

  9. So let me get this straight. Finland is reminding 900,000 soldiers of their duties should war arise, US is scrapping cold war era treaties to place nuclear weapons on Russia’s border, world war 3 comes closer and closer to happening every day, and you’re worried that women don’t get conscripted into Finland’s military?

    1. You’ll see from reading the article that I recognize a 50/50 split of gender is laughable, hence why I recommended civilian service for women, like attending to the elderly.
      So you’re suggesting I said something I did not.

      1. I’m sorry and I know it’s probably not the right place to complain but I’m far more interested in the fact Finland sent those letters out to begin with. Shit is getting more and more serious every day and I realize the subject matter of this site but the underlying article has a much higher importance than the subject matter of the latter. Can’t say I’d have read it without ROK so props for bringing it to my attention anyways.

        1. Of course, I understand. And as a man this shit will affect you more. You’ll be lumped in with the 1% of compulsively violent males, yet expected to defend against any threat like a good white knight. It’s wonderful, ain’t it?

  10. For it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an’ “Chuck him out, the brute!”
    But it’s “Saviour of ‘is country” when the guns begin to shoot;
    An’ it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an’ anything you please;
    An’ Tommy ain’t a bloomin’ fool …. you bet that Tommy sees!

    1. If you can keep your head when all about you
      Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
      If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
      But make allowance for their doubting too;
      If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
      Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
      Or being hated, don’t give way to hating . . .

  11. Remember guys, most of you reading and commenting live in the US. Because of selective service, your name is already down for male conscription if the proverbial shit hits the fan. You’re male, therefore you’re disposable come wartime.

    1. That is why every young American male should have a passport and friends in countries that do not have a military alliance with the USA.

      1. O canaduh my home and non-native land. Already prepped my friend. I’d slay in Toronto despite what these pussies say about “how tough it is” wah.

        1. I would imagine it would be easier to slay anywhere for that matter if all the able bodied men are off fighting.

        2. I am split here because I would love to kill anyone who challenged white people… but I also have no reason to defend white cunts. I am quite the shot as I’ve been practicing shooting since I was 8 and I am 8 years deep in my parkour training. I also just see no reason in offering these skills to a country who gives no shit about my life. But if this country was invaded while I was living here… mm I’d kill so many towel heads, chinks, and (reluctantly) Ruskis. I’m just not looking to jump on another war over oil or other silly venture… let them southern boys have their fill.

      2. Conscription for wars of imperial aggression is one thing (Vietnam) and is wrong.
        Defense of your own country, state, county, town, or home is entirely another.
        Equating them and advocating fleeing in the face of the enemy belongs on Huffpo or Jezebel.

        1. The American military is no longer use defend America,
          otherwise Chris Kyle would have been stationed on the Rio Grande and not Iraq. The War in Iraq was about Israel, oil and Halliburton. America
          hasn’t been in a war to protect its freedoms since 1945. Until that changes, any American would be
          foolish to join the US Military.

    2. no, actually, something tucked away in a bill a few yrs ago called for a draft of men AND women; age max increased to 36 from 26…I posted this a few months ago, got cricket sounds…

      1. Good luck finding a 36 year old in good enough shape to make it through basic…Its hard enough to find a 20 year old.

        1. If they’re desperate enough to conscript 36 year olds, that means the situation is bad.
          I’m 47 and am in shape. Don’t know if the knees could handle a lot of running now, but I can definitely hump a pack and a rifle, pull a trigger, dig a ditch, reload, load trucks, run radios, do first aid or whatever else might be needed.
          Everybody can help if it’s a real emergency.
          Here’s a story about a guy who lived in MA USA circa 1775 and what he did to some of your ancestors at the age of 78 years.

          “On April 19, 1775, British forces were returning to Boston from the Battles of Lexington and Concord, the opening engagements of the war. On their march, they were continually shot at by colonial militiamen.
          Whittemore was in his fields when he spotted an approaching British relief brigade under Earl Percy, sent to assist the retreat. Whittemore loaded his musket and ambushed the British Grenadiers of the 47th Regiment of Foot from behind a nearby stone wall, killing one soldier. He then drew his dueling pistols and killed a grenadier and mortally wounded a second. By the time Whittemore had fired his
          third shot, a British detachment reached his position; Whittemore drew his sword and attacked.[6]
          He was shot in the face, bayoneted numerous times, and left for dead in a pool of blood. He was found by colonial forces, alive, trying to load his musket to fight again. He was taken to Dr. Cotton Tufts
          of Medford, who perceived no hope for his survival.
          [B]However, Whittemore lived another 18 years until dying of natural causes at the age of 96.[/B]
          Will to fight is everything.
          Cowards die a thousand deaths.

        2. If the situation was that bad today America would be fucked. A 36 year old in 1775 was probably much fitter than today’s specimen who gets out of breath going up a flight of stairs. He would probably get a heart attack marching to the battlefield.
          For the record, a historically healthy male of 36 years old would be a front line troop (say in Ancient Sparta). A man your age would be an excellent support troop.
          But would you trust one of your peers in the office to watch your back?

  12. From experience I know that women in combat suck. They get men killed in combat. Armies are filled with white knights and will protect the female at all cost instead of the men in his unit. Observe the progressive Marine core (lowered standards for women, all military apft) had tons of men killed by female friendly fire in Fallujah. You can’t trust a woman in war. Our governments fund feminism and will always betray men as we fall to our deaths. Check this video out: “March of the Bonus Army”

  13. Female only battalions need to be formed and women subjected to selective service. Failure to comply results in fines, possible imprisonment, and losing the right to vote & receive federal loans. Just like men.. Privileged twats.

  14. “…women simply do not put themselves in harm’s way to protect men, at least not anywhere near the rate of men trying to save women.”
    Given that women have enjoyed greater privileges than men in recent times while not required to shoulder an equal or greater portion of the responsibility it is therefore reasonable to simply avoid sacrificing ones self for the privileged class.
    “Whether war comes or not, Finnish men are expected, without reward or bare acknowledgment and appreciation, to underwrite the tranquility, safety, prosperity and peace of mind of Finnish women.”
    The above is the description of a slave. No thank you.

  15. Feminists remain silent about male only conscription? Well come on, you don’t want to carry this equality thing too far.

    1. Right…it may actually back fire on them.
      You’ll notice that all of the political leaders only talk in certain terms about equality and fairness. Any real open debate and discussion would crush that nonsense, period.
      We don’t have real debate in this country (US) any longer. The government with the help of the media controls all of the communication going out to the public so we get a “candy coated” communication of what’s really going on.
      Obviously, politicians don’t want to lose votes (and money) so they avoid showing women in a negative way.

  16. Wow I didn’t know Finland had that much men .. 900,000 men? Wow. I wonder how many Russia has.

    1. “Wow I didn’t know Finland had that much men .. 900,000 men? Wow. I wonder how many Russia has.”
      Finland might as well not have a military. If Russia wants to make them part of a restored Russian empire (which Finland was part of from 1809-1917) then it is going to happen.

        1. “Men like Simo Häyhä will never let that happen.”
          Dead men will never let that happen (again)? That’s like saying Daniel Boone and Davy Crocket aren’t going to let anyone take the Alamo (again).
          You aren’t a nation of Simo Hayhas and the Russians aren’t Commies anymore.

        2. I don’t know what you were trying to assume from my one sentence
          “Men like Simo Hayha will never let that happen”. If you read correct I said “Men LIKE…” I didn’t say Simo Hayha himself will never let that happen. Read the part “Men Like…”
          I never said Simo Hayha will come back from grave and prevent it. My whole point is there are millions of nationalistic people like Simo Hayha that will never let their country be taken over. Same with America, we have A LOT of patriotic people and will not hesitate to defend America with everything.

        1. If Russian generals play well their game it could be very easy to Russia. Supposing that Stalin won’t kill his best militaries. Russia can easily surround Finland by air, sea and ground, corner its army and after let Russian artillery and some stratospheric bombers slaughter them.

  17. You’ll never hear politicians talk about women in this way. They’d lose too many votes (and the corporations backing them would lose dollars). The fact is women are getting a pass to not serve while men do the heavy lifting of serving. I’m not talking “voluntary” service, I’m talking about selective service (you have to sign up at 18).
    These women will go on and on about equality until you hit something like mandatory military service…then everything goes silent.
    Hell, I don’t even care if they don’t do mandatory military service (front lines) but mandatory service of some kind “for the country” should be required of them.
    Start there and then talk to me about stupid shit like “the pay gap”.

    1. Specifically, it will be the conservative feminists like Phyllis Schafly who will protest. It’s past time for some serious black-knighting.

    1. The best parts of Scandinavia migrated to Ukraine / Russia a long time ago.
      Kinda off topic, but I dated someone in Ukraine whose grandfather was Finnish and whose father was Lithuanian. If only she wasn’t a red-head….

  18. Conscription is a form of slavery. After all, if a country is do darned great, why then do men have to be drafted to defend it?
    That the west shits on men now, and conscription still exists, makes matters worse, but even more so, the west is a country that no intelligent man could be motivated to defend.
    Compare what men had in WWII (to come home to) compared to now and we can see why we have over 20 veterans a day killing themselves. And we do not even have a major war like that going on.
    So, who here wants to get drafted, sent to battle, see others die extremely horribly if not die themselves, and possibly come back without eyes, limbs, and even organs, and for what?
    – so you can be divorce raped mercilessly and lose your children because she was not haaaaaappy.
    – so your “free speech” can be ignored 7 ways to Sunday as you ask for your rights back while someone somewhere complains about some place not having a genderless bathroom and gets a response in a week or some parent cries on TV once and new laws get passed.
    – so your sons can grow up to become women because “they” got to your kids.
    – so your daughters can grow up to be complete solipsistic sluts.
    – so your wife, if she does not leave you, can be a big fat self-entitled cow who relegates you to some “man cave” in your own home while making ever increasing demands on your time, labor, and wealth and giving nothing in return.
    – so you can live a life of fear of saying one wrong thing at any time in any place and becoming (with some SJW telling you amidst every ounce of sneering hatred and snark) “unemployable” (and then you get divorce raped because when you are no longer a good cash cow for your wife, she stops being haaaaappy).
    – so illegal aliens or immigrants can show up with their hands out and get checks and even better treatment under the law: maybe even those you fought against.
    – so every time you open your email there is yet again news of some new proposal from some politician elected by hordes of fucktards who wants to take more of your property, money, guns, or rights when you have done nothing wrong to anybody.
    – so women and other minorities making bad life choices can vote for a living and rob you from behind a voting booth curtain.
    I say fuck that. If a draft comes, I don’t care if it’s ISIS head choppers. I’m out of here. Hey GLBTs, hey ladies, hey minorities. It’s all your country now. Fuck you, you defend it. I’ll be beachside somewhere. ..|.

    1. Sad thing is Jeep, the intelligent man is the minority.
      Practically nobody I meet wants to talk about anything of any importance at all.
      I get the occasional nod from older men who get where I’m coming from but they have to hold their balls up to their chins for fear of losing the little bit that they’ve worked for.
      Canada is continuously passing all these absurd laws lately (we’ve recently just introduced a two-tier citizenship program – Canadians are no longer allowed to hold a dual-citizenship or else their Canadian citizenship will be revoked…. I’m thinking of writing an article about this actually) and no one wants to have a discussion about it.
      Gen X and older doesn’t want to think or question anything… They just want to sit on their asses and point fingers while everything goes to shit. And my fellow millenials are convinced for some reason that we just need more government to solve all our problems…. Yet everyone is tired and miserable…. How does that figure?
      If shit hits the fan I’m gtfo, Canada can kiss my ass.

      1. ” the intelligent man is the minority”
        That won’t be true in around 5-10 years. We will interface with robotic “Life assistants” Who are charming and personable , about 10 times more than average, How can i predict this outcome? because the billions pouring into Artificial intelligence research will materialize into models of personality that humans want to interact with , there will be competition for at-par performance, than than it will simply surpass it..enormously
        If you think cell phones made people anti-social, Just wait until the personality interfaces are passing the Turing test!
        We won’t have ANY reason at all to communicate
        i truly think the earth is an embryo, and intelligent life seeds other planets
        We’re just in the very very early stages
        lets face it, at least 1 out of the 100,000,000 UFO sightings are real. only 1 has to be real to prove the universe is capable of creating beings possible of long distance interstellar travel, and these beings did not just have their technology over-night, they developed in stages, We are in a phase, a similar stage of progress
        We are interpreting it wrongly. it is just evolutionary turbulence that we as a culture are mis-understanding
        The anti-social phase, Where we are becoming smart enough to find eachother incompetant
        The final stage is the exodus phase,
        I shall work on my “embryonic interstellar civilization theory
        Why is it , our best TV shows are all space based? We have it in our DNA to seed other planets, it’s so obvious
        We are the UFOS
        all the madness that we are feeling now, is the “societal pre-technological era” the point at which we turn inward and start speeding up the process

        1. Y’ever read the Time Machine by H.G. Wells?
          I think it’ll be pretty much that… The upper classes will get off controlling the population through technology, and the population will love their never-ending entertainment slavery.
          The Matrix I guess…
          What I really hope happens though is that we discover The Spice Melange on Arrakis and I get to ride a giant space worm. But you know whatever…
          UFOs? You think Area 51 was the real deal or a case of broken-telephone?

        2. My opinion on area 51?
          Explained here:
          Why spend 100’s of billions to develop UFO technology? if you see them and know they exist(being the intelligence community with the advanced radar detection), in their opinion while they saw these visiting craft they thought it’d be best to capture one and examine it, hell, the idea is that if you capture one of these things by disrupting it with some radio waves, you can speed up the whole process of space travel by 500 years, now that is getting ahead. so of course, realizing this the 140 IQ scientists created a program for the interception of alien craft, they decided, the chances of interstellar travel were greater if they were to capture and to reverse engineer an alien craft, rather than risk making their own
          the unfortunate area 51 crash was caused by a poor interception of the alien craft, which cause the craft to get damaged rather than simply land safely for examination, this was most likely when they were sloppy with their alien craft interception methods
          the space program is just a hoax to pretend our technology is primitive so the public doesn’t feel too intimidated in my opinion(if we saw what we were really capable of technologically the public would realize there may be otherwordly involvement in the human race and panic) So it’s best to sell us the old technology that we are told is new for 400-600$
          Anything that costs less than a grand aint the newest and greatest anything, Lol. if you follow the rule of price performance just keep doubling the price to advance in years in terms of technology, and consider the unlimited budget that exists in this kind of research
          To get the very best in 2015= 1000$ to get 2016 technology = 2000$ to get 2017 technology, 4000$, to get 2018 technology 8000$, 2019, 16,000$
          Now, See how ive’ advanced technologically using price performance? Consider that there is an unlimited research budget in technological progress and now increase that price-performance out to year 2045 and you start to realize that the intelligence community is AT LEAST 30 years in advance with access to technology that is deflating at a rate at which we will think it is new in 30 years, once it’s pretty worthless to the very top elite, we think it’s “new”
          The word “ment” means “Mind’ and enter = Inside
          Stain = “influence” stick to
          “thin tin plate for mirrors, etc.,” 1858, from French tain “tinfoil” (17c.), an alteration of étain “tin,” from Latin stagnum, stannum “alloy of silver and lead,” in Late Latin “tin”
          Entertainment = To enter the mind for mirroring, so they are entering our minds, and reflecting their ideas which stain our memories … The Black Magic of the Occult
          Sounds too much like “Entrainment” of an animal
          the whole cultural psychology is coded in our language which goes back hundreds of years lol
          “guvern” = Control like the governor on your car, and “ment” = Mind
          Mind control, Enter-tain-ment
          Starting to get the picture>?
          “The upper classes will get off controlling the population through technology”
          only partially true, Technology is the new religion, They used to use religion as the ancient population control tech, they don’t want to make their “Hive” feel futility to the point of uselessness, just for us to feel futility enough to buy into pharma for relief which 71% of us use according to their nifty charts
          But think about it this way, We can… Create our own “game” we can use technology to make the world what we want so we are more free. 200 years ago you were spending 12 hours a day in the fields farming, kept ignorant, stupid, and lucky to live a lifespan of 36 years
          A lot of the technology the technocrats use leaks out and makes us more free
          I look forward to “the age of super-intelligent machines” So long as they are calibrated to our own personality won’t that be increasing our freedom, and once and for all ending our frustrations on dependency of sharing knowledge with others?
          and if super-intelligence becomes very cheap? Doesn’t that mean the idea of a company, expires? You could technically have 10,000 virtual genius’s working for you…
          or 100,000 Virtual genius’s? That would make civilization itself pretty useless to you,
          There will be an exodus event in which we separate in the cosmos, Is it in 200 years? 100 years? Who knows, but the limiting factor is only the cost of intelligence,
          Look at a time lapse for example and study fast forwarding video and so on, to get the idea of what a super civilization will be like

          The idea and grand-vision of drones will be that, the drones will be programmed to replace human workers and will be able to put up an entire complicated structure in less than 24 hours, The drones just change their own batteries and keep on going, so it becomes very very inexpensive suddenly to develop any kind of grand architecture, On a GRAND scale, Building an entire complex and integrated city, gets done in ONE day, building very very verticle buildings becomes CHEAP, so you end up with a huge real estate deflation
          You can see how easy it will be to colonize planets just based on technology fast approaching within less than a decade. This Drone building tech will be inspired by how birds build nests, and will integrate into anything.. Want a car? Molecular high resolution drones will build it , Want a new house? house will come apart and re-organize into a different design within 24 hours…
          The future will involve the “real world” becoming as maleable as the digital world, so that anything is possible in BOTH
          We don;’t need other “people anymore” the entire dependancy is changing
          I may be ahead of my time by 20 years or so based on studying the current primitive framework and seeing what it’s trying to evolve into. Knowledge is power. Forget people, Forget nations, Forget this planet entirely ! Bring all the creative genius of the human race with you, and fuck on off throughout the cosmos. I reckon, building a “mothership that is 3000 miles in size” might be reasonable, So long as the basic materials exist, why not build a planet sized portable galactic colony of your own? The aliens did it, they did not stay on their home planet, what would be the point of being stuck on a rock(planet) that can’t travel? Its clear the aliens decided, rather than terraform planets, to create giant portable space ships instead. When i mean giant, I mean, 4000 miles is small. A limitless future awaits us all

      2. Has anyone who was born in Canada with Canadian citizenship had their citizenship revoked because say, they also have a French parent (and have a passport)? Will they deport that person to a country they have never been to? I’d love to see how that would play out in the courts.

        1. This law just came into effect this month. Dunno what the immediate tangible effects will be.
          How it affects me (and others similar to me) is that all the sudden I’m nervous about getting citizenship in another country. I’ve been losing faith in Canada and have been seriously considering relocating once I get enough resources, now I’ll be punished for doing that.
          My guess is the real reason they’re doing this is to keep their citizens and their tax money, with the guise of protecting us from “terrorism”.
          It’s like a mini-911 or something.

        2. But don’t Canadians die at the hands of Islamic terrorists all the time?
          Yes its all about taxes. This is the first step. The next step (when people say “fuck you” and leave) is to not let you revoke your citizenship.
          If I was you, I’d get an EU Passport. Gives you lots of choice and still allows you to have multiple passports. If Canada won’t let you back, well being stuck in Europe is not the worst thing. But frankly, I really can’t see Canada following through with this. Its nuts.
          Get your second and third passport. You don’t have to mention it to the government.

        3. I’m not buying this, when was this law passed, be very specific, nothing comes up on google.

      3. “Canadians are no longer allowed to hold a dual-citizenship or else their Canadian citizenship will be revoked”???
        what law is this, when did this occur, link please.

        1. It’s all over our news.
          I understand your disbelief, I’m still trying to figure out the specifics.
          Within the last year Canada has passed three absurd laws.
          1) selling sex is legal, buying sex illegal
          2) bill C51 – government can convict citizens if they suspect them of terrorism with no judge
          3) bill C24 – this 2 tier citizenship law.

        2. Does this universally apply to all countries? I can’t believe Canada / US dual citizenship is not allowed. I have a few friends with this. And I believe a LOT of actors / entertainers have dual citizenship (mainly because of the silly limits placed on them working in certain places for certain periods of time otherwise that can make filming TV shows or movies difficult).
          But wow, after reading that article to #3, that is ripped straight out of George Orwell: By making citizenship something that has different tiers of access and something the government can control or revoke at will, we are “strengthening citizenship” Really, now! ?

        3. Dunno enough of the details but yeah it’s really weird.
          When I told my boss who has Canadian/US citizenship it really put him off.

    2. Ok fair enough on conscription – they want equality then they too should be conscripted but not for combat.
      If all that stood between your mother, sisters, and daughters was you and your neighbors and your rifles, would you run and abandon them to the tender mercies of the enemy wihtout a fight? Upvoters of this post?
      If so, then I will borrow a quote from Samuel Adams:
      “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animating contest of freedom, — go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen!”

      1. He didn’t say he would abandon friends or family. He just says the cesspool of the modern west is not worth dying for. You, in your patriotic zeal, are just fighting and dying for the real enemy. Fighting for a western country is licking “the hands which feed you”.

      2. i would kill my mother and sisters, like that they will not be tortured by the invaders.
        if you can’t protect them, then free them. but we can’t protect this corrupt society anymore

      3. If my mother, sisters, daughters, supported conscription, i.e. supported my slavery, they are not worth defending.

    3. If ISIS, comes I’m going back to my country of origin. or i’ll just put on a dress and realize I was a woman trapped in a man’s body the whole time, LOL.

  19. Well said.
    No males conscripted — in Finland or elsewhere — until Equality has been achieved by conscripting into combat and related services the females of Western nations to achieve Parity with the hundreds of millions of males who were sent to die for the privileges of females and the castrati in centuries past.
    This conscription should begin with Prime Minister Hell Horning and with Minorities Commissar Eva Bidet. After they have completed their sacrifice for the privileges of, and entitlements to, political and socio-legal power in ‘their’ nations, conscription should move downward from the top of the financial/political hierarchies until all females between the ages of 18 and 60 have their opportunity to prove their patriotism, and their commitment to the principles of Equality, Egalitarianism, and Gender Equity which are the Law everywhere.
    No excuses will be accepted for dereliction of responsibility and service. Suitable (non-feminist) male replacements will be installed at all levels of government, academia, intelligence, media etc. until females collectively have ‘caught up’ with the historical male death, dismemberment, and general destruction rate suffered by males. No female will be allowed to hold any type of office in any nation, nor to vote, until she has completed her military obligations, including combat.
    You know, I’m starting to warm up the this whole Egalitarian business. Maybe I’ve just needed to look at the positive side of it! :O)

    1. I fully understand and support the sentiment and I have been known to say, in these very pages, give them Rule 4 good and hard until they choke on it, but I also understand the reality.
      Do you know how you collapse a population? Target the females. Putting women into front line combat duty would be ethnic suicide.
      And don’t think that those who wish to destroy ethnicity don’t know it.

      1. No excuses and i’m sure if this ever happens that the numbers will be worked out.. There are exemptions for men ala only child etc. Most females will just try to get preggers anyways if SHTF and they face conscription, so there should be penalties for that – like losing the right to vote. I think they would rather lose the right to vote ( cowards ) than potentially face an enemy, so it works out pretty well.

        1. If they get knocked up to get out, then they should have a forced abortion AND their tubes tied.
          When I was in the service I was told that if I did anything to my body that could prevent me serving, I would be court-martialed.
          So… tit for tat fair is fair. Forced abortion and sterilization. My body was not mine when I was in, their body is not their choice either when they get in.

      2. There is zero chance these punks will put their females en masse on the firing line. Zee row. Because that might interrupt their own Gravy Trains.
        They want their daughters (and themselves) to receive fat dividend checks from the corporations manufacturing shrapnel . . . not have their daughters eating shrapnel. And coming home mutilated which might mean some responsibility and effort required on their part.
        No the shrapnel is not for Precious, it’s for Somebody Else’s Son. After which Somebody Else’s Son won’t be able to get decent medical care, while their daughters hold do-nothing, well-paid jobs in government and NGOs, and pass more male-crushing ‘laws’ in the name of Equality, Safety, and National Security.
        I wasn’t making a serious proposal, just rubbing their faces in a cowardice and hypocrisy shitpie.

      3. The female populations in the West have already been targeted by feminism/multiculturalism etc, which is already leading to the decline of the West. What is the point of protecting your women when they are not reproducing? If anything, some real hardship would snap them out of their delusion of feminism etc. If not, the West is done anyway.

  20. Norway’s commander in chief Helle Horning Schmidt – – DUCK FACE. Invading hoardes will RAPE THE PRES and half the defending army. I can’t see Putin getting raped. Imagine his saggy ass and balls with dander, not to mention he’s NOT FEMALE. Obama’s chainsmoking ass probably smells like an asthmatic’s snotrag bag full of hocked on kleenexes and Benson&Hedges menthol butts. No way any invading marauders would want to rape his ass. BUT NORWAY?? HEY GORILLAS, LOOK, the Norwegians put up a candy ass for their president. Let’s go invade, why she’ll probably call for all the girlie prep schools to let out early and line up for the conquerers.
    WHAT A SET UP. Put a bitch in as head of your country . . really .

  21. Back when Reagon was President there was talk of compulsery service. Media went around colleges, streets, interviewing everybody they could find to get a public opinion about it. Many women said yeah, we need people to go straight into armed forces training right out of high school. But guess what, the same women said no, women shouldn’t have to go or be forced to fight for the country. Bitches don’t change.

  22. I think that Anglo women specifically of Northern european/Viking Descent have a hair up their ass to subjugate/humiliate any male that shows weakness, It’s like these women want a strong Viking Male to put them in their place and until that happens the non-confrontational Beta’s who “aren’t doing it for them” are getting the Brunt of Anglo women’s dissatisfaction(Called Feminism).
    The Anglo Northern European Women still have a streak in em from the Old Barbarian days, but many modern Men of that Bloodline have Gone Liberal Metrosexual, this Race/breed of woman was created to be Tamed by a Strong Male, if she is not tamed she is dissatisfied, she’ll take out her dissatisfaction in society,I believe the Taunts and Tantrums of Feminism is one Method Anglo woman uses to Punish a society that Lacks a Strong Male Character.

  23. Think about it. You are going to be asked to die for a woman who hates you. There are going to be some who pass on the privilege.

  24. Feminists will get their day. Trust me, how many men are going to defend these bitches in the event of war, famine or environmental disaster? Sure, we would have in the past, but that is when women were loved and respected. No more… they decided they wanted to be nothing more than fuck toys, well, they got it!

  25. The irony is…….why bother even defending a country that has implemented feminism, specials rights for everyone else other than straight white males, affirmative action, EEO, divorce laws in complete favor of females, etc. If they say that Russia might invade, i say if you are a white male, then step aside and let the Russians come right on through. Why put your life on the line just so you can continue to live in a society that has literally stolen the natural God given rights of men away and granted additional “rights” to women?

    1. Well… because Russia will pretty much slaughter everyone who has a head on their shoulders and make slaves out of whoever is left over.
      Would you let some bloke from another country come to your house, beat you up and take all your stuff… rape your whole family and then shove an AK up your arse just for lols… and maybe even pull the trigger to Finnish the job?

  26. For the time being we simply don’t have enough money for conscripting women also.
    Israel for a example uses some 7% of its GDP for military expenditures and can afford it.
    In theory we could set up some system that would select the most fitting people but it would still favor men and suck up money.

  27. I cannot imagine Russia ever having a woman as supreme leader. All Scandinavian countries though seem to be a washout as far as having women puppets installed but for Russia, perhaps never. The reason is because Scandinavian countries are no longer soverign. They’re nothing more than recievable bank holdings. When a culture or country or both are failed, you see a female finally installed as head. The countries may look alive and animated but they are as terminal as ornamental flowers cut and put in a vase of sugar water. Despite their appearances, they’re already dead basically. They could shove two million Somalis up Finland’s ass and would Finnish men or women even so much as grunt? NOT A WHIMPER FROM THE FINNISH FUCKING PUSSIES. Does that qualify as already dead or what? Why their great ancestors would have cleaned out the traitors in Helsingki and PUT THEIR GODDAMN HEADS ON POLES at the mayfair would they have not?

    1. I think Russia had two female supreme leaders in the past, although my Russian history is not that great… Google will fix that!

  28. Russia will seize Finland and the russians the real vikings, will catch Finnish women. If I were a Finnish men I would fight beside Russian Army to take over the matriarchal-marxist system

    1. If the Russians said “Hey, men of the United States, you can keep your guns and you will get equal treatment in family courts. Title IX will be taken out and all ‘man must get arrested’ domestic civilizations will be against the law. We will also protect your borders and end illegal immigration and disband the IRS and do what we do, a flat tax. We would also implement the ‘no GLBT advertising to kids’ law that we have in Russia”.
      Shit, we would be stepping aside.

      1. Stepping aside? Shit man, I’d ask where to enlist in the Russian military.

    2. While Russia is named after the Norweigian Rus, they are Slavic, not Germanic.

  29. I’d do hard time before fighting for my cuntry.
    We’ll all suffer for what feminism has done to the west.
    We will suffer equally. And I’ll be doing my part to ensure this happens.

  30. Simple truth and natural order: Men are about to build,develop and fight and women are there to give birth and take care of children.When it really counts women will return to that genetic programming and that is alright with me.

    1. Exactly. The problem is when they try to mess with the natural order through politics, social engineering and the legal system.

  31. And don’t forget about the Order of the White Feather.
    Reading some of the cases the women were totally retarded and had no shame whatsoever to who they handed white feathers to.
    Make no mistake about it. A woman will have no problem with shaming a man to go off to war to get shot or blown to pieces. They will not have any empathy nor feel any remorse. This is the true nature of the female.

  32. (Article in Finnish)
    ”Green Women’s Association considers that compulsory military service for men only is a significant gender equality problem, as it will limit the freedom of the individual, delaying the start of their studies and lead to wage and pension losses.” says Vice-President of the Green Women’s Association Henna Hakkarainen.”
    ”According to Hakkarainen, general conscription for men is now practically obsolete, since every fifth drops out of the army.
    To increase the share of women in the organization of the military draft should be extended to the entire age group of women, so that the current number of applicants (about 650 applicants in 2013) could be raised again.”
    This is a feminist movement in Finland talking.
    Let’s go with another example. (Article in Finnish)
    The former commander of Finnish Defence Forces, Gustav Hägglund ”..Resist demands that military service should be the name of equality to terminate or extend the scope to include women. ”
    Yeah, feminists… Damn them!

    1. I’m sure 1 or 2 prominent feminists advocate military service for women, but I guarantee the vast majority of girls will say FUCK NO to conscription and true equality.
      Yea, the drafted men will hang their heads and grudgingly go along with the draft, but there’d be a nationwide outrage if young women were forced to do it too.

  33. Nearly ONE million out OF FIVE point five million?
    O-N-E . OF . F-I-V-E !!!
    Feminists should be familiar with such numbers ….

  34. unlike our army, in finland the army is used only for self defense. should finland be invaded, women would be conscripted. in the winter war, some women saw frontline service while the majority were put to work behind the lines.
    as for that women being awarded her job without the proper educational prerequisites… fuck her…

  35. Events like this prove that women don’t deserve any respect whatsoever. They won’t fight and die to defend their country, because they are weak and cowardly. Thus, they don’t deserve to go in politics and make stupid decisions based on their estrogen-filled emotions.

  36. I asked a male friend to answer quickly, “who should be saved from flying a kamikaze mission into the enemies last stronghold, a 70 year old female pilot or 22 year old male pilot?”… I was horrified at his response. I have, however, changed his mind since.
    Articles like this will be great tools for people to reference back to when young men of the future wake up and need immediate reading. The archives are waiting to heal the indoctrinated and brainwashed.

  37. Lot of women participated the war in supportive work and they where called “Marttas”. Though these days I would require women to join in the military or go to jail as men do. Equality in everything or in nothing. Your choice femnazis!
    Ps. Great article.

  38. So much for equality in scandinavia. Men are equal to women, except in war, you men will do all the dying and women will continue to work. So the state even acknowledges men are better than women for some jobs, but go forbid I do the same as an employer I am a sexist. How ironic is that?

  39. Socialist governments operate as a contradiction anyway so why should they be any different with the military ?

  40. Seriously, what’s next: Finnish feminists, sleeping with Russian soldiers?
    This is why I personally tolerate “glory hunters” in sports, compared to those chickenhawks who never fought and military glory hounds.

  41. Finnish dude here and yes the letter was somewhat alarming.
    And I just had a discussion about this article with my father and he attempted to guilt trip me into believing that since school and such is free or really cheap I should give something back to my daddy goverment. I asked what women have to do to give something “back”? And he said “nothing” and it’s on me (responsibility) because I’m a man. And of course he proceeded to shame me and called me a misogynist. The grand irony is that my mother understands me. Imagine that.
    I didn’t choose to be born here. It’s retarded that I’m supposed to give back something I’ve never really asked.
    Discovering the redpill, manosphere and MGTOW has been an eye opener. And I’m getting really, REALLY pissed off.

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