Are We Living In A Dark Age?

When we think of the Dark Ages, we automatically think of the period after the collapse of the Roman Empire when the West was thrown into chaos. It took several centuries, but Europe was able to rebuild. The result was the civilization of the Middle Ages.

The prevailing narrative that most of us learned in school is that the civilization of the Middle Ages was hopelessly backward. The only way that European civilization was able to emerge from the darkness of medieval superstition was through the Enlightenment with its principles of rationalism, egalitarianism, and democracy.

But in his book The Crisis of the Modern World, French metaphysician René Guénon stated that it was not the Middle Ages that were intellectually dark, but our own modern age.


René Guénon in 1925

Guénon studied the mythologies of all the world civilizations. He found that almost all civilizations had a concept of cyclical development. Each human cycle is divided into four periods that move from a stage of high spiritual development to degradation: the Golden, Silver, Bronze, and Iron Ages.

Guénon came to the conclusion that we are currently living in the fourth age, which he dubbed the Kali-Yuga, or the Dark Age. This is because modern civilization has discarded the traditional wisdom that guided prior civilizations.

The order of a traditional society is hierarchical consisting of priests, warriors, and workers. Everyone within such a society knows their place, and there is very little movement between classes. These societies are also monarchical and patriarchal.

Most moderns bristle at the thought of being born into a certain class. Modern civilization is built upon the concept of self-determination. We believe that a person’s social standing should be the result of his efforts, not his birth.

But the promise of self-determination comes at a price. Guénon identified the following items as troubles that afflict our civilization.

The Relentless Pursuit of Wealth


Quo vadis?

Unlike a traditional culture, we do not have a hereditary aristocracy. Instead, it is the amount of one’s wealth that determines a person’s social standing. That puts everyone into a rat race to make as much money as possible so that they can become one of the “elite.”

This relentless pursuit of wealth has caused the rise of the corporate employer-employee culture. The chance at high incomes is there for the corporate officers, but the other employees find themselves working harder and harder in the hopes they will be chosen to become part of the inner circle.

Technology Over Science

A logical consequence of the pursuit of wealth is that science has been brought into the service of corporations. The result is that the emphasis is not on the gathering of knowledge, but on the production of technology in the form of gadgets that can be sold to consumers.

These gadgets keep us from recognizing that innovation appears to be slowing down. Peter Thiel, the co-founder of PayPal, writes: “The smartphones that distract us from our surroundings also distract us from the fact that our surroundings are strangely old: only computers and communications have improved dramatically since midcentury.”



Obama takes a selfie

Guénon states that the elected leaders of a democracy are likely to be incompetent. According to the principle that, “the higher cannot emanate from the lower,” it is not possible to elect leaders who will be consistently better than the society they come from.

While democracy has produced some leaders of the caliber of Winston Churchill, the norm for Western leaders does seem be mediocrity. As society continues to decline, so does the quality of our leaders.

The Disintegration of the Family 



While the Enlightenment started by overturning traditional forms of government, in our day we see the destruction of the primary building block of a traditional society—the family.

This makes sense, because from a revolutionary Enlightenment perspective, the family is just one more oppressive traditional institution that needs to be transcended.

The decline of the family has come about from many factors including feminism, easy divorce, and economic necessity. One result is that is that all the countries of the West are now experiencing birthrates that are below replacement levels.

Another result of the decline of the family is that the number of births out of wedlock has skyrocketed. In 1980, 18% of births were out of wedlock but by 2010 the figure rose to 41%. For women under the age 30, at least half of births are now out of wedlock. As bad as that is, the number for some communities is staggering. The rate of out of wedlock births in the African-American community is 72%.

Guénon’s Predictions

Guénon didn’t think that the current state of Western civilization was sustainable. In his book, Introduction to the Study of Hindu Doctrines, he suggests that one of three possibilities will occur:

1. Barbarism

If the Western society refuses to restore a traditional civilization, it might gradually fall into a primitive state. Unfortunately, Guénon doesn’t provide an example of how this could happen to a highly developed civilization such as ours.

2. Assimilation or Subjugation


Welcome Islamic Overlords!

The second possibility is that Western society will be either conquered or assimilated by a more traditional civilization, which for Guénon meant some Eastern culture.

At the time Guénon was writing, it was difficult to imagine a way for this to happen. But today, with the rise of the Islamic State and the increasingly large Muslim population in Europe, an Islamic subjugation of the West has become conceivable.

Although subjugation would be terrible for the West, Guénon felt that it was preferable to a descent into barbarism.

3. Return to a Traditional Society


Sainte-Chapelle in Paris

Guénon’s third possibility is that Western society would see the bankruptcy of its present course and re-adopt a traditional form.

Guénon suggests that the best way of doing this would be to follow the example of a prior Western society. Although we could use Roman civilization as a model, Guénon suggested that we use the civilization of the Middle Ages because it is more recent and therefore more easily studied. We should not copy medieval civilization, but draw “inspiration from it in order to bring about an adaptation to suit the actual circumstances.”

For Guénon, the third option represented the ideal path for the restoration of Western civilization. If the West chooses this path, it would exit the Dark Age and enter a new Golden Age.


There are some aspects of Guénon’s thought that are open to criticism. He overlooked many of the good things that have been brought about by the Enlightenment. But considering that he wrote these books in the 1920s, he was remarkably prescient in his diagnosis of the ills that beset modern civilization. Only time will tell if his predictions will prove to be accurate.

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229 thoughts on “Are We Living In A Dark Age?”

  1. Is there some kind of competition to out-conservative one another here?
    Although this is why I like Heidegger and Nietzsche. If you’re going to be conservative, conserve the pre Socratic Greek tradition.

  2. It seems like the 90s were our last happy decade. I don’t know if it was 9/11, our leadership, the economy, or something else, but for over a decade now, the whole zeitgeist of the country seems stuck in a dark place.

    1. “It seems like the 90s were our last happy decade. I don’t know if it was
      9/11, our leadership, the economy, or something else, but for over a
      decade now, the whole zeitgeist of the country seems stuck in a dark
      Everything changed with the election of Clinton. They immediately tried to force sodomy in the military, but eventually had to back off and settle for DADT (Don’t Ask Don’t Tell) rather than something even more radical. Under Clinton admin it was made it very clear that: Christians, whites, males, heterosexuality, constitutionalists, etc, were the enemy. Law enforcement and military began training for rounding up such domestic enemies while the actors would say things like: “This is America. This is Unconstitutional. You can’t do this. I have rights.”
      Under Obama the DHS and other federal agencies train to immediately shoot the following terrorists using “No More Hesitation” targets:

        1. “Timothy McVeigh said he was responding to this very same threat.”
          Yeah well.
          “America is at that awkward stage. It’s too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards.” – 101 Things to Do ‘Til the Revolution (1996)

        2. I believe what WACO also was the drawing board for was that personal self determination will be viewed as a threat to the sovereignty of america. by that i mean that if you or a collective try and have a unit of people with similar beliefs who want some sense of autonomy in what is a very splintered USA then it is threat #1 and must be dealt with in the quickest and most violent way possible!

        3. It was the precedent for crushing armed self-sustainable groups that would be able to “stay off the grid” when the Mark of the Beast rolls out:

          The Amish they can just round up easily since they’re pacifists.

      1. The 90’s was a joyful decade, as well as the 80’s. Anybody got a time machine?

      2. 90’s everyone was too “happy” to respond to the threats that were being implemented behind the curtains. the writing was on the wall in the 90’s

        1. Quite. In Europe, I remember that we were blissfully ignorant of what was happening in our cities. We had more money, holidays, clothes, technology and entertainment than ever. We didn’t mind the Muslim hordes settling in our cities by the millions in one decade, or the crushing debts that everyone was taking on to buy bigger, better houses in the suburbs.
          When people warned us, we laughed at them or even said they should be silenced, not because they were wrong but because we wanted to stay in the dream. They were disrupting ‘the life’. We responded to them the way someone in a deep sleep would to an alarm clock – with confusion, then anger.

        2. Exactly right the writing was there but coz things were so good people ignored it.

        3. Yep. By the mid-Nineties — at least in America — it was obvious that Enlightenment Progressivism and its ideologies, politics, and economic assumptions were Rong, and were causing great damage to the nation. But most folks were living pretty easy lives, especially the UMC and above.
          So when a few folks warned about feminism, materialism and greed, the race-game, the prison-industrial complex, and so forth, most people just did not want to hear it. Doing evil, and remaining in evil, had already been incentivized for large portions of the electorate — women, financial elites, parents of daughters, careerists in govt/media/academia. So forth. Doing the selfish and wrong thing was made not only profitable, but praiseworthy by society in general. It’s malevolent genius, and proves (yet again) that the Almighty People ‘ruling over themselves’ is and was just another scam. A scam, as usual, that people very much wish to believe. All the most virulent deceits have this quality.
          It’s impossible to convey the difference in the general psycho-spiritual health of current America to, say, the U.S. in the late Fifties. It’s not like living in a different country. It’s like living in a different world . . . a different galaxy. Guys born after the Seventies and Eighties don’t even know what was taken from them — what a reasonably healthy and sane country feels like; they can’t grasp it, there’s no experiential frame-of-reference. And that’s by design — you can’t miss (or re-capture) what you never had.

        4. Sure. When Obozo stands before the People, what words are used to motivate them, before any policy is even mentioned? Well they’re told that ‘our way of life’ is under threat . . . by misogynists, by racists, by homophobes, by Christians, and etc.
          Most people don’t respond to issues of justice and truth. That’s for the Narrow Way. Most people respond to threats against ‘our way of life’ i.e., the relatively easy living that the Empire represents. Money, power, material goods, status vs. others.

        5. The early 90s were dark times though after the recession. I don’t remember things really picking up until the mid 90s.
          I remember people being more laid back in the 90s though, less stressed out.

        6. “Guys born after the Seventies and Eighties don’t even know what was taken from them — ” ~ You are absolutely correct. I have been pondering a lot about this very topic lately. You cannot make them understand because as you said they have never experienced sanity.

    2. I have often felt the same! I remember some of the old school teachers in the traditional British boarding school tradition who saw so much change in their lifetime especially within the frame of learning institutions and the world were saying that 9/11 was the moment that some people woke up to the decline. it was the changing of the guard and the moment that signalled that the US was in decline as the leader of the hegemony. They said that china with traditional family values would carry the flame for western society. I passed it off at the time but in hindsight i think 9/11 signalled that the white male conservative was the target. In the same period of time i remember that Timothy McVeigh was being executed and his words were basically that the white man and traditional values of liberty were all under attack at whatever means necessary. I passed this off as rubbish and thought this was the crazy ramblings but now i know that Timothy McVeigh even if you disagree with his actions was looking through hour glass into the future.9/11 was the moment where the american dream was shattered and some of the red pill woke up!

    3. I still regularly reminisce about the 90s, and even the 80s as well. I can’t help but admit there is a lingering dissatisfaction I feel about living in this day and age.

        1. The last great yr was 2000. Then the tech bubble popped. 2 yr recession, 4-5 yr bubble again in housing, then the great unraveling in 08/09….its been a REALLY long time man…

        2. Agree, then W. was embarrassing & BO was/is a waste, I’m actually not a huge fan of Clinton either. The US, as good as it is/was, hasn’t had that many great presidents in it’s lifetime.

        3. Could be, but I highly doubt it…@ this point tho, I do think she would have been better than BO

      1. I think we are seeing, essentially, the last stand of the second wave feminists from the 1970s. These women are now in their 70s, and their last act is to justify their lives by reminding everyone of their influence on society. So they are beefing up the propoganda, grabbing some puppet milleniums to repeat the talking points from 40 years ago.
        One can only hope that, after Steinem and crew have passed on, that things might cool down a bit.

    4. “or something else”
      That something else was cheap oil.
      Shit, I remember jumping on last second flights back to college, pay with cash, college photo ID got you a discounted rate(they didnt even check to see if it was valid). sounds amazing, doesnt it?

    5. Dot com, pc boom, stock market bubble and massive increase in debt made the 90s look pretty good. Chickens are hatching now.

    6. Things had started getting worse in the 70’s and 80’s. The 90’s were a brief ‘blip’ in the general downward trend; a time when western civilization made its last stand. Partly due to the collapse of the USSR and the resulting optimism. But it was already past the point of no return.

      1. Possibly, I think tech was about the only thing that exploded during that time besides the usual moneymaking industries.

      1. It had a lot of bands that should have been more popular, but I’m not sure the whole decade is underrated. Anyone, except maybe some Millennials, should know all the great stuff that came out of that time.

        1. I guess the whole decade wasn’t overrated but I think people didn’t appreciate it as much as they should at the time. When I play 90s music then compare it too today’s music 90s music is far better an more had more talented performers.

        2. Agree, it seems that pop got even bigger after the 90s with boy bands, Britney, Christina, & on & on, & I actually haven’t seen it slow down much lately. To me, that’s not an extremely creative form of “music” or very interesting.

        3. I agree with pop music an boy bands not bring overly interesting or creative but there are still interesting an creative examples. I think in The 90s when it first became really popular they had a lot more creative an talented pop singers an boys bands, there was rubbish too just less of it.

        4. I agree about boy bands an pop singers not being overly creative in interesting, but there are examples of creative an interesting pop music an boy bands. If you compare the quality an creativity from the 90s till now the 90s is far better.

  3. We are living in an age of “cultural excrement” if anything else, but hardly a dark age. Medicine, life expectancy, knowledge, what we know about space and exoplanets etc. has never been better.
    The day-to-day actions and behaviors we see in people are what makes us cringe at our heels, but an attempted revival at religion and Christianity for the west is not an ideal solution to our smartphone addiction either.
    I also find it odd that René Guénon in 1925 thought we were in an Iron or ‘declining’ phase. From the time of his birth in 1886 to his death in 1951, he saw a world change from Railroads and Steam Engines being the most advanced pieces of machinery to the dawn of Jet Airlines and Superhighways.
    It’s what the people wanted! It’s called progress!

    1. an attempted revival at religion and Christianity for the west

      I see a long twilight ahead for christianity. Ridley Scott shows that in his film Prometheus, where the christian character Elizabeth Shaw, played by Noomi Rapace, stands out as an oddity in her world because christianity has gone into decline.
      Or as I tell unsophisticated christians who have those “end times” beliefs, Hey, I believe in the rapture, too: I can see that christians have already started to disappear.

      1. I think that movie was being overly generous on our technological progress by merely having it set in the 2090’s. It implied that we’ve developed faster-than-light interstellar travel for heavy space vehicles, in order to reach distant systems in a mere matter of months.
        In reality, there has not been any real major improvements to space travel since the early 1980’s shuttle era, other than the on-board instrumentation and electronics. Wishful thinking Mr. Ridley Scott… wishful thinking.

        1. Overly generous, indeed. Not many visionaries among scientists these days, a defeatist attitude seems to be ubiquitous. Physicists, for example, are extremely reluctant about thinking beyond the borders of established scientific dogma. If relativity doesn’t permit FTL travel, it cannot be done, and that’s the end of it. There is no thinking about what could be.

        2. I took a myriad of physics classes in the early 1990’s, and there’s a reason for what you observe. The TA’s and the Profs both, to the last man, were rigid, dogmatic and more beady eyed than any street preacher I’d ever met.
          You did not genuflect to their “superior” theories, and I mean if you simply asked “but would XYZ be possible under these conditions too” and you were nearly screamed at and at a minimum subjected to being made out to be some kind of caveman for even daring to ask such things of The Learned.

  4. Peter Thiel, the co-founder of PayPal, writes: “The smartphones that distract us from our surroundings also distract us from the fact that our surroundings are strangely old: only computers and communications have improved dramatically since midcentury.”

    I’ve said similar things for years. Why doesn’t the real 21st Century look like all the “brochures” written about it in the last century’s science fiction which predicted that we would live in a successful and technologically progressive “space age”? If someone calls himself a “rocket scientist” these days, you look at him like you would expect that he belongs in a nursing home.
    Which science fiction writer, for example, foresaw that women right about now would pork out, turn hypergamously slutty and tattoo themselves?

    1. Agreed. It is behind a firewall now, but The Economist had an editorial back in 2011 that said that we’d pretty much reached the end of manned space exploration. A friend of mine said it well: the future looks looks less like Star Trek and more like Escape from New York.

      1. Considering the amount of cultural degeneracy and human scum on the planet, humanity going on a trek among the stars would be a bad idea anyway.

        1. Don’t be so sure. It may be the two races to get out of the planet will be the Northeast Asians (to prove supremacy) closely followed by the non-degenerate Whites (to flee the horror of Jizya & Sharia).
          The rest of us coloreds are boned lol.
          The ones succesful enough & have money are trying to grab a ship to the next Martian outpost colony. I’ll be queueing soon enough.

        2. I believe we should bring our human virus across the stars in a beautiful infestation.

        3. Yeah, funny how it might take a white Drakan, er, white South African, to pull off the Mars migration.

        4. Oh hell yes! A Hitchhiker’s reference! Haven’t seen one of those in a *long* while. You’re one hoopy frood!

    2. Simak and Bradbury may have gotten some of the fine detail wrong, although they wrote in the form of parables to deal with that, but were essentially on the right predictive track.

      1. They got it all wrong. William Gibson? Wrong. Neal Stephenson? Wrong.
        Philip K Dick got it all right. Unfortunately.

    3. shit IS old, especially on the east coast. Infrastructure is crumbling. Here in NYC, we have a sewer system well over a century old, yet they knock down modest homes with one or two toilets, and put up apartment bldgs with dozens of toilets. all flushing into century old sewers not built to handle the volume.
      more and more commuter and subway train breakdowns and delays(honestly, the past few yrs have been astonishing).
      Prices keep going up up up.
      Seems like there is less and less in the city budget for potholes too. Worst year ever.
      The 1 trillion dollars needed to repair the nation’s infrastructure does not exist.

    4. Arthur C. Clarke was a great visionary, way ahead of his time and like many great men he assumed that society at large would continue to value logic and reason and use it to eventually reach the stars. But we all know how that turned out.
      Maybe, a few centuries from now, we will reach the heights he imagined.

  5. To give you an idea of how the last century’s “futurists” got our century so badly wrong, you might get a kick out of F.M. Esfandiary’s vision, published in 1981, of the wonders of life in that mysterious, far-future year 2010:
    “Up-Wing Priorities”:

    1. “No, we are living in the best times ever. Unfortunately we are currently in a coma.”
      The reason we are living in the best of times is because the future is going to get tons more shittier.

  6. I call the official term to describe this article “End Times.”
    What we are witnessing in society is the end of civilization and this has been explained in all the mainstream religions and essentially, the pathway for the Anti Christ is being paved.
    Everything, from the economic collapse, and the erosion in standards in music, literature, movies, books, fashion and everything else, is being accelerated at a great pace and is proving to get worse.
    What I suggest all men to do, is to understand and accept the fact that the world is not going to get better. There is no healing in our world as it reflects the flawed nature of our species. However, what we can do as individuals, is to improve our self worth and self respect as individuals. Which is why I always advice people (as I have mentioned in many articles) to do the following:
    -Learn to develop your own value system
    -Be responsible for your own personal finances
    -Have respect for yourself and those that are worthy of being given respect
    -Maintain you health, appearance and personal hygiene
    -Enjoy remembering the good music, film, television shows, books of the past
    -Spend whatever time you have left on Earth with your family and friends
    -Learn to forgive yourself of your past mistakes and learn to move forward with your life
    Even in these dark times, we can choose try and improve ourselves as individuals and when the time comes to die, we can at least depart this world with our integrity, honor and self respect intact, which in turn, can leave somewhat of a positive effect in this world.

    1. Stoicism is a necessary mindset for men.
      “You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.” -Marcus Aurelius

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        2. I started working from home completing a simple job that only required a phone and mattress. It’s been the best job I ever had. I make $20 – 100/hr. with very little overhead. It’s all cash and I choose my own hours. I think I need to invest in better knee pads and more mouthwash though.

      1. Desagree. Although I admire stoicism, It´s absolutely proven that enviroment and culture mold people, which doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything for yourself.

      2. Why the fuck do I have to be a stoic? Yes I know how to play it close to the vest. I’ve been in situations where my safety depended on it and I’ve done it well. However that is not my nature and I don’t believe my manhood depends on it. I’m a hard core urban American, passionate and opinionated in the extreme. I make no concession to my age (old) and my appearance (one short dude, although built like a brick house). I love life and live it to the fullest even in a dull period I am in now. I enjoy music, art, sports and I’m a better cook than most of your wives and girlfriends. One of my favorite movies is High Noon with Gary Cooper and Grace Kelly. Will Kane, Cooper’s character is the classic strong man of few words. He triumphs in the end. When he tears his badge from his chest and throws it in the dust at the end of the film it is one of Hollywood’s finer moments. Fuck James Bond, Will Kane is the real deal when it comes to being a strong man. I’m not Will Kane. Despite all my handicaps I’m not afraid to lead with my chin. I’m a man too.

      1. The article is simply discussing about cultural decline. How you choose
        to perceive that is entirely on you. But most people see that as a sign
        of the end.
        And how is the advice which is given negative? If anything, it is positive. And seriously, stop posting music videos like this one- it makes you look like some sort of emo freak.

        1. Your understanding of music precludes you from making comments such as that.
          Edit: perhaps you should consider changing your name to “& nbsp;” from your overly liberal use of the “enter” button.

      2. I agree, the comment from “truth” is inordinately negative. It asserts as a fact that “the world is not going to get better” when in reality the future is uncertain.
        I, for one, will not give in to the collapse, and will continue my efforts to oppose the forces that are currently working to destroy my heritage and culture. I hope that my brothers here on rok are with me.
        In response to Psquare, it is true, as Aurelius said, that the only thing we have ultimate control over is our mind, but if we act, then we also have an impact on events.
        Long live the West!

        1. The West is dead, Dead, DEAD! The fact that you cannot see this is proof that Western Man has lost his ability to properly reason or see clearly. Check out Tragedy and Hope by Carroll Quigley 1963. The Tragedy is Western Civilization is dying the Hope is that it can be saved, a few years later he determined that The West was irretrievably lost.

      3. LP is a lil lame but this album has stood the test of time IMO.
        Last week they played through this entire album at the gym and I forgot how well put together it is.
        Hybrid Theory is a good album.

      4. Look, things are going to get better. They certainly did after Winston Churchill came to power in Britain in 1940. At that point, France had just fallen, Britain seemed to be soon to follow, but Churchill literally was the one guy who saved the whole world.

    2. Good thoughts, Truth. Words to live by. Lets not forget the decline in the visual arts as well.

    3. I already saw this coming from a long ways away. It’s only now that things are being accelerated to an incredible degree.
      Everything dies. Including civilizations. And the ashes of this one will pave a way to the “One World Order” that has had every conspiracy theorist think about for the past decade.
      It’s no longer proper to ask how this will happen. It’s only a matter of when.

      1. there is a lot of enlightenment around, but it’s squashed by the establishment…. there will have to be some upheaval for the enlightened crowd to rise up….. how much depends how smart the enlightened crowd are and how aggressive the Govt. (old farts) are in trying to hold on….
        the system provides many distractions and temptations that keep anyone enlightened with energy (money), to sit and enjoy themselves…. whereas there is a lot of work to do, and the system can be pulled down…
        do you want to make that sacrifice ?

      2. Agreed. Our President has pretty much assumed dictatorial powers at this point. What’s most disturbing is that as civilizations fall, they are often marked by periods of brutal oppression and horrific acts of violence.
        Unfortunately, my interactions with people on a day to day basis have not given me much hope. The level of ignorance and brainwashing is astounding. Theyre like children in grown up bodies.
        Americans are sitting ducks, docile, helpless and unaware of the dark cloud that looms on the horizon. As long as US tax payer dollars can be used illegally to serve the interests of foreign nations, this will likely continue unabated for some time, like taking candy from a baby. When the genocides in foreign lands are complete, it will be our turn. Just keep watching your football games and getting fat, nothing to see here.
        If not the age of darkness, the age of deception.

        1. Are the slaughter of millions upon millions of people in their mothers wombs not violent enough? Google partial birth abotion video and you will see the most vile, violent, barbaric act man is capable of… This is considered “legal” in our society. Because it is not happening yet to maturated people, is perhaps why you are blind to this modernday holocaust.

    4. science turned religion into a dusty old relic, but failed to provide us with a higher purpose or explain the true nature of the universe….
      our religion thus becomes materialism, which literally plunges us into a material struggle for wealth and goods, as there is no connection to the universal truths…. just because religion didn’t have the scientific understanding, doesn’t mean it didn’t understand the true nature of the universe.

      1. The mistake has *always* been to consider science the source of a set of philosophical values meant to replace religion. It is not, never was, never can be. It’s a set of procedures for determining facts in the natural world via math and models and experiementation, nothing more, nothing less. There is *no* rift between science and religion because neither occupies the same space of functions. I shake my head when people on either side go on about this supposed “conflict”. It’s absurd on its face.
        That the Marxists were so successful in convincing people to adopt science as “religion” though is unquestionable. And shameful.

        1. Extremely insightful. Well done! I wish there were more like yourself who could see with blinding sight.

      2. Religion made the mistake of being so goddamned oppressive that people ran from it like the plague. I dont believe in Jesus, god, or any the Abrahamic religions, but there is alot of ancient wisdom in those texts that can help us understand our existence. We’re seeing that they understood women quite well and they also knew how to maintain a functioning society.

        1. People ran from it like the plague? Not so much…I would say there are more people of faith than without.

      3. Backwards, materialism became the religion of the West thus “science” “made” religion a relic.

    5. I suggest you to read the prophecies of Benjamin Solari Parravicini, an argentinian prophet who was given visions of many things to come before the end. He predicted the arrival of Fidel Castro, the american victory in the Cold War, 9/11, the masculinization of women, among many others.

    6. -Learn to develop your own value system
      -Be responsible for your own personal finances
      -Have respect for yourself and those that are worthy of being given respect
      -Maintain you health, appearance and personal hygiene
      -Enjoy remembering the good music, film, television shows, books of the past
      -Spend whatever time you have left on Earth with your family and friends
      -Learn to forgive yourself of your past mistakes and learn to move forward with your life
      All very good points and certainly advice to follow. None of it however will mean a damn thing once TSHTF.

    7. “The pathway for the antichrist is being paved ” Anybody here have a guess who that might be ? Who is this person ? Anybody famous in politics . Is it the television ?

      1. It’s said that he will be a charismatic leader, probably already being groomed by the World elites but no one knows exactly who this person might be…

  7. Socrates worried that the people of his generation were spoiling their children rotten. If you could speak to your ancestors, each one would think they were the greatest generation.

    1. Was he wrong? From the heigh of the hellenic period to the point where Greeks were exported as slaves to Rome was only over about 100 to 150 years. Those once great Greek philosophers and teachers who had many slaves doing their work (1/3 ratio) were in shackles to the aristocracy in Rome within their own lifetime.

      1. “Was he wrong?”
        No, he was not. People have not changed, they still don’t want to believe bad news so they choose not to, often at their peril. When Hitler said “Today Europe, tomorrow the world” most people at the time didn’t want to believe that either.

    2. The quote attributed to him saying that has been found to be wrong. He didn’t say that.

  8. But what to do? We know we don’t want Islam or Marxism, but will a return to Christianity restore our freedom and dignity, or will it further feminize us and make us vassals of Zionism? We lack a compelling, unifying doctrine to reestablish coherent societal standards, but where do we look? Confuscius?

  9. I predict a social collapse, followed by the lebanonisation of France, the low countries and the UK. Ethnic tensions between the unassimilated colonists and the increasingly hostile indigenous populations will grow. Nationalism will rise again. I think this will be accompanied by some kind of christian revival as the secular technocrats will be utterly discredited and europeans begin to look back at the previous age with nostalgia and longing.
    The declining levels of wealth, the rising violence and economic chaos will spark an increase in the white birth rate as masculine virtues rise, society turns more ethnocentric and feminism collapses.
    The USA will begin to splinter along regional lines, with a mestizo southwest, a white north and an increasingly black south. White Democrats will be a non-issue, having aborted themselves into irrelevance. Jews will be marginalised as the minority-majority will not need them any more and the whites will blame them for their perceived role in promoting multicult and social marxism. Assuming the current parties survive, the democrats will be a party dominated by mestizo revanchists supported by a resentful black political machine. The Republicans will be the white party, backed by Asian wealth and controlled by Mormons.
    The plus side is that the coming strife will discourage further colonisation and give many colonists a good reason to decamp. The bottom side is a new age of blood and iron, the end of which none of us will see.

    1. this could be a book. Very similar to what i see happening. However miscegenation may breed out white people before it eventuates.

      1. I foresee the definition of white changing honestly.
        From a north american POV: Among the nationalisms that will arise will be an extremely angry white nationalism. Whites groping for a sense of identity will not find it in the effeminate and dying white liberal tradition, but from the unreconstructed extremes.
        I think the hispanic community will fracture, with mestizos rejecting white hispanics. There will also be growing strains in the black community between light skinned and dark skinned blacks. Many of these people will come into alignment with more traditional white groups.

        1. This^
          100-200 years ago during the last great immigration people such as the Irish and southern Europeans weren’t considered white in the traditional sense. They were persecuted and believed to be on a lower level. Jump to today and if somebody said a person of Italian or Irish descent wasn’t white, most people would look at them like their retarded. The definition of what is white has already proven to be fluid. The most obvious benefit of this approach is by adding new groups to the “white club” they get to maintain their majority status. This comes at the cost of racial purity of course, but you can’t have it all.

        2. The difference is that Italians and Irish are far closer to what’s commonly accepted as “white” than hispanics and blacks. You can only stretch “white” so far.

        3. aren’t there 16 different ethnicities of Caucasians?
          The guy has a point though. I’m Belizean and a Castizo(Castizo means 1/4 indigenous american and 3/4 white(Spanish)). Many Castizos look down on Mestizos(1/2 indigenous and 1/2 White(Spanish)). Mestizos look down on the full blooded natives.
          Also our creoles( 1/2 black and 1/2 Anglo) look down on darker blacks here.

        4. It still puzzles me when I see a indigenous looking person calls himself/herself Latino/Latina or Hispanic.
          I remember learning about the Italians are the original Latino people and the Spanish and Portuguese are the real Hispanics.

        5. With progressives emphasis on racial identity and ousting those who don’t conform to progressive expectations of their race/and or ethnicity, there is going to be a fracture and it’s going to be nasty.

        6. who cares? We should all be identifying as Americans, which we do not…

        7. Class and money is (a very heavy) factor as well in your part of the world. Most Americans don’t want to admit class exists but it does, which I find hilarious.

        8. Inequality is natural. Society shouldn’t pursue equality. It will be a waste of time, money and resources. Venezuela is a great example how their pursuit of equality fucked them up. Venezuela will never elect a leftist government again lol.

        9. I have libertarian tendencies. Most countries get the government and politicians they deserve. People should think economically not politically. If they did less people would live in poverty.

      2. Yes it could be a book but it would be as vapid and insipid as the Turner Diaries…

    2. ~ “The Republicans will be the white party, backed by Asian wealth and controlled by Mormons.” ~ Better to go extinct than suffer that! All of this chaotic enlightenment but we whites are STILL too terminally stupid to drive a stake in the heart of that monstrosity called the GOP. Sounds about right.

    It so happens that Rene Guenon was the chief influence in the formation of my own intellectual outlook (quite apart from the question of Orthodox Christianity). I read and studied with eagerness all his books that I could get a hold of; through his influence I studied ·the ancient Chinese language and resolved to do for the Chinese tradition what he had done for the Hindu; I was even able to meet and study with a genuine representative of the Chinese tradition and understood full
    well what he means by the difference between such authentic teachers and the mere “professors” who teach in the universities.
    It was Rene Guenon who taught me to seek and love the Truth above all else,
    and to be unsatisfied with anything else; this is what finally brought me to the Orthodox Church. Perhaps a word of my experience will be of help for you to know.
    For years in my studies I was satisfied with being “above all traditions” but somehow faithful to them; I only went deeper into the Chinese tradition because no one had
    presented it in the West from a fully traditional point of view. When I visited an Orthodox Church, it was only in order to view another “tradition”-knowing that Guenon (and one of his disciples) had described Orthodoxy as the most authentic of the Christian traditions.
    However, when I entered an Orthodox Church for the first time (a Russian Church
    in San Francisco), something happened to me that I had not experienced in any Buddhist or other Eastern temple; something in my heart said that this is “home,” that all my search was over. I didn’t really know what.. this meant, because the service was quite strange to me, and in a foreign language. I began to attend Orthodox services more frequently, gradually learning its language and customs, but still keeping all my basic Guenonion ideas about all the authentic spiritual traditions.
    With my exposure to Orthodoxy and to Orthodox people, however, a new idea
    began to enter my awareness: that truth was not just an abstract idea, sought and known by the mind, but was something personal-even a Person-sought and loved by the heart. And that is how I met Christ. I am now grateful that my approach to Orthodoxy took several years and had nothing of emotional excitement about it-that was Guenon’s influence again, and it helped me to go deeper into Orthodxy without the ups and downs that some converts encounter when they arc not too ready for
    something as deep as Orthodoxy. My entrance into the Orthodox Church occurred at the very time I left the academic world and gave up the attempt to communicate the Chinese tradition to the Western world. My Chinese teacher also left San Francisco shortly before this-my only real contact with the Chinese tradition-and in Guenonian fashion he disappeared utterly, leaving no address. I remember him fondly, but after becoming Orthodox I saw how limited was his teaching: the Chinese
    spiritual teaching, he said, would disappear entirely from the world if Communism endures another ten or twenty years in China. So fragile was this tradition-but the Orthodox Christianity I had found would survive everything and endure to the end of the world-because it was not merely handed down from generation to generation, as all traditions are; but was at the same time given from God to man.
    I look back fondly now on Rene Guenon as my first real instructor in Truth, and I
    only pray that you will take what is good from him and not let his limitations chain you. Even psychologically, “Eastern wisdom” is not for us who are flesh and blood of the West; Orthodox Christianity is clearly the tradition that was given us-and it can be clearly seen in the Western Europe of the first ten centuries, before the falling away of Rome from Orthodoxy. But it also happens that Orthodoxy is not merely
    a “tradition” like any other, a “handing down” of spiritual wisdom from the past; it is God’s Truth here and now-it gives us immediate contact with God such as no other tradition can do. There are many truths in the other traditions, both those handed down from a past when men were closer to God, and those discovered by gifted men in the reaches of the mind;’ but the full Truth is only in Christianity, God’s revelation of Himself to mankind. I will take only one example: there are teachings on spiritual deception in other traditions, but none so thoroughly refined as those taught by the Orthodox Holy Fathers; and more importantly, these deceptions of the evil one and our fallen nature are so omnipresent and so thorough that no one could escape them unless the loving God revealed by Christianity were close at hand to deliver us from them. Similarly: Hindu tradition teaches many true things about the end of the Kali Yuga; but one who merely knows these truths in the mind
    will be helpless to resist the temptations of those times, and many who recognize the Antichrist (Chalmakubi) when he comes will nonetheless worship him-only the power of Christ given to the heart will have strength to resist him.
    It is my prayer for you that God will open your heart, and you yourself will do what you can to meet Him. You will find there happiness you never dreamed possible before; your heart will join your head in recognizing the true God, and no real truth
    you have ever known will be lost. May God grant it! Feel free to write whatever is in your mind or heart.

    1. Your story sounds eerily familiar to Father Seraphim Rose. God Bless him and may he rest in peace.

    2. Thanks for writing this. I only heard of Guenon after my conversion, but what a mind! I have a feeling, had Communism not been in full swing and barred him access from the Eastern Occident, Guenon might have considered Orthodoxy. He certainly has had a huge impact on my own thoughts and my writing as a Reactonairy theorist.

  11. We’re not living in a dark age, we’re living in the period just before one . And unless we wake up, this one ain’t ending . Ever .
    The only way to prevent it is to get our priorities straight, to regain our sense of honor and the strength that comes with it, and then use it to destroy our enemies, before they destroy us .

    1. Excellent. But first and foremost we must identify our enemy. We cannot destroy it unless we first identify it, ‘out’ it, i.e., know who and what it is…

      1. Everyone with half a brain knows who it is. You’re just not allowed to mention them. This is all the proof you need.

  12. Interesting thought, man……. thanks for the article.
    Yeah I have unfortunately lost my will to actually get ahead in life seeing how a man is solely judged on his material net worth. I’ve come to resent this, and as a result have opted out of actually being optimally productive. Bitches mentality and self entitledment did this, and I’m sure I’m not the only man who had made the similar life decision. There is no longer an incentive nor a good reason an honest man should get out of bed today. That, plus I really don’t care anymore what some cunt thinks of me so I’ve stopped talking to them (I will literally snub them should any female even speak to me) alltogether which has given me a sense of freedom I never knew existed.
    I now plan to expat to a society that is not so extreme hard core on how it judges their men. I want to live out the next 30 years not being a whipping post for any fucked up society.

    1. I can’t blame anyone for trying to find a better culture to live in, but I think it is better to make a stand and try to improve the one we currently have. It is going to take the effort of a lot of guys working on the same agenda, but it has always been up to men to change things.

    2. Just live your own life, who cares what the bitches think. I’ve been doing that for years and it’s extremely liberating (to use a feminist term). I’m setting up a company now and I’m doing it for myself, not for some fucked-up bitches. As you become successful more and more women will want to cozy up to you. You will enjoy getting their hopes up and then grinding their faces in the sand.

  13. Well… let’s all take a deep breath before believing this is the end of days for the western civilization.
    I would recommend all those who are actually interested in the collapse of societies and civilization to read Joseph Tainter’s “Collapse of Complex Societies” It was written in 1988 and you can get it for a few bucks on Kindle (amazon). Tainter has gone on to analyze the ins and outs of oil production and its importance.
    Anyway, the big idea is to see a society or civilization as a means of hoovering up energy and physical materials from the planet and distribute the goodies to the members of the society so that members and survive and increase in numbers.
    So… things start well enough. A group or population find themselves in an environment and exploit whatever they find to live well. Gradually challenges happen along – change of climate, herd migrations, threat of invasion, exhaustion of some resource or the other.
    A challenge begets a search for solutions and if successful, the population thrives and the cost is always an increase in complexity. The complexity increase can manifest in more complex technologies, more complicated and hierarchal social structures etc.
    The unmistakable progression of a successful society is increased used of energy, increased complexity of organization and technique, and always diminishing returns. The other biggie is ever increasing amounts of information flow required to co-ordinate the whole affair
    When the low hanging fruit of discovery is exhausted, it takes more and more energy and more and more complexity to deal with new challenges.
    If you think about it, the thing that has driven western civilization to unbelievable achievement and complexity is the discovery of how to exploit energy from fossil fuels. This really drives everything.
    So as long as western civilization has access to high density energy and can manage to not wreck the environment, I do not see a big collapse THAT is the reason that all the middleast conflict is happening. Oil is still critical for transportation and war and security.
    It us just my own observation that the reason for the rise of feminism is a result of the mass recruitment of women into the workforce. The role women play at work is largely managing and looking after information flow in the society. Think of the massive increase in complexity of laws and safety and standards compared to 100 years ago – simply staggering. Traditional women’s work in the home has been largely cut back by labor saving technology and more complex social structures such as day care.
    The trouble happens when further increases in complexity do not solve the new challenges that the society faces. Things run out of gas. Tainter points out the the Roman Empire just could not get more energy (in the form of solar stored energy in plants, agricultural output etc.). What happens is that the society is forced to decomplexify. Societal structures get simpler. Warlords take over regions. The big government can’t sustain itself and disappears and the barbarians take over.
    We are still a ways away from that. Anyone attempting to mess with oil (looking at you ISIS) is in for a whole world of hurt.
    Also, the increase in welfare, food stamps etc to support parasites in society is enabled by access to ever increasing supplies of high density energy.

    1. Feminism commenced 10,000 years ago when the Agricultural Revolution appeared on the scene. Everything has actually moved more or less downhill since then.

      1. “Many were increasingly of the opinion that they’d all made a big mistake in coming down from the trees in the first place. And some said that even the trees had been a bad move, and that no one should ever have left the oceans.”
        –Douglas Adams

      2. The agricultural revolution was a perfect example of a major increase in complexity. The movement away from small hunter gatherer tribes and agricultural organization allowed the exploitation of solar energy in a big way. This was the kick off to the world as we knew it up to about 1880 when oil and coal (fossil fuels) were beginning to be used.
        Agriculture required a big reorganization of society and the succession of property required a more formal set of laws of inheritance. Women now were seen more as partners in the enterprise than breeding cows of the hunter gatherer times. (Breeding was absolutely vital for survival of the tribe in the hard scrabble world of the hunter gatherer)

        1. Try these two books at the least as a primer to this topic, since I think you may need it:
          Pandora’s Seed by Spencer Wells
          Against the Grain by Richard Manning
          Your last paragraph is totally misguided, especially the ‘breeding’ section.

  14. So, are you saying its time to pull out my copy of “The History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire” and re-read it?
    “The five marks of the Roman decaying culture:
    Concern with displaying affluence instead of building wealth;
    Obsession with sex and perversions of sex;
    Art becomes freakish and sensationalistic instead of creative and original;
    Widening disparity between very rich and very poor;
    Increased demand to live off the state.”
    –Edward Gibbon
    Rome wasn’t built in a day, but it didn’t fall in a day either. We still have plenty of time to right things, and one advantage that we have over previous eras are things like:
    Enhanced communication tools, encryption, annonymization techniques.
    Hundreds of millions of firearms in private hands.
    Lots and lots and lots of space.
    The ability to engage in political change before things get really bad.
    Try to be optimistic lest your overwrought visions of chaos and destruction become self-fulfilling prophecies.

    1. Yeah, I think Gibbon, Toynbee, and Spengler all worth (re)reading. There is no question that the West exhibits some signs of decay, and change is needed. I am optimistic that we can make the necessary changes, but it is not going to be easy.
      Right now, we are more like the end of the Roman Republic right before Julius Caesar. The voters seem to be searching for some charismatic figure that will make everything better, and that is always a dangerous situation.
      I don’t agree with Guenon on many things, but his ideas are thought-provoking because it is completely outside our usual right versus left dichotomy.

      1. I’ve never read Guenon, but I’ll have to find some of his works.
        The idea of a “charismatic figure” can be frightening, though.

  15. This article is a joke. decline arguments are becoming cliche and based on hilarioous distortions of the past. middle ages, really?? preferrable to now? i assume this author,is a beta boy in disguise as all churchy boys are.

  16. Unlike a traditional culture, we do not have a hereditary aristocracy. Instead, it is the amount of one’s wealth that determines a person’s social standing. That puts everyone into a rat race to make as much money as possible so that they can become one of the “elite.”
    the followers of Marx tried to create a wealthless/classless society.. millions dead…that sure worked well, huh

  17. not a dark age, more like a decline. Usually the rubber bad breaks and you are left with a Nazi Germany, a Soviet Union, a French Revolution, etc.

  18. Scientifically, Guénon wins the “close, but no cigar” award. He most likely got his idea from Sri Yukteswar and his book The Holy Science, which talks about how our solar system orbits in a 24,000 year cycle, causing advances and declines in man’s consciousness. Read also Walter Cruttendon’s Lost Star of Myth & Time. The Dark Ages really were the darkest age (kali-yuga), bottoming out at 700 AD or so, and we’re currently ascending, ~300 years into the Bronze Age.
    However, the decline in society is a natural effect of man choosing ineffective political philosophies. Liberty in America and France in the 1700s (approx. the dawn of the current Bronze Age) brought wealth and prosperity the world hadn’t seen since ancient Greece. However, later generations gradually chose socialism, and it’s flaws are inevitably rearing themselves. Mankind’s intelligence is rising, but we are not using it well.

  19. Guenon certainly “got it.” Here’s the tough pill to swallow: it WILL get BETTER. Hard to imagine from this quagmire – but – it’s the truth. We are at the turning point, a pivot point for a new age that will eclipse all the shadows of the old orders. How will it be ushered in? Not through any collectivist bullshit, but through a new paradigm of individual liberty – facilitated by all these goodies technology hath brought us. Hide and watch. The days of the overlords are numbered. Take heart.

    1. It never gets better before it gets worse,
      and most of us will die in ‘the worse’.
      Get a gun, a boy scout handbook (from the 60’s) and copy the mormons… I expect they will play the role of the catholic church in the dark ages as far as preserving western culture and knowledge as we approach the new Dark Age.

  20. All I want to know is how Michael Sebastian hacked into my computer and stole my article! Best fucking article I have yet to read on ROK! I truly hope to see more! Unfortunately many posters here, including the author of this article (WTF) think that we can turn things around and/or that technology will save us. This is nothing more than optimism and wishful thinking at its grandest. “Der if we can just build a Bolshevik utopia like on Star Trek then we can be great again!” or some other such nonsense. You have either received shakabuku or you haven’t, you are either out of Plato’s Cave or still eagerly (willingly?) chained to the wall. If one cannot see that Western Civilization has contracted a cancerous rot of the mind, of the collective soul, then there definitely is no hope. Society has slipped into dementia, Alzheimer’s has taken its toll. The body is still performing its basic functions but the mind is gone, and nothing will bring it back. We are just steps away from the North American Union which spells the end of Western Civilization. But in truth it is irretrievably lost already. Enjoy the decline? Only a fucking idiot or megalomaniac would want to fiddle while Rome burns, laughing maniacly while the flames light up their face. The Spartan lead coins have been dipped into the vinegar and are worthless; but they still spend rather well to purchase vanity and emptiness. The Kali Yuga has not even gotten under way yet but I see many who think that we have already weathered the worse of the storm. HA! HA! HA!

  21. The order of a traditional society is hierarchical consisting of priests, warriors, and workers. Everyone within such a society knows their place, and there is very little movement between classes. These societies are also monarchical and patriarchal.
    sounds like a caste system. well female hypergamy still allows her to move up

      1. There is plenty of movement between classes in the U.S. That’s one thing they haven’t managed to quite kill, yet.

        1. I guess we will have to agree to disagree. Many think economic net worth means class. It doesn’t! Economic mobility and social mobility are not the same. Just because you are as rich as Sam Walton does not mean that you are not a redneck shit-kicker, you probably will not be invited to purely social functions because of your class. Some douche bag politician may invite you to his $10,000 a plate dinner but that is ONLY because they want your money and economic influence as a stepping stone to power for themselves. They sure don’t want you marrying their daughter. Yeah you won the $315 million dollar lottery but what do you have in common? Absolutely nothing. You were a low bred nut scratching Neanderthal before you won it and within 5 years you will probably have squandered it all and be on your way back to the trailer park where you belong. I went to an Ivy League school with the creme de la creme and you went to public school with the children of ditch diggers. What are we going to talk about? We have NOTHING in common other than both of us being yanked out of someones crotch in the Holy Land of America. Oprah may be extremely wealthy (made that way by corporations and powerful men and not through her own hard work) but she will still always be just another Aunt Jemima from Mississippi who got lucky and struck it rich.

  22. Great article.
    The quote about Guenon’s third option struck a cord. He said we should draw “inspiration from it in order to bring about an adaptation to suit the actual circumstances.”
    One of the challenges in our current times is how disconnected social and political thought is from reality.
    For example, the government’s official unemployment rate is now 5.5%. Of course, this number doesn’t reflect the massive number of people who dropped out of the workforce. A more accurate measurement of unemployment would include those who are currently looking for work, plus those who just gave up. Once you do that, the unemployment rate is really 9.6%. In the past FIVE years since the Recession era’s unemployment peak, the effective unemployment rate has dropped less than 2%.*

    1. Also note that roughly 90% of all the jobs that have been “created” are part time.
      Essentially, Obamacare really stuck it to my generation.

      1. If you’re a Millenial, well, he’s just giving you what your generation *BEGGED* for over, and over, and over again. Not you personally I’m certain, but as a generation y’all are farther left than Lenin on many issues.

        1. I can’t disagree with this. In a sense the millennials were perfect receptacles for far left politics, their parents were the first generation truly affected with feminism on a mass scale.
          Therefore their weak upbringing made them gullible for any falsehood.
          It’s very difficult to relate to many people my age being a far right winger, but it is what it is. Reality always wins and the imbalance of insanity currently going through western cultures can’t sustain itself.

      2. Although I’m not happy about Obamacare, huge numbers of part-time jobs would have been created regardless. Cutting labor costs is an easy way to make more money, and they make sense if growth forecasts are low. Companies replace full-time work with part-time, temporary, and minimally skilled/trained positions. The same thing happened in Japan during the their “lost decade” in the 90s, and this is still having repercussions.*
        Also, a lot of jobs during our “recovery” have gone to immigrants, because they work for less, and because our politicians are treasonous.

  23. I think if most Americans were introduced to what False Flag operations were and how they’ve affected everything, people would slowly wake up…..
    With regard to the article: civilizations have to be willing to bleed for what’s right less they give in to Evil thus Man slowly crumbles.

  24. People living with the creature comforts of modern society are severely weakened. To do only as you do repeatedly in a daily grind leaves you without the ability to do anything else. You’ve become ‘job specific’.
    If the grid and the institutions were to crash and the engines of the economies halted and the dynamos in the dams flooded, then it would be a VERRY LONG TIME before the conditions would be right for anything to be rebuilt and restored to what it was at its peak.
    Ancient Rome had the most advanced sewer system in the world and after the fall, it took nearly 2000 YEARS before the world saw anything that could match the subterranean Roman system. It wasn’t until around the turn of the 20’th century that BROOKLYN NY had a sewer system completed that roughly matched the capacity and functionality of what the Romans had. Still shit flows in the streets in countless places today. The key is the CONDITIONS NECESSARY to align and be conducive to enterprise and real progress with rock solid foundations. Patriarchal order is in our core genetic code and is undeniably the most elemental rock of all our foundations.
    If the US were to tool down and dismantle its heavy machinery industry as it has with the auto plants, it would similarly take A LONG LONG TIME before the conditions would ever be right to rebuild the system.
    We need to wake up and realise that we’re being mesmerised like the way that a wolf licks the asshole of a prey rabbit, calming it as it’s pinned down. Then he gnaws on its ass like a dentist drills you out after applying novacaine. Then that wolf SUCKS THE GUTS OUT and chomps on the meat.

    1. ~ “a wolf licks the asshole of a prey rabbit, calming it as it’s pinned down. Then he gnaws on its ass like a dentist drills you out after applying novacaine. Then that wolf SUCKS THE GUTS OUT and chomps on the meat.” ~ Yeah, the governments been doing that to me for over 4 decades now. As a matter of fact no one has ever oppressed me or forced me to do anything against my will except for the government or one of its institutions. But damn I’m so happy that I am a FREE Amerikan…

      1. Everything is enforced at gunpoint, from taxes to child support blood money to licences. What I hate the most is the ENFORCED STUPIDITY which is just as widespread and prevalent in DOMESTIC browbeating as it is in academia with the ‘intellectual’ enforced stupidity in the education mills and farms.

  25. My brother showed me this site and I’ve been looking through some of the articles. My boyfriend is effeminate and describes himself as a feminist, he doesn’t act like he enjoys for me to cook for him or do traditional things, so I find this to be a discouraging contribution by many men in America to what is described as the decline. I live in a liberal area outside of Portland and I haven’t seen much of the other perspective types of males. So this all seems confusing to me.

  26. Of course we live in a dark age. I’ve been saying this for years.
    The vast majority of people believe in magical thinking of some form or another (‘karma’ is just one form of this but there are many other forms). One form of magical thinking is believing that a presidential candidate who feeeeeels like a president would make a good president. Democracy is a joke; it’s the triumph of good looks and the ability to ‘win’ in a debate over everything else. When future historians look back on our time, a time when a guy became president by spouting ‘witty’ sound-bites in a televised debate, they are NOT going to judge kindly.
    Also, we use technology without having a clue about how it works. This goes above and beyond smartphones and twitter. Even experienced technologists don’t want to do anything new lest it upset the Tech Gods. There are only a precious few in the world who are willing to experiment with tech, Elon Musk being the prime example.

    1. Politics is just show business for ugly people. Figuratively AND Literally!

    2. belief in the occult powers of humans is always the last stage before the collapse of civilization.

  27. We Americans are heading for a huge fall. While we run away from our history and values we are being set upon by other cultures. I am African American and I think all the time why let black people be full citizens. We have nothing in common with you and have reason to hate you. It’s the same with the Arabs the Mexicans and most other ethnic groups. You really believe some guy from the middle east will come here and do his best to be a moderate American no he will come here and bring his ways and outbreed you and vote for change vote for sharia law. It’s actaully funny that white people established this place made laws that they only ever really meant for fellow whites and got guilt tripped into granting black full rights. Now we’ve opened the door to any one and everyone. It can’t last we opened the door for gay marriage where will it end it won’t in ten years people will be marrying their poodles, or children. I forsee a reality tv show about trannies in the near future it’s all over the tabloids. A nation that forgets God shall be transformed into hell. We havenot decisively won a war since ww2 it’s only a matter of time before we get beat but instead of tightening down on rules were loosening up .we let sodomites in the millitary no doubt they were there before but openly now. We celebrated Michael Sam for the longest, we are headed for destruction. Yes put women in the infantry as officers see how that goes, we’ve became a nation of backwards people. A country of selfie takers, like think about that it used to be sufficient to snap a photo of a thing now every ones head must be inserted in every picture of the White House Ect Ect .

    1. sorry buddy, but China is gonna collapse right around the same time our culture does.

  28. with the death of the marxist infected western civilisation, a new one will take its place. if anything the future for europe at least, and western society as a whole, should be as part of a large empire, similar to the old roman empires, and its german successor, the holy roman empire which charlemagne helped found. democracy is a joke, as it was proven even back in antiquity that it ended up leading to the rule of the dumb masses, and then by a rich oligarchy.
    The policies in regards to women should be as the national socialists of germany had, in that women should just stick to their natural role as nurturers and housewives. The last 50 years have proven to all awake red pill men that women arent equal to men, they are dumber, have no morals and sense of consequence if not restrained and governed by their emotions.
    This empire should spread from Vladivostok to ireland, uniting all us europeans under a single banner. just imagine what we could do then, the stars would be within our grasp.

  29. we are living in the ‘Crazy years’.
    Widespread denial of reality, responsibility, and accountability.
    interference in world affairs, crazed prophets popping out of the woodwork, widespread insanity and using drugs to ‘fix’ the symptoms of those who recognize that there is something wrong with society.
    even our ‘leaders’ are insane, blowing money they don’t have on fripperies people don’t need (obamaphones) historical revisionism, rebellion against all knowledege accumulated in the last two thousand years.
    People that can simultaneously hold multiple mutually exclusive concepts and argue that all are valid when they directly contradict each other (all humans are the same, but black men have bigger dicks) (Men and women are identical, except that all men are evil rapist monsters and all women are incapable of lying or being anything but a victim)
    Insanity indeed… the next step in the cycle will be a stunning backlash against the last hundred years… a rebuilding of the concept of civilization to create, for the next 250 or so years, one of the most oppressive, totalitarian, dictatorial empires the human world has ever seen, before it too, falls to dust. Whether this is an internal, christian or Jewish-fueled backlash, or an external islam-fueled backlash remains to be seen.

  30. is this the comments section on ROK or the latest issue of watchtower magazine. The world is not going to end, and western society will not vanish over night. Yes things will slowly evolve but that is the way the world has always been. People always look back and talk about how good things used to be, but that’s because they cherry pick all the good and forget about the bad, whether it’s movies, music or just life in general. The economy has been much worse before, and we have been much closer to world war 3 than we are now.

    1. When has the US had a debt of over 16 trillion and unfunded liabilities of 128 trillion? The funny thing is that the US debt to GDP is in better shape than most of Europe.

  31. During the dark ages, it was the clergy who preserved knowledge. Most of the population forgot how to read and write.
    Thanks for the article. I never considered those downsides to meritocracy.
    This indeed the time of the Dharma’s end.

  32. “While democracy has produced some leaders of the caliber of Winston Churchill, the norm for Western leaders…”
    Winston Churchill, a degenerate drunken loser that had to wear an adult nappy to prevent him soiling himself lol.

    1. Who did more good in a few years than you’ll do for humanity over the entirety of your life.

        1. Churchill would get drunk and naked in front of President Roosevelt. He also prevented Europe from speaking German by starting WW2. Thanks to him Europeans would be invaded by barbaric Arabs and Africans and will be speaking Arabic in the future.

  33. Also a disgusting traitor who destroyed the British Empire, and the rest of Europe in order to save the jewish banksters of the time.

  34. Here’s the thing about Dark Ages – people don’t generally know they are in them. it’s something historians label and put boundaries on centuries later.
    We have had 2 big Dark Ages. In 1177 BC, most of the civilizations of the Mediterranean and Middle East collapsed – Mycenaeans. Trojans, Hittites, and early Egyptians all gone. And the Early Middle Ages in Europe from 400 to 1000 AD as Rome collapsed.
    Both collapses were caused by:
    1. Internal rot – decadence, greed, government without constraint. The founders of Rome were all members of the Legion and would leave their farms to fight whenever necessary. By the end of Rome there were no yeomen farmers – just aristocrats, slaves, and mercenaries. Few of whom were particularly willing to die for decadent Rome. (Just as Ukrainian men today aren’t willing to fight off the Russian barbarians at their gates.)
    2. External threats. Every empire has outside rivals. As they start to rot, the threats get real. Both earlier dark ages saw technologically inferior barbarians eventually succeeding in their attacks. Germanic tribes, Huns, and Arab Muslims should have been no match for Rome – but they had lost the will to fight.
    When I see ISIS barbarians dancing in the blood they shed, I wonder if we have the balls to fight them – to kill them all which is the only way to stop them. And if western society is even worth fighting for any longer.

    1. “If we”? By “we” I take it you mean someone else putting their life on the line or some drone pilot…..Keyboard warrior……

      1. I already did my time in the Middle East for Uncle Sam.
        And this fight could move out of the Middle East and Africa quickly.

        1. Well done on getting back in one piece. I hope you learned your lesson and that fighting for any western “democracy” for any self respecting man is a waste of time and effort.

    2. ISIS is a sign of a different kind of decadence.
      As for the west, my theory is that the west is already dead. What exists now is a kind of antiwest..a parasite that wears the face of the old civilization but whose values are completely inverted. Its an enemy even more deadly than the muslims IMHO.
      We should strive as hard as we can to kill it and build something with what remains of the real west.

  35. I’m going to have to look up when Historians stopped refering to the middle ages as a dark age. I’m pretty sure it was a century or two ago.
    And no, this isn’t a dark age. What is with the constant stream of pessimism? There is no thought to fight or improve or win, just cry in a corner that it’s over man.

    1. I was a History Major. For some reason The Dark Ages (400-1000 AD) are now called “The Early Middle Ages”. Not to be confused with the “High Middle Ages” (1000-1300) when the Europeans got their shit together. (Thanks in part to a much warmer climate than we have now)
      I wonder if the “Dark Age” term fell into disuse because it is the period when Islam was founded and sped most rapidly – taking advantage of disunity in Europe and North Africa and making the age darker.

  36. The west is collapsing because the ruling class failed.We need to replace the oligarchy that runs the west since the beginning of the 70s.The rest of the world doesnt have these problems.Russia and China are doing well.Join Eurasia.Hungary under Orban is an example.It needs a complete rewinding of the past 40 years and the destruction of cultural marxism and a casino derivatives economy.

    1. Russia is doing well?
      Russia is a failed state run by a KGB Mafia thug. Children in Haiti have longer expected lifespans than their Russian counterparts. Putin is purposely creating a worse failed state on their border to divert attention.

      1. Wow seems the presstitute media did his job fine, they managed to convince every idiot out there that putin is satan. At least he hasn’t sold his country to the banksters.

        1. The Russian people may be the most submissive group of beta pussies in the world. Their idea of “good times” is being ruthlessly oppressed and exploited by alpha thugs. Ivan the Terrible, Lenin, Stalin, Putin – they love taking it deep and hard from these guys.

        2. Ok why don’t you pack your little back pack and go to Ukraine and have a go if you think you’re hard enough….pussy…..Putin hasn’t even dipped into his bag of tricks yet……

    2. Doing well by what measure, precisely? That’s a rather large blanket is what I’m saying. What are your metrics for such a claim please?

  37. “Unlike a traditional culture, we do not have a hereditary aristocracy”
    This is absolutely wrong, as a brief perusal of the family trees of your “elected” representatives will swiftly convince you.

  38. Western civilization is the result of the sublime marriage of Hellenic thought with Christianity. Hellenic thought gave us reason, logic and self criticism. Christianity gave value to human life as well as the separation of church and state.
    SJWs, blue pillers, leftists of any stripe and the like all reject what Hellenic thought provides in favor of emotion and “personal truth”. Their adoption of abortion overthrew the value of human life that allowed Christians to overtake all of Europe.
    Now they attack rule of law as well.
    The next 30 years will be very interesting…

    1. “Aristotle and Aquinas didn’t know anything because they’re dead white males! Progress!” –SJWs

  39. Hopefully it is barbarianism, i’m tying to get my pillaging on. Robert e howard elludes to mankind returning to this state a lot and i think that it is the most natural state that humans can be in. The most fit survive and the rest fall to the wayside.

    1. C’mon let’s be real here. If we find ourselves in Mad Maxian are you really going to be the one that makes it?
      Are you currently or have been in a combat profession such as soldier ( a real one not POG), police officer, thug, gangster, good old boy redneck?
      If so then maybe. You certainly have a lot better chance than most.
      However, a lot guys that say this simply lift or own a gun and work the 9-5 and delude themselves that they would be ‘Max’ in the dystopia. The ones that will be the guys in charge are the ones most adept at doing violence in that they have experience in it.
      It’s like the upper middle class guy that takes BJJ and thinks he’s ready for the streets. LOL.

      1. To Furious Ferret, it’s interesting that you chose Mad Max as the one who “made it” in his dystopian world. The loss of his partner Goose intimidated Max into quitting the police. Without being a “Bronze”, Max didn’t have a team or any followers anymore besides his wife and kid, and then they were killed. That left Max with a car and his dog and in Mad Max 2 he loses those also. Max was hardly a man “in charge”.
        Those who were in charge in Max’s dystopia such as Toecutter/ Bubba Zennetti and The Humongous/ Wez were probably in their pre-apocalypse days the thug and gangster types that you mentioned. But pre-apocalyptic soldiers and policemen having the wherewithal to put themselves in charge after an apocalypse? I just don’t see it. Most US soldiers were towards the bottom of their class in high school. They’re too dumb to have many options so they sign up to be land mine fodder in corporate oil and opium wars, then come back and whine about PTSD. Hardly the type to command respect from biker gangs. Pretty much the same story for American police: dumb loser with no natural social dominance overcompensating with a badge.
        In a shit-hits-the-fan scenario I’d be more willing to bet on an athletic high iq guy with grit who thinks for himself than some former goon for the govt.

        1. You might consider revising that in case the former govt goon got booted or left for being “too independant”..

    1. Democracy is actually a not-so-distant kin of comminsm. A democracy that behaves as a welfare state is slipping towards communism.
      Democracy is a problem because it can work perfectly only if the population has sound intellect as a common denominator. In all other cases it starts deteriorating. Since this pre-requisite can never be fulfilled, democracy can never be implemented in a proper way.
      The honest harworking taxpayer will be swindled to appease the needy votebank.
      Democracy, however, gives you a false feeling of security and freedom. If one is a proper beta – goes to office, earns money, is riddled in debts yet pays taxes – you will not see the ones ruling you.
      If one, however, tries to challenge the elite, democracy and all the freedom it provides will vanish into thin air.

      1. …and if your people control their own media, as opposed to the hostile-semetic anti-Christs that own and control most of ours.

      2. I liked the first iteration of democracy in the US. Only people with actual skin in the game get to vote. It’s not perfect in that it obviously leads to the government being slanted to landowners but it’s better than pure mob rule with of course the tiny number of shadow elite pulling the strings.

    2. The Founding Fathers of the U.S. seemed to have found democracy wanting. That’s why they wished for a constitutional Republic.

    3. The standard Churchill apology. I like Benjamin Franklin’s comment better on the vote for a declaration of independence–
      A lady asked Dr. Franklin “Well Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?”
      “A republic,” replied the Doctor, “if you can keep it.”

  40. Starting and building a traditional family in the West is extremely frustrating, expensive and risky (trust me, I know, but lucky so far). How most people can accomplish this successfully seems impossible to me. Not surprisingly, most don’t, to the great detriment of the children born into it and society as a whole.
    The idea that Democracy as we know it is a de-evolution of natural governance seems completely foreign to the indoctrinated western mind, but has considerable merit. If you would like to read more about this, check out the following Mises essay.
    The idea that society moves in cycles of four and has distinct generations and trends that repeat over again through history is a well know idea, but unknown to the mind that has been indoctrinated with the idea of straight line progress. If you would like to read more about this, check out the link on Howe & Strauss’s four turnings, which we are in now in the fourth turning.

  41. I think we’re increasingly living in a form of high-tech barbarism right now. There is no social cohesion, it’s everyone for himself, no standards of proper conduct, and no guiding authority.
    At least in the Dark Ages there was the Church that acted to stem the tide of warlordism as a guiding authority. Now there is nothing.

    1. “Now there is nothing”
      On a global scale there is the US.
      Most powerful military; can not be challenged in open battle.
      Should the US split up and focus on inner problems, leaving the rest of the world to itself we would see real barbarian style.
      Russia taking europe, islam taking africa and middle east (wiping out israel), china and india taking large parts of asia maybe japan/taiwan.
      This could very much happen in our lifetime. And it seems chances for “barbarian” is higher than for “golden age”. Much higher.

      1. Really you are likely to see the same thing happen, just without the splitting up of the US. I think it’s becoming more likely that the US will just sit out most spats across the Pacific or Atlantic Oceans, or fight its wars via proxies.

        1. True. And then where are we?
          Suddenly the globe of 2015 looks a lot like it did in 1915.
          WWIII would be a WWI do over. Lines redrawn of course, but essentially the same game.

      2. Those followers of Abrahamic religions are doing fucking everything they can, using a 2000+ year old system of ethics to put us 2000 years back in time.

  42. ”We should not copy medieval civilization, but draw “inspiration from it in order to bring about an adaptation to suit the actual circumstances.””

  43. I love these articles. Always interesting. We may be in the last stages of Rome. Faggotry and nonstop parties abound, just as in late Rome. Hedonism and debauchery reign supreme. Barbarians from within and from over the border besiege us and seek to overthrow and destroy order. Its scary, just dont put too many roots in a city. The countryside is statistically safe.

  44. where i live most of the buildings are new. as in the last 20 years. That is because where i live has oil money.

  45. The concept of “dark ages” was invented by the Manichaeans to indicate a period that was followed by “enlightenment”. The period of enlightenment started during the 18th century when humans started adopted the Manichaean concepts of “liberty”, “equality”, “fraternity”, “democracy”, “do as thou wilt” etc.
    We live in the age of Manichaean enlightenment.

  46. “The higher cannot come from the lower.” You mean like…evolution?
    I wish you had said you were a creationist at the beginning so we could’ve skipped the rest of the article. Are the authors of these articles genuinely stupid, or do they just think we’re stupid?

    1. Evolution cannot be proved scientifically. Although adaptation DOES happen, that is the only evidence that Charles Darwin had for evolution. Yet there’s no evidence or observations that one species has actually evolved into another unique species. Also, if everything supposedly evolved from single-celled organisms, what necessitated those cells evolving into a different species, if single celled organisms are the only things that can survive in the harshest environments on earth? These are just a few of the rational counterarguments against the BS theory of evolution.

      1. You heard it here first, folks, evolution is PC bullshit, genetic drift isn’t real, and all species were fixed in their current form at creation. Is the earth also 6000 years old, and did every species on earth fit in one boat?

        1. No it’s not. Evolution is a theory.
          Creationism according to some, is their theory.
          If it’s proven fact, it ceases to be theory and is science.
          Neither evolution nor creationism can make this claim. Neither can “climate change” for that matter.
          This of course, is just my theory.
          Peace be with you my friend.

        2. Uh… there’s no such thing as a “a proven fact”, since the proof itself is predictive and probabilistic at best.
          Science is a collection of our most useful theories that have practical applications and predictive powers. The theory of evolution through natural selection passes both criteria, whereas creationism doesn’t allow us to ask any questions that would give us practical applications.
          And climate change isn’t a theory, it’s a dataset. The data we have suggests that a temperature pattern that’s held for a long time has broken at around the same time humans started industrializing on a large scale. Human industrialization being the cause of the change and the amount of future changes we’re in for are theories, but the data itself is corroborated from thousands of independent sources over hundreds of years, plus archeological/naturalistic records, plus our current data collection.
          “It was 30 degrees yesterday and it’s 60 degrees today” is not a theory, it’s a dataset, whereas “It’s 60 degrees today because I didn’t eat oatmeal for breakfast” is a theory.

  47. Revolution, War, peace, prosperity, decadence, decline (refrain)
    This is the sheet music of human history. Mr. Guénon recognized this pattern and offered a solution to help the West break this cycle. There is no easy answer. To walk back the drum beat from decadence and decline into peace and prosperity you must return to those foundations that made peace and prosperity possible in the first place:
    The glorification of the patriarchal nuclear family
    The marginalization of government in everyday life
    The unwavering commitment to law and justice
    The promotion of culture, language and country.
    An organized religious institution to reinforce a sense of community as well as its commitment to all of the above.
    Look at modern America or Europe and you can easily see how each of those elements are being dismantled every day:
    Men = evil.
    Family = slavery
    Government = friend.
    Church = antiquated.
    Culture/language/country = racist, xenophobic, bigotry
    …And the idiots in their masses take their orders from the loudest bullhorn
    As for yours truly –> give me death by conquer rather than life by assimilation. That’d be a little death every day.

  48. one of the main focal points we should be focusing on is that hedonism, greed, and the idea of immaculate wealth is what will make us happy. Folks, we have been sold this idea that the american dream, having a 2 story house and a ferrari outside will make us happy. We worship false idols, like women, clothes, money, ”success”, and many more. We have forgotten our true purpose in life, that true purpose is to serve god, pray to him, seek his guidance, treat our fellow brothers and sisters in humanity with respect, and not be greedy. We instead have been sold on this idea of the ”capitalistic west” is the answer. It is not the answer, the whole reason feminism and all this crap rose because men placed value in their cars, clothes, and job positions over there devotion to god and their family.

  49. Too late, the barbarians are already here. All one has to do is, look at the average Millennial female, with pink/blue hair and a body full of tattoos and piercings.

  50. we created our own darkness by their little help since childhood. GIGO – garbage in garbage out.

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