Why You Must Not Place Women On A Pedestal

I’ve written extensive on the necessity of game in the past. Recently, I came across an old comment on Dalrock’s blog that shed further light on the pitfalls of pedestalization and the consequences men face when they fail to embrace the necessity of game and the red pill.

Meet Michael:

Hello. Is there an introduction board for this website? My name is Michael. I’ve been reading this website for 3 days. I’m shocked to see everything I’ve experiencing written in such a perfectly stated way. Never before have I seen a blog/media outlet so perfectly written. The writer is surely a genius. I’m amazed and relived to see so many responses. It means I’m not alone.

I’m 32 years old and have never been married. Unfortunately (or fortunately I’m not sure which anymore at this point) I have no kids. I am single and alone and not dating anyone. I live in Los Angeles. My income was $120,000.00 (net earnings after creative deductions and business taxes) in 2011. Income is projected to be $170,000.00 (net earnings after business taxes) in 2012. I’m exactly the kinds of “independent man” women claim they want. I drive a luxury car with an amazing apartment in Los Angeles directly on the beach. It’s quite a panty moistener and costs me $6,000.00 per month. I work from home because an office would cost at least another $2,000.00 month. I keep in great shape. Gym 3-4 a week + running + organic diet (I spend $700-$900.00 a month on organic foods and supplements) I was raised in a Christian “7th Heaven” (old TV show) type household. We always went to church. Strong hard working father figure was always present for me and my siblings. I went to private school, university, law school, and then started my own practice at 28 years old.

My parents met and married in college. They have been married for 39 years. And it hurts me to the core to be 32 and unmarried. Alone. Without a loving wife. I feel pain from it every single day. It’s like a sharp invisible dagger constantly stabbing at me. But perhaps I’m part of the problem listed in the graphs above. Let me explain why:

I went to the same college my parents met and married at. I was hoping to meet marry and settle down. Instead I was met with hundreds young college aged women who were NOT interested in marriage. They were interested in: 1) Partying 2) Having sex. College was 24/7 fuck fest. At first I was able to begrudgingly “socialize” in this element. What do I mean by “this element” within this context? College: Extreme social promiscuity, cheating, drama, drugs, and parties. I was an observer but NEVER a direct participant because my heart would not let me. This eventually caused me to stick out as a third wheel observer on campus. Someone who was always “not mixing” or “participating”. As a result I never enjoyed the benefits. I rarely dated. Instead I was sneered at. Cute girls flicked their fingers at me. I was used by women as a person to tell their problems to. I was passed over. I was seen as “weak “lame” and “boring”. I was ignored in the hallways, library, classes, by these women. And it didn’t help I was cash strapped broke working a minimum wage job and eating Raman noodles..

The vast majority of these young hot girls vigorously pursued college life sex like you would not believe. They had sex with a large variety of guys. What I personally call “lily padding”. These girls did anything and anyone in the name of “fun” (fun=parties, fun= sex with new people, fun= drugs, fun= raves, fun = frat party etc.

It hurt me to watch these girls go out of their way to pursue and spread their legs for complete losers. COMPLETE LOSERS. I’m talking: Hi I work in a carnival part time, I’m covered in tattoos, I have no job, I failed my minimum wage drug test and I’m in a band. These guys were losers. Some did not even go to the college! They would hop a bus stay with friends and get laid THAT NIGHT.

Many nights I could not sleep because of the girls getting fucked hard… 1,2,3,4 dorms down. The dorms were old military barracks from the 1940’s with vents through the ceilings. It was very loud. All the time. I remember how much it hurt to be rejected by one girl in particular I had my open hopeless romantic heart set on… We had a lot in common. I pursued her like a complete gentlemen – and was eventually turned down. That same weekend after getting turned down I got to hear her getting fucked hard and loud in the room next door. The guy who lived there was a super scraggly unattractive heavy drug user covered in tattoos majoring in “music studies”. This girl was young hot thin beautiful in her physical prime. I never said anything. But I felt so hurt she turned me down for casual sex with a guy like that.

This guy was very open about his exploits with her and told me not to worry because practically every guy he knew fucked her. As the years passed the same thing happened again and again, and again and again, in various ways with all kinds of unrelated girls. What I mean is: I was looking for a LTR leading to marriage. I would meet trade numbers talk and “feel” a girl was a good person. Then she would do other guys. Or I would find out things like this. When this kind of thing happens to me over and over all through my life….it hurts me and makes me doubt senses. What is wrong with me that my heart is telling me she is a good person when she is clearly not?

As time went on I was labeled “husband material” by the girls on my campus. This phrase continued to plague me into my late 20′s. This label resulted in ZERO DATES all through college. I wasn’t “down with it”. I wasn’t “participating” etc (sex, drugs, parties, etc.) My heart wasn’t into it. So I wasn’t entitled to any of the benefits (having sex with young attractive girls in their prime etc.). However party guys, flash in a pan athletes, loser guys in bands, wanna be DJ’s and self-professed “club promoters” – were ALWAYS getting these girls at their youngest hottest physical prime. Basically the more of a loser the guy was… the more these women would have sex with them. Hot sorority girls flocked to Football players like a butterfly’s on a beast. It didn’t even matter if the guy was black. College athletes did not even TRY to get laid.

One night I had enough. I confronted a room of 8-10 gorgeous white girls. These girls were 18-24 years old. I asked them if they planned to get married. All seemed to say more or less – YES. I asked what their future husband would think about their behavior. I was immediately met with hostility. I was told the future husband would “never know” and “it’s none of his business”. The girls said they knew exactly what they were doing and were planning to “have their fun” (fun= partying, fun=sex, fun=going on spring break etc.) and would “settle down later”. I asked: when are you planning to settle down? They said: “It depends” and “probably around 27, 28” or “maybe sooner it depends”. I really put the girls on the spot. During our exchange they saw I was upset. They told me I should be happy because “nice guys finish first in the end”. I told them you cannot have your cake and eat it to. Then I was told by Kaylene (a young thin super sexy blonde with curves in all the right places (who BTW refused to date me even though we were friends and according to her roommate had sex with almost 30 guys in one semester ) she told me “Michael let me tell you something: not only am I going to have my cake eat it and eat it too. I’m going to have it with ice cream and sprinkles”. All of the girls laughed and smiled in agreement.

The person described in these anecdotes is not atypical. Young Michael was a standard “nice guy”. He was a religious, traditional blue pill dude who has been raised to internalize naive, unrealistic views of female sexuality. These views encouraged him to place women on a massive pedestal and he was hurt very badly when he found out that they don’t belong and, more importantly, have absolutely no desire to be put there.


The pedestalization is key here, and I know because I have wrestled with the same issue for the majority of my life. Michael’s experiences are made especially painful by his excessive and premature emotional investment in these women. It is this investment that makes the mere thought of their interacting with other men painful for Michael. To him, these young girls were “princesses”, and he their prince. Each was considered a potential wife and mother to his children.

For the other dudes on campus who may have some understanding of red pill truths and thus knew not to make this excessive and premature emotional investment, interaction with these girls had far less potential for emotional trauma on their part and a much stronger potential for the formation of a sexual relationship that was capable of fully satiating their needs. There are no princesses or princes in their minds and no wives or mothers, just ordinary young girls and young guys looking to meet and have fun. Enjoyable, sexually gratifying relationships are much easier to maintain under these substantially more realistic pretenses.


When you forego the red pill and approach things from Michael’s blue-pill provider perspective, however, you put yourself in a tough position. It is one thing to watch any old girl getting treated like a sex toy. It is another thing entirely to watch (or listen to, or even hear about) your “princess” (girl you pedestalized, emotionally invested in, etc) getting treated that way. Catching feelings early and often in this manner results in a lot of pain 99% of the time because the girls usually don’t wish to live up to the high standard you set for them by placing them on a pedestal, and the amount of early emotional investment you put in usually means that anything less than that behavior results in terrible discomfort and insecurity.

“That same weekend after getting turned down I got to hear her getting fucked hard and loud in the room next door. The guy who lived there was a super scraggly unattractive heavy drug user covered in tattoos majoring in “music studies”. This girl was young hot thin beautiful in her physical prime. I never said anything. But I felt so hurt she turned me down for casual sex with a guy like that.”

The end result is a situation in which the girl has a vastly disproportionate and entirely unwarranted degree of control over an individual guy’s mental state, a fact that only further lowers his sexual appeal to her because women have a hard time respecting men they can control like that. They want a man, not a puppy dog.


Even the mere hint of her flaking or showing interest in other men in the manner most young, liberated western girls typically do can send this guy spiraling into deep depression. Anything more serious (i.e. the sounds of her getting pounded out by another guy, or even the rumor that she had been or is being pounded out by another guy) could totally destroy him.

When a man puts a woman on a pedestal and makes too large of an emotional investment in her too early, he’s asking for misery. Such an action is akin to placing a pistol in the hands of a given female, putting her finger on the trigger, and having her point it directly at your chest at a short distance. You can count on her to pull the trigger, intentionally or otherwise, because she is not going to live up to the responsibility you have given her by essentially handing her total control over your mental state. She doesn’t want that responsibility and, even if she did (no young woman really does), one could not fairly expect her to meet it. Handing total control over your emotional state to a woman is about as blue-pill as it gets, but that is where excessive pedestalization will lead you.


Now, what exactly were the girls’ opinions as to where they stood with men? How did they prefer to be seen? What did they want? Well, that’s clear if you look at their actions. They responded to the men who didn’t put them on a pedestal. In this I am actually reminded of a popular song from my childhood by Train entitled “Meet Virginia”.

In the chorus, it is said:

Well she wants to be the queen
Then she thinks about her scene
Pulls her hair back as she screams
“I don’t really wanna be the queen”

Some of these girls will talk about how they want a “nice guy” (they said as much to Michael). To the naive who do not understand the value of female action over female words, it may appear that they want to “be the queen” — they just want a good dude to treat them like a princess. This leads to blue-pill provider men like Michael (who are the most effusive in their praise of these women) proclaiming their status as “nice guys” and expecting to easily lure attractive women as a result of this.

When push comes to shove, however, these girls have no desire to stand on the pedestal men like this set up for them, and will usually run when presented with it. They see an unsolicited invitation to be his special queen or princess and they reject it. Most don’t want to be treated like mere sperm receptacles either, but when given the stark choice between Prince Michael Charming “nice guy” here and the attractive but douchey player down the street who isn’t going to worship the ground they walk on just because they happen to be decent looking females, they will usually choose the latter. This is a stark choice, but it is one that young women all too often face in the modern world of dating.

Businessman Kissing Businesswoman's Leg

Why do they make that choice? They’re young, well provisioned, and have no need to give a fuck about the benefits a dull beta like Michael could offer them, at least not at that point in their lives. They just want guys who can turn them on and show them a good time, and the dull beta can generally do neither.

Now, we must speak to the limiting beliefs Michael holds that further mark his failure to ingest the red pill and highlight his need (as well as the need of other men like him) to do so. Michael spends an inordinate amount of time thinking about the interactions that other men have with the women he has pedestalized. His pedestalization not only makes it difficult to deal with the sexual choices made by his “princesses”, but also with the fact that men he perceives to be “less than” him are gaining more sexual access than he is. This group of males would, apparently, include musicians and athletes, particularly black ones:

Hot sorority girls flocked to Football players like a butterfly’s on a beast. It didn’t even matter if the guy was black.

It is implied here that the fact that their race didn’t matter somehow makes the situation he describes more dire, as though these women would and should, in an ideal world, weigh the race of the men they pursue much more heavily. That these women would be less inclined to restrict sexual access to an attractive black male simply because he is black seems odd to him.

It is here that Michael veers into the unfortunate (but, sadly, not entirely unexpected) morass of racial insecurity that makes it even more difficult for me to sympathize with him. Michael’s insecurity, excessive pedestalization and entitlement leads him to throw “other” men (in this case, people of color, athletes and musicians) under the bus in order to assuage his own sexual insecurities. Time that could be spent correcting his shortcomings, conquering his insecurities and becoming the kind of man these women may genuinely find more attractive (read: the kind of man they can’t easily manipulate) is instead spent whining about what “other men” are doing, and why he thinks they shouldn’t be doing it.


This is not the mentality of any sexually successful male in our modern society, and it provides a perfect example of precisely what a red-pill male should not be thinking or doing. By setting a host of racial, occupational and socio-economic barriers for who he thinks attractive women should and should not associate with and whining about their failure to adhere to said boundaries, Michael seeks to avoid necessary self-improvement. He feels women should be attracted to him, maintaining a sense of entitlement to their attention. When he doesn’t receive it, he doesn’t ask what it is he isn’t bringing to the table or seek to make himself a more appealing target. He, like far too many “nice guys” just whines about the men who are appealing without actually doing anything. He sees and hears women he finds attractive associating with men other than him and just stews in self-pity instead of doing anything about it. The hard process of self-improvement takes a back seat to comfortable pastime of whining, groaning and moaning about why everyone else has it wrong.

Michael wants to dictate who it is that these young females find attractive. Women, meanwhile, have made it abundantly clear that they have no desire to adhere to any guidance or restriction put forward by Michael or men like him. They want to fuck who they want, when they want, and how they want. Michael cannot change this, no matter how much he complains.


If you are Michael and you do not like who these females are associating with and would prefer that they instead view you as a viable alternative, you have one option: better yourself and become the kind of man they will find genuinely attractive. Find out what it is that these women like about the men you think they shouldn’t be seeing, and beat them at their own game. Do not merely talk about how you are the superior option: get out there and prove that you are the better option.


Merely whining about the kind of men they DO find attractive will accomplish nothing, as these females do not care about your feelings and will not allow them to govern or limit their sexual freedom. The days of individual men exerting near totalitarian control over female behavior are gone, and they are not coming back. The genie will not go back into the bottle and the old “traditional” ways our grandparents lived by in 1952 will not become a norm again. These women have their freedom, and this is the choice they have made (and will continue to make): they want men who are genuinely attractive and know how to turn them on. They do not want sensitive puppies like Michael whose emotions they can easily manipulate and destroy. Such men repulse women, and no attractive young girl will settle for such a specimen if she doesn’t have to (and now, more so than ever before, such women do not have to).


With the rise of the manosphere and sites like ROK that are dedicated to informing men of red pill truths and assisting in the digestion of those ideas, the excuses for the existence of men with Michael’s attitude are dwindling. Men of the modern world must either take the red pill and adapt to new sexual realities via self-improvement or accept that they will be left behind.

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  1. First of all. This sounds terribly contrived.
    Second of game…whatever…he’s a nerd. getting game is basic stuff. You’re a black nerd.
    Nerds of the world unite! And try to stop being nerds by acting like a man i.e. learning game.

    This is a great post. As I have been telling all along, ALL WOMEN ARE BITCHES AND WHORES. Especially in America and other parts of the Anglo speaking world. Any bitch who goes to college can audition for an amateur porno with flying colors, because she’d be so damn fucking experienced taking cocks up all her holes. So this message to the Beta Boys: You wanna marry a good girl who got an education? Well she has experienced Chad the college druggie, Brad the college quarterback, Mad the college janitor as well as her own Dad’s sperm in her bowels. Marry the American sow of a woman, to produce piglet Betas for the future. I spit, fuck and dump on women, especially the Anglo ones. They deserve to have pig’s shit choked down their throats while getting butt-fucked by a train of men, like in their college days. American, Brit and Anglo women are the supreme scum among the scum of all women in this world.

    1. If every man can agree amongst themselves to choose not to fuck outside of marriage, then there would be no sluts at all.

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          then best of all, be super sweet and nice to them when you are finished…. they always come back for more…. like pigs to the trough.
          women love nothing more than to have their own filthy nature unleashed on them.

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        4. Now, I know what is wrong with Western Culture. I’m a very high status man in the East. I a man from a country where this site dictates where the “good/marriageable/somehow acceptable” women could be found.
          I intentionally chose to type in the word feminist in my name to see how you would react. Thank you little guinea pig, now I know. And No Im not a feminist, I don’t believe in equality of the sexes at all. And because I know this, and I know women are just remarkably of lower intelligence than us, this is why it is ALWAYS the responsibility of the male to create what kind of culture/ society he wants to live in. You Western People should never be allowed in our country at all with your current mindset.

        5. Were you recently dumped by your girl? Damn! Take that rage and use it to your advantage…better yourself.
          Nietzsche: “Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.”
          Yes, fuck bitches, but don’t fill yourself with toxic, poisonous hatred.
          fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become
          a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will
          gaze back into you.
          Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/f/friedrich_nietzsche.html#EfHyOuTyKKqFLvdq.99
          Wh oever
          fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become
          a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will
          gaze back into you.
          Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/f/friedrich_nietzsche.html#EfHyOuTyKKqFLvdq.99
          fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become
          a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will
          gaze back into you.
          Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/f/friedrich_nietzsche.html#EfHyOuTyKKqFLvdq.99

        6. This was the final icing on the rant cake that made me actually bust out laughing in real life. lmfao!

        7. I don’t punch many spines, but I do hate it when a girl arches her spine upwards during doggie-style, and you have to push it back down to maintain the deep penetration.
          They should do more yoga. Especially on the ‘down doggie’ pillow biting posture.
          But I agree. Inside every little princess, is a dirty little cock-sucking slut just waiting to come out and play.
          You might not be a big fan of rap, but you might appreciate the lyrics in this one.

          “that once-a-month-bleedin, always on her knees
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          I seen her with a trick at the Motel 6”

        8. These guys are, thank god, a minority. Don’t be food by all their chest beating and screaming, they are not “Alpha”. They’re just betas who got spurned or betrayed by women…..and rather than do the hard work involved in taking the power back they choose to wallow in anger and bitterness, like a hog rolling around in it’s own shit.

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        11. Women do that because assuming you are the right length and doing doggie style, you are banging against her cervix so she is trying to position so it’s not so painful.

    2. ” Well she has experienced Chad the college druggie, Brad the college quarterback, Mad the college janitor…”
      In most cases, they fuck her at the same time.

    3. Saturn, you’re awesome.
      We need more men like you in America to destroy feminists.
      I love the code of Saturn – “Fuck them and Spit on them.”
      It’s become an unforgettable mantra I recite in my mind everytime I see a girl.

    4. This times 1,000!! In the anglo sphere finding a good girl is like trying to find a chupacabra.

    5. These betas are often the result of the failed social experiment that is gender equality. They were raised to be sensitive and “nice” guys. The problem is that the girls of their generation want nothing to do with these guys and in many cases these girls outright hate and despise them. And yet, when the women of this new generation have sons they will raise them to be beta, sensitive, nice guys as well and the cycle just continues.
      Many of these mothers should have just aborted their sons as it would saved their sons from a life time of misery and the mother from a lifetime of disappointment. Being one of these boys like Michael for 30+ years has to be hell on earth.

  3. No offense to black posters in here, but a girl who is into black guys is 99% of the times a waste of time and not worth of any respect.

    1. Insecurity at its finest. Why should you give a flying fuck as to what race a girl is into?
      Game is game, black, white, yellow, green, blue….stop being a faggot because certain girls ain’t giving you the time of day.

      1. An entire post about the perils of pedestalizing women and the first comment is about black people.
        If I didn’t know any better I’d think Athlone’s post were perfectly designed honey trap to draw out the morons—they really can’t help themselves.

      2. Agreed. If a certain type of girl doesn’t like you, who cares?
        Different girls have different tastes. It doesn’t matter in the end. Even if only one in 20 girls likes you that’s than enough to have a fun time. If only 1/100 girls like you, that means there’s 3 or 4 girls who you could take home on any given night out.

      3. Sounds like dude is just stating his opinion. Personally, Id never touch a white girl with a ten-foot pole after I found out she was into them either.
        Thats just beta to do that.

        1. It’s beta to even consider who the girl has been with. Your only concern should be YOU and YOU ONLY, and what YOU are getting from her.
          It’s even more beta to bitch about the races the girl is entertaining or has entertained in the past…..that’s just plain bitchassness.

        2. No – it’s beta to NOT consider who a girl has been with. As an alpha routinely has choices, in all aspects of his life, he grows in discernment, and would not pick up a used-up female, or a woman that has made bad choices, as he simply doesn’t need to, just like he would not wear ill fitting clothes, stay in second-rate hotels, or routinely visit poor restaurants.
          Sorry to burst your bubble.
          Seriously, this article was lame. Self-improvement is obviously a good thing, but the refreshing thing about red pill is that alongside recognizing individual responsibility, it recognizes a social-cultural failure and traces it back to its historical and racial (YKW an other alien) sources, and in particular identifies a concerted and deliberate attack on white western civilization.

        3. “just like he would not wear ill fitting clothes, stay in second-rate hotels, or routinely visit poor restaurants”
          Sure he could wear fitted clothes, but he can’t control the number and type of people that have worn the same brand/style/design before him.
          He could stay in all the 4, 5, and 7 star hotels he wants to…again, he cannot control the type of guests he the hotels have catered to before him.
          He could eat at all the Michelin star restaurants he wants to…he can’t control the type of patrons the restaurant serves.
          See where this is going?
          When a supposedly alpha guy worries about the type of men his current lay has been with, he’s only feeding into and expanding his sense of inferiority compared to the men he’s so worried about.
          Real men don’t give a shit, because game recognizes game. Bitch-ass men worry because they fear their game is inadequate compared to others.

      4. You moronic imbecile, don’t ever refer to yourself as “red pilled” while regurgutating MSM talking points.
        Mudsharks being low quality mates is something that everyone with open eyes will agree with.

        1. While you’re bitching about mudsharks on the internet, black guys are busy tea-bagging, cream-pieing and spreading their seed in the hottest women across the globe – the ALPHA way.
          Only the bitchass beta will complain ‘his women’ are entertaining other races…while ‘his women’ will continue to laugh at him for being such a whiny-ass pussy.
          Can you even go up to an interracial couple and call the girl a mudshark in front of the guy? Are you alpha enough to do that?

    2. Statements starting off with no offense, always ends up being offensive. Ironic.

    3. I try to understand your point of view and come to this..it’s true that the widespread practice of a woman who is into black guys is a deviant trait (unless of course it’s a black woman), however I think any women will like any man who has his shit together and they can have a good time with.
      Excluding well known black men, athletes, and the “thugs” some girls just want to try out, the majority of interracial relationships start off with black men by one of two ways..1) which many manosphere articles point out, through a friend or being accepted in their inner circle, or 2) just like any other relationship with a woman, walk up well dressed, say something she likes, get her number (or better yet, get her to drop everything she is doing and go out with you), and proceed.
      Last thing, if a woman liking a black man is your indicator, I know you are putting them on a pedestal..”she’s had one hundred men, but not one black!” C’mon now! I know a ROK poster is better than that!

    4. Girls don’t like black guys just because they are black but because they are seemingly the only ones who can provide alpha cock in today’s world of pussified betas …

      1. Alpha guys appear to not give a shit… Its not about colour.
        In my hood the girls rage over this drug using skinny white guy who wears a pleather jacket and has no marketable skills. Because he doesn’t seem to give a shit… will backstab his friends and play situations opportunistically… all the while playing the card of this sensitive artist visionary type. Cult-like.
        He is 30 and works in the back of a restaurant cutting vegetables and living in a shitty apartment. I don’t see him acquiring any kind of resources any time soon. I wouldn’t even fault him necessarily except for the fact that he takes advantage of people who look up to him.
        My point with this post -> It takes time and effort and sacrifice to work towards the kind of wealth to provide for a women and children. And in most of corporate North America you have to sacrifice your alpha behaviours for wealth. Guys like this don’t care at all and are simply entertainers for women. They invest all that time you are investing in financial independence to play games with young girls… It only bothers me because guys who are investing in themselves and the future of their country might end up paying welfare for that guy’s bastard kids someday. That is what truly pisses me off.

        1. You need to fully ingest the red pill. To most women (really almost all) men are just for entertainment; we are dancing monkeys.

        2. I wouldnt worry about that so much. Even after the taxes some of us pay for betamax bastard spawn – we still have lots of money to live like Kings.

        1. No different than fucking the bad boy. Men do risky behaviours as rebellion. Women fuck risky men as a form of rebellion.

        2. Thats why I feel so sorry for fathers. Fathers think they are alpha but…
          Their little princesses will be taking it in the ass from these gorillas someday.

      2. Denial of this is just male hamster at work. Women need to be under tight social control to benefit society as a whole. Men seem to be perfectly capable of analyzing their behavior and accepting that following their tingles is innate……except when they fuck outside of their race. Then its labeled as a mental defect, makes no sense.
        Alpha fucks beta bucks is the order of the day, doesn’t matter what race.

      3. Not true. I have several women in my life, relatives of various degrees of closeness, that have fetishised black men. If I were a black man I would have nothing to do with these women. Like MLK I want to be judged by the content of my character not the color of my skin.
        On the other hand, I have a strong case of yellow fever and am married to an Asian woman. Living in a glass house I should not start the stone throwing.

        1. If I were a black guy, I would bang all of them, and then throw them away.
          A black guy banging white girls, who had a black cock fetish,…. is no different to yellow fever (which I have).
          Pussy is all the same color in the dark.

  4. Getting hot women is a byproduct of becoming a great man, not the reason you become a great man. Once “Michael” internalizes his own success, I guarantee he’ll have all the female attention he wants and then some. It’s a subtle concept that can be confused, especially among those new to red pill thinking, but turning your entire life upside-down in order to give some hypothetical girl tingles and make you happy is still putting pussy on a pedestal.

    1. As is a lot of “PUA” which is about trying to use gimmicks to impress a girl and make her attracted to you.
      Bullshit. My attitude(overconfident perhaps, but better than lacking confidence) is that women should notice me first. I don’t think they should approach(that’s masculine behavior)…I’ll notice that they’ve noticed and that constitutes an invitation.

    2. “Getting hot women is a byproduct of becoming a great man”
      Maybe. Though I wouldn’t describe the average thug or psychopath as ‘great men’.

      1. I’d agree with that. Upon reflection, it should probably be “You can get hot women by relishing in the most miserable aspects of western society or by becoming a great man.”

        1. a wife is no different to a BMW…. needs lots of maintenance, is expensive to run and best left until you have the means to afford.

      2. It all comes down to whether a man projects power and is “fun”.
        White collar mainstreamers are often good providers, but they’re boring to talk to and aren’t capable of standing up for themselves, nor could they lead either a woman or other men out of a wet paper beg.
        Ergo no attraction, ergo no moist panties, ergo no sex.

    3. Michael needs to move the fuck out of California, or marry foreign I guess…
      (I’m personally not a huge fan of marrying foreign)

  5. I agree on self improvement and continuing self improvement in your life. I’m not entirely certain why the goal should be to bed these cum recipticals though. We’re talking about the same girls “Michael” is, correct? The ones banging everybody and everything they can, literally turning themselves into STD factories? The goal of self improvement is…access to them?
    Improve yourself, for yourself. Fuck these used up screw toys (not literally, in fact, don’t fuck them), find better women elsewhere.
    the excuses for the existence of men with Michael’s attitude are dwindling.
    Dunno man, we may be a bit premature to assume this. Most “men” have no idea what red pill is or the realities they face unfortunately.

    1. While the excuses for their existence is dwindling, unfortunately these type of males are not..please don’t refer to Michael as a man.
      I agree with you on many men not knowing the realities they face though, the real world is tough for people to adjust to, so they rather live in fantasy land.
      I used to be obsessed with trying to convert people, but as I got older I realized an important thing, less competition..

      1. I hear you on that. It’s still tough for me to hold back because I feel like I’m helping other men fight the system, but it does get old. Most men can’t handle this kind of truth.

        1. “I feel like I’m helping other men fight the system”
          I completely understand. I think it’s a good thing that their are men who take turns at giving it a crack, if everyone gave up all at once the outcome would not favor us.

  6. Getting women is about the great creation that all men have to drive whatever talents they have to go from good to spectacular. Some guys are tall, good looking, rich, interesting, funny etc and you owe it to yourself to become the best you that you can be. You don’t get women by applying a standard onto them so to say, you do it by creating a scenario best suited to get with the woman you desire based upon location, mood, moment, tone of voice etc. You use your gifts and you strive for greatness. Guys like Mike have the wrong kind of confidence because he applied an ideology thats based upon the happiness of people who went through the running around process and want to settle down, he wasn’t taught how to have his fun and get the shit out of his system.

    1. To his credit, at least from the letter, it doesn’t appear that he’s settled down with a used up hag and has wisely chosen to remain single rather than violate his ethics. So good on him for that. Hopefully he’ll move out of the country and find a more traditional, non-used up woman to settle down with.

      1. Hell, he doesn’t even need to do that. I’ll bet I could give him a good hand in finding one of the good ones that’s left and I bet you could to.

  7. Men want to marry virgins. They fuck sluts.
    So, if you are looking for a LTR or marriage, then you’ll have to marry a girl who isn’t going to college when she’s 19 or 20. You might get lucky.
    Otherwise, just check out of marriage and let them become crazy cat-ladies. Then build wealth and campaign to take away their right to vote. Because they will vote your wealth away from you at every opportunity.

      1. “Because they will vote your wealth away from you at every opportunity.”
        This is his reasoning and sadly it’s proven true so far.

        1. Women were born/bred/evolved to be the sex that requires a net input of resources from others… so if you give women the opportunity to vote for more resources for themselves, they will choose more resources for themselves with almost no consideration for anyone else, present or future… Just look at the voting results, or the polling results for *ANY* government-backed welfare program, and you see women voting yes consistently more than men. Their entire mindset is one of resource acquisition, much like the Ferrengi. They’re not mindless, they’re just evolved to know that motherhood is ridiculously resource intensive, so they take, take, take, take, take without thought. They have to be taught to respect the hand that generates those resources, or they never will.

        2. this is why female suffrage is always fallowed by a massive increase in a size of a government

        3. Yes. It was some charity recently that made it a rule to give supplies only to men. Men will pass out supplies fairly. Cunts kept everything for themselves and let babies starve.

        4. We MUST take it back and make voting male-only! Do you realize that if a cunt votes one way, there is likely to be a man who voted the other way, and the cunt’s vote wipes out the man’s vote, making a cunt equal to a man? This is disgusting to us and all our ancestors and to our sons. It is time to end this now.

        5. I would go one-step further. I would restrict voting to men between the ages of 18 and 65 who *are not* receiving any form of government benefit, and *are not* themselves employed by the government or paid through any government program. This would include men working for the military-industrial-complex as well as those working for government aid programs. The hand that is fed by the many cannot have a say in how resources are doled out, since that constitutes a conflict of interest.
          Then again, voting as a concept is basically just a form of proxy violence, and itself non-masculine.

        6. but this decision ultimately rest upon shoulders of men, not government, govenrment dont take away/gives women right to vote its men does. If men choose to take away women right to vote and put them in complete submission women could do abso- fucking- lutely nothing to resist.The whole women rights and women autonomy means nothing because its subject to men permission, If men choose not to allow something, women immediately lose their privilege to do it

        7. Make all male on female rape legal.Yes, dtrgf, we’re a men’s rights movement, let’s do it. I see the two most critical things for us to accomplish:
          1. Take away women’s right to vote.
          2. Make all male on female rape legal.
          Now you know I prefer “cunt” for those non-human things, but I’m hoping these two main goals will unite the manosphere and no white knight mangina should be confused.

        8. nah rape is bad, if men would learn how to turn women on there would be no need for a rape
          you can actually turn women on by taking away their right to vote i.e. being in charge of them.

        9. “Make all male on female rape legal.”
          Uh, let’s NOT do that. That’s criminal behavior. Universal suffrage is a problem yes but we should NEVER be sanctioning criminal activity.

        10. Jim, why the hell not make all male on female rape legal? It wouldn’t be criminal if we made it legal. It is a natural drive in every man, every man’s need and therefore every man’s right.
          Why are we spending all this time lamenting what a false rape accusation does to a man, when a true one does just as much harm to him?
          These are the top two needs for men now. We need to stop the craziness of cunts being able to vote, and we need to make male on female rape legal.

        11. yes, that is a great idea sir…. and add to the list ANYONE and EVERYONE in a Govt. position.
          In the ancient cities the concept of Citizenship was very different to what it is today… it had to be earned though the respect of your peers.
          If only those worthy of making decisions could vote, then only those worthy of being in positions of power would hold them.

        12. You’re a scumbag piece of shit. Women are humans you motherfucker. What right do you have to put your nasty stumpy micro-peen inside anybody? You only believe what you believe because you have ZERO control over your own life. No power, no resources, no women. Your kind will die off sooner than later. Thank god. Worthless moron.

        13. “nah rape is bad, if men would learn how to turn women on there would be no need for a rape”

        14. To “Ruler” you troll of a marxist dog. Your language reveals your worldview:
          “It wouldn’t be criminal if we made it legal.”
          Yes it would. Subjective legislation doesn’t change objective evaluation of the violation of an individual. Income tax is theft. Income tax is a crime. Just because it’s legal doesn’t make it not criminal.
          “It is a natural drive in every man, every man’s need and therefore every man’s right.”
          Rights are not derived from needs. Commies and women think like that.

        15. Seriously, you are a troll. Fuck off. No one deserves to be hurt. You have nothing in life, and this post has revealed where your place is in the world, at the bottom of the heap…

        16. Mark. It’s pretty simple, actually. If there is a law against it, then doing it is criminal. If there is a law saying it’s OK, then it’s OK.
          Restore voting to males only, and except for some white knights, then passing laws making male on female rape, male on female torture, male on female killing, etc. passing laws to make all of those legal and therefore NON-CRIMINAL will be extremely easy. This will be a major headstart in restoring men’s rights and a patriarchy with a submissive female population.

        17. I am not a troll and have proved that over and over. But I will not sit quietly while someone calls me scum as you just did. I do not mind the troll name. But you will apologize for the “female” insult.

        18. Are you trying to tell me that you can see a pretty girl, and not have an overwhelming need to hurt her badly?
          Then what the FUCK are you doing on this site? This is not for white knights like you. This is for real men.

        19. And who, exactly, does not have a conflict of interest in voting? If nobody who is personally affected by the outcome of a vote were allowed to vote, who exactly would be left to vote?

        20. Turns out that “real men” are not criminals by default. Or psychopaths. Troll and feminist.

        21. How is it that I say the same stuff as Saturn (who I greatly admire, especially his advice in this thread, which I endorse), and he is admired by everyone, while I am called a troll? His advice is more graphic, while mine is more wide-ranging, but we agree with each other.


        23. If all the other conditions were met, voting wouldn’t have to be restricted to men. Men would have control ipso facto.

        24. You view the world as completely relative I suppose. Everything is acceptable as long as someone makes it law? You reject natural law, ethics and deductive logic essentially but without cause.
          I think if you continue down this path you will find yourself caught in endless contradictions.

        25. I would go a step further and eliminate government. Its just a band of criminals who have convinced everyone else that they need them. We don’t need them. Remember voting used to be a men only thing. And what happened? We gave women the vote.
          In a world free from government women would not have the powers they have now. They would once again have to follow the laws of biology and take their natural place in the household.

        26. It’s hard to say that these days without sounding like a nutcase unfortunately, however I do agree with you.

        27. Unfortunately, that would create abundant envy and hatred. Also, you would have to tax those who have no say in their taxation. Those days, until further notice are gone.
          Also, those who agree with you, most won’t be a “voter” in your world. Depending on who sets the goal line(s), you may not wither. But women, and government, do not discriminate against anyone’s pocket for theft.
          Only the pharaoh’s practiced the ancient Egyptian religion we know of for the most part. Aside from a hand full of followers.
          The rest risked death building their future morgue.
          I understand your reasoning, but count me out. Better to force women to put their money where their mouth is, and defend their rights like men have.
          “Giving” them their rights, and the necessary responsibility is the surest way of guaranteeing they give up their voting rights on their own volition.

        28. And only those “worthy” were allowed to tell others when to go die.
          Not going to happen in today’s world until the west falls like rome did.

        29. You’re definitely a troll. Or a weakling. Both? No true man thinks that rape is a right. I’d smash your punk nose into your skull.

        30. Your conditions for granting suffrage is GOLD. But unfortunately, it disenfranchises 70% of men between 18 and 65.
          Is this the society our fathers fought for?

        31. Hillary’s and Palin’s crazy goons may be in the house bro, keep your identity and location secret.

        32. This is what all animal females (at least mamals) do : to ensure their offspring have good opportunities to survive they will mate with dominant males.
          However with humankind the one looking dominant like the “bad boy” stereotype is just not dominant at all : unable to get a stable job or good salary. Women understand that too late.
          Once they find a good man, after the kids are born, they divorce, get half the cash, so guys fuck women, but never marry them or give kids to them.

    1. That’s why these women aren’t going to “have their cake and eat it too”. They’re going to find themselves alone with the cats after the men they want have snatched up either foreign brides or the younger, prettier girls who did save themselves.

      1. I think that is where the problem is. If enough of these sluts weren’t getting what they wanted out of life later on they would not be “having fun” earlier on. But they will. Plenty will marry a guy they don’t deserve and he will provide more than she was ever worth. Until that changes, nothing will stop this trend.

        1. I agree… younger and younger guys are becoming disillusioned with women a lot quicker nowadays.
          Now when a young man sees crazy female behaviour that he is not allowed to call out, he can just go to the internet and be like whoa….
          I think things were different even ten years ago.

        2. Reality v. Perception.
          Your typical young, dumb, slut has the attitude that she’s invincible and thinks that she will be able to escape the consequences of her actions……the drones in media, uni, etc tell her that as long as she does things in a “safe” manner then she’ll be fine.
          The reality isn’t what she thinks it is. Men have their ways of telling who is who…..and making the transition from “party girl” to housewife isn’t as easy as they believe. It isn’t that hard for most men to tell a used up slut. If she gets married to a man who can’t tell or “loves her anyway” then he’s going to be the kind of boring beta male that no woman WANTS to be around, they merely accept it.
          Point is that these women don’t think they’ll be forced to settle with a beta loser earning 50k in an office job. They think there’s a rich, charming, fun prince handsome out there for them and could not be more mistaken.
          Like I said, the kind of man they want will have found a higher quality woman elsewhere…..either from non-mainstream sources of women here or abroad.

      1. Or marry them and demand that they vote the way you do. It isn’t too difficult to pull off if you have the right frame. Plus, it gives you two votes.

        1. I swear to god!!! The men who comment on this site are the stupidest sons of bitches I’ve ever encountered in my life. And it’s all people with no real-life power or resources or skill in getting women. Just woman-hating, right-wing extremists who have a major bone to pick with their poor choices and are taking it out on women’s rights for some unknown reason. Any woman with half a brain will marry or date a person who usually votes the same way she does and won’t be swayed one bit by her man telling her to vote some other way. Any woman with half a brain wouldn’t even talk to someone who thinks they have control over women. Which, pssst, you fucking morons, you don’t have any REAL power. You are just so butthurt that women can be successful or date around nowadays. You’re upset Medieval times are over. Newsflash! There are real men out in this world that are truly masculine (without needing to prove it by belittling a woman), who possess real power and real resources and are also diplomatic and of high character. Guess what…they don’t come to this website! I wish I knew what all you fuckers looked like so I’d know to avoid you. But let’s be honest. You’re all scraggly, skinny, greasy-haired wannabes thinking about how much you wish women couldn’t vote. Get a life!

        2. Or marry them and demand that they vote the way you do.
          Like it used to be, marriage is a union not a war.

        3. Think so…..but the rant was pretty funny to me.
          There’s a funny thing that stands out to me mark. The thing these gals don’t realize about the men who are “truly masculine and possess real power”, is that they don’t want a shrill, used up, “independent” girl with a chip on her shoulder nor are they going to settle for that.
          It’s inevitable. Just as sniveling, effeminate beta males and angry MGTOWers lose out to real men so will women like that lose out to those women who are trustworthy and loving partners.
          Let’s put it this way. If I left a couple hundred grand in cash on the table while my wife was home all day, every last cent would be there when I got home…..unless she decided to use some of it to buy me something for dinner.
          How many women can you say that about? The answer to that question is why so many women won’t every be happy.

    2. What a delusional comment. When it comes to them taking away your wealth verse them losing voting rights, they will win every time.

      1. I agree. The vote isn’t the problem as much as what can be voted upon. Individual’s life, liberty, and earned property should be immune from the democratic process.

    3. There was a reason the founding fathers restricted voting to land owning males. Here in retrospect, it makes perfect sense.

    4. Flashback to 2007; a girl I was into told me that her and two friends were playing “Date? Sleep with? Marry?”. This will sound pretty juvenile but that’s because we were all 16-17, and there’s an important lesson here that I learned years later.
      This girl tells me that her and her two friends named me and two of my friends. While their opinions were mixed as to which boy they would go on a date with and what boy they would sleep with, all three of them unanimously said they’d marry me. The girl I liked said she could see me being a rich and successful scientist in the future, and that all of them agreed that I’m smart, sweet, and that I was the least likely boy to cheat.
      At the time I thought this meant I would easily get a loving wife, kids, all that. I even ignored the part where I told the girl that since I’m marrying her that means I get automatic access to the other two (dates and sex), she tells me that people can be married without those two things. She also said that “sleeping with someone” did not include sex and like a fool I believed that too. Like a fool, I also ignored that she voiced her disgust at the thought of kissing me when it was brought up a month prior. We ended up drifting apart, but she showed up about 4 years later because she remembered I was “the smart guy” among my group and she wanted me to help her break into her ex boyfriend’s facebook. Somewhat breaking out of my beta/mangina programming, I refused to help her, telling her plainly that what she was asking me to do was wrong. She… wasn’t happy. Never contacted me again after that.
      Obviously, now at 24 I realized that’s why I never could get a girlfriend in my teen years; because I was the handsome charming sweetie. Nothing more than a beta provider in the girls’ eyes.
      on another note; it is only in this moment thinking back to that conversation that it was about what I’d do for her as a husband, not what she’d do as a wife; when the subject of sex came up, which would fall underneath that, she said she didn’t have to…

      1. I can recount something similar.
        When my last LTR began I was totally cruisin. I was partying, flirting with other girls (wouldn’t cheat, but I like to flirt… and btw now I see that despite her complaining she liked it too), meeting new ppl all the time, and didn’t take my studies too seriously.
        At around 2+ years I started to feel more serious about the relationship. I got to my mid 20s and realized I needed to get my act together. I worked my ass off, stressed about getting ahead at work, tried to keep her happy, quit my band, made long-term goals. I was proud of myself for turning my life around accomplishing things.
        The irony? The more I became provider status the less she wanted to fuck… we had a good sex life all the way through but towards the end something broke. She was less horny, started insulting me in front of my friends, and started eye-balling the guy I worked with. I found out she would go out drinking at night with my coworker and his friends… They didn’t seem to mind that I wasn’t there even though I was at home stressing and working my ass off to prepare for an international conference…
        One day she came into the office and sat on his desk flirting and making plans to go out that night. He was eating it up. They paid no mind to the fact that I was her boyfriend and was being humiliated at my workplace in front of my colleagues. Something clicked in me that second and I dumped her on the spot (4+ years LTR). I left work early and made a decision that I was done with her and her crazy shit.
        Afterwards I found out she was intimate with this guy. My trust in them blinded me up until that point and she said nothing was going on when I asked her previously. Trust your instincts…
        The irony? She cried and clawed to get me back. I got some good hate-fucking out of it but it has been a year now and she still msgs me occasionally telling me how much she misses me. This other guy tried to hold onto her and told her he loved her and shit. How did that go down? She told him he’s a loser and to never contact her again. He had to quit the workplace kuz he was humiliated… it didn’t work out for this mangina.
        I said this yesterday but I think guys at younger and younger ages are starting to taste the redpill. Hell, eventually websites like RoK might get banned… society needs betas to survive. China has restrictions on internet usage, its not impossible that it could happen here.

        1. what a story. I suppose once you went “softer” is when the girl started losing interest in you. strangely enough it didn’t exactly work out for that other guy either. that should feel pretty good huh?

        2. I think because no one takes the KKK seriously. I certainly think they would try to ban sites like RoK if it got popular because of the fear and consternation it would cause. After all, they try to ban computer games! I don’t think it would be successful though.

        3. Now she knows what she lost.
          Insulting you in front of friends? Not acceptable, worth a dumping right then and there. Your woman should show absolute deference to you in front of anyone else.

      2. Women are ultimately very selfish. They view the world in terms of what it can do for them. Men are an extension of this. Your job, in her view, is to buy her a house, car, clothe her, give her money to hang out with her friends, etc. They expect a lot and give very little.

        1. as I said, what a lesson indeed. a great lesson to learn early before learning the hard way.

    5. You say Men want to marry Virgins but how many of you would actually be in a relationship with a women without any sex?

      1. I know that I’m not supposed to answer women, but this was actually a reasonable question so I think take a stab at it.
        The answer, my dear, is quite simple: if marriage is made the outlet for the pursuit of romantic love instead of dating or hooking up, then more women will be virgins at their wedding.

    6. “Men want to marry virgins. They fuck sluts.”
      Quietly buddy. The SJW Police will hound you to oblivion if it gets to ’em.

    7. Feminists want to take your wealth away from you. Not all feminists are women and not all women are feminists.

      1. NAWALT excuse. The very essence of a woman’s instinct it to take resources from a man who is willing to share them. By allowing women to vote, they have made it mandatory rather than voluntary through marriage.

        1. It’s not an excuse, it’s a fact. Plus, with that statement, you are implying that no men want to take want to take wealth away from people. Both women and men have been trying to take wealth from people since the beginning. Tactics may differ, but the reason is the same.
          Know who your real enemy is people. It’s feminism. You can’t fight bigotry with more bigotry.

        2. Never feminism wasn’t a problem. But even though most women aren’t feminist, that doesn’t mean that most women aren’t the problem in terms of voting.
          Hell, most women who aren’t married vote Democrat. And vote with their heart rather than their head.

  8. Good article. As a caveat I’d like to add: don’t put anyone on pedestals, not just women. This goes for athletes, politicians, businessmen, priest, whomever. People are people and while it’s ok to enjoy certain qualities of things people can provide, putting them on pedestals is setting you up for a rude awakening one day.
    It is clear that the guy in the article, the Clippers owner, and even some of the early comments here put “blacks” on a pedestal. If they didn’t why would someone care as to which man a woman associates with and get emotional over it. I’ve always said I don’t believe in a racist. There are assholes (people who say racist comments just to piss someone off) and losers (people with insecurities, so they need something/someone to blame).
    In business I would not want to work with someone who puts anyone on a pedestal or are tied up in their emotions and insecurities enough to have to blame an entire grouping of people, i.e.: race, athletes, muslims, christians, etc…do you! Except betas, it’s ok to group betas.

    1. Politicians should automatically be placed lower than yourself. If you’re not regarding anyone who would like to have power over you as pond scum worthy of being washed away, you don’t understand politics.

      1. Exactly. I can’t understand why people respect these parasites. They pursue politics so that they can get influence that they wouldn’t be able to earn in voluntary trades. There are some exceptions like Dr Paul.

    2. I hear where you’re coming from, but I will always put guys like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Michael Jordan on pedestals because they are the ideal that a man should strive to be. Nobody is perfect but I’m gonna give guys who busted their ass to get where they are a little more leeway than others.

      1. “I’m gonna give guys who busted their ass to get where they are a little more leeway than others.”
        I agree on this and while I do enjoy what both MJ and Arnold bought to the world and do look at the path they took as inspiring, I would never put them on a pedestal or others like them.
        MJ’s divorce cost him around a reportedly $168 million and then his ex allegedly started dating someone 20 years her junior. That type of disrespect is why people (Clipper’s owner again, just bc it’s on every news medium) generalize a group, not out of hate, but out of their extreme displeasure in their given situation.
        Arnold, don’t know if the divorce went through or not-and don’t care to look, if divorce had settlement estimates reaching up to twice of that of MJ’s. And the whole reason behind his, is because he messed with the help.
        This is the rude awakening I speak of.

        1. Ok yeah but you’re talking about how they dealt with their women, and on that I agree. But marriage was a different climate back then in the 70’s and early 80’s.
          That Clippers bs is everyone jumping on the bandwagon. Spike Lee and Al Sharpton say much worse things about whites but it gets coincidentally looked over.

        2. Good point, I didn’t think of the climate of marriage then when I responded. But MJ just got remarried, with more kids, I just hope it works out this time.
          It does. Spike Lee: remember it was a different climate back then.. “Al $XXXXXXX”: I don’t think much of him enough to even comment. I will agree though they do say some negative things, often times unnecessary, with the latter one doing it for shock value. And no it shouldn’t be looked over..people need to start checking it the same way bc it is causing everyone on all sides to move backwards. It is time for a lot of people of the “old guard” in many sectors to go home.

  9. This guy sounds like he grew up in the Cleaver household circa 1950. I’ve got a buddy like that who was blue pill for the longest time because he was taught a bunch of evangelical Christian shit that doesn’t work well in the real world.
    In fact, I think that kind of upbringing cripples boys, especially with the “no sex before marriage” Mr. Rogers B.S.
    I’m not a huge fan of religion, but I have to say the values of our pre-Christian ancestors may be a better alternative to what Christianity has become in America in this day and age. Jupiter never forbade adultery. Neither did Odin. Nor did their followers try to make men ashamed of their instincts.

    1. yeah i went through this growing up, I’m 24 and just now waking up to reality. Better late than never though

      1. I carried a bit of that baggage myself until I was 20 or so thanks to a similar upbringing. It seems to me that a lot of evangelical Christianity produces subservient betas.
        “We men are the monsters now. The time of heroes is dead, Wiglaf – the Christ God has killed it, leaving humankind with nothing but weeping martyrs, fear, and shame.” – Beowulf

        1. I think your alluding to what Nietzsche referred to as “Master Morality vs Slave Morality” – that is, a moral code in which strength, conquest, power, and agency are the primary virtues as opposed to one that celebrates meekness, compassion, humility, etc. I’ve wrestled with that one myself. I have in my life however, seen exactly one example of hardcore 1820s Christian living – and it was I must admit impressive. This guy was like 40 with like 8 kids with his wife. They were rich as fuck and had a lot of land and property. And their children were like aristocrats… they spoke multiple languages, could play multiple instruments, could carry on an intelligent conversation, etc… and the whole family seemed happy as hell. It was so fucking alien it blew my mind. The vast majority of husbands today are worthless betas dumping their life out in to a blackhole…. pretty goddamn depressing.
          One pearl of Red Pill wisdom: She will always forgive you for being an ass hole…she will never forgive you for being a pussy.

        2. “she will always forgive you for being an ass hole…she will never forgive you for being a pussy.” Wow!…that’s a fucking great yet simple statement

        3. Truth. Listen to this man.
          That’s why I have a happy wife and most of the males in my age group don’t.

        4. Who the fuck cares about her forgiveness of you? She better hope you forgive her for anything that angers you before you beat her into a coma or worse.

        5. Great quote..
          I have seen the same, but with five kids, and I agree, I almost felt like I missed out on something in life.
          But in contrast this is something that can set you up for defeat in the long-term. I dare to say the family you speak of (much like the one I know) are from a small town. Well there is a reason why the inhabitants of cities are known to be quick thinkers and those out and the country not-so-much. Whether true or not, they just have not been exposed to all the evils out in the world and don’t stand a fighting chance on those who are set out to do wrong.
          That conquest Nietzsche spoke about is about moving. The conquest of something implies that there is a force constantly moving, moving some idea, someone, or something in and moving out the latter. Judging by your photo I think that is a sentiment you have learned about, never stop moving.

        6. I have never seen you posting before this article, and I must say you only comment with constructive useful thoughts. Between you and Lance I get a lot of additional insight when I am reading these comments.

        7. Thanks I appreciate it.
          I read almost all the articles that have been and continue to be posted to this site. I rarely post bc I usually read the thread late and feel like the useful parts of the chat are over and honestly while I can speak in depth about many of the articles I have seen here, it is not in my best interest to do so at this time, so I play the role of the observer.

        8. This is so true. From the very high born Ivy League sluts to the lowest bar slut, will readily forgive a man for beating their ass to a pulp than they would for him exuding any sign of weakness. I tell my male associates to never say “sorry.” The very word, will turn their pussies into the Sahara in a minute. Pulling a bitch’s hair, kissing her and throwing her on the bed, usually does the trick.

        9. GTFO,Go back to playing chick characters in World of Warcraft….and come back when you’re ready to act like a man.

    2. So how do u shake caring if a girl u invested in fucks ur best friend for free?
      I don’t know if for me it is conditioning or biological but my drive to provide and protect for a woman plummets when I find out she is the town cum receptacle…
      And nowadays you can’t gamble making babies with a whore… Can literally destroy your life.
      Investing in ur offspring is a reproductive strategy just like fucking lots of girls and disappearing is. Perhaps we are in an evolutionary bottleneck.

      1. “….my drive to provide and protect for a woman plummets when I find out she is the town cum receptacle…”
        That’s the vast majority of them.

      2. Because she’s not worth caring about.
        And your primary concern should be caring and providing for YOURSELF first and foremost.
        In America, you must rid yourself of these antiquated notions you hold or join a closed off group of people with “traditional” values. Mormonism is silly but the people don’t seem all that bad.

      3. You shake it by remembering what you were put here to do, I highly doubt your entire existence is only to satisfy one other person.
        I would thank my best friend (even though we would never be cool again, because he fell to his fleshly desires, which I see as a weak trait), wish her good luck, and go after this life thing even harder.
        Besides a good woman and family, there is another purpose you have, you just have to figure it out.

    3. Traditional Christianity works, so long as women are chaste and respect their fathers wishes until they’re married off.
      Cultural progressivism demolished the model of fathers giving their daughters away to worthy men giving power of choice of husband entirely over to the young-and-inexperienced-in-the-ways-of-men daughter. What resulted was sadly predictable, for how can you expect an 18-25 year old woman to know better than her father? You can’t.

    4. The problem isn’t that he was religious.
      His parents raised him to succeed in THEIR time. The parents probably didn’t understand the way that females of their son’s generation behave, and because of that were incapable of preparing him for that reality.

    5. I’d love a system like this. However, women have a system like this whilst holding us men to legal monogamous standards. Let me impregnate all the beautiful bitches in my repertory and abandon them soon after. Let’s return to the law of the jungle. I want to live like Zeus and Ares. Civilization is a one way street now, and I am personally tired of carrying around those bricks. Christian civilization is dead and men need to stop upholding it.

      1. This is exactly what I’m doing right now. I’m spreading my seed around the world.
        I tried doing things the “right” way for 30 years only to be treated worse than pond scum. Now I’m doing what makes ME feel good.
        Women say they want a good father to stick around, but every action indicates otherwise.

      2. There ya go, nail on the head again. If we are to have sexual liberation and gender-sameness, women have to accept the fact that it is straight-up cruel to hold men to their expectation of monogamous marriage, because men are NOT going to keep wanting it! With every generation, desire to marry among men drops lower and lower.
        Monogamous marriage is difficult and takes away your privacy. It is costly, it is stressful. And the women are not worth it. What does one get from a marriage with a modern woman? Nothing but pain. A man has to be dumb as a fucking rock to want to get married in the modern day in age, unless he lives in an unusually nice town and somehow comes across the unusual “good girl,” and also has the talent of being able to figuratively bury his head in the sand and shut out the fucked-up world around him.
        As of now, there are obviously many beta men keeping our current system afloat, but it will be fun to see if the ranks of the betacorps start thinning in the future, and if the red pille ideas start catching on.

      3. “Christian civilization is dead and men need to stop upholding it.”
        Working fine for me. My children are homeschooled and learning learning Algebra/Pre-cal 7-10 years earlier than most high schools teach it. They will be national class (at least) athletes (gymnastics, rock climbing, ballet, tennis, snowboarding, T&F, swimming, etc: non team sports: self mastery) and marital artists in a nation (USA) where 36% of the population is fat and it seems half the country is mentally ill and on meds. My children (or those like them) are going to be ruling this country, just like Putin (the chess/judo master) took over Russia after the fall of Communism, assuming there is anything left to rule (not a complete nuclear wasteland).

  10. A party slut I know once said “if you put me on a pedestal, I will have no choice but to look down on you” as a warning to the hordes of beta orbiters around her. Despite her outright warning, she still has heaps of them following her like mindless slaves!

      1. Yep, a great quote.
        I’ve dated a lot of girls off the internet, and there is nothing more effective in jerking them into line, than giving them a good couple of orgasms, and a few days later giving them a provisional dumping. Make up whatever excuse you want, so long as its based on something wrong with her.
        The only problem is that a few will then show their latent bunny-boiler tendencies. Peppering you with emails and SMS’s, asking you why why why why…?…. And on one occasion, I’ve had to change my number.
        But its usually an effective strategy, and should be done somewhere in the first 2 months. And a lot of the time, its a good way to transition a girl from dating/GF, to the fuck-buddy harem reserve bench position.

  11. “The days of individual men exerting near totalitarian control over female behavior are gone, and they are not coming back.”
    Nonsense. People these days are always imagining “the end of history” (a phrase neocon Francis Fukuyama made famous in talking about political history) history ebbs and flows it doesn’t end. Things always change. History isn’t linear, it moves back and forth as it always has. Now, do I think it’s going to happen in my lifetime. Not in the least.
    This is probably nitpicking in the short term since it is highly unlikely to apply to anyone typing at keyboards right now but it’s just something that should be mentioned.
    Today’s western women are NOT marriage material. The vast majority of them are mere cum dumpsters. Women find this insulting and I can see why. But guess what, they brought this on themselves.
    Crazy world we live in,eh?

    1. Fukuyama was not a neo-con. Otherwise, I agree with your sentiments quite a bit. Check out “the end of dreams, and the return of history” for an excellent rebuttal to the concept though.

    2. I a more accurate statement would be elite men brought this on the average men. How do you maintain power in a supposedly “free society”? You control men through sex (women). Women have always had their own imparetive, they’ve simply been given the opportunity to weaponize it with the help of the very men its used against. Its genius if you really think about it.

  12. There was a time when Micheal could have gotten married to a wonderful woman who was a virgin and would have submitted to him most of the time.
    But those days are gone because of feminism and too many Beta males letting Alpha males get their way in politics. Yes, feminism would not have flourished had it not been for a few selective Alphas looking to get women to work for them and fuck them without having to worry about marriage. They knew how to manipulate them and enough Beta males into getting this to come about.
    The result? Too many sluts, not enough virgins. Too much sex, not enough marriage. Too many abortions, not enough children to continue civilization.
    This will not end well. At this point, I would argue that it is a moral imperative to encourage women to not go to college.

    1. Cunts should not be allowed any education beyond cooking, cleaning and being a good servant for men. Schools are only for males. Females do not have the brains even for kindergarten, they are too stupid for school. Why should they be sitting there, delaying the boys?

      1. God you know what the best thing ever was? Living as the only English native speaker in a dorm where I had Turks, Moldovan and Polish girls cook for all the men every night, like every fucking night. I’m all for equal share not all of us were rich, So I’ll help with the dishes!! NOPE GET OUT OF THE KITCHEN. I just bought the alcohol and that was the end of that debate.

    2. I prefer to pop my corn and sit pool side with an adult beverage and watch it all burn.

  13. “spread their legs for complete losers”
    Yawn – they have something you don’t, they excite her. So learn from it – all of your work is worth nothing, you want to get her excited. I learned how to skydive, and got certified to do it in tandem. Still use it today, but when I was first certified – I would use it on that sweet young thing to get her hot, take her to the trailer where I stayed, and plumb her depths till it was time for me to meet with the next girl. I literally kicked out one to meet the next so I could keep them cumming. Of course, the shoot needed to be repacked and I would make them wait, always preparing for the next. Still use that from time to time, but I’ve slowed down with age – so now I like to enjoy a woman for a lot longer, and push her to her limits – I enjoy having her say, “I can’t do that!” Then doing it for the next hour.. So all of the things you would never do – I enjoy watching them cave on. Most of them have boyfriends like you – who pay them so they can come spend time with me. And for that – I thank you. Of course, you have to wear a condom, and I raw-dog her. But that’s what you deserve for being a schmuck.
    If you want to excite women – get a life and do what you want and use her because THAT is what women want. To be used, abused, and know that they could be a small part of a real man’s life… And they like knowing that they can have a small part of him inside of her for a couple of days, till she can get a refill… 🙂
    Yeah – I know you don’t want to hear the truth, yet. Most men never want to hear it – but those who do, enjoy life to it’s fullest. That is your choice. Oh, and I have several businesses, and socked away quite a bit off-shore. But none of the women ever see that – they are there for me to use, and enjoy it. They get what they want when they spread their legs. That is what you need to understand. They WANT to spread their legs for the man who excites them, and you don’t… When you accept that, you’ll take a large step forward…

    1. He’s got a point. The one thing these losers have going for them is that they’re entertaining and “fun”.
      It’s easily fixed without having to give up being “nice” and that’s something I’ve seen guys do. These guys may be idealistic goody two-shoes but the “church girl” crowd swarms them. You know why? They’ve got something that makes them fun. Whether they’re(examples I’ve seen) a foreign exchange student with a pleasant accent, an extreme sports hobbyist, a stage actor in their night job, involved in lots of drama, or a combat pilot isn’t that important.

      1. “They’ve got something that makes them fun.”
        Children think the same way. This is precisely why women, just like children, shouldn’t be allowed to vote or make important decisions.

        1. To be fair, men like Michael think and act like children to.
          We’re in a society were people never mature past childhood. It’s remarkable really, how low our maturity is. I’ve known soldiers 19 or 20 years old who’se experiences in war made them wake up and they act with a maturity that puts 40 year old white collars to shame. My wife struggled with poverty as a child, and had to earn her own way at 17. Her maturity makes her better “educated” peers look like children….let alone the bar sluts.
          Nature is one thing but it is nurture that determines whether that nature is expressed in a positive way or a destructive one.

        2. Ancient Roman wisdom:
          “Woman is a violent and uncontrolled animal… If you allow them to achieve complete equality with men, do you think they will be easier to live with? Not at all. Once they have achieved equality, they will be your masters.”
          – Cato the Elder, speech in the Roman Senate in 195 BC

        3. Very true. Men, however, have both the brains and the reasoning ability to make the important decisions, even at a very young age.

        4. When people speak to me about age, in a sense of maturity or experience, I see their insecurities right off the bat.

    2. “They WANT to spread their legs for the man who excites them, and you
      don’t… When you accept that, you’ll take a large step forward…”
      How about you take a large step forward – out of the airplane – without a “shoot” you arrogant faggot.
      Ill step back from those skeezy whore . You — well — Raw-dog away Jose.
      And bragging about “off-shore accounts” on a public blog?
      Not the most brilliant business move Einstein. Id keep that under you hat if I were you. Of course Im sure its a big hat because your big head has to fit inside it.

  14. “nice guys finish first in the end” Woman logic at its best, she gives the best(most fertile) years of her life to alpha’s and alpha imitators(assholes/douchebags) and then when her biological clock starts ringing, then she seeks out manginas like this Michael fella to squirt out a couple kids, suck the poor blue-pill sap dry(financially & emotionally), divorce-rape him and then return to ride the cock carousel once again.
    The alternative ending is that she stays with the simp, fucks alphas on the side and even ends up cuckolding her husband by bearing a child for him from another man, while convincing him(successfully most of the time) that it’s actually his.
    This is the state of the modern westernized female, this is her gameplan, and so far, most of them have been winning. She won’t ever be truly happy of course, but then again, misery LOVES company.
    Moral of the story: Pump and dump, gentlemen. Pump…. and….. dump.

    1. For us to be here on this site I think we’ve all seen the same shit that this Michael dude has seen…
      Its fine if this is what they want… more dudes will just swallow the redpill… but I think the feminist ideal state is simply unsustainable… simply put… they’ll have to carry the economy and I just don’t see that working.
      When I’ve been in relationships b4 that I believed were gonna go somewhere, I worked my ass off towards a higher income and reliable social status. I was ready to take a 90 degree turn to get into pharmacy school and build a career. When I found out my gf was lying to me about her fidelity all of that drive faded completely… why would I gamble my life for someone who has already proven they are dishonest? Not to mention she was shit-testing me to no end despite her own lack of integrity. Ridiculous.
      Now I’m single… will gradually work towards wealth… focus on hobbies I enjoy… and pump and dump young things when available…
      I believe eventually redpill ideas will hit critical mass and I wonder what all those women will do when no one is willing to commit to them. We’re going the way of the Japanese… and all the immigrants will take over. I’m not saying that in a prejudice way, in fact I think they are playing their cards just right.

      1. Multiply your experience by untold millions = we’re screwed. Civilization runs on the hard work of men, men who will sacrifice for their children. *Their* children. Men will not work hard for sluts on account of “uncertainty of progeny” (to use an old-fashioned term).

        1. no but it’s alot of fun making shit tons of money… don’t be a lame ass and be motivated only for some ikea homemaking ideals with Mrs. Right……. make yourself a mint and build a castle…. the slags can compete with my dogs to eat the bones from under my table

    2. “nice guys finish first in the end” Woman logic at its best, she gives the best(most fertile) years of her life
      There’s the rub-they don’t realize those are the best years of their life and even if you told them, they wouldn’t believe you

    3. Actually, from the point of view of a white, attractive young female, such strategy is quite logical. Maximize attention and sex from alphas while young, maximize re$ources from betas when hitting the wall, and aftere reproduction, enter cougar mode for some last alpha cock before they become sexually invisible (40).
      They live off their father, mother, beta husband, then alimony or the state via welfare. Quite an easy life if you ask me.

      1. Problem is that these girls are too dumb to know what alpha is so they fall for alpha imitators too easily. Guys are wising up and putting in the quick work to be imitators instead of putting in the real work to be alphas.

        1. “Problem is that these girls are too dumb to know what alpha is so they fall for alpha imitators too easily.”
          What the fuck does that even mean?

      2. You’re totally right, the whole system incentivizes this kind of behaviour. Why wouldn’t they go for the easy life?
        The problem is the culture hasn’t caught up yet. Political correctness abounds. You can’t talk about excessive immigration, you can’t talk about hidden agendas, you can’t talk about how women really behave, you can’t even talk about justice or fairness, you can’t talk about personal experience, you can’t talk about history!…. hell they might not even realize how they’re behaving… they live in a dreamland or something…
        And then when it all comes crashing down they’ll watch in amazement as we go at each others’ throats to survive. Civilization over. The winners will take all and the man-culling will have ended. At that point the women will be beaten, raped, pillaged and put to work in proper order…
        and who knows… maybe they’ll even like it…

      3. It’s “logical”……but the truth in life is rarely the result of schoolbook type logic. Once you get away from linear, binary “logical” thinking and train your mind to work in a more dynamic, multidimensional manner you find the truth.
        So there’s a dozen reasons why but they’re wrong. Do you know which women usually are the happiest(and who report the happiest relationships)? Women who marry young, obey traditional religious teachings, have children, and who do not use any artificial contraceptives.
        Girls who do that divorce less than 5% of the time…..and report high levels of relationship satisfaction, very high levels of sexual satisfaction, and high levels of life happiness.

        1. I never said it was good. I just said it was easy.
          Many times during life, doing the right thing has a cost.

    4. There’s a bird called the killdeer, it fakes an injury so that it’s enemies think it’s wounded, when the enemy comes after it thinking it’s easy prey, it flies off. It does this to lead predators away from it’s nest. That’s what females are in modern society, financial predators after your golden nest egg.
      The point is that, even a bird with a brain half the size of a walnut is smart enough to pull off this psy-op tactic. Game is evident everywhere in nature. No excuses.
      pretend to be a beta-sucker, this is only gonna work for guys with money or “provider status” who are around 40 and trying to get some of that early 30’s “omg wall is coming snatch”, these women will seek a sucker to feather their nest and you can use these gold digger’s bird brains to your advantage
      This is good natural inspiration for game, Fake being a beta-supporter when you sense these women are in post-slut mode(they’ll be tired of all the males they claim were “jerks” yet they used to suck off and enjoy so much and looking for mr nice beta supporter now they cant get top tier males), use them good, than dump and fuck off on them once they start requesting living with you or being more serious. The classic “bait and switch tactic”. Remember, this woman is gonna take half your shit when your 50, and leave you broke and fucked. Always remember north american women make EXCELLENT hookers, but TERRIBLE wives, and should be avoided by all means possible!!

  15. 1) There are already several other articles on here. We get it. Taste the red pill.
    2) Self improvement is something we should all strive for. Or as my favorite historical figure called it; “The Strenuous Life”
    3) Don’t put anyone on a pedestal. I guarantee you they are hiding something that would turn you off. I realize this and I’m glad I do, considering I am only 20.

  16. He is lucky with that attitude and he does not know it. I “fell in love” with a woman and then ignored other hot women that wanted me, not very many all considered but I could have done a little better.
    I wound up married to a woman that admitted that she had been with a bunch of other guys when she got drunk one night after she had mostly cut me off from sex. Now, she divorced me when I couldn’t keep her happy and started fucking some janitor at work.
    I would have been better off never to have been married. The odd thing is, now that I am single I pretty much pull in a near enough endless line of divorced single moms that I fuck hard and send home, even telling them I will never be in a relationship with them. It makes them come back and try that much harder. I am not alpha, just working really hard on learning some game.

    1. Wow. I don’t know you but I’m proud of how you handled this. No bitterness just adapting to the situation. A lot people with similar situations never get over it. And staying humble with the new success as well.

  17. I’ve seen this ‘Michael’ story before but it’s worth reading again. Good article, Athlone!

  18. “I went to the same college my parents met and married at. I… hundreds young college aged women who were NOT interested in marriage. They were interested in: 1) Partying 2) Having sex. College was 24/7 fuck fest. ”
    Hey brah: Your mom at 21.

    1. Sounds like where & when Michael’s folks came from, sluts were shamed hard. Mom might have been a bit naughty and surrendered her virginity to Dad not long before they wed, but other than that they followed the rules. Hey, it worked for them! So they raised Michael to follow those same rules. Why else would he have been so stunned by how slutty girls were at college?

  19. Why the hell was this guy pedestaling these women?
    Why the FLYING FUCK would you want an LTR with a girl who has been known to “fuck just about every dude I know”?
    It’s a hard situation for a guy like that. He’s pulling a six figure income while self employed in a competitive part of the country, so it’s not likely that he’s a loser.
    That’s why the mainstream of American culture is so poisonous. It feeds narcissism, weasely behavior, and self-destructive attributes. No that girl is not going to “have her cake and eat it too”. Coming down from the party life is never is easy as they think it is…..and the men that she thinks she’ll be able to marry? The man who is confident, good in bed, and a self starter will want to marry her?
    Can’t speak for the others but once I fixed myself and opened up my options I passed them by in favor of the younger, thinner, blonde virgin. I’d have been out of mind to give one of these used up “independent women” what they want when I can have a pretty young girl who is eager to please instead.

  20. The hell they don’t want to be Queen. Those infernal “Empower Bun” hairdos are all about their regal self-actualization whether they are skank-whore or not.

    1. It’s a symptom of Michael’s way of thinking. If the guy doesn’t have any other expensive hobbies(likely for a white collar drone), then he probably has no concept of savings and prefers to spend money as he earns it.

  21. Other men have said it so much that it’s become a cliche, but it’s true, it’s damn true: I became much more successful with women once I trained myself to have the mindset of “disregard harlots, acquire currency.”

  22. Great article. This lesson will have to resonate with white men the most. In a way, I’m glad this disease of feminism has the West, we finally get to not only dismantle Cultural Marxism, but the diseases that preceded it, social theories between the sexes from the Enlightenment and Romanticism. Usually in other cultures, whether it be Arab, Southeast Asian or East Asian, women are always blamed for their sexual trespasses because they do all the enticing and initiating. This used to be the European (read Western) way until about the 18th century, when fuckers starting shaving their beards and donning powdered wigs. Thus came, the pedestal and romanticism in the following century. Men were primarily blamed by other men for their women going astray and was none the more prevalent than in England and the Old South.
    We needed this catastrophe to see how fucked up they are as a species. Men will have to fucking learn here, the hard way (marriage, divorce, vaginamony, child support, false rape cases etc) or the easy way (RoK and the rest of the manosphere) that we cannot live with women as equals. The words of Cato the Elder still resonates with sharp alacrity back then as they do today. Men can only live with women when they are controlled under a patriarchy. Patriarchy is civilization. At this point gentlemen, this is a psychological war for survival for real men in the West. I for one will possess merciless contempt for our enemies here. Go out on your shields gentlemen. Death will come for us all, and it is better to expire with dignity, freedom, pride and above all your manhood. Do not yield an inch. This message that Athlone promulgates is not new and in fact is something the ancients knew very well. We are not learning something new, but rediscovering ancient and eternal truths.
    “Woman is a violent and uncontrolled animal, and it is useless to let go the reins and then expect her not to kick over the traces. You must keep her on a tight rein . . . Women want total freedom or rather – to call things by their names – total licence. If you allow them to achieve complete equality with men, do you think they will be easier to live with? Not at all. Once they have achieved equality, they will be your masters . . .” – Cato the Elder 234–149 B.C.,

    1. Great quote, it seems that even today, our prominent historical figures(religiously or philosophically) have been as accurate as ever on female nature.
      ‘The word and works of God is quite clear, that women were made either to be wives or prostitutes’- Martin Luther
      My favourites-
      “We may well lie with what seems to be a woman of flesh and blood, and yet all the time it is only a devil in the shape of a woman”- Martin Luther
      “I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man; she must be silent”- 1 Timothy 2:12

    2. “Men can only live with women when they are controlled under a patriarchy. Patriarchy is civilization.”
      Sumeria, Egypt, Classical Greece, Ancient Rome, the Chinese empires, the Indian Empires, the Mali kingdon, Christianity, and Islam…to name but a few patriarchies.

    3. People knew this shit 2000 years ago. How did we as a civilization become such numbskulls?

  23. What baffles me is how a man can continue to fall for this? After a certain amount of failure and doing everything women tell him to do, and he gets sod all in return, doesn’t he ever say to himself ‘Hmm, this isn’t working?’
    If I want to do well in any other aspect of life I look at what the successful people are doing and try to follow that model. It’s really common logic how can no man get this jesus christ how did it get so bad???

  24. I have done the very thing the title of the article says not to do. I can tell you horror stories and the book is not even finished.

  25. These average beta males, like the one mentioned above are essential productive members of society, they are the cogs in the machine. Any sensible government or civilisation will create incentives for them to continue doing so. However there is no incentive anymore. be a nerd, work hard and you get to marry an ex party girl whore, I think not.
    No one is going to tell him how it is, unless he goes on the “manosphere” or happens to make friends with a alpha who learnt it himself and is willing to teach him. He has three options.
    1) Devour scores of pick up artist material so he can get “revenge” on women and pump and dump. However this will bring short term benefits, it becomes easy to get stuck on this change of development; and spend the rest of your days chasing your own tail. Having sex with a bang slut on a one night stand is a lot like fast food. Enjoyable tasty and tempting for any sane man, although its not very nutritional.
    2) MGTOW, find a woman from a traditional country, there are a lot of desirable locations.
    3) Build wealth, focus on self develop and game, but focus more on self improvement. Have enough money to push through legislation which will benefit the manosphere and bring some sanity to this mental asylum.

    1. “MGTOW, find a woman from a traditional country, there are a lot of desirable locations.”
      You’d better love Jesus and be prepared to take care of scores of siblings, aunts, uncles etc. There was a comment on the “How to date a Filipina” that should be required reading for every man.

  26. If put woman on a pedestal, how can you expect them to respect you?
    ‘Date them like you hate them, treat them like you don’t need them’
    ‘treat her like dirt, so she sticks like mud’
    Be mean, keep them keen’
    This is how you see ‘losers’ and sigma’s get the top tier girls. They treat girls like how they want to be treated.

  27. So I continued reading, and came across this:
    “Most don’t want to be treated like mere sperm receptacles either, but when given the stark choice between Prince Michael Charming “nice guy” here and the attractive but douchey player down the street who isn’t going to worship the ground they walk on just because they happen to be decent looking females, they will usually choose the latter. This is a stark choice, but it is one that young women all too often face in the modern world of dating.”
    I’d hear that complaint from women a lot…..meaning from just about every women I’ve managed to get their views on relationships out of.
    My game was to focus on marketing primarily to the “good girl” types that I’d find using the internet, church groups, religious themed meetups, etc…..and sell myself as the solution to that dilemma.
    If you offer more dependability than the losers, but also offer good sex, good conversation, and excitement you will become like crack to women.

    1. “but also offer good sex, good conversation, and excitement you will become like crack to women.”
      The problem is, they are naive and take all that shit for granted after a couple of years. The twat Loosens, Your jokes become lame, and their “crack” …(you) is no longer effective, so they go single again and re-start the process with another male. Its like a musical chord. A woman can have an a,e,g,d, or whatever, it’s all the same music to her. Simple way of putting it,she will get bored of you, and take you for granted.

  28. I am a woman, and I love this site. I agree with you a 100%. Men and women are more alike than we all think. No one wants to be placed on a pedestal, as that immediately makes the admirer seem desperate, needy and less attractive. I warn all of you not to generalize, as human needs change as we get older. Contrary to stale cultural double standards, women want to explore their sexuality, learn, and have fun when they are younger. This is exactly what men want, experience and take for granted when younger. So there is no need to label a young woman a slut, just because she wants her cake, and to eat it too. As far as I’m concerned, we are entitled to the same learning experiences as you are. When we get older, both men and women start to look for more valuable qualities in a partner. This is all human nature, and no reason to label her a slut for wanting the same as you.
    In any situation, neediness and desperation for a relationship are unattractive. This is why so many “nice” men and women lose out in the dating game. Those of us who play the game, experience more mistakes, pain and heartache, but we come out on top because at least we are not afraid to play. To each his own.

    1. Are you Russian? Your language is typical of a normal Russian slut and whore who wants to become a mail order bride in her 30’s and 40’s.

    2. yep. One of the early experiences that woke me up was when I had a fatty pedestaling me….That got me thinking and I said to myself “Holy SHIT……is that what it’s been like for the women I liked?”

  29. With the UN going on full blast with its women empowerment movement and propaganda, there are only two places left to go – the Vatican City and Palestine.

  30. “don’t wait for the good woman. She doesn’t exist. There are women who can make you feel more with their bodies and their souls but these are the exact women who will turn the knife into you right in front of the crowd. Of course, I expect this, but the knife still cuts. The female loves to play man against man, and if she is in a position to do it there is not one who will not resist. The male, for all his bravado and exploration, is the loyal one, the one who generally feels love. The female is skilled at betrayal. and torture and damnation. Never envy a man his lady. Behind it all lays a living hell.”- Charles Bukowski

    1. They exist…..but if you are “sniveling beta”, still pedestaling them, she won’t stay that way for long.
      For a woman to stay good she needs a good example to follow.

  31. “The genie will not go back into the bottle and the old “traditional” ways our grandparents lived by in 1952 will not become a norm again. ”
    Back in the 50’s, men were men and women were women. Most American males were back from were back from WW2 and they were tough mother fuckers. Real alphas. The women did not have attitudes back then, They just wanted good men.

    1. The women were the same, We just have more information about their natures now.. It’s all an illusion pal. That seed was just given the opportunity to become the plant it wanted to be all along and bloom into the current mess once things became stable in a prosperous society. As you learn more about a negative concept, it seems that concept is more negative, No, you just know more the negativity of the subject was always the same. If you read any of the ancient greeks, or read any philosophers from 500 years ago, they have the same things to say.

    2. Women were the same then and even now.
      Did you watch “The Thin Red Line” when Private Bell receives a letter on the battlefield from his wife who tells him that she wants to divorce him because she’s fallen in love with another man?
      Women are evil creatures.

  32. In order for a women to want to fuck a man she has to first submit to that man first. Beta males already submit to all women. How can a women submit to a man that has already submitted to her as soon as they met? This is why nice guys finish last, if at all.

  33. “When push comes to shove, however, these girls have no desire to stand on the pedestal men like this set up for them, and will usually run when presented with it. They see an unsolicited invitation to be his special queen or princess and they reject it.”
    They do want to be on a pedestal once the wall comes around 30-35 (depending on how hard they “partied and sun tanned /damaged themselves” They want to be on a MIGHTY pedestal a very,very, high one, the highest pedestal possible to achieve as much sexual market value capitalization as possible for entrapment of a man who is a sucker with MONEY. When the time comes that their flame of youth and beauty has almost died out, essentially their “economic dating value”, they want to cash in on the market with a successful beta like the man in the article once the alpha males don’t want her because she’s now the “biological loser” even though she will pretend she is more lady-like somehow but wishes she could be the party slut and envies the youth of younger females.
    The thing is this “beta” will be so desperate by then he will over-look her past and think she is “matured” and finely aged and eventually lose all of his hard work efforts he got in his 20’s, 30’s and 40’s because that ex-party slut will leave him when he is 50 as a middle aged loser with half of his money. What a strange co-incidence women always leave men when the males have reached a financial prime in their middle age. Man, that is so strange to me .They don’t leave you when your starting just at the right opportunity to cash in on your misfortune. Usually it’s when they have a residual ounce of looks left, and are with a man who they can get a good chunk of cash on, the excitement of being single again they will sacrifice everything for, for one more taste in this short life, all at YOUR expense.
    What makes a man attractive and alpha is genetic. Height, facial structure, Voice, Personality, Athleticism, These are genetic and bodily personality traits a “beta” cannot control, he can learn how to fake it to an extent, but since this is against his natural character, he will always feel “strained” and uncomfortable which will neutralize his efforts to increase his happiness by having to exert more energy than the woman is worth spending on. Any sexual access he gets will come at a great cost to his own self-worth and he will feel like he is insulting and betraying himself. He’s gotta take on a part time job as an “actor” all for free to get access to some ol’ lobster smellin snatch , All women have to offer is “grief”, in exchange for a fleeting ego boost, the worse off your genetics are the more incentive you should have to be red-pill. NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. It’s always the men, who have limited options who suffer. Women find a replacement immediately, and don’t think they think you’re special pal. They’ve all said it to ex-bf’s they probably fucked over before they met you, and will say all the sweet things to the NEXT. Its all about getting you with kindness, Lubing you up nicely(metaphorically speaking) to get bent and enjoy the raping when they say “we need a break”.
    I notice that it’s always shorter males with crappy genetics who seem to be the most beta, When in reality, they should give the least amount of a fuck. It seems they are so badly emasculated by women because of the way they look, they become hypnotized and actually believe they are beta’s, i assume it’s a role they took on because of female accusations, shorter males will compensate with fashion sense, and/or having to fake super-extrovert personality characteristics. The human mating ritual really is that lame.
    The only ticket a beta has is his MONEY, but it only serves him when he is in his 40’s and usually he only has access to 30 year old ex party sluts who are past their prime and in about 5 -10 years will be unattractive, and even these ex-party sluts can’t even be trusted as they will STILL be UNLOYAL, this also happens at a time where a man starts to lose some of his sex drive making the entire gender relations situation even more fucked up.
    Go into any social establishment, and take notice who is getting eye fucked, Height, Frame, Jawline, and these alpha specimens are confident because they know they look good, not necessarily because they are “red pill”. It’s more of a default thing, along with their looks, they gain wisdom about women naturally as women seem like idiots to them. Yeah, you also need a big dick if you’re going to keep a woman you like coming back. She won’t take you seriously if you’ve whipped out an average sized 6-7 inch cock, especially if you arealargeframedindividual, it’s the elephant in the room but i might as well say it. You can fuck them as hard as you want with your reg cock size and they won’t feel shit. So, being good looking is not enough to keep them. Money and game wins, Money to manipulate them, “the carrot on a stick a,k,a magnet”, and knowledge of game to play the mind. Someone has to lose as gender-relations is just a power struggle, and women have it easy.
    Sex is worthless. It’s your own fault if you suffer like this for believing that your self-worth and masculinity is measured by notches, this is the feminist doctrine to give women power over you, the entire idea you must submit to them and get laid , or culturally you have not “been promoted”.
    Women will fuck anyone. It’s not to be taken personal.TheirjudgementofyouhasNOVALUE

  34. Ahhh sigh,….we’ve been there (but this guy is not as Christian as he may think) hes what you call small ‘c’ conservative….wolves dress in sheeps clothing even in church

  35. Do we behave differently? We fuck pretty girls like animals, then marry the shy submissive intelligent girl.

    1. Actually a lot of men like Michael dont want that lifestyle. They want wife and kids. I used to till I learned about divorce rape.

  36. if i had not found this site this is probably how i would have ended up. even still after finding the red pill, holy crap i am scared, i don’t wanna waste my life living a degenerate lifestyle but i don’t see much alternative.

  37. Something I learned in commodity trading…you can be RIGHT, or you can be RICH.
    Forget about how you think the world OUGHT to be, and you’ll become happy.

  38. Not all betas are cut out to become alphas. But even so, no man should despair. Things turn out well in the end.
    A woman’s prime is between 18 and 28, while a man’s is 28 to 38. 38 to 48 can be pretty good for the man too, but it’s disastrous for the woman.
    Being able to focus on education and career at the turning point of your life (18 – 28) allows men to become successful later on, and bang all the 18 year olds he wants. Whereas for women, things go downhill from 28 onwards.
    All’s well that ends well. And not marrying is sticking it to women big time. The icing on the cake, a dish best served cold.

    1. Is anyone else interested in a used-up filthy dirty torn-up worthless cunt of 18? Now some gentlemen like them as young as 2, and I say, whatever floats your boat, but most men like cunts between 4 and 11. I won’t say my preference. Some go as high as 16 – takes all kinds, but a granny-fucker?

      1. “Not all betas are cut out to become alphas.”
        He does have a point. Just like not every man can be a professional Race Car driver, Baseball player, Boxer, MMA fighter, not every man can be an alpha. Remember everyone is good at something but no one is good at everything.

  39. Athlone is such an annoying repellent writer.
    “Women, meanwhile, have made it abundantly clear that they have no desire to adhere to any guidance or restriction put forward by Michael or men like him. They want to fuck who they want, when they want, and how they want.”
    Oh shut the fuck up you nihilistic darkie.
    The reality is, plenty of women bitch about the “hook up culture”. Many of them feel as if they HAVE to put out to have a chance getting the non losers.
    They also get pressured into fucking like amateur prostitutes.
    So shut it.

    1. First off, using the word darkie is uncalled for and juvenile. If that’s how you really feel, then man up (if you truly are one) and say what you really wanted to say. Next and more importantly, these woman that “complain” about the hookup culture. I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that they are the ones nearing the age of thirty and now wanting to settle down after they’ve “lived” life. All they’ve done it’s perpetuated their stereotype. And if, by some miracle of a chance, they aren’t the women who have ridden the dick carousel constantly, then they need to get off their asses and start explaining that to todays females.

      1. If I meant to call Athlone a ni66er I would’ve.
        Also, young bitches complain about it too. Sometimes.

  40. Communism and its bitch sister feminism were the biggest rebellions against God in history. Men were put on this earth to lord over women, as God lord’s over us men. The lion does not submit to the gazelle. The very concept of equality with a woman is an abomination, a clear violation of nature and the apex of representational revolution against God.

    1. You are confused, the MALE is the manipulated sex. Even the lion submits to the lioness.
      Every time you fuck them you surrender to their powers, despite what you think. And we do submit to them because the will of the species is stronger than the individual. The female carries the will of the species.
      Everything we do is for them. If it wasn’t for the women, men would lie underneath the cherry tree all day long and discuss philosophy.
      Orpheus was stoned by the Ciconian Maenads because he was preaching against the exact act of sexual surrender. He was wrongly accused of promoting homosexuality.

      1. Gtfo here with this feminist shit. You’re either a bitch or homo. Banhammer, boot whatever the fuck this is out!

        1. Lance – it’s the same cunt or homo who didn’t want to fuck a “woman” until she was 18. (See a few comments down.) Got to be a feminazi.

        2. Yes, the truth hurts. You reject the idea as you are just ignorant on the nature of women’s motivation to have sex.
          A woman will never sleep with you merely for sex. She see an opportunity to exploit you and agrees to employ you as her worker. And you by agreeing to have sex with her simply submit you work application.
          Men do get tested during the intercourse and that’s why we have developed a fear of the female exuality. It is the job interview, we want to look our best.

        3. I can agree with this. However, your former sentiments seemed Betty Friedanesque. Women do have the more evolved sexuality, and they know exactly how to leverage it. This is their only source of power over us, and they play this card extremely well. This is why it’s so critical for us to put the holy yoke of patriarchy back over them, if in fact we seek to live with them.

        4. I don’t think we can go back to patriarchy, we can only rhyme with it. Cycles never repeat they just rhyme.
          The problem is that the change must come from the women themselves as the ball is in their quarter BUT I fear they do not possess the intelligence required to identify a problem and let alone find a solution.
          In the meantime, we can at least refrain from perpetuating the problem by validating their natural slutty inclination.

        5. I know when I start reading comments about “Ciconian Maenads” its time to close the laptop for the evening.
          This gay article sure attracted a lot of gay comments.
          Another “race-bait blue light special” courtesy of the one and only Atlhone Mcginnis…

      2. The male lion does NOT submit to the Lioness. It’s the other way around.
        That’s why he’s the LEADER of the pride, lounging around, sleeping and fucking every day while the females do all the hard work.
        The male lion keeps order in his pride/territory, and keeps potential rivals away from his pride and harem of pussy.

        1. The lion does submit to the female by choosing her exactly (thanks to her subtle sexual powers). When you get drawn to a beautiful object or idea, you do so because of its powers and not purely based on free will.
          The ONLY difference between the lion and the men is that he cares about sex as much as he cares about eating, shitting or farting LOL.

        2. Again, no.
          I’m sure you are aware of the numbers game in a pride of lions – 1 male/king, several concubines/workers, and the offspring.
          Only he (the leader) gets to mate with the females.
          It is the females that are subdued by the male’s physical and sexual prowess, not the other way around.

        3. This is true but it does not exclude the fact that he submits to female powers and so he is willing to risk his life in order to keep the females.
          Are you a lion?

        4. He risks his life in order to protect his legacy and his bloodline….male lions kill females and offspring he suspects not to be his all the time.

      3. You imbecile – The lion does not “submit” to the lioness.
        When the lioness demands to be mated every half an hour or so, she is the one who is actually submitting to him, because getting her to mate with him was the lion’s intention all along!

        1. Funny you all should mention that. Supreme models his ideal of how to run the game after the Lion’s pride.

  41. Pussy has the power to get fucked, not, TO fuck. Stop chasing pussy, theyll never be able to fuck you like you can fuck them. They should be chasing Men, and it should be the Men who accept or reject as they see fit. I hate gynocentrism. Does a plumber call you asking if He can buy you dinner to be able to come clean your pipes regardless if you need it or not? These Women think theyre entitled to any Man they choose. Why would anyone fantasize about proving an entitled bitches delusions to be true? Too many beta faggots keeping gynocentrism in place.

    1. You sir, got it spot on. Many of the readers here consider themselves red-pill men and yet they chase the pussy as if it’s something sacred.
      They spent so much creative energy mastering the game of submission and yet they think they are the masters.
      No, every time you fuck them, you submit to them. You get lost in the abyss called pussy.

      1. Shhh…..Remember “reading tons of PUA material” is how you become an Alpha male……who is so “alpha” he spends his days running up on random women, who aren’t even interested, spitting memorized lines at them which are supposed to automatically make them stop looking down at you and want to fuck you.
        It doesn’t work that way. If you want high-level results you can’t fake it, you have to be more powerful than them so that they choose to bow down to you of their own free will.

    2. The American male population is 99.9 % beta faggots.
      That why women have it made in todays society. Endlessly bitching about it and dreaming of some grand sea change is just plain dumb.

  42. A devastating expose’ on human nature. Really all that was needed was the excerpt from MIchael. I went through the same sort of thing in college…having no understanding of what a true alpha was. I did lift and even took steroids…but as for interaction with girls…I let many opportunities slip by and wasn’t assertive enough. I went to a southern university in the early to mid 90s….so the girls may have been a tad more conservative than these hoes Michael writes of…..in other words today’s college hoes. But if I’d have had knowledge of red pill philosophy back then I would have KILLED it. I was tall and pretty decent looking guy. Just not knowing how to take advantage of cues…..open cues for God’s sake….that many hot women would give me. Today…I’d be all over those cues….going right up and number closing.
    The difference, of course, is I’m about 20 years older at 43. Fortunately, I’m still trim, decent looking with a full head of brown hair and most women would probably guess I’m mid 30ish. It’s just….damn….having had knowledge…even some fundamental knowledge of game when I was younger….oh geesh, I’d have been dipping my wick every night….instead of the occasional girlfriend who I got overly emotionally attached to.
    Well, better late than never. At least Michael’s discovering this at 32…..I mean…that’s still pretty young so he’ll be fine. Like I said, me at 42….can’t exactly call that “still young” but at least I’m not old and I know there’s plenty of opportunity for me going forward.

  43. I’m off to a big name party school this Summer I’m sure we’ve all heard of. I’m a virgin by choice because sloppy seconds began to exist sophomore year for me and I didn’t want to be a part of that. Any advice?

    1. Yes. The American definition of a virgin is an ugly 12-year old, so if you’re waiting for Princess Charming, you’ll be waiting a while.

      1. Jesus Christ hell no. I remained a virgin because I never had the drive to fuck most of the girls who hit on me and also to see them pissed off(probably some of the best moments in my life so far).

  44. I want to impart some advice, before I hit the gym guys. I can’t be more critical than I am now. The only women who’ll have ever truly love you, are your mothers and grandmothers. It dawned on me now, that mothers attach themselves extremely to their sons, probably because they know how they treated men and they know how evil women truly are. In addition to this, we need to start promoting Greek philosophy again. There are four major evils that infected Western Civilization, 25% of the Enlightenment (the science portion was good), Romanticism, Communism and Feminism. I don’t need to tell you guys about communism and above all feminism, but I have to tell you, romance and romanticism is a supreme lie. Schopenhauer knew it then and I know it today. It doesn’t exist, it’s simply a temporary high.
    The only love you’ll ever truly get outside of your parents are from other men and your children. At this point, my posterity won’t be learning about the Anglosphere. Teach them about the love, the Spartan hoplites shared for each other, the Prussians, and other warrior cultures. The Greeks and Romans knew thousands of years ago, a woman’s love is folly. If love is measured by what someone can do for you, than it’s not real. Their sex will always evaluate you on these terms. They are a necessary evil. The more I read, the more I come to the conclusion, it’s us men who really know how to love, despite the mask of stoicism we hide it under. Our mothers know this. It’s us men, that will still have the fortitude to throw himself while on fire under a tank to save his comrades (Stalingrad). That is true love, and no woman can ever replace it. The Greeks and Romans taught their citizens (all men), this ideal above all others. The Lord had 12 apostles and they were all men. It’s a fact of nature, that we are closer to divinity on this planet and only women can through us, access this same divinity. Never pursue them, but make your own path. A woman’s love outside of her children, is folly, never trust it and always guard against it. Thank God for this community, it truly is a light in the dark. Crush Bolshevik Feminism!

    1. I agree. The best advice I ever got about women was from my father when he said simple: Women can turn their emotions on and off like a light switch. The best perspective on individual women I have ever received was from my mother. She can spot a whore or a gold digger or a selfish bitch from a mile away. I take her views on women very seriously. If she does not trust a woman, I don’t trust that woman.
      As for love, I agree again. The only love that truly exists is from a parent to a child. The most intense form of that is from a mother to son. It’s selfless love. All the rest is bull shit. No woman is ever going to “love” you. You are simply part of an economic transaction she is willing to perform with you when she says that she loves you.

        1. This is exactly why women hate other women. Even in our fallen Bolshevik times, lots of women claim they prefer “male friends” over other women. Women know internally, that through men, we are their salvation. In every women is Eve and Lilith, and they know it.

        2. And every friend I had at school, who had a sister, reported the same things to me.
          The mothers and daughters used to flight like stray cats. While the sons just cruised in the background.
          The teenage daughters thought that just because their cunt was growing hair, means that they are now a “grown woman”, and untitled to all the respect, support and freedoms that most people have to earn. And the mothers had to try and deal with it, with the inevitable results.

    2. My mother is still alive and she agrees with me when we discuss the current
      state of affairs. How come she does now? She used to drive my father nuts? What’s changed? Can women mature as men do? Can women
      attain the male’s view of the world. What is it that distracts them and affects
      their judgment in their youth and for some even in their older age?
      You are getting closer to truth, Lance but still no cigar. Keep digging.

  45. I have an acquaintance who was one of these betas. He got a girlfriend not long ago,
    and I told everyone we know that she would dump him, because he was too
    beta. I told him, quite frankly, to put his woman in her place- immediately. He
    lost his shit and yelled me down.
    Nobody believed what I said. I kind of got a bad reputation.
    Of course, she dumped him a week ago, and I am grinning from ear to ear thinking about how fucking right I was, how right the red pill is. Maybe he’ll learn. Maybe all the betas will start to learn…

  46. Interesting that so many in Red Pill Land are willing to identify feminism for the manipulation tool that it is, but refuse to identify the “race-as-social-construct” nonsense for being the same thing. Study after study identifies the importance of genetic proximity to in-group identification and the inherent differences in cognitive processes between one ethnicity and another.
    I’m a White dude and I’ve banged everything from Asian girls to Hispanic girls, a few Black girls, even a Jewish chick. They, and usually a few of their friends, make it known that me spending time with her (or in her) will require making an exception for her turning her back on her own race to be with a White dude. In fact, why is it only White dudes that ever catch any shit for hooking up outside their race …seems like more of the same logic being served up by the feminist types.

  47. Michael sounds like a fucking douche. I would fuck his ONEitis even harder in the room over if I knew that’s how he really felt about the dudes boning the girls he wanted to marry.

    1. I knew guys like Michael in college. To be honest, they were just as dirty, if not dirtier scumbags than the opiate addicts and druggie musicians who banged the girls they wanted.
      They were the guys who would talk shit behind your back to improve their own station with women. To fight and gang up with other WKs on another man who is dating a desirable chick. Don’t let his rosey-lensed take on himself fool you.

  48. Better alone than settling. Seriously, some bitches I have known that married really good guys, were absolute slags. They just lied about the ‘numbers’ they did in college and in their 20’s. If a chick says she fucked 5 guys, I’ll double it or triple it. Most are big liars when it comes to telling the truth about the amount of cock they’ve indulged in..They love to come off as an innocent, nice girls when in fact, they’ve fucked most of the football team ( and their opposition). The lies come on thicker and faster when they start getting closer to 30 (or over), and are desperate to marry and have a family. They’ll say anything to snag a beta ATM and sperm donor..

  49. “It hurt me to watch these girls go out of their way to pursue and spread their legs for complete losers. COMPLETE LOSERS. I’m talking: Hi I work in a carnival part time, I’m covered in tattoos, I have no job, I failed my minimum wage drug test and I’m in a band. These guys were losers. Some did not even go to the college! They would hop a bus stay with friends and get laid THAT NIGHT.”
    In my town this shit was already happening when the girls were 14-15! Fucking drug dealers, jocks, and bullies. I was in the 8th grade and I never did understand it till I got old. Hell Roosh himself was like Michael before he wrote “Bang” and started his websites “RooshV” and “Return of Kings”. Only difference is Roosh found out how women operate. Poor Mikey doesnt seem to have a clue.

    1. That’s the wrong thing about it… the women complain that there are no good men left but they’re the ones that created their selection of men. I bet you anything that at least 80% of the players were men that were treated like dirt by women in their past.

  50. I’m not foolish enough to argue against the reality of what women are … But I will never understand what women find attractive about dumb and butt ugly men.

  51. In the words of the great Snoop Dogg: “you can’t make a hoe a housewife, don’t try to re-invent the wheel”.

  52. After reading these comments, it seems logical to buy a taser now. I’ve been thinking about it a while, but I’m sold on it now. What a bunch of creepy assholes. Mommy obviously never gave you the tit.

  53. Sounds like this man is severely lacking in social skills, or this wouldn’t even be an issue. It’s not everyone else’s fault that he did not have and failed to develop the qualities the opposite sex finds attractive. That’s the equivalent of a fat/ugly chick saying that she should get more dates because she has a great personality.

  54. One major danger that so many men just do not get is that you do not even want to put a woman that you plan to marry on a pedestal. How you treat her in the first 6 months of the relationship is the baseline from which she builds her unrealistic expectations for the rest of the marriage.
    Why would you ever put her on a pedestal just because she is letting you fuck her and then wants to marry you? She is one of these sluts. Her pussy has been ridden with 10 miles of cock. She is basically a full fledged whore by the time she is ready to “settle down” with you.
    One thing that occurred to me while reading this is that it is really stupid for a man to search for a wife from among the pool of women that went to college. My God, that is a sign that she has been ridden like a bronco almost nightly for 4+ years. Not to mention that she has ingested so much alcohol and probably drugs (and definitely sperm) that you have to question whether her reproductive organs are damaged and will produce DS babies.
    Of course, it is profoundly stupid and self-destructive to get married, period.

  55. ” It didn’t even matter if the guy was black.” – What’s that suppose to mean?

    1. Pretty obvious the he feels entitled to say that these college girls should not be fucking black guys….to him it lowers the girls SMV.

  56. Waaaait a minute. I recognize michael’s comment from lurking on a thread on the rooshv forum.

    1. “In the end” = when they’re old and saggy with the cock count of a prostitute

      1. Whats sad is that todays college girls get a higher cock count than a prostitute since College hoes give up the pussy for free.

  57. The problem with these guys is, if you genuinely want marriage, there’s not much opportunity to win. Be a player, but prepare for sluts. Sluts do not wives make. Be marriagable, but prepre to find there is not much true wife material to go around. Either way, the man who’s hellbent on traditional marriage is unlikely to win out.
    The only advice I could offer is to drop out of the game for a while until a woman emotionally invests in you enough to show she wants to be a wife. Even then, she may change her mind.

  58. Thank goodness we’re starting to see a little bit of girls that realize this stuff and act accordingly, not fucking around while they are young and working hard at finding a good man.
    The more of these we have, the faster we can ensure sluts are left in the gutter where they belong, if there are better girls to marry/ be with. Remember to teach your daughters, sisters and cousins this stuff too, so they can be good women and snatch up the good men

  59. What a great post. I had the same problem. These stories make me feel sorry for the soulless white western girl. Asian girls are better but quickly picking up these western habits.

    1. Dont take it the wrong way but im pretty sure no White man wants his daughter fucking Black guys.

        1. So ? That’s his opinion, we’ve all got them. Some people don’t like dating outside of their race. You’ll never change their mind, Ignorance and racism will always be here unfortunately, I mean look at the Clippers…

        2. I wasnt tryin to be racist. Im not white and I have severalblack friends. 2 of my black buddies were dating white girls and their (white girls) daddies were givin them the stinkeye (though they never actually did anything about it). My guess is that Mikey feels like white poeple r the “master race” and if a white girl bangs a black dude she is “lowering her standards”. I dont care about white girls. Black dudes can have them all for all I care.

        3. White girls who bang black dudes have black babies. They might technically be mixed, but society will see them as black. Therefore, they will inherit every disadvantage that comes with being black. She is, in fact, lowering her standards. Blacks consistently score about 1 standard deviation lower than whites on IQ tests, despite the fact that test designers have tried for decades to manipulate the tests to make blacks score better. You might think maybe it’s because they’re at a disadvantage in a white society? No, if you go to Africa they never accomplished anything at all. Their kings were living in mud and grass huts while Louis XV was building Versailles. Hell, the Native Americans were far more isolated than the Africans could have ever dreamed of being, yet there’s no African Chichen Itza or Machu Picchu. African DNA is the most unlike the rest of humanity. Africans seem incapable of sustaining themselves both in Africa and abroad, and rely on freeloading off of the world that non-Africans built. Only a fool would let his daughter date a black man. White women can do better, for sure, by dating pretty much anyone else. All the other “races” have impressive accomplishments, but not blacks. But banging blacks is trendy right now because it’s taboo, and there’s constant positive reinforcement images of ww/bm together in the media. That is, until she gets knocked up and he abandons her to be raised on government welfare (mostly paid by white men), as they so often do. Then she desperately goes searching for a white beta to raise her black bastard child, but she can’t find anyone because a white woman with a black baby has zero market value. I know at least 4 girls like this.

        4. You should look up a book called “How Europe Underdeveloped Africa” by Walter Rodney. It would enlighten your grossly ignorant and deep seated misconceptions

        5. Thanks Tim. Guys like that have zero actual historical reference. They recite the same misguided, inaccurate bullshit over and over until they convince themselves.

        6. “How Europe Underdeveloped Africa” deals with Europe during the colonial era. That was what, a few hundred years ago? How do you explain all the time before that? You should google the UNESCO world heritage sites for Sub-Saharan African. They’re all nature reserves! LOL. The Africans never accomplished shit. Perhaps because they never left the area they evolved to live in, so there was no evolutionary pressure to solve unusual problems, something that was certainly a necessity in Ice Age Europe. The Egyptians accomplished a lot, sure, but genetically they’re classified as Mediterranean, and contain only about 14% Sub-Saharan African DNA. Compare that to the typical African-American, who is about 75% Sub-Saharan African DNA. I love how you called me “ignorant,” which is an ad hominem attack. Ad homs are nice because you can attack my character so you don’t have to engage any of my arguments. One on one you will lose a debate to me 100% of the time. Why? Because the scientific evidence suggests that blacks are just less intelligent. Don’t shoot the messenger.

        7. No, you are called ignorant because you are. Your statements prove it. You dont know what you are talking about, but you blather on and on with percentages. If you had ANY intelligence at all, it is easy to see the falseness of your premise. But because you are a moron, you keep down the path of ignorance. Read some world history that isnt from a bullshit hbd site. Dumb ass ( not ad hom, fact )

        8. I posted the percentage of African DNA in the Egyptians as a preemptive strike against the myth that they were black. The ancient Egyptians were not black. Genetically, they have FAR more in common with the Greeks than the Sub-Saharan Africans. The ancient Egyptians were the only impressive culture on the continent of Africa, so modern blacks try their damnedest to take credit for their achievements. We have the DNA of ancient Egyptians since they practiced mummification. The DNA of the ancient and modern Egyptians is essentially the same, only getting a slight boost of Arab DNA after the spread of Islam. As I said, Sub-Saharan African DNA is the most “different” of all the races. That is a fact. A European has far more in common, genetically, with a native of Peru than someone from the jungles of Africa. Here’s a reference to the genetic makeup of different peoples: https://genographic.nationalgeographic.com/overview-of-regions-and-closest-populations/reference-populations/
          You didn’t actually challenge any of my arguments. Instead you wrote I have no intelligence, I’m a moron, I’m ignorant, and a dumb ass. All ad hominems. When someone lacks a rational counter-argument they rely on personal attacks, usually out of desperation. That, or you just don’t understand basic logic.

  60. I entered college in 2006 as the same person as “Michael”. Growing up in a strong religious environment molds you to think that way. However, I knew that times had changed from when my parents attended university, and that I was most likely not going to find a suitable wife there. The girls that were sixes and higher were all engaging in “fun”. Most fives and lower weren’t because they were incapable; they were sexually and socially unwanted.
    Come senior year, I begin seeing the undesirable fours and fives dating guys just like “Michael”. The funny thing is these guys viewed these girls as safety wives for the first three years and then just waved the white flag when they realized they weren’t going to land a six or higher in college that wasn’t used and abused.
    For those of you that are like “Michael”, if you don’t find your dream wife in your first semester of freshman year, then you won’t find her at all in college. After only one year, those princesses will have enough “fun” to ever realistically go back. Their baggage will continue to exponentially grow.
    Only the women whom have lived righteous lives should be treated well. All others should be treated like the change in your pocket.

    1. Come senior year, I begin seeing the undesirable fours and fives dating
      guys just like “Michael”. The funny thing is these guys viewed these
      girls as safety wives for the first three years and then just waved the
      white flag when they realized they weren’t going to land a six or higher
      in college that wasn’t used and abused.

      The most disgusting fat broads I’ve ever seen in college (or even before) seem to get married quite readily.

  61. Good article. Always assume the sale and presume she’s a slut. Sure beats the alternative.

  62. In fact, there is a way to put the genie inside the bottle again, but it will only work if men leave the romantic foolishness and the idea of marriage behind, and going Galt in dealing with the government. Some people only learn the hard way, and that’s the case for most women. They will never learn anything while they are getting what they want, no matter how undeserving they are. Abandonment by the men, and abuse at the hands of the government will teach them the lesson.
    When they realize that the ship is really sinking, they will start playing victims en mass go back to the kitchen a expect us to clean their shit, as usual. This should not be given for free, though. At that point, or they either admit that the garbage that society has become, is their work, or they can go fuck themselves and keep living in deep shit.

  63. In fact, there is a way to put the genie inside the bottle again, but it will only work if men leave the romantic foolishness and the idea of marriage behind, and going Galt in dealing with the government. Some people only learn the hard way, and that’s the case for most women. They will never learn anything while they are getting what they want, no matter how undeserving they are. Abandonment by the men, and abuse at the hands of the government will teach them the lesson.
    When they realize that the ship is really sinking, they will start playing victims en mass demanding to go back to the kitchen a expect us to clean their shit, as usual. This should not be given for free, though. At that point, or they either admit that the garbage that society has become, is their work, or they can go fuck themselves and keep living in deep shit.

  64. In fact, there is a way to put the genie inside the bottle again, but it will only work if men leave the romantic foolishness and the idea of marriage behind, and going Galt in dealing with the government. Some people only learn the hard way, and that’s the case for most women. They will never learn anything while they are getting what they want, no matter how undeserving they are. Abandonment by the men, and abuse at the hands of the government will teach them the lesson.
    When they realize that the ship is really sinking, they will start playing victims en mass go back to the kitchen, and expecting us to clean their shit, as usual. This should not be easily allowed, or given for free, though. At that point, or they either admit that the garbage that society has become, is their work, or they can go fuck themselves and keep living in deep shit.

  65. There really are no red or blue pills. Only fact and fiction. Fact: bitches wanna sit on dicks. Fiction: she wants the “nice” guy. Absolute reality. Unfiltered unbiased.

  66. See us guys have rationalization hamsters too.. Betas tend to have the loudest obviously.

  67. This isn’t only true for women, but at least from my experience, in human psychology just in general.
    There are some people who when giving praise and granted the power, tend to abuse that power in order to make gains on their end and their behalf.
    As someone who doesn’t seek to be in a position of authority or a position of power,
    I never really quite understood this or why it happens (perhaps for the social appeal?), but my experience comes from family and friends…
    I only gave them the praise and power because, I believed they rightfully deserved it and that they where of those that would be able to handle it unselfishly,…
    but turns out, they are just as hungry to be in control as others non-deserving dictators.
    I play kind, helpful, and giving/uncaring in hopes that when the time comes and I’m in need of their help, they will do so unreluctantly, but turned out… they to choose to abuse their position of power and having what I want and instead control just for the sake of having control…
    When asked for a small simple favor that ISN’T making them go out of their way, they choose to state excuses such as, “Oh I’m ‘busy’ or ‘I don’t have time.’”
    When in all honestly, I know their doing something… like playing Pokemon…
    To this day, I just decided to cut them off from my life because as I mentioned, I do not wish to be dictated or to dictate anyone…
    Honestly it’s their loss and their embarrassment for making them selves appear that way and as such…
    I simply just want to be me, free to do as I please and WHAT EVER THE FUCK I WANT TO DO WWOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!

  68. Michael is a major league chump. This:
    “…I was told by Kaylene … who BTW refused to date me even though we were
    friends and according to her roommate had sex with almost 30 guys in one
    Why on Earth would you want to date a girl who screws 30 guys a semester? That’s part of his problem – he wants to date nasty hos! He’s probably out in strip clubs trying to save dancers…

    1. Whats funny is that most college girls noe get more cock than a stripper/hooker!

  69. So. I’ve picked this article to finally come out and comment on these radically accurate views of our abysmal generation. I’m 25 years old, and have been raised in an alpha household. My background is El Salvadorian, yet I was raised here in Canada. I never even knew there was a term for guys like me. I’m an alpha dog all the way, hence the moniker. Having said that however, I am also a hopeless romantic. I too look for the greatness in women and in men, and am utterly crushed every time I realize there is nothing more than superficiality and vanity at it’s worst. I’m sad for our generation, and terrified to think of what’s next.
    That still doesn’t warrant, in my own ‘extensive’ opinion, selling yourself out just for sex with these sad excuses for conscientious human beings. Trust me, you’ll end up worse off than you started. Sex is made for something greater than a release; And we’ve missed the point completely. If Kings are to make a return, we must incorporate true nobility into said title, or we will be no better, and therefore, no more enlightened, than the beasts of men that ruled throughout the Dark Ages.
    So while I agree with most everything I read on this amazingly insightful website, I can’t agree with your implied suggestions to adapt to the game instead of striving continuously, tirelessly, to change it. Fuck it, what other option do we have?

    1. Lol, as I read my own post, I shake my head in shame. Opinions like mine are just well articulated excuses as to why I haven’t already lost myself in pussy….
      Oh well. jajaj. (shit was easier when I was younger… I guess it was okay to be trashy).

  70. this article is head and shoulders above a lot of the stuff on ROK. just very good, well-written, non-sensational, practical while helpfully abstract.

  71. I happen to think the days of men exerting control over women will come back. After all, in all of history men (100s of thousands of years) have essentially been in control and now, in one part of the world, for some 60 odd years, there is an attempt by some women to exert themselves. It is an experiment, much as democracy is an experiment, and it will fail as natural law reasserts itself. Democracy itself is destined to collapse as it always has in the past and when governments crumble “equal rights” will collapse along with them.
    In the absence of government there will be no one to enforce favourable divorce laws, or force employers to employ pregnant women. Women will allow their biology to rule them once again (which is what they want anyway) and traditional sex roles will once again come to the fore.

  72. “Hot sorority girls flocked to Football players like a butterfly’s on a beast. It didn’t even matter if the guy was black.”
    Um, what?

  73. A woman will never be my goal in life, she can only can and will be an accessory, a sidekick or perhaps a subordinate companion (down the road).

  74. The most important thing to remember is that anyone can have a psychic change necessary to transform their lives and thinking. However, this is rarely done because most men are not willing to admit that they even have a problem and admit that their ideas have not worked and will NEVER EVER work.
    I used to be one of those men. It took hitting bottom in another area of my life to understand that their is a solution to any problem if I first ADMIT that their is a problem to begin with. After that, I needed to ask for help and take direction from someone else.
    I then had to hit, what I like to call, a sexual bottom. I was exactly like the guy who wrote the letter above. To be completely honest, I still act that way and give in to the favorite past-time of self-pity, delusion, and resentment towards the female species for not seeing “how great I am.” I even sometimes indulge in the racist, classist delusion that just because I am an educated, white, well-traveled, athletic, male that I should (DELETE THIS WORD FROM YOUR VOCABULARY IMMEDIATELY) have women at my feet begging me to fuck them and not the black, Mexican, Asian dude or the poor musician. However, the pity party is much much shorter and I take action much more quickly than I used to.
    When I apply the suggestions of friends that are getting women as well as read and swallow some hard red-pill truth from ROK, I get results. When I get complacent and entitled, I don’t get the results.
    The process of ego destruction is difficult, painful, and sometimes long. But those who thirst for truth and take action will be rewarded and rewarded handsomely.

  75. What realities of wisdom could you download to the Michaels of the World to realize these bitches are no good, and how to sexually dominate them, and not let them get you in puppy dog wuss mode anymore?

  76. I was a lot like Michael in college although I wasn’t religious and I was never an “observer” when it came to parties or drug experimentation. I had the foolish view that even though I was career driven and a “nice guy” that my failures with women would eventually balance themselves out with little effort on my part. Michael is very close to my same age so I will say he’s not a lost cause. I’m a transitioning blue piller myself and have been having a lot more success lately though I still have much to learn. While the author analyzes Michael’s flawed approach to a T it would be good to do a follow-up article on how specifically Michael can fix his situation as a fairly young, financially successful beta professional because it sounds like there are a lot of newly self aware blue pillers that can identify with him.

  77. This is racist. All of the men below are hedious Misoginists.

    1. If you can’t spell the words properly, don’t expect to be taken seriously….not that you would be taken seriously anyway.

  78. some truth, some not. i have a strongly dissenting analysis. my apologies for being several days late, i couldn’t disassemble this weave initially. i haven’t the time to tailor these words down, so please excuse the excess length:
    that’s not it. that’s not it at all. your start was awesome, but the conclusion (and the crap afterwards) simply does not follow. there are many different derived facts that are being assembled here, but they don’t go together that way. pedestalization is one key, one piece, one fact, yes. but it doesn’t fit with the puzzle pieces you want it to. the realization is that michael expected to get paid (sex/life) from a specific source to a high degree, so he was honest and payed it forward to that same high degree. but women don’t want to pay michael back. they hate paying, so they don’t accept his pedestal, the pedestal which is inherently intrinsically understood as accepting the contract to pay michael life for his life’s work. in essence, it is a trick of refusing the frame, refusing the old timeless contract: they refuse the frame because they’ve been taught they can have more for less if they do. that women conclude this is merely an artifact of the last few generations of excess + birth control, not any semblance of logic. no one can refuse the frame of the universe, the frame of life’s timeless contract, and not pay the price of death. that women who break contract didn’t die is but a passing transience of excess and finesse of technology.
    all this talk that they (women) want a man (you) not a puppy dog (michael), is you, not them. they just don’t want to pay. as for the racism point of view, that’s acceptable though not observed by my eyes in these words of michael. i’d wager this is you too, however. lastly, to the “one option: better yourself and become the kind of man”, this is again fiction, where you swerve to talking about yourself: michael should be more like you and accept your version of ‘better’, for you believe yourself better, despite michael’s accomplishments. and in some ways you’re right, but only if you ignore everything else (the larger picture michael was playing) and focus only on short term results (cads/knights/a man defined by you). there are many other deviations, but i think you get the point. my apology for cutting into you, but you have to be careful not to inject outside predetermination (backward thought that starts with the conclusion and finds the evidence) into derivation (forward thought that starts with universally derived facts and tests their assembled conclusion). you can’t mix these two.
    what women do is because of womens’ deeply profound selfishness and the affirmation of the last few generations that such selfishness is valid. that they don’t have to pay. that they can have their cake, and eat it too, with extra frosting, in any flavor they want, despite not being able to cook. in effect, they can have everyone else’s cake, including their cake: the cake/life that untold millions died for making. their world revolves around them and them alone, so no other consciousness is allowed but theirs. you are just an object, a door, a facet. and if they can’t figure out how to use you in a way they already know, in a way they’ve already been trained, then they can’t and won’t. so they can use cads for fucks, knights for bucks, etc. because those are just the scripts they’ve been taught ahead of time – they just imitate. men are just tools to them: they fall into specific woman-scripts based on man-behavior. it follows, that if a woman hasn’t been trained with the script ‘be used as the king’s tool’, then she can’t be queen, she doesn’t know how, irrespective of the fact that she intrinsically senses pedestal implied repayment looming and rejects debt collection. women are just spoiled little children, running around, only interacting with toys, never realizing that they’re toying around with the essence of life.
    you are not the ‘better’ by womens’ definition; there is no better, there’s only different scripts and your man and michael’s man fall into different plays/tools for women to use. michael shouldn’t become ‘better’ as in more like the men women want to fuck, nor the ‘better’ as in more like you. that’s not better, that’s just plain different and honestly crap-tastic self delusion that you’re winning when you didn’t even chose your own lines. that’s the problem.
    if you want to build, you want to get paid for what you build to the degree that you worked to build. when women fuck cads who don’t build, they won’t want to pay the price builders are asking for while at the same time paying their highest endorsement of giving up their pussies to men who, like them, don’t build but take every advantage from the builders that they can. cads don’t pay. beta knights pay but pay terrifically foolishly, loose everything, and build huts of straw. but all still rely deeply on the provisioning by the kingdom built long before them, taking more than they give. let them all die by their own hands, by each other’s hands, by the wolves outside the very gates they exploit.
    an ending disclaimer: the purposes of this post do not classify you into cad/knight/alpha, it leaves you distinct and only uses you as an algebraic symbol. please don’t personalize what i’m not using personally, though it be attached to your personhood.

  79. This article couldn’t be more spot on. I _WAS_ Michael. Today I won’t date a girl over 24, openly refer to them as cunts and fuckpigs to their faces. Have multiple permanent GORGEOUS live-in sex slaves who COMPETE to tongue my ass every morning when I’m shaving and I have to turn away girls left and right who want to be owned by me. I’m not in great shape, don’t live in a fancy house, but I do demand respect and they love it. I have coeds come spend their spring break with me to be chained in the basement, forced to pee outside and be used as furniture and cumdumpsters. I am not a misogynist. I LOVE women, it just took 25 years to figure out what they want.

  80. “It didn’t even matter if the guy was black”
    The fuck? So somehow, being black makes them less than equal in his eyes? Fuck that beta simp. He could take a lesson from how black males are, in many ways, more alpha than their caucasian counterparts.

    1. Smells like shit (has the same color, too) and carries disease, yes it matters.

      1. “I’ll tell you what’s at the bottom of it. If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you.
        -Lyndon B. Johnson, 36th President of the United States

  81. This Michael character was definitely out of touch with reality. The first thing he does is brag about his money and not only tells us the thousands of dollars he spends in rent, but made sure to let us know he spends a couple grand a month on vitamins and veggies. Def aren’t gonna gain any friends there, he should show not tell, or by simply stating that he is an attorney would suffice. Whining and complaining, talking shit about the other guys on campus, not to mention he apparantly believes black guys are inferior. The majority of this is his parents, mainly his father’s fault for not teaching him some valuable life lessons.
    Was he trying to make a point here though that, what does a good guy that wants to apparently wait til marriage for sex and is surrounded by slurs therefore

  82. I’m sorry, I just dont buy this story. Guys like that have no problems finding women. Wealthy ones, I mean, and its PLUS if they are in good shape. Have you ever thought about this: all our lives we are told to keep in great shape – the greater the better – and be beautiful. We work so hard, hit the gym, run, go to beauticians.. but why do we do it? Mostly to be admired, adored, popular. If we go through all that trouble, we are NOT doing it just to settle down with Mr. Niceguy, the first we meet. Oh no. But then take the girls who do not exercise like crazies, do not go for heavy make up – maybe they are a bit shy or religious.. and NOT ONE GUY asks them out! Yes. They may be a bit plump, yet often very cute, just not your ordinary prom queen.. I’d say Michael never considered these girls. I guess he felt he’s too good for them, then..

    1. “We work so hard, hit the gym, run, go to beauticians.. but why do we do it? Mostly to be admired, adored, popular. If we go through all that trouble, we are NOT doing it just to settle down with Mr. Niceguy, the first we meet. ”
      Then you are ruining your own long term happiness in life for the sake of your own narcissistic tendencies. Any woman who says she’s dressing like a slut “for herself” does not realise that, indeed, is the problem.

  83. Of course skin color matters-a woman who goes black will ALWAYS catch an STD.

  84. what does he mean “they didn’t even care if he was black”. Black guys get plenty pussy. especially if you can pretend to be a little thuggish

    1. He means white women shouldnt be banging black guys. If they do those women are sexually worthless to him.

  85. I have a question. What is the true average number of sexual partners of a western female?
    Clearly no woman will ever give her real number so is it better to go overseas and seek a young 18-19 year old virgin. I read online that the average for a woman is like 5 and a guy is 7 but surely not?
    Also, what is an acceptable # of partners for a guy. I don’t know why but I have this urge to wanna hit 250 or something. I might have a problem lol

  86. I used to put everyone on a pedestal until I realised I’m the most important person on earth.

  87. Now this was an article I needed to read. As much as I tend to think the red pill is fully digested, I never fail to become more immersed in it. These articles really connect the dots.

  88. My question is being a virgin at the age of 30 is a red flag according to the manosphere?

    1. chris007, allow me to reframe your question in a way in which answers your question as well as accommodates a red pill attitude: female opinion doesn’t dictate nor classify who you are as a person and the manosphere only advises men, it does not define their character or their life goals. The freedom of swallowing the red pill is that the very ideas and attitudes that held you back previously now longer matter.
      I create and sustain my own meaning of things in my life. Any female, or male for that matter, is fit to judge the mighty art that I have wrought.

        1. For girls it starts when they are kids and they are allowed to fall into a pattern in which they are not held accountable for their actions. The larger culture supports this, in part, because of the advances of feminism and sexual liberation in the 1960’s. Women are told and allowed to do what they want and society will give them a free pass.
          Men are taught at an early age that women are special and have to be treated differently because they are women.
          Women push men to pedestalize them by controlling access to sex. If you don’t play their game you don’t get to have sex with them.

        2. What causes a girl to go for bad boys that treat her worst than street dogs, than a guy who is sincer and honest with her, who truly like her and treats her right since women claim to want that. Why do girls go for guys who lie to them and cheat on them? What’s the Root cause?

        3. Because bad boys are more interesting than the good boys.
          Women are taught to live in the moment, all that carpe diem bullshit and they believe it, so bad boys are symbolic for living in the moment and women are selfish. They want to be entertained and be the center of attention and bad boys know how to feed that need.
          What does a bad boy really do? He offers the illusion of a thrill, a good time, a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
          The root cause is desire. Desire for more, desire for better, desire for something that is shiny and interesteing and worth braggging about.
          It’s all about desire.

        4. Since bad boys “deliver” that so called thrill and good guys like me don’t know how too, then why even bother. This is one of factors why in don’t desire a GF anymore.

        5. chris007, I think if more men made a statement like the one you just made, to just say no, as cliched as that sounds, and to be aware that your time in this life is your time, then all that has gone wrong with feminism and sexual liberation may begin to reverse itself. I think this has begun in some ways, but this is a positive step forward.
          I don’t blame the bad boys for what they are or what they do. I blame women for buying the lie that they, as females, are so powerful that they can do whatever they want and not suffer any consequences.

  89. “Hot sorority girls flocked to Football players like a butterfly’s on a beast. It didn’t even matter if the guy was black. ” This shit made me laugh. Where did he go to college KKKU?

    1. Blacks are Drug dealing rapists filled with all sorts of STD’s. Michael has every reason to be upset.

  90. I read the above post with great interest and make the following comments. “Michael” is obviously a bigot since he resents “jocks”, musicians, African Americans and probably other “types” of people. Since I have no stomach for bigots, any sympathy that I may have developed for him during my read quickly evaporated. Academic qualifications that I hold are a BPharm (Hons), MPharmSci (Pharma- ceutics). I graduated with these degrees in 1993, 1994 and 1997 respectively. I finished my first degree in the top 7% of my year level. When I was a full time student, I lived at home and commuted to the Victorian College of Pharmacy, Melbourne for at least 10 hours per week. I made extra income by selling natural mineral specimens and crystals via a VHS video catalog. As an undergraduate, I spent at least 25 contact hours per week in lectures, tutorials practical sessions. During this part of my life, I normally had less than $50 in my wallet and at the start of 1998 when I first entered the work force, my net worth was under $100,000. During my first four years as a pharmacy student, I only attended a single social event outside normal business hours. As a result, some of my fellow pharmacy students (80% young women) may have regarded me as a “non-participant.” Others did not and I enjoyed the company of many young women during my classes at VCP without dating or having sex with any of them. During this time of my life, I did not have time for a social life. As a post graduate, I attended some parties that the undergraduates invited me to. These were not booze filled fuck sessions although there was considerable drunkedness, little use of illegal drugs and with little sexually sensational gossip in their aftermath.Is “Michael’s” view on sexual promiscuity of young “college girls” colored by constant masturbation over http://www.RealityKings.com and other popular internet pornography websites that feature models (generally not real college students)? Humans and other higher primates generally need privacy to engage in sexual intercourse and in view of this, I wonder whether a guy and girl just sat in the nearby rooms while moaning at volumes that they knew would penetrate the wall. This moaning may have been for “Michael’s” benefit. Since this bigot is likely to dislike MANY (or most) types of people, it would not surprise me if he is the type who attracts mockery from most and for good reason. Also, I am 43 yo and am single and do not want to enter into a serious relationship until I am in my early 50’s because I want to work harder on building my career as an elite and world class mineral specimen dealer. My occupation is extremely important to me and I take great pride in the fact that I have amassed Australia’s biggest, best and most valuable collection of fine mineral specimens and am also Australia’s youngest private accomplished private collector. I do not fester over the fact that I am single because I know that this will change when I am eventually ready. My website can be viewed at http://www.matthewwebb.bluemelon.com.

  91. We can’t put them on a pedestal in my country, cos all the cranes are being used to rebuild a city.

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