7 Tips For No-Strings Sex


1. Pick the right girl

The reality is that some girls, depending on their life stage and circumstances, will have a greater desire or propensity to be fuck-buddies than others. Your task is to target the right ones.

In general, younger girls — those in their early twenties — are more carefree, less concerned about their biological clocks, and thus more inclined towards casual relationship. Also — and this is key —  girls who have just come out of relationships can be particularly keen. This is because, having just been through the emotional turmoil of a relationship, the last thing they want is to get into another one, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t want sex.

Girls are horny creatures, and they love to fuck. You simply need to position yourself as the right guy at the right time.


2. Set the “fuck buddy” frame from the start

You must set the correct frame from the start — that is, you must NEVER position yourself as a potential boyfriend, and you must make it clear — covertly —  that this is all about sex and nothing more. What this means in practice is that if she tells you that she already has a boyfriend, you should say something like “I’m not looking to steal you away from him,” thus identifying yourself as a lover rather than a provider.

You must also escalate to sex on the first date, or at the very latest on the second. This is not about courtship and her assessing your suitability as a potential partner, but rather about quickly establishing a mutually-satisfying source of uncomplicated sex.



3. Don’t act like her boyfriend

How you behave the first few times you meet will determine how she views you, and in which box in her life she compartmentalizes you. If you steadfastly avoid doing the kinds of things a boyfriend would do — i.e. taking her for dinner, suggesting weekends away, cooking for her etc. — then she will soon see what the deal is.

You should quickly get to a position where you send her booty-call texts at short notice telling her to come over with no preamble. Don’t contact her too frequently in between meetings, keep text messages short and logistical, and don’t ask her whether or not she’s seeing other guys.

All of this is not to say that you can’t have fun with her too: I often take my FB for a few drinks to relax us, and chat to her about what’s going on in her life before going home to fuck, but there is a very clear covert understanding that the real purpose of our meeting is the sex rather than the socializing.

lace bra

4. Don’t break the fourth wall

Don’t be explicit about what’s going on. Women are masters of covert communication, and you should be too. Saying something like “isn’t it cool how we just meet up to fuck and there’s never going to be anything more between us” not only lacks class, but it also risks triggering her anti-slut defense hard-wiring.

Once the true nature of your association is externalized, it might just perish. Far better just to chill and say nothing: she knows what’s going on well enough anyway.


5. Exercise 100% discretion

The fact is that even in 2015 many young women are afraid to appear to be sluts in front of their friends by having sex with guys they barely know, or on a casual basis outside of a relationship. Therefore, you must demonstrate through your every action that you are a 100%  safe pair of hands who won’t blow her cover and will keep your relationship a secret.

Quash any desire you mighty have to brag to your friends about fucking her — particularly if you have acquaintances in common. If it gets back to her that you’ve been talking then the goose may just stop laying those golden eggs. Ask yourself what is more important to you – the validation you get from your friends or the sex itself.

I have an FB who works for the same organization as I do — we’ve been meeting for several months. In that time, I haven’t told a single one of my colleagues about the situation. We hardly speak or even look at one another at work. An outside observer would have no inkling that we even know one another.

What is even more interesting is that I don’t think she’s told anyone either (even though a close personal friend of hers also works there) which demonstrates the degree to which women will hide their secret sexual liaisons. This is how the “secret society” works — women have sex with those they regard as alpha sexworthy figures and literally no-one else is any the wiser.

Show that you too are a secret society member and that you understand this and you’ll be reap the rewards.

lingerie girl

6. Make sure the sex is good

It goes without saying, but if the main thing you are offering her is sex and you want her to keep coming back for more, then you must ensure that the sex is good, or at least better than may be available to her elsewhere. I don’t intend to go into a sex tutorial here as there are plenty of sources available online, but what I would say is make sure you’re in good physical shape — do compound weights in the gym and do some form of cardio — and then fuck her like it’s your last time each time you see her. That should keep her satisfied and hungry for more.

Another benefit of the FB arrangement is that you can explore more advanced sexual fantasies together such as threesomes, fetish clubs and so on. Do this: not only is it fun, but you will also keep her intrigued. Show that you are a man before whom she can reveal all of her deepest sexual desires and that you are non-judgmental and accommodating — this will pay rich dividends.

One other thing: although frowned upon by many, watching porn is the sex education that many of us never had. It can really help — just don’t get carried away and let it demotivate you in other areas.

friends benefits

7. Accept that she may be fucking other guys, and that one day she will stop fucking you

Because you are not putting pressure on her about whether she is seeing other guys or not, then the fact is that she might well be — particularly in today’s fevered and hyper-sexual hook-up culture. Don’t ask, and don’t sweat it, and just make sure you always use condoms. In the end it doesn’t really matter if she’s banging other dudes or not you’re getting what you’re getting and that’s fine.

Finally, understand that FB relationships are not built to last: they are defined by their inherent obsolescence. This is just the nature of things: learn to accept it and to enjoy what you have for the moment. Don’t get emotionally attached — learn to compartmentalize. Some girls are keepers, or at least potential-keepers, while others are transitory companions. You are in a sweet spot so don’t sweat it.

This is not to say that an FB can’t be converted into a girlfriend of course, but unless you really like her then if you have a sense of abundance then this shouldn’t be necessary anyway.

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203 thoughts on “7 Tips For No-Strings Sex”

  1. The last thing you want is for things to get messy (her getting attached). Keep the sex rough and interactions somewhat brief. The sole purpose of these relationships is to create a stress free, simple means of sexual release. Do not make it something it is not, and let go at first signs of attachment. You want it to be a clean break.
    Unless YOU want to turn it into a relationship, then you either make the offer or break it off. Any girl that has a tendency to gravitate to this type of arrangement is most likely not looking for commitment and might not turn out to be too great in the long run. If you string it along thinking you can “win her over” while at the same time not telling her how you feel, you will fall too far and rejection will hurt all the more.
    End it the same way you both came in, no strings attached.

    1. Never try to wife up a fuck buddy. Most women who go for the fb “relationship” usually have notch counts past 50, that they count. They might not tell you that, they’ll probably come back with 8 or something, but they’ve taken more poles in every orifice than that. Plus, if she really wanted a guy for a relationship she’d have been angling for that the first time she let him inside.

      1. Yeah it seems like a bad idea to wife up an FB. That said, if you go for a young single mom her notch is likely low single digits. They can’t get out to see guys and they are very discerning about who they bring around their kids (usually). Also, given their disadvantageous position, they are more likely to accept being an FB.

        1. Single moms have low notch counts? Since when!?!? Single moms are typically women with bad life choice skills and selfish natures. I have yet to meet one single mom who didn’t invite me over “after the kid is sleeping” to “talk” or something. As long as I didn’t completely fuck up, they had their legs open in less time than your typical bar girl. One gal who I knew, invited a married guy (supposedly not getting any from his wife) over to her place to have tea or some shit. Her daughter (6yo) is asleep in bed.
          Slut didn’t even move it out of the living room into the bedroom, she jumped the guy right there. Over the next few months that apparently happened quite a bit, and they were “caught” a few times. Now kids walk in on sex, it happens to the best of us, but usually it’s because someone forgot to lock the bedroom door. Not many kids get to see mom getting plowed (at least once anally) while bent over the kitchen table asking a married guy to “fuck me baby, I’m your slut”. That apparently led to a few interesting questions, along with her daughter wondering why mom was sucking on what a guy pees with. Oh, and why was mommy was bent over talking about being better than X’s mommy all sweaty and moaning so loud.
          She’s not the only one either, and it’s not uncommon. Single mothers are often thirsty little sluts. Caution must be used, lest they start carrying your baby. All in all, I’ve screwed over a dozen (including the neighbor skank) and all of them except two didn’t give a shit the kid was home. Hell, neighbor skank’s daughter is 13 now and mom apparently caught her masturbating to a picture of her last boyfriend. Mom’s last boyfriend. God knows when that started, but that kid is probably destined to be a teenage mom at this point.
          Another single mom had her son walk in on us (door didn’t have a lock) and ask for water. Fortunately the kid was like 3, and probably doesn’t remember what we were doing.
          Contrary to popular belief, most guys don’t want to scar kids that way. It’s one thing with an oops, especially if you’re married or in an LTR. Shit happens, birds and bees time. It’s another thing entirely when your kid is 7 and they see mom getting plowed by numerous guys. Then it’s a whole other level to see mom getting fucked by a married guy (whose kids her kid plays with, and she knows the other woman) telling him to “oh, yes, fuck me”.

        2. Well they’re not all like that (did I really say that? Lol).
          Yes you have to use your discretion. A single mom with a job and one kid who’s five years old and knows who its Dad is, is probably not the worst choice.

        3. Unless they’re widows? Single moms are pretty much shit. Sure, there’s exceptions, but the rule is: She’s single and a mom? She’s probably a slut.

        4. Dude, you having her as a fuck buddy not a wife, fuck is the problem?
          Besides which, she is unlikely to be a slut for the reasons I laid out. Furthermore, that chick you met in the club, on birth control is far more likely to be a slut. I know club girls personally and I know single mothers personally. Generally, the single mothers are less slutty because being a slut is very difficult for them.

  2. And always be careful. Make sure you are using protection from the beginning. I can’t even begin to tell you the number of horror stories which I have heard of, where guys who have had one night stands, ended up getting the girl knocked up, and having their lives financially ruined.
    Consider getting a vasectomy, if you play the game on a regular basis. And yes, even condoms break. I know this has been mentioned numerous times, but as always, needs to be emphasised over and over again.

  3. Quote:
    “What this means in practice is that if she tells you that she already has a boyfriend, you should say something like “I’m not looking to steal you away from him”
    To which she asks “what do you mean..?”, at which point I smirk, start walking away and say audibly “You dumb broad”. BOOM. Another hamster bites the dust…
    And another quote:
    “Once the true nature of your association is externalized, it might just perish. Far better just to chill and say nothing: she knows what’s going on well enough anyway.”
    Women have logic? I wouldn’t be able to reason it…

  4. okay I don’t think I’ll visit this site anymore. This is bogus. This sounds more like a 1980s Penthouse Forum. Most of us know the FWB situation does not last too long, maybe a few weeks at best. Why? There is a direct fiber optic line between a woman’s vag and the emotional server in her head. A dick inserted into the vag causes a short circuit after a few fucks and she’s got 120 thoughts in her head about you. FWB works with hookers and semi-ugly skanks, that’s about it.

      1. I doubt any FWBs look like the pictures attached in the article unless you’re a Lionel Messi, Christiano Ronaldo, or George Clooney.

    1. I think we have to keep in mind that many guys are at different levels, Dave.
      Things (situations) that seem pretty obvious (basic) to you and I may be a starting point for a lot of younger guys. We’re getting new, younger men in here all of the time looking for a little help (point in the right direction). Your level is high enough where you can offer that help (good knowledge, good comments, etc…).
      I’ve read something similar to this one before but it’s always a good primer (for new guys) and a good review (for others).

        1. Wait…was Chris there giving her a cat? That could either be sickening blue pill OR it could be master level red pill because he’s hinting she should become a cat lady. Without more context it’s hard to say, heh.

        2. Her comment is insanely funny as well.
          “aint” – that’s right, the incorrect word is not only incorrect, it’s fucking spelled wrong! Woot!
          “How am I suppose to swallow….” – Typing “d’ is hard!
          “stronger then ever” – Who is Ever, and why does Stronger precede him necessarily? Why not Ever *then* Stronger? I’m lost.
          “For just creating a fucking monster. Creating something you will never find.” – wouldn’t this be a good thing? I mean if you create some kind of monster, it’s bad by definition, so immediately losing it and never being able to find it again would be the desirable outcome, right?

        3. I have decided that the winking emoticon is confirmation that Chris is turning Chenoa into a cat lady.
          It is also confirmation that he doesn’t give two shits about anything she just said.

        4. We’ll, she’ll try anyway. Given her rather poor level of literacy I strongly suspect that she’d dial 9911 and then wonder why nobody answers.

        5. She means, he created a Legendary Fuck Monster. A fucking monster. Insatiable sex craver. She’s at the bar, sucked off all the patrons, staff and of course, the mandatory janitor in the washroom. So it is now quite hard to swallow. And it’s all Chris’s fault, “aintit”?
          Chris, aka Mephisto, sent the feline pic with a wink, to let her know there’s more pussy to come.

        6. Finally, I was wondering how long it was going to take for someone to ask that.
          The janitor is a metaphor and a reality.
          He’s the overlooked background where all the interesting stuff happens, overlooked by the more sophisticated, the event horizon threshold where the real interesting things are always just about to happen, that none but the most perceptive even notice but those who do never forget.

    2. I have had 3 solid FB who were career women. One was the best example: nothing outside the bedroom, except maybe going out for sushi (Dutch) before her place or mine. I think there was a total of 3 overnights that whole year, two due to drink and one because of an ice storm.
      Then you have the whores (usually single moms) who do nearly anything for convenient dick. My neighbor is the perfect example: she knows I won’t date her skank ass, but she gives it up when I want, unless she’s got a possible sucker on the hook. Even then, more than once, I’ve found out she’s actually dating a guy. That’s why I always wrap it up: she’s a slut.

      1. well…let me tell you my experience; about 10 so-called FWBs relationships in the past 10 years. When they, the women, love the sex, they get all gushy-mushy-lovey-dovey within a few weeks and they serve me with an ultimatum, slutty or not.

        1. Wow, you must have the most awesome sex technique. Then again I do treat fuck buddies as just that, buddies. I also set some ground rules up front, the biggest one being if you start having feelings (either person) don’t hide them, spit it out. I’ve had a couple that did, and then I stopped having sex with them.
          No, not trying to be mean at all. In fact I’m still friends with most of my ex-FB’s. I just tell the ones that confess feelings, unambiguously, that I don’t see us working out that way, and we should stop having sex before they get really attached. I’m not going to bullshit a woman, especially someone that I’m having sex with. I am not seeking to injure their feelings, but I don’t waffle on the subject at all. FB sex is just that, sex. Hopefully great sex, but nothing more than sex.
          I did have one “good girl” that I had feelings develop during a FB romp. Good looking, funny, smart, and a combo of sexually aggressive and (at the same time) completely subservient in sex. Wasn’t able to convert from a FB to a gf.

        2. I do not think I am that good, I think they see me as an economic and emotional way to be happy. Women are master manipulators and want something besides penis.

        3. Snark went over poorly. Depends on their stage in life, find young ladies or career women to be FWB’s as far as I can tell.

        1. LOL well I’d be worried about STD’s but other than that I’ve had a vasectomy. You may have more issues of your not shooting blanks.

        2. Yeah I shoot hollow points bro… Splashed everywhere. Still she insisted I use a condom which at least suggests she’s normally careful.

    3. A FWB of mine was totally cool on the surface for like 6 months.
      Then one night I come over after she was drinking with some friends and she had a godamn meltdown.
      “How can you be such a fucking zombie!? I can’t sleep with you, you party too much! You don’t care about anything!”
      We had great sex that night but it was pretty obvious this girl’s soul was starting to break apart from all the casual hookups she’d been accumulating.

      1. I think you”re leaving something out here.
        That exclamation of hers needed a trigger, friend, something like the last time you guys hooked up before that, you walked in on her getting drilled by the janitor in the men’s room at the club, then as soon as he was done and gone you drilled her into a squealing heap of orgasms (after safely ensconding your organ in a Magnum Ribbed Ultralubed), and bought her a drink and took her home. And saw her again, to boot.
        You cad.

  5. A friend of mine has a FWB; she just never has relationships and bangs random guys. She’s a bit fat, but he loves the simplicity of it; heck he even told me that she baked him some cupcakes the other day before she came over (he didn’t ask for that). This girl:
    – has a very high notch count, lost her virginity very late (mid 20’s) and then rode the carousel hard
    – is in some sort of emotional state where she doesn’t want/can’t form a ‘relationship’ with anyone, my friend tried to turn it into a relationship a few years back and things didn’t go well. She was and is much happier with the fuck buddy setup.
    So whilst I admire those who can actually set this up with an attractive woman; I don’t think any woman who is into this would be future girlfriend/wife material.

    1. the FWB females eat and drink a lot to ease the “pain” of not having “love” . I wish real FWBs were as simple as the article claims.

  6. Nice article! Here’s a few more items I’ll add:
    1. Keep get togethers with fuckbuddies to 1 day per week – more than that and they will start to fantasize and develop illusions of grandeur. This is the number 1 reason why fuckbuddy setups fail.
    2. Don’t Facebook, Instagram, whatever them. Distance is crucial for success. They are not your girlfriend/SO.
    3. No sleepovers, no going for breakfast, etc. See item 1. An occasional going for a drink or bringing a pizza/some Chinese food/etc. over to her place is ok.
    4. I use a burner cellphone for fuckbuddies. It’s a cheap security system to keep everything locked down and separate. For the price of a new SIM card, it’s worth it. I had to change my “burner” number 3 weeks back as I had a fuckbuddy that started to go bad. Potential drama eliminated while it was still a minor nuisance.
    5. YMMV, but fuckbuddies don’t convert to anything more than fuckbuddies. Don’t get sucked in. Sucked off is perfect; suck in isn’t.
    Be cool, don’t give a shit and cum – utilize your fuckbuddies for all they’re worth.

        1. Ha! Yeah if only I were gay I’d be getting a lot more action…I’ll stick with frustrated heterosexual for the time being though 😉

    1. So where do you meet these FB that you can keep completely separate from the rest of your life; are they random women you meet in clubs/bars?

      1. Bars, coffee shops, anyplace. Always be looking.
        Also, meeting chicks that don’t live/work/hangout near where you do helps a lot with keep things separate.

        1. Right, help me out here, cause I’m in a black place at the moment through lack of poon and the realization that internet dating isn’t working for me. Say I see a woman in a bar/coffee shop – how do you make first contact and go for the number. Do you have a quick conversation, give her your number, then meet for a quick drink at a bar near your apartment? The frustrating thing is that I have a great apartment right in the center of town near all the bars so I should be picking women up in person if only I had the balls and knew where to start.

        2. most will reject you, that’s what you have to realize, even the sluts, so you have to approach dozens per week. Just say “hi” introduce yourself, stay aloof, make appropriate jokes, compliment her attire.

        3. Saying “Hi” and chatting her up about whatever she’s doing (if she’s doing anything interesting, like reading a book or whatever). It’s the easiest thing in the world. Ten to one she’ll hit reject, you walk away none the worse for wear. If she continues to talk and flirt, you’re in like Flynn.

        4. Check out rooshvforum.com – tons of excellent info there. Check out the “Newbie Forum”.
          In general, be confident, look for IOIs, and just approach women. Use the “Elderly opener” if you’re just starting out. Remember that you’re not going to hit a homerun in every at bat; it’s a numbers game. The more you approach, the more success you’ll have.

        5. That could be problematic in a city as small as mine where you inevitably run into the same women in the same spots. Have to wonder if it’s worth it trying to set up multiple FWB if you’re actually looking to meet a woman who might be relationship material, since the FWB-ers are more likely to be messed up people.
          I also wonder, and feel free to correct me if I’m wrong here, whether success in a FB setup is only possible if you are a very attractive man, i.e. in the top 5% of looks. Since women can get sex easily, why would they settle for less than the very best when it comes to no-strings sex?

        6. “since the FWB-ers are more likely to be messed up people” – you’re spot on with this assumption.

        7. See I can be charming when I’m in the right mood, but I’m fucking terrified of being rejected harshly by a stranger – isn’t that fucking ridiculous. I’m 31 and I’ve never cold approached. I think I see the odd sign of interest as I’m 6 foot 2 and I’m lean, but social anxiety keeps me back. I live in Ireland but I’m going to America for 3 weeks in April so perhaps I’ll try and get over my rejection fear when over there.

        8. So start with men. Not to “pick them up”, just say “Hi” and start a casual conversation. No pressure and no big deal. Then move to women who you have no interest in picking up, same kind of convos you’d have with men, no pressure. Then pretty girls, but only casual convos without trying to pick her up. Eventually you’ll get into the groove.
          Women rejecting you, and all men, is a fact of life. What’s to be terrified about, with 3 billion women in the world the odds of you finding a lot of them who do not reject you are astronomically high. So you just weed through the bad ones until you find a couple. Honestly it’s no big deal.

        9. I practice by chatting to girls in stores and pretending I want to buy something. I get them helping me with clothes and establish a rapport. It gets them very comfortable with you and you can take the opportunity to see if the girl is one you can tolerate.

        10. I can see that working with most clothing lines, except Speedo. Though if it does work with Speedos then that’s pretty much a guaranteed first date lay right there.

        11. ” I’m fucking terrified of being rejected harshly by a stranger…”
          The solution is contained in your problem – strangers. Who the fuck cares?!?! You categorically shouldn’t!!!!!!!!!!
          Now go out and get yourself some ass.

        12. I find as the older i get its me judging them as we talk…jeez this girl is boring,etc…often im the one walking away.

        13. i would recommend going through the good looking losers approach anxiety course.
          its all up on his page, and i’ve found it to be of use.
          i also haven’t cold approached in a long time now (not since uni if i’m honest)

        14. Give Bang By Roosh V a read. Being resilient to rejection comes with practice. Like building muscle, it doesn’t happen overnight and you just need to push through the growing pains and after long enough it actually feels good.

        15. Get her number, don’t give her yours. You need her digits to initiate it. A lot of girls will flake anyway, but very few indeed will actually follow up on a random number some dude passes them in a cafe.

        16. You got to get out of your head. You are over thinking it. Just go out to different places and have fun. Remind yourself you do not give a fu*k, you’re out having fun. And when you interact with women be up front with what you want, and maintain your boundaries in the relationship. Everything else will fall in place

        17. She a stranger man. You don’t know her. Who give s a fuck if she rejects you? You gotta get it into your mind that there are MILLIONS of her out there and if she doesn’t bite, fuck her & go to the next one.

        18. Very true, people make it seem more complicated than it really is. There’s nothing easier in the world than saying “Hi”.

        19. That depends. When I was in corporate America I had a LTR and a couple fuckbuddies at various times. No problems.
          I found the secrets were:
          1. Working in different departments, so you’re not face to face for 8+ hours a day.
          2. Tell no one what’s going on. Complete silence is required.
          Follow those two rules, obviously with a woman that’s not a psychotic twat and you should be fine.

        20. Keep women off the mental pedestal in your mind. Look into Day Bang as a good book on easy approaching. I noticed that good body language is huge with female perception of a male. Remember, females are cowards. Don’t fear cowards. You can literally walk away mid conversation if you are uncomfortable. I mean walk away w/out excusing yourself…just turn and walk. The funny thing is, they’ll blame themselves as not being good enough if you do

        21. That’s the kicker. You don’t know which ones will turn out to be a psychotic twat. Putting that twat in a position where she can completely fuck up your livelihood is what I’m against.

        22. I love the elderly opener.
          I feel day game vs night game are all determined by your personality.
          I like to ask questions and ramble, so Day Game fits me much better.

        23. Go to simplepickup.com. They have a series of video exercises yiu do over a 30 day period called “simple 30”
          I’ve done it, I have friends who’ve used it, it’s very effective.

        24. Mosy nearby the target like you don’t notice her and pull a pack of gum from your pocket. Focus only on your gum and almost bump into her like a distracted cellphone user. Begin chewing the gum with facial expressions like it is so delicious, the best gum ever. Then act surprised when you notice that she is so near that she can probably smell the delicious gum. Apologise fervently with first IOI as you offer her a piece while doing a smooth poker card flip making the offered stick slide halfway out like a struggling but sucessful erection. She takes the stick and it’s game on.

        25. At first I thought you were trolling.
          You have your own place close to bars, over 6′ tall. Next logical question is what’s the matter with you? You should be slaying.
          Seems to me you probably take yourself too seriusly.
          Get in front of your mirror, jump around like a moron and make fun of yourself, laugh at yourself, shake yourself. Get some adrenaline going and loosen up a bit.

        26. One thing that has worked for me. You feel nervous? Approach the girl and say hi. When she looks at you expectantly tell her she makes you feel nervous. Vocalizing it will make you feel better and she will probably laugh and tell you it’s OK. The fact that you are so nervous yet still spoke to her is actually a compliment to her. She’ll think it’s cute.
          Then converse with her and if it feels right ask her out.

        27. Start with “witty” light hearted chit chat with the general public – when you’re out and about. Practice this for a few weeks . It will make it that much easier when you spy the hottie and want to make small talk. Once you take the move and you’ve begun chatting that hottie up – keep it short, sweet , get a good rapport going ,flirt with her ,make her laugh and just when she really begins to feel good – casually hand her your phone and say ” put your number in my phone -well get continue this together sometime” . The key is tell her to do it DONT ask. She will like your take charge approach. Once its entered give her a smirk and say ” I like your obedient spirit ” or something to that effect and off you go – never looking back

        28. Just remember she shits on a toilet just like you – who gives a shit if she rejects you . She’s nothing special theres thousands more like her

        29. Of course! That movie should be required viewing for men..
          Going back in a time machine, did you ever see “Play Misty For Me”? “Fatal Attraction” was a semi-ripoff of that. Good flick.

        30. If you’re shy, first thing I’d do is make sure you haven’t cockblocked yourself (you’re groomed, good breath etc), then you’ll be one step closer.
          Next step: Make sure she sees you.
          If she doesn’t look disgused by you (or better yet gives some indication of interest) go straight up and say hi.
          Tell her you have to meet a friend in 2 minutes but want her number so you can take her for coffee next Saturday, at noon, sharp.
          Get her number and bounce.

        31. Yeah, and if she’s typical N. American below 35 years old, nobody taught her to wipe her ass properly, either.

        32. Great advice but how do you get to that point? The mere “acting” like you don’t give a fuck makes matters worse because you are now anxious of whether you’re doing it the right way or the wrong way.

        33. Now, I could give you the traditional red pill answer, which is “to fake it, until you make it”. But I believe in your situation it would be a hollow answer. The best advice I’ve heard on this, is that you only have anxiety when approaching someone else, if you have a self perception that their value is higher than yours. It’s like if you met a celebrity, are they better than you? No. But because you perceive they are higher than you, you become anxious about what to say. Same with women. Work on YOUR self perceived value, and everything else will work out.

        34. Chicks who work in stores/ shops are very easy to approach (especially health food stores as it tells them you look after yourself). There jobs are boring and quiet most of the time and they appreciate people talking to them (I know a few who do this line of work). They also generally have good people skills, and obviously they are employed on the basis of good looks for the most part.

      1. Not sure who that is, but I’ll take it as a compliment. The “burner” rule has saved me a few times. Well worth $25/month.
        Let technology do the work, catch the shit.

      1. This particular fuckbuddy was an OTB who had to go back to her country of origin and was getting VERRRRRRYYYYYY clingy for whatever reason; draw your own conclusions.
        I did the “slow freeze out”, but she wasn’t taking the hint, so, I escalated and dumped my burner number. Now communication is impossible from her end and I’m not hitting her up. I quit Facebook months ago (under a fake name anyway). She has no email address for me or knows my actual address. Plus, she should have left to go home.
        Got my first Asian flag in the process, so it’s all good for me.

      2. good article and good points…..
        if you think into it logically, men and women have been having illicit (non LTR) relationships for centuries….. AND could have been ostracized or killed for it…. but lovers are so much more interesting and passionate than partners…

    2. 6. If possible never take them back to your place, only hers (or elsewhere). This links back to #4 on your list.

      1. Of course, that’s why I wrote “…occasionally bring a pizza/Chinese food/etc. to HER place…” in my #3. To me, that’s an understood; an absolute. Your place should be a “no-fly zone”. For a few years after I graduated from college, I used to lie to chicks and say I still lived at home. I’ve used fake names on ONS’s.
        Again, I have to stress the importance of keeping fuckbuddies separate from everything else in your life. It just helps to keep everything neat and clean on pretty much every level. You have no hidden strings attached to you and she gets a very clear message that her singular role is that of a sperm receptacle, period. You get tired/bored/whatever of her, you disappear, and the same goes for her.
        There’s way too many ways women can potentially burn you. Minimizing your exposure and risk should be SOP. If it costs you a few dollars for a cab, a burner cell phone, whatever, well, you can’t put a price on peace of mind.
        That’s my thinking anyway.

  7. The easiest way I’ve found to having no strings sex was to avoid, at all costs, having sex with a marionette.
    Thank you thank you, I’ll be here all week, tip your wait staff, good night everybody!

  8. As always Troy, top drawer article! And the pics aren’t bad either!
    I had an FB for years while I had two girlfriends in the meantime. She knew about it and was cool with it because the sex was awesome. There’s something about meeting for sex that makes it that much better.
    Another way to ensure FB status is to have your FBs in other countries. Naturally, they don’t expect a relationship, expect you to bang other chicks and give you a guaranteed lay when you travel.

    1. In the U.S. my only available choices for out of country (and semi-convenient) lay on the borders of Canada and Mexico.
      Canada – a land where women are even *more* feminists, are you fucking kidding me, I’d rather stick my dick in a meat grater.
      Mexico – If you love disease, hop over to a border town. No thanks.
      But in Europe that has to be fun, no doubt.

      1. If you go out of town that works too. As long as you are a few hours away flight time, they won’t expect you every weekend.
        I did meet some gorgeous ladies from Canada in Miami recently. Unfortunately that is not convenient for me. Want their numbers? I’ll vouch for you…
        Europe is great. Its like a menu of different kinds of women all a few hours and a $150 plane ticket away. Whether you like Swedes, Eastern European, Italian, Spanish, etc. All here.

        1. Yeah, I know the local scene. Canada does have some pretty women but again, worse in feminist entitlement than American women (generally speaking) so eh, not my style.
          Europe is great. Its like a menu of different kinds of women all a few hours and a $150 plane ticket away. Whether you like Swedes, Eastern European, Italian, Spanish, etc. All here.
          Oh, I know, been there many times.

        2. Seems just as bad there as here, and at least here I can still move to Wyoming, Montana or one of the Dakotas and be with old school traditional people PLUS I get to keep my rather extensive firearms collection.
          Now come a gun ban, and if 110+ million men do not rise up and fight back then sure, no issue, Ireland sounds fantastic, or perhaps Poland.

        3. guns are what gave us Americans freedom. The second amendment has prevented an actual Genocide or mass murder here.

        4. To England? You think my KSG would go over well there? My Tommygun? My StG-58? What about my Super Blackhawk .44 magnum, or my Colt Series 80?
          Heh. But you’re free to go to the range with me if you ever take a trip over to the U.S. and are near Ohio for any length of time.

        5. I don’t know about that. If I was a cop or National Guard and I had to clear a city in Texas……

        6. That’s why the Krauts call us Tommies… The good ol Tommygun. I would love to shoot one of those.
          Honesty Ghost when you have that many guns who’s going to stop you?

        7. Only with even numbers. We have 110+ million armed civilians, versus a military whose entire size is 1.4 million, give or take, on any given year (might be less now actually). Plus a good 70% of the actual soldiers are red state conservative or libertarian right out of the gate and would likely side with us.
          Ten commie idiots in the street shooting randomly is not even comparable to entire cities banding together to shoot at government.

        8. It’s rather fun to shoot.
          Honesty Ghost when you have that many guns who’s going to stop you?
          Certainly not the French.

        9. So what?
          Seriously, who cares? If only 20% of the military joins us (and odds are based on a recent Marine Corps survey we’d have most of the Corps in our pocket from day one), they come with their toys in tow. Plus most of us “gun nuts” are former military and can easily drive/utilize those weapons as well. The cost of an M1 Abrams tank is one well placed .22 LR into the skull of a guard at the armory at midnight.
          Want to know what the government will actually do? They’ll fold. The rancher incident last year demonstrates that ultimately they’re cowards, at least the black ninja suited thugs. Bunch of militia show up, post in very professional sniper positions and confront them with large numbers, and the ninja thugs scooted out with their tails between their legs.
          If “might be hurt” is disqualification for taking action when the time comes, we might as well give up and march directly into the ovens now and save everybody the time and trouble.

        10. It radiates from Ottawa and Toronto. You and I are in the worst position with regards to dealing with Canadian women.
          I spent some time at Queen’s University, in Kingston during the hippie era. Dealing with today’s Canadian women gives me the kick in the head I sometimes need to remind myself that it’s a Brave New World.

        11. that one helicopter can only shoot up one house. There’s a million more it would have to contend with.

        12. It’s not “might be hurt” but more “might be wipped out”. My government slaughtered an entire region of France during the war in the Vendée in the name of freedom. Made examples with women and children. And the vendéens were trained fighters.
          In my opinion, they folded because they could afford it, but if they’re really pushed into corners, they can respond accordingly: do examples, drone assassinations of the leaders, specifically targetting the women and children… etc.
          Of course, you can go guerilla Mao Zedong style, but then I wonder how many of the 110 Millions gun owners are really ready to go live in the woods eating the leather of their belts when things start getting serious.
          I think the only way such an insurection could work, would be with foreign financial support.

        13. Nope, but as you go west the less classically feminine they get, and as you go east into the Maritimes the fatter they get.
          Pick your poison.
          I’m just fine with the cowgirls, but it’s the fatties who play Scots fiddle. I can’t win.

        14. I know I responded to your “certainly not the french”.
          Thas was hurtful.
          I’m crying now.

        15. The question is : how many people are really willing to risk having their houses blown to pieces.

        16. In my opinion, they folded because they could afford it,

          Maybe, but that “affording it” basically screwed their claim to domain over most of the West. That’s a lot of claim to throw into the wind.
          As to woods, dificulties, etc…
          Given as a large percentage of us are vets and have already tromped around the woods in tactical ways, the number may be larger than you think. Plus, going out into the streets in large mobs is silly and a sure way to lose. We look “like everybody else” and we live next door to the same cops that they’re going to expect to enforce such as stupid order. We know where their families live and we don’t need drones to do our dirty work if you catch my meaning.
          What’s this fear of drones anyway, it’s already demonstrated (by American kids nonetheless) that they can be hacked.
          10:1 odds in our favor out the gate, with a lot of the actual military siding with us rather openly now before any such “order” is ever given, tells me that things may be a bit more bright than you envision.

        17. Right. Blowing up people’s houses is the exact *opposite* of a good strategy to implement. Give us nothing to lose but our lives and you have a lot more violent shit to deal with than you’d ever had otherwise.

        18. We’re talking gun confiscation here, not people sitting up one day and saying “Hey, let’s revolt for shits and giggles”. Lots of gun owners are *very* committed to their ideals.

        19. no, that is why they give us scraps for now, to keep us from revolting. Once you take the scraps away, you also lose your power base. Once you lose your power base, you lose your ass kissers. add that to an angry population and you get chaos. That’s when the shit hits the fan.

        20. the gun owners buy more guns with the scraps they are given and now with 3D printers they can make their own.

        21. I live in a resort town. THEY come to ME from all over the world.
          Plus, there’s a fresh batch of them every week!

        22. Just something to consider:
          Military support of the President is some dismal percentage like 15%.
          Most people in the military are not going to be all that happy about killing their fellow Americans, especially if it’s due to continued federal expansion and loss of freedoms.
          At best the military retains 50% of it’s power. That’s 50% of the military vs 50% of the military plus tens of millions of armed civilians.

        23. “Most people in the military are not going to be all that happy about
          killing their fellow Americans, especially if it’s due to continued
          federal expansion and loss of freedoms.”
          I doubt that, sadly. Mainly because it happened several times in France, and almost every time the soldiers shot their brothers.

        24. I’m having hard time believing the military will shoot civilians. Police, yes.. Paramilitary units, mercenaries, yes. But not the Armed Forces.

        25. How would your view change in a real civil war scenario. Coalitions of states against coalitions of states? Clear front lines, etc.

        26. Ok, let’s admit that you could take them on a purely tactical level.
          The side of the gun owners win a few towns, maybe some states. Then a status quo creates itself, during which what remains of the elite will think other strategies :
          What about the non military ways to take you out ?
          Blackmail, bribing the leaders, creating strawmen leaders ?
          The only way this could work, in my opinion, is if you get a continuous money source from a foreign power that dislike the US government as much as you do.

        27. I live downtown Toronto in one of those “swanky” condo/hotel properties called The Thompson Hotel (im pretty sure this same brand of hotel is in most major cities in the U.S)…..ive never found it hard to pick up in Toronto…but completely acknowledge that my surroundings have alot to do with that….Toronto probably has the highest number of hardcore career oriented feminist women of any city I have been to…but i will say that, being born and raised here…and this city having inadvertently been my training ground before I even knew about the manosphere or red pill thinking….i now feel extra confident when I travel since ive figured out how to find success in what is apparently one of the most difficult cities in the world to pick up sluts..or..find a classy woman worthy of an LTR (if that exists…im still looking after several mistakes)…….maybe everyone should do a stint in Toronto just to show them how good they have it in apparently every other city (in north america at least)…..Toronto is like the “expert” level on a video game…as described by many frequent posters on sites like ROK…….but… if you do well here, it stands to reason that you would do AMazing everywhere else

        28. I live in Toronto, and cannot complain much myself. But if you’ve been anywhere else, you must must have noticed what an ugly,aggressive, and sometimes exhausting kinda game you have to develop here to get your share of ass.

      2. I can’t even imagine how “more feminist” women can be than American women. That sounds fucking horrible lol

        1. I haven’t been in Montreal in a couple of years, but all the times that I have been there’s a very noticeable difference between Montreal girls and Toronto garbage.
          My favourite of all is Quebec City. Even in loud clubs, you’d wave or stop a girl even, and for the most part they would stop and smile, and interact in a much more feminine way than Toronto butches. Scoring is still up to you though, game is to be applied at all times.
          I don’t care how good looking you are, you’ll have a much harder time with Toronto than Montreal. Experienced it myself and observed others as well.

  9. Why not having sex with strings ?
    The violins are good lovers, and the brass section is overrated.

  10. well, I took the last 5 minutes (while at work) and gave it a go with an internet chick on OkStupid and here’s what I got.

    1. “Must love dogs” was a movie? Dafuq?
      Wasn’t one of the rules not to actually breach the 4th wall? You lead with it man, heh.

    2. Thats pretty funny ! Notes from the field. This brings to mind a memory of the last FWB that was offered to me . I met her on Match. She looked very cute and on her profile she had ” not interested in casual hookups”. Ahh..I thought to myself “maybe for other guys but not for me”. We met up and within a few hours I banged her. We then had a brief moment of post coital talk and I mentioned that we definitely wouldn’t make a good match – she then responds with “What about FWB -would that work for you?”
      Ahhh – I thought to myself “a woman who wants to please” Tis a rare trait these days

  11. Point #7 is the key. Since you don’t want a relationship with the girl, you want her to have other options on the plate so that she does not become clingy with you. Of course you have to keep your ego in check with this, but that’s just part and parcel of the game.
    You can accomplish lots of things if you keep your ego in check.
    The other side of #7 is STD’s. If you do a one-night stand, you assume that she has them and take the appropriate precautions (condoms that you provide, taking of BHT supplements for the lipid coated viruses).

  12. Rule 7 should have also included that you too should be fucking other women on the regular. Because any woman whom you’re just fuck buddies with and is even remotely attractive also is with other guys. There is no “if” here whatsoever, don’t delude yourself otherwise.

  13. Please post more realistic pics of FWB compatible females. Hell, even these aircraft carriers have standards these days.

  14. Why do you need to waste money on fake cell number? Sounds very beta. You only need one phone, you can always block numbers. If she surprise calls you from a friends phone, just say you’re pursuing someone else now. No other explanation is necessary. Hang up.

  15. No way number 5 is gonna fly. Half the fun is shouting from the rooftops AWALT. Most ethical PSA a man can produce is the public tagging of a pump and dump.

    1. As a wise man once said, “You’re not paying for sex, you’re paying her to leave when it’s over.”

  16. I’ve had fuck buddies before… not sure I’ve perfected the art. All good at the start but after a little while 1 of either 2 things happen: She has an emotional meltdown because feels, or she ditches me because she’s ‘met someone who wants to be serious.’ So my question is, how long can a fwb deal reasonably be expected to last?

  17. Love the hypocrecy of the beta males on this site:
    “What this means in practice is that if she tells you that she already
    has a boyfriend, you should say something like “I’m not looking to steal
    you away from him,” thus identifying yourself as a lover rather than a
    All day long you accuse feminism and you say you defend males, yet you justify stealing other people’s wives and girlfriends for casual sex. Such a noble and brotherly thing to do…
    Real alpha males never steal another man’s woman. But you wouldn’t know that. You are just nerds trying to fool your audience.

    1. If you don’t know the other man personally, then there are no moral implications in you banging her. She’s the one cheating and in the wrong, not you.

      1. Leviticus 20:10 And the man that committeth adultery with another man’s wife, even he that committeth adultery with his neighbour’s wife, the adulterer and the adulteress shall surely be put to death.
        Proverbs 6:32 But whoso committeth adultery with a woman lacketh understanding: he that doeth it destroyeth his own soul.

    2. No one’s stealing anyone.
      How do you know the skank doesn’t fukkysukky her boyfriend/spouse into a stupor 10 times a day, every day, and cook 3 meals a day, clean the house, etc., then needs “just one more” once in a while, and that day she picks you (and “he” knowingly gave her the money for that drink she just bought you…)
      Assuming you’re disease-free, you just did everyone a favour.

    3. agreed brother. so much of this site promotes traditional Christian values. then when i come across this kind of garbage it turns me off.

    4. these beta need to learn to not date slut, virtuous women resist tentation. if they do not resist it’s because they are slut, we are teaching these beta to not date slut. if they are not married they will thanks us later.

  18. Top article. Tip number 4 brings up a good point, it’s very easy to go against her ant-slut defense barrier, whether you are on a first date with a girl, or just banging her for fun. Girls are very delicate and emotional specimens. More successful men are hooking up with quality, gorgeous girls on sugar dating websites such as establishedmen.com and tempted.com without their wife/girlfriend knowing.

  19. If you are naturally confident, charming, give her rough sex and let her know right up front a relationship is off the table – she will literally beg you for FWB. I speak from experience.

  20. OK guys I need some tips on this particular situation i’m going through. I have ZERO experience with fuck buddies. I’m 22, met this 32yr old at the club. I fucked her on our Day3 at my place. She still seems interested but I feel the main mistake i’m making right now is hitting her up too often (every 2nd or 3rd day) So when I called her today I got no response. She may get back at me in a few days, but if she doesn’t should I wait about a week?

    1. I also want to add that, I had a hard time staying hard when we had sex because I was in my head most of the time. So by my standards the sex wasn’t that great, her attitude towards me didn’t seem to change towards me…. She even made my bed in the morning

    2. A good mate of mine, when 23, started dating a 34 year old. She quickly got pregnant twice (his parents are millionaire hotel owners) and she hooked him in. 10 years later he hung himself in his living room as a big ‘fuck you’ to her, leaving 2 sons without a father and under the control of a psycho mother. Avoid older women who look for younger men, they are bad news in every respect, and they often know how to play young guys. Always aim younger.

  21. I agree with the fuck buddy approach. All you have to be aware of is that there is a good possibility that you are getting sloppy seconds and should take precautions accordingly.

  22. Fantastic article! Yesterday I violated rule #4. She was already open to the idea but I persisted and came on too strong.

  23. Great article. It has really helped, thanks. I made one stupid move (held her afterwards on the first time) and sent out completely the wrong signal. I was rewarded with a borderline psycho stalker for nearly 3 years.

  24. 9. Do not buy, beg, borrow or steal any string. Not one iota. If somebody offers you a string, politely decline. Avoid string at all costs.

  25. you should be ashamed of yourself for writing this. this whole thing is so messed up and devoid of any morality…plus,i thought the men on this site didnt like women being whores? if so then why are they partaking in it?
    1) “What this means in practice is that if she tells you that she already
    has a boyfriend, you should say something like “I’m not looking to steal
    you away from him,” thus identifying yourself as a lover rather than a
    -yeah,sounds like a good way to get your ass beat or worse.
    2)”Another benefit of the FB arrangement is that you can explore more
    advanced sexual fantasies together such as threesomes, fetish clubs and
    so on.”
    -perverted,depraved,and sick. this is how STDs are spread.
    3)”accept that she may be fucking other guys…”
    -no man with any self respect is willing to fuck a woman who is fucking other guys too. again,this is how STD’s are spread.
    to the Christian men on this site…take in the good on this site and ignore the bad. PUA culture has no place in Christianity.
    1 Corinthians 10:21
    cannot drink the cup of the Lord, and the cup of devils: ye cannot be
    partakers of the Lord’s table, and of the table of devils.

    1. You have a stupid dragonball Z name you must belive in sorciery and being a virgin till you die.

    2. What does fucking have to do with morality? You lost me there. Are you saying you created woman and not god? Let me know when people stop acting like animals and I will surely join the moral race you claim. Been alive 50 years – I know less now than when I was 10.

    3. if the majority is whore what are you gonna do, go full monk until you meet your perfect unicorn? you have more luck to find her in the elysian field thant in this rotten society.
      pump and dump until you meet the less insuferable woman you can find.

      1. ” what are you gonna do, go full monk until you meet your perfect unicorn?”
        uh,yeah…thats exactly what im implying. whoredom is wicked,and we should not partake of it.

  26. if she’s fucking around might as well get her tested. Yourself as well if you cast a wide net.

  27. I find its extremely difficult to get a FB. In the short term – 3-4 months.. not a problem. Its seems easy on the surface…..Eventually the worm turns to “I thought we had a relationship …my feelings grew.. bla bla bla”.. I personally gave up on this practice when the last one pulled a gun out and another would come by unannounced and kept increasing the emotional game.
    Also, after you get 3 in the rotation- man- you need a doctor as too much sex just drains you mentally and physically… ..I think your better off just dating 1 with another in the bullpen and not worry about it or just do the “get drunk” and sport fuck routine.

  28. Every F Buddy I ever had started the who else are you seeing talk. There are women out there that are hard as nails but most of the ones I know are after a relationship.

  29. Use fake name, and do not feel guilty for lying to her. After all, she is a piece of meat anyways to be discarded once you are bored.

        1. Yup sure buddy; you seem to play stupid.
          You just love to reply to my comments. This isn’t the first time.

        2. I reply not only to your comments. Do not flatter yourself, please. To say that all women are meat …. seems you are very offended by some woman. A ” piece of meat” has given you your life….. hope your life will be better soon , less negative. Good luck

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