Slavery Practices Throughout History

What do you know about Spartans? Based solely on the movie 300 (2006), one could imagine they were fearless in combat, ridiculously ripped, and dedicated to fighting against tyranny.

But, did you know Spartans owned slaves? Though much closer to being serfs, helots lived in constant fear for their lives and were obligated to farm the land of the native Spartan they were assigned to, though they were officially owned by the Spartan state.

slavery helots

Helots also fought side by side with Spartans

How about ancient Romans? You surely must admire their engineering feats, such as building the magnificent Colosseum that still stands to this day. Yep, built by 100,000 slaves captured in one of many Roman conquests that will eventually lead to the weakening of the Roman republic and its demise. Simply put, territories and slaves captured by Romans were not being integrated into the society fast enough and were generally treated as tools to be discarded when their usefulness expires.

The same thing applies to Egyptians, Chinese, Aztecs and even Native Americans, who used to own whomever they could get their hands on, including blacks. The reason for such widespread acceptance of slavery was quite simple—the tribe or nation that owned more slaves was able to farm more land or mine more ore at almost no added cost.

This also served as a massive ego boost for the members of the host nation, as they now had more free time and could dedicate it to philosophy, poetry, art, and other abstract disciplines.

Slaves were sometimes held under control by the most primitive and efficient form of contraception—castration. The resulting eunuchs could be then safely employed in courts, harems, and other powerful positions without the fear of them wanting to bang princesses or queens and spawn contestants for the throne. These eunuchs were often a source of great drama and complex machinations as they fought for power.

slavery eunuch

Is he anyone’s favorite character or do we all hate him?

What actually constitutes slavery is a point of heated debate among historians, since even slaves had loosely defined ranks and varying degrees of privileges. Those who were physically fit could become gladiators or bodyguards and earn fame and their keep through sheer brute strength, educated slaves could become teachers, while slaves with cooking skills would be worth their weight in gold and treated with respect.

However, a majority of slaves had no such redeeming features and was destined to do hard physical labor, extracting value from the land to maintain the existing social order. As the host nation grew, so did its appetites, which meant more and more slaves had to be captured and brought back home. Eventually, the rulers would realize that it was much easier and cheaper to simply let the slaves breed at home.

A process for freedom

Sometimes, slaves were even able to individually gain civil rights, as if they were the native occupants of the land. This process varied from era to era, but it generally didn’t bestow the full extent of civil rights on the liberated slave—while the slave was formally free, the rigid social structure forbade him from climbing up the ranks and gaining any significant influence.

Slaves that weren’t properly integrated into the host nation would eventually become its greatest enemy, as the demographic structure changed over generations. Slaves would retain their own culture, religions and habits that would gradually squeeze out the native people’s. In a great twist of ironic justice, the conqueror would ultimately become the slave to the whims of the conquered, who now made a majority of the population.

Industrial practices and advancements in science have made all slavery practices largely insignificant and unneeded in the Western civilizations. What once took 100 people to do can now be achieved by one man sitting at the controls of a single Ingersoll Rand 700JW ZRA2 jib crane. Today, legislation confirms that slavery is an “immoral and thoroughly evil practice.”

slavery zra2

Ingersoll Rand ZRA2 jib crane

All successful civilizations employed some form of slavery—those that didn’t were quickly subdued by those that did. But they would all inevitably fall apart and leave only the ruins for the historians to study. Perhaps some day it will be possible to live in a world of true freedom. Until then, slavery in its many forms will be the norm, rather than the exception.

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  1. There always has to be a hierarchy in any superoganism -culture/society/civilization. You have the ruling class and the working class.
    Evolutionary biology doesn’t do ‘equal.’

    1. Even hearing the word “equality” makes me shake my head. Sounds like something a hipster lefty would say because they’re delusional.

  2. Eventually, civilizations discovered they could just enslave their own populations through marketing (propaganda) and fiat currencies. Furthermore, future immigrants(slaves) would come over on their own free will. Of course, with new technology and transport, we can export the ponzi scheme overseas as well, to keep them slaving away in their own homeland for their masters. Unless you’re in living in the woods, or a buddist temple, none of us are truly free….we just believe we are.

      1. I hate using leftist weasel words, but is this standard of living “sustainable”?

        1. Our most likely “sustainable” future is to live in doghouses with WiFi. I saw this article on Scandinavian (or Belgian maybe) bums being given free “housing” in the form of a plastic coffin that had solar panels, a pillow etc and I realized this is what the elites have in store for us – to live in an absolute minimum of space possible, while they sport 10-bathroom mansions.
          When I think about how difficult it is to get your own house these days – my grandparents simply chose a spot, took mud, straw and built a house. True, its isolation is shit, but the point is they could do it.
          Currently, I have no idea how I am going to afford my own house, let alone something else. And I am not the only one, it is the norm, rather than the exception.

      2. “We live a whole lot better with fiat money now than our ancestors lived with allegedly ‘real money’ in the past”
        Anyone can live better (for awhile) than their ancestors if they agree to sell their existing and future children (and all future grandchildren and great-grandchildren) into slavery in exchange for a credit card (excuse me, “New Deal,” “Great Society,” “Hope and Change”)

        1. Women are equal? Does that mean women are going to be forced to register for the draft?

        2. i am far worse than that. Five or more years ago I wrote on DGM-2 that IMO American woman are collectively clinically insane.
          And, the men who live with and around them are screwed up as well.

    1. True, however Cost-reduction innovation nulls the effect of the taxes at least by 50%
      If everyone had a larger supply of money, the cost of goods would simply rise therefore offering no advantage,
      low consumer money supply forces industry to innovate and make things with good price-performance, so taxes aren’t enslaving us as much as we think
      “dangit, tom dick and harry got ransacked 50% now they can’t afford to buy my crap” Engineer: “Ok lets invent a technique to cut costs so i can stay in business and sell this on the cheap””
      This is really how things work^
      Infact, the genius behind price performance and consumer demand/competition is the root of evolutionary progress both technological and informational

      1. I don’t think that high taxation brings more innovation than a free market. The products may become cheaper, but of a lesser quality, since the producers may find that it’s easier that way. And they do find it too often.

      2. This is meaningless. You are arguing about the degree of robbery. It doesn’t matter we are still being robbed!

    2. also goes by debt, education and shiny things you don’t fucking need.

      1. And teaching women not to settle for anything less than a man of “high value” and many women by illogical default believing they deserve ‘high value’ simply for turning up with make-up on – I think these factors may have inspired more men than any other factor to extreme realms of stupidity and self sacrifice.
        It starts when a guy finds that getting a car pulls birds.
        If he never recovers his own balls it just gets worse and worse…

    3. Debt, rather. If you have enough money to do what you want you are as free as free has ever come.

        1. More money more problems.
          How much do you think the lawyers, agents, stripper escapades turned secret child support ventures cost these guys?

    4. Its not the same. You still have the choice to change your work, where you live, who you work for etc. Taxation is required to providesome services on a society wide basis because thats the best way to do some things.

    5. Slavery is also known under other names, like child support, alimony, palimony, and community property.
      Of course, slavery doesn’t count when white men are the victims of it.

  3. I’m reminded of the slavery narrative in the US. How white slaveowners were portrayed as sadistic sociopaths who would beat the shit out of and rape their slaves for no damn reason, then force them into breeding experiments that made Mengele look like Florence Nightengale.
    Truth is, most slaveowners knew a better idea was to get their slaves invested with arranged marriages and that pissing off a group of people who outnumbered them 6 to 1 and were armed with farming implements was a pretty bad idea.
    The Narrative also doesn’t want you to know that white slaveowners considered whites who could not afford to own slaves to be less than the slaves themselves and encouraged their slaves to look down upon lower class whites.

    1. They also don’t want you to know that a tiny percentage of all whites owned slaves (around 6% I think) and that the first slave owner in America was actually black. There are lots of other inconvenient facts out there, but we don’t want to ruin the “400 years of muh slavery” fairytale, do we?

        1. Any European who is not an Islamophobe is basically spit and shit upon the graves of his/her ancestors.

      1. 6% in the South, at the PEAK of the American slave trade. Overall, around 1.4% of white people could even afford slaves.

        1. I love hearing stats like that, distilled from the centuries past, it just blows all femnazi propaganda right out of the water.

        2. My TRS buddies gonna shit all over me for this, but Stefan Molyneux did an excellent job in deconstructing the myths of slavery.

        3. Logic is abuse.
          I noticed that Moly didn’t mention the fact that markers of success rate in single FATHER black households is only two percent lower than that of both-parent households.

      2. Who’s this “they” you are talking about?
        Lets say your 6% is correct. What percentage of White people in slave owning states were employed by the slave-owner? What percentage of White people in these same states reported escaped slaves to the authorities or hunted them down for a reward? What percentage of White people recognized what an abuse slavery was and did something about it? What percentage of black people in slave owning states, were slaves?
        I hope the answers to these questions help to absolve your feelings of guilt.

        1. A few posts ago you said not to generalize when referring to blacks, but now you do it when speaking about whites. Point being, even if the majority of whites had owned slaves at that time, the ancestors of over two thirds of the whites living in the US today, came here in the mid 19th century and after, as slavery was ending or had already ended.
          As far as guilt, I find that concept laughable, even if my ancestors had owned slaves. Slavery did not end because it was unethical or immoral. It ended for one simple reason; The Industrial Revolution, which made slavery obsolete. If we ever have some kind of crash, as people say, and we go to some kind of post apocalyptic Mad Max style period, slavery will be right back on the menu.

        2. I was speaking on his terms and I referred to White people living in slave owning States. Furthermore, I am asking about proportions. That is pretty specific mate.
          There were many arguments and court cases won on the basis of ethics my friend. The abolition of slavery is part and parcel of the ethics of liberty, which in turn formed the basis for the Industrial Revolution.
          We have had loads of crashes mate and slavery never came back. I wouldn’t draw real life conclusions from fantasies.

        3. I am sure there were. Fact is that slavery has been part of human history since the beginning of civilization. Throughout that time there were lots of people who thought that it was immoral and unethical, but it only went fully away once it was possible to replace slave/forced labor with machinery. If that machinery were to be taken away, the need for slave/forced labor would come back. And no, that type of crash we have not had. On the level of subsistence, economics always trumps morals.

        4. The video above said all citizens were FORCED to participate in chasing slaves, and usually did not get any reward.
          We could ask the same questions you ask here, in regards to treatment of men in false rape cases or loss of custody cases.
          Yet, even with all the talk on the manosphere no one does much, except avoid marriage which is actually productive.

        5. Feelings of guilt? What are you talking about? I’m against all the nonsense being taught about American slavery. In school you’re lead to believe that US blacks are the only people in history who were ever enslaved and that every white person back in the 1600s-1860s was a slaveholder. I hate that.

        6. I also want to know who ‘they’ are, because as far as I was taught (and I got a fairly liberal education), very few whites actually owned slaves. But that was mostly because slaves were expensive. A young healthy male negro cost about the same as a car would today, taking inflation into account. Most whites didn’t need slaves nor could they afford them. And not all whites were evil; many were outspoken against slavery even in the south.
          Slavery was mostly due to big landowners controlling the cotton trade and being in bed with local governments. There’s no reason for all white people to feel guilt about it.

        7. There’s no reason for anyone to feel guilt about anything. It’s an irrational legacy emotion. My point is that this guy seems to be starting from a position of guilt so he presents an irrational argument to absolve himself of guilt. Sure there were only a handful of landowners in those times but the institution of slavery was arguably supported by many people white and otherwise who directly benefited.
          That said, no White person living today has anything to do with what was happening 100s of years ago.

        8. You get taught a lot of crap in American schools about various topics man. Your best cause of action is to petition for the abolishment of the Dept of Education.

        9. I think you missed the point of my questions. I am dubious about the claims of the video. And I am afraid I do not see the relevance of false rape claims or loss of custody. I think you are conflating issues. In fact, I am at a loss to try to understand exactly what your argument is here.

        10. I dunno’, young man. But, I think if you can’t see a connection between the current treatment of men by the government and slave chasing, I probably can’t help you. In both cases, society was so f’d up they were doing horrible things to innocent people and believed somehow in their mentally ill state that they were doing good.
          In both cases a class of people were designated as less than human, justifying anything they wanted to do with them.
          It happens over and over in history. At one time it was Native Americans. Another time it was people of African ancestry. then it was Jews. Today, it is any male.
          You said you are dubious about the video. Don’t just be dubious because it disagrees with your chosen viewpoint. Investigate and find out if there is a basis for his statements. I happen to think there is. And, if you look you will find it.

        11. I am afraid I fail to see the parallels between the horrors of hundreds of years of slavery along with millions of deaths and/or ruined lives and frankly, the inconvenience of uneven divorce law. To argue that they are same sounds to me like serious denial. I am not sure if the argument is disgusting or pathetic. It appears to me that White Americans are suffering severe guilt due to the legacy of slavery and they create all kinds of bizarre arguments to ease their emotions, in your case, proposing an absurd moral equity here.
          The claim that all citizens were forced to chase slaves is ridiculous on its face. Perhaps the author is referring to some personal and peculiar interpretation of the Fugitive Slave Laws.
          My father suffered both essentially,and while he is undoubtedly bitter about the losses sustained in divorce he has rebuilt his life. He is under no illusions about the struggles he had due to the effective apartheid existing in the US after slavery. Next to that, divorce was a bump in the road.

        12. There is no reason for anyone to feel any guilt for slavery….it was before our time.
          There is no reason for blacks to feel victimhood on the basis of slavery…it was before their time.

        13. Actually, no. i was quoting directly from THE KEYS TO UNCLE TOM’S CABIN, by Harriet Beecher Stowe, 1851 I believe. She quoted the law and what people were telling her was actually happening. I just happened to run across the book again recently, and chose to re-read it.
          It might behoove you to get that book and read it, so you know what really happened in those days.
          Many people attempted to discredit Stowe, and in every case she proved her point. Your hint that maybe she sorta’ made it up about the law requiring people to chase slaves is a perfect example.
          So, a man who loses his children from divorce really doesn’t count as much, not compared to your group’s problem, right? Only black men or women losing their children because of slavery can be said to truly suffer?
          Tell me, English Bob, where is the only place in the world today where slavery, true traditional slavery, still exists? I know, do you?

        14. This is not a fair debate since you’re old enough to remember what happened in those days…;-)
          I understand that in reference to Fugitive Slave laws marshals in non slave owning states were required to raise a “posse” to chase down the slave. This of course was an extension of existing posse comitatus laws. That said, I’m not sure what bearing this has on the discussion.
          So what about a black man who loses his children in a divorce as happened to my father?
          Of course the truth is, you will never lose your children. But having them sold down the river… Now that is something else.

        15. It is strictly coincidental that I dug out my copy of THE KEY TO UNCLE TOM’S CABIN and am re-reading it.
          It is a horrifying book. Everyone who wants to know the truth about slavery needs to read it. The worst thing in there, she would not even tell what was done to a certain slave, but referred the reader to another book. Which I found.
          A nephew of president Jefferson as angry at his slave, tied him face down, and cut his feet off his legs. Then, he cut his legs off at the knees. Then, his legs off his body. The slave was begging to be killed quickly. Then, he took the remains and burned them. This was in front of other slaves who were warned they would get the same. His own wife found out and squealed on him. There was a trial and he was condemned to death. Somehow he escaped and died a natural death in New Orleans.
          So, you ask why this is relevant. We all have our own view of things. My view is the same social mental illness that let a society enslave and work to death large amounts of blacks and whites (yes, whites) is also what lets our society so totally mistreat men today. Nothing is seen wrong with divorced men not being allowed to see their own children. Nor to be thrown in jail for losing their jobs.
          As far as the slave chasers, Stowe said there was a civic duty for every man to spend so many hours in patrolling. Rolls were kept and there were severe penalties for non-compliance.they would stop all suspected persons and examine their passes.
          Some individuals, maybe many, are convinced every white approved of slavery. Even Abe Lincoln was accused in modern times of being soft on slavery. Yet, at one point, his entire state legislature approved a resolution against those vile abolitionists. He and another legislator made up their own paper supporting abolition. He made it clear he hated slavery, but feared any such action would start a Civil War.
          Once it became clear there would be no peaceful settlement of the Civil War, he issued the proclamation.

      3. actually just over 1 percent of all Americans had slaves and close to 50 percent of slave owners were jewish

    2. They also didn’t want to look at the fact that the most well-known cruel and sadistic slaveowners were black. Hell, we didn’t even have hereditary slaves until a black slaveowner pressed to make it legal.

    3. My advice to American YT is support rereparations. But only if they get the money from the descendents of slave owners. Ben Affleck supported reparations and has now found out that his ancestors were slave owners. Let’s see if he puts his money were his self righteous liberal mouth is.

      1. Obama’s family owned slaves, too. So did the Vanderbilt’s, as in, Tom Anderson Cooper’s family.

    4. They didn’t beat them and rape them for no reason. They did it to subjugate them. Use your head numbnuts!

      1. Dunno if troll. Gonna assume it’s not for sake of argument. Once again, pointless beating and raping isn’t a good long-term solution when slaves were given farming tools that consist of a stick with a sharp piece of metal on it and had numbers advantage.

        1. If by troll you mean someone who disagrees with you that pretty much makes you an idiot.
          More to the point, I just said that the beatings weren’t pointless. Which part of that did you not understand?

        2. Well, no. Normally, when I see you commenting, you’re not so defensive and, well… beta.

        3. To be honest, I think that immediately and unthinkingly accusing your opponent of trolling is well… beta.
          I don’t think you know what defensive means.

      2. The Turks and Arabs cut the dicks and balls off black slaves. Many of them didn’t survive the procedure.

        1. The Eastern slaves also had a life expectancy of around 5 years. Being worked to death was a common thing. As Moly pointed out, if you’re gonna be a slave, you wanna West, not East.

        2. Yeah that happened in lots of countries to lots of different people but what is your point?

        3. No, it didn’t. Turks are Arabs slaved blacks and white for well over 1500 years. They made the White into warriors to fight their own people,(The Janissaries) and castrated the blacks. They could always get new blacks since they were situated so close to Africa. Also, blacks sold their own, when Britain declared all slavery illegal, blacks came to see the Queen to protest. In 1807, Britain declared all slave trading illegal. The king of Bonny (in what is now the Nigerian delta) was dismayed at the conclusion of the practice. “We think this trade must go on. That is the verdict of our oracle and the priests. They say that your country, however great, can never stop a trade ordained by God himself.”
          King Gezo said in the 1840’s he would do anything the British wanted him to do apart from giving up slave trade: “The slave trade is the ruling principle of my people. It is the source and the glory of their wealth…the mother lulls the child to sleep with notes of triumph over an enemy reduced to slavery…”
          You’re not taught about this because you’re being used as a pawn. Slavery is portrayed as ONLY whites on blacks. In fact, Arabs and Jews were the biggest slavery of both Whites AND Blacks.

        4. Er yes it did. Castration occurred through Europe and Asia. You can read about it in the Old Testament. Also, the Chinese were pretty big on it. The OTTOMANS were also situated close to Europe. Check your map.
          “blacks protested”. Don’t say foolish things. A group of self-interested individuals went to the Queen to protest. Somehow I doubt that black slaves in the colonies protested en masse.
          I am not taught about anything. I teach myself like any man does. Slavery is not only portrayed as Whites on Blacks. I just got done watching Spartacus. Reflect on that my friend.

        5. It was more common is Asia but standard procedure in Europe. Not much compares to the Arabic and Turkish cruelty.
          In the over 13 centuries of Arab slave trade in Africa at least 28 million Africans were enslaved and shipped to the Middle East. It is claimed that a vast majority of the male black slaves, estimated around 80%, were castrated. European slaves were also castrated, often by non-Muslims to bypass Islamic prohibitions. European “castration centers” existed in Central Europe and other areas beyond Islamic rule, from which eunuchs were then imported.[130] ‘The Calipha in Baghdad at the beginning of the 10th Century had 7,000 black eunuchs and 4,000 white eunuchs in his palace.” The Arab slave trade typically dealt in the sale of castrated male slaves. Black boys at the age of eight to twelve had their scrotum and penis completely amputated. Around 9 out of 10 bled to death during the procedure, but the high price brought by eunuchs on the market made the practice profitable.

    5. Everyone has heard of UNCLE TOM’S CABIN. But, most folks have not heard of THE KEYS TO UNCLE TOM’S CABIN. Stowe was accused of making crap up in UTC. So she produced another book which is solely excerpts from newspaper articles and court rulings or personal testimony supporting that every detail in UTC was based on truth.
      Amazon sells, or did when I bought it, reproductions of TKTUTC.
      Black Africa today still has slavery. Go figure.
      Of course, I am an extremist. And, IMO current child support laws involve slavery in the true sense of the word. Being ordered to work for another person with absolutely no consideration, not even seeing the kids.
      I realize there are a lot of “manly men” who think you are obliged to support any kids you conceived, NO MATTER WHAT. I do not agree. If the kids live with you, most men will support them without coercion, except of course men raised without a father. It is only when the man doesn’t have his kids with him that he rebels.
      It took me years to understand why that is. But, once I figured it out I learned second wives got it before I finished explaining it.
      It has to do with the “most horrible thing that can happen to a woman.” Rape. Though even that isn’t true. In the 80’s, we had one of the ad infinitum ad nauseum feminist rape campaigns repeating the lie that rape is the worst thing that can happen to a woman.
      I decided to find out. So, in a slack time at work, I wandered around and asked women if it were true that rape was the worst thing that could happen to a woman. I already knew it wasn’t, but wanted their opinions.
      All the women I asked agreed, yes, it was the worst thing that could happen to a woman. Then, I asked them if they would give up their kids FOREVER to avoid being raped. 100% of them instantly made it clear that they viewed losing their kids forever to be much worse than being raped.
      One sturdy woman even threatened to kick my rear end for suggesting she was such a bad mother that she would give up her kids forever to avoid a trivial thing like being raped.
      Yet, millions of men are expected to not whine at losing their kids and work, work, work to send lots of money to the person who did something to him that she herself views as worse than rape.
      But, I haven’t told why men hate child support so much.
      Women relate to their bodies and what comes from it, more than anything else. That is why women spend more on clothes and cosmetics, than anything. And, to be forced to share their precious bodies with anyone they don’t love and cherish is verbally, if not really, considered to be the worst thing that can happen to a woman.
      What do men relate to? Their work. Everyone knows that. Men view their work as part of themselves. Ask a man to tell you about himself, and he will either tell you what he does for a living or how terrible it feels to be unemployed.
      Just as women don’t want to share their bodies except for love so do men not want to share their work with someone who hates them. Why would they?
      Margaret Meade once wrote that no society had ever convinced men to support anyone except their current woman and her children. Note that in our modern society it takes guns or threat of guns to make it happen.
      It really disgusts me when a man spouts off about how all men should support their offspring no matter what. Over the years, most men i knew who talked that way did not have children! Hee, hee.

    6. I’d call the killing and destroying of black owned businesses in Oklahoma around 1921 pretty sadistic.

        1. Just an example of the kind of hate blacks had to deal with even after they were supposedly free. I find it hard to believe slave owners gave a shit about “pissing off” their slaves due to a difference in number. Black people knew who was in charge and what would happen to them if they retaliated.

        2. Be that as it may, fact still remains that there were very few slave rebellions in the US. Compared to, say, every other nation that practiced slavery, where putting down rebellions was a fact of life. The exception of course, lies with Mid Eastern nations, where black slaves were castrated and worked to death within five years.

  4. Semi-Related.
    Just discovered that Toronto has a government page dedicated to the issue of low-sex drive in Toronto males. Apparently this is common enough to warrant a page by the Ontario government.
    Here is a quote.
    “The most accurate description of Low sex drive and low libido in Toronto men, most Toronto doctors and therapists would agree, is a lack of interest in sex. For example, a man would rather watch golf on television than have sex. This is more accurately known as “low libido.”
    I’d put money down that if any normal-sized woman walked in front of one of these men with an appreciative smile and a sandwich in her hand, they’d leap off the couch so fast they’d get whiplash.

    1. “most Toronto doctors and therapists would agree, is a lack of interest in sex. For example, a man would rather watch golf on television than have sex”
      So the article is saying
      They don’t want to swing their club and balls into a woman’s hole, but rather sublimate it through a sport

    2. clark, i’m currently just over the border from you and let me tell you, not only is the grass no greener over here… it may as well be a dirt-farm in the dust-bowl (as compared to canadians, american women are far fatter… farrrrr fatter… and forget fashionable clothing. nothing but hoodies and sweat-pants).
      just to echo what you’ve said: i don’t think any man has a lack of interest in sex… more and more men are MGTOW. why? the majority of the local women no longer embrace femininity, most resemble monsters of mythology, self-mutilation is everywhere, and their attitudes are terrible and without honor.
      i’m sure if sex is readily available with feminine women, the toronto government would be shocked to see that so called ‘low sex drive’ and ‘low libido,’ flip itself on its head!

      1. Exactly.
        They would never say anything that even remotely puts responsibility onto women. Expecting fairness from women has become misogyny. They have to frame men’s lack of interest in sex and relationships as a “disorder” rather than a lack of incentives.
        And just to clarify I’m not here trying to come across as “Boohoo woe is me”. Truthfully I’m doing better than a lot of my peers, and that is what I find so absurd. In 2015, I don’t understand how any man can be blue-pill.
        And finally I hear you, I don’t think it is magically better over the border. I’m sure there are many American men now who realize that the system doesn’t give a damn about them, and many more soon to discover that.

        1. absolutely man. thank the good Lord i saw the light when i did… i narrowly avoided several life-changing moments that would have ultimately been mistakes!

    3. Toronto is a strange place. I lived abroad in Asia for ten years, and coming back here I can’t help but feel almost drugged and lifeless.

  5. War is another one that will always be practiced by humans no matter what time period we live in. I’m not saying I agree with all wars but the truth is as long as there are humans around, we’ll be killing each other.

  6. B-b-b-b-but I thought slavery started and ended with White people in America! That’s what they taught me in elementary school!

    1. And so now we shall tell the feminists and Tumblrinas… “slavery is just a social construct.”

      1. Yes! We can say with utmost pettiness that anything that doesn’t suit our fancy or we don’t relate emotionally to is a “social construct”. Pop music and reality TV are the first things on my slaughter list!

        1. I do frequently troll those people with stuff like that. It is quite entertaining.

        2. Entertainment is a social construct. Now go mutilate your genitals and get breast implants to let that female out that’s screaming inside of you. Don’t forgot to consume lots of soy products to boost your estrogen, too. You can then tell the media you “just” always knew this is who you were meant to be. They’ll lionize you as a hero and put you on every checkout aisle magazine cover. Go on, have “the courage”!

        1. And how exactly isn’t slavery a social construct? It’s an invented social concept, not a scientific fact.

    2. No it didn’t but why do some white americans want to diminish the role of this form of slavery? Yes there was slavery elsewhere, but we don’t live elsewhere we live in America

        1. Dont dimish any history, but its important to understand my white ancestors are just as likely to have been slaves at some point in history as someone who is black.
          The difference is i dont milk it every day of my life.

        2. White slaves were captured all over Europe and transported to many African, Asian and yes even American lands. How about the origin of the word slave” 1250-1300; Middle English sclave < Medieval Latin sclāvus (masculine),sclāva (feminine) slave, special use of Sclāvus Slavic, so called becauseSlavs were commonly enslaved in the early Middle Ages; see Slav

        3. The difference is when your white parents were in America they were not subject to jim crow laws and jim crow education which denied them basic educational rights. In fact the jim crow laws may have even been more damaging than slavery it shaped most of the negative behaviours you attribute to black Americans. Which is why black africans and carribean immigrants don’t have those same problems. Black americans have problems, but they were all created by whites.

        4. Good for you I don’t milk it neither, but sometimes other people have pushed it in front of me.

        5. The only reason blacks live above the level of African tribesmen (like animals) is because the jews brought you over here, and rich sellout white cunts undercut white labor by participating.
          Blame them.
          I do.

        6. African tribes people were living above the levels of most whites before whites came into africa and started kidnapping people. When whites were still starving in America and eating their children, blacks had constructed the great pyramids thousands of years before england even existed.

        7. Why is it that Japanese Americans had the same (or worse) racism than blacks, were actually herded into concentration camps during WW2 here in the US, and were by far and away the most hated race in the US after WW2 but 2 generations later are the highest income group in the country while Blacks are actually as a group is probably worse off than in 1960 due to the overwhelming amount of single parent (mostly female) households?

        8. Were the Japanese subject to jim crow laws or were they counted as honorary whites? Where the Japanese denied access to America’s universities or were they given special status in the universities that allowed them to attend america’s top educational institutions paid for by black people’s tax dollars? Japanese were hearded into concentration camps for 6 years in WW2, blacks were hearded into concentration camps for 600 years in America. A japanese was never the most hated race, they were not lynched and were not enslaved and had their history, languages, cultures, and religion stolen from them by the white man.
          Japanese aren’t even affected by white discrimination because they get the business loans from japanese banks in America if the white banks won’t lend to them. A black American can hardly even get a business loan with the same credit profile as a white man.

        9. rofl. every darky’s got a rationalization for why their subhuman race fails and fails again. it’s humorous.

      1. Slavery should never be covered up, but blacks need to understand they don’t have a monopoly on being victims of slavery. This continued victimhood is one of the things that holds them back, and its constantly drawn upon as an excuse for a multitude of failures.

        1. I speak on behalf of all blacks when I say we understand that we don’t have a monopoly on being victims of slavery.
          Now are we ready to stop speaking in absurdly general terms about a billion odd people?

        2. It’s impossible to have a discussion about a billion or so people by talking about each and every individual.
          Its essential to talk about grouos and their characteristics in general and the patterns that emerge time and time again. When dealing with such high numbers of people you have to talk about the typical, the average, generally etc.
          I always laugh when people arguement back with anecdote and really believe it is a point that carries any weight, but we see this weak debating style used on a multitude of occassions.
          Let me give you an example…
          We know from stats the world over that blacks are more likely to be involved in crime, criminal violence and violence than any other racial group.
          This is talking about one group compared with other groups.
          It is not every black i refer to, or even the majority or necessarily a large minority.
          It does not mean there are not white and asian criminals who are violent.
          It does not mean that most blacks are law abiding citizens.
          But there is always an simpleton idiot who argues back ‘i hve a friend who is black and he’s not violent and has never been a criminal’ as though it somehow proves the statistics wrong.

        3. This is a hilarious post, you berate any attempt to talk in general terms but take it upon yourself to make a single announcement on behalf the the entire black population of the world.

        4. Only blacks who are raised in fatherless homes are the worst actors. And, whites who are raised in fatherless homes don’t do much better.
          One of the Kennedy brothers divorced, many years ago. Within a short time his son was doing drugs and hanging out with druggies.
          I remember because it was in the news at the time. The only way I know is because of remembering, because the MSM sure doesn’t remind us.

        5. -Blacks don’t claim to have a monopoly on slavery or being victims of it.
          -That be like saying jews claim to have a monopoly on genocide
          -White people are pushing alot of the victim mentality. Sure blacks aren’t all perfect, but the white system more so than white people aren’t helping.

        6. Statisitcally when you look at the billion blacks in the world and billion whites, there are FAR more whites in prison than blacks and far more white criminals.
          Further the American stats are quiet skewed by racism as studies show. American cops are mostly white, as are the lawyers, judges and legal system. Whites are 70% of arrest but 40% of jail. Blacks are around 30% of arrest and around 40% of jail in the us. In otherwords, half of whites aren’t even taken to trial after being charged. There is alot of bias, and the stats don’t reflect crime, they reflect bias.

        7. Statistics don’t count for the fact that many whites don’t go to trial and convicted neither.

        8. I understand but you for you to say “blacks need to understand” is illogical and also is indicative of an agenda. And you know full well what I mean by agenda. Only an individual can understand anything. Its a bit like saying “society needs to do X”. Society cannot do anything it is an abstract concept. And so is this arbitrary group of blacks you are talking about.
          Furthermore, I would suggest that you consider the inherent weakness of statistics. They do not prove anything and they certainly do not tell you the probability that an individual will do anything. To say so shows a complete misunderstanding of probability and quantitative research.
          Statistics are open to interpretation. They are subjective. So you can say “look at how many black people are criminals, they have an innate predisposition to be violent” or a black activist can say “the high crime rate in black communities is indicative of the legacy of slavery that still holds black people back today”.
          Who is right and who is wrong? To answer this we have to move beyond simplistic arguments based on proportions of arbitrary groups of people.
          Btw, I can make a very good argument that every single White adult in America commits as many as three felonies a day.

        9. I’ll do you one better. Statistics don’t count for shit.
          Lies, damned lies and…

        10. My mistake to not make it clear to any idiots who were reading that I was being sarcastic!

        11. This happens to many blacks as well. OJ Simpson much?
          The reverse happens to whites, believe it or not life for white people is no easier than life fro black people.

        12. “O.J. Simpson” how did I know that would be used, first of all if he actually got away with it that is just a little sneak peak of what Blacks have endured long before this country was created. With actual Black Killing and Inequality under the Law where White Criminals have received reduced sentences or have literally gotten away with murder. Honestly it is a combination of race and also class and they create different situations.
          I’m not saying Whites have an easy life, I’m just observing general patterns.

        13. So before the country was created, Blacks were national treasure running backs in the NFL, media darlings and rich beyond justification?
          You fail to see the wood for the trees.
          If you think that black criminals have never had sentences reduced and that this is something only whites enjoy – like the higher rates of Police brutality – then it is obvious why you were wondering how long it would be until some white person throw OJ Simpson in your face. You have no other frame of reference and allow a mildly racist bent to colour your ignorance. You fail to see the wood for the trees.
          OJ Simpson, despite being black, had somehow managed to become a celebrity, incredibly rich, and highly regarded and valued. Sounds like a tough ride riddled with racial harassment….
          He’s caught red handed having murdered his wife and someone else – and black america loves the man to bits. White America is so racist that they acquit him and let him free.
          Rodney King by all rights should have been shot dead by the police the moment the police realised that tasters aren’t working and this man has zero regard for the safety of people around him – the video you saw was 8 seconds long. The entire video shows how dangerous this man was and how much self restraint the police demonstrated.
          The black rioters after his shooting indiscriminately murdered unconnected white people who had the audacity to turn up.
          Can you name the white people who were murdered?
          Or can you not see the wood for the trees?

        14. Again I never said “Never” lol…I’m referring to general trends within this nation historically and up to present day time. I also said it was a Racial and Class (income) issue…where different combinations and levels of each play a part.
          O.J. managed to rise and gain riches, yes I agree. He did face prejudice unfortunately but he was able to change his image to a friendlier version which satisfied the greater American (white) public. The NFL was previously segregated as was other various sports fields and other businesses. This is just a simple fact that can’t be argued.
          Refer back to what I previously wrote please…if you understand the historical and current narrative in this country of the white criminal literally getting away with murder where the evidence is clear, then you will see why black people rooted for O.J. When a white person stated “I no longer trust our justice system…” we were thinking wow welcome to the party you just got a glimpse of whats been happening to us since before this country was created. also it was about the innocent black man being blamed for a crime he did not commit.
          furthermore we still simply don’t know for sure the details of the O.J. Simpson events. And no one can prove he is guilty in the first place. Also the Black Rioters who injured or killed whites were condemned by other blacks first of all second of all..if they were caught they went to JAIL and JUSTICE WAS SERVED. It has not been that way the other way around. That is simply the difference try to understand and read closely.

        15. Yeah… you don’t know their names do you?
          But the real question is why not?
          How many people were killed in Stalin Russia?
          You ‘know’ what you have been allowed to ‘know’.
          Justice is not served once innocent people have been murdered for the colour of their skin.

        16. The real question in this country is if Justice was served on the people killed. Yes it was unfortunate but the criminals paid the price at the end.
          Stalinist Russia was one of the worse genocides in history but we were talking about America.
          And yes we are only allowed to know what they want us to know…but that is why you must study as many pieces to get closer to the truth.
          Justice is served when the criminal is punished fairly.

        17. The point I’m making is that for a very long time, America has had a clear and distinct practice of ‘reverse racism’.
          It has promoted ethnic minority recruitment in the most simple and doomed way – a way in which treats Blacks as handicaps (i refer to the practice of ‘race norming’ IQ and aptitude tests).
          This is probably the most racist sentiment but it’s gone completely over the heads of black America (not Thomas Sowell) and has allowed whites to pretend they no longer have any squirmy feelings or prejudice by hiding it behind some faked out guilt for slavery.
          Whether criminals are dealt with justly or not, the point I make is that everyone knows Rodney King – and despite him being a class A piece of shit who put any and all people he encountered as he tore down the highway at 120 mph at serious and indiscriminate risk – he became a rallying point for black america.
          Yes we know that for every white racist, there is a black counterpart, but America as a whole were totally indifferent to the deaths of innocent whites – this includes news stations, blog sites, radio shows and any other way that the plight of Rodney King WAS acknowledged. He didn’t even die.
          America has ignored it’s anti white racism for a long time.
          Black America has been too caught up feeling sorry for itself and making the most of the guilt ridden testicle-less whites. Now black america will be the ones who legitimise armed forces imposing martial law (Baltimore).
          The New World Order is pleased.

        18. “but America as a whole were totally indifferent to the deaths of innocent whites – this includes news stations, blog sites, radio shows and any other way that the plight of Rodney King WAS acknowledged. He didn’t even die.”
          Not indifferent because usually if a white person is killed Justice will be served the criminal will face Justice especially if the criminal is Black. Again I will repeat it for you its very simple…that was not the always the case for White on Black Crime. Whites have literally gotten away with murder countless of times against Black people. That is why that particular dynamic has garnered more attention. That is what you and Conservative Media fail to realize. I rather have justice served than “attention.”
          Also its not “Feeling Sorry for itself,” its being aware and vocal about certain realities that have face and continue to face our communities in general. Yes that also includes internal issues as well. Also that does not mean you don’t go out and work hard everyday and try to better your situation. It’s really very simple.

        19. You keep using generalisations – “if a white person is killed, justice will be served”. I’m using examples.
          You obviously don’t see how massively prejudice this is. This is based upon the common assumption of black inferiority and white superiority.
          You should look up some of the statistics regarding black Judges and the rates at which they incarcerate black defendants. And Black Police officers and the stats regarding discharge of firearms.
          Again, you fail to see the wood for the tree’s.
          How does racist america vote Barak Obama in?
          How does a racist america forget the innocent whites that were murdered right in front of news camera’s?
          If you suggesting that white america ignores the difficulties endured by america’s black community then you are just ignoring everything that led to liberation of african americans. And pretending that white america ignores police brutality within the black community.
          Of course they do, they just put it all over the news first and then revive it very so often so that no one knows about it…

        20. Again its so simple..list examples for me in this country where Black criminals have gotten away with murdering whites people because of a corrupt court and jury or publicly lynching whites. The other way around I can list many specific examples. Again when white victims are hurt and killed Justice will simply be served, especially if it is a black criminal (sometimes the Black accuses is innocent!)…the white on black crime however is a specific dynamic in this country where there have existed levels of inequality and injustice under the law not found the other way around. Its actually extremely simple. Also class plays a role as well.
          I never stated ALL whites what I list is simple general truths about how this society operates and has operated in the past. These general trends can be backed up by specific cases, which shows an overall current and historical pattern. That is not to say that whites didn’t help in liberating black people as well. You seem to get very defensive in the face of certain realities. By the way slavery ended in other places including non white countries before they did in America.
          Furthermore because Obama was voted in for President does not mean that pockets of ignorance and racism have vanished in society today. That is illogical. Especially when the population margins, and general attitudes have shifted, and its telling as well that it has taken this long, in the first place.

        21. I think your rationalising and speaking in the volumes of someone who has no clear response.
          I think you have a egotistical prejudice in favour of the old story of blacks/good/victims/, Whites/bad/oppressors.
          Do you ever expect a multi cultured country built on slavery and brutality not to have ‘pockets’ of racism at least?
          Thats freedom of choice.
          The man right at the top is a man of colour.
          70% of the NFL is black.
          80% of the NBA is black.
          When blacks are the victims of Police brutality, people riot, mayors give them space to riot, and law enforcement are told not to intervene despite the fact they are sworn to protect the public.
          In what country where people of colour are heavily oppressed does this happen?
          When was the last time people rioted because a white man died in custody?
          It’s really simple and does not require your immense beating around the bush.
          Sorry if it damages your self perception, but blacks do not have a monopoly on suffering in the US or wider world.
          You should show more compassion for whites. Then you might start to understand.
          I’m still waiting for the names BTW…
          You also tried to convince me that black crime on whites is lesser crime and excusable but that white crime towards blacks is deeply racist and inspired by history.
          This is just straight up excuse making for your racism.

        22. lol
          Again its not ALL, I never said that Blacks have a monopoly on suffering. I am speaking about the trend in this county specifically its very simple when you look at it. You are actually the one rationalizing. It is actually sad people like you can’t simply be honest and realistic about it. As I own up to certain advantages experienced by certain people elsewhere. Its kind of sad. As for the NFL and sports its as it should be now as those leagues are not perfect but sports is supposed to be the great “equalizer” where ideally it should be an experiment in meritocracy, which is actually what I am about. And ironically sports was the perfect example historically of racism and preference towards whites.

    3. Your elementary school was retarded. My first exposure to the concept of slavery concerned the Romans. As for what the slaves thought of this, see Spartacus.
      That said, this article is also quite retarded. The point of it is hard to divine, although it seems to be a subtle apology for slavery (see every civilization – this claim unproven – used slavery so its perfectly fine!).
      We can make a more cogent point. There are always people trying to steal stuff from others, be it their land, their possessions or their labour. Just because a lot of people do this doesn’t make it right. There are also many practices in the past (such as coerced human sacrifice) which we today recognize as irrational and unethical. Human beings have evolved past that and others.
      However, there is a backward slide into slavery happening today. Are you being coerced into giving 50% of your income to a specific group of people? Are you rights proscribed by these same people? Well then, you are a slave.

      1. …this article is also quite retarded. The point of it is hard to divine, although it seems to be a subtle apology for slavery … Just because a lot of people do this doesn’t make it right.

        The point of the article is that without some form of slavery, modern technology would probably never have been developed. The belief that only good actions lead to good outcomes, and that only bad actions lead to bad outcomes is generally a Leftist way of thinking, and is not in touch with reality. Nearly everyone alive today benefited from slavery in the past. Saying that aloud probably makes some people uncomfortable, but it doesn’t mean it’s not true. So the article might very well be an apologia for slavery, but that doesn’t mean he’s wrong.

        1. That’s a very myopic answer and it is the answer of a Statist to a Libertarian. You are talking about what is seen versus what is unseen. You might say, black people living in the West have benefitted from slavery since otherwise they would be living in an impoverished West African nation. But this says nothing about how those nations would have developed if not for the looting of their countries by colonial powers.
          In other words, your argument is unscientific – meaning it is impossible to verify the validity of it. This being the case, you are left with a mere and rather pathetic apology for slavery. There is no justification for crime, whether you think the victim benefitted or not.
          And as for modern technology being a direct result of slavery… absolutely absurd.

        2. That’s a very myopic answer and it is the answer of a Statist to a Libertarian.

          It’s not a political answer, it’s a factual one. “Bad” actions don’t always result in bad outcomes. This is a fact.

          But this says nothing about how those nations would have developed if not for the looting of their countries by colonial powers.

          Looting how? Slaves? Africans sold other Africans into slavery for money. Africa is still one of the most resource rich continents in the world today. Prior to foreigners arriving, they had no idea they even had anything of value, nor did they know what to do with it. They lived in grass huts, kept slaves, and participated in cannibalism. Seriously, would you ever find a cannibal restaurant today at a hotel in the West? The “What have the Romans ever done for us?” Monty Python skit sums the inconvenient truth up pretty well.

          And as for modern technology being a direct result of slavery… absolutely absurd.

          He mentions this in the article in a way that’s very easy to understand. “… as [the enslavers] now had more free time and could dedicate it to philosophy, poetry, art, and other abstract disciplines.” … oh, and science and math! This isn’t hard to understand. Perhaps it makes you uncomfortable, but you benefited from slavery whether you want to admit it or not.

      2. The point is fairly simple, start fitting slavery into historic context instead of using its fairly recent practice in the United States as an excuse. Also, realize that it was technology that ended the practice, not morality. If the technology goes away (EMP detonation over United States and Europe) slavery will return with a vengeance. This little blip of human freedom is just that.

    4. The first slaves brought to America (so excluding the indigenous Americans encountered in and not brought to) where white. They were snatched off the streets of major cities and ports by press gangs – themselves slaves, largely white in not totally, within England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.
      They were bought over as chattel cargo, many of the boats WAY overloaded meaning few made it through alive, they served as slaves and indentured servants – worse in theory and often in practice than being a slave because indentured servitude comes to an end meaning a master may as well work an indentured servant to death as he/she was no life long investment.
      They were worked in the caribean and colonies in America – as you may imagine white slaves performing harsh manual labour in the tropical climates of many of these islands and colonies developed vicious sunburn which is where the term rednecks and red legs comes from. This, conveniently for the masters they were indentured to meant they tended to expire within 1 and a half years giving no economical reason to respect the health and safety of those indentured.
      Just saying is all…

      1. Another fun fact: An African slave was worth 50 pounds sterling, and Irish slave was worth… wait for it…. 5.

        1. Cheers! Those are the kind of hard stats I like to throw into race crusaders faces when they get out of line and cross into white men started slavery territory.
          Funnily enough, the same people that think all in the bible were really black, and that Jesus was really black, and that humans at that time were black, are the same ones that somehow think white people invented slavery…
          PS, would be great to get a source for those stats!

        2. Most of the women were sold in the Middle East and the men in Americas. Guess what kind of work was expected from each?

        3. I posted a Stefan Molyneux video somewhere along this thread that points it all out, he includes all his sources on his site. The video title is, “The Truth About Slavery.” Someone else posted his vid, “The Truth About White Privilege” which is also highly recommended.

        4. No one states that Whites created Slavery, many people in the Bible were NOT WHITE…Jesus was a Hebrew who were brown people even today in Bethlehem. Jews today in Israel are Ashkenazi Jews who are European imports. They were basically colored people’s and NOT WHITE which has to be stressed because you have people worshiping the false Blonde haired blue eyed Jesus. This is still perpetuated by media outlets like Conservative ones that are based on ignorance.
          However under the “One-Drop” rule that whites invented in America and enforced under law, many of these brown people would be considered black like Obama. Which is my response when someone adds “But he is half-white” not our rules! Anyway yes many whites could not do the same amount of labor that the Black could do in hot weather. Which is ironic since the whites pushed the Black man is “lazy” thing.

        5. Many records of Jesus (like the ones of his stay in England, Somerset) were of a green eyed, blonde haired boy. In that part of the world many people existed and interestingly you will note that people were defined by their nation not their colour.
          Jesus was always described as being plain. He is described as actually being ‘ugly’ in resurrection (he was flogged and crucified after all). He disappeared into crowds and was impossible to recognise when he didn’t want to be.
          The Bible is full of lessons for those who have yes to see and ears to hear – some of those lessons come from not what was written but what was not written if you catch me…?
          The absence of colour description is telling. Jesus not being described a good looking or impressive is telling.
          This is the record of God’s relationship with Man. Nuff said I hope.
          But don’t let ‘them’ dictate to you or us about who we are or what makes us identifiable and definable. I say this in response to your one drop comment. Nobody identifies you better than you do and if the one drop rubbish lived it’s because we allowed it to and many of us did not!

        6. Neither is your education – no offence, or mine for that matter.
          Nor the TV programs we learn from.

        7. Well in essence none of us are completely accurate you are correct. None of us are the ideal..whether it is the absolute truth of events, the truth of current events, or even the ideal version of ourselves.

        8. The descriptions of him in England obviously would reflect what the English want him to look like. What I am saying is that most likely he was not white judging by the time and region where Jesus existed if he walked the Earth, as opposed to the Euro-centric Jesus that represents him all over the world today.

        9. I think the descriptions of him in England reflect what was seen if/when He was in England. The evidence of His presence in England goes back to before Jesus himself understood that He was the Son of God. The recounts of him as a young man were not recounts of Jesus Christ – just a young man who arrived with Joseph of Aramathea and was known to impress with his intellect and surprising wisdom. These people just recorded him as a normal person and had no idea He would become who He become…
          So I do not think this is a case of the English people being prejudice – many ancient peoples of Britain and Ireland were brown anyway.
          Thats if He really was in England.
          I personally do not think he was Black – certainly not what we consider black today. The Romani (Indian) were called black by the rest of the world for a long time. Historical descriptions of people as ‘black’ must be interpreted relatively if you gets me…
          It’s extremely un Christian to have a concern for the Lords skin colour if you ask me…

        10. I never said he was black I am saying Jesus was most likely not White. Especially destroying the White Superiority structure that depicted him that way in the first place. The reason people say he was “Black” is because it is using the very definition of Racial Hierarchy set up by Europeans and the “One drop rule” created into law in the United States and using it against those systems and ideologies.
          As for the, it is Un Christian to have concern over the Lords complexion, I agree with you..but the question should not be posed to me but at the very people who established this false image of the Lord based on their racial ideology of superiority. We just merely respond to it.

        11. I do completely understand the fear that Jesus has been Eurocentricised or whatever the word is. And I understand the logic in theory to saying he was Black. But Jesus physical description has nothing to do with any notions of superiority or the reactions those notions received.
          Were it not for the evidence and records of His stay in England I too would think Jesus was brown or light brown but the record are just innocent records that describe Him as red haired and green eyed.
          There is reason to think this is not true though as Christ is described as unremarkable in the Bible – It think red hair and green eyes sticks out wherever in the world you are…

        12. Red Haired and Blue eyed that is a far stretch. Even today the people of Bethlehem in Palestine are brown people. And especially at that time I highly doubt Jesus is red haired and blue eyed…the English just changed his characteristics.
          Can you cite your sources?

      2. Let us not try to even pretend that there is no difference between the White slaves and the Black slaves. There was an intentional effort to dehumanize Black slaves and this is why we have to deal with all the racial tensions we have in America today. The advocates of slavery back then never imagined that Blacks would be free and even holding positions of power. Life is interesting…there is is a God.

        1. If I understand you correctly – you have responded with the cliche ‘white slaves didn’t have it bad compared to black slaves’ – this is absolutely false.
          From a perspective of principles slavery is slavery and is dehumanising. The only way you get one person to enslave or be complicit in the bondage of another is by dehumanising the enslaved. The white slaves were dehumanised as much as the black slaves (and the chinese and native americans). Another poster pointed out that black slaves were valued at $50 each whilst white slaves valued at $5 each.
          For one thing it was WAY more expensive to bring slaves from Africa than it was to take them from whites and natives already in the country. Consequently the black slaves were a higher investment.
          The chattel system of slavery was first developed with white slaves.
          This is not a contest as to who suffered more – the reality is that a tiny but vicious minority has taken the absolute piss out of humanity for a very long time all the while fostering in fighting amongst the surfs and slaves as advised by a divide and rule strategy. it happens today but the PR is better.
          Also, I have seen the diary of a Black American slave who was travelling with his master through Ireland and England. Tragically he notes the conditions of white slaves in the workhouses and even more tragically notes that he is glad and proud to be an american negro slave (his words not mine remember this was a different era). They were White and they were slaves by Michael Hoffman.

        2. Okay. So Whites have a conflict with those who are decendants of White slaves. Please show me proof of that modern day conflict.

        3. I won’t say white slaves were treated better. Alot of it was what happened after slavery and alot of it was from the jim crow and genocide of black americans ethnic identities. America didn’t even recognize blacks were humans until the 1970s. There is no such parallel for Irish or former white slaves.
          By 1829, there was an irish-american president (andrew Jackson). It took until 2008 to get a black president. In otherwords, when blacks were still enslaved you had an irish president. The treatment of blacks is about 200 years behind the treatment of irishmen.

        4. Even at their worst positions in society, many poor whites, Irish and Italians who were considered worse than White Anglos still found time to practice superiority over the Blacks.

        5. You guys always surrender the substantiating to me rather than research yourself… men used to do this in order to arm themselves then defeat the enemy but now they ask the enemy to defeat themselves… I suppose thats why we end up on ROK’s.
          I don’t know where you got the idea that I said whites of today are in conflict with those whites who are descended from slaves. But I think we can both be quite sure that this does happen on at least occasion in the world today (WTF?).
          Our modern world (aka community) is divided in so many ways we might totally forget who we think we are if we thought about it for even a second.
          Class division, racial division, religious division, gender division, political division, post code division, area division, sports team division etc…
          You have to ask how all these people who hate each other and wish to live in totally different manners have ended up all crammed into the same small places fighting over the same small amount of jobs and women. All to pay extortionate taxes and be harassed by law enforcement.
          You have to ask yourself whether it’s the poor who employ migrant nannies, gardeners and assistants. Do the poor benefit from a cheap labour source? Can they even afford the cheap labour force? Are they pressured to compete and become the cheap labour force (great choices we have).
          Do the working classes own businesses that benefit from a cheap non unionised workforce?
          No it’s the wealthy middle classes that get all the benefits of migrant labour. And then they enjoy the fact that the old poor people hate the new poor people and neither group ever achieves anything other than a competition to see who can outbid the other to serve the masters more pleasingly. The reward are the crumbs from the feast.

        6. Firstly Barak Obama is not Black. America still has not had its first black president.
          Moreso, were Obama black he does not represent black america and it’s integration into US society – he was born in another country, educated in another country and none of his ancestors started their citizenship as slaves like the rest of black america.
          This man is not a success for black america. He is a guilt reliever for white america and the perfect solution to the reign of one old white man after another. His presidenct=y makes it very hard to label America as racist even though it totally is.
          I mean the country is so racist it voted a mixed race man in believing he was black and that that was reason to vote for him.
          But, your suggestion that blacks were dehumanised more than whites – again false. This is something you can learn from watching Gangs of New York but it is also clear from the history books. A time came where Blacks did appear to be the only group being dehumanised.
          The amnesia regarding the denigration and enslavement of hundreds of thousands of whites is one of the most racially vicious and dehumanising things of our history.
          It’s also funny that we have so much respect for the holocaust even though it was dwarfed by what the leaders in China and Russia were doing.
          Wake up.

        7. And the reverse was also true – many blacks practiced their perceived superiority over whites. In fact, because of people like you, this continues today…
          You don’t really think that Blacks make better NFL players do you?
          Or better basketball players?
          we’ve been conditioned to accept some racism but reject other racism. This just flips around every couple generations.

        8. Actually I am not stating superiority over whites I am simply responding to the whites who have a false sense of superiority. I never stated that blacks inherently make better NFL or NBA players just as I oppose many on this forum who state Whites are “smarter” or gifted in other areas. I do state that historically Blacks were barred from the highest levels of competition and they had to be not only better but much better to be able to compete. As well as the socio-economic positions they were in made them “hungrier” to reach the pinnacle of sports like Boxing the way many Blacks and Brown people do today. When the Irish, Germans, and Italians were working class in larger amounts notice how they populated the upper margins of Boxing and other sports as well. Of course this is a general trend their are exceptions as well.

        9. I used the NFL and NBA as an example of the modern subconscious racism we practice today.
          Before the 2012 Olympic 200m final the BBC played a program that was basically using all the drug busted sprinters of old as an example of why Black runners are faster.
          I wouldn’t have been offended had they also played a similar film before the weightlifting, shot put, discus, hammer, javelin, high jump, long jump and all the other events that whites have always expressed ‘dominance’ in but they didn’t. Of course they didn’t. Never would they.
          But why not? What I’m saying is there are many POSITIVE black stereotypes that as a society we have just run wild with – many of these are actually more viciously racist in nature than any skinhead adding racial slurs to his profanities. They are institutionalised and to challenge them is like challenging the whole identity crisis a multicultural society navigates.
          It’s like a house of cards.

        10. “You don’t really think that Blacks make better NFL players do you?”
          who ows those teams, whites or blacks?

        11. Well I’m not going to say whites – the vast majority of whites do not own any NFL teams.
          Many of the NFL teams are owned by men who are white, I know at least one is owned by a man who would not be described as white, maybe more – I lost interest in the NFL when every off season turned into America’s most wanted.
          But if your implied point is towards some conspiracy on behalf of white people I counter by asking who claims white men are better at owning NFL teams (especially as ownership doesn’t necessarily mean any actual involvement with the running of the franchise)?
          I hear much uproar about encouraging black coaches and QB’s, but no lamenting on the extinction of white CB’s (average 5ft 11, 190lbs, Bench 225 X 10, 4,4 40 is common amongst white athletes),
          I hear justification for the vast majority black rosters via genetics and the legacy of slavery somehow producing better athletes(wtf?) and much talk of the superiority of black athletes but Toby Gerhart gets asked if he thinks he’s special cause he’s white and nobody gets fired.
          It should not alarm us that most NFL teams are owned by white men though – For a long time the US has been a white majority country so most things have been owned by them. How many of them are Jews? Do they bump up the white stats?
          Now the manner in which the US became a white majority country is another question…

        12. I am aware of “positive” stereotypes attributed to race and I know that the implications of agreeing with those opens up others to attribute negative attributes towards the race they deem inferior. They can give us the athletic prowess, but then they take the genius and civilization for themselves which is also false as Blacks have been at the forefront of Civilization.
          I am aware of the steroid use, however it has also been rampant among all races to include whites. Blacks have excelled due to hardwork and determination long before for example Jesse Owens shattering Hitler’s idea of the superiority of the Blonde-Haired Blue-Eyed “Aryan” race (A term used incorrectly by him I might add).

        13. Obama’s “White” family is mixed race, which should be pretty obvious by the fact that he looks like his “White” grandfather with a flat nose, not his black father yet still looks black. And in Obama’s white family line he has black slave ancestors.
          Only racist white people who do not understand the concept of institutional racism would believe america is not racist because it elected a black man.
          You are wrong if you think blacks were dehumanised less, they were put through a genocide. Irish Americans still have irish names like kennedy. African Americans for the most part no longer have african names. An entire culture wiped out and erased. Irish Americans are still practicing catholism. African Americans had their religion stolen from them. Its not even close.
          No one is denying whites were dehumanized. Not on my end. They just weren’t put through the same genocide as black americans.
          Its funny how we have so much respect for the holocaust in germany, but so little respect for the maf’aa holocaust here in America that wiped out millions of blacks people in the killing fields of America on white slave plantations and seditionist white southern terroristic genocidal ethnic cleansing of blacks.

        14. You are implying that black success in sports has been down to them working harder than whites – rubbish. Were this the case there would be at least 1 respectable strength athlete who is black – there isn’t, what happened to the hard work?
          Do whites work harder at swimming and weight lifting and blacks work harder at sprinting?
          American sports are fed by the college system. The college system plays it’s role in social mobility and personal empowerment. The college system came under pressure (rightly so) to integrate racially.
          These factors have influenced black america more than any genetic or cultural factor like ‘hard work’.
          Elite sports is as much about who you know as it is about what you can do. It’s about what your willing to do for the people you know.
          Notice that Africa, despite producing many top long distance runners (whom we all know now to have come from a legacy of institutionalised PED use) produces zero great sprinters despite having an abundance of hard working africans from which this athlete may potentially come from.
          All of the worlds best black athletes have come from slave decedents. They are the ‘whitest’ black people coincidentally. But we appreciate that no slave masters were encouraging in any way shape or form that their slaves should be able to run fast – this is moronic racist rubbish.
          So if genetics and hard work are not behind the surprising NFL/NBA stats, what is? Social manipulation?
          Well there’s a clear legacy of it.
          I also think we must be prepared to accept some stereotypes as possibly true – regardless of whether they open us up to further stereotypes true or not.

        15. So you agree that America is yet to install it’s first Black president? And please do provide details of Obama’s family that were slaves. I call bullshit on this.
          You should know that many names that white americans carry are bastardisations of the original Dutch, Irish and wherever else they came from names – their ancestors were not allowed to keep their names either.
          What was the religion of Africans that has not survived? Islam? Paganism?
          So Communist Russia was not on the scale of the transatlantic slave trade? Huh? Check the facts for that, and China.
          You seem to think that Black people have no culture outside of slavery or what the white man allows them to have. This is a bullshit victim mentality and is the single most crippling thing to afflict the black community outside of Africa.
          America is racist when it elects a non black man and labels him as black to satisfy stupid whites and blacks that think it matters. America is racist when is votes for someone because they are black even though they have zero credentials and actually do not meet the legal requirements to take office.
          America is racist when that president overrides the constitution and breaks the law and the country does nothing other than continue to suck him off and pat themselves on the back for how forward thinking and indiscriminate they are.
          If you actually read my post before seeing red and bashing the keyboard you would have understood that my point about the holocaust was not in anyway shape or form me expressing respect or more concern for holocaust Germany than any other mass murdered people. It was quite the opposite actually.

        16. Again what I said was that Blacks have risen to the top in various sports due to hard work and determination, that doesn’t mean that whites cant attain the same. Also Blacks had to be that much better than whites just to get noticed for a long time. Since racism was rampant in sports. Also it is a matter of interest, Black people are not as interested in swimming or hockey for example but if they were they would have athletes who would excel at those sports also. For example in the NHL I have already started seeing great Black Athletes one that actually scored the game winning goal a few nights ago with less than 2 seconds left! And swimming there is a young black kid who at 16 looks like he can surpass the American Olympic Michael Phelps, if he continues to improve.
          Its also about interest in certain sports, if young kids see a black NHL player they might then take the interest of hockey, for example. And the same can easily happen with Weightlifting. Africans are great long distance runners and it would be quite a stretch to say all of them are guilty of PED’s especially since Olympic testing has gotten very strict. Also PED use has been used by whites such as the American cycling hero Lance Armstrong. The Caribbean has the fastest sprinters cause its part of the culture and the young kids have famous sprinters to idolize like Usain Bolt. And in Africa they have big African Wrestlers that could make it into Olympic Wrestling. In Ancient Times Blacks also had many athletes long before Ancient Greece!!

        17. No. You go look, its on the internet. That is because you are a low education anglo white.
          Lies all lies.
          Islam, judaism, coptic christianity and voodoo, and other diety based and pagan religions.

        18. Oh it’s on the internet… I wish someone told me earlier….
          Now that I’ve found this perfect source of factual information lets start confirming some of the theories we have a biased for aye?
          And lets NOT provide simple links to evidence our arguments on internet comment boards…
          Instead lets just fukin tell white people how stupid and racist they are!
          Yeah I really have nothing better to do!

        19. “Well I’m not going to say whites”
          contradicted by
          “Many of the NFL teams are owned by men who are white”

        20. Yes, but you agree that white people don’t own NFL teams, but the people who own NFL teams happen to be white…
          This is not a contradiction, it’s obvious.
          You know, in the way that black people are not running backs even though there are running backs who are black?
          Am I confusing you or are you pretending to be stupid?

        21. bleh you make no logical sense, and can’t even use proper analogies–
          it’s as if i were to say “women have big boobs”–and then some dickhead stand up and say–well women don’t have big boobs, but the people who happen to have big boobs are women–g’day

        22. Define ‘proper analogies’?
          I need a laugh…
          It’s not that I don’t make sense, it’s that you don’t understand. Thats why you passively accused me of being a dickhead.
          I’ll have you know I pull more birds than you.

        23. if i needed to call you a dickhead i would call you one
          but if you don’t know what a proper analogy is go read–do your own research–this isn’t the classroom…

      3. Slavery, as in the stealing of labor was not even the most damaging element of white supremacy on blacks. It was the genocide against black americans, the wiping out of identities, the jim crow laws that murdered blacks who tried to be educated and make something of themselves.

        1. Yes and it failed. The country in time rose up and marched on Washington. It was obvious all along – these people were clearly identifiable by the colour of their skin and they were being victimised (to put it lightly). So the Country rose up in defence of those people among them many of our greatest people (MLK/MalcX). Today woe be to he who forgets black history month in a room full of middle class whites or jews.
          And funnily enough, when the portuguese first developed the sail that could traverse the seas of West Africa, they started taking slaves from the local population (who were initially mainly slaves in Africa already) and calling them Negro’s – a word soon to be twisted into the word Nigger.
          What I find funny is that the Portugues and Hispanic nations started the slavery of blacks and called them the derogatory word Niggers. And they (latins) were the ‘big man’ then, but now latin americans are amongst the lowest of the social pole and feel perfectly OK calling each other and real black people Niggers and nobody takes issue!

        2. I think you need mental help. The only one throwing around the n-word here is you. And the white anglos were all to happy to genocide blacks once they arrived on the shores of america

        3. And the African kings were all to happy to provide the Portuguese with these slaves, who in turn were happy to pass them on to these genocidal other people who are white as well. And then these alleged genocidal white people decided that an act of genocide towards an extensive investment was a great idea?
          Stop passing the buck and falling back on “you need mental help because I don’t understand your argument”.
          In a mature and anonymous discussion amongst Men, we don’t “throw the N-word about” – we just acknowledge the word Nigger without squirming about underneath it because we are men and sticks and stones may break our bones but fear of false allegations must never be entertained…
          Are you able to justify the original white colonialists (portuguese) now using the term that they so viciously invented and spread in an ‘affectionate’ and ‘self empowering’ manner?
          The white Anglo’s… this is a new attempt at racial derogatory… where has this term come from?

        4. You mean the white africans, LOL, nice try though. If there were any black africans selling other blacks to whites, it just shows how dependent and LAZY whites have become. That they can’t even get their own slaves.
          Whites have never been much in the intelligence department, it is why all their successful countries are jew controlled, whites wiped out their investment of bisons and plenty of other fish and resources and investments entirely, the whites people back then didn’t think of sustainability. They thought solely of wiping out. And it was viewed as better to kill 10 slaves than have 1 run away.
          The white Anglos were the number one slavers and rapers and genocidal maniacs of the planet, raining down genocide and rape and murder and torture on all corners of the planet as the wind blows.

        5. Yeah it didn’t take much goading from me to get right past your pleasant facade and get you spitting your racism and white hatred.
          Whites have no intelligence, whites collectively must bare responsibility for the human races brutality, whites have small dicks that prohibit them from jumping well…
          Why did your ancestors go enlsaving blacks then? Why did they start telling the world to call them niggers?
          How come your (portugese) all broke now though? And begging Bama for some benefits and BamaCare?
          We can all throw around metro insults…

        6. The only one spitting anti- white hatred here is you.
          Your anglo ancestors were the chief enslavers of blacks you know the limeys. And it was your illiterate limey anglo white ancestors who called them n-word.
          And it was the white anglos who started to call the mix breed irish white niggers.

      4. All I am saying is that even White Indentures were treated better than Black Indenture counterparts. So even among the worst cases there was different levels of treatment.

        1. No they were not. Often the white indentured did not have any black counter part – the balcks were slaves, a life time investment. The whites were indentured – get the most whilst you have ownership.
          There are well known accounts of Irish and German slaves being designated the hardest and most risky physical labour because they were viewed as worth way less. It may interest you that all the biggest strongest men throughout history have all been White and that they actually make the best slaves and strongmen. The idea that black slaves were bred to be fast is so desperate and hilarious I won’t go into it…Who breeds fast slaves?
          Native Americans had no immunity to the common cold (until they mixed genetically with Africans and Europeans) so made crap slaves.
          White slaves had higher rates of mutiny and rebellion than the other slaves – this historians guess comes from the fact that many of the white slaves were not slaves initially like many of the first Africans were. The Whites were often criminals (stealing cheese or not being able to pay taxes) and as you will observe today groups of white men tend (not always) to work better as coordinated groups than black men do. They tend to organise and execute larger ventures more consistently and confidently – this I believe led to the ‘masters’ regretting holding White slaves so the switch was made to less dangerous but more expensive Black slaves.
          It was not long before everyone realised that slavery was no longer profitable and it died out.

        2. I am referring to the beginnings of the Jamestown Colony the first English colony in what is now mainland America. There were White and Black Indentures…the Whites were generally treated better…the Blacks later became lifetime Slaves. Re-read the history.

        3. Your using 1 single example though – I’m not challenging the fact that for the most part and for the most time more blacks have been enslaved and dehumanised over Americas history – but lets not forget that the term slave comes from the white race of Slav’s who were the first slaves of Ancient Greece.
          More white slavery has happened over the course of human history but this is irrelevant.
          Im basing my opinion on the fundamentals and economy of running a slave industry across half of the Globe.
          You have 3 slaves, one will die if he catches a cold. One costs loads of money to get from the other side of the planet and does not speak your language. One is here anyway and has immunity to the cold and is as vulnerable as the other two.
          Who do you value the least?

    5. As OP mentions, there were many different forms of slavery. Chattel slavery – treating slaves as property and allowing slave owners to do anything they wanted with them – was a less common form of slavery in history.

    6. lol No one states that “slavery started and ended with White people in America!” Ironically the whitewashed textbooks in this country actually favored a false narrative relating to whites. So the “b-b-b-but” thing is ironic to me. However the Slavery brought by Europeans was specifically racial and was enforced by White Pseudo Science. Indentured Whites were treated better than their Black Indentured counterparts even in the first English Settlement of Jamestown over 100 years before the United States came to being.

  7. “Perhaps some day it will be possible to live in a world of true freedom”
    The solution is this:
    technology that enables work to feel fun, it won’t be easy… but it’s slowly coming a long, successful people generally like their work, hence they are able to effortlessly put 100’s of hours into it, and not feel any remorse or debt.. time is not wasted if you enjoyed it -socrates
    when pursuing your own interest your brain is 10 times more effective, its just a fact
    Also, A good “slave” is a happy slave, There is no point in poor efficiency of a civilization that makes it’s population weak, unhealthy, and miserable, they simply won’t perform well
    If you have a slave, it makes sense for a civilization to treat it excellently, so it’s happy and you get the most value from it , you reap a bad yield with shitty soil…
    So, “slavery” is basically inefficient..

  8. We’re not even human anymore. We are merely mediums for electronic signals.
    There is no culture in the Western world. We just copy the mishmash of nostalgia that we see on our screens.
    Since we all think the same thoughts, our freedom and our lives are only simulations of an ideal we once pursued. We are slaves to our comfort.

    1. We have a rich heritage in the West, if only people would make the effort to discover it. Baroque, Shakespeare, Renaissance art, Corinthian columns – there is so much to discover about our own culture it’s mind blowing. Trying to fully appreciate the works of J.S. Bach alone requires an entire lifetime.
      We have intentionally been deracinated form our history and heritage. We are taught nothing but criticism for the West, and are only allowed to feel collective shame and guilt, certainly not pride.
      Break the chains.

    2. You touch on an interesting topic. The human brain is an antenna which constantly receives influences from the surroundings while influencing the surroundings. We are both the created and the creator of our own reality.
      The Double Slit experiment showed conclusively that subatomic particles bend to our will. This threw the entire scientific concept of “subjective results” in the trash and we have to deal with the quantum can of worms now, worms which may be alive and dead at the same time.

      1. David Bohm was the only physicist that took the two slit to its logical conclusion. Roger Penrose comes fairly close too. Or you can just read the ancient Greeks, their worldview was far more sophisticated than ours. You might be too good to write at RoK.

      2. “We are both the created and the creator of our own reality.
        “The Double Slit experiment showed conclusively that subatomic particles bend to our will. This threw the entire scientific concept of
        ‘subjective results’ in the trash and we have to deal with the quantum
        can of worms now, worms which may be alive and dead at the same time.”
        Reality isn’t real, only God is real and self existing, but since man is made in the image of God, we’re more real than the temporary reality (time/space) around us, and can bend and manipulate it without being conscious of it.

  9. The same thing applies to Egyptians, Chinese, Aztecs and even Native Americans, who used to own whomever they could get their hands on, including blacks.
    The Arabs and Turks were the most infamous slavers of all. Indeed, the word “slave” and “Slav” look pretty similar, no?

    1. Yes, Arabs had regular raids on the east coast of Africa and brought home 1,000s of slaves. Of course, these slaves were regularly castrated so you have relatively few blacks in the Middle East today.

    2. The use of Slav to mean slave was due to Germanic slave-capturing, not Arab or Turk. Neither the Arab nor Turkish words for slave are in any way etymologically related to Slav.

      1. Completely. History books should be burned in massive third reich style rallies with all other books. Cavemen were the pinnacle of civilization

        1. Heh, glad to see where you are coming from. Sometimes Irony and sarcasm don’t come through well.

    1. History provides us with a breadth of perspective. My conclusion for this article initially was that blacks in the US didn’t have it that tough when they were slaves, compared to other slave demographics throughout history.
      In fact, when you think about it right now, blacks in US now have massive privileges that were unthinkable just 100 years ago, which is an exception in history. Any criticism against blacks can also be deflected with “dat racis”.
      I didn’t include that in the article because it would be highly inflammatory and ultimately pointless for the purposes of discussion.

      1. You know that Romans and Spartans enslaved conquered peoples, but I do not think you have reached the higher truths underlying their caste systems yet. There are two kinds of slaves: those that are made slaves because they were weaker than a conquering force or those that are slaves of the spirit. The latter is a far larger category than the former and no violence can abolish this reality. It is a grievous error to tell a spiritual slave that he is free when, by his worldview and by his own actions and preferences, it is evident that he is a slave.

        1. It is an interesting matter, that of slavery. Slaves were mostly paid for their work (hence they could pay themselves out), they sometimes had freedom to do their own work in cases where it involved creativity etc.
          So, what exactly does constitute a slave? Perhaps the most common attribute of a slave is fear. A slave lives in constant fear – an overwhelming fear of his master. Becoming free from constant fear means becoming truly free and breaking the chains once and for all.
          But then, when a man is free, he can choose his own way, which requires thought, action, planning and responsibility. Many people would rather live lives in which someone else takes the shots and they just follow commands rather than be the captains of their own ships.

        2. No, a slave is not made by fear. He is made by an inability to control himself, his sentiments and his passions. He is lazy. He lacks motivation. His highest principles are the avoidance of pain and the pursuit of pleasure. Slave could almost be a synonym for beta male. Freedom in a slave’s view is the freedom to do whatever he wants. Freedom to a master is the freedom to be bound to a set path; a master takes pride in being true to his self and conquering his impulses.

        3. “Perhaps the most common attribute of a slave is fear”
          Yes, there are elements of psychology and inner game, but let’s not overstate them. It’s more a matter of social mobility.
          I would say a slave is someone who is prevented by legal and cultural restraints from improving his situation. He does not have the opportunities available to people of other classes to move ahead by means of talent and hard work.

    2. You’re free to return to Fox News/CNN/History Channel…and take politically correct coursework at your local government institution of higher learning. 😉

      1. I am a blue pill republican that believes in the equality of all men, but that capitalism can achieve this equality better than communism. That’s why I defend slavery. For Jesus, America and equality.

  10. The Master/Slave dynamic “is”, particularly if a society wants to be sovereign and avoid being subservient to another nation. Just look at China and everything we buy at Wal Mart… The education system in the West has naively reduced slavery to “white vs. black”. God, we sure are stupid…

  11. Like the old saying goes. You think your free, try go somewhere without money and see how free you are.

    1. The only thing we can do is to try and outsmart the machine, rather than brute-forcing our way through life.

    2. Money is easy. You can earn it, print it, trade for it, steal it, kill someone to take it, trick people out of it, or exchange services for it.
      KEEPING it is the hard part.

  12. The majority of humans throughout history were slaves. Until white people fought wars to free them. And then invented the technology that made them obsolete. Agriculturally at least.
    Our government, with its free trade,H1B and open border policies have turned most of the world into wage slaves for companies like Walmart and Apple. End open borders and “free trade”.

  13. One can argue that slavery is very much at home in the US. Any working person is a slave to the IRS. In addition, modern American marriage has become slavery for most men, for all practical purposes. If you consider slavery as the forced extraction of resources without just compensation.

    1. As there is no consensus on what constitutes “just compensation”, anything could be considered slavery under that notion.

    1. Wow, what a fantastic idea Jose!! Your such a hero, but why not take it a few steps further, carry an extra couple hundred dollars around in your pocket, you know, because sometimes women need some cash and don’t have it on them, maybe you should leave your car keys on a hook in the school hallway in case one of these poor girls need to get somewhere and don’t have the bus fare. If they get hungry you could give them your locker combo so they can help themselves to your lunch. This guy will be the next one to shoot up a school or mall because he wasn’t appreciated by the women he tried so hard to help. Some men you just can’t reach!!

    2. So, dearies are too stupid to read a calendar or understand their own menstrual cycle, or to store extras in their lockers (every month must be a total surprise, no?) so men who are their equals have to take responsibility for them. Hey. Futrelle, we just found your replacement!

    1. This is an article about indentured servitude.
      Just because one does not use the english word ‘slave’ does not mean that they are not slaves.

      1. No, it doesn’t. Indenture is a legal claim to the labor of a person for a limited time. It does not confer ownership over the person or the right to do what you want with him or her.

        1. Up until a certain Negro got the laws in the US changed, Slavery WAS of limited duration, and did not confer upon breeding lines.
          Historically, ‘unlimited’ slavery was generally limited to enemy combatants and criminals. There was almost always an avenue to earn your freedom, although in many places, being a freedman would dramatically lower your comfort and status.
          Slavery still exists in a socially acceptable form in the armed forces. My contention is that there is nothing morally or ethically wrong with slavery as long as their is a route to freedom with the exception of first generation enemies and criminals.

  14. First off slavery never really ended at all. We just think we are free. Before it was based on being conquered and then you where enslaved and that slavery was readily apparent and undesirable. Now they just tell you follow your dreams and you work like a slave to get your dreams. We as Americans are enslaved by choice here’s a few examples that I phone 7 or of course the Samsung is a must have. Or to get a job you must go to college and acrue x amount of debt then work for pennies. Is there really an alternative to a life like this there is and few take it but they are weird people, it is ultimately discouraged and made fun of, to fit in you must buy into the lies. The chains are voluntary and invisible. See the days of slapping manacles on someone are over no we as a society just pressure people into it

    1. Absolutely. For a million reasons every social system in every social animal group, there is a hierarchy. This is the way of the world and it will never change.
      Life is war. You should welcome conflict. Just know which battles are worth the risk.

    2. If you start expanding the concept of slavery like that, it becomes meaningless. Then, slavery can be, and has been, used to describe everything from working a corporate job to paying taxes that fund welfare programs.

      1. I agree for the most part with Red Knight on this. People making big money, or even just enough to get by, are not slaves. They can quit their job any time and seek another, even if it is less pay. They can move any time they want.
        And they are immune from physical violence of every sort by their boss.
        IMO the closest we come to slavery in the USA at this time is child support. Most people are totally brain washed on c/s just as in the antebellum period they were totally brainwashed on slavery.
        Most people don’t understand that BOTH PARENTS ARE OBLIGATED UNDER THE LAW TO SUPPORT THEIR OFFSPRING, not just fathers. And, when slave chasers (I have called c/s goons exactly that name for well over 30 years) meaning c/s goons tell a man why he must pay; pay; pay they tell them that. “You are obliged as are all parents under the law to support your children.”
        But, some parents are more equal than others. Millions of mothers, who have full custody and care of their children, make no effort at all to supply one red cent to support them.
        Do they lose their driver’s license? Do they lose a fishing license? Do they lose their passport? Um, let me think. No, they do not. The government says to such women, “You just sit on your lazy, fat *** and relax. Let your kids stay with dirty diapers and snotty nose until you feel like dragging out of bed at 11 am. We are going to rob the taxpayers and we are going to assume your obligation to support your children that all parents have before the law.”
        “Now, please excuse us. We need to go find the father and put him in jail. He has been unemployed for months, so he is going to jail. Men are such worthless dead-beats!”
        We had a man post on DGM-2 from Texas. He was in his 70’s. When he was younger, he had a time of unemployment and fell behind
        One of the big lies of slave chasers is you can get your ordered payments reduced when you are unemployed. There were several things which happened. First, if he got the money from somewhere to hire an attorney the judge would tell him, “If you made that amount before you can do it again. Petition denied.”
        Or, if the slave chasers were supposed to grant him the hearing administratively in his state they would say, “First you must wait a few months to be sure you can’t get another job.” Goodbye d/l. Goodbye professional licenses.
        And, in Texas, they charge around 8% interest on the unpaid balance. His kids are in their 50’s, but he is merely going to work at a low paying job and they take half of it just to pay accumulated interest with not one cent ever to reduce the debt.
        And if he wants to quit work and live on SS. SS stopped sending checks, I believe. And, when a man gets a pension or disability or whatever, it is automatically confiscated from his bank before he can buy food or pay rent.
        These men are being driven to starvation and homelessness when they can no longer work because of old-age.
        And what do the men of the USA worry about? Their N-count and how to work on it.
        That is why after ten years of public activism and counseling divorced men, I said, “F’ all American men, individually and collectively. They do not deserve my help. I am going to Mexico and let them live in slavery. They deserve it.”
        Wait! I forgot an appellate ruling, probably in the N.W. 2nd. A man was a doctor and his c/s was based on his income as a practicing doctor. he got a debilitating disease such as MS, but I don’t remember that detail.
        His doctors told him he must stop practicing or he would die almost immediately from stress. He sued to have his c/s payments reduced to literally save his life.
        The district court refuses saying the law does not permit a man to voluntarily reduce his income when he owes c/s.
        He appealed and the state appeals court said, “That is correct. You cannot stop your practice even if it kills you. Tough titty.”
        And, people wonder why I’m such a pissed-off m*****-*****r. Not just at the government though that is certainly true. But also at the men themselves for letting other men be treated like this.
        American men make great slaves.

  15. My wife says she wants to do the slave training at What should I do?

  16. Slavery did allow men to indulge into politics and philosophy but know that those are what allowed women to wield more power as now. When everyone was a hardworking laborer was when it was better. Also homosexuality arose from Sparta and Rome. All the indulgences of using slaves created homosexuality. The embrace of slavery and tech/academic advancement means embracing feminism, homosexuality. No good men should become a slave.
    It is quite interesting how eunuchs could still rise to power even without their genitals. It seems men will be on top no matter what.

    1. Its funny that most fag lovers dont who use Rome and Greece as an example of the greatness of faggots dont realize how twisted it was. Fucking their boy slaves. Its always been shameful in one way or another. And the band of Thebes was kept separate from the rest of the military.

  17. A man must be irreplaceable in every way possible. Do everything. At every level, and constantly move forward. Its not enough to work harder than everyone else at your job. You have to work smarter. Thatzls more important. Your boss has to cringe at the thought of firing you or not giving you a raise. He should want you to eat dinner at his house and fuck his wife and daughter. He must feel as though you did nothing to force him to see you as irreplaceable. This is what you must strive for. Excellency in every aspect of life. To the best of your ability. You will never fulfill your potential. You can always do more and always be better. Always be smarter.
    To be replaceable is to be a slave. Dont learn how to fix a car. You should know how to make one. Tou should know the steps necessary to mine for ore. How to get iron from stone.

    1. I like that. At times when i worked in the international galley, well, it wasn’t that I wasn’t replaceable. It’s that it cost a fortune to replace me. I worked for several years on our first microprocessor based unit in the 70’s.
      We did not have a circumstances where I could be moved to other work when I was done. When I finished my work, I had to sit around and read.
      I was so good (no brag; just fact) that I did my work in maybe 2 hours a day.
      I got a job posting up two labor grades. I was replaced by TWO techs not one and they had to work 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. My former boss boasted to other techs how happy he was to get rid of that lazy tech who only worked a couple hours a day and replaced him with two guys working 12 hours a day 7 days a week.
      They assumed he was joking. But, after some time listening to him rejoice in my absence, they realized he was totally serious.
      That is how stupid management can be in large corporations.
      There were other times I could have been replaced very effectively by an empty chair.
      I have known men who were as good as you say at all times in all circumstances. But, most of us, even the best, had our ups and downs over the years. And, many were never worth their salt.

  18. It is an astounding irony that so many black people in the West have flocked to Islam, driven by the desire to leave behind Xtianity and its slavery days connections, seemingly ignorant of the fact that Muslim Arab slaver traders were doing brisk business in Africa centuries before Europeans got in on the game (since the Romans, anyway). When the Muslims bought snatched Africans, usually to work on their plantations, they would castrate the boys root and stem, which is thought to have killed something like 40% of them.

  19. The Mamluk warriors of Islamic Egypt were born slaves but were allowed to carry weapons and highly respected. Slaves in Islamic societies could become civil servants.
    I would just add we aren’t taught slavery in schools. We are taught a slither of the history of slavery without any context. Notice who the bad guys are and who the helpless oppressed victims are and then ask yourself why would any government wish to instill such a negative interpretation of their history and their ancestors actions into the most impressionable group in society?

  20. This article is frighteningly relevant to todays western world if you are able to see the parallels.
    Would of been cool to see mention of the first slaves brought to America and where the term rednecks comes from…?

  21. Yep – Slavery is basically a phase of civilization. Everyone reading this is descended from slaves and slave owners. No exceptions unless maybe your parents are hunters who just emerged from a rain forest.
    Slavery and farming are how Cro-Magnon hunters were domesticated into modern humans who could live in cities without killing each other. Just like wolves were domesticated into dogs and bison into cows. We became smaller, weaker, dumber, and more docile.

  22. Slavery was never prominent in Ancient Egypt, at least not until it came under rule by foreign overlords from civilizations that had much higher rates of it, like Persia, Greece and Rome. There are occasional references to slavery in Egyptian primary sources, but no evidence of it having taken place on a large enough to have much socioeconomical impact.

  23. Slavery still exists in our modern world, but in a different way. Back in the days slavery was part of society. Now we see Western countries and corporations exploiting people living in other countries, so we can have cheap products. People just don’t give a fuck, because they live in the ‘good’ part of the world and they don’t see the suffering in other countries.
    But believe me, if you grow up in the ‘bad’ part of the world, you basically have no other choice than being exploited, unless you belong to the upper class.

  24. In today’s world, things are done by proxy. There is always another medium the elite work through to accomplish what they want while retaining an appearance of dissociation.
    Running a nation’s monetary system with a debt based fiat currency system allows for a system of slavery to take place by proxy. Today, the average American worker carries debt for a lifetime and has nearly 70% of their wages stolen from them to service the national debt and pay for the welfare of non-producing marxist whores of society to produce bastard children. All-the-while, inflation kicks in continuously debasing what little the debt-slave has saved.
    I even heard directly from a liberal female’s mouth (that called herself an attorney) that our socialist policies in America are a sign of a compassionate society. What this idiot low-life female could not comprehend is that welfare donations to someone else are compassionate if it comes from the individual who decided with their own freewill to give, but it is NOT compassionate if wages are forcibly (by proxy) taken from an individual and re-distributed to the marxist whores of society to produce bastard children. It’s no different than the concept of slavery….. if somebody decided they wanted to volunteer their own time and labor for free to perform some work out of the goodness of their heart, that isn’t slavery. But if somebody is forced to labor, it’s slavery.
    We are all now debt slaves, or slaves-by-proxy, and you can thank the marxist whores of society for growing the underclass and voting in those that create the policies to do so.

    1. Very well stated. Marxism must be destroyed once and for all. There’s enough of them at Vice news, have you read Natasha Lennard’s articles?

  25. In ancient civilisations (e.g. Rome) a slave was clothed, fed, sheltered and given basic medical care by his/her master. In modern times, a slave has to feed, clothe, shelter and pay for his medical care himself and, to add insult to injury, his masters tell him that he is a freeman.

  26. Although slavery still exist (in other forms, not with shackles), this is not an excuse to support it. Slavery in the 21st century still exists, but It does not mean its acceptable.

    1. Plenty of Eastern European girls are currently sex slaves in Israel, the Middle East, Turkey, and Asia. White blonde girls fetch the highest prices in the world as those features are so rare among humanity.

  27. Egyptians didn’t use slaves to build anything. They hired architects. It’s an old myth and needs to die. Same with Aztecs. They thought slaves too stupid to do the math; the slaves just carried the bricks.

      1. Slaves didn’t do any building. They actually had workers to do it. They paid them in currency and when they didn’t have it, alcohol. Did my comment fly over your head?

        1. Which isn’t work. It’s like one guy just dragging the cart of cotton even though he didn’t grow or pick it. The workers are the ones that cultivate it.
          Slaves were nowhere near the pyramids. Rastus can’t say Egyptians were on flying carpets.

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