Most Women Don’t Deserve A Good Man

Jennifer was the 22 year old bartender at my favorite local pub back home. She was friendly enough and we had a good rapport. We often would share stories of embarrassing or debaucherous nights, past and present. These usually included more of her stories than mine, seeing I am pushing 40 and she is in the prime of her partying life.  I like Jennifer and I consider her a friend. She admitted to having a crush on me at one point, but we moved past that, and as girls her age often will, she quickly found many more guys to crush on, making it simple to maintain our friendship. Remember, women don’t get wet, they only jump from raft to raft.

Like many women, she would frequently demand to know where the “good guys” were, because in her mind, she really believed she deserved better than what she had. When she said this to me all I could think is, “So what exactly qualifies you, or any modern American woman as someone who deserves a good guy”? Was it when I saw you in the corner of the bar swapping tongues and getting dry humped by that guy you had just met an hour previous? Was it when you told me how the night before you had disappeared, and while everyone looked for you, you were passed out alone at some other bar and had “peed your dress”?  Maybe it was when you told me how you prefer anal sex, but that was okay because your current boyfriend might be gay. Apparently he prefers only anal. She told me all of this openly.

Is there no such thing as privacy when it comes to these chicks? They will openly tell people how they don’t fuck their boyfriends anymore and casually divulge all their relationship problems to anyone that will listen. But perhaps it was the virtually naked selfie she sent me, almost like it was a reflex, when I jokingly commented how she was wearing too many clothes in a previous photo. Whatever, it’s cool, they deserve better right? Who needs class when you have a vagina and plenty of lonely men around?

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 “I deserve a good guy though.”

Jennifer had a roommate, same age, who seemed just as baffled as to where her white knight was. This despite Jennifer telling me of the countless, almost nightly random encounters her roomie had with equally random men, one who had recently given her herpes. But that was okay because it was “no big deal, it’s just like having cold sores, except down there.” I’m shocked how such beautiful souls can not find their equally amazing soul-mates. What is wrong with a world where two such wonderful catches are forced to navigate these treacherous seas filled with those sharks called men?

“What ever happened to chivalry?”

Like a previous article I wrote, No Woman Can Escape Mother Nature’s Devastating Reality CheckI blame a lot of this on thirsty men who allow this behavior because they are too scared to be alone or, God forbid, never get laid again.  It’s time to call these women out on this bullshit. Stop being so scared and accommodating, which most women find repulsive anyway.

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“He doesn’t open doors for me.”

Jennifer and her roommate are not the target here, nor the anomaly. They are just examples of an all too typical American female.  The ones who feel like they can behave any way they choose and shit on whomever they want without consequence. Regardless of this, somehow when they decide they have had enough rides on the cock carousel and spread enough venereal disease, they still deserve a gentlemen to open doors for them and send roses to work on Valentine’s Day so all her coworkers and Facebook friends can be like, awwwww someone loves her. The logic? Well, they are women.

They deserve this for no other reason than that. Who let them believe this? Blue pill “men” who would rather sit on a woman’s bench in the hopes of one day having sex with them and men who prefer the friendzone instead of being assertive and standing up for themselves by letting these women know their behavior is far from acceptable, and actually quite insane. Sure, some blame falls on the woman as well, but to their credit they truly believe their own bullshit, and they believe it because men allow them to.

“Why can’t I just find a gentlemen?”

Just cruise Facebook in your late 30s to see prime examples of this. I can sit here daily and read self-righteous, borderline preposterous posts by females I have known for years to just bounce from dick to dick without consequence or regard for the guys they called boyfriends, or in some cases husbands. Chicks I witnessed take on three dudes in a hot tub now throwing up pictures of their baby and poor husband who has no idea what a selfish slooter his wife once was, and probably still is.

Hell, the majority of women can’t even hold onto any real female friends out of jealousy and envy of one another. There is no loyalty—all that matters is what they want. They are getting away with murder, acting like mother of the year because they are now too old, undesirable and tied down to be worth anything on the market. “The best thing that ever happened to me,” it boasts under the family picture at Epcot Center.  Wrong, she realized one day she was not the star of the show anymore. She desperately needed to dupe some unsuspecting man into locking her down and dealing with her bullshit for the rest of his life before it was too late for her. Almost anyone with an income of $50,000 or more per year will suffice, literally anyone. If she still had the ass she had when she was 22, she would still be skating around town, taking advantage of thirsty dudes willing to gamble on the warts she might pass their way, but now she can’t.

Now she is the perfect mommy, looking down her nose at the twenty something’s still in the game pulling off her old tricks. She will  post advice filled memes and inspiring credos she never lived by to make herself appear like  the mom of the year and wife of the century. She has all the answers. We all should envy her and her perfect little family.

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“I deserve more.”

A large percentage of these women, while “happily married”, are still seeking attention in other ways. One thing a female cannot give up until the day she dries up is attention. I personally have a small library of photos sent to me via text or email of these types. Tits, ass, dildos inserted—you name it—some with heads chopped off for anonymity. Anyone of these women can be found on my Facebook feed with pictures of her children and husband proclaiming that these are the greatest things in their life. Right. Until she felt insecure and needed someone to compliment her tits so she can live another day. Oh, what’s that on my cell phone? Nothing crazy, just another text photo of her ass in the bathroom mirror because her and hubby had a fight today.


“Why don’t you tell me I am beautiful?”

Let’s not even get into the women I personally have hooked up with over the years who were married or had boyfriends. That was something I did mostly in my 20’s and is not worth the hassle or risk these days, but I truly don’t think the average guy out there realizes what shady creatures women are by nature. I used to think it was just because we were young, and this is what young people do. Nope, because in my late 30’s it’s really not much different. As a matter of fact, a lot of these 30 something women are worse because their self-esteem is shot and they will do what it takes to get attention and feel like they are still desirable. Maybe a sext, maybe a blow job in the car, whatever it takes.

“Men are such assholes.”

You ever notice in movies and TV shows that when a man cheats on his girl he is portrayed as a total piece of trash misogynist? But what happens when the female character cheats on her man? The man is still portrayed as a piece of trash misogynist that deserved to be cheated on. She was just a victim and we are supposed to be happy she left him for the other man. This is the mentality of the American women, and like music, it seems to only get worse with every generation.

I end this with a quote I read long ago…

“This is a major bone of contention. Every chick I’ve been with gave me a sob story about how the previous guy/s cheated like crazy, and obsessed over serious trust issues. Every one of those girls cheated on me. One (who was my wife at the time) multiple times with different guys – and still refers to herself as a “classy lady with moral integrity.” I know not all chicks are like this, but those who are seem to get a societal free pass. When the guy cheats, he is a dick. When a girl cheats, it’s obviously because the guy is a dick. Fuck that.”

He’s not the only one who has had it.

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2,077 thoughts on “Most Women Don’t Deserve A Good Man”

  1. “Hell, the majority of women can’t even hold onto any real female friends”
    This is a huge red flag. Meet a girl who has only female friends she’s known for a short while, or worse, no female friends at all? RUN!

    1. The girls I know who’ve had female friends for a long time are usually just all ok with each other being whores.
      I’ve slept with every girl in a couple small to medium sized groups of friends. And plenty of friend pairs. They almost always stay friends with each other after banging me. Most of them even want to be friends with me.

      1. It seems strange to you because you’re a man, and men don’t sleep with their friends’ girls, or see it as a betrayal. It’s for the same reason polygyny (whether formal or “soft”) is far more common than polyandry.

      2. I love how in this scenario your calling the female friends “whores” cause they slept with you yet you are the whore for sleeping with all those women.

        1. I think he is well aware he is a man whore.. thanks for pointing it out.. did any of us gain anything out of that? or did you need a stroke to your feminist ego?

        2. Cut them a break. They are desperate for anything to take a “dig” at males on this thread. There isnt a lot of brains in their heads to really come up with something original they havent spouted a thousand times before lol

    2. I agree on this as a red flag, but why do you think it’s a red flag? Like I said, it is in my experience but I can’t articulate the underlying reason.

      1. Strong signs of shameless attention whoring, selfishness and disfunctional family history.

      2. Most of the women I know have female friends. In many cases these friendships extent back to childhood. It’s been my observation that when a woman has NO female friends, she’s seriously damaged in some way. Like I said, this has been my personal observation, your mileage may vary.

        1. As a female with no female friends, I can confirm that this tends to happen because the female is damaged. For what it’s worth, my “damage” is from a dysfunctional family life and past experiences with backstabbing bitches, and the principle remains the same.

        2. Yes and no. When men take the red pill, they risk bitterness, but when a woman does, she risks complete social alienation.
          Most women I know with no female friends are damaged specifically because they have found other women to be distastefull and immoral and cannot stand to be with them. Except being women, they are also not accepted by men easilly on a friend-buddy basis (there is always sexual tension). Its this isolation that leads to psychological damage.

        3. THANK YOU. how are you so knowledgeable about this as a dude? you’ve literally described my entire life’s experience with males and females. i’m genuinely curious how you know this.

        4. By listening, mainly. I’m mostly MGTOW and the only women i hang with lately are red pillers, which means they happen to be in this exact situation, so I got to hear about it and observe first hand the dynamics and impacts of the social alienation i described. Also, as a guy who is pretty much done with dating but still maintains a healthy sex drive, I am very well placed to know the problems that sexual tension can cause in cross-gender friendships.

    3. My best friend is female and in her 40s (but huge distinction: she’s been married over 15 years or something like that), and I don’t think she has any female friends, despite actively searching for them in the past and only getting backstabbed by the ones she’s had.
      So I guess my point is sometimes the opposite is true as well.

    4. Women hate women.
      Ask most dudes “who is your best friend” ?, and they will tell you exactly who it is. And it will be the same guy that was dragging them off the pavement after a massive night on the piss 15 years ago, and the same guy who told them the 70kg shocker they were smooching on the dance floor, is “quite sexy”. The same guy that had their back at school.
      Ask a girl the same question, and most will start stargazing… trying to think of someone who would not knife them in the back to win over the guy with the AMEX gold card, that they fucked last week.
      And if they can come up with a name, its usually someone they have known only a few years. The latest in a long run of girls they use as backup in the pubs, so they don’t have to cruise for cock alone.
      Long gone are the old school friends. Fallout from bitchy infighting over men. Long gone are the university friends, as they hitched up some beta, and pulled stakes on all their friends, to live their life of domestic bliss.
      The only thing that can come between men, is a woman.

      1. This just isn’t true. I was raised on a small farm in an isolated part of a Nordic country and would have loved to have had tons of school friends. When I moved to the US at 18 for school, I finally began meeting other girls my own age, participating in activities I could only dream about doing as a kid and playing music with people other than my siblings back home. So now that I’m 20, my best friends are technically people I’ve known for just two years. What do you suggest for people like me? Succumb to a life of hermetic loneliness and will myself unhappy just so that I don’t raise any “red flags” for a potential boyfriend one day?
        As to your credit card anecdote, perhaps you should branch out of your current social circles if you think the women you’re getting to know are so materialistic. Perhaps it’s a cultural phenomenon within the region you live, but within my small circle of friends (almost entirely women), that’s just simply not true. Tea enthusiasts or vinyl record splurgers, at worst, but my friends tend date people who are just as broke as we are. Water seeks out its own level and the people with whom you hang out tend to speak volumes about who you are as a person. And if you think unabashed, vapid consumerism is a trait specific to women, well…I’d love to take you on a little tour of a certain fraternity on our campus. You’d be in for a real shock.

    5. Very true. I met a california wench a long time ago, and she had this problem. Then I started hearing her talk about all the male coworkers she banged. And how after her last bf, she went on a “rampage.”
      I hate Cali women. Overly shallow, often made more of plastic than flesh, and an attitude that screams run away from me if you value your life!

    6. Actually in my experience the opposite is true. Women with lots of friends are a part of the backstabbing-doubletalking game, and they play it well. Women I’ve met with no female friends are usualy as disgusted as I am with their behavior, which in itself makes them safer.

      1. 100% spot on. i used to have a lot of “friends” but quickly realized i’d rather have a small circle that i know i can count on no matter what, than have a huge group to party with every weekend. trust me – girls who have lots of friends have way more drama than you’d ever believe. they post group shots on facebook and instagram talking about how they “love all their girls” and “besties” but in private they all talk shit about each other. don’t miss it one bit.

  2. Oh, why all the Snooki hate? 90% of what she does is just an act… act that made her wealthy.

    1. I’m actually dumbfounded that so many men get involved with women like Snookie, Kim Kartrashian, that Ashley hooker who was involved with Elliot Spitzer, the hostess who was screwing Tiger Woods, etc. These rich men are marrying and giving children to these women, and it boggles my mind. Why?

      1. Thirst. Caused by entrenched scarcity mentality and loneliness. Drop one of these guys on Khao San Road and he’ll be married by sundown.
        Fucked in the head, not fucked in the bed, fucked out of his bread.

  3. Here, here! A great article depicting the truth of the american woman situation ( western women in all actuality). I have always been grossed out by most american women. I find myself vomiting when I meet most on the street, in bar, or at a lecture hall. For the life of me, I can’t understand why men need to act so boyishly and let these poor excuses for women have their way. I would rather die and never have sex again then touch 90% of american women. I mean just that too.

    1. For the life of me, I can’t understand why men need to act so boyishly and let these poor excuses for women have their way.
      That’s an insult to boys. I actually get the impression that American males act more manly in junior high than they do in their 20s.

      1. Perhaps I am an anomaly then. I never caved in to women. I always dumped them if they tried to act out and get bossy. I’ve always lived by the rule, I am the man, I lead, you follow. Right or wrong, it is what I believe in and I’ll carry it to my grave.

    2. “For the life of me, I can’t understand why men need to act so boyishly and let these poor excuses for women have their way…”
      Where have you been for the last twenty years?!
      Because besides being supported by modern ‘culture’, IT’S THE LAW! Interfere with some privileged princess’s selfish ‘wants’, and you will find yourself falsely accused of some biased and nebulous charge, and roughly ‘escorted’ by a few White Knights in Blue Uniforms to the slammer.

  4. Look at that disgusting fucking loser taking a selfie with her kids in the picture. Big ol’ nasty droopy ass titties with nipples that point straight down like a set of eyes looking for a lost penny on the ground. No tramp stamp though- I guess that will have to wait until she makes a trip to Amscot for a payday loan. LOL, just kidding- that bitch doesn’t have a job.
    That’s another problem with American broads- all the time in the world to take a selfie for attention whoring purposes, but can’t seem to find three minutes to grab a bottle of Windex and a grip of paper towels to wipe down the nasty fucking mirror first. On top of all the things covered in the article- they’re complete slobs too. We’re surrounded by the biggest group of useless loser women in the history of this country and it just keeps getting worse.

    1. “grab a bottle of Windex and a grip of paper towels to wipe down the nasty fucking mirror first”…that line honestly made my day haha.

    2. A more fitting line would be:
      “…all the time in the world to take a selfie for attention whoring purposes, but can’t seem to find three minutes to hop on a treadmill.”

    3. You absolutely nailed it! Fat, slutty, delusional, lazy slobs is what we must navigate on a daily basis. Sure, they fuck, but not one worth keeping and “cherishing”.

      1. Move to Asia…. thats the key.
        Slim, cute, respectful, non-feminist, and relatively easy to fuck.
        Do anything you can to get to Asia. Its a man’s paradise.

        1. I was thinking that, but maybe it’s just too easy over there for a good looking westerner. I like crushing western heart. 😀 Much more fun!

        2. I lived in Japan for three years. I am telling you it is a trap. If you do marry them, plan on living there for the rest of your life. If you get her pregnant and she leaves, forget ever seeing your kid. They only like westerners for fun, most anyways.
          Then they marry local, and continue to cheat with western men until they are too old to get attention.
          Sound familiar?

        3. Yep, sounds reasonably familiar.
          The fact that they just want to have fun with me, is fine, since that is all I want with them.
          I always go in under cover, so pregnancy risk is minimal.
          I once had a girl whose mum burst into tears when my GF told her she was dating a gwailo. I love it. That blatant racism really warms my heart.
          And it works in our favor… since we all know that girls will tend to do exactly what their parents don’t like.
          As for the marriage desperados. Plenty of those in this part of the world, but I am an expert at breaking up with a girl after a few months.., and having her think it was her fault, or her idea.

        4. Apparently you have zero appeal with the Asian community living in the USA if you’re so desperate to go there….as a Korean American living in the US you’d be doing us all a great service if you eliminate yourself from the possible dating pool here….safe travels!

        5. Um, excuse me? “Relatively easy to fuck”? Fuck you and your white supremacist trash. This is why decent women of all ethnicities hate douchebags like you, and then you guys complain about how you’re treated? Bitch, please. We (the self-respecting Asian women) are not here to satisfy your disgusting Asian fantasies and give you the pleasure of being the dominant male figure.
          But then again, you’re right. Asian countries do have some easy, trashy Asian women who will be submissive and attend to all your wishes and desires. But they probably have STDs and had a load of plastic surgery so have fun with that!

        6. Yeahh, sorry to tell you, most Asian women(Japanese at least, and I’m assuming that’s what you’re meaning) these days have enough self respect to not let themselves get felt up by greasy American neckbeards with a cultural fetishes. But hey, they sell anime body pillows on Amazon. So there’s always that.

        7. Hey imbecile, plenty of white men go overseas to go after asian women simply because they’re BETTER, not because of any “cultural fetishes”. Weaboos need not apply.

        8. Most any girl from a second to third world county I’ve noticed. I really don’t think American women is where its at. The american female population has been largely polluted.

        9. how is he racist if he’s willing share a life and have sex with someone from a whole other country?

        10. Thank you so much Ethan!! your reply to Patrick truly made my day. hahahahah and he’s the dumbass!

        11. Standard feminine shaming language. Typical female responses. Ignore them.
          Lots of troll feeding on this thread.
          Remember guys, these womyn are only here to disrupt, instigate trouble, insult and shame.
          Why enable them? Be Kings. Marginalize them and let their comments go un-replyed.
          There is nothing greater than ignoring them. They are not “equals”
          They are dirt.

        12. The American female makes very poor choices. They ignore the good men, taunt them, tease them, insult them and then end up in relationships with doofy tools.
          Why would I have any interest in dating females with such poor decision making skills.
          Thats why them and their dork boyfriends always look at me.
          Jealous to see a single, successful, powerful and fit male encumbered with no emotional baggage with clear direction and personal goals in his life.
          Its hard for me to see how American guys can justify to themselves the value in what they go through…
          Just to slide their meat into a slimy hole for a few minutes.
          Maybe the cunst here are right.
          Most dudes are dipshits.
          Glad I am a King, and not a DIPSHIT pussy-worshipper.
          Females are no more than evolved dogs in my opinion.
          They really enjoy putting themselves on a pedestal it seems.
          I could give a fuck if I ever get in a relationship or marry one for the rest of my life.
          And no biotches, I wont be lonely or give a fuck about dying by myself ok? Im perfectly fine and in fact prefer it.
          Oh and bitches, yeah I feel the same way about My Mom, Sister and grandmas as I do about you.
          You are all a bunch of fucking cunts. Not being bitter, just stating a personal opinion, thats all. : ))

        13. I’m guessing you think you’re one of those so-called “good men.” That’s fucking laughable.

    4. A random thought….
      But I wonder how much of the decline in the quality of women is a result of the Facebook like, Iphone toting life nowadays. Without the constant competition for social media status, and the rewards they get for attention whoring we’d probably see a lot less of it.
      And we all know that your ACTIONS influence your PERSONALITY so yes I am implying something.

      1. No its just more in the public domain, before women just use to take the same pictures and make picture books. The only difference is now they have beta males and orbiters drooling all over them with no chance of sex or human contact.

      2. I mentioned this before, it’s like Pavlov’s dog experiment…(ring the bell, give food. the bell will come to signify food-getting – in this circumstance it is a “like” on a posting/picture that has come to signify acceptance/approval/etc.). I think social media and society as a whole plays into that mindset of “if i have X number of likes it means I’m validated in some way”.

    5. That is pretty disgusting though…taking a pic like that with your kid right there! I wouldn’t do a pic like that even without my kids there but really…ewww

    6. Recently just dated a woman married to her career on POF, 31 years old, slave to her job. All the signs of a train wreck approaching. Its a sad reality to learn the inner workings of these women, 22-year mortgage on a townhouse, financed high-end mercedes benz truck in the garage, in-debt up to her ears, student loans, taking anti-psych meds to “calm” herself down from the stress of working two jobs. Every time we got together, even tho things clicked, she kept telling me “I know what I want,” and lines like “I don’t want someone who is content.” A lot of contradictory statements that followed, threw up some major red-flags. Childish, nonsense, calling her best friend out for being a ‘whore’ that recently got married because she thought she cheated on the guy before the marriage took place. Her father refinished her townhouse, and she had something against him also. Otherwise, you could see, if a lot of these underlying things were not consuming her life she maybe a good potential mate. Otherwise, trust your instincts and know when to bail on these women, even if your blue-pill-beta bitch side is rearing its head. Take that inner child and tell him to stfu, and move on. Bigger fish to fry, stay busy, and never let these toxic women into your life, they will either push you to new heights, or destroy you in the process.
      Its a rough ride out there gentlemen, batten down the hatches, and get ready for some rough waters the storm has yet to pass. The waters may not be calm for a long time. Brave new world we are living in. Look out for yourself, never put anyone ahead of you. There is no other way.

      1. The scary thing is that 30 years from now many of these women will be firmly in control of the political system. At least at the rate things are going…

        1. Its funny that you mention this, this woman was on a power-trip, she worked with child alimony cases, spousal support. Bitter towards men. Hell bent on showing how assertive she was, how much of an alpha bitch she came across, and how much it just made me realize this woman isn’t relationship/marriage material. Red-flags were popping up on my radar continuously throughout this entire encounter. Very selfish, only child, and made it appear her past relationships were dysfunctional, along with talking down about her father. This are clear indicators to run away. Not worth the head-ache, its good that some of us with experience, are starting to have a clear understanding how to screen these women as prospective mates/LTR/marriage material.

        2. But wouldn’t it be fun to just play with her? Just not give a fuck, but make her fall for you? I like to use a Lelo and my tongue to snare ’em. Bring them to ecstasy orally, fuck ’em hard and bring them to it again, listen to all their shit and hug them when they cry, make them say, “I love you”, and then crush them. Heh heh.

        3. There is only the potential for that. But it is firmly countered by one overwhelming fact…the increase in 40 something year olds writing articles about “Where have all the good men gone?”
          The fact is, the manosphere is going to get huge, I believe, and if/when it does these future haggardly wenches will have no where to run but Congress.
          As I always say, women litigate, they don’t communicate. They also don’t read history, apparently, because if they did, they would look at all the societies that made bachelor taxes. They would ask “WHY?” and “WHAT happened?”
          Yet, nope, they just keep in touch with their feels, and don’t ask any other questions.
          In that day they rule 50% or more of the government outright, I predict those women at the top will have a firm grip on reality having lived through the consequences, and women of that day will learn why district attorney in times past wanted women to get the vote. So they could sit on juries and give them the convictions of female serial killers that blue pill vagina wipes were incapable of doing. These men, in the 1900s-30s could not get past how someone who seemed as innocent and sweet as their own mother/wife, could ever commit such horrible crimes. In times past, female senators of several states were our greatest advocates. They knew that those witches were scandalous to the core, and wanted to hang them.
          Can you guess whom these witches were? If you said suffragettes, give yourself a pat on the back. Women knew who buttered their bread, men, and wanted to protect them. But men saw the bad girl, and that she seemed willing to put out, and shut the good women up. We have paid their price. Now the reverse is happening, and women are slowly starting to see what is going to happen to them.
          They will change when it gets too uncomfortable. It will be up to us to ensure it stays that uncomfortable.
          I don’t believe we will, but I can hope right?

        4. Wow! Obviously, you fell for one of these type of females and she crushed your humanity.

        5. Someone has serious issues. Funny this is a thread about how man hating women tend to be and shit, but very hypocritical because mow its a woman hating thread. Idk where you find girls like these but Im not like that and no women I know are. Maybe stop looking l for love in a bar.

        6. I’m on the fence as to whether the majority of these bitter boys actually ever had any humanity, or if they are the same one’s we look for when profiling serial killers. And I’m guessing many of them are very lonely more often than not…

        7. Sam, I have a hard time believing you’ve ever touched a live human woman in your life.

        8. So a woman who drinks and has sex is bad for politics, but men who do jt, say George Bush and Bill Clinton are suited to run the country? I call BULLSHIT

        9. The scary thing is that narrow-minded misogynistic fools like yourself have ruled the political system since it’s origins. I can’t believe people truly by in to such hateful and demeaning propaganda. All people should be respected regardless of genitalia. This article could just as easily been written about men because literally it is human behavior that is wrong and has nothing to do with male or female. I hope all of you men commenting on this stay single because no woman deserves to be with a man so obviously insecure and intellectually repressed as yourselves.

        10. …That’s not what this is about dude…
          I personally think that things like that’re part of the reason why this article came to be.

        11. I honestly have a friend like this. A couple friends and they look at my fiance and say I took the last good one after just dumping a decent guy. But uh… I agree. The bar is not where you find purity.

        12. lol…there’s nothing wrong with you that a nice kick in the ass won’t cure. And it’s not ‘by in to’ you sanctimonious witch…it’s ‘buy into’. 🙂

        13. Sounds like you’re quite the intelligent most heart warming human being out there. When you have a daughter in the future may you look at her as she grows and realize how much of a colossal piece of shit you are. I hope your heart breaks when she comes home in tears because he was just like her daddy.
          Disgusting scum like you will be crushed.

        14. I don’t believe ALL of this pertains to women, but you cannot deny it represents the vast majority. Men are no better, but men have more struggles when dealing with women in relationships. All women are beautiful, and all women have the right to do as they please, but try putting yourself in a mans shoes looking for true love. Its nothing more than an expensive game if absolute bullshit.

        15. What pond are you fishing in? If you are 40 and hanging out at dive bars where the 20 somethings are, well, being 20 somethings you get what you deserve. Men and women, now EQUALLY, have the right to misbehave…. or not. It’s NOT the majority who are – have you ever ventured onto a college campus (and not as a creepy man lurking the co-eds)? Have you looked inside the corporate world?
          You are missing out on the great women who are well educated, love quality conversation as well as wild monogamous monkey sex, and are loyal (at times to a fault). I hear from them all the time in my work complaining about the asshole men who are more interested in big fake tits and women who “put out” than a quality, bright and interesting woman with a real body and solid sense of who she is. Those women scare the hell out of men like you portray yourself to be in this article. Sad but True.

        16. Ok fucker, that story might impress your buddies in the middle school cafeteria, but we all know you’re full of shit.

        17. Yes, he is. Because no woman would want him to do any of that to them. He looks like a rapist.

        18. Ew read ^this guy’s prior replies. He is a bitter divorced woman hater. I am sure someone or many many many someones will do just this to your daughter. Seeing as she will clearly have some serious Daddy issues. You disgusting fuck.

        19. Did you know her father? How do you know he wasn’t a piece of shit who abused her into the person she is today? Or are you simply stating any woman who talks down about a man, no matter what kind of man he is, is a problem?

        20. Isn’t he? By Odin I hope he doesn’t have daughters. He seems like the molesting sort.

        21. I agree he does seem like a molester! And sadly on one of his prior woman bashing replies he does mention a daughter. Poor girl. Wonder what her stage name will be?

        22. Buy in…. No the article was on point. I don’t look for good women. I look for those that are able to manage their crazy.

        23. Since replying to the lesser sex here gets us banned, I’ll just reply to myself instead.
          Yeah, I have a Lelo and I know how to use it in conjunction with my tongue. This combination when used skillfully renders a woman putty in your hands. These bitches are just pissed that their “toys” are being used against them. 😀

          Believe it or not, there are just a few females in my life who I treat with respect; the rest of you can go stick your used bloody tampons up yer arses.

        24. Does one get banned for replying to a potentially female commenter?
          “This article could just as easily been written about men because literally it is human behavior that is wrong and has nothing to do with male or female. ”
          I know this will make your pea brain explode, but men and women don’t act the same.

        25. “he’d get his ass kicked if he really tried.”
          By whom, you internet tough guy/white knight mongrel?

        26. I don’t think anyone is attributing this behavior to only women (then again, I haven’t read all the comments). I think it’s pointing out that when guilty of such adulterous acts, women are allowed to skate faaaaar more often than men are. At 31, I cheated on one girl once, ever. To this day, I feel like that was the single lowest thing I’ve ever done to another human being, no matter how much I try to justify it in that I married the woman I cheated with (who then proceeded to cheat on me several times, with several people, including 2 days before our wedding day. I feel as karmic punishment goes, that was overkill, but w/e) All of her friends immediately cut me outta their lives when we split, and I can’t blame them. That said, of all the women I’ve had what I viewed as serious, committed relationships with in my life, I can count on one hand the number that didn’t cheat on me. And yet, a great many of the people I considered friends even before the relationships are still friendly with my exes, not remotely taking them to task for their behavior.

        27. Gu-would really love to discuss your perspective further because frankly it seems ridiculous.

        28. The article isn’t about Women. It’s about American Women. And although there are exceptions… It’s quite accurate.

        29. Men were born to drink, curse, fuck, and make war. Women were born to bare witness to our glory.

        30. The smarter of us are probably less inclined to believe you just because you felt the need to “prove it”…on the internet.

        31. I think the majority of men on this site would love to live in the world you imagine exists. I used to be equality minded until I learned just how little that respect means to a woman. Kill yourself, harpy.

        32. to be fair any woman or man really that has to get into a discussion and say OH NO THATS NOT ME…. it IS them to a T. If it wasnt them they wouldnt have comment on it to make themselves feel better

        33. The scary thing is that dipshits like yourself think that they have the clout to post smarmy, insightful comments without first learning to write in English properly.

        34. One of the cute tricks feminists like to say is that if you are repusled by something it “Scares You” or you are somehow “intimidated” by it. Dog shit disgusts me – it doesn’t scare me. Same thing with 35+ year old chicks with useless degrees who have ridden the cock carousel for 20 years and then decided they wanted to try and get married. Pssh. Disgusting. A good woman is defined the same way its always been defined in the rest of the world just not the White, Rich, Western, world where privileged sluts think “Equality” means having your cake and eating it too.

        35. We should ship you off to Myanmar so we can see how fac you get over there with you “equality” rhetoric lmfao.

        36. “Sure, I as a Canadian may not be able to slap some sense into her, but ole under-the-radar Vladimir?”
          LOL’d so fucking hard.

        37. Please DO point me in the right direction and show me where these “great women who are well educated, love quality conversation as well as wild monogamous monkey sex, and are loyal (at times to a fault)” are!

        38. hah You’re missing the point…he’s saying It’s written about men every day, but never about women. He’s not saying men are better than women or vice versa…in fact he’s stating that we ARE all the same…so stop acting like only men can be pieces of shit andor all of them are.

        39. ok…you just read this article right? you realize what you just said there at the end?…you just proved his point. You just completely and utterly supported this entire article. And contradicted yourself…if this is a human behavior problem, not a gender problem, then there are in fact a lot of girls who deserve these guys and you can’t make an argument about anything, any generality, about one sex. You pretty much just said something comparable to “Every body deserves to have food” then later saying “I’m only going to hand out food to some people, because i think only they deserve it”. And i have to ask you, considering i’m pretty sure you didn’t comprehend what you read, What makes you feel like you have any idea what any woman in this world deserves? is it because…um…YOU’RE A WOMAN AND THUS YOU, FOR NO REASON, JUST FEEL LIKE YOU DESERVE A GOOD GUY, THUS EVERY WOMAN DESERVES A GOOD GUY? …could that be it? …could it be that what you’re saying is exactly what this article was trying to ‘debunk’. I guess the writer should thank you.

        40. “cute tricks” ew. your condesending remarks are no wonder you and other men like you repel the women you are looking for.
          So, dog shit disgusts you? Are you gonna write a fucking article about it? yuck.
          I’m 25 and married and do not have a college education. This does not mean I am “ugly” or a “slut” or have slept with countless men and it does not mean that I have not had long term relationships or dated in the past.
          I am not white, I am not rich, I am not a “slut” (but there is nothing wrong with being one if you want). I am a feminist, and most of my friends are men. Not because I have beef with women, it just happens that way.

        41. Even if you knew where to find women like this (like me) you would repel them like the opposite side of a magnet.

        42. “This article could just as easily been written about men because
          literally it is human behavior that is wrong and has nothing to do with
          male or female.”
          This is true because this article is not about all women, but for some reason is presented as if the majority/all women are like this.
          Also, it is true that men and women do not act the same in all situations. In the case of this article this type of person could be male, female, bi, trans, gay, whatever.

        43. wow, such hostility over a typo. i sense some insecurities. I hope you never find anyone to be with.

        44. I’ve met a lot of american women that are not at all like this. it is not the majority.

        45. This site is for misogynists, that’s why the article seems so supported by other misogynists. Though I see a lot of up-voting for the counter posts, 100 plus. Even yours.

        46. I disagree. I will say now that this article does not represent me at all. I am 25 and married, faithful, and I am not commenting here to make myself feel better. I have never been classed by any man as “ugly” or “a bitch.” I am writing to express my views and views of other women and men that agree that this article is hateful and inaccurate. Slut shaming is wrong and this article does not represent the majority of women in america.

        47. Feminism is byproduct of a rich “society”, one so luxurious that people don’t have to contend for survival every day. Thats the only way such a perverse and illogical ideology could grown.
          I guess you missed the part where I already have all the woman I need but keep trying.

        48. You’re joking right? Women are out fucking dudes and what not. But you DO REALIZE that the men they are having sex with ARE WILLING PARTICIPANTS? Are they not just “jumping from vagina to vagina”? THERE IS A FUCKING LINK ON THIS WEBSITE THAT IS CALLED “GAME”. And every link is on how to get women to sleep with you. You’re a fucking joke.

        49. Sam– the floppy hat, shades, and shit-eating grin combined with this post has resulted in one of the best and funniest damn things I’ve ever seen on the internet. You and your Lelo keep on hustlin’ good sir.

        50. Meh, I don’t think it’ll be too much scarier than the poorly behaved men who’ve run it up to now. I don’t think either gender has the whiphand on shallowness or selfishness. What I find sad in this entire article, both in the writer and his subjects, is a firm belief that a woman’s worth and value are seated firmly in her physical beauty, leaving them destitute as it naturally ages. It’s a pathetic attitude in either sex.
          I do find it strange that the author spends so much time hanging out with girls he despises. One would think, out of fear of his loathing becoming SELF-loathing, that he would actually hit a library instead of a club to find a friend. Most people self-select the company they keep.

        51. Its no concern of yours just know I knew. We are not gonna get into details of how I knew just know I did

        52. Haha! Well then the article proves what it says. How do you know this? Just by looking at profile pic? You already judge with what exactly? Anyways thanks for showing your true side. In this case, yes, certainly I would repel you and women like you.

        53. U keep defending women on this point but fail to realize how hypocritical u sound. There are many women who act like “whores” but expect to b treated like “good women” . Don’t u think that if they treated themselves with respect the world would do the same? The article isn’t saying every woman is like that but is targetting the ones who r. How many articles have u read about asshole men and nodded along like it was gospel? I’d bet quite a few. Not every man is a piece of shit but alot r. Just like with women u have to dig thru the trash to find that lost treasure.
          Men r just as bad as women (generally speaking) the difference is that men own up to the asshole persona and women blame others for their own poor judgement.

        54. Men who think like u do r the reason the world is so fucked up.basically what ur saying is men were born to destroy. With that logic I’d. Say if men were born to destroy then women were born to repair not bask in men’s stupidity

        55. I don’t think the writer meant all women, yes there are male “whores” too but majority if men don’t say “why can’t I find a classy women” while being promiscuous. If anything this article should empower these women that do sleep around, that’s the reason they don’t find “a good guy”

        56. Cody – clearly you have a scathing distaste for women in general – and you only choose to see how they can SERVE your immediate needs – you do not see us as equal humans – which only reflects on your limited and uninformed perspective – a problem of yours – not ours.
          I don’t believe you would know a GOOD woman (or man for that matter) if they were standing right in front of you – you, dear sir, have been damaged and for that I’m sorry for you. It would be a service to humanity if you were to PAUSE and look inward and review your own value system; for the one you are projecting is one of hate, disrespect, anger, frustration, loneliness and quite frankly, ugliness. This world has more than it’s share of that already – and it’s serving NO ONE. Your work is not helpful nor entertaining – it only infuses more of the same hatred and that is not helpful – TO ANYONE!
          Either you are a part of the problem or part of the solution – your choice. As it stands – you are a huge part of the problem and for that you don’t earn my respect – yet.

        57. You will find them when you are worthy and project that to every woman you meet – not just the ones you deem worthy of YOU.
          We all need to be exactly who we are looking for first – then we attract that. If we are complaining all the time about NO GOOD MEN, or NO GOOD WOMEN, then we are only going to find those less that what we desire. Start with YOU – the rest will follow.
          Namaste, N

        58. Not in the manner of this writer who seems to like to frequent bars and friend girls half his age – then complain about the next generation lol
          Morals – hell yes, we need them. For both sexes. Guys have gotten away with this for thousands of years, equality has brought women out of their societal shelter.
          Accountability – absolutely. For both sexes. It isn’t the sex that disparages someone, it’s the the emotion you allowed the other person to feel. If you cheat, you hurt someone. If you lead someone on for sex, you hurt them, etc etc
          Are women getting a free pass in court, several times. Welcome to the balancing out stage of society.

        59. You are so wrong and it’s so incredibly laughable because you are try to make an argument critiquing a Western, capitalist society for the productions of feminism when the irony is that you are speaking from a Western overgeneralizing scope. Feminism is a discourse rooted not just in our American/ European nations, but a vast amount of countries facing poverty ((WHERE IT MATTERS MORE THAN EVER)) and even indigenous populations carry the essence of feminism, just in different discourse because we are speaking in culturally relative terms.
          If you think it’s perverse for women to stand for their rights and to speak their minds in order to keep crazies like you from controlling the world, then well, good luck to ya.

        60. I have read so many stories by women that mirror this exact one, and the comments that follow are a hail of “you go sister”. You don´t see men attacking women directly in the comments below because they know and mostly accept that whatever was said holds some truth.. What was written here Is true, that´s why it hurts huh? You cannot deny something blatantly obvious.. The man who wrote this did something I´ve never seen a woman do publicly in one of their feminist PMS rants, he held his own sex to a certain standard of accountability. I recommend you get a pint of häagen dazs, turn on an episode of Yes to the dress, and stfu…

        61. GWP – Not true. Over the past 9 years my career has taken me across the world and I have had the opportunity to interact with women from many countries, cultures and religions on every habitable continent of the Earth. Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, etc.
          The only ones I have a scathing disgust for come from the Anglosphere. Here in Afghanistan for example women are respectful and understand their proper role in society…but let me guess this ancient culture which has existed independently for 5,000 years is wrong? It’s backwards and primitive while your philosophy that is barely been around 80 years is enlightened and correct? Go figure.
          My woman is Ecuadorian and is not even remotely feminist and she could explain to you even better than I could, what a rotten deal the entire thing has been for females in the West – not that you could be bothered to listen.

        62. The “balancing out stage” ? Lmao, thats funny. When industrial civilization (built by men) inevitably collapses ‘strong independent’ women will be turning tricks for half a loaf of bread.

        63. Over the past 9 years my career has taken me across the world and I have had the opportunity to interact with women from many countries, cultures and religions on every habitable continent of the Earth. Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, etc.
          The only ones I have a scathing disgust for come from the Anglosphere. Here in Afghanistan for example women are respectful and understand their proper role in society…but let me guess this ancient culture which has existed independently for 5,000 years is wrong? It’s backwards and primitive while your philosophy that is barely been around 80 years is enlightened and correct? Go figure.
          My woman is Ecuadorian and is not even remotely feminist and she could explain to you even better than I could, what a rotten deal the entire thing has been for females in the West – not that you could be bothered to listen.

        64. Then you should crack open a history book and see whats been going on for the past 5,000 years. Do you think it’s just… I don’t know a COINCIDENCE that civilizations that developed completely independent of one another like the Mayan Empire, or The Chinese, Or Western Europe, Or Ancient Rome aaaaaalll came to the same conclusions about who is going to rule? They are overwhelmingly like 99% governed by men? The tiny handful of anomalous examples where women (joan of arc, cleopatra, elizabeth, etc) have led armies or countries are famous precisely because they are so few of them. Male psychology and physiology have clearly been engineered for warfare and leadership – female minds and bodies have been engineered for domestic work and children. This was patently obvious to virtually every society in the history of the world. Except the Anglosphere.

        65. Destroy? I guess you forgot that men created light bulbs, automobiles, planes, computers, skyscrapers, plastics, nuclear energy, mass production, air conditioning , refrigeration, locomotives… basically every aspect of modern society was invented by men. Oh, and we also developed physics, astronomy, chemistry, literature, engineering, etc.
          So yes, creative and destructive power both. You bitches have just come along for the ride.

        66. The fact that equality would have existed for centuries between the sexes if we were in fact equal will not resonate with these people my friend. If women were truly equal to men they would have seized it without reticence- taken by force with a tough, but even fight. In fact, there wouldn’t have been a fight in the first place- it would have been the natural order of things. There wouldn’t need to be lowering of standards, laws in place to ensure women are hired, or hand holding to see them placed into tough industries- where they don’t belong and can’t competently contribute.
          Arguing with these feminists is like spitting on a pile of shit.
          Don’t want to see you banned, despite the on point comments.

        67. No it’s not funny. I didn’t say that to jest. It’s a simple action/reaction. If the pendulum swings too far to one side, a force will bring it far to the other side. Doesn’t make the polar opposites correct, just means that it is in the process of balancing.
          …But enjoy your point of view. I’ve seen several men in my line of work (I guess you would call me a strong independent woman) turning tricks to survive now, without a collapse. Nope, I’m not a prostitute, just have to deal with them.
          I guess I would just rather have a partner that I can survive with and is just as capable as surviving when that collapse happens.

        68. Minus the stfu – there is truth.
          I would extend this discourse even to television shows for kids. An entirely separate topic but one that needs to be addressed. I restrict television shows for my young son not on religious basis but on the way they portray men. I can’t tell you the number of cartoons where the father figure or main male character is portrayed as a bumbling idiot/feminized wimp/etc. That is not desirable either.
          It does ultimately boil down to accountability, and holding each other responsible for their actions.

        69. So the obvious conclusion you want is the decline of society.
          Like most misogynistic men… you’re prefer the stone age to the complex nuances of society that say if women are “sleeping around” it’s none of your damn business.
          No mention that it takes two to tango, and men are sleeping with all those women. THOSE MAN WHORES!!!

        70. In my 40’s I took Ballroom Dance 101 at the local uni about 50 times.

        71. Your right, why should I bother? It’s like trying to explain to Marxists how their economic system will never work. By the way, is there an official “do not reply to feminist trolls” policy?

        72. Nothing that specific I don’t think- just the respond to a female and be banned rule that has been implemented.

        73. Wow. You think a woman should be oppressed like many Muslim women are, in order to be considered virtuous? You should move to Afghanistan. Forever. The men there need you on their team. Clearly, you do not like women. You’ve let a few poor examples from a bar and television disfigure your entire belief of what women are, and to what we aspire. Most women, rich, poor or in between, do not behave like you’ve described. I know plenty of women, and about 98-99% of them are nothing like what you’ve described. It’s funny though how you think men have it so hard in relationships and they can’t find good girls. Men want a porn star that wants to do nasty things and jump into bed ASAP. A lot of men won’t give a woman the time of day if she isn’t going to give it up. So you get what you want and realize that after you fuck the shit out of this hot chick, you have nothing in common. Okay, next. You want a virtuous girl that doesn’t sext you naked pics the second you FUCKING ASK FOR THEM???? Stop asking douche bag. Quit pushing to jump into bed on the first date. Then judging women who do, when you’ve just done the same thing, you dumb fuck. I would love to ask, do you deserve a good woman? Who asked for all the tits and ass and dildos inserted on your phone? And who fucking kept all those pics??? You did, dipshit. I’d really love to know how journalism has gotten so into the swirling toilet full of shit that someone actually allows people like you to voice your opinion. I just hope no one paid you for that horseshit.

        74. He’s saying he wants a submissive slave. Some women are like that, some men need that – but it’s not for everyone. Thank God

        75. Whats unfortunate is as an African American man, I understand what my ancestors had to deal with. the fact that men have been dominant all these years doesn’t mean that that is what it has to be, which is also the same with every underprivileged group of people who has existed in society.

        76. Lmao of course we don’t deserve a good women she said. I bet she was giving a HJ while replying to this.

        77. I am not a “slut” (but there of is nothing wrong with being one if you want)???
          But it’s totally wrong if the guy is a male equivalent of slut??
          It’s really sad thing to say but times were better when women were controlled by men..not all things were hunky dory at those times but certainly some things of today and of those times certainly need to be followed..

        78. guys afraid of intellectual women??
          yeah right and pluto is a planet…
          bring it on…

        79. You want equality???
          Start paying the bills…
          You talk about intelligent women having it difficult ins corporates??
          I am sorry but who build them??
          Women always crib about the glass windows and ceilings, but has any one given a thought as to who build the building in the first place??
          In a coal mine it’s the men who dig deep and risk their lives..or have you ever been to an off shore oil rigs??
          Most women are afraid of maths(stereotypes are build for a reason)…have you seen the no. of women in engineering or science courses??
          and in other courses??
          In this modern age you are now born with almost the same privilege as your man…still you women expect to pay for the bills..(there are a lot of surveys on that google them…wait was it the “intelligent” women classmates of the google founder who found google??…oh no it was the women’s scared male classmates)…
          so basically you storm into our buildings compete for our jobs but refuse to contribute… don’t say :I am happy to pay my share and blah blah blah…because studies of this generation show that women…earning women…generously earning women still expects men to pay….

        80. Ohk so your pea sized brain totally missed the point..(the next broadcast on the Jenn show is to make a snide remark on rogue in retaliation to show that Jenn doesn’t have a pea sized brain)…the whole point of the author is that the girls conform to the douchebags asking for their naked pics and send them in an instant and then cribbing about the dearth of nice guys…well stop sending him pictures…delete him from your life and find someone nice…all you do is complain that there are no nice guys, while sexting that douche bag..and you keep a condition that the nice guy has to be okay with that…while if he ever tries that then he is misogynist…well sucker if he is misogynist then you are practicing misandry.
          You women always lord about how you carry babies and raise them which I can admit is a very very very difficult thing to do…
          But please don’t forget that the ships that sail the roaring seas were build by men….

        81. Oh so wise,well educated women, who loves a quality conversation….how’s this for a conversation….
          Opposite pole of a magnet attract each other!!!
          Oh now I am misogynist because I corrected a woman….
          Oh what blasphemy have I committed for I have angered her highness by proving that she is stupid

        82. Then you to realize that the women who are having sex are also willing participants….so stop bitching if he leaves after sex because he wasn’t raping you and frankly you were there, having sex with him….if he falsely led you on then sorry you exist on which planet??
          because isn’t this the planet where there are well educated and smart women??
          I mean a smart women wouldn’t be falsely led now would she??

        83. Calling a man a “man whore” for sleeping with lots of women doesnt have the same sting as shaming a slut for her obvious leg spreading to any random joe who walks by dick in hand.
          You see faggot, women being the gatekeepers of sex have not accomplished anything by allowing random stragglers to fuck pound them into the ground. Whereas their male counterparts must learn game, work out and overall improve themselves in so many areas if they are to appeal to attractive women.
          Always gives me a good laugh the equalists insisting both sexes are the same in every way.
          Blind and lame like you are…..why the fuck would you ever think of opening that disgusting pie hole and utter words to your betters? SHAME ON YOU!

        84. Actually, I read this entire article. The author didn’t once ask for a woman. Perhaps he prefers the single life on the side lines and is showing his perspective on women?

        85. Men would only be repelled if you are ugly and unfuckable not because of any good qualities you might have. You see urchin, you must be hot first before anything else matters..
          If you are’t hot then change yourself as much as possible and appeal to a man of similar standing as yourself.

        86. I just read the ‘about us’ section of the website and found it listed there as a rule. Now that I know not only will oblige, but think it’s a pretty great idea.

        87. The article is crude with some valid observations of a few people – but the comments was for Cody in the comment thread 🙂

        88. Ok i don’t normally feed the trolls but here goes:
          “Calling a man a “man whore” for sleeping with lots of women doesnt have the same sting as shaming a slut for her obvious leg spreading to any random joe who walks by dick in hand.”
          – This is because of asswhipes like you who perpetuate a double standard of sexuality on women than on men. You are the very reason why slut shaming hurts women… you are the problem there… not women… it’s YOU.
          “You see faggot, women being the gatekeepers of sex have not accomplished anything by allowing random stragglers to fuck pound them into the ground.”
          – Usually what a woman has to gain is the fun of sex, and the pleasure of an orgasm, or maybe more than one orgasm. But i am guessing a woman having sex with you probably isn’t seeing very much in it for her.
          (And since I’m guessing there is a correlation between your wit and your charm i’ll explain it so your slow mind can understand:
          You probably have a small dick)
          “Whereas their male counterparts must learn game, work out and overall improve themselves in so many areas if they are to appeal to attractive women.”
          – I’ve never really felt the need to go to such great lengths to impress a woman… I’m typically just nice and whatever happens happens…. it’s been a FUN experience for me.
          But since your personality probably works against you most of the time, i can imagine you need to hone those other attributes to near godlike perfection in order to keep anyone from being repulsed by the words that dribble out of your mouth.
          I’d say you have the personality of a doorknob, but i’ve never looked at a doorknob with contempt.
          “Always gives me a good laugh the equalists insisting both sexes are the same in every way.”
          – equalists isn’t a word first off.
          Secondly, i never said same in every way… are you sure you replied to the correct comment?
          I said women having sex TYPICALLY are having sex with men too…
          I’m sure you prefer men to women so i’ll admit i was wrong in your case.
          “Blind and lame like you are…..why the fuck would you ever think of opening that disgusting pie hole and utter words to your betters? SHAME ON YOU!”
          – oh an insult!! ohhh this is fun… let me try!!
          I fucked your mother…. how was that?

        89. I don’t see the higher value of a man who attacks women globally (or just picks on a certain region) VS individually – the blanket statements being made my some of the men here are highly disappointing. I would hope MEN would have evolved more than what is being revealed. Being cutting, angry, disrespectful and derogatory don’t serve your cause nor uplift your standing.
          A REAL MAN wouldn’t need to disrespect ANYONE in order to elevate himself – only a very insecure, frightened man-child who has no clue who he is or why he is here would stoop so low. So, that is your work – NOT to try and push women down – it won’t serve you – I can guarantee it. Rise above the man-group-mob mentality – I would be that none of you if standing in my physical presence would dare say the things you are saying to me or any other woman here. And what would your mother/sister/grandmother say if you spoke to her this way? Hummmmmmm

        90. I would highly recommend you stay in Afghanistan please. It is right at your level of evolution and sense of humanity. All the very best to you (and that poor dear who is currently being fooled into thinking you are a GOOD MAN). Keep em ignorant and they won’t know the difference. good job!

        91. At least we will have something of value to sell – what will you sell when no one is buying your crap anymore?

        92. Perhaps we need to introduce the male and female pieces of shit to each other and call it a day? Or… perhaps they are already finding each other because they swim in the same pool and yet complain violently about each other expecting someone better than themselves to come rescue them? Just a thought.

        93. He’ll be selling his dick for you to suck on for that half a loaf of bread. Feeling hungry?

        94. Thank you SO much for saying this, When I saw the article title ,RIght away I thought, Oh wow so this person thinks there really the first person to think this, No matter what gender you are. there are SO SO many people out there acting this way. And the point is most these people neandering about in life in this was is because there lazy and don’t want to take the effort to look deep into themselves and ask why am I treating my mind and body like this. they lack self awareness . People want things, now and fast and for it to be “Perfect” Because there Impatient lazy and Ignorant. It takes time to get to know your self But it pays off. Treat your selves right people. Be healthy with your mind body and soul its all yours, don’t abuse it.Wake up already!!!

        95. You’re right, I would never, ever, ever want to be “equal” to you. In ANYTHING. If anyone ever mistook me for someone like you, I’d shoot myself.

        96. You did NOT read MY comment at all. I said NOTHING about anything you ranted on and on about.
          I have been delivering health care for probably longer than you have been alive – and until you have walked in our shoes – which by the way HURT, don’t you DARE sit there and pretend you know anything about what it’s like being a woman in this world of ours. You are spewing rehearsed rhetoric that has no barring on this discussion…
          My women friends are business owners, surgeons, lawyers, teachers, judges, moms and more. They all work their asses off at what ever they are doing and contribute MORE than their male counterparts. YOU trying being 9 months pregnant, working 60 hours a week, caring for your toddler, aging parent and husband. Being responsible for 80% household chores as well as child care organization.
          Most households now REQUIRE two incomes to survive – it’s not a frivolous activity we silly girls look for to fill our otherwise useless time. Grow up – Get Real – You need some reality orientation and stop spewing bull shit that has no current relevance.

        97. oooohhh you are good! haha. Is that all you have to say? How old are you? 15? Sounds like it.

        98. honestly, in my experience, im friendzoned within seconds, or toyed with for as long as I don’t see whats happening.. I had a very good job, and still ive never had a woman, but 98% of my female friends have had at least 3 of my male friends. no im the one in my mid 30’s not knowing what is so wrong about me. I never even got the sexting thing, I was strictly a friend and someone to cry to about other guys, or pick them up after parties or fights. I respect all women a little when I meet them, but most destroy that soon after. so it never grows into anything but regret.

        99. “Perverse and illogical ideology”? I’ll admit that feminism certainly has issues with concerning itself more primarily with bourgeois issues, but an attempt at equality is not illogical or perverse,mat least not in a society that tries to parade itself on equality and democracy.
          Think of society as a race. It may seem unfair to you that someone else is getting a boost or shortcut that isn’t available to you. But those accommodations are intended to level an unfair playing field – you can’t say a class or group has an equal opportunity when you take their ankle weights off after you’ve gotten such a massive head start.
          Why do you try to act like anything not related to a struggle not to starve is a waste? Any intellectual pursuit in hopes of bettering society is far more purposeful than any number of non-productive forms of entertainment that you or anyone else indulges in.

        100. Why do females feel the need to post on here as men? Don’t they realize that its painfully obvious in the way they type?
          BTW you’re still a faggot.

        101. Wow…sounds like signs of a serial killer. I hope you find peace and can learn to forgive those who have hurt you. You need it… Maybe once you can release your anger and hostility, maybe you can be happy and not be so focused on things that are out of your control. Good luck…May the odds be ever in your favor

        102. So the presumably single male who gets lured to the bedroom eagerly after a night of boozin and gets lucky with the taken/married chick, who by the way has no idea of the signifigant other, is somehow the slut? Wow your fucked in the head. Im sure you could get your head farther up your ass but ya gotta leave some dickroom in there. Ive caught more than one chick cheating, I dont even care anymore, be a slut and enjoy it I guess. Not all are like that tho I know a few good ones, few.

        103. Now THERE is an intelligent response. What a revealing statement Mr. Armstrong – Ladies – what do you think? A GOOD MAN or NOT?

        104. Jordan, it sound’s like you had a prob with your mother that’s why you hate woman so bad!!

        105. CO, what part of the backwoods are you from? Your use of the old, antiquated, vividly ignorant term “faggot” says so much about your origin… and it’s not pretty by the way.

        106. Wow Cody – your vile comments towards free-thinking women are disgusting to say the least. You make men look bad – if your goal is to actually become a GOOD MAN – you might consider speaking like one would speak – with respect. Would you speak to your mother or sister the way you are speaking about the women who have spent time here trying to have a conversation with you about this? You go for the grade school antics of tossing “mean boy” comments.
          Well – I see through your BS Cody dear…. you are scared as shit that women really DO hold the power over you – and like other weak men, you try to defend yourself with obsolete thinking and attitude. You might find there are amazing women are powerful, loving, kind, brilliant and who would kick your ass to the curb if you acted like this.
          I’m signing off now – only because I see you and this as a lost cause. I will devote my time to more constructive teachings – which if you were one of the good men, I’m sure you’d be fascinated by.
          I do wish you well – and I hope you awaken to the truth – because the truth is not a moving target.

        107. Women cheat, men cheat. What exactly is your point? I guess we women are supposed to sit with our legs tightly folded and be chaste, good little girls while you men run around slinging cock every which way? For what? To gain the approval of men like you?? Mm-kay.
          This whole entire discussion is pointless to begin with. Tomorrow night, half you guys will be banging some random slut anyway so stop complaining like you’re actually out there “looking for the one”. Just accept the fact that you’ll never find the one so you might as well continue banging sluts and being the man on the side because that’s about as good as it’ll ever get. Once you’ve accepted your position in life, perhaps you guys’ll stop being so bitter.

        108. This discussion is unwinnable so thats all I had to say. I will agree that everyone isnt the same, men and women. The most interesting are the most unique. And you get out of anything what you put in. You go out lookin to get laid, you get laid thats it. Most people here seem to lazy to try so they resort to bars an lounges. You talk of the good women in your first comment. Couldnt agree more, they just take more work and they have to notice you and relate or be interested. Ya dont find em wasted in the bar, might be out havin fun while at the same time respecting their dignity. The best women ive had in my life were met on the golf course and on vacation, campin. Unfortunately it seems tho that the bad outweigh the good in this scenario,in my experience anyways. Its funny how easily decieved both sides can be until ya really get to know them, their friends and family, the lies get caught eventually. Originally tho this whole speil we’re commenting on is about a couple women who are skanks by the sounds of it complaining that there arent any good guys left, just to reinstate the topic here. Like I said, ya get out what ya put in, so these women in the story…..well ya.. so like I said earlier. Blah blah fuckin blah

        109. This is the fucking point the article is trying to make, you keep spamming “Good men” and “weak men” who the fuck are you to decide who is what and why? Oh yeah I forgot, you’re a fucking woman, you have no reason.
          If you havn’t figured it out by now, yes you’re stupid.

        110. Glad I’m not the only one who thought that as I read this “article”. I know plenty of guys who fit this bill to a tee – myself included (in the past). In the end – no one *deserves* ANYONE….you have to EARN a good partner.

        111. What’s even more intriguing is these guilt ridden sluts commenting on here write off the behavior as that of “20 somethings” as if these whores don’t age into the 30 and 40 somethings they claim are “the good ones.” Stop making false intellectual arguments you fake feminist whores. Announce who you are and wear your colors on your cum-stained sleeves. Have the courage to show yourselves.

        112. “Understand their proper role in society”? What kind of knuckledragging macho bullsh*t is that?
          Dude…if you can’t handle a strong woman, or you can’t handle swapping power dynamics, you’re just a bit of a douchenozzle. A weakminded one at that.

        113. The reason most households now require two incomes is because, by design, the Feminist movement infiltrated the culture via the Government with the sole purpose of duping 50% of the population into believing that entering into the tax system somehow gave them more “rights.” Nice work geniuses… It’s right up there with the old ad campaign for Big Tobacco that convinced women to smoke, “Show your Man” which now results in Women having the highest lung cancer rate in the Nation. You bitches had it made and now you’ve gone and fucked it all up.

        114. So if you can tell they’re female by the way they type… Then you admit female Kind is different. Thank you, we can now move on to more important business. Like the reclamation of the Country. (And if slut shaming is so bad… Why is gay shaming any better?)

        115. Huge biceps and the ability to kill other human beings with our bare hands. That’s why you love us… Admit it.

        116. I disagree, this article was dead on right about the majority of women out there today. You are either lying to yourself, or us.

        117. lmfao! Everyone on Earth from Brazil to Pakistan to China believe that women should be subordinate to men. All those billions of people are wrong huh? If men are really weak trying say that to their face in a place like Afghanistan or Myanmar where you don’t have other men to protect you. Hilarious

        118. I guess the kind that everyone believes everywhere on planet earth except for the sheltered, insulated, little bubble we call the anglosphere. There are billions of people on the planet who believe women’s role is to be submissive. Let me guess: they are all wrong but your correct huh?

        119. I have only skimmed through this thread, though this comment stood out to me. From my perspective, I obviously enjoy feeling like someone is attracted to me (as most college-aged girls do), but I actually find it can be a little irksome when people speak about the way you look as though it’s some laudable trait. I think that’s why I value compliments more when they’re directed toward say, one of the band/film buttons on my bookbag, my tastes in literature or perhaps even the particular way I play the drums. Someone taking the time to notice and appreciate people for who they are tends to leave a much bigger impression, I think. Who (of either gender) wants to be with a person who values their own looks over everything else?

        120. Only in modern America are blacks constantly given the victim treatment. Yes, there was slavery in the US for about 150 years. But for 1000 years before that there were African Kingdoms and Empires that spanned the continent. Warriors nations with a powerful, proud, heritage as conquerors. You shouldn’t let the Left convince you that there is some kind of nobility in being a victim or “underprivileged” or some such nonsense.

        121. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
          You are no better than anyone.
          Why are most women so offended from this article? If you do not fall into the category of women he is writing about, then get on with your life. It really is that simple.
          If women want to act trashy, they will be treated like trash.
          If men want to act like douches, they will be treated like douches.
          At least, that is the way that I see it.

        122. it has been proven that women are better with finances. i DO pay all my own bills, and have supported men who could not get their money act together. that does not mean they are bad people, though. I dont expect any man to pay my bills and I don’t know one woman who does. The reason there are low numbers in engineering and sciences is because men will not hire them. and when they get hired they get paid less. facts. also, men and women are different. Men are built for heavy labour, and some women are, like my sister who worked in construction for years. but some women are not, I am 5’4″ and 120lbs, I can’t work construction, no one’s going to hire me. Even if I work out i could never be able to do the same work as my husband. So I do other things to support our household. Your generalization is wrong. Your whole argument is invalid.

        123. as I keep traveling the world, upper middle class woman and below on average have this type of behavior. So due to your lack of better words and lack of logic, reading your comment is reinforces the logic of woman. Even people of Afghanistan have different views, it is actually Muslim belief that you should point out the reference to.

        124. Once more a narrow minded person, respect…. should respect be given al the time, every day, always? No, thats why kings and queens have been overthrown. Respect is earned regardless of genitalia, yet this type of behavior is seen everywhere. As I work in a respectable job and currently out numbered by 5 woman to 1 man in my workplace, I see and partake in conversations with the ladies on radical behavior that is far from the fairytales of Walt Disney and yet expect prince Charmin. Explain to me that logic?

        125. Dave, he does mention the typical American Woman… buddy keep a sharp eye, don’t want you to lose credibility

        126. There are billions of people who believe in gods that you don’t. I suppose you’re gonna tell those billions of people that they’re wrong, like a hypocrite.

        127. No one cares about the stupid fuckin dumbass bands you like or the piss weak medicore effort you put into playin the drums.
          GET SHIT ON

        128. Men and Woman have always had the right to misbehave, so it is not until now… yet it is all perception because you now accept bad behavior and is it always acceptable all the time, everyday, always? misbehaving involves breaking away from what is good behavior, correct? So does it make logical sense that a well behaved person to be with a misbehaved person, a nun with a “rock star”? No, it is hard to picture the two even though it is possible.
          Now the type of girls you associate at work with, yes they will find a**ho** to complain about since they too are fishing in the wrong place and allow for that type of men to approach them.

        129. “I don’t believe you…”-GWP believing is not a reference when it comes down to facts…. see, what is the standard on which humans should act and see accordingly… please don’t give the typical response of everyone has different views because that only avoids the problem and does not provide a solution. There is always a standard, we evem have a standard of what is sane and what is insane. So what are the standards of a good woman and a good man so that when they do not act accordingly we can kick them off the qualifications.
          Tell me straight foward if you dare to know so much. Don’t give generic answer too of loyal, smart, goal oriented, etc….. I want know how the good person should act past, present, and future because isn’t that what psychologist do to state how well balanced a person is? A detailed description of behaviors.

        130. “…It’s not for everyone. Thank God”? Why use “thank god”? Little did you know that upon bringing up the word god brings up religious beliefs. To any god, they dont ask for equals. To all gods, they ask for submissive slaves that will follow their code of conduct.
          Now tell me this, do agree with Walt Disney in terms of kings and queens? If so then why not have a submissive female? If not, then why haven’t you bothered to correct them?

        131. Tough in Correcting people huh? I personally challenge you to approach a military recruiter and ask them if there is a military job in the military world a woman is not authorized to do.
          I won’t tell you what that is but there is one… so is it that women are not strong enough? if they are then why has a government military power reject an opportunity to woman and why does no one challenge it?
          If you are quick to call someone weak minded, about sexual roles, then why not challenge the government for weak mindedness? Either goes that you are weak minded also and scared to do any changes or ignorant.

        132. Andrew, didn’t they tell you to not compare apple and oranges.
          How is a sexual role has to deal with fictitious characters?
          Just proves your lack of argument skills.
          Here this will conclude your argument, in the commonly accepted mammal world the male is they key provider of they pack. Thats why a commonly used quote “alpha male” is used as he provides for his family or pack.
          Or does the natural mammal world revolve on the “alpha equal” please do use references that include mammals appart from humans

        133. That’s good for you sweet thing, and I’d love to hear more about it after I get off work, and after you give the stove and kitchen a good scrub down. Whoops! Is that two bottles of wine I smashed on the ground accidentally on purpose? Get to it toots Lol

        134. Which Gods are those and how do you know I don’t believe in them? Your making assumptions. In fact, the bast majority of the human race across all religions, cultures, and civilizations believes women should be subordinate to women. It’s astounding really that such different cultures all seemed to reach the same conclusion independently hmmm.

        135. Yes, an alpha male does exist in many mammal packs (wolves being the most common example). But did you know that male lions don’t provide the food over 90% of the time? They provide sperm and that’s it. After they get old another male moves in and takes over. His sons must leave the pride when they are of breeding age and search for their own pride to take over. In hyena packs an alpha female is in charge, and the same goes for meerkat communities. Male elephants roam around alone until they find a mate. Once they have impregnated a female, they leave. After that, the female elephant carries and raises the young in a migrating community of only females and young. Tigers, cheetahs, and leopards are all solitary, and in those species, the males only provide for themselves, not the young. In many mammal species, males will kill the young of other males to send that female into menses so he can mate with her and spread his genetic material. (This occurs very often in primates.) The males will even cannabalize the young they kill. In lemur communities, the troop is dominated socially by the females. This includes feeding order. And in most other mammal species, males do not and cannot be dominate for long due to the need for the deepening of the genetic pool. Because of this, most social mammals have a female that is usually at the top of the pecking order. And if not, the female is solitary with just her family, and males are solitary and roam their environment looking for the next thing to impregnate. In fact, I can’t think of as many species of animals that have a primary alpha male at the top of the feeding order as I can think of species from my previous two examples. In almost all mammal species that have an alpha male, the “alpha male” only holds his title for the purpose of breeding rights. Many alpha males in mammal species contribute nothing to their pack, troop, or community other than sperm and a firm pecking order.
          I did share this post because you did hit some true points, but I think Jenna Marbles put it better and in a very slightly more tactful manner in her video titled “Girls That Piss Me Off”.
          I don’t send nude photos, I don’t make sex tapes, and I don’t expect things to be handed to me for the mere fact that I have a vagina. If a guy isn’t a good man and shows that fact proudly, then I stay as far away from that asshole as possible. Half the time my fiancé and I go out, I buy his dinner. I let him know every day that I’m grateful for him. I thank him for things he does for me. I let him know that he is a good man because he is. I don’t beg for his attention because he doesn’t need to prove anything to me.
          And ladies, if for some reason you feel undesirable, get the fuck over it. NOT EVERYONE ON THE PLANET WANTS TO SLEEP WITH YOU. YOU ARE NOT HELEN OF FUCKING TROY AND YOU NEVER WILL BE. If you think you’re fat, than start running and calorie counting and I guarantee you that you will feel hot all the time once you lose the weight. I know I did. I didn’t need compliments, because I gave them to myself.
          I’m not saying this article wasn’t true, but it could have been said way better.

        136. You sound really stupid because unless you’re a lesbian and have actually dated women then who you’ve met is totally fucking irrelevant. No shortage of dumb broads here I tell ya!

        137. If you look back to about 6500 years ago and before, male deities hardly existed in religion unless they appeared as the role of a lover or a son. Many of the people that were alive then did not see women as submissive. In later times, many people that followed this spirituality and lifestyle came to be known as “heathen cultures” by the newly Christian and imperial Romans. When the Romans invaded Northern Europe and the British Isles, the commander of the Celtic Army was in fact, a woman. And while she did lose to the Romans, so did countless other male commanders.
          Take Lillith for example. She is a figure in Christian and Jewish mythology/mysticism, and her legend developed mainly during the middle ages. She was depicted as Adam’s first wife who was made from the earth like Adam, instead of from one of his ribs. She refused to be subservient to him and would not lay beneath him during intercourse. For this reason she is now depicted as the first demon, and is apparently responsible for miscarriages and nocturnal emissions, among other things.
          The truth is that without many of today’s religion and cultures telling us women are supposed to be subservient, we most likely wouldn’t even consider the possibility. While it is true that men are larger in size and stronger physically (that is why they are seen as the hunters), it is also true that in ancient societies (6500 years ago and before) women were not seen as second class and meant to be submissive. Instead, they were held in a higher account than men. This is due to the fact that we can only produce one offspring at a time, while it would only take one male to fertilize an entire village. Women ruled the homes, and crafted everything that those people had. They took their craft seriously, and many women were the shamans and healers of these societies. In later times the same wise women that delivered babies and cared for the sick were hunted and killed as vile witches. Any woman that expressed her sexuality had obviously sold her soul and was burned for consorting with demons and the devil himself. That is how the world we live in today came about. Because history is made by the victors, and history’s victors just so happened to be womanizing assholes that used fear, oppression, and mysticism to make people believe this way. After all, they took out half the competition for political power that way.

        138. Well, enough people seem to show up to our shows, so I suppose they’re doing a great job of pretending! Thanks for the feedback, however. 🙂

        139. Cody… I don’t know who inflated that ego of yours.. But why don’t you drop it back down to reality. This is nonsense, everything in this article was mean spirited crude. Not all women are like that. The world is diverse, and there are just as many bad women as there are bad men. Why do we always have to hold such horrible judgments against one another. I am college educated, married to my high school sweetheart and I have only had sex with 2 people my entire life. It has nothing to do with being ugly etc. I just don’t need that validation. And… I definitely don’t have genital herpes thanks. 🙂

        140. It takes two too tango, for every girl who whores it up theres’ a guy on the receiving end, who most likely knows she’s whoring it up. This was a good read and I am glad that writer made a point to say that men allow this behaviour. I have listen to many guys talk and drool over the half naked women and celebrities in magazines, and many of them with no shame in front of other women and their girlfriends. I once dated a guy who told his friend he saw these hot chicks and was talking to them and said he would of been all over them if he wasn’t with me and I was sitting right next to him when he said it!! Men can be just a disgusting!
          Because we have been conditioned to believe that money and opulence equals success so many people will only view themselves and others as objects.
          Both men and women are to blame and to me it is because of the high expectations they put on each other when it comes to relationships. There is no shortage of good women and men, but with the way society conditions us the numbers are getting smaller. Women are under the impression that in order to please a guy you have to be thin, beautiful, popular and sexually experienced. Men are under the impression they have to work high class jobs, make lots of money and buy lots of gifts to keep their women happy. That is what is wrong with men and women today.
          Instead of looking for love and someone to truly share a life with many people are just looking to fill the void because you have to get married and you have to have a kid by a certain age.
          We need to love ourselves first before anyone can love us, and society does make it very hard to love ourselves because we can never live up to the unrealistic expectations. I just hope that with the fact that it is now public knowledge that magazines are lies and society has it wrong, that the coming generations will truly realize the truth and seek inner peace and acceptance before seeking out the love and acceptance of another person.

        141. “your condesending remarks are no wonder you and other men like you repel the women you are looking for.”
          THIS. These guys are morons. The “good” girls would never go for such mean, ignorant and pompous individuals. Why would I want to be with someone who thinks my sex is lesser than theirs? What would that say about me–I’m the best of the worst? No thank you. This sort of behavior and mindset is so incredibly unattractive, but it’s so obvious that it is a defense mechanism used to tell these red pillers that the reason they’re not finding a quality mate is not their fault.

        142. Wow really?! Chauvinist much? While I actually agree with much of this article. You sir are just a pig.

        143. I was done with this whole joke of a post – it has not served anyone in a positive way that I can see. But here is the other side that NO ONE has bothered to mention.
          Why do you guys think some women behave like as you say, skanks? Do any of you know the rate of child molestation (primarily girls) in the USA? (It’s worse in other countries) One out of every 3 girls is sexually molested during her childhood – that is under the age of 12.
          When girls (or boys) are sexualized early in this way they are forever changed. They are already shamed and disconnected from their hearts out of self preservation. And then a man comes along (like some of the horrible men who have been speaking with such disdain for women here) and beat them up even more – and have the balls to call them Skanks?
          Where is the humanity? Where is the compassion? What if this was YOUR DAUGHTER? Your NEICE? Your Sister? These are GIRLS/WOMEN/HUMAN BEINGS! How DARE these men treat them like they are disposable and soley for their slavery purposes. I’m appalled by what I’ve seen here on this thread. You all need to look at THIS – and it’s rampant. Are you MAN enough to see how YOUR ATTITUDES affect others?
          You might think – oh I don’t really mean it – I would never treat a woman like this in person – but you don’t realize there are men reading this who do… and you’ve just validated their abusive, inhumane ways of treating women and girls.
          This is 2014… Not 1814. Wake up… The world is changing and women ARE stepping up & speaking up – you will not silence us – and we will protect each other – because apparently YOU men won’t.

        144. What?!?!!? women are the reason society is fucked… you have to be joking… working your ass off doing house chores, raising a family, waiting hand a foot on a man and getting nothing in return for it is not having it made. You have mother don’t you?!?!? or do you talk down to all the women in your family…
          The problems in society are both the result of the choices that men and women make, the human race has become dominated with selfishness and greed and because people only do what’s best for them we now live in this pathetic world that needs to bash and talk down to people so they can feel superior. Its disgusting.
          This world is lacking love, compassion and empathy we are all human and we all feel the same things. It is disgusting that anyone would talk so bad about an entire gender when there are billions of men and women in this world.
          And I don’t know where people are getting this low number of women in the sciences and stuff, that number is steadily increasing it was only low before because women use to do everything but work at a paying job… women use to be the care takers of everything they use to be the ones in the fields growing the food, etc. But now not all women have kids, being of a different sexual orientation is more acceptable and people are realizing there is more to life than work and money and material wealth.

        145. James, you had me listening until you called us all Bitches – then you lost my respect and everything you said disappeared. You invalidate yourself by being nasty. Just letting you know.
          And for the record – women had it so good they were committing suicide by record numbers and sneaking their cigarettes/booze/sex just like the teens do now who are told “No”. And just like you guys do with your porn and hookers. So don’t preach your BS until you have more information to share. You are just regurgitating something you read in a cartoon and took as factual. Educate yourself soon – you’ll be a better man for it.

        146. Well, there really wasn’t that much else to read after bitches. lol

        147. You didn’t read carefully. But that is not a surprise based on how you treat women!

        148. Men who speak of any woman with the level of disrespect shown here seek not to protect, love, & cherish women… Which is what we women respect in men… They seek to destroy and then discard women like trash when they’re done with them… So yes… That is offensive to both women and the great men in the world.

        149. So using correct spelling=backwoods redneck?
          Great logic you dumb motherfucker. Go snark somewhere else F-A-G-G-O-T.

        150. Negroes in Africa are a MATRIARCHAL society. The females are in charge because the men are useless drug addicts and rapists. This is why the black “community” has always been in shambles, whether in Haiti, Africa, or Detroit. They make the fatal mistake of letting their women lead the show, which results in poverty, violence, and misery for the whole society.

        151. Ah yes, the only men not afraid of women in a power role *must* be a “white knight”. Or how about just “secure in his sexuality” – unlike you.

        152. If you want a subservient woman, why don’t you shimmy your butt on over to Pakistan, tough guy? They seem to love subservient women in places like that.
          Ah – but you’re probably one of those “YEEHAW – MURICA!” types that thinks that the US is the best place on Earth. Well Jack – here in good ol’ Murica, lots of us men are evolved enough not to be afraid of a skirt. Like you are.
          It’s ok to admit you didn’t get enough teat in the mouth when you were a child. It’s ok to admit that you wanted to bang mommy, but mommy wouldn’t allow it – and that’s why you’re such a little woman hating b*tchboy like you are now.

        153. It’s ok that you’re simply not tough enough to handle women Cody…you can admit it, you’re in a safe place here.

        154. I’ll respond to you when you can formulate a proper sentence and make any sort of vaguely salient point. For now, go back in the corner and play with your blocks, junior.

        155. LOL.. YOu keep saying.. “But they are all wrong but you’re right..”… Dude you spent way too much time in the Middle East. The very belief you have adopted on that side of the world is exactly what you were fighting against over there. Radical beliefs… BTW they ARE wrong… Nobody deserves to be limited in their life.

        156. I am a woman, and I agree with you CC. There are many different kinds of people! No one, feminist or whomever should stereotype anyone for the good or the bad!

        157. My mom owns a law firm, and has great success with it. She brings in the most income, and my dad has a very good job. She stays home when I’m sick, makes my lunches, drives in hectic traffic from downtown to come to my track meets, helps revise my papers for English, etc. She is an amazing mom who works, and saying that the intelligent women is the women who stays home is an incorrect statement. There are women, smart women who stay home, and that is fine. I’m currently sixteen, and am a girl who is interested in joining the army after college. I saw your picture, and if it is real it looked like you were or are in the military yourself. I respect soldiers, but you sir seem like a mega dick. I’m a feminist who believes in equality. I believe men and women are both superior creatures that contribute differently to society one not ineffectively as the other. I hope you don’t say things like this in public for your sake. The women that marries you will be nothing but a conformist and a clique.

        158. And it is your job to love, protect, honor and uphold women as the gate keepers for bringing new life into this world. REAL men cherish women and would NEVER EVER speak to or about a women in the manner I’m seeing here by people like you.
          You want to be respected? Be respectable. You want to be looked up to? Be an honorable man. You want us women to adore you? Be the kind and loving man who commands, not demands adoration.
          You get what you give Uh… Duh. Your name says way too much about you by the way.

        159. Illiteracy can be solved with education. I suggest you treat yourself to some.
          Your comment back to me made absolutely no sense nor had any value to anything being discussed here. You are clearly ignorant, as well as an abusive, mean spirited human being.
          If you don’t have anything of value to contribute – shut up.

        160. Your comment is confusing. You say the women are in charge BECAUSE the men are useless drug addicts and rapists… and yet you are saying the reason they suffer from poverty, violence and misery is because the WOMEN are in Charge? ???? WTH? That makes no sense – perhaps the reason the society is faltering is BECAUSE the MEN are drug addicts and rapists and the women have ZERO support in making the society better? Did you ever consider that a successful society requires BOTH MEN & WOMEN to be strong and functional?

        161. The huge biceps part is cool – but that is not why we love you – we love you when you make us feel safe, cherished and respected… when we feel adored – we then adore you. It’s win- win… GOOD MEN command love and respect – they don’t ever need to demand it.

        162. On average yes this is true – but this in no way makes men superior – can you make a human baby with your body? Can you feed a baby with your body? We both have our strengths and weaknesses – that is why we have each other… for balance. Why do you need to feel superior? Only because you feel inferior. You are neither.

        163. I’m not here to judge another persons choices – unless I’ve walked in their shoes who am I (or you or Cody) to call them names because they do things I wouldn’t’ do?
          My objections here have been the way women have been degraded because of their choices – I wouldn’t degrade a man for his choices either – that is not kind, loving, helpful, motivational, etc. It’s only harmful and brings EVERYONE down – is that the goal? I certainly hope not.

        164. You must be so proud of yourself for your post – calling names like a 4th grader? – oh wait… most 4th graders actually know better. I am a woman and yes I do know what a good man is – and what a weak man is – You would do yourself a service to learn from women like me about what being a great man really is. Or do you live to serve other men with your maleness? If so – more power to you. However – your fear of us women seeps through your commentary like sewage.

        165. Not all those people in all those countries believe this Cody – and I too travel and interview women and men all around the globe; and YOUR attitudes about men and women are outdated and frankly boring. This antiquated attitude is hanging on by a thread – it will snap… i know that is unnerving.
          For a man to protect a woman – to really protect her, she first needs to feel safe with HIM. And when that man is abusive, cruel, disrespectful, demeaning, or condescending we women feel anything BUT SAFE. So you are not our protectors when you act like a Neanderthal and beat your chest and pound your fists – you are a captor.
          Do you understand the difference? Which would you prefer? Our adoration or our apathy and fear? You don’t demand respect – you command it… otherwise you never can trust it’s real and we will eventually betray you. If we love, respect and honor you – we will never betray you. That is what I imagine all men would love to experience… or am I wrong?

        166. Makes perfect sense, if you understand the world. Matriarchal societies place high status on the worst types of men – killers, drug dealers, warriors, baby rapists. The type of man who builds society is relegated to the scrap heap in Matriarchal societies, because women want their bad boys. When you exclude the hard-working, diligent, and reliable beta male from any mating opportunities, you get a society full of thugs, killers, drug addicts, rapists, and brutes. Just the way the women want it.
          Giving women choice leads to utter ruin in any civilized society, because women are too emotional, selfish, and immature to make wise choices. It’s that simple.

        167. I know many women and I’m proud to say I only know of a few that are anything close to what is described in OP. It just sounds like an extremely warped perspective and honestly one to pity. If you maintain this hate for women, you will undoubtedly miss out on the truly caring compassionate women out there. Anyone who is able to generalize on a scale this massive (all American women, seriously?) really has a narrow view of reality, only taking in little bits here and there.
          Frankly it scares me, realizing there is still this kind of hate and misogyny out there. I take solace in the idea that it is indeed rare and just a product of a man who makes extremely poor choices when it comes to the women he pursues; getting hurt way to many times by the wrong women. Look deep inside yourself, project positivity and love, and you will attract just that. =)

        168. Unlike you – I’ve actually been to Pakistan. And Iraq. And Kuwait. And Jordan. And I currently live in Afghanistan. I’m a professional sniper who has spent most of my adult life in combat – but please by all means tell me how much of an internet tough guy you are – I’m extremely curious to hear what a White Knight like you does for a living.

        169. They might say your the radical. Their philosophy and way of life is over a 1000 years old. The “nobody deserves to be limited in their life” is about 5 seconds old – some silly little idea that will fall away from the pages of history as the authoritarian nations of the world such as China, Iran, and Russia gain power and the liberal western democracies lose it.

        170. If you join the army you better get used to it. Infantryman are some of the last real men left in Western Civilization.

        171. Hmm. I thought only cunts used the term “douchenozzle’.
          Roosh and the Mods really need bust out the Banhammers and come to clean up this thread. Looks like the feral cuntybitches have taken it over.

        172. Dude. Why the FUCK have you been responding to female comments here? Get the fuck off RoK.
          You blatantly broke the rules, and you are making all men look bad.

        173. Looks like that must be the cunts new strategy. Lay in wait for a few days until the initial commenting has subsided, then stealthily infiltrate and inundate the thread with their bloviated vitrol.
          Standard Bitch Operating Procedure

        174. Hey IDIOT. What does it say at the top of RoK’s main page??
          If you reply to female comments, you get banned.
          Just ignore them. Now knock it the fuck off already.

        175. Why are you replying to females? Its against the site rules. Read the main page.
          Fucking idiot.

        176. I think “jordan” – its a just another disruptive, hateful cunt female. Men – even faggots, dont really call out and insult other men on the size of their dicks.
          Maybe Jordan is a tranny. In any case, dont reply to these “things” – whatever they are.

        177. Hahaha. Well kind sir, they are right in front of your eyes.
          Right over there.
          See them?
          They are right over there! — sitting next to God, Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, The Easter Bunny and that cute pink Unicorn that shits rainbow Skittles.
          Oh, wait for it. Is somone gonna tell us we can find them in…

        178. We DO NOT reply to females here. Its on the main page. Site rules.
          As you can see this female has intentionally decided to ruin this thread.
          And you are enabling her.

        179. You’re reinforcing exactly the ideals that the human race should be ridding itself of. So if a woman gets an education, travels the world and enjoys life, settles into a career, and sleeps with a few men along the way, she’s a Western, privileged slut? And what if a man does the same? According to most Western AND Eastern philosophies, he is praised and considered wise and intelligent.
          How is it that a woman who waits until she is older to get married is said to have “ridden the cock carousel” but a man who sleeps around and waits until his 40s to marry is just being patient and waiting for the right woman?
          This article is disgusting and misogynistic, at best. Kind of like you, Cody. How about you try and use fewer fallacious arguments in your statements? Just because a culture has been around for a long time, doesn’t make it right. I do have insane amounts of respect for Muslim women who are determined, strong, intelligent, and modest. I do not have respect for Muslim men who oppress and lord over their wives. Not all Muslim men and women are like that, but enough are for us to see that it happens.
          You also mentioned the idea that feminists like to say that people are afraid of things that disgust them. So you’re disgusted by independent, smart, confident women? If I was a narrow-minded, insecure fool like you, I would be too.
          I will be the first person to say than American culture is awful, but to say that the vast majority of women are stupid, disgusting sluts is a huge stretch of the imagination.

        180. I hear what you are saying about this could be a story about a man but it isn’t and I think that this problem in society is just as much a mans fault as it is a womans because its a matter of morality!

        181. Why? Because you can see how one arrogant cunt can single-handedly destroy a thread. And yes, I would stand right in front of this BITCH and tell her that to her pretentious face.
          Oh, that is provided she wouldnt go running to the Police and accusing me of verbal assault. Or emailing Human Resources to get me fired.
          The power the fucking cunts wield is only that which has been granted to them by weak feminine men that dont have the courage to call them out for their bullshit.
          They are frustrated, threatened and surprised when they come here. The cold hard reality of things start to set in – that the feelings of the men here are not some limited, confined and unique niche group – that in actuality millions of men feel the same way, and the numbers are growing every day as more and more men wake up to the truth.

        182. Seriously. I just read ‘Why Women And Gays Should Not Be Allowed In Male-Safe Spaces’ but at this point, they’ve banned more dedicated readers for talking to women than the actual women. I don’t understand how no one sees the irony in that. If these threads kept getting hijacked by interlopers, who are nowhere to be found on positive posts but show in full force to demagogue remotely negative posts. I’ll have to step.

        183. You (NunyaDangBisness) haven’t made a single valid or even coherent point though? You put together a series of vapid, repetitive insults and call someone a coward whenever he posts details of his life, his actual name, and real photo for his avi. And HE is the coward? You won’t respond to his argument, rather you assume characteristics for him then insult him based on your uninformed assumptions. The only contribution you made to the thread are insults, and he is weak minded?
          Dude, you’re a textbook example of psychological projection. People share there beliefs and attempt to discuss ideas and all you’ve got is name calling. I’m sorry that you come from a family of idiots. Maybe, had they taught you better, you would realize what a piece of garbage you are. (<– had to practice your style of arguing, stray away from the point, make outlandish claims, state those claims as facts)

        184. Truth hurts doesn’t it Wilhelm? Clearly you are one of the horrible men in the world. Women – watch out for men like this – they don’t deserve good women!

        185. And I would seriously doubt your balls are big enough to say this directly to my face – such a coward who won’t even put a real picture of themselves up! Chicken shit men like you offend my sensibilities – thank GOD males like you are a minority – perhaps that is why you are so frightened?

        186. I seriously doubt that – you hide behind your computer screen as if that was a magic wall of strength and honor. It’s not – you are a little man with a little brain and an absent heart. So sad.

        187. wow – is that really all you can find to say? Ignorance is Not Bliss Baby.

        188. “The scary thing is that narrow-minded misogynistic fools like yourself have ruled the political system since it’s origins”
          Ya we’d be way better off if a bunch of skanks ruled the world.
          “his article could just as easily been written about men because literally it is human behavior that is wrong and has nothing to do with male or female.”
          Behind every man that is deemed an asshole is an advantage taking woman that made him that way. I was brought up old school, chivalry is still something I attempt to maintain. You give woman an inch and they forcefully take a mile. Chivalry is dead and it’s you whores that killed it.
          “I hope all of you men commenting on this stay single because no woman deserves to be with a man so obviously insecure and intellectually repressed as yourselves.”
          Why do you assume all the men posting here are single? I am not and my lady likes to be treated properly and in turn treats me properly. Your stupid comments are invalid and you are obviously the one that is insecure and not intellectually repressed rather, intellectually void.

        189. Because it is so much easier for women to sift through the vast majority of lying assholes that make up the male populous.
          Give me a break.

        190. Wouldn’t “having your cake and eating too” be a good description for the entitled men that want to have sex with many women but feel that themselves are somehow entitled to finding an “unspoiled” woman to settle down with?
          Equality still has a long way to go.

        191. Clearly you hate Return of Kings but what confuses me is that literally, all of the comments in your feed were made on Return of Kings.
          If you can’t stand this website, it’s values or the men here who value both of the aforementioned, what are you doing here? Why even acknowledge its/our existence? I’ll tell you why…
          because you are miserable CUNT.
          Over a dozen posts were published on RoK this week alone but you choose to contribute to the most controversial post with the most comments because cunts like you love drama.
          Not because you were interested in spreading positivity or contributing objective dialogue but rather you saw an opportunity to be melodramatic and jumped at the chance like cunts frequently do.
          You created a disqus account, for the sole purpose of being melodramatic, for christ’s sake.
          Your inability to recognize the irony in that not only confirms that you are miserable CUNT but also lends credibility to what is regularly discussed here.
          All that ‘I am woman, hear me roar’ died on the vine when I wasn’t willing to argue with your stupid ass.
          The truth is that if there isn’t a sensitive issue to demagogue, you’re just an average, vapid cunt who contributes absolutely nothing of substance or meaning to society.
          Furthermore, no one here hates women; Men wouldn’t exist without women. Nor does anyone view all women are bitches. We just hate cunts LIKE YOU.
          P.S. Your avatar looks fucking ridiculous. I thought to myself, “OF COURSE this dumb bitch chopped her beautiful hair off into a silly bob.” It makes complete sense! You absolutely hate being feminine and are simply too fucking brainwashed to realize it.”

        192. There are thousands of jobs closed to women in the military. It is feminist values, women pushing for their equal rights, that have opened up 14 000 since 2012.

        193. There are feminists all around the world, even in Palestine and Africa. Feminism is equality between men and women. Why is this such a bad thing?

        194. The women described in the article don’t match the majority of the women I know. If these women in my life do not do these things in the article that supposedly all women do, how does that make it irrelevant? I do not need to date a woman to know what her daily activities are.

        195. To get used to something is to tolerate it, and I will not do that. You can be a great soldier, but that doesn’t necessarily qualify you as great man. A great soldier will die for his country without questions asked, and that is great on it’s own. A great soldier and man will die for his country as well, but he will also not discriminate a person on their gender, race, religion, etc. He will base his opinions on the persons competence.

        196. Oh and guest picture a dick in your head right AND SUCK ON IT. You are annoying as fuck.

        197. Do not discredit Walt Disney on your ignorance because the principal of the word kings and queens is based off history, as there is examples in history that kings and queens do exist and even now also, correct? So we base our definitions of kings and queens of the human history and so has Disney based their definition on that as well.
          So correct me if thats not enough real life for you… the principal of the words kings and queens is based off history?

        198. To get used to something is to tolerate it, and I will not do that. You can be a great soldier, but that doesn’t necessarily make you a great man. A great solider will die for his country without questions asked, and that is great on it’s own. A great soldier and man will die for his country, but not discriminate against someone on gender, race, sex, etc. He will base his opinions on a person on their competence and integrity.

        199. 2 things that show after reading your response. That the way you view the world, you have a really really really narrow focus point of the world.
          Heres the 2 whys…
          1. I never said exactly what they provide, yet that in truth they serve a purpose so that they can be leaders.
          2. I said family OR pack. Meaning that if they don’t have a family then they can join a pack but the alpha male becomes the provider. Though once again the word provider is a general word because anything from food, protection, leadership, ownership of territory, etc… just one is needed to become an alpha male.
          See your definition of providers is different of course, who puts the food on the table, and so you shoot for the only thing you can relate to but im talking about a much more wider perspective.
          Thus when reading your response seemed more like rambling.

        200. Sigh – you really stretch interpretation eh? Of course Disney is based off historical facts and legends and fantasy.
          The apples and oranges comparison you are trying to make is formal society perpetuated by a company broadcasting imagination compared to our real non-king and queen society.
          And read above, I did say some men and women need and want the submissive lead/sub role. If it works for them, ok.

        201. As plato once put it that it is those who speak ignorantly that get publicity.
          Simply put, if sexist didn’t exist in your perfect world then why do certain jobs strictly ban woman from getting the job?
          Since you are smart, why aren’t you the one influencing the people to see that woman can handle such jobs.
          How else can I put it because all I get from you is a common response of a person who is trying to flee the conversation but in a non coward way.
          So what is it that you don’t understand about the point of female banned jobs in modern society?
          That will tie in that man and woman are not equals.

        202. Well said! I agree with you every single bit and I do so on a daily basis. I have two wonderful women in my lives: my Mother and Sister. So yes I would expect that they be treated well by other men, not just my Father. With that said, I do project my best but what turns out is that I am taken for granted! How do you explain that? I have grown a thick skin towards women due to their ebbing attitudes.

        203. Dj – I am responding out of courtesy to you but now as a guest – I deleted my account here due to the abusive nature of most of the men commenting. I will not be on here after this.
          I think we all feel taken for granted at times – the key seems to be in choosing someone you can be great friends with first – Where you find women to get to know is tricky it seems – probably best to find them doing things you enjoy doing – that way at least you start with a common interest.
          We are only taken for granted when we are not clear about our boundaries. Perhaps rethinking those will help you stay clear in what you are comfortable doing. I suggest to men and women all the time to choose carefully whom you give your heart to – this needs to be earned.
          There is a pretty good book – not sure how you feel about Dr. Phil – but his new Life Code has some pretty good tools for not setting ourselves up. One key point was “you don’t owe giving people the benefit of the doubt. They need to earn your trust and respect”.
          I hope this is helpful – I would enjoy conversing with you more – you seem like a good man.
          All the best to you – GWP

        204. No Cody, you’re just a piece of shit who wants to control the women in your life. The fact that you called someone “My woman” shows you are in fact a detestable piece of shit.

        205. I truly appreciate your advice! Yes I should learn more about setting up boundaries and thank you for pointing me out in the right direction, I will certainly give the book a read. I enjoy learning and adding to my life’s growth.
          I certainly am looking for my best friend, someone who enjoys the same things I do. Perhaps I am in the wrong country because there is far less of that here and more of material superficiality thrown around.
          I am looking forward to conversing with you, just message me 🙂

        206. Exactly what Constitution did you swear an oath to uphold and defend? Certainly not the one you get your beliefs from.

        207. The one that allows him to have any opinion he wants without some shit bag faggot like yourself chiming in saying he can’t?

        208. I see reading comprehension is not your strong suit. Neither is trolling the Internet.

        209. maybe you should go live in their societies since you have a primitive sexist view on women’s roles.

        210. This is a pathetic misogynist that probably no decent women he would be looking for even likes him.

        211. Very interesting conversation. Going to have to go get more popcorn though, I’m almost out. Keep the comments coming.

        212. I know right. I’ve only been with 1 man (we’re no longer together) but still have no interest in getting married and don’t want kids either. I will more than likely get into a couple of relationships, finish my major and get married when I’m ready. Funny if a man married older and has been around the block, he’s a considered a success. But if a woman has gotten into only a couple of long-term relaitonships (not even casual sex but meaningful relationship) where sex is obviously going to happen and decides to get married once she finished her mayor, she’s already tainted? Screw that.

        213. Because these are the very same guys that think we’re going to accept them with that type of history and don’t realize we are the specific woman that never had casual sex that expect the same in return from a man. IMO want a decent, wholesome woman, then you better be a decent gentleman yourself.

        214. Easy there supercop. First time reading anything on this site and probably the last. Fucking trolls, didnt realize I was walking into a 10 yr olds clubhouse with a no girls allowed sign on the door.

        215. YEAH!! We might outsmart them, and that wouldn’t be good for their manly pride. Bitches be tripping…

        216. There will always be a flood of women if thirsty idiots reply to them. If all of the idiots are banned, the female comments will draw no attention and eventually they’ll stop commenting. That’s why there’s more emphasis placed on banning replies than on the women themselves.

        217. She refers to herself that way. That fact that you’ve clearly never experienced the same thing shows that you are in fact a spineless white knight beta male.

        218. The one written by men who believed that women shouldn’t vote? I guess that one

        219. Although your argument lost value the second you opened your mouth (or, should I say, the second you hid behind your computer screen and started typing), I would like to inform you that you need to learn basic grammar. “They might say your the radical” and “Your making assumptions”. It’s YOU’RE, moron.

        220. Obviously people are forgetting what the article was about once they connected to the negative arguments of the author of this article.
          NO this is not a spelling contest and grammar proof response. so please dont waste time correcting it. Just stick to the pt if you have a response about the main matter.
          He stated “MOST WOMEN……” not all women. Now the question is: Does most women you know or you yourself fall in to this category below?:
          No Strings attached, Friends with benefits, Random 1 night stand, or even had sex with more than 2 men. ?
          Based on the perspective of the author, he considering slutty behavior of women or their desperate acts of gaining attention by behaving like a female that most men dont like.
          He and many men would agree that they dont want for a second think of their wife with a sexual past that is totally done intentionally or so called unintentionally. Its not about shit happens, its about what did you do to avoid shit from happening. When women that are educated or illiterate has a past of being with the wrong guy one after the next. The current partner would be sick to think of what she has done if he were to ever find out if his wife he loves so much was sleeping around. Simply, the pt was most men out there who is looking for a women that respected her self ?(Protecting her body from guys penetrating her or performing other sexual acts on her body). It is a fact that its becoming almost impossible for a grown man (NON psycotic obsessive man) to find a women with women with little to non sexual past. Where are the virgins is what the men are screaming. Many women might say it has been taken. Well the author seems to prove one thing, that Virgin women are nearly impossible to find. And or, a women who had sex with less than 3 men are also too hard to find that are are nearly a life partner material. No I am not speaking of men looking for Porn Start bodies only. I am speaking of the average looking women. If any one is offended, than please ask your self where are these women that men consider “good women”? One way to prove it is show the men that quality women they are looking for that you know. Perhaps the author can be proven wrong with true stories that you know. Calling the author a prick simply doesnt prove that many of his points are true and some are a bit generalized. I support that there are some good women but hardly a hand full. compared to the massive disqualified “GOOD WOMEN” (women that have not been F*$%*$# around with an intellectual brain).

        221. I think your opinion on this, along with the opinion of most of the other men writing on here, just goes to show that you have continuously surrounded yourself with the wrong women. Having had the opportunity to live in different places around the world and meet loads of different people with differing values, I can tell you that not even 1% of women I have met thus far act in such absurd manners. And even if they did who are you to judge? You’ve obviously decided to place yourself next to a women with no back bone if she doesnt even remotely support the feminist movement. And if you want to live your life with the ability to tell your significant other what to do, how to do it, and when to do it then be my guest but personally I’d way rather stand next to a man as my equal and not as his play toy. The pure generalization of women in these posts and these comments is absolutely sickening.

        222. You would think being educated would make a difference, that is until the lights go out and the drugs and alcohol come out. I went to a college with 30,000+ people, education does not equal prude or intelligent. It just means that a person might be knowledgable in one or two subjects. They still have the same social issues and guys are no different, if you want someone you can trust….good luck. There aren’t many out there and never was.

        223. Those billions who believe a woman’s role is to be submissive also happen to be less educated, more ignorant and a bit closer to Neanderthals than those of us who think all human beings should all have equal rights, regardless of their race, gender or sexual orientation. Evolve, already 😛

        224. “A great soldier will die for his country without questions asked,”
          Nope, we don’t will our death, we just make sure we kill them so they die for theirs.

        225. Are you one of these women…the author was talking about….hit a little to close for home did it?

        226. Perfectly stated. It’s so full of hatred. I really can’t believe it. Sad, just sad. I wonder if they would make these remarks to their mommas!?!?

        227. Why are humans so dumb? Religion is a plague a way to have your dam ears tickled in church by the man or woman taking the lead who doesn’t know a damn thing about god or if god even exists so leave religion out of this honestly thank you spiritual person

        228. Yay!!!!! You want to die for your country!!!!! And did you shall and turn into dirt, yep dirt because you wanted to die for some retards way to go men and women are equal….. Both are simply put dumb….. And meant to die like flies….. So go fight for your country you brave soul you and just know I’m laughing when that bullet, grenade, suicide bomber, or missile reduces your patriotic ass to a rotting bag of meat

        229. Oh look another one! Silly human with free will and obviously no common sense why do you do them the justice of putting your head up their ass? Ah well like most say you are free to do what you want even if they decisions you make are stupid. Want an example? Well you made yourself one by posting look at that here’s your damn cookie 😀 now go make something of yourself and quit making dumb choices like you just did by responding to the bait

        230. Oooooh man this is just too good the topic stems to sex and will you give it up! Now admit that it is and move on to a better life ok? Because you just wasted I don’t know an hour of your life with the stupidity that is HUMAN nature so that means MAN or WOMAN I’m not a Hippy just bein real

        231. if I was dead I would be rolling in my grave laughing at this shit coming out of he common human ass right here xD
          So funny how MAN and WOMAN can not get along it makes me laugh how said both sides are that they can’t get one fact, well it’s more than one.
          1. You bleed the same
          2. You break the same
          3. You breath the same
          4. You get sick the same
          5. You both become old
          6. You both die which is a good thing because some people just need to shut up and go six feet under they have no other purpose in life but to feed the damn plants
          7. Both start wars
          8. Both kill
          9. Both go to jail
          10. Both are naturally stupid and make dumb choices in life they later regret or it come back to bite their ass
          11. Your all dumb enough to take drugs like coccain, marjiuana even though you know it will kill you
          12. You both think your right and the other is wrong
          13. There’s are more reasons but it will take too long to name them all
          So if you can tell me I’m wrong about these things then obviously you don’t exist and I’m talking to a generated code made by random formations in the internets server

        232. I laugh at you people 😀 that means all men and women because your so funny you create your own problems amongst yourselves that it’s just so funny to watch you bricked and complain about so has the harder lot in life just do me a favor and just accept this one thing men and women are equal in this way. You both the same bleed, you both break, you both laugh, cry, suffer, mourn, get sick, get old, and you die, you make life hell, start wars, shoot guns, kill, commit treason, work, absolutely suck at ruling over other humans (histroy has proven that true countless times)
          Now if that’s all wrong then apparently one isn’t human.

        233. I’m worthy of no woman!!!!!! I am worthless because I am a man!!!!! I will continue to be worthless!!!! Because I chose not talk to a woman who has had sex with another male she’s not married to!!!! X3
          In all seriousness I don’t want to get involved with any woman who has had sex with another man, it would make me feel expendable for lack of a better word. I only want one person to have sex with and that would be my wife and that’s it. No other woman is worth cheating on someone you chose to spend the rest of your life with. Now granted I’m not married nor have I ever dated a woman before and quite frankly I don’t veiw myself as worthy of any woman because of the fear of messing up in some way which men do. No man or woman is perfect, we are imperfect we have faults unstable emotions on bit sides of the gender spectrum. The key is respect, you crave equality yet you disregard respect all together. It’s sad really and if stuff like this continues then this world is going under and both genders will perish :/

        234. Don’t feed the troll. This dude is a shit-stain, the best thing to do with dirty undies is ball them up and throw them in the trash.

        235. Until a women with a much higher IQ comes in flying a Kiowa, putting her ass on the line and rescues him from getting shot up by the bad guys. Think about that next time Cody. “Better get used to it.” Lol. Bet that screws up your stereotypical view on women. And bet he won’t give a crap who answers that radio to come help him either.

        236. As they say at Wikipedia, [citation needed]
          You’re going back to before the dawn of recorded history and asking us to believe a goofy Just-So story about neolithic female deities and matriarchal societies, complete with detailed descriptions of social status, property ownership, and other customs, which you want us to believe because you say so, despite there being absolutely zero historical record of such things.
          Did you read about the Ancient Forgotten Matriarchies of the Stone Age in your Womyn’s Studies class?
          You’re really not very good at this Internet debate thing, are you?

        237. I had completely straight face & raised eyebrow while reading this article through, but then I laughed the minute I spotted another article tittled ” How to date several girl at the same time ” what a sad Character this guy is.

        238. “Men are no better, but…”
          word. this article’s all well and good, ’cause it’s about women; the author isn’t saying anything about men. but like… it seems kinda silly for its focus on women. tons of people of both genders have totally unfounded senses of entitlement. ever heard a repulsive man talk about how he’ll only date a girl if she’s an 8+ and why are all the girls who wanna date him so fat? and kate upton is so gross nowadays — he’d be so disappointed if he married a girl and she went downhill so fast!
          i ain’t mad at men though. i date people i find desirable; i avoid dating people i find undesirable… i don’t waste my time writing vitriolic rants about ’em.

        239. Absolutely. The problem is that he starts the article talking about a subset of women and ends it by expressing the view that women are like this due to their “nature,” which extends his view to include all women and is self-contradictory. He never states he needs a woman, and that’s fine. There are many women who don’t need men. The difference is most of the women I know who are happy with themselves don’t think men are by nature lesser beings. And yet here is a whole site dedicated to how useless women are. Well, except to fuck. Then the men here seem pretty happy that there are a subset of “whores” as this site likes to call them. Sure, there are a lot of devious, manipulative, lazy women out there. There are also a lot of devious, manipulative men exploiting women, themselves, and other men, all in the name of a good fuck. What’s the fucking difference? It’s the “me” society that’s the issue, not the “nature” of one sex or the other. But, based on the selfishness inherent in most of the comments proponents of this site are making, you guys are lapping up the “me” culture with a spoon. Read some damned history books with the tempered mindset that they are always written by the victors, recognize that there have historically been a great many women writers who had to pretend to be men to get anyone to take them seriously (and, once assumed to be men, were lauded as great thinkers and artists), start seriously considering the role of cause/effect on the cyclical nature of this problem, and stop being so damned wrapped up in your own neuroses that you reduce everything to a binary. The world is far more complex and colorful than you seem to believe. You may not be afraid, but fear is generally the reaction that causes people to mentally box themselves in. It’s much easier to point the finger at other people, categorize them, and spew hatred than open yourself up to the possibility that a) understanding the dynamics of human nature in both sexes may require more effort than you are willing to give and b) you might be basing much theory on (gasp) emotion rather than logic and then trying to find examples to back up these claims. If you do it backwards, it’s false. Sadly, both sexes of human beings have an immense capacity to self-rationalize bad behavior and faulty thinking. This site is a prime example of self-rationalization.

        240. Why do you keep assuming that none of the people on here have been to Pakistan? Or Iraq. Or Kuwait. Or Jordan. Or Afghanistan. Or all of the above. And why do you assume that you have any idea of the reality of the place or the people when you’re clearly a Western interloper who is holding a gun while you’re there? And how long has this “adult life” you speak of lasted? From your posts on this and other threads, you seem very young, but that may be an assumption on my part. Finally, why do you assume that a man’s job signifies how tough he is or his ability to beat you to a pulp? Your arguments reek of arrogance and classicism. Finally, assuming job does equal toughness in your mind, why on earth would you admit to being a sniper, a job which most of the military equates to being weak? After all, you hide yourself away and shoot people who have little chance of retaliation. Terribly manly, that. And hardly real combat.

        241. I’m certain that the countries who subscribe to the views of which you speak wouldn’t have agreed with your view during the heyday of Western imperialism. It is because of the pro-multiculturalism stance and view that no one should be limited in one’s life that they exist in the way they do today. It’s a view, by the way, that was promulgated from societal changes that occurred after the invention of the printing press, which allowed the common person access to books and promoted the spread of literacy and thereby information. Historically, those countries with a more literate populace have done better than those without. The countries of which you speak have the highest rates of illiteracy and hold views in line with Western Europe during a period we refer to as “The Dark Ages” (when we also thought the earth was the center of the universe). And the main way they continue to hold power is by limiting access of information to their people. This, by the way, is a telltale sign of someone with views they cant back up when challenged. But please go on about how correct, intelligent, and accurate these peoples’ views are. Next time, however, back it up with actual fact (even sources if you’re so inclined since at this point you’d be suspect without them), and not just the personal opinion of some dick-swinging dude who is only seeing the world due to being a part of some militaristic machine.

        242. Why do you assume they’re all women? And what’s with all the refusal to engage? This whole, “don’t talk to them and they’ll go away” thing might be right, but is fairly indicative of people who can’t support their own views with anything factual and of consequence. More so, though, of those who lack the mental dexterity to process and refute new information, and those who want to hold power for the sake of having it and not necessarily because they deserve it.

        243. Yes, they are incorrect if they’re uneducated, illiterate, and not given the option of believing otherwise. The rate of proliferation of life has nothing to do with correctness or rationality.

        244. I’m assuming that because if they had, there is an excellent chance they would not hold the positions they do and because the vast majority of Americans haven’t been there. Seems reasonable no?
          Also, since you said “a job which most of the military equates to being weak” I KNOW with absolute certainty you have never served, certainly not in the USMC or USA…because if you had you would realize that sniper schools are reserved solely for those in the infantry with distinguished records and usually a tremendous amount of combat experience with their units prior to that because it’s a difficult school and a difficult job… I’m sure your a shit stain who has know idea what your talking about.

        245. Yes, that’s why the incidence of rape in the military (both male on female and male on male) is at an all-time high. Because they’re real men. Sure.

        246. Wow…in an effort to sound intelligent…you missed the whole point of the article.

        247. At an all time high? Do you have any statistics to prove this? Of course not. Rape has always been a part of human history and warfare. In fact, if you look at what the allies did in occupied Germany or Japan what happens now is a drop in the bucket by comparison.

        248. Assuming no one has traveled to the locations you have is still an assumption, and, in this case, an erroneous one. As is assuming anyone who had would hold your viewpoint. Some of us have learnt to weigh personal experience with other knowledge and can see the negative impact such views have on society and the economy. I’m not saying the opposite viewpoint doesn’t have its flaws. Still, given that I am not from these places, I am allowed to disagree. You being where you are from is why you have that right, too. Go figure.
          As for the role of sniper–I never said it was not a difficult school or a difficult job. I was simply reiterating what is commonly said about them behind their backs, and, yes, that is within the US military. I applaud you for stating what you do proudly, but the fact that you don’t know that and feel the need yo resort to name-calling proves to me how out of touch you really are.

        249. Actually, some of us do actually do our research prior to posting. And some of us have actually done research on the situation prior to even discovering this web site and know the facts and figures. But, just to appease you, here’s a Washington Times article based on a report published by the Pentagon:

          I strongly suggest you take a look at the statistics behind the article published by the Pentagon. And perhaps investigate a documentary called “The Invisible War.” And, by the way, over half of the victims of sexual assault in the military are men.
          Also, just as an FYI, you’re correct that rape and pillage has been a part of wartime for generations. However, that has generally been inflicted on the enemy as opposed to being perpetrated against your own comrades. And, frankly, just because it has occurred in the past to the enemy doesn’t make it okay.
          The more you speak, the more apparent it becomes that your claims are based on hearsay and a very rudimentary education that doesn’t contextualize anything or provide you with the ability to do your own true research.
          In addition, I suggest you begin posting statistics that support your own very broad claims, rather than simply requiring them of everyone else. Your arguments and your state of mind are highly suspect, sir.

        250. Actually, you swore to uphold the Constitution as it now stands, and the Constitution includes all of the amendments in effect at the time you made your oath. So unless you enlisted prior to 1920, you did swear to uphold a Constitution that gives women the right to vote.
          But let’s just say, for the sake of argument, that you are only willing to uphold a Constitution that I consider outdated and antiquated: that is, one that contains only the original Bill of Rights. The thirteenth amendment wasn’t part of that Consitution. Neither was the fifteenth. Do you therefore also uphold the right to maintain slaves and disavow the right of African-Americans and those who are naturalized citizens the right to vote? The original Constitution also generally limited voting rights to white landowners, i.e., those who paid property taxes. Is that what you are upholding? Do you own land?
          As evidenced elsewhere on this site, I suspect you, yet again, have not clearly thought through your argument or even your own belief system.
          But since this doesn’t likely matter to you, I’ll enact my own alpha male privileges. I have no doubt I can best you on a field of combat. I think it’s utterly apparent that I can best you off of one. There are many infantrymen who are strong, courageous, and highly trained who know what they are supporting and give their all to do it willingly. They deserve utmost respect. However, you clearly do not fall into this category of soldier, and that’s why we will keep you in the enlisted corps where you can exercise no real power. You naturally have alternatives. You may move to Afghanistan permanently and become a member of their society, as long as you’re willing to be stripped of your American citizenship in the process, which clearly really shouldn’t bother you. You’re not truly invested in the military anyway as you apparently perjured yourself when you took your oath. Or you can stay here, salute me when I walk in a room, and do what I tell you to do when I tell you to do it. Is that alpha enough for you?

        251. Fuck. I take back my comments about military men being real men. Michael is the bomb!

        252. Hmm. So many men on here spouting statistics with nothing to back it up. Start citing shit or shut the fuck up.

        253. I’m sure you have all the woman you need, and based on your inability to back up your own views on this site I’m positive that she’s got to be about as dumb as a box of rocks. Otherwise, there is no way you’d be remotely capable of maintaining your position as the patriarch. Well, that, or else she’s milking your ass in the hopes of latching on to military benefits and is laughing at you behind your back. Either way, you’re a fucking dupe.

        254. Once again, basing an argument solely on hearsay and personal experience does NOT make it correct or even logical. Also, YOUR specific fucking physical or emotional reaction to Western women has nothing to do with making a good case either. Many of the guys on this site seem to think logic is the bastion of the male, and by this measure you are, to use a term I see bandied about on here a lot, “womanly.” I’m surprised they haven’t kicked you out of their fucking club yet. I mean, you’re a fucking beta male in every fucking way except your claims for patriarchy. Can’t fucking think for yourself, check. Making fucking excuses, check. Inability to logically deduce his way out of a fucking cardboard box, check. Big ego, but sensitive to others, so relies a whole fucking lot on stating and restating his PERCEIVED personal qualifications, check. Will never admit to his faults and mistakes, check. Easily blows his fucking stack, check. Very beta. I bet it’s even more apparent when you don’t have a uniform and a fucking gun in your hands.
          I won’t bother to refute your claims about Afghanistan or point out to you how the majority of Muslim-based cultures don’t even uphold the tradition of the Qu’ran or Muhammad that they espouse to. You’d need to have a brain and employ it in critical thought rather than mindless regurgitation for you to even get it.
          But it’s so fucking obvious that your logic is fucked up, and the more you speak, the more you make the other guys who agree with this shit look bad. Yours is the sort of shitty logic and stretched attempts at self-justification that led to the death of six million Jews, at least two million ethnic Poles, 1.5 million Romani, 200k political opponents and religious dissenters, 15k homosexuals, and 5k Jehovah’s Witnesses. Not to mention 20 million Soviet civilian and military, a country you seem to think highly of based on other posts, and who were fighting against the kind of idiocy you espouse. Hitler started basing all his bullshit on having his feelings hurt in art school and being sad that his fucking mother died, then decided to scapegoat the entire fucking Jewish population of Europe, and ended up extending that to anyone who didn’t fucking like him. Better look in the fucking mirror and check to be sure you’re not growing a fucking toothbrush mustache. Better check your mangina, too. Weak-brained ultimately means weak-willed and easily controlled.
          I’d also like to point out to those of you who are listening to this fucking moron that you’re lucky his bigotry is aimed at women. This is the kind of idiot that gets his fucking job taken and ego hurt by a and decides everyone else with that trait is lesser and worthy of subordination. You don’t have to be on the PC end of multiracial America to be a fucking target either. You just have to get on his bad side and fall prey to his fucking mindless reasoning skills. Be fucking careful who you waste valuable brain cells listening to and who you let into your little clique.

        255. Yeah, the fucking site garbled a portion of my post. That part was supposed to be “insert any gender, nationality, religion, sex, or mental or physical attribute that he lacks here”.

        256. “Boys call their peers a fag for a number of things, such as being incompetent, showing emotion, caring about appearances, dancing, or expressing (sexual or platonic) interest in other guys.”
          –C.J. Pascoe, ‘Dude, You’re a Fag’: Adolescent Masculinity and Fag Discourse
          Note the term “adolescent” in the title. Consider that it’s a book about boys, not men. And then note the part about calling people a fag for being incompetent and your own apparent inability to outwit Jordan. Seems to me you fall prey to your own terminology.

        257. Illiteracy can be cured with education. Unfortunately, you’re dealing with willing complacency and ignorance. Not much hope for a cure for that.
          Also ANOTHER beta male. Can’t read or reason. No comprehension skills. Mentally lazy and weak-minded as fuck. Surprised the purported “alphas” can’t fucking recognize them when they see them.

        258. And another beta male basing his justification on nothing more than one imagined situation, or perhaps just personal experience. Your argument is baseless. Statistically, more men cheat and therefore, if we use basic mathematical skills, more women (and probably “faggots”) are on the receiving end of deceit and disloyalty. I could cite countless studies and quote countless passages from books for you, but I don’t have the time or inclination to feed data to lazy fuckers who should be perfectly capable of looking this shit up for themselves. So I’ll just point to one study before someone asks me for some damned numbers:

          And just to tackle the personal experience bullshit: You seriously don’t know any men who have lured a fucking woman in when they were “taken/married?” And if so, do you know more men who have been fucked over by women, or more men who have fucking bragged about fucking women over? I know which I’ve heard more of it. But I haven’t cited that bullshit up to now because it’s NOT FUCKING FACTUAL OR RELEVANT TO DISCERNING THE “TRUTH” about an entire gender.
          Beta males pretending to be alphas. You make me laugh.

        259. Fuck. Do I seriously have to get into a discussion about generational differences? Or that it’s possible that the “sluts” you keep referring to are probably out slutting, and the women commenting here are probably the ones who aren’t. Otherwise, as you all so vehemently suggest, they’d have much “sluttier” things to do than talk to your sorry ass.

        260. Your entire mental state precludes you from even being able to recognize one if you DID see one. That’s the problem with labeling an entire gender and cowardly grouping them into a box.
          But don’t worry. You’re safe. Both from the “sluts” and the women you wouldn’t mind meeting.

        261. Actually, you did a poor job there. Made no real point at all actually. Leave the heavy lifting to the pros, little man. Another beta, you guys. Let’s kill him and throw his meat to the feminist wolves.

        262. Just want to assure the females here that there are plenty of fucking alphas who base interest in a female on more than just their looks even when it is still sexual interest. Definitions of “hot” vary markedly among men.
          But I wouldn’t worry too much about what these other fuckers say anyway. By drilling “hole” after “hole” and then leaving, they’re leaving the mothers, abhorred betas, and more rational alphas to raise their kids. They’ll be extinct in a few generations.

        263. You keep on telling yourself that there, Sparky. I suspect when the shit hits the fan, you’ll be turning tricks for the first guy who can talk you into believing it’s a manly thing to do. More fun and probably more lucrative whoring you out than using you in any other way anyway. I suspect there are a good many men on this site who think you’re a waste of a dick.

        264. This is fucking illogical bullshit. Citations, please. And not any of that Wikipedia garbage that doesn’t fly with people with half a brain.

        265. Spanned which continent? Just making sure you’re talking about Africa when you’re talking about spanning continents. Can’t be sure you know what the fuck you’re talking about nearly every time you open your mouth. BTW, you make those of us on the Right look fucking bad.

        266. No worries. There are those of us with those traits AND brains who will be able to knock you weak-minded assbags into the contaminated sludge. Or, you know, talk you into walking in of your own accord. “Survival of the fittest” refers to more than animosity and heavy lifting, bro.

        267. I differ in that opinion. Men as a whole aren’t inferior. But a lot (not all, but many from my observations) of the men who frequent this site and comment here are. These SPECIFIC men may not be physically inferior, but the majority of them appear to be vastly mentally inferior. Don’t waste your fucking breath on them. They won’t get it anyway.

        268. I’m sorry to hear that, DJ. There are a lot of problems with the way people treat one another–women and men can both behave poorly. Personally, I think it has more to do with humans as a whole no longer valuing truth, honesty, and each other more than women being stupid and greedy or men being exploitative. I’m pretty sure that, for every man burned by a gold-digging, disloyal woman, there’s a woman burned by an abusive, cheating man. I personally know women who were burned and now refer to all men as assholes and try to shame them publicly by talking about dick size and the like. I have also know men who were treated like wallets by women who took from them, cheated on them, and gave nothing back. Similarly, I know women who were devastated by men who cheated, skipped out on their parental responsibility, AND requested (and in some cases were granted) palimony. And I know educated, smart women who were completely loyal and were blinded by love to married men who tricked them into believing they were single. It’s not cool either way you slice it. In my opinion, what’s important is how you deal with it. Recognizing it as a human problem that is likely largely sociologically-based is, I think, more accurate than turning it into a failing of an entire sex or gender or whatever, you know? I mean, you can, but it’s a pretty dark and sad way to live your life. It’s really safe though–if you think all/most people in your desired gender suck, then you already know the way your life is probably going to turn out–alone and looking for ways to back your opinions up. There’s something to be said for that, I guess, but I think you kind of limit yourself and miss out on a lot that way. I think there’s also something to be said for understanding that humanity, and also life in general, is sometimes good and sometimes bad. You learn from the bad experiences–you learn what you’re looking for and what to avoid in the future, you learn about who you are, what you stand for, and what sort of a human YOU want to be from them. And, in my opinion, I think that makes you open to, more appreciative of, and a better candidate for the good experiences. But that’s just my two cents, and I’m a girl who the other guys on this site will tell you not to speak to. From what I’ve read of your posts, though, you don’t belong here, and you shouldn’t take their crap personally. You’re more of a man than most of the ones I’ve seen commenting. Stay one.

        269. Men aren’t worthless. And you aren’t either. I think you should just be true to yourself, don’t get too bogged down by sour and narcissistic people of either gender, and try not to let people take advantage of you–whether they’re a man or a woman.
          Personally, I applaud your views on sexuality and think it shows real strength of character and masculinity to restrain strong biological urges, but do be aware that everyone makes mistakes. There’s always a moment where we choose whether or not to give in and make a mistake, though. Remember that and take responsibility for your behavior. Surround yourself with others, both men and women, who take responsibility for their behavior and can admit to their mistakes. I think that being smart and having high standards makes it easier to find people with high standards, and probably makes it much easier to navigate relationships because, in the first place, you have less chance of running into someone who would consider treating you poorly, and, in the second place, because you’re less likely to be significantly affected if you do temporarily have an error in judgement about someone. I think you should also judiciously forgive both yourself and others, though. I think that everyone makes mistakes and should be forgiven for them, especially if it’s truly a mistake and not new poor behavior pattern. I think you’re right on with the mutual respect thing–respect humanity, not genders. But again. Just a girl here. Most men here aren’t going to take me seriously anyway. Which, strangely enough, is actually totally fine with me. 🙂

        270. You need better friends, honey. I doubt there’s anything wrong with you. I bet you’re just surrounded with people who don’t quite fit you–not truly.
          If you want to swear off women, it seems like you’re on a good site for that and more power to you. If you don’t, then I offer the advice below. Take it or leave it. And I’m pretty sure I’m about to piss off some of the hardcore feminists, but whatever. 🙂
          To get what specifically YOU seem to be looking for, you should probably look for a woman who isn’t going to sext either at all or with anyone but her established man. Also, look for one who isn’t a seeming short-term serial monogamist. If they’re willing to sext with you when you’re only a male friend or have a string of short-term established boyfriends they sext with, they probably aren’t going to have the level of devotion to you that YOU would probably want. Unless you find your unicorn. It happens, but rarely.
          At least, I suspect from your post (and you having read the author’s original article) that the concept of your woman sexting with a long line of other men or sexting someone else while she is also sexting you when you two are just friends would bother you. If I’m wrong, then I’m offering you the wrong advice. If I’m right, then you need to broaden your horizons.
          There ARE women out there who truly value the man who lets them cry on their shoulder. There are also ones who are specifically looking for that level of emotional support and not in a gold-diggery way. But those are the kinds of women that are probably going to want to hang on to you for awhile. So make sure that’s what you want, too.
          Otherwise, if you don’t actually want a girl who will want to hang on to you and be with only you (if a quick lay is more what you’re after), then what you’re doing (being a shoulder to cry on) isn’t in line with what you are actually looking for. And you’re probably confusing both your “quick lay” whose face is planted squarely in the middle of your shirt-front rather than pants-front, while simultaneously confusing a lot of more long-term women you don’t even notice because you’re too busy dealing with the sobbing “quick lay.”
          In short, if you don’t want to be the kind of man who sticks around, then don’t let them cry on your shoulder and don’t expect to draw a woman who will stick around and wants you to also stick around. Otherwise, if you WANT to be a man who sticks around, then look for telltale signs of long-term women and let THEM cry on your shoulder rather than the “quick lays.”
          Basically, I think, you have to pay attention, be selective, and act the way you want to be treated (and I think this is true of both men and women). Anything else is a sure recipe for disappointment for everyone involved.

        271. The term is “red pill-er”, moron. You know, like in “The Matrix.” At least try to understand the fucking underlying analogies of the site before you fucking name yourself after one and start spouting shit at other people on it.

        272. Patton. Should probably quote that instead of trying to pass it off as your own. Otherwise people might think you have an original thought.

        273. The phrase is “result in a loss of millions.” Way to make your point about typos. Fucking idiots.

        274. Have you? Has the author or anyone else spouting this bullshit? Yet another idiotic response.

        275. We should probably just reinstate an amalgamation of that Greek/Roman society whose value system you’ve previously admitted to so admiring. I suspect then the guys running shit would be pretty happy to teach someone with your level of intellect and class status a good lesson. Neither would distinguish you, so you’d better learn to bend over and cough, little man.

        276. So far you’ve said nothing of consequence and have made some pretty embarrassing mistakes. I wouldn’t be making any challenges, buddy. You’ll embarrass yourself again.

        277. Actually, fucking morons who base claims on “but I work somewhere and this is what I saw today” should never be in politics. They’d crumble in an ideological debate. Most of the men here (and, to be fair, some of the ladies) have already excluded themselves from politics, yourself included.

        278. Actually, sweet thing, you should probably just go to work yourself, stop by the grocery store on the way home, and buy a couple of new bottles to ram up his ass, since he’s so obviously declaring himself to be finished with the old ones.

        279. Huh. Any original claims to back that up? I mean something other than the whiny cop-out of, “But but but… that’s the way it has always been since we crawled out of the primordial ooze. We have always bullied shit into submission so that MUST be what we’re here for.” We also communicated by grunting then, though I guess I can see that that might be enough where you’re concerned given your gross lack of insight.
          You spouted an opinion. So here’s one of mine. Men who insist that their behavior SHOULD mirror the behavior of animals or ignorant, unwashed masses from the distant past (or present) shouldn’t be allowed to use the label “man.” You’re defining yourselves as something less than, so you don’t deserve to use (and pervert) a label that gives you more value than you espouse to have. Period.

        280. You guys seems to really be having a hard time with this whole “equality” thing. A woman being equal to a man doesn’t mean she’s a fucking carbon-copy. Else they’d all have dicks.

        281. Wait. So is that, like, in a direct line between those places? And I wasn’t aware that “Everyone on Earth” consisted of only Brazilians, Pakistanis, and Chinese. And, logically, not all of even those groups agree with you. I would reconsider speaking for entire nationalities in one go, even the one to which you belong.
          And men aren’t weak. You are weak. You are, as I have previously said, weak-minded. Weak-willed. Weak, weak, weak. You’re a fucking joke. Pretend to be an alpha all you want, dude. Nobody’s buying it.

        282. This doesn’t make you a man. And it sure as fuck doesn’t make you smart, virile, talented, worthy of respect, or even original. Anyone can be a fucking liar and play fucking mind games. In fact, based on the views I’ve read on here, most of these dudes consider lying and mind games to be the realm of the female. Congrats on outing yourself as a fucking “womanly” loser.
          You’re part of the fucking problem and probably one of the reasons women who act the way the article describes feel fine doing so, you sadistic asswhore.

        283. The author of this article started out talking about a subset of women and then later drew a parallel between the subset and the entirety of the female gender by generally describing the traits of women as part of the female “nature.” By definition, if someone was biologically born with a vagina, he just attacked them. So, sadly, yeah. Having a vagina fits these women to a T. They have them. They feel the need to defend their ENTIRE sex from gross generalizations. Other men who think this kind of blanket generalization and hate is fucking stupid regardless of personal views about women also think it should be addressed. The author should have been less of a fucking idiot.

        284. My mental state? You projecting your pathetic nuance and stating I have a problem only determines your insignificant thought process.

        285. Whoops. Meant to direct that to the dude who posted above you as “guest.” Your mental state doesn’t seem to be too fucked up from what I’ve read. You did laugh at his bullshit, though, so… I dunno.
          But do be careful here. By actually treating some of the female posters fairly reasonably and laughing at the other dudes’ jokes in the way you are, you’re likely already being labeled as a beta by some of these idiots. That’s they’re fucking problem, though, not yours.
          In any case, no issues with you. Although you can do better than “projecting pathetic nuance” in response to what I said. That actually doesn’t mean a damned thing. Look it up. And, frankly, you seem better than that.

        286. Make that “their fucking problem.” Wouldn’t want a hypocritical grammar nazi of either gender to refute an argument based on a keyboard slip.

        287. Hahahahaha! You are the funniest thing on the internet. I’m a contractor, I don’t have to salute shit. I make a LOT more money than you faggot and you can call ME “sir” in IAW AR 600-25. Oh, boy that is hilarious. I bet your a cherry ass POG lieutenant. I won’t even bother responding to the the rest of your nonsense.

        288. I’m a contractor dumbass. There are no “benefits” ,well other than the enormous sum of money I make every moneth – very alpha. Probably more than you make in a year if I had to guess haha! By all means though, keep trying dipshit. Your weak ass liberal crying is so amusing.

        289. You manginas just crack me up! Have you been to ANY of those places? I guess your not familiar with hyperbole huh? Exagerration for emphasis? Are those kinda things lost on you?? I bet you have never left the Anglosphere. Thats cute calling me weak. Have you ever been in combat? How much money do you make a year? How many chicks have you banged? Have you ever killed someone? DO YOU EVEN LIFT !? I have no doubt your a loser who resents your superiors – everyone who preaches “equality” is. It’s okay just head back over to HuffPo and Jizzibell so they can make it all better for you.

        290. As much as you are correct about most of this… you kind of sound like you might actually be a woman.

        291. He is right about the majority of women though ( or at least from ages 16-28) …. So many of them feel so entitled to everything. There are plenty of good women out there for sure, but many girls do think they can have the cake and eat it too. As a male I have seen it over and over again.

        292. Absolutely correct. The bottom line is the author met a few women who behave like many men, and didn’t like it, so he decided to attack an entire sex for not behaving in a way that suits him better. The disgusting, misogynistic vocabulary used in some of these comments says it all. Decent men do not behave and speak like this to aybody, regardless of their sex.

        293. Nonsense. Make your own rules. Respect people based on their behaviour only not their sex. Ditch the debunked geder roles. Stop blaming everyone else for your personal problems.

        294. Oh, good, another jackass military man who thinks that he is the toughest badass in all the lands. Watch out everyone! What someone does for a living has no effect on this argument, you’re just stroking your e-penis because it’s much larger than the real one.
          Note: Not to say I don’t appreciate what soldiers do for our country, I do. What I don’t appreciate is soldiers who brag about it. And yes, this constitutes it because he could have simply said he has been to Pakistan. The sniper addition was completely unnecessary and obviously something added just to say it.

        295. The real scary thing is, think about the nature of a childs upbringing, a lot live with single moms, are taught in majority by female teachers untill they are adults, no male role models at all almost minus a couple male teachers if they are lucky and a coach. Look into the facts about childrens need for male role models and what single motherhood produces without any emotion, or preconceived notions, and see what you find. Its no good man, no good.

        296. That’s because you can’t fucking keep up with him. You’ve already given yourself away in that regard. Coward.

        297. My guess is I make more than you do, but again that’s beside the point. And I’m not a liberal. Keep making assumptions, moron. By the way, one thing you said was absolutely right–I’m sure that there ARE no benefits to being with you other than money. Your woman needs a real man.

        298. Been to all of them, which is partly why I know you’re an idiot. You might be able to convince other (mostly ignorant) people that you’re a “man of the world,” but you don’t fool anybody who has actually been outside of smalltown USA.
          And no, dude. I’m very familiar with hyperbole. Most people who know the word just actually know how to use it properly. Not that you not knowing how to use it surprises me.
          Seriously? Money, killing, fucking, and lifting? Only fucking half-wits with miniscule egos pull that shit. You are the epitome of a bad stereotype. Save the rest of the world from your mindless tripe and turn the gun on yourself already.

        299. Pics or it didn’t happen. You make more money then me huh? Do me a favor then sweet pea – tell me what company you work for, what position you have, and how much money you make. You won’t because your clearly a craven who has never seen combat in his entire life. Keep trying though.

        300. I vehemently deny it represents the “vast majority”. It represents the segment of the female population whose disgusting pics are available on social media, and who frequent bars and clubs. The “vast majority” of women are not this way – perhaps the men complaining so bitterly about the low-rent-ness of women, should be looking for a girlfriend in places other than bars and their computers. Try church.

        301. Kilmister- And of course none of your feelings on this matter have
          anything to do with you being a single 40 year old male who, instead of
          fathering children and maintaining a respectable career, regularly swaps
          relationship stories with his 20 year old bartender and later goes home and bitches about it in an article. At first I tried to give this article some merit. I
          could understand the frustration many people feel with mothers setting poor
          examples for their children. But it’s clear that the premise of this article stems
          from the biter reality of your own self-refection. I am a 22 year old male. I have met many
          respectable women that I look up to. It pisses me off when other guys talk like
          this because I have to constantly separate myself from the close minded backward
          thinkers of my own gender. This article
          is childish and catty. I can’t believe you’re almost 20 years older than me. I
          can only hope that I don’t decline in intellect and empathy when I’m your age.
          I hope that I won’t have to spend my nights miserable at the same bar picking
          apart what’s wrong with everyone around me like some kind of junior high school
          student. I am not condoning the behavior
          of some reckless PEOPLE who destroy their lives and the lives around them
          though their own selfish actions. However, I am calling you out on how pathetic
          this article is. I wonder how, as a so called ‘logical’ creature, it is you came to such
          an illogical conclusion. Most people form opinions based on the company they
          keep. The women I associate with are my fellow associates, my family, and
          my friends in grad school. Have you considered that you might find more
          “respectable” women if you stepped outside a bar and stopped talking to 20 year
          olds? Or is that too “logical” of a solution?

        302. Cody- A man responds rationally to a valid argument, such as Michael’s, with respect even if he disagrees. He does not throw an emotional temper tantrum. If you want your arguments to be taken seriously in return, then you must learn to argue like a man. Not a baboon. After all, it was the coming together of great men, who differed on many issues, that created the constitution. This is a website dedicated to men after all. It is foolish to think that only one type of man exists and that one version of him is correct. A great man owns his defeat. A coward runs from a challenge. I’d like to see you respond to Michael logically and rationally. If you think you’re capable of doing so. If not, admit defeat like a respectable man. As a man you will be judged on your character. There’s nothing more embarrassing then a man than responds to reason with childlike demur.

        303. and just who the fuck are you to say who’s beliefs are wrong and who’s aren’t? from their point of view, your beliefs are wrong, and they don’t look at it as limitations. do you personally know these people? have they expressed directly to you how they yearn for this “freedom” that we seem so determined to bring to their country? so, tone down the hostility for a minute, and answer me this: why on earth do we feel the need to go about revising everyone else’s way of life, when we have our own lives to live and figure out?

        304. i believe that acehole was referring to their obvious lack of morality. not necessarily that they are women. as i see it, any leader, man or woman, with a lack of morality is a frightening prospect. if a woman has a good morality and will uphold, lets say, the Constitution of the United States, fuck yes i’d vote for her, way faster than i’d vote for any of the current asshole politicians, except Ron and Rand Paul. try to escape your biased outlook. absolutely this article can apply to men just as much as women, and i think it does. he even points that out at some point. why is it so damn hard for you to admit that there is a double standard here when it comes to men and women? women are being put on a pedestal by feminist pushers, and men are just being shoved aside as “neanderthal” and complete assholes, unless we conform to what you feminist women think we ought to be. so tell me, where is your equal rights there? you want equality? ok then, a guy that sleeps with lots of women is a manwhore, and a woman that sleeps with lots of men is a whore. a guy that cheats is a cheater and a dick, a woman that cheats is a fucking bitch, and doesn’t deserve to be with a good man. how about this for “equality”. put YOUR gender aside for a moment, and read the article with an objective mind, and read the comments with an objective mind.
          now, i’m a guy, and i have christian beliefs. take that as you will, but where i come from, women are respected, held up as role models if they are good, and are treated very well. they are expected to obey their husbands, insofar as he is being a good man. in my own family, i have never seen my dad be unreasonable with my mom, all he asks of her is basically to take care of things around the house while he is gone to work, keep things clean, prepare meals, so on and so forth. its not sexism, its simply a job that needs to be done, and since he isn’t here to do it himself, and she is here, then it falls to her to do it. they serve each other.
          so i guess my whole point is this: don’t cast condemnation of other people’s views and beliefs before you take the time to understand them. i don’t believe in oppression of anyone, women, men, children, blacks, asians, mexican, whatever. everyone just wants to be happy, everyone ends up six feet under. so how about we all just chill the fuck out, learn how to treat each other decently, and learn how to be respectable?

        305. She needs to be enlightened, clearly. There is nothing wrong with wanting to embrace what women have to offer as with men. But why does there need to be a ‘said’ role. Why does a man or woman need fulfill a specific role. It is about choice, and preference.

        306. You are so forward with priding yourself on being a sniper. My father was in the military for nearly 30 years, and I don’t think he would ever be proud to announce he killed someone. And, right, did you ask this person of their travels? Perhaps they are in the military as well, but let us all jump to conclusions. I feel like you are challenging this person to a tough guy contest? I shoot at people, what do you do, perhaps you save lives for a living? What a pansy you must be.

        307. yeah college sluts will be in control of the political system. Yay! I cant wait to see topless politics shows

        308. monogamy isnt an inherit human trait, its some thing thats been enforced on to humanity, realise that and you’ll stop getting hurt

        309. i bet all that anger and frustration is irresistibly attractive to the smart independent women of this world. If you can’t do any better, would you never consider it might be YOUR problem.

        310. i’m from the anlgosphere and most the women i know are not like that, you need to higher your standards chummy

        311. Correct. But please feel free to haul your sorry ass to Saudi Arabia post haste and enjoy that sort of lifestyle if that’s your thing.

        312. Sure you’re a sniper…extending that tiny dick with a gun barrell Got any more tales to spin us “soldier boy”? No? Then please go sit on the nearest IED and spare us your macho bullshit. . Ordinarily I’d thank you for your service, but it’s folks like you that I’d prefer to see with a bullet in the dome.

        313. why do I need bother going to Pakistan if I can break, subdue and train a women to be subservient to me at my place? I dont allow my gf to vote and make her do anything I say and she can not do anything to change this.

        314. Why are you bringing Homo Neanderthalensis into this in a disparaging way?
          What are you, some kind of speciest, cognitively deficient,
          anthropocentric douche-bag?

        315. give me a break Dave… what does this have to do with money… That’s the problem here. You and all men’s judgements of women. Me and about 20 of my girlfriends don’t give a shit about money but we really like a great dude… I haven’t met that great dude yet but i’m hopeful. I don’t do selfies and dry hump strangers. where’s my great dude that should deserve?

        316. He’s saying that he thinks ALL women are shit and useless… pffft!! blah blah blah

        317. Jenn well said. I cannot even believe what I was reading and some other douchebag on this thread replied to my post saying I’m the reason nobody wants to marry me and that I’m a slob. He didn’t even post a picture. whatever… ladies stay strong and be yourself and expect the best … Hopefully you will find it… but don’t date the writer of this article for sure

        318. ” Here in Afghanistan for example women are respectful and understand their proper role in society…”
          That’s pretty much all anyone would need to know about you as a human being.

        319. And all men don’t have the right to do as they please? If a man sleeps with 20 girls, he top dog. But a woman does the same and she’s a whore. Men get paid more. Men have been in charge for years. Its a mans world. Everything is based on sex and appearance because that sells to men. This article and your comment make men look bad.

        320. No, I am sure you can find some sucker,isn’t like there is any place in the world where the woman are any better, I know I’ve looked, the only virgins anymore are ugly third graders!

        321. And you can kiss a man ass, the only thing you are is a another pussfied officer who hide while the real men do the work, he will not have to salute you ,because your sissy ass will never be near a front line, What are you Captain of cocksucking,thats all it could be,douchebag!

        322. If you’re not a virgin yourself, I don’t see why you’re demanding the woman to be a virgin. Good..glad to hear you’re having bad luck finding your virgin woman.
          Also, don’t see what’s wrong with waiting for a relationship and not marrying my then bf. Why are we still forced by guys like you to get married to the man we’ve been with in the relationship just because he was the first??

        323. Marriage is a plot by woman to get men to take care of them when they get old and can no longer attract men, but part of that deal is the women should be a virgin, its like buying a meal, if I am paying full price for the meal(marriage) I want a fresh meal(virgin) on a clean plate, not leftovers(you and women who think like you) from who knows how many on a dirty plate! Anyway, be sure to take plenty of pictures, the type of man that will marry you will want to look at them for sure!

        324. I’m not anyone’s meat, nor object nor mountain to climb on. I’m a person that has her own goals in life. Part of that was never getting married so early, when I’m not even done with college yet and clearly don’t want to be forced to married for the hell of it (just because society pressures us to get married).
          It’s funny how you can compare me to the other messed up women the narrator is talking in his story. A woman that has been in a LTR (long-term relationship) or a couple LTR’s that simply either didn’t work out and they both went their different ways isn’t the same as a woman that sleeps around with anyone and gets drunk often. How dare you even try to compare me to that???
          You know what, a religious, virgin woman waiting till marriage and a total sloot are total polar extremes. In the real world, I doubt any of your common folks fits either of that. You clearly never heard of the gray area..not virgin but not a sloot either but a ”only in a relationship” woman.
          And marriage isn’t a plot by woman. My then ex bf at one point kept saying how he would want to marry me. He was the one to mentioned this first (I didn’t) and I obviously didn’t want to nor ever felt ready to marry him.

        325. And I stand my point. You want a virgin so badly, be a virgin yourself loser.
          You really think I would have even waited till marriage for a pathetic manwhore with the sex double standard??
          If I ever an overly religious type (but fortunately I’m an atheist), I would be demanding a religious man in return, not a reformed playa type.

        326. We have different opinions,and you can do anything you want,you say a good woman is one who sleeps around,but only in relationships, and I say a good woman is one who is a virgin when she is first married! If that is your opinion, good luck with it,that is between you and whoever you marry, I don’t know you and have no interest in you or your history! I only expressed my opinion in reply, it is interesting that you felt the need to launch a personal attack on me,are you that insecure in your position that you can only name call, and a weak name like loser, I am in my mid fifties and have been retired and traveling the world for the last five years, so your loser comment is better saved for someone that fits it, my thought at the moment is to say the man that marries you,but as I said earlier, I don’t know you or care about you, but I will not lower myself and call names! Instead, I wish you good luck and remember the old saying about vices,1 is too many,and 1000 will not be enough!

        327. And I don’t care about knowing you either. You called me a leftover and compare me to the women the narrator is talking about and I called what I see, a hypocrite with double standards.
          Yes, anybody that’s not a virgin but demands a virgin only for himself is a loser in my eyes.
          You’re in your mid 50’s and still looking for a virgin wife? Ok that’s even more creepy but good luck finding your virgin wife who even wants to save herself for someone like you.
          But ok going back in time to the time I was 19 (now 27)…. If my then bf had insisted that I save myself till marriage these are the things that would be going through my mind:
          1) Is he possibly cheating on me?
          2) Why is he pressuring me to save myself till marriage for him?
          3) Is he not attracted to me?
          4) Is he asexual? Does he have other issues?
          5) How on earth are we gonna make it through a 2-4 years in a nonsexual relationship, what if I really wanted to express how much I love and care for him and he says no?
          6) Why the hell is he rejecting me, I’m I not good enough for him? Why does he keeps saying no to me? Then I would probably be crying and thinking of breaking up.
          For argument’s sake what if a woman does actually waits till her wedding day, she gets married but her husband cheats on her and she divorces him. And now you were bumping into her with that history. So she’s now a leftover because she’s not a virgin to you even though she didn’t ask to get cheated in her marriage??
          Another situation
          What about when a girl had plans to saving her till marriag but she got raped? She’s no longer a girl good and a leftover??

        328. That’s kind of a sad way to look at things…so the vast MAJORITY of how other women behave should form and opinion on ALL women? This is why the actual good ones that have self-respect and can support themselves are overlooked. I’m sure the guy complaining about the successful woman would be just as cautious if she didn’t have a job and needed to be supported. Both genders have many flaws. Look at how the world turned out being ruled by men. We’re doing great huh?

        329. In a few short years you will be singing different song .What are you 15?Go to bed is getting late girl.

        330. Yes, but you are wrong .American Men are more secure and women talk a lot more shit than men do .

        331. Bulshit . They are scared of us .Why aren’t they ask guys out than ? If they are so secure and strong women ? Why ? Duchbags .

        332. Ey ,ey mangina boy , cuckold … you get the picture that some men just don’t like to be told by women and they will refuse to be sperm donors and wallets ??
          Because that’s what hides behind most marygies

        333. Can you stop labeling everything as “hate and misogyny”?
          Feminism has destroyed Anglo women and it shows. You admittedly seem compassionate but the fact that you don’t realize that the girl the author talks about isn’t really an outlier but well under two standard deviations from the average for young women. The fact that you’re not loudly condemning her behavior shows that either you practice it yourself (albeit perhaps on a smaller scale) or you approve of it.

        334. ……….and do you say the exact same thing to women on a comment board bitching about what dogs men are?
          Or do they get your empathy?

        335. …….”understand what their proper role is”? And how do you know what a woman’s proper role is? And why do you as a man get to define it?
          Afghanistan? You do know that more Afghani women commit suicide in marriage than in any other country, don’t you? Especially in Kabul. Don’t believe me; look it up. But then, these are Western statistics, and so automatically suspect, right?

        336. There is one thing that he says that I do agree with, as I have experienced it; and that is that women want and expect full equality, but also want and expect the man to pay for everything and to hold the door, etc., as a given.
          Women don’t owe men sex or a kiss goodnight. But stop expecting us to pay for the privilege of your company; pay your own way, in fact insist on it, and stop expecting us to perform when You are in the mood. Whenever a woman is called on her double standard, they find it amusing, as if they are aware they are doing it. They don’t take seriously their own behavior, and feel justified to behave this way because they feel its a “man’s world”. And god help you if you’re a “nice guy”. They feel completely free to use them, while complaining they can never find one. I’ve had to cure myself of that, and have trained myself to run the other way from women who ever call me that. In America that is the kiss of death from a woman, as American women have contempt for guys they give that label to.

        337. Wow! That’s a pretty direct reply.
          The guy you answered back to would actually need to travel a bit more in the ME to realise what you are talking about. The place he is talking about has one of the worst reputations as regards women’s rights. The option to ‘play the field’ as the west does is NOT an option for women in countries in this region.
          I have worked in several ME countires and am working in one now so I can relate to the points you made at the beginning of your post.
          Well said! : -)

        338. that is not at all what he is saying. He is saying he wants a woman who respects themselves, has dignity, and would appreciate and respect a good man. Why is that so hard to ask for? And why would asking for that make that woman a “slave”? Are you saying the woman in the photo taking a selfie of her ass in the bathroom mirror while her kids are in the tub is respectful and should be treated with respect? This is the behavior that men and women should just accept as ok? Why? because otherwise that makes us stepford wives controlled by men? GIVE ME A BREAK! Ugh, feminism really has turned into a ridiculous joke!!! And please dont even say that women only send these slutty selfies because men ask for them. When I was single and dating, plenty of men would ask me to send them pics. Just cause they asked, doesnt mean I had to! Never ONCE DID I EVER! And if a man asked me more than once after I told him I dont do that, I would never talk to that guy again! And I have seen MANY times women sending these pics to men who NEVER EVEN ASKED FOR THEM! To men who werent even dating or fucking these women! Nowadays, women are bringing women down, not men so much anymore. Most men deserve better. And women deserve to learn to respect themselves and show themselves some self worth! Saying that you have the freedom to send naked pics of yourself is not liberating, it is not dignifying, it is not what women should aspire to, and it is not female power!

        339. At one point, men had double standards because women needed them. Nowadays, its men that need women (mainly for sex and procreation) but women dont need you as much. So we can demand goodies. Romantic love is all bullshit because men are not capable of true love. Now you are upset because women are being promiscuous, exactly how you are or wish to be. Most men have ridden the cunt merry goround as a badge of honor, yet you dont want women to have this freedom. Its our body, our choice. Id rather be a “whore” and have my fun, then listen to more fake love bullshit from men. Btw, men always want what they cannot have. In miami they complain that women are so slutty. In conservative towns they complain that women get too attached, why cant they just hook up? Hahaha idiots.

        340. How does pointing out some women are two bit tramps equal he wants a submissive slave? Amazing what women see when they want to? He’s basically saying dim wit that if you want a “great guy” act like a great women. Don’t talk about how special you are when you behave for from special. Their behavior is somehow a trait of positive independence? This simple our past shows us to have a short duration of tolerance for poor behavior. A women’s life should show results which portray such. Men who expect such aren’t needy in fact their the opposite their not tolerating mistreatment. No man is saying women can’t do what they please were just saying you can’t do it and have us anymore. Carry on to your hearts content elsewhere.

        341. Eddie kissing up doesn’t result in a booty train in your favor. I don’t know what drives me crazier women getting all teary eyed for being called to the carpet or butt kissing needy guys trying to score brownie points.

        342. Like the author said there is always this pedestal of moral superiority granted to women even the type he talks about no matter how poorly they behave. The idea that women aren’t just as immoral as men is one of the biggest myth’s in society. The longer I live the more I come to the realization women and men aren’t a damn bit different. If people could get their feelings out of the way or stop mooching butts for just a second they would realize that’s what he’s pointing out.

        343. I very rarely comment on this site. But I made a account just to let you know how ignorant and idiotic your comment is. Men have no need for commitment because women nowadays are whores. Women still need and desire security and companionship. Men can go on just fine without such ordeals and just pound sluts to satisfy their urges.
          Pathetic excuses of women like you only feed on the beta’s. Men who know and dont play your game simply laugh at your stupidity and 20 minutes later after calling you an idiot to your face, we’d be smashing like it was your last night on this Earth. Because in the end, we all know deep down you’re just another thirsty Jezebel like 75% of American women.

        344. Unless you know 75% of American women then your statement is invalid. Men also crave a woman’s touch and heart just as much as a woman craves security and affection. A good woman doesn’t need the approval of any human being, for she is good and doesn’t need to be told. In trying to make a person look stupid you just ended up looking like another bastard as insecure as the author of this article. Happy wife, happy life.

        345. You have quite a low IQ it would seem. Buying into all the propaganda about women being oppressed all over the world etc etc. Absolutely pathetic.
          Instead of pointing at men and blaming us for all your downfalls, why don’t you try looking in the mirror, facing your faults and doing your best to change them? It’s called being a responsible adult.
          And that is exactly what this article is about – being a responsible adult. And like it or not, if you take an average Western man and woman and do a comparison as to who is the most responsible of the two, the man will win hands down. All you have to do is look around you and you’ll see it.
          But you have a veil of media-fed, self-righteous bullshit clouding your judgement, which could never allow you to see the truth for what it is.
          Congratulations, feminism has made you dumb as a rock. Isn’t liberation wonderful?

        346. Wow, I really had no idea there are men like this out there. Really sorry I stumbled across this now. My hubby passed away a few years ago, leaving me and our kids to miss him terribly. He was a good guy, he adored me and doted on me. We met when we were teens and he loved me passionatly til the end. I was a good wife, nothing like the women you’ve had the misfortune to meet. I think perhaps you need to go to nicer bars, not everyone behaves like that. For the record though, the behaviour listed above is equally revolting when coming from a man.

        347. “Happy wife, happy life” – FUCK THAT!! That’s a slogan created by women who think men’s only goal is to keep them happy. Thank the stars I’ve never had a wife, and my life is WAY happier than the lives of most married men I know.

        348. Oh my gosh this comment made me lol so hard. Wow. NOt saying I agree but hahahah Hilarious. I would high five that.

        349. Don’t use misogyny as an insulting term. Its a way of life like extreme feminism. Personally I feel this red pill blue pill stuff is garbage, I pick option 3. Keep your pills and fuck off. What is wrong with me taking this stance? I am not attracted to men, but I don’t want a woman… For many of reasons in the article. Does that make me a bad person? No. Because I don’t bring my attitude with me to work. I know better than to bring these opinions up in public. Why don’t you?

        350. Sorry to hear that. Definitely sounds like a dream guy. It would be nice to see more functional families in society these days. We need it. I believe too many men/women have unrealistic standards in the dating/love world.

        351. The point of the article is that most women scream they deserve a good man when they aren’t all that up to snuff either. You really had an opportunity to argue that point, yet you decided to throw them “insecure male” chip out on the table.

        352. > “narrow-minded misogynistic fools like yourself”
          > “All people should be respected regardless of genitalia.”
          Contradict yourself much?
          Oh, right. You’re a female….impervious to logic or consistency.

        353. > “You are missing out on the great women who are well educated, love quality conversation as well as wild monogamous monkey sex, and are loyal (at times to a fault).”
          Of course, they all…though swearing to be combat-ready… still expect men to take all the early risks, make first-moves, make and pay for dates, etc.
          In short, while she might be a CEO during the day, she reverts to being a child at night….needing a Patriarchy to protect her.

        354. > ” a quality, bright and interesting woman with a real body and solid sense of who she is”
          TRANSLATION: an older, out-of-shape fatty.

        355. > “It would be a service to humanity if you were to PAUSE and look inward and review your own value system”
          Take your own advice, Ms. Wide-Load.
          Men have every reason to avoid self-important, entitled cows who did nothing while misandric laws got passed.
          What do YOU bring to the table except a hunger to use men?

        356. > “Clearly, you do not like women.”
          No, he has a loathing for Western feminists who do nothing buy whine.

        357. > “I’d really love to know how journalism has gotten so into the swirling toilet full of shit that someone actually allows people like you to voice your opinion.”
          Written like Shakespeare.
          You’ve won the Nobel Prize in Literature before….right?

        358. > ” Now you are upset because women are being promiscuous”
          No. Promiscuous hotties are always welcomed.
          > “Its our body, our choice.”
          Except when you get preggers. Then you want to be dictator.
          > “Btw, men always want what they cannot have.”
          Er, that would be teh wimminz. Theyscarf donuts and ice cream while claiming to stay “fit.”
          > “Hahaha idiots.”
          Vaginates sure are.

        359. > “My hubby passed away a few years ago”
          Did you forget to turn the lights off and he finally so the sea of cellulite?
          > “leaving me and our kids to miss him terribly.”
          What, no more money-mule to give you bling and ca-ching?
          > “he adored me and doted on me.”
          TRANSLATION: Mangina.
          > “We met when we were teens and he loved me passionatly…”
          So…you put out early and often, eh?

        360. Nothing to do with feminism, right? They don’t demonize straight male sexuality or chase men from families via divorce….right?

        361. > “You women always lord about how you carry babies and raise them which I can admit is a very very very difficult thing to do”
          Nonsense. Most women don’t even “show”months after becoming pregnant. And societies go waaaaaay out their ways to make “carrying” women comfortable.
          Men did much to make childbirth easier and safer, too. Not to mention creating most labor-saving devices from vacuum-cleaners to microwaves that made housework easier.
          Mothers get to set their own hours and not face annual performance appraisals. They can even fire themselves and walk away with the kids, car, cash, and castle. Not to mention alimony.
          Many kids are “raised” by nannies, TV, and video games.
          Soon kindergarten and subsequent schooling leaves Mama free to watch Oprah and sip wine for hours during the day.
          Let vaginates spend a few days digging coal, driving long-haul trucks, drilling for oil, working fishing boats, etc.
          THEN see how hard they think motherhood is!

        362. > “The difference is most of the women I know who are happy with themselves don’t think men are by nature lesser beings. ”
          Right. Ever heard of feminism? Ever heard of the anti-male laws it’s passed, the venom it spews about males? Ever speak up and oppose it?
          Thought so.
          Ah, the solipsism of females in action. If they don’t know someone personally, they don’t exist.
          ANNOUNCER: “The government today announced that 99% of the planes flying for Steinem Airlines crash.”
          JUDY: “Hey, isn’t that the airline you’re booked on for tomorrow?”
          ANDREA: “So what? No one I know has crashed on one.”

        363. > “there are a lot of devious, manipulative, lazy women out there. There are also a lot of devious, manipulative men exploiting women”
          For 50 years feminists have demonized men, blaming guys for all the world’s problems.
          Most women remained silent.
          Now that men are BEGINNING to fight back and give their side of things, suddenly all these Good German want to act like things have been balanced all along.
          A man gets his sex organ and women laugh and laugh.
          A woman gets raped an no man think it’s funny.
          Yet we’re endlessly told women are the kinder, gentler sex.
          Where have all the “good women” been while men were being savaged by NOW? What did “good women” do to fight VAWA and protect abused males?
          Decades after the Pill, how many supposedly “equal” women approach men they don’t already know and show they’re sexually interested in them?

        364. > “recognize that there have historically been a great many women writers who had to pretend to be men to get anyone to take them seriously”
          Again, more feminist shite.
          How many men died so women could vote? How many men get custody today, post-divorce? How many women pay alimony? How many men have equal reproductive rights?
          Here’s a clue: Feminism is a dying philosophy. Men are refusing to be slaves to female “wishes.”
          Watch what happens when the Male Pill is invented along with the artificial womb. THEN what will women be good for: nagging? Taking up space?

        365. > “stop being so damned wrapped up in your own neuroses that you reduce everything to a binary. The world is far more complex”
          Right. That’s certainly what feminism has preached with it’s “women good, men bad” ethos.
          And just think how great the new SheForHe UN programs will be.
          Not to mention all the Men’s Centers that will spring up on campuses…along with battered men’s shelters.
          Plus we’ll see women jailed for years after making false rape charges (while we all chuckle about her becoming roommates with Brunhilda-the-Broomhandle bulldyke).
          It will be great to see female students not only being forced to read military history in schools, but register with Selective Service, thereafter coming back in body bags protecting their right to vote with their lives (which men have always had to do).
          Of course, billions of females will be shocked, finally forced to assume equal responsibilities. Their days of cherry picking societal changes are rapidly ending.

        366. >”It’s much easier to point the finger at other people, categorize them, and spew hatred than open yourself up to the possibility that a) understanding the dynamics of human nature in both sexes may require more effort than you are willing to give and b) you might be basing much theory on (gasp) emotion rather than logic and then trying to find examples to back up these claims.”
          Pretty much how feminism has acted for the past 50 years. What did you do to stop their waywardness.
          I bet you did nothing. Rather, I suspect you were quite willing to remain mute while enjoying any benefits accruing to Team Vagina.
          Further, I bet you’re only speaking up now because men are.
          Sorry, we ain’t buying it. If guys are still raging 50 years from now, maybe we’ll listen. Until then, we’re going to enjoy to pendulum swinging the other way.
          Turnabout is a byotch!

        367. Women send slutshots and you blame the MEN who receive them?
          You’re like fembots on campuses who do slutwalks, then call men “harassers” who look at the T&A on display.
          Are women responsible for ANYTHING?

        368. > “ladies stay strong and be yourself and expect the best ..”
          Especially if you’re men-hating hags who enjoy sharing double-enders with other wide-load dworkinites.

        369. > “The [Mideast] he is talking about has one of the worst reputations as regards women’s rights.”
          What a lie!
          It’s like the canard that Japanese women are so “oppressed.” Turns out that “salarymen” work their butts off, die younger, and are mocked when retired. Meanwhile, Mama gets handed the money and makes all decisions financial and educational.
          Feminists say women in the Mideast are “oppressed” because they can’t steal kids from intact families. And don’t serve equally in the military. And are not expected to do the dirtiest, most dangerous jobs.
          How horrible that women in Saudie Arabia can’t drive, what will all those millions of miles of roads in the desert.
          No mention is made of the duties of males to drive women around or be responsible for protecting the females in the family.
          No, with women the only beings that matter are other women. They have no problem with feminism, after 50 years, not ONCE asking men what guys want changed in the social contract.

        370. > “Dude…if you can’t handle a strong woman”
          HANDLE how, exactly?
          And what do you mean by “strong”… a bossy, obnoxious, entitled cow protected by affirmative action and other misandric laws?
          Where is this allegedly “strong woman”? Is she riding her rainbow-farting unicorn in Femlandia?

        371. > “the only men not afraid of women in a power role”
          Like Hillary Clinton? Melinda Gates? Paris Hilton?
          You know, women who got power handed to them by men who actually “earned” it.
          How many female officers in military services have ever served in combat?
          Do we honor men equally with women when the former pace outside delivery rooms smoking cigars?

        372. Awww, someone has a tiny penis and thinks that all women who have ever achieved anything MUST have had it handed to them by a man.
          We get it…you’re mad at the world cos of that little dick you have. Build a bridge and get over it.

        373. We get it, you hate women and your own tiny penis…did you have a point or were you just trolling to troll?

        374. Professional whiny bitch more like it. Sniper my ass. You clean latrines at best. And don’t worry about what I do for a living, just know that I make way more money than you ever will with your blind nationalism “ooh look at me I can shoot people from far distances” job will ever pay, lol.
          Normally I support the troops, but I kinda hope a stray bullet finds your ass.

        375. Prepare for more lies:
          > “6500 years ago and before, male deities hardly existed”
          Nonesense. Most “female goddesses” were for fertility rites. Plus trees and other things were “worshipped,” not human figurines.
          > “Many of the people that were alive then did not see women as submissive.”
          Define “submissive.”
          > “When the Romans invaded Northern Europe and the British Isles, the commander of the Celtic Army was in fact, a woman.”
          Right. One Boudica and gazillion men…and somehow we’re to think that’s equal. Did she fight in front lines like Alexander did? Nope. A legionnaire would have broken her like a twig with his bare hands.
          >”Lillith…her legend”
          Like Bigfoot?
          > “She was depicted as…made from the earth…She refused to be subservient”
          Let me get this straight. Your example of a fictitious mud-woman is submitted to prove….assertiveness?
          > “without many of today’s religion and cultures telling us women are supposed to be subservient”
          Wait. Now you’re saying fierce, feisty, brave females are subservient only because they’re TOLD to be?
          “Conan, be meek. Strangers say you should be…mkay?”
          > “[Women] were held in a higher account than men. This is due to the fact that we can only produce one offspring at a time, while it would only take one male to fertilize an entire village. ”
          Again,more nonsense. A pregnant woman without men around became the slave of another tribe, her child killed after birth.
          Plus a womb is a cold oven until lit by men’s “magic match.”
          Get over yourselves and off the pedestals.
          > “Women ruled the homes, and crafted everything that those people had.”
          More lies. Many weavers, tinkerers, log-haulers, skinners, etc. were male.
          > ” the same wise women that delivered babies and cared for the sick were hunted and killed as vile witches.”
          Like no warlocks ever were! Like no men were ever tortured for their beliefs or actions.
          During WWI, British women handed white feathers to men whom they thought cowards for not going to war. Some 20,000 UK MEN died on the first day of the Battle of the Somme (which lasted 4 months). Not one vaginate died.
          Oh, and many of those men couldn’t vote because universal suffrage only came to males when it did females.
          > “Any woman that expressed her sexuality had obviously sold her soul and was burned for consorting with demons”
          And the lies keep on coming. No woman ever used her sexuality for power? No men were ever forced into marriage? No females ever sold their sexuality?
          > “history’s victors just so happened to be womanizing assholes”
          > “After all, they took out half the competition for political power that way.”
          Because it was soooo easy back then for pregnant women to take planes to work the political hustings…right? All a Viking woman had to do was buy a bullet-train ticket to a safe city women had built and get her PhD in Political Science.
          And some say women are a-historical hysterics……

        376. > “If you want a subservient woman, why don’t you shimmy your butt on over to Pakistan”
          Is that where your daughter fled after you played “doctor” with her?
          > “lots of us men are evolved enough not to be afraid of a skirt.”
          So THAT’s why you watch “Braveheart” every week at your whine-and-chees parties! Can’t get enough peeks under them thar kilts, hey, hoot mon?
          > “It’s ok to admit you didn’t get enough teat in the mouth when you were a child.”
          Your Ma was a cow? What a moooooo-ving admission on your part.
          > “It’s ok to admit that you wanted to bang mommy”
          Talking to the mirror again?
          >” that’s why you’re such a little woman-hating b*tchboy….”
          What a horrible thing for that pedophile priest to tell you!

        377. > ” you’re just stroking your e-penis because it’s much larger than the real one.”
          Ah, penis “size” insults.
          Okay, let’s be equal. Tell us how floppy your labia are, how wide your pooter, and how much it all stanks like the Gowanus Canal.
          C’mon. We know you can do it.
          Does your bearded clam/hirsute taco attract flies? How many?
          When a strong wind rises, do your gynoflaps sound like a bull-roarer? Are the folks down wind knocked out by the stench?
          How many miles of peen have entered your hell-hole?
          How many re-treads has you vag had?

        378. Wow, not even original in your comebacks. You’re about as pathetic at trolling as you are in the rest of life.
          p.s. your dick is still tiny

        379. > “extending that tiny dick with a gun barrell”
          I’m sure you’re used to having huge ones inserted in YOUR fundament, right, Corporal Punishment?
          > “Got any more tales to spin us ‘soldier boy’ “?
          Missing the old days in-country are we? You know, the nights you shared with Miso Hard, your aide-de-camp, as he whispered sweet nothings in your ear.

        380. Wow, now you’re postulating about what happens in my sex life?
          I know you’re curious about other men, which explains why you hate women so much, other than your tiny little pathetic excuse for a dick, but now you’re revealing so much more.
          You know, it’s a safe space here, you can come out of the closet already.

        381. > “Nobody deserves to be limited in their life.”
          Tell that to Robin Williams.
          Oh, right. That was okay because it was feminists who made the laws to limit him and other men post-divorce.

        382. > “Those billions who believe a woman’s role is to be submissive”
          Meaning what, exactly?
          How is a woman “submissive” in ways men aren’t?
          Guys submit to laws, military orders, bosses at work, social conventions outside of work, etc. Hierarchies are everywhere.
          Put another way, what rights do men have that women don’t?
          Is a woman oppressed because she is spared combat duty? Because her gender gets custody most times?
          Even in supposedly “backward” countries, feminists never look at the burdens and obligations of the MEN is those places.
          > “all human beings should all have equal rights”
          That’s not the same as their all being equal. They aren’t.
          Even per law, the rich will always fare better…even in the West.
          Feminists, of course, choose to see females as victims, the better to blame men for everything. They’re like eternal children who endlessly blame Papa for sunspots.

        383. He died from complications with the flu.
          Your next comment is insensitive to our kids and just for the record I earn a wage as well, which is just as well as I have kids to support.
          Men like himself are far more manly than cowardly homosexuals like yourself.
          And finally, no I did not ‘put out’ at a yound age, we waited.
          I do not expect a closed minded, mummy issued, moron like yourself to understand.
          You have mental issues and I’m done wasting anymore of my time here.

        384. Other guys can learn by seeing trolls eviscerated.
          No reason to get upset over playing whack-a-fembot.

        385. What do YOU know about how women live in “those countries” and how they feel about it?
          You want them to move to America and be rude, entitled skanks?
          Many of “those” countries have highly-educated women in the roles of doctors, lawyers, etc. Plus they like being women, shave their legs, want kids, and don’t hate men.
          If you’re talking about third-world countries, well, tell us how the average man actually lives in them.

        386. Meanwhile, you’ve submitted to feminism, worshipping the bloated butt of Andrea “Gimme Donuts” Dworkin.

        387. I’m not a feminist by any stretch, I’m just not scared of women, don’t think they owe me anything, and I have a dick that can be seen by the naked eye – so unlike you, I have nothing to fear.

        388. Wow! Another Church Lady prune dictating what we should focus on.
          And how.
          “Hey, Gandhi: you’re turban ain’t wrapped right!”
          > “Although your argument lost value the second you opened your mouth (or, should I say, the second you hid behind your computer screen and started typing), I would like to inform you that you need to learn basic grammar.”
          What a waste of bandwidth. Is that how you talk to your cats?
          Another prissy poonani pontificating on peripheral pittances.

        389. > “male lions don’t provide the food over 90% of the time…”
          Yup. They also sleep 22 hours a day. Yet somehow they are kings of jungle. Why is that?
          > “After they get old another male moves in and takes over.”
          Unlike aged lionesses…who stay on forever?
          > “His sons must leave the pride when they are of breeding age and search for their own pride”
          What? I thought females were equal and assertive, able to move on and out, too.
          You’re sorta giving us the animal kingdom’s version of bold explorers, setting out on their own.
          > “In hyena packs an alpha female is in charge, and the same goes for meerkat communities.”
          Ah, that explains feminist hyenas!
          > “Male elephants roam around alone until they find a mate.”
          Funny since they’re born into families. You probably mean after a certain age they leave those families to start other ones.
          So what do equally assertive female elephants do?
          > “Once they have impregnated a female, they leave.”
          Should they pay CS or something?
          They poop outside, too, and don’t drive cars. The conclusion for humans?
          > “The males will even cannabalize the young they kill.”
          Feminists are still working on recipes for the kids they kill (not to mention fetuses).
          > “Because of this, most social mammals have a female that is usually at the top of the pecking order.”
          You mean most non-human mammals.
          How many of those “social mammals” have built cities or flown to the moon and back?
          Female-headed societies seem limited to jungles and savannahs. They do not create or maintain civilizations.
          > “In almost all mammal species that have an alpha male, the ‘alpha male’ only holds his title for the purpose of breeding rights.”
          You only mention societies that can’t read, write, talk, or think.
          Your point?
          > “I don’t expect things to be handed to me for the mere fact that I have a vagina.”
          Do you refuse them?
          Do you oppose affirmative action, female-only gyms, female-only colleges, female-exempt Selective Service, female-preferred custody awards, etc.?
          > “Half the time my fiancé and I go out, I buy his dinner.”
          Did he meet you or you him? Who made the first move?
          Who proposed the first date?
          Who paid for it?
          How long before you went “Dutch Treat”?
          If you marry, will he be able to stay home while you support him?
          Will you do the taxes, mow the lawn, maintain the mower, hang shelves, etc.? That is, will you equally share all the traditional male chores in homes, one feminists always omit?
          > “I thank him for things he does for me.”
          What do you do for HIM?
          > “And ladies, if for some reason you feel undesirable, get the fuck over it.”
          > “If you think you’re fat, than start running and calorie counting”
          Again, agreed.

        390. > “the word provider… anything from food, protection, leadership, ownership of territory, etc… ”
          Great point!

        391. How long has the USA existed?
          How long Saudi Arabia? Iran? Arab civilizations in general?
          Did any have the lush-and-plush resources of America to survive in and on post-Industrial Revolution?
          What can 5,000 year old civilizations teach Mr. NDB, right?

        392. Why do women in the military meet lesser, easier, different standards?
          Why do women have “special” Olympics instead of competing as humans?
          Even before the law women are not equal; often they are favored.

        393. > “Where are the virgins is what the men are screaming.”
          I don’t think so. They just don’t want a whore…that is, somehow who will sleep with anyone.
          Some of it might be jealousy, men tired of hearing how powerless women are when females can, for the most part, get laid easily.
          Most of it, though, is not wanting to get involved with a skank who only wants the guy now because she can no longer attract “hotter” males.
          No one wants “sloppy seconds.”

        394. Like non-military jobs, feminists want only the cushiest jobs for vaginates.
          You don’t see NOW pushing for women to work on Alaskan crab boats, deep-sea oil rigs, long-haul trucks, bridge construction, high-rise window washing, etc.

        395. > “My mom…makes my lunches…”
          What, you can’t feed yourself?
          > “She is an amazing mom who works”
          How many hours a week?
          Who does the yardwork and other maintenance chores?
          >”I’m currently sixteen, and am a girl who is interested in joining the army after college.”
          Bwahahahaha! You will meet lesser standards, be pampered, and never have to fight.
          > “I’m a feminist who believes in equality.”
          No you don’t. Assuming you play sports, how many boys are on your team? On the opposing team?
          Thought so.
          > “I hope you don’t say things like this in public for your sake.”
          Why? Are you against free speech? If so, don’t join the military because one of the things it does is protect the First Amendment.
          > “The women that marries you will be nothing but a conformist and a clique.”
          This from a prissy 16-year-old with pussy privilege, indoctrinated by feminazis.

        396. Hey, cut him some slack. Every now and again it’s fun to play Smackface with teh wimminz.

        397. It can teach us how to EVOLVE, you mouthbreathing imbecile.
          Now go take you tiny dicked troll game elsewhere. I refuse to continue a battle of wits against an unarmed opponent.

        398. I don’t even know what that means Auntie. Nothing men hating about us being offended by this crap article.

        399. I happen to know a LOT of those supposed ‘reserve’ middle Eastern women to show they body on Facebook in secret groups and argue with American women over who is prettier…because YOU don’t see it…doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen….just thought I’d throw that in there…..carry on…

        400. This is where the ‘women are stronger’ comes in…these obviously butthurt individuals can’t forgive and let go (never forget) to move forward…but women will use what they been through to try and ‘learn’ what not to do or listen to. ..but very VERY seldomly would we believe every man is going to hurt us so we treat every guy bad….atleast not mature women. …

        401. The male pill is long ago invented but no woman is so dumb enough to trust man to take it properly, and I wish I would see the day man becoming pregnant having to go through Labour and have a bunch of stretch marks , that day I will sit in my office feet on the table, smoking a big fat sigar and making my mind up in what bar with enough tight young male body’s I m going to spread my cash around wile my lazy husband is at home breastfeeding the baby

        402. Alex, I’m sure there are jerks on both sides, however, I think you must have experienced hearing your friends complain about not meeting “nice guys”, then treating them like trash and using them when they do, while at the same time continuing to choose men who are abusive jerks. That’s the reality of the current situation, which women could change at any time. Until they do, it makes it impossible to empathize with them, and I no longer do…

        403. Goinginsaiyin has watched one to many lifetime network movies. You’re nothing but another one trying to always put males down for being males. Stfu you stooge.

        404. This has been the feminist party line for the past 40+ years. No effective non-hormonal and 100% reversable male pill has been made available; until now. Check out Gandarusa. It will be available online from Indonesia sometime this year as a dietary supplement. We men could give a rat’s ass whether women trust us to take the pill. We don’t even want them to know we are taking it. We want to know for ourselves that we are protected from the ooops pregnancy and child support slavery trap.

        405. You talk of men and women as being equals. Yet you advocate feminism? Why? Feminism is sexist toward men. Even the name is sexist. If you are truly concerned with gender equality why not label yourself an egalitarian?

        406. It’s interesting how many women are trying to defend their bad behavior and shame the readers here for criticizing them. It really strikes a nerve with them it seems.

        407. There’s a reason why men have always and will always rule governments and political systems. It’s not a coincidence after all these millenia. And although you’d like to think of yourself as so intellectually enlightened, unfortunately there is no group of beings more insecure and dependent on males, than human females.

        408. Is that what your sociology professor taught you to say or was it your therapist?

        409. If you weren’t a whore, you wouldn’t be hearing “more fake love bullshit from men”.

        410. Do you honestly think men and women are equal sexually? You do understand there is a well established double standard that the more partners a woman has, the lower her value is. This doesn’t apply to men whether you like it or not.
          Men shouldn’t be forced into making women preserve their honor and integrity. As a woman it’s your responsibility to maintain those things yourself, for your own good and for others. But if women can’t do it themselves or aren’t taught by their parents and family members, then members of the public will have to force it on them unfortunately.

        411. women always say this. “im not like other women” and “all women are not like that”, yet men know the truth through living in the real world. you are all the same. you simply cannot help yourselves. which is what is so disappointing in this day and age.

        412. lol, you just dont get it do you. we dont need you. we dont want you. in this modern day and age you have devalued yourselves to the point of being unsaleable. you compete against us in the workplace, you dont cook clean or look after the kids and your nagging is tiresome. all a man is to a woman these days is a human atm machine. so the only thing you are good for nowadays is sex, and we can get that anywhere. regardless of all your debate and protestations to the contrary we dont need you. when will you wake up and smell the coffee.

        413. Pandering to women is not going to make them any more inclined to respect you and reward you with sex. They’ll take advantage of you and then laugh at you when you’re not around. I know because I used to be just like you. Try to discard the propaganda you’ve been fed your whole life and take an objective look at the situation.

        414. And by “so much” you mean not at all. You’re not fooling anyone.

        415. Seriously, we’ve heard that shaming language countless times before. If you really must insult, at least try to be original.

        416. Have you ever watched any of those grade B movies where the characters stumble upon an ancient ruin looing for treasure only to find that the vault they opened contained a ancient evil.
          And they, not having known better, opened the vault releasing it upon the world.
          If you’ve never seen women in charge of a nation, how do you know it’ll be any better? I think men being in charge was the vault and women were the evil.
          Women may end up tearing apart the world with their insecurities.

        417. Does that apply to men to? I mean if women must be virgins to marry, men must be as well right? Why does women acting liek men always have disgust you? Are you so insecure? So inadequate?

        418. yes a culture that murders women for kicks is wrong. ‘Proper place?’ You mean raped at the age of 10 and beaten unconscious to get the man off? I mean do you like raping prepubescent girls? Because that is the culture you see as virtuous, rape, abuse, and murder, for fun. That is not even the place of a dog, let alone a human. Oh and a woman you routinely beat unconscious, for you have just called htat a virtuous act, has Stockholm syndrome so bad she agrees with you? I pity her, and hope she escapes you before you murder her.

        419. I don’t care. Women can act like men always have, who wants to settle down with a virgin? And people usually settle down.

        420. You say women as if that applies to them all. True, there are some ‘feminists’ who play the ‘equality card’ when they don’t get their way. This is, of course, not really equality. But they do not represent all women, in the same way that men don’t all like to be tarred with the same brush because a few men are a**holes. Unfortunately, it is still a ‘man’s world’, but it is improving, if a bit slowly. Not every woman ‘uses’ nice guys, the same as not every guy is a ‘playa’. This is not representative of either gender. There are are plenty of men and women who respect one another. I for one believe in equality for both – I don’t mind male midwives – you should get a job because you’re good at it, not because of your gender. I believe custody of children should go to the better more stable parent, not automatically to the mother, and men should have plenty of rights to see their children. I’m not a rarity either – I know many men and women who think the same. A few rotten apples doesn’t mean the whole cart should be discarded.

        421. I think thats true women and men can be the same so i dont know why guys bash just women.some women want attention by showing there bodys off and some men want attention too live and let live i say oh and my lovely mother shes a woman lol!

        422. How, exactly, is it “still a man’s world”? I have to wonder?
          Please, do tell….

        423. I think he’s saying he wants a co-pilot – a partner. You can claim “equality” to high heaven, but when it comes down to it – HE’S the one who will be doing the heavy lifting, the back breaking work, putting out the fires, bringing home the bacon, changing the flat tire while you sit in the car.
          “I don’t need no man” – of course not. The government assigns you one on request, it’s why there are 1,600 shelters for women and ZERO for men. It’s why you don’t see women begging on street corners or dying in combat. It’s why you don’t see men making babies to collect more welfare $ from working women.

        424. Women don’t think men are lesser? Really? Is THAT why it’s only men expected to die in combat? Is that why men are denied custody over a drug addicted mother? Is that why men are scorned for not opening doors for women anymore, while scorned for opening doors for women?
          Is that why 86% of suicides are male, very little medical research funding is for males, the vast majority of homeless are male, 86% of workplace deaths are male, only 37% of college grads or doctors are now male but MANSPREADING is what makes headlines?
          Because women give a shit about their own sons?

        425. Well for one thing, there is still this stigma that a woman with children (in the work place) is less reliable while a man with children is seen as reliable because he’s a family man. I was turned down for a job because of my gender (Not to get into too much detail but it was a male dominated workplace – I was only applying to be an administrator so no heavy lifting or anything but they were worried I would get upset over their rude/sexist humour going around the office) and a manager of mine in my old job was passed over for a promotion because she had kids.
          Or how about how if a woman has lots of sexual partners she is a slut but a man is fine to do this? Or if an older man has sex/dates/marries a younger girl he is applauded (oh and the younger girl is often immediately labelled a ‘gold digger’) but when a woman does it she is labelled a ‘cougar’ – essentially a predator.
          This is not to say of course that men do not get unfairly discriminated against either. I don’t think it’s fair that custody of children for example automatically goes to the mother. Each case should be looked at individually and it should go to the better parents.

        426. “A woman gets raped and no man think it’s funny”.
          Women claim “rape culture” yet look at the headlines of a major newspaper proclaiming that Jared will have a “foot long” to look forward to in prison.
          Have you SEEN all the sick, sick sick rape jokes and salivating over the promised rape of Jared, who “deserves” it, while not a peep about the latest female teacher getting CHILD SUPPORT from the underaged CHILD she raped in her classroom?
          It never considered funny when a woman is raped, but when it’s a woman doing the raping her victim is shamed for complaining.

        427. No woman is dumb enough to trust men taking the pill? Really? Like women are doing such a great job of taking birth control, snuffing out their own child’s lives by the MILLIONS or cueing up the “Crank That Child Support” song?
          “Choice” is a win/win for women, and nothing but lose/lose for men, but let’s not let facts stand in the way.

        428. So it’s men’s fault for “propelling” these behaviors? The onus is not on women to dress for the job they want, not the job they have?

        429. Women aren’t slaves, ya know…unless you ask me to send you a slutshot. Then I just HAVE to ‘cuz yo MADE me.
          See how that works?

        430. Fancy Feast for 12, Lean Cuisine for 1. Stay strong ladies. So many cats, so little time.

        431. Mangina who GETS “handled” by strong women.
          “On your knees, asshole. My flat tire needs to be changed and I just got my nails done” . Yep. Strong women.

        432. Laid away is more like it. Ultimately women don’t respect men who kiss their ass, dude.

        433. I think he just named women that did indeed have it all handed to them.
          Can you name women who completely did it all on their own without a leg up from a Daddy or Husband?
          I’m a woman, and admit I have a teeny tiny penis, so you can skip over that part, dickless.

        434. Why don’t we see Paki women screaming at the gates to be let out to join their fortunate sisters in banging nunyadangbisness?
          I don’t see it.
          Those “oppressed” women seem to like their situation just fine.
          Why is that , I wonder? Are they just stupider than Western women?
          Are those strong, empowered Anglo women not appealing to them? Don’t ALL women want to be sluts for empowerment?

        435. I served during Vietnam, and well remember one of the most feared and respected N Vietnamese fighters was a sniper – a women nicknamed Apache.
          You won’t find ANYone calling HER a “coward” or “weak” – she was a prodigious killer, and greatly feared.
          See how that “shoe on the other foot” thing works, dumbass?
          Maybe if YOU served, instead of speaking for your Daddy who served, you might appreciate those who spared you from knowing just exactly what you are worth.
          Thank you for your service, Cody. As an American Women, a Vietnam era veteran, I’m sure your fellow servicemen appreciate what you do to save their lives as well.

        436. Oh, good, another jackass penis envy coward who never served anyone but himself calling a military man a “jackass” for “bragging”.
          I’m a woman and I’ve served,pencil dick.
          Sorry if my “bragging” offends you, cupcake.

        437. Normally you support the troops, although your comments pretty much say otherwise.
          You “support” women because it gets you laid.
          You sound like one weaselly little MF.
          Can I get a wet clean up over here? God, I feel dirty.

        438. You don’t see those women clawing at the gates to get out and join the “lucky” women here.

        439. How does that make it a “man’s world”? Women with children ARE less reliable, aren’t they?
          Aren’t they?
          You don’t see men calling in work because of their kids, especially not single fathers. THEY. JUST.DON’T. Do. IT.
          I had a 40 year old woman try to sue my company for sexual harassment, even though SHE was the one initiating dirty jokes and sexual comments with underaged kids. One of the boys recorded her on his cell phone, or we would have lost that case.
          Of COURSE you don’t do heavy lifting – that’s what men do in a man’s world. You have to call a man off his job to do your job of heavy lifting, but it’s not “fair” if they hire a man who can lift his own load, now is it?
          Such bullshit. Male work spaces have to tip toe around, walking on eggshells, fearing some woman is looking for a big pay out over some contrived “offense”.
          Men don’t do shit like that. Not even when they really ARE being sexually harassed, they’re expected to suck it up or even “enjoy” it.
          Men are FAR more likely to get unfair treatment, discrimination, abused and threatened – but THEY have NO recourse but to deal with it as an ADULT.
          Would YOU hire a woman with children that won’t do heavy lifting if you needed a 100% reliable, independent person?
          Truth time here, sister.

        440. Yeah you should go back and read my comment again. I didn’t say I didn’t get the job because it required heavy lifting. The job required none at all. It was administration. Unless you believe every job in existence should require heavy lifting ….? I didn’t get the job because I they were worried I would get offended by their crude humour. I wouldn’t have, but it shows that rather than decide they were going to behave in a professional manner at work, they decided to give the job to somebody else with less experience, with less qualifications (who was male) and also was fired for not doing the job right a month later.
          And men DO call in sick just as much as women, with or without children. Parents of either gender are no more reliable than the other. I never said women should get a job lifting heavy things. You just assumed that’s what I said and got angry. That’s not going to solve anything, is it now…? And where are you getting your ‘facts’ from? Single fathers never call in sick, men with children never call in sick …. seriously that’s total bullsh*t. I am of course not saying they do it more than women I am saying THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE THEY DO IT AS MUCH AS EACH OTHER so it’s not fair to make judgements.
          And what evidence do you have that women with children are less reliable than men? My friend who I told you about had worked for the company for ten years and had NEVER called in sick. Was she unreliable? I would point out that the only reason she found out that was the reason was because her friend in reception overheard the hiring manager say ‘Yeah she’d only be running home every time her kids sneezed funny’. But no CLEARLY she’s unreliable.
          The woman who made up those sexual harassment charges was in the wrong. I 100% disagree with what she did. Some people use gender and race as a weapon to get their own way and make it hard for everyone. But go ahead, tar every women on the entire planet with the same brush. You are only proving my point. You believe all women with children are unreliable (or at least your closing statement would suggest that). THIS is part of the problem.
          I am not attacking men as you seem to believe. I advocate equal rights – for everyone. Men should not have to suffer sexual harassment just because they’re a man and they should ‘enjoy it’. People should not be denied opportunities because of their gender.
          Perhaps you would notice that if you went back and read my comments properly without getting angry, thinking I was attacking you.

        441. I’m not a man, and no – I don’t buy that men use the “kid thing” as much as women because sister, you know and I both know that’s just not true. Men are under the gun to provide, where women just aren’t. Women aren’t filling prisons, getting dumped or sleeping in their cars to provide for their children OR ELSE. They know they have welfare to fall back on. Men don’t.
          Why do men have to “behave professionally” around you? You don’t have to change your behavior to please them. Seriously – who the fuck are YOU?
          Let me break this “Man’s World” thing down for you:
          86% of all suicides are MEN.
          Only MEN are forced to register for The Draft – if they refuse they can go to prison, be denied driver’s licences, professional licenses, Government jobs , college loans and even the right to vote.
          Women are awarded custody 89% of the time.
          90% of homeless are male.
          Men have NO right to bodily autonomy or paternity CHOICES except pay up or prison. No abortion choice, no adoption choice, no drop off at the police station, no flushing it down the toilet at Victoria’s Secret. Men do as they’re told or go to prison.
          Men are by FAR more the victims of violence and rape.
          There are laws against cutting baby girls’s genitals, no laws against mutilating baby boy’s.
          There are women only scholarships, women only clubs, women only schools, women only gyms, Ladies night, and 1,600 shelters for women.
          0 all that for men.
          Women are free to have as many children by as many people as they please. Men are held responsible for each and every child they bring into the world, and are even forced to pay for children that aren’t even theirs.
          67% of all college, doctors and vets are now women. There are no academic scholarships for men only, unless they are a minority.
          Men are 98% of combat deaths and 87% workplace deaths – the dirty, dangerous, deadly jobs are relegated to men.
          So tell me again, how this “man’s world” works, cupcake.
          “I didn’t get hired cuz men tell crude jokes”.
          Geeez. That’s enough to make a statue cry.

        442. *sigh*
          I’m starting to see your problem. You’re just reading between the lines and going nuts.
          First I never said you were a man. Not sure where you got that from guess you weren’t reading properly again.
          Second, I didn’t say all men should behave professionally around me. I said in a place of work. Do you think telling sexual and rude jokes is appropriate no matter what your age or gender is – especially considering that customers may come in and hear it for example? Most company handbooks state not to do it. I don’t mind dirty/sexist humour – I have quite an open sense of humour, but I can see why they’re not appropriate for the work place. I didn’t say they had to change their behaviour for me – I don’t think that’s fair. I just said that they were so afraid I wouldn’t like their humour because I was a woman that they didn’t give me the job. And this is behaviour that although I wouldn’t have minded, is not appropriate for the work place anyway. But again, seriously, just read the comment, not skim read, not select words you don’t like, or between the lines. Just what I said. You wouldn’t get so mad then.
          You have twisted everything I’ve just said, and it’s a little worrying to think that I told you about a time I was genuinely discriminated against (I didn’t take them to court or call them when I found out btw) and your attitude right away was to turn on the blinkers, and ignore it and take only one side – a mans. Regardless of your gender. Again it all comes down to this negative image people have of women – because you had one bad experience with somebody, all women do it. By extension, I must be lying.
          Also, no. Only you for some reason seem to think men with kids never ever take sick leave. BTW my husband and I have a baby and guess what …? He took sick leave! Because of our child! Oops, sorry I guess maybe we don’t both know men and women with kids are no more or less likely to take time off. Sorry to throw a spanner in the works of your ‘fact’. You want another spanner? A friend of mine and her husband took turns taking time off if they needed to because one of their kids was ill (and their kids would have to be seriously ill for them to let them off school). Hey look – a father and mother who take EXACTLY THE SAME AMOUNT OF TIME OFF DUE TO KIDS. It’s okay, you’ll probably not read/ignore that bit.
          Are you seriously implying that women don’t commit crimes? And that men are raped more? Oh and btw, if you’re implying that men commit more crimes because women have more rights …. I just can’t take you seriously. And let’s talk about drafting – do you know how hard it is for a woman to be in the army? It’s not seen to be her place. Their doctors are not trained for their needs, their equipment is not designed for them. So only drafting men is an example of sexism that works both ways, sweetie. No drafting isn’t fair and I disagree with it, but if a woman wanted to be in the army and serve her country, don’t you think they should make allowances?
          And do you not think, such as given in my example, that the jobs are not so much relegated to men, but that some women who may wish to work there are not given the chance – just as I was?
          I didn’t say men don’t have problems too. I know there are inequalities for them. But here’s the thing – you’re focusing solely on one gender. You didn’t believe me when I told you I had been declined for a job because of my gender. You, sweetie, regardless of your gender, are sexist, and taking a man’s side doesn’t make you a better person.
          When people think of a doctor, they think of a man. When they think of a pilot, they think of a man. (This works the other way too – think of a nurse, it’s a woman, think of a midwife, it’s a woman) The problem is people’s mind set. A woman cannot own her own body or sexuality without being given a negative label (think back to the examples I gave when I first replied – assuming you read them). Its considered weird for a woman of a certain age not to be married or have kids but not so for a man – they can get much older before it is considered strange. These are but a few examples. Again I am not saying men don’t have problems – this article was about a man, who worked in a seedy bar and saw a particular clientèle and tarred all women with the same brush – just like you’re doing.
          It sounds to me like you just want to start get into a fight, so I’ll leave you to your sad little world, cupcake. Just some advice though – you need to consider both sides of the story. It’s all well and good standing up for male rights, but your list actually highlighted inequalities for women too – not that you noticed.
          I agree there are so many things they men don’t have that they should get – and I am against segregation except where necessary (public toilets for example) I think having women’s only stuff only damages women’s rights – that it’s seen as them getting what they want when we should be gunning for equal rights. But the truth is, it is, in people’s minds (both men an womens) a ‘mans world’ and unless we can change that, neither gender will get far with equality.

        443. I served in the military. Yeah. Me. Nobody tried to stop me, they paid me exactly what they paid the men, only I was not subject to combat duty or physical standards, and THEY did the heavy lifting for me.
          My medical care was the best in the world.
          Your opinion about women in the military is as outdated as your “it’s a man’s world” remark.
          It hasn’t been a man’s world in over 40 years, and women are welcomed in the military with OPEN arms. They don’t need to accommodate them with weapons since they aren’t exactly breaking the doors down to get killed in combat. Female veterans have a WIDE priority over male veterans as far as getting them jobs, shelter and medical care. You don’t see women holding up “HOMELESS VETERAN” signs for a reason – they get all the funding.
          Men ARE raped more than women:
          Are women at more risk of violence than men at night? – assault …
          Aug 6, 2012 – This article (pdf) states that “more” men are involved in violent …. menare overall subject to more violence and threats of violence than women.
          Women get 60% sentencing discounts IF they are even prosecuted at all. Yes. I KNOW women commit crimes, they just aren’t held accountable for them.
          It’s not up to YOU to prevent men from misbehaving in front of customers, now, is it?
          67% of medical school graduates are FEMALE. If people think of doctors as being MALE it’s because they have been packed in moth balls for the past 40 years like YOU seem to have been.
          Nobody is stopping women from being pilots except – women. Nobody stops them from being race car drivers, ships captains or office ladies who don’t like dirty jokes.
          You need to update your resume, toots. I think THAT is really the reason you didn’t get the job.

        444. Liar…lying liar. You only snipe your own skeet into your mouth when you self fellate.

        445. You didn’t even try that time. I award you no points, and may dog have mercy on your soul.

        446. She’s good because she’s good? She doesn’t need to be smart and well read, beautiful, kind, loyal, funny, any mix and match of any of these, she’s just good because she’s good? Circular reasoning is good because circular reasoning.

        447. Which is the point of things like mgtow and this, we don’t want or like you, and you don’t like us. But you need us. And we don’t need you, and so we quit.

        448. I didn’t even read the article but I got here because of a Google search I made after reading this “best of craigslist rant” on why “we” (men) don’t get laid.
          There was one thing she said “YOU’RE NOT NICE. You don’t treat women with respect. You’re a closet misogynist or psychopath bent on hurting us. You expect every woman to spread her legs wide open for you. You don’t want to know us, not really. You just want to fuck us and discard us. You won’t call us afterwards, even though you say you will. You forget we have feelings. You’re mean, selfish, crazy, vain, or just fucking NUTS. Get lost, loser.”
          This is why women suck at relationships and find horrible men, because they are FUCKING MORONS. Is this misogyny? No, it’s the truth. Look at that statement, and watch me blow it the fuck up and expose that idiot’s stupidity:
          How is that all we want/all we’re doing (the guys who can’t get laid in your eyes)? You see the impossibility there?
          If we didn’t fuck you, you couldn’t possibly know that that’s all we want to do, and that’s all we are.
          The truth is it’s nothing but toxic negative thinking. Women who think like this are like cesspools of toxic energy.
          If you can’t understand why the statement above makes what that person said completely invalid, then you’re one of them.
          And yes it isn’t just about women. Most of the god damn sheep in this fucking world are nothing but toxic negative nancies.
          Man how easy is it to get a response out of someone being negative, but then you get ignored for being positive or have to try really hard.
          How fucking hard is it to actually get someone to do something to better their life. How easy is it to get someone to do something based on giving them negativity.
          Your complaints of misogyny are as invalid as purple grass.

        449. You forgot to mention how what you termed “your philosophy” (not yours but quoted from your message) that is active in the US right now has a world record for the most epic fails of epic fails of relationships in recorded history.

        450. True, but no one ever said we need that. We want a woman we can trust and relie on because when things go wrong we are happy to give you everything but if your living a lie then what’s the point of having a woman next to us. Nice try come again.

        451. Wow, it took you a whole year to compose that? I congratulate you on your literacy program, but you might want to crank it up a notch…

        452. You do not know the world and the way of Mother Nature. A bitch made you the way you are, weaker, dumber, and dependent on all the men who do real work, such as the military, firefighters, cops, farmers, oil drillers, construction workers etc.
          Your existence comes at the grace of us to tolerate you which wears out by the minute like your haggard ass vagina. You want to see equality? It is Islam, you get your ass beat and your shit took. So shut the fuck up and take what grace we give you in the West before these throwbacks to the past come rape you to death.
          I have been abused at the hands of women so long I don’t even talk to them. A consummate nice guy and feminist I experienced everything they had to “offer” and want none of it. MGOW bitch, starve this beast out.

        453. Well and lets just use Sweden as an example, woman have already fucked the world with there bullshit, it only took them 2 years since this last post and now we see the after affect :), didnt take 30 years it took only 2.

        454. I have lived in the Indian subcontinent and let me tell you the women there are becoming like women in the west. Wherever women are exposed to the modern world and feminism, they start to change.

        455. If you pound sluts than youre a slut too. Btw women don’t need men at all. Its only societal brainwashing that makes women think getting a male is a good idea.

        456. Men aren’t whores, men are studs. Only women can be whores, get over it whore.

        457. Men don’t need women, and we especially won’t need you when sex robots and artificial wombs are a reality. See, women SAY they don’t need men but they actually really fucking do because we maintain the whole world that they get to live comfortably in because we maintain it. While when men say we don’t need women, we really don’t and we’re moving to make that a reality by creating fuckbots and artificial wombs. See, providing sex for men and birthing kids is literally the only purpose you serve for men. Any other purpose that women are supposed to serve is literally societal brainwashing of men.

        458. Yet here you are saying “women are stronger” over the actions of a few men. You are a hypocrite, you can’t even practice what you’re preaching in the same post that you’re preaching from.
          And please, women hold grudges against men all the time. Women get sexzoned, women get played, and they get anti-male. Hell, the entire feminism movement is nothing but bitter women.
          Nice ass pic by the way.

        459. Ouch, the group is dead. Looks like you had trouble finding others who “get it” huh? LOL. Douchebag.

        460. That’s nice then men will leave me the hell alone. But they probably wont. Their most basic instinct is to beg for any pussy around and try to impress its owner.

        461. Oh, men who want to be whores are worse than men who are actually pumping and dumping you dumb sluts? Lmfao, okay idiot. You’re a whore, your opinion is irrelevant anyways. Shit, you aren’t even a whore anymore because you’re too old and ugly and used up for that. You’re an ex-whore, even more pathetic, and that’s why you’re just a bitter old cunt.
          Men who sleep around a lot are Gods, women who sleep around a lot are cheap and easy. This is life, get the fuck over it.

        462. Men leave you the hell alone anyways because you’re old and ugly. I’ve read your posts, I know you’ve got kids and you’re an ex-whore. Your used up and long-damaged at this point, men know to stay far away from a creepy woman like you.

        463. Men who aren’t losers don’t have to beg for anything. Top tier males just show up and the women flock to them. Look at R&B artists for example. These dudes get so much pussy and all they have to do is step up on stage and take their shirt off. Women throw themselves at these guys even though they KNOW it’s a one night thing that will never last. That’s why they are Gods and women are just cheap whores.

        464. Wow you think u know it all huh? Lol you’re just a troll and . Im laughing all the way to the bank with my 6 figure income my pussy provides. Your dick is worth negative zero.

        465. Celebrities are only a tiny percentage of men and even then Ive had my share of celebrity clients bc im gorgeous . Im not cheap. But by now im done with your pathetically dumb trolling. I have better shit to do. Bye byr

        466. No, what I think doesn’t matter at all. What matters is what actually happens in real life, and what I posted is exactly what happens in real life. I’ve witnessed it so many times before.

        467. Bahahaha, that old, beat up thing that crapped out some kids is bringing in 6 figures? Yeah, that’s bullshit. Top tier porn stars barely even eclipse 6 figures themselves and you are way uglier and older and less attractive than any of those women, AND you aren’t doing videos you’re just banging nasty old men who can’t get anything better than an ugly, used up whore.

        468. Celebrities, lmfao, you are so full of shit. Nobody buys your bullshit, maybe other dumb women will believe you but not a man, men are not so easily fooled.
          And celebrities aren’t the only guys getting trim regularly – rich guys, charismatic guys, male models – all dudes that can get pussy without putting in any work.
          You’re cheap internet trash.

        469. Alex, I tried responding to you when you first made this comment two years ago, and it wouldn’t let me. For some weird reason this article and your comment popped up again on Disqus.
          I’m very sorry you had this experience with men. I lived in Miami for six years, by the way. I don’t begrudge women demanding “goodies”. I don’t expect a sexual reward for them. I have never been jealous and have never cared how many men a woman has slept with. What I do care about is respect and honesty. Two things that women demand, but rarely give, in my experience. My last girlfriend presented herself as a modest, conservative schoolteacher. She told me she wasn’t interested in casual relationships, but wanted a serious one. She proposed to me that until we decided to become monogomous, that we tell each other about any other sexual encounters we had with other people, to which I agreed. She insisted multiple times on being introduced to my mother, which I did. She then wanted to be introduced to my older brother; which I did. The first time I told her I loved her, she dropped me. She said it was because I said I loved her, and for no other reason. A month later, she told me she had started sleeping with her old boyfriend again (at some point during our relationship), and they were “working on their sex life”, with no thought about the proposal she made me with to tell each other about other sexual partners. She expected me to be friends with her, despite her actions. I asked her in a letter how she thought I would want that, given her actions. She painted me as being entirely unreasonable. It turned out later that she had multiple other partners, not just me, and put my health at risk. I had to go through the embarrasment of explaining to my family why the woman who had insisted on meeting them had dumped me. Imagine a guy doing that to you.
          The last thing I want now is sex without emotion first (which is what I thought I had with her), but it is very difficult to trust women after that.
          I’m sorry about what happened to you; but many, many women are like this today; they expect all of the respect and honesty from men, and it literally never occurs to them to give it as much as they expect it. Too bad.
          I hope you find your happiness……

        470. Im not reading that crap. Men always play victim but theyre nothing but obnoxious selfish whores.

        471. Four mentions of the word “me” within the first five sentences of that.
          “…leaving me and our kids to miss him terribly.”
          “…he adored me and doted on me.”
          “…he loved me passionately til the end.”
          Okay, I’m going to guess that if he DIED, he didn’t intend to “leave” you to miss him terribly. You make it sound as if he packed up and left on the next flight.
          Your entire post seems to have an undercurrent of “me, me, me”.
          At what point to you state what you did for him, how you doted on him, how you loved HIM passionately?
          The best he seems to get is that he was a “good guy”, that you (and your kids, can’t say it without sharing the load with them to be sure) miss him, a claim that you were a “good” wife.
          Faint praise, while centering on YOURSELF.
          I can’t say I’m surprised.

        472. What do you mean by “oppressed” !?
          Not getting “free contraceptive pills” on Tax Payers Money !? Not allowing or shaming females those who deliberately & desperately wear “skimpy/revealing” clothes to get attention !? Not allowing to walk “bare chested” once in a year in the name of equality !? Not allowing or condemning “slut walks” !? Not allowing “slutty/whorish” attitude in the name of sexual liberalization !? Not allowing to “imitate” MASCULINITY in every aspect and yet demanding chivalry !? Not allowing to be “entitled” just because you have something different between your legs !? Not allowing for a “free pass” where you can humiliate/insult/belittle/abuse (socially, emotionally, financially & physically) MEN and can get away without facing any consequences and no accountability !? Not allowing or objecting the “undue credit” and “over exaggeration” given to the females for something (aka pregnancy & child birth) that is quite natural, obvious, mundane and NOT possible without a MALE fertilizing your eggs !?
          Then, of course, you are right ! that’s called as “oppression” !!!

        473. To say that men are not capable of true love is just as sexist as what this ass hat is spewing… Don’t judge every man by all the men in your life. My man-fella is just in love with me as I am him & I have the utmost trust in him!

        474. Some men do want commitment because they don’t every woman by the actions of few & if you are out there “pounding sluts” to satisfy your urges… you are also a slut!!! & in general you’re just an absolute ass hole & I hope you never procreate!

        475. You’re an ass hole!!!! A fucking shit head of a person… ass hole!!! If there is a God that cares, he should take away your ability to procreate!

        476. My boyfriend & I split everything down the middle with finances. Therefore, he is not an ATM & I am not just sex. We are best friends! You have a very depressing outlook on life & I feel sorry for you!

        477. Im sexist and have no shits to give about it. Women like you are sadly the majority and are simply emotionally weak and not top bright. So you fall for the brainwashing and need a man around to make sense of life. Meanwhile hes screwing whomever he wants on the side. You dumb.

        478. “Romantic love is all bullshit because men are not capable of true love.”
          IMO: OH NO YOU DON’T!
          It’s most women who are incapable of true love as their wants that they expect a man to provide them IS their love.
          Men will slave away sometimes 2 or more jobs he hates so to try to appease “her” with all of her wants while she “B’s”, nags, complains while planning her divorce from him that will most likely “a-rape” him from the divorce courts judgement.
          This is why MGTOW exists as most women have “priced” themselves out in many more ways than one which men want no part of. Besides many women not being feminine but more like selfish “she-men”.
          And NO I’ve never been married and no children – so I’ve not put myself in that scenario to get screwed over by a woman as my comments are from seeing things for what they are.

        479. Agreed.
          “good guy” = SUCKER as most likely most women will suck him dry financially amongst other aspects of his manhood while having no respect for him. After-all she has the laws and government on her side.
          Ephesians 5:33: “So again I say, each man must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband.”
          The above Ephesians 5:33 tells the story! Nothing there that says that a woman must love a man in the true sense as women are incapable of true love but says to respect him which in most of today’s women is a tough thing to find unless a man has a lot of power (meaning $ successful) which that so-called respect is only for “her” selfish reasons.
          Then many women wonder where all the good men are? HA!!!!! – HAAAAAA!!!!!!!!
          And I’ll tell this to a woman while making small talk in that no matter who’s right or wrong the man gets screwed.

        480. You being a woman can screw him over with one phone call. Not saying you will but the laws on are your side which many men have already seen themselves or other men get raked over the coals and want no chance of being part of women. Change the laws to be 100 percent equal and then “maybe” as too many women are already badly damaged goods.

        481. Oh and if you have a problem with women acting like men, you already admit that male behaviour is SHIT and you already know why we dont want you.