5 Things I Learned From My Second Time In Jail

First the basics. I was in jail. Not prison. Some people still get it mixed up.

The first time I went was in my hometown for a mix-up on an old traffic ticket. I was only there a few hours. The second time I was in a big city. Long story short, I refused to sign a ticket because the lady cop was an idiot and tried to make me agree to show up to court for something I wasn’t guilty of. It was a license plate issue.

Then it turned into a scuffle with three of them etc., and…I got arrested. I don’t regret it—dtand your ground and NEVER agree to anything you know isn’t right. I don’t give a fuck who it is.

So what did I learn while I was in the shit house for a couple days?

1. Correctional officers don’t correct a damn thing

From the ones I know personally, this is not a jab at you guys. I’m simply speaking the truth. No one is being corrected. There’s a reason people become repeat offenders. My cellmate was on his third stint. If he was “corrected” then he would have returned to society and become a lot more productive.

Didn’t happen.

He was back in for “knocking out a cop.” All correctional officers do is unlock doors, tell you when to eat, and direct you where to go. If you have TVs inside the main block, they change the channel. That’s it. Oh and they also break up fights from time to time.

2. There need to be stricter standards for hiring police

I was chatting with one of the correctional officers during our free time. I told him about the lady cop and what she was trying to make me sign. He gave me the “I cant believe that bitch” look.

Him: You shouldn’t even be in here, you already don’t have a criminal history so ain’t no money to be made off you. She didn’t know what the hell she was doing.

Me: Mannn, I know. I’m not a lawyer but I know what a legal tag looks like.

Him: Sometimes we get people that don’t know what the fuck they’re doin’. They get a badge and get stupid. Maybe she was new.

The standards need to be a lot more strict for entry into the police force. The whole ordeal was a complete waste of everyone’s time. And not profitable for the city.


3. It’s a money game

Talking to the correctional officer was a trip. He straight up told me it was a money game, which I was partially aware of already. My arrest happened at the very end of the month. So they tried to “get me” for anything they could. Serve and Protect takes a backseat to Probe and Collect when it comes time to meet those quotas.

Yes, he admitted that there is a quota they have to meet from time to time. As for the officers on the streets, this is not entirely their fault. They are being forced to meet these quotas. They have jobs they want to keep, and bills to pay. I get it. But dammit so does everyone else.

4. Homeless People Get arrested on purpose

The conditions in big city jails are a clusterfuck. One of the reasons they are overcrowded is because there are countless homeless people getting arrested on purpose.

They have no money, so obviously they can’t provide any profit to the city. But the officers HAVE to make the arrest for the simple misdemeanors homeless people commit. They go in to get a place to sleep for a few days, and get a few free meals. Sad shit to witness, but eye-opening nonetheless.

5. The mentality of ghetto black youth is damaged

I saw a ton of younger guys in there. My cellmate was 23 but a lot of the other guys were 18 and 19. The reasons they got arrested were not what intrigued me—rather, their behavior inside the place was what caught my attention.

These young kids were comfortable. The way they carried themselves inside a jail almost looked “natural.” They were at home in a sense.

This is scary. For someone to be that much at home, in a place like that, at such an early age shows a mentally damaged group of individuals. The only thing on my mind and a few others was getting the fuck outta there. But these kids were completely at ease and content.

And again, the majority were young black males. Whether it’s socioeconomic or cultural, it’s like someone went into the communities and dropped a “fuck it” bomb that completely erased the sense of discernment or awareness of consequences. Or maybe they are aware of the potential consequences, but just don’t care.

I know raising children starts at home, but if you are a correctional officer, something should be corrected in these young adults so when they are released back into the community they are able to be productive instead of destructive.

But that wouldn’t be profitable would it?

Most importantly (saved the best for last), if you do end up behind bars for a while, do not by ANY means drink the clear kool-aid they serve. It’s addictive and delicious. But it has a secret ingredient that keeps your dick limp. I’m dead serious. I guess that’s how they cut down on gay behavior. I was drinking it like beer when I was in there (for less than a week) and didn’t notice anything. But when I got out a buddy of mine told me what it does, and I noticed that my dick wouldn’t get up for a full week after I got out! And when it did rise up a little bit, it was only a semi. Scary shit.

Don’t go to jail. If by some strange twist of fate you end up there…don’t drink the kool-aid.

Get coffee or water. Cheers.

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219 thoughts on “5 Things I Learned From My Second Time In Jail”

    1. Fuck the article, just stay out of prison. 10 years ago i did time for armed robbery and the time i got and did was well deserved. But all those talking about getting raped in prison, they know nothing. It’s a fucking hype all this dropping the soap bullshit. And don’t trust anyone dealing with the law. The law was intended to serve man but no more. Judges,attorneys, lawyers and law enforcers are just there to make a living. Fucking peasants.

  1. Pretty sure much of this is common knowledge. We have touched on #2 and #3 before. If testing standards were more stringent, fitness standards were required to be maintained, and performance evaluations weren’t dependent on quotas, the quality of LEOs would be dramatic.

      1. Sure, meet the same exact standards as men and I’m fine with them being on board. Of course, we all know they have different rating scales in terms of fitness testing and departments have minority quotas to meet for everyone other than white men.

        1. I was being facetious.
          Women don’t have a place in any sort of law enforcement non-deskjob role.

        2. I don’t think the demands of LEO is so excessive that women can’t perform it. Cops have among the highest obesity rates for any job occupation so I’m sure fit women are as capable as obese men. Military combat and combat support roles is where women should never be allowed.

        3. I was a civilian employee of a major urban police department when they were under a very strict quota system for hiring. OMG some of the people they hired. I had access to the test scores. If you were a white male a score of 99 (out of 100) was needed to have a chance to get hired. The necessary score for white females, black males and black females went progressively lower. Not only that but if you were Hispanic or Asian you were lumped in the white category. This was under a court order that lasted over a decade. Finally the order was rescinded and they went back to a modified version of their old system. The SJW crowd yelled and moaned but the strict quota system to the best of my knowledge has never been reinstated. I don’t live in that area anymore but still have some ties and connections.

        4. And I’ll wager anything the majority of cops hired under that quota were far below the standard.

  2. “2. There need to be stricter standards for hiring police”
    There will never be proper standards for this. The psychopaths in power want low-level psychopaths as “law enforcement” officers to do their bidding.
    Why are there so many blacks in prison? Sure, poverty and drugs might play a small part in it.
    But there are clear, scientific based, racial reasons to it too.
    Blacks are biologically different (brain size, IQ, less developed frontal brain etc.)
    Educate yourself, there is a ton of information on this issue (that is often disregarded when it comes to races).

    1. I think if departments were more concerned about intelligence, fitness, and aptitude and less concerned about who smoked weed 5 years ago in college and who had parking tickets they would get much better officers. Their focus is on mindless obedience instead of problem solvers so that is what they get.
      I’m not denying the science but the issue of that becomes complacency in addressing the problems. Yeah, there is some research that show blacks do generally exhibit lower levels of intelligence and a higher propensity for violence, that doesn’t mean we should shrug our shoulders and just let Ferguson riots continue. I don’t think any of their genetic predispositions are unfixable.

      1. …if by “some” research you mean pretty much every piece of research that isn’t “adjusted” for absentee father/ low SES background/ snake oil.
        13% of US population, 75% of violent crime.

        1. Well if they are relevant variables they belong in the model. Any time racial IQs are compared it becomes politically charged but I do wish there were more studies conducted on this.

        2. Honestly, it is an educated cop out. Studies aside, black communities have the least educated schooling systems, highest compilation of police activity, highest arrest rate for juveniles and highest propensity for criminalizing their denizens. So off the bat the situation arising from the black community vs America as a whole, are on a whole different level. I think the onus falls on America to set a standard for their government endorsed facilities to create some standard that is equivalent for all.
          The argument for potential is akin to the argument for developing talent. How can anyone develop a talent if there are no avenues to utilize it. It is considered a triumph to leave the black community. Do you think that would be the case if it weren’t of lower standard on average?
          People are people. They only fall into what their surrounding environments allow.

        3. That doesn’t even begin to explain what has happened in the black community the last half century. It’s a sad story but very un PC. The people are people comment is laughable. It’s part of the liberal narrative. People are people and people are different. Sometimes with radically different outlooks on life. Not that it matters but I am far from a WN, hate all forms of totalitarianism, but reality is reality. I come from the mean streets of northern USA rust belt. I know “people” because I’ve dealt with all kinds.

        4. There’s a good bit of research, the Bell Curve was a book published in 1994 that analyzed data from a multiracial longitudinal study. It spelled out in black and white (no pun) what Joe on the street already knows: Asians and Jews can help toy with your math assignment, Whites will get you to the moon, and Blacks…are good athletes. Its the book that couldn’t be rationally argued with so it all got labeled as racist heresy, but the predictions made in that book are well short of the disaster on the news every morning. Its pretty long but well worth the read.

        5. I believe you and I’m not doubting the science. Like you identified, I wish scientists could just produce the data without having to worry about the political interpretation and ambitions some might take.

      2. There is some racial research that completely ignores the impact of socioeconomic factors like a lifetime of profiling, poor media and government representation, and poverty.

        1. True, there is “some” research that does that. Good researchers know how to account for that. In fact, there is way more than some racial research that does just that.

        2. Correct.
          Not convinced of high quality racial research that fully accounts for socioeconomic details and tells me anything about human behaviour.

      3. How on earth do you propose to fix a genetic predisposition? It is the definition of unfixable. The only solution is genetic tinkering and the technology for that doesn’t exist yet.

        1. Their genetic predispositions aren’t so overwhelming that nothing can be done to make them productive members in a modern society.

  3. The powers that be purposefully insist on “less than smart” people being hired as police because those are the people that will cheerfully do their jobs even if it means violating your rights.
    It is the increasingly rare smarter police that put the job of being a “peace officer” first above that of being a “law enforcement officer.”

    1. Totally correct. If you look at any oppressive regime it was the police that ensured the powers could perpetuate their crimes.

      1. Even cops want better hiring standards.
        As one old timer cop once so eloquently stated to me: “runts and c*nts have ruined the force.”

  4. three things I learned from watching movies with people in jail.
    1. You better stand up for yourself or else you’re going to be someone’s bitch
    2. don’t sag your pants unless you like Bubbas sausage inside your anal sugar walls.

    1. Basically, if you don’t like sexual attention from men, it’s going to be a constant battle not to get it anyway. Interesting.

  5. I’m a public defender. So basically, you turned what would have been a civil traffic infraction (which, if you were correct about your tabs, you would have beaten in a 30 minute hearing) into a resisting/obstruction charge for which you would have no legal defense?
    There’s a difference between standing up to abusive authority and being a complete idiot. Did you not understand that signing a citation isn’t an admission of guilt? Did you not understand that once an officer has filled out the citation the only options at that point are either: (1) sign it and deal with it later or (2) be arrested for failing to sign?
    Let’s turn to your polemic. Regarding corrections officers: they are “correctional” only insofar as they are facilitating the State’s use of imprisonment as a punitive sanction that is supposed to (1) specifically deter the person imprisoned (which, yes, often doesn’t work until the person has earned themselves a length sentence); (2) generally deter others from committing a similar offense; (3) allow time for reflection and therefore possible rehabilitation.
    Regarding the money game: the only money game here is the traffic ticket itself. NOT putting you in jail. Putting people in jail is almost never a money maker and almost always a money loser. In a large City, the individual inmate cost is going to to $100 or more a day. Even if there was a conscious attempt to get people to plead guilty by putting them in jail pre-trial for something like a DUI (where you’re going to find the highest fines out of your everyday type of crimes) the most they will get out of someone is $2000 or so. That gets eaten back up with just 20 days of jail.
    No, officers do not “have to” arrest homeless persons for simple misdemeanors. It’s a lot more complicated than that. Yes, some homeless guys do put themselves in position to spend some time in jail to avoid bad weather/get food especially in the winter. However, this is rare. Why? Most homeless persons are addicts. It’s pretty hard to feed that habit in custody.

      1. First, rhetoric isn’t a good substitute for dialectic.
        Two, talk of Soviet style control is non-responsive to the part of the article I was responding to regarding whether jail was about money.
        Three, while private prisons and correctional officers unions do all they can to increase jail time, this is usually through lobbying for higher mandatory minimum sentences and high standard ranges for serious felonies. That is a completely separate issue from putting people in the county jail for a few days.

        1. Its very often the threat of jail that gets you to pay up. Costs me thousands to stay out of jail after getting a speeding ticket (ahem reckless… yeah right) in VA. Even if I had not fought the ticket and was convicted I was looking at paying thousands to the county as a fine. I am guessing they probably would not have sent me to jail for more than a day but I couldn’t take the chance.

      2. In Kellen’s defense each of my public defenders were solid attorneys. One got a charge thrown out (rightfully) so and the other got me out of a 9 month stint with a good plea deal. I’ve seen them deal with straight up crazy shit that I wouldn’t wish on anybody.

        1. Imagine what they could have done if they actually defended you in court…Not me I would mind the job myself…

    1. Government can’t lose money, it takes as much as it “needs” from the taxpayer, and all this money ends up in someone’s pocket. I’ll agree that once you’ve registered your car you’ve already lost the battle, Steve Jobs drove without plates

      1. This is also much more complicated than you are stating. Local municipalities are usually (important qualifier here) limited in the amount of debt they can take on. The same is true of most States (their constitutions usually have debt limits–and yes there are ways they can still get into a lot of trouble especially with pensions).
        Court budgets (which include paying for their local inmates) in large Cities are almost always pushing the red line of their funding and are always looking for ways to reduce costs.
        Edit: I forgot the point that pulls this together: it is actually rather hard for most states/cities to raise taxes above current levels outside of specific levies for things like public transit and schools.
        Finally, try being anyone other than Steve Jobs (or his equal) and driving without plates and see how that works for you.

        1. Good Aurguments. That’s why I enjoy this site. As far as budgets go, I’ll provide this link to California’s salaries/pensions. This is why the system of abuses will not change. There is a lot of money being made in the ranks of government. http://transparentcalifornia.com/

        2. When a supposed expert on anything tells me, “its complicated”, I know I’m about to be bullshitted.

        3. That might be true if I left it just with that. But here “it’s complicated” was a preface to my sketch of why it’s more complicated than just raising taxes

        4. “When a supposed expert on anything tells me, “its complicated”, I know I’m about to be bullshitted”
          Exactly my sentiments

        5. You’re getting a lot of hate here, but then again, your position is probably intimidating to a lot of these guys.
          My dad’s a public defender. I believe that’s why he’s such a heartless asshole. He deals with the guys with face tattoo’s that smash up their gf’s for burning dinner. Day in day out for over 40 years.
          Be careful man. You don’t wanna turn out like my old man.

        6. As a co-worker remarked to me the other day “I don’t think I’ve ever met a person with facial tattoos who was happy”

        7. I work in Public Finance with a credit rating agency and this is dead on. Local gov’s issue debt based on the full faith and credit of its taxpayers called GO(government obligation) bonds. A straight GO has no restriction on the levy. A GOLT (government obligation limited tax) is as it sounds, legally bound in how much tax can be levied specifically to pay off the debt. LG’s have plenty of other strictures and requirements to deal with as well.

        8. I use to work in corrections (nurse). The face tattoos are comical. Nothing says “I am a complete retard” more than face tattoos. Not to mention the ability for police to spot them easier. They just don’t get it.

        9. You should write a column and let us know how the system works – or doesn’t – from your perspective.

        10. Go to a session of your state’s legislature or a city’s council meeting. It is open to the public.
          Or just sit back on your couch and blaze up. I’m sure that’s edifying, too.

        11. Go fellate your Rand Paul blow up doll you John Galt wannabe loud mouth half wit.

        12. Agreed, because every little shit town wants a Police force, fire dept., Library, etc. City and Counties should consolidate but a lot of government workers would be employment. No government agency ever says “We have enough funding, please down size us. because we are a burden on the tax payer.” Cities like Jacksonville FL and Nashville have done this.

        13. I am not a fan of Unions for any government employee and if I had the power I would end them tomorrow. Unions cause government to become too expensive and poor performers cannot be fired, I deal with problem first hand because at the Veterans hospitals, no one gets fired. The same VA that killed a bunch of veterans, “thank Unions for that by the way.” unlike private industry where I can vote with my feet I cannot “easily” change my government.

      2. “in someone’s pocket. I’ll agree that once you’ve registered your car you’ve already lost the battle, Steve Jobs drove without plates”
        If he did that now he would definitely be doing jail time, probation, community service, and huge fines.

        1. He didn’t actually drive without plates. he just kept getting a new car whenever the dealership plate expired so he never had to get personal plates.
          Smart move if you’ve got the dough to do it.

        2. Shame he thougt vitamins and herbal products were going to cure his cancer. Shame he thought buying a liver was going to do the same. Money can’t buy everything.

        3. That may explain Apple’s short “planned obsolescence”, timetable for their consumer products. They make great gadgets that turn into pumpkins oh-so-quickly

    2. Given that you’re a cog in the machine that imprisons more of its citizens than any other country on the planet, you’re not exactly a credible source for anything but misinformation.
      Should the dude have just signed his ticket? yeah. But don’t tell me about how much it costs to have most of the country by the nuts. It provides a shit-load of slave labor and creates jobs for cops, judges, PO’s, blood-sucking lawyers like you, and alllll the sistah-girl-secretary’s with neon fake nales. Half-wit split-tail cops are just part of the bait to get people into the system.
      Costs of incarceration? More than offset by the slave labor, plus it justifies higher taxes and expanding budgets.
      So the gov’t has half the population by the nuts because they’re locked up or on parole, and they got the other half on the hook to pick up the tab for this up-and-coming Third World hellhole.
      …You’re part of the machine, you’re part of the problem.

      1. You have no idea what you are talking about. I work 60+ hour weeks for a pittance representing the lowest on the low on the social totem pole (400 cases a year, and I am lucky to be in a jurisdiction that doesn’t pile 2-3 times the amount of cases on me). I, and people like me are usually the only persons in the entire system who try to do anything for these people. I go to trial and win. I push legal issues which make new law that helps everyone, including you if you ever get charged with a crime. Do I end up facilitating a lot of people pleading guilty and going to jail? Yes. Should all of those people in a perfect world have had to plead guilty? No. The system is badly damaged if not broken and is getting worse. But if you don’t have people like me doing what we can our slouching toward complete despotism would be much faster

        1. Just this statement “lowest of the low on the social totem pole.”
          shows me what an screwed up mentality you have. I guess you think the poor deserve to go to prison. If you ever represent me I hope I get a refund…I have a few simple ways to fix the system, but Government employee unions are the biggest problem. Same with Public school teachers as well.

        2. …i frequently have no idea what I’m talking about. But I do know that if I ever found myself sitting across from a public defender, walking straight into traffic would certainly speed up the inevitable.

        3. This is a site where people complain every day that social structures have turned against men, correct? Such a complaint contains within it–by definition–the premise that there is a social hierarchy and that it is currently unfair.
          You appear to be deliberately misconstruing what I am saying. I point out that my clients are the low man on the totem pole not because I hold my clients in contempt, but to point out that the job of a public defender is a necessity to protect the rights of those that everyone else in society is shitting on.

        4. Kell,
          Veni needs to let go of a few things before he benefits from your words. You made a valiant effort though.

        5. I’m here to defend PD “kellemonster”.
          I did a little consulting to our local PD’s office (as a computer expert when a/some of the charges were computer-crime related, mostly child porn, yuck!)
          Without exception, the PD’s struck me as decent, if in some cases perhaps unhelpfully idealistic, folks who were doing a necessary job in our criminal-justice system, and in many cases acted more like life-counselors to the poor criminal saps than as attorneys. (Sample: to one defendant, who was up for what would be his third strike for sexual contact with two of his nephews, both of whom had agreed to testify against him if it went to trial: “You know they’re going to call your MOTHER* to testify against you if you go to trail— do you *really* want to put her through that?”)
          Meanwhile it was the Assistant Prosecutors who really creeped me out, who were the ones who came across as fulfilling every vile lawyer stereotype out there.
          *The mid-30’s loser still lived at home with his mother, which is why she had some knowledge of his intimate doings and was going to be called.

        6. I am sure the hundreds of people in Jail and prison that you swore to defend might disagree, I guess they’re not worth 100% of your time…
          Mommy and Daddy did not spoil me rotten, pay for my college, and I do not have a cushy job as a Public Defender, So I guess I am one of the low life’s you hold in contempt, I will remember that the if I am ever in jail and my freedom depends on the likes of you. The truth is most of the poor you hold in such low contempt never had the opportunities you had. Most PP’s I have I meet and dealt with are Plea Machines because I guess this is the easiest way to earn a paycheck unlike real lawyers whom actually have to win.
          I already mention how to fix this asinine system where the state both accuses and defends you…
          Let’s recap:
          1st Fire most public defenders, because they have no incentive to win. 2nd Create an independent State agency provides funding to private attorneys to represent the poor, these law firms can be fired by a the agencies review board if they lose to many cases. At least 25% of those who have been in the system would sit on this board after completing at least 2 year Paralegal program.
          Law students receiving student loans can work for this agency as a why to repay them and gain experience and earn some money.
          All schools 1-10 grade are private with less time off.
          Money is assigned to the student, say $10000 a year.
          Schools have to compete for student dollars.
          If a student excels and graduates 2 years early then this money can be used for higher education. Advanced students would advance quicker…Government Unions will never let any of this happen.

        7. Hmmm Maybe I have seen the bad side of our so called justice system. Many people here are defending Mr. PD but I feel he is part of largely corrupt system. And even he offers no solutions for fixing the problem so I guess he is satisfied with the status Quo, Off course if he was the one going to trial he might feel differently. I have never met a PD that was ideological and most in my opinion are nothing more then Plea Machines with no real interest if their client is guilty of innocent. The so called Land Of The Free has worlds largest prison population and we lock up more people then any nation on earth, our prison system has become a place where we throw away those who are undesirable..
          How would I fix this:
          1. 1st time offenders for non violent crimes should not have to Pay for bail, nor those who have a history of showing up to court. Innocent until proven guilty right?
          2. End the War On some Drugs, This would free up police resources so they can focus on real crime.
          3. End the Public Defender System, to me it is hypocritical that the State charges and defends you. I mention more about this elsewhere here.
          4. End Public school system by privatizing all schools, the government provides each student a yearly grant k-10 the money follows the student, More students more money.
          Why I mention this, poor education is one factor in crime.
          5. Focus more on rehabilitation especially for younger 1st time non-violent offenders.
          6. Block the Box laws in every state, A criminal record is one of biggest barriers to a productive life.

        8. To the extent that your suggestions are desirable, do you really mean to suggest it’s the lowly Public Defender’s fault that they are that way? If so, you’re being ridiculous; if not, you ought to look at what you’re saying/writing a little more carefully so you don’t give that impression.

        9. Most benefit from the system, live comfortable lives and say or do little to fix it, so yes they are part of the problem.

        10. More of a Public / Private cooperation I guess. The state would still private funding for the poor by funding private law firms who represent them. Independent I mean is that they are not tied with the states judicial system, the state funds them that’s all. Granted you could fund the law firms directly but this would probably be a bit more organized. An appointed council would oversea all this and insure the law firms and doing a decent job and the funding is used correctly. Maybe such an agency go completely private but this presents it’s own set of challenges. I know this isn’t perfect but the current system we have is a mess and I agree PD’s have an insane caseload and cannot devote the time many of their clients need.

      2. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.
        Society gains by getting criminals off the street. Robbing, killing, burning, etc. all costs someone their hard earned (and taxed) wealth or life. If the government has you by the nuts, you need to move faster.

        1. I see the 1% has you brainwashed, lay off the Kool-Aide for a while. While a few of the types you mention are incarcerated at least 50% are in jails and prisons for drug charges aka The War on Some Drugs.

        2. Brainwashed, me? No. You need to check your brain.
          The war on drugs is a federal program and the 50% stat you site concerns federal prisons, not “jails”. Federal prisons make up a minority of the incarcerated. The federal prison population today (right now) is 215,000 down 5,000 from last year. The US prison population stands at 1,574,700.
          I’m at a loss as to who in particular should be released.
          Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

        3. Let’s take a look at those people’s paradises where all drugs are legal. Let’s see… there’s umm… and don’t forget about… and let us not forget… shit! I guess drugs are illegal everywhere, it must be a conspiracy put together by The Man.
          There is Portugal, that European powerhouse. Basically, they surrendered because it was cheaper to let addicts stay addicted (and mostly functional) than to enforce the law. They’re a failing welfare state, so it’s not like it made a big difference.
          If you want a conspiracy theory about The Man, you should look into the opium trade in China. The Man’s pimp hand was strong and he put a firm grip it around the China’s collective neck with… you guessed it, drugs.

        4. Nope, I worked with felons so I know a little of what I talk about. Many of the violent and property crimes are drug related. 50% is probably to low because most crimes committed have something to do with using or selling Narcotics…

        5. Mexico also, fines for small amounts of must illegal drugs but they still go after drug traffickers. Some European countries are not doing so well because many have no natural resources or other issues, also Portugal is a small country that is doing better then you think but they should have keep all those colonies.
          If your lower to middleclass you are actually better off in a place like Denmark.t hen the USA

        6. Veni, you pulled the same crap with Kell. You stated: “at least 50% are in jails and prisons for drug charges aka The War on Some Drugs” to which I resoundingly refuted. Then you changed the basis argument in your response from “the war on drugs” to “violent and property crimes.”
          What you have proved is that a serious discussion with you is an exercise in futility.

        7. The biggest drop in crime was when the price of crack dropped. Low IQ criminals cant earn enough money to pay for the amount of drugs they want.

        8. The government mandated drugs kill more people than illegal drugs. Add to that, drugs such as sugar, alcohol, tobacco and grains kill maybe a million people in the USA every year.
          Illegal drugs are small fry compared to that. The War on Drugs is a War on You.

        9. Again from dealing with felons, I can tell you with certainty that a lot of crimes are committed do to addiction or the selling of drugs: Addiction ( robberies, thefts, etc.) Dealing ( Murder, assaults, etc. ) in addition to the Drug Charges themselves.

        10. Another argument was Roe vs. Wade which made abortions legal. In the 1970’s noticed crime dropped in the 1990’s

      3. “Slave labor”? “Most of the country”?
        Kellemonsterr made a clear, cogent argument – supported with facts – and this is all you have?
        If you want to live in a poorly policed area with high crime, knock yourself out. Maybe so many people are incarcerated, not because the rules changed, not because the man is holding them down, but because they are uncivilized.

        1. “most of the country”: If you’re on parole or locked up, obviously your life is no longer your own. If you’re earning money, drive a car, or own (that is, rent from the gov’t) property, you either pay tribute or get locked up. The only people this doesn’t apply to is children and people who can stay alive without owning anything, earning money, or getting arrested…so, women and children, and so yes, most of the country.
          “Slave labor”: If you’re doing work involuntarily and are obliged to just rake what you’re given as compensation, that is by definition, slave labor. Prison “rehab” work is just another way for the state to soak up tax-dollars but it short-dicks people who would do that work to earn a living. And it ain’t just prison, every time Uncle Sam-stein reaches into your pocket for his 30%, that’s time you spent working for free so some politician can go golfing…so yes, slave labor.
          But i do have to agree that if we weren’t importing criminals and feeding degenerates so that they breed like roaches, we wouldnt have so many problems….oh, but mentioning that would be racist.

        2. Agreed, Diverse Societies are dysfunctional societies, that’s why Danish style socialism will not work here in the USA.
          Danes pay high taxes but get their monies worth…

      4. He’s right on some of it, full of shit on others. Prison and jail is a money maker, for no other reason than the markup on phone calls and commissary. The food is such shit you practically need the commissary to stay alive. For the record, I was a corrections officer for two years.

    3. Agree on your general point, this just basic art of war strategy: when you are in a position of weakness, retreat. When your opponent is weak, attack.
      But disagree on the last point, at least in my country. I saw this shit all the time. Petty crack dealers would go from the streets to jail, to the halfway house and back to the streets, on a stead rotation. Halfway house made money from it, they got paid per “guest” by the government so they had little incentive to correct anyone. When winter rolled around, oh, time to get pinched so they could do three months in jail and avoid a winter in the streets. A study was done just for British Columbia and they found that the overwhelming majority of crime was committed by a very small subset of repeat offenders. Some of these guys would get busted the same day they got out for the same shit that put them in jail in the first place. Literally from their parole officers office right back to crime in the son of 45 minutes.

    4. FYI, County jails receive money from the state for each incarcerated prisoner, about the equivalent (in indiana) of 400 dollars a day.
      When the sheriff, Judge, Warden, and jail supplier are all brothers, there’s an enormous amount of Kickback opportunities.

    5. Excellent comment. I’m a fellow attorney, and I tell people the only ones in the legal profession who work harder than state’s attorneys are the public defenders.

    6. Public Pretender is more like it, I never understood how a system that charges you also is suppose to defend you fairly? The state should contract Private Lawyers to represent those who cannot afford criminal lawyers the state provides money and these law firms only keep there contract if mostly successful. Please do not cry poverty to me. Your a state paid lawyer and your doing better then most people. If I had my way most government employees would not be in Unions nor receive pensions only 401k’s…

      1. This supposed solution that you propose illustrates your utter ignorance about public defenders and their worth. Studies have made it clear that when the State contracts with private attorneys for its indigent defense rather than having assigned public defenders the results are worse for defendants. See, e.g., http://aler.oxfordjournals.org/content/early/2014/05/07/aler.ahu003.short . The studies also show that public defenders and private attorneys hired by a defendant get the same results.
        There’s been many a time where I’ve had a client hire private counsel and then I’ve tracked there case through the system and seen that they end up with the exact same resolution that they would have gotten with me, except they are now $5000 poorer than they would have been.
        I also can’t count the times that I have sent private attorneys my briefing on subjects, or have been assigned cases where the defendant had previously had a private attorney and then ran out of money and I end up getting them a better deal.
        Am I doing better than “most people” maybe, if that includes everyone in the country. But the truth is I could probably double my total compensation (include value of 401k) if I decided to be a private defense attorney. But I haven’t, because society needs good people in this job. (Well, that, and the real money in criminal defense is in DUIs and while I’m good at defending DUIs, they are amazingly tedious).

    7. Regarding the money game aspect:
      Jails may not be about money, but prisons certainly are. Here in North Florida minimum security institutions and work release outfits are run by private corporations.
      The prison operators are typically guaranteed some minimum number of inmates to handle in their contracts. These companies are for profit ventures that are listed on the NYSE.
      And I know people who work in the work release management industry. They tell me that they aren’t allowed to “bust” inmates for violating the rules, because it means sending them back to the prison they came from, and losing the revenue from that “client”.

      1. It is not a crime not to sign the citation, but they can arrest you for it. You’ll then be held in custody until you can be seen by a judge who will then formally inform you that you’ve been cited.
        But then if you fight or resist being placed into custody that IS a crime.

        1. Sorry I don’t understand. Why or how can they arrest you for something that is not a crime? Furthermore, why do they care if you have signed the citation or not?

        2. The issue here is making sure that someone who is asserted to have committed an infraction has notice that the allegation has been made and has been made aware that they have a future court date.
          All signing the citation does is acknowledge that you are aware that you have been cited and need to either pay the fine or appear in court to contest. Signing also prevents future defenses of “it wasn’t me” or “I wasn’t aware when my court date was”.
          If you’re not willing to sign, then they will have you arrested to be formally informed of the nature of the citation in front of a judge (such proceedings also prevent the defenses noted above).

      2. It is not a crime not to sign the citation, but they can arrest you for it. You’ll then be held in custody until you can be seen by a judge who will then formally inform you that you’ve been cited.
        But then if you fight or resist being placed into custody that IS a crime.

    8. What the hell? Why are people piling up on you?! You’re not some corrupt prosecutor, you’re the guy a man would go when all his ex-wife stole his money and just got hit with a false rape accusation because the girl he managed to game and lay realised after the fact that he was poor… I hate it when people assume that just because someone is a lawyer he’s also a greedy corrupt pretentious asshole. Sorry for that mate, people usually aren’t that retarded around here.

  6. Thanks for writing this. Insightful.
    If I may ask you though, since thug loving is big in the usa, when you tell a chick you did jail time, do her eyes light up? The hottest chicks I have ever seen always have boyfriends who were in jail. I know this sounds crazy and I do not mean to make light of you having to spend time in jail, but I am curious if that has enhanced your alpha-ness.

  7. …the majority were young black males. Whether it’s socioeconomic or cultural…

    Despite what some would have you to believe, “biological” is still on the table.

    1. Yes, yes it has, because the only reason distinctions were made between biological geographical descent was to justify enslaving human beings. Seeing as most are morally opposed to making these distinctions for these causes now, there is no cause to make biological distinctions based on skin colour.

      1. Biology and genetics as a major factor hasn’t been disproved. It’s a bit of a straw man to assume skin color causes criminal activity. It’s even more silly to assume the only difference between humans is skin color. If people are so different on the outside, then why can’t they be different on the inside as well? We already know different races are more or less susceptible to difference cancers and diseases. For example, black men are 1.6 times more likely to get prostate cancer. This is a reflection of different paths in evolution. The old “the only difference is our skin color” is a well-meaning but unsubstantiated myth.
        It turns out science has already proved that aggressive behavior can be bred in and out of mammals, which proves a genetic link. See the famous Silver fox domestication experiment. If you can breed aggressive behavior in and out of a fox, or breed a wolf into a dog, then why would humans be exempt? Seems like a special pleading fallacy to me. Sure, you may argue that the wolves and foxes were purposely bred that way by humans, but humans didn’t lock each other in cages and only bred “tame” humans. Not so fast, the judicial system is in fact a giant artificial selection system meant to remove criminal minds and violent people from society. The result is similar to the silver fox experiment, the self-domestication of man. This system has been in place for a long time in many civilized parts of the world, but never existed in remote tribal areas until very recently.

        1. I think you misread my comment. I beehive, regardless of what differences we have, we are humans, and thus, have a duty to respect all people in general, and not look for differences, because that doesn’t help us judge people as individuals.
          Last time I checked, prison wasn’t sterilisation, plus, we still have criminals, plus it’s so reductive of autonomy to suggest our fates are predetermined by genetics.

        2. What you’d like to believe has no bearing on the truth, which is that biology may very well play a factor, but there’s been a culturally-enforced ban on actually studying these factors. If there are people who are genetically predisposed to commit crime, then it should be factored into the way society deals with them.
          The last time you checked prison was 2014. The judicial system has been around for a lot longer, and it wasn’t always so nice. At one time, stealing could get your hand cut off, which would put you at a disadvantage to provide and protect for your children. Also, men who are imprisoned for long periods of time have fewer mating opportunities than men who are not in prison, and their less capable of providing and protecting for their children from in prison, which puts their offspring at an evolutionary disadvantage. Don’t confuse the modern judicial system with the historical judicial system.

        3. I didn’t say it did. What you’d like to believe has no bearing on the truth either. I didn’t say biology didn’t play some role, but I did say that it was irrelevent. This is a moral discussion, about prejudice vs. individual justice.
          Fine, there’s some ways that prison hindered reproduction through male lines. I maintain that was not the primary purpose, due to a lack of sterilisation, even in historic times with less protection of the general public.
          I also maintain that if that was the prime goal of prison, it has failed, as we still very much have crime and criminals. What might be interesting to look at is the crime rate in Austrailia, a nation of “criminals”…

        4. Accidents and unintended side effects happen in Evolution all the time. If blacks do NOT contain genes that make them more likely to become criminals, then we have nothing to fear by doing the studies, right? So let’s do the studies and see what we actually find. No need to fear the truth.

        5. What would finding these behavioural inclination genes do anyway though?
          Even if a phenotypically group all shared a gene that predisposed them to crime, for example, what could you do with that information? You couldn’t imprison them, they are innocent people until they commit a crime anyway. How would you use this information? To sway a jury in a case, where it would still count as weak evidence at best? To justify treating that phenotypical group differently, when so far, they are still innocent of any crime? Explain.

        6. Well, that wasn’t how I meant it. Currently high crime is blamed on a variety of other things under the assumption that all people are exactly the same. However, if that is not the true cause of the criminal behavior, then we are wasting resources in the wrong areas.

  8. I work at a halfway house as a case manager. Everyone starts out as security and then if they are sharp enough, have enough common sense, problem solving they move up. While you are in security you are not in a position to help as much as a person is my position or a therapist. Also most hard criminals whole mentality is completely different. They almost all have antisocial personality disorder and enjoy their criminal lifestyle. They don’t want to change.

  9. This article came at a perfect time. I was arrested two night ago. Found my girlfriend in bed with my flat mate, me being an avid believer of disciplining girls when they step out of line, I gave a her handful of bitch slaps, she flipped, called the white knight cops on me and I was arrested( didnt get mad at my flatmate, anyone who fights a guy because of a girl is a simp) .
    Mind you this is my first time in a holding cell and during the whole procedure I knew the prison system is fucked. I treated as a monster that was ‘guilty before being proven innocent’. Prison is in no way a system of rehabilitation but a system of dehumanisation whereas the staff get to act out their sadistic urges.
    The following day, before my court proceedings my lawyer showed me the bitches statement. ” The accused walked in on the victim kissing on his flatmates bed” lol. Fuck bitches get money, all day everyday

    1. I hope those slaps were satisfying. I’m sure she deserved it but I don’t think any girl is worth getting arrested over.

      1. …concur. Never go to jail for a piece of ass. Might even thank them for not making you wait a day longer to find out what kind of turd they are.

        1. If she needs to be hit, she’s not worth the trouble hitting.
          I sure hope the VAWA crusaders like the results though. You see instead of hitting women, just walk right the fuck out on them and never deal with women in any such manner as having to commit to them.
          Even if she gets so hysterical over something that a slap might even snap her out of it, fuck that – just walk out and leave her in a heap and be ready to at any time.
          This also means don’t live with them in addition to no other commitment.
          Fuck them all and let God sort them out.

      2. Words I live by as well. Never get arrested over a woman; they will ALWAYS have the last laugh.

      3. I did. The prosecutor threw it out.
        Then again, the fact that I am about three times his size, and was very careful not to injure the drunk little shit in any way while I tossed his retarded ass around, probably had a lot to do with it. Not to mention he tries to call the cops on his roommates every time he gets drunk.

      4. She’s now giving talks to the local abuse shelter about how she was abused. Really, happened to a friend of mine.

    2. I get the release on your lady. Or whatever. I do get it. The problem though is it is always a loss for the guy cheated on. You kick her ass, you lose, she gains sympathizers and wins. The other guy jumps in and you kick his ass, you lose twice. You lose against them both, by them calling the cops, you’re fucked. By getting volatile she wins. Won’t stop her from fucking around nor will it remove you from holding a grudge and further keeping her in your head. You made the best decision you could have done at the time so hopefully you got something out of it, and are looking to be girlfriend free while you get what you did that brought this hell home.

      1. I think getting physical with her puts you as the man in a weird spot for sure… taking your anger out on the guy though makes sense to me if he deserved it. If a friend disrespected me like that and I caught him with my woman I think its fair game to break his nose.
        Taking the high-ground is probably the best bet altogether, no risk of the law getting involved… but any man that calls the police kuz he can’t handle being called out for snaking his friend is a coward.

        1. Yeah, avoiding potential legal ramifications is always the best option but given the circumstances, the flatmate deserved a beating. Not sure how he thinks it is “simp” to retaliate for that on a guy. It’s a hell of a lot smarter than even so much as touching the girl that’s for sure.

        2. I disagree. At that time you must be civil. Must. Kick the flatmate’s ass after you dump the girl. Shame the girl publicly as well. At that specific moment of finding the truth, you must refrain. That is when you are most likely to be liable. Step back. Revenge is the best recourse. Kick the flatmate’s ass until he leaves tail between legs. And collect rent a month early.
          My earliest suggestion still stands. I say find a pimp (if they aren’t all women at this point) and see if he can employ his women as a female attack squad. Getting women to kick the whore’s ass is poetic justice. He can even watch it from the Starbuck’s across the street. That’ll be sweet like a Strawberry Frappuchino.

        3. Forget about kicking the flatmate’s ass. Thank him, instead, for proving to you what a skank she is. Psquare’s flatmate did him a favor.

      2. The male is, by his very nature, an emotional creature…prone to bouts of rage and a general lack of self control. This is clearly confirmed by the rates of incarceration in America…where at least 10 males are currently behind bars for every single, recalcitrant female. Well…as the old saying goes…”He who cannot govern himself shall be governed.”

        1. This maxim is sadly quite true. It has been an old saying which holds great value in many ways. It is this maxim which allows for false idols and service where the correct response would be self exaltation.
          Truth be told, the male is by no means an emotional but volatile being. The female is an emotional creature whose very pragmatism is her undoing. She cannot help but serve her agency with the coldness of a black widow. The emotional aspect is a fallacy believed best when she is happy. When she is not happy, lives are laid to waste with the care of a child stepping on an anthill.
          Statistics tend to be skewed but 1 in 10 only stands as a solid testament that innocent before guilt is acted on the male of the species. If it weren’t for the assumption of guilt by law enforcement, the arrest ratio may be in better represented as a 1 in 7 ratio. The gap is closing. Maybe the primal course of violence must be acted to keep all of our minds sated.

        2. No human being is entirely bereft of emotion…save for those who have been lobotomized…but I would contend that the female…being the superior of the two genders…channels her emotions in a far more utilitarian (for herself) fashion. The simple ability to cry has effectively obtained all sorts of rewards for women…ranging from the extreme…such as greatly reduced prison terms when manifested at sentencing…to the far more pedestrian…like complete forgiveness for any number of misdeeds committed at work or at home. Moreover, females generally have a superior ability to both read and engage in non verbal communication…which generally affords them a better ability to read between the lines and easily ferret out duplicity & doubletalk.
          The male…when angered…is less able to process his rage and consequently he will (depending on how well he has been civilized) not infrequently seek to diminish his anger by acting out in ways which were deemed savage (and certainly illegal) thousands of years before Christ.

        3. Ah, there in lies the fallacy. The schooling system in the West is geared not only to endorse a process of memorization, not unlike the the judicious daughter who follows her mom’s every move to secure her dad’s services for herself, in a careful, but limited set of behaviors designed to predict patterns and act accordingly. A male’s mind does play in such fancies as he must learn too solve problems through inference, deduction, reason, and assumption. While a female may choose to clump, is it any wonder she only gains a superficial understanding of any topic before it leaves her mind, like a fleeting dream. Mission served, dreams accomplished. Illusion of high intelligence retained. Is it any wonder a woman’s library can be seen as little more than colorful decoration before the next male or toy comes along to be played with? It is this very inability to process actions without assessing a pattern first, that has doomed the female to become the very reflection she rails against, the savage? Far be it for myself to embellish but as the patterns dissolve, the amount of women abusing men, amount of women stating their true intent of male sex eradication or even the glorification of the feminine barbarian in such media productions as Orange is the New Black. Is it any question the hamster wheel has left it’s harness and the numbers of insane brutes in female bodies will rise? Without the visible pattern, much like an errant computer, it has lost the ability to process change. Maybe a new model needs to be uploaded in the female motherboard before it cannibalize itself, but alas the men are leaving. Learning the manipulations, much like the feminist, vasts amounts of males support leaving the ship. A very rational choice truth be told. Perhaps that school should have taught something other memorization to the female program seekers.

        4. Presumption of innocence is a cornerstone of our legal system…but since the system is dominated by male recidivists…the presumption eventually begins to erode…conviction by conviction. When a man stands trial with seven prior felony convictions, the idea that a jury would not or should not factor such evidence into their consciousness is rather silly.

        5. That the female is adept at memorization and little else in the academic sphere is a foolish notion that has as much basis in reality as Freud’s commentary on phallic envy.
          The rest of your comment seemed rather unfocused…heavy on nebulous metaphor and light on substance.

        6. I noticed that myself but as it was already public domain I let it ride.
          Not only are you a decent adversary but equally, you expect a solid retort. Commendable.

        7. With regards to this the acceptance of guilt by gender, it does vary through the races. Much of this is a direct result of the error of outing the abusive man. And while female abuse is equally as prevalent, the odds are stacked against the average man. He has no choice but to go through the system. The complete opposite of the female. She does have guile and wit. There is a pattern, however, thhat if disturbed can lead to very erroneous behavior. And she also the worst Achilles heel of all, narcissism. What would happen in your average domestic dispute if the man were to display a lack of care? Would the sophistication of a woman lead her to ‘go about her business’? The selfie culture, ever present need to declare self-importance and desire for approval makes this highly unlikely. It is more likely she will begin the process most prevalent within the feminist of self-destruction. This implosion, best show-cased within the misandrist feminist, is only two degrees away from affecting the average woman. Skewed numbers aside, that women are close to men in violent crime statistics means the word is out. No longer can women hide in plain sight.

        8. With so many grammatical and syntactical errors in your comment…in conjunction with an over reliance on symbolism, I’m having difficulty determining the thrust of your argument.

        9. The errors of trying to debate while drinking with co-workers. Guess this is double duty. I will admit, I would like to have a solid, non-Friday exchange. I have to have suggest we set up a time to do an exchange. Of all here, easily you have an aptitude superior to what I encounter on average from the opposite sex. Would you be down to a solid one on one exchange?

        10. Perhaps…as long as the “exchange” does not venture into the realm of the biochemical…

        11. I don’t know…I’m loathe to divulge my e-mail to a stranger…and that trepidation is increased ten fold when it comes to phone numbers…

        12. That trepidation is wise. No reason to release your number here. Here is mine, I will release it and then delete it. Notify me if you get it. [email protected]. It will be up for a few minutes so hopefully it hits your email.

        13. I look forward to hearing from you…switching between shots and intellectual discourse on the failures of the American Prison System…fun but for you I have to focus

    3. The lack of insight you display here is absolutely stunning.
      What I hear from you is that you think it is unjust that you are being charged for (and arrested for) slapping a girl to whom you were not married for having sex with someone else.
      Let’s unpack that. You are asserting that interpersonal violence shouldn’t be a crime between unmarried persons. Now, if you were married, that is a different argument, at least there you would have tradition on your side. You don’t have that here.
      So you are complaining about something that really has always been a crime in western society.
      You can go ahead and say “this is what she deserved and as an alpha I am going to use abuse” but you better be damn sure you can actually intimidate or game her into silence. Otherwise this is exactly what you should expect to happen

      1. “I am going to use abuse”…spoken like a true cock-maiden of the law. If he had beat the ass off of his “flat mate” would you be using the same language? Doubt it.

      2. I know, right? Battery is a crime. Infidelity is not. What part of that is hard to understand?

    4. Sorry man, but I was mad enough to slap my woman, Id beat the daylights out of my friend. Bro’s before ho’s.

      1. Now that’s truly bizarre thinking. Yeah, it would only make her feel good to see men fighting over her. You wanna reward her bad behavior?
        She a ho, man, hos be hos and do what hos do.
        I don’t care how much a guy leads my woman on; if she responds, it’s her fault.

        1. I dunno, man, maybe if he were attacking her or something like that, but given that she was in his bed, I’d be inclined to think it was her idea.
          I’d lose respect for the guy, because he should have turned her away and then come and told me what a little skank she is, but besides that – there aren’t many things I’d fight over, and a bitch sure as hell isn’t one of them.

    5. It’s important to avoid getting violent with a woman, whether she cheats on you or even tries to hit you. Best thing is to walk away and leave her cause she will do it again. Also as a man of color going to jail has an added stigma for us and reaffirms other people’s negative opinions or theories of you.
      We have to try to stay out of the Prison system because employers can use it as justification not to employ you no matter how petty the infraction was or despite how impressive your resume is.

    6. …You realise the law is there for a reason right? To protect people from being physically abused? You ARE guilty of this, did you not know the law?

      1. Some of the people on this board today would find your comment a bit complicated!
        Here’s another complicated idea:
        Hitting a women (with malice) unless in self-defense is the act of a coward. You are hitting someone merely because you can – without risk of retaliation – and have little business under the moniker “Return of Kings”.

    7. While you might have deployed the pimp hand for this situation you forgot that she can deploy the state.
      You see behind every woman is an entire military/media/medical/prison industrial complex waiting to pounce on you. We are getting very close to a day when a woman can see a man, “feel” that he’s creepy, and they clap her hands and shout “guards! Take him away” and that will happen.
      Too often I see men forget this and make bad tactical decisions.

  10. Regarding your last point. The Kool-Aid that messes with your sex drive… I wonder how much of that shit is playing a role in our everyday lives…
    – flouride
    – BPA
    – estrogenic compounds that aren’t properly filtered out of the water supply
    – hormones in food/meat
    – high-sugar + shitty food diet
    – less daily sunlight due to sedentary office work
    Studies show that testosterone in men is dropping relative to previous years for the last long while and it is still going (if you want I can find a pub). How much of that is due to cultural changes and how much of that is simply based on the fact that we’re pumping ourselves full of emasculating drugs…

    1. I used to think of that stuff as conspiracy bullshit. When I got outta the military I stopped working 12 hour days, started getting sleep and sunshine. Then about a year ago I stopped eating wheat products and anything with products that “aren’t food”. I dunno from “paleo” or whatever, but seriously, I haven’t this good in ten years.

    2. You raise some good points. I’m free of almost all of those contributing factors due to a healthy lifestyle & choices.
      Additionally, look at the lack of physical activity of today’s males. Exercise or at least some type of strenous physical activity is at an all time low.
      The number of “men” I come across daily with high-pitched voices, frail bodies, slumping shoulders, and in general a lack of healthy masculine traits due to low testosterone is sad.
      In the other hand, it makes those of us who put effort into manly traits stand out even more.

    3. Avoiding most xeno-estrogens requires you go organic. I have not gone completely over the edge but I stay away from BPA, pesticides, and hormones as much as possible.
      An ROK article on xeno-estrogens is something I’ve been considering. If someone else steps up first – go for it.

      1. I’m pretty sure the website The Art of Manliness has an article on this topic but it definitely deserves to be brought up on RoK.
        Pretty sure their article is a few years old as well, I bet there is some new findings on this topic.
        I don’t have time to write for RoK right now otherwise I’d go for it. I think it is an important topic though so its up for grabs.

    4. Fish caught in the hudson river(NY state) tested positive for insanely high amounts of caffeine and anti- depressants (or was it birth control pills?). No matter, you get what Im saying…you are what you eat. So dont eat seafood.

  11. I spent nearly a week in jail awaiting extradition for a failure to appear warrant (long story). I would add No. 7: the longer you are in the more likely you will be forced to fight or be everyone’s bitch. Mine came on day 4. It wasn’t an attempted rape or anything like that, someone stole my breakfast. I was considering just letting it go, but one of the gang members that ran that section of the jail told me if I didnt take it back, things would only get worse for me (including someone thinking I was easy pickings for rape). I took his advice, kicked the shit out of the guy and took my food back. In an environment like jail you are either predator or prey and the longer you are in there the more the wolves will begin to size you up.

    1. A good time to work on that alpha game, minus the soap. I can’t imagine be’n institutionalized.

  12. Women should be in the kitchen, not carrying guns in public. Still, not signing the ticket and then getting into it with three cops? Congratulations, you didn’t take any shit, but you ain’t gonna win that fight. Now you get to stand in front of The Man.

    1. If you know the law as well or better than the chain of legality from the cop up to the judge, you sure as fuck can win. Problem is, most folks don’t pursue that knowledge. And frankly, it’s often worth the $ you lose than to educate yourself in law.

      1. I was driving across the country one time and was pulled over. The officer asked the usual, “Do you know why I pulled you over?” question. I swear I had no clue. I hadn’t been drinking nor was I speeding. He said I had been swerving around. I had no idea what he was talking about. He wrote me a ticket for reckless driving. I can only think of two possible reasons.
        1. I was driving a crappy car, therefore, I must be a low-life and guilty of something. When he pulled me over he took the opportunity to shine his flashlight in my car to see what he could see.
        2. He had a quota to make. Seeing my out of state plates meant that I was unlikely to challenge the ticket in court. In any case, how could I prove that I wasn’t driving recklessly? This was some time ago and police didn’t have cameras on their cars back then. It would have been my word against his.
        Overall I do respect law enforcement officers, but don’t be naive. There are some bad ones out there.

    2. In PA it doesn’t matter if you sign the ticket or not. The cop will tell you that. The ticket plainly says that it is not an admission of guilt and that you can have a hearing with a local JP. Often the cop won’t show up for the hearing because he knows (or learns later) that he fucked up. That means “case dismissed”. It helps to know what is legal regarding traffic signs. Not reflectorized= case dismissed. Not eight feet from the ground= case dismissed. The laws are easy to find now using the internet.

  13. Once we had a major argument with my ex-wife. She pulled a knife on me while I was holding the little baby. I couldn’t do anything but trying to avoid her. She had done this in the past. Silly me, I thought I’d scare her by calling the cops. I called them and put the phone on loudspeaker for her to hear it. Then I said to the operator that she had calmed down and it woould’t be necessary for the police to come. I wanted to hang up but the operator did her best to keep me online for about 2-3 minutes. Eventually, I hung up.
    A minute later, the cops kicked the door open and separate us in two rooms. I explained the situation and they said they have to take me to the station. I said: Wait a minute! It was me who called you in the first place. So they locked me up in jail and I spent the night there.
    Very depressing place and this police station was very neglected and falling to pieces. Next to my cell there was a guy who was screaming and kicking the door all night long. They kept sending this woman officer to try to calm him down but she would make him even angrier. Next day, they issued me with a police caution and released me.
    If you are a man, try to avoid getting involved with the police even if you “think” the law is on your side. It isn’t.

    1. Yea bro, pretty much the new game is no matter who calls, both parties go to jail. Just remember, every single law has been codified. All the cops, courts, and judges simply exist to operate their business in the guise of “protecting society” and creating “law and order.” Cops will fucking taze you if you blink wrong because they’re “too worried about their own protection.” Pussies leading immoral pussies. Each turning a blind eye. Once in the system, they do everything they can to keep you in it as a repeat customer.

  14. Do not get one started… I live in what has become the equavelent of Hazard County, only much worse. Never saw heroin hiltons allowed to operate even after the overdoses were spilling out all over the community. No the who situation is a game from the cops who write the t.p. to the kangaroo courts that hear this, the judges, the district attnys. the magistrates, the probation officers. It is one sick nightmare that funds entire sectors of the economy. I would agree that signing the ticket would be the right way to go, then bring the law book with you and let the crooked cop sit for 4 hours on a hard chair during direct examination in front of a judge while you grill them over their deed. Watching them squirm and the d.a turn red is its own reward. The bigger issue, and sadly you hit on it is the fact that there are no consequences. Esp for those that need it the most. Rarely is a cop disciplined, judged disbarred or fined, and the whole system feeds itself with the hapless fools / public. While the authorities wink and smirk at each other like its a big game.[been there done that a few too many times] Whether or not its your crazy ex wife, girlfriend, or young black males in the lockup, the key word is CONSEQUENCES. They all act this way from a lack of parenting and consequences. No one ever told them there are consequences for acting like a jack wagon. Incarceration or a breakup, if you act like a fool, you will suffer like a fool. Parents lead by example, and if you do not have a sense of what shit will fly and what wont, you will have an unhealthy relationship with everyone around you. The key to maintaining your life to a high standard is to religiously vet anyone you allow into your circle. Do your best to control your reactions to all situations and think positive.

  15. That Kool Aid rumor has been rampant in jails and barracks since at least the Second World War. Urban Legend.

    1. seriously, I know from experience it’s bug juice. The same shit we package into MRE’s, There’s no sulfur dioxide in it, That hasn’t been used as a preservative since like 1890.

      1. I think some of the food in jails has been around since 1890.
        But seriously, it was probably a placebo effect. The guy heard he wouldn’t be able to get it up, so he believed it. And then he couldn’t.

    2. It was making the rounds when I was in Basic Training 40 years ago. I am sure it still is, like a persistent population of barracks cockroaches that our great-grandaddies endured.

    3. Same thing happened to all us guys for the first couple of weeks of basic training. As powerful as the hormone’s of an 18 year old male are, the constant stress of the situation meant none of us were getting our morning erections like we used to. After we got used to the situation, the morning wood returned.

  16. Ahh, jail.. What a great time that can be for everyone not involved.
    I’ve been a few times for all the usual bullshit. And, let me tell you, the night in jail is nothing compared to what can come after it. So, what did I do? Basically, being drunk. Too drunk. Behind the wheel or just walking down the street (I was young and dumb, no excuse). So, anyway, to jail I go where I quickly realize that jail is basically “detention” for adults. 80% of the people in there were there for being drunk/high/having drugs on them/being a hooker/soliciting a hooker. I’m not kidding you, there was one guy in there for being in a fight (he was sober) and a few guys who I didn’t talk to, but they looked like they needed to be there (also not drunk).
    Anyway, seems like no big deal, right? Sleep it off, embarrassing as hell, move on the next day. Not so fast. You see, today that bullshit follows you everywhere you go. Disclosure is required on every employment form. Trying for a government job? Good fucking luck. Want to travel? That could be difficult (especially to Canada).
    You see, 50 years ago our fathers got too drunk, got in fights, and sometimes had to sleep it off. It was a fine (maybe) and a stern look from the cop you arrested you. Now it’s a fucking industry. It’s as if “detention monitors” decided they need to drum up business and are out there trying to pull more people into the system. Thing is, most of these people don’t need to be “in the system” they need to sleep it off and, at best, be apart from other people for a little while to think about what an asshole they were.
    Couple that with the fact that, IMHO, not a single person in that jail for drugs, prostitution or any other bullshit (IE, victim-less) crime should even get a ticket, let alone spend a night in jail and you start to see the hilarity of the situation. It would be laughable if it didn’t have such dramatic consequences on your life today.
    The right way to fix this is to immediately stop prosecuting all crime without a victim. The next thing to do is put in a “timebomb” on any criminal conviction. EVERYTHING should expunge automatically and EVERYONE should have the ability to “clean slate” (which, 50 years ago, all you had to do was move to the next town, today you’d have to move to the fucking moon). The final thing is take the “money” out of the system. Cops busting drug dealers to fund their bulletproof vests is so outrageous that only through conditioning have we come to a place where it seems “normal”.

  17. You aren’t even really all that close. Yes, corrections officers are basically babysitters for fully grown, sometimes violent men with the attitude of a four year old. Yet, they will also try to ferret out the ones that can be reached and get them to turn their lives around. It does happen.
    Second, Why would you go to jail for a traffic ticket? Even though you are in the right. I have signed for a ticket under much the same situation, the difference is that I got out of my car and took a picture of my plate. When I got the summons to appear, I mailed a copy of the summons to the DA along with the evidence that the citation was in error. The DA mailed me back stating that he was going to close the case on the matter and that I would not need to appear.
    While I have huge problems with our law enforcement system, largely regarding our ridiculous and abusive drug war, you have to know when and how to fight. This was not when and how.

  18. ‘9 Reasons You Should Read My Article Comment’
    Can we bring a halt to the buzzfeed-esque posts? Return of Kings is quickly becoming the McDonald’s of the manosphere.
    I swear Quintus Curtius and Roosh are the only decent writers on here.

  19. Think about what a clusterfuck it would create if, in every state, every day, every defendant that’s on the call in those auditorium-like traffic courts pleaded not guilty and demanded a jury trial.
    Trials on expired tags, speeding, etc. It’d cause the system to screech to a fucking halt.

  20. Perhaps the most laughable part of this story “The 5 Things I Learned In Jail” was what he *failed* to include as a lesson learned…not to make a 3rd visit back.

  21. For these “ghetto” young men, jails are:
    * Clean
    * Ordered
    * Safe
    * Populated with male authority figures
    * Places where you get 3 meals a day
    They are in every respect better than the homes and neighbourhoods they return to when their stint in jail is done.

  22. USA has highest incarceration rate of any nation, nearly eight times that of China. Look up:
    I’ve cross referenced all these stats and the best country to live and raise a family in is . . . . VANUATU ! !
    It is a South Pacific micro nation, formerly New Hebrides (old territory of New Zealand). Check it out on satellite view! It is fairly massive with resources. Best of all, it has LESS THAN 10 prisoners per 100k population (lowest in the world) – so basically NO LEGAL SYSTEM! Vanuatu is inhabited by native islanders (aboriginal) and WESTERN EXPATS mostly.
    The only downside – the friggin’ wog PEACE CORPS had some plan to go in and try to EMPOWER the aboriginal women. WTF! I’d throw coconuts at the spy backed fem fags tryin’ that peace corps shit. Leave unspoiled Vanuatu alone for gods sake!

    1. China has a police state and they will put people in jail for political reasons, but this is balanced by the fact that the Chinese and East Asians in general tend to be very law abiding, at least when it comes to index crimes. If the white collar laws are laxly enforced, however, you can expect to see a lot of that sort of crime.
      There is only one crime in the US that is predominantly committed by Asians. Illegal gambling.

  23. Number 5 makes the slave defenders of 150 years ago seem correct. However, I think its more that the black population here was imported not for intelligence, but for obedience and ability to work. They were imported and bred to be caged domesticated animals, not hard working human beings, so its no surprise that they seem at home in a prison. Thats one huge reason why modern African immigrants are shades ahead of our native black population; they are the best of the best who want to come here for the opportunity.
    The rigors of capitalism were starting to wipe out the bad genes in the native black population from 1865 to 1932, but then all the welfare and socialism was started up, and it enabled genetic garbage of all races to proliferate. Thats why Jews of yesteryear were hardworking and businessowners, while when many people think of Jews today as cultural marxist imperialists. And being a Jew, I hate to deal with this stigma.
    The solution is to eliminate welfare, train our children to be self-sufficient, and let society cleanse out the gene pool for a generation or two, maybe three. If welfare were eliminated, I would say in 100 years, the idea that blacks are less intelligent or less capable would be a laughable relic of the past. Those with ability to produce would survive and make children. Black people like Thomas Sowell, Clarence Thomas, Herman Cain, the founder of BET, my friend who is going to be an engineer, etc would be the majority.

    1. Haha. You jews are like women. Every great thinkers in history criticised you for the same things over and over, and yet you have the balls to say it’s just “stigma”.

  24. Grammar error. Would have sent email, but wasn’t sure who to send it to:
    Then it turned into a scuffle with three of them etc., and…I got arrested. I don’t regret it—dtand your ground and NEVER agree to anything you know isn’t right. I don’t give a fuck who it is.

  25. I find no reason to stand up to the police. There is no reason to test the police, unless you plan to bring all of them down. When you make a stand by yourself you just look like an idiot resisting arrest. The time will come to throw off our shackles and stand up to the tyrants( theme music is playing) I choose death before dishonor, sweat before blood, Eagles before mice, my friends and fellow comrades the time had come where we throw off the yoke of thee oppresor and live as men

  26. 5. The mentality of ghetto black youth is damaged

    Charles Barkley recently said, “For some reason we are brainwashed to think, if you’re not a thug or an idiot, you’re not black enough. If you go to school, make good grades, speak intelligent, and don’t break the law, you’re not a good black person. It’s a dirty, dark secret in the black community.”
    The only part I disagree with Charles is that he thinks it’s a secret. Every white person I know knows that shit.

  27. You’re a jackass. You don’t have to be a law school grad to know that signing a ticket isn’t an admission of guilt. They actually tell you several times if you refuse, as i’m sure they did you. All cops can eat shit for all I care but this was your fault. I stopped reading because I don’t rip my eyes out. This website is fucking retarded.

  28. What is that clear kool-aid shit anyways? They served that in the jail I was in, and I thought it was awful. No problems with me not drinking it.
    As far as corrections, you’re right. All I got out of jail is an incurable case of MRSA.

  29. The koolaid is not delicious. Thats the worst shit Ive ever tasted. I swear the taste gave me ptsd.
    Im lactose intolerant and I drank the milk before the kool aid. Had to have something besides water.

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