Feminist Joan Jett’s Music Demonstrates The Unfeminist Female Psyche

Performing some mundane but necessary chores about the house the other day, I first put on some tunes. Standard practice with me and I am sure, many others.

Every now and then, a song that I have heard 557,000 times comes across in an entirely new way. So it was this day, when Joan Jett and the Blackheart’s “I Hate Myself for Loving You” came on. A song that I have always liked, but until now, never fully understood. Joan Jett may very well be a feminist icon as her Wikipedia page states, but this song is some serious red pill truth. It is worth noting that the song was co-written by a man, one Desmond Child. Let’s take a look at the lyrics…

…Midnight, gettin’ uptight, where are you?
You said you’d meet me, now it’s quarter to two
I know I’m hangin’ but I’m still wantin’ you
Hey Jack, it’s a fact they’re talkin’ in town
I turn my back and you’re messin’ around
I’m not really jealous, don’t like lookin’ like a clown
I think of you ev’ry night and day
You took my heart then you took my pride away…

This guy is clearly an alpha of the first magnitude. He has stood her up, is blatantly messing around on her and she doesn’t really care. She just wants him. She is more concerned with her reputation than his shagging of other girls. He has her firmly on the hook and has made it clear that she is a low priority.

…I hate myself for loving you
Can’t break free from the things that you do
I wanna walk but I run back to you
That’s why I hate myself for loving you
Ow! Uh…

Now we get to the famous refrain, “I Hate Myself for Loving You.” More on that later…

…Daylight, spent the night without you
But I’ve been dreamin’ ’bout the lovin’ you do
I’m over being angry ’bout the hell you put me through
Hey, man, bet you can treat me right
You just don’t know what you was missin’ last night
I wanna see you begging, say forget it just for spite
I think of you ev’ry night and day
You took my heart and you took my pride away…

Now we see the real yo-yo that is woman. The emotional back-and-forth of this short stanza is amazing and truly gets to the real crux of the matter. She got stood up and spent the night sexually frustrated, yet she is already forgiving him. At the same time, she had a fantasy in her head and imagined that it would’ve blown his mind, insinuating that he was the one who missed out on something special. Further, she says that she wants to see him begging, but we all know that is horseshit. That would kill it and she knows this also, that is why she has already forgiven him. She wants more of him, but this night he decided to service some other filly. He has options and is exercising them.

So, from the obverse we all get an idea of just what game is all about, but what more does this say about women and their psyche?*

The title really says it all- “I Hate Myself for Loving You.” Other writers, more skilled than I, have extrapolated on the emotional roller coaster that women love more than anything. This is a woman (a feminist no less) confirming that. She is sure as hell not singing an ode to the beta male. This man plays her like the strumpet she is and she hates herself for it.

What one must understand, is this—women talk a lot about love, but what they really mean is “respect.” Any women would rather have a man they respect than a man they “love.” Love is merely a more socially acceptable word. If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, the way to a woman’s heart is through her respect. Get her to respect you and love will follow.

For a woman, what follows after love is self questioning—am I good enough? Pretty enough? Why can’t I nail this guy down? Yet that is exactly the situation that women crave. Each woman pretends that her vagina is worth gold. In reality, they all know that it really isn’t worth so much. Nevertheless, women indulge in the con game of vagimodity. The fact is that if you gain a woman’s respect, she will hate herself for that, all the while loving you.

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71 thoughts on “Feminist Joan Jett’s Music Demonstrates The Unfeminist Female Psyche”

  1. Every once and a while, you look back on something and realize the message was far more profound than you gave it credit for. Once such song for myself was G.I.Joe’s theme song from the ’90s. This right here, is some real red pill shit.

    I took it as a secondary to the show, which while not my favorite of things to watch, was quite entertaining.

    1. I find myself doing the same thing with some of CCR’s songs. Not fucking goddamn GI Joe. Wtf?

      1. Different things influence each of us. I sometimes look back at things, as I write in my spare time, at what influences some and what leaves an impact. G.I. Joe, is by no means a pivotal aspect of a life, but in regards to messages over time and the general mindset of a generation, it says a lot that children of the ’90s were sold this where as the children of a decade later, children of ’00s, were far removed from shows with strong male leads. It was also the beginning of the end of the intro music to many shows. Subtle changes in style of music help signify an era.
        On CCR, that is far more subdued and a solemn level of pain/ experience must be had to get what the message is.

        1. We now have all this super hero movies coming out from Marvel and DC Comics. These characters are male leading roles but Hollywood betamize them to a pussy worshipping fool.
          I like the action scenes but puke when they get all sappy with the female lead character.

        2. They are placating the women, while doing their best to stick to the story of the hero. The reasons most heroes are male and must be male, is because for the majority of women, they can always go back to their daily lives. For a true hero, mostly male, there is a point of no return, where if he crosses it, he will never be the same.

        3. “Someday Never Comes” by John Fogerty.
          And he wrote that BEFORE the latest round of femfascism. So that tells ya.
          Also recommended: ‘Pigeon Song’ from the aptly named America.

        4. Nice post! I just checked his song. Solemn red pill truths. I will listen to Pigeon Song when I get the chance.

    1. Lots of people claim to have seen her doing crazy shit at lesbian bars. She has no kids, never been married. Won’t talk about her sexuality. I think it’s obvious. Her songs are probably really about other women.

        1. a pretty good chunk of her songs are covers, including some of the best. Crimson and Clover comes to mind.

        2. Probably? She’s known largely as a cover artist. Though what she chooses to sing s still indictve of her character.

        3. It’ll be funny if the songs were actually written by a pining beta male. They just changed “her” to “him” so it makes sense when she’s singing it.

        4. Most of her hits were written by her. If she’s a cover artist she’s a cover artist more in the style of The Cramps then in a lame cover band.
          Covering Wooly Bully and great songs like that while the rest of rock n roll was busy staring up its own ass and playing flutes in classic “rock” bands isn’t the same as being in some bars house cover band.

    2. given the relationship of feminism to lesbianism (the latter being the equivalent of winning a medal of honour for heroic deeds on the battlefield) the main reason to think that she really is a lesbian is that she’s never actually claimed to be one.

      1. I love rock and roll is practically an introspective of how much she would love to fuck 17 year olds. I don’t think she’s a lesbian, I think she just loves to fuck young cock. It’s not so much an ideal to her ability to fuck men, as much as it is to fuck young men. she’s more a cougar than anything else. then again, this is one assholes perspective.

        1. who can tell but there’s pressure for iconic women to play up their gay potential. The point is there can be no sexual authenticity within a feminism that is so heavily invested in incentivising all things lesbian. To become a feminist is to be born into fraud

        2. It’s s a woman’s province to seak escape. It’s a bunch of fucking bullshit to diminanish the homophobic tendencies of man. Women do it as an escape claus while scapegoating homo sexuality. Apparently, big homo sexual is a woman’s province seek freedom. It’s up bunch of fucking bullshit.

        3. I still call bullshit. Joan Jett has not been relevant for almost 30 god damn years, if she has not has been relevant for 30 years already. if she is a dyke, I highly doubt its the same type of dyke you see in most soft core porn videos. she’s a bullshit attention whore like the rest of them and the lyrics to that song are her true feelings for… Whoever the fuck it is. I am beyond convinced she’s just another attention whore. She works in music, after all.

        4. She’s featured somewhat in Lexicon Devil, a book about The Germs, a band who’s debut record she supposedly produced (“supposedly” being the operative word because she was actually passed out most of the studio time). In Lexicon Devil, a book written in the early 2000’s referring to the late 70s, her homosexuality is made pretty plain. She liked to freeze piss into popsicles (pissicles) and give them to guys that would come over to her house and hit on her veritable harem of girlfriends.

        5. What’s it gonna take, a video of her eating a vagina while punching a guy’s boner?

        6. “What’s it gonna take, a video of her eating a vagina while punching a guy’s boner?”
          No doubt she’s a lesbian, but the above would just make her a feminist. Besides munching is a homo or hetero thing depending on context.
          In the context of feminism to take lesbian behaviour at face value is simply to commit the fundamental attribution error.
          Moreover piss popsicles for men doesn’t argue ‘indifference’ it argues ‘politics’

        7. “he was with me, yeah me” is sung a few times in that song. Read the lyrics, she is speaking to about a male. Shes a total dyke, though. My ex rented a movie about her, and they made sure to show off how much of a raging lesbo she was/is.

    3. of course she’s a lesbian. Most of the men she meets are probably the sort that feminists claim they want, not the kind that get their panties wet.

    4. Yea right. Few women who are lesbian stay there. They come along once in a while to ride the D. Same with gay men too. They aren’t or werent always gay. Before they were in the stink they were dippin in the pink. Sperm Wars by Robin Baker had some fascinating stats on this.

    5. Doesn’t matter, in her prime, I would anger fuck the shit outta that. I thought she was hot before I knew what it was. Skinny as she is. That chick would have helped me piss off every other patron in an adjacent hotel room as I demand she tell daddy how much she loves it as loud as she can.
      It is not a rape, or sexual gratification, as much as it is the desire to conquer a wild one. Basically, hit it, and quit it. I have done a few in my time. But that would have been one many, many, many men would have nailed lesbian or not. You see, a woman with real talent is a rarity. It is even better when she is a wholesome girl. But a dark horse has an allure one wants to ride.
      She seems pretty docile the last time I saw her on TV, but not bangable. Too old. In her prime though, would beat that shit up.
      I could care less if a million up votes, or down votes occur. There is something dark about that one that I would want to nail, then leave.
      Probably why she has been a lesbian. She could never be content with a man because she would be too hostile.

  2. Re Joan Jett – if she was a man when her song “I love rock n roll” came out in 1982, there would have been a shitstorm, even back then, about the “seventeen” reference in that song.

      1. Oh for fucks sake, way to miss the point. If a MAN had sang that song in 1982, there would have been a controversy about it. Arrows’ song came out in 1975, which may have been too early for an uproar to be fashionable.
        And you fail – there are some, not many, women who have written good songs – Joni Mitchell and Dolly Parton (yes, Dolly Tits Parton) amongst them.

      2. Oh, and by the way – a lil gal named Carole King

        King scored her breakthrough with the album Tapestry which topped the U.S. album chart for 15 weeks in 1971 and remained on the charts for more than six years. King wrote or co-wrote all of the songs on the album, several of which had already been hits for other artists such as Aretha Franklin’s “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman” and The Shirelles’ “Will You Love Me Tomorrow” (in 1960).

  3. The song was written in 1988 and I have heard it a million times.
    The red pill was slapping me in the face back then and I was too blind to see.
    Thank you all, bros, I can see more clearly now.

  4. On a related note, the beta male anthem of the eighties has to be “she’s always a woman” by Billy Joel.
    She will “carelessly cut you and laugh while you’re bleeding.” Despite that, she’s “always a woman” to him.
    That shit is beta male training if I ever heard it.

    1. The “A” section is actually red pill (the part you quote). It’s the bridge that’s the beta part (“she takes care of herself”, she’s ahead of her time”).

      1. Joan Jett started her career playing this:
        Hello Daddy, hello Mom
        I’m your ch ch ch ch ch cherry bomb!

        1. Kinda smart actually. How many all girl bands were around back then with sexy young sluts in the lineup? They did hit upon a novelty factor with their image, and “Cherry Bomb”, despite the childish lyrics, did play up to that.
          This is like saying the guys in KISS were cretins. Lyrical buffoonery does not outweigh marketing savvy.

        2. The back of The Runaways first album includes the names of all the band’s members…with their age. Spanning 15 to 19. It’s actually pretty gross.
          The band, as well as I suspect most of their lyrics, was created by a man, Kim Fowley. Their gender and age were used as a marketing gimmick.
          I love The Runaways and they’re not a “boy band” in the 90s sense (as in totally studio created) but they’re only about as “genuine” as The Sex Pistols.
          What made Joan stand out was the she was (and is) the real deal. Her later relationship with the burgeoning LA punk scene cemented that.

    2. That is why Billy was taken to the cleaners several times. It is ok to be beta while writing your songs but not in real life; sadly, many composers take their romanticism to their private lives where they are easy marks. The women he chose took from him song rights, properties, money, etc. Even today the man is still battling depression and alcoholism surely provoked in part by those big ass alimonies he has to pay monthly

  5. When you look back, you’ll generally notice the women you treated the worst couldn’t get enough of you. The ones you were extra nice to would bail to find some drama and excitement with an asshole guy.

  6. What one must understand, is this—women talk a lot about love, but what they really mean is “respect.” Any women would rather have a man they respect than a man they “love.” Love is merely a more socially acceptable word. If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, the way to a woman’s heart is through her respect. Get her to respect you and love will follow.
    Love this.

  7. I’m paraphrasing old school roissy: “Respect and trust go up (child to mother. female to male). Love goes down (male to female. female to child). To a woman, respect is more enduring than “love”.

  8. On a side note, I found a great modern rapper(as opposed to all that lil’ wayne and waka flocka shit) that actually perfectly explains in his music his rise from omega male to alpha male:
    Ill mind of Hopsin 5:

    Ill mind of Hopsin 4:

  9. In her autobiography, Cherie Currie recalls some of the more private moments with Joan that left her quivering as she reminisced about them years later. Cherie seemed to have been experimenting back then, but I’m not sure that it was as “temporary” for Joan.

  10. She was very fuckable until she hit the wall in her late 40s. Her plastic surgery looks awful.

        1. Lesbians, and women in general, often prefer charisma to looks. And, really, she doesn’t look worse than a lot of male rock stars who desperately try hang on to youth, despite the ravages of the rock life.

    1. She had nice cheek bones when she was young. Italian? But that deep ass voice when she talks, ugh, kills my boner.

  11. Um, just saying but I think joan hates herself for her attraction to a lover she does not respect. That’s the way I’ve always interpreted it.

  12. “What one must understand, is this—women talk a lot about love, but what
    they really mean is “respect.” Any women would rather have a man they
    respect than a man they “love.” Love is merely a more socially
    acceptable word. If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, the
    way to a woman’s heart is through her respect. Get her to respect you
    and love will follow.”
    Now there’s some wisdom.

  13. Hee hee. In the left hand corner of the internet we have miserable women screeching about how a patriarchal system has ruined their lives. And over here in the right hand corner of the internet we have miserable men raging about how feminism ruined their lives. The internet: moving humanity forward one vitriolic insult at a time.

  14. Maroon 5 – In One More Night – describes a similar sentiment in his lyrics. Wanting to stay in a toxic relationship is a common theme in the roller coast ride of intimate relationships. Not necessarily a gender thing….
    You and I go hard at each other like we’re going to war.
    You and I go rough, we keep throwing things and slamming the door.
    You and I get so damn dysfunctional, we start keeping score.
    You and I get sick, yeah, I know that we can’t do this no more.
    Yeah, but baby there you go again, there you go again, making me love you.
    Yeah, I stopped using my head, using my head, let it all go.
    Got you stuck on my body, on my body, like a tattoo.
    And now I’m feeling stupid, feeling stupid, crawling back to you.

    1. Adam has had lots of songs like this… Songs About Jane (their best album) had a few… one of them was “This Love.” Love is complicated. <3

  15. Why would a man be “alpha” ( a stupid concept, a functional man is something we should all be, no one is stuck on “beta”ness permanently) for not keepin his word with a woman?

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