Men Should Start Calling Out Women On Their Creepy Behavior

“Creepy”. It has to be one of the most despised words among the manosphere, as it is used primarily by females to denigrate and humiliate the males who are on the receiving end of this overused adjective. I say enough is enough, and it’s time for men to take back this poisonous word and hurl it back at the general direction of women whenever feasibly possible. It’s easier than you may think, because women are out there doing creepy things all the time.

The Basics

Buzzfeed actually did a (rare) clever video in 2013 which showcased the hypocrisy of what would be considered creepy between the sexes. You see, all sorts of things are OK to do if your a woman, but the instant you attach a penis to a human being those very same actions will become “creepy”, and women think they have full permission to denigrate you and attack your self-esteem in it’s wake.

Additionally, this recent segment of ‘Today Tonight‘ which is broadcast in Australia, ran a story on the discriminatory policies and attitudes against men in the country. It highlights a growing trend in these “feminist” countries, where all males are considered potential predators and fathers showing their children affection in public can be misconstrued as “dirty old men”. Women were given a free pass when put in the exact same scenario.

So in quick review, if your girlfriend, female friends, acquaintances, or random females on the street ever do any of the following things…

  • Call you or someone else “daddy” (other than her actual daddy)
  • Make any sort of verbal expression of sexual interest (and not just discreetly)
  • Do surprise piggybacks or jump on you in any sort of amorous display of affection
  • Hang out at the park without any friends or offspring
  • Compliment the appearance of babies (take it a step further and include Facebook baby pics)
  • Prance around the house in your over-sized T-shirts as casual wear or sleep wear
  • Takes pictures anywhere near the vicinity of children

It’s creepy, creepy, creepy! Women should be called out on their behavior and reminded that if men did anything similar, they would be “creeped out” or “weirded out” by what we were doing. Do anything in your power to make women feel self-conscious about this. It will help to minimize the chance that females will ever throw this toxic word at you themselves, in order to damage your pride and self-esteem. Also it’s a good idea to keep tabs on whatever creepy behavior she displays. This way you will always have a laundry list of things to retort with, should she ever dare to call you the dreaded “C” word.

(Note: If a hot friend or acquaintance is hitting on you for the first time then maybe it’s not a good idea to call out on “creepiness” at that moment. Save it for a later date after the conquest has already been completed through sexual congress.)

Other Creepy Things She Does

If she ever starts a conversation with “I saw on your Facebook that…”

Women, the laughably hypocritical creatures they are, think it’s completely fine to initiate banter with whatever she recently saw on your Facebook account, but are given the full green light to label you as “creepy” if men ever did the same thing towards women. Tell them something like this. That’s really creepy. Why would you do such a creepy thing like that? Don’t you realize what your doing is really creepy? I would never want to date such a creepy person.”

However you choose to retort, always put the word ‘creepy’ into every sentence.


Everybody stares at something once in a while. Women in particular love to brand men “creepy” if they get temporary lost in a mental vortex which results in a brief staring spell at a person or object. So is your woman pissed or irritated at something? Is she dead-focused on her cell phone or just temporarily spaced out and a little bug-eyed? You guessed it, she’s a creeper. Let her know.


Meeting you at work unannounced

Women do this far more often than men and it’s admittedly a bit unsettling, not to mention the purpose of the visit is generally over mundane and trivial concerns. Unless it’s an emergency, can’t they just conjure up the willpower to leave men alone for just eight hours?

Taking pictures or filming you in your sleep

Women have a soft spot for this one, and the smartphone generation has made it easier than ever for women to take a quick snapshot or video of their comatose lover or “friend”. Just ask Justin Bieber, who became one of the most famous victims of this creepy corner of the female mindset while touring in Brazil.

Anything you don’t like about them

Here is where things get really strange in the whole concept of “creepiness”, according to the warped thinking of the female brain. A key thing to remember about women is that if they’re comfortable around you, nothing you do is creepy (even if it kind of is). However, if she doesn’t feel comfortable around you, everything you do is creepy. Just saying “hi” to a woman is creepy if she doesn’t like you. So is there anything in particular you don’t like about a woman or group of women? Are the beluga whale “Woo Girls” at the club annoying you? Let their creepiness be known!

Final Statements

Persistence isn’t always a virtue, but women have overused the word “creepy” to denigrate potential suitors for far too long. Remember: If she feels comfortable, nothing you do is creepy. If she doesn’t, everything you do is. So treat women the exact same way they interact with men when everything is less than celestial in your relationship. Like bipolar hypocrites.

Ram the word “creepy” down their throats so much until they choke on it, and hopefully exorcise that word from their vocabulary permanently. 99% of men who are ever labeled “creepy” are not actually creepy at all, just misunderstood and somewhat awkward individuals who need to learn a little game theory and put it into practice. That’s all.

However, lots of women out there are creepy, and unfortunately their creepiness will be overlooked as long as they’re hot. Hell, women like Laila (Overly Attached Girlfriend) can even make a comfortable living by impersonating a stage five clinging, social media stalking, staring, obsessing, female creeper on Youtube. It’s highly doubtful a man could.

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183 thoughts on “Men Should Start Calling Out Women On Their Creepy Behavior”

  1. I love it. The world needs more equality, but lets expand the meaning of creepy so that anytime a woman who isn’t an 8HB or higher tries to interact with men in any way she is being creepy. This is pretty much all post wall women.

  2. You see as correct as the points in this article might be, playing the victim is not a masculine trait. Also the tactics shown are too feminine. You don’t copy an immature behaviour, you just ignore it or act upon it.
    For example, the guy who was not allowed to sit next to children on virgin airplane should have just taken details about the incident and sue Richard Branson’s ass to the Moon. Instead he played the victim – Isn’t this sexist?
    Guys, men don’t ask that question Isn’t this sexist? That’s what feminist do, they play the victim’s card, men don’t, men simply act.
    Instead of arguing with feminists and talking about men’s rights we would just act upon it. Here’s what we can do:
    1. Do not talk about the abuse of men’s right. Your rights are given. Just be yourself, be a man, grab your rights.
    2. Do not marry.
    3. Do not argue with women.
    4. Do not compromise your well being for women or anyone else in society.
    5. If you’re an employer, do not employ women.
    6. Do not keep a girlfriend. You only keep a woman to help you raise the children.
    7. Prevent early sexualisation of your own children.
    8. If you can send your kids to single sex schools
    9. Do not bang married women, you hurt another man.
    10. Do not bang the same woman, all your life.
    11. Do not marry or get involved in a relationship with sluts.
    12. Say it often publicly that you would wish to marry a virgin woman.
    This list can be extended and it’s just from the top of my head but I am sure someone who is more articulate can create a proper list which could serve as guidance for men.
    We need clear instruction, not talk.

    1. I agree with everything you said but I have to admit, it would have been so much fun to use this during a recent event: A very attractive young woman at work, in her early 20s, was apparently very interested in me, a slightly attractive Christian father of 5. She kept eye-raping me from across the room, and I kept talking to everyone except her– obviously Ms. Trouble. Eventually she came up to me and lingered, staring at me, as she walked past, smiling and holding her breath. She continued this act as she walked past to get something off the table near me. Then she picked it up and turned around and did it again as she was supposedly leaving. I finally just laughed at her and talked to her a bit. She mentioned that her minor was philosophy, so I started talking about philosophy with a hot young blonde, and that was all that was needed to turn her affections into obliviousness. I bet she suffered a lot of philosophy discussions with horrible nerds fawning over her hotness in college!
      I should have just called her a creeper and made a horrible face at her!

      1. 13. Never engage sexually or otherwise privately with women at your workplace. Seek male dominated professions. Learn a trade.

        1. Absolutely. I can’t avoid women in my line of work but i am always cordial without showing a hint of flirtation or interest. I treat every single woman in the workplace exactly the same whether they are young or old, thin or fat etc because that is the only way to protect yourself, especially if shit hits the fan and they are looking for someone to blame and you aren’t the Alpha in the room.

        2. Until I took the red pill I was clueless about how to flirt with girls properly but got by on my natural sigma traits, but after the red pill I was better able to recognize flirting and dangerous female behavior and protect myself in the workplace. Looking back, I once rejected a job because the women who were interviewing me (there were several rounds of interviews) were checking out my package! During the interviews! And they hardly made any effort to hide it. It was obviously a den of iniquity around there. Unfortunately I turned down that job and went into banking for a while, where women are notorious for being slutty, for good reason. There was a woman there that I got into trouble with, but I eventually told her the flirting had to stop and I apologized for my contribution to the situation. She still could not stop flirting and using innuendo and I actually got her fired by complaining to my female boss! Can you believe that? A 21 year old beautiful slender blonde young woman fired for sexual harassment in the workplace. She had major daddy issues though.

        3. That’s all well and good but personally i don’t feel it’s worth the risk. Perhaps that makes me a pussy, but it’s better safe than sorry!

        4. If they like you, they’ll misconstrue mere eye contact. I’ve had this happen many times.
          Not that you need to be paranoid about it, but when a chick likes you, and feels like she can get you, almost anything you do will be interpreted as an invitation.

        5. Honestly it’s hard to say how effective that is. I actually knew a gay dude who was accused of sexual harassment from some homely woman. He is flamboyantly gay and like mid 30s or something. Goes to show it could happen to anyone. His idea of why she might have done it is because he didn’t give her much attention. (woman logic) Sad state we’re in.
          Forgot to mention, he was a supervisor.

        6. Maybe he gave other birds attention but not her? That’s why it’s best to be neutral with everyone. I know it’s not always possible of course but it has worked for me so far.
          No strategy is entirely foolproof, but it’s all about risk management, and it’s probably a lot safer to just be neutral than to practice differential treatment.

        7. it depends on the individual but i find total neutrality is your best bet. Differential treatment is more likely to get you in trouble in a workplace than neutrality, especially if there is a real spread of women in terms of age and attractiveness.
          Perhaps in the corporate world it’s different but in education it seems to work fine for me.

        8. I agree with that. I’m not disputing risk management, I’m just saying it’s almost not even enough anymore in the current climate and was bringing up an anecdote that I was told about directly that made that abundantly clear. If a gay dude is on the hook for some perceived slight, how would we straight men fare?
          Anyway I guess my point is neutral can be perceived as negative by broads too. Hence the anecdote. Cheers.

    2. hmmm…you don’t have to make it offensive like a girly voice saying “yer violating my mens rights wahhhh”. Just point out with a stern voice and stone face, “that’s creepy”. And say no more, nothing defensive about that. It is simply calling out behavior. The idea behind this article is to fight fire with fire, call them out, like honking at an ignorant driver.

    3. I feel so bad for you fruit loops. This list is hilarious. You’re so messed up from Feminism – you choose the most extreme point of view and yet you haven’t realized you made your super cynical monk oath in response to Feminism. It’s still controlling you dumba$$! Lmaoooo

  3. The absolutely #1 thing that women are always doing that would be considered creepy if a man did it is constantly inquiring and being nosy about mens’ relationship status.
    And this applies to all women – grandmothers, teenagers, platonic friends, co-workers, even teachers. They think it is just fine to always turn a conversation to who are you dating, or try to figure it out by (not very subtly probing). If a man – whether grandpa, co-worker, teacher, or whatever other position – did this with a female it would be viewed as creepy by anyone.

    1. True. I’ve put it down to women whether consciously or not are always trying to destroy someone in a relationship. To hurt the man is part of the equation but to destroy the females ego is most certainly the true goal. Put it this way- a girl says I’m taken the men usually back off. A man says he is taken and the girl will literally do anything to seduce him. A woman will get none of the Blame and often feel validated that a man threw away his life for 20 minutes with her.

      1. Well, the motivations are various.
        Certainly when women who are in the same rough SMV realm as a particular man are trying to find out if the man is in a relationship, they are doing it in part so that they can assess his SMV (in a relationship with another woman = higher SMV in a woman’s mind).
        On the other hand, I don’t think that is the motivation when older women / bosses / teachers do it. I think then it is the case that they are trying to live vicariously through a younger couple, and remember the excitement of their long-vanished dating / courtship era (not realizing that courtship is an anachronism now).
        But I think for the most part, most women are just nosy and need to keep tabs on everyone’s details. Again, very creepy if a man did it.

    2. Yes!!! I had some old feminist chick ask me a bunch of personal questions about my “status” and proceed to ask if I wanted to carpool.
      It really hurts my pride to know there are women such as this that believe I would give them the time of day. That’s what I get for looking too “nice” I guess. Speaking of, she kept calling me “nice”. Wouldn’t fucking shut-up about it.

      1. I’m sure that your are a Mr Nice Guy and will be successful with this older woman

    3. OMG you’re right! My grandmother, would always inquire in a somewhat intrusive or creepy way..

  4. There are so many other things that women do that are creepy. At my job a group of them did something where they got each other to smell my cologne but of course they tried to do it in a discreet way. I figured it out after the 2nd to last person smelled me.
    My job is starting to grow with females even though when the good gets tough they seek a male to handle all the grunt work (lifting, fixing, etc.).

    1. If a job is starting to grow in the number of females then you are seeing the harbinger of the end of your good work environment. Once they get themselves into positions to hire they hire women almost exclusively, and in a few short years you’ll be in corporate hell. Get out if you can now, while you still have a lot of good male references you can use.

  5. Don’t know if I’d do this to all women (some women are simply pleasant and I’m not going to discourage that if they’re staring at me blushing, for example), but I’d make cougars a special exception. They are, after all, rather creepy on so many levels that even other women will agree (if they’re young and hot).

    1. I understood black knighting to use the formalities of the system against itself. So for example, if all white males in the U.S. were to simultaneously change their legal names to something like Shaniqua LaBustaqueefa, and all begin checking the box on the application that says “transgendered black lesbian albino parapalegic” and all started writing books about being a person of color and self publishing on Amazon, our entire apparatus of racial spoils would collapse. Government statistics would crumble to pieces.

      1. Affirmative action = Institutionalized racism
        I think I read that here or another forum. Its fucking pathetic.

    2. Hmmmm. “Black Knighting”. I like it. Is there a guide for this? I hear a listicle coming down the hallway.

  6. Ladies probing for relationship status are Stasi-like.
    You can go full blown nuclear and call them relationship Nazis. They won’t feel happy after that. Almost all have a boyfriend tucked away.

  7. I lived in Argentina and all sort of interaction is encouraged there. I remember my friends next door neighbor dropping off her young daughter with us (two guys in their twenties) so she could go on a date(the horror!). Little kids have these great big outgoing smiles. No one thinks anyone is weird for talking to someone else on the street or on a bus including kids(hey champ whats up?). Even the dogs seem happier..they cruise around without leashes, and you never see a dog fight.
    I firmly believe Its the US’s over critical attitude that turns mild social misfits into social outcasts that do things like Elliot Rodgers. As awkward as he was in Argentina the kid probably would have gotten laid and no massacre would have taken place. Its always culture shock for me coming back, I wonder why people are so scared of each other. There is another way to live..and its a much more agreeable one..

    1. Great post. It takes a post like yours to realise that things can be somewhat uptight across the Anglo-Saxon world. When you’re “in it”, you don’t realise it so much. It’s the same in the UK and in Australia, NZ, Canada. Maybe in Germany and Scandinavia too – I don’t know.
      At least in terms of social interactions, it sounds like more fun in the Catholic world. I’m willing to bet the Catholic world is actually happier.
      Mind you, there’s some great things about living in the Protestant world too – which aren’t about women and relationships per se, but about society and productivity and accountability to others, but that’s a whole other topic. Every society has it’s pros and cons.

      1. yeah latin america a paradise provided you don’t mind the odd kidnapping and narco killing…. after a close friend of mine was held for 2 days at gun point and had all his bank accounts cleaned out…. and after another friend was shot three times in the head… and after i discovered that the house next door to my daughters nursery school was a safe house for a narco gang, and after being arrested by the police for unknown driving offenses… aka. bribe money and threatened with jail for the umpteenth time, i decided it was time to relocate…..

      2. Yeah I agree you chose one thing and you lose another. Financial independence sounds great until it means you don’t need your family and they don’t need you. I’ve found for me the latin cultures have more of the things that make me happy.

    2. It was generally this way in the 1980’s. It still is this way in the more upper class areas where the people are smarter and have more common sense. As you move down in class it becomes more paranoid because dumber people are more influenced by the media that exaggerates everything. Smarter people understand that things like kids being abducted is a very rare occurrence while as go down in class the people become dumber and dumber and think it happens every day.
      And despite living in a very wealthy area where people have real property and woods around their homes, no one is concerned with security. I guess that they don’t want to make themselves prisoners in their own place on the rare chance of being robbed or harmed. Even though there are walls and gates etc this is mere decoration that has been there for a 100 years and will not keep any burglar out. People may have pet dogs that bark but that’s it.
      You see real security as you move down in class.

      1. Yeah I definitely got an eye-full when I was brought to a shady inner city house of a drug dealer where one of my scumbag ex-friends ended up after work and told me to come by to party. The dealer was a pretty chill dude but he had like 3 actual security monitors that viewed the street, the doorstep ect. It was a culture-shock for sure.

    3. Keen observation. Indeed, the US is, and has been for decades, subservient to The Culture of Critique and it’s destructive effects.

    1. He did that at another point in the article, too.
      It should only take a minute to fix it, so get on it, RoK!

  8. “Prance around the house in your over-sized T-shirts as casual wear or sleep wear”
    I have to disagree here. If you ask me this is the exact opposite of creepy. There is nothing hotter than a girl in one of my t-shirts and a pair of sexy little panties.

  9. One of my co-workers gave this girl my number to try and play match maker. So I get a random txt message one day saying “:hey I saw a picture of you online, my name is blah blah blah, lets get together sometime.” This was followed by 4 pictures of her doing all the stupid girl faces (duck face, pout face, and the “ohh” face etc.) She looks about 30. I am immediately not interested. I do not respond to her. About a week later my female co-worker/ match maker asks me if I was interested at all, I told her no, so she proceeds to try to lecture me on how I should respond to her and decline her offer because she was getting upset I didn’t respond to her (afraid she wasn’t hot haha). I told her no I will not do that and if the roles were reversed and I did that to her, there would be no way in hell I would have any attempt at meeting her and I would be dubbed “The Creeper” at work. She started tripping over her words and could not come up with any thing to say in defense. I walked away laughing.

    1. I can’t stand when chicks do that shit. Give me the name/number of some wall victims that are looking for a provider to catch them as they fall of the carousel. It’s insulting.

      1. No kidding. Have a married buddy with an absolute CUNT of a wife who is constantly trying to pair me up with her expired single fat friends. Its the ultimate insult, but a woman will behave like she is doing you the FAVOR. Ridiculous.

        1. This has happened to me in the past, but not with fatties. Most of these women were thin and reasonably attractive but all had emotional baggage.

        2. Yeah you never get “matched” with any remotely attractive girl especially on par or equal with the girl recommending. It’s always some slampig. Every. Single. Time. in my experience. It is beyond insulting cause I’m not a bad looking guy, I have had attractive girlfriends but I’m just not interested in many girls because most are sluts so I’m waiting to find some with some common interests in shit. People think I’m single not out of choice but I definitely am. I hate that pity party and it’s worse when they sprinkle fatties in your direction at the same time as patronizing you, though they may mean well. Thinking about joining a film club or something. Have you ever done that, if so what were your results?

        3. lol @ “slampig”.
          I’ve said it once, and I will say it again because not only is it funny, it’s completely true. I think it’s a mistake to believe you need to “go to special places” to meet women. 51% of people are women… that means even if you DON”T want to meet a woman… you are more likely to meet a woman.
          They are everywhere. Like trashcans.
          If you have to SEEK THEM OUT to try and find willing, approachable, datable females….. then what does that tell you about MOST women you meet in every day life?
          It means most of them are not worth going out of your way to seek out in the first place. And if you do….. then what they are doing is reserving their approachability and availability to strictly exclusive venues where they turn on their attractive charm for the sole purpose of meeting men EXACTLY WHEN THEY WANT TO. That means she is FAKING IT and staging a desirable persona only when it suits HER.
          99% of the time she passes men on the street who she can’t even maintain eye contact (or a 15 second casual conversation with) because she is constantly staring at her phone. Then she goes to some special dance class 1 HOUR PER WEEK and thinks Mr. Right is going to show up exactly when she is prepped and ready???
          Please. Talk about setting herself up for failure.
          I actually saw a woman tweet once: “ATTENTION GUYS: If you’re not meeting quality women it’s because you don’t know where to look.”. This is one of the biggest steaming piles of bullshit and it’s just another way of saying “Most women are not women of quality.” That’s what she tweeted! She is openly telling you MOST women are low quality, and you have to go out of your way find good ones.
          No you fucking don’t, THEY have to find YOU.
          Because there are fewer men than women!
          AVAILABLE and desirable MEN are actually harder to find. That is a numerical FACT. Remember that women want MORE from you than you want from THEM. They are not some prize worth chasing. YOU ARE. Instead of going out of your way to look for them, go out of your way to BE SEEN BY THEM.
          Trust me on this. They will do ALL the work to compete and come looking for you. Don’t go to a film club to meet chicks. Go to a film club because you are interested in film. AND NO OTHER REASON.

        4. If you are stupid to understand the article, as you seem to be, then how about you shut the fuck up and fuck off?

        5. I see what you’re saying but man, I fucking hate the bar. I know nothing of value is in there. So I don’t waste my time going there. Been there, done that and it was lame every time. Overpriced and saturated with the worst kind of people. I do want to join a film club for myself but I was wondering if you had luck with any other type of environment rather than where you can be seen by a lot of women such as the bar.
          I’m not going to be going ballroom fucking dancing or some shit because that does not interest me. I find concerts to be a real easy time meeting chicks and I think it’s because we already have a shared interest e.g. the band
          So I figured in some type of activity I’m interested in, if the girl is into it it’s already one thing to use as leverage in my favor. Thoughts on that?

  10. Perhaps I am in the minority here, but I don’t remember the last time that I have been called creepy.
    When I see younger guys being called that in public, it is often they are oblivious to some pretty basic social cues.

    1. Most of the time, yeah, but it’s also used as a weapon against basic male behaviors. A guy looks at you and smiles while passing, and he’s not Brad Pitt quality – creepy. It’s a bullshit meme started and perpetuated by social media. Never been called creepy either (well, not to my face) but it does happen to young men a lot for no good reason many times, younger females are merciless and cruel to a fault.

      1. God are you sad. Your mother clearly didn’t love you enough. Pathetic. And yes, you are creepy!!!!

  11. This article made me realize how creepy my mother is, constantly prying, trying to find out who I’m dating, how much I make, how much I weigh, how tall I am (?!? like she wouldn’t already know that) etc. If a man did half this stuff to a woman he was interested in, he would probably be thrown into solitary confinement for life.

  12. Just about all of the “creepy” things you listed that girls do are just feminine things. Of course guys would look like creeps if they acted like girls. Creepy is just a catch all phrase to describe guys that are unappealing either in looks and/or personality. If a guy is unattractive then he’s creepy. If a guy is needy or social awkward in any way then he’s creepy. If he does feminine things (unless he is gay) then he is creepy.
    The creepiest thing women do is be overly nosey/needy – getting the scoop on someone and checking up on them behind the scenes, showing up at places unannounced, etc. You should certainly call a girl out on that shit. I got a girl’ number of OKC a while back and chatted a bit over text before trying to make plans. She stopped me and said she wanted my Facebook before we get to know eachother any further. I told her I don’t have a Facebook (which I don’t) and she refused to go any further without being about to scope me out via an online profile. THAT is creepy, and you best believe I called her out on that.

    1. No you were being a creep! How come you do not have a FB account if you have nothing to hide?!?

      1. Oh I love that one. To which I would reply: “Who says I have anything to hide? I am not on facebook because I am wanted in 23 states for crimes against humanity”… that will send her hamster into overdrive.

    2. Calling them out on “requiring” Facebook is a great idea. Make’em feel like stalkers for even asking.

    3. I can agree with you for the most part, Stalin. The problem is that women want to have the respect, stature, and agency of men, while not having the standards and expectations. So while we can write off creepy women behavior as simply being girly or something (and men doing girly stuff is indeed creepy: ie: Bronies), since they want to be treated like men, then they should be held up to that standard.
      In the end, all women should get that “man feel” so perhaps someday there is a movement when they realize that hey did have it better and go back to acting like women and stop being the clip-hair yeasty pantsuit-mongers that they have become.

      1. This is the lack of accountability and reason.
        Women should always be regarded as a force of nature. Their sentience is lower and they’re much closer to instincts.

        1. Women are basically soulless, mindless animals. Beasts of burden. The ancients were well aware of this.

  13. The #1 creepy thing women do, is try to find out everything about a man long before he’s begun sharing things. It is over-looked entirely in this era of no-privacy, but lots of women do ridiculous amounts of research to try to find out everything about a man. A woman will find an attractive man, and the next meeting (or first date) she’ll literally have to play dumb on a lot of the conversation. It happens all the time.

    1. How would she get this information precisely, without his help?
      “What’s your Facebook?”
      “I don’t have Facebook, I prefer talking to people directly”
      How else is she going to “research” you? I don’t doubt you, but I don’t hang in crowds where information is given away for free, nor are we expected to do such things. Context is key here I suspect, bikers generally don’t go to clubs and exchange FB information, nor use dating sites which give away last names, etc.

      1. You don’t need facebook, if you have mutual friends, she’ll pump them for information. Women are much better listeners and passive information sponges that anyone gives them credit for. They make the best spies on the planet, because they can generate trust in someone else easily (play the victim), they can more easily go unnoticed than a man in public (just look old), and they can always sound ignorant/child-like so that someone will discuss classified secrets near them and she’ll be busy relaying it to her superiors.
        Women are spies, born and bred spies.

        1. Fucking truth. I tell guys all the time in the manosphere, don’t sleep on women, they’re quite formidable when it comes to manipulation.

        2. Spies indeed. What I don’t understand is how they think you won’t find out. Gossip is passive aggressive behavior used by women to gain information and manipulate their social environment without taking personal risk…even though you generally know who’s been spreading it or asking about you, you can’t do anything about it because it’s plausibly deniable. Women really are incredible cowards when it comes to this stuff.

      2. Women ask other people you deal with about you. That is where they get the info. Especially from other women.

        1. Yeah, Jeremy brought me up to speed, thanks.
          Living a very private “private life” probably helps inoculate you a bit I’d wager. My circles we know each other by nickname alone most of the time, even boon friends of many years, and keep our proclivities to ourselves, especially romantic trysts. That and there’s the whole “bros before hoes” meme that runs strong in our community. But I can see how this would easily occur for the normal person in everyday normal life, or come back to bite me/one of us if we weren’t careful about women in public view.

        2. Unfortunately if a man is a business owner, white collar professional or community member of any standing the anonymous thing is a non starter. As much as you may think having a group of friends that includes guys who have names like ‘Paulie Walnuts’ is cool, it’s something typically confined to team membership or the dregs of society. We live in the information age, the best you can do is try to keep it to a minimum, respectable and professional. No inappropriate party photos or offensive writings. You may see my picture in an industry specific periodical but you will never see photos of me with a troop of Columbian hookers at the Veneto in Panama unless you are a friend in the know.

        3. I’ve had my reputation destroyed by this. Broke up with a girl a while back who said a bunch of false and exaggerated shit about me. She even found stuff I’ve wrote online and is spreading word of it to the sisterhood. The two girls I’ve gone out with since then flaked out after hearing about me –no girl will risk a relationship with a guy who’s been negatively gossiped about….and they’ll always find out, since they talk about EVERYTHING with their friends. I’m already in the process of moving to another state before this spreads anymore. LOL

        4. We can all do better than ad hominem on this site, and I encourage you to find better ways to express a point than to try to insult the person you’re speaking with, who has given you no insult.
          You’re quick to categorize and compartmentalize who you think I am (either a sports team member or a ‘dregs of society’). While the law of identity is valid, it’s not always applicable to complex individuals with a myriad of life experiences and skills.
          tl;dr – don’t judge a book by its cover

    2. I don’t accept friend requests from any new tail I’m chasing. It’s on lockdown but some of the more CREEPY ones still find ways around the filters. If they question it, I use my old stand by “I’m not into FB, it’s a waste of time”.

    3. That’s one of the other reasons I don’t have a facebook, besides it being for phaggots and girls.

  14. A guy i used to work with told me that his girlfriend practically stalked him when he was working retail during his college days. She found out his number by going through company files! I told him that if he did that he would be up for harassment etc and he laughed and said it was cool because he liked her anyway. This is largely the problem: females are not perceived by men as potential threats. Particularly by feminist beta types like this guy. I remember when i tried to get him to read ‘The Way Of Men’ and look into the Manosphere he basically told me that he doesn’t want to know all this shit because he wants to be liked by women. For him being an ostrich was fine as long as it meant he was getting laid and earning social approval.
    Guys like him make up the bulk of men in today’s society. They are cowardly pussy begging cunts that would sell out the nearest man just to get a whiff.

    1. This type of guy just about sums up 95% of the men I know. Sad state affairs.

  15. When the culprit that attacks a woman happens to
    be black and male, this ocurrance poises particular
    angst for the P.C. scum. Everybody knows that all
    minority people are always and only the victims of
    white male opression.
    Last October, in the upscale commuinity of Danvers
    Mass. A 14 year old 6’2 black “youth” followed his
    24 year old white female teacher into the bathroom.
    He punched her in the face, and raped the_____ out
    of her. Then, he slashed at her with a box cutter he
    brought from home. He put the body in a janitor’s
    cart, took it behind the school, and stripped down
    the body. He pulled the legs apart and shoved a
    3foot tree branch up her Vagina. He left a note
    near the site that said: “I hate you all!” Then,
    he slipped into a change of clothes and took in
    dinner and a movie.
    The teacher still lived with her parents who reported
    her missing. The boy’s mother reported him
    missing. He was picked up along the side of the
    road at 11pm with the teacher’s cell phone and
    underware. He had the bloody box cutter with him,
    and admitted using it “on the girl.”
    Haven’t heard much about the story have you.
    It would displease the Jews if you did. But just
    imagine what the reaction would be if it were the
    other way around.
    Just a few days ago, Philip Chism attempted to do
    the same thing to a female guard at the juvenile
    facilty where he’s being held. This time he was
    unsucessful. He only was armed with a pencil, and
    her screams alerted help.

    1. Why would “the Jews” not want you to hear about this story? I thought they were always trying to keep the black man down. That’s what Farrakhan says. But here you are telling me that they are actually on the side of blacks, against whites? Also they are responsible for communism, except when they are being the best darn banker capitalists, and also they killed Jeebus, except when Christianity was a Jewish plot to bring down the Roman empire. And also Jews are godless pansy liberals, except when they are being nasty nasty kick ass military nationalists in oppressing those innocent Arab bunnies.
      Or maybe, just maybe, people who see a Jewish conspiracy behind everything they don’t like are just paranoid incoherent freaks.

      1. Perhaps you misunderstand communism. Its never been about equality but an elite having slaves that think they are getting a good deal. Don’t listen to what they say, look at what they do.

    2. The funny thing about it was the police report listed him as white, & dark complexion.

  16. Five years ago when I was living in the Slovak Republic, I was shopping at Tesco. When I was waiting in line, I saw a father play kissy games with his daughter in the next aisle over. No one seemed to notice or maybe didn’t care. Try doing that in the U.S or Canada, and I’ll guarantee you, you would be labelled as “creepy,” or “a child molester.”

  17. The facebook stalking women do is fucking weird. I’m pretty certain most of them just check it all day long to see what you’re up to, looking for anything that they can bust your balls about. It’s akin to staring in someone’s window all day-that’s bizarre. I love calling them out on it when they do it on Linkedin since you can tell you viewed your profile.

    1. Social Media – Get off it, don’t look back (except Linkedin, which is decent career networking). Stop feeding their expectations and egos by complying with the fully feminine social media craze. Let them stew in the mystery, it will drive them nuts.

      1. Agreed sir. It’s a time suck and provides no value. Its an exercise in vanity and self loathing as people compare themselves to everyone else. People seem to forget that the masses only post the happiest moments, creating a false image. I was hoping FB would die like myspace and others but it seems to have its hooks in deep.

        1. Yeah, agreed. Myspace was (to our fortune anyway) around during the hey-day of the Emo types. You can only take so much Emo angst before you’re forced to log off and go take a shower to wash off the stench. Had Myspace started today, it would be around forever, just like FB.

  18. To the pure, all things are pure, but to those who are corrupted and do not believe, nothing is pure. In fact, both their minds and consciences are corrupted. Titus 1:15 NIV (Paul the Apostle)
    This is the reason why. Women are stupid, impure and unclean of mind and body. When allowed to run amok they turn everything good into everything evil. That’s why Paul gave the directive to the churches to not allow women to even speak in the church, as it was a disgraceful act (1 Cor 14:34-35). I’m not here to get religious. I’m just stating that the condition of woman has been know for millennium. One thing the muslims have right is to put ’em in burqas and keep in their places.
    Now that may seem harsh, but we’ve let women run rampant with their feminist manifesto for over a century here and what have men received in return? All men are easily branded as…
    – rapists
    – child molesters
    – sexual deviants
    – bumbling idiots
    – incompetent
    – unfeeling, uncaring, and unaware
    – weak and useless
    Yup fellas. That’s what you get when you don’t keep your monster on a leash. You get viscous attacked — accused of every kinds of crime against feminism, unless of course you look like a Brad Pitt, in which case she’s ready, willing and able to ignore truly deviant behavior to dance on your pole.
    Well done ladies. I guess you win. Is this the power you really wanted when you got he right to vote, the right to speak out in every sacred venue, the right to slander and accuse with impunity?
    Men like me are leaving your sorry asses for greener pastures. You can have this f’ed up world you’ve created with your perverted views of men and masculinity. It’s all yours baby. Enjoy burning down the house you’ve created with your wacko ideals and deranged thinking.
    Thank God my kids are grown now. I couldn’t imagine having to raise kids as a responsible father in this day and age without running the risk of offending some cunt’s wacky ideas of right and wrong and being under constant suspicion by females and their big daddy guberment. I’m sure if I did what I had to do to successfully raise two young adults in this day and age I’d be in jail fighting for my freedom for doing nothing more than being a loving father.
    Whatever. I’m done with it all.

    1. Good cathartic rant, but one caveat. You suspect wrong about raising kids. Got two of them, one almost out the door (will be 18 soon and a senior) and one half way through high school. The state stays an amazing distance away, except in well publicized cases. If you raise them to question the system from day one it just becomes part of who they are, and they’re identified as that “free thinking kid who always raises objections to the teacher and can back up his case” who gets good grades. Hard to persecute A students as being slackers or know nothings when they can run rhetorical circles around the staff and faculty. You’da done fine brother.

      1. Are you kidding me? The kid who has straight A’s and speaks his opinion (provided the teacher doesn’t agree with his opinion) he can expect a C- on an A+ paper. Go to New York City and write how gun control is bad, see how much As you get.

        1. No, I’m not kidding you. I don’t advocate living in deep blue leftist hell holes like NYC, so your “point” is a non-sequitur. Choices in life are yours to make, so if you do plan on having children, how about raising them somewhere other than Little Stalingrad (NYC)? Outside of the blue zones life still works more or less like it always has.

      2. I agree, my parents always criticized the irrelevant pleb bullshit like reality tv and the yellow press.
        Instilling a questioning mindset in your kids goes a long way.

    2. We told you about burning down the house but you didn’t understand it. Boomers have covered all of this before.

  19. This reminds me of a lifetime of creepy, manipulative behavior by women. Girls I didn’t even talk to grabbing my ass in middle school, the pastor’s daughter at church having her friend write me notes saying she’d assume I wanted to date if I didn’t reject her in public, one woman asking my relationship status at a new job and everyone knowing by the end of the day, etc. Couple years ago at a party for a 5-year old one of the mothers returned to pick up her son and saw a child she’d never met, whose parents she’d never met, and she started gushing about his “beautiful blue eyes” and how he was going to be a hottie and break many hearts. The surrounding women all joined in about it. So this young child is standing there not knowing quite how to take all this unwarranted attention. A lot of female behavior is predatory, but you can’t have a predator without prey. This is why men need to know how to “handle” a woman. But a society that cripples man’s ability to do so will yield many new predators without even knowing it.

  20. I’m reminded of when a woman left a note on my truck saying she wanted to meet me. Imagine what field day the HR department would have had if a man did that to a Coworker. Anyway, I did my research. The note-leaver had 2 kids from 2 different daddies. Seeing this for an intelligence issue I simply did not respond. I have to deal with enough stupid people why choose to deal with one voluntarily?
    Her response to my lack of response was to spread a rumor that I was gay. This had the certifiably gay guys being nice to me but they knew right away that I was not playing on their team because gaydar or something but they would at least become the coworkers who had some respect and treated me with respect. Evidently they don’t see a lot of “resist bad pussy” action from heteros but that’s because the society trains us to worship or grovel for pussy because if we don’t we automagically wake up gay/trans the next day – something I have spent my life observing and railing against.
    The fact that women can be creeps and not be called out on it, while wielding that label as a weapon, is, like most of female/feminist entitlement, based on our “fear of spontaneously going homo if we resist women for even one second” that media and culture have spent years instilling in us. Fact is a mother of plural bastards leaving notes on your truck should not be touched with even a borrowed 10′ pole.
    BTW where is that “creepy woman” meme picture, the one with the crazy look and the pictures on the wall behind her?

    1. Rule of Thumb: Whenever a woman talks about a man being gay, *especially* in a disparaging way, it means she was rejected by him.

      1. Funny you should say that. When I was in middle school, I was hanging out with this girl in my friend’s pool. We went back to my house and we were lying on my bed. She was pretending to sleep, but I didn’t know that at the time. I had never done anything with a girl besides kissing, so I didn’t know wtf to do and I didn’t want to wake her up because I was a nice kid. Eventually, I fell asleep and later on she went home.
        The next day at school, people were calling me “gay” and “faggot.” I came to find out that she was pretending to sleep because she expected me to finger her or something. She told everyone I was gay because I didn’t do anything with her…
        SO…..WHAT THE FUCK? I’m a rapist if I do anything sexual with a sleeping female, because of the “consent” thing, but I’m a faggot if I don’t do anything at all.

  21. how about fucking dozens of guys, often times documenting it on porn video sites ….. and then expecting to find a husband and hold down a family…. it doesn’t get more creepy than that….. we love whores, but women have to make a choice whether they want to be sluts of mommas….. a slut momma is the creepiest more vile creature known to man.

  22. Double standards are a good thing. I see what you’re doing–trying to get feminists who don’t believe in double standards the hypocrisy of their ways. But strictly from a red pill standpoint, double standards are a beautiful thing. It makes sense that there’s such a thing as Ladies Night at the club, that guys pay on the first date and open doors, that we enlist in the army, etc. etc. On the flip side, we should get benefits in return: women do the housework and cook, be monogamous while we build harems, etc.

    1. But we don’t get the return any longer, so fuck their “privilege”. They want double standards then they need to lose thirty pounds a piece, start dressing nicely, stop slutting it up, learn how to be charming and demure, and learn how to conduct themselves in a proper relationship. Until then, screw that noise.

      1. I know what you’re saying and that is completely true. What I was talking about was the perfect “ideal,” however impossible that may be. BUT–in the rare case that the expectation of double standards (i.e. traditional gender roles) is upheld by your girl, then hold your end of the bargain without complaining.
        PS: My girl calls me “Daddy” and it’s fuckin awesome.

      2. There’s still no excuse for double standards. Esther Villar wrote “The Manipulated Man” long before any of today’s crap became commonplace.

  23. This is the wrong course of action. BPD has become an epidemic and what you are proposing is that we accept it as normal. “Idealization and devaluation” is a disorder where people experience extreme levels of discomfort by basic human interaction. I experience this every day day-gaming in the States. You meet people who are completely disassociating from people around them. They paint superficial walls of “us vs them” where everyone outside of their little social circle is labelled as creepy. Its definitely an Anglo-problem. I often meet european women who are very excited and happy to meet and have a conversation with a new person. Minutes later I can approach an American woman who tenses up and pupils explode as I so much as ask her the time of day. I was having a perfectly normal convo with a german girl only to have her pulled away from me by a friend. These are all social shaming tactics that are turning humans into an unpleasant species.

    1. Girls have that reaction to you over here? Seriously? I’ve stopped women I’ve never met before on a sidewalk to compliment their fashion sense (if they’re hot and wearing something extremely feminine). Nothing but smiles and fluttering eyelashes. Do you reside in some kind of urban area (big city or “blue” state)? The girls in flyover country can still be quite charming and receptive to cold approaches, at least where I’m at (central Ohio). Not being snarky, I’m genuinely curious.

      1. I can see that. You caught me. I should have been more specific. Chicago. Very blue-state blue-pill mentality over here.

  24. It is quite frankly appalling to see a lot of delusional blue-pillish knowledge being imparted and approved here.
    The top comment says – Do not talk about the abuse of men’s right. Just be yourself, be a man, grab your rights.
    The level of stupidity is beyond comprehension. These fuckwits do not realize that it is THIS delusion of “Hurrr Durrr Men have all the powerrr” that is responsible for all the problems that they are facing today, and yet the irony is that they STILL refuse to give it up.
    Read the book ‘Myth of Male Power’ by Warren Farrell, and try to wake up a few of your brain cells. Stupidity is contagious. Please stop spreading it. Sigh..

    1. Farrell’s book is another example of the victimhood thinking that’s spreading across the men in the West. He says that men are the disposable sex because men get assigned to higher-risk jobs to men, such as soldiers, firefighters, and coal miners. I don’t see a problem with that. Men are more suitable for such jobs or you’d rather see us pushing baby prams? When men hold a small baby testosterone levels are decreased. Does that tell you anything?
      We are the manipulated sex but not the disposable sex as Farrell claims.

      1. Have you heard about the Dunning-Kruger effect?
        I take it from your name that you are russian. In which case you are in a position where the condition for men is different than that of men in the western world, because the cancer that is feminism has spread over here a lot more. It is probable that russians know how to deal with women much better than the western guys, but for the western guys, telling them to “Do not talk about men’s rights” is veritably the worst piece of advice that one can give. I suggest you understand the situation and don’t encourage men on this path.
        Imagine that you’re working in your office when your boss enters and says – You’re fired because we had to hire a woman in your place to fill the ‘Gender quotas’ for women forced upon us.
        While packing your things – If you still think “Hurr durr I have all the power, because I am am a man. Duh! So what if I got my ass kicked out of my office and lost my job because of a woman. I am a man therefore I am all-powerful!”
        Won’t that be absolutely pants-on-head retarded my friend? Now if one were to advise this guy to just shut up and keep believing that he, the man, has all the power and he should do absolutely nothing about it, won’t that be the worst advice ever? Of course it will be.
        So the point here is, ignorance is not a solution. Non-compliance works, but only when you are completely cut off from the society.
        When you have to live within the society, the society’s rule apply. And if they have a detrimental effect on your life, it is incumbent upon you to do something about it. Failing which you are just a delusional imbecile suffering from illusionary superiority who is willfully digging his own grave.
        There is a reason why the saying – ‘Ignorance is bliss’ exists.
        I believe I do understand your issue – Your issue is that you are so accustomed seeing women whining about victimhood all the time, that you have developed a strong aversion to this word.
        So have I.
        But I am not claiming “victimhood”. I am saying that there are genuine, irrefutable conditions that are detrimental to men in the western world because of feminism’s stronghold, and if left to be, they will only worsen and further exacerbate the situation.
        Why should I let the situation worsen for myself? I would be asinine if I let that happen, won’t I?
        Would you like to live in a world where if a woman regretted having sex with you, she started crying “rape” and you were thrown in jail, regardless of the fact that you did not rape her? You will be considered lucky if you are freed, and even when you are freed, your reputation will be sullied forever.
        Would you then go around encouraging people to “Don’t do anything about men’s rights”?
        You won’t right? So understand that, this is the situation right now in the western world, and hence you should refrain from giving this advice henceforth.
        What Farrell says about disposability is quite true, but that is not even relevant here. Men are the only ones suitable for these jobs, and men should only be the ones doing these jobs. Women on the battlefield is laughable. But that is not the point here. This disposability is not the impetus behind men’s rights. It is those rights that are being INFRINGED, that is the impetus behind men standing up for their rights. See the point? This is the issue.
        I hope this clears it up. Cheers.

      2. I don’t see a problem with being the disposable sex either……BUT ONLY when men and women are filling their proper nature endorsed roles.
        In the West, we have subverted the principles of nature. To push one gender to suffer at the benefit of the other is not “victim mentality”, it is a form of slavery which must be abolished.
        Your assertion is a flavor of “man-up” which stems from either a cowardice in attacking the source of this perverse destruction of nature, or an inability to recognize the issue at hand.

  25. Here’s one I notice from a lot of women, especially once you’re in a relationship. The epic shit test of “I just wanted to get a rise out of you” aka doing something plumb stupid to see if they can make you mad. And if you calmly and quietly say “Stop please” you’re accused of “Yelling! ™”. It’s borderline psychotic behavior if you ask me, who in their right mind wants to make somebody who is in a perfectly happy mood mad just for kicks?
    It’s fuggin’ creepy, that’s what it is.

    1. Sigmund Freud developed the field of psychotherapy to monetize the mental illness he found prevelant in the daughters of wealthy Viennese families. The “mental illness” was unfulfilled female sexual energy.
      Was it Carl Jung, upon encountering the intractable nature of female neurosis, reportedly told his young female patients “You need to move to the countryside and raise carrots, chickens, and children!”?
      Apparently not fulfilling the sexual (biological) algorithm, within us, leads to much distress, then neurosis, and finally psychosis.
      That may be one reason why feminism (I.e., divorcing a female from her biological destiny) is pushed so aggressively. It monetizes her suffering (in terms of drinking, drugging, fertility treatments, and theraputic counseling, crazy cat ladies, etc…) to deal with her soul rending pain of not being surrounded by a bounty of loving children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.

  26. I like the idea of making fun of their use if creepy like randomly calling annoying fat chicks in the bar creeps. Problem is this kind of shit rattles women’s cages and is poor game. Also I find that even women who like me and are having sex with me will call me creepy so the whole creepy thing doesn’t stop even when a girl likes you. Obviously the creepy thing is in overdrive if they don’t like you. I think we just have to stop caring about creepy and be game aware that women are labeling all things creepy.

    1. So…allow bad behavior as long as you’re getting your dick wet?
      Isn’t that kind of what got Western society to this point in the first place?

      1. Good point. There are those who will say “punish them after you get laid” but those are the guys enduring bad behavior (likely with a creepy fat chick no less) for a one night stand. Nice return on investment!

  27. Damn that header image is both scary and funny. Well done article, man.

  28. There is nothing more creepy about American women than their absolute fucking obsession with social media. These bitches can’t get off their smartphone for more than 5 seconds at a time.

    1. Or social proof in general. Smart phones, celebrity obsession, endorsement of conformity…
      Social proof is how you fool an entire country. “If everyone else is doing it, it must be okay!!!”

    2. Reminds me of a story, a 15 y/o presents to the ED complaining of a laceration to lower foot onset probably 10-15 minutes prior to I have the PA come and fix it up she says “wait I need to take a pic for instagram”… social media has ruined normal human emotion/interactions.
      I get so much chit from coworkers, relatives, colleagues, friends saying why I don’t use social media. I don’t understand why it’s normal to have shit like facebook, instagram, etc…

  29. This article, and many others that purport to show the hypocrisy of women, are actually suffering from the delusional belief that men and women are the same – and should be treated the same, a core belief of the people you are always criticizing. Behavior objectionable in a man may not be so in women, and vice versa. Get over it. It’s one thing to go on about feminists, but when you start bitching about women do this, women do that, it’s inevitable to sound like a loser. Women are women – deal with it.

    1. You appear to be rather missing the point that that is exactly what femiNazis have been doing to men for decades. Turnabout is therefore fair play.

  30. Just shun the fuckers (save for easy sex). Show them how useless they are, and once the hamster battery dies, reality will start to creep in.

    1. I have been around for almost 60 years. I have known many women for all those year. That is I have known them for almost 60 years, from childhood to senior citizen. The hamster battery is nuclear powered. It never dies. Reality is a foreign land to women and they don’t have passports.

      1. Then wait for the new crop to grow up thinking straight. Which may be too late for you or I but in the meantime we can laugh at them.

  31. Actually, that video would look even better if they put there older 50-something women instead of men

  32. As “The Night Porter” and “General Stalin” pointed out, this article misses the mark. Part of the core philosophy of red pill wisdom is admitting we’re not all equal. The sort of tit-for-tat mentality advocated here drives directly against that.
    Advising to retort with “creepy” in every sentence? Citing a satirical Buzzfeed video that features obviously feminine behaviour and then purporting to shame each example of it? I thought we all desired a return to more feminine form in general by women, not a crossover to it ourselves.
    Additionally, when there are such glaring typos as “if your a woman” and “in it’s wake” by the second paragraph, I question the author’s credibility off the hop. Though plenty of articles on this site have little errors here and there, few seem so devoid of regard for the most basic of grammatical rules — this is amateur hour, RoK.
    There have been too many articles posted lately of dubious merit. Let’s get back to quality over quantity.

  33. You guys are calling out behavior. Creepy for women is defined by the SMV of the man who commits the act, not what the person does. Women should be judged on that standard. Low value woman shows interest in you in anyway=creepy.

  34. This is interesting because this is the opposite of what I see when I am out. I see many a father out with his children with and without the mother and I think it’s great which is how everyone I see interacting with them treats it as well. We have so many children’s activities in melbourne and the fathers and kids only days book out the fastest!
    The attitude towards men with children could be a generational thing / sign of the times because virgin blue doesn’t exist here (Australia) anymore, this video is a few years old at least.

  35. It’s time the word creep, become a gender neutral term. Any woman who exhibits socially awkward or obsessive behavior should be called creepy.

  36. honestly this is what’s wrong with the manosphere. instead of “men going their own way” and actually, you know, not caring about the childish opinions people have, we have guys saying its a GOOD thing to dumb everyone down to this level.

  37. The best use of creepy is to call any woman acting in a masculine manner “creepy”.
    Don’t use it as like for like, use it to demonize behavior unbecoming of what the true feminine beauty is.

  38. I really don’t get the whole uproar with ‘creepy’. Do guys really care that much about options of some skank? None of that should phase you and if it does don’t let other people know. It’s a weakness and they will exploit it.

    1. The author was angry enough to write an entire article about being called creepy.

  39. What about women that STALK men?? I have had this happen to me several times!! A woman I barely know or speak to shows up at my job, is sitting in the parking lot EXACTLY at the time I get off! Or she shows up at my house or places I frequent. This is VERY common with women, but never discussed!

  40. In my experience, it’s only much older or unattractive (physically or otherwise) men that get dismissed as “creepy” for doing certain behaviours or saying certain things. Hot men get a free pass for doing or saying the exact same things, in fact according to women it makes him even more “charming” or “cute”.
    For example I used to work in an office where there were quite a few attractive women, aged around 19-32 (adult women), we worked with a slightly overweight, socially awkward fella, he fell for one in particular, and would always be nice to her and compliment her, and sent her gifts – she and the others would be nice to his face, but talk shit about him behind his back, saying how “creepy”, “strange” and “odd” he was.
    In the same office there was a conventionally attractive guy and a good conversationalist, but very crude at the same time, used to always send around sick and sexist jokes, and banter with these exact same women – they would just giggle at him like little girls and were obviously attracted to him… If an unattractive guy did that, he would probably be disciplined or worse.
    But to be honest, men treat hot and ugly girls differently too, it’s not that different. A hot girl who expresses an unpopular opinion will be at least listened to, an ugly girl who expresses the same opinion will be instantly disliked, and called an ugly bitch, dyke, witch….. worse if she’s fat too.
    tl;dr – People respond much better to hot, attractive people than they do ugly people. I’ll leave you for a minute to absorb that bombshell of information….

  41. Let’s just make a campaign to ban “creepy” like what was done with the word “bossy.”
    I don’t hear girls throwing around “creepy” so much after I finished my stay university.

  42. A better approach is the Jersey Shore approach: accept creepy as a complement, become a “creeper,” and “creep” on girls.
    Once you demonstrate that the word has no power over you, you are that much more powerful and attractive.

  43. I was molested by my own aunt at the age of 6. There was never anything “hot” about that.

  44. Anyone familiar with ??
    Text is made of URLs. Look it up on google if you hesitate to sign up.

  45. Nothing creepier than a blowhard who hates women yet can’t stop obsessively thinking about them.

  46. I say we take back the word “creepy” by stalking women everywhere they go, breathing down their neck, and shoving them to the floor when they reject our advances.

  47. I completely agree with this, and I think the issue is a serious one, as illustrated in the “Today, Tonight” section. Try living in Southern Califirnia where the culture is tailored around ignoring men! I’ve actually found it incredibly useful in approaching women here, though, because when used humorously, you can often achieve the two-fold benefit of calling them out on something ridiculous that they do, and making them like you a bit more for making them laugh and having the confidence to make gentle fun of them. Most any girl with a fairly decent sense of humor can appreciate it, but if she can’t, chances are she’s a creepy girl hardly worth the effort anyway!

  48. As with most articles I read on ROK, first reaction is thank christ I never lived in America and have left the anglosphere… Always felt “creepy” was an American word and “psycho” as well. I don’t even think these words are thrown around that much in other English speaking countries. Do see the “creepy” one on American TV though.. It’s one of several overused words which are linked to a current warped Zeitgeist.. Would include “racist” and “fascist” as well. But back to “creepy”.. A long term persistent (not one-off) lurking, secretly and quietly pursuing without making the intent known..

  49. Her: “Creep” “Pervert”
    Me: “Takes one to know one”
    > direct, simple, to-to-point, effective
    > repeat ad nauseum until she gives up

  50. The male discrimination that the Australian news clip conveyed is awful. How society casts men in a criminal role for doing nothing is deeply unsettling. I make and sell children’s toys and decorations for children’s bedrooms. A few weeks ago a male friend came to keep my company on my stall at a craft market, and I had very little interest during the time he was there. If a male were making and selling the things I am it would be seen as suspect and creepy.
    Feminism sought to level the playing field but its gone a bit too far now. While I strongly advocate women’s rights the fact that women are allowed a free pass to take photos of someone while they sleep or ‘stalk’ you at work is wrong. I honestly feel that no one should be allowed to get away with most of these things.

    1. Feminism was never about leveling the playing field. It’s just a new supremacism lying to its new adherents.

  51. Any time you get called a creep by a stupid bitch call that stupid bitch a feminazi.

    1. Don’t kill all the beautiful things! I’m gonna die alone I got this shit so backwards and honestly I rather would. It’s called self denial waiting for someone special you fucking fags need to start getting married. You’re worse than the buttfucking homosexuals! Those dudes fuck eachother in the butts and now thanks to everyone I can’t feel comfortable sleeping with a girl without giving her the ole inoutinout. The inoutinout happens naturally as a part of sleeping together you fucking buttfucks. Luckily I got all the girls I needed though for this lifetime. One black girl one brunette one mexican and the grand finale the blonde. By the time i got her though I became a complete fruit cake I don’t think I’m going to have another girl again. But shit the first time I got called gay was in kindergarten and I kicked the crap out of that fag. Somewhere along the way I forgot that it’s okay to kick the crap out of someone that calls you names as long as there’s an agreement you can fight anyone anytime until they don’t want to fight anymore. I’m sick of this shit! So I finally stood up for myself and got fired from my job. I should sew everyone of you but since I’m not gay it shouldn’t bother me. Well I’m just a fruitcake that is totally gay for girls so fuck all of you fucking buttfucking fags. Fucking feminazis.
      Fags are fags are fags are fags so fucking watch out everyone else gets to use this word except for its actual use. We are using words and calling them something else. Someone calls me a fag I want to kill someone. Like I was just following the rules of the game and taking them to the extreme and it left me completely fuckign speechless as a male. Well I started talking about 2 years ago and I ain’t stopping. Don’t worry guys I’ll take one for the team and die alone. This buttfucking has got to stop though because now I can’t get married because YOU GUYS COMPLETELY annihilated me. When did this gay shit really take off? The late 80s and it got really dark and complicated and this is some really fucked up shit to have grown up with. Now that I have come to a level where I can like understand shit I am disgusted by the way I was raised.
      If you want to butt fuck go ahead and butt fuck I guess but we’re coming for you if this gets to be too much. I don’t know who we are or who they are but they aint coming for you you’ll just stay here while we go over there to get away from you. Then it would be only you butt fucks over here while we’re over there and then while we were over there well things might start to not go well for you. I don’t know whats going to happen. I’m not even a man. I’m like this broke asshole who doesn’t know how to be responsible because I thought I would be able to get married or something. Like I knew it wasn’t going to work out because I’m just a broke asshole. I’m fine though. You fags need to start getting married and I’m not talking about buttfuckers. Sexuality is not science. Science is something that doesn’t define the human race. Science is a tool for procreation. I believe in fate when it comes to finding your love not in fucking dating sites you fucking bastards! You all have way too much experience and we need to start cutting your d**** off. I’m not going to do it but I sure love the internet blogosphere. Aint no one going to read this anyway but this is disgusting. Christian. If nothing else. I know he is the son of God and if you don’t believe it then you don’t get into Christian heaven. He will forgive me for my sins and the Bible is the best book ever written.

  52. “It’s creepy, creepy, creepy! Women should be called out on their behavior and reminded that if men did anything similar, they would be “creeped out” or “weirded out” by what we were doing.”
    I’m never creeped out really by a woman. I think it’s a feminazi tactic for them to call us creepy though and completely dehuminize us. I’m in fucking charge you stupid bitch feminazi. I respect that you might not like me and I’ll stay away now but holy fucking shit this creepy word has got to stop because your convincing people that they aren’t free and aren’t responsible for their own actions they’re just born that way. Everyone knows right from wrong but sitting at a park alone or going for a nice walk I hate seeing you as much as you hate seeing me. Anytime I’m walking alone I make it a point to call all these women feminazis just to even the playing field. Most women I wouldnt fuck with a 200 foot dick. I’m a 27 year old dinosaur though because of how I was raised and now I’m like I was raised completely wrong being able to decide everything as far as gender for myself. Well lets say I’m fucking pissed they took away the toy gun and gave us dolls.Fucking feminazis I am so pissed. I don’t care how you feel I just want all you stupid fucking feminazis to know how I feel. I’m here to put you back in your place. Trust me I’m never going to touch anyone ever again. I’m dying lonesome at the end of my days. I knew this was going to happen. I thought it wasnt but I knew it was. So fuck all of you if you want something you have to take it and demand it. Live as you were meant to really I think we need to reassess what it means to be free. There may be rioting soon because the creeps are getting greater in number and I’m talking about the good ole boys showing that good ole fashion American beauty. In the end they all turn out to be fags. Well I don’t think I’m going to start kissing any guys soon . I might give them the kiss of death but probably not. I don’t own a gun. For good reason as you can see. That movie though he kisses that guy then fucking blows him away. I don’t think he was a homosexual because homosexuality isnt an act of love as those people define it. If anything homosexuality is a form of ultraviolence. So I might be a homosexual and start getting ultraviolent because there aren’t enough females. How do you like that for homosexuality. I don’t think I’m going to get violent but if there are too many of one sex things may start to get violent. Things havent changed. They won’t ever change. We’re just waiting for it to change so much that it just gets violent. I don’t give a fuck anymore. MY disney turned out to be extremely dark because I’m insecure. So hey I’m a fruit cake come and get me I dare you and don’t focus too much on finding me go out and like i don’t know go rob someone. There is unrest and you guys just be sitting in front of your computers. The nice thing about this is that it’s completely random. it could happen to any of us and that makes me feel alive that it could happen to any of us.
    I was on the wrong side. I was the underground bully. Went completely underground during my time at school. I probably could have ran the school but I was told bullying was wrong so I went underground with it and made it look like I was being bullied and umm because I could have kicked the crap out of anyone I just tried to avoid the shit all together. I couldn’t quite figure out why I didn’t like girls one of the reasons was because I had more important things to do than get fucked but thats the only way to get ahead is to get fucked. Like I cant get fucked so I ain’t going anywhere soon. I like walking around but as for working I can work I love to work I love people but then it gets a little to personal and its time to move on. The answers will always come in good time though. Never forget that. No one is going to rescue me though. I would rather just feel good than be happy.

  53. Basically the issue here is that men are vastly superior to women in terms of physical strength. Pretty much any man could easily overpower a woman and take what he wants.
    Therefore women have developed a sense for “creepiness” that is really more of a “threat level”. This is why men are “creepy” and women aren’t. Because women aren’t a threat.

  54. Wow. Sounds like most of you (excluding the Christian married man who agreed with the ridiculous “ROK commandments”) haven’t had a satisfying relationship with a woman. Ever. Women call you creeps because you keep approaching them after they’ve made it clear they’re not interested. You can do the same to a woman, but don’t get so butt-hurt about being constantly rejected by women who aren’t attracted to you.

  55. It’s about time article like this was written and glad to find it. I’m sick of women calling men creepy when they can be creeps themselves. But unfortunately, women have a pussy pass and feminists and manginas are just enabling them.

  56. The over-use of the word creepy by women to categorize men is just a symptom of the overall problem of people in US becoming more alienated with one another. Remember in the 90’s the buzzword was “comfortable”. “I don’t feel comfortable (despite having police/security/friends etc nearby)….” Add that to misguided feminism – which is basically the idea that in order for women to be recognized as a man’s equal she has to ACT MASCULINE and now you have women alienating themselves from men and staking a power claim, they overuse the word creepy. However the spotlight needs to go back on women who do this.
    PS, and men don’t ever replicate this by calling woman creepy. Someone has to be the adult. Finally, I am a big believer in open markets. Find a nice foreign girl and leave the easily creeped out American women alone. They need to be alone to reflect.

  57. That’s just a word women use to describe men they don’t like. It’s actually a juvenile behavior. I don’t waste my time with women who clasify men as those that are ok and those that are “creepy”.

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