Why Lithuania Should Ban Female Leaders

Irony is an abundant 21st century commodity. Lithuania’s first female President, Dalia Grybauskaitė, claims that Lithuania, a tiny Baltic nation close to Russia, needs to “protect itself” and reintroduce conscription. What she means by this is males need to forcibly protect Lithuania. And she now has what she wanted, as the Lithuanian parliament “overwhelmingly” voted to reintroduce conscription, which was only scrapped less than a decade ago.

Dalia Grybauskaitė is joined by a swathe of other professional female hypocrites, including the Speaker of the national parliament, Loreta Graužinienė, in calling for this “vital” addition to the country’s defensive posturing. So women have the opportunity to ascend to Lithuania’s highest political positions, but are not expected to serve the country like thousands of Lithuanian men will now have to every year.

Women will have the “option” to join their conscripted male counterparts. Feminist Newspeak at its best.

Baltic hypocrisy

I know enough Lithuanians and Estonians, and to a lesser degree Latvians, to have read or been told about how female Baltic politicians regularly exploit the sexism card to advance their careers or stave off justified criticism. But when it comes to the security of the nation, Grybauskaitė and others clearly do not believe that equality is what they otherwise say it is.

Lithuania has already adopted Nordic models of prostitution in recent months, treating every prostitute as a victim of “male violence,” even $500-$2,000 per hour local call-girls or those flown in from elsewhere in Europe. There’s no word yet on whether twenty-something women marrying wealthy men in their forties, fifties, or sixties will be included (sigh). I suppose we’ll wait with bated breath for Dalia Grybauskaitė’s expert leadership on this issue!

National security and unity is the first priority of any leader, head of state or head of government. Whilst no one expects, or wants, a national leader to be 25, one should be able to safely expect that a national leader will be of a gender subject to conscription, if conscription is even practiced.

Grybauskaitė as Commander-in-Chief of Lithuania’s male-only conscripts is akin to making a man the Women’s Minister in the national cabinet. Even worse, actually, if you acknowledge that conscription is, whatever its benefits to state defense, a form of indentured servitude.

Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, “liberated” by the Soviets towards the end of the Second World War and then promptly incorporated into the Soviet Union, are extraordinarily wary of Russia and perceived Russian aggression. In some ways, therefore, support for reintroducing conscription by Grybauskaitė and others is not all that surprising.

Unlike then-fellow communist states such as Poland and Bulgaria, which served as puppet states, Soviet proxies, or buffer zones, the Baltic states were directly under Moscow’s heel and lacked the size of the more “independent” Warsaw Pact countries to rebel. Moreover, hundreds of thousands of ethnic Russian settlers, many of whom remained after the USSR’s break-up, were offloaded there to quell and offset any indigenous dissent.

The problem is not with the legitimacy of conscription as an idea, it’s with the gall of women who want a large slice of post-Soviet Lithuania’s power, but expect men to underpin the entirety of the nation’s security.

Loreta Graužinienė, Lithuanian parliamentary speaker and a feminist who demanded male-only conscription.

Conversation about Putin, Russia, and reminders of the unhappier, Soviet-dominated years are forgivably at an all-time high in the Baltics. Yet precious little emphasis is on the asymmetry of the conscription question and who fundamentally must bear the direct costs of defending the country. It is untenable that Lithuania’s female leaders would call themselves feminists but throw the rusty end of the spanner to the country’s men.

European law explicitly allows for this anti-male discrimination. Various human rights charters and domestic laws make a deliberate exception for male-only conscription as a form of sexism. In fact, all these exceptions are those that advantage women.

A telling comparison

Picture for a moment a hypothetical country that required thousands of women every year to attend child-rearing and homemaking camps, away from the rest of society. The women “drafted” would be determined by lot, yet the only people compelled to “join” would be female. The women would be forced to learn home economics, cooking, sewing, household mending, how to teach young children rudimentary reading and arithmetic, and, by virtue of their biology, breast-feeding and infant care.

In the modern world, in which children are either left to their own devices or “raised” by technology, such camps would reap untold benefits for both society and families, producing more well-rounded, mentally and emotionally stable children. Would Dalia Grybauskaitė support such a measure?

Grybauskaitė has a black belt in karate, declares herself a feminist but only wants men to be conscripted. What does that tell you about feminism?

Or how about, if women are not required to join the military as conscripts, making them perform unpaid or poorly paid work in hospitals, schools and nursing homes? Although not yet a “first world” economy, Lithuania’s population is aging considerably and its children are in dire need of a competitive educational edge in a stagnant European economy. Women could perform these tasks on a weekend basis for four or five years to match the time men spend being conscripted full-time.

The moral of the story is…

…women are always special cases, deserving of extra privileges; advantages are for women, disadvantages are for men. Girls are being exhorted to reach for the sky but will never be expected to take the dirty jobs society foists only on men, from the 95% male share of workplace deaths to conscription in the military.

Feminism is about “equality” exclusively where women can advance their own interests.

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166 thoughts on “Why Lithuania Should Ban Female Leaders”

  1. Women are not leaders. It is not in their biology to lead any civilization, let alone a company. One only needs to look back through history and see the disaster women are when it comes to leading a nation.
    Unfortunately, it is true that women only want to advance a nation based on female prerogatives rather than the actual betterment of society as a whole. People need to realise this as it reflects the corrupt nature of women. Take for example employment- how many times have you applied for a position in a company going through the infamous human resources department, only to end up being rejected for the job because it ended up going to a female candidate, even though she simply does not have the competitive strive or merit for the position. But nonetheless, she received it because she was female.
    This destructive behaviour symbolises why it is important that men need to wake up and realise that in order for society to be improved, feminism needs to be dismantled and discredited for being what it truly is- a fraud and a deception. Feminism believes in achieving equality for women at the price of depriving men of their rights. How is that achieving equality? It is hypocrisy at its best.
    Which is why men need to appreciate the value of being a man. It is in man’s nature to build, develop and lead a nation. Men built companies, revolutionised our world and eveything else which has led to the advancement and betterment of our society. Yes men can be corrupt, but the real destruction lies in the waves of radical feminism, which simply destroys anything that it touches.

    1. “Unfortunately, it is true that women only want to advance a nation based on female prerogatives rather than the actual betterment of society as a whole.”
      So true. On an instinctual level a Women will only prioritize issues that matter to her alone. If she becomes a Mother that may MAY include a child but it is still at the expense of others, most notably with the Father figure involved.
      “Feminism believes in achieving equality for women at the price of depriving men of their rights. How is that achieving equality? It is hypocrisy at its best.”
      That is what they tell us, but the true goal of feminism is marginalizing Men as nothing more substantial than reproductive tools in order to pass off the gender superiority of the female. Females will naturally erode the rights of Men and grant for themselves power and mastery over them if left unchecked or if aided and abetted by quisling anorchous males.
      US history proves that this is what is happening within our society, which is yet another reason why the US is on cultural economic and spiritual decline.

      1. Well said. If men do not wake up, then it will be the end. If you think it is bad now, then you ain’t seen nothing yet.
        Picture a dystopia where men are legally bound to hand over their semen, bound to provide 100% of their income that the state demands and bound to never be allowed to interact with their children.
        These wild extreme examples are going to occur if radical feminism keeps occuring at the rate it currently does.

        1. Indeed. If semen donations drop expect the militants to petition the forcible extraction of reproductive fluid from males thanks to the complict efforts of gender quisling betas.
          Our society is fast becoming animal farm, 1984, and brave new world-ish all within the span of a century, thanks to the efforts of progs here and abroad.
          America is in dire need of a 2nd American revolution.

        2. Don’t forget that classic ‘forced to look after some other devil spawn she popped out from another man’ after the state legally decides he’s daddy.

        3. That hypothetical has no bearing on possible reality. As long as I’m armed, good luck “taking” a gaddamn thing from me without my consent.

      2. With men wresting total control over their women, the woman’s control over access to her hole is trumped and the women will simply get screwed ALL THE TIME regardles of the time on her clock.
        Also, women will have a full plate of activity daily keeping her master’s plan served. The female tendency to eat her young or drown the babies in the tub will be crunched by pure dominant male efficacy and her crude undistilled animal spirit will ascend to become AS HIS.

    2. As a man who recently applied to a job of postman, succeeded at the tests but got rejected because their priority is to hire women, I agree with your post.
      Also, on the subject of women not wanting to advance the interests of the nation, I could not agree any more. Men have a natural instinct to protect and defend their “tribe” and to do everything they can for their tribe to become a better group and to ensure their survival. Meanwhile, women do not seem to care at all about those things, or even understand them.
      A woman is like : “Who cares if we lose the war and get invaded? I’ll just find a husband among the invaders.” That’s their mentality.

      1. You can, at least in part, blame my mother’s oldest sister for that. She fought for a couple of years to be allowed to work for the post office.
        She ended up on permanent disability and blamed the post office for giving her work that was too hard.

      2. I assume you are fed up with corp life? I wouldnt mind working for them, you gotta see how slow my guy is- it is really an art.

      3. The Beeb had a story on about women in trades. Why aren’t more women in trades? Trades pay better than nursing, et al.
        I can tell you I’ve known one lady, and a hot bitch (not derogatory, she was a fucking 7-8 hottie) she was, who was not useless in a trade. Specifically she was a journeyman carpenter at the time. Good at her job, could eyeball cuts and square shit up in nothing flat. Of course her dad was a master carpenter, and her brothers were carpenters. Mom died when she was young, sad story, some ass mowed her mom down in a parking lot while drunk. She was a sight in a miniskirt, wowza.
        Most of the time women in the trades aren’t half as good as the guys. They try to be, but overcompensate, and so on. You’d think computers would even this out, but it doesn’t. Guys still get it done quicker and more expertly.

      4. It’s weird that I haven’t heard of any unemployed male neurosurgeons lately. It’s almost like delivering the mail is unskilled labor and anyone with half a brain could do it. I’m sorry to say my tribe (AKA Homeowner’s Association) is defended by men with a skillset a little more extensive than “basic literacy” and “putting things in piles.”
        Call me an elitist if you will, but know that I take it as a compliment.

    3. As a devil’s advocate:
      I will offer the counterpoints of great female leaders like Margret Thatcher,Queen Victoria,Queen Elizabeth and Isabella of Spain.
      With the rest being men of course.

      1. Every 10,000 or so random reproductions in mammalian species will likely result in an albino version of an otherwise normally pigmented animal. This however doesn’t mean that albinism is normal to that animal, it just means that a random toss of the biological dice will sometimes result in a crapshoot for two opposite sexed parents of a particular species.
        Women being good leaders is so rare (like albinism) it’s practically an oxymoron.

      2. Margret Tatcher – Her actions destroyed the British manufacturing industry and her policies led to mass unemployment.
        https://squarepenguin.co.uk/why-margaret-thatcher-is-hated/#2. She destroyed Britain’s manufacturing industry and her policies led to mass unemployment
        Queen Victoria – Didn’t really rule the country. The Prime Minister/ Parliament did. The King or Queen was a figurehead ever since the Magna Carta
        Queen Elizabeth – One of the most vain leaders. Also let poverty become rampant.
        Isabella – Though it was formally shown that her husband Ferdinand shared equal power with her, the truth was Ferdinand had more power than her, and likely was in heavy control (with a lot more influence than Isabella) over the decisions over Spain (including the Reclamation of the Iberian Peninsula from the Muslims/ conversions and funding Columbus’s voyage.

        1. Margaret Thatcher was one of the best leaders of the UK. She didnt destroy manufacturing. It was already dead. If she hadnt done that, someone else would have had to.

    4. And the first step is publicly advocating that women should not be allowed to vote. You will get shamed to high hell by even the lesser alphas, but if you persevere, women suddenly become more interested in your sexist, biologically relevant self.

  2. Women should not be allowed in combat positions, its like putting rifles in the hands of the zumba class at the gym. But women should have obligation to serve in non-combat positions, or their vote only counts 1/2 of a man’s vote.

  3. The problem isn’t just limited to Lithuania, but also the US.
    Over here we call it “selective service”
    Females are given a pass from forcibly registering for a potential draft…hell, even male to female sex changers get a pass in this regard.
    With the advent of “toy soldiers” aka military femmes in active combat units, it seems to me that those fighting against having females forcibly enlist in SS do so because of a hypocrisy that can best be described as gender privilege, or only being in favor of Women in active combat roles when the Woman herself is seeking it.
    Since a random butch or two or a coddled SJC (social justice cunt) thinks they are qualified to serve simply because they want to, by all means…let’s lift the ban on ALL WOMEN so that they ALL share in the possibility of having to potentially serve in combat operations…whether they want to or not.

    1. THAT would finally get women against feminism instead of (in their lacking of justice way) sit by and idly think that since it’s no harm to them, do nothing about it.
      Once it’s their asses heading for the battlefield feminism will be slapped down faster than Gloria Steinem in a Mosque.

      1. Feminists don’t want equal. If they wanted equal they’d be advocating for the same standards across the board. As it is now, females have lower fitness standards than males in all enlisted and officer positions. If you held females to the same standards, only 1% of them would be able to stay in the military.

        1. They want equality of result, not opportunity. Hence the lower standards are necessary for that.

  4. Regardless of the Lithuanian president’s gender, the country’s elite would have made the same decision. In fact, now the whole of Eastern Europe is such disgrace. After the liberation from the Soviet influence, they quickly found a new ass to kiss – the American. The current anti-Russia hysteria is a way of selling more arms to the EE puppet governments.

    1. Lesser nations can never maintain a military big enough to defend themselves. The smaller nations of europe either need to be in a mutual defense treaty with russia or usa/nato. Its logical for russia to take that role for logistical reasons. If the baltics want to switch to nato, then they need to assume burden sharing, no free ride. They have to allow use of airports, deployment of missiles, assume all kinds of military related costs. They also have to send their troops to fight in conflicts that aren’t on their own soil.

      1. Why in the hell should they fight in conflicts not on their own soil, assuming that they were not fighting IN another NATO country for *their* defense?

      2. Small European countries can maintain neutrality and be safe – Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, San Marino.

        1. Indeed. They would be wise to create favorable economic policies while attempting to get an instituted strict neutrality that would be recognized throughout the region, if not the world. The economic policies should entail the following:
          *Very low corporate tax
          *Low regulation to encourage business development
          *Favorable establishment banking
          *Economic citizenship
          *Low taxation and small government

        2. Liechtenstein, San Marino…..are tax havens. Sweden, Switzerland and Austria are located in areas devout of enemies. Poland, Estonia……not so much.

        3. Sweden has always depended on two countries for its security – Finland and Norway. Finland from Russian occupation, Norway from Nazi/ German.

      3. Even big countries such as Germany and UK were allied and still are allied with the US. Last time I heard, Germany is still full of US troops. I wish we could do neutrality, but unfortunately it doesn’t work in this region. The Swiss example of bearing arms would be good though, as the Balts are good at partisan warfare – and will definitely try it again if all else fails.

    2. Joining the e.u or nato means losing your culture, religion, traditions and women to Hollywood culture. as well as having to use in most cases inferior nato outdated military equipment. Those Lithuanian soldiers are using g36 rifles which were pulled from service in germany due to the polymer receivers melting due to high heat from sustained fire as well as zeroing problems because of the flexible polymer, so it looks like nato gave them reject rifles as well as 80’s mil equipment

      1. Isn’t it curious how the after the dissolution Warsaw Pact its members were very quickly absorbed by “the enemy’s” structures?
        Controlled demolition, perhaps?

      2. You seem to be implying here that Russian domination is respectful of autonomous culture, religion and tradition. Could you convince me that Russia respects Lithuania and its neighbours as a nation?

      3. After joining the EU each Baltic language became an official EU language and that means all the EU legislation has been translated in to Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian, there is a huge translation network in the EU institutions where those languages are used daily. The status of those languages has risen immensely, whereas by the 1980s during the Soviet occupation Baltic languages were entering a stage where they could soon start going extinct (like Belorussian is today). NATO has had no influence on the culture and religion in the Baltics whatsoever. Traditions? We have bands like Skyforger now that play folk instruments with metal. We still have our song festivals and a ton of other local festivals. Not only the Baltic cultures, but also Russian, Jewish and Finnic cultures are thriving in our region.
        Btw, I know what you’re reading. Speaking of weapons, how do you expect countries of our size to have a huge military? I don’t know the details, but the First Cavalry Division was just visiting in Riga, and that’s as good as it gets. I’m not happy about the draft, but our service men were lining up to serve in Afghanistan because they were well paid (by out budget).

  5. There are multiple, strategic wins for feminists here.
    One hidden reason for feminists to limit compulsory military service to males-only likely involves yanking men out of their careers to open the way for women to advance professionally.
    For example, that’s one of the feminist silver linings in their rapidly growing campaign to convince men to stay home as homemakers and family-raisers. Not only does such a man serve some uber-woman as the wind beneath her wings and free her to soar to the heights where she can get her hands on levers of power, he also gets himself out of the way so a woman can take his job and paycheck, and move up the career ladder. (If he ever returns to the workforce it will be in some low-level, part-time job feminists are happy to have him perform.)
    The military service program also supports the feminist war against the traditional family by taking men out of the marriage market during the prime mating years for women their age. This carries another pair of hidden wins for feminists, because it means more young women will find it necessary to marry the state instead — thereby growing the power and social penetration of government, which is the source of all of organized feminism’s money and privileges.

    1. feminism got its first foothold in the west in the first and then second world wars as women took the jobs of men dying on the fronts. Male conscription will do for men’s careers (those that don’t return home in a bodybag) what taking time out for pregnancy does for womens’

  6. “Why Lithuania Should Ban Female Leaders”
    Why should this be limited to Lithuania?

      1. So women get all the promotions, and men do all the dying, nothing wrong there.

      2. Argentina should be added to this list of shame, thanks to that corrupt SJC president, christina kirchner.

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  7. since when have the men who fought in wars ever been the ones who benefited from the collective sacrifice. Cannon fodder has always been a gendered role. The fact that women get to the option to benefit at their discretion will be used to claim equality as in “the men and women fighting on the front line”, even though it will still be men almost exclusively who die in the event of any actual conflict.
    Its time to look very carefully at who would benefit from any future wars shaping up. That includes elsewhere too, in the middle east and elsewhere.

    1. Pre-American Civil War era. The Nation-state and industrialized warfare made drafting uninterested men a necessity. Before that most militaries were made up of volunteers whose living was in bearing arms.

  8. Don’t most of you ROK writers and readers think that EE and x-USSR are the pussy utopias we have been dreaming about ?

    1. The liberalization of the Catholic Church since the Second Vatican Council plus the fall of the Iron Curtain has caused the Catholic countries there to fast-track their way toward SJW libtardery. Poland is the most rabidly neocon country in the region; it actually participated in the 2003 Iraq invasion. And irreligious countries (Czech Republic, Estonia, eastern Germany) are even worse, with noticeably higher obesity rates and surlier women.
      Look in Orthodox countries for women.

    2. Well, I guess we are seeing the Russian alpha male now. He doesn’t wear suit, drive a BMW, or spit game. He wears fatigues, rides in a BMP, and let’s his AK-74M do the talking.
      Joking… sort of.

    1. And look at that! $97.00 an hour! Every stinking hour! Dude, that’s like some serious beer money right there!

      1. Reminds me of those fake profiles on FB where gorgeous Women tell you how to “flip” $100 into a $1000 lol
        Only a lobotomized mangina would fall for that crap.

  9. I would argue that conscription isn’t that terrible, is it unfair? of course, but it’ll thicken your skin in the end. I don’t believe Russia will attack anyone, so good luck to all Lithuanian readers getting conscripted, stay safe.

    1. I generally consider slavery and indentured servitude a net bad. I’m strange that way.

      1. Indeed. Particularly when only one half of the population is required to be cannon fodder while simultaneously possessing less rights than the alleged “oppressed class”. It is quite extraordinary how easily the irony here is being missed by so many.

        1. Both halves are producing the cannon fodder since it requires the participation of both sexes to create a new human. My primary point however is that it is foolish to voluntarily become cannon fodder for the politico-economic ambitions of the political class.

  10. More E.U shit feminist fear mongering. just like Sweden. they are all terrified that Russia still is a traditional European christian nation. These are the same shits that are trying to turn Slavic central and east euro nations along with the baltics into godless west euro u.s hellholes. Russia is the seemingly only hope for a patriarchal Christian european homeland

    1. The Baltics have gone mad. They’re so scared of Russia (for no valid reason), that they do their best to imitate Swedish multicult idiocy and American neocon idiocy.

      1. The best thing I can say about most Russians is that they don’t like feminism.
        The worst thing I can say about most Russians is that they’re the genetic deficients that allowed the rise of communism in the first place.
        The funniest thing I can say about most Russians is that many think China is their friend.

        1. Communism seized power during a disastrous war with the help of Western powers.
          And States don’t have friends, they don’t go out together and have a beer, they don’t go bowling. States have mutual interests.

        2. The worst thing I can say about most Russians is that they’re the
          genetic deficients that allowed the rise of communism in the first

          Not sure if they’re worse genetic deficients than we are, who allowed the rise of feminism, neocon tardery, and SJWs.

        3. yes and how exactly are russians any genetically different from other indo-europeans

      2. Where do you see “swedish multi cult” idiocy? Most Balts are radically opposed to any outside immigration. Many (including in the government) are also opposed to the Europride. If you mean the women in the government, that is not because of Scandinavians – the Baltic women have always been influential, including before the war.

    2. Russia has never been a European nation, it’s a Eurasian country, that’s the first thing. Russia, traditionally Christian? Plausible, amongst other heathen religions, but still less than 50% self-identifying Christian. Heck, even after the fall in popularity, America is more Christian than Russia at better than 70% self-identifying.
      Second thing would be that many of these nations do not see Russia as a friendly country. Bitch like a little girl all you want, but I grew up during Cold War, and have a Polish (and other Eastern Bloc, including Baltic) friends that could tell you exactly why. I’ll give you the short list:
      1) Relatives disappeared
      2) Starvation tacitly allowed
      3) Beatings
      4) Rapes
      And after they left Estonia had their share of trouble with those further East long before any NATO talk. The KGB, and now FSB (a new name for an old enemy), invoke many feelings in people who grew up under the heel of the USSR or her puppet governments. None of those are happy feelings.

      1. Russia isn’t the u.s.s.r and this is not 1980. Russians posses a gene that is exclusive to europeans and culturally, as well as liguisticly are most definitely european. the country is 89% orthodox christian so i don’t know where you heard they weren’t. the only 2 groups in russia that are not are tarters and yakutians which make up less the 5% of the populace. poland is currently sucking u.s dick so of course that’s what they would propagandize

        1. Even if they are, finnic people are Caucasian and from Europe example Ural mountains are where finns came from still in Europe by definition, so is Finland and Hungary not European either.
          if were using wikipedia then

        2. That was my point. They are the primal Europeans who were in Europe even before the IndoEuropeans. The Balts and Russians are genetically a mixture of Finnic and IndoEuropean people. At least Northern Russians. So we are genetically the same people.

    3. Didn’t Stalin like… take away your family’s ancestral lands, destroy the hetman system and forcibly resettle the survivors Siberia? Sounds kinda feminist to me.
      Plus, are Orthodox even trinitarians, aka real western christians?

      1. you don’t understand the difference between ussr, russian empire ,and the russian federation. ussr was a terrible place but russia is a different country now defending traditional values. Stalin, Lenin, and Trotsky weren’t even Russian

        1. Georgian, Russian with some jewish ancestors, and Jewish.
          What of it? What about Brezhnev and Kalinin and Khrushchev, were they secretly Jews or Georgians too?
          Russia has most of the same people it had in 1980, and most of the same government officials it had in 1990. Same faces, same thieves, new words.

      2. Latvian, Estonian and Lithuanian people resisted until the 1950s, the last partisan in Latvia came out of the woods in 1957. Among them were women, including Catholic women, who were tortured by the Soviets.

    4. Cossack, the Baltic people have agency. These are pluralistic societies, where some groups are conservative, others liberal. That is reflected in the government too. I think Russia should decide its own fate, of course, but not everyone is the same even in Russia. You will find that there will be liberals, but there are also plenty of conservatives in the Baltics, in fact, many of my male friends have actually joined the Home guard after the whole geopolitical bs started, many have received weapons permits, etc. And we don’t even have this draft in Latvia (I don’t support it at this point). Btw, the Baltic women, as Westernized as they’ve always been, still haven’t turned into the Western style land whales. They are also not pedestelized as women are in the US.

    1. Oh shit man, heh, that’s exactly what she put me in mind of, but I didn’t make the connection.

    2. Shit man, don’t insult Rutger. He would look way better in drag than that ugly piece.

  11. “The female love of power is the root of all the world evils,”
    Cultural Marxism = Elitism = Collectivism = Feminism = Misandry =
    Matriarchy = Dead men and we know war kills men like nothing else.
    Never forget the power of the women and children card. As the quote by millions of dead men goes “Patriarchy: All men must die.”

    1. People who use children as shields;
      –Islamic terrorists
      –American progressives.
      Progressives will pull out the ‘protect the child’ card any time their extraordinary funding demands get questioned.

  12. Funny. If people thought the country was worth defending, there’d be no need for a draft. Both men and women would cheerfully sign up and volunteer to defend their nation.

  13. Lithuania has less than 3 million people, the idea that it could ever mount a meaningful conventional military defense against Russia is laughable. Now a traditional Swiss model army, i.e. every nigga a marksman trained and at home with a rifle and tin of ammo creating an instant partisan force makes some sense for a small nation.

  14. If I was of eligible age I would emigrate to avoid the draft. Where once a country respected men and their sacrifice now western fuck democracies want their blood and sweat in the service of their degenerate governments and fem centric public services. They will use patriotism to appeal to men but it is only patriotism when there is a mutual respect between citizens and their country. This link has been broken.
    Let the white knights and the women who think they are men die in the defence of their social justice warrior beliefs. Any self respecting man should leave or undermine their western government at every opportunity by withdrawing support, labour, taxes, etc.
    By entering the armed forces of any western democracy you are just meat for the grander, nothing more. I have more respect for my life than sacrificing my existence for the degenerates.

    1. indeed. It’s not your country, it’s theirs. So you should put priority on your survival only and let THEM deal with keeping THEIR country alive.

  15. Lithuanian guy here, it’s all fair because women are weaker than men. How can you expect an average woman to carry 30kg backpack full of gear in forests and swamps?

    1. If women can’t pull their weight, then they don’t deserve equal rights. It’s that simple.

      1. They are not as strong physically, but they can do management stuff. Grybauskaitė is actually a pretty good president.

        1. After a few more presidents like Grybauskaite, Lithuania will be like America, UK, Sweden, etc. With homosexuals adopting children, multiculturalism, feminism, and the rest of it. I plan to move back to Lithuania, you better not ruin the country before I get back. I don’t want to see Moslem enclaves in our cities.

        2. Women have proven to every single society on Earth that their management skills, suck. They have willingly adopted communism and the pure destruction of feminine qualities. Women should never lead. Only manginas think women should.

        3. In that case, all liberal presidents are like that, every EE country, with exception of Hungary probably has a liberal president. I’m moving back too and there is no way there’s gonna be muslims there (ever). Labai gerai.

        4. You need to look at something called EU supremacy. All EU legislation can negate and override domestic legislation, even if it existed for decades. Multiculturalism and immigration are key tenets of the EU and Lithuania is part of the EU, which means Lithuania needs to shut up and do what the EU says.
          It will take a while because the older generations that lived during the Lithuanian SSR are more conservative and frankly would not stand for immigration of non-Europeans en mass. Furthermore, Lithuania is currently not an attractive prospect to third-world immigrants in comparison to places like Sweden, Germany, and the UK, but that can change in time.
          The younger generations, think millennials, are very liberal (thanks to capitalism) and would not oppose it for the most part. Each new generation of Lithuanians is more liberal than the last. Once the older generations die off, Lithuania will be ripe for it.
          I can see it now. Lithuania’s plummeting birth rate and emmigration will be used as an argument for non-European immigration. And Lithuanians do anything the government tells them, they’ll eat it up.

      2. Women pull their wight by birthing children, giving birth even to one baby is quite an ordeal and men can’t birth even a single human being. Are you really that delusional? Are you American? You must be going coo coo.

        1. Just because some slut can shoot a kid out of her wet hole, doesn’t mean that she deserves rights.

        2. Nyaaa, you showed your level of sophistication and class. A brute like you doesn’t deserve to be called Elven anything. Orc.

    2. But that’s sexist, women aren’t weaker than men, it’s social conditioning by the patriarchy.

    3. You make a good point, but then why do women get to have more rights than men and still expect men to march off to the battlefield?
      Sorry, I say. Your country now – I’m just a spectator with no rights. Oh a draft? I’m gone.

  16. Sexism in the workplace for women means you come home with less pay. Sexism in the workplace for Lithuanian men means you come home with less body parts.

  17. Kurdish women fight with the Peshmerga against some of the sickest fucks in the world and this lot can’t be bothered to go through basic training.

  18. Lithuanians had about as much say in that DUCK FACED actress being installed as their head as French citizens have a say in being taken advantage of and being Islamified while drunk and propagandized. Or as much say as American voters have over having their borders kicked open and being plowed down by burrito tanks. Nothing against a nice hot burrito, but anything can overwhelm and kill in excess, even water.
    Lithuania would look better with an actor like Hulk Hogan or some blonde long haired wrestler type who can carry his nuts in speeches.
    Still it will always be an ‘actor’ until the money changers get flushed.

    1. “Nothing against a nice hot burrito . . .”
      I’m a celiac, you insensitive clod. I demand equal time for taco tanks.

      1. You have to give them credit. There’s a bean cuisine for everyone. Mexicans can serve up mashed beans a hundred ways from Sunday like Germans can serve up hog schnitzel.

        1. The funny thing is, where I lived in Mexico (the deep south), I couldn’t get a bean, or spicy, taco to save my life. It was chicken and guacamole or nothing.

  19. Silliest shit I’ve read in weeks. Either Roosh doesn’t have time to read his writers’ output, or he’s broken inside and just wants the ad money.
    To proceed logically: are you saying anyone who wouldn’t be eligible for the draft shouldn’t be head of state? Ie, you think FDR and Churchill shouldn’t have been allowed to lead because neither one could do a pull-up? It’s especially ironic that you would bash the nordic countries, when Norway just recently adopted female conscription.

    1. I’m an American and I wish that FDR had never led. For too many reasons to count.

    2. Norway is drafting women now? Outstanding. This should spread to the rest of western Europe. Putin would be pleased…

      1. I mean, we all know how weak the Israeli military is, what with their universal female conscription and all. And since Norway has a higher birthrate than Russia, Putin might want to consider trying it.
        It’s great that you let your feminine intuition form all your opinions, but sometimes facts are cool too.

        1. females havent been allowed in combat situations since when- the 50s right?
          Come on, man…

        2. Yeah, because in the Israeli military the women do the heavy lifting and are the real professional soldiers and military women have a higher birthrate than civilian women…yeah right.
          By the way, the birthrate in Norway is, most likely, being propped up by immigration, in the same way the birthrates in France and other European nations are reported, without accounting for race…

        3. So in your mind everyone in the military has to be shot at the whole time or else they’re not really in the military? War is 90% logistics and 10% combat, and I’d much rather have my logistics planned by a female with an engineering degree than a man with a high school diploma. Israel does that, but Arab countries don’t, and the record speaks for itself.

        4. Dr Marcus BenGay- is this your alter ego?
          Please cite all the female engineers throughout history whose logistical prowess resulted in victory.

    3. Churchill certainly could do pullups when he was young.
      “He came under fire on his twenty-first birthday–the first of about 50 times during his life,”
      I think he should have been allowed to lead the military.
      Oh, fuck FDR, btw.

      1. And he (badly) lost the only battle he ever fought and was exiled for his incompetence. But I bet he could do a lot of pushups, so clearly no one else could’ve led the defense.

        1. I think against the Spartan Alliance is a pretty steep order.
          What is your point snark-machine?

        2. Great minds think innovate and make use of all their resources without emotional or cultural bias, while lesser minds think conventionally and then blame circumstances.
          In the face of superior force Archimedes went to work making inventions while Thucydides went to work making excuses. Which you hold in higher esteem says a lot about your values.

        3. Exactly. Never let anyone else dictate your concerns, not even if they’re holding a sword.

  20. Safe behind enemy lines while the boys are on the front…
    Defense Ministers of Norway, Sweden, Netherlands,

  21. Safe behind enemy lines while the boys are on the front…
    Defense Ministrixes of Norway, Sweden, Netherlands and Germany

    1. Dufuq? Something is really fucked up with Germanic culture. I say this as somebody with half a foot in that camp. Men were 10/10 masculine men and somehow across the culture the women took over? WTF?

      1. I would guess, but not actually know, that the international community choosing to punish Germany at both Versailles and Paris had a very negative impact on the country, its culture, and worst of all, its masculinity.

        1. I bet someone could run this study and map all this stuff out.
          My theory;
          1st-Country is introduced to high fructose corn syrup
          2nd-Obesity numbers spike
          3rd-Feminism flourishes.
          I’m not goofing here either. You could map it out. South America is next. Asia in the distance but high fructose corn syrup is here. I think I would set it at 35 years. 35 years after HGCS is introduced you will start having major political issues due to feminism.

        2. Good god, I’ve never considered HFCS being such a major factor. It’s all a means to ultimate depopulation of the target colony/specie. War/fast kill/plagues are MESSY. Blood is messy whether it is from battle or from the bloody projectile vomiting of a hemmorhagic pathogen.
          SLOW KILL and we bury our dead neatly and leave the place clean like the clean up job that people do when they vacate their apartment, leaving the place empty, carpets vacuumed and deodorized in anticipation of the deposit money being returned. NO DEPOSIT NO RETURN.
          WAR on the other hand is MESSY depopulation, and the repair and clean up afterwards is costly. HFCS plus birth control coupled with abortion plus GAY PROPOGANDA and fetishizing the female shitter even when her shrimp boat is one centimeter CLOSER than her sewer, MY FUCKING GOD how can good men eat the death propoganda and keep their shit eaters grinning.

  22. “…Man bashing and man hating harms women, because it makes men hate them back – eventually. A puppy returns love for love, but if you beat it will eventually turn mean and will one day turn on you when you raiseyour fist or your stick (or the club of words) to hit it. Men are no different. When women talk about treating men like dogs, I wish they would. It would be an improvement. Most women treat their dogs far better than they treat their men.
    Somewhere along the line, I went through a metamorphosis. I changed from a man who loved women and thought they were just about the greatestthing in the world, to a man who can’t stand them, or anything about them.” – Zed

  23. If I were a Lithuanian man, I would, leave that country. They soldiers need to ask themselves question. Who are they protecting? The misandarists? A society that treats them like shit for being a man? A society that gives women the traditional and modern benefits of being a woman, yet loads men with traditional responsibility only?
    Moreover, male soldiers need to realize that they are more in numbers and the government needs them desperately. They should use this to their advantage, and demand, equal rights for men. Not the type of equal rights that feminism gives them, but actual equal rights.

    1. Well, Lithuanian women, just like in other Baltic states, are still in a way traditional. They are slim, thin and attractive, know how to clean and cook, expect men to lead the way. They are careerist though, but not in a way of complete neglect of family, like USA. So no reason of leaving in my opinion. Now if the Lithuanian women would become bitchy, narcissistic land whales who spend the whole day with their Iphones and who would not be able to boil eggs to save their Gargantuan asses, then maybe there would be a reason to leave.
      Personally, I support conscription, but not just for men, for women too.

    2. Lithuanian women are some of the best in the world. I’ve spoken to tons of Baltic males who when they go to the West are shocked by the stark difference in the quality of women. Many have been oblivious for years and even as recent as 10 years ago were not aware that they have better women (visually speaking) than those living in the West.

  24. Excellent point. Creatures that PMS are not fit for leadership. Menopausal women suffer from phantom PMS (I just coined that phrase, thanks) so they are out too. Thatcher took a bunch of testosterone, so I guess that was ok.

  25. LOL, if I was Lithuanian man, I’d simpyl collect the money. and when russia invades, I’d tell my platoon to stand down and if the russians start to invade, simply abandon post and let the feminist fight them, there isn’t shit worth saving in a country like that.

    1. That’s pretty much what’s happening already. As Ukraine’s situation gets worse and worse, Russia takes in more and more of Ukraine’s military members as refugees so they don’t have to fight them. Ukraine is an existential issue for the old White Russians, those folks’ natural place is Russia anyway. Lithuania? Not so much, but Russia will be accepting Lithuania’s conscripts right along with Ukraine’s. Russia won’t be going feminist anytime soon, Lithuania’s men can always pack it up and go to work for Putin. *I* would. Feminist-led governments are a nightmare for men, Hell, Putin should be recruiting in the United States after all. Besides, Russia needs men, they need population and they’re happy to pluck the men from feminist countries.
      Why these feminist cows see a need to conscript the men is beyond me, anyway. If those ladies were worth defending, surely the men would step up to the plate, right?

      1. Why don’t they conscript women? Some real equality. Lithuanian women are fat, their men should sit down until they lose weight.

  26. Black belt in Karate. Joke. Anyone could bitch-slap that cunt. And man, is that Parliamentary broad an ugly cow, eh? What a hatefyl, nasty, mannish pig. Hey, if Lithuania is going to start sending the men off to the military, it will be less a sausage-fest. Might be better times there for guys with game to come for a visit.

    1. The Baltics already have a higher female participation in the military than your typical European county and America too, I’m sure.

      1. Oh I see the correlation. Since women give birth they shouldn’t be forced to go to war like men. Wait, no I don’t see the correlation at all. Unless the the women lose limbs at birth and see the women giving birth next to them get shot up.

  27. Boy, they sure don’t make em pretty in Lithuania.
    I guess “how to score with hot Lithuanian chicks” is one article i won’t expect to see on ROK anytime soon 😀

    1. Lithuania has some of the most beautiful women in the world. Every country has ugly older women and dudes. But very few countries have so many hot young chicks as the Baltics. Check out the likes of Egle Vilkeviciute and Madara Mālmane. Victoria Secret alone has at least 2 Baltic models, that’s a big number for their population.

      1. I will be sure to explore this and take steps not to speak so presumptuously on Lithuania. Thanks.

  28. It should be absolutely mandatory for every political member to have served in their military. If your not willing to die for your country you shouldn’t lead it. Why do you think early Rome was so successful? Almost all their consuls were generals at some point and women were prohibited from politics. When politicians do it for the sole purpose of personal gain, fame, money and status the country is heading straight for destruction.

    1. A waiver should still be available for men who opted not to serve in thenr state’s armed forces, but instead who fought on the front lines throwing off the feminist scourge and who battled and fought to advance the GREAT MAN BALL.
      In addition, we need to honor the men who have fallen under fire while resisting the assault on their masculinity and their patriarchal families.

  29. I will assume that Lithuania bans female leaders.
    Lithuania is a member of the UN and is bound to international treaties and to the Declaration of Human Rights. The UN Human Rights Council is responsible for the promotion and
    protection of all human rights around the globe. Ban Ki-Moon says : “All victims of human rights abuses should be able to look to the Human Rights Council as a forum and a springboard for action.” Consequently, Lithuanian women will appeal to the Human Rights Council. The Council will send an investigation committee to Lithuania and the committee will conclude that Lithuania has failed to meet its international obligations. The report will reach the General Assembly which will condemn Lithuania. The Security Council will then decide to punish Lithuania and will order a joint international force to be sent against this country. Of course Russia and China will abstain from voting in the Security Council and will denounce these measures as usual, but this will not stop the execution of this decision because this is international democracy after all. The international force will then conquer Lithuania and restore the right of women there.

  30. If women want to be leaders, then they should be conscripted. That president is fucking hypocrite to the core!

  31. Tony Abbott may not be a brilliant PM for Australia but I’d still vote for him over Julia Gillard. Useless cow should’ve stayed behind her man in the kitchen at home.

    1. That’s a very puzzling question. It’s like we’re in an unwilling ‘arranged’ marriage to the state. Most people are able to self-govern and ‘lead’ themselves. Only a brain stem nit wit would need a surrogate ‘leader’ to act as their thinking head. But we’re all forced to bow to the state politicians regardless of our fitness to self govern, and if we resist, the hammer of the state comes home to smack US DOWN and make US into bitches of the state? The state can effectively BAG OUR DEFIANT HEADS with burqas and silence us with its iron handed sharia BUT WE ARE NOT ALLOWED to put the same sharia down on our women and reclaim our other half? Geez. The shit’s ASS BACKWARDS if you ask me.

  32. Pfft fuck that shit, Id secede and go fight for Russia before I get dragged to front line to die for some feminist cunts ideals

  33. Women should not be allowed near positions of power.
    In Florida, here this witchy female prosecutor who screams at a judge because he dismissed her case. He dismissed her case because the evidence was falsified. And what happens? Judge Schot got relegated and punished for this “outburst.” Unbelievable. (skip past the female news anchor to 2:00)

  34. I do not quite understand how conscription relates to empowering women or non-equality. I’m Finnish. Finland is the Nordic country that shares over 1000 kilometers of borderline with Russia and was attacked by the invading Soviet forces during WW2. At the time of war, women were obliged to serve the military forces behind the lines, as nurses, cooks etc. Men did all the dying. Nowadays, Finland still has conscription. With only a hunch over 5 million people its a very important arrangement. Men (and women) for the major part feel military service is something a man has to go through in or before his 20s. I, like many other men, wanted to go to the military service, for it made us men. And in case of a foreign invasion, I would be proud of joining the other men in defending our land.
    In my opinion, conscription is not an unequal setting, nor something that grants women special privileges.
    An interesting side note: Finland is (one of) the most gender equal countries in the world. However, feminism lies there too.
    … When I talk about how conscription and military is good for men, I talk about the countries where there’s no real option for the “all-volunteer army” like in the US.

  35. Why not conscript women to work in old peoples homes? I read a short article today, 1st April, at ambividete.com

  36. Dude, it’s not feminism to not have women in the army, it’s feminism to have women IN the army. Feminists always push hard to put women in the army as they see it as a “male bastion” that must be broken up.
    Historically you have almost never seen women in the armed forces, and the countries we’re talking about – the whole world – were not feminist. What kind of country has women in the military? That is not exactly feminine. Their minds are not made to cope with the violence – in the U.S. army, even women in non-combat positions in Iraq had higher rates of mental troubles than men who had been in combat. And most importantly: women are needed to make children. You can repopulate a village with just one man and a hundred women, but not if you have one woman and a hundred men. Women are the bottleneck since they carry the children. Therefore no sane country puts women on the battlefield, other than perhaps in a case of extreme emergency where the entire people would be eliminated otherwise.
    Even aside from the obvious facts that they are weaker and lack the testosterone needed for fighting.

  37. They need to stop throwing SJW crap on people who actually have a real life or death job to do. A job that only becomes harder with a smaller and weaker person in a slot a strong man is historically better at. Most women can barely carry their own load let alone the squads mission essential gear.
    From what I see in admin units females usually have two or three beta males serve them by carrying their food, water, or heavy equipment. Combat Arms is different you carry what you need to fight on you at all times and if adding food, water, and cold weather gear is too heavy guess someone is going to be cold, thirsty, and hungry.

  38. Nice sources, anyone who actually agrees with this, hasn’t ever been educated nor have they even dream’t about a college degree.
    So much inaccuracy and so much hate for no reason. If you are going to hate females then do it privately instead of writing bullshit posts on some unknown media site.
    Female leaders have proven to be equally good if not better at leading a country. Trying to fix wars that men have started, and trying to fix an economy that most likely a man has broken.
    No one is blaming men for this, yet the same idiots that are scoring low in school, or are munching off the governments paychecks are sitting here yapping about how women shouldn’t be allowed to do anything. Pull yourself together, most likely you are sitting in your parents basement right now and is angry that no girl will date you. None of you have been in the military, and none of you know how a country is run either. Go to school god dammit… I’m tired of listening to idiots. Probably the same people who want to vote for Donnald Trump…

  39. This is an unlogical text. IF males are better in fighting, they should be the only one who needs to go to the army.
    And if Russia is an real danger – what it is – then there is no time for stupid ideological discussions like “feminism is shit so woman should be in army” but for real decisions.
    Your conscription argument is weak and hysterical.

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