Men Need A Return Of The Male-Only Gentleman’s Club

“More war stories?” Ellen asked me that night. She was in bed with Philip Marlowe, the only lover she had ever taken.

“There was a war story or two,” I said, hanging up my overcoat. “Mostly I sat and read a book.”

“When you weren’t oinking.”

“Yes, that’s right. When I wasn’t oinking.”

From Stephen King’s “The Breathing Method”

cuddling couple

One of the most pernicious effects feminism has had on society has been the acceptance of “togetherness” for men and women. We are expected to go to the same schools, work at the same jobs and then come home to each other. This is extraordinarily draining for both sexes, as sex roles aren’t just for efficiency, but because they prevent men and women from getting absolutely sick of one another.

Early feminists were shocked and mortified that lower-class women were fine with traditional sex roles and many were fans of the practice. What these feminists didn’t understand is that men and women don’t spend all that much time with one another in such systems, so when they do it is refreshing. Men and women appreciate each other’s male or female idiosyncrasies. Sex occurs more often and is much more passionate and satisfying.

Contrast that approach to modern sex relations. Men and women have — at least — a low level of hostility and resentment to the opposite sex. Many men and women have a simmering level of anger at each other. This is direct result of both sexes being trained to be disappointments to one another. Men with no true sense of self, lacking positive masculinity and passive. Women rightfully are upset that men are not men any more. As for women, they are hyper-aggressive, mannish and place a ridiculous emphasis on a “career” and “educational accomplishments.” Men are justifiably disappointed that women are no longer the happy, breezy ladies of yesteryear.

While socialization is supremely important here, what is also of critical importance are temporal issues. Men and women are just damn tired of spending so much time around one another. Homosexuals be damned, heterosexuals simply and want and crave space where we can let down our hair without the prying eyes of the opposite sex observing us.

Feminism has played a major role in this social degeneration. Painting institutions as inherently sexist and chauvinistic (oink, oink) that expressly excludes one sex is a preposterous and destructive train of thought. Note that this rhetoric doesn’t apply against women. Feminists, as women, implicitly understand women need spaces where they can relax without men around and discuss issues, their feelings or whatever they feel they don’t want to discuss with men. There is nothing wrong with women-only spaces. Women should and need to be afforded spaces where men are not allowed so women aren’t driven crazy by having to censor themselves around men. The same applies for men.

london gentleman's clubs

Historically, for men, male-only spaces have been bars and gentleman’s clubs. Bars, of course, have been turned into a sex-neutral spaces. In the past, men could gather at local watering holes after work and shoot the shit about the monotony and banality of work. They could wax on about the state of their marriage and their relationship with their kids. With the easy lubrication of alcohol, men were able to process and digest their lives. Once women demanded access to these spaces and sexualized them, it drained bars of their ability to provide a reliable outlet for men to both talk about and drown their personal concerns over and in a cup of cheap beer.

As far as gentleman’s clubs are concerned, they have historical relevance. Gentleman’s clubs have, traditionally, been for upper-class men. Apparently, through the 1800’s, gentleman’s clubs became more mainstream, as middle-class men formed gentleman’s clubs. These sorts of clubs, as their popularity expanded, started to revolve around ideological concerns and collective interests. Much like Roosh’s forum, clubs developed a distinct identity and ideological posture. At their height, men would gather to talk about the issues of the day, drink quality liquor and engage in typical male behavior. Men would play cards, discuss books and sip whiskey in the flickering light of a fireplace. They would often play billiards, debate politics and discuss the their wives and children.

The demise of gentleman’s clubs mirrors the expansion of the middle class in America. Just when men needed such an outlet in their lives, they had these clubs swept out from under their feet by suspicious females. It must be said that the gentleman club culture was never as strong in America as it was in Europe, but middle-class men enjoyed the atmosphere of these sorts of clubs in urban areas before WW2. Still, gentleman’s clubs were an important facet of the growing professional class of men. Women, essentially, not only hurt men but hurt their families by demanding “togetherness” that drove men and women apart. It is insanity, and completely on purpose. The gnawing, growing discontent of women in society led them to subconsciously expect men to meet unattainable standards for “love.” What was once providing a solid paycheck, going to mass on Sunday morning and doing the heavy lifting around the house became Saturday trips to Lowe’s for white paint for the crumbling picket fence and tedious parties with fellow “equal” marriages, complete with empty rhetoric of “progress” and “Leaning In.”

This was on purpose because women were looking to prove that we men can’t be trusted. We men can’t be entrusted to do right, to love properly and — most importantly — that we are all beasts.  The simultaneously lachrymose and needlessly self-absorbed approach has thoroughly revolutionized sex relations in a way that is has hurt our collective relations terribly.


The truth is, for men, is that we need spaces in society were we can connect — free of the judgmental eyes of women — with other men and simply exist without female influence. The concept of a gentleman’s club is an excellent idea. Now, you may object, saying that men have locker rooms, upscale cigar bars and other, limited, spaces, but those are inferior to the concept of men getting together with no other reason but to hang out with other men. Some men have single friends with apartments or perhaps houses where men can congregate, imbibe top-shelf brandy and play Texas hold ’em. Yet, for most men, they don’t have those options. Most men live in urban areas, necessitating a central location for men to gather to socialize.

Most men don’t understand how tight the bonds of men in the past were. Men who served side-by-side in trenches outside Paris, France in WW1, men who traveled together across the undocumented wilderness in early America or the men who toiled and suffered in coal mines in the woods of West Virginia during the Gilded Age. Even outside of these specific situations, often what carried a man through life wasn’t just the love of his wife or children, but was the unshakable bondage with their fellow man. Technologically privileged people nowadays might think, “How did all those men get through the muck of life back then?” The answer is simple: each other.

Presently, most men don’t usually experience tortuous situations such as killed in combat or living on the fringe edge of poverty with nary a nickel to buy your child a coloring book. The battles men face today are ethereal and hidden as best society can. Men are socialized poorly, are isolated from one another in innumerable ways and are not given the tools to form a proper self-identity.  Ideas like gentlemen’s clubs are excellent ways to help men improve their lives, gain a support network and achieve to the best of their abilities. A network, a place where a man can know he has friends and allies is a great idea to help the modern man live his life to the fullest.

RooshV Forum is a digital example of this. Tightly controlled, with only certain men — and men alone — allowed to contribute, it weeds out men with no desire for personal betterment or transformation. If the forum was a physical place, it would be a tiny joint tucked away in a quiet part of town, away from the prying eyes of wider society. Leaving fiduciary concerns aside, dues wouldn’t be financial, but a commitment to add to the value of other men in the forum and to, also, better yourself. You would have guys sitting at the bar, enjoying a particularly smooth, aged bottle of scotch, discussing the wider implications of Tinder on game. You might have a couple guys playing billiards in another room, puffing on pipes filled with a particularly pungent Virginia-style tobacco, discussing their travels to Osaka, Japan. Just as in “The Breathing Method,” at the close of the eve, all the men would gather round the roaring, cackling fireplace, provided a small glass filled with nothing but Glenlivet Single Malt and ice and trade tall tales, the more outlandish the better.

gentleman's club library

This is what clubs were and should be. Places were men gather, even if to simply tuck yourself away in the small library and read fiction all night, smoking cigars. It would simply be a place where men can exist, outside the conflicting and conflating pressures of the modern world, away from the braying and incessant complaining of women and a place where opinions and experiences can be shared with no shrill politically-correct harpy screaming at the top of their lungs. Away from the white-knight conservatives with notion of saving their precious white women from the machinations of players, fearless raw-doggers or any manner of man that these of sorts of sick knights find execrable. A place where a man can sit back on a couch, pop open a bottle of Sam Adams and say, “Fuck Lindy West! That bitch is nothing but one, massive avalanche of flesh!” and is met with roaring laughter.

A return of these sorts of clubs in real life is needed. I don’t think it will happen on a wider, social scale as needed. Men will have to ferret away to Internet enclaves — such as Return Of Kings — to meet these sorts of needs. However, what would be best is that men have these sorts of suspiciously-viewed haunts in the flesh.

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261 thoughts on “Men Need A Return Of The Male-Only Gentleman’s Club”

  1. A furnished solace for men who break ground and make progress, sipping Lagavulin, far from the influence of vapid girls and beta sheep.
    A man can dream.

  2. This is an obvious segway into setting up RoK community meets. We should figure out what regions pockets of us men reside in and get some gatherings going.

    1. Starting regional threads in the forums would be a good start. There is a huge site called testosterone nation ( I was at for years and a bunch of us are now in a google plus group.

    2. I would probably prefer that over organized PUA meetups. Went to several of those in Dallas and Seattle. Learned a few things, but it was mostly just thirsty guys with no chance of ever banging anything above a 6 obsessing over bitches.

    3. I honestly think Roosh should make RoK a pay site – exclusive – for male members only. Id be willing to pay to join. Im fucking sick of all these bitches commenting here. They just ruin everything like they always do. Community meets would be cool too as long as these phaggots dont plan on bringing their dumbass wives and kids too. I have no idea why all those married fucks are even on here to be honest.

      1. Excellent idea. I have been thinking the same thing myself for the past few months. Requiring a nominal fee to read and comment on articles here would virtually eliminate trolls and women. I don’t know of any trolls who actually PAY to troll, and no feminist is so dedicated to her “cause” as to pay for a website just so she can bitch in the comments section.

        1. Perhaps a nominal fee to read and add to the comments sections would be a better solution, considering that these articles are aimed at helping men develop and improve their selves.

        2. I don’t really care for trolls, but I think we might want to keep having women see this. I mean, I first found out about this place when a girl I wasn’t getting anywhere with saw that Eating Disorder article and made a big fuss about it to me. A week of me looking at the stuff on this site later, I dropped her and actually got some with another girl. I think viral articles here need that shock aspect to work, and women are much more likely to get shocked than men are – I mean stoicism is a virtue for us while insanity/emotionality defines them.

      2. They are on here because most of them know that something is seriously wrong with their lives. Just becuase they are married doesn’t mean they are oblivious to female bullshit. They fucked up, got married, know their life is shit, but in the end they are still men. They want answers like the rest of us.

        1. “They are on here because most of them know that something is seriously wrong with their lives”
          Then they need to take the initiative and get the fuck out of that outdated cultural more and free themselves from the chains of slavery.
          Not come and try to live vicariously through us.
          I have no problem helping my fellow males. But..
          I have no interest in anything females or pussywhipped married slave-men have to say.

      3. Adding a fee to view content on the site and contribute would be a fantastic way to destroy the prospect of getting the message out there and exposing the community and ideology to new people. The flame-baiting, trolling, and negative press only adds to the fire of the manosphere. Moderation is in place when drastically necessary. You’ll notice when certain threads or users get completely out of control, action IS taken.
        Just downvote comments you don’t like and upvote the ones you do (and don’t comment on them).

        1. A solution: Paid members get first access to articles on here. Possibly a week (maximum), to read and comment to their contentment. Then the article is released into the general population as it is now.

        2. Disagree. “Pay to Play” would add an air of exclusivity, and attract more quality posters to the site. Its not about saving the world anymore – that is impossible. The females hold the pussycard. By allowing them here to infiltrate and slowly degrade this site you will lose more followers than you will gain.
          The site interest would pique even more if the females are unable to vent their histrionic vitriol here as they will scream elsewhere and in doing so still continue spreading word of our site and our mission.

        3. Says the guy who hasn’t even register. Not saying I don’t understand where your coming from. However, you control what u respond to. I see dumb shit all the time in the real world, but I don’t say, we need to export that elsewhere, because that is unreal. I have learned either to mitigate or outright ignore it. Same should apply here. Dumb shit is not posted as articules, just as responses, and if you can’t handle such a small sample size, how are you going to handle the world u live in.

      4. Apart from viral articles, there aren’t many women here. By making it a pay site, its message wouldn’t spread nearly as much as it currently does.

        1. Arent many women here?
          Read all the comments on this thread. Right to the end. We even have 3 or 4 females offering up their suggestions about Mens clubs.
          You just get get away from them. They want to be so helpful. They really do love us so much.
          Dont they?

        2. 7-10 comments from women in more than 200 comments, that’s not what I call “many”.

  3. Men talking to men: The only real form of conversation that exists. Dialogue that goes uninterrupted by inanity, gossip, and constant pauses to explain every other concept and historical reference.

    1. Boy I 2nd that. I read alot of websites. Political and cultural junky I am. I would say 99% of all the commenters are men. Women just do not think of or care about important shit…

      1. I agree. Worrying about important shit is simply not a woman’s bag. Frivolity and nonesense is truly the realm of women. Can’t blame them. It’s how nature made them.

        1. Yet, as this article states, women are really into career and educational accomplishments. So which is it? Could it be that women like having a career because looking after a house and kids is pretty boring? I wouldn’t want to do it

      2. yeah, it’s not like women ever talk about politics, like gender equality, sexism, trans issues, impacts of new laws or legislation, history???? Maybe you perceive them as having nothing to say because.. gasp…. you denounce any topic women have interest in?? It’s almost as if anything a woman did, no matter how important, would be devalued solely because they were women, like idk the field with the most incoming female graduates and the closest field with gender equality: psychology. A bunch of theoretical psuedosciece that doesn’t say anything, but male theoretical physics, holy cow that must be important. Or about medicine in Russia, where the actual majority of doctors are women, and is seen as a useless menial profession by Russians. They get paid teachers salaries despite having gone through the same training as Western doctors. Funny how that stuff works, huh?

        1. I personally cannot agree with either side of this statement. I know men and women who are quite intelligent and thought-provoking and others who are simply vapid as shit.

    2. As Rollo (recently) and others have observed, women communicate differently. They communicate in context, not the language itself. To men speaking, this form of communication is literally pure noise and it is something men train themselves to filter out as they get older. To women this form of communication is essential enough that they (wrongly) interpret male communication as inferior and needing of correction. Neither form of communication is better or worse, but you can’t expect to learn much about yourself from someone who can’t speak your language. Ultimately, you need to surround yourself with people who understand what you’re saying and you have an easier time understanding.

      1. “Neither form of communication is better or worse”
        Still, one form moves forward (with points, facts, criticism, etc.) while the other is pretty much chaos, exploring 50 trivial topics without spending enough time to say someting interesting on any of them.

        1. Noise vs Signal, there is value in both.
          Signal informs, educates, and advances knowledge.
          Noise tells you the internal state of the source of the noise before any coherent words come out.

      2. John Gray described this most succinctly in his books that men talk to make their point while women talk to discover their point.

      3. He calls it “overt” and “covert” communication. Actually in terms of manipulative potential, covert communication is superior to overt communication. It is just another outlet of women’s inherent Machiavellianism.

  4. “Men will have to ferret away to Internet enclaves. . .”
    No. Samizdat.
    Actual physical communications with actual physical men in your actual physical community.
    Informally organized gatherings of men. An actual underground club, a guild, a . . . gang. Without formal structure, the structure cannot be attacked. It cannot even be identified.
    The hall is not the club, the members are.

    1. “Without formal structure, the structure cannot be attacked. It cannot even be identified.”
      That’s probably not what the author had in mind, but in the current climate that’s actually profound to the extent its workable. Organisation is everything, although it would be a whole lot easier if there was no need to be underground

      1. “That’s probably not what the author had in mind . . .”
        That’s why I started with “No.”
        “. . .it would be a whole lot easier if there was no need to be underground”
        If it weren’t necessary to be underground there would be no reason for the article. There is a reason that “then you win” does not come first.
        This is a culture war. Fight the battles you can win from where you are.

        1. There’s no reason we cannot be both underground AND overground. Traditional clubs have been laid seige to, and most have given in. That’s because feminists could argue that they were bastions of privilege. These days women are creating their own equivalents women only clubs etc or revivifying existing ones (e.g. women’s institute in UK). New clubs would probably not get the same treatment. Moreover there is need for both a) congregation, wherever that takes place, which is simply about a breathing space from women and b) space for more focussed activity e.g. for political cultural concerns such as are being discussed. In many ways the primary need is simply to be apart – the need if you like to simply clear one’s mind of unnecessary noise

        2. There you go thinking logically. STOP OPPRESSING ME!
          Women need their own safe spaces, because all spaces are men’s spaces, because PATRIARCHY!
          So if you would just SHUT THE FUCK UP, feminism is dealing with your issues.

        3. they’ll say stuff like that whatever we do, underground or over.. Whining is inevitable, the issue is whether the whining will always win the day. I wait for that day when some male public figures with nothing to really lose will actually dare to call them out on hypocrisy and not be cut to pieces. They get away with what they get away with because they’re allowed to get away with what they get away with.

        4. The closest I’ve seen from men’s club today are MMA classes, they’re too demanding physically and include sparring hard enough to discourage most women.

      2. What are you talking about, the new men only place is the voluntary overtime on the weekend hours. Not a vagina in the building

    1. DO NOT feed the troll.
      #triggerwarning #checkyourprivilege #solipsism #dumbbitchalert #excessivehashtags

      1. Thats why Roosh should make this a private paid membership site only.
        We shouldnt have to deal with this kind of shitty trolls here.

    2. Maybe you aught to check out the DOJ statistics of rape, its your fellow affirmative actions that are doing the vast majority of it.

  5. I would even advocate for an all-male staff for said clubs. Then maybe some shit would actually get accomplished in a timely manner without dealing with all the pithy office politics. The fewer distractions the better.
    The problem is that all it would take is for a few women to get a whiff of the idea that there was a “no girls allowed” space before the picket fences, letters to city/state officials and then the eventual shutdown of the place. Of course it’s ok for women to have -their- own spaces. I’ve read a few feminist articles on why they think it’s ok. The hamster is spinning at warp speed. Some of us are just more equal than others.
    Look up any of Dalrock’s blogs on “Feminist Territory Marking.” Men having their own spaces = Satan.

    1. I totally agree with the male staff thing for the reasons you said. Plus, every effort should be made to prevent any and all women from entry for any reason. No bachelor party shit, no hooters girl shit, none of that. It can be had in plenty of places. What the “club” is for is things for the betterment of man. Good conversation, quality networking, and good Scotch. Plain. Simple.

      1. Sorry.
        Im not listening to anything coming from a married man with kids.
        Maybe you could all just go to Chucky Cheese.

        1. Married men made up the vast majority of these gentlemen’s clubs. Getting away from the wife was the main point.
          Granted, if these clubs were to make a comeback today, this would no longer be the case. It would be more of a 50/50 mixture of single and married men.

      2. Shit. Sign me up!
        Only caveat I can think of to make it happen is that you would have to do the exact same thing for women at the same time in order to be able to put something like that together. You’d have to invest in a space for them. The irony of a bunch of men having to arrange and organize a space for a bunch of women will be lost of them, of course, but that’s the only way I could see to do something like this in our current environment.

  6. I would even advocate for an all-male staff for said clubs. Then maybe some shit would actually get accomplished in a timely manner without dealing with all the pithy office politics. The fewer distractions the better.
    The problem is that all it would take is for a few women to get a whiff of the idea that there was a “no girls allowed” space before the picket fences, letters to city/state officials and then the eventual shutdown of the place. Of course it’s ok for women to have -their- own spaces. I’ve read a few feminist articles on why they think it’s ok. The hamster is spinning at warp speed. Some of us are just more equal than others.
    Look up any of Dalrock’s blogs on “Feminist Territory Marking.” Men having their own spaces = Satan.

  7. While not possible in the corporate world, if you can build your own business it is easy to form up a “mens” club via your hiring practices. Hire men and only men. Surround yourself with men who can dedicate themselves to your mission and your club is formed. Using your influence and resources to create a world that is right (male dominant) is possible, and easy, if you own your own business. Additionally, this takes a nice step (like bitcoin) towards decoupling male economics from those who are bleeding it dry.

    1. What about government-forced “diversity” quotas? I’m not sure if you can hire only men. The larger the business, the faster it pops up on the government radar.

      1. Not sure where you are but we dont have those in the US, at least not that I am aware of. Dont get me wrong, you will still have to interview lots of folks who dont fit your culture. However, if you stick to a “hire the most qualified” policy, you will hire men. 🙂

        1. Northern Europe. The EU likes to enforce quotas on its member states. Hiring policies based on merit are dead and buried.

      2. Sex Based Discrimination is illegal for employers with 15 or more employees. So you will have to stay under that number

        1. I need to be clear though Robert, I am not discriminating against anyone. I am hiring the best candidates from the available pool of qualified people. They just always seem to have a penis.

        2. Your notion of best candidate must not violate the US governments diversity norms.To Uncle Samantha diversity is more important and moral than your silly ideas of superior productivity, and higher efficiency .
          Put up or outsource .

      3. Under 15 and you’re okay. You’d be surprised at how productive you can be with 15 like minded men. It’s no coincidence that the most successful start-ups never have women in the beginning.

  8. This is why I appreciate ROK’s no-women policy, even if it’s not always strictly enforced. Men need places where they can openly and honestly discuss their interests without outside interlopers.
    I don’t know why women come to blogs like ROK anyway. Actually, I do know why – they can’t stand to let men have anything to themselves. Even though some of these women that hang out at red-pill locales are relatively levelheaded, they have nothing of real value to add.

    1. “I don’t know why women come to blogs like ROK anyway. ” Because there are huge numbers of men that can provide them with attention and validation. It’s like a buffet for them.

      1. And 90% of us are stupid enough to respond to their posts and give them that validation.
        We need to all stop doing that.

        1. Yes I am considering a new rule: women are allowed to comment by anyone who responds to them will be banned.

        2. And the funny side effect of this policy would be that no female would remain a regular commenter for longer than a week or two. They just wouldn’t be able to take it.

        3. quote: “And the funny side effect of this policy would be that no female would remain a regular commenter for longer than a week or two. They just wouldn’t be able to take it.”

        4. A stroke of genius. Please implement that rule at once. Without being able to get any kind of tangible rise out of us, the women would quickly scurry off.

        5. If they can comment and you can’t respond to them, we’ll see plenty of comments from women trashing the articles and no response to them.
          1) This would kill the men’s club atmosphere RoK has.
          2) Having comment sections agreeing with the article is necessary for new readers to trust the articles.
          3) Nothing piss a feminist more than seeing how many men agree with the opinion she hates.

        6. +1000
          Like a perpetual and ongoing test of our “Frame” maintenance and personal willpower.
          Brilliant. I’m in.

        7. Ive never responded to the women, but I think you should let that one pass Roosh, as sometimes (rarely) the banter can be useful, though sometimes it is amusing and oftentimes troll-like (who is that person that keeps using the caps lock and threatening to jail us all?)

      2. I discovered ROK a few months ago. I cannot stop reading. Men need to regain what has been lost. I am grateful to ROK and its contributors.

    2. They want attention from men, plain and simple. Women will do anything, and ruin anything and everything to achieve this selfish, fleeting desire. I also like the ROK no women policy. At least Roosh has standards and won’t sell out just because some worthless, lonely broads want to be a part of male conversation.

      1. Prime example would be the Masters Golf Club. I think they are now CoEd and of their first member was Condi Rice . The bitches were just relentless in forcing their way in…

    3. I can only speak for myself here…but I visit because the articles are extremely interesting and its fun to observe the world from the opposite point of view I’ve been raised in.

    4. after the drive against male only clubs etc. it always struck me as odd seeing women only gyms… and let’s face it, it’s not like women never had their own spaces, manicurists, beauty parlors, spas etc….. women always have places to congregate, and even if there are a few guys around they generally leave the women in peace…. whereas women will try to interfere of be straight out shocked in a male space….
      i guess men have things like golf clubs, sports clubs, firearm ranges, there are places that are predominantly male…. i think if you dress it up with some activity, its more interesting and more socially under the radar… sports is still the place where men compete with men and women compete with women… for obvious reasons…

    5. Nothing annoys me more than women who want to stifle whatever “bromances” arise among men. Or who won’t tolerate their man (or men in general) just hanging out with “the guys” (similar to women who hate Gentlemen’s Clubs).
      I knew of this one stupid lady who married a man that was my father’s best friend. Shortly after said marriage, she forbade her husband to have anything more to do with ANY of his friends. My father lost a great friend that day, and he’s not been the same since. And it’s not like they all got drunk on weekends or anything! Some insecure women just want their men all to themselves. It’s a form of control-freakishness from which the man, once he sees himself in said situation, should RUN, RUN FAR FAR AWAY!

      1. The females are like the Communist Party forbidding groups or gatherings of more than 20 people.
        The females dont want men to get together and share their thoughts for fear of the truth about women getting out..
        They want us separated and segregated. Thats why they stick their fucking noses into everything.

  9. Gentlemen’s Clubs definitely need to make a come-back. When I was younger I had the equivalent of a GC at my bestfriend’s house. We would drink, smoke, shoot the shit, and talk about whatever was on our minds. We would drive around, find places to chill, and occasionally get into some serious trouble.
    We hung out almost everyday for years and we all helped each other get through some tough times. We were all great friends and that private group setting that allowed us to talk all the shit we wanted made us even closer. No one could touch us, we had each others’ backs and nothing was ever going to change that. Some of the best times we had were of us working on our cars, riding bikes, and just doing whatever the fuck we wanted.
    After one of my friends was shot and his brother moved away, it was hard readjusting to the bullshit around me without any male support. It’s been just me for a couple years now and I’ve searched to recreate that brotherhood with other guys around me, but I’ve had no luck. It seems that a majority of the dudes in my area would rather be simps and be further emasculated. I have no interest in befriending someone that I can’t trust or respect.

    1. Thats why I come here. My job, my personal life – nothing but blue-pill beta phaggots. They are as ubiquitous as the fucking arrogant, unfriendly, bitch-shield wielding cunts around here.
      If it were not for RoK I would go crazy.

    2. Quote: “Gentlemen’s Clubs definitely need to make a come-back. When I was younger I had the equivalent of a GC at my bestfriend’s house. We would drink, smoke, shoot the shit, and talk about whatever was on our minds. We would drive around, find places to chill, and occasionally get into some serious trouble.”
      I agree but it’s not about trends, its about changing the f’ing laws that prohibit men only organizations while allowing female only clubs and events.
      The only place men can actually meet in private with other men today are the damned men’s toilettes. At least for the time being I can take a dump without gaggle of harpies loitering about the room.

      1. ” At least for the time being I can take a dump without gaggle of harpies loitering about the room.”
        Might not be for too much longer. One thing I’ve noticed around here… women sometimes enter the men’s bathrooms.
        Sometimes it’s because their gay male friend bring them in.
        Sometimes it’s because the women’s bathrooms are busy so they think they have the right to use the men’s.
        Of course, men would never get away with this idiotic shit.

  10. I was witness to a depressing fad as a teaching pro at a top-ranked private golf club (in the midwest). I’m talking stinky-old money. When I arrived in 97, the head professional, who was full-alpha with legendary status across the section, had told a cunt member who had lost her mind and was raging over something trivial to “get the hell outta my shop”, to which she obliged and subsequently had him “removed” by virtue of an acutely-changing power structure there at the club. This dude was the head pro for like 28 years. Golf committees used to consist of all men, especially at prestigious clubs where national championship history flows in its veins – at one point, women were not even allowed anywhere in the clubhouse, except for designated locker rooms for women, etc.
    Over the course of four or five years, women had gained a bizarre stronghold in the golf committee (as well as everything else obviously), and were part of critical decision-making regarding on-course redesign and other core expenditures at the club. New members coming in to replace the old-schoolers were manginas, with programmed apes for wives. These women were not your garden variety 50’s golf moms. These were suburban starbuck gashes with there own shiny Yukon XL in the lot – dear hubby was working at the bank and was of no consequence to them or the lives they were leading as unemployed daily 9-holers (with $108-lunch on the veranda with the girls after). Many wives even had the nuts to bitch about the mens grill, and the notion women/wives were not allowed in there. This is where the humidors, 92-inch TVs and pool tables were, along side the full-service bar with leather chairs, etc.
    All one has to do is to look at the recent events at Augusta, where for the first time ever they allowed females into the club as actual members.
    “”Oh my God. We won”, blurted Martha Burk when contacted by the AP…”
    “..her women’s advocacy group first challenged the club 10 years ago over its all-male membership”
    If Augusta caved, what will remain as any hope..

    1. The female bitches like to destroy anything that involves men. They had to get into snowboarding, skateboarding, drag racing, NASCAR, gun shooting – you name it.
      You are woman hear you roar. Jesus fucking christ with these cunts.

  11. I wouldn’t fuck Lindy West. I don’t think anyone could. It would be more of a harpooning in the general direction of her poosy.

  12. They’re not really the fraternal environment the author is thinking of, but cigar lounges are similar. They’re convivial and empty of women, because hardly any women smoke cigars, and they’re fairly pleasant places so long as you don’t mind smoke. Mind you, cigars are better for you, by and large, than cigarettes

  13. I’m a huge supporter of Roosh, this site, it’s writers and everything it stands for.
    I can only afford to make a tiny monthly contribution (I got shafted in a business deal and I’m staring down the barrel of bankruptcy now; I’m probably going to switch careers and do a STEM degree then go bankrupt after and leave the UK) but I do so more as a gesture of goodwill to show my appreciation to the people who spawn out and say what needs to be said but often isn’t due to fear of the consequences.
    I honestly believe this is the worst time to be a man in terms of employment, marriage, retirement, dating prospects etc, all the while the risks of prison and public naming and shaming (false rape and child abuse accusations etc) are at an all time high.
    I’m glad this site exists and that Roosh runs it from overseas (for his own peace of mind). Nothing gives me greater pleasure than seeing fat, unapologetic, unaccountable and entitled feminists being called Into account and bashed the way they hash men.
    Keep up the good work guys 😉

    1. I hear you man. Know that you’re not alone in having to deal with the piles of shit society throws our way.

    2. I think you are overlooking the great things about being a man in this age. Its not all bad. No forced military draft. That’s a good thing. Find the upside of things, rather than focusing on the negative. I strongly feel that there has never been a better time in history to be a man.

      1. I agree, it depends on how you see things, with every change comes some ways you can benefit from it.
        For example, being a lifelong bachelor has never been so easy (it’s relatively accepted socially, women sleep with you without asking for commitment, etc.)

  14. I agree that male spaces need to come back. I think something you could have addressed more, is how the “gay” issue has changed the idea of male-only spaces. A lot of men now have the sad notion that, if women aren’t around, they are involved in something homoerotic at best. Terms like “sausage fest” indicate the attitude that time spent with men is a waste of time bordering on the gay.
    If you were to simply open up a club that said “for men only,” I think you might be unhappy with the kind of men who came in. But if you started it up with a group of men you know, and allowed membership only on the basis of recommendations and/or trial periods, you could probably make a success of it.
    I’d also point out that, in my experience, white knights are overwhelmingly liberal/left-wing. There are some conservative types… but then, what you’re advocating is a very conservative idea. I mean if a gentlemen-only club isn’t conservative in this day and age, I don’t know what would be! In my experience, conservative men are rapidly realizing that the whole system in the West needs to be rejected. Soon the conservatives won’t have too many white-knights remaining. Though, a good man will always protect the actual ladies – the deserving, respectful ladies – of his kith and kin.

    1. Keep in mind that gays would want to get around large groups of alpha males even more than women.

    2. good point about the gay thing… now you can understand why straight men feel an urge to thrash the faggots within inches of their lives….
      it’s not homophobic – simply empowering straight men to be able to stand side by side….
      one rotten apple can spoil the whole bunch… and no that doesn’t mean that all men are inherently prone to homosexual activity… rather that having men that are attracted to men….. is just as much of a disruption to their environment as having women….

      1. Absolutely; there’s a camaraderie amongst men, which is instantly disrupted by the presence of anything less than an actual man.

  15. Excellent post. When we were boys we thought girls were icky and resolved to keep them out of our clubs. Then we got older and started chasing and wooing them. Then we grew up even more and realized we were right the first time and need our own spaces apart from them.
    On a related note, it seems there is a bifurcation in the RoK readership between PUA types and the more intellectual, big picture guys. This does not mean a split since individual men can be in both groups at different times, and Roosh himself embodies both types. But it would be good to have non-PUA meetups where there’s no pressure to approach girls, rack up notches, etc. Perhaps the meetup forum could have a separate category for events like this.

  16. Masons, IOOF ( International Order of Oddfellows), Elks, Moose …I think these were defacto mens clubs. Would be cool to form “Red Pill Lodge” or some such. A place were dudes only could congregate without the rituals and secret handshakes. Chicks though can’t abide a man wanting to be away from her. Another of the uncountable and insane female paradoxes ie they hate you when you’re clingy and they hate you when you wanna be left alone.

    1. What’s wrong with rituals and secret handshakes? I think more such clubs are needed. No initiation process would result in a lot of low-value, pussy-whipped men who would join simply to get away from their nagging, feminist wives. Clubs that require something of their members beyond simple dues are infinitely more valuable in my eyes.

      1. I personally wouldnt want to hang out with dudes that are married, especially ones with kids.
        Those are the type of blue-pill faggots Im trying to get the fuck away from. They fed the fucking Feminist machine by buying into the females bullshit – they should be allowed to wallow in the shit-filled bed they made with them.
        Not hang with the Kings.

        1. Says the dude who could never in a thousand years get a sweet, lovely traditional woman to marry him. Good luck with your lonely old age mate.

        2. Ive been married asswipe.
          Fuck that shit. Never again.
          I am strong enough internally with my soul that I can go the rest of my fucking life without a fucking woman and I have no fear of dying – or of dying alone.
          Think about that – you fucking little pussy. You need a worthless female to make you feel worthy of life dont you?

        3. Christ! More of that “you need female approval or else you’re worthless” shoved down our throats!
          And where exactly is this “sweet, lovely traditional woman” you’re espousing? Hanging with Bigfoot and the Loch-Ness Monster by the Fountain of Youth, sipping wine from the Holy Grail?

      1. True…bad name. I prefer MEN’s club instead of GC . I envision a quasi secret , down low club as in “fight club” but without the violence. You would not advertise but admit members on word of mouth….

        1. More like a gang or posse (a la Donovan’s Way of Men). Every King ought to belong to a G7 (seems like the ideal size for an effective but informal male group), where 2 or 3 cooperating G7s make a gang/posse/guild/’fight club”/men’s association/whatever. Just use the Protestant mission model I alluded to above and scale from 3 million to 120 million in a manner of speaking. No registration, no committee, no real estate, no bank account, no signatories. “Be like water.”

        2. Where we can use our knowledge and skills for mutual benefit. Barter with tax free transactions. Lawyers, doctors, financial advisors, carpenters, plumbers, electricians etc.
          And absolutely no females. Male privilege that we can get our heads around. Tired of getting screwed by the vaginas in the bad ways.

        3. Exactly.
          Like a league of extraordinary gentlemen. A G7 that’s mostly self-contained and self-reliant, that pursues excellence in virtue and in every other masculine respect. An unspoken brotherhood.
          Can include MGTOWs, Never-Marry Bachelors, Married Gamers and Frivorce Fathers — but all men. The TJAmigos goes in that general direction, but might be too big to contain. You don’t want something too federal.
          Some potential functions (first time thinking about this, but certainly all possible for members to support each other in these ways within an informal G7 compact):
          (1) Outdoor sports meets (cars, bikes, football, soccer, basketball, frisbee, track & field, archery, Ironman, Iditarod, Americas Cup);
          (2) Expeditions (hunting, camping, bungee, skydiving, fishing, climbing, hiking, sailing, safari, polar express);
          (3) Emergencies (“911”, ERS/EMS, fire, police abuse, bail, witness protection, legal defense fund, “Star Chamber”);
          (4) Finance (personal/business lending, bailout);
          (5) Investment group (angel, VC, private equity, distressed debt, muni bonds, tax lien certificates, stock market);
          (6) Womyn management (wingman, DV/FRA support, game/frame advice, witness/evidence, private eye, orbiter destruction);
          (7) Entertainment/gaming;
          (8) Book club (literature, philosophy, self-help, how-to);
          (9) Trade (barter, home improvement, services, special procurement, black market, trunk sales, “Christie’s/Sotheby’s”);
          (10) Physical culture (gym, calisthenics, BarStarzz);
          (11) Arts & crafts (woodwork, painting, sculpting, vintage wines, vintage cards, trains, boating, musical instruments, “Hollywood”);
          (12) Self-defense (put your favorite martial art here, personal/home security, canine patrol/training, neighborhood watch/sentry).
          Have at it.

  17. Great article. I’ve fallen into a “men’s club” type atmosphere since I started mongering in Tijuana. I know P4P bothers many who study the art of gaming broads, but I say mix it up, because sex and female company is never free no matter what your approach. Regardless, one of the unexpected bonuses of banging hot chicas in Mexico is the mongering brotherhood that exists there. A few decent bars have sprung up that service this crowd almost exclusively — for food, drinks, conversation. The conversations are refreshing / liberal / intelligent / practical and rarely revolve around the mundane act of pounding hot chicas. Rather, they involve travel, self-improvement, becoming financially free and the ridiculousness of American women and the entire social fabric of the country. Some of the extended group know about RoK and Roosh, but all are ripe for the concepts, to be sure. Once upon a time, I assumed whore mongers were all desperate and dysfunctional losers, but I’m finding it’s quite a motley crew who generally make enjoyable companions. I gotta tell ya, enjoying some good food, libations and conversation together in our little private hovel, then bidding each other adieu, knowing we are all headed to bang some little hottie before we lay down to sleep, feels pretty fucking alpha. I’m drawn to TJ monthly, almost as much for the brotherhood as for the top-shelf banging.

    1. When I lived in Europe where p4p is legal,tested and clean, I would go there if I thought about lowering my standards at the clubs. There are diseases out there that western medicine can’t cure. Chagas is Mexican AIDS that’s spreading thru America along with illegal aliens.

      1. Chagas is spread by insects, and, much more rarely, via blood transfusion or breast milk. You don’t have to worry about dealing with it a la an STD.

      2. Official working girls in TJ need papers with clean bills of health. It’s pretty regulated if you stick to the bar / club girls. And the girls, for the most part, are hotter than you would find in the average dance club. Fucking a 9.5 for $70-80 within 10 minutes of laying eyes on her is efficiency at it’s finest. Feels pretty damn alpha too. Call her over, maintain your frame, make a joke or 2, suggest what you might be willing to pay, wink, then smile, then nod to where the rooms are upstairs. It’s on. You’ll barely have time to down your Viagra!

      1. Find me on another site, TJAmigos, under the same name. We can communicate further from there. Honestly, Tijuana is better than mongering in Europe and on par with anywhere else in Latin America. Thailand and Philippines still reign supreme, but the time and money to get there is killer. TJ, for me, is a 5 hour drive. I’ll be back there in about 4-5 weeks.

    2. huh, funny you say that… most of the mexican males i’ve met in my time there are limp wristed, pussy whipped, homos waiting to happen…. hiding behind some macho attitude…..

      1. Ray, none of us are Mexicans. I’m Canadian and the vast majority of the guys are white or black Americans. A few Chinese and other Asians also.

    3. Please share more detail about this from the Mexico perspective. I’ve seen many pics of places like you described in and around Frankfurt and was impressed to say the least. I would wager at low 4 figures that 90% of guys cannot under any circumstance bang women as hot as in the pics I was shown. They need this shit in USA and Canada sofa king bad it’s not even funny. The guy I know who does the Germany thing says its awesome and cheap and the women are young and hot. Buddy’s a doctor to boot. I shit you not. How the hell do people find out about shit like this? I feel like a moron every time! I’m like WTF, how did I not know about this?

      1. Al, don’t beat yourself up over it. Lucky for us gents who live in North America, Tijuana is one of the top ranked whore monger destinations in the world. Go there (specifically Zona Norte — more specifically, the Hong Kong Gentleman’s Club, and feast your eyes). The HK Club is not what I was referring to in my above post, but it is THE club for hot chicas to bang. Club chicas range from $50-80 per bang (plus hotel fee of $12-17 for 30 minutes); street chicas range from $25-40 per bang (plus hotel fee of $7-12 for 30 minutes); escort chicas range from $90-125 per hour, plus hotel. I sometimes prefer to game civilians (and Tijuana is great for that also), but I often just like to pick out my prey, quickly negotiate a price, and then lay the wood.
        PS I’m a 5’10” 178 pound white guy, 46 years old, in good shape, short blonde hair and considered boyishly handsome. Sure, most mongers are not much like me physically, but we all share a common goal. Plus, I think it’s funny that an obese 65 year old troll can bang chicas just as hot as mine! Why the fuck not, and you don’t have to be rich to play this game.
        I can be found on a great mongering site: TJAmigos.

        1. Thank you for the response. I am now adding Mexico to my list. Although super new to this type of activity, I too am one who finds it highly amusing. Late 30’s lifelong gym rat here and often receive comments like ‘what are you doing this for’, ‘you are wasting your money’, ‘you know you could just pick me up and fuck me at the gym right’. But as I tell them, it is done for convenience, guarantee, and time efficiency. It’s a Saturday night, I don’t do the club thing anymore and I’m still looking to bang young hot strange and then get back to work. Finances first, pussy second.

        2. Exactly right. I have no problem gaming civilians, but the effort is often not worth it, and there’s no guarantee due to flakiness / drunkenness / boyfriend issues. And it can be expensive at the clubs / bars. Then there’s the “morning after” BS and possible clinginess issues.
          Last month in TJ at a table full of mongers watching the Superbowl, I was without any doubt whatsoever, the most fit and best looking guy there — but I was amused at the fact that some of the other guys who had completely let themselves go (obese, brutal hair, fucked up grill, funky odor, old worn T-shirt w/ cheap white runners) had the balls to hit the street & clubs and bang absolute show stoppers. Good on them. I am relatively new to this P4P game also (about a year or so), but after you get over the “hump” (pardon the pun), it actually feels super alpha because you are in complete control of your nutting and you’re constantly rejecting and discarding solid 8s in favor of 9’s and higher. In fact, I’m enjoying the lifestyle so much, that I might blow off my annual Vegas trip w/ the boys in late April and head down to TJ by myself instead. It will be half the cost and at least 10X the fun, with a guaranteed half-dozen nuts or so. It’s crazy, NOT to do it.

  18. No man only spaces is one of the reasons men so emasculated now a days because feminazi’s demanded this. If you notice, there are women only spaces EVERYWHERE created by feminazi’s who “only wanted equality between the genders!!”. What a complete joke.
    This is why i left the MRM/MGTOW(mangina’s going their own way) movement. They both have been completely infected by female influence. If you go to “A Voice for Men” you can see people getting blocked for “offending women”. How sad and pathetic.
    This why a love this ROK site. Because Masculinity and Masculine thinking is actually allowed here and isn’t ruled completely by woman’s “feelings”,gynocentrism, and Left-Wing PC feel good “don’t hurt anyone feeeeeellllliiiiinnnnggggssss” bullshit .

    1. A Voice for Manginas is hardly representative for MGTOWs. No true MGTOW gives a rat’s ass about the MRM.

      1. Correct. The MRM is full of whining pussies who are begging the government for “equal rights”.
        Hopefully they’ll grow out of it and realise that whining like a woman won’t get them anything more than disrespect.

    2. The reason why ‘womens-only’ spaces are never infultrated by men is because these spaces are worthless and boring. The Orpah Show or Dr. Oz come to mind. You rarely see men in the audience. Women want to destroy male spaces crowding them. Men just do this.

  19. While these types of articles are well-written, true and heartening, as long as the pinnacle of masculinity for RoK types remains alcohol, sex and travel the community will not go anywhere.
    The pinnacle of masculinity is not game, feminist-bashing and ‘rly old scotch gaiz so manly.’

      1. For me, it’s geopolitics and foreign languages. For you, it ought to be something completely different. And so for every man. There is no such thing as a society where all men want to just get together, circlejerk over old scotch, whine about feminism and talk about sex. This is literally so juvenile I find it hard to read in articles like the one above. It is also a symptom of people who spend too much time reading Manosphere blogs and internalizing them instead of seeking their own actualization and mastery in life.

        1. Geopolitics and foreign languages are good but I guess RoK is focusing on those most men share.

        2. “It is also a symptom of people who spend too much time reading
          Manosphere blogs and internalizing them instead of seeking their own
          actualization and mastery in life.”
          I enjoy geopolitics, foreign languages, global macroeconomics and studying oil and energy technology too.
          So as a part of my “actualization and mastery in life” you cant also enjoy Manosphere blogs, having a Partagas and a Scotch and shooting the shit with my fellow men?
          What the fuck do you even come here for? You sound like a fucking metrosexual.

        3. According to your comment history, you’re browsing the web an awful lot for someone who’s actualized and mastered his life.
          Do you sport facial hair that died with Prohibition, wear ironic t-shirts and skinny girl pants, and enjoy androgynous indie bands that no one’s ever heard of?

        4. MY,
          I like where this string is going. I believe S.C.H.M. (strength, courage, honor, mastery) have been exhaustively addressed in all manner of writeups on RoK. What you must mean is that talking about women and sex does not measure up to your standards of mastery. But this site is all about mastery of women and sex. Make a slight frame shift and the image in the lens will become clear.

        5. I understand the site is all about that, but I’m just pointing out as long as it remains about that it won’t become some greater ‘community’ or ‘movement’ they way Roosh seems to want it to. And this is clear in articles like the above where the writer is trying to imagine what men talk about in male only spaces (a good idea), but can’t come up with anything other than old scotch, feminists and sex. It’s ridiculous.

        6. Women, money and travel are the most talked topics on RoK. Those 3 represent far more than 5% of most men’s time.

        7. Then write and a submita fucking article about all the things you have “mastered”.
          Until then, you sound like just another douchebag hipster.

  20. Fantastic article. When I am with my buddies, it is just men being men. Our sense of humor can be crude and dark and ridiculous – you know how it is. I despise when females feel entitled to engage our conversations or “hangout” with us. My friends are too ignorant to see why. We had this blonde girl my buddy was with and she was feminine and just stayed quiet and sweet, not judgmental or masculine. I was “nice” to her because my protective instincts were in action. Then recently at a friends’ house, there were other girls who were sleeping in the living room. Then about 10 of the guys gathered in the room talking about the night, goofing around, and then this girl walked in drunk and sat in front of me. I felt the whole energy change, guys were trying to impress and act differently; they changed the dynamics of the group. We were all exchanging dirty insults to each other and she started bitching about what I said to a friend (why? because I was the only one who was inattentive and didn’t kiss her ass the whole night). We had a brief exchange but I put her in her place not before she started saying fucking this and fucking that. This seemingly attractive girl was now a opponent (which females are never supposed to be), not the previous sweet girl who knew her role. One white knight in the middle didn’t ask us to stop, just me. Then I had some guys saying, the next day, I was “mean.” because I told her I don’t know her like that and to shut up. I remember I lost a lot of respect after talking to them. That’s what girls do, they come into a group and weaken the bonds of the guys. The guys (I reserve to call them men) are already weak minded and obviously inexperienced with girls. Here’s the twist: she was trying to “take care” of me afterwards.
    Men or “pre-men” need to be by themselves. The part of so many girls being uber aggressive is absolute wisdom. They may be physically attractive but the way they talk and act just makes me sick, and friends lapping it up makes it worse. Most of the time I am the man who doesn’t put up with it so it causes tension, but the girls turn out to love it and respect me. Don’t be a jerk, but just don’t put up with any unnecessary shit. If your anyone says you were mean or an asshole (most common) remember that you can’t be a gentleman with drunken sailor of a whore. And plus:

    1. Just like they forced their way into once men-only clubs, they often try to be part of men conversations. I don’t know if they feel left out and are unaware of the change of dynamics they induce or if they do it purposefully, but in just a few seconds the conversations switch from interesting to tame and hypocrite.

  21. Great post, couldn’t agree more. I hope sites like this are just the beginning of a return of the old clubs, and not their last breath. It actually pisses me off a little that Augusta gave in to the pressure.

    1. Mens sheds are no good at all. Juliar Gillard’s gay man friend Tim is involved in them and I think is on the board. That alone should tell you enough. They’re an invention spurred by the sick fawning of liberal ABC & Fairfax media and far from being a mens club, are infiltrated by all sorts of manginas, morons & women.

  22. San Francisco has a couple of gentlemen’s clubs. Unfortunately, their purpose is not nearly as noble, and it seems to focus on making the members feel exclusive and celebrate their wealth, pompousness and white privilege.

    1. If I hear “X privilege” one more time, I swear I’m going to puke blood.

  23. I believe this is where the idea of the “Man Cave” stemmed from. The Feminists took away all our “Men Only” spaces in public life, so we started setting aside personal spaces in our own homes. Unfortunately, I’ve encountered many Feminists who rail against Man Caves for being “sexist”. The Feminists want to take away all of our male only spaces until we have nothing left.

    1. You assume that the home is a Woman Cave.
      Our own homes used to be our personal spaces, save for the kitchen which was the Woman Cave. The Man Cave stems from when women took even that.

      1. If you need a “Man Cave,” you have already lost. The entire concept reeks; it’s sneering contempt at man’s loss of sovereignty in his own home.

        1. Their is a special place in hell for the phaggot that came up with the degrading term “man cave”

  24. I work as a helicopter mechanic and it is a lot like a gentlemen’s club in a way. Every hire is word of mouth, and what determines your stay at such a place is how well you contribute and if everyone accepts you. Zero women mechanics. Aviation maintenance is a pretty alright substitute of a gentlemen’s club minus the alcohol. Godforbid a woman is then brought on board, conversations would then be water downed and work would become stale.

    1. I got my start in aviation as an A&P before putting myself through flight school. Had a good time for the couple of years I did it and it was the guys I worked with that made it a blast- call one of the guys a fag? No one runs to HR. Talk about pussy? No one is offended. It was nothing but a bunch of shit talking and joking around for 40 hours a week. Work was rewarding too. Nice to see a fellow wrench here on ROK, even though it’s been several years since I’ve cracked open my toolbox.

      1. 40- 60 hours a week of “you’re a fag”, ” you’re doing it wrong”, “you’re a piece of shit” and practical jokes. Work is secondary. The commercial airliners are different, like United, American and Delta. Too many women and the unions are bullshit.

        1. Yeah, the airlines are their own world- pilot side included. They hire female Mx at DL, UA, and AA, then pay them good money to remove/reinstall seats in economy class all day long on heavy checks since that’s all they can do without fucking up- they can’t even pick up a starter/generator, never mind remove it/brush check it/install/ops check; it’s a joke. Helicopters are a good gig though on the Mx side. Always jobs out there, even 6-figure stuff over in Afghanistan. Had a buddy that did that and walked away with about 375k after a little over three years of work. That doesn’t suck at all.

  25. But the Rotary, the Lions, the Odd Fellows and the like aren’t at all extinct are they? Or are those to white/rich/privileged/European?

  26. Locally there are about 5 to 10 men only clubs in every village or town. They don’t have strict no women here policies, but any woman entering is made to feel so awkward that unless she has very thick skin she leaves immediately. On the other hand women usually attend craft courses(lace making, pottery ect) or coffee mornings as their women only clubs. Few people complain about this and everyone can freely talk about the opposite sex in anyway they like without being accused of anything.

  27. Phenomenal article! 2Wycked just hit it out of the park.
    One of the best parts of the life of a professional mariner is the camaraderie. My first 8 years as a merchant sailor, I worked on one ship with 16 of the 24 crewmen being permanent and on the same schedule as me- I spent more time with these guys than my own family and friends. Although it’s been almost 15 years and he’s pushing 80, I still am in weekly contact with my sea-daddy (trainer/mentor), and have stayed in contact with almost everyone- Although several of us are now captains in our own right, I still call for advice from the guys who I lived and worked with for so long. Experiencing danger, fun, misery and joy ties men together regardless of differences in class, ethnicity and politics… but more than that, breaking through the barriers that we rightfully keep up as men is also something that you just can’t do with the opposite sex- things like miscarriages, deaths and divorce happen to us all as we age- when you are forced to admit your powerlessness in certain situations, whether it’s combat, danger or a major life change, finding the support of your fellow man opens doors and bolsters your strength and resolve in a way that admitting your vulnerability to a woman does not.
    We do need gentlemen’s clubs, or an equivalent. We can learn by osmosis, and build ourselves up without exposing ourselves to loss through shared experiences and discussion.

  28. Fortunately the cryonics idea acts as female Kryptonite (except for a few aberrational women – and the less said about these female airheads and scolds, the better.) I enjoy the mostly male company of cryonicists’ gatherings.
    Hell, one of us even owns his own hotel and casino and has a net worth in the $1 billion range, namely, Don Laughlin. You can’t get much more self-made alpha male than that.

  29. 2Wycked,
    With I created separate sites for the women to register to if they were willing to sit on all womens juries in all womens courts and to hold women accountable for their crimes. We do not allow women to post in the mens forums.
    Occasionally I will post a womans comments in to the mens forums.
    You, and anyone else, can go see the registration numbers. You can see that women register at 10% of the men and the registration rate of the men is appalling. You can also see that in ALL the womens forums there is not ONE comment by a woman. Women will not talk in spaces where there are no men for the most part. They want to be in the mens spaces so that they can manipulate and control the men.
    More male only spaces are a good idea. Dick Mastersons MABTW forums died because he allowed women there.
    It is quite simple. Women need to be banned from some mens spaces…they can have their own spaces. And the very fact that so few women are willing to register to CAF to sit on all womens juries in all womens courts should make it very clear to all the young men just how badly their women are betraying them.
    The other topic you missed here is this. In the past men used to help men. When a man needed help he would ask and his peers would help him as needed. Today a man asking for help he needs is ATTACKED and ridiculed. He is attacked and ridiculed no matter how much he has done to help other men.
    That scymbag men attack and ridicule other men who ask for help is not my concern. My concern is that ALL THE OTHER MEN AROUND THE ATTACKER REMAIN SILENT. In days gone past the sorts of slander that men throw at me publicly would be grounds for a duel. In days gone past a man NEVER spoke slander of other men with impunity. The man himself would not allow it and the other men in the vicinity would not allow it. A man who was deliberately lying about someone else would be censored by the group of men.
    This refusal to censor members of mens groups/forums who are liars and criminal slanderers is one of the BIGGEST FAILINGS OF MEN in the west today.
    The question could be asked, why is it that in every online space I go in to the MEN openly allow OTHER MEN to slander me and tell lies?
    The question could also be asked: “Is this the example men want to set for themselves and other men? To tolerate crimes against their brothers as something that is normal?”
    Under “do unto others” every man who stands by and allows me to be so endlessly slandered has already agreed that he too can be slandered and no crime is being committed.
    The question could also be put: “Do men wish to set the standard among men that when a man in need asks for help he should be hated on and ridiculed rather than actually helped?”
    One reason that the suicide rate of men in divorce is so high is that when a man in divorce asks for help he is hated on and ridiculed by OTHER MEN…most esepecially by other men in divorce!
    Men are very well advised to put aside the state of relationships with women for a bit and take another very hard look at themselves and the state of relationships among themselves. For I can assure you that MEN HATE MEN in the west much more than women hate men in the west. I have talked of this often and presented the case often but men will not listen and learn from someone so much older and wiser as myself. And for this the young men deserve what is happening to them.
    When I was young we valued the advice and guidance of older, wiser men. Today, young men are so arrogant and so full of themselves they do not listen to older and wiser men and so they deserve what is happening to them for their wilfull ignorance.
    It is long past time men started ACTUALLY HELPING other men rather than merely being attention whores pretending to want to help men while merely boosting their own ego. I wrote about this in this essay.

  30. 2Wycked,
    what you describe is exactly why we have BOTH A-MAN-ZON and WO-MAN-ZON.
    We created different places for different audiences. On A-MAN-ZON we will allow both men and women to sell but we do not allow women to sell on a credit basis. This is because western women do not take the position that their signature on a contract is binding.
    Over time A-MAN-ZON and WO-MAN-ZON will gain more and more listings for sellers for those people who want to create a second economy. Those men who keep buying from the man hating sexist called Jeff Bezos can have no complaints they live in a femnazi world. They are funding it by supporting men like Bezos, Eric Schmidt, Larry Page, Sergy Brin, Mark Zuckeberg.
    I have proposed mens spaces from the MBA….and look how little response men have made in terms of wanting to join the MENS Business Association, eh?
    When men are READY to actually start collaborating and co-operating? I will welcome them with open arms in to the MBA.

  31. I wholeheartedly agree.
    Secret men’s business should remain so as it is actually very boring for women and vice versa.

    1. You raise an interesting point how feminisms supposed “breaking down the gender barriers” and blending male-female spaces is really just a group of elementary school girls looking to spy on the boys.

  32. The intermediate and advanced classes at real martial arts schools (not McDojos) are predominantly or completely male. Women will often start the classes, but most will not get very far when it starts to get really difficult. The women who do make it are exceptions to the rule of women being frivolous and get along quite well. This is the closest that I have found to a male only space.

  33. Oh cmon lets be realistic. If you think I or other women get offended by crude humor and fucking, you probably don’t hang around many women in the first place. Sincerely, someone who gets more pussy than you do(and has a boyfriend)

    1. Clueless Christina, fingering girls doesn’t make you a man, nor does it make you interesting. Kindly fuck off.

      1. Damned straight. Nothing more annoying than some troll twat who thinks she’s sooo cool for being bi and then seeking out validation and attention for it by voicing it on a mens forum

        1. Another reason we need to become a pay site.
          See how she baited those guys? They always throw in the “bi / les” card” too – just to rub your nose in it.
          At least they expose themselves for the filth they are.

  34. Why would successful men of ROK not know of men only clubs in your area? A well known club would be the Masons. Most Elks don’t even have women members and they find if they do join, they quickly leave.
    I knew the first woman to infiltrate one of such mens only clubs and her sole reasoning was because she could, and why should it be just theirs, and kind of moreover a F them attitude that seemed so pointless that she just ruined everything for all the guys who loved being there. I kept my disagreement to myself. You need to find a member to sponsor you and apply and if you’re accepted, as long as you can pass a background check, you’re in.

    1. I’m not sure if all men’s boarding is a thing of the past but its worth looking into, and if you purchased a home or small hotel building zoned as such you may be able to keep women out without legal recourse. This excerpt made me think “it was common for young newly graduated men who had moved to London for the first time to live at their club for two or three years before they could afford to rent a house or flat.” Like dorms with common bathrooms and a few boarding men, it would then be inappropriate for a woman.

  35. In my neighborhood, there was an underground pool hall that was owned by an old school Korean man which allowed exclusively men. There was an unspoken rule that invitees or friends were to be exclusively men. This worked wonders. We spent our nights shooting pool, drinking and actually conversing with each other about relevant things (business ideas, politics, education, career). We were even allowed to smoke inside (which is taboo in New York thanks Bloomberg). Looking back, it’s amazing to note how when men congregate exclusively with men, conversation centers around PROBLEM SOLVING and compiling information from the other dudes around to find solutions.
    Eventually though, some butch female health inspector discovered us and shut us down. The pool hall recently reopened, albeit a co-ed space. All the originals have long since abandoned the joint. I’m now in the process of retrofitting my basement as a small pool room that will allow us to converse and chill in peace.
    This ROK post actually reminded me of why I hate indoor smoking bans in NYC. It might sound a little conspiracy-theoryesque, but I think the success and promulgation of indoor smoking bans is linked to the desire of the political elites to make bars and restaurants more “pleasant” for everyone, (everyone being women). In the places where I can still smoke indoors, it’s never a man bitching about the scent, but the woman.
    Many important deliberations throughout history were undoubtedly talked about in a smoky gentleman’s club or bar, free from the distraction of women. I’d like to bet money that war strategies, major corporate mergers, plans for the French and American revolutions, etc. were not discussed in such “gender neutral spaces”.
    Hell, it was a smoky bar that my grandfather and his five buddies discussed enlisting in the army during WWII. A year and a half later, all six of them stormed Omaha Beach together.
    So, why wouldn’t the powers that be like male-only spaces? Because these are the places where the seeds of dissent originate, not at the nail parlor.

    1. I’m all for smoky pool halls and shit, my pool hall is full of fools and popped collared queers.

      1. Forget about these pool halls! There could be nice clubs for men and women, being together, discussing.

        1. Every place is already “nice place for men and women to discuss”, no need for more of that.
          The most common way to still get that gentleman’s club atmosphere is to do it at home (pool, poker, etc.) and to invite only people you want there.

    2. Why don’t you want to talk and solve problems with WOMEN? What is so wrong with us? Don’t you think that women bring “that certain something” to all male company? Presence of women polish and sophisticates men.

      1. Because we need space and time away from you Lina. You don’t get it, and clearly don’t want to get it, but the fact is that being around females day in and day out, 24/7 is mundane, boring and rather nerve wracking. Men enjoy the company of other men because we do, and that’s all you need to know or care about it. If you don’t like it, fine, but your dislike or misunderstandings are not of concern.
        Now go out and play, men are talking hon.

      2. Almost every social interaction mixes men and women, you’ve got plenty of opportunities to have mixed conversations if you want them. Men only conversations are rare and precious.
        And no, women don’t add a little something, it kills the “little something” men only conversation have.
        “Presence of women polish and sophisticates men.”
        The presence of women makes men self-conscious, they watch their words to either impress women or at least to not offend them, which not only kills the problem-solving mindset but also makes conversations tame and makes men behave unnaturally. All in all, far less enjoyable for men.

      3. Lol nothing’s wrong with you. I just go to each gender for different types of problems. For example, I recently wanted to make some spare cash by selling some sweatshirts that my dad had overstock of from when he was in the garment business. Now I know five business owners, three men, and two women. The three men are extremely successful with what they do, for whatever reason. One woman, has atrocious business acumen, and the other (my aunt), gets by but not to the extent she wants. So, my decision to appeal to men to specific issues such as business is purely based on my personal anecdotal statistics.
        However, as a painter, I approach my female friends for suggestions because they have consistently had a better eye and notice the subtleties more than my male friends.
        I don’t think who I approach for help or criticisms is purely based on a men know this, women know this, both men and women know this paradigm. I just base my future actions on the data I have available.
        I haven’t met a female friend who can help me pick out a cigar, or a male friend who knew what color paint matches the furniture in my living room. It just so happens that the areas of expertise fit gender stereotypes, but so be it.
        Regarding the second point, no I don’t think women bring a certain something to all male company, and even vice versa, because of the sexual dynamic that always exists. The pace, tone, frame, topical coverage and focus always change. I think there’s a space for mixed gender company and also not.
        If I may, I’d like to point out a very interesting read, “The Elephant in the Classroom: Ability Grouping and the Gifted”. Basically what it observed was that when students are schooled in homogenous racial groups, (they used blacks and whites), the high and low achieving members of both racial groups increased their skills and productivity immensely! I found this extremely fascinating.
        Here I was, raised and schooled in multicultural NYC, where anytime students grouped together with any semblance of “sameness” they were separated to “learn and grow” with diverse groups. It turns out, the opposite happens! But it sort of makes sense. People are generally inclined to homogeneity and routine, all you have to do is look at the geography of my city, different ethnicities live side by side but still largely in ethnic blocks. Homogeneity begets comfort, comfort begets greater progress and productivity. I think people exchange ideas much better when they are in a group of people that share something common like gender, race, religion, sexual orientation etc.
        In racial DNA analysis, there are more degrees of separation within races than between races.

        1. I hope you are the first one Roosh bans when he institutes the new zero tolerance for replying to females policy.
          You just fed the troll with a fucking 30 page novel you fucking beta twit.
          Notice if you read the whole thread we even have females making suggestions about Mens clubs for us — they are just so helpful arent they.
          Fuck the whole lot of you that reply to them.

      4. Do women want to talk about problem-solving? All I’ve ever experienced was getting talked AT about HER problems… and if I suggested logical solutions, I would be met with hostility for not expressing empathy and unrealistic flattery.

      5. Lina,
        In the Anglosphere alone, your suggestion of allowing women in all-made company ended up in unfavorable moments at the very worst, to the point history recorded them purposely.
        19th Century Victorian England: even prototypical single white female feminists like Virginia Woolf openly endorsed population control, abortion, and eugenics, while being a vocal anti-Semite. Even today’s feminists don’t know this.
        Deep South 19th Century USA: SWFs of the era purposely told the Ku Klux Klan to LYNCH innocent black men. I ran into a white female in real life who was shocked that a person of non-Angle stock learns of this very fact.
        The Late Margaret Thatcher. While her legacy is being touted as “Angle Feminism’s Finest”, she singlehandedly ruined England, working-class English men AND THEIR LIVELIHOODS, and openly supported Apartheid in South Africa.

      6. No, they really don’t.
        And it was worse when this “polish” you speak of is just a thin veneer 🙁

    3. I disagree with the second half, smoke doesn’t add anything to a gentleman’s club and it does put off many men.

    4. I agree on all but the smoke. If you have allergies or asthma you just can’t tolerate it unless you want to end your evening in the ER. By all means, though, have a comfortable smoking room

  36. I joined an organization called The Mankind Project because it professed to provide this type of “men’s space”. My advice is if you are considering the same, don’t bother. Check out their FB page. The organization is rife with betas and liberals and gays, and everything they post is geared toward seeking “mommy’s and wifey’s” approval. Only PC attitudes are welcome, and if you are a straight white male, you’ll be reminded of why the world’s problems are your fault at every turn.

    1. I checked out their site…. Wow!
      The Mankind Project? More like The Milquetoast Project!

  37. I think we have an excellent chance at reviving male spaces. Hide in plain sight. And like ROK and Roosh’s online forums…this is a first step of what I call “iCulture” or cultural molting. Like an animal that sheds it’s parasitic skin every so often via the Internet we now have the tools, capability and freedom to shed contemporary culture outright! It IS happening right here but eventually we’ll realize that many if not all of the new culture can manifest in actually reality. For instance, you want male only club? Relatively easy, first we should already have (and will with time) regional/local networks. Again made easier via the web. Someone brings this up and sooner or later a man or men rent out something and viola. I see this going all the way to male only sporting events and leagues. Just stay smart and discrete and those prying eyes will not notice, again hide in plain sight. Unauthorized clubs have flourished in repressive environments in the past, I.e. speakeasy etc.

  38. Its worse than you think. Straight women hit up male-oriented strip clubs. I never understood the thrill of that. That would be like me going to a female oriented strip club. Nope, I dont get thrills seeing a man shake his cock. Dont get how women get thrills seeing tits all over the place.

      1. Fortunately they usually only stay for 30 minutes when all the guys eyes are glued to the fat ass in their lap or the huge fake titties spinning around the pole.
        But yes, I’ve noticed it too.

    1. I have seen gangs of girls descending on strip clubs, booking tables and buying bottles of champagne. Bizarre. Of course, these don’t tend to be the the best kind of women….

    2. Attention. Females getting attention. Women up on a stage, men giving away their money to women.

  39. Anyone in the Boston/Massachusetts area that wants to get something this started…reply and lets find a way to connect. Rejuvenating male only spaces is a critical first step in nullifying feminism and getting things back to normal, which very much includes ending male oppression. As Nike says “Just do it!”

  40. Normally I don’t post on these, but on this one I had to.
    So my mother in law was visiting. Nice lady. Good wife by the standards of the forum. That said, I was talking to here about the lack of guys clubs / male space. Her response floored me:
    “Oh, we had to get rid of all the men’s clubs & spaces. It was how men networked with each other and shut women out.”
    I was kinda floored. She explained a bit more about what it was like in the 70s as a woman trying to network to get a small business going – nearly impossible without getting a man involved.
    I could sorta see her point… But she was just completely blind to the long term damage done to male culture. Sure, helped women “get in the door” and “network” for whatever that is worth. Say that’s worth +1. I’d say the effect to men was -10. So society’s net gain is -9.

  41. I think the manosphere is becoming an online gentleman’s club, a place to get away from women, and talk about issues concerning men. Feminism has either done away from these clubs, or forced integration in these clubs, while still having female-only events, meetings, and forums. I say the gentleman’s club needs to have a comeback.

  42. Great article. Was married for 10 years, every few years I would give her another chance and try to listen to something she was saying. Nothing. Virtually all incoherent noise. She was super cute, thin, and eventually she would get naked, but even that got old.

  43. I must say this is wonderful and completely true. I’ve been working at a private business club in the states now for a few years. It has existed since 1898 and has hosted distinguished guests from all over the world. We had a separate women’s entrance in which they had to enter, wait in the ladies lounge for their man friend, and be escorted to dinner. Since then, we have become completely integrated and women make up about 20% of our total membership.

  44. Homosexuals are damned, because you can’t go into a gay bar these days without it being half women. They’ve essentially taken over.

  45. This article should be EVERYWHERE any men could put their eyes on. We are being taken away from our natural mindset, I’m only 18 and it is so obvious and depressive to see older “men”, friends of mine, far from what an admirable or respectful, independent, self conscious mature male is supposed to be.

  46. Fuck Lindy West! That bitch is nothing but one, massive avalanche of flesh!
    Haaaa! Daaaamn right! Now where’s my beer?

      1. Loll are you sure you didn’t walk into the wrong building? Like Jezebel’s head office perhaps? :p

  47. Flight decks and fire fighting and motorcycles and firearms build fellowship. Sadly, at age 58 with no flight decks to dance on and most of my peer group off motorcycles and firearms, I soldier on alone with my hobbies and with the occasional old-chick notch. I did everything I could to avoid this state of life but I guess I was too good and too lucky. I outlived most of my peers. Better me than they, I guess. But lordy I hate shrews.
    At this stage of the game, I can at least tell them to fuggoff without consequence. And that’s something. Most of the young men I see today, they couldn’t possibly have balls. Fat, pasty with high voices and dead eyes, I have nothing to offer them. They woudn’t understand and I don’t have time to explain it to them. Bold men are out there, but they’re rare. Women have a hell of a nerve, creating men/women and then complaining there are no men.

  48. I belong to a Gentlemans club – my Hunting Club. It’s not as posh as the pictures in the article – most times it’s Mountain Dew on the back of a Silverado rather than tea in a leather chair – but what makes it a Gentlemens club is that it is Men only and Men things only. Patriarchy and tribal knowledge preserved and passed on. Wether you acknowgledge Nature or Nature’s God – this is masculinity in it’s simplest form.

  49. My masonic lodge is this place for me. It has made a big difference in my quality of life. Some lodges are getting influxes of new members and the average age is dropping. Our average age is in the mid 30s now.

  50. You can see the problem when you google “Gentleman’s Club”. What you’ll find is too much sites from Strip Clubs….
    Where have the real Gentlemen gone?

    1. Have you been to one of these “gentlemen’s clubs” lately? Full of tattooed broads and tattooed thugs. I’ll pass.

  51. I crave male space and male interaction more than I crave pussy at my age. I’m 31 and sick of women’s bullshit.

  52. Rock bars do it for me. Sitting down, listening to a live band, having a cold brew, and talking to good friends.

  53. I vow to get rich enough in the future that I can design and build a gentleman’s club which would be marketed to red pill men and only red pill men would be allowed in there. I’ll take the losses if I can afford it it’s not an issue at least I’m doing something good.

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