A Simple Tweak To Help You Crush Women And Life

Whatever I engage in, I must push inordinately. -Andrew Carnegie

The other day I was thinking about my life.

As I went over different events, a pattern emerged: I’ve always prospered when I err on the side of aggression. I don’t mean being an asshole and starting fights or intimidating people. I mean always going for more– always seeing how far you can push a particular situation.

I’ll review three different examples where this is apparent to me.

1. Gaming


You’re at the bar, talking to a hot girl. It’s going well. You can either:

a. Keep talking.

b. Ask her for her number.

c. Start touching her.

Here the most aggressive move is touching, and is also clearly the best. Now you’re talking and touching. You can either:

a. Keep talking and touching.

b. Ask for her number.

c. Kiss her.

Again, option c is the most forward. After you kiss, you can either:

a. Keep kissing.

b. Ask for her number.

c. Try to get her to leave with you.

At this point you’ll definitely get her number, but chances of her flaking when you text her later are high. Yes, chances of her going home with you are lower then getting her number. But even if she rejects the advance, she’ll still give the number– you don’t lose anything.

Always pushing for more will get you more. I know it’s obvious in gaming situations and when it’s spelled out like this, but men tend to be pussies anyway. I’ve never regretted getting rejected for pushing the envelope. However, I’ve definitely regretted not pushing the envelope and just getting a girl’s number when far more was possible.

2. Salary Negotiation


You just got offered a job. Congratulations, you’re a big dawg. They offered you $50,000/year salary. You can either:

a. Take it.

b. Ask for a little bit more, say $55,000.

c. Ask for a lot more, say $75,000.

d. Reject it.

If you do option a and just accept it, then you’re a fucking chump. Not only did you just give up thousands of dollars a year, but you also sacrificed your boss’s respect. He low-balled you and you took it. Even if he didn’t completely low-ball you, he knows that you don’t value yourself higher than his initial minimal investment in you. He offered you shit expecting you to call him on it.

Now, some people aren’t complete chumps. They know they can get more, so they ask for a little bit more, option b. I did this. And it worked. But you know what? When I quit, my boss told me he was surprised I accepted his low-ball offer (even after he raised it by a few thousand). Again, the only regret I can have is not pushing the fucking envelope and asking for even more.

When you ask for option c you give yourself the best chance to make more money. The only thing you risk is coming off as slightly arrogant, but more likely a good negotiator– something to respect. They aren’t going to retract the offer. But they are going to give you close to the max they’re willing to, at least.

3. Selling


One of the current activities where I make money is personal training. I sell packages of sessions (you can buy either 5, 10, 20, or 30). Imagine I just took you through a free workout. You’re exhausted, your endorphins are rushing, and you feel like you could use this ass-beating on a regular basis. I can suggest that you buy:

a. 5 sessions so that we can meet once a week for the next 5 weeks

b. 10 sessions so that we can meet twice a week for the next 5 weeks

c. 30 sessions so that we can meet three times a week for the next few months

If I suggest option a, what are you going to do? I’ll tell you from experience. You’re going to tell me you need some time to think about whether or not you want to buy anything at all. And probably decide against it.

If we go to the opposite end of the spectrum and I suggest option c (30 sessions), you’re going to tone it down and agree to buying 10 or 20. Whatever I suggest sets the initial negotiation point. And people tend to negotiate a little. If I offer you anything less than the max, I’m just shooting myself in the foot. I won’t get the maximum sale.

This also explains why companies low-ball you with their initial salary offer. They aren’t trying to trick you per se, they’re just being strategic.

Always push the envelope

Next time you find yourself talking to a girl or negotiating something, realize that going for more is the best call. Leave it all on the floor. It’s a mark of the masculine man.

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87 thoughts on “A Simple Tweak To Help You Crush Women And Life”

  1. When I did hiring for an energy company and someone make an excessively high salary request (like $75k when the offer was $50k), we were instructed to immediately withdraw our initial offer. The opinion of the company was that some negotiation was expected but anyone with excessive demands will be too difficult as an employee.

    1. Indeed, that bit of advice is quite dubious. In a world where labor is increasingly debased, employers usually hold the long end of the stick… unless of course you bring truly exceptional skills to the table, which, alpha delusions of grandeur aside, 99% of us won’t.
      Negotiate a little bit higher as a rule of thumb, but not that much higher.

      1. Perhaps when it comes to aggression, it’s important to know the facts (similar to poker. You don’t want to bluff/push all in when it’s clear the opponent has a great hand and will call you.)
        Go on monster and look up the reasonable salary for the region for your role. Find friends who work in the industry and get a good idea of what a fair price is to ask. Then pitch for 10% above that which won’t insult them and they’ll come down to what’s fair.
        In the case of the offer above, if 70K is industry average and they’re offering 50K, then it’s possible they’re low balling. Sometimes it’s best to pass on good karma and just walk away which leads to:
        If an employer treats interviewees like crap on an interview or low balls, and you eat it then that encourages them. If I know I’m not interested in working there, I decide to have fun. It’s like if you know a girl won’t sleep with you but she’s hooked into thinking you might buy her drinks. Pass on some good Karma. I’ve told interviewers off but this is something I have yet to try. If you know you don’t want to work there, have some fun. Tell them a bunch of credentials you know they won’t ever check (since you’ll decline the offer). You have a 4.0GPA. Make up other ridiculous claims they can’t check on the spot.
        Then when they call you to beg you to work there… tell them you aren’t interested. The interviewer was a jerk.
        Say what you like about feminists, but they do at least think in terms of what’s best for women. If you just grab money and blow it on chicks don’t think about the greater good, then you wind up with the dog-eat-dog culture we’re in now that’s moving towards the third world.

        1. If you make up a bunch of BS, a good HR dept. will check up before offering you the job. Once they find out that you are full of BS, you’ll pretty much be black listed for any future openings. I’ve seen it happen plenty of times, and that’s just stupid advise that only boosts your ego.

        2. Damn. Greater minds than mine beat me to the punch.
          I’ve been working for 35 years and I’ve only had my references and other credentials checked BEFORE a formal job offer once and that was for a particular company that really annoyed me since they didn’t make an offer and hassled my references. Of course,that’s for a formal job offer. Almost always, the recruiter calls you personally to ask informally if you want the job before drafting up a formal offer because the salary is included in the offer and it’s still up for negotiation.
          Sadly, I know certain foreign nationals (hint: they made healthcare.gov) who routinely make fake resumes and credentials and most HR departments are none the wiser. Heck, they probably don’t even care. If I knew 30 years ago what I know now, I’d have claimed to be part Native American and work on a 1099 from my wife who could claim to be part-minority and therefore minority/woman-owned business. I’d have cleaned up. Sigh. Going honest is stupid.

        3. Exactly. There was an “HR lady” once who low-balled me with a $70K offer when salaries in the area for the same job were $90K+ which she knew well. I told her to f-off. Negotations were done at that point.
          And by the way, this company loved to hire H1-B visa types. Shocking, I know!

    2. Exactly. As an employer, why would I want to hire an arrogant dick who wants the world, when I come across 10 more candidates who will easily accept my initial offer. The only exception to this, is if you know for a fact that they are desperate to fill the position (with no other qualified applicants) – only then will you have them by the balls.

    3. there is a balance between pushing as hard as possible and simply stressing out the situation so much that it snaps… this goes for everything from small business owners trying to expand, through to race car drivers and fighter pilots taking a turn.
      it’s that Ayrton Senna magic, where the wheel rims are a milimeter from the crash barrier….
      err on the side of caution, sure….. but often times we don’t push ourselves enough… there’s also the attitude that comes from making it work because you’re so far over the limit that only success will do.
      on the other hand, when you see that it might start coming apart and the crash is going to be that bad….. well the stress is almost self fulfilling…..
      it’s a question of knowing how much pressure you can handle and how much pressure the system you are in can handle.

    4. And to add to that, most companies have a certain budget allotted to a salary for certain position with a mild range of leeway depending on your qualifications.
      The offer will usually tend to be fair — unless you are overestimating your value to the company.

  2. Being aggressive means you’re willing to fail. Most people aren’t willing to fail and therefore they can’t succeed. You can’t win the title without the risk of getting knocked the fuck out.
    Winners talk about their failures, losers talk about their achievements.

  3. And here I was hoping this article would teach me how to crush women with a giant mallet more effectively, yet I just get this decent advice. 🙂
    Anyway off topic of everything here, from the third picture am I the only one who finds girls that are toned like that or more muscle like to just be horrendously unattractive… Even though she is theoretically hot I would rather not bang at all than do her.

    1. “Even though she is theoretically hot I would rather not bang at all than do her.”
      You, sir, are a damn liar.

    2. I find her extremely attractive, no hideous fat, I can practically see her pussy muscles outlined through her flat stomach, her curves are great. I would have a great time stabbing her guts.

  4. Good advise. It’s important to negociate your salary from the start because once you’re an official employee everyone will make sure your salary doesn’t go up faster than theirs.

  5. As a former professional poker player, I could not agree with this sentiment more. Aggression almost always wins out. Stuey Unger is the perfect example of this. Back in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s when people were playing ABC cookie cutter poker he came in an steamrolled through the competition with his almost absurd aggression. He will remain the only person in history to win the WSOP 3 times. That will never happen again. His style of relentless aggression is now the standard.
    It’s funny you mention the 30 workout package. When I was in HS, I had a friend Aaron who was quite brilliant, when he wanted his mom to do something for him he knew she wouldn’t do, he would just ask her for something ridiculous and when she rejected him he would ask for what he really wanted and almost always get it. Example: “Mom can you drive me to Sharpstown mall and buy me the new Jordans?” – “Aaron, I don’t really feel like driving out that far today.” – “Ok, cool. Can you just bring me a beer upstairs then?” – “Well, ok.” << I have seen him do this many times with my own eyes. Hilarious stuff.

    1. I hate parents like that. There are dads like that too I’ve seen. They’re idiots letting their child manipulate them. I bet his father was just as big of a fool as she was. I have nieces and nephews who ask the same things. However they’re not dumb enough to ask me to bring them beer.

    2. He is old enough to be drinking and living with his mother, where he employs manipulative tactics in order for her to do things for him. What a boss.

  6. Agree for work, but in Europe they’ve got some weird harassment and sexual assault laws, so touching and kissing a girl right off the bat could get you promptly arrested, especially if you keep doing it.

  7. This should be titled “A Simple Tweak to Help You Crush on Women More than You Already Do”

  8. So in other words, when it comes to salary offers, haggle, haggle, haggle. After all, it’s your time he’s buying and your talent he’s hiring.

  9. Aggression is key. I’m a recent TRP reader and I’ve started to demand more from both men and women I deal with.
    The prime example I’ve had recently was a girl I was looking to hook up with constantly shit testing me with various things, the latest of which was trying to constantly rearrange or cancel a date this weekend.
    I just decided to be aggressive and call her out, using the classic “lame” response.
    As if by magic, I instantly got 5 texts back within 10 minutes, protesting her innocence, cancelling her other plans and asking me where I wanted to meet her.
    I only wish TRP had existed 10 years ago, the number of sluts I’d have gamed by now would be exponentially higher, as I’m a recent convert of the classic beta orbiter.
    Aggression is key outside of women too.
    In a work situation I negotiated a pay rise straight out of college (graduated 2012) and after my first year in the job I’d had a performance bonus, 6 month pay rise of 4% and another 6% at the start of January because I continually ram home my value to the company and my desire to excel and climb the ladder.
    The best bit though? There is a woman above me in the managerial structure who has received a 2% basic pay rise every year, and she just started her 30th year this year. The catch? She has never asked for a pay rise, and continually lets the company shit work onto her.
    I’ve already recieved 3 times her yearly wage rise % and I’ve been at the company for 14 months.
    Aggression is key.

  10. Don’t just use money in salary negotiations, aim for other things too. My personal favorite is vacation.
    ‘We’ll give you a salary of X thousands of dollars and two weeks of vacation’
    Offer the same amount, but ask for a months vacation if the salary is comfortable. Money isn’t anything if you don’t have the time to enjoy life.
    Ask for other perks if so desired. Work from home, company leased vehicle, et al.

    1. You posted that link already on another article here.
      We already know women just want to bash men.
      Tits or GTFO

  11. I just wanted to say that this is a great article. I read RoK every day and yes, I am a girl (actually a 36 year old woman). I find the motivational articles really well
    written and I take on the advice on as much as possible. I stumbled upon RoK and
    the manosphere doing research for a novel I am writing. I am trying to learn
    game so I can learn about men, but more importantly, to apply it to my life and vocation as a writer. These articles about no guts, no glory or how chess is a metaphor for life are brilliant.
    I don’t have issues with the articles that explain the essence of men and women. I get it. I’ve lived with a beta and ultimately, I was unhappy. I could never inhabit my feminine side completely when my partner did not inhabit his masculine side completely either. It works both ways. However, some of the stuff written here is rough. And some of the commentary just breaks my heart. Before you say ‘tits or GTFO’ permit me a very short monologue (then you can bag me all you want):
    I live in Melbourne, Australia. I come from a good home – growing
    up we were working class migrants. My parents are not divorced and still have a
    loving relationship. When I was 21, I met the boy of my dreams who was, as I
    mentioned, a beta. He was sweet, romantic, idealistic about the world and just
    as inexperienced sexually as I was. A couple of years later, we got married. We
    started from nothing – it was tough. We put each other through uni – by winning
    scholarships and taking on second jobs. We were both very bright. When
    undertaking our respective PhDs, I struggled more because he had a full scholarship and I only had half a scholarship. However, I got a part-time job to help out as well. And yes, I cooked and cleaned. I held off having kids so he could
    finish his PhD in peace and quiet.
    After 14 years together, and after he submitted his PhD, he told me he didn’t love me anymore, that he didn’t want to have children with me and that he had fallen in love with another woman.
    Absolutely heartbroken, I left. When we divorced, I didn’t ask for anything. Now, before you all surmise that I am fat, ugly or a slut – save your breath. Yes, I am fat. A size 18 in Australia (have no idea what that is in the US). I have been so all my adolescent and adult life. My ex-husband met me that way and at the time, he said he loved me the way I was. Maybe he lied. Face? Well, you know that recent RoK article about the before and after with the tag a ‘guy can dream’? Yes, I have been told repeatedly by men in the UK, in Australia, in Argentina, and in Dubai
    that I am beautiful. And women have always said to me…if only you lost weight. So, it would break your heart to see a photo of me and you would probably tell me off in less than gracious terms that I have not made myself attractive enough to your gender. You’re absolutely right.
    I read a lot, I’m not hooked to my mobile phone or the internet. I went on a date with a guy recently who told me that his previous date had been looking at her mobile phone during the entire time and I was horrified. Who does that? I don’t think a man is a meal ticket. I refuse to go to a dinner date first off. I’m horrified at a guy having to shell out for a dinner meal for every first date they go on. I’m interested in making a contribution to society and…I think all men are beautiful. After my divorce, I did go through my disposable lovers phase. I don’t act like a slut. I do understand that women are the gatekeepers of sex and men are the gatekeepers of relationships. As one of the gatekeepers of sex, my broken heart and my curiosity about getting to know the male gender has made me a little lax in my gatekeeping duties. It’s a phase and I know I will grow out of it. It does get boring and at the end of the day, I miss having a man’s arms to call home.
    There is a point to all this background which might have you reaching for the wastepaper basket so you have somewhere to empty the contents of your stomach. Mainly, that gender issues are not so cut and dry. I am a woman and I am not against men. And yes, I am a feminist. It was actually my very alpha father who taught me to be one. He would teach me how to stand up to boys and how to be independent. My mother is a typical 1950s working class wife (ie took care of the house but also worked part-time). When I declared at 15 that I was a feminist, my mother said she was one too – that she believed women should always be very feminine.
    In summary, even though someone I loved very deeply betrayed me in such a fundamental way, I don’t hold it against the whole male gender (I don’t even hold it against him). I know there are some good men out there – some very good, honest people who are men. I also know that when you fall in love, rules go out the window. Their looks, their foibles, their size – don’t matter. What I look for is a good human being, who doesn’t give a shit about status and who will love me and accept my love fully in return so we can build a family in the healthiest way we can. According to RoK – at my age, my history and my current overall score (probably a 3) – I should stop torturing myself and just get a cat. So be it. I just thought it was important to point out that just like men are not all the same, neither are women.

    1. I won’t bother debating the finer points of your story, but you strike me as abnormally self-aware for a western woman… Is that borne of unfortunate life circumstances, or of a genuinely curious mind? Who knows, although the cynic in me suspects that the former is probably closest to the truth… But either way, it begs the question:
      Why don’t you just shed the goddamn weight already? Why didn’t you do this 10 years ago?
      You seem like you “get it”, feminist proclivities notwithstanding. You shouldn’t need this explained to you.

      1. Just curious, how do you feel she is she abnormally self aware? Everything she said is just common sense.

        1. “Everything she said is just common sense.”
          Then why didn’t she have it before thirty and before divorce?

        2. Seems she has been fairly rational from the start if you consider the entire article. If she was irrational, lacked common sense or consideration for her partner, she may have handled herself in and after her relationship differently.
          I am 23 and know I have strong common sense, i find most of the articles on here enjoyable because they are are practical and common sense. Also because they highlight nonsensical and contradictory behaviors that I see in female friends that I have tried to discuss before with them to try to u understand why and how they can act a certain way to no avail. so it’s nice to read about cultural factors on female and male behaviour to help understand. Fascinating stuff human behaviour!

        3. ” . . . nonsensical and contradictory behaviors that I see in female friends
          that I have tried to discuss before . . . to no avail.”

        4. I actually tried to initiate the conversations from them querying my relationship with my man and my reasoning behind apologising when im wrong and why we dont often fight or enjoy to fight. Once i gave all my reasons i tried to get her reason for purposely starting fights and it was that she gets bored otherwise but couldn’t go deeper than that answer. A lot of guys are happy to take it (I can only assume it’s because she’s hot and good at hiding things – I’m not being bitter btw just my observations from years of friendship). More people would benefit from reading this site and reassessing their behaviour toward their gender preference
          Would be great too if people could recognise when they have a great person and just be honest if they’re not down for them – guy or girl.

    2. So, if everything you’re saying is true, you’ve got all the secondary things figured out, yet still refuse to do that one things that actually matters – losing weight. Everything you listed here is nice and all, passing all those red flags we men have (qualifying much?), yet do not think that it somehow means that you become more attractive to a man. You’ve even been told you’d be beautfiul if you lost weight, yet that is something you refused to do.
      Don’t take this as a personal dig at you, it is not; I am simply stating the obvious: no matter how amazing is your personality or w/e, no man you want will dive below his looks threshold;

    3. “According to RoK – at my age, my history and my current overall score
      (probably a 3) – I should stop torturing myself and just get a cat. So
      be it. I just thought it was important to point out that just like men
      are not all the same, neither are women.”
      Ridiculous. If you are a daily reader (as opposed to Troll) of RoK then by virtue of that you are higher than a 3.
      Remember, this is the Internet and within exists a spectrum of thought that lies between extreme falsehood and hyperbole and crystal clear thought and truth.
      If you want to meet a partner that meets your specifications then you should know by reading RoK we never admit defeat. We never tear ourselves down inside. We are introspective, we look at our weaknesses and turn them into strengths. If you indeed have a Phd and are employed and live in one of the strongest economies in the world you should be thankful and proud of that.
      Having a partner is nice. Most all of us would like that too – but its not the be all, end all.
      Weight is not as big an issue as you may think. Spend the time and effort that you did on your education on the same fitness and nutrition program and just by “working on it” you will build your confidence. Then its just about style, wearing cool clothes and cool shoes, having a nice demeanor and a sense of humor. But work on the weight for your own health and personal achievement, not to get a boyfriend. And dont worry so much about the comments section. Its the Internet. In reality most of us are pretty cool people.
      Well, except for Pancho lol

      1. Yesss health is the best reason to work on your nutrition as a preventative measure! We have so many nice parks and beaches to exercise along here in melbourne not to mention so many healthy affordable food options.

    4. Australian women are just about the worst women in the world. There is not ONE woman of note in Australia who says that women should be held equal before the law to men and is willing to sit on an all womens court in an all womens just and hold women criminal accountable for their crimes.
      I despise Australian women for being the liars and hypocrites they chose to be. I grew up in Wagga Wagga and rose to the top of my profession in Australia. I know MANY senior business figures in Australia who are women…and to a one they are disgusting liars and hypocrites.
      They are EVIL PEOPLE.
      You can read about my case in the Australian family courts in my books. I am the ONLY Australian man who had the guts to publish the crimes committed by my ex, Jennifer Toal (just google her), and and the members of the family law industry……I even video recorded the court meeting and published it. ASIO have slandered me for three years for exposing the criminality of the courts and the guvment.
      So yes….you Australian women? YOU DISGUST ME. I am so happy I moved to Germany and date eastern european women.

    5. “In summary, even though someone I loved very deeply betrayed me in such a fundamental way, I don’t hold it against the whole male gender ”
      So did he steal your children?
      Did he steal your house?
      Did he destroy your business?
      Did he commit perjury and slander you under oath?
      Did he lie to your children and abuse them to alienate them from you?
      Did he impoverish you by having your personal and business bank accounts frozen so you were reduced to begging from family and friends?
      Tell everyone here AGAIN just how exactly you were “deeply betrayed”. After all? You women demanded “no fault divorce”. He is free to leave for any reason including having found some other women.
      THAT is what you women demanded, and he is just treating you AS YOU DEMANDED.
      So tell us all sweetie just exactly how you were “deeply betrayed”. I am sure the MILLIONS of men who have been CRIMINALLY VICTIMIZED BY WOMEN would really like to hear just how “bad” it was for you.
      You western women DISGUST ME. Your broken fingernail is more important than a MANS LIFE. And we know that is how you REALLY FEEL.

      1. Peter Nolan is a sick, twisted, bitter born again alcoholic who is wanted in Australia for beating his wife with a wine bottle in front of his children, stalks the internet making death threats to people who are on the other side of the world and can’t get to him. He is also a sex tourist travelling to The Phillipines and Ghana for this purpose. Since he was rightfully removed from his former family home for assaulting his wife with said wine bottle his contribution to his children’s upbringing has been zero.

        1. @Michael Toal,
          You guys at ASIO are not happy that Jennifer Toal is being named in public as an adulteress, prostitute, criminal child abusing woman who committed the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse, are you.
          Still trying to defend the “honour” of your whore, criminal sister rather than hold her accountable for her crimes so as to end the conflict she started? Hhhmmm?
          Why are you doing this Michael? Is it true what our witness says? Did you really rape your sister Suzanne? Is Jennifer really blackmailing you to do this with the threat of sending you to jail for 10 years for raping your sister?
          Is that why you got ASIO to get Catherine Burn, Deputy Commission of the NSW Police to refuse to investigate Suzannes claim that your father molested her as a teen girl?
          Did we get that right? Did we guess right that BOTH you and your father Bill Toal molested or raped Suzanne when she was a teen?
          For anyone who wants to follow along the story or see what a adulteress, prostitute, criminal child abusing woman looks like? Just follow the link. I see RoK mods have taken Jennifers picture out of a few posts. I presume they are concerned about bandwidth or something……so you can follow this link and find out lots about Jennifer Toal.
          This is how men who have wives who betray them and commit crimes against them should deal with them. Prolonged public denouncement until such time as the people AROUND the women decide they have had enough. Like Jennifers father, mother, bothers and sisters.
          Bill Toal, Irene Toal, Michael Toal, Suzanne Toal of Wagga Wagga NSW Australia have all been dragged into this conflict by Jennifer merely because Jennifer wanted to be a liar and wanted to steal what was not hers.
          And until her family agree she should make remedy for her crimes? Her family will also be denounced as the criminals they are.
          All men who have been victims of women in divorce are well advised to join up to CAF and post the details. If you are willing to sit on a jury that is free. If you are not willing to sit on a jury we charge you for your cowardice and out time….not for the CAF entry.
          Jennifers CAF entry.

        2. I actually decided to read some of the stuff you have posted in this link, and for all you attempts to shame your ex wife, you just come off as a psychopath, especially when you go on crazy rampages about how her relatively normal-sounding emails are so cold and calculating. Any bad she has done has pretty much been lost because you sound so damn crazy. Congratulations on losing all the support you hoped to gain from this misguided endeavour.

        3. “Congratulations on losing all the support you hoped to gain from this misguided endeavour”
          LOL!! Why would I want the “support” of female idolatrors like you?
          Jennifer committed crimes. Those who say that they have a CHOICE as to whether to remedy crimes women commit are female idolatrors. By saying that you have a CHOICE as to whether women should be held accountable for their crimes you are saying that SOME WOMEN should be able to commit crimes with impunity….hence female idolatry.
          Would you also say that if a man raped a woman there are some conditions under which you with not support the woman in gaining a path to justice? And are you willing to say that in public in your own name?

        4. One other thing Jay.
          There are tens of millions of other men out there who have been criminally victimised by women in the family courts who do NOT speak as I do.
          Please NAME all the men who have been criminally victimised that you have “supported” in a meaningful way. And I don’t mean “hope it gets better for you”, I mean with money, jobs, legal aid or helping him prosecuted his criminal ex wife.
          My bet is that you have NEVER actually given any REAL support to any such men.

        5. Peter,
          I’m sorry things have happened to you.
          But it’s best to move on and build a new life.
          Nursing grudges against those who have broken their honor, even when we’re justified, is bad for our health. (I say this to myself also.)
          (Thanks for reminding readers to go into marriage with their eyes open.)

        6. Hi Albion,
          it is not a “grudge” to labour to the end of securing the rights of all men and boys so as to save their lives which is what I am doing. Look at the male suicide rate in the west.
          Do you know any other man in the world who has been prepared to take on the guvmints head on so as to secure mens rights and cut the male suicide rate? And if you do? What is his name? I would like to meet him. I think I know them all.
          Now. If you think that is a “grudge” then please explain to the RoK readers, 90%+ men, why it is that labouring to secure their rights might be considered a “grudge”. Write an article and submit it. I am sure the RoK writers would consider it.
          Secondly? If you read my books or listened to my work you would hear me say that my life today is better than it has ever been and that I am very happy. I have moved on and created a life I love.
          In particular the relationships I have enjoyed with my fav#1 and #3 were some of the highlights of my life. I never knew women could be like that. Sure, not ALL eastern european women are like that. But that I have had 6 favs and two of them were “out of this world”. That’s a very good batting average for a man in his 40s. Certainly it is a vast improvement over being with Jennifer for 23 years, right?
          So I am adding my testimony to what Roosh has said about eastern european women. Many men question what Roosh says. They question his books. They question his comments. I am also here to say that I have had very similar experiences with eastern european women even though the number of women I have dated is very small compared to Roosh. I am in no way a “player” or a “cassonova”.
          Now….my life right now would improve a little if men decided to pay the princely sum of CHF10 for my book or men in companies decided to buy my software for their companies use. This is because I am being actively persecuted by three guvmints for standing up for YOUR rights and the rights of all men in the english speaking world.
          But helping such men as me by entering into mutually beneficial business transactions with me is not the sort of “help” men are willing to offer. Nope. They won’t do that.
          They are willing to post endlessly their “advice” and pretend they are helping. But they are not willing to enter into mutually beneficial business transactions that would ACTUALLY help me…hhhmmm?
          And they won’t enter into mutually beneficial business transactions even though I really am one of the most skilled people in the world in my area and my software really is the best in the world at what it does and saves vast sums of money in the development of data warehouses.
          There are more than enough men in the man-o-sphere who work for companies who could significantly benefit from buying my commodity priced software to help me out. My software is priced between EUR29.99 to EUR799.99 per user per year. I have used it on massive companies like Electronic Arts, Orange Telecom Romania, Talk Talk in the UK, Saudi Telecom. It has saved hundreds of thousand of dollars in consulting fees for these clients. I have offered complementary copies to RoK if they want to build a data warehouse if they get in to selling things via the site.
          And yet men in the man-o-sphere who work in IT and how know my heart is in the right place will not get the deal for my software done in their company. How sad is that, eh? Men are not very helpful to other men no matter how much that man has done. This has to change if men wish to have a better quality of life for themselves.
          So here are my books….
          Here is my company…..
          When men REALLY want to be helpful to me for putting my life on the line for them and challenging three guvmints for their benefit? They know where the “buy now” or “add to cart” buttons are, right?
          And really? Men who criticise me for offering books and software for sale? Get serious? LOTS of men offer books and software for sales. Few offer a book as valuable as The Truth Be Told and no one offers software comparable to my software. No one.

    6. I totally respect this. Well said and honest. However I don’t respect feminism. It was never about equality from the beginning. If you dont believe me, youtube aaron russo -feminism. It was created to break up the family. If feminism was really about equality, why dont feminists rally outside the courthouse?…. Don’t pay too much attention to these guys that are always talking about alphas and betas. Getting sex is easy as pies these days and diseases are soaring in deadly epidemics. Keep the faith and stay strong.

  12. One of the best articles I’ve seen on ROK ever. How many opportunities I’ve lost because I feared coming across as an asshole. It’s stupid to think that people will reward you for being “nice” and not asking for too much. Why should they?. A great book on this topic is “No More Mr. Nice Guy”. Once you’ve read it, go for Ayn Rand’s “The Virtue of Selfishness”. That should kill the nice guy within you quickly enough.

  13. …after you get her home you could:
    A. Ask her if she wants to have sex.
    B. Start undressing her.
    C. Rape her.
    Again, option C is the most forward.Push that envelope, boys.
    After sex you can:
    A. Cuddle and whisper in her ear.
    B. Immediately leave.
    C. Kill her.
    Again we have a winner…C. Why not kill her, right? Push that envelope.
    After killing her you can:
    A. Bury her respectfully.
    B. Chop her up.
    C. Commit necrophilia with her corpse.
    Again, C is the best option. Why not get laid again???
    *this post is in no ways serious and was meant as a humorous comment on the article.

  14. You know that they say that when there’s something you truly desire..you start seeing it everywhere you go in the world…I’ve been crunching the hours spent on my job, (Finance) in addition to expenses I have on a regular basis. I think its time to talk to my boss about having a performance review…this raise needs to come and I need to start taking myself more seriously.

  15. I feel like this might be the cosmic truth here that I need to internalize before I can truly internalize anything this site has taught me.

  16. Now I know why older men get pissed when they try to push me around or flirt with me even though I’m taken. Some people are stupid and don’t realize when someone is trying to take advantage of them. I think this is why alot of women are defensive now days and “bold” and possibly come off as a “bitch” to most males because of this. I have both genders are equally stupid however and both are juts as easy to take advantage of.

  17. dont?? touch?? a woman?? without??? her??? fucking?? permission??? that is sexual assault???

  18. You forgot one essential step: You gauge whether a woman is going to be okay with you touching her before you just go and do it. You never put your hands on someone without their consent, whether explicit of implied.
    Mad fuckin creepers up in this bitch.

  19. this site is populated by potential rapists and the type of guy who thinks that because he was born with a dick that he is entitled to societal superiority to women and gay guys and the authority to fuck and control whoever they want. i would love to cut off your dicks (not like youll be using them for anything other than jacking off) and hang them on plaques above my fireplace. this site is just fucked up

  20. One day you are to pull this with the wrong woman and feel the repercussions. Kissing or touching a woman in a sexual manner when she doesn’t want you to is sexual assault. Pressing charges is the best thing that could happen. Maybe in jail you will rethink your position and never encounter me in such a manner. Because I guarantee if you try this shit with me, I will stab you.
    But, by all means, continue to give out this ridiculous advice to impressionable men. And remember, you might be sending a couple of them to their grave for listening to the ravings of an angry heartbroken man who cannot let it go.

  21. All bangable young girls are the same attention whores.
    If you see your gf in this video don’t get mad.

  22. Just fyi, for just about all my female friends, if you touch them at a bar without asking, they’re as like to break your fingers as anything else. (And good on ’em.) Same would go for me, but I’m genderqueer and not female.

  23. Good thing I started my own company and work for myself.
    Unfortunately I now have the world’s biggest arsehole for a boss.

  24. Touch me at a bar after just meeting me, and you’ll get a face full of capsaicin, douchebag.

  25. touching a chick out of no where is a bit too far forward. They’re people after all, not just toys for you to mess with and stuff your dick in. If you do go for that approach, only continue if the chicks into it. Harassment’s not somethin you want tailing you in future.

  26. The article itself isn’t that bad, but the title is stupid. Change it and people might begin to see the site as a tad less misogynist. But when you go out of your way to use anti-female titles, don’t expect people to not take it offensively and assume it’s stupid.

  27. Lol, if you’re asking for a raise because you’re a beta salaried chump then you’ve already lost. Start out on your own or die a beta

  28. Good stuff, reminds me of the Columbus gambit from The 48 Laws of Power. See Rule 34: Be Royal in Your Own Fashion; basically, Columbus wasn’t anything special, but he pretended to be a nobleman and his confidence was enough to convince the Spanish rulers to give him three whole ships to sail across the whole damn globe.To fall back on some cliche phrases:
    Fake it til you Make It
    Go Big or Go Home

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