Female Danish Athletes Diminish Their Own Championship Victory By Taking Nude Photos

A female sports team has celebrated winning the Women’s European Handball Federation Cup by posing naked with their trophy. In a photograph that shows both the attention-seeking narcissism and self-objectification rampant amongst Western women today, members of the winning Danish squad, Tvis Holstebro, use different angles, their teammates’ bodies, their hands or even the trophy itself to conceal their breasts and genitals.

Once more, the self-objectification of female athletes raises important questions about the relative value of women’s sports. Men are routinely denigrated, attacked and witch-hunted for judging female athletes on their bodies, yet those in female sports, provided they have semi-decent figures (or even only scary ones), seem to take every opportunity to try to exploit and then commercialize their sexuality.

People like British “psychologist” Priscilla Choi have in the past complained that female athletes are evaluated more on their looks than their athletic ability. There are nonetheless at least two glaring holes in this kind of argument: 1) women are generally and markedly inferior to men in sports and 2) female athletes themselves directly participate and even want objectification if it is profitable for them.

As you would expect in these hypocritical times of ours, female athletes and their backers have demanded that they be taken as seriously as the men over recent years. Forgetting the fact that even boys’ teams are frequently superior to adult women’s teams, female athletes want “equality” for providing grossly inferior performances. They want their own gendered fields so as to not compete with the men, maintaining the very flimsy illusion that the women are just as good and worthy of similar or identical remuneration.

Is there an actual justification for taking female athletes like those in the Tvis Holstebro squad seriously, especially after the otherwise “sexist” behavior of arranging the nude photograph or the all-round self-objectification female athletes use? Why can’t their sporting prowess, including compared to men, do all the talking?

 A joke from the start

And what a joke it is to try and treat this team as an equal alternative to the men’s one from the same club.

Tvis Holstebro’s European finals victory occurred in the early part of May against a Russian side. Provided the women in the photograph are from Tvis Holstebro, it appears likely that they were jealous of the greater attention men’s handball or men’s sports in general get in Denmark. Surprisingly to those not familiar with the differences between the Nordic countries, Denmark has a reputation for being the most conservative of the five culturally Scandinavian societies. It may not be saying much to describe Denmark in this way, but it is the least socially insane of the group. So, what better way to get some desperately craved attention than “leaving” a sexualized picture or two in the hope that someone would leak it to the media and it would go viral?

There has, however, been some confusion after the nude team photograph gained widespread attention. Some have alleged that the team is not Tvis Holstebro but rather a somewhat non-adult under-18’s team from the Copenhagen region. If this alternative explanation is true, it is even worse. Unlike many other behaviors, like underage shoplifting and associated petty crimes, sexualized attention-whoring established in adolescence usually gets worse as girls enter adulthood.

Plus, if it is indeed an under-18’s team, some of the women may be underage. “Under-18” sports teams very often include those who have recently turned 18 but also, as the name would suggest, those below 18. There may be no direct nudity in the photograph, but there is a world of difference socially-speaking between some underage girls posing nude but covered and very young adults doing the same thing.

Regardless of which explanation is the correct one, the main argument still stares squarely in the face at us: women’s sports have become a set of circuses for political correctness and self-objectification. If you cannot compete in athletic ability, which is the primary impetus for the attention sportspeople receive, take out your breasts and vaginas and make the barest of attempts to cover them, if you cover them at all. Empower yourself and show everyone you’re equal to the men!

Ignore women’s sports at all costs

The Anna Kournikova Effect explains why women’s sports can be so popular. It’s definitely not for their equal athletic ability when compared to the men!

Women should be physically active, just as the Tvis Holstebro handball team is. Since its inception, which predates my time writing here, Return Of Kings has chronicled the obesity epidemic that is encouraging women in particular to take pride in being ridiculously overweight from laziness. Notwithstanding all this, there is a huge disparity between having women keeping themselves fit and moronically telling them that their athletic endeavors are objectively as good as the men or deserving of equal pay for “equal” work.

Given the inferiority of professional female athletes to male ones, female sports are just not worth your consideration. Already, rabid feminists are trying to brainwash the general population into thinking that both gendered fields are equivalent. In fact, they argue the women deserve more admiration because they get paid less and keep on competing (by that definition, men playing in local, non-professional city leagues should be given gold medals). Do not contribute to this farce by giving female sports anything but the flicking of your television remote to change the channel.

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236 thoughts on “Female Danish Athletes Diminish Their Own Championship Victory By Taking Nude Photos”

    1. Almost every one of them has a receding hairline. Makes me wonder if they’re given certain “supplements.”

    2. I guess a few of them ain’t bad but I’m trying to figure out if the good ones are worth a 2nd bang.

      1. That one just right of center looks like a wholesome Little House on the Prairie type, except for the man waist. I could picture her in a cute Amish outfit selling me Fastnacht donuts.

        1. I think the two on the right end just poking their heads out must be the sexiest ones.

        2. yep, after closer inspection she seems to be the only bang able one but I’m not sure her body is as prime as her face.

        1. Yes, those are two different images. Look at girls face fourth from left in both of them.

        1. LOL. Indeed.
          Put some shitty stock filter on it (that looks beyond terrible) and these womyn think the picture looks better.

        2. We all know what shitty decisions ONE woman will make, if left to her own devices. Imagine the dumb shit that an entire group of them could come up with? *Cough* Feminism *Cough*
          “Yeah, we wanna take ourselves out of the home, where we’re happy, and go work a shitty job for 40 hours a week to prove we’re somehow equal to men. We’re more miserable now than ever, but at least we’re bringing men down with us, because misery loves company. Ain’t that better?”

      1. Stop liking their photo idiots, it gives them an ego boost & they don’t deserve it at all since they are all fucking ugly lesbian sluts .

    3. WB, WNB, WNB, WNB, WB, WNB, WNB, WB, WNB, WB, WB.
      That aside, isn’t it interesting how when groups of men in sporting teams get together in enclosed environments naked it’s generally looked askance at as a bit gay or deviant, but when a bunch of women get together, pressed up against one another, fondling one another in “team” exercises, it’s seen as “normal”?

      1. To a tee, my friend, excellent taste.
        And women have schrodinger’s sexuality. Due to their submissive nature they subconsciously follow whatever external pressures are placed on them. All women in the wrong circumstances can be moulded to have lesbianic tendencies.

      2. That’s because general male bonding has been demonized to the homosexual level. What happens when two or more men come together to discuss power and elements ? They push each-other to become great men ! What happens when they reach the level of great men ? They become a threat to the elites and other powerful men. And that’s why most of today’s men are weak.
        Breakthrough BS !

        1. I think “straight” for women is different from “straight” for men. I don’t think having a occasional same sex attraction or even same sex activities neccesarily will preclude a woman from being heterosexual as long as her primary sexual orientation is towards men. The reason why is because since women evolved to live in harems, lesbianism was a way that sister wives would bond so that they’d be willing to help look after one another offspring, increasing odds of survival. This is why women aren’t as disgusted by lesbianism as straight men are at homosexuality.
          In my experience, bisexual women tend to be more or less equally attracted to both sexes. And are more likely to enter a long term lesbians relationship than a straight woman, but especially for relationships, both bisexual and straight women seem to strongly prefer men. And, it’s more common than you think for lesbian women, specifically the feminine type, to be attracted to and have sex with men. But they tend to prefer other women.
          As for male bonding, men can find some way to bond with their clothes on. It would be rightfully seen as gay if a group of guys were posing together naked.

        2. Studies that measured the physical reactions of women to various stimuli instead of asking them what turned them on, have found that women are kinky bastards of the first order. Everything stimulates the typical woman; straight sex, two gay guys, two gay women, groups of gays and straights, animals having sex, humans having sex with animals, sadism, masochism, and just about anything the researchers could dream up. Women are horny and kinky far beyond anything us men can imagine.

        3. Men see a stimulus first, then get aroused. Women go through many periods of non-conscious arousal everyday. Doing laundry, giving a speech, whatever, and they’ll get wet and nipples’ll get hard, but they don’t even realize their bodies are demanding sex. By the time they’re in their early twenties anything can get them into bed.

      3. These chicks look way too comfortable for this to be their first time engaged in “extracurricular” group activity. I’m all for women athletes doing this because they look insane when they whine about getting objectified by us (which they would be anyway, if they were attractive). Also this does nothing but reinforce the whole “female teammates might be of the dyke-ish persuasion” stereotype.

        1. I don’t know about you guys, but that picture and the whole young(ish) female trying to shock/attention whore by nudity thing is just “meh” and totally boring anymore. Little babies gonna do babyish things, though! Both my kids, 6 and 2 years old, passed that phase a long time ago. Of course, they are boys, so their maturity level has already greatly surpassed that of “adult” women by a longshot.

        2. A lot of women’s teams all sleep with each other. They look so happy and comfortable in group shots because they’re all sharing each other. No competition like the non-sport lesbians have.

      4. It’s incredible I concur with you entirely in terms of which are deemed suitable for coitus. Great minds think alike.

        1. Well, it gets a bit easier once you winnow out the ones who have faces the shape of doorways.

      5. Not only that …
        Male athletes from professional sports to increasingly the collegiate level must put up with females in their lockerroom ogling them in a complete state of undress.
        Men are no longer allowed to bond — however they do — in the locker room post game without the presence of women in their highly personal space.

      6. Oh yeah. And lesbians capitalize on it. Any time you get a group of girls together, there’s a lesbian or two who’s grooming some of them to turn to the dark side. Even girls who say they’re straight will take the opportunity to bed a couple of their freinds.
        Women know this, and yet they don’t do anything about it. I’ve heard women complain about it, yet later find out that they went ahead and ate some pussy, figuring no one would find out about it.

    4. I dunno. I find it difficult not to like this. And handball champs? You go girls.

      1. But remember, as the Russians tell us, quantity has a quality all its own.

    5. How come they are all chubby ? They are supposed to be athletes for Christ sake !

      1. I somehow doubt anything these women have done for the past, oh, twenty years of their lives has been for the sake of Christ.

      2. Shitty lowered standards, especially for female “athletes”. Actually working out and eating properly was too ‘haawwd’ for them (read they’re lazy and eat like shit), so they get their physical standards lowered to nonexistent. They also get the title of being called an athlete, with all the acclaim and attention that denotes as well, without being remotely athletic

    6. Liking their photo give them more ego & makes them happy so don’t like it, they aren’t that beautiful anyway!

  1. They protest: get naked
    They want to rise ranks: get naked (and fucked)
    They win a joke sport championship: get naked
    Its fucking narcissism and can’t control their libido. We are not stupid, we know that makes you horny idiots! And its called voyeurism. Can’t maintain a civilization with such irrational creatures.

      1. Penis envy is real, and feminists have tried to battle back by instituting vagina envy. Of course, no one is envious of something that is entirely submissive by its nature. So really, no one is interested.

        1. The vagina is an absence. A gaping chasm only good as a conveyor of what someone else deposits in it, or a result of that deposit. Who would be envious of a repeatedly bleeding, empty space?

        2. Only people that are content with lying to themselves, and the mentally ill.

        3. “I just don’t trust anything that bleeds for five days and doesn’t die” – Mr. Garrison.

        4. God! I’ve had to be around those people. You can smell the mental illness in the room when they walk in. And it reminds me of people who smoke pot everyday. . .Even when they’re not high you can tell they smoke way too much. I’m met trannies dressed like normal guys and shit, but you could still tell that their brains were rotted.
          And the SJW’s are out screaming for their rights. In the old days mental people were locked up. Now they’re fighting over restrooms.

        5. But vaginas are good to straight men, that’s why men spend all that time trying to get one to have some snuggle time.and tje ones that smell good are even better. If I could live in one well my little guy I would be the happiest Oman in the universe.

      2. That’s their vagina about 30 years ago, today even the cave of Bethlehem seem small compared to their vagina lol.

      3. Freakin’ aye. Female commedians and writers only write about sex. They’re obsessed with it. Which is revealing of the female psyche, in that they claim we’re the sex obsessed ones. It’s just psychological projection to protect their fragile egos, weakened by the confused and false nature of their messed up lives.
        And it’s bullshit that they’ll attack any male commedians who are as vivid and visceral as the female ones.

      1. Back in the ye olde days it was called “hysteria”, and doctors would… stimulate… “hysterical” (aka grumpy because they weren’t getting laid) women. First by hand, later by steam-powered vibrators.

        1. “…later by steam powered vibrators.”
          I’ve called the Doctor and he is firing up The General.

        2. You had me till the ‘steam power’ tool. Perhaps on view at Clockwork Academy?

        3. I tried finding this episode on Youtube but no success. Might you have the url?

        4. Last time I watched it was when the show was airing on re-runs a few years back. I don’t think they air it anymore because the host died in a kinky manner.

      2. Of course. The reason they claim to be modest is that they often don’t like unworthy men seeing them, or feel they should be paid in some economic way.
        A combination of these is commonplace.
        Also some are pathologically modest through peculiar religious or feminist teaching, many because they know they look bad.

      3. Interesting i wonder if the same goes for men.. since they arent out killing and providing for all these babbies women arent having.. men are using all their free time obsessing over womens reproductive systems also. Blogging about it and scheming on ways to get back controll over it.. thats why mens humor art and every thing refrences sex and vaginas. Im not even kidding i think its a theory worth investigating

      4. In other cultures that’s talked about openly. In Spain, Ireland, Argentina, etc. there are female playwrights and writers who dramatize it.
        Here in the U.S. you won’t hear it because it’s “oppressive” and women think they can “have it all” by pretending they’re giving and getting something from society.
        But take note of any women who swears she’ll never have kids: They always have a host of mental problems already.

      1. He’s lucky they didn’t go full-Brazilian and literally tear him apart.

    1. I don’t think it is narcissism. A woman’s currency is her attractiveness. The more attractive she is, the wealthier man she can attract. As such it is perfectly rational for her to sell herself by demonstrating her beauty rather than her physical or intellectual abilities, since both are inferior to a man’s.
      As a counter-example, how far would a man get if he tried to get on in life based on his looks. Generally, he would be mocked and despised by both men and women.

      1. Then they should be models, not sport players, and not demand equal pay in sports. Thats the problem in this case.

      2. I am reminded of the story concerning Thomas Moore bringing his prospective sun in law Roper into his daughter’s bed room, flinging up the coves and her nightdress, so “he could see what he is getting”.

        1. I totally see that. When you have to deal and do business with someone, and a lot is based on marrying the daughter, you want the dude to not hate you.

    2. There is a belief among feminists that the world revolves around their tits.

    3. In my book, any fellow male who discourages young women from showing me (/the world) their naked beauty is a TRAITOR to our mutual sex and should be punished severely.
      All women like those in the picture should get from us males is “warm appreciation”. That way, maybe next time they will show us more!
      Their fellow females will do enough slut-shaming for all of us. We don’t need to buy into the female agenda by joining in.

      1. Irony in the whole thing is that other women’s teams will see the attention these bimbos got and will do the same thing.
        The guy who did the “Spring Break” series hired professional strippers to be in wet t-shirt contests and fuck a lot of guys in public. When they’d get naked, all the teeny co-eds would get mad and get naked too. Good understanding of female game there.
        What got him into trouble was his use of female psychology against them. His strategies to use the female herd mentality for profit revealed a lot of bullshit that advertising agencies and others already used. That’s why they demonized him and went after him. All those “innocent” girls he filmed were happy at the time, it got them attention. But when it revealed women’s strategies and game he became dangerous to the status quo.

  2. Women’s sports is just an excuse to keep women’s body in shape. Kind of like fitness.
    They didn’t diminish anything. Looks are their most valuable asset so they are showing it off.
    Pretty rational.

  3. heres the hilarious thing….most here as much as we preach about going back to conservative values….will celebrate this? why? they are horny fuckers who can’t control themselves.
    on one hand the red pillers will largely condemn them but on the other praise them.

    1. Well, there are a substantial number of different camps, some with contradicting values, that inhabit the so-called manosphere.
      The only thing that most camps have in common is what we consider the truth of the psyche of women.

      1. yes i do agree completely agree. the manosphere is as a result very scattered.
        it also doesnt help that the primary focus of a lot of folks is how to get laid because that is what drew them to us in the first place. the sad reality is a lot of those folks give no fucks about anything but getting laid and so really they arent red pill even if they read red pill stuff.
        I think the red pill needs to evolve beyond plate spinning and getting laid 24/7 as its very clear the red pill is the only talking about some serious sexual social issues. strangely enough many old writers spoke about the same thing. for you christians Paul and Isaiah speak in very red pill terms yet that shit isnt talked about in churches like ever.

  4. Women’s professional sports are about to become an even bigger trainwreck than they are now. Mentally-ill men who think they’re women are being sprinkled into women’s teams now.
    Fancy facing off against this guy, female athletes? How about having him in the showers with you?

    1. Interesting how we don’t see former women participating in any Men’s sports. Wonder why that is /s

    2. Hell, that’s nothing new. Ever wonder why the Chinese female swimmers are so butch at the Olympics? They’re the slowest guys from the men’s team from 4 years earlier.

        1. Their women probably get HGH injections from the time they were 6.

  5. I remember hearing about a South American under 16 boys soccer team SPANKING the women’s National team of their particular country. They beat them like 7-1. Hilarious

    1. Just yesterday I saw in r/soccer that in Australia the U15 of a club beat the adult women’s NT 7-0.

    2. It is a worldwide phenomenon.
      – As said below, the U/15s beat the Australian National Women’s Team 7-0.
      – The American U/17s beat the US National Women’s Team 8-2. The women’s team has lost to the U/15s in the past.
      – The Swedish National Women’s Team lost to a group of U/17s 3-0. Not the National Swedish U/17 squad, mind you, rather, a municipal football club composed of under-17s. Best part? THE TEENAGERS PLAYED WITH ONE MAN LESS.

      1. And the boys probably had to be a bit more gentle playing ball with the girls.

      2. Im shocked “they” allow those types of matches to be scheduled anymore

      3. Reminds me of when I would be playing and for whatever reason they’d have us training with the women’s team which I regarded as a joke and a waste of time. I would have a sadistic smile on my face and crack my knuckles with relish as 220lbs of angry muscle would come barrelling down on them-I have thighs like ham hocks and a build like a wrestler so imagine a bigger, stronger, angrier version of Gerd Muller coming at you and being able to strike the ball so hard it’d be like an ICBM; having the goalkeeper cower in fear and sending them flying as I would mow them down for the ball was hysterical. The display of brute force also appealed to them which was also amusing.

    1. I remember an observation by Alexander Pope that Vanity and Love of Place are the principles vices of women, as Pride is for men. Classicists sought what they thought to be the eternal verities about humans, semper omni, semper omnes, sempoer temporae. Perhaps they were on to something.

  6. Who knew handball would get such a reaction?
    “People like British “psychologist” Priscilla Choi have in the past complained that female athletes are evaluated more on their looks than their athletic ability.”
    I am pretty sure without looking it up “Dr” Choi believe that is men’s fault. “If men wouldn’t objectify women, women wouldn’t choose to objectify themselves ergo men are guilty of misogyny.”

    1. If men wouldn’t objectify women, women would double down and and do something risqué like posing nude or semi-nude so men would objectify them. Think about it. This story is proof.
      These girls wouldn’t be objectified normally with clothes on, so they double down and took them off to be objectified. How could this Dr. Choi get an MD degree?

  7. To be honest I’m disappointed that these bodies are considered the pinnacle of women’s sport. Seriously what the hell. None of them have well defined curves or taut stomachs. No wonder the regular women are whales if these kind of physiques are winning competitions

    1. I was showing a female co-worker the average rates of obesity for women, Americans, and children the other day, and it blew her mind.

        1. We were watching TLDR’s video on obesity in video games. She was horrified when they made the female characters into ‘average’ American women. ‘WTF, that’s disgusting’ was pretty much her summary.

        2. You want to know what the ‘Average’ is now. Look at Meghan Trainor, a BMI just shy of obese, cankles, fupas and lunchlady arms.

        3. Feminists hate her, because she sang a few songs about a classical relationship between a man and woman.

        4. *Hated her, she’s drunk the koolaid and ‘decided’ she’s a feminist now. I was at the gym the other day with a buddy. Back day, so LONG session. a Meghan Trainor song comes on and I’m like fuck I hate this chick and her crap music. They played all her songs back to back for an hour. I swear the rage propelled me to PR on rackpulls

        5. Now they know you can’t stand her music so they will play it every time you go in to work out.

        6. Next session I had there the music was turned off. I think someone flipped out and broke it.

        7. That’s terrible. Only thing worse was the video of her “I’m All About That Bass” with a dancing obese black gay guy. Like something out of a bad dream.

    2. I’ll cut them a tiny little bit of slack on this because, after all, it’s women’s handball in Denmark. The talent pool must be exceedingly small. It might even be to the extent that if you show any passing interest at all, and technically qualify as woman, you’ve made the team.
      Countries with larger and larger populations will be afforded less and less slack. Likewise with sports of greater appeal.

      1. You do have a point, I mean no-one would have even heard of them without the nude pics. Which is the entire point of the article.

  8. And sports federations will accept all this why? It’s just another money making industry. Bringing down the challenge means new heroes to relegate and sell merchandise related to a subpar athlete. Lots of records can’t go any higher or too hard to break now so what do they do? Lower the standards. The drawback of capitalism.
    Sports entertainment is just that another form of media

  9. Eh, nothing special there, a 6 or two. I can see why they might rationalize getting naked as the only way to get some attention

    1. People are talking about (women’s) handball, for possibly the first time ever. So mission accomplished.

  10. I will admit, I do watch women gymnastics every now and then. Something about seeing those feminine thunder-thighs flying in the air will make any grown man pause for a moment, lol. Other than that, ain’t nobody got time for that (female sports).

    1. Yeah, no shit! Well this is ONE way to raise awareness of the sport instantly, via attention whoring. The cow smack in the middle needs to get on some clenbuterol!

    2. I don’t even know what it is. I remembered playing what we called handball where we used a racketball and bounced it on the ground and then off a wall and you take turns directing the ball to the ground.
      That was no professional sport. People pay to see that?

  11. Denmark was once such a decent little country, safe, and sane.
    But remember they were the first to legalize pornography.
    Not that there is any thing wrong with that.

    1. Do you think porn is like the first stage of degeneracy? I only ask because, I am starting to think it really is an important step a man can take towards self destruction. A few years ago, I would have thought of a comment like that as looney. No offense. That sort of sentiment makes sense now from my perspective.

      1. the issue with porn is that it glorify women in some very subversive ways.
        watching a stream of naked bodies and lusting after them is like worshiping some abstract goddess of vagina.
        in the world of tradition, men used to go to meditate to study in monasteries and temples in order to gain deep insight into their real self.
        looking for the absolute and connecting with a world that is beyond material and forging an unwavering mind (what is called in zen : unmoving wisdom : fudo chi) .
        but nowadays men cultivate the weakling and the wanking mind.

        1. True. Like many men, with the guidance of this movement, or whatever it is, I got away from porn and started self improvement. Getting away from that stuff, the shit food, shallow sluts, alcohol, drugs and especially porn, you see how contradictory those things are to anything excellent in life. Cultivating depth through classical Western philosophy (stoicism, existentialism, etc) is a profound journey. And I see the parallels, even a synergy between western concepts of virtue and excellence (in their philosophic base), and eastern beliefs of Zen and Dao.
          The problem I was addressing in my original response was the issue of legislating pornography. By my American/libertarian tendencies, I would have in the past said something like “porn isn’t hurting you, it should be legal and remain so”. But it really does hurt people, especially the young who become addicted to it, and the way it damages them respective to their sexuality and life in general is beyond perverse.
          You made an amazing analogy of it becoming like a deity, and how people waste their potential on it. Its not just a waste of time, its far worse than that, I agree.

      2. To me it’s like alcohol, tobacco, and chocolate. In moderation, a complement to life. In excess, not so much a cause but a sign of decay, and evidence of loss of self control.

        1. I understand how you could perceive it like that. I’m just coming around to seeing how detrimental it is on a cultural level, and its pretty fucking repulsive. Not going Puritanical or anything, just found your point interesting.

  12. I prefer watching women’s soccer over the men.
    Not because they are more talented than men- they arent.
    not for leering or sexual gratification.
    But, because my daughters played,& one still plays NAIA college soccer. I can relate their game to the top women’s games.
    That, and the USWNT will likely win another 5 World Cups before a USMNT gets one.
    “Americans love a winner” -Patton

  13. Who cares. Female sports are irrelevant. None of the girls in the pic are gf or wife material. It’s no different than when someone like Mylie Cyrus gets naked. We all anticipated it so there’s no shock value, and the fact that you got naked tells us this is your hell mary attempt for relevance.

  14. I don’t care about sports at all anymore. Sport was invented by the Ancient Greeks to encourage intellectuals to develop their bodies as well as their minds. College sports was added specifically to encourage the development of better physical health of highly intelligent White males for the purposes of Eugenic improvement of the race. The fact that dumbass niggers get into college just to play with balls now has made a farce of the original purpose of sports and degraded education past the point of parody. Niggers protesting at universities makes a mockery of the whole purpose of academia, which is education and the improvement of knowledge, both of which these inferior ape like anthropoids have no interest in. Spare me the distinction between male and female sports. Even though these White girls are probably intelligent, they are under existential threat by rape apes entirely due to the dragging down of sport by denizens of Ape City.

    1. Hockey is amazing, though. Sheer speed, toughness, pure skill, and losing a tooth won’t take you out of the game. That’s my sport; I played from eight to 16. Football and baseball are all right, but hockey is always a great value for your money.

      1. Once you realize its pointless beyond the immediate benefits of cultivating intuition, physical prowess and a sense of achievement and excellence within yourself when you are very young, you start to kind of get disgusted by sports. I did, at least. And I think that’s what J.j. Cintia is talking about.
        I used to love (American) football, and I was very good at it. I used to love the strategy, developing my body and abilities with my friends, the adrenaline from the games, the status of being good at it and known for it. Now I can’t even sit and watch a game anymore. Its not a product of depression, l think. I still enjoy archery and other stuff I loved when I was a younger. But sports in general, including football, its just a useless, masturbatory black hole where people with double digit IQ try to give it meaning. Its a pointless, cultureless void to me now.

    2. You can thank Wilkes Booth for all of that. If he hadn’t killed Lincoln, there would’ve been mass-scale repatriation, the South wouldn’t have been held hostage, and it wouldn’t be the poorest, least-educated region of the country to date.

      1. “You can thank Wilkes Booth for all of that. If he hadn’t killed Lincoln, there would’ve been mass-scale repatriation”
        If Booth hadn’t assassinated Lincoln then somebody else would have been encouraged and enabled to perform it. Lincoln was disposed of when he ceased being a useful tool and became an obstacle to a much more radical Reconstruction of the South.

      2. Man you’re gullible. John Wilkes Booth was an early version of Oswald dude. Booth was Oswald 1.0. Lincoln had an army of bodyguards around him like an old time Caesar. Even Union Army Officers up to General couldn’t get close to him without a patdown. No way did an actor wax that guy! Everybody hated Lincoln, cause he started the War and was a dirty crook. Nobody called that guy “Honest Abe”. Thats propaganda they use now to hide all the dirty laundry and broken laws he did when he was in the White House. Lincoln was a tyrant. He broke a ton of laws doing everything he did. His Praetorian Guard was put on the payroll by another crook U.S. Grant the drunk who ran Lincoln’s War. They became what you now know as the Secret Service. The cover story was they were going after counterfeiters of greenbacks that replaced State Currency and Bank issued currency to Federalize the monetary supply, but actually their main purpose was to guard the crooks like President Grant while they were taking bribes and engaging in major league graft. I’ll tell you right now, there have been rumors for decades that one of Lincoln’s guards shot him himself. They floated the story of John Wilkes Booth to the papers. I’d bet money no one saw that guy the night Lincoln went to see that play and went home with a hole in the head. Lincoln’s crazy wife was screaming,”THEY shot the President”, right after he was shot. The key word here is THEY.

        1. He did intend to send all blacks to Liberia though. Booth spoiled that.
          Funny fact, the blacks that were sent back to Liberia ended up imprisoning the local population. Victim moral superiority my ass.

  15. All men’s sports broadcasts have a female airhead doing an injury report, a little bit of color, etc. I make liberal use of the mute button.

    1. I change the channel. I refuse categorically to listen to their vapidness. Having a female try to explain tactical nuances in football (soccer for my American friends) is enough to make me want to commit seppuku at times. Laurent Blanc’s riposte to a female journalist on such was absolutely hysterical and if I played professionally I’d happily eviscerate them and admonish them to go home to their husbands or wash my socks.

      1. Hey dude. Greetings from the US.
        My favorite book is Shogun by James Clavell. Seppuku is the actual name for ritual suicide as opposed to the Westen version of harikari.
        Congrats on being an educated man. Men are committing seppuku for the glorification of pussy. The samurai of old are spinning in their graves, as is Thomas Jefferson.
        Japan is the canary in the coal mine. It’s culture is dying due to feminism and the remainder of the West is only two steps behind and to the right.
        Cheers. Make a drink and go MGTOW.

        1. Great read. I studied Japanese and know a bit about the culture; the notion of committing such over pussy is sickening to me. I would only do it for being dishonoured. Japan is done-they have killed off the martial values they had and been infected by the disease of equality and other idiocy imported by the US post WWII.
          I don’t intend to go MGTOW; there are rare feminine gems out there and I will find and claim my own.

        2. Ah, my friend, you misunderstand MGTOW on a fundamental level. Your search for the Holy Grail is the very essence of MGTOW. MGTOW philosophy does not accept the existence of the Holy Grail, but does unequivocally support your quest in search of it. Go your own way, my friend, and that is MGTOW.
          BTW, I have recently discovered Oswald Stengel. Japan’s honorable death is in line with his philosophy. Any thoughts?

        3. Speaking of seppulu and harikari, I am reminded of one the great sports casters of all time – Harry Carey of Chicago Cubs fame.
          For the longest time I dreamt of being a bleached bum and singing “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” with Harry during the seventh inning stretch. But then the SOB died on me.
          My bucket list includes being at Wrigley Field and singing.

        4. Pity you didn’t get to live that-could have been very interesting.

        5. I will have to look into that-I’ll be curious to see what this philosophy entails and how it accords with my world view.

        6. The philosophy cannot be found in one place as presented by one content provider. Many new to the philosophy make the mistake of forming an opinion quickly without going deep.
          If you are unfamiliar with the philosophy, I will offer a piece of advise to guide your research. Women are the catalyst but not the core reason. Open your mind and realize that your mind is not your own. It has been hijacked from the moment you were born.
          MGTOW is more about a man reclaiming his mind, and his spirit, from those who wish to keep both blind and in velvet chains. The truth of the philosophy is very difficult to accept, for it goes against everything you think is truth.
          In essence, a man must recognize he is in a fight with his own DNA for his individual survival. MGTOW is a philosophy for a man to survive and prosper in the toxic stew of dying Western civilization.
          This is where Stengle comes in. He explains the why of the toxic stew. MGTOW explains how to survive in it. Happy research, good luck, stay in touch, and Cheers.

  16. Id say that these handball bitches know exactly what their value and worth is. And it sure aint their “athleticism”.

  17. I’m reminded of the Williams sisters playing a low-seeded male player who *smoked*.. and *losing* to him.
    But there are a few female sports worth a damn: gymnastics, netball, double-dutch jumprope, roller derby, lingerie football. Oh, and the WWE divas. I mention netball because it really is designed as a girl’s game.. seeing men playing it is just wrong. (And the mixed-sex games consist of some dudes playing 2-on-2, with the women players yelling for the ball).
    Dressage gets a honorable mention.. the fillies are just as capable as the colts 😉
    But in the end, we’re not watching women’s sports for it’s prowess, skill, and raw power.. we’re watching because boobs and ass.

      1. Good find. The Huffpo article illustrates another damning point.. no matter how much these women wanna push the image of “kick ass” and “grrl power”, in the end they’re just feminist crybabies. Oh BTW, amid the kicking and screaming about being “photoshopped” to “look thinner”, she’s wearing outrageous makeup.

  18. Why so negative? Sure, people care less about women’s sports and more about women’s bodies, that’s the way of the world. Showing off the female body isn’t narcissism unless it’s extreme, it’s just catering to human wants and biology.
    Plus, if it is indeed an under-18’s team, some of the women may be underage.
    OMG someone call the sex police, there’s naked young blondies here!!1 Happy, nude, Scandinavian teenage girls showing off, that’s what we should all unite and fight against, right? 🙂

    1. I’d just be concerned that, here in the states, viewing the picture would land you in the slammer for “child pornography.” Never mind that my great grandparents were married with children by that age, laws are laws (and almost always retarded).

      1. Sure, you have some crazy ass sex-repressing laws made by feminists to shame and surpress men in the US. Better watch out for those. My problem is the author seems to agree with those laws.

  19. So several fit female athletes (most of which are quite attractive) pose nude, and you complain about it? You may need to take a deeper look at your sexuality. Loosen up buddy it’s just sports.

    1. Not that you’re not right in a way…but this exact kind of thinking has lead the world where it is today. Check this out … I’ll only change the game in your comment to see how the human mind is manipulated.
      ,,So several fit female …politicians….(most of which are quite attractive) ….legiferate an open border legislation……and you complain about it? You may need to take a deeper look at your ….political stance… Loosen up buddy it’s just your ……national security……”
      ,,So several fit female …directors….(most of which are quite attractive) ….make a movie about humiliating the male bonding turning it into homosexual deviance……and you complain about it? You may need to take a deeper look at your ….love for the natural laws… Loosen up buddy it’s just your ……way of life….”
      Ad infinitum.
      As you seem to be a newcomer around these parts, you need to understand that there is a war going on.
      Because the world has lost it’s vigilance, it has permitted for it to be destroyed and reshaped – which is now happening globally.
      Let your vigilance sleep = you are being spiritually murdered.

      1. New around these parts? I’ll leave that one alone, yet I think you are making mountains out of mole hills. Naked athletes getting a pass wouldn’t work for naked female politicians who sign and propose laws that govern me. Female politicians are too old to get away with that.
        Plus politicians have a distinction of being in charge of laws that directly affect our lives, athletes are just entertainers. They shouldn’t be treated with the same weight of importance.

        1. Don’t take it to heart as challenging people is not constructive, from my point anyway.
          The elites are re-dictating and the very structures of the thought process. The way you think and judge is being changed. Thus your vigilance is being compromised without you knowing.
          Discussing ideas is not challenging fellow comenters.

    2. NO, that wasn’t the point at all.
      Do you even 1) read and 2) understand?

      1. Down to the essentials. I don’t pedestal male or female athletes because they are simply entertainers. So some lady athletes showing off their good n plenties is simply a minor thing in this world that is happening. It doesn’t directly affect me in any way, and I’m sure if you are honest with yourself you know this isn’t worth the mental energy to be concerned with either.

    3. Do you see anyone complaining about seeing naked chicks? No one is complaining about that. For the love of god read the article.

    4. “fit female athletes ”
      Not one of them are fit. At most they’re fat and at least skinny fat. Poor, vapid excuses for athletes all around

  20. “People like British “psychologist” Priscilla Choi have in the past complained that female athletes are evaluated more on their looks than their athletic ability”
    Women’s bodies are judged by their fertility, female beauty is fertility. There athletic ability is secondary to being able to pump out a child and stay loving and agreeable enough to see it through its nurturing phase.
    Men’s bodies are judged by their physical ability, male physical beauty is strength, endurance.

  21. And that’s just another reason why they should not be allowed to vote.
    Btw, Danish women are among the most cold, distant and arrogant bitches in the world (I should know).

  22. It’s not about equality at all. Women don’t want equality in sports because it would expose the truth: that women can’t compete with men and they aren’t equal. It would start to unravel the whole “equality” myth that feminism has been touting for years.
    Plus, this is another example of how society and women are hypocrites. They are allowed to sexually objectify themselves for personal gain or attention whoring but if men sexually objectify them it’s wrong. It needs to be called out at every turn.

    1. Croquet, mixed doubles tennis, lawn bowls, snooker, shooting (shooting apparently highly g loaded so women might be uncompetitive), poker, blackjack. Many of these aren’t big money spinners.
      I like watching women dive, swim, gymnastics.
      There is some great tactics in a women netball match, I can admire it and will occasionally go.
      The reality is I’m not that obsessed. The only sport I really ever obsessed over was F1.

      1. I liked to watch the girls volleyball team in high school. Mainly because of the tight spandex shorts they wore.

    2. That’s why feminists don’t call for women to fight men in boxing or MMA or for female college or NFL players. It may appear to work in military or fire service because the consequences are hidden from view and men are around to pick up the slack. But a woman in the ring, the result is immediate and their for all to witness.
      And, most women have no interest in playing those sports. It’s not the “patriarchy” keeping girls out, it’s girls keeping girls out. Most girls would rather be cheerleaders and are happy doing so. Most girls would rather be the girl in the bikini who holds the sign in between rounds. Or, if girls play sports they drift towards volleyball or gymnastics. Left to themselves, how many girls at your local high school are demanding the right to play football? Compare that to the number of girls who volunteer to be cheerleaders.
      And there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s only feminists who insist that girls are less than if they aren’t doing exactly what the boys are doing.

      1. It is brainwashing. You can shoot so many holes in the “equality” nonsense…it’s ridiculous.
        The problem with equality in the military, the police and firefighting is that people will die as a result of this brainwashing.

  23. Good morning, chronic wankers! How’s the hate-what-you-can’t-have crowd today?

    1. Where is the hatred? These women are objectifying themselves and all you think of is dudes wanking. I am very disappointed in you captain.

    2. Oh wow, you even logged into your three troll accounts to upvote your post, too!

    3. What makes you think we can’t have similar women?
      Red pill men don’t “hate”; we improve ourselves enough to go after what we want, unlike weaker men like yourself.

  24. And YET, most women will follow men like Derek Jeter, not for their athletic ability, but for their looks. Shoot, they will follow events like the World Cup to watch guys like Cristiano Ronaldo and Hulk and hopefully for them, that they take their jerseys off when they score. At least in the case of sports like indoor women’s volleyball, I come for the tight spandex shorts, but stay for the skills. On the other hand, there are sports such as ice skating that I find boring and full of drama and refuse to watch, no matter how hot the women are. And as for women’s gymnastics, no matter how well fit the women are and how athletic they are, I don’t watch it because, you know, I don’t want to be labeled a pedophile.

        1. No. It’s like basketball and field hockey. A team sport where you bounce and throw a ball and shoot into goals that are full sized to have a person fit in them standing.

    1. European sports enthusiasts… Though on the other hand, why the fuck do Americans like their demented idea of “football”.

    1. In the full image Roosh provided, I kind of like far left. I’d wager there are maybe four of those girls we’d all consider.

      1. What? When did Roosh talk about this? It doesn’t seem to appear on his website.

  25. I am jacks complete lack of surprise at the behavior of the Denmarks women – the most spoiled, solipsistic, and hypergamous in the world.

    1. I worked with a couple in the past and they leave a lot to be desired. Visited once for a few days and will never will go back.

      1. They are extremely overrated physically. I suspect that it’s a legacy of the Cold War when hot east European women were stuck behind the iron curtain.

  26. So one day my 10 year old son comes up and asks me, ” Dad, would you rather have your hometown WNBA team with the National Championship or have 5 dollars?” kinda says it all. On a side note

    1. Follows with.. “Son, I’d rather you had cancer than be a feminist” 😉

  27. Women’s sports suck, period. There’s a reason why the Women’s NBA languishes behind the men’s NBA in TV ratings in America. While I’ll admit the women’s game is more fundamentally sound from the men, their style of play is fucking boring, compared to the men who dunk, execute circus passes and will occasionally get into an ole fashioned donnybrook.

  28. Women are crazy for attention (men loooking at them, doing likes on facebook etc etc) but when a man talks to them or try to talk in a sexual manner they will cry rape or call you a sexist… fuckin bitches!

    1. Multiple personalities means they have completely different memories and lives at different times. You are thinking of chameleoning, and while a lot of women do that, it’s not something that happens in all women.

  29. Women are incapable of non-enforced virtue. If they do not have a father that forces it upon them they will Never find it. Without integrity you are not human, you are just another animal.

  30. I wasn’t aware that people were confused in thinking that what chicks did were considered ‘sports’ anyway – let alone watch them
    A lot of men’s sports are fucking dull, so why would anyone want to watch a lesser version of something that is shit anyway?

  31. “Women should be physically active, just as the Tvis Holstebro handball team is. Since its inception, which predates my time writing here, Return Of Kings has chronicled the obesity epidemic that is encouraging women in particular to take pride in being ridiculously overweight from laziness.” No, HUMANS should be physically active because it’s necessary to keep good health. Besides that though, obesity isn’t caused by laziness, it’s caused by bad diet. Mainly, too much processed/”fast” food.

  32. I play netball. This has traditionally been female only and was designed for females. Its gaining alot of traction in the uk. This is a good sport for women. As men generally dont waste their time with it. I dont care. I want to be a great netball player. I am not going to waste my time claiming that ill be good as mens basketball or some such. I know this sport is ‘easier’. Well, i wouldnt say easier, id say different. It tests skills that suit women more than men. Ive played with men and they run faster and jump higher. But the game relies more on team work and efficiency rather than athletic tricks or showing off. Suites me. Watch a professional netball game on youtube. The women are generally very feminine in comparison to other sports.

  33. I thought so-called athletes would be in better shape. I see absolutely no muscle tone, just barely skinny bodies (I’m being generous because a few of them clearly have a small gut).
    This is disapointing on so many levels.

  34. Female Danish Athletes Enhance** Their Own Championship Victory By Taking Nude Photos
    Fixed that for ya. Post victory nudity should become longstanding tradition in female sports.

  35. Celebs and female athletes are getting naked and semi-naked non stop now. Why?
    Because men are ignoring them. Me are realizing, as a collective, that the modern woman is pure excrement. Banged out, hopped up on anti-depressants, obsessed with stupid pets, the list goes on…
    How many of those girls have already been fucked in the ass and sprayed with gallons of goo?….and I’m supposed to go to war for them…LOL…fuck off!

  36. “Surprisingly to those not familiar with the differences between the
    Nordic countries, Denmark has a reputation for being the most
    conservative of the five culturally Scandinavian societies.”
    Well, Denmark is the Nordic country most open about nudity.

  37. I’m surprised ROK hasn’t picked up on the ridiculous, yet seemingly successful push for the Women’s U.S. Soccer team to be paid the same as the “Men’s” team.

    1. It’s a joke alright considering a team of 16 year old boys would destroy them; I know for a fact when I was that age the team I played on would have kicked their asses from pillar to post inflicting not only a thrashing on the scoresheet but an absolutely physical pummelling also. We were more a gang than anything and had a reputation for being bruisers who could play you off the park and beat you up also.

  38. What evolutionary advantages are displayed in women’s sports? Nothing that helps our species survive and prosper except to display fertile females in health and feminine vigor.
    The only women’s sport worth watching is women’s beach volleyball.

    1. Well, spartans forced women to be in shape in order to have healthy boys. But that’s another story.

  39. For a moment there I thought that was a photo from one of Merkel’s sex brochures for “refugees”.
    “Ficki ficki ficki!!”

  40. The team distanced themselves from the photo right away, as it is not a photo of them. At least get your facts straight.

  41. It is actually not Tvis Holstebro team on the nude picture. The Danish newspapers also confirmed that it is a different team.

    1. That’s what I read in Scandinavian media too. So I don’t get the point of this.

  42. For instance if male gymnists or synchronized swimmers start a movement to get equal respect and conditions i, as a female wouldnt immediately write them off. I wouldnt say well physically females dominate the sport and are more popular anyway so .. fuck you. When you say that you’re saying fuck the fans that want to support them. I only watch womens tennis but id never watch womens football. There is room for diversity. So as a consumer it makes no sense to me why a female tennis player gets paid less regardless of her being physically inferior its about what fans want to see.

  43. I don’t see this as diminishing their victory.
    But it does paint them as unprofessional.

  44. If orgasming were a competitive sport, we poor males would be totally overmatched, overpowered, and overwhelmed!

  45. Women aren’t athletes. I have said it here before and I will say it again. Despite never having even touched a tennis racket in my life with 2 months of training I would beat both williams sisters and with 3 months of conditioning I will beat any woman in the NBA one on one.

  46. Women get publically naked every chance they get. And women’s sports? Don’t get it, sorry. In men’s sports there’s mentorship and competition. In women’s sport it’s herding practice and lesbians in charge and grooming them over into abomination.
    I think women should be required to take yoga and kickboxing. To stay in shape and learn to be individuals. Other than that, they oughta read someting and work on their personalities.

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