Hollywood Hypocrites: Socialist Rations For You, $40,000 Dresses For Them

Even as they lambaste Republicans and keep up the ideological war on Wall Street, red carpet-trotting, socialism-loving celebrities spent upwards of $40,000 getting ready for this week’s Golden Globes. The average American household income for a year is just $52,000. Award winner Amy Adams’ “budget” for the evening, which was used as a model, is nothing special. Her main items, including her dress and jewellery, were rentals, despite costing so much to hire.

Another celebrity, Kate Hudson, wore $1 million worth of diamonds at the event, hot on the heels of her November endorsement of Hillary Clinton, who was ripping into Wall Street at the time. Mentioning her and Adams doesn’t even reach the tip of the tip of the iceberg.

The men certainly joined in on the act as well, the lower cost of their tuxedos and designer shoes made up for by their arrival in luxury limousines and their attendance at glamorous after-parties. Throughout the night, these budding socialists, almost universally registered Democrats or Democratic donors, had their every whim satisfied by minimum-wage ushers, waitresses, and servers, not to mention the retinue of poorly paid assistants who helped them prepare for the festivities.

Calculated moves?

Compare the social value of this car to the social value of the latest reality TV show.

As you’ve probably figured out by now, Hollywood starlets frequently use very left-leaning rhetoric and affiliations as a way to draw attention to themselves, thus increasing their multimillion-dollar incomes, all while offsetting any potential backlash about their ostentatious displays of wealth.

By certain measures, wealth inequality in the US is the highest it has ever been. And the wealth inequality doesn’t just concern the typical excoriated CEO of Goldman Sachs or McDonald’s. For instance, actor Robert Downey Jr. recently earned 1,200 times more in a year than the average worker in the film industry, the same disparity found between certain CEOs and their employees.

What’s more is that the output of, say, General Motors or Nike can be measured in much more objective terms than Hollywood film or silver screen companies. You can determine how useful a car or shoe is with greater ease than the latest avant garde film seen by every hipster. And with ambassadors like the vacuous Kardashians, celebrities are often of dubious or socially cancerous worth to society as a whole.

Always question the narrative, especially one involving champagne socialists vying for camera time

While the film crew struggled to raise their kids and pay their mortgages, George Clooney earned millions for his role in the box office bomb Tomorrowland, spending the rest of his time doing things like trumpeting socialism for Barack Obama.

The Golden Globes is a microcosm of how celebrities flaunt their wealth but strive to deflect criticism for their accumulation of it. Minus a few major exceptions, like Russia’s October Revolution, elites have largely learned from the tumult of 1789 and the toppling of the French monarchy.

Unlike Marie Antoinette, celebrities today actively court association with common causes, like wealth redistribution and attacks on market-based speculation. The energy required is not only minimal but dovetails nicely with ample camera time, an indispensable commodity for any savvy film star, television regular or other performing artist.

When we hear a celebrity is “down to Earth,” the threshold for this is usually a few smiles to a reporter or giving a trinket to an adoring fan, the star knowing full well that there’s a 90% probability the fawning recipient will report the good deed to the media. Or maybe, in the age of the iPhone, the whole thing will be filmed, translating into a steady financial return for the celebrity down the track.

Part of the allure for the common people is that they want to believe they, too, could be famous and want to think, therefore, that celebrities are somehow just like them.

The champagne drowned the socialism long ago

The champagne never tasted so good.

There’s no point getting angry at this sad state of affairs. Pointing it out is always necessary, though, especially as almost everyone you see on the street is either dazzled by celebrities or dumbed down to the entertainment industry’s rampant hypocrisy.

As we resist the relentless SJW narrative, it is useful for us to channel this double standard. A new Occupy Wall Street movement creeps up again? Well, Kanye needs to slash his royalties by 75% and redistribute them to the recording engineers and receptionists at the music studio. Tom Cruise wants $25 million for his next sci-fi romp? Too bad, the boys and girls working for the catering company need a few extra bucks per hour to pay their water and gas bills.

So many arguments against the leftist agenda have been underemployed for far too long. It’s high time that we take a more active role in raising them, particularly when Hollywood’s elite are right in the middle of taking their predictable potshots at everyone else but themselves and actively engaging in hastening our society’s decline.

Maybe then the champagne bottles will start to run a little dry.

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125 thoughts on “Hollywood Hypocrites: Socialist Rations For You, $40,000 Dresses For Them”

  1. Lenin used to kill aristocrats in Russia for the sole reason of being aristocrats, despite being aristocrat himself(= born in to privilige). After the revolution he had a huge mansion outside Saint Petersburg, where he fucked his ‘feminist’ girlfriend Krupskaya on weekends.
    Socialism is, was, and will be a giant hypocrisy to control the sheeple. The thing is: the sheeple WANTS IT. They WANT to be slaughtered, it’s in their nature. So let them. Meanwhile I am gonna watch all this and laugh my ass off. If the decline is already here, you might aswell enjoy it.

      1. No they are the elites of same bloodlines and relations. They just removed some of the lower. Levels they didn’t like and replaced, the Royal bloodlines such as the British and the bildeberg and Jewish elites have things in control for ages. They have their origins tracing back to Babylon and Egypt. The same groups of interconnected elites have been ruling this world for thousands of years

    1. Explains why elements of society such as Christianity use sheep as metaphors for blind obedience. Sheep need shepherds and sheepdogs to guide them. Personally id rather be a goat. Goats seem to do whatever the fuck they want. Kinda explains why goats are associated with Satanism, what with screaming and fainting goats on YouTube.

      1. Josip Broz, communist life long president of Yugoslavia, banned goats to be privately owned by households.
        Alleged reason was that they destroy the bark on young trees, but the true reason was to crate higher dependence on the state.
        Goat is considered to be “poor man’s cow” in Serbia.

        1. My understanding is goats, pound for pound, generate more milk than cows. So if this is true, I see why Tito would reach this conclusion.

      2. Wow what a titanic imbecile you, and the morons who up voted this are. Doing whatever you want is exactly why the world is the way it is. The people that poison the planet think like you.

        1. You keep proving my point, lol, and you are too stupid to know how it is that you’re doing it. I feel like being generous, a hint will be given to you. What is the thesis of my first reply to you?

        2. What point? About free will? Which you probably don’t have so you resort to attacks and insults like a wannabe thug?

    2. I’ll bring the popcorn and pull up a chair also as I watch the degeneracy truly start to take over.

    3. The average liberal wants to be a slave, in exchange for a promise of comfort and safety. They demand everyone be ruled so they can be “protected.”

  2. “I freed a thousand slaves I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.”
    Harriet Tubman

  3. Look at how exposed these fugazi’s are. Such a feeble plan, the only reason it works is because the general populace has been deceived and is much weaker than they are, mentally. They cannot keep up this flaunting charade forever, economics will return to hit them in the ass after the people can’t take it anymore. Big business, big government, who is to say which is worse, but the ‘useful idiot brigade’ led by people like George Clooney and Sean Penn to lie to the people is certainly a low point of perfidious human treachery.

    1. it’s going to collapse soon, look at the stock market tanking these past 2 weeks.
      the fiat currency central bank scheme has run out of tricks to prop it up.

      1. I wont pay for any media anymore. download it on torrent if you want to, but I can’t send money to these cocksuckers

    1. I pity him- that “Birdman” movie sucked- I can only assume his latest offering does as well

      1. Birdman was the most boring, pretentious crap I’ve ever seen. The worst film to ever win an Oscar. I am full Mexican and I know this. To me it felt like they gave him the Oscar due to PC, or some crap like it. You know, for more of that Latin month pride bs or whatever it is called.

        1. Yeppers. They had to meet the “chico” quota. Talent? Merit? Fuck all that. It’s about whether you’re a gay, blind and crippled mountain climber of an actor or a transgendered half-retarded inbred black director … that’s what wins awards.

  4. “If one understands that socialism is not a share-the-wealth program, but is in reality a method to consolidate and control the wealth, the seeming paradox of super-rich men promoting socialism becomes no paradox at all.
    Instead, it becomes logical, even the perfect tool of power-seeking megalomaniacs. Communism or more accurately socialism, is not a movement of the downtrodden masses, but of the economic elite.”
    Gary Allen, “None Dare Call It Conspiracy” (a book everyone reading this should read if you already haven’t)

  5. I’m happy to start listening to these assholes when they practice what they preach. How’s that, you say? Well, they want higher tax rates on the rich; why wait for the law to change? You can pay as much tax as you want to, nobody in the IRS is going to stop you from overpaying your taxes.
    So, want higher taxes? My answer; YOU FIRST ASSHOLE. Knock yourself out, give 90% of your salary to the government and then you might have a leg to stand on. Thing is, all these people do the opposite, cry for higher taxes and then use their wealth to make sure they pay the lowest tax rates possible.
    Oh, and BTW, the common argument is “I do that, I just give to charity instead of to the IRS”. It’s not even close to the same thing. Giving to a charity allows you to direct the initiatives of that charity. It makes you feel good. It lets you decide where your money is spent. And it’s a personal cause.
    Give your wealth to the government so they can piss it away. Then maybe I’ll get in line to join you. Until then, fuck off.

    1. Between federal, state, sales, real estate, telecommunication, energy, county, city, luxury, hidden, corporate, self employment, etc. taxes we pay in excess of 60% (if not more) in taxes already. Motherfucking thieves! All of them.

    2. So, want higher taxes? My answer; YOU FIRST ASSHOLE. Knock yourself out, give 90% of your salary to the government and then you might have a leg to stand on.

    3. These actors arent smart- they memorize words written by smarter people.
      They are, sadly, held in high esteem b/c they are pretty, not b/c they are smart…

        1. Just mouthpieces for various government policies and money grabbing schemes,be it Bono and his Live8 Africa scam to these “activists” who persuade sheep into doing or believing in something.
          All these mouthpieces have somehting in common, they have outstanding tax payments.

        2. Hollywood is essentially a department of the CIA. That’s very literally true: the CIA has field offices at the various studios, and the scripts and actors/actresses are always vetted by agency personnel. It’s all done in a more cleverly concealed manner than the in-your-face way uncle Ivan did it in the USSR.

    4. I have to agree that many need to stop listening to celebrities, politicians, etc…at all. These people (many of them but not all) love to preach about socialism while they live the high life out in California. To me, anyone who doesn’t walk the walk is nothing but a hypocrite (full of shit).
      Too much of our society is in love with Hollywood (and their nonsense). They preach from the sidelines while collecting millions from the same people (or system) they preach against. This is called “having your cake and eating it, too”. Too many of these people from Hollywood are asshats and need to be ignored.
      They need to give up their millions….and then they might get my attention (and respect).

      1. That’s impossible. The only reason you ever heard about them is not the quality of what they produce, but the millions they spend among their caste to self promote and make popular their “agendas”.

    5. Speaking of taxes. Part of the reason these people make so much money is because of taxes. Taxes present a major barrier to entry for mature industries because new entrants simply cannot afford to pay them. As such, future entrepreneur are literally killed in the womb (much less incubator) before they can start. And so, many who would not work in these industries on low salaries are doing so instead of starting lucrative businesses.
      Taxes are a major drain on our resources, over and above the 60% they take right out of your paycheck.

      1. Bingo. As GM drowns in debt, and the union gives more and more concessions to keep jobs, they are unaware that it would be better to sink the whole damn thing and start anew.

    6. Also, when these celebrities fawn on about giving to charity, they tend to neglect mentioning how they write off charitable donations on their tax forms.
      Gotta love the hypocrisy!

        1. Considering the Swiss banks location, and the turmoil in Europe, it mostly makes sense for them to NOT want to contend with the Federal Government’s greed!
          When still in the service, I had a small business. I did not make a whole lot, but I got all my debts paid off, and a decent chunk of change in the bank account despite having a kid.
          When I went to honestly file my taxes, I was shown what claiming those funds (having been made in another country) would cost me. I would go belly up despite decent business pick up. They were going to charge me a lot. Like seven grand. I can only imagine what a businessman overseas thinks after seeing his tax returns when he does not even work or live here!
          My guess, it’s something akin to going to that nation’s citizenship office. The greed of SJWs running the tax office knows no limits. Da wymins MUST be satisfied. Reason and common sense be damned!

      1. The Swiss were put under a lot of pressure by the US, and were effectively going to be blackballed by the banking/ finance sectors from London and NewYork. Being in the middle of the EU they were also facing pressure from other European countries to be a good nation citizen and not a haven for money launderers, tax cheats, criminals and terrorist funds. Belize is not as much of an international money center or do they really have an international reputation to care about. If the government there was quite reliant on funding in some way from the US or the US was a big trade partner, then the outcome could easily have been different when they got squeezed.

  6. We have a serious problem with ‘Vicarious Generosity’ — the giving away, often enthusiastically and publicly, of that which in not yours to give away.
    This should be called theft– for that is what it amounts to.

    1. Libs are generous…with other people’s money. Professor Arthur Brooks wrote a book some years ago titled “Who Really Cares?” and in his research he found out that conservatives gave more to charity on less income than libs. Because libs’ self-esteem is all wrapped up in what ‘good people’ they are, there was a great freak out and gnashing of teeth.

      1. A good point but I say they are the same (same side of the coin). It’s all about money and paying less tax (when it comes to charities). Both sides, we are seeing, belong to the same group and we don’t belong to that group.
        Most people are going to do what’s in their best interest and if that means fucking your over….then so be it. I don’t are if we’re talking Democrats or Conservatives….really labels at this point. It’s all about perception (my opinion).

        1. The difference is, someone who gives to charity is generous with HIS OWN money; someone who raises your taxes to give it to others who didn’t earn it and don’t deserve it so he can “feel good” about himself is generous with OTHER PEOPLE’S money.
          I don’t care for a lot of things on the right, but at least they don’t hate me for being successful, straight and white…..

  7. It astounds me how society seems to have forgotten (or outright denied) the little phrases I grew up with.
    “Practice what you preach”, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.”, “Don’t dump bodies in a lake, use a hacksaw and lye.” “Nice guys finish last.”

  8. “So many arguments against the leftist agenda have been underemployed for
    far too long. It’s high time that we take a more active role in raising
    it certainly is. There are so many arguments that are not being effectively deployed. It was only after we emerged from the 2008 slump that it became very apparent that as the world has lurched to the left, and embraced every dodgy progressive cause you can think of, the rich have been getting richer and richer, even as they’ve patronised those very same progressive causes, often while making great fanfare about how they’re giving away most of their wealth to ‘charity’ – for which read ‘foundations’ many of which are highly political in nature and are used to extend their influence and increase their wealth even further. This one point should be hammered and hammered away – that progressive politics and an increasingly socially (sexually) progressive society is absolutely compatible with the world becoming a de facto and materially more and more unequal place.
    The fact is that being able to claim that you’re a nice guy, and you care deeply about the people whose blood your sucking, is a very effective way of growing your fortune. The reason for this is that there is a quite false distinction made too often between monetary capital and social capital – when in fact the two are typically highly correlated. If you are rich person and you are also a ‘good’ person chances are you considered good not directly because of your bank balance but because your bank balance etc helps you to buy into the putative ‘spiritual’ wealth of society as well. The rich don’t just want to see themselves for the money grubbing bastards they are they want to see themselves as good people, progressive, pro-social caring, fluffy and upstanding members of the moral community.
    And that’s where we need to deliver a heavy dose of reality – because all they are doing is appropriating ethical apital in exactly the same way they appropriate every other form of capital.
    As for Hollywood stars and champagne socialists generally, they are of the same class and category. Hollywood is full of the fake and posturing, the deviant and criminal, and the fact that can successfully dress themselves up in a glittery gown of goodness by supporting progressive causes has exactly the same spiritual and ethical value as when they buy that jewel studded gown from dolce and gabbana or wherever. The social and ethical capital of the progressive left is something we need to systematically strip from their backs, for the simple reason that they’ve stolen it from the poor, like everything else they own

    1. At least the women in his past are not accusing him of rape. They’re banking getting a chunk of that guaranteed NFL pension.

      1. That guaranteed pension doesnt kick in for years after he retires.
        And its payout looks more like a someone who was a garbage or fireman…will he go to jail for unpaid support?
        Lawyers? Chime in please..

    2. And here I figured I was gonna see a snow bunny.
      Would ya look at the snapper on that one.
      I guess he prefers the man jaws.

  9. Good article. The single most evident inequality that’s never ever addressed by SJW and their friends and sponsors in the media, politics and the entertainment industry is the inequality in wealth distribution between the top 1% like Tom Cruise and George Clooney and the other 99% of white guys cleaning the studio floors with their buckets and mops for 10 dollars an hour after the great and good decamp to their beach front condos each day.
    The biggest failing of the left is not even their incoherent ideology but more their complete lack of balls in stating this clear disparity. Instead, they choose the soft easy targets, like demanding that Crucifixes are taken off the walls in Christian schools, least they offend a Muslim, who’d never be in such a school in the first place.

    1. “like demanding that Crucifixions are taken off the walls in Christian schools, least they offend a Muslim, who’d never be in such a school in the first place.”
      This is like the female sports journalist telling the men to cover themselves in the locker room when she interviews them there.

    2. Don’t forget to remove The Ten Commandments from being displayed in schools. After all, it only says to OBEY your parents!

  10. That something classic from the “artist guild” in my country, asking for “more money for the poor people” while dressing 5k whore like dresses and using screen firms to avoid tax paying.

      1. He’s also a hypocrite on sex roles. He puts on the trembling lip about how women are discriminated against while banging a succession of tottie.

        1. No kidding! His zipper is rarely in the up position. Like Clooney, I want to know what man pill he takes.
          Climate? Always hot, moist and sticky for Leo.

    1. I agree. Al Gore was another one. Preaches about how we all need to change out way of life to preserve our Earth while he lives in a mansion, flies on a private jet and drives around in large SUVs. Yes, you have to love those hypocrites.
      Their message: you people need to change your lives; I’m good here. In other words, fuck you people.

        1. You always have to think – how are these guys (politicians) invested and what are they trying to promote? We’ve had the technology for a long time to produce (or capture) energy in different ways but why now…why not “back when”? Too much money on the table, invested in certain companies (at that time). Gore was just another politician trying to capitalize on his time outside of being VP. It was big business and he was invested so naturally he was trying to get everyone else on board.
          I’m sure “back when” he somewhat ignored green energy (or global warning) because too much of his campaign money came from the energy sector (big oil, etc..). Funny how that all works.

  11. Here is a response I got from a democrat, just blame Republicans and no solution.
    The answer to income inequality is unclear, but the problem is as old as
    A few have always benefited at the expense of the
    majority. But because the problem is complex and well demonstrated
    throughout history, is no reason to accept it as unsolvable and not try.
    Even worse is that most republicans support policies that continue the
    transfer of wealth to the wealthy.
    A simple solution for this would be matching savings accounts (that don’t get taxes)
    That can be used to buy a home, car or start a business. In the long run it would teach
    them to save for a goal and get working to save for a goal.

  12. So who are the worst celebrity offenders in your view?
    Mine are Angelina Jolie, Lena Dunham, Sean Penn, Rage Against the Machine (perhaps the biggest hypocrites of all), and Michael Moore (his nice property portfolio is absolutely Trumpesque).
    How can these double standards be turned against them, considering the information to undermine is already all there?

    1. Find which liberal candidate they support and have the opposing candidates expose the hypocrisy using points like the ones demonstrated in this article.
      This maybe a long shot because the cuckservatives are basically liberals in sheep clothing.

    2. Whats wrong with Rage? Morello the guitarist is a member of the Comm Party, someone asked him years ago how this can be when he flies in a private jet, he stuttered and stammered after being asking that question..

    3. U2. How many African kids could Bono and company have saved with their personal fortunes, or with the money spent flying around the world lecturing us how we’re all bad people and need to give our money to them, cough, er, Dead Aid concernts?

        1. Well thanks to some foresight and no doubt good connections, he made an investment in facebook. He’s is a billionaire shit now. Not sure how much he is pumping into projects back home to help Ireland’s crummy economy.

        2. This POS Psycho, is a perfect Trotskyist.. What’s yours it’s ours.. What’s mine, you f***king don’t touch it !

    4. I have a problem, can’t find a celebrity which I admire ? Like ?? & then a celebrity which is not a Joo ??? Does it exist in Joowood ??

    5. Matt Damon douches it up pretty good and gets real red in the face emotional like a woman when one of his sanctimony gets questioned by logic. Mark Ruffalo is always douching around.

      1. Another first-class douchebag is that faggot Ryan Gosling. This cunt actually prances around openly celebrating how he’s a “proud feminist.” What a cunt! All these manginas and pussies need to spend a few weeks deep in the Highlands, so that they learn a little “respeck”, or self-respeck, and just how to be a man.

    6. I have a funny day dream where they’re thrown into a meat grinder and turned into dog food. I laugh my ass off every time I imagine it as they’re vile sacks of excrement.

    7. That dickhead Russell Brand. He writes a book, talks about redistributing wealth, while dating a Rothschild and having obscene amounts of cash.

  13. Actors and Actresses are narcissists and attention whores- they therefore repeat the media establishment view of the day on every issue, without actually understanding half of the issues or even really believing in a lot of it. They know if they pretend to be from the regressive left, that they are more likely to get the best parts in films, get more work. That’s really it.
    Of course, where they are exposed is that all of the rich ones dodge tax and avoid tax as much as possible, while at the same time saying the rich should pay more tax and attacking the rich.

  14. Tom Morello from Rage Against the Machine bitches incessantly about ‘evil oil companies’ even though his lifetime of touring has consumed FAR more oil and a larger carbon footprint than any of the people he’s lecturing about the ‘evils’ of industry.

  15. I won’t send a dime to the jew media anymore. I will download on torrent if I want to watch.
    Is it true you can’t really be prosecuted for Torrent downloads, basically your internet provider would kick you off their service but that’s it?

  16. I will never understand why it turns out the rich people like (the pope, celebrities, and rich people in general) complain and advocate for socialism when they live the high lifestyle.? Haven’t these people looked at Venezuela?
    Its something that i’ll never understand really..

    1. They don’t advocate socialism for themselves, they want it for the commoners. They want to keep their privilige of course.

    2. the man/woman of the people crap is a narcissistic ego massage. idiots will watch the movies if the stars are more relatable and “down to earth”.

  17. No. The real big gasp goes to the all white nominees for the Academy Awards. Ehhhh gads! The SJW MSM can’t stop flapping about it. Must have diversity – even if you can’t pass a basic fitness test.

  18. The only way to topple this hollywood crap is to hit them below the belt and in their pockets. Pirate EVERYTHING! Do not watch anything that has not been acquired through bit torrent. The crap that they serve up to us does become more palatable if you have not had to fork out hard earned cash for it.

  19. You pay they play..stop paying to watch the garbage they put out and promotes them on TV commercials, magazines, Internet etc. anf then maybe they would make a little less than they do.

  20. This article hits several huge nails right on the head. Of course the whole leftist/socialist malarkey is a calculated move by Hollywood actors.. coz if they didn’t, people might reach the conclusion that the difference between fatcat CEOs making millions and top-billing actors making millions is ZERO. “Occupy Rodeo Drive”.. indeed.

  21. At the end of the day, Clooney will have his day. He’ll get divorced and lose chunks of money.
    So yeah, of the Sexiest Men alive married a lawyer….what a dumbass.

    1. That’s a bit of an assumption. You don’t know what sort of pre-nup he had, or what he may have stashed away in discretionary trusts, or what Italian divorce laws are like. A guy doesn’t need to marry a lawyer to get financially raped at divorce. Plenty of wealthy guys with not so bright but pretty trophy wives have lost chunks of money in the separation. The wives can afford good attorneys using their husband’s money.

      1. He better hope he’s got a good prenup. And she’s a lawyer who specializes in things dealing with human rights, but she might still have connections to a good divorce lawyer. So hopefully Clooney left any of his possessions in his name and hopefully he got himself a good lawyer. And yes, I’m making a wild assumption, but that’s just because he doesn’t have history on his side.

  22. The richest 62 people in the world have as much wealth as the half the rest of the world, it was announced today. Of course these mega rich people will try to hide this by articles like this one, but many of us are not swayed by flags, guns, bread, circuses. These sorts of people have bribed the government and media. The mega rich must pay the same tax rates as the rest of us, not conning the stupid to accept workers paying much higher taxes

  23. Entertainers are precisely that, entertainers.. They are tools that are leveraged by companies to make profit and in many ways they have less freedom of speech than most think. George’s ability to obtain further employment largely depends on George’s popularity and whether companies that produce movies want him

  24. This reminds me of John Lennon’s song “Imagine.” The song emphasizes the elimination of religion, national sovereignty, and private property. The song is quite communistic, yet Mr. Lennon did not sell all of his possessions or give away his wealth. In spite of his song-writing abilities, he was a stupid man.
    “Brotherhood of man” my behind.

  25. Some people will disagree with this idea, but at least the big entrainment earners like George Clooney and Robert Downey Jr., don’t seem to mind paying their “union dues”, so other lesser actors, working in the SAME profession, can have access to a retirement savings plan, workers comp, collective bargaining, enforced SAFETY PROTOCOLS and unemployment insurance. So in a way, the big earning actors are not quite a hypocritical as they may seem, to us regular folks, on the surface. In contrast, you don’t see big executives, earning that kind of money, WILLINGLY paying into their respective “guilds” so the “grunt workers” in the same industry can have access to a retirement savings plan, workers comp and unemployment insurance.
    BTW, did ANY of you know that there are MANY nursing homes, that ONLY accept retired SAG-AFTRA members? These facilities are almost entirely supported by movie studio donations and high paid actor contributions. It would seem to me that the “big earners” in Hollywood are MUCH more generous, in regard to their lesser counterparts, whom are working in the same business, than the American private sector is to its laborers.
    What other industry does this for their old, broken and disabled workers?
    None that I know of.
    The reality is that “actors” were smart and formed a “guild”, with power on par with the Bar Association, National Board of Medical Examiners and the Federation of State Medical Boards (and actors did it long time ago when such was possible). In fact, I’d argue that “top actors” wages have likely kept up with inflation, unlike regular workers whom have had no “guilds” backing them up with “collective bargaining” power. It is regular workers that are the “chumps” in this situation because they won’t work together like the directors, writers, actors, and motion picture support staff did, DECADES ago. They are now reaping the benefits of collective action, while other laborers, outside that industry, are on the road back to Indentured Servitude.
    We should be envying their foresight, not deriding it.

    1. In Downey Jr.’s defense, he had classified himself as a conservative after his jail stint. I used him as an example of the industry’s wealth disparity, not to pillory him as a SJW.
      But you’re right, there are plenty of poverty-stricken or struggling actors. The pieces of pie at the top are very, very big, while the rump frequently finds it hard to live.

      1. Except the unionized “rumps” of the entertainment industry get access to pension plans, healthcare plans, unemployment and workers comp (if they can afford it, of course).
        Its an infinitely better deal than being a low level office drone, retail or fast food worker. The salaries of the those at the “very top” of the entertainment business support that structure financially and don’t seem to complain about doing so, in public. That behavior is the opposite of current private sector “business leaders” that are off-shoring jobs and bringing in low paid guest workers.

      2. Its the same in sports, same to a degree in business. The respective industry stars earn disproportionately more. They wouldn’t get it though unless they delivered.
        You used Tom Cruise as an example of cutting his pay to help pay for the crew…while maybe not cutting his pay he has given extra to the crews in the past at the end of filming. Say he decided in his next movie to half his pay, the movie studio is not going to double the crew’s pays because of that. The studio execs will pat themselves on the back for getting him cheap, and will get a bigger bonus and the extra profit from the movie will go to the shareholders. In some cases I am sure the big stars pay means cutbacks in the film’s budget elsewhere. That’s up to the studio heads.
        Also some actors get some of their big pay day by taking a % on the box office receipts. As for dressing up for awards ceremonies, that’s been going on since the days of Greta Garbo. There is an expectation from the public & media that they do this.
        “What’s more is that the output of, say, General Motors or Nike can be measured in much more objective terms than Hollywood film” – While it does not produce something tangible you can hold in your hands, box office sales is a good way to measure the output. It provides work for many thousands of creative people. Brings in millions to the US economy. I’m sure lots of countries wish that had an entertainment industry the size of Hollywood.

    2. The CEO of nintendo took a pay cut to lower the price of their systems so they wouldn’t have to lay off workers.
      He died of cancer.

      1. Yeh he’s a Japanese CEO. The CEO’s in Asia pay themselves much less in terms of x time the average wage, than the CEO’s in Anglo Western nations. I think its something 20x versus 300x. He is hardly typical of the CEO in the US. The year following the GFC debacle when tens of thousands lost their jobs and stocks/profits plunged, bonuses on wall street went up.

        1. He is still a first world CEO. I was using him as an example precisely because he is not american: the japanese have a sense of duty to their own people, so they think twice before fucking over their own. That has been killed off, and labeled extremism in america, and it follows the CEOs care little about their employees they have no shared identity with. Ironically, ‘don’t be racist’ ended with ‘everyone gets treated like shit’.

  26. I knew this site would turn on Clooney as soon as he got married. Anybody who’s been on this site for more than a year remembers he was used as a Alpha Male example when he was a roaming bachelor. His name and image showing up in several articles. Now he’s the enemy because he chose to settle down? I guess Bilzerian is the golden monkey now.

  27. This is why the people I follow the same way people follow celebrities are individuals like Oliver North, Rob O’Neill, Arthur Wellesely, Fitz Roy Summerset, Otto von Bismarck or Benjamin Disraeli.
    Although all of them are, or were, very rich, they either contributed something on the battlefield at great personal risk or made their name accomplishing a tangible goal for their nation.
    Quite frankly, I have more respect for James Doohan as a WWII veteran than for all 76 episodes of Star Trek where he played Scotty. There was a time when actors were considered low on the social ladder, that time should come back.

    1. I met Lt Col Oliver North in Kuwait, 2003 right before the invasion. What a stand up guy. Me and my buddy were wheeling and dealing for smokes and dip, off to the side we see a VIP entourage. My buddy says that’s Oliver North lets get a picture. We knew we were fucked by the looks the staff bitches gave us but the Lt Col was all smiles, shook our hands and told us how much he wished he was still young so he could go with us! The Capt escorting him started to grill us about who our Co was, Lt Col North looked at him and said “Capt you leave those young men the fuck alone”.

      1. That’s pretty cool. He gets a bad rap over Iran-Contra, a scandal where nobody died (unlike Bemghazi) and LtCol North made $0.
        Nice to see he chewed out that staff Capt for being a fag.

  28. Leonardo DiCaprio – flys up to the oilsands in Canada; where I and another 100,000+ people work long hours to make a good living. Tells us we’re ruining the environment and need to switch to renewable energy. Proceeds to burn more diesel and jetfuel flying all of the solar panels to his new crib in the hills than the amount of energy he would have used for his house’s entire lifespan.

  29. I cant really put a name to anyone in particular. Most to me are just well trained apes. I pay a fee to go to the zoo to watch them dance. Part of that trade off is one of the apes may throw shit at the window. Celebrities opening their mouths about politics and socialism is just that, apes throwing shit at the window.

  30. If you do a little reading on Marie Antoinette, you’ll find out that she did do a lot for the poor especially distribution of food and money…and the famous quote was never likely uttered by her. However, at the time, cake flour was cheaper than bread flower
    Your pedantic lesson, thus endeth…

  31. I agree that these guys preaching socialism is out of line, but not because they make a lot of money. Socialism is wrong because socialism is just communal theft. Theft is evil even when the community agrees to do it together.
    As for the 40k dresses, yeah that’s the icing on the cake, but I don’t have a problem with some rich woman or starlet wearing a 40k dress for the same reason I don’t have a problem with a truck driver driving a 80k truck. The dress is for her what our machines are for us. Part of her job.
    I only have a problem with that when some asshole wearing a 40k dress starts bitching to me about wanting more than “my station deserves”.
    Tax rates should be flat across the board. No exceptions, no exemptions. If you think someone at the end of the food chain can’t afford a 50% or even 10% tax, then lower the percentage to whatever he can afford and make that across the board. OK, the gov can theoretically take in less money, but it will result in a country that has more integrity. I would rather a gov that has less money and a populace that thinks their tax rates are fair. Than a gov flush with cash and a populace that regards playing by the rules as a scukers game.

  32. I’m a pure free market capitalist but once a person has made it, it’s right to reward the people who contributed to the success, especially of a collaborative project like film production. Keanu Reeves, without making it a media event, gave his entire 20 million salary to the crew when making Matrix Reloaded. The stories I’ve heard of him lead me to believe he’s an all-around solid guy.

  33. If they really practiced what they try to tell us they believe, they would downsize all of their wealth and give 70% of it away to others. But no, these hypocritical morons spend more money in 2 days to get ready for the Golden Globe Awards than I spend my entire lifetime. Put your flipping money where your mouth is, if you’re that liberal be a true socialist and live equally among all. Liars.

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