Scientific Research Confirms That Women Lie About Their Sexual History

In this article I’ll review findings from two different studies. The first is on the responses women give about their sexual behavior when connected to a lie detector versus not being connected to one. The second study is about sexual regret differences between men and women.

Women Lie About Their Number Of Sexual Partners


In this community we’ve long known women have no trouble being deceitful if it suits their needs. Nowhere is this clearer than the domain of sex. “I’m not going to sleep with you,” “I’ve never done that before,” and “I’ve only had sex with two guys” are just a few of the many lies any man in the game has heard multiple times.

In a study at Ohio State University, researchers used a lie detector to determine if it would influence responses to different types of behaviors. The respondents were heterosexual college students in the Midwest, aged 18-25.

Women not connected to a machine gave these answers:

  • Age at first intercourse: 16.36
  • Number of sexual partners: 2.70
  • Number of one-time sexual partners: 0.82

Women connected to a lie detector gave these answers:

  • Age at first intercourse: 16.15
  • Number of sexual partners: 3.35
  • Number of one-time sexual partners: 1.01
Data supports the hypothesis: She's a lying slut.

Data supports the hypothesis: She’s a lying slut.

As we can see, women’s numbers increase for each answer when they were connected to a lie detector. In fact, women have 41% more sexual partners than men. Men in the lie detector condition reported having 1.96 partners on average compared to 3.35 partners for women. Feminists claim that women are sexually oppressed and shamed by society, but the numbers don’t show it.

If this is how they behave with the supposed “patriarchal” restrictions, we can only imagine the amount of cock they’d seek out if these shackles were lifted. Revealed preference has shown that women not only have more sex than men, but they also lie about it.

The researchers also investigated other types of behaviors and participant responses. They found that there was no difference in the responses given for other types of common, non-sexual behaviors. Only in the domain of sexual activity did women lie.

Your girl is different— she'd never lie

Your girl is different— she’d never lie.

Women need to be shown how to behave. Right now they’re getting their behavior cues from feminism and the media, which tells them they should have lots of casual sex and in their early thirties give their calloused womb to a man who patiently waited until the seventh date to have sex.

Without an incentive to be truthful, women will present a tidied up version of their sexual history. Keep this in mind when interacting with them, and understand that they have told multiple lies to conceal their joy ride on the cock carousel.

Women Regret Their Slutty Past


In a different study, researchers recruited 200 participants to determine if sex differences existed concerning sexual regret. First, the participants were asked to list their top five life regrets, top five action and inaction regrets, and top five romantic or sexual action and inaction regrets. Next, they read two different scenarios. In the first two scenarios, they read about an actor who either encountered an unexpected opportunity to have casual sex, or missed an unexpected opportunity to have casual sex.

The casual sex scenario emphasized that the actor never saw his or her sex partner again. The scenario with the missed opportunity for casual sex emphasized the interest of the person the actor could have had sex with.

The actor in the scenarios matched the sex of the participants and each participant rated their beliefs about the regret experienced by the actor, followed by their own regret if they were to find themselves in the scenario on a 9-point scale (1 = no regret; 5 = moderate regret, 9 = extreme regret).


For casual sex, women assigned a regret level of 8.89. Men gave a rating of 5.

For missing a chance at casual sex, men gave a regret level of 7.40. Women have a rating of 3.

So what does this mean? For men, it means to take action. For women, it means to stop spreading your legs or you will become regretful and bitter. It also shows the reality that women have many more opportunities for casual sex than men, something they rarely take into account when shaming men for learning how to improve their sex lives. They have little regret at missing a chance for casual sex because they know there’s always another shiny cock around the corner.

Another interesting finding was the differing items on the Top Five Sexual Regrets list for men and women. This data was taken from an anonymous online survey of thousands of men and women:


  1. Too shy to indicate sexual attraction to someone
  2. Was not more sexually adventurous when young
  3. Was not more sexually adventurous when single
  4. Did not experiment enough sexually
  5. Cheated on past or present partner


  1. Lost virginity to “wrong” partner
  2. Cheated on past or present partner
  3. Relationship progressed “too fast” sexually
  4. Unsafe sex
  5. Sex with a stranger

Our culture has encouraged women to sit on as many dicks as possible, setting them up to regret their slutty sexual past leaving them unfit for motherhood. As a man, you can see that you will have your share of regrets as well if you don’t take the steps necessary to improve yourself and play the field as a young man, so that you will no longer have regrets when you wish to settle down. Years from now, you won’t remember the rejections, only the times you didn’t take action.

Rejections are minor annoyances; regret is devastating.

Rejections are minor annoyances; regret is crushing.

We have seen that women have more sex than men, lie about how many men they’ve had sex with, and later live to regret it. Our culture has created a situation where women are encouraged to behave in ways that are damaging to themselves. These findings support what our community has known for a long time: Women lie about their sexual history and regret their slutty past.

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  1. Many older men have known this one for a long time through experiences. Usually, you found out through a social circle (friends of friends) on how many times a woman rode the carousel before hooking up with you. Did she lie? Of course she did because she didn’t want her reputation to be “she’s pretty much a slut, will sleep with anyone”. But there it is (or was) and still some could not believe or accept it.
    Men, you have to go with your gut on this one (and sound data that you collect from any source). Many of these women, today, don’t think anything is wrong with sleeping with multiple partners at once let alone seeing (or fucking) many at the same time. There is no shame because society is giving them a pass. You’re best move is to collect the data and then decide if she’s worth keeping around (for a good time) or sending the whore up the road to, at least, make a little bit of money for you (play that pimp part).
    As for a wife or mother of your children…..hell no.

    1. Which goes to say, the older you get quite obviously, the harder it is to find an unslutty woman. None are held accountable and haven’t been for at least a few decades now… add in the cheat-a-thon 2000 (aka smart phone + social media + dating site combo) and it’s not just runaway hypergamy, it’s runaway slutogamy.
      Where I’m at now, unless a so-called “shit test” seems based in a natural action-response mechanism, and a girl is just starting a fight out of blue for no reason, it means at that moment, she just fucked, or is about to fuck another guy and fabricates you into the bad guy, as an excuse to do it. << Which is probably the most obvious “gut instinct” you can listen to.
      Female thought;”Well your dick is great, and you fuck very well with it.. maybe top 5 I’ve had at least, but damn, if a guy as hot as you wants me, I might as well try out some more cocks so I can compare and get the best possible choice!” Make no mistake, THIS is what many, many girls do.
      What they don’t bank on is 1) you’ll drop them under suspicion of this behavior, or 2) they just got put in rotation and permanently out of the running to anything serious. Thus the cycle perpetuates.

      1. Good points here. Much of it has to do with society giving women a pass on their behavior today. Women (and their behavior) used to be held in check by society – usually by other women – a mother, grandmother, friends, etc… In the past, many women would fear their reputation being tarnished (by sleeping with too many men) because what man would want to marry such a woman.
        Today, these women are “empowered” (read: able to slut it up) with no shame at all. They call this freedom but what they don’t understand is that all freedom has a price. In this case, their freedom has led many of them to (still) be very miserable down the road. I don’t know how many 40 and 50 year olds I’ve seen who are so outright miserable in life (and single, usually with a cat or dog). They bought into the Sex and the City philosophy only to find out that “having everything” still doesn’t make many of them any happier.
        Women were the ones who set the rules, they wanted to be free (sexually) and they got it. Now, comes the check (or bill) and they’re miserable because they have to pay for it.

        1. Precisely. And I’ll gladly be the agent that delivers that check (or bill) to them proudly. It’s conditioned me to even go the extreme that when a girl simply changes plans, or suggests a different date we hook up, I’m conditioned into believing that the change is to fuck another guy. And no, it’s not some deep rooted beta insufficiency complex in myself, I just know women’s nature so damn well there’s literally zero trust I have in them. Not even a smidgen, not a single one, always taking the form of water.
          No matter if you’re their best choice, best fuck, etc., they’ll keep around more guys, and fuck them to have variety, because they like parts of some chode’s personality you don’t have, etc.., and also because they’re insecure about you leaving. Just had girl I’ve been seeing the most lately say “wow, like, don’t you think we have phenomenal sex?” For posterity I agree, but I know the little facade she’s creating oh too well.
          Then she says one of those sarcastically joking lines most guys let fly right over their heads;”But hey, make sure we don’t have another fight until it gets warm out, at least make sure we last through the winter..” giggles sarcastically. (her plan revealed).
          Thats when I think,.. Naw hunny, I hear ya, yes I can do better than you, you know it, I know it. I’ll just make sure when I dump you it stings a little bit.

        2. I have had two experiences, for fun, meeting with menopausal women who thought they would get some, but I told in their face they didn’t turn me on.One cried. The other went silent. Too bad, feminist sluts. Man that was so satisfying.

  2. Interesting article. Oddly enough some of those posted regrets fro men are mine as well. As of lately I’ve been doing a better job of going after what I want though, I think NoFap has something to do w/ that as well

  3. Up Next: Scientific studies confirm that Earth completed a 360 degrees rotation around its own axis in the last 24 hours, and more rotations are about to happen in the upcoming days!

    1. Lol, exactly. A better title for this article would have been:
      “Dear Science, Tell us something we don’t already know.”

      1. look, if there were a bunch of crazy Cosmonists arguing that the earth doesn’t spin and saying that it does is deeply offensive to women
        then i’d be happy to see an article about the earth revolving, you know?

    2. I like ROK but this article sucked. No wonder men go back to porn. Nothing meaningful to read.

    3. The above data is incorrect and is not acceptable because there wasn’t a single woman part of the team conducting the study.

      1. That, and the very fact that the sorry ass team didn’t conduct the study on the entire 3.5 billion women on earth so no way that their conclusion could even be remotely legit! Woooohhoooo!!

    4. To every sarcastic person on this thread that acts like this is old news. The reason ROK and the manosphere keeps reminding us about female promiscuity is because men forget this and keep treating women like they are virginal princesses.
      But for those of you who bothered reading past the headline, the real news is that women are having more sex than you. The male group in the study reported 40 percent less partners than the women. And what that means in simple terms is that any woman you are trying to game is already a bigger player than you.

      1. Good point. They aren’t having sex more than me, but, they are having sex a lot more than the average shlub out there.
        Men exist at the extremes. There are men with 100’s of partners running around, and a lot of men with 2-3 partners (lifetime). Women tend to congregate in the middle, a lot of women with 10-20 partners (age 25+), not too many with a small number of partners and not too many with 100’s. However, that’s even more damning because without the “Roosh’s” to pull the male lay count up dramatically, women are having a LOT more sex than most men. I suspect if you lop off the top 10% of both groups (men and women), you’d find that women’s number doesn’t change that much and men’s drops by 1/2 or more. The average without the standard deviation and median doesn’t show the whole picture.

        1. I think that this imbalance between the 10 percent of alphas males getting more sex has always existed. What I believe is that chasm between the sex have and have-nots, have widened in a similar way to the discussion America has had recently over the 1 percent hoarding all the money in this country.
          The numbers from this study that Roosh has provided is the hard evidence that supports various theories discussed the manosphere. Topics such as delayed marriage, women in the workplace, the Sex in the City lifestyle, the pill, social media and technology are are creating this inequality. It’s proof of Tyler Durden’s “secret society” is real.
          What I suspect is happening is that the lifetime partner numbers you have given of alphas, betas and females are shifting even more radically in opposite directions. It’s more 1-2 parters for men and 20-40 for women.

        2. If you are banging 4 or more women in a year, you are well into the top 10%. If your lifetime notch count is 40 or 50 or so that probably puts you in the top 10%
          Keep in mind that notch counts have almost nothing to do with the quality and quantity of the sex you are getting. So-called alphas can have all the skanks they want; I don’t care if I have bagged my neurosurgeon/fashion model/housewife who will make me a sandwich and blow me while I watch the Superbowl: I think that one notch is the better deal.
          Using data from about a decade ago, the guys most likely to be getting some are 35-39 years old. But the guys most likely to be getting lots are 20-24 years old, or divorced and playing the field. For women it is 30-34 and 20-24. Divorcees are less promiscuous than those younger women and single women generally. Overall, 83% of women were getting some compared to 82% of men while 2.9% were getting lots compared to 6% of men..
          So as of 2006-2008, about the same number of men and women were getting laid at least once a year but guys were twice as likely to rack up 4+ partners in a year.

        3. Secret Society? You bet there is! I think it’s rooted in their herding instinct: Even women who hate each other will close ranks to protect the false images of rape victemhood, chastity, keepers-of-the relationship/human race/marriage, and all the other bullshit that you realize about when you take the Red Pill. There was a famous murder case in our state back in the 1990’s involving lesbians. And as the investigation went on, it came out that an incredible number of even “straight” women from all over the state were involved in underground nonsense. And women have so much power through their husbands who are Judges and Elected Officials that it all got shut up.

      2. I got this and actually this is news to me. It does suggest however, that a small percentage of men are banging all the chicks. That’s the guy you want to be.
        Note however that this study is not scientific. It suffers from self-reporting bias. And also, other studies show that men have on average 50% more sex partners than women. I would take it with a pinch of salt.

        1. Women are professional liars. Since it is self-reported, one can safely assume the average number of partners for women is much higher and the older she is, the higher it will get.

        2. In this case, when it comes to the West or any part of the world where survival is not the priority, it must be assumed until proven otherwise.

        3. All it suggests is that the women are not getting banged by their fellow students.
          And, statistically speaking, if men have on average (a median) 50% more partners that actually suggests that it is a small percentage of women banging a whole bunch of guys.
          If you had 11 women who all bang exactly 3 guys and a 11 guys where their notch counts are 11, 8, 5, 2, 2, 2, 1, 1, 1, 0, 0 the average with be the same (3) but the median will be 3 for the women and 2 for the men. You would have to reverse it get the statistics that actually show up in studies (ie, higher median lifetime partners).
          The key point is that women give themselves a 20% discount on the amount dick they have taken when someone is paying attention to or somehow checking their answer. I think all of us assumed it would be higher.

        4. Agreed. In fact it is well known that women under-estimate their notch count and men over-estimate it. It would be difficult to eliminate self-reporting bias from such a study.
          Its a bit like studies which ask people how much food they eat each day. Generally, people under-estimate how much.
          The article suggests that women have higher notch counts than men. While I accept that women probably have more partners than they claim, I doubt that women on average have more lifetime partners than men. This is just based on what I have observed of men and women throughout the course of my life and the many other studies on this subject.

        5. Well, englishbob, re-visit the Sulkowiz case. It was one guy being passed around by like, 5 girls as a sex contest. It went on for a long time before they all got pissed at him for some reason. Then it ended with Sulkowicz doing the mattress thing.

        6. That is true 20% of the men f**k 80% of the virgins. And, since men f**k down for sex while while women f**k up. 20% percent of the men are getting 80% of extramarital sex.

      3. I recently read an internet thread where every 16+ girl was claiming to be a virgin. I called bullshit.

    5. There are 360 ways you can look at an elephant. If you put an elephant in the middle of a circle and go around that circle one degree at a time, you will see that exact same elephant from 360 different perspectives.

    6. Yeah, this article was a touch on the redundant side. “Scientific study shows that people incapable of telling the truth have lied about sex”

  4. So you say men should take action and fuck as many girls as possible, but women should not spread their legs at the same time? Sounds like a contradiction.

    1. Men will feel regret by not fucking enough girls; women will feel regret by fucking a lot of men. The same sexual behavior will cause different feelings of regret depending on the sex of the person. Sexual strategies for males and females differ, this is no contradiction.

      1. It is a contradiction because you advise men to fuck many girls but at the same time you tell women not to spread their legs.

        1. It’s just that simple.
          Fuck sluts, LTR modest women.
          Different rules for the genders. Equal is not always fair.

        2. So you like fucking sluts? Putting a dick in a girl knowing full well that gazillion other men had done that before.

        3. Because it takes less effort and energy. Why exactly would I want to spend time with a slut? There are better things to do in life.

        4. Sluts are easy. If they require any energy on your part, well you’ll find no help in this forum

        5. Even sluts require game, except you are talking about prostitutes. And just because they are relatively easy, doesn’t mean you should spend time with them.

        6. Jesus fucking Christ you are a loser.Go bang some pussy or get married. The 40s aren’t coming back any time soon.

        7. Lol, another internet ‘alpha’ here? You know, to get a girl(even if she is a slut) you need to go out and approach approach approach, then you will eventually stumble upon a slut, which still requires minimum game and good logistics. I come from the real world, buddy. I was picking up girls for years. I still do, occasionally. The point being: there is no such thing as ‘easy game’. Each lay requires investment of energy. And for some people that investment is better spent on things that matter.

        8. No porn addiction just get very horny. Haven’t got time for a GF right this moment and the amount of T in my body drives me mad and so I give it a rub one a week. Listen doood, you are very discontent with this world. May I suggest you go get layed.

        9. Well, I was gonna but there’s a chick on her way to my place as we speak. Good night pal

        10. Of course it’s a fucking contradiction, dude, but to accept that is to accept that they are responsible and encouraging the rapid spiral of moral integrity and societal instability taking place in the world.
          Most of the guys on this site would have no regrets at all about pumping and dumping a virgin, whilst at the same eagerly complaining about how every girl is a slut.
          Enjoying the decline is for human garbage. The same way that being in a post apocalyptic kill-and-rape band in a doomsday scenario is for human garbage. Being the same as every other terrible cunt in the world is not an excuse.
          Personally, I’ll try to fuck as few sluts as I can. Maybe that makes me a beta but I really don’t fucking care. At least I won’t live my life feeling ashamed and disgusted.

        11. Do you really think Jesus Christ is going to back someone that is promoting being an immoral scumbag? You’re the fucking loser if your worth of a man is defined by ‘banging some pussy.’
          40s or not, you’re a cunt in 2016. Happy New Year.

        12. You’re easy, friend. Tragic example of a human man who is so desperate for ejaculation and connection that he’ll mate with anyone or anything. Must suck being so lonely, fucking so many women, and still despising yourself and the world. You’ll find the help you need by adopting some form of personal code and ethics. Until then you’re just a cancer on society that needs to be excised… or radiated. Take your pick: just like real life you’ve got no good options. Ha… ha… ha.

        13. It is a contradiction alright. I think men who act like dicks no more than women end up feeling like sleazy dicks in their later life. Nevertheless people who have one night stands aren’t necessarily of course dicks, it all depends on the way you treat others.
          It’s quality and not quantity that matters, not that I mess around in these areas nowadays.

        14. I don’t think you are talking about the same people.
          The ones that complain about every girl being a slut aren’t the ones that pump and dump virgins.

        15. I don’t know what “later in life” means to you. But, at 33, I regret the girls that I didn’t fuck for whatever reason.

        16. Even the sluttiest girl was once a virgin. Someone has to be the first to set her on the cock carousel.

        17. The line between a nun and a slut has never been as thin as it is right now in society. It’s a tightrope walk distinguishing the two. If it wasn’t, there’d be tons of guys hitched to bangin great women. Thus, why sites like this even exist in the first place.

        18. Why? So what if you had fucked them? Would your life be any different/richer? Jeez, sometimes it feels as if RoK’s primary audience are 15 years old teenagers. How can a grown man be so obsessed with sex? Sure, sex is a good thing and every normal person wants quality sex in his life. But having sex for the sake of having sex – that’s very beta.

        19. What’s the point of living with regrets, especially when it comes to this type of stuff? You know I used to see blokes whose whole existence revolved around banging girls in their 20s, always in bars, doing the lines, spending all their time each night trying to get another.
          Man, what a waste of time, I often thought, I’d just head out with my mates for a few drinks, play some snooker, and have a laugh and yeah try to pull some chicks of they were around. The strange counter-intuitive logic of women meant that often we got much more attention from girls when we were completely adsorbed in doing our own thing, like looking at the match or whatever, unlike the blokes who were using all the tricks of the trade. The more detached, independent and confident you are, especially with out as a group of “sorted lads” (not stupid drunks), the more women find this attractive.

        20. That’s a good observation. Additionally, surely a male who’s obsessed with or by sex with women is completely dependent on females for his happiness and fulfillment. This doesn’t seem like very alpha behavior, a self-actualized man wouldn’t let himself be controlled by his desires in this manner, and, women can sense this difference and firmness of frame between the two types.

        21. I don’t spend too much time thinking about it, but if I had it to do again, I would. The thought that comes to mind was this hot slutty girl I knew in college. We were at my apartment and she was ready to fuck. I simply didn’t know how to close the deal. I’m sure I could have just started kissing her, invited her into my bedroom or slapped her across the face with my cock. But being young and inexperienced, I froze, she got feed up and left.
          Again, missing out on some ass is not my biggest regret. Not studying harder in College, then getting an MBA from Harvard for free with the GI Bill and Yellow ribbon program is probably my biggest regret. But even that doesn’t sound that great. Sure the money would be awesome but working in a ‘diverse’ office for 12 hours a day would suck. I’m a firefighter, I love my job and I can make 100K if I work overtime.

        22. Hey, sounds like you’re doing alright now my friend. University is a vastly overrated experience unless you’re lucky enough to be studying a very niche area you love in the sciences/maths/engineering or the classics where all the left wing university ideology hasn’t made any serious advances.
          Yeah, I know what you mean about the girl in your apartment. When I was that age things like that used to happen too. It used to piss me off that as a guy you had to do all the work, and, if you got one thing wrong, as you would when you’re young and inexperienced, the women would say well “fuck this” and walk out the door, making you feel like a nob, because as a 24 young old guy your meant to be an alpha man and of course a gentleman too. I mean, the demands that women, and they weren’t so bad in my day, expect from young men (boys up to 25) is sometimes ridiculous.
          Yeah, but, I can understand the regret you can feel at having missed one. You just never know, perhaps, she would have been the one….or perhaps you just missed Herpes! The roll of a dice, hey!

        23. Temperance is a virtue, after all. Fucking as many women as possible is part of today’s degenerate culture. It’s exactly what the establishment wants.

        24. It was a good learning experience. I’m 33 now. I’ve shared the story with my 19 year old USMC cousin and countless Army soldiers. Maybe they’ll take something from it. If not, at least I know that I grew from it. I knew that I was fucking up while I was fucking up. I was just too scared to change course. I did not make the same mistake again. Not only with pussy but in general; it taught me ‘sack up. you only Live Die once’.

        25. Yeah, often what we find embarrassing or awkward at 25, we look back at the grand old age of 38 with a wry smile and a salutation to our younger self.

  5. In other words, left to their own devices, women tend to make really poor decisions about the men in their lives. Healthy patriarchal societies dealt with women’s limitations by keeping them from premarital sexual experience and getting them married early to men who met at least some minimal standard of responsibility, like owning a goat and a plot of farmable land or something.

    1. “Healthy patriarchal societies dealt with women’s limitations by keeping them from premarital sexual experience and getting them married early to men who met at least some minimal standard of responsibility, like owning a goat and a plot of farmable land or something.”
      Irresponsible men are also to blame for the mess Western civilization is in right now, along with the women.
      A healthy society requires culture (proper norms), politics (proper law and policy), and religion (proper morality and ethics) all simultaneously functioning together to form the bedrock of civilization for society to flourish. Without these three, people just behave without any regard to implications for their actions, which leads to a slow and gradual decline and eventual breakdown of society.
      Right now, there’s systemic failure in the West in all three departments, which is why the West is a complete mess.

    2. Ever try explaining to a modern girl that you actually know what’s best for them better than they do? Before they actually accepted that men knew best. We still do. If you’re a slut, you’ll get treated as such. experiment closed. Now if we could only manage to take away the blue pill white knight beta providership they enjoy so well around wall age.. that’d change things up.

      1. “Ever try explaining to a modern girl that you actually know what’s best for them better than they do?”
        Just stand your ground, man.

  6. Divide by 3 was the golden rule for girls in their 20s in my part of the world
    Shit knows what it is for 40s
    Probably square root

  7. To be honest, I don’t trust anyone’s self-reported partner count, male or female. Most guys who are virgins or who have a very low notch count aren’t going to be open about it, and a lot of guys with a decent number of partners are going to inflate their count just for the sake of looking like more of a player. I happen to fall into the second category, so I know it happens.

    1. it’s a good rule of thumb to multiply a woman’s claimed notch count by three, and to divide a man’s by three.

      1. This. Also, if a guy says he slept with one or two girls, chances are he has slept with zero.

    1. This country is fed up with Islam, and when the next shooting takes place Muslims can expect to be on the “merging” end of some serious mob violence

    2. Worked out well in Yugoslavia, eh Jamal?
      You niggers will find yourself in a mass grave soon enough. Even Sweden is getting feed up with you pigs.

  8. I once read that water is wet. In the grand sceme of it all, I doubt a woman will ever be truthful in regards to her sexual history. If the number is too low, more than likely it’s higher, if it’s too high, more than likey it’s higher. You gotta start looking at it as community pussy.

    1. All female lies manifest from the SDM (slut defense mechanism). What I don’t believe they accounted for is how many times WHEN hooked up to the polygraph, did the test mark a lie. The author only states that when the polygraph was introduced, their “responses” changed slightly north. Certainly the actual caught lies once polygraphed must have been astronomical.. or rather, women actually believe their own lies about what constitutes intercourse.
      Many girls don’t even consider intercourse as “sex” IF he was wearing a condom, and IF it was just a ONS. BJs don’t even register, and are equivalent to a handshake and hug nowadays imho.

    2. Yes. Never even ask a woman how many guys she’s fucked. She’ll only be honest if the number is between one and five.
      Instead, perform painstaking research to find out her general history. Did she have a serious boyfriend in college? Did she ever use cocaine? Look into her Facebook friends and see what kinds of people they are. Etc.

    1. It happens sooner than that. Typically around thirty when they realize their college degree did nothing to help them land a home and the things they needlessly collect (like shoes and purses).

      1. Saddest woman I know is just turning 40. Fantastic body that she works very hard to keep in shape; not the prettiest girl, but not ugly either. She’s a LAWYER, so she should make tons. But..
        she goes out every weekend, gets shitfaced drunk (or whatever), goes home with whoever, falls in love with him instantly, practically has the marriage contract out on the second date, and wonders why EVERY guy runs from her the second he blows his load.

  9. How deep does this sense of regret run I wonder? It probably varies from woman to woman, but I doubt it would be enough for them to change their ways and fall back into a nice cozy relationship with a soft hearted beta. They are just too hardened by their experiences to open up at that point.
    I have no doubt that a woman’s first sexual experience dictates much of what happens later. I could have taken this good looking girl’s virginity when I was 17 and she was 15
    She was a sister’s friend of mine. Very good looking, at least 2 points above me, but she was attracted to my personality and used to flirt with me like crazy, especially after a few drinks. To cut a long story short I didn’t fuck her when I could have because she was drunk, and then she ended up losing her virginity to a real asshole player type and became a drug addict for a while. She has fucked so many men now and is a complete emotional basket case.
    If she ended up with me or another guy with a similar personality I doubt she would have gone down that path.

    1. How deep does this sense of regret run I wonder?
      It runs until she hits the wall and then can’t command the same level desire from alphas as she’s used to. It’s only then she wants the ‘nice guy’ to wife her up take care of her.

  10. Who cares how many cocks she’s had. Going just for sex and avoiding LTRs solves this as well as a host of other issues.
    Completely dominate a woman when she spends time with you, but never give a fuck about what she does after she goes home.

    1. Women are throwing themselves at the same alpha males and shunning the rest. If you’re beta and ever spent time as wing man with alpha male friend its eye-opening how females respond to them. No game required. They just show up and a couple of different bitches will give up their phone numbers.

      1. Yes, I’m aware that females are selective and go for a few males.
        The point is: in the average, both counts should be equal.

        1. Females are more selective but their hit rate is higher.
          Example: A man goes for a 100 women only gets 10%. A woman goes for 50 men gets 50%.

        2. You didn’t get my question. If female hit rate is higher, yet they need males. Female sex notch only goes up as male sex notch goes.

        3. Example: 10 men (2 alphas, 2 betas, and 6 others) and 10 women (2 bangable, 2 lesser, and 6 others). Looked at over a certain amount of time. 2 alphas will bang them all, giving them a notch of 2 each. The 2 betas will bang 8, and 1 might bang one of the most bangable too. Now 9 girls have a notch of 4. Then of the 6 others, 4 bang 4 girls and the 2 2nd tier bangable girls get banged too.

        4. 10 men – 10 women
          One man in the group fucks the 10 women. He has a notch of 10.
          Average sex notch of men = 1
          Average sex notch of women = 1

        5. More like the 2 alpha males will bang the top 5 females multiple times with little effort. The 2 betas will expend significant resources to bang 2 lesser females, maybe wifing up a single mom who was knocked up by an alpha.

        6. Except that by the math it would sit at
          the average for men= 0.1 or 10%
          the average for women being 1.0 or 100%
          Ten percent of the ten men got to have sex. 100% of the ten women did.

        7. Because if there are 10 men and 10 women, and 1 men fucks all the women, if we pick 2 men and 2 women from that group, the average sex notch for women will be higher than for men for that sample 90% of the time, if I’m not mistaken.

    2. Because the twenty percent of men who are alphas fuck eighty percent of the women. That’s why you need to lift weights, spank their asses regularly and stop giving a fuck in general
      When you completely dominate a woman, she’ll bring you plenty of other women to fuck

      1. The reality is, in today’s climate it’s probably closer to 90/10 split, rather than 80/20.. Many guys on here claim to have banged between 10-20+ woman in a year… some of them regularly each year. Chances are if you don’t have any, or many other friends pulling those #’s, you are in the 10-20%. Congrats. Naturally logistics and environment account for a lot. In NYC for instance, bagging 10 girls a year should be pretty easy if you have decent game and care to spend your time that way.

    3. There’s definitely lesbians in the mix as well.
      This inflates the total number of partners each woman has had but doesn’t affect how many female partners every male has had.
      The women aren’t just lying about how many male sexual partners, but also whom their sexual partners were.

      1. most everything except raw dawg multiple encounters with one particular guy doesn’t even register in the lizard mind as constituting “actual sex.” BJs don’t count, cunningulis doesn’t count, dildos and sex toys from others don’t count, all forms of sexual ID except hetero partners don’t count, animals don’t count, produce from fridge doesn’t count, etc. however, anything post-coitus that’s later deemed undesirable = rape. yipee!

      2. Hardly the numbers are significantly inflated by lesbians. Also, there are more faggots than lesbians, so would that be the only factor, male sex notch would be higher.

    4. The mean number of partners would have to be the same, if the populations are the same and each encounter involves 1 man and 1 woman.
      However, these aren’t isolated populations – “The respondents were heterosexual college students in the Midwest, aged 18-25”. So if the numbers are correct, the women must have been going outside the studied population more often than the men, i.e. they were more likely to hook up with partners who were older and/or outside of college, which isn’t surprising. So yes, they’re “fucking Martians”, but the Martians are simply men outside the age range or not in college.
      Actually, since some colleges having a sex ratio weighted ever more heavily towards the female side, at these colleges the mean number of partners for males may well be higher than that for females, due to the smaller male population.

      1. Yes, I thought so. The interviewed were college students. Female college students have lots of sex, male college students hardly match it, as their SMV is usually low (they are broke and young). But the article go as: “In fact, women have 41% more sexual partners than men.”, which imply women have more sex with man, which is impossible.

        1. Many of those female students will be having sex with guys that are not fellow students – other guys that they meet at clubs, a sugar daddy, thug guys, guys they met a rock music gigs & festivals, older guys with good career, etc. These men will not be included in the survey….which you alluded to in your post when you talked about male (well the average joe ones) college students having lower SMV.
          Also sex (well NSA sex) is less equally distributed when it comes to men compared to women. Some (the 10-20%) really desirable guys on campus will be clocking up big numbers (60+). If the entire students at the college were interviewed then these players confessions would get picked up, but the survey is just with a sample of M+F students, so there is more chance that, that smaller number of players will get missed, but a number of the girls they had banged on campus will be included in the sample.
          It is false to say women (all) are having 41% more sex partners than men (all), but if it was worded to say ‘young college women’ have 41% more sex partners than ‘young college men’ then that would be valid.

    5. It’s not hard to understand. The experimental group only includes college students from 18 to 25. If the women slept with men outside of that age group, then their average will be higher.
      For example, those women could have slept with guys from 26 to 40 (not uncommon for women to have casual sex with older alpha men). But since those guys are outside of the experimental group (18-25), their average are not included in the male’s average. College men, on the other hand, rarely have casual sex with older over-the-wall washed up hoes. Hence, the average for female is higher than male.

      1. If the survey only includes college student, that would explain the greater number for women. However, if you only include sexual partners of college students (no college student non-college student included), The men average almost 50% more partners since in college there are almost 3 women to every 2 men.

  11. And men lie about their sexual history too except they say having more sexual experience than they have…

    1. Do try something better than tu quoque. As the studies indicate, the word ‘slut’ is more accurate for women than it is for men.

  12. These numbers seem very conservative for millennial females in current hook up culture. If she’s not in LTR its reasonable to assume she’s hooking up once or twice per month. I read some study that its an average of 14 text messages to a new bang.

    1. Yeah that’s what I thought, the surprising thing about those numbers is how tiny they are. What happened to the decline-of-the-West slut-fest ROK keeps alternately promising and warning about?

  13. I’ve conducted my own “Scientific Study” having 200+ sexual partners of varying demographics and subjective situations. Women will lie with very little provocation when they think it will get them material, esteem, or loyalty in the most minor of terms.

  14. Men for lie and inflate their numbers. I know i have. At least we have the decency to admit it afterwards.

  15. That long nosed woman pictured is getting famous with that nose. She and that nose are all over the web like the Washington monument. The following is a great article on ‘divorce rape’ featuring the very same long nosed lying woman:
    That kinky lying bitch is everywhere. That nose go right up my ass when she be licking my balls. She stiggy quite a few cowboys with that peckerwood nose. Shit she be ‘nostrils deep’ in my ass when I cop a felcher. People’s ass don’t come with back up lights and warning buzzer. I give her a kazoo facial and she’s back featured in more articles. That bitch is a ‘timex ho’. She take a licking . . and she keep on TRICKING. Look at all the features she stars in:

  16. So basically, women will lie when connected or not connected to a lie detector.
    2 to 3 sexual partners for women aged between 18 to 25? LMAO More like 20 to 30. By 18 years old most American women would have had more than 3 guys.

  17. Devil’s Advocate though: They would simply blame this deceit on the patriarchy because men judge and slut shame them for having many partners, forcing them to lie

    1. Men have an innate desire for women with a low notch count. Women respond with ways of rationalizing a low notch count. Women secretly want men that have attracted a high notch count. Basic human nature.

    2. True. From conversations I’ve had/heard with women they resent being judged and feel its unfair so dont feel lying about it is unfair. Still some women don’t like to lie and will have their own definition of memorable sex or will short circuit any conversation going there with something like ‘I’ve had my
      share of fun’ or ‘only insecure guys ask about that’.
      A player is more likely to hear the truth about what a wild up for anything girl she’s been and still is than the guy she has designated to be good boyfriend material. They know full well the guy that is going to build a future with her likely is not going to feel special if he is guy #67 to be with her. Whereas its the opposite for many women, If she knows her guy does really well with the ladies and she is his #67 she will feel special that he has chosen her from all his options to be his gf/wife.

  18. By definition, heterosexual men and heterosexual women will have the same average number of partners. Of course that’s not true for every group, like in this case. It’s possible women will have more partners in most groups because there may be a small number of male super alphas banging hundreds or even thousands of women that are hard to account for.

    1. Not true. I get my dick sucked and to me that is a number. To her it is nothing. I stick my dick in a drunk girl once I took home from the bars. She is my number. To her I was just a “mistake”. The sexes count differently. It is human nature.

    2. Yes. It would be much more interesting to know the mode and median number of partners, and the general shape of the distributions for both sexes.

  19. Depressing.
    I go through ups and downs with this stuff, and I’ve been really down lately. I had been talking to lots of girls, and fucked a couple, but both were taken. Not that I was interested in anything else, but its depressing to see them do it. To know how little it takes.
    I even went back to an ex who I somehow convinced myself was special. Or attempted to. She has a boyfriend and what not. Naturally, this didn’t prevent her from having sex with me for like a month. And fantasizing about getting back together. But then she began completely ignoring me, with no warning. Granted, I didn’t attempt to contact her but twice with no answer. My pride won’t allow me to put in anymore effort. A couple days before she disappeared she came to a family function of mine and the boyfriend, aware of who I was, likely gave her shit for it and she doubled down on that relationship. Scared I would just dump her again. Which was a legitimate concern, I have to admit.
    These guys will never know. How can you date someone seriously after seeing this stuff? Much less marry one of them. They’ll spread their legs for someone else at the slightest hint of discontent in a relationship.
    I’m in a fucked up position at this point. I’m not sure if I could ever date a girl, not seeing how they behave. And unfortunately, I can’t really engage in hook ups. I can’t use condoms. So I’m fucked there as well.
    I don’t mean to throw my life story out there and shit, but it’s a small town here. The people are blind to reality. I have no one to relate to. The men drown in blue pill nonsense and the women are.. well, women. The men miserably play by the old rules and the women run around doing whatever the fuck they want with whoever the fuck they want, with no repercussions.
    It’s been a rough start to a new year. At this point all I can think to do is double down on losing more weight and getting more in shape. As for girls, I have never really had trouble with them. There’s always room for improvement of course, but my main problem with it at this point is that I am just.. disgusted with them.

    1. amen dude…. disgusted is the word….. ive been fucking a girl for a few months who has a long distance boyfriend of 4 years on the other side of the country, she just started first year uni in my city… how easy it is for her to cheat makes me fucking hate her as a person but…… god damn…. can she ride the cock lol cant live with em cant live without em

    2. Bro I couldn’t have said this better myself. Take at a least a little comfort in knowing that there are others who feel the same way. The whole system really does seem fucked up.

      1. People lie and conceal to obtain a perceived edge/advantage. After Dugger Jr.’s diddling history broke, the two self-acknowledged “victims” who spoke were his MARRIED sisters. Of course the parents doubled down and concealed D Jr.’s conduct for years, but that was to protect their unmarried daughters’ marriage prospects and their brand. Men want the new, shiny, and unwrapped, not the used, dusty, and tapped. Josh Dugger’s wife, Anna, has said she knew about her husband’s past before she married him. No word on whether Jessa’s and Jill’s husbands were apprised that their prospective wives had a secret sexual history before the “I do’s”, however, I doubt they knew.

        1. That’s a much better understood comment. I think your meaning went misunderstood hence my reply.
          I was referring to the idea that is so often upheld even in today’s world: that somehow women are innocent, virtuous creatures with no need to lie. Of course most of us here no that’s absolutely not the case.

  20. “They have little regret at missing a chance for casual sex because they know there’s always another shiny cock around the corner.”
    Truth. My younger mind believes that a girl I had a connection with still has feelings for me, but through dozens of girls I’ve learned that once a woman has lost feelings for you, they’re gone. As Stefan Molyneaux once said “I’ve always been amazed at how I could become such an ‘unperson’ to any of my exes.”

    1. “I’ve always been amazed at how I could become such an ‘unperson’ to any of my exes.” – Same here I’ve been a bit stunned as well and it was not like I was close to acting like a cunt/ignorant sod either. Sometimes even a short time after getting a ILY. For some I think its Its part of their coping mechanism, to demonize the ex so they can move on thinking they are much better off and not feel any guilt or regret.. Sometimes too if they monkey branched to a new guy then you are totally history as she absorbed in her new man.

  21. In my experience women will not consider oral sex to be a sexual partner almost ever.
    If they ever got poked in the behind that also does not count unless it was a regular occurrence with a guy they have seen more then once.
    Some women do not also count a sexual encounter if it was a “one off” and the guy wore a condom.
    The best I can tell is that women will consistently report their “number” as the number of guys they have had vaginal sex with in some time of long term or short term relationship.
    My completely unscientific survey has concluded that by the age of 30 women have had just plain straight up oral sex with 10-20 men, vaginal sex with around 6-10 different partners (which might have included oral too), and anal sex with 1-2 (same inclusion).
    The number makes sense because most Alpha guys I know will clean up 20-30 individual women a year and the Beta guys 1-4. Assuming the Alphas are keeping a regular rotation and the Betas keep an LTR or occasional repeats that sounds about right. (Women also won’t up their number if they have EVER had sex with the same guy before even if it was after several other partners or years in between encounters).
    When it comes to their sex life everyone lies. Guys will lie as they don’t want to seem like man whores (even though playing it right can work) and women have a evolutionary incentive to downplay their sexual history.

  22. It drives me nuts when I hear the common narrative that men are more promiscuous than women. How can that be unless they are gay. If a heterosexual man has sex, than he does so with a woman. If a heterosexual woman has sex, than she has sex with a man. Meaning, one sex cannot have more sex than another. I usually use this argument to defend men. Unfortunately, this article now has me defending women.

    1. Only that this isnt about the sex count. It is about the count of sexual partners.
      What this damn statistic means is that there are always some guys who get to bang a lot.

    2. There was a recent article I read somewhere in the media on changing attitudes towards sex and the article mentioned that more women were having casual sex than men these days. It sounds crazy as it should be 1:1 match up. It is at the micro level but at the macro level if women are only DTF for the most desirable 25% of men then it totally possible to have that imbalance. Some of the women who do a ONS and coyishly say ‘I don’t normally do this’, could well be telling the truth (given those survey stats in the article) but if she is shagging a player then he’s going to skeptical since he’s heard that line dozens of times before.
      There was a OKC study on users sentiments towards opposite sex profiles. From memory it was something like men found 75% of female profiles desirable, whereas women found only 25% of men’s profiles desirable. This could have been on a sample and not the entire local population set of the dating site, but still it tends to show how a subset of men could (and do) exploit that dynamic. Multiple women can concurrently be serviced by a plate spinner.

  23. So you’re encouraging women to not be degenerate sluts and at the same time tell men to go after them more aggressively.
    I know this site has to somehow preserve its raison d’être, but the popular expression “cognitive dissonance” comes to mind.

      1. I’m aware of that. But it’s still hypocritical. I see the manosphere steering away from pushing pure PUA lifestyle as a good thing but it’s still not enough. We need to bring back the nuclear family. It’s our only chance of survival.

        1. Why the ‘nuclear’ family? What was wrong with the old ‘extended family’? Where Granny lived with her daughter rather than being packed off to an old folks’ home? Where Granny provided continuity, story telling, and a link to the past for the young’uns? Where Granny passed on recipes and rituals to her grand-daughters? etc.

        2. Of course! I think that would develop naturally as a side effect, should we ever manage to return to the natural order of things.

  24. If the women who were on the lie detector and the women who weren’t were different women, and if the sample size wasn’t huge, then the differences in the numbers COULD (not saying IS, just saying COULD) be down to chance rather than lies. Also, there’s a reason why the results of polygraph examinations aren’t admissible as evidence in court.

    1. The participants in the study were led to think it was a real polygraph, but it wasn’t.

      1. That’s interesting: I wonder how many women were aware of the fact that polygraphs are about as accurate as palmistry and how this number might have affected the results. If, say, 30% of women didn’t believe that polygraphs are accurate or if they had previously learnt methods of skewing a polygraph’s results, then 30% of the lie-detector-connected women would effectively be answering as if they weren’t hooked up to a lie detector and, if the polygraph was non-functioning, there would be no way of picking up on at least the women who thought they knew how to skew the results but weren’t as skilled at this as they thought. That would mean that all those number would need to be adjusted upwards accordingly.

        1. 293 participants.
          All were psychology students from the same Midwestern university. A pretty limited demographic.
          Half ~146 completed questionnaire while hooked up
          Half ~146 completed the questionnaire after it was disconnected.
          I don’t think the differences between the two groups are statistically significant. And the participants are definitely not representative of US population.

    1. Problem with this is you end up with a vicious circle. Let’s say John and Jane have had 6 partners each. In accordance with ‘sex math’, John claims to have had 18 partners while Jane claims to have had 2. Having heard of the ‘sex math’ rule, John and Jane now adjust their claims accordingly so as to preempt the application of this rule by others; now John claims to have had 50-55 partners while Jane claims to have had only 1 (or, if she thinks she can get away with it, she claims to be a virgin).

  25. I feel like this article combats the overall point of this website. It makes guys sound like a bunch of thirsty losers when you say “there’s always another shiny cock around the corner”. Like we’re just lining up to be their bitch. Also, I’m a dude and we lie about how many people we sleep with too and we wish we were having more sex with more women. So I guess the overall question I have from this article is, what were you trying to achieve?

  26. Seems to me that the top regrets the women have are related to poor choices in partners. It’s not my fault they pick clods to fuck.

  27. Someone explain the stats to me – how can the average number of partners for heterosexual women be any different to the average number of partners for heterosexual men. The spread might be different (could have a few guys sleeping with tons of women, or vice verca), but the AVERAGE would have to be the same. Unless we’re including solo activities as ‘sex’.
    What this proves – same as many similar studies – is that (a) lie detectors rely on certain cultural conditions in order to work (different cultures have different physiological reactions to lying), and (b) people will lie about their number of sexual partners, even in so-called anonymous tests (in fact, sex surveys were one of the main ways in which it was discovered that, bizarrely, people lie to a massive extent even in fully anonymous surveys – because if you exclude gays/lesbians, the average number of sexual partners MUST be equal for men and women, even if it’s just due to 1 guy evening up the odds by fucking a gazillion women).

    1. It’s not hard to understand. The experimental group only include college students from 18 to 25. If the women slept with men outside of that age group, then their average will be higher.
      For example, those women could have slept with guys from 26 to 40 (not uncommon for women to have casual sex with older alpha men). But since those guys are outside of the experimental group (18-25), their average are not included in the male’s average. College men, on the other hand, rarely have casual sex with older over-the-wall washed up hoes. Hence, the average for female is higher than male.

  28. I remember coming to the realization back in the day that most of these sluts like pretending its their first time when you slip them the pink the first time to make you feel special especially the younger ones.

  29. This article also shows that women don’t count one-time sexual partners as “real” sexual partners and will not include them in the count.

    1. Neither will any woman count sexual partners she had while “traveling”. Kind of like the rule many Navy guys had; what happens outside conus (continental US) doesn’t count.

  30. Tip for gents curious about how many guys his beloved has shagged…(theyre gonna lie anyway but it puts them on the spot, its better than the lame how many guys question. and is interesting and revealing to observe their reaction)
    Ask your beloved…’can you remember the names of the guys you’ve slept with before meeting me?’
    Sit back & enjoy the show :))

    1. I can’t remember the rule but as they think they will look up and to the left or right. One means they are accessing long-term memory while the other is accessing their brain’s creative centre to try and come up with a story.

  31. The number of partners reported by the girls seems to be in line with what the CDC found a few years back: median number of partners for women 20-24 was 2.6. Males the same age reported a median of 4.1 which suggests there is a minority of really slutty girls fucking lots of guys and not the other way around.
    In this study, the average for men was lower than the women which seems to indicate that a significant proportion of college girls are having sex with guys who have either finished college or never went. Of course, every time a man fucks a woman, a woman fucks a man, so in theory the average has to be the same.
    The difference in averages could be due to a number of reasons:
    1) homosexual encounters (so one team racks up two notches)
    2) a difference in population sizes. For instance, if the student body was 60% female an 40% male and they only had sex with other students, the average for the guys would be 1-1/2 times that of the girls (but given that this study found girls average was 40% higher, this can’t be a factor)
    3) If someone dies, their notch count goes with them.
    4) Having sex with people outside the sample population is the biggest distortion, particularly age. Their sample was college girls between 18 and 25. Women tend to date guys a year or two older. It’s not even about guys in their late 20s, 30s or even older banging these college girls but rather for those in the older half of the sample (22 to 25) their ex or current boyfriends probably graduated a year or two earlier.
    But getting back to the reported numbers, even the Lie detector” numbers suggest that the girls start banging at 16 and within 6 or 7 years have a notch count of 3 on average, so that one new partner every two years, hardly slut-like behavior. The study seems to indicate women will give themselves a 20% discount when they think no one will look closely at their answers. For the “real” numbers to be higher a significant number of women a) thought they could beat the machine because they realized it was a hoax or simply thought they were good liars. or b) they pathologically lie to themselves through selective memory or convincing themselves that “it wasn’t really sex so it doesn’t count”. Still, even if the numbers are double those reported, that amounts to one new partner a year, again hardly slut like behavior.
    The carousel is there but it turns slower than you might think. However, at that rate then by the time they are 35, hitting the wall, and have become a really bad idea for impregnating, then they will have 20 notches.

  32. Interesting thing about the lie detector results – the numbers may be higher still. It does not say if the participants gave higher numbers off the bat, or if after indicating deception they were further probed by the examiner, and to what extent. If the examiner did not press the follow up answers given, there could be even more sexual partners they did not admit to.
    Also, excellent point about the men and regrets. Not once do I even think about the rejections from the past. Hell, I can’t even remember half of them. But I always wonder about the times when I pretty much had the pussy in the bag but for whatever reason did not go for it. Not huge regrets, but enough to remember.

    1. There were 2 sets of women in the study. One was a control group, who were not connected to the machine. These were the women who gave the lower numbers. The other set was the experimental group, who were connected to the machine. This second group gave higher numbers. Each group was randomly selected from the same college aged population.

  33. Women sure are caught in the dichotomy of only seeing their value in a) Having a vagina, and b) Having to be seen as chaste and selective in who they fuck. And the reality is that they enjoy sex with as many partners as possible, and live for the power that sex gives them over men.

  34. I’ve never lied about my sexual history. Sure I regret some of it but why lie? It is what it is and nothing is going to change it. People confuse me sometimes.

  35. whats alarmingly true is that fat ugly old woman still have a better chance of getting sex than a hot well built muscular man. Why are us men so enslaved by our own sexual drive, lust and determination to get screwed. Why is it that a man will screw almost anything, even if he wouldn’t brag to his mates afterwards. This SMV is crap. Woman are the sexual market and we are just horny apes willing to take any bargain that comes our way.

  36. Re: “In fact, women have 41% more sexual partners than men.”
    Assuming sexual partners only includes opposite sex partners, anyone with a logical brain know that is impossible. Aside from the slight difference in the number of and women, the average number of opposite sex partners for men and women are identical. Of course, the author, like most writer, is not capable of logical reasoning and therefore doesn’t see the fallacy of the statement.

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