An Open Letter Of Apology To American Women

Dear American Women,

I am sorry you were born as females in the west. Because of the toxic culture you’ve been marinated in you will never fully appreciate just how fortunate you are to have been afforded the privileged lives you enjoy. None of this is your fault, of course. Whether you like it or not, third-wave feminism is to blame and it has quite literally stolen any chance you have for true happiness as a woman.

From an early age you will be told that you are princesses and deserve the best of everything simply because you were born with vaginas. There is some truth to this, but not for the reason you’ve been raised to believe.

You see, you could be princesses and eventually even someone’s queen worthy of the utmost respect. The truth is, you are more valuable than men from a reproductive standpoint. But before you pump your fists, those titles and the respect that comes with them are ones you must earn. This takes time, temperance, and discipline.

Unfortunately because this is bestowed upon you far before you have earned it, it is merely a moniker and nothing more. You were all rewarded with something you didn’t work for, could not understand, and were grossly ill-equipped to mentally process. This explains why you have a strong sense of entitlement.

The only time you will be treated the same as males is when you are infants. You will be coddled and nurtured as you should be. You will be the center of attention wherever you’re taken because of your innocence and representation of new life. 

You will start to notice a change in the way you’re treated compared to boys when you become a toddler. While the boys are taught to share, you will be taught that all you need to do is ask for something and it will be given to you because you are a girl and that means you deserve what you want.

If you do not get what you want, you are indirectly taught to up the intensity of your request by crying or throwing a tantrum until you get it. This is a trait that will stick with you for decades to come and will turn you into overgrown children, which is far from attractive or cute.

You will also begin to notice that boys are punished more than you are. While your teachers and parents sugarcoat or explain away your bratty temperaments (a direct result of the entitlement serum), the boys are often sent to the corner and told that there is no excuse for their reckless behavior. At some point they are given “special medicine” to tamp down their natural energy. This tells you they are inherently flawed, which will inflate your false sense of superiority over males.

I’m sorry that the depreciation of your value as a female begins in earnest at such a young age when you reach high school (and for some of you, middle school). Your insufferable behavior continues to be rewarded and your need for attention has become a full-blown addiction. Like a heroin addict you’ll do anything to get your attention fix to validate yourself, not the least of which is giving away your most valuable asset: your virginity.

For the moment you relinquish your flower to a male other than your husband, your expiration date quickly moves ever closer to your windshield and will soon be in your rear view mirror, where objects are not closer than they appear.

I’m sorry for having to break the news to you that college is the worst thing that can happen to you as a woman. The endless drinking, partying, sex romps with hordes of males, spring breaks, and the continued deprogramming of your biological hard drive, while fun and exciting, accelerates your depreciation in value.

You will think you are on your way to becoming a strong and independent woman who “has it all,” but this is not what is happening to you. Everything around you tells you that college is the path to true happiness,m but you will later come to realize that campus life has damaged you far beyond repair and unfortunately you will have this epiphany much too late.

So now you’re in your early 20s. You’ve got your degree in women’s studies, the world is your oyster and your best days are ahead of you. You’re not even thinking about marriage at this point in your life, and why should you? You’ve got plenty of time to keep the party going so there’s no rush to lock down a man and have a family. Men will always be around so you’ll walk down the aisle with your soulmate when you’re damn good and ready.

In the meantime you will continue to drink and sleep around to “get it out of your system” before you settle down. After all, the strong and powerful women in sitcoms, movies, and reality shows put off marriage and children to have fun and they have it all now so you will too right? I’m sorry to tell you that the answer is an emphatic no.

Time passes quickly and before you know it you’re pushing 30. You’ve had a few relationships, some heartbreak, plenty of drama (because it was totally his fault you cheated on him), and maybe an abortion or two. Your breasts are beginning to sag, you’ve put on a few extra pounds, and your skin doesn’t glow like it did in your teens.

Oh sure, you’re still getting attention from men—but you’re not quite as attractive as you used to be. Your friends will tell you you’re as hot as ever and that you’re aging like a fine wine, but the lack of attention from the men that made your vagina buzz like a beehive in your college days is a grim reminder that you’re being lied to.

But you are far from a bottle of Dom Perignon. You’re more like a gallon of milk. You still look drinkable within your container (push up bras, butt-padded jeans, makeup, etc.) but your smell and texture betray you when you’re opened, and for that I’m sorry. I’m sorry that you aren’t as physically viable as a long-term partner. The good news, however, is that you’ll still be considered for one night stands.

Roosh has stated that the wall is softer than we think. He says that no matter how many cocks your semen-stained vaginas have been penetrated by, there will always be a man available to rescue you from your bad decisions and save you from spinsterdom. I’m sorry to tell you he is only half right.

Yes, there will be plenty of thirsty men who will put a ring on it, put a couple of kids in you, and give you the white picket suburban life you think you are entitled to. But the men willing to forgive your past transgressions are far from ones you dreamed of ending up with in your Disney and Rom Com fantasies.

What you didn’t realize while you were getting plowed through your teens and twenties is that more men you share your body with, the less able you are to sexually bond to your husband or any other male for that matter. This leads to dissatisfaction with the life you didn’t deserve in the first place and inevitably leads to divorce.

Okay so it’s not all bad. You’ll laugh it up with your friends about how you nabbed the kids and half his money. You’ll parade your tattooed flavor of the week and brag about the headboard-rattling sex you have while the kids are at their pathetic father’s for the weekend. But after discovering that being a single mother is neither as glamorous or as marketable as you thought, you’ll become bitter and blame everyone but yourselves.

Then one day you’ll wake up at 38 and wonder where all the time has gone and why you don’t have what you deserve.

At this point, your lives are effectively over and for that I am truly sorry. You can tell yourselves you don’t need a man or that there are other things that can give you fulfillment, but your biological makeup tells you otherwise. You know full-well the only thing that will make you truly happy is to belong to a man who loves and takes care of you. You’ll hold out hope that the man of your dreams is still out there and he may well be. Unfortunately he views you as nothing more than a slump-buster to fill his time between younger, more nubile versions of you.

You got a raw deal ladies and I feel bad for you because you’re destined to be miserable. You were sold a bad bill of goods by men and women and it has cost you true happiness. You were never told that a stay-at-home mom is every bit as valuable and important to a nuclear family as the breadwinner, or that your degree doesn’t attract men to you in droves. You were told to seize the day, live for the moment, and YOLO. How were you supposed to know what the long-term consequences were?

Please accept my apology for the unfair lives you have all been born into. Each and every one of you deserves much better.



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638 thoughts on “An Open Letter Of Apology To American Women”

  1. Somberly, I will drink to this ode… You poor, beautiful, lovely, lied to, entitled women. Just know the pain and loneliness you wrought won’t be drowned out with alcohol. But like any war, there are casualties. May the women to come learn well from you all.

    1. The women to come in the west will likely all be the daughters of foreign born wives. The women of the west have forsaken their duty, and replaced it with selfishness. However, the biological imperative won’t be denied, humans will reproduce. If western men cannot find a true mate-for-life, a true mother-of-the-next-generation in western women, they’ll look elsewhere.
      Cold hard facts. Of all the married men in the U.S. I know, only about 40% married someone from the U.S.

      1. If only this were true. From what I’ve observed, very few white men are willing to marry or have children with someone from outside of the U.S. I mean, I get it…these guys have been told that having kids who look white or who can at least “pass” for white is of paramount importance. What they don’t realize is that the principal thing is that your kids HAVE AT LEAST SOME OF YOUR FEATURES BECAUSE THEY’RE ACTUALLY YOUR KIDS. I see a ton of guys running around here with lily-white kids who aren’t even theirs. They’re the mailman’s kids or the poor schmuck’s boss’s kids. These guys haven’t read the statistic that tells us that out of 100,000 American births, 30,000 of them come about as a result of women who had affairs and got the unsuspecting husband to claim the kids as his own. I’m focusing on my Caucasian brethren because I don’t think any other ethnic group over here has such an issue with expatriating or marrying foreign women. They need to understand that it’s better for the kid to have a little bit of a tan but at least carry your blood lineage than for him to have blonde hair and blue eyes and be the milk man’s bastard offspring. There’s an added bonus to expatriating: we’d finally have a real shot at putting American women back in line. How long do you think it would take for them to get their acts together if they knew that men by the hundreds of thousands–rather than just a few dozen guys here and there–were boarding airplanes in droves in search of fresh territory? The mating monopoly would be broken, and American women would go back to being women again. Just a thought.

        1. I see a ton of guys running around here with lily-white kids who aren’t even theirs. They’re the mailman’s kids or the poor schmuck’s boss’s kids.

          You have white mailmen in your area?

        2. Yep. Along with white water delivery guys (you know, for those office water coolers). But most of the time the boss is the culprit. I had a neighbor whose wife was nailing the boss during 30-minute lunch breaks. It went on for months because the poor guy kept expecting to catch her leaving the office late or something else more ostentatious. But she was a pro. He didn’t find out anything until a friend of his accidentally stumbled in on both of them walking out of the boss’s office straightening out their clothes and acting weird. He put two and two together, and told the husband about it. That’s another reason you don’t see a lot of genuinely available women in the sexual marketplace. Like Heartiste said when he was talking about the corporate harem, you’ve got a few betas who “bought” their way into alphadom by forming multimillion dollar corporations and surrounding themselves with certified 8s, 9s, and 10s, who are all scrambling around trying to become the boss’s “favorite.” Don’t get me wrong…I’m not necessarily knocking these guys’ hustle. I’m just pointing out one of the major obstacles men are facing out here in the present-day sexual marketplace.

        3. expect an exit tax to be imposed, full-on, should this ever become the norm. any mass movement of white men out of the US to marry “poor, subservient” Asian or Latin women will be shut down quicker than a Titty bar outside Oberlin.

        4. If the government would try to impose an exit tax to inflict in guys trying to get a fair shake in this circus, they may be scratching v their heads trying to think up something that might entice these said people to return.
          Think about it, most of the women in the US are busted looking and have heinous personalities.
          Greener pastures…

        5. I cosign Cervantes111 below. Unless they’re gonna rip up what’s left of the Constitution and flush it down the toilet and declare martial law, they can’t make anyone stay here. Once they realize they can’t cook up a believable reason to make it harder for men to expat, they’ll start to roll out incentives. What incentives, you may ask? Remember how all you used to see in the 80s were women in exercise commercials and exercise shows? You know, before they swapped out women in exercise commercials for women in Dove and Haagen Daaz ice cream commercials, started glorifying fat women and telling men to get on “tae bo” and “insanity workout” and all that other crap? (you see it all the time in the black community…a trim, slim, ripped dude walking around with a freaking hippopotamus…give me a break). No more of that shit. Instead of chicks bragging about going to the gym on the weekend (meaning they just screwed around on an I-pod while doing pilates), they’ll actually “hit the gym” and try to burn off all those frappachinos and high-sugar smoothies they glutted down on the drive there. Remember how you used to have finishing schools 100 years ago to teach women how to cook, keep house, and conduct themselves in public? That institution would make a comeback like you would not believe. Believe this: before the schmucks that run this asylum will let hard-earned American dollars walk out the door, they’ll institute special compulsory camps to re-make these sorry messes we see today into marriage material. Count on it.

        6. The natural state of the “state” (serving women) is not to provide incentives for men, but punishments. This is true of all liberals/feminist(ism). Case in point, then entire STRUCTURE of Child Support laws are based upon punishment of men, not incentives. To your line of logic, the “state” would be setting up a task force/enforcement arm to require (under legal threat) women to abide by visitation orders since that is strongly linked to payment of CS (even admitted by the Left). Yet, they do not, they instead continually put increasingly harsh punishments upon men, even those who cannot pay, taking licenses, using jail time, garnishing to where a man cannot afford his own truck, etc. Even though all of that, under your logic (countering my original point) is counter-intuitive. The state will NOT provide incentives for men to stay, they will punish men through taxes, levies, who leave or attempt to leave.

        7. A revolt would ensue. When the facade of freedom is shown a fraud inn this country, and something like that happens, people would go apeshit.
          I’m keenly aware of the extortion methods being employed by family court to keep fathers impoverished and single moms well compensated

        8. Exit tax is already there. Looked into it.
          Other than a fee of several thousand dollars to renounce your US citizenship, all your assets are assumed liquidated on that date (whether you sell them or not) and you owe tax as if those proceeds were your income that year. Keep in mind, you will STILL pay even more tax when you really do sell your investments down the line – both to Uncle Sam and to your new country of residence.

        9. It’s always the boss. It’s either the boss or some thug at a club she sees beating a woman or Rocking ten shitty tats. I know for a fact that a college degree gets you less pussy than a felony on your record. In college all the. Guys making good grades and earning degrees were mostly single. It was always the bums who rode Harleys and lived on welfare or in a shitty apt pulling the ass. Club. Bouncers pull ass, guys in college on the dean’s list jerk off alone

      2. Quite likely yes.It is after all the natural order that socially dominant groups must all fall at some point. White-driven western society is so hung up in welfare and progress that their culture has no competitive spirit left.Simply put,there is not much room left for further substantial growth and their above-average-life conditions reduces their desire to improve their own society…putting them in a state of perpetual stagnation….Their women are lazy and unproductive and don’t value their reproductive roles….Their men are weak and idle and keen on looking outside….We,dear citizens are looking at the imminent fall of the most disgusting god-forsaken race on planet earth….no more white people-and they’re doing it to themselves which makes it so much better….The 21st century is quite the hallmark and I for one will be celebrating them diluting and eliminating their bloodlines and thus removing the status associated with their melanin-deprived expressions…this is mankind cleansing itself of filfth.

        1. Go troll somewhere else, trollboy.
          Right wing whites are out reproducing leftist whites by a large margin. The only white going goodbye are the idiot hipster types and their career manjaw shrews. The rest us are sticking around, and we are far less tolerant of your stupidity than the dopey leftists.

        2. I ain’t trolling whiteboy.
          Right-wing or left-wing you’ve got the lowest birth rates on the planet and you’re hands-down the most highly-encouraged to intermix(the pressure’s on you all the way)….Change is never gonna happen by this point since white males are by far the weakest most wimpish men in existence.I mean come on,you’ve only got to look at the average white woman who is basically completely out-of-line and an all-out misbehaving bitch, to see what I mean. Can anyone claim the same about any ethnic man?LoL-no. Way to go on the typical right-wing mantra though…All tough talk. Your society is in shambles and your “manly” righties are blaming their wenches for their weakness….Man,sometimes you just need to own up to reality….There’s only one way for you people,and that’s all the way down so cheers to that.

        3. but…not if the public schools are working OVERTIME to undo everything white men teach their white sons in school. the US keeps producing hipster neckbeards because by 12th grade they’ve had NON STOP indoc from the left.

        4. I’m Hispanic white and we (both the whites and Hispanics) think black men are the weakest. Black women humiliate black men, routinely. Take a subway and observe.
          Black men and the black race in the US has not grown in decades and may be decreasing slightly. Particularly with homosexuality rampant (and I do believe it is higher in the black community, even with women).

        5. Best hope the white man doesn’t fade from existence; its the white man, and a small percentage of japanese, who has created every major technological invention since the turn of the millenium.

        6. Gotta say,I do love how you didn’t TRY to refute my claim that you’re the weakest and most pathetic as far as masculinity goes…Whiteboi knows his place huh? It ain’t about what I want or hope for whiteboi,it’s about the fact that societies that devalue masculinity are pretty much doomed. Who’se gonna argue against the fact that white-driven white society is diseased and there’s no cure in sight,hm?

        7. I am not sure you understand what is going on here. White men civilized the world, and yes we fucked up pretty badly as of late. However, if you understand the white race you will have to admit we do things very methodically. If you read this site, and more importantly the comments you may realize we are in the WTF stage right now. Next there will be a plan, and then action. And when the action starts I suggest you either join or take cover. There will be no mercy.

        8. TJL, Blacks , Mexicans, Indians, Arabs, and so on, are suffering all the same misfortune that whites are. The same goes for religion- Christians, Catholics, Orthodoxed, Jews, Mormons, and so on, are struggling to maintain their authority. Although it is to a lesser degree, these things also apply to Arab, Asian, and Persian Muslims as well. The malady is modernism, I believe.

        9. R+Who is going to feed and medicate your sub-human children die when Whitey is not around to sponsore UNICEF and WHO? The Chinks? It’ll be fun to watch you die. They hate you more than whitey.
          There will always be pockets of whites.

        10. “Can anyone claim the same about any ethnic man?”
          78% of nigger babies are fatherless bastards.
          ” Your society is in shambles”
          Yet there is no end to the number of shit-skins who want nothing more than to immigrate to the US, EU, CA, and AU

        11. “I mean come on,you’ve only got to look at the average white woman who is basically completely out-of-line and an all-out misbehaving bitch, to see what I mean. Can anyone claim the same about any ethnic man?”
          Yes. Blacks were the first society to embrace feminism, not whites. Black women are the definition of all-out misbehaving bitches.
          “you’re hands-down the most highly-encouraged to intermix”
          Successful black men would rather stick their cocks in an obese white or latina woman than stick to their own race.

        12. Wow, could this be rok’s first reverse racist? You wanna see societies in shambles, check out Africa and Haiti. What do they have alot of? Rape,crime, poverty and ridiculously incurable diseases in astronomical numbers. And offspring, but most are dying of disease, starvation or all the flies on them.
          Some of these places could best be described as Hell on Earth, because of the lack of living conditions despite being quite inhabitable if the indigenous peoples took a holiday from the lawlessness to build a stable society.
          What do they not have alot of? ‘Melanin deprived ‘ people and money.
          You have to wonder how many.of the children in those areas owe their lives to Sally Struthers.

        13. Ok, guessing by your claim that strength is the same as superiority. Gotcha. How about intellect? You haven’t spelled whiteboy right yet.
          The measure of a man may have been sheer strength forty thousand years ago, when you had to hunt wild beasts in the waste lands with crude weapons and lived in huts made of mud and sticks off you could not find a cave.
          The paradigm had shifted since then. The device that you use to text girls was wrought by a man of brain power.
          I’m sure that superior physique comes in handy in pinning down women in the rape act, or fleeing from the police on foot from the aforementioned act, trying to kick your way out of the squad car after the ‘whiteboi’ police detain you. Then Al Sharpton tries to rile up a riot because they were doing their job

        14. Let me just start by saying that I’m continuing to be amazed. I mean shit man i don’t like the melanin-deprived,guess that’s obvious,but god-damn not even I would’ve put you down for the attitude in these replies…Here’s some contextual education for you “whiteboi”:there’s a massive difference between white boy(whereby the speaker is probably referring to a melanin-deprived male child) and whiteboi(whereby said subject is understood to be a wimpy c*nt)….Now first thing’s first,are you one of those creeps that goes around preaching that masculinity is all about”not being afraid of who you really are” to give himself free reigns to display massive faggotry(like “not being afraid to cry in public”) in hope of avoiding judgement? Because that’s really the kind vibe i’m getting here with all your attempts to redefine “masculinity”…Here’s the jist whiteboi, what distinguishes an ultra masculine male from all the wimpy cunts ,and from women, is testosterone (that’s the male hormone,whiteboi).Testosterone is mainly responsible for agression and strength(i.e. strong male=high testosterone)…Intellect doesn’t come into it much(a woman/a cunt/a homosexual/whatever can be an intellectual…hell,most geniuses throughout history have been asexual anyway….that’s nothing to do with masculinity)…Now you keep on going about some “shifting paradigm” but what’s that supposed to imply?What, is the nerd supposed to be the alpha male who gets all the women?Fucking’lol. You do know that natural selection HATES weak males right?Oh whiteboi you best be keeping your mouth shut in public ’cause I can guarantee you no intellectual knowledge will make your woman stick by you if she ever sees how you can handle a fight(i.e. get your cunt face smashed into concrete multiple times)….You see whiteboi, you try and piss on the masculinity of any ethnic male and they’ll at least TRY and fight you back for it…whitebois are SO AWARE of their own inferiority they won’t even try to lie their way out of it.Seriously dude,go through these replies,you tell the whiteboi he’s a weak-ass excuse for masculinity(i.e. testosterone-deprived) and he’ll tell you “well at least i’m smart”.I mean oh my fucking god…can you honestly say there’s a difference between a “smart” whiteboi and an educated dyke?’Cause i sure as hell can’t see it…Whiteboi you may be smart,but you are NOT a man. And that’s the thing you see, whitebois think that their ancestors build their society(which they are currently living in) by being sissy-cunts and yet they’ve no idea…They’ve inherited something that they can’t sustain,because no society will stay healthy for long if it’s run by dykes and women….But whitebois kissed their masculinity goodbye a loooong time ago….Let me reiterate whiteobi,the only way for you people is ALL the way down. Stagnation of white western society is only just starting.

        15. I’m actually a believer in the adage of ‘Sound mind in sound body’. I do believe that physical changes in body from weight training, sports and active living supports healthy mental thought process. That is scientifically proven, with exception to mental imbalances that lifestyle changes would not sustain. The aggressive portion of a man is not enough to sustain it. A bare minimum of intelligence its necessary in this world. Being smart, physically fit and well groomed and you’ll be a force too be reckon with by men and women alike. As animals, we size up our competition. But today’s society creates an imbalance where the weak and inept are allowed to prosper, art the expense of groups that were stronger before government meddling inn societal,matters.
          It’s important to know who your friends and enemies are. The government, they ain’t your friend. And just because most of them are white doesn’t mean they’re mine either. That’s a topic for another day v and time.
          But prejudices notwithstanding, the men on this site are here for a common goal: to better areas of their lives as a whole. I’ve found this place very helpful as you get good information to be the best man you can be. For you, not some girl or fleeting bullshit. Granted, some guys on this site are in different areas of their lives. Maybe some of them are alpha, others not. Spread your wisdom, not your hate. Knowledge is something wee can give away and still keep and be wiser and stronger because of it.

        16. Yeah, women are not really great at making things. They can’t even make food anymore where I live.

        17. It’s the same here (east coast usa); making a sandwich is of course an oppressive act for an empowered woman. Learning how to cook is so 1950’s. While the comment I responded to pissed me off for its dismissal of the white man’s contributions to society, he does have a point; our women are totally out of line, ego-driven narcissists who have been so coddled, kept warm and safe and protected from history, economics, philosophy, and critical thinking to the point that they embrace idiocy and dismiss truth in record numbers. Our nation is strutting, shitting proof that giving women an active role in a democracy is as self-destructive as shooting heroin, wrestling crocodiles, or getting married.
          Yea, its a rant.

      3. With a 50/50 success rate and most women here have no basic decent human traits? This isn’t a big surprise, and the stats will probably continue to grow and you will find more men becoming expats because they wouldn’t even want their money contributing to this fucked up society

    2. The women to come will be lied to by these old shrews and the cycle repeats. The old shrews will not let them have a happy life. Misery loves company.

  2. After an all-nighter, this is what I needed to read after a.m. coffee. Reading this detoxified me.

  3. Ignore all the good men an fuck all the bad boys then complain there’s no good men around, pretty much standard procedure for most western women.

      1. I wasn’t complaining about it I was pointing out that it’s a usual complaint that women have, it’s the type of hamster spinning which is the theme of this article. I’m not sittong around moaning, I am learning game an improving myself which is why I’m on sites like this. Women are what they are I realized that a while ago.

        1. Sure, women ignore the “nice guys” and go after the masculine guys, just as men ignore the “nice girls” and go after the feminine women. The fundamental difference between the Red Pill and the Blue Pill is that the Red Pill says to become what the opposite sex wants, while the Blue Pill tries to shame the opposite sex for wanting what’s natural.

      2. Actually, for many of those men, women do have a significant role in making them beta. Single motherhood is so rampant, and fatherhood so ignored that the boys growing up have almost no chance to not become beta.

        1. Chicken and egg, I guess. We’re all products of the broken Western-style upbringing. What separates the winners from the losers is those that do something about it.

        2. Yeah, but it takes a level of self-awareness that only comes with true adult introspection to even reach that point. Not everyone is ready to be unplugged, and those that are are never at the same level of unplugging.

        3. I think there is an innate difference between those that unplug and those that don’t. The former crave the truth, no matter how painful it is. They are logical, honest, straightforward. Comparatively, the latter is an emotional wreck, desperately rationalising that every failed relationship they’ve had is someone else’s fault. And I think men are just as guilty as women of doing this.
          For example: gently introduce a few red pill truths to a group of buddies. Perhaps something along the lines of ‘it really helps my dating life when I take charge; chicks love it!’ You can instantly tell who has the potential to unplug and who doesn’t. Those without are considerably quicker to anger, jump to conclusions, and, in general, fail to follow a basic line of argument. They’ll splutter about how that’s just some bullshit invented by the patriarchy, or how their ex just loooved to take control in the bedroom. Their ego is at stake, and they’ll do damn near anything to protect it.
          But the rare person who DOES have the potential to unplug? They’ll actually listen to your point of view. Evaluate it. Consider it. There is no explosive ‘HOW DARE YOU BE SO SEXIST AND RACIST AND UN PC WAA WAA WAAA’. Emotions do not get in the way of this person’s train of thought. They value truth above all else.
          Unfortunately, most humans are like the aforementioned emotional tardfail. They will do anything they can to avoid actually taking a long, cold look at themselves in the mirror and saying, ‘mate, you need to change’. I have no sympathy for such men. They are every bit as bad as the women they spend hours whining about on websites like this.
          The wise and strong admit when they have fucked up. The weak, pathetic boys of today just blame women.

        4. The irony of mothers raising their sons to be momma’s boys has puzzled me. They claim to love their sons, but they raise them to be the kind of guys they detest. That is by far the cruelest thing they can do to their boys.

        5. It just comes down to basic ignorance of your own ignorance. Women do not experience life as men do, though they convince themselves otherwise. This leaves them not only completely incapable of understanding the experiences necessary to make a man, but worse… they are convinced they know what’s best for their boys.

        6. I think there is an innate difference between those that unplug and those that don’t. The former crave the truth, no matter how painful it is.

          There’s a difference, a huge difference, between craving the truth, and knowing where to get it. I’d wager most unplugged men these days recognize that something is wrong, but they have no idea where to look for truth.

        7. Dude. The manosphere is freakin’ HUGE. There’s an article every other day from some mainstream news outlet about it. Nine out of ten guys have at least heard of The Game, and most will have googled it at some point since hitting puberty (how could they not? From a boy’s first boner, attracting women is always on his mind…he is consumed by it; naturally he will devour any literature he can get his hands on). Then you have YouTube, one of the most popular websites in the world, which is absolutely flooded with MRA/MGTOW/anti-feminist rhetoric. Even feminist vloggers like Laci Green have their comment sections overrun by it. Hell, the only videos you won’t find it on are of cutesy animal shit.
          Then you have the blatant real-life examples. Like how that girl who was always crying on your shoulder kept chowing down on the class bad boy’s dick, no matter how “niiiiicee and sweeeet and understaaaaanding” she told you you were. Like how, despite the endless media rhetoric telling you otherwise, you still find fat women pushing fifty absolutely repulsive.
          Like how your wife divorced you, took all your shit, denied you access to your own children, and claimed it was all because you “didn’t pay her enough attention”. Except as she’s leaving the courtroom, you notice the new man’s jizz stain on the hem of her skirt.
          I’m sorry, but if a man is so damn boneheaded that he doesn’t at least have an INKLING that something is seriously wrong with our society, he deserves every last drop of cow dung that’s handed to him. And I will laugh.

        8. Huge is relative. I still find myself introducing people to the likes of ROK, TRM, Heartiste, etc.. The number of truly blue pill men out there still vastly outnumbers the men who get it.
          Just watch Karen’s latest video laughing at the blue-pill men who put their faces on a youtube video spouting nonsense for some good examples of guys who still don’t get it.

          Those guys still exist in huge numbers.

        9. Ergo, Anglo WFs are only good at making enemies for drama. When sons snap, they’d realize how much the prior fucked up.
          I wonder if these single mothers enjoy just desserts from the very sons they made Satan out of.

        10. I dunno man, I watched a few of her vids(she gets more views than men touching on the same subject) and although I appreciate her take on things, she still has been on/off the dole and has two kids by two men…Im just trying to see what her angle is…maybe her kids are boys? Is that why she cares???

        11. Individual background, quite unfortunately, has little to say on the value of the perspective offered. I totally get where you’re coming from. By all objective measures, Karen fits the exact profile of the spinster women so despised among the manosphere men. Yet the words out of her mouth are wisdom. It comes down to the random nature that experience takes on the human mind.

        12. If a simp beta male friend / relative of yours starts whinging about some woman, apply shock theraphy – intravenous red pill. Kill or cure.
          “Fuck you and your problems, you either cut that shit right now or you don’t deserve to be a man! Stop your excuses and whining, and start acting like one! Want your due respect? Fucking GO GET IT…”

        13. Karen is essentially the same as Ayn Rand, not only in her whole hearted objectivity, but in that her personal life doesn’t necessarily reflect the advice or observations she gives. Also, since she’s not pretending to be a marriage counselor, I don’t think her divorces or kids matter. What she is doing, perhaps part learned from having kids/divorce, is providing a thoughtful response to women, as a woman, about all their petty bullshit slights. In light of this, I see her background as MUCH different than a wife beater like Ghandi.

        14. I see her as a woman who has lived through enough of the hypocrisy of western female culture, and frankly just can’t stand it anymore, in herself or others.

        15. It’s totally understandable that she might be doing it for her sons, but it doesn’t make the opinions less valid. There are many many ‘female red pill’ bloggers and vloggers, and a lot of them are just stupid tradcons or just looking to snag a husband. But a few of them do get it. I still wouldn’t let women on this site, and I definitely wouldn’t trust them to persist in their beliefs, but it’s still useful to have women spreading the message.

        16. I instantly lose respect for any man who says he likes his girl to take control in the bedroom. Honestly, I don’t even see how that works…what, do you just fuck them gently?
          Guys who are submissive claim its just their kink, but I feel like that kink is invariably connected to some deep-seated cowardice, or at least feelings of inferiority (perhaps catalyzed by a cuntocratic society)

        17. She wants attention from men. By saying, “hey guys, I’m pro-man,” she gets attention from men that she wants.
          That’s one explanation; however, another explanation could be that she gets it. I’m of the belief that most women are pro-man (unless it comes to her vs some man).

        18. Right — you’ve always got to wonder about a woman’s motives and how deeply rooted her belief is.

        19. That’s because most mother’s want to be there son’s number one forever. Even if he marries, his mother’s wishes are still supposed to come first.
          When her husband leaves or vice-versa their son will be their source of male attention. The male intimacy they crave.

        20. Her children are boys, she is trying to protect them. Plus radical feminism is such rancid nonsense its a pleasure to take it apart. (Attack it at its paradoxes)
          Most single mothers, at least White ones are divorced rather than girls that slept around and got pregnant. That is quite rare. Divorce is very easy these days and clearly on average its just as likely that the man as the women is to blame. A lot of people end up in the same mess in the 2nd marriage or relationship in some ways the divorce was idiotic in the first place. She’s clearly got a fine brain. I’m grateful for her support.

        21. Feminism, the kind that is indoctrinated in the gender studies department of the humanities or sociology faculty is a very left wing ideology. It is anti western, anti male, socialist. It is a revolutionary strategy designed to create a society and government on socialist lines. It is intensely pro immigration. I don’t think one can deny that. When women are victimised by men of non western race and religion the feminists fall silent.
          Many of the early architects of feminism such as Betty Friedan had ulterior motives. They simply carefully used female concerns and interests to cultivate female resentments against the target they wanted damaged: white males.
          Go to a feminist magazine and its all fashion, style, gossip, feminism, anti racism, transgender issues all lumped in with occasional motherhood statements about disabled people and accessible toilets. They build coalitions by cultivating resentments. They work by making more air headed women they have ‘gravitas’ by saying they are feminist.
          It’s not about the welfare of women or society. Its 5th generation psychological warfare with both ethnic agendas as well as political agendas. You don’t need a conspiracy, intelligent people already know how to deceive in the right manner.
          More intelligent women like Karen known its going on.

        22. Lol. That reminds me of the scene in the first Godfather movie, where Vito Corleone says to his Godson, when the Godson is crying about not getting a part in a movie, “you can act like a man”!

        23. So that’s who fucked it up for the rest of us….lol Corleone, out of all men portrayed in cinema history, goes for an ambiguous line.

        24. I agree. The day my whomb brings forth sons I want them to be as biologically assertive as possible. Real women raise real sons. It is the beta women that regrets having reproduciced with a beta man in the first place that creates mama boys with whore/ madonna issues.

        25. Modern feminism, the high divorce rate, the bastard children etc. etc. would end in a generation if men were unwilling to unplug

        26. Once in a while, it is fun for her to take control, but she knows she doesn’t really have control.

        27. At some point in their life every man has to each have his ass kicked, and also kick some bodies ass. Violence is to be avoided if possible. It’s just not always possible. A mother could never understand that.

      3. A “good man” isn’t necessarily a beta. What I understand and I hope the readers here understand is that a good man don’t have to be a spineless pushover and can dem and what he’s owned and pay for what he gets.

        1. I agree wholeheartedly. But a modern woman’s idea of a ‘good’ man is one whom she can manipulate, cheat on, extract money from, and generally sap the life out of. A western woman defines a man’s worth on how she can benefit HER; how he will fit in with HER life. In short, a good man is a meal ticket.

        1. Or leaving. Keep going with the ‘self-improvement’ as women laugh at dopey male characters on TV with a bucket of ice cream in their lap. Keep jumping through the hoops of the, say, 15% of women who can keep themselves under a buck seventy.

      4. back in the day we didnt need to learn “game” by acting like an aloof sociopath since women then werent dysfunctional. they actually had a sense of consequences and responsibilites without entitlement.
        we just front and posture like we are alphas without actually being one. before an alpha was someone that was successful(good job providor) and can kick ass but we discourage any form of violence whatsoever.
        cultures in asia that hold female accountablility have the more feminie women hence why they are the most popular brides. it makes them more humble and pleasent. while her western counterpart likes to described as such but are anything but.
        women that follow in this path will be like the black woman. “too strong n independent” for a man;too sexy despite being 200lbs;has drama with “haters” whom critize their behaviour but too narcisstic to realize she has her own problems.

        1. Excellent points Mclovin. Supplicating yourself to a completely unhealthy population of females is degrading. Men are actually committing themselves to becoming sociopaths. This is what you have to do to be attractive. It’s so incredible.

        2. Exactly! Thank you. For most, being alpha now means *displaying* certain traits, not *embodying* them. (Fake it till you fuck it?). The fact that it’s even possible to trick women this way still blows my mind. If at least it got the job done to put some kids in a family, at least it would make sense from a procreation standpoint. But no, it’s all just an insane, illusory, entitled, narcissistic roller coaster of bullshit that serves no purpose but the momentary gratification of women’s worthless “standards”. The ignorance, the unawareness. It’s un-be-lievable my friends.

        3. ya now a days the western “alpha” is merely a stoic aloof woman mentally. Like if we take an american alpha vs a chechnian virgin, the american would get destroyed, thats what an alpha is, the fact that you are masculine and dominate other men mentally and physically. Like if a young boy saw the two, hed rather be like the chechnian. you can see it when you compare the 2. Both are in good shape but the american will be well dressed,games and gets laid while the chechnian will have a strong look in his eyes,strong mind and doesnt give a fuck, and will crush you if you disrespect him in any ways he sees fit. Doesnt matter if the american alpha goes back and writes article on he was more alpha for not losing his temper,frame or whatever, if wont change the fact he got fucked up, end of story. Even by looks, the chechnian will look and act more masculine.
          But here even “alphas” here be like what assholes,”those guys hit you ,what jerks ,thats wrong with him etc”. We have become so pussy that we suddenly fear conflict. Yet we love to watch fights.If it was cuz of the law I understand but some use that as a cop out to avoid hurting their ego,so they move the goal posts…a real man walks away from a fight(vikings and genghis khan will roll in their graves).
          Like we all talk about being aloof and domineering, yet people here lose their shit when they hear blacks,muslims or latinos being more aggressive but yet will rip on indian and asian men for being more passive or beta.
          We must be part of some weird national geographic of doing some weird mating dance and weird posturing to scare other males by showing ilusions of masculinity. Instead of actually doing it. We are essentially all talk and no action as men. Like the money you spent on tattoos to pretend to be a man but its better spent on boxing lessons to “BE MORE OF A MAN”.
          we truly are a weird society. I wouldnt want my kids to marry a white or western person. Nothing honourable about us. No wonder we go overseas for mates, be it a brit woman trying to get an italian man or a american man trying to get a latina. I dont blame the foreigners families for not wanting their kids to marry us like indian and muslim families do,because they know we suck as a people be it as a partner or as a parent.
          Totally dysfuntional the way we have to get (idiot western)women, instead of logically showing how much of a” good reliable man I am. and how much I care for you” .Instead gotta show “I dont give a fuck about you or your feelings” in order to get the girl. Its a huge wtf. Not a story you want to tell your kids nor something you want them to follow.

        4. You know when you practice a certain behaviour before you know it itll become habit. Wonder how messed up the next generation will be. Instead of dropping to their level it makes more sense to shame them for it.

      5. Eh, sorry man but you’re the one who sounds like a male feminist here. “Don’t blame women”, “Get off your fat ass and do something to deserve women”, “It’s not women’s fault.”
        Yes, it IS their fault. It is women’s fault, and it is the fault of women. Men should always strive to make themselves better and to improve themselves in body and mind. That’s all great. But we don’t have to do it to please women, and we definitely don’t have to do it for western women. Pull your head out of your ass.

        1. It mostly is a woman’s fault when she says she likes men who are caring, shows his feminine side, and all that beta bullshit and goes and treats those guys like shit. Meanwhile she goes after the alpha bad boys that treats her and everyone else like shit.

      6. Dumbshits like this – shaming other men over gender issues while women put up a united front – is a big reason as why things are the way they are.
        Suck a nob, yo.

      7. Listen bro, a guy shouldn’t be putting his stock in a woman or what she thinks, even they subconsciously know the guys decide who is king. And no man is king of me, so if it comes to the long term i’ll reject those girls who have been chasing the “badboys” or I think see me as “the nice guy” schmuck to fall back on…. You do realise in the state of nature murder and rape are legit forms of competition? There is Nothing more alpha than making your competition disappear, literally. But we live in a society where male competition is constrained and in which there is little context in a womans attraction….let me put it this way….if a woman thinks some guy is a badboy or better than me, that’s HER problem not mine, I don’t bow to him, I am not subject to him, I didn’t suck his dick, she did. We dont live in a society where men are forced to compete for a limited number of females on the micro scale, or free to compete to the fullest extent. But women still behave as if they are. FINE. But in a land where no man is king, no woman will ever be acting like some other guy is better than me, because I decided he’s not. Until HE makes ME think otherwise. Some women will always find fault with an average guy no matter how alpha he tries to act. No two men can be equal and some guy always has to come off second in her mind. These hoes should be rejected strategically for LTRs.

      8. Okay.
        “It’s not women’s fault that you failed to be attractive.”
        Flip it around. Now look at the fact that the wealthiest men in the world are stuck on an island (albeit large) with women who are;
        -dead last worldwide in physical beauty. (Oh forget your argument. Just look at the obesity stats.)
        -dead last worldwide in terms of personality. (Out of control masculine behavior, solipsism and entitlement plus serious financial and now legal (false rape) threats. And those voices….gross)
        That’s the reward for the most dynamic, wealthy and innovative males on the planet.
        And still, STILL, it’s men who are blamed. What if there was literally just ONE attractive woman in the USA. Everyone else is fat. So Angelina Jolie is the only attractive woman in the USA. She is the only one who can be seen naked. Every other woman is 400 pounds or more. She picks Brad Pitt. Now, Leo DiCaprio, Tom Brady, Hugh Jackman, Matt McConaughey are all just beta male, pussy-beggar loser types? They should learn ‘game’ and it’s their ‘damn fault’ for not getting Angelina? How obese do the women have to become so that it will be factored in to these assessments?

      9. They wont even be respectful or faithful to an alpha anymore though. She will still try to bleed him of his masculinity and resources, and cause constant drama. There a re e “good” alpha men out here that still have their time wasted by women. Men are not the problem. Women have not realized the importance of integrity and morality. The might is right mindset they have is primitive and the consequences of having an animalistic mindset in a human world brings much suffering, and ultimately loneliness (even in the company of others).
        Until women’s mindset shifts from “I will do what I can get away with” to “I will do what is right”, they will continue to make poor decisions that lower the quality of life of everyone around them. Men learn this lesson in their teenage years; women live 80 years and die without ever realizing this.

        1. Why would women value integrity or morality? If most women backwards rationalize the decisions they make, a moral compass or accountability would be a negative trait. It would get in the way of questionable acts that theyn pull off to get what they want. This system not only works for them, but it works well.
          Men are noticing this, and getting disgusted. The idea that a guy would have to put up with this horrible behavior for about ten minutes to a half an hour of sex.

        2. Marriage was just a way of taming women’s (and men’s) primal natures to produce a functioning society. The concept of a man owning a woman wasn’t all flowers and sunshine, but people knew that the alternative was far, far worse. Feminists love to decry the institution of marriage but they haven’t come up with any working alternatives.

        3. True but respect and trust are the key elements of any relationship from business to lovers. Without them there is no relationship, so I dont know what the western man is supposed to do. If the majority of western women are being brainwashed not to give a man her respect and loyalty, and also not to give him anything to respect or trust, than relationships are pointless. I dont even want to be friends with most off these women. Its just a transaction of sex and company for gifts and resources; sounds like prostitution to me.

        4. It works for them but they all end up terribly unhappy. Happiness only comes from having self control, empathy, and discipline. The rules of the universe dont stop just because daddy’s little princess thinks she is above all consequences. The look in their eyes says it all; they are lost and confused because thwy have no self-consciousness/awareness. Most of them have zero idea why men find their behavior so despicable.

        5. So much of what low-minded women do (and there’s a lot of ’em) is based on the ‘what can I get away with?’ mentality. Their actions are dictated not by an internal soul, but by external factors that pose potential obstacles to her immediate gratification. So many women have the mindset of “I do whatever I can get away with, it’s the man’s job to stop me”; eternal children, playing dress-up and demanding a chair in daddy’s office

        6. Exactly and they will call a man weak if he doesnt call them out on all their shit, when most of the time a man has better shit to do than play daddy to her constant drama. We cant win. Misogynist, patriarchal pig if we put women in their proper place and beta, chump weakling if we go along with it.

        7. Feminists (and women in general) aren’t at all concerned with the good of society. Women are not biologically designed to build and create, which is why feminism is so dysfunctional. They’re just trying to soothe their crippling insecurities by lashing out at anything that aggravates them. If any institution is going to be invented to maintain civility and function, men will be the architects.

      10. You’re half right – men have no excuses today; if they want sex then make yourself that badboy, use women, make sure you are cold to them and make them understand you don’t care and you’ll be getting plenty of sex.
        Yes women are driven far more by biology and generally can’t think critically and independently in the way most men can. So now otherwise decent, intelligent, good looking women are getting to their mid-20s and suddenly deciding they want a man to settle down with – note they are not wanting a beta, but they want love and affection and loyalty. The problem? They let a bunch of other men fuck them. This is then not a great situation for anyone really apart from those men who never want a good serious relationship. Many alphas do want not only a good relationship one day but to have children and a loving wife but this is hard with a non-virgin girl.
        Women are by nature programmed to get lots of sex when they are young and in every advanced civilisation their sexuality had to be controlled. Otherwise you get what we are moving to today, generations of children raised without serious parental authority by unmarried mothers; it won’t be good in the long term.
        So if you’re only concern is how much sex to have this year, then yes, no excuses, learn game, hit the gym and enjoy the sluts. I agree with you, life is for living. However anyone with any kind of eye on the future of society and possibility of family life and even just those capable of rational thought can see that the sexual free-for-all is fundamentally damaging.

      11. Also, Betas don’t want to tell women what to find attractive, many of them don’t care, but they expect a woman to be a blank slate if she wants LTR/marriage/kids with them. I’m interested in marrying/having kids with a WOMAN, not every other guy she has banged. Daily life is not glamorous or dangerous, it’s mundane….so fuck the little mental comparisons a woman will be making between you and all the “badboys” she banged or the imaginary standards she has developed because of them, they won’t be there to pay for shit and care about the kids, there is nothing I have to do to be equal to or better than some other guy except care for my kids in a stable, loving family environment. If women want to make themselves unapproachable, Bitch shielded ice queens, unable to make eye contact or emotional connection with the average guy or all but the most daring bad boys with “game”. FINE. But accept that in the long run it really does make them objectively worse people to spend your time/life with. It’s getting to the point where beta’s no longer care what women want, they no longer crave the female validation, they simply resent females unwillingness to contribute to(and frankly in many cases being a direct obstacle to) the raising of a respectable, self sufficient, mentally sound next generation of Homo Sapien Sapiens.

        1. Yes, and think of the impact this has on society. The only thing that can save us now is a big power shift. Something that allows the average man to display his usefulness again like in the old days. This would respectively show women how useless and helpless they are without a normal average guy to help them out. Suddenly, a beta boy becomes something valuable again because he can actually put in the work / solve the problem / lift the rocks.
          In less extreme terms, I use this tactic on girls I want to respect me: I go camping with them. They very quickly realize how they would just freeze to death or starve without me making any sort of preparations and taking charge. I’ve never returned from a camping trip without giving at least a few girls massive tingles.

        2. You don’t have to go camping for that; these days, you could lock yourself in a kitchen filled with food and most girls would starve; they are either too ’empowered’ to cook or literally don’t know how

        3. You’re right, but they won’t respect you if you start cooking then.
          Camping takes this to another level. It includes the weather and actual glimpses of basic needs like shelter / food / lighting. Her weakness and ignorance becomes obvious to her very quickly. When navigating (reading maps or bush whacking) girls are always humbled by how quickly they lose their orientation. They also don’t know how to make a fire, but love the heat it offers. They struggle with every mundane task in the outdoors, walking, climbing, cleaning things, using any sort of tool, gathering wood, packing their backpacks, thinking ahead… They have no choice but to accept the man’s blatant superiority.
          I often camp in groups and enjoy observing the pack hierarchy form itself. Everything goes back to caveman times within 5 minutes of getting out of the car.
          I always make sure they see have a “roller coaster experience” with beautiful nature and lots of fun. Watching a man function how he’s supposed to fills them with a deep sense of appreciation. Of course, you need to take care of everything, if you fail to function, the whole thing will probably backfire horribly.

      12. The problem is that, by definition, only a small percentage of men can be “alpha males”. We used to have a system which forced both men and women (men were prevented from seeking unlimited variety, while women were prevented from seeking out only alpha males) to subsume part of their animal nature for the good of children and society. Yes. It’s a woman’s nature to want to fuck alpha males. But that doesn’t mean that we should just shrug our shoulders and go along with it. If we do, it’s going to (indeed, it already is) mark the end of our cultural and quite possibly our economic dominance.
        On a micro level, I don’t have much of a problem with our current situation. I do fairly well with women. But on a macro level, I realize that this model is unsustainable and ultimately will lead to the downfall of our society and western civilization. It’s not beta or weak to want to change that. And it’s not about “dictating what women should find attractive”.
        Your attitude seems to be “Stop complaining. Just become what women want.” The problem is that what women want and what’s good for the society we live in and our long term future, are completely different things. One only needs to look as far as the black community to see what happens when men give women what they want en masse. It’s a short term solution. Which is fine, for the moment. But if we want to leave a decent place to live for our children, then we need to be talking about the long game, as well.
        As countless societies and civilizations throughout history have learned (and we seem to have forgotten) letting women dictate what kind of men we should be will only lead to our own decline and downfall.

        1. Thats a good point and I think that is what this article is trying to say with all it’s self serving snark. America in and of its self is an alpha society. Superficial princess want superficial mates to treat them like rolaity. It takes a certain beauty and grace to admit you can’t turn a toad into a prince with your vagina, but you can have your fun trying until your western fairytale comes to an end.

        2. No, the superficial princesses want their ‘superficial mates’ to treat them like trash; everyone else must treat them like royalty, but the man who’s fucking them better not, or he won’t be fucking them for long

      13. It’s easy to say “it’s their nature, they can’t help it.” but that’s not all there is to it. My nature as a man is to kick people in the teeth and to throw stones at cars when I’m upset. It’s my nature to dominate aggressively even when I’m completely wrong, but for the sake of society, I selectively choose to act against my monkey instincts because I was educated about the good results that come from restricting myself. Education (values) acts as a filter of primitive instinct and it should be demanded from women as well. I’d rather not give them a free pass for every transgression of civilized behavior just because “it’s their nature”. The same applies to children.
        Also: I see a difference between a somewhat ignorant good man and a “beta boy”. Even if you consider yourself an alpha male, you indirectly profit from women forming strong relationships with good men. Society as a whole is based on it. They may not be the most enlightened but many of them are good men. They carry the weight of this whole fucking mess on their shoulders. Don’t look down on them in their struggle.

      14. Attractive men don’t need game. That’s the thing. Game is only needed for guys who don’t know how to get what they want from a woman.

      15. It’s worth learning game. Ultimatly it teaches you how to be attractive, be alpha, not just fake. It teaches you to take charge of your life, to shrug of BS. Comes as a side effect.
        Once you stop worshiping pussy you actually can actually be friends with the more intelligent ones and be indifferent to the dumb ones.

      16. “put in the friendzone- it’s your own damn fault for not bothering to learn game.”
        Ahh… you’re wrong.
        It’s the fault of females to gravitate to to worthless, violent pieces of shit who smacks bitches around and gets them knocked up after he cuts their vaginas with rusty razors.
        Because this is exactly what today’s females want.
        It has been stated: “Women give themselves to God when the Devil has no use for them”
        Today’s “game” is ex-con game. Any man who wants to get a chick wet should tell the bitch he just got out of jail due to a legal technicality on his murder charge. And you have to act the part, and be willing to beat the unholy shit out of her or she will loose all respect for you.
        That said, I will now state that it is no sign of good health to be well adjusted to a society that is profoundly sick.
        There is a reason that females are to be kept on a tight leash. The current zeitgeist is proof of what happens when that leash is taken off.
        As time passes the notion of “game” has less significance when everything has degraded and de-evolved to a shit way of life and shit existance.

    1. but it seems like you guys do the exact opposite. fuck dumb, shallow women and then complain that there aren’t any nice girls around.

      1. PREACH brutha. So sick of the kids on here yapping about the hypocrisy of bitches when they’re no better themselves. This ain’t no site for the Elliot Rodgers of the world.

        1. Why do people keep bringing up that psycho’s name in comment threads here? You’re either trying to stick up for the reputation of RoK (black knighting?) or a troll who wants to keep that idiot’s name in the comment threads for future google searches.
          Maybe I’m wrong, but its the 2nd time I’ve seen his name on a comment thread here in as many days, and I don’t see why he even needs to be mentioned.

        2. Unfortunately my biggest fear is that the next big shooter will come from a red-pill corner. We’ll become the media’s next mantlepiece, and ROK /theredpill will be shut down.

        3. I’m not sure.. I hope you’re wrong.. Point is, once you understand them there is no way to be upset anymore.. How can I be upset on an inferior being just for being herself…

        4. Let’s hope not. At this point, RP thinking has gained so much traction that I can’t see it being shut down outright; but I could see it being attacked by media outlets and made out to be something it isn’t…even more-so than it already is

      2. Again I not complaining about it I accept it for what it is. I don’t believe a western woman can make someone happy in a life long relationship. I’m not whinging there arn’t nice girls around, I got past that stage.

        1. I didn’t mean to point my finger directly at you but I’m under the impression that there are a lot of men on this website who feel that way. I don’t think anyone can make anyone happy. You have to achieve happiness on your own. But a relationship can be a reasonable form of “contract” in order to achieve certain goals (children, save financial situation in exchange for taking care of the household etc.). Obviously, if you don’t have these goals you don’t need it. However, the fact that in our age so many people have to take care for themselves completely is in some ways obstructive. When you have to cook for yourself, wash your clothes and dishes by yourself etc. you have less time left for more important things. Also, one person taking care of this for several people is more effective. Sadly all these things aren’t solved in most “modern” relationships so I suppose right now there’s no other solution than earning enough money to pay a cleaner.

      3. No. Men look around and see 9/10 women are fat slobs and say, “There aren’t any physically healthy women here.”

        Because there aren’t.

      4. If there are This many men posting about this topic, you have to ask yourself one question. Are there any nice girls? Perhaps it was all an illusion, maybe they never existed. They sure as fuck don’t exist now.
        But I would fuck a dumb and shallow girl, mostly because she would be ignorant to her own shallowness. Honestly, would you fuck a smart and shallow girl? Then she is aware on some level of her shallowness And has figured how to make it work for her

    2. If you got ignored that’s on you. It was a fundamental misunderstanding of what women are attracted to that got you ignored, not women’s shitty nature.
      Let me guess. You were super nice, right? Served them up whatever they desired, gave them support and reassurance and even let them make the decisions so they didn’t feel dominated?
      You mistook the fact that you are a man, and they are women, and they don’t find the same things attractive that you do. You find sweetness, deference, willingness to serve attractive so you became that in order to attract women, in the same way that women act like men- climbing the corporate ladder, high n count, crude and vulgar, sex driven, – and then can’t understand why men don’t find them attractive.
      You are doing it wrong.

      1. I agree with you if women ignore you you then it’s your fault an you need to Improve yourself an learn game an what females are interested in, not sit around complaining. My comment was in relation to the article how women are self deluded an lied to by 3rd wave feminism.

      2. How does out of control obesity in the female population combined with the wealthiest males on the planet factor in to your appraisals of the culture?

    3. the more successful a woman becomes the less men she is attracted too! in this case the ‘good bloke’ will never be in her radar and she will only be attracted to ‘bad boys.’

      1. You’re preaching to the converted as I’ve tried to explain to the other two who replied to my comment. I guarantee that successful woman will have a heap of failed relationships then moan ‘there’s no good men around’ but continue to be attracted to’bad boys’. I’m not complaining about it’s just an observation of female behavior.

        1. I know a 27 yr old hot virgin – she has a high paying job and is quite stuck up. She’s never even had a boyfriend – basically no guy is good enough for her and she’s prudish., she will end up alone. Fuck em all, let em find out the hard way

        2. Well I have more respect for that 27 yo virgin than the usual 27 yo slut. Prudish women are better than easy women. Good for her.

      2. That is because of her hypergamous nature. She has to marry up, not down. The higher she is, the fewer men with status higher than her will be.

    4. Rafael nails it. That’s the perpetual motion machine of feminism; a virus that keeps mutating to ensure its own survival.
      1.Only ‘bad men’ are considered ‘men’. The rest are ‘beta-boys’ (funny how no one ever says ‘beta-man’. ‘Beta-males’ is as respectable as it gets.)
      2.Therefore, since only bad men are ‘men’ then all men are bad.
      3.Feminism keeps thriving.
      4.Money keeps flowing in.
      5.Any trace of accountability is pinched out like a match the second it is lit.

    5. Also add in the numerous incurable STD’s the modern day cum bucket will contract because she was trained to take buckets of cum.
      This is a great article, Sharp Shooter. Unfortunately it will fall on deaf ears to today’s female. But just as it is now third wave feminism, we are embarking on first wave garbage generation, and this garbage will continue for at least another generation until we get to the point of de-evolve into some kind of lower primates swinging from tree branches throwing our excrement at each other.

      1. We’ll be more like postmodern steampunk primates, swinging from deactivated power lines

    6. I think you’d have the most success(if you’re looking for something more significant than getting laid as much as possible by different people, but if that’s what you’re into, go for it) if you saw variations. Yes, a lot of women like stereotypical “bad boys”, especially in media, but this often doesn’t (at least not fully) translate to real life. Personal example: I know a couple lady friends who are head over heels obsessed with “Christian Grey” and the shitstorm that is 50 Shades. Yet they’ve only had relationships with much nicer, stable, comparably “normal” guys(and one of them is a virgin).
      You’ll find boatloads of fan pages for “villains” and “bad guys” from shows online, but in real life, I think a lot of these same people don’t tend to go for people who are actually that extreme. They like people who have just enough confidence to seem calm and collected, yet not cocky or disrespectful. Balance is everything.

    7. Majority of young women are basically bad tbh. If you’re looking for a good woman in the states then that is really hard.
      Modesty and morals are not things most women have in todays climate, they’re basically entitled deviants with mental problems.
      They have no real interest in good guys unless they are submissive to a woman. Or wanting a safety net.
      What they want is to dominate men and turn America into a entitled piggish women first country. A place for women to never be held accountable for their pathetic deeds towards others.
      Which is the end, because no society ran by women would last for a long time.

  4. Great article. There is a huge misconception about Red pill men and men on this site that they hate women. That is far from the truth. Many of us love women but are frustrated with the constant decay of their femininity each decade. To adapt to the changing culture and gender relations more men become players, PUA’s or just reject women altogether but still desire and love them so strongly.

    1. Exactly right, there’s lots of women i enjoy being around an get along with but I know none of them are going to give me a stable loving relationship. That’s why I started living a MGTOW life style, not because of hatred towards females. I hate feminism for the negative effect it’s had on men an women but hating feminism isn’t hating women.

      1. Right behind you John Wayne….. kissed one of my female friends on a night out before Christmas. Not a huge mistake or anything, just don’t feel any sexual attraction for her. We’ll text and talk but that’s about the height of it. She’s 43, looks after herself but no attraction.
        My last ltr she was 12 years my junior. Beautiful blonde from a broken home. Should have ended it after the first signs of entitlement but stuck it out for 6 years. Those are 6 years you don’t get back. Many men do not understand the waste of your time you spend on unworthy women. I learned the hard way. First signs guys get out the fucking door or give her the OBE (order of the big elbow).

        1. “Those are 6 years you don’t get back. Many men do not understand the waste of your time you spend on unworthy women.”
          Been there, brother.

        2. Yea I have learnt the hard way too that you should always listen to you instincts when they tell you to be in a relationship with a woman is a bad idea. Most guys don’t coz of the following, they are too caught up in a girls beauty, they are thinking of the sex, they think they can’t get better, they will feel bad for leaving her, or other reasons. Learn to squash that an follow your instinct coz it will always be right, it’s easier said than done though.

        3. Many a man had entertained an indignant obnoxious woman simply because she was passable and he wanted access to her vagina. It always ends badly.
          When you are in the upper hand and you see this troubling behavior, crush her world and leave her in emotional shambles.
          If you do not, she will grow to take over your world and make you a slave.
          Then when she has your kids, she will crush your world and leave you in emotional AND financial shambles.

    2. I don’t hate women. I do however hate slackers, narcissists, liars, cheats, self-centered people, and those who don’t contribute to society. The fact that the majority of those types happen to be women is not my creation and therefore, I don’t feel shame about it.

    3. Pretty sure a lot of us are men who loved women so much we got to know them well enough to become red-pill.

      1. Well said. I learned the red pill in the opposite way of most; I sold certain iliicit substances in high school and early twenties, did whatever I wanted whenever I wanted, had no respect for anything…and somehow, I was swimming in pussy, without ever wondering why. When I started to grow up (after getting in trouble with johnny law and IRS), I calmed down, started acting more like a productive member of society, even tried to show respect to the girls around me….and BAM; no more pussy. Thus, I discovered red pill thinking. Needless to say, my respectability soon returned to its former dark state

        1. I can relate to that.
          During high-school I started a rock band and didn’t give a shit… hated everything and everyone and made it obvious… Somehow vagina was always on tap… During that time I’d say the most ridiculous shit to women… And got laid…
          Fast forward a few years and I started to take my career and my future more seriously….and like you said… BAM; no more pussy.
          Fast forward a little further and the girls that rejected me in early/mid-20s are trying to get my attention… Sorry babe… That ship has sailed… Do not pass go, do not collect $200.

        2. There’s a lesson in this….two ways a man can get flooded with pussy;
          1.) Don’t give a damn
          2.) Give enough of a damn that you obtain a lucrative career
          It’s just those middle years that are a bitch

        3. Or maybe it was because you were in high-school?? And girls aren’t as damaged and stuck-up when they’re at that age? I found girls that age were far more approachable.. easy to talk to.. even the hotter ones. And their field of view is narrow then.. not like when they go to college and they have so many more hot alpha dudes at their disposal.
          Something fucked up happens to girls after around 18 and 19 and once they go to college. They discover their true sexual power, and given women, like most female primates, are biologically inclined to mate across and over the dominance hierarchy, which is what that oft-used manosphere term “hypergamy” really means, they have a lot more alpha males at their disposal and beckoning for their sexual attention after high-school. Girls become completely unapproachable and cunty and arrogant… because if they’re even remotely attractive and slim, the world is their oyster. Power corrupts and goes to their heads.
          I think the other problem is that we no longer live in small, tightly knit communities. It’s a more globalized and bigger world out there.. and in that kind of world, the average male loses out big time. Instead of there being multiple, local, dominance hierarchies where an average male could have a decent shot at “impressing” a girl and standing out, we now have a bigger world.. with a much more competitive environment and with bigger and fewer dominance hierarchies where most average men will not be able to compete and stand out. Only the biggest, baddest, alphest, richest, thuggiest, tallest, most athletic, handsome, etc males will win and stand-out and attract female attention and win the hottest girls. The stakes are bigger now.. the rewards bigger.. but they are fewer games in town.. fewer winners even if the few winners end up winning big time and monopolizing the pussy and attracting all the hottest women. Most men lose.. certainly the average male who is decent but boring and would make a good husband and dad is like the biggest loser in this Brave New World.

        4. Or maybe it was because you were in high-school?? And girls aren’t as damaged and stuck-up when they’re at that age? I found girls that age were far more approachable.. easy to talk to.. even the hotter ones. And their field of view is narrow then.. not like when they go to college and they have so many more hot alpha dudes at their disposal.
          Something fucked up happens to girls after around 18 and 19 and once they go to college. They discover their true sexual power, and given women, like most female primates, are biologically inclined to mate across and over the dominance hierarchy, which is what that oft-used manosphere term “hypergamy” really means, they have a lot more alpha males at their disposal and beckoning for their sexual attention after high-school. Girls become completely unapproachable and cunty and arrogant… because if they’re even remotely attractive and slim, the world is their oyster. Power corrupts and goes to their heads.
          I think the other problem is that we no longer live in small, tightly knit communities. It’s a more globalized and bigger world out there.. and in that kind of world, the average male loses out big time. Instead of there being multiple, local, dominance hierarchies where an average male could have a decent shot at “impressing” a girl and standing out, we now have a bigger world.. with a much more competitive environment and with bigger and fewer dominance hierarchies where most average men will not be able to compete and stand out. Only the biggest, baddest, alphest, richest, thuggiest, tallest, most athletic, handsome, etc males will win and stand-out and attract female attention and win the hottest girls. The stakes are bigger now.. the rewards bigger.. but they are fewer games in town.. fewer winners even if the few winners end up winning big time and monopolizing the pussy and attracting all the hottest women. Most men lose.. certainly the average male who is decent but boring and would make a good husband and dad is like the biggest loser in this Brave New World.

        5. Good post and I want to try and explain that with some folk psychology.
          I think one reason for that is that women almost always just think in the present moment. They just instinctively go for the alpha around them at any particular time. At some point in their lives, gangsters, thugs, or drug-dealers are the alphas. In that particular sphere those guys rule the roost. There is no logical thinking in terms of whether this guy is going to get into a good school, or if he is a lazy layabout. At that time, he is the alpha because he can afford certain luxuries and other people are dependent on his doing that job. At another point some other guy might be the alpha, or some other guy at some other particular place.
          Back in pre-history this strategy was actually the best strategy. Since men would just kill off men that weren’t part of their group, women got tossed around like salad. They couldn’t afford to get attached to their men because their men could just die off if they weren’t the strongest. In this sense women primarily think in the present… If they detect a stronger better man they are already in the process of forgetting the “average” guy that gave her everything she wanted. In her hindbrain she thinks that her guy could die at any moment… better start trying to lock down the alpha.
          But in our civilized world, this strategy makes no sense. She can’t be absorbed into the alpha’s rampage roost because of the marriage institution and police laws. But women are still stuck thinking in the present and it works against them. They sleep with all the alphas during their best years but produce no offspring… and then basically make themselves worthless to high value men who wants to invest in a woman he can trust.

        6. Damn that sounds like the Mexican economy in the US sexual marketplace. Mexico has more billionaires than any other country on earth as its peasant population wanes. The alphas in the west are like the Mexican billionaires as far as the sexual marketplace is concerned. They usurp the SMV from the peasant betas. Money is dirty and so are the lot of corrupted women once they change hands as tender.

      2. I’m sure a lot of us loved women so much that we realized some of them are really ugly people underneath their beauty and all of them are self serving. The girl that says she loves you and can’t live without you will dump you

    4. People who run amok on redpillers are just to stupid to realize how this world is. They can insult me as long as they want…. I dont want to be part of their fairy tale but as we know… they will always try to insult you anyway so you come back into the circle of weak faggots where they can tell you important lessons about their new social orders of utopia. If they dont understand our own nature and what these degenerates are doing to their own state of mind fuck em. A guy who likes it to be fucked over will always tell others how great it is to be bent over! Thats their own complex of being the fucked over faggot for ever and they cant let go their own TRUE shame how fucked up they are. If a weakling preaches to you in RL…. heh… slap!
      And i dont hate on woman. A good woman has my respect AFTER I know what personality makes her worthy to be respected. Thats what these fags dont get. The use of common sense as a masculine man from OUR perspective is what they completely lack!

      1. You will only know a womans true personality when the mask temporarily falls off. More often than not, you are already locked down and have kids and realize she is a praying mantis.

  5. As a Feminist would say: “Only a white cis-gendered male could write such misogynistic shit! You scum of the earth have held down any opportunity for womyn of all cultures and colour to break out of their bondage of house work and family life! Will no more WE ARE EMPOWERED SLUTS WE CAN FUCK WHO WE WANT WHEN WE WANT!!1!11 NO MORE GLASS CEILINGS NO MORE RESTRICTIONS VIVA LA FEM!!”
    Great article mate!

  6. Very somber, and very true.
    I am glad for the maturity shown here.
    I was honestly expecting something like this when I read the title. Pleasantly surprised.

  7. Nothing has really changed since the Antiquity
    Semonides of Amorgos, The Types of Women, c. 550 B.C.:
    From the start, the gods made women different.
    One type is from a pig–a hairy sow
    whose house is like a rolling heap of filth;
    and she herself, unbathed, in unwashed clothes,
    reposes on the shit-pile, growing fat.
    Another type the gods made from a fox:
    pure evil, and aware of everything.
    This woman misses nothing: good or bad,
    she notices, considers, and declares
    that good is bad and bad is good. Her mood
    changes from one moment to the next.
    One type is from a dog–a no-good bitch,
    a mother through and through; she wants to hear
    everything, know everything, go everywhere,
    and stick her nose in everything, and bark
    whether she sees anyone or not.
    A man can’t stop her barking; not with threats,
    not (when he’s had enough) by knocking out
    her teeth with a stone, and not with sweet talk either;
    even among guests, she’ll sit and yap;
    the onslaught of her voice cannot be stopped.
    One type the gods of Mount Olympus crafted
    out of Earth–their gift to man! She’s lame
    and has no sense of either good or bad.
    She knows no useful skill, except to eat
    –and, when the gods make winter cold and hard
    to drag her chair up closer to the fire.
    Another type is from the Sea; she’s two-faced.
    One day she’s calm and smiling–any guest
    who sees her in your home will praise her then:
    “This woman is the best in all the world
    and also the most beautiful.” The next day
    she’s wild and unapproachable, unbearable
    even to look at, filled with snapping hate,
    ferocious, like a bitch with pups, enraged
    at loved ones and at enemies alike.
    Just as the smooth unrippled sea at times
    stands still, a joy to mariners in summer,
    and then at times is wild with pounding waves–
    This woman’s temperament is just like that.
    The ocean has its own perplexing ways.
    Another type is from a drab, gray ass;
    she’s used to getting smacked, and won’t give in
    until you threaten her and really force her.
    She’ll do her work all right, and won’t complain;
    but then she eats all day, all night–she eats
    everything in sight, in every room.
    And when it comes to sex, she’s just as bad;
    she welcomes any man that passes by.
    Another loathsome, miserable type
    is from a weasel: undesirable
    in every way–un-charming, un-alluring.
    She’s sex-crazed, too; but any man who climbs
    aboard her will get seasick. And she steals
    from neighbors, and from sacrificial feasts.
    Another type a horse with flowing mane
    gave birth to. She avoids all kinds of work
    and hardship; she would never touch a mill
    or lift a sieve, or throw the shit outside,
    or sit beside the oven (all that soot!).
    She’ll touch her husband only when she has to.
    She washes off her body every day
    twice, sometimes three times! then rubs herself
    with perfumed oil. She always wears her hair
    combed-out, and dressed with overhanging flowers.
    Such a wife is beautiful to look at
    for others; for her keeper, she’s a pain
    –unless he is a king, or head of state
    who can afford extravagant delights.
    Another type is from an ape. I’d say
    that Zeus made her the greatest pain of all–
    his gift to man! Her face is hideous.
    This woman is a total laughingstock
    when she walks through the town. She has no neck,
    no butt–she’s all legs. You should see the way
    she moves around. I pity the poor man
    who holds this horrid woman in his arms.
    She’s well-versed in every kind of trick
    just like an ape; what’s more, she has no shame
    and doesn’t care if people laugh at her.
    She’d never think of doing something kind
    to anyone; she plots the whole day long
    to see how she can do the greatest harm.
    Another type is from a bee. Good luck
    in finding such a woman! Only she
    deserves to be exempt from stinging blame.
    The household that she manages will thrive;
    a loving wife beside her loving man,
    she’ll grow old, having borne illustrious
    and handsome children; she herself shines bright
    among all women. Grace envelops her.
    She doesn’t like to sit with other women
    discussing sex. Zeus gratifies mankind
    with these most excellent and thoughtful wives.
    But by the grim contrivances of Zeus
    all these other types are here to stay
    side by side with man forever. Yes,
    Zeus made this the greatest pain of all:
    If she seems to want to help
    100 that’s when she does her keeper the most harm.
    A man who’s with a woman can’t get through
    a single day without a troubled mind.
    He’ll never banish Hunger from his house:
    unwelcome, hateful lodger, hostile god.
    105 Just when a man seems most content at home
    and ready for enjoyment, by the grace
    of god or man, that’s when she’ll pick a fight,
    her battle-helmet flashing, full of blame.
    A household with a woman is at a loss
    110 to give a decent welcome to a guest.
    The wife who seems the most restrained and good,
    she’s the most disastrous of them all;
    for while her slack-jawed husband gapes at her
    the neighbors laugh at how he’s been deceived.
    115 Each man will diligently praise his own
    and blame the next man’s wife; we just don’t see
    that we all share alike in this hard luck.
    For Zeus made this the greatest pain of all
    and locked us in a shackle hard as iron
    120 and never to be broken, ever since
    the day that Hades opened up his gates
    for all the men who fought that woman’s war.

    1. Fantastic poem, I wonder why modern intellectuals tend to disregard the historical writings and observations about women. To honest I’ve learned more about women from Machiavelli, Bukowski , Martin Luther and several other 19th century philosophers than the delusional SJW’s, white knights and the Hollywood feminine imperative.
      Another one for you.
      “Woman is a misbegotten man and has a faulty and defective nature in comparison to his. Therefore she is unsure in herself. What she cannot get, she seeks to obtain through lying and diabolical deceptions. And so, to put it briefly, one must be on one’s guard with every woman, as if she were a poisonous snake and the horned devil. … Thus in evil and perverse doings woman is cleverer, that is, slyer, than man. Her feelings drive woman toward every evil, just as reason impels man toward all good”. –Saint Albertus Magnus, Dominican theologian

      1. The Greeks were proper red pill. They had wives whose main role was to produce healthy offspring and were carefully secluded in the homes. But they also they had hetairas who had special training and were freer than the men’s wives. They were very influential and served as social arrangers, advisors, entertainers, and even as courtesans.

        1. What do you think about women that are in fact exceptional? We don’t live in the same world as existed 2000+ years ago.
          Men range from extremely talented, perceptive, and heroic all the way to lazy closed-minded degenerates. It stands to reason that women vary in their qualities as well.
          I’ve met a handful of women that are actually quite talented and succeed through their own merits. It seems a shame for them to be forced to change diapers and push strollers.
          How could this work in modern times? Its an open question not a rhetorical one… I have no answer.

  8. I think that American women should thank Sharpshooter for this article, and then apologize. That’s right A-PO-LO-GIZE

    1. female here…cant apologize because I never divorced a man.. and I certainly never drove a man to suicide..BUT I can thank this site for an education like no other…seriously to 2015.

      1. This is an open letter of apology to women. And you’re a WHAT?
        well, you’re screwed.
        You’re f*ked.
        I’m sorry…
        You’re…you’re… a WOMAN.

  9. Nailed it from start to finish. Excellent article.
    One of the good things about being a man. A woman screws up her life from 20 to 40 and it’s essentially over. No mulligans.
    A man screws his life up from 20 to 40, he gets a 2nd chance and is still at/near his peak.
    The guys in 20’s who are unhappy with the women in their age group can takes solace in the fact that they can at least try to outwait women until women return to normal. Twenty years from now they’ll be in their 40’s near peak and a new crop of women in their 20’s will be available. No guarantee they’re much different, but it’s better than the situation women have of slamming into the wall at 40 and being out of options.

    1. “Every successful man or great genius has three particular qualities in common. The most conspicuous of these is that they all produce a prodigious amount of work. The second is that they never know fatigue. And the third is that their minds grow more brilliant as they grow older, instead of less brilliant.
      Great men’s lives begin at forty, where the mediocre man’s life ends. The genius remains an ever-flowing fountain of creative achievement until the very last breath he draws.” – Walter Russell from The Man Who Tapped the Secrets of the Universe

    2. Not really. If a chick is smart and learns to play her cards right, her beauty can be extended far beyond what nature intended: ‘Sun damage…accounts for 90% of the changes we associate with aging skin’ ( Plus cosmetic procedures are out of this world these days (don’t believe the bull the media feeds you). A quality facelift will whack you back a solid decade, if not more. Add a lifetime of sunscreen use into the equation, and she’s pretty much set.
      Check out this recent pic of Kate Moss, for instance:
      What you see here, gentlemen, is skin damage that was ENTIRELY FUCKING PREVENTABLE. Sure, she has some volume loss, but the damage to her beauty is overwhelmingly caused by the sun. And, to a lesser degree, smoking and drugs.
      That said, whilst today’s woman might be able to erase the signs of external aging, her ovaries are another matter. IVF isn’t quite up to speed with plastic surgery. So regardless of how zealous she is with the sun protection, she’s still gotta have the kids early on, if she wants them.

      1. Woman’s “beauty” is her youth. She might look ok in her 30s and even 40s, but the glow will be gone forever.
        Also having sex with an older woman is toxic for the man.

        1. Did you even read my above post?
          That ‘glow’ you’re talking about isn’t some ethereal mystical entity. It’s just her her skin functioning properly without any sun damage.

        2. Dude, I think Nob is really a girl trying to sound like a guy. Only a feminist or a white knight would argue that today’s plastic surgery techniques would extend her beauty past the point of no return.
          As you have pointed out that having sex with these shrews nearing the wall is toxic, something these feminists will never understand.

        3. You don’t know shit about plastic surgery, kiddo. I happen to have considerable amounts experience in this area. Don’t start yapping about shit you know nothing about…hell, the only knowledge you have is the stuff you’ve read in your pussified gossip magazines.
          What is with you guys obsessively insisting that the Wall is some insurmountable behemoth? It’s as if you’re all desperately rooting for the day the beautiful woman becomes ugly because you’re embarrassed by the power she holds over you.
          The Wall is a fucking terrible thing. You should be fucking HAPPY at the idea of it being manageable. There is no greater devastation in this world for a man than his beautiful wife losing the sparkling youth that entranced him in the first place.

        4. No, the ‘glow’ is something that just disappears with age, irrespective of how well one shields themselves from the sun. I know women in their 40’s that have barely any wrinkles due to avoiding the sun but the glow is fading.
          It’s the glow that primarily defines a youthful appearance. Thinking that it’s only wrinkles is just focusing on one thing and over rationalising, which is something Americans in particular are guilty of when it comes to assessing one’s age.

        1. Ikr. Fucking tragic. Even more so because all she had to do was dab a blob of zinc oxide on her face each morning, and 99% of it could’ve been prevented. Today’s women are so lazy that not even impending wall-collision and sexual obsolescence can motivate her to take basic care of her appearance. She’d rather use that one minute it’d take to apply the stuff to take a few swipes on Tinder.

        2. Models have unlimited social opportunity to party which ages them quickly. They can stay out til 4am every night of the week, getting all the free coke they want from males desperately trying to score a trophy.

      2. wow, thats truly tragic- what is she- 41 or so? … can that really be all from the sun? I know women literally have thinner skin than men, can that be part of the problem? Shes only a few yrs older than me, I dont have many wrinkles (Im a white guy).

        1. Nope. As far as the skin’s aging is concerned, 80-90% of it is caused by the sun . Google ‘skin aging 80% sun’- it’s pretty much incontrovertible fact in the skin care community. If you want further proof, take a look at the skin on the inside of an older person’s wrist. Compare it with the skin on their face, chest and neck. The skin of their inner wrist will be practically as perky, smooth and elastic and as it was in their twenties. Same goes for the buttocks, inner thighs…basically anywhere on their body that hasn’t been exposed to sunlight their whole lives. Oh, and black people are a decent example too. A fifty year old black woman will have all the same facial volume loss and redistribution of fat as her white counterpart, but she will EASILY look fifteen years younger because of the protection the melanin in her skin afforded her. Give her a facelift by a decent surgeon to correct the volumetric issues, and boom, you got a perfectly fuckable woman once more. The reason black people age so phenomenally well is because they’ve had the equivalent of factor 50 sunscreen on their skin since they popped out the womb. Hence why it always amuses me when guys talk about how unattractive black women are…all whilst their own white wives are shrivelling up and turning into Kate Mosses. Ha.

        2. Ok, but how can it be mostly, almost entirely, from the sun? Im Scots, part southern Euro, Im looking okay, all things considered…Youre telling me slathering zinc oxide coulda spared her this fate, it wasnt the massive amounts of blow she did that caused he to look like this? Genuinely curious…

        3. I’d rather have Kate Moss like that than any black woman of her equivalent age. That is, if those are your only choices.
          90% of non-black men would agree.
          Just because an ugly woman physically ages better than a pretty one doesn’t mean the ugly one shoots ahead.

        4. Well, if it was all caused by cocaine, it would follow that the skin ALL OVER her body (and not just on the sun-exposed parts) would be of the same quality as the skin on her face, because her entire system was exposed to the drug. But if you look at this bikini pic of her in 2014, you can see that her body skin is nowhere NEAR as ravaged as her facial skin:
          Also, could you clarify what you mean about the scots/southern Euro stuff? Are you saying you’re pale but have little sun damage?

        5. Fair point. But you gotta admit it seriously levels the playing field. I think, if black women weren’t exposed to the obesity epidemic (to which they are very susceptible), their objective aesthetic superiority would shoot up: they have exceptional, natural hourglass figures, and are capable of retaining their youthful appearance for at least 15-30 years past what a woman with less melanin in her skin could. I think black guys are secretly sniggering behind white men’s backs…

        6. The idea that anyone —even black guys—are sniggering about how “hot” older in-shape black women are is laughable.
          Black guys FIEND after non-black women, even as they grow old; note how many non-black MILF pornstars who avoided interracial scenes in youth now do them regularly. This is because black dudes will pay to watch an older non-black lady even when non-black men aren’t popping a boner for her. MILF porn stars resign themselves to the fact that, to make a living in porn when older, they have to do black dudes, as the blacks will still pay; in contrast, as young hot women, a porn star can make a living without doing IR.
          Even the few in-shape MILF black porn stars aren’t nearly as popular as the in-shape MILF non-black ones; if your argument held water, the in-shape MILF black porn stars should be more popular on average.
          Your thesis just doesn’t hold water.

        7. you think black women have natural hourglass figures? obesity aside (or just general fatness), many black women have that same high-rising ass that Charles Barkley has…that ugly looking for a place to take a shit, ass. bonobo in heat high ass. super thick lips (blacks act like white people like that or want that because of a few Hollywood bitches). medium lips are fine, like white women have, but those big nasty blue gum lips are ugly as shit. not to mention the shitty hair, canyon nostrils and the smell.

        8. A Chinese chick I got to know always carried around a parasol with her for this very reason. She said in China tanned skin suggested lower class.
          The sun skin thing makes sense, but don’t pretend like you can’t tell the difference between a 20 and 30 year old white chick.

      3. The saddest thing is Kate Moss, despite looking like a total train wreck up close, still snagged herself a rocker dude husband in her 30s. All those years of partying (euphamism, fucking around), smoking and hard drugs, she still gets some guy to put a ring on it. Vomit.

  10. The common theme for this and a lot of the problems women have today is that they don’t have strong fathers, and when they do, they listen to other women and ignore their father’s wisdom. Any father worth his salt will do what he can to keep his daughter from turning herself into a whore.

    1. I dunno, thats kinda impossible given the “Shes a lil princess” mentality the media encourages these days. Its monkey-see, monkey-do. How many of your FB friends post pics of their little girl dressed as princesses? Or just refer to them as princesses? And yes, its the wife doing the posting.
      Are the hubbies supposed to screen all their wives posts??
      Social media really brings out the worst in people.

      1. A man is king of his castle.
        Don’t want your daughter poisoned by inane television? Get rid of the t,v. (or at least the cable subscription). Don’t want your daughter poisoned by Facebook? Take away her computer, or at least control her Internet access. Daughter wants the same bullshit as all her friends? Too fucking bad. If her friends are a bunch of wannabe-princesses on their way to becoming whores, then move your daughter to a different school. Are there no good schools (that you can afford) in the area you live in? Then you’ve already fucked up. Move your family to a better district.
        If your daughter is old enough to date, then invite her potential boyfriend over to the house to meet the parents. Size him up during dinner or whatever, and watch to see if he shows your daughter the slightest disrespect. If he does, then throw his ass out of your house. I don’t mean politely ask him to leave. I mean grab him by the collar, drag him to the front door, and throw his sorry ass out of both your home and your daughter’s life.

        1. Guaranteed way to have your daughter fuck that guy first chance she gets. Nothing gets chicker hotter for boys than being warned off them. If instead you said ‘That Jarrod’s a nice young man, invite him over again sometime,’ she’d probably never see him again.
          And do you think you can physically control teenage girls? ‘Limit their access’ to the internet? Puh-lease. They have access to it all day at school, on the ipads they all use now instead of books. Her friends all have it on their phones. You very obviously have never had a teenage girl.

        2. As a father of 6, equally boys/girls, I can tell you, you are exactly right. Invite Jarrod over again, and if your daughter is a bitch princess, he’ll never be seen again and if your daughter is actually stable and caring and normal, he’ll be back and regardless of the future, she will learn to respect relationships and men.

      2. “Social media really brings out the worst in people.”
        Yep, I removed myself from facebook and all that crap a few weeks ago and have never been happier. Only thing these sites are good (in the very loosest sense of the word) for is witnessing people at their worst, and being inundated with boring inane tripe that nobody cares about.

  11. I suppose this only applies to attractive women. As an unattractive woman you don’t have any of these privileges.

    1. Unattractive women between the ages of 18-35 are pretty rare. Sure, you might not be a supermodel, but, unless you’re truly genetically cursed, being horribly unattractive at that age is about as rare as being a man with an 8″ cock.
      What, however, is NOT at all rare is being fat. If you are fat, you have nobody to blame but yourself. Get in shape, and you won’t be unattractive anymore. This is, by far, the biggest (pun intended) group of “unattractive” younger women.

    2. False. No matter how ugly or grotesquely obese a young woman may be, there will always be thirsty dudes willing to hit that.

    3. 50% of american females are obese. All that is required of an american woman now is that she not be a fat fucking pig to be considered “attractive”. Doesn’t matter what her face looks like, doesn’t need a job, horrid personality. She can post a couple of slutty pics on a dating site, sticking her tongue out, or half bent over a pool table with a cue, and she will get 25 messages a day from random men looking for “friends or more”.

  12. In other words, “western women, I’m sorry that you’re parents, and especially your father, were useless, stupid fucks.” The manosphere makes the mistake of merely comparing women’s behavior now to women’s behavior in decades past and drawing conclusions about women based on that. But women in the past had parents who did things, called parenting, to help prevent them from doing whatever they felt like and placed restrictions on them in order to ensure long-term stability and health as opposed to subsidizing their tour of duty as cum dumpster from 18 to 22.

    1. Modern fathers are extreme betas. What the fuck is any modern father thinking while sending his precious daughter away to college? “Sweetie, I’d love to spend my sports car allowance for you to attend class 15 hrs/week and get plowed by drunk frat bros and the football team. Go Tigers!”
      Fathers should be demanding a marriageable boyfriend being introduced to the family by the end of freshman. Otherwise, he’s just accepting that he will be paying for his daughter’s four year liberation carousel. The level of naivety and beta banality in modern families is absurd.

        1. Just don’t let her major in the liberal arts, since that is what corrupts. STEM fields aren’t so bad. Plus there is online college or community college. Heck, there isn’t any real benefit to enrolling in universities or colleges these days. Just learn a trade or skill then go from there. That’s what pays off and then there wouldn’t be the problem of student loans and what not.

  13. I live in a “hip” area of Toronto, rife with “strong”, single women many of whom are mothers. They have nice cars, big houses; they while away the weekends at the high end coffee shop. They have been given everything. They have everything. Gentlemen, I have looked at their faces: the creases and jowls tell of ceaseless resentment and bottomless scorn. These are the most spiteful and malicious women this world has ever known.

    1. I came across this video last night. It compares the dating culture of Toronto and Montreal. It confirms my own personal experience and consolidates every other post about how lame Toronto is. All the girls here are exactly the type that Sharpshooter is talking about.
      @ 6:40 is your average crew of bitchy Toronto chicks. They literally have no idea what they want, are basically dressed up 6s, and are convinced that no men are good enough for them… My favourite part of this vid.
      @ 7:20 is an exchange student in Toronto from Italy. From my experience these are the only legitimate dating options here. This girl outright admits that she prefers men who are aggressive, show interest, and directly go after it (all the while being traditional and passionate).
      This is unlike the Toronto male’s dating tactic which is to get in the friend-zone and pray to god. The Toronto betas other tactic is to date his female friends from higschool… Into his late 20s and beyond…
      @ 9:30 is an illustration of an insecure Toronto beta trying to talk about his dating experience which probably doesn’t exist.
      Toronto is literally backwards town… These foreign reporters make a nice comparison here for any of you guys who think I’m exaggerating.

      1. @10:30 the guy politely says women in Toronto are hesitant, she returns and says guys are shy. In other words the whole thing is broken. Like you said, it’s backwards. People are completely incapable of normal interaction.

      2. Montreal might (and I do say might) compare favorably to Toronto for dating, but it’s not exactly some kind of oasis. Bare in mind that Montreal has earned its reputation as a sexually libertine city in large part because of its abundant strip clubs and escort agencies. Consider the implications of these things catching on here, more than elsewhere.
        I would venture to say as well that feminism is stronger in the province of Quebec (and particularly Montreal) than anywhere else in Canada, even Ontario. Marriage rates are lower here than anywhere else in the country as well. Female independence is an entrenched staple of the culture, and this is reflected in the behavior of virtually all women here (Roosh observed as much on his own visit).
        Quebec also holds the dubious honor of having the second highest suicide rate in the world, behind Japan. Granted, there are many factors behind this cultural malaise. It may be more than a bit reductionist to blame it purely on the women. But the much vaunted, reputedly stellar French Canadian chicks certainly aren’t helping.
        tl,dr: the myth of the exceptional French Canadian woman cannot die soon enough.

        1. Thanks for the info.
          I know the Youtuber Lui Marco lives in Montreal and he has gone all out MGTOW at 40. Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if what you say is true.
          I’ve only visited Montreal a couple times and it did seem to have a more European fun city kinda vibe to it. And amazingly enough I got more female attention per time there than I do in Toronto. I’ve consistently heard that the dating is better in Montreal but maybe there is more to the story.

        2. Thanks for the info.
          I know the Youtuber Lui Marco lives in Montreal and he has gone all out MGTOW at 40. Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if what you say is true.
          I’ve only visited Montreal a couple times and it did seem to have a more European fun city kinda vibe to it. And amazingly enough I got more female attention per time there than I do in Toronto. I’ve consistently heard that the dating is better in Montreal but maybe there is more to the story.

      3. “Make me laugh but you have to be cute too” – spoken from a chick who looks like a fucking alien.

  14. Am I the only one addicted to ROK? I read it every morning as others might read the news.

    1. I love ROK but it is time it stepped up to a higher level. Some articles are great. Some are poor. We need to push the positive articles about making the most of ourselves, how to attract and pull women, how to be successful and have less of the nasty articles which are about the pure hatred of women. Don’t get me wrong, articles that are anti feminist and hold a position on how women should be is fine, but some articles are just bitter and hateful.

      1. I occasionally skim through the first 100 or 200 ROK articles ever published and pick a few out to read, for the reason you stated.
        Rarely am I disappointed.
        There are many hidden gems in the archives of ROK, with many more articles providing highly practical advice rather than mere analyses of the regressing state of the modern woman.

      2. I would be curious Roosh tell us how many unique visitors this site has a month, just to have an idea…

        1. You can look under the “Advertise” section where he posts the Quantcast reports. It’s extremely impressive.

      3. This site wouldn’t exist without nasty articles about women. There are plenty of online and print sources which promote making the most of ourselves, attracting and pulling women, success in the gym and business. Men’s Health, GQ, Esquire, Business Insider, you name it.
        ROK fills the anti-PC niche of calling women out. There are very few sites like this. ROK has an excellent stream of well rounded articles, but if you look at the most popular ones in terms of comments, they all have the same anti-woman motif.

        1. Its pretty much the only place I can say what I actually think.
          If I posted what I say on RoK on my Facebook account, I’d be kicked out of the country.

  15. I pity women, I really do. They’re capable of channeling their hypergamy into positive, civilization building behavior but only if there are strong family and social networks to reinforce them. In our grandparents day, it was women who were the most fierce about slut shaming. Now sluttiness is “empowering” for them until they hit the wall. They’re pushed into useless jobs in HR or marketing in which they take great pride. No one is honest enough to tell them that no man gives a shit what she does for a living. Building and maintaining a civilization requires discipline and the taming of our feral natures. Modern women are all but completely feral now. The only remaining question is whether societal collapse will play out over decades or come in one big catastrophe.

    1. I’m 28 I finally realize how cruel the female condition is. They age very badly….the awesome power of their beauty is temporary and meant to be used wisely. In the grand scheme of a 90 yr life span they are only attractive for 10% of it. Once it’s gone the only thing they have to show is a family with a good man. Obviously modern women are laughing at this idea at their own peril. Women 37+ will reach suicidal depression.

      1. bullshite…if a woman looks after herself and doesnt get fat, smoke and drink heavily she can look great from 18-50’s, thats 30 plus years. But she must not get fat, dress with style, eat well, keep fit and not smoke or drink heavily.

        1. Look ‘great’ 36-50 are you kidding?
          Only the top women with healthy habits can make it to mid 30s and still look good. A ‘great’ looking 38 yr old is still uglier than an below average 21 yr old.
          Some women can make it to 32 and still be attractive, but it falls apart shortly after
          I consider Erin Andrews or Jessica Chastain the peak of what women can really be in their late 30’s.
          Yes, if youre married to a woman for life she can still be ‘bangable’ into her 30s-40s, but its very relative.
          Many women don’t even make it to their 30s, for some it falls apart by 27

        2. IF.
          Indeed if a woman ( how many do you know? ) does all of the above and is blessed by genetics she can enjoy adequate looks well past the age of 30.
          That said they still cannot hope to compete with fresher fruits.

        3. Personality can be the deciding factor.
          Even when women manage to age well physically, a lot of them become miserable bitches, and you can even see it in their faces. However, I’ve met a very few women who have managed to both age well and have charming, reasonably healthy personalities.
          I’m certainly not going to marry a woman past her prime. However, for the purposes of a hook-up, compare the aforementioned middle-aged rarity to some petulant, narcissistic, Facebook-addicted, 20-year-old bar slut with the personality of a dumpster. Whom would you chose?
          I guess I’m a bit of a romantic. Given the choice between these two, I’d prefer to spend the night with a woman whose body has aged a little over a woman whose personality I find morally repugnant.

        4. “. A ‘great’ looking 38 yr old is still uglier than an below average 21 yr old. ”
          Absolutely no way in hell this is right. A “great looking” 38 year old, by definition, is going to be thin, likely have had plastic surgery (boobs, perhaps more) and have workout regularly.
          A “below average” 21 year old is going to be FAT. Seriously fat. Average is fat, below average is fucking morbidly obese. She’s likely going to have saggy tits already, bad facial structure, and generally look like a troll.
          Now, if you narrow this down to say “a thin 21 year old is likely to be hotter than a thin 38 year old” I’d agree with you. But no fucking way a “below average 21 year old” is going to beat a great looking 38 year old. We’re all blind to fat women (because, in our eyes, they’ve intentionally reduced their SMV to zero), but, facts are facts. And average 21 year old is probably a little overweight. A “below average” is going to be a cow.

        5. nor can we all…I am not being pc and a white knight, but i am in my 40’s. On the whole I would aim for women in the 30’s and early 40’s now as I dont think I could put up with a girl in their early and mid 20’s – looking back at my life those girls really are the worst – moody, every changing moods, playing games, self importance etc

        6. You’re talking about american women, because american women are emotionally teenagers until about age 35. But women from asian or latin america in their 20s are for more together, mature, adult, composed, stable, than american women in their 30s.

        7. At age 52 I married a 25 year old Filipina that I met when she was 23. Yes she was young, but she was much more mature than most 30+ American women I have met. She knew that marriage was work and that it was a commitment for life. I know of no American women of any age that have that essential belief. We have been married for almost 7 years. She is routinely viewed as being in her late teens or at most twenty. Women she works with are shocked when she tells them she is 32. Of course, the braces don’t help with that. These days a slim, fit, short grown woman is so rare she is always assumed to be a teenage girl.
          If you want to marry a virgin woman of fertile age then you need to look outside the west. I don’t know about S. America, but I have heard good things. I can testify that Asia is generally better and the Philippines is the best of the Asian women for marriage.

    2. It’s amazing how some women love to talk about their bullshit job as if they’re making some big contribution to society. Being an HR manager is not something to brag about.

  16. This open letter is a sad example of the present reality concerning women in general, and it makes you feel somehow and somewhat powerless. Of course, you can go MGTOW, beta, omega or alpha. You choose, yet your individual choice may not make a big difference to change this feminized scheme of things. I guess the gathering of more individual forces can trigger a visible change.
    In the meantime, let us convince ourselves we’re fine more or less with what we got.

  17. I’m 35 years old, and even my own mom says 26+ is too old for me. She wants me to find a 22 to 24 year old to marry (because it’s prime baby making age) She says if a woman is single over 25 then there’s something wrong with her.
    But then again, my mom is Palestinian and not a western White woman, so she is actually more Red Pill than many men in this country.

    1. I know a lot of Palestinians in the States. They are agog and aghast at the freedom that women have, and they believe it ruins the family core, and they are correct.

      1. What kind of freedom are they against women having? Legal freedoms? Or freedom from unwritten social pressures? Cos surely denying 50% of the population personal liberty would massively fly in the face of libertarian philosophy. Legally restricting what half the world’s population can wear and say seems something communists would enforce…

        1. When you have government safety nets protecting women from the consequences of their actions, it is not ‘liberty’. It’s clear women will vote for socialism and more safety nets

        2. I think he means the freedom to ride the cock carousel as many times as they want and still have men willing to support them

        3. Ah I see. No problem with that. I often find comments here about men wanting to actually legally restrict a woman’s freedom and autonomy, which seems grotesquely hypocritical considering that these same men place such high value on libertarianism, freedom of speech and so on.
          I think it’s only natural for women to vote for socialist ideologies. Naturally they desire a cohesive society that shares responsibilities; it stems from when women would work with one another to raise the tribe’s children. The same principle is behind women having a greater desire than men to be accepted into society (an instinct nowadays expressed with compulsive fashion following and general herd mentality). It is in society’s interest for the women to form a cohesive social network in order to efficiently raise the many children of the tribe. Also, if a woman was rejected from the tribe, she’d quickly be hunted down and killed by some predator or rival tribe, on account of her physical weakness; in comparison, a man would be quite capable of striking out and defending himself, should he be thrown out. So, men are more drawn to libertarian ways of living (they are easily suited to living alone and independently), whereas women do better working in tandem with one another, which is at the core of socialism.

        4. So, should be get into power, would you place legal restrictions on how many partners a woman could have? Or would you just remove the socialist safety net?

        5. ” I often find comments here about men wanting to actually legally restrict a woman’s freedom and autonomy, which seems grotesquely hypocritical considering that these same men place such high value on libertarianism, freedom of speech and so on.”
          I, for one, don’t want to restrict their freedoms. I just don’t want to pay for them directly. Want to be a whore, go ahead, I’m not going to stop you. But don’t expect me to pay for your kids, or wife you up after you’ve been whoring around for 10+ years.

        6. Only one thing, well a couple have to change: 1) No alimony regardless how long the marriage lasted, and 2) The children should NOT go to the mother by default.. I’m hearing some EE countries are looking on changing the law regarding custodial parenthood, all based on data.. These two things would set these fucking cunts’ mind straight to start with..

        7. Maybe they’re against the freedom to shame an entire society into following the dictates of a fringe movement that manipulates the natural protective instincts of men of for its own gain, destroying that society in the process.
          There are good women out there. There are wise women out there. There are interesting women out there. Unfortunately, they are not influencing policy, or silencing their feminist sisters. Instead, most just toe the line, or assume that freedom to live however the fuck they please w/out consequence is an inborn right, not a privilege granted by the men who created the society that supposedly oppresses them.
          If the wise women of the west want to keep the freedom to live however they please, they’d best get their sisters in line; if they don’t, the fems are gonna push too far and men are going to decide wimmins happiness isn’t worth sacrificing a productive, wealthy society for

        8. Nope, it’s because wise, industrious women are too fucking busy minding their own and their families’ business to try to school random females.

        9. Well, evil prevails when good men (or wise women) do nothing. We’re on a sinking ship, and sticking your head underground won’t keep you from drowning. I can respect women who just want to do their thing with their families, but those women no doubt have sons, and the society in which we live is growing ever more hostile to males. Until the mothers of these sons, and their sisters, and daughters, and aunts and grandmas start telling feminist idiots to STFU, we all will be stuck in their shadow. Sadly, it will take enough women standing up to their own ilk before it once again acceptable for men to publicly call them out on their bullshit

    2. So it ain’t just women who are deluded! Your bald,skinny and kinda ugly and at least half camel Jockey and a mommas boy.Good luck finding that hot 22-24 year old hope you ain’t short with a small cock too.

      1. At least Camel Jockey has the balls to post his real photo and to stand up for his beliefs with cogent arguments, rather than an hominem attacks.
        And he doesn’t make stupid grammar mistakes either, unlike “you’re” post. So GTFO.

        1. Fair enough, I too am balding and kinda ugly @ 47,but at least I’m not deluded and don’t post “even my mom says” observations lol. He comes across as deluded and entitled like many a bitch we complain about. Just saying.

        2. Geese I thought you were a chick with that comment about the small dick. Seriously. That’s shit chicks say when they break up with you. (And then your new chick tells you you’re huge lol. Typical.)
          Sure, a “Mom says” reference ordinarily sounds beta, but (at the risk of speaking for CJ), I think his point was that his own mother is more attuned to reality (red pill) than most American men.

        3. Haha fair cop on the small dick thing your right on that. I just felt the my momma thinks, my momma says, and my momma is lines was a bit much in about 7 lines of text and he needed calling out on it.

        4. Having a quality mother is what “we” want here. I was blessed with an awesome mother, and father, as well. Whats with the “we” complain about? You’re a first time poster?

        5. Seriously, I’ve had a chick I dumped get all crazy (redundant I know) and say I have a tiny dick to try to hurt my feelings. The very next night, her replacement is carrying on about how big I am. Funny hamster shit. (For the record, I’m 8″)
          While we’re on the Mom thing, my late mother, 25 years ago, warned me that I was putting my future wife (and later to be future EX wife) “on too much of a pedestal.” When I think back it was her little red pill 2 cents, which I ignored like the little blue pill’er I was at the time (which, sadly, was at least partly her doing too).

        6. What’s wrong with pointing out that my mother is more Red Pill than a lot of American men? How am I deluded and entitled? I don’t feel entitled to anything.

        7. That was exactly why I made the mom reference. I’m not sure why making a comment about my mom was seen as a bad thing.

        8. I agree. An important topic in the manosphere is how and what a boy’s mother teaches him about relationships with women. Your mom reference was insightful.

        9. Firstly hate/hating is too strong a word to describe my reaction to your post but in 2 short paragraphs you managed to squeeze in “my mom says 26 is too old for me” , “my mom wants me to marry 22-24″,”my mom says 25yo+ single women are …etc” and finally “my mom is red pill”. If you can’t see a problem with this post I can’t help you, nobody can.
          You say you married a 19 yr old virgin, but she was crazy so you sent her back to her parents! You do realize an arranged marriage to a much younger chick doesn’t count towards making you an alpha right? Ask your mom?

        10. That’s exactly why so many American men have grown up to become beta, primarily because of the women they were raised by.

        11. Why do you hate your mother so much? Are you a liberal self annihilationist?
          Do you think it is more respectable to quote your mother, or spend 30 minutes going back and forth harassing some stranger who quoted their mother on the internet?

        12. Next time I’ll just refer to my mom as “this lady I know”. Apparently it’s beta to quote your mom.

      2. I’m full Palestinian. And I’m 6’2, 220 lbs. Definitely not skinny. Last year I married a hot 19 year old virgin, but divorced her recently because she would threaten suicide every time she got mad at me and didn’t get her way, so I sent her back to her parents.
        Not quite sure why you’re hating on me though. Carry on, nothing else to see here

        1. I have great respect for the Palestinian people. Every Palestinian I have ever met has exuded nobility, intelligence and dignity. It is a culture that has survived under tremendous pressure by being entrepreneurial and resourceful, unlike the other Arab countries like the Gulf states that have grown fat and lazy due to easy oily wealth. Ignore the haters, you come from a people who are a blessing to the world.

        2. I got you beat. My STBX thinks I’m going to show up in the middle of the night & murder her cause “I” kicked her out.

    3. you’re somewhat delusional about “our” middle eastern people. I am Armenian and we were once “conservative”. Now we have Kim kardashian, Anita Sarkeesian, and other Armenian cunts. I ran into 2 hot Pakistanis at a bar about a year ago and I was just being polite to them, flirting nothing too strong, and they started acting like entitled bitches. Even our “Eastern peoples” have surpassed the “Western Entitled Bitches.” They’ve taken it a notch above any American woman these days.

      1. David – what’s the scoop on Azerbaijan, Dagestan, or Georgian girls?
        Which are the hottest? Dagestan are mix of Russian (central Asian) and middle eastern correct? Ive seen some very sexy girls from there

        1. same shit, all of them. The USSR made them into purse, shoe, and BMW worshiping whores. Any woman from the USSR will never love you for your penis, only for your wallet. Promise them a marriage , but pump and dump. that’s the way I would do it. I hate Armenian and Russian, Georgian, etc..etc.. women so much that I cannot even get a boner looking at the hottest ones.

        2. Interesting…..the consensus here is Russian girls are the greatest thing since sliced bread. Most guys on here don’t live near them like you have though

        3. I bet half of those guys do not even speak Russian! but they believe these women love them from emails? snapchat? Skype? Those guys are DESPERATE to the core. Those women have $$$$ signs in their eyes and will say anything, even for years in order to get at the money or have an easy life. Once the BETA male who marries them has to work non-stop to support the Russian-Armenian-Georgian..etc…etc.. luxurious way of life, the women can be out on the streets fucking other guys. success rate for men marrying women from the USSR? 0-1%

        4. That’s disappointing as I have been learning Russian. I really like how they look and their accents

        5. it’s okay…..some of you guys need a dose of reality. Even us Armenians have been scammed by our “own”. I know guys who went to Armenia in search of their future wife because they thought American women were sluts. What they got was much worse. HAVE FUN WITH THEM ! that’s my advice.

        6. I was thinking more like this girl. She’s the perfect balance of cute but not too hot.

          I want a Russian girl like this, not the 9’s and 10’s you are referring to. Also I thought Russia was generally strict orthodox Christian? Obviously I’m sure promiscuous sex is present but surely there are girls within this Christian sect who are big on family?

        7. I’m sure there are good people and good women everywhere. If you are far away from her or them,those you want to meet, how will you ever know they are good people from good families?

        8. When it comes down to everything all women want $$$ so they want guys with $$$ rather than work for it themselves… To them:
          “Men are sugar daddy’s, ATMs, cash machines, piggy banks, bank accounts and so forth”
          -Dick Masterson

    4. Mashallah. Smart lady. If American men of ANY age would marry Muslim women, it would be better. Brother, do NOT marry a white Amrika.

      1. As an american male is there any way to marry a muslim woman? Are you going to convert to islam? Its very rare to find muslim female willing marry a non-muslim male. She probably would have to be a very well educated doctor or scientist, someone highly educated who can think for herself. I’ve encountered muslim females who fuck around with non-muslim men, but they don’t want to marry.

      2. you’re delusional as well. I see more covered women from Islamic countries driving Porsches and Mercedes than I do white girls.

    5. What do you want to bet ROK has more “cultural diversity” than Jezebel? LOL. The cultural utopia is here, and it looks like a lot of pissed off men getting together to figure out how to get women to STFU and behave already!

  18. After the articles on being a villain, now this! Sharp shooter, you are quickly becoming my favourite writer. Thanks for the inspiration. Happy New year to you.
    And let’s not forget, that when it comes to americunts, they are also told that they have the right to change their minds on a whim, but to not accept that makes them unreliable. Another feminist lie.

  19. The good part is, when our nanny-state goes bankrupt and fails in the next 10 years the bitches will stop this shit.

    1. the other states are not much better. There’s more debauchery in India and China than in the USA.

    2. It won’t fail in the next 10 years. People have been predicting failure for years and it still hasn’t happened. Debt you say? They can monetize it and eliminate it in a matter of days if they really wanted to. The most powerful in the West benefit from this system so it won’t go anywhere anytime soon.

      1. the rest of us are still producing and will always save the wealthy from their own gambles. bank bailouts, auto bailouts, etc.

        1. Exactly. And there are ZERO guarantees whatever system would develop would be more beneficial to the average man. If I had to guess what would/will eventually develop, it would be a society similar to what was found in the film Elysium, where there were a very small elite that controlled nearly 100% of the means of production, automation that effectively eliminates human capital value, and the vast majority living in a deprived state.

        2. even after that scenario, we will still have our hands, dirt and crops to grow! We will survive my friend. The good thing about the wealthy is that they also die like us eventually.

        3. Maybe they will deem our survival detrimental to their well-being and attempt to exterminate us as well.

        4. I know 110+ million reasons extermination will not happen. David has a point, the country may go belly up, but the base culture will continue. Always has. Heck in a strange way you can even make the case that the Roman culture continues to this day. We use their alphabet, their legal frameworks, their architecture, musical forms, artistic forms, scientific forms. We just speak a Germanic language.

        5. there’s always a reset button, but not an extermination button. extermination does not make economic sense anyways. The rich will always give us a little handout whenever they feel that the rest of us are getting a little angry.

        6. While it will probably be long in the future, it appears inevitable that when automation completely eliminates human capital, we have zero value as laborers. In less than 20 years our current system will need to provide base salaries just to keep consumption up and prevent economic collapse.

        7. Even though it’s happened to every other civilization in the history of the World, there’s no way it will happen this time.

        8. Yes indeed. We will witness the greatest wealth transfer from the many to the few in history. I have no doubt about it.

        9. Eh. We don’t need a new system, we need systems. The USA is too big and too culturally, politically, and economically divided. When you’re in a relationship that isn’t working what is the logical thing to do?

        10. That wealth transfer was mostly to China and oil-rich countries, not to the rich. See the US trade deficit. Also, when you’re in the richest country on Earth, and the market becomes global, you can’t compete with poor countries for jobs. Don’t believe the Marxist BS.

        11. There are lots of English words based in Latin. English is a sloppy fusion of different languages.

        12. Won’t happen. Supply and demand. Machines will always play a role, but so will people. Machines are expensive to build and maintain, and there are certain jobs that it’s much more cost effective for a human to do.

        13. The rich are only rich when there are poor around. A rich man with no poor is just a man with a lot of useless paper and metal. A rich man requires the foundation of civilization, and the people doing all the work it takes to keep the civ up and running.

        14. Supply and demand? More like input costs. And when automation input costs become < human labor input costs, humans will be replaced. Plenty were recorded as never thinking machines would replace humans in manual labor positions too. Also, automation job creation < automation job destruction. That will be consistent across all industries and there simply won’t be a need for the same number of workers in a society with a growing population of workers. Something will need to be done.

        15. And where did the surplus go? It gets plowed back into american stocks and bonds.

        16. Not really. When Chinese workers become expensive, corporations will move elsewhere.. I was talking wealth transfer here in the U.S. Watch for death spiral deflation followed by hyperinflation. That will be the mechanism I think.

        17. Still, let’s say theoretically machines do take over in the workplace. That would drive the cost of human labor so low that it would make human labor more cost effective than a designing, building, and maintaining machines. The market between machine and human labor will always correct itself. There are just some things the human mind does better than machines. An example is the “Foldit” game, which tries to solve the problem of folding proteins. Turns out the human mind is much better at solving those types of problems than computers are. And of course, without humans with paychecks it makes machines obsolete.

        18. If human labor were that cheap, it would still not make up for the lack of consumption in the economy. The most commonly suggested solution is a base salary. There’s simply no way an economic system so dependent on consumption can sustain itself without having the majority contributing. Money itself would lose all value. The wealthy will cease to be wealthy. They won’t allow that so long as they can help it.
          In our working lifetimes I think there will always be humans in the labor force. However, I do think it will be an ever decreasing number and as I have already mentioned, there is certainly a threshold of reduced consumption that our system can sustain. If the U.S.’ real unemployment were to reach double the current level, there would be economic turmoil in most every industry. There is a possibility of a strategies economy, but that means a lot of wealthy people will be losing their wealth. I just don’t believe that will be allowed to happen.

        19. The Market is self-correcting. Sure, as old fields of work were automated those jobs disappeared, but you forget that new fields were also created. There are lots of jobs available today that did not exist 100 years ago, and in 100 years it will be the same way. The future belongs not to the smartest or strongest, but to those who can best adapt to change.

        20. You do realize that article only reinforces my position right? Effectively stating that while the end state will be a better form of society, the transition is almost certainly going to be painful for the vast majority. My only disclaimer to their assumptions is that people will NOT willingly allow such a complete transition as their situation deteriorates.

        21. Auto bailouts; really? If you look at the record the president violated lots of laws to stick it to the creditors and stock holders and gave GM to the unions for free. The rich people you think benefited got royally screwed.

        22. Articles like this have been saying for years (decades?) that the transition will be painful but the eventual new equilibrium will be better for all. The problem is that we have been, are, and will be in a permanent transition for the foreseeable future. I studied nuclear engineering when it was the power source of the future (i.e. not yet in existence.) I worked in the field for 20 years; then it disappeared from under me. I transitioned to a new field in my 40s. This resulted in years of lower earnings and lessened prospects. For many this is not a real possibility. The painful transition is their only reality. The new equilibrium is to be eternally transitioning and eternally in pain.

        23. I agree with your opinion. However, this is the first time we have seen such a low labor participating rate among working aged adults (especially males). By almost any account, worker productivity and corporate profits are increasing to new heights and yet still the job market for workers is not measurably improving. These are really unprecedented circumstances in the economy. So I think the difficulties of transition will become more pronounced. Truthfully, I think we are just delaying the inevitable.

      2. Financial collapse already did happen in 2008, with cascading bank failures triggered by the residential real estate industry. 75% of home purchase decisions are made by females in the US, with the male just riding along in the car giving the wife tissues while she cries her eyes out looking at houses she can’t afford. Finally in order to shut the bitch up the male capitulates and takes out more loan than he can afford. But the government was there with the “bailout”, printing free money and throwing it out of a helicopter, so women and manginas were never held responsible for their actions.

    3. I’ll take American problems versus the problems everywhere else. the grass is not greener. we can be more happy than angry in this wonderful country.

      1. Many of these people wishing for a “collapse” have no idea what would be involved and wouldn’t be the beneficiaries of a collapse as they think they would. Or the other common refrain I hear is wishing we had a Islamic-like totalitarian state.

        1. power vacuums leave the door open to even more greedy, even more vicious people to takeover.

        2. If it all collapses remember this: Whoever was fucked before will be fucked after. Always has been always will be.
          With that being said, let it all go to shit. It’s all hell for men as it is right now… I don’t care. The sooner the better.

  20. Perhaps we as men need to take full responsibility for the way women behave. Women are followers not leaders. They take our lead and run with it. If we place ourselves beneath a woman, we should be expecting her to treat us like we are beneath her. A woman’s sense of entitlement is given to her by a man. We make them feel like special little snowflakes, so they behave accordingly. We as men allowed feminism to exist and prosper rather than crushing it with an iron fist.
    So yes, I apologize for any past nice guy behavior, ladies. No more. I have seen the error of my ways.

    1. That’s fine and will help so I don’t want to marginalize your efforts, but realize, there are millions of men that fall in line with feminist doctrine. And more importantly, elite power brokers that want feminism to continue. So it would require either an overwhelming percentage of western men to reject feminism IOT reverse the course.

  21. Everyone should spread this article letter to as many ppl as possible. I’m going text the direct link to some blue pill acquaintances of mine.

  22. Women’s Studies, one of the dumbest majors ever created by Universities. It doesn’t get anyone anywhere… The only thing it does is…

    1. We know that’s what a feminist looks like. Fat, ugly, or both. Work on that career, honey. You’re gonna need it.

      1. Like him or not, Rush said 25 years ago, feminism was simply created to give unattractive women equal access to society. Most of these women, in an Alpha world, would be mopping floors, fair or not. JUST LIKE integration gave fat ugly white women access to “men”, who would otherwise have gone without.

        1. I have no problem with a woman who wants to carry her own weight through society, and I know no one who does. We have a problem when they use misleading statistics to lie to the public, demonize men as subhuman rapists and predators, when they try to tell us what we should and shouldn’t find attractive, when they want to tax us so they can get “free” birth control, gyno appointments, abortions, etc on our dime. I know I’m preaching to the choir here.

  23. I’m expecting feedback from female commenters at any moment coming, normally I do not appreciate their interruptions and background noise, yet this time I look forward to see what’s their response to this article.
    My prediction – denial.

    1. or they will tell us how happy they are taking their meds, being a cougar, and paying DWI fines every 4th of July and New Years Eve.

    1. Look at this stupid bitch trying to get this guy in the slammer. Keep your cameras ON, and be aware, gentlemen. AWALT. There is NO exception to this rule.

  24. Yeah, they’ll end up bitter. But they’ll ruin a slew of men in the process–their only solace.

    1. usually just one or 2. but again , we get our reverse revenge by pumping a bunch of them and sowing our oats in the process.

    1. Apparently here in the US the most litigious society in the world, women can’t open the yellow pages or do a Google search for a labor attorney and sue their employer when he pays his female employee less than a man. I know that if I was being paid less than a coworker male or female and I was more productive I would take this up with my employer. Part of being an adult is standing up for yourself.

      1. Feminists just added her in there to give the illusion of inclusiveness. (Same reason there’s a black guy somewhere in nearly every commercial on TV.) If anyone needs feminism it’s the little black girl. She needs that career to raise all the bastard children she’ll be crapping out, because we sure as hell don’t want to be paying for them via welfare.

    2. American mothers are destroying their daughters minds because misery loves company. The formation of the princess cunt mind set begins at the earliest possible age. That’s horrifying. If you’re an american male why would you ever marry an american woman?

    1. Good point and I think that’s from the chateau heartiste 16 commandments of poon doctrine. However I think sharp meant this to be a satirical or sarcastic letter. I could be wrong and if he wants to chime in and correct me on this that’d be fine too but I’m thinking he probably isn’t apologetic at all and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t think these land whales deserve much better as he signs off in the end.

      1. I hope it was satire. I’ve got this feeling that the manosphere is in the process of being infiltrated by entryists.

        1. I can personally assure you that if the ‘sphere is being infiltrated by entryism, it isn’t from ROK…

      2. Nailed it. Truth is I feel not one tinge of sympathy for today’s women. When push comes to shove they make their own choices. The rude awakening comes when accountability comes knocking in the form of the wall without a man. Boo fucking hoo.

  25. Are we still caring about women?? Achieve indifference towards women and liberate your life!

    1. Studies show the women are “less happy” now. I guess feminism failed them. Somebody was just seriously pointing this out to me here (see above). Well it seems many males really care. But what the fuck are we supposed to do about it anyway? IDK. But today/tonight, right now, I do not give a flying fuck about the happiness of spoiled rotten women one way or another.

  26. Comparing them to milk rather than wine…priceless.
    While there are a small percentage of american women who are well aware of this sorry fact, they are usually taken, and for good reason. Biologically, women have gotten a somewhat raw deal; they have evolved to make babies, and little else. After 50 years of feminist empowerment, I’ve yet to see a single great accomplishment by a woman…at least, one that involves all of humanity, not just other women. That tunnel-vision is as native to the female human as swollen tits.
    I would have more sympathy for women and the hand they’ve been dealt by biology if more of them chose to rise above their need for attention and choose intellectual solitude over instant gratification and attention-seeking. I think that this intellectual solitude is one of the main drivers of male accomplishment. Most of humanity’s greatest minds were far outside the social circles of their day; perhaps this is because they sought answers so intensely, or because they were so intense that they couldn’t get along w/most people.
    Either way, it seems to be a strictly male trait. How many women do you know who shun a social life in search of something deeper? How many spend their time questioning the nature of life over the nature of this season’s fashions? Yup

  27. If only women woke up at 38 and realised anything. If only they were miserable. Nope. 38 yo women hop on OkCupid and pick and choose from guys between 20 and 40, even if they they themselves are single mothers, as long as they aren’t fat or ugly. I know this happens, because I’ve had a couple such women log in and show me their profiles. Every single day, 20 plus messages from decent looking guys more than a decade younger than themselves, desperate to meet them. So maybe it’s nothing serious, but these women don’t even want serious. They’ve had the marriage, the kids and they got bored with it. Now they’re having fun fucking around, just like men.
    Fuck this shit about them being miserable. I think we wish it were, more than it is.
    I ain’t feeling sorry for these bitches.

    1. They are miserable. Check their anti-depressant usage stats. Incredible. Or look at how they guzzle sugar all day which is also a sign of emotional sickness (to me). Or just spend time with them. They are so unhappy that it’s really sad. The total destruction of female happiness in the name of feminist overlords is really sad at this point. These were our same little chick buddies who were often really cool and nice people when they started out life as little 7 year olds. It’s sad. TV, media, schools, politicians are just using them for votes and it’s taken out of their lives. The fact that they keep charging on unknowingly as little feminist hand puppets doesn’t change the fact that they are being used and having their lives hugely compromised.
      Remember that they are wired differently than us. They are trying to be like us and it doesn’t work for them. Just like it wouldn’t work for men to play around in the kitchen all day, baking or spend the day hunting for curtains or whatever women like. They try to fuck around and play with young men’s bodies and it isn’t anywhere nearly as satisfying to them as it is when men do it (with young women, natch). We are wired for it. That is our fantasy life and they are trying to co-opt it. Imagine the inverse; Men swooning over some confident female billionaire titan of industry, former special forces hero or something who shuttles us around in a gulf-stream (but she can’t wear a bikini). Yawn, right? I don’t buy it that a forty year old female, ex-sorority starlet who (by some miracle) is able to hover around 160 then gets cummed on ‘youporn’ style by some stupid millenial hipster and that makes her happy. I feel sorry for them. 95% of them have missed life due to solipsism. They’ve simply been used as fodder for feminism and their emotional stunted-ness is really sad.

      1. Nice anti-feminist rhetoric! You way oversell it, IMO. Many women are sad. Many but not anymore than the average asshole. Wheres the fuck our love parade. Shit, who gives afuck about men. Lots are happy-ish. Awww says society. Women should be happier. “It” Always says this. The answer is marriage? They’re choosing not to marry. And when they do to divorce. Sad with marriage too! This fueled popular interest in feminism. “The problem that has no name”??
        These people are adults. Ex sorority starlet? Let me grab my tiny violin. Most of us were happier when we were 7. Adulthood and life has always been tough.

        1. Than “ever”. Ever, ever? Doubtful. Worse than 19th cent. industrial London or some shit. Etc. Examples abound. Anyway so what?
          But so some studies or polls say.
          We just started measuring “happiness”.
          What are we “we” to do?

        2. Way to miss the point. Are you a woman or something? The fact is women are less happy today than they were 35 years ago, despite all the “feminist progress.” Female happiness has even declined relative to male happiness.

        3. I was going to write “lol” because I did but that’d sound pretentious to start with. Sorry man, didn’t mean to miss The Point there with your post, or write like I did, cause I got it. I was at work earlier inbetween dealing with some bullshit when I replied to you, Guessed, and the other Guest. NOT to get into that. Yes, I hear you, the women are less happy than they were. I’ve been hearing that for years now, the studies and polls are showing women are less happy than even men. Boy was I an unhappy fuck today but never mind work. Not a person with a vagina dealing with that shit but anyway yes it so sad the women are less happy. Research shows the modern woman is unhappy despite all the “feminist progress”. I heard we need MORE feminism, wouldn’t ya know it.

      2. Nice anti-feminist rhetoric! You way oversell it, IMO. Many women are sad. Many but not anymore than the average asshole. Wheres the fuck our love parade. Shit, who gives afuck about men. Lots are happy-ish. Awww says society. Women should be happier. “It” Always says this. The answer is marriage? They’re choosing not to marry. And when they do to divorce. Sad with marriage too! This fueled popular interest in feminism. “The problem that has no name”??
        These people are adults. Ex sorority starlet? Let me grab my tiny violin. Most of us were happier when we were 7. Adulthood and life has always been tough.

      3. I wish I fully believed that. Maybe deep down these older women are unhappy, but they still get male attention and validation, they still get a constant stream of guys wanting to fuck them. For them to truly feel remorseful over the way they’ve lived their lives would require them to really lose something obvious. As long as men still give them attention, they’ll still feel good about themselves. They won’t be soul-searching any time soon. As it is, they didn’t get the knight-in-shining-armor fairytale but they still have a good deal going. Their kids from their previous marriage, their girl friends to go on girly night’s out with, their ever varying 20-something hook up buddies off tinder. They still have it easier in life than 90% of men.
        I would love to believe in this sudden epiphany that hits them at 40 when they lose everything, they’re lonely, and think ‘Fuck, I screwed up. Feminism failed me.’ But I don’t reckon it does. Not at 40, maybe never.

        1. You make some solid points, thekingslayer, but don’t kid yourself. Women are masters of illusion. Case in point: Facebook. I’ve seen posts from female acquaintances about how much they love their jobs or their boyfriends then in conversations with them they’re talking about quitting their jobs and leaving their boyfriends.
          Remember one of the golden rules of the red pill: What women say and what women do are 2 very different things. This includes their perceived lifestyle and their states of mind.
          So while they would have you believe that being 40 something “cougar” (which is a farce…might do an article on that) with 3 kids, 173 matches on OK Cupid and a high notch count is living the dream, you can bet your bottom dollar they’re crying themselves to sleep more often than not whether it’s alone or after getting anally plowed for a half an hour.
          All women love attention and it’s not something they grow out of with age. But the attention they get is largely from man-boobed omegas, not the “hawties” they commanded attention from in their youth.
          In an honest moment post-wall chicks who have lived the typical western girl life (bunch of dicks, kids, high notch count, divorce, etc.) they would admit that belonging to one man they love and respect beats getting their overused pussies pounded by countless cocks in the name of empowerment and independence. They know this isn’t the life they want no good a job making the world think otherwise.
          This is why single mothers in the west push for LTRs as hard as cads and players push for the poon. Deep down, they know what they really want and when reality slaps them in the face, it gets ugly.

        2. I’m not a 40 yo single woman, so I couldn’t honestly know how they feel about what looks to me like a pretty good life. Maybe some cry themselves to sleep. Maybe some have accepted not having a LTR, because they’ve been previously married and are over it, got the kids and the house, and just enjoy getting fucked by younger men without commitment. Much as they have done most of their life. I’m still not feeling too much sympathy for them. And neither should anyone. They honestly don’t deserve it. .

        3. Don’t confuse my satirical letter for sympathy. I feel zero sympathy for women.
          Like I said, women can make people think they’re over the LTRs but they can’t fight what they’re hardwired to desire (relationships) anymore than we can fight our desire for young, nubile bodies.
          Post wall women who have “been around the block” would take an LTR over an FWB in a New York minute.

        4. It’s good you feel zero sympathy for them. I don’t even pity them. I actively wish misfortune upon them, I’m just not sure their eventual misery is real as some of you believe it to be.

        5. Trust me, it’s real. As a commenter pointed out, take a look at the statistics in terms of anti depressants they’re on along with the vices they undertake to cope with their unhappiness. Again, don’t be fooled by the illusion that they, the media, and manginas paint to make you think they’re living these fabulous lives They’re not. There is a price to be paid for their choices and women aren’t exempt from the collector.
          Also, don’t wish misfortune on them. They all get their comeuppance sooner or later. You have to understand that women are weird, wonderful, fantastic, and fucked up all at the same time. They’re not good or bad, they just are. Accept them for who and what they have become due to western culture and exploit them to your advantage. After a while your animosity toward them will ebb away and maybe even, I daresay, make you feel a little sorry for them.

        6. I’ve run into women pretending they want no commitment. After a few dates, they start getting jealous and wanting to meet my mother. They try to rope us into a relationship by pretending to be slutty only like we rope them in by pretending to be good, faithful guys.

        7. Every woman wants to be in a relationship whether they admit it aloud or not. The ones who outwardly state “I’m not looking for commitment” or “I’m just playing the field” are simply projecting. That’s the kind of man they want to belong to so they act like that man.

        8. Yeah I agree with you. I don’t buy this fantasy men here have about women hitting the wall at 30 and being miserable and suddenly losing male attention. It’s just not true. In fact, men age far worse in many ways.. many don’t look after themselves as well as women do.. don’t eat well.. don’t exercise, etc. And many men start going bald and losing hair.. and that is a HUGE disadvantage. Most women these days reject men who don’t have a full head of hair. I’m in my late 30s and have lost some hair so I know what I’m talking about. It affects your confidence and affects the women you can get. It’s very demoralizing. I don’t see any corresponding “dealbreakers” for women in their 30s unless they’re fat or have kids. For women who don’t have those 2 things going against them, and who have looked after themselves relatively well by exercising, keeping in shape, their 30s and 40s are wonderful times to be single still. They are still able to get the attention and lust of men all the way from their 20s to their 50s. The party never really ends for this women and it’s just wishful thinking by men to believe that to be the case.

        9. “I don’t see any corresponding “dealbreakers” for women in their 30s unless they’re fat or have kids. For women who don’t have those 2 things going against them, and who have looked after themselves relatively well by exercising, keeping in shape, their 30s and 40s are wonderful times to be single still.”
          This is the “apex fallaicy”, and can be applied to men the same way. A man who is 50, has a full head of hair, is in good shape and makes 250K/yr has the world as his oyster. The thing to remember, there are very few men in that group; interpolating their experience to “all men who are 50 have it great” is not logical.
          A mid 30’s woman who’s not fat and doesn’t have kids is a rarity in this country. Most of them are fat by that age, some of them grossly so. And most women have kids, if they are going to do it, they typically have them by mid (and certainly by late) 30’s.
          So, sure; if you’re in shape, no kids, no major baggage as a woman at 35, you can have a great time and ride to CC to your hearts content. That’s a true statement but it only applies to maybe 5% of the female population of that age.

  28. No hymen – no diamond.
    Women need to understand that every self-respecting man ultimately believes that and wants to strive to achieve a virgin bride (and that means no blowjobs, no handjobs, nothing more than kissing) although of course some settle for a used woman and then spend a lifetime being pathetic and beta, looking after a woman another man tossed aside, neither side ever really being able to respect one another.
    A good article. Indeed I do pity women today, they will for the most part lack something taken for granted just a couple of generations ago – the lifelong love and loyalty of a man. And they have traded all that in for the “freedom” to get fucked when 18 at a music festival.
    I won’t complain too much – it is great for men, I’m sure most here benefit in many ways from it; far better to be the badboy with the “headboard rattling sex” before throwing her away and finding another 19 year old to “empower” (that’s honestly what some feminists say casual sex is for a woman) as mentioned in the article and that’s a life choice for a man to make, do not be the beta looking after the kids. It means we have more fun and the women do too until they hit 25 or 35 or whenever the wall hits in their particular case. But it’s a disaster for society and for women almost all of whom sooner or later realise they did want children and a loving husband after all.In the past they were protected from making stupid decisions when young; today they are encouraged to throw away their futures. There has never been a social phenomenon as damaging to women as feminism; it is truly an evil ideology making it ever harder for people to find love.

    1. The problem isn’t that they can fuck indiscriminately. The problem is that they are able to monetarily support themselves, thus making their disgusting, poor sexual choices have no ramifications. Not less than 50 years ago their sluttish behavior would have ensured they starved, penniless in the streets as no man would support them – because they were clearly nauseating and worthless. Now they’re strong and independent and we men are denied the prestigious careers and families that are OUR fucking birthright. We need to clean house at the collegiate level and get the uteri back in the god damn fucking kitchens they’ve abandoned while pretending to be men.

      1. I think you should check the dictionary for the word ‘entitled’. You think you’re owed a prestigious career and a family just because you exist? Bub, no one is owed anything, man or woman. All I see from your comment is a lot of bitching that the universe didn’t give you a good career and your dream girl. You get what you’ve worked for. If you haven’t put in the effort/money/hours of going to law school (for example) and someone else has, be it man or woman, you don’t get to complain how your ”birthright” of having a prestigious career has been taken away from you.

  29. “You’ll laugh it up with your friends about how you nabbed the kids and half his money.”
    I was just talking about this with a guy who broke it off with one of these types. The guy’s about 55 years old and was just starting to understand what the fuck’s what. I had to introduce him to the term “pump & dump”, which I then told him pretty much EVERY “single mom” in the Westernized world is at best good for.
    My good deed to close out the year.

    1. older men who re-enter the dating scene realize in horror how radically different dating (if you can even call it dating) is now. They are very behind the curve

      1. Good point. Like I told him, single moms are to be utilized as organic masturbatory aids only. I also showed him this site and recommended he utilize it as a tool for moden “dating”.

      2. When my wife died I was left to discover the post 40 dating world. It was as you described; an American Horror Story. I eventually learned that American women were beyond the pale and not worth the time to spit on them. I don’t think that is too strong an opinion. I try not to sugar coat it too much.

    1. It’s quite amusing that you think laughing in all caps makes this untrue or that this is not how your life is. Save the cookie cutter response (“Really???”) for someone else. Nobody here buys the fact that you’re the exception. You have absolutely lived this live and you and everyone here knows it.

      1. HAHA oh you guys are so pathetic. Actually beyond pathetic.
        Please for the love of all things holy, do the MGTOW!
        I pray everyday you and your minions will.
        But one downfall to that, I won’t have a good laugh anymore when I hear this tripe!
        But I laugh, because it was my harsh upbringing compared to my brothers…that allowed ME to succeed, and them NOT! They were babied and coddled and have amounted to NOTHING.
        While I sit here with my degrees and hospital job. 😉

  30. Whine, whine whine, nag nag nag nag. That’s all we hear from feminists these days. And they wonder why nobody is listening. Men have learned to tune out the nagging of feminists the same way they’ve learned to tune out their nagging wives.

  31. We all love to think this – lord knows I do especially since i’ve been through the meat grinder that is family court – but the suicide stats tell a far different story. Yes they end up cougars or with their cats but they aren’t miserable. True they aren’t as happy as they would and the children, particularly the male children, are completely f***ed in the head from a young age but cupcake if she is 60 now dodged the bullets. The only real justice that can occur is for all the bad policies of the last 60 years to come to a head and for things like famine to really take hold. In other words the men stop or cannot work and so long as the prisons are full and new ones built for the enslaved masses made to work I don’t see this happening.
    The future is one of apex alphas controlling mega harems while 90+% of the men are in prison or prison like conditions and forced to work to pay off their inflated and ever increasing debts. Like a massive company town but with Big Brother and the darkest nightmares of Orwell made manifest. Enjoy the decline the future is going to royally suck.

    1. People care more about women. Women aren’t super sunshiny happy? Uh oh. What can “we” do? Women aren’t as happy as when they were 20 yrs old and worshiped by men, getting her ass kissed always? Give it a name, something dramatic and scary: THE WALL. Fucking pleeease.

  32. The biggest problem in my opinion on why western male and female relationship have ended up so screwed up is because we leave it to the kids to figure out what a “healthy” relationship is.
    Girls are taught to long for their perfect prince who’s going to ride in and sweep them off their feet. Or they’re taught by radical feminists to be their own prince and ride in and sweep a man off his feet. Except they’ll never respect that man because they still want him to be a confident male.
    Girls get left with a puzzle of what is a healthy relationship. When they hit their teenage years, they turn to their “friends” for advice. WORST. IDEA. EVER.
    They drown in a sea of bad advice as girls push girls to trade in their V-card or sigh over the dumbest jock in school. When I was about ten, I witnessed the beginning of the horror.
    Mothers pushed their eleven year old daughters to double date with boys in my class. The mothers would regularly pair up their kids and get at all excited about the gossip of it.
    It was like they were playing dress-up with their own children. The mothers had traded in barbie dolls to play dress up with their kids.
    I was able to avoid this fate because my dad pointed out their bad behavior. He made it clear what he thought of their “date” games. He had a lot of wit. So it was hilarious to hear his jokes about their nonsense. It was rather fun to listen to him.
    I guess I grew up with an instilled sense of what I wanted from a relationship. And now I’m in a great one. If I’d had those stupid mothers who played “dating” games with their eleven year old children, I probably would be as messed up as some of those kids went on to be.
    I’m so glad I had a good father to teach me how to be honorable and trustworthy in a relationship. And he emphasized to above all never brush off a husband’s complaints with a “that’s nice dear”.

      1. I’ve seen this fail. Women can act differently in private vs public. She may be a prude in bed and you’ll never know until the wedding night.

    1. You should put most of this post into a handwritten Father’s Day card next year,

    2. A quite perceptive post. It is absurd how in western society every politician wants to bend over backwards to appeal to “young people”. What does an 18 year old girl know about the world, about life, about her future? Nothing. What she finds is every man wants her.
      Years ago her parents, family, brothers, church, society, school would all have been trying to help her avoid making mistakes; understanding that the opinions and ideas of an 18 year old are always worthless. They would all have been pushing her to keep her virginity and aim for a lifelong loving marriage. She of course deep down wanted sex with alphas, 99% of women do. So instead of indulging what she wanted she was “controlled” by society to instead look for love and loyalty and in nearly all cases would find it – until not long ago most women had a husband who stayed with them until the day he died.
      It’s hard for them to admit it, so prevalent is the poison of feminism, but I know some women in their late 20s who are finally seeing the light, they know their chance for a loving husband has gone after so many pump-and-dumps and I have no doubt, knowing what they do know, if they could turn back the clock to 17 they would behave differently.
      This is an eternal problem for society, young people thinking there is no tomorrow, wanting to be selfish and have fun and then regretting it too late. An advanced civilisation should find ways to solve this problem, with parents who know better imparting their knowledge gained through experience to their children.
      Every time I hear a feminist say that trying to suggest virginity is good or abortion on demand if bad that it is “really about controlling women’s sexuality” I feel like saying “Yes, good, that’s what is needed, or else those dumb 18 year old girls will screw up their lives”.
      As a general wider rule young people, especially under 21 should have no say in society, no vote and their opinions be dismissed. When I was 19 I believed all kinds of stupid stuff. I grew up and gained experience and changed, a girl can never get her virginity back.

      1. Don’t you know? Feminists consider the word “virginity” to be backwards and sexists now. They want it to be called a woman’s “sexual debut”. I kid you not. Look it up if you don’t believe me.
        Crazy stuff.

        1. The problem isn’t that they can fuck indiscriminately. The problem is that they are able to monetarily support themselves, thus making their disgusting, poor sexual choices have no ramifications. Not less than 50 years ago their sluttish behavior would have ensured they starved, penniless in the streets as no man would support them – bacause they were clearly nauseating and worthless. Now their strong and independent and we men are denied the prestigous careers and families that are OUR fucking birthright. We need to clean house at the collegiate level and get the uterii back in the god damn fucking kitchens they’ve abandoned while pretending to be men.

        2. I think you should check the dictionary for the word ‘entitled’. You think you’re owed a prestigious career and a family just because you exist? Bub, no one is owed anything, man or woman. All I see from your comment is a lot of bitching that the universe didn’t give you a good career and your dream girl. You get what you’ve worked for. If you haven’t put in the effort/money/hours of going to law school (for example) and someone else has, be it man or woman, you don’t get to complain how your ”birthright” of having a prestigious career has been taken away from you.

      2. No vote for 18 yr old women. 18 yr old men conscripted into the military, get the vote. Should get more.

      3. The 21 year old age of majority was set in the days when a 21 year old man had been working in his profession for about 9 years and was a journeyman. He was probably married, with at least two kids and another on the way. To reach the same degree of maturity today I would suggest that a 35 year age of maturity should be instituted. And while we are at it, women never mature so they should have no age of maturity (i.e. they don’t vote and don’t hold property).

  33. Are there any American women who are virgins anymore? That is my concern. If you only marry virgins, that pretty much means there are no available women for you, except for extremely religious ones?

    1. I’d never marry a virgin. She might be a prude. I’d rather her actually enjoy sex and pleasing a man.

      1. i get sex on the first date now and expect it.a few of the women have been loyal and acted normal but I’m too jaded from the bitches to commit to any women at this point.

    2. Actually, I know quite a few young women who waited till marriage to have sex. Most were not particularly religious or were not religious at all but simply realized that sex is an intimate thing that should not be done with any guy that wants it or claims to need it. I myself am not extremely religious but remained a virgin till marriage.

  34. Utlimately it comes down to no-fault divorce laws (which originate in the feminist narrative that men are responsible for all of women’s unhappiness in life).
    As long as women know in the back of their minds that they are rewarded for getting divorced, they will have the social power to use men for alpha fucks or beta bucks, before, during, or after marriage.

  35. I remember something LaidNYC said once: It’s demeaning to cook a meal for a man who loves you but empowering to fuck a man who doesn’t. Enjoy the decline!

  36. Okay I’ve been lurking this site a bit in the past few weeks. I am a woman but please hear me out I would really appreciate hearing the input of like-minded people. I’m not really happy with the current state society is in and I find feminism to be incredibly hypocritical the way it is today, to say the LEAST. First off I wanna say a lot of the things I’ve read here are really scary and off putting, and I know you don’t care, this is a venue for your voices and there are equally off putting(and worse) man hatred on nearly every feminist page and they are supported mostly always, so, I give you that 100 percent. All I mean by pointing that out is I am wondering… is there any women you do respect? I feel like I don’t fall into any of the categories of the typical “Western woman” and I often find myself wishing I lived in a different time period. I feel like this world is going to shit. Nobody thinks anything is sacred anymore. Marriage, sex, motherhood…all used to be sacred and holy things. In the interest of self-importance and selfishness we have thrown all of that out the freaking window. I don’t understand sometimes I feel like I’m taking crazy pills that others can’t see this. My question is what would you advise a woman to DO in this situation? You guys talk a lot about “Beta men” and I’m still trying to understand your terminology and all of that but I’m assuming you mean weak men who are okay with this new “society”. If that is all I am surrounded by, what am I supposed to do? How am I supposed to function in the way that this site promotes when there are no viable candidates to go down that road? (When I say “I” I am not talking about myself personally, but as a woman who does not want to be a typical western woman) I am not going to ask a guy to be like this. To expose him to this site. That completely goes against the point. It is supposed to be from within. I am not blaming either sex for whats happened, but if we want it to stop, it needs to be a team effort from both sides. I think you all would be surprised how many women do wish this stuff could change. I love being feminine, I love being a woman, I want to take care of my home, my husband, kids. It’s all I ever dreamed of. But I am completely alienated with these ideas even by MEN. Seriously. I don’t really know what to do. I think its good that you do take pity on people that are living this way, because honestly, its all they know… also, a lot of men are not good providers anymore and now we have no choice. This is how its been taught to us all so I don’t blame them, why would they want to be a provider only to be scorned? That being said, If I didn’t go to college I might be homeless in 10 years. Do you see what I’m getting at? I agree with a lot of things here but my question is instead of just ridiculing my entire gender(like I said before, FAIR ENOUGH, we ridicule your gender ALL THE FREAKING TIME) what is your suggestion for something we, as women, can actively *do*? Fortunately for me, I’m dating a traditional man who is a veteran and is masculine in every way and doesn’t believe all this feminist propaganda and he treats me like a queen because I treat him like a KING. The way it should be. No self-entitlement. I think I’ll be okay. But what saddens me is the state of society because I LIVE in it, we all do. For example the one thing that crushes me is he(my boyfriend) doesn’t even believe in marriage anymore. It kills me cause I want to be the perfect wife. I want us to have a strong union and a strong family but he doesn’t even have aspirations to have a family. His dad left him at a young age and he was raised by a single mom who laughed at me when I told her I wanted to be married before I had kids. Is this really what the world is coming to? It makes me so sad. I can see my guy might be changing his mind because he is not as against the idea anymore, but I want him to want it. I’m not sure if he has no faith in me, marriage, or if this is just what society is doing to people. Is this normal? Anyway very sorry for rambling, but my question is what would you advise a western woman in the current state of things TO do rather than all the things she shouldn’t do?

    1. I’m not going to say I believe you’re a snowflake but I’m not going to say I don’t. All I know is that men are fucked in this country in every way shape and form and it’s not going to change in my lifetime so I will enjoy the decline and stick my dick in as many sluts as the good lord allows me to.
      The only piece of advice I can give you is to check out red pill women reddit. I got curious and checked it out a while back and from what I can see it seems to want to teach women how not to be raging sluts and to maybe be a pleasant mate for a man and plan for long term happiness rather than short term fun.

      1. that is one of the most horrible things you can do – read their welcoming page and remove all doubts about the morality of today’s woman. – ” women having sex with one of the attractive but noncommittal men, and then finding another man to do the provisioning.”

    2. “For example the one thing that crushes me is he(my boyfriend) doesn’t even believe in marriage anymore.”
      Marriage has a high probability of ruining a man’s life. The divorce statistics are around 50%. I’ve luckily never married, but read the horror stories about lifetime alimony, losing your children, and becoming a slave to the state and your ex wife. I’d be sitting here all night if I described to you the risk and ultimate stupidity of marriage. Putting aside the 50% of failed marriages, how many of the “successful” 50% are romantic and sexual? How many men stay in marriages because the consequences of divorce are life-ruining?
      My advice: forgo the civil contract and host a religious/spiritual marriage. Marriage should be based on love and trust and the nanny government should have no part in it.

    3. there is nothing normal about hetero-relationships anymore – some women took a courageous step and looked into MHRM/ MGTOW with an open mind and a skin of steel – they did not really like what they found because it made them really think about what is going on – all that I have heard of though, found that their relationships with their husbands and children improved because they seen that a lot of the issues came from within. The Western world is in decline and only those who truly have high morals stand a chance of a decent marriage.

  37. These women never face any repercussions for their criminally selfish actions. My life and potential for happiness are now decimated because I was fooled like countless others who discover redpill too late in the game. My unborn child is being murdered next week because of a solipsistic, vile cunt who would prefer to flatter her own ego and pretend she’s a man by attending medical school next year, than acknowledge that she’s a fucking woman and nurture her child and start her family. So smart, yet so utterly fucking stupid – this worthless future doctor cunt. There are no words to describe the anguish you experience when rendered this helpless.
    I try to take some solace in hoping that there’s a lifetime’s worth of loss and severe depression awaiting her but we know that a female with an MD degree will float on clouds of narcotic-like validation and unfettered affluence for the rest of her monstrous existence. She’ll never pay for the wreckage she’s left in her path. Beware men – I thought I was being generous by agreeing to her pursuing an undergrad degree. I encouraged her to become a nurse because I knew she loved to learn and that she wanted to do something dignified in addition to making a home. Cunt nodded her head placating me the whole time she was taking MCAT preparedness courses behind my back. Who knows, this slit was probably fucking half the athletic teams too in the name of feminism. Nothing like a doctor who murders her own child, eh? Do no harm – what a joke.

    1. Some medical schools have moral character clauses. At the very least report her to the admissions department of her school. Particularly, if this is a Catholic medical school, your ex would be booted out on her ass for getting an abortion. It couldn’t hurt to try and reach out. You should also tell her parents, co-workers, classmates and everyone you can think of to try and convince her to stop this madness and charade. Good luck brother. Feminism is an evil that has to be stopped. Your voice can help. Stay strong.

      1. You are what is wrong with this world.
        Thank you for being the reason women won’t tell their partners, and just abort.

        1. He actually is taking some responsibility for his kid, my little coathanger-scraper. He has as much DNA in the kid as she does.

    2. You were stupid enough to knock up a women who is not your wife?
      As far as “murdering a child”, a fetus is no more a human being than a tumor. If it’s any consolation Jr. is getting a 1st class ticket to the arms of your “God” before it can do anything that will damn it to an eternity of hell fire.
      I’d get scrapped to if I had to choose between a bastard and a $300K future job.

    3. Tell her you will take full responsibility for raising the child on your own as a single father, even if she runs off the day after giving birth. She can continue to go to school for almost the complete term of the pregnancy. So at that point she really is making a false choice about the baby or her career, and she is just getting an abortion of convenience. If that violates your religious beliefs, make sure the next woman you fool around with has the same beliefs. Men have no reproductive rights in america, thank feminists.

      1. “Tell her you will take full responsibility for raising the child on your own as a single father, even if she runs off the day after giving birth. Put it in writing if necessary.”
        Wont matter. “Child support is the right child” so claims the courts. You can’t sign away other people’s rights. She’d still be on the hook to support the unwanted bastard.

    4. Tell her straight to the face she is a murder and will burn in hell if she does indeed kill your both unborn child for her selfish career.
      Look her straight in the eyes while you do it.
      Then say that you will take care of her and the baby and she need to be afraid. You will protect her and take care of everything.
      There is no guarantee it works but it might.

      1. Thanks for what would normally be sound advice in saner times. My ex just informed me that she will not only be executing the growing life in her womb but she plans to additionally perform abortions, post medical school. She told me with this with a big slutty grin today (presumably hoping that I’d smack her vicious face so she could inflict some more misery and suffering at the end of a restraining order – perhaps to hamster away the fact that she’s a murderous pig). Life sure is a bitch aint it?

        1. Bitch – yes she is.
          Even when the circumstances are grim, it is good to know how she is, as long as you can still recover from it.
          What I do adviced (and have posted/written about many times) may be helpful for your future.
          About relationships:
          1) A relationship to a woman starts with sex. If you did not have had sex, there is no relationship and you should not invest into what is not even there.
          2) Good and frequent sex is the core requirement for any relationship and every woman in your life should start at the status of a FB (=fuck buddy/friend with benefits) meaning there is NO emotional investment from your part, no financial or legal commitment of any kind.
          If a particular woman does qualify herself by providing MORE than good and frequent sex you can upgrade her after no sooner than 3 months into “possible LTR” material.
          At this point you will start doing beta things with her, like let her sleep over, talk about the future, go shopping or watch a movie. NOT SOONER!
          3) If the woman does qualify even more you can then make plans of living together and make plans regarding children.
          YOU say what you expect. Her wishes are of minor importance here. (Yes i hear the femcunts cry)
          YOU say what you expect. Like: When we have children the one to clean the poop will be you. The one to get up in the middle of the night will be you because you will be a SAHM and I will be the breadwinner.
          Even when you are pregnant or the child is small, a healthy sex life of at least 2 times sex per week is important to me.
          I would also like that you keep your weight and keep dressing well. There is no reason a SAHM does not dress well. If you can dress well for random guys in your office you can sure as hell dress sexy for your husband.
          If at any point she is not ok with any of the above, she is free to leave anytime.
          If she gives you drama or shit of any kind – she gets downgraded to FB status right away. You do this by soft-nexting her. (Google this is you are not familiar with the terminus)
          4) If she is ok with all this, maybe you have found a keeper and you can consider living together. You do this for at least 2 years before you get her pregnant or put any kind of ring on her finger. The total amount of time between knowing her and co-habing is at least 1 year and then 2 years co-habing until pregnancy/ring-thing. as a rough guideline.
          The more time the better but if she is without child for more than 5 years the relationship might be in danger, consider that.
          Good luck with your future women life!

      1. Quite. She can find many more willing cocks and validation at medical school; why would she give that up just for a gross little kid?

  38. Women aren’t more valuable because they have a Vagina, but because they have a uterus. this “value” occurs to us as desire under comes from our atavistic desire to reproduce. At one point they stop being fertile and women are then no more valuable than a man unless she has achieved value as a mother. A uterous is valuable because it can only be used for reproduction a limited number of times and is functional for only about 20 years.
    I do not have a problem with a young girl learning to use her power of attraction. She needs to practice a little. She has a right to find the best mate she can just as men do. Given that the consequnces of pregnancy are costly she had better not get herself impregnated by a half wit loser.
    A mans semen is worth much less than that of a young woman of equal age even if he is physically attractive. It is best for him that he has shown his competence in many fields from work to his charisma and social networking competence. This involves persistence, application, risk, courage and character development.
    A girl lacking some of these qualities still has exceptional value because a functioning uterous is so rare and valuable. The girl also has a different life cycle, because infertility sets in after 35 or so she has less time to cultivate herself and her resources.
    In this gynocentric welfare state generally free of risk women need men less. Unfortunately they are often their own worst enemies and if the tendencies of some women can do a lot of damage to society. The tendency to think in terms of forming social networks and harmony without being analytic often leads them to failing to harbour resources or giving them away to people that don’t deserve them.
    Certainly there is a barnch of psychology called “attachment theory”. It makes you feel,a sense of painfull loss when separating from a friend, parent, child or loved on. You can’t really fight this too much so be Carefull.

    1. All her good eggs are gone by her early thirties. She’s of nearly no value for much less than that 20 year window.
      You’re doing a greater disservice, and even harm to your unborn child by having inferior eggs part of that kids building blocks.
      If a woman says no in her twenties because of her career, she is prioritizing the corporation above her child.
      That says all you need to know about her suitability as the mother of your child.

      1. True, but economic factors come in: housing prices in Western countries are astronomical, due to immigration. The middle class are under pressure and entering into the middle class and staying there is more and more precarious. A woman working these days is often one whose trying not to starve or is doing so because she has to. The cost of family formation is very very high. By the time everyone has earned all of their money etc its often too late.

        1. Bullshit. If Amerika would get off its “keeping up with the joneses” mentality one could easily raise a family on one income.

        2. Exactly.
          People could still be having kids at a young age and going on family vacations on one income if they still lived like their grandparents and were frugal, resourceful and hard-working at home.
          I have kids, started young, both of us with debt. My wife and her precious masters degree stays home and cares for the kids while I work. No money problems and we still have family vacations and considerable annual savings.
          Most people prefer to make bone-headed empty financial decisions on a daily basis though.

        3. I did say “western”. In the USA You could live in the middle of no where, away from well paying employment, or maybe Detroit. That has implications for your children’s education and safety.

    2. Actually the live semen from a rocket scientist/tri-athlete/self-made industry king for example would be worth more than all the functioning uteruses of every saucer lipped centerfold in the old National Geographic magazine.
      The working uterus has to be viewed as a package. What you see when viewing the woman is what you get. Whether she is an attractive, intelligent feminist career bitch or an attractive intelligent devoted homemaker, the child rearing results are the same as far as genetic stock.
      The difference is that it would take an awful lot of pounding though to beat the power hungry monster out of the feminized career woman, but the homemaker would be ready to go. Getting the career bitch knocked up would be like pulling teeth but the homemaker would offer it up wet when ready and throw in homemade dinners. WOW what a difference.
      It is better for the all around complexion and long term well being and health for a woman not to be a power hungry feminized career bitch. Loyal and devoted spouses and mothers are far more attractive and beautiful.

      1. A 19 year old female, healthy looking and physically attractive is more valuable than that of a male of the same age. It will take the male a few more years to prove he is worthy of being allowed to deposit semen in a female and essentially take up 9 months of gestation, a few years of nurturing. The beautifull 19 year old girl will still be judged by the content of her character: is she reliable, is she bright and intelligent, can she maintain a good conversation, has she the physical and mental coordination to do some dance moves. You still want her to have good DNA so your children develop a good brain.
        The girls value drops of as she ages, she naturally must choose well early on. It’s a differnt kind of pressure they are under. A man approaching 30 who has developed himself is only going to get more attractive. At that point I also find that men start developing some really sophisticated people skills.
        Ofcourse a career woman of great achievment has demonstrated herself like a man but she given up perhaps half her fertile life and increased the chance of a birth defect several fold.
        The feminin girl who has eschewed a carear and gets dumped with two children will pay quite a price if she has got good relationship skills and chose an unreliable mate.
        That’s life.

        1. I agree that a same age 19 yo male isn’t going to be able to provide for the 19 yo girl. She’ll be forced to work to make rent money happen. Too many young girls are spoiled on the playground these days and the feminists advocate that all girls become experienced in ‘controlling’ a same age male by learning to use their sexuality early in life. NEVER A WOMAN fall under a man’s control is their mantra. Likewise, the young girls learn how to control a young boy with her pussy and THE RENEGADE PUSSYWHIPPING BEGINS. Likewise they learn how to get rid of and dump one guy and confidently move on to another. These young guys aren’t learning the value of a female virgin and cannot yet appreciate long term loyalty from women.
          It’s kind of hard to afford diapers for a newborn baby when DADDY IS BUSY playing NINTENDO at a friend’s house, isn’t it? But a 30 yo man with REAL PROPERTY and skills that can pull dough is shamed for wifing up a barely legal virgin with good LTR prospects.
          In some countries, the age of consent is 16 or 15. The feminists abhor the older man / barely legal family model because they can’t stand ANY WOMAN being controlled by ANY MAN in ANY FORM WHATSOEVER. I knew a 30 yo Mexican truck driver who had a 16 yo wife back in Mexico. He showed me pictures of his two children by her. ‘Machismo’ roughly means ‘manly way’ and is well alive in many parts of Latin America. A man in Europe or America would get thrown in a cage for prospecting for a young virgin wife unless he first begins his family under the radar. Then his family is ‘grandfathered’ and safe.

  39. “You will also begin to notice that boys are punished more than you are. While your teachers and parents sugarcoat or explain away your bratty temperaments (a direct result of the entitlement serum), the boys are often sent to the corner and told that there is no excuse for their reckless behavior. At some point they are given “special medicine” to tamp down their natural energy. This tells you they are inherently flawed, which will inflate your false sense of superiority over males.”
    Yep. I had an evil bitch for a kindergarten teacher. That post reminds me of past experiences.

  40. Nice guys finish last…ironically, this means 90% of women cross the finish line with them.
    Jumping on the carousel of bad boys, constantly waiting for that good guy to come along. Ride the carousel, ride the carousel…then the music stops. Speaker blares: All women over 30, please depart!!
    Woman gets off. Walks a few paces, bumps into the “nice guy”. She recognizes the pony on the carousel nobody picked first; the sturdy and reliable build most admired but the lack of flash and pomp whom no one desired —> then it hits her.
    If he’s learned any self-respect in the meantime, he’ll leave her standing there.

    1. 20% of men are so called alpha so 80% of women try for that group only to wind up at a negotiating table with the left out in the cold beta men. . They think men are stupid

  41. There was a couple of girls in my social circle that would joke around calling me a pedophile and child molester because I’m open about being attracted to younger girls. I told thema story about how I met this 17 year old in Barcelona and made out with her, and they called me a predator lol I didn’t realize a 17 year old is a child
    Their comments never phased me though, because they’re over 30 and single. Good luck to them. Old women hate hearing about guys going for younger women

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